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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6921

Chapter 6921 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920000

Gast L.F., 1987: Withdrawal of long term antihyperuricemic therapy in tophaceous gout

Altura B.M., 1980: Withdrawal of magnesium causes vaso spasm while elevated magnesium produces relaxation of tone in cerebral arteries

Turlapaty P.D.M.V., 1982: Withdrawal of magnesium enhances coronary arterial spasms produced by vasoactive agents

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920004

Resnitzky P., 1982: Withdrawal of prolonged cortico steroid therapy

Macdonald I.A., 1986: Withdrawal of salt supplementation from adrenalectomized wistar rats distinguishes between those animals with and those without adrenocortical insufficiency

Stratta, R. J.; Armbrust, M. J.; Oh, C. S.; Pirsch, J. D.; Kalayoglu, M.; Sollinger, H. W.; Belzer, F. O., 1988: Withdrawal of steroid immunosuppression in renal transplant recipients

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920008

Gibson S.W., 1987: Withdrawal of zinc oxide containing diets from mature female domestic fowl effects of laying performance and the weights of selected tissues

Jackson N., 1987: Withdrawal of zinc oxide containing diets from mature female domestic fowl effects on selected tissue mineral contents

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920011

Fruensgaard, K., 1976: Withdrawal psychosis a study of 30 consecutive cases

Sykora K., 1986: Withdrawal reaction after long term therapeutic use of benzodiazepines

Okumura H., 1986: Withdrawal reflex and conduction block in the giant axons of a sabellid worm pseudopotamilla occelata

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920015

Chahl L.A., 1986: Withdrawal responses of guinea pig isolated ileum following brief exposure to opiates and opioid peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920017

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920018

Ross Chouinard A., 1984: Withdrawal symptoms after long term treatment with low potency neuroleptics

Hullin R.P., 1983: Withdrawal symptoms from lithium 4 case reports and a questionnaire study

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920021

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920022

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920023

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920024

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920025

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920026

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920027

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920028

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920029

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920030

Aust S.D., 1982: Withdrawal time required for clearance of afla toxins from pig tissues

Pepin G., 1981: Withdrawal times for milk following use of antibiotics

Busse L.W., 1983: Withdrawal tolerance and uni directional non cross tolerance in narcotic pellet implanted mice

Kjellstrand C.M., 1988: Withdrawing life support do families and physicians decide as patients do

Wicher J.B., 1988: Withdrawing routine outpatient medical services effects on access and health

May E., 1985: Withers height and and dimensions of long bones of horses still an actual problem

Et Al, 1988: Withholding medical treatment from the severely demented patient decisional processes and cost implications

Ohtani J., 1982: Within a tree variation of wood element size in tilia japonica

Malo J L., 1986: Within and between day reproducibility of isocapnic cold air challenges in subjects with asthma

Woolfe, J. A.; Hamblin, J., 1974: Within and between genotypes variation in crude protein content in phaseolus vulgaris

Karr, J. R., 1976: Within and between habitat avian diversity in african and neotropical lowland habitats

Hartsock T.G., 1979: Within and between litter variation of proximate composition in new born and 10 day old landrace swine

Fox, R. A., 1985: Within and between series contrast in vowel identification full vowel vs. single formant anchors

Bazzaz F.A., 1986: Within and between species variation in response to environmental gradients in polygonum pensylvanicum and polygonum virginianum

Pitelka L.F., 1985: Within and between species variation in vegetative phenology in 2 forest herbs

Chinn, D. J.; Lee, W. R., 1977: Within and between subject variability of indices from the closing volume and flow volume traces

Pavlik W.B., 1985: Within and between subjects partial reinforcement effects with an autoshaped response using japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Donaldson L.A., 1985: Within and between tree variation in lignin concentration in the tracheid cell wall of pinus radiata

Sharma K., 1985: Within and between zygosity variance in oral traits among usa and punjabi twins

