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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6924

Chapter 6924 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Davies D.S., 1980: Xenobiotic metabolism in the human lung

Crosby D.G., 1986: Xenobiotic metabolism of p nitrophenol derivatives by the rice field crayfish procambarus clarkii

Schuller H.M., 1986: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme activity in human non small cell derived lung cancer cell lines

Funari, E.; Zoppini, A.; Verdina, A.; De-Angelis, G.; Vittozzi, L., 1987: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzyme systems in test fish i. comparative studies of liver microsomal monooxygenases

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923004

Friedberg T., 1987: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes are not restricted to parenchymal cells in rat liver

Baars, A. J.; Jansen, M.; Breimer, D. D., 1979: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in drosophila melanogaster activities of epoxide hydratase ec and glutathione s transferase ec compared with similar activities in rat liver

Becker F.F., 1986: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes in genetically and chemically initiated mouse liver tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923008

Oesch F., 1986: Xenobiotic metabolizing enzymes of rat liver nonparenchymal cells

Romanenko V.I., 1984: Xenobiotic perturbation of microbial growth as measured by carbon dioxide uptake in aquatic heterotrophic bacteria

Hutson D.H., 1980: Xenobiotic tri glyceride formation

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923013

Kecskes, M.; Borbely, F.; Borbely, I., 1977: Xenobiotics and soil microbiota affected by xenobiotic interactions part 6 lupine rhizobium symbiosis and herbicide combinations

Lech J.J., 1984: Xenobiotics in gametes of lake michigan lake trout salvelinus namaycush induce hepatic monooxygenase activity in their offspring

Kelton, L. A., 1978: Xenoborus a new synonym of tropidosteptes with description of a new species heteroptera miridae

Forsyth, D. J.; Mccallum, I. D., 1978: Xenochironomus canterburyensis diptera chironomidae a commensal of hydridella menziesi lamellibranchia in lake taupo new zealand features of preadult life history

Forsyth, D. J.; Mccallum, I. D., 1978: Xenochironomus canterburyensis diptera chironomidae an insect inquiline commensal of hyridella menziesi mollusca lamellibranchia

Wielgosz, S., 1975: Xenochironomus xenolabis new record chironomidae diptera a new species for the fauna of masurian lakeland poland

Wolff, N. L., 1977: Xenochlorodes magna new species from madeira portugal lepidoptera geometridae

Iurina A., 1983: Xenocladia medullosina from the middle devonian of kazakhstan ussr

Mourya D.T., 1984: Xenodiagnosis of laboratory acquired dengue infection by mosquito inoculation and immunofluorescence

Schiecke, U., 1976: Xenodice macrophthalma new species amphipoda podoceridae from the bay of naples italy with corrections of the genus diagnosis

Hoogmoed M.S., 1985: Xenodon werneri a poorly known snake from guiana with notes on waglerophis merremii reptilia serpentes colubridae notes on the herpetofauna of suriname ix

Hammer C., 1986: Xenogeneic and allogeneic canine heart transplantation a model for cytologic and immunologic monitoring of rejection mechanisms

Gruner S., 1982: Xenogeneic anti sera against t lymphocyte receptors recognizing allogeneic transplantation antigens preparation and properties

Collins A.M., 1988: Xenogeneic antibodies and atopic disease

Devaux, C. A.; Pierres, M.; Epstein, S. L.; Sachs, D. H., 1986: Xenogeneic antibodies with apparent public idiotypic specificity for anti ia.7 antibodies are directed in part against v kappa 21d and e subgroup marker

Plate J.M.D., 1985: Xenogeneic antiserum to soluble products from activated lymphoid cells inhibits interleukin 1 mediated functions in the helper pathway of cytolytic effector cell differentiation

Sugarbaker P.H., 1982: Xenogeneic cellular immune responses and the control of microscopic tumor a model

Benjamin C., 1983: Xenogeneic cyto toxic t cell clones recognize allo antigenic determinants on hla a 2

Croce C.M., 1979: Xenogeneic gene expression in chimeric mice derived from rat mouse hybrid cells

Yamamoto J., 1983: Xenogeneic human anti mouse t cell responses are due to the activity of the same functional t cell subsets responsible for allo specific and major histo compatibility complex restricted responses

