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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6923

Chapter 6923 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kamigauchi M.; Noda Y.; Takao N.; Ishida T.; Inoue M., 1986: X ray crystallographic and molecular orbital studies on the conformation of corynoline and the related compounds

Inoue, M.; Sakaki, T.; Wakahara, A.; Tomita, K. I., 1978: X ray crystallographic and molecular orbital studies on the conformation of tryptamine

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Brehm, L.; Krogsgaard-Larsen, P.; Johnston, G. A. R.; Schaumburg, K., 1976: X ray crystallographic and pmr spectroscopic investigations of nipecotic acid a potent inhibitor of gamma amino butyric acid uptake

Brehm L.; Schaumburg K.; Krogsgaard Larsen P., 1979: X ray crystallographic and proton nmr spectroscopic investigations of 3 rs 4 sr 4 hydroxy piperidine 3 carboxylic acid and inhibitor of neuronal and glial gamma amino butyric acid uptake

Christianson D.W.; Lipscomb W.N., 1986: X ray crystallographic investigation of substrate binding to carboxypeptidase a at subzero temperature

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Schirmer T.; Bode W.; Huber R.; Sidler W.; Zuber H., 1985: X ray crystallographic structure of the light harvesting biliprotein c phycocyanin from the thermophilic cyanobacterium mastigocladus laminosus and its resemblance to globin structures

Carlstrom D.; Hacksell I.; Jonsson N.A., 1981: X ray crystallographic studies of 4 5 6 7 tetra hydro benzimidazole and 2 related semi rigid histamine analogs

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Scouloudi, H.; Baker, E. N., 1978: X ray crystallographic studies of seal myo globin the molecule at 2.5 angstroms resolution

Neidhart D.J.; Distefano M.D.; Tanizawa K.; Soda K.; Walssh C.T.; Petsko G.A., 1987: X ray crystallographic studies of the alanine specific racemase from bacillus stearothermophilus overproducing crystallization and preliminary characterization

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Low, B. W.; Potter, R.; Jackson, R. B.; Tamiya, N.; Sato, S., 1971: X ray crystallographic study of the erabu toxins and of a di iodo derivative

Tsai, C. C.; Jain, S. C.; Sobell, H. M., 1975: X ray crystallographic visualization of drug nucleic acid intercalative binding structure of an ethidium di nucleoside mono phosphate crystalline complex ethidium 5 iodo uridylyl cyclic adenosine

Rees, A. R.; Offord, R. E., 1972: X ray crystallography and the amino acid sequence of lysozyme

Spuzyak M.I., 1983: X ray data of gallbladder filling after vagotomy

Somasundaram S.; Sharma R.C.; Surendran T.; Haridasan T.K.; Newton D., 1981: X ray detection efficiencies for palladium 103 in lungs synthesis of data from 2 laboratories

Machanicek J., 1980: X ray determination of beech seed viability

Smirnov A.D.; Zeidlits V.N.; Rudenko I.Ya, 1981: X ray determination of blood flow in the branches of the aortic arch

Matsushima N.; Tokita M.; Hikichi K., 1986: X ray determination of the crystallinity in bone mineral

Ducruix, A.; Riche, C.; Pascard, C., 1976: X ray determination of the molecular structure of an analog of tubercidin deaza 1 iso tubercidin

Shiro, M.; Nakai, H.; Nagashima, K.; Tsuji, N., 1978: X ray determination of the structure of the poly ether antibiotic k 41

Vinner M.G.; Kartashov V.M.; Shvarev V.P., 1980: X ray diagnosis and differential diagnosis of small peripheral lung cancer

Igarashi T.; Et Al, 1982: X ray diagnosis for early gastric cancer with submucosal involvement from the viewpoint of gastric wall rigidity

Pirker, E.; Stampfel, G., 1977: X ray diagnosis in arterial vascular diseases of the upper extremity

Bouillet T.; Schlienger M.; Lefkopoulos D.; Lescrainier J.; Naudy S.; Tep B.; Laugier A., 1987: X ray diagnosis in pregnancy risks of malformations and spontaneous abortion in 153 cases

Bryc S.; Zlomaniec J., 1979: X ray diagnosis of a temporal bone on the basis of plain and tomographic films according to chausee iii guillen

Volkova L.D.; Petsko A.R., 1981: X ray diagnosis of bilateral nephro blastomas

Kuznetsov S.V., 1985: X ray diagnosis of brain concussion

Mamilyaev R.M., 1982: X ray diagnosis of bronchial obstruction in chronic pneumonia