Mayes R.W., 1986: Within animal variances for flow rates of metabolites in an open compartment model with continuous isotope infusion in sheep

Green R.H., 1988: Within basin variation in the shell morphology and growth rate of a freshwater mussel

Luijendijk S.C.M., 1983: Within breath carbon di oxide partial pressure levels in the airways and at the pulmonary stretch receptor sites

Lai T.L., 1986: Within breath electromyographic changes during loaded breathing in adult sheep

Hanley S.P., 1984: Within breath modulation of the triggering of extra systoles in man

Mariana, J. C.; Girard, P.; Chupin, D., 1977: Within breed differences in the ovarian response to super ovulation treatment by pregnant mare serum gonadotropin in charolais cows frequency of twin birth

Mcmahon B.F., 1987: Within brood variation in growth and condition in relation to brood reduction in the american white pelican

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920058

Hanson, V. L., 1977: Within category discriminations in speech perception

Lester, D. T.; Berbee, J. G., 1977: Within clone variation among black poplar trees derived from callus culture

Bardo M.T., 1987: Within compound associations between taste and contextual stimuli

Marlin N.A., 1982: Within compound associations between the context and conditioned stimulus

Rescorla R.A., 1980: Within compound associations in a variety of compound conditioning procedures

Ross R.T., 1981: Within compound associations in serial compound conditioning

Heth C.D., 1985: Within compound associations of taste and temperature

Rescorla, R. A.; Cunningham, C. L., 1978: Within compound flavor associations

Stefan L.O., 1987: Within compound learning with us presentation in taste aversion

Huzulak, J.; Elias, P., 1975: Within crown pattern of eco physiological features in leaves of acer campestre and carpinus betulus

Riding, R. T., 1978: Within crown variation in dormant long shoot apices of mature trees of pinus resinosa

Butler H.A., 1987: Within cultivar differences in relative leaf growth rates at low temperature of onion seedlings are not heritable

Steer, B. T.; Blackwood, G. C., 1978: Within day changes in the poly ribosome content and in synthesis of proteins in leaves of capsicum annuum

Hirschowitz B.I., 1980: Within day fluctuations in serum bile acid concentration among control subjects and patients with hepatic disease

Kupperman H., 1981: Within day physiologic variation of leukocyte types in healthy subjects as assayed by 2 automated leukocyte differential analyzers

Ferris A.M., 1986: Within day variation of lipolytic activity in human milk

Ferris A.M., 1987: Within day variation of taurine and other nitrogen substances in human milk

Mellor D.J., 1981: Within day variations in the composition of maternal and fetal plasma from catheterized ewes fed once daily or at hourly intervals during late pregnancy

Jain, S. K.; Marshall, D. R., 1970: Within family selection in avena fatua m and avena barbata m

Chiang H.C., 1985: Within field and among field distribution of second flight european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae moths in corn

Gilstrap F.E., 1983: Within field distribution of greenbug schizaphis graminum homoptera aphididae and its parasitoids in texas usa winter wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920081

Dirzo R., 1988: Within gap spatial heterogeneity and seedling performance in a mexican tropical forest

Allen, G., 1970: Within group and between group variation expected in human behavioral characters

Kawanaka K., 1985: Within group cannibalism by adult male chimpanzees

Tevesz M.J.S., 1979: Within habitat spatial patterns of ocypode quadrata decapoda brachyura

Streams, F. A., 1987: Within habitat spatial separation of two notonecta spp interactions vs. noninteractive resource partitioning

Conniffe, D., 1976: Within herd variance and choice of herd size in grazing experiments

Menzies C., 1984: Within individual variation in steady state plasma levels of different neuroleptics and prolactin

Treble R.D., 1986: Within laboratory quality control of asbestos counting

Bailey R.C., 1988: Within lake and among lake variation in shell morphology of the freshwater clam elliptio complanata bivalvia unionidae from south central ontario lakes canada

