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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6920

Chapter 6920 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gryaznov A.I., 1984: Wilhelmia equina diptera simuliidae autogeny in natural populations

Yankovskii A.V., 1984: Wilhelmia talassica new species diptera simuliidae of blackfly from the kirgiz ssr ussr

Cys, J. M., 1976: Wilkie ranch formation new permian unit in finlay mountains west texas usa

Greenberg D.A., 1985: Will a 3 allele model of inheritance explain the hla data for type 1 insulin dependent diabetes

Janssen, J., 1978: Will alewives alosa pseudoharengus feed in the dark

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919005

Preuss F., 1987: Will and knowledge of animals as topic of evolution theoretical investigations

Woodward, T. E., 1978: Will antibiotics become obsolete

Selset G., 1988: Will autologous transfusion be necessary in the near future

Frank B., 1980: Will central nervous systems in the adult mammal regenerate after bypassing a lesion a study in the mouse and chick visual systems

Moses D.O., 1984: Will cheap gas and efficient cars imperil air quality goals under relaxed emission standards?

Fink G.D., 1983: Will chronic intra cerebro ventricular saralasin infusion produce selective blockade of brain angiotensin ii receptors in the rat?

Alusik S., 1988: Will colonoscopy contribute to the diagnosis of rheumatic disease

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919013

Holmkvist C., 1983: Will contralateral white noise interfere with the mon aurally click evoked brain stem response?

Lindsey S., 1984: Will dietary omega 3 fatty acids change the composition of human milk

Kendall M.J., 1979: Will drugs help patients with alzheimers disease

Calabrese, E. J., 1978: Will elevated levels of lead exposure precipitate clinical symptoms of porphyria in individuals with the latent condition

Gdovinova A., 1985: Will enzymatic tests replace biological methods in interferon assay

Huble J., 1979: Will great tits become little tits

Schreiner G.E., 1980: Will hemo perfusion be useful for cancer chemo therapeutic drug removal?

Loh T.T., 1985: Will latent iron deficiency affect the mitochondrial iron containing enzymes

Fahey, P. J.; Hyde, R. W., 1983: Will not breathe vs. cannot breathe detection of depressed ventilatory drive in patients with obstructive pulmonary disease

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919023

Soderstrom R.M., 1983: Will progesterone save the intra uterine device?

Demers L.M., 1981: Will prostatic acid phosphatase determination by radio immunoassay increase the diagnosis of early prostatic cancer?

Boberg J., 1981: Will serum lipid lowering treatment reduce the incidence of coronary heart disease?

Tempere G., 1979: Will the australian lathridian coleoptera aridius bifasciatus invade europe

Thyer B.A., 1984: Will the cult of the laboratory hinder the spread of applied behavior analysis

Hayes M., 1985: Will the elderly really bankrupt us with increased health care costs

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919031

Guilford, J. P., 1977: Will the real factor of extraversion introversion please stand up a reply to eysenck

Landau B., 1982: Will the real grandmother please stand up? the psychological reality of dual meaning representations

Querleu D., 1988: Will treatment with lhrh agonists replace surgical treatment of fibromyomas

Brummitt R.K., 1987: Will we ever achieve stability of nomenclature?

Vickerman K., 1984: Willaertia magna new genus new species vahlkampfiidae a thermophilic amoeba found in different habitats

Fass D.N., 1979: Willebrand factor in hemostasis in the in vitro bleeding time

Shabalov, N. P., 1976: Willebrands disease review of literature

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919039

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919040

Johnson, R. I., 1975: William a marsh his introduced taxa of unionidae or fresh water mussels

Crum, H., 1977: William campbell steere an account of his life and work

Crellin, J. K., 1971: William cullen his caliber as a teacher and an unpublished introduction to his a treatise of the materia medica london 1773

Snijman D.A., 1981: William frederick purcell and the flora of bergvliet south africa

Bardell, D., 1978: William harvey 1578 1657 discoverer of the circulation of blood in commemoration of the 400th anniversary of his birth

Tkachenko, B. I.; Chernigovskii, V. N., 1978: William harvey and the development of the blood circulation theory

Buess, H., 1970: William harvey and the foundation of modern hemodynamics by albrecht von haller