Mushnikova V.N.; Kapuller L.L.; Nikitin A.M., 1981: X ray diagnosis of cancer in the presence of diffuse colonic polyposis

Petrenko I.E., 1979: X ray diagnosis of cardiac insufficiency in acute myo cardial infarction

Semchenko E.A., 1981: X ray diagnosis of changes in the urinary system after gamma therapy of lympho granulomatosis in children

Kulikova A.M.; Grabil'tseva T.A.; Kunitsyn K.A., 1981: X ray diagnosis of chronic bronchitis

Runte F.; Reichert B.; Majewski A., 1987: X ray diagnosis of colorectal endometriosis

Perel'man V.M.; Builov V.M., 1981: X ray diagnosis of combined uro lithiasis and chole lithiasis

Schuster R.; Erkelenz I., 1980: X ray diagnosis of crohns disease in the intestine

Bargon G., 1980: X ray diagnosis of crohns disease in the region of the colon

Stojanovic J., 1981: X ray diagnosis of degenerative changes of the knee and shoulder joint

Stojanovic J., 1981: X ray diagnosis of degenerative changes of the spine

Kamalov, I. I., 1985: X ray diagnosis of disc hernia in osteochondritis

Tissier, M.; Brelurut, A., 1976: X ray diagnosis of fetal numbers in ewes by means of a low powered portable apparatus

Zocholl G.; Wenda K.; Jungbluth A., 1988: X ray diagnosis of fractures of the calcaneum with involvement of the talo calcaneonavicular joint

Sobic P.; Sik I.; Vasic Z., 1981: X ray diagnosis of functional and organic changes in diseases of the small intestine

Nishimata H., 1982: X ray diagnosis of gastric carcinomas in the esophago cardiac region

Ebel K D., 1981: X ray diagnosis of head fractures in childhood

Yang Z.; Et Al, 1984: X ray diagnosis of intra thoracic mesothelioma an analysis of 12 cases

Tsyplenkov V.G., 1981: X ray diagnosis of large intestinal disorders during lympho granulomatosis in children

Aleksandrova A.V.; Dmitrieva L.I.; Kondrya S.S., 1980: X ray diagnosis of lesions of the respiratory organs in diffuse fibrotic alveolitis hamman rich syndrome

Portnoi L.M., 1979: X ray diagnosis of minor carcinoma of the stomach

Girona A.S.; Clapera P.P.; Ayats J.P., 1982: X ray diagnosis of nasal fractures

Zal'tsman I.N., 1984: X ray diagnosis of nonpalpable cancer and circumscribed non cancer conditions of the breast

Novikov, A. I.; Novikova, V. V.; Raskopin, A. V., 1978: X ray diagnosis of osteo articular changes in diabetes mellitus

Spasskaya P.A.; Mushina L.N., 1981: X ray diagnosis of pancoasts tumor

Skotnikov, V. I.; Khazov, P. D., 1977: X ray diagnosis of parotid gland tumors without contrasting

Kiseleva I.P.; Mal'sagov G.U., 1980: X ray diagnosis of partially anomalous drain of the pulmonary veins

Rzhevskaya M.S., 1981: X ray diagnosis of post operative commissural ileus

Ioffe A.Z., 1980: X ray diagnosis of post traumatic aseptic necrosis of vertebral bodies

Novikov V.P., 1982: X ray diagnosis of post traumatic degenerative dystrophic lesions of the spine

Guo D W.; Wang C J., 1982: X ray diagnosis of pulmonary arterio venous fistula

Ginzburg M.A.; Gritsenko T.K.; Kolyada V.I., 1979: X ray diagnosis of pulmonary hyper pneumatosis

Shumskii V.I.; Konstantinova N.V.; Fedorovich Yu N., 1986: X ray diagnosis of pulmonary veins pathologically inflowing in the vena cava inferior

Rehulka M.; Kucera J., 1982: X ray diagnosis of renal pseudotumors

Udachina L.S.; Ratobyl'skii G.V.; Izakson V.B.; Timofeeva T.V., 1980: X ray diagnosis of secondary hyper parathyroid osteo dystrophy in patients subjected to prolonged hemo dialysis

Li T.; Et Al, 1981: X ray diagnosis of small cell carcinoma of the lung

Ma, D.; Et-Al, 1987: X ray diagnosis of spherical acute pneumonias

Ogleznev K.Ya; Lebedev A.N.; Akhmetov K.K., 1982: X ray diagnosis of the abruption of brachial plexal roots from the spinal cord