Ribi G., 1986: Within lake dispersal of the prosobranch snails viviparus ater and potamopyrgus jenkinsi

Hemsworth, P. H.; Winfield, C. G.; Mullaney, P. D., 1976: Within litter variation in the performance of piglets to 3 weeks of age

Fennell, E. B.; Bowers, D.; Satz, P., 1977: Within modal and cross modal reliabilities of 2 laterality tests among left handers

Butt A.K., 1986: Within modality and between modality associations in probed recall a test of the separate streams hypothesis

Chilton N.W., 1987: Within mouth correlations and reliabilities for probing depth and attachment level

Roberts C.F., 1982: Within pair differences of human chromosome 9 c bands associated with reproductive loss

Thompson, J. N., 1978: Within patch structure and dynamics in pastinaca sativa and resource availability to a specialized herbivore

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920098

Wall G.J., 1982: Within pedon variability in soil properties

Marsh M., 1988: Within pedon variability of trace metals in southern ontario canada

Su S., 1980: Within person variability in diastolic blood pressure for a cohort of normotensives

Lokko P., 1987: Within person variation in daily dietary intake of boys from finland the netherlands italy the philippines and ghana

Roberts J.E.Sr, 1986: Within plant and within field distribution of first generation european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae egg masses on field corn in virginia usa

Trumble J.T., 1982: Within plant distribution and sampling of aphids homoptera aphididae on broccoli brassica oleracea in southern california usa

Ward C.R., 1980: Within plant distribution of banks grass mite oligonychus pratensis on corn in west texas usa

Hogg D.B., 1982: Within plant distribution of cabbage looper trichoplusia ni on cotton development of a sampling plan for eggs

Bradley J.R.Jr, 1985: Within plant distribution of heliothis spp lepidoptera noctuidae eggs and larvae on cotton in north carolina usa

Shukla R.P., 1986: Within plant distribution of leafhopper amrasca biguttula biguttula ishida homoptera cicadellidae on brinjal

Gutierrez A.P., 1980: Within plant distribution of predators on cotton gossypium hirsutum comments on sampling and predator efficiencies

Goodell P., 1983: Within plant distribution of spider mites tetranychus spp acari tetranychidae on cotton a developing implementable monitoring program

Carey J.R., 1982: Within plant distribution of tetranychid mites on cotton

Santos L.G.D., 1987: Within plant distribution of the tropical mite polyphagotarsonemus latus banks 1904 acari tarsonemidae on cotton plants

Silvestre L.H., 1987: Within plant distribution of the two spotted spider mite tetranychus urticae koch 1904 acari tarsonemidae on cotton

Gilstrap F.E., 1986: Within plant larva distribution of liriomyza trifolii diptera agromyzidae on bell peppers

Bracken G.K., 1984: Within plant preferences of larvae of mamestra configurata lepidoptera noctuidae feeding of oilseed rape

Ryttman H., 1987: Within population and between population variation of growth and stem quality in a 30 year old pinus sylvestris trial

Franzen A., 1986: Within population variation in frost damage in pinus contorta seedlings after simulated autumn or late winter conditions

Boggs C.L., 1987: Within population variation in the demography of speyeria mormonia lepidoptera nymphalidae

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920126

Deregowski J.B., 1981: Within race and between race recognition of transformed and untransformed faces

Fowler, S. C.; Filewich, R. J.; Leberer, M. R., 1977: Within response force variations accompanying differentiation of duration in rats

Berg R.D., 1986: Within row irrigation saves water on croplands

Robertson R.J., 1988: Within season and age related patterns of reproductive performance in female tree swallows tachycineta bicolor

Jones C., 1985: Within season differences in growth of larval atlantic herring clupea harengus harengus

Mccleave, J. D.; Labar, G. W.; Kircheis, F. W., 1977: Within season homing movements of displaced mature sunapee trout salvelinus alpinus in floods pond maine usa