Stephenson, W., 1986: William james niels bohr and complementarity i. concepts

Stephenson, W., 1986: William james niels bohr and complementarity ii. pragmatics of a thought

Stephenson, W., 1987: William james niels bohr and complementarity iii. schroedinger's cat

Mabberley D.J., 1982: William roxburghs botanical description of a new species of swietenia mahogany and other overlooked binomials in 36 vascular plant families

Holman, E., 1974: William stewart halsted

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919053

Pritchard, J. A.; Macdonald, P. C., 1976: Williams obstetrics

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919055

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919056

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919057

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919058

Lentin J.K., 1983: Williamsidinium banksianum new genus new species a new peridinioid dinoflagellate cyst from the maastrichtian of banks island northwest territories canada

Horak M., 1984: Williella a new tortricine genus from new caledonia indicating gondwanan distribution for the family lepidoptera tortricidae

Thompson M.S., 1986: Willingness to pay and accept risks to cure chronic disease

Reutzel T.J., 1984: Willingness to pay for reduction in fatality risk an exploratory survey

Naumova T.I., 1981: Williopsis and zygowilliopsis californica growth on media with ethanol

Reshetova I.S., 1979: Williopsis pratensis new species of soil yeast

Roth V.D., 1981: Willisus gertschi new genus new species of spider agelenidae from california usa exhibiting a 3rd type of leg autospasy

Everett H.W., 1983: Willow beaked gall midge mayetiola rigidae diptera cecidomyiidae differential susceptibility of willows

Neuhauslova Z., 1987: Willow communities with salix alba and salix fragilis in the czech socialist republic

Eckersten H., 1983: Willow production as a function of radiation and temperature

Nilsson L., 1987: Willow production related to climatic variations in southern sweden

Sekretareva N.A., 1979: Willow shrub communities in the eastern chukotski peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Loehrl H., 1987: Willow tit x marsh tit hybrid parus montanus x parus palustris in the northern black forest west germany

Gontar' E.M., 1986: Willows of the ob irtysh interfluvial area russian sfsr ussr and their significance for the tannin industry

Dorn, R. D., 1977: Willows of the rocky mountain states usa

Khlonov-Yu, P.; Pushkarev, G. N.; Kuz'min, V. I., 1975: Willows of the southern part of the west siberian plain ussr and their tannin content

Delprato D.J., 1980: Willpower behavior therapy and the public

Rao M.K.V., 1985: Willughbeia new record apocynaceae for andaman and nicobar islands india

Johnson, K. M.; Horvath, L. J.; Gaisie, G.; Mesrobian, H. G.; Koepke, J. F.; Askin, F. B., 1987: Wilm's tumor occurring as a botryoid renal pelvicalyceal mass

Talvalkar G.V., 1983: Wilms tumor a histo pathological study of 115 cases

Mueller, S.; Gadner, H.; Weber, B.; Vogel, M.; Riehm, H., 1978: Wilms tumor and adreno cortical carcinoma with hemi hypertrophy and hamartomas

Herbert A., 1982: Wilms tumor and aniridia clinical and cyto genetic features

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919082

Lawler W., 1982: Wilms tumor and renal dysplasia a hypothesis

Scoggin C.H., 1984: Wilms tumor aniridia association segregation of affected chromosome in somatic cell hybrids identification of cell surface antigen associated with deleted area and regional mapping of c ha ras 1 oncogene insulin gene and beta globin gene

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919085

Takaoka, S., 1977: Wilms tumor evaluation of histological features

Bond, J. V., 1977: Wilms tumor hypospadias and cryptorchidism in twins

Lampert F., 1982: Wilms tumor improved prognosis by adjuvant chemo therapy

Gerald P.S., 1980: Wilms tumor in 5 cousins

Klochko P.I., 1980: Wilms tumor in a 9 day old child

Merten, D. F.; Yang, S. S.; Bernstein, J., 1976: Wilms tumor in adolescence

Lott S., 1979: Wilms tumor in adolescence

Gotsadze D.T., 1984: Wilms tumor in adults

Perry M.C., 1981: Wilms tumor in an adult

Nesmith B., 1985: Wilms tumor in horseshoe kidneys a report from the national wilms tumor study

