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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6925

Chapter 6925 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rodina, L. V.; Levchenko, A. B.; Mikhailova, N. P., 1984: Yeast resistance to polyene antibiotics 3. analysis of the phenotypes of sterol mutants resistant to polyene antibiotics

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Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924002

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Petes T.D., 1979: Yeast ribosomal dna genes are located on chromosome 12

Planta R.J., 1985: Yeast ribosomal protein l 25 binds to an evolutionary conserved site on yeast 26s and escherichia coli 23s ribosomal rna

Otaka, E.; Higo, K. I.; Itoh, T., 1983: Yeast ribosomal proteins 7. cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins from schizosaccharomyces pombe

Mager, W. H.; Planta, R. J., 1976: Yeast ribosomal proteins are synthesized on small polysomes

Otaka, E.; Kobata, K., 1978: Yeast ribosomal proteins part 1 characterization of cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

Fromageot P., 1985: Yeast rna polymerase c and its subunits specific antibodies as structural and functional probes

Auld, D. S.; Atsuya, I., 1976: Yeast rna polymerase i a eukaryotic zinc metallo enzyme

Arcangioli B., 1984: Yeast rna polymerase ii initiates transcription in vitro at tata sequences proximal to potential non b forms of the dna template

Wandzilak, T. M.; Benson, R. W., 1977: Yeast rna polymerase iii a zinc metallo enzyme

Oyen T.B., 1984: Yeast rna polymerase iii chromatographic catalytic and dna binding properties are highly dependent on the type of anion

Willis I., 1988: Yeast rnase p catalytic activity and substrate binding are separate functions

Tessier, A.; Roland, B.; Gauthier, C.; Anderson, W. A.; Pallotta, D., 1980: Yeast rye and calf histones similarities and differences detected by electrophoretic and immunological methods

Sugino A., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae 2 micrometer plasmid dna replication in vitro origin and direction

Quain, D. E.; Haslam, J. M., 1982: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase ec an enzyme committed to catabolite de repression before exhaustion of fermentable substrate

Thorner J., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae alpha factor is processed from a larger precursor poly peptide the essential role of a membrane bound di peptidyl amino peptidase

Brennan G., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae amber suppressors corresponding to leucine transfer rna 3 genes

Rothman J.E., 1986: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and mammals utilize similar cytosolic components to drive protein transport through the golgi complex

Zakharov, I. A.; Marfin, S. V.; Kasinova, G. V., 1982: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae as an object for mutagen screening and testing 1. registration of mitotic crossing over and some statistical problems concerning its frequency

Yamamoto T., 1980: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall bound proteolytic enzymes

Fowke L.C., 1980: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall membrane and soluble marker poly peptides identified by comparative 2 dimensional electrophoresis

Semenenko M.N., 1979: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells as a model for estimating radioprotective activity of compounds of a thiazoline series

Farkas W.R., 1982: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells cannot incorporate queuine into their transfer rna

Moore S.A., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells recover from mating pheromone alpha factor induced division arrest by de sensitization in the absence of alpha factor destruction

Lohr, D.; Hereford, L., 1979: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae chromatin is uniformly digested by dnase i ec

Weil P.A., 1986: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae class iii gene transcription factors and homologous rna polymerase iii form ternary transcription complexes stable to disruption by n lauroylsarcosine sarcosyl

Guthrie C., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae contains small nuclear rna species encoded by single copy genes

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924031

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924032

Campbell J.L., 1982: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae dna replication in vitro initiation and elongation events mimic in vivo processes

Wang J.C., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae dna topo isomerase ii is encoded by a single copy essential gene

Stoops J.K., 1985: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae fatty acid synthase structure to function relationship

Cottrell S.F., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae freeze thaw survival rates as a function of different stages in the cell cycle

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924037

Fangman W.L., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae gene cdc 8 encodes thymidylate kinase and is complemented by herpes thymidine kinase gene tk

Rose, M.; Casadaban, M. J.; Botstein, D., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae genes fused to beta galactosidase ec in escherichia coli can be expressed normally in yeast

Murray K., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae h 3 and h 4 histone messenger rna species are transcribed from 2 nonallelic gene sets

Grunstein M., 1986: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae histone h 2a and h 2b amino termini have interchangeable functions