Jessop, R. S.; Palmer, B.; Mcclelland, V. F.; Jardine, R., 1977: Within season variability of bi carbonate extractable phosphorus in wheat soils

Staddon J.E.R., 1987: Within session meal size effects on induced drinking

Jackson, D. E., 1976: Within session observations of rats lever pressing in the presence of free food

Tolan J.C., 1979: Within session variations in pellet composition and schedule induced drinking

Flach J.M., 1986: Within set discriminations in a consistent mapping search task

Rescorla R.A., 1981: Within signal learning in auto shaping

Holloway R.L., 1980: Within species brain body weight variability a reexamination of the danish data and other primate species

Turkington R., 1985: Within species diversity in natural populations of holcus lanatus lolium perenne and trifolium repens from four different aged pastures

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920141

Letz R., 1979: Within species variation in the development of ultrasonic signaling of pre weanling rats

Jacobs G.H., 1984: Within species variations in visual capacity among squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus color vision

Jacobs G.H., 1983: Within species variations in visual capacity among squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus sensitivity differences

Cole D.M., 1980: Within stand comparisons of inner bark electrical resistance in lodgepole pine pinus contorta the bark moisture factor

Rudis, V. A.; Ek, A. R.; Balsiger, J. W., 1978: Within stand seedling dispersal for isolated pinus strobus within hardwood stands

Hedges D.G., 1988: Within story recalls and the retention of ideas in prose processing

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920148

Spiker, V. A.; Ferraro, D. P., 1977: Within subject analysis of the conditioned stimulus 1 conditioned stimulus 2 interval in sensory pre conditioning with rats

Iacono, W. G.; Lykken, D. T., 1978: Within subject covariation of reaction time and foreperiod cardiac deceleration effects of respiration and imperative stimulus intensity

Robertson G., 1980: Within subject variability and percent change for significance of spirometry in normal subjects and in patients with cystic fibrosis

Price W., 1981: Within subject variability and the importance of abstinence period for sperm count semen volume and pre freeze and post thaw motility

David G., 1979: Within subject variability of human semen in regard to sperm count volume total number of spermatozoa and length of abstinence

Collin C., 1986: Within subject variability of the percentage of morphologically abnormal spermatozoa among fertile men biological and measurement components

Gunion M.W., 1982: Within subjects and between subjects differences in the effect of morphine in mice

Luck R.F., 1984: Within tree distribution of california red scale aonidiella aurantii homoptera diaspididae and its parasitoid comperiella bifasciata hymenoptera encyrtidae on orange trees in the san joaquin valley california usa

Killian J.C., 1987: Within tree distribution of catfacing injury on peaches in north carolina usa

Corcoran S.M., 1980: Within tree distribution of resident populations of citrus blackfly aleurocanthus woglumi in texas usa

Nebeker T.E., 1981: Within tree distribution of the pupae of thanasimus dubius coleoptera cleridae a predator of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae

Norton D.A., 1986: Within tree growth ring variability in three indigenous tree species

Coulson R.N., 1981: Within tree life process models of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis

Steinhauer A.L., 1982: Within tree response of nantucket pine tip moth rhyacionia frustrana lepidoptera tortricidae parasitoids to varying host densities

Langenheim J.H., 1986: Within tree spatial variation in the leaf monoterpenes of sequoia sempervirens

Nicholls, J. W. P., 1986: Within tree variation in wood characteristics of pinus radiata d. don

Dodd R.S., 1985: Within tree variation in wood production and wood quality in sycamore acer pseudoplatanus its relation to crown characteristics

Franklin, E. C., 1976: Within tree variation of mono terpene composition and yield in slash pine clones and families

Roberts, D. R., 1970: Within tree variation of mono terpene hydro carbon composition of slash pine g oleo resin