Griffel, M., 1977: Wilms tumor in new york state epidemiology and survivorship

Narayana P., 1983: Wilms tumor in northern nigeria experience at the ahmadu bello university teaching hospitals zaria and kaduna

Hartlapp J., 1983: Wilms tumor in the adolescent and adult

Waisman J., 1980: Wilms tumor in the adult patient diagnosis management and review of the world medical literature

Barrio, A. L.; Cortada-Ruix-Azcarraga, A.; Ocana-Losa, J. M., 1976: Wilms tumor in the isthmus of a horseshoe kidney

Izawa T., 1980: Wilms tumor metastatic to the mandible

Fratkin, J. D.; Purcell, J. J.; Krachmer, J. H.; Taylor, J. C., 1977: Wilms tumor metastatic to the orbit

Goodwin W.E., 1979: Wilms tumor mis diagnosed pre operatively a review of 19 national wilms tumor study i cases

Hsueh W., 1981: Wilms tumor morphology in patients under 1 year of age

Lemerle, J.; Tournade, M. F.; Gerard-Marchant, R.; Flamant, R.; Sarrazin, D.; Flamant, F.; Lemerle, M.; Jundt, S.; Zucker, J. M.; Et-Al, 1976: Wilms tumor natural history and prognostic factors a retrospective study of 248 cases treated at the gustave roussy institute france 1952 1967

Fonseca L.E.Jr, 1981: Wilms tumor of the uterus the 1st report of the literature

Breslow, N. E.; Palmer, N. F.; Hill, L. R.; Buring, J.; D'andio, G. J., 1978: Wilms tumor prognostic factors for patients without metastases at diagnosis results of the national wilms tumor study

Schullinger, J. N.; Santulli, T. V.; Casarella, W. J.; Macmillan, R. W., 1977: Wilms tumor the role of right heart angiography in the management of selected cases

Heidelberger K.P., 1981: Wilms tumor ultrasonic features pathologic correlation and diagnostic pitfalls

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919110

Ferrell R.E., 1982: Wilms tumor with aniridia iris dysplasia and apparently normal chromosomes

Galloway B., 1982: Wilms tumor with consumption coagulopathy

Sorlie D., 1979: Wilms tumor with extension to the right atrium

Abadir R., 1981: Wilms tumors in adults

Reinberg, Y.; Anderson, G. F.; Franciosi, R.; Manivel, C.; Dehner, L. P.; Burke, B. A., 1988: Wilms' tumor and the vater association

Nybonde, T.; Eklof, O.; Bjork, O., 1988: Wilms' tumor complicated by veno occlusive disease of the liver vod current concepts and a case report

Friedman, A. L., 1986: Wilms' tumor detection in patients with sporadic aniridia successful use of ultrasound

Kaufman, B. H.; Kramer, S. A.; Burgert, E. O-Jr ; Wold, L. E.; Dewald, G. W., 1986: Wilms' tumor in a lump kidney associated with sacral agenesis

Motoi, I.; Nakajima, K.; Nitta, M.; Yamaguchi, K.; Kumaki, O.; Tokunaga, S.; Shimamura, M.; Hisazumi, H.; Nonomura, A., 1987: Wilms' tumor in an adult patient a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919120

Reiman, T. A. H.; Siegel, M. J.; Shackelford, G. D., 1986: Wilms' tumor in children abdominal computed tomographic and ultrasound evaluation

Olshan, A. F., 1986: Wilms' tumor overgrowth and fetal growth factors a hypothesis

Yildiz, I.; Ulukutlu, L.; Buyukunal, C.; Ober, A.; Aksoy, F.; Yeker, D.; Uzel, R.; Danismend, N.; Okkan, S.; Oz, F., 1987: Wilms' tumor prognostic factors and survival

Cantalejo-Lopez, M. A.; Ramos-Garrido, M.; Estelles-Vals, C.; Vargas-Zuniga, F.; Fernandez-Dozagarat, S., 1985: Wilms' tumor study of 29 cases

Allen, J. E.; Brecher, M. J.; Karp, M. P.; Cooney, D. R.; Jewett, T. C. Jr, 1985: Wilms' tumor treatment and results a five decade experience

Cremin, B. J., 1987: Wilms' tumor ultrasound and changing concepts

Bailey, L. E.; Durkee, C. T.; Werner, A. L.; Finley, R. K. Jr, 1987: Wilms' tumors in adults