Nagel E., 1987: X ray diagnosis of the gastrointestinal tract of the horse

Fuchs R., 1982: X ray diagnosis of the intestine

Rohde U.; Steinbrich W., 1982: X ray diagnosis of the ovarian carcinoma with special regard to computed tomography

Pagola Serrano M.A.; Diez Diez C.; Calabia De Diego A.; Vukanuk Cabezudo M.R.; Gonzalez Tutor A., 1981: X ray diagnosis of traumatic rupture of the thoracic aorta

Baudisch E.; Marzoll I.; Schleicher C.; Soelch O., 1981: X ray diagnostic procedures in cases involving head brain trauma

Balaban I.Ya, 1981: X ray diagnostics of stomach cancer during diaphragmatic hernia

Ml"chkova D., 1986: X ray differential diagnosis in the development of the distal part of the humerus

Hegenbarth R.; Von Der Hardt H.; Zimmermann H., 1980: X ray differential diagnosis of unilateral pulmonary emphysematous expansion in new born and babies

Dimopoulos C.; Kyriakidis A.; Stokidis D.; Karayiannis A.; Markopoulos T.; Babionitakis A.; Sideris S.; Kallistratos G., 1983: X ray diffractiometric analysis of l cystine stones in 12 patients

Davis B.L., 1984: X ray diffraction analysis and source apportionment of denver colorado usa aerosol

Radhakrishna I.; Poornachandra Rao M., 1980: X ray diffraction analysis of clays of coastal sedimentaries in parts of west and east godavari districts andhra pradesh india

Roveri N.; Bigi A.; Foresti E.; Incerti A.; Leonardi L.; Strocchi R., 1980: X ray diffraction analysis of collagen fibers processed with glutaraldehyde and glycerol

Rzepecki L.M.; Strittmatter P.; Herbette L.G., 1986: X ray diffraction analysis of cytochrome b 5 reconstituted in egg phosphatidylcholine vesicles

Murthy N.S.; Worthington C.R., 1982: X ray diffraction analysis of dehydrated myelin

Garavito R.M.; Jenkins J.; Jansonius J.N.; Karlsson R.; Rosenbusch J.P., 1983: X ray diffraction analysis of matrix porin an integral membrane protein from escherichia coli outer membranes

Ringe D.; Mottonen J.M.; Gelb M.H.; Abeles R.H., 1986: X ray diffraction analysis of the inactivation of chymotrypsin by 3 benzyl 6 chloro 2 pyrine

Takahasi L.H.; Radhakrishnan R.; Rosenfield R.E.Jr; Meyer E.F.Jr; Trainor D.A.; Stein M., 1988: X ray diffraction analysis of the inhibition of porcine pancreatic elastase by a peptidyl trifluoromethyl ketone

Kobayashi Y.; Ozeki M.; Yagi T.; Hosoi T.; Takei M., 1980: X ray diffraction analysis of the reaction products of hydroxylapatite and lanthanum

Ascenzi A.; Bigi A.; Ripamonti A.; Roveri N., 1983: X ray diffraction analysis of transversal osteonic lamellae

Gruner S.M.; Barry D.T.; Reynolds G.T., 1982: X ray diffraction analysis of wet isolated bovine rod outer segment discs a dehydration study

Zach, G. A., 1976: X ray diffraction and calcium phosphorus analysis of irradiated human teeth

Ruocco M.J.; Atkinson D.; Skarjune R.P.; Oldfield E.; Shipley G.G.; Small D.M., 1981: X ray diffraction and calorimetric study of anhydrous and hydrated n palmitoylgalactosyl sphingosine cerebroside

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Ascenzi, A.; Bonucci, E.; Ripamonti, A.; Roveri, N., 1978: X ray diffraction and electron microscope study of osteons during calcification

Gruner S.M.; Rothschild K.J.; Clark N.A., 1982: X ray diffraction and electron microscope study of phase separation in rod outer segment photo receptor membrane multi layers

Yagi N.; Offer G.W., 1981: X ray diffraction and electron microscopy of a light mero myosin tactoid

Rzepecki L.M.; Berriman J.; Finean J.B., 1980: X ray diffraction and electron microscopy studies of frozen erythrocyte membrane preparations