Cook R.G., 1986: Within trial dynamics of radial arm maze performance in rats

Edwards W.P., 1981: Within trial psycho physics and stimulus control radiometric and photometric equivalence functions for the pigeon

Sykes S.M., 1983: Within trial psycho physics with inter trial titration

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920174

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920175

Howarth T.T., 1987: Wittig reactions with beta lactam carbonyl functions the effect of c 7 substitution on the chemistry of penicillins and clavulanic acid derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920177

Polderman, P. J. G., 1976: Wittrockiella paradoxa new record cladophoraceae in northwest european salt marshes

Womersley H.B.S., 1984: Wittrockiella salina cladophorales chlorophyceae a mat and ball forming alga

Fendrich M., 1984: Wives employment and husbands distress a meta analysis and a replication

Sullivan M.D., 1979: Wives evaluation of problems related to laryngectomy

Goldney R.D., 1985: Wives higher neuroticism scores some more relevant factors

Bowen, G. L., 1987: Wives' employment status and marital adjustment in military families

Hudec I., 1983: Wlassicsia pannonica crustacea cladocera in slovakia czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920185

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920186

Patel D.J., 1986: Wobble deoxyguanylate deoxythymidylate pairing in right handed dna solution conformation of the d c g t g a a t t c g c g duplex deduced from distance geometry analysis of nuclear overhauser effect spectra

Chu W.T., 1987: Wobbler facility of biomedical experiments

Kyrki J., 1986: Wockia balikpapanella new species from east borneo indonesia lepidoptera yponomeutidae

Makela K., 1979: Wojnowicia graminis on gramineae

Barr A.R., 1981: Wolbachia pipientis and the normal and incompatible eggs of aedes polynesiensis diptera culicidae

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920193

Delong D.M., 1981: Woldana campana new genus new species of gyponin leafhopper related to gypona homoptera cicadellidae

Peterson R.O., 1984: Wolf avoidance strategies of moose

Jensen, W. F.; Fuller, T. K.; Robinson, W. L., 1986: Wolf canis lupus distribution on the ontario michigan border near sault ste. marie

Dekker D., 1985: Wolf canis lupus numbers and color phases in jasper national park alberta canada 1965 1984

Keith L.B., 1980: Wolf canis lupus population dynamics and prey relationships in northeastern alberta canada

Van Ballenberghe V., 1985: Wolf canis lupus predation on caribou rangifer tarandus the nelchina herd case history

Carbyn L.N., 1983: Wolf canis lupus predation on elk cervus elaphus in riding mountain national park manitoba canada

Huot J., 1988: Wolf diet and prey selectivity during two periods for deer in quebec canada decline versus expansion

Harris R., 1987: Wolf hirschhorn locus is distal to d4s10 on short arm of chromosome 4

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920203

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920204

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920205

Mech L.D., 1979: Wolf howling and its role in territory maintenance

Eisner, T.; Hicks, K.; Eisner, M.; Robson, D. S., 1978: Wolf in sheeps clothing strategy of a predaceous insect larva

Geijer M., 1985: Wolf in varmland sweden

Potvin F., 1988: Wolf movements and population dynamics in papineau labelle reserve quebec canada

Mech, L. D., 1977: Wolf pack buffer zones as prey reservoirs

Ballard W.B., 1988: Wolf predation of caribou the nelchina herd case history a different interpretation

Klinghammer E., 1986: Wolf scent marking with raised leg urination

Aspey, W. P., 1977: Wolf spider sociobiology part 1 agonistic display and dominance subordinance relations in adult male schizocosa crassipes

Aspey, W. P., 1977: Wolf spider sociobiology part 2 density parameters influencing agonistic behavior in schizocosa crassipes

Ruotsalainen M., 1985: Wolf spiders araneae lycosidae in three habitats at hameenkyro southwest finland

Trokowicz L., 1980: Wolf tract in the biebrza river valley poland

Langenheim R.L.Jr, 1987: Wolfcampian brachiopods from the bird spring group wamp spring area las vegas range clark county nevada usa