Chawla, M. L.; Khan, E.; Saha, M., 1975: Wilsereptus andersoni new genus new species wilsonematinae plectidae nematoda from soil around roots of grass at dalhousie india with a key to the genera of the subfamily

Lough, J.; Wiglesworth, F. W., 1976: Wilson disease comparative ultrastructure in a sibship of 9

Hill G., 1985: Wilson disease of the brain magnetic resonance imaging

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919131

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919132

Gebuhr P., 1988: Wilson shaft osteotomy for hallux valgus

Rosselli, M.; Lorenzana, P.; Rosselli, A.; Vergara, I., 1987: Wilson's disease a reversible dementia case report

Hansen, P. B., 1988: Wilson's disease beginning with severe hemolytic anemia

Nazer, H.; Ede, R. J.; Mowat, A. P.; Williams, R. , 1986: Wilson's disease clinical presentation and use of prognostic index

Carr, A.; Mcdonnell, D. J., 1986: Wilson's disease in an adolescent displaying an adjustment reaction to a series of life stressors a case study

Odievre, M., 1987: Wilson's disease in children

Le-Fort, D.; Deleplanque, B.; Louiset, P.; Pautrizel, B.; Loiseau, P., 1988: Wilson's disease lesions of cortex and white matter magnetic resonance imaging

Hawkins, R. A.; Mazziotta, J. C.; Phelps, M. E., 1987: Wilson's disease studied with fdg and positron emission tomography

Shimoji, A.; Miyakawa, T.; Watanabe, K.; Yamashita, K.; Katsuragi, S.; Kabashima, K., 1987: Wilson's disease with extensive degeneration of cerebral white matter and cortex

Huang H H., 1982: Wilsons disease 2 cases

Guardia Masso J., 1981: Wilsons disease 7 cases with hepatic onset

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919144

Feng Y K., 1983: Wilsons disease an electro encephalographic study

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919146

Risbourg B., 1980: Wilsons disease clinical and familial detection based on 1 observation

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919148

Campbell R.J., 1982: Wilsons disease electron microscopic x ray energy spectroscopic and atomic absorption spectroscopic studies of corneal copper deposition and distribution

Ball M.R., 1985: Wilsons disease evoked potentials and computed tomography

Feng Y., 1981: Wilsons disease hepato lenticular degeneration clinical analysis of 80 cases

Lossner, J.; Bachmann, H.; Biesold, D.; Ruchholtz, U.; Storch, W., 1980: Wilsons disease in east germany 2. pathogenesis and clinical aspects

Loessner, J.; Storch, W.; Bachmann, H.; Biesold, D.; Kuehn, H. J., 1980: Wilsons disease in east germany 3. diagnosis and therapy

Uebayashi Y., 1979: Wilsons disease increased aluminum in liver

Scott, J.; Gollan, J. L.; Samourian, S.; Sherlock, S., 1978: Wilsons disease presenting as chronic active hepatitis

Schiemann H., 1980: Wilsons phalaropes phalaropus tricolor in europe and north africa

El Allaf S.M., 1982: Wilt and stem rot disease of carnation dianthus caryophyllus in egypt

Concibido E., 1985: Wilt disease of coconut in socorro oriental mindoro philippines

Shami, A., 1976: Wilt formula as a selection index for breeding wilt tolerant cotton varieties in syria

Willenbrink J., 1987: Wilt induced changes of aba content in growing sugar beet determined by a radioimmunoassay

Kobayashi, K.; Ui, T., 1977: Wilt inducing antibiotic compounds produced by cephalosporium gregatum

Sato R., 1981: Wilt of alfalfa medicago sativa caused by verticillium albo atrum

Gubler, W. D.; Grogan, R. G.; Greathead, A. S., 1978: Wilt of cucumber caused by verticillium albo atrum in california usa

Takeuchi S., 1983: Wilt of watermelon grafted on bottle gourd rootstocks inoculated with fusarium oxysporum f sp lagenariae

Creasy, L. L., 1976: Wilt pruf an anti transpirant increases red color development in mcintosh apple

Vinogradova G.B., 1983: Wilting moisture of plants in the soil compact horizons

Varfolomeev, L. A., 1978: Wilting moisture of plants on 2 component mixtures of a swamp podzolic soil