Frevert, J.; Ballou, C. E., 1982: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae invertase ec polymorphism is correlated with variable states of oligo saccharide chain phosphorylation

Thorner J., 1980: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mating pheromone alpha factor inhibits adenylate cyclase

Foucher M., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria contain a linear rna strand complementary to the circular intronic ai 1 rna of cytochrome b

Felter, S.; Diatewa, M.; Schneider, C.; Stahl, A. J. C., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial and cytoplasmic valyl transfer rna synthetases ec

Moustacchi E., 1980: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondrial dna characterization after uv irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924047

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924048

Robbins P.W., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants deficient in protein glycosylation

Kovaltsova S.V., 1987: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants with enhanced induced mutagenesis

Ivanov, E. L.; Koval'tsova, S. V.; Korolev, V. G., 1987: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants with enhanced induced mutagenesis i. isolation and preliminary characterization of mutants

Ivanov, E. L.; Koval'tsova, S. V.; Korolev, V. G., 1987: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants with enhanced induced mutagenesis iii. influence of him mutations on effectiveness and specificity of uv induced mutagenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924053

Wolf D.H., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae pheromone alpha factor is synthesized as a high molecular weight precursor

Stahl A.J.C., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae protoplasts obtained with various preparations of helix pomatia digestive juice

Otaka, E.; Osawa, S., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomal proteins 5. correlation of several nomenclatures and proposal of a standard nomenclature

Lee J.C., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomal proteins electrophoretic analysis in 4 2 dimensional gel systems correlation of nomenclatures

Gasior E., 1983: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosome core particles deficient in acidic proteins l 44 and l 45 and their activity in reconstitution experiments

Lehman I.R., 1986: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae rpo 41 gene product is required for transcription and maintenance of the mitochondrial genome

Schekman R., 1984: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae secretory mutants that block the formation of active cell surface enzymes

Guthrie C., 1981: Yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae transfer rna precursor mutated at a splice junction is correctly processed in vivo

Valdes I., 1984: Yeast selection for human consumption

Lusty C.J., 1986: Yeast shuttle and integrative vectors with multiple cloning sites suitable for construction of lac z fusions

Bales G.L., 1981: Yeast single cell protein as a substitute for soybean meal in broiler diets

Prokop, A.; Votruba, J.; Sobotka, M.; Panos, J., 1978: Yeast single cell protein from ethanol measurements modeling and parameter estimation in a batch system

Pindborg J.J., 1987: Yeast species and biotypes associated with oral leukoplakia and lichen planus

Novozhilova M.I., 1980: Yeast species and their biochemical properties in the water of the bratsk reservoir ussr

Mohamed, A.; Mustafa, M. M., 1978: Yeast species causing spoilage in carbonated beverages in the sudan

Biesbroek A.L., 1985: Yeast species utilizing uric acid adenine n alkylamines or diamines as sole source of carbon and energy

Mann, J. W.; Heintz, C. E.; Macmillan, J. D., 1972: Yeast spheroplasts formed by cell wall degrading enzymes from oerskovia sp

Sprague G.F.Jr, 1988: Yeast ste 7 ste 11 and ste 12 genes are required for expression of cell type specific genes

Bailey, R. B.; Parks, L. W., 1975: Yeast sterol esters and their relationship to the growth of yeast

Lee, M. R.; Elder, F. F. B., 1980: Yeast stimulation of bone marrow mitosis for cyto genetic investigations

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924074

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924075

Golubev, V. I.; Bab'eva, I. P.; Novik, S. N., 1977: Yeast succession during birch sap flow

Gesteland, R. F.; Wolfner, M.; Grisafi, P.; Fink, G.; Botstein, D.; Roth, J. R., 1976: Yeast suppressors of uracil adenine adenine and uracil adenine guanine nonsense codons work efficiently in vitro via transfer rna

Zamolodchikova S.Yu, 1985: Yeast survival after gamma irradiation delayed appearance of colonies and determination of a relative share of intact cells

Bloch, J. C.; Perrin, F.; Lacroute, F., 1978: Yeast temperature sensitive mutants specifically impaired in processing of poly adenylic acid containing rna

Et Al, 1987: Yeast transfer aspartyl rna aspartyl transfer rna synthetase complex low resolution crystal structure

Rothstein R.J., 1981: Yeast transformation a model system for the study of recombination