Drowley D.D., 1986: Wolfcampian fusulinids from the antler peak limestone battle mountain lander county nevada usa

Wilson E.C., 1982: Wolfcampian rugose and tabulate corals coelenterata anthozoa from the lower permian mccloud limestone of northern california usa

Hadaway E., 1985: Wolfe mammographic parenchymal patterns a study of the masking hypothesis of egan and mosteller

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920221

Zoneraich S., 1981: Wolff parkinson white bigeminal pattern after administration of tensilon

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920223

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920224

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920225

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920226

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920227

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920228

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920229

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920230

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920231

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920232

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920233

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920234

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920235

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920236

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920237

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920238

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920239

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920240

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920241

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920242

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920243

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920244

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920245

Page P., 1986: Wolff parkinson white vectorcardiograms patterns that mimic other cardiac pathologies a correlative study with the preexcitation localization

Cowin, S. C., 1986: Wolff's law of trabecular architecture at remodeling equilibrium

Otahelova H., 1982: Wolffia arrhiza in slovakia czechoslovakia

Hess W.J., 1986: Wolffia papulifera new record thompson lemnaceae new to michigan usa

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920250

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920251

Ebersole J.L., 1984: Wolinella curva new species vibrio succinogenes of human origin

Socransky S.S., 1981: Wolinella new genus wolinella succinogenes vibrio succinogenes new combination and description of bacteroides gracilis new species wolinella recta new species campylobacter concisus new species and eikenella corrodens from humans with periodontal disease

Socransky S.S., 1987: Wolinella recta campylobacter concisus bacteroides gracilis and eikenella corrodens from periodontal lesion

Carayon J., 1982: Wollastoniella testudo new species hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae a predator of a mite that damages tea plants in java indonesia

Singh V.N., 1988: Wollastonite as adsorbent for removal of iron ii from water

Vaaranen V., 1983: Wollastonite exposure and lung fibrosis

Ellis, J. E.; Patrick, D., 1976: Wolman disease in a pakistani infant

Marosvari I., 1985: Wolman disease in twins

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920260

Treheux A., 1981: Wolmans disease a rare cause of adrenal calcification in infants

Meister P., 1980: Wolmans disease clinical biochemical and ultrastructural studies in an unusual case without striking adrenal calcification

Lake, B. D.; Patrick, A. D., 1970: Wolmans disease deficiency of e 600 resistant acid esterase activity with storage of lipids in lysosomes

Hirayama K., 1983: Wolmans disease distribution of acid esterase and some minerals in liver spleen and adrenal

Hennigar G.R., 1982: Wolmans disease report of a case with multiple studies

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920266

Eto, Y.; Kitagawa, T., 1970: Wolmans disease with hypo lipo proteinemia and acanthocytosis clinical and biochemical observations

Vandewiele M., 1982: Wolof adolescent opinions of the best periods in life from certain viewpoints

Shyam, R.; Sarma, Y. S. R. K., 1975: Woloszynskia stoschii new species and gymnodinium indicum new species 2 new fresh water dinoflagellates from india morphology reproduction and cytology

Dickson, A. L.; Mellgren, R. L.; Fountain, A.; Dyck, D., 1977: Wolpes reciprocal inhibition principle an animal analog

Bryant H.N., 1987: Wolverine from the pleistocene of the yukon canada evolutionary trends and taxonomy of gulo carnivora mustelidae

Hess J.W., 1985: Wolverine gulo gulo in northern england uk at about 83000 years before the present faunal evidence for climatic change during isotope stage 5

Clark T.W., 1982: Wolverines gulo gulo in western wyoming usa

Kolenosky G.B., 1985: Wolves canis lupus and coyotes canis latrans in ontario canada morphological relationships and origins

Sorensen O.J., 1984: Wolves canis lupus in southeastern norway

Carbyn L.N., 1986: Wolves canis lupus killing denning black bears ursus americanus in the riding mountain national park area manitoba canada