Thomas C., 1987: Wilting of herbage prior to ensiling effects on conservation losses silage fermentation and growth of beef cattle

Busch L., 1982: Wilts caused by verticillium species a cytological survey of vascular alterations in leaves

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919172

Schane H.P., 1981: Win 32729 a new potent interceptive agent in rats and rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Taylor W.E., 1980: Win rho rh immune globulin prepared by ion exchange for intra venous use

Hastrup, J. L.; Johnson, C. A.; Hotchkiss, A. P.; Kraemer, D. L., 1986: Win some lose some parental hypertension and heart rate change in an incentive vs. response cost paradigm

Robbins T.W., 1984: Win stay behavior in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919177

Westin, J.; Ritzmann, R. E.; Goddard, D. J., 1988: Wind activated thoracic interneurons of the cockroach i. responses to controlled wind stimulation

Ritzmann, R. E.; Pollack, A. J., 1988: Wind activated thoracic interneurons of the cockroach ii. patterns of connection from ventral giant interneurons

Fissel D.B., 1988: Wind aided recruitment of canadian arctic cisco coregonus autumnalis into alaskan usa waters

Reddi C.S., 1985: Wind and insect pollination in a monoecious and a dioecious species of euphorbiaceae

Ooka, J. J.; Kommedahl, T., 1977: Wind and rain dispersal of fusarium moniliforme in corn fields

Armbrust D.V., 1984: Wind and sandblast injury to field crops effect of plant age

Scholes P., 1980: Wind and the catch of a lowestoft england uk trawler

Boyd J.D., 1980: Wind and wave measurements taken from a tower in lake michigan usa

Brantjes N.B.M., 1981: Wind as a factor influencing flower visiting by hadena bicruris noctuidae and deilephila elpenor sphingidae

Bitan, A., 1976: Wind as a negative factor in human comfort and its implications for planning

Marins M.D.A., 1981: Wind as an important environmental factor in the ecology of fresh water phyto plankton

Alerstam T., 1979: Wind as selective agent in bird migration

Reinaudi N.B., 1986: Wind blown dust from salty areas a source of fluoride in plants

Lopushinsky W., 1986: Wind blown volcanic ash in forest and agricultural locations as related to meteorological conditions

Beevers D.G., 1988: Wind chill and the seasonal variation of cerebrovascular disease

Brown D., 1983: Wind chill in sheep its estimation from meteorological records

Bothe D.J., 1986: Wind chill reconsidered siple revisited

Epila J.S.O., 1988: Wind crop pests and agroforest design

Somerville A., 1981: Wind damage profiles in a pinus radiata stand

Trought M.C.T., 1984: Wind damage to kiwi fruit actinidia chinensis in relation to windbreak performance

Eidsvik K.J., 1982: Wind diagnosis in winter flow over oslo norway based on a few measurement stations

Naumann K., 1986: Wind direction dependent sampling and multielement analysis of atmospheric aerosols for improved evaluation of air pollutant concentrations

Walter G.H., 1982: Wind dispersal and settling of 1st instar crawlers of the cochineal insect dactylopius austrinus homoptera coccoidea dactylopiidae

Cox C.S., 1987: Wind dispersal distances in dimorphic achenes of ragwort senecio jacobaea

Carlquist S., 1985: Wind dispersal in californian usa desert plants experimental studies and conceptual considerations

Franson S.E., 1987: Wind dispersal of artificial fruits varying in mass area and morphology

Hogan K.P., 1983: Wind dispersal of fruits with variable seed number in a tropical tree lonchocarpus pentaphyllus leguminosae

Broady P.A., 1979: Wind dispersal of terrestrial algae at signy island south orkney islands

Campbell W.V., 1984: Wind dispersal of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae acari tetranychidae in north carolina usa peanut fields

Reis E.M., 1984: Wind dissemination of helminthosporium sativum propagules and its contribution to soil inoculum density

Davies, B. R., 1976: Wind distribution of the egg masses of chironomus anthracinus diptera chironomidae in a shallow wind exposed lake loch leven kinross scotland united kingdom

Kerlinger P., 1982: Wind drift compensation and the use of landmarks by nocturnal bird migrants