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924082

Sherman F., 1979: Yeast uaa suppressors effective in psi plus strains serine inserting suppressors

Sherman F., 1979: Yeast uaa suppressors effective in psi positive strains leucine inserting suppressors

Berden J.A., 1988: Yeast ubiquinol cytochrome c oxidoreductase is still active after inactivation of the gene encoding the 17 kda subunit vi

Warner J.R., 1982: Yeast use translational control to compensate for extra copies of a ribosomal protein gene

Wickner W., 1988: Yeast vacuoles fragment when microtubules are disrupted

Bruenn, J. A.; Brennan, V. E., 1980: Yeast viral double stranded rna have heterogeneous 3' termini

Brown A.D., 1983: Yeast water relations physiological changes induced by solute stress in saccharomyces cerevisiae and saccharomyces rouxii

Kvasnikov, E. I.; Shchelokova, I. F.; Sarishvili, N. G.; Gal'chenko, N. P., 1978: Yeasts agents of contamination in the continuous process of champagne production

Block J.C., 1985: Yeasts and filamentous fungi in drinking water

Briscou, J., 1975: Yeasts and fungi in marine environments

Ohyama Y., 1979: Yeasts and molds causing aerobic deterioration of maize silage after silo opening application of caproic acid and hydro chloric acid

Rossikhina O.G., 1985: Yeasts and mycelial microscopic fungi in zheltozem soils

Bab'eva I.P., 1981: Yeasts and mycelium forming fungi in natural ecosystems

Hansen M.W., 1987: Yeasts and streptococci in children wearing a dental apparatus

Streiblova, E., 1977: Yeasts as a model for cell cycle studies

Ibe S.N., 1987: Yeasts as primary contaminants in yogurts produced commercially in lagos nigeria

Pencheva R., 1983: Yeasts assimilating lactose from whey with reference to protein biosynthesis

Patel K.S., 1979: Yeasts associated with decaying seaweeds of india

Nakase, T.; Komagata, K.; Konishi, S., 1977: Yeasts found in the extraction process of water soluble substances of defatted soybean flakes

Gambale W., 1983: Yeasts from beaches in the southern area of sao paulo state baixada santista brazil

Hinzelin, F.; Lectard, P., 1976: Yeasts from brackish waters in lorraine france

Lachaise D., 1979: Yeasts from drosophilids of the african savanna lamto ivory coast

Starmer W.T., 1982: Yeasts from exudates of quercus rubra ulmus americana populus tremuloides and pseudotsuga menziesii new isolations and elucidation of some factors affecting ecological specificity

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924107

Mendonca Hagler L.C., 1981: Yeasts from marine and estuarine waters with different levels of pollution in the state of rio de janeiro brazil

Lectard P., 1985: Yeasts from the brackish waters of lagrange fouquet france

Bab'eva, I. P.; Golubev, V. I.; Reshetova, I. S.; Azieva, E. E.; Blagodatskaya, V. M., 1976: Yeasts in high latitude regions of the northern and southern hemispheres

Fragner, P., 1978: Yeasts in human material and their differentiation part 1/

Fragner P., 1979: Yeasts in human material and their differentiation part 5

Fragner, P., 1978: Yeasts in human material in czechoslovakia and their differentiation part 2

Fragner, P., 1978: Yeasts in human material in czechoslovakia and their differentiation part 3

Fragner, P., 1978: Yeasts in human material in our country and their differentiation part 4

Saglie F.R., 1987: Yeasts in juvenile periodontitis preliminary observations by scanning electron microscopy

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924117

Zhuravleva V.P., 1979: Yeasts in soil and rhizospheres of main plant associations in some areas of the plain part of southwestern turkmen ssr ussr

Iskandar M., 1986: Yeasts in soils of egypt

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924120

Chernov I.Yu, 1982: Yeasts in taimyr tundra soils russian sfsr ussr

Hagler L.C.M., 1982: Yeasts in the inter tidal sediments of a polluted estuary in rio de janeiro brazil

Ljubinka C., 1984: Yeasts in the mouth cavity of newborn piglets excerpt from master of science degree thesis

Iskandar M., 1986: Yeasts in the phyllosphere of field grown plants in egypt

Russo D., 1983: Yeasts in the straits of messina italy

Hinzelin, F.; Lectard, P., 1978: Yeasts in the waters of the moselle

Lectard P., 1979: Yeasts in waste water treatment plants

Bab'eva, I. P.; Reshetova, I. S.; Arutyunyan, T. G.; Gorin, S. E., 1975: Yeasts in zailyskiy alatau ussr soils