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O'donnell S.; Mandaro R.; Schuster T.M.; Arnone A., 1979: X ray diffraction and solution studies of specifically carbamylated human hemo globin a evidence for the location of a proton linked and oxygen linked chloride binding site at valine 1 alpha

Perozzo M.A.; Ward K.B.; Thompson R.B.; Ward W.W., 1988: X ray diffraction and time resolved fluorescence analyses of aequorea green fluorescent protein crystals

Hukins, D. W. L., 1977: X ray diffraction by collagen tape shows that type i collagen fibrils need not have a 3 dimensional lattice

Krivandin A.V.; L'vov Yu M.; Ostrovskii M.A.; Fecorovich I.B.; Feigin L.A., 1984: X ray diffraction by isolated intact ocular lens of the frog

Beg, M. U.; Rahman, Q.; Viswanathan, P. N., 1975: X ray diffraction characteristics of some silicates

Harding G.; Kosanetzky J.; Neitzel U., 1987: X ray diffraction computed tomography

Marchessault, R. H.; Deslandes, Y.; Ogawa, K.; Sundararajan, P. R., 1977: X ray diffraction data for beta 1 3d glucan

Kountourellis J.E.; Underwood F.A.; Georgakopoulos P.P.; Raptouli A., 1986: X ray diffraction data for six analgesics

Klein J.A.; Hukins D.W.L., 1982: X ray diffraction demonstrates re orientation of collagen fibers in the annulus fibrosus during compression of the inter vertebral disc

Gruner S.M.; Jain M.K., 1985: X ray diffraction demonstrates that phosphatidyldiacylglycerol and phosphatidylcholesterol are not lamellar above the main transition temperature

Gathercole, L. J.; Keller, A., 1978: X ray diffraction effects related to super structure in rat tail tendon collagen/

Brenner B.; Yu L.C.; Podolsky R.J., 1984: X ray diffraction evidence for cross bridge formation in relaxed muscle fibers at various ionic strengths

Mckersie, B. D.; Thompson, J. E.; Brandon, J. K., 1976: X ray diffraction evidence for decreased lipid fluidity in senescent membranes from cotyledons

Hui S.W.; Huang C H., 1986: X ray diffraction evidence for fully interdigitated bilayers of 1 stearoyllysophosphatidylcholine

Chia L.S.; Thompson J.E.; Moscarello M.A., 1984: X ray diffraction evidence for myelin disorder in brain from humans with alzheimers disease

Bordas, J.; Mant, G. R.; Diakun, G. P.; Nave, C., 1987: X ray diffraction evidence for the existence of 102.0 and 230.0 nm transverse periodicities in striated muscle

Ellis L.C.Jr; Bear R.S.; Chanderos R.J., 1980: X ray diffraction evidence of chitin in the axial skeleton of antipatharian corals

Svendsen K.H.; Koch M.H.J., 1982: X ray diffraction evidence of collagen molecular packing and cross linking in fibrils of rat tendon observed by synchrotron radiation

Kirschner, D. A.; Abraham, C.; Selkoe, D. J., 1986: X ray diffraction from intraneuronal paired helical filaments and extraneuronal amyloid fibers in alzheimer's disease indicates cross beta conformation

Glucksman M.J.; Hay R.D.; Makowski L., 1986: X ray diffraction from magnetically oriented solutions of macromolecular assemblies

Kurg T.; Stinson R.H.; Millman B.M., 1982: X ray diffraction from striated muscles and nerves in normal and dystrophic mice

Rubio E.C.; Olcina Amador P.V., 1987: X ray diffraction in the qualitative chemical analysis of urinary calculi

Tani, B.; Siegel, S.; Johnson, S. A.; Kumar, R., 1983: X ray diffraction investigation of atmospheric aerosols in the 0.3 1.0 micrometer aerodynamic size range

Cassidy K.; Eikenberry E.F.; Olsen B.; Brodsky B., 1980: X ray diffraction investigations of collagen fibril structure in dermatosparactic lamb tissues

Jones, R. C., 1981: X ray diffraction line profile analysis vs. phosphorus sorption by 11 puerto rican soils

Stamatoff, J.; Guillon, D.; Powers, L.; Cladis, P.; Aadsen, D., 1978: X ray diffraction measurements of di palmitoylphosphatidyl choline as a function of pressure

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Rosen L.S.; Magdoff Fairchild B., 1985: X ray diffraction studies of 14 filament models of deoxygenated sickle cell hemoglobin fibers models based on electron micrograph reconstructions

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