Antczak D.F., 1984: Xenogeneic mono clonal antibodies to cell surface antigens of equine lymphocytes

Trefinger J.A., 1985: Xenogeneic monoclonal antibody to an ly 6 linked murine cell surface antigen differential reactivity with t cell subpopulations and bone marrow cells

Czaplicki, J.; Luciak, M.; Wroblewski, R.; Drozdz, M.; Ansion, E.; Blonska, B., 1977: Xenogeneic neoplastic transplants in adult rats pre treated with thymic fetal extracts

Debre P., 1987: Xenogeneic recognition of soluble and cell surface hla class ii antigens by proliferative murine t cells

Rauchwerger, J. M.; Gallagher, M. T.; Monie, H. J.; Trentin, J. J., 1976: Xenogeneic resistance to rat bone marrow transplantation part 3 maturation age and abrogation with cyclo phosphamide corynebacterium parvum and fractionated irradiation

Rubin B., 1980: Xenogeneic serum induced mouse thymus derived cells that trigger the differentiation of precursor into cytolytic thymus derived cells

Levy, R. B.; Shearer, G. M.; Kim, K. J.; Asofsky, R. M., 1979: Xenogeneic serum induced murine cyto toxic cells 1. the generation of effector components specific for self and allogeneic target cells

Beck, C.; Thiede, A.; Sonntag, H. G., 1978: Xenogeneic transplantation of aortic segments in inbred rats correlated serological and histological investigations of the rejection mechanism

Arnold W., 1980: Xenogeneic transplantation of human tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923043

Polunin, A. I.; Alekseev, L. P., 1978: Xenogenic mixed lymphocyte culture as a model for the analysis of the mechanism of pathogenesis of the rejection reaction

Chertkov I.L., 1980: Xenogenic resistance to hemopoietic cells and possibilities of overcoming it

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923046

Baisch H., 1987: Xenogenic transplantation of human bladder carcinoma and renal cell carcinoma into nmri mice treated with cyclosporin a and into nmri nu nu mice introduction of a new experimental cancer model

Kobayashi H., 1987: Xenogenization of a mouse lung carcinoma 3ll by transfection with an allogeneic class i major histocompatibility complex gene h 2l d

Kuzamaki, N.; Moriuchi, T.; Kodama, T.; Kobayashi, H., 1976: Xenogenization of rat erythroid cells by lymphatic leukemia virus its role in induction of auto immune hemolytic anemia

Dukelow W.R., 1985: Xenogenous and in vitro fertilization of frozen thawed primate oocytes and blastomere separation of embryos

Chattopadhaya S.K., 1984: Xenogenous bone plate for treatment of femoral fracture in sheep/

Kaye M.P., 1986: Xenograft seeding of dacron grafts in dogs

Horsfall D.J., 1987: Xenografted small cell undifferentiated cancer of prostate possible common origin with prostatic adenocarcinoma

Zimmer J., 1988: Xenografting of fetal mouse hippocampal tissue to the brain of adult rats effects of cyclosporin a treatment

Vosteen K H., 1968: Xenografting of nasopharyngeal carcinoma into athymic mice

Bosman F.T., 1988: Xenografting of normal colonic mucosa in athymic mice

Chiodetti N., 1986: Xenografts in pharmacologically immunosuppressed mice as a model to test the chemotherapeutic sensitivity of human tumors

Bodony R.P., 1986: Xenografts of brain cells labeled in cell suspensions show growth and differentiation in septo hippocampal transplants

Poulsen P.H., 1988: Xenografts of mouse hippocampal tissue exchange of laminar and neuropeptide specific nerve connections with the host rat brain

Zeijlemaker W.P., 1985: Xenohybridization of epstein barr virus transformed cells for the production of human monoclonal antibodies

Ginsburg L., 1980: Xenohyus venitor new genus new species suidae mammalia artiodactyla from the lower miocene deposits in france

Coates, G.; Nahmias, C., 1977: Xenon 127 a comparison with xenon 133 for ventilation studies

Samuels L.D., 1980: Xenon 133 accumulation in fatty liver hepatic uptake and washout correlated with pulmonary and mesenteric retention