Lien, S. L.; Hoopes, J. A., 1978: Wind driven steady flows in lake superior

Reed W.B., 1985: Wind effect on disker incorporation of herbicide granules into soil

Barrett J.R.Jr, 1983: Wind effect on western corn rootworm diabrotica virgifera virgifera coleoptera chrysomelidae flight behavior

Smith W.K., 1986: Wind effects on needles of timberline conifers seasonal influence on mortality

Tsvelykh A.N., 1986: Wind effects on the flight ardea cinerea of the gray heron

Costa J.D., 1986: Wind effects on young coffee plants mundo novo and catuai vermelho

Tregubov, P. S.; Vasil'ev, G. I.; Kalinchenko, A. S.; Zakharova, N. N., 1977: Wind erosion and its control in the north caucasus

Prishchepa A.V., 1984: Wind erosion conditions of sandy surfaces in zone 1 along the kara kum canal turkmen ssr ussr

Gould W.L., 1982: Wind erosion curtailed by controlling mesquite prosopis juliflora var glandulosa

Skidmore E.L., 1987: Wind erosion direction factors as influenced by field shape and wind preponderance

Thompson D.F., 1981: Wind erosivity indices for western new south wales australia

Walsh, J. J.; Whitledge, T. E.; Barvenik, F. W.; Wirick, C. E.; Howe, S. I.; Esaias, W. E.; Scott, J. T., 1978: Wind events and food chain dynamics within the new york bight

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Leenen J.D., 1982: Wind induced diffusion in a shallow lake a case study

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Finnigan J.J., 1983: Wind induced pressure distribution on a large grain storage shed prediction of wind driven ventilation rates

George D.G., 1981: Wind induced water movements in the south basin of windermere england uk

Proctor J.T.A., 1982: Wind injury of pear pyrus communis cultivar anjou

Orlova M.A., 1979: Wind migration of salts

Rolla G., 1987: Wind musicians and herpes labialis

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Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919267

Sandoski C., 1982: Wind tunnel evaluation of new compounds as adulticides against 2 species of mosquitoes found in rice fields

Meroney R.N., 1982: Wind tunnel experiments on dense gas dispersion

Jaenicke R., 1987: Wind tunnel experiments on the resuspension of submicrometer particles from a sand surface

Fuller M.R., 1988: Wind tunnel experiments to assess the effect of back mounted radio transmitters on bird body drag

Petersen R.L., 1986: Wind tunnel investigation of the effect of platform type structures on dispersion of effluents from short stacks

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Halitsky J., 1979: Wind tunnel modeling of heated stack effluents in disturbed flows

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Vlek P.L.G., 1981: Wind tunnel simulation and assessment of ammonia volatilization from ponded water

Alexander D.E., 1986: Wind tunnel studies of turns by flying dragonflies

Vitols V., 1980: Wind tunnel studies on dry deposition of sulfur 35 labeled sulfuric acid aerosols

Dollard G.J., 1980: Wind tunnel studies on the dry deposition of sulfur 35 labeled sulfur di oxide on spruce picea abies pine pinus sylvestris and birch betula verrucosa seedlings

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919283

Leutheusser, H. J.; Motycka, J., 1978: Wind tunnel testing of flue gas dispersion

Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919285

Baldwin K.F., 1981: Wind tunnel tests with 7 insecticides against adult culicoides mississippiensis

Petrak J., 1980: Wind tunnels for the investigation of anemochorous dispersal units

Arya S.P.S., 1988: Windbreak effectiveness for storage pile fugitive dust control a wind tunnel study

Riera, B., 1986: Windfall wood in the guianese forest st. elias trail

Carras J.N., 1980: Windfield analysis of the kwinana industrial region australia

Barnard P., 1986: Windhovering patterns of three african raptors in montane conditions

Chernyshev V.B., 1983: Window traps and possibilities of their utilization in entomology

Haxhe J.J., 1986: Windowless rooms in the hospital environment results of a study

Hopper K., 1988: Windows and blinking techniques for enhanced ocular computed tomographic imaging

Smith J.E., 1986: Windrowing affects early growth of slash pine pinus elliottii

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Oskarsson A., 1988: Wine an important source of lead exposure

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Section 7, Chapter 6920, Accession 006919999

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