Dodge K.M., 1984: Wolves canis lupus moose alces alces and the allometry of population cycles

Bailey T.N., 1984: Wolves canis lupus of the kenai peninsula alaska usa

Slaughter, B. H., 1977: Wolves coyotes ducks and hybridism

Freeman, S., 1986: Woman allergic to husband's sweat and semen

Killi, M.; Lindahl, A. K., 1984: Woman and physician 1. family and or career

Lindahl, A. K.; Killi, M., 1984: Woman and physician 2. real professional equality why and how?/

Meredith J.L., 1980: Womb rent

Margules C., 1980: Wombats lasiorhinus latifrons detected from space

Faver C.A., 1984: Women achievement and careers age variations in attitudes

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920286

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920287

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920288

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920289

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920290

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920291

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920292

Goodman L.M., 1985: Women and abortion attitudes social networks decision making

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920294

Katona Apte J., 1986: Women and food aid a developmental perspective

Cosminsky S., 1987: Women and health care on a guatemalan plantation

Muller C., 1979: Women and health statistics areas of deficient data collection and integration

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920299

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920300

Basson P., 1981: Women and traditional food technologies changes in rural jordan

Steinmetz S.K., 1980: Women and violence victims and perpetrators

Folinsbee L.J., 1982: Women at altitude cardio vascular responses to hypoxia

Ellis K.J., 1985: Women at risk for developing osteoporosis determination by total body neutron activation analysis and photon absorptiometry

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920305

Stumpf P.G., 1986: Women athletes with menstrual irregularity have increased musculoskeletal injuries

Fogle J.S., 1983: Women contacts of men with gonorrhea case finding yields

Mester H., 1982: Women desiring a change in the size of their breasts dysmorphophobia

Horton C.F., 1984: Women have headaches men have backaches patterns of illness in an appalachian community usa

Fraccaro, M.; Maraschio, P.; Pasquali, F.; Scappaticci, S., 1977: Women hetero zygous for deficiency of the p 21 replaced by p ter region of the x chromosome are fertile/

Scheniderman L.J., 1979: Women in alternative health care their influence on traditional medicine

Szprengier Juszkiewicz T., 1987: Women in dental surgeries reproductive hazards in occupational exposure to metallic mercury

Conell C., 1981: Women in drug abuse treatment programs factors that influence retention at very early and later stages in 2 treatment modalities a summary

Lee A., 1988: Women in search of stability

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920315

Maya V., 1985: Women in their forties a group portrait and implications for psychotherapy

Belille C.A., 1987: Women in treatment beyond the stereotype

Ruwe C.H., 1987: Women infants and children program prenatal participation and dietary intakes

Vassel B., 1983: Women lawyers the employment status of their mothers and the role models they select

Weisner, T. S.; Abbott, S., 1977: Women modernity and stress 3 contrasting contexts for change in east africa

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920321

Lopez S., 1979: Women physicians in medical academia a national statistical survey

Freeman M., 1983: Women refused 2nd trimester abortion correlates of pregnancy outcome

Stein M.T., 1980: Women who abuse their children implications for pediatric practice

Harnden B., 1984: Women who decline breast screening

Wolkind, S. N., 1977: Women who have been in care psychological and social status during pregnancy

Gillett W.R., 1987: Women who regret their sterilization developmental considerations

Zimmer C.H., 1979: Women who stutter personality and speech characteristics

Rumeau Rouquette C., 1982: Women who work during pregnancy ante natal care and the outcome of the pregnancy

Dworkin R.J., 1988: Women with breast cancer perception of family functioning and adjustment to illness

Uher M., 1982: Women with cardio angiopathies before conception

Kutner N.G., 1984: Women with disabling health conditions the significance of employment

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920333

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920334

Section 7, Chapter 6921, Accession 006920335

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