Ahmad, M.; Witztum, K. F.; Fletcher, J. W.; Hendershott, L. R.; Klos, D.; George, E. A.; Donati, R. M., 1977: Xenon 133 accumulation in hepatic steatosis

Kunz, C. O.; Paperiello, C. J., 1976: Xenon 133 ambient activity from nuclear power stations

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923067

Moser E., 1987: Xenon 133 dspect normal values of cerebral blood flow at rest and of reserve capacity

Balldin, U. I.; Liner, M. H., 1976: Xenon 133 elimination from human fat during negative pressure and positive pressure breathing

Siever J.R., 1982: Xenon 133 evidence of broncho pleural fistula healing during treatment of mixed aspergillus and tuberculous empyema

Liu C K., 1988: Xenon 133 in california nevada and utah usa from the chernobyl accident

Blauenstein, U. W.; Halsey, J. H. Jr ; Wilson, E. M.; Wills, E. L.; Risberg, J., 1977: Xenon 133 inhalation method analysis of reproducibility some of its physiological implications

Shaw T., 1979: Xenon 133 inhalation method for measuring cerebral blood flow in conscious baboons

Mchenry, L. C. Jr ; Merory, J.; Bass, E.; Stump, D. A.; Williams, R.; Witcofski, R.; Howard, G.; Toole, J. F., 1978: Xenon 133 inhalation method for regional cerebral blood flow measurements normal values and test re test results

Blauenstein, U. W.; Halsey, J. H. Jr ; Wilson, E. M.; Wills, E. L., 1978: Xenon 133 inhalation method significance of indicator mal distribution for distinguishing brain areas with impaired perfusion an index for total flow

Sovijarvi A., 1985: Xenon 133 radiospirometry in prediction of ventilatory function and vital capacity after pneumonectomy in patients with an endobronchial tumor

Abbati, A.; Gaiba, W.; Guidarelli, G.; Rossi, A.; Schiavina, M.; Vianello-Vos, C.; Pozzato, R., 1977: Xenon 133 regional lung perfusion and ventilation study with the computer assisted gamma camera

Donati R.M., 1979: Xenon 133 retention in hepatic steatosis correlation with liver biopsy in 45 patients concise communication

Caille J.M., 1980: Xenon 133 test cerebral blood flow under carotid compression

Mcconnell B.J., 1982: Xenon 133 uptake in focal hepatic fat accumulation computed tomographic correlation

Satoh, K.; Tanabe, M.; Tamai, T.; Ohkawa, M.; Takashima, H.; Kojima, K.; Hino, I.; Seo, H.; Hosokawa, N.; Et-Al, 1987: Xenon 133 ventilation perfusion study of patients with silicosis type i and ii

Et Al, 1985: Xenon 133 ventilation studies for the detection of radiolucent endobronchial foreign bodies

Streckenbach B., 1979: Xenon 133 washout in the paranasal sinuses a diagnostic tool for assessing ostial function

Brach, B. B.; Chao, R. P.; Sgroi, V. L.; Minh, V. D.; Ashburn, W. L.; Moser, K. M., 1977: Xenon 133 washout patterns during diaphragmatic breathing studies in normal subjects and patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Shabason L., 1981: Xenon and iodine enhanced cerebral computed tomography a closer look

Demedts, M.; De-Roo, M.; Cosemans, J.; Billet, L.; Van-De-Woestijne, K. P., 1976: Xenon and nitrogen single breath washout curves in patients with airway obstruction

Mcleod D., 1986: Xenon arc endophotocoagulation during vitrectomy for diabetic vitreous hemorrhage

Raichand M., 1979: Xenon arc pan retinal photo coagulation for central retinal vein occlusion a randomized prospective study

Cabral B.V., 1981: Xenon arc photo coagulation for the prevention of blindness caused by diabetic retinopathy among filipinos

Kohner E.M., 1980: Xenon arc photo coagulation for the treatment of diabetic maculopathy interim report of a multicenter controlled clinical study

Arora A., 1985: Xenon arc photocoagulation for treatment of subluxation of lens

Moseley I.F., 1981: Xenon as a contrast agent for computed tomography principles and current applications

Bjorkholm P.J., 1982: Xenon as a contrast agent for imaging of the airways and lungs using digital radiography

Cook E.E., 1984: Xenon computed tomographic blood flow mapping of the kidney and liver