Kozaki M., 1980: Yeasts isolated from coconut and nipa tuba in the philippines

Agostini F., 1979: Yeasts isolated from fermented banana pulp in rwanda

Breierova E., 1984: Yeasts isolated from fruit bodies of mushrooms of the lowland of zahorie slovakia czechoslovakia

Kovacovksa R., 1988: Yeasts isolated from fruitbodies of mushrooms of the lowland of zahorie slovakia czechoslovakia

Maciejowska-Pokacka, Z., 1979: Yeasts occurring on wheat seeds 5. a taxonomic study of a strain of bullera alba

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924134

Maciejowska-Pokacka, Z., 1976: Yeasts occurring on wheat seeds part 2 a taxonomic study of strains of cryptococcus laurentii var magnus and cryptococcus albidus var albidus

Maciejowska-Pokacka, Z., 1976: Yeasts occurring on wheat seeds part 3 a taxonomic study of strains of sporobolomyces roseus and sporobolomyces pararoseus

Maciejowska-Pokacka, Z., 1977: Yeasts occurring on wheat seeds part 4 a taxonomic study of strains of cryptococcus laurentii var laurentii and cryptococcus laurentii var flavescens

Mendonca Hagler L.C., 1979: Yeasts of a polluted brazilian estuary

Jayatissa, P. M.; Pathirana, R. A.; Sivayogasunderam, K.; Jeyaraj, E. E., 1978: Yeasts of the coconut palm wine of sri lanka

Krempl Lamprecht L., 1985: Yeasts on healthy skin

Swinne D., 1984: Yeasts oral carriage in denture wearers

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924142

Fulton J.E., 1980: Yellow a mutant plumage color segregating independently from brown in japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Kang, M. S.; Zuber, M. S., 1988: Yellow and white endosperm effects on stewart's wilt of maize

Jordan D.C., 1985: Yellow blotch of pleurotus ostreatus

Tudway A.J.C., 1979: Yellow bodies in superficial and deep lymph nodes

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924147

Catley G.P., 1987: Yellow browed warblers in britain uk and ireland 1968 1985

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924149

Ramos O., 1987: Yellow brown hamazaki wesenberg bodies mimicking fungal yeasts

Hall, M.; Eusebi, V., 1978: Yellow brown spindle bodies in mesenteric lymph nodes a possible relationship with melanosis coli

O'toole D.K., 1987: Yellow color on milk sediment discs implies poor nutrition in dairy herds

Huang S., 1981: Yellow corneal reflex by hydro gonioscopy in siderosis bulbi

Shuchun H., 1982: Yellow corneal reflex in hyphema and siderosis bulbi by hydro gonioscopy

Meredith W.R.Jr, 1979: Yellow cotton gossypium hirsutum pollen suppresses growth of larvae of tobacco budworm heliothis virescens

Okano K., 1981: Yellow down wheaten type plumage in the gifu native fowl

Jones, R. L.; Widstrom, N. W.; Perkins, D., 1977: Yellow eye variant of the corn earworm

Cattan D., 1981: Yellow fever a fatal case in the paris france area

Salaun J J., 1980: Yellow fever in gambia 1978 1979 a complementary entomological survey done in october 1979

Addy P.A., 1984: Yellow fever in ghana 1977 1980

Meers P.D., 1986: Yellow fever in swansea england uk 1865

Cropp C.B., 1984: Yellow fever monoclonal antibodies type specific and cross reactive determinants identified by immunofluorescence

Tauraso, N. M.; Spector, S. L.; Kirschstein, R. L.; Seligmann, E. B. Jr ; Farber, J. F., 1969: Yellow fever vaccine antigenicity and neuro virulence of a vaccine seed free from avian leukosis virus mouse macaca mulatta ma 104 cells

Mason, R. A.; Tuaraso, N. M.; Ginn, R. K.; O'brien, T. C.; Trimmer, R. W., 1972: Yellow fever vaccine part 5 antibody response in rhesus monkeys inoculated with graded doses of the 17 d vaccine

Spector, S.; Tauraso, N. M., 1968: Yellow fever virus i development and evaluation of a plaque neutralization test mouse intra cranial inoculation

Spector, S. L.; Tauraso, N. M., 1969: Yellow fever virus part 2 factors affecting the plaque neutralization test

Rehse C., 1981: Yellow flavonols as components of pollen pigmentation

Dunning J.B.Jr, 1988: Yellow footed gull kills eared grebe

Schoner, C. A.; Norris, R. F.; Chilcote, W., 1978: Yellow foxtail setaria lutescens biotype studies growth and morphological characteristics

Kostykov I.Yu, 1985: Yellow green algae xanthophyta new and rare algae for the algoflora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Bump S.R., 1986: Yellow headed blackbird xanthocephalus xanthocephalus nest defense aggressive responses to marsh wrens cistothorus palustris

Kanuscak, P., 1977: Yellow headed wagtail motacilla citreola new record a new member of the avi fauna of czechoslovakia

Doshi N., 1981: Yellow hyaline membrane disease identification of the pigment and bilirubin binding

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924177

Ioannou N., 1985: Yellow leaf curl and other virus diseases of tomato lycopersicon esculentum in cyprus

Khasanov, B. A., 1988: Yellow leaf spot in cereals caused by pyrenophora tritici repentis died. drechs

Joshi Y., 1986: Yellow leaf spot of cashew anacardium occidentale a case of molybdenum deficiency

Somiya H., 1982: Yellow lens eyes of a stomiatoid deep sea fish malacosteus niger

Baldwin T.O., 1987: Yellow light emission of vibrio fischeri strain y 1 purification and characterization of the energy accepting yellow fluorescent protein

Blanc, W. A., 1976: Yellow lung in premature infants

Barciszewski J., 1988: Yellow lupine cytoplasmic glutamic acid transfer rna is not a cofactor in chlorophyll biosynthesis

Jakubowski, H., 1978: Yellow lupine lupinus luteus aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases isolation and some properties of enzyme bound valyl adenylate and seryl adenylate

Shimao S., 1982: Yellow macules appearing during cortico steroid treatment of systemic lupus erythematosus observations by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Moulin D., 1986: Yellow mercuric oxide ointment and mercury intoxication

Igwegbe E.C.K., 1982: Yellow mosaic disease of crotalaria spectabilis in nigeria caused by a potexvirus

Misra, R. C.; Tripathy, D.; Sahu, R. C., 1978: Yellow mosaic virus resistant mung bean for summer cultivation

Ettlinger M.G., 1981: Yellow mustard oil as a latent quinone methide a convenient preparation of carbon 14 labeled p hydroxybenzyl cyanide

Tongue A.C., 1980: Yellow mutant albinism cytochemical ultrastructural and genetic characterization suggesting multiple allelism

Odintsova M.S., 1979: Yellow mutations alter chloroplast ribosomal proteins in chlamydomonas reinhardii

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924194

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924195

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924196

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924197

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924198

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924199

Slife F.W., 1979: Yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus competition and control in corn zea mays

Crowley R.H., 1980: Yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus competition with cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar stoneville 213

Wallinder C.J., 1983: Yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus control in gladiolus gladiolus hortulanus

Kern, A. D.; Meggitt, W. F.; Penner, D., 1978: Yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus control in kentucky blue grass poa pratensis with bentazon cyperquat and perfluidone

Banks P.A., 1983: Yellow nut sedge cyperus esculentus control re growth and tuber production as affected by herbicides

Thullen R.J., 1987: Yellow nutsedge cyperus esculentus control with herbicides

Ganeshamoorthy J., 1988: Yellow oleander poisoning a study of 170 cases

Grzeskowiak, B.; Pazola, Z.; Gogolewski, M., 1987: Yellow pea pisum sativum and its products as a source of natural antioxidants part i. model investigations of antioxidant properties of peas

Grzeskowiak, B.; Pazola, Z.; Gogolewski, M., 1987: Yellow pea pisum sativum and its products as a source of natural antioxidants part ii. changes antioxidant properties of peas due to thermal and mechanical treatment

Alverson D.R., 1982: Yellow pecan aphids in south carolina usa orchards leaflet infestation indices of population density

Tompkins J., 1985: Yellow perch egg masses deter predators

Toki K., 1985: Yellow pigment of camellia chrysantha flowers

Pask-Hughes, R. A.; Williams, R. A. D., 1977: Yellow pigmented strains of thermus spp from icelandic hot springs