Kontos H.A., 1987: Xenon computed tomography cerebral blood flow measurements methods and accuracy

Rogers R.L., 1984: Xenon contrast computed tomographic cerebral blood flow scanning of the brain differentiates normal age related changes from multi infarct dementia and senile dementia of alzheimer type

Foley, W. D.; Haughton, V. M.; Schmidt, J.; Wilson, C. R., 1978: Xenon contrast enhancement in computed body tomography

Miyahara T., 1988: Xenon ct cbf mapping derived from two minutes inhalation

Manabe R., 1981: Xenon endo photo coagulator with disposable tip

Drayer, B. P.; Dujovny, M.; Wolfson, S. K.; Segal, R.; Gur, D.; Boehnke, M.; Rao, G.; Cook, E., 1980: Xenon enhanced and iodine enhanced computed tomography of diffuse cerebral circulatory arrest

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Latchaw R.E., 1987: Xenon enhanced computed tomography in brain death

Hiratsuka, H.; Tsuruoka, S.; Tabata, H.; Monma, S.; Fukumoto, T.; Aoyagi, M.; Inaba, Y., 1982: Xenon enhanced cranial computed tomography 1. experimental study

Hiratsuka, H.; Tsuruoka, S.; Tabata, H.; Monma, S.; Fukumoto, T.; Aoyagi, M.; Inaba, Y., 1982: Xenon enhanced cranial computed tomography 2. clinical study

Gray J., 1981: Xenon enhanced dynamic computed tomography multi level cerebral blood flow studies

Yaffe, M.; Fenster, A.; Johns, H. E., 1977: Xenon ionization detectors for fan beam computed tomography scanners

Williamson K.L., 1981: Xenon nmr chemical shifts of a general anesthetic in common solvents proteins and membranes

Schall, G. L.; Mcdonald, H. D.; Carr, L. B.; Capozzi, A., 1978: Xenon ventilation perfusion lung scans the early diagnosis of inhalation injury

Howard, L. E.; Sommers, J. F., 1980: Xenon whole body counting and dose determinations

Fain, A.; Tinsley, R. C., 1975: Xenopacarus kenyensis new species from the nasal cavities of xenopus borealis acarina prostigmata ereynetidae

Pfahler P.L., 1987: Xenoparasite nonhost reactions in puccinia gramineae pathosystems

Singh S.D., 1980: Xenophobic reactions of free ranging rhesus infant macaca mulatta groups raised in natural habitat

Tendal O.S., 1980: Xenophyophores from the french expeditions incal and biovema in the atlantic ocean

Matile L., 1979: Xenoplatyura beaveri new species diptera mycetophiloidea of keroplatidae living in nepenthes pitcher plants in malaysia

Conlon J.M., 1987: Xenopsin and neurotensin like peptides in gastric juice from patients with duodenal ulcers

Mitra S.P., 1988: Xenopsin related peptide generated in avian gastric extracts

Carraway R., 1982: Xenopsin stimulates exocrine pancreatic secretion in the dog

Crippa M., 1984: Xenopsin the neurotensin like octa peptide from xenopus skin at the carboxyl terminus of its precursor

Brown S.J., 1985: Xenopsylla cheopis cellular expression of hypersensitivity in guinea pigs

Roeder R.G., 1984: Xenopus 5s gene transcription factor tf iiia characterization of a complementary dna clone and measurement of rna levels throughout development

Gloor H., 1980: Xenopus amieti new species anura pipidae from the cameroon another case of tetra ploidy

Brown, D. D.; Dawid, I. B.; Reeder, R. H., 1977: Xenopus borealis mis identified as xenopus meulleri

Treisman R., 1987: Xenopus cytoskeletal actin and human c fos gene promoters share a conserved protein binding site

David I.B., 1988: Xenopus endo b is a keratin preferentially expressed in the embryonic notochord

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923125

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923126

De Robertis E.M., 1988: Xenopus homeobox containing complementary dnas expressed in early development

Hadji-Azimi, I.; Michea-Hamzehpour, M., 1976: Xenopus laevis 19s immuno globulin ultrastructure and j chain isolation

Picker M., 1980: Xenopus laevis anura pipidae mating systems a preliminary synthesis with some data on the female phono response

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Brunori M., 1987: Xenopus laevis hemoglobin and its hybrids with hemoglobin a

Roeder R.G., 1980: Xenopus laevis histone genes variant h 1 genes are present in different clusters

Bienz M., 1984: Xenopus laevis hsp 70 genes are constitutively expressed in injected oocytes

Hynes R.O., 1988: Xenopus laevis integrins structural conservation and evolutionary divergence of integrin alpha subunits

Wassersug R., 1982: Xenopus laevis larvae amphibia anura as model suspension feeders

Schwager J., 1980: Xenopus laevis larval thymocytes do not express surface immuno globulin

Barondes S.H., 1983: Xenopus laevis lectin is localized at several sites in xenopus oocytes eggs and embryos

Demaille J.G., 1980: Xenopus laevis oocyte calmodulin in the process of meiotic maturation

Lass Y., 1984: Xenopus laevis oocyte resting potential muscarinic responses and the role of calcium and cyclic gmp

Wu C W., 1983: Xenopus laevis transcription factor a requires zinc for binding to the 5s rna gene

De Robertis E.M., 1984: Xenopus laevis u 1 small nuclear rna genes characterization of transcriptionally active genes reveals major and minor repeated gene families

Mattaj, I. W.; Zeller, R., 1983: Xenopus laevis u 2 small nuclear rna genes tandemly repeated transcription units sharing 5' and 3' flanking homology with other rna polymerase ii transcribed genes

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Eckhardt R.A., 1985: Xenopus marginal band disassembly by calcium activated cytoplasmic factors

Mechali M., 1986: Xenopus myc proto oncogene during development expression as a stable maternal messenger rna uncoupled from cell division

Robinson K.R., 1983: Xenopus neural crest cell migration in an applied electrical field

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923149

Smith L.D., 1979: Xenopus oocyte cyclic amp dependent protein kinases before and during progesterone induced maturation

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923151

Loumont C., 1986: Xenopus pygmaeus s of diploid and pipid frog from rain forest of equatorial africa

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White B., 1988: Xenopus tadpole melanophores are controlled by dark and light and melatonin without influence of time of day

Wu C W., 1985: Xenopus transcription factor a promotes dna reassociation

Garrett R.A., 1987: Xenopus transcription factor iiia binds primarily at junctions between double helical stems and internal loops in oocyte 5s rna

Wu C W., 1988: Xenopus transcription factor iiia binds to the flanking regions of the 5s rna gene intragenic control region in a unique and highly ordered state

Akhurst R.J., 1986: Xenorhabdus nematophilus ssp beddingii new subspecies enterobacteriaceae a new subspecies of bacteria mutualistically associated with entomopathogenic nematodes

Akhurst R.J., 1986: Xenorhabdus nematophilus ssp poinarii its interaction with insect pathogenic nematodes

Poinar G.O.Jr, 1979: Xenorhabdus new genus of entomo pathogenic nematophilic bacteria of the family enterobacteriaceae

Kifune T., 1979: Xenos peruensis new species from peru strepsiptera stylopidae

Staples G.W.IIi, 1980: Xenostegia tridentata new genus new combination of convolvulaceae

Kisielewski J., 1984: Xenotrichula guadelupense new species a new marine gastrotrich from guadeloupe west indies

Hartley J.W., 1979: Xenotropic murine leukemia virus envelope related cell surface antigen cell surface antigens related to the major glyco proteins gp 70 of xenotropic murine leukemia viruses

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Blaszak, C., 1976: Xenozercon glaber new genus new species acari zerconidae from north korea

Fink S.V., 1985: Xenurobryconini phylogeny and putative pheromone pumps in glandulocaudine fishes teleostei characidae

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923171

Fjellberg A., 1985: Xenyllodes wapiti new species of collembola odontellidae from western canada

Werner F., 1979: Xeranobium laticeps coleoptera anobiidae reared from haplopappus tenuisectus compositae with description of the larva

Westman W.E., 1983: Xeric mediterranean type shrubland associations of alta california usa and baja california mexico and the community continuum debate

Jost J.O., 1982: Xero angiographic findings in patients with hemo dialysis fistulas in the arm