Manabe, T., 1978: Yellow pigments in the edible portion of japanese chestnut castanea crenata

Ragsdale H.L., 1980: Yellow poplar liriodendron tulipifera the piedmont case

Colby, T. V.; Edwards, D. K.; Northway, W. H. Jr, 1978: Yellow pulmonary hyaline membranes

Valdes-Dapena, M. A.; Nissim, J. E.; Arey, J. B.; Godleski, J.; Schaaf, H. D.; Haust, M. D., 1976: Yellow pulmonary hyaline membranes

Reinhold P., 1980: Yellow pulmonary hyaline membranes morphology and pathogenesis

Wilkinson H.T., 1987: Yellow ring on poa pratensis caused by trechispora alnicola

Rao P.S., 1983: Yellow seeded variants in in vitro regenerants of mustard brassica juncea rai 5

Sachse J., 1988: Yellow spots in the potato cultivar hertha

Sikstrom A., 1982: Yellow spots on the ice of lake malaren sweden

Cohen, S. R., 1985: Yellow staining caused by 4 4' methylenedianiline exposure occurrence among molded plastics workers

Kirk, J. T. O., 1976: Yellow substance gelbstoff and its contribution to the attenuation of photosynthetically active radiation in some inland coastal southeastern australian waters

Kopelevich O.V., 1982: Yellow substance in the ocean from the optical data

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924226

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924227

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924228

Horowitz A.R., 1984: Yellow traps for evaluating the population levels and dispersal patterns of bemisia tabaci homoptera aleyrodidae

Capoor, S. P.; Ahmad, R. U., 1975: Yellow vein mosaic disease of field pumpkin and its relationship with the vector bemisia tabaci

Inouye T., 1979: Yellow vein mosaic of honeysuckle lonicera japonica a disease caused by tobacco leaf curl virus in japan

Moller, A. P., 1978: Yellow wagtail motacilla flava breeding in built up area

Cullen, J. J.; Horrigan, S. G.; Huntley, M. E.; Reid, F. M. H., 1982: Yellow water in la jolla bay california usa july 1980 1. a bloom of the dinoflagellate gymnodinium flavum

Huntley, M. E., 1982: Yellow water in la jolla bay california usa july 1980 2. suppression of zoo plankton grazing

Johnstone I.M., 1982: Yellow water lily nymphaea mexicana new record in lake ohakuri north island new zealand

Fosmiri, G. J.; Brown, W. D., 1976: Yellowfin tuna thunnus albacares myo globin characterization and comparative stability

Matile P., 1987: Yellowing and non yellowing trees a comparison of protein loss and chlorophyll loss in senescent leaves

Mellerio J., 1987: Yellowing of the human lens nuclear and cortical contributions

Nowakowski Z., 1981: Yellowish dis coloration of carcass after slaughter and differentiation

Aan De Kerk A., 1984: Yellowish flecks in lebers congenital amaurosis

Huijberts N., 1979: Yellows of lettuce lactuca sativa and some other vegetable crops in the netherlands caused by beet western yellows virus

Varma, A.; Raychaudhuri, S. P.; Chenulu, V. V.; Singh, S.; Ghosh, S. K.; Prakash, N., 1975: Yellows type of diseases in india eggplant little leaf

Scherer G., 1985: Yemenaltica new genus from yemen coleoptera chrysomelidae alticinae

Stusak, J. M., 1977: Yemmalysus procerus new species from sri lanka heteroptera berytinidae

Brenner D.J., 1984: Yersinia aldovae new species formerly yersinia enterocolitica like group x 2 of enterobacteriaceae isolated from aquatic ecosystems

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924247

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924248

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924249

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924250

Vantrappen, G.; Ponette, E.; Geboes, K.; Bertrand, P., 1977: Yersinia enteritis and entero colitis gastro enterological aspects

Svandova E., 1984: Yersinia enterocolitica 0 3 findings on porcine tongues in comparison with yersiniosis incidence in man in czechoslovakia

Cornelis G., 1988: Yersinia enterocolitica 0 9 as a potential live oral carrier for protective antigens

Morris, G. K.; Feeley, J. C., 1976: Yersinia enterocolitica a review of its role in food hygiene

Pierson M.D., 1979: Yersinia enterocolitica a review of the psychrotrophic water and food borne pathogen

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924256

Peso O.A., 1984: Yersinia enterocolitica and related species in sewage samples from buenos aires city argentina use of schiemanns medium for its isolation

Maupin P., 1986: Yersinia enterocolitica and related species isolated from wildlife in new york state usa

Langeland G., 1983: Yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica like bacteria in drinking water and sewage sludge

Kapperud G., 1980: Yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia enterocolitica like bacteria isolated from healthy humans in norway

Kapperud, G., 1977: Yersinia enterocolitica and yersinia like microbes isolated from mammals and water in norway and denmark

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924262

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924263

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924264

Debois, J.; Vandepitte, J.; Degreef, H., 1978: Yersinia enterocolitica as a cause of erythema nodosum

Stumpf, M.; Ricciardi, I. D.; Oliveira, N.; Sabra, A.; Bernhoeft, M., 1978: Yersinia enterocolitica as a cause of infantile diarrhea in rio de janeiro brazil

Midulla M., 1979: Yersinia enterocolitica associated with gastro enteritis and leukopenia

Chester, B.; Stotzky, G.; Bottone, E. J.; Malowany, M. S.; Allerhand, J., 1977: Yersinia enterocolitica biochemical serological and gas liquid chromatographic characterization of rhamnose raffinose melibiose and citrate utilizing strains

Tsubokura M., 1985: Yersinia enterocolitica biotype 3b serotype 0 3 phage type ii infection in pigs

Ebringer A., 1982: Yersinia enterocolitica biotype i diarrhea and episodes of hla b 27 related ocular and rheumatic inflammatory disease in southeast england uk

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Petrie G.A., 1985: Yield losses in saskatchewan canada rapeseed canola crops from basal stem cancers of blackleg leptosphaeria maculans in 1982 with notes on other diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924798

Dunleavy J.M., 1984: Yield losses in soybeans glycine max cultivar clark caused by bacterial tan spot

Crawford M.A., 1982: Yield losses in soybeans glycine max from anthracnose caused by colletotrichum truncatum

Dunleavy J.M., 1980: Yield losses in soybeans glycine max induced by powdery mildew

Kantack B.H., 1986: Yield losses in spring barley hordeum vulgare cultivar larker caused by cereal aphids homoptera aphididae in south dakota usa

Nilsson C., 1987: Yield losses in summer rape caused by pollen beetles meligethes spp

Mayer R.J., 1982: Yield losses in wheat from yellow spot comparison of estimates derived from single tillers and plots

Platz G.J., 1981: Yield losses in wheat from yellow spot pyrenophora tritici repentis a disease loss relationship derived from single tillers

Kantack B.H., 1988: Yield losses in winter grains caused by cereal aphids homoptera aphididae in south dakota usa

Costa, C. L.; Cupertino, F. P., 1976: Yield losses induced on bean plants by the bean golden mosaic virus

Wilcoxson R.D., 1979: Yield losses of fast and slow rusting barleys infected with puccinia hordei

Harrison T.S., 1987: Yield losses to field corn from foliar feeding by fall armyworm lepidoptera noctuidae

Goodman M.M., 1986: Yield manipulation from selection on allozyme genotypes in a composite of elite corn zea mays lines

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924811

Subandi, 1980: Yield measurement in maize zea mays yield test

Rakow G., 1980: Yield micro test in the greenhouse for breeding lines of forage grasses

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924814

Rabuffetti, A.; Kamprath, E. J., 1977: Yield nitrogen and sulfur content of corn as affected by nitrogen and sulfur fertilization on coastal plain soils

Shinde S.H., 1987: Yield nitrogen content and uptake of nitrogen of safflower as influenced by levels of irrigation and nitrogen

Kahil T., 1987: Yield nitrogen fixing capacity and main cellular constituents of some azotobacters isolated from egyptian soils and waters

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Terman, G. L.; Khasawneh, F. E.; Allen, S. E.; Engelstad, O. P., 1976: Yield nutrient absorption relationships as affected by environmental growth factors

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Morris H.F.Jr, 1984: Yield nutrient composition and ruminant digestibility of fleshy fungin in southern forests

Sahota N.S., 1980: Yield nutrient concentration and quality of mustard crops as influenced by nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers

Townsend C.E., 1983: Yield of 3 range grasses grown alone and in mixtures with legumes

Imam, M. K.; Yahia, E. E., 1977: Yield of 6 potato cultivars after 2