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First-Teach-Hosp-Peking-Med-Coll-Dep-Radiol-Oncol, 1975: Xero mammography analysis of results in 350 cases

Crane, L. R.; Kapdi, C. C.; Wolfe, J. N.; Silberberg, B. K.; Lerner, A. M., 1977: Xero radiographic bacteriologic and pathologic studies in experimental staphylococcus osteo myelitis

Palvolgyi, R.; Pentek, Z., 1977: Xero radiographic demonstration of soft tissues of the extremities

Zoellner N., 1983: Xero radiographic determination of achilles tendon thickness in familial hyper cholesterolemia confirmed by tissue cultures

Piffanelli A., 1981: Xero radiographic diagnosis of achilles tendon traumatic lesions associated with sports

Nessi, R.; Giuliani, F., 1977: Xero radiographic evaluation of murine osteo sarcoma

Franken, T.; Frommhold, H., 1976: Xero radiographic field controls by the tele cobalt unit in the thoracic abdominal and pelvic region and in the extremities

Leyden J.J., 1981: Xero radiographic observations in 4 patients with chronic renal disease and cutaneous gangrene

Fichtenbaum B., 1980: Xero radiographic observations of coronary arterial distribution in domestic ponies

Reichelt, H. G.; Brase, A.; Hundeshagen, H.; Stender, H. S., 1977: Xero radiographic studies in 150 patients with solitary scintigraphically nonfunctioning nodules of the thyroid gland

Traldi A., 1979: Xero radiographic study of hemophilic arthropathy

Berry R.J., 1981: Xero radiographic tomography of the larynx

Jahnke V., 1980: Xero radiography

Yaneva R., 1982: Xero radiography a method for exploring thyroid gland pathology

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923193

Lovell, C. R.; Brock, M.; Jayson, M. I. V.; Baddeley, H., 1977: Xero radiography in assessment of the rheumatoid hand

Stepan, J.; Svab, V.; Sunova, J., 1978: Xero radiography in comparison with x ray investigations in gout hyper uricemia and purinemia

Peters, N. D.; Ehni, G., 1978: Xero radiography in evaluation of cervical spine injuries technical note

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Cap F., 1980: Xero radiography in the diagnosis of tumors of the loco motor apparatus

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Danza F.M., 1981: Xero radiography of teno muscular traumatic pathologic conditions of the limbs

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Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923214

Wang M Q., 1981: Xerocomus astraeicolopsis new species from china

Szczepka M.Z., 1983: Xerocomus parasiticus in poland

Alessio C.L., 1987: Xerocomus roseoalbidus new species

Lembo G., 1985: Xeroderma pigmentosum

Papdopoulos O., 1980: Xeroderma pigmentosum 12 operative cases involving malignant degeneration

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Et Al, 1982: Xeroderma pigmentosum and its cancerous change 7 cases

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Rainbow A.J., 1985: Xeroderma pigmentosum d hela hybrids with low and high uv sensitivity associated with normal and diminished dna repair ability respectively

Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923232

Mccormick J.J., 1984: Xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts including cells from xp variants are abnormally sensitive to the mutagenic and cyto toxic action of broad spectrum simulated sun light

Tanakura Y., 1985: Xeroderma pigmentosum groups c and f additional assignments and a review of the subjects in japan

Best Belpomme M., 1983: Xeroderma pigmentosum hydrogen per oxide formation and catalytic activity during the evolution of the skin cells application to an early diagnosis and to a tentative treatment

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Kleppe K., 1984: Xeroderma pigmentosum in vitro complementation of dna repair endo nuclease

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Edler L., 1982: Xeroderma pigmentosum patients from germany correlation of colony forming ability unscheduled dna synthesis and single strand breaks after uv damage in xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts

Thielmann, H. W.; Edler, L.; Friemel, S., 1986: Xeroderma pigmentosum patients from germany repair capacity of 45 xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblast strains of the mannheim xeroderma pigmentosum collections as measured by colony forming ability and unscheduled dna synthesis following treatment with methyl methanesulfonate and n methyl n nitrosourea

Friemel S., 1985: Xeroderma pigmentosum patients from west germany decrease in post uv colony forming ability in 30 xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblast strains is quantitatively correlated with a decrease in dna incising capacity

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Section 7, Chapter 6924, Accession 006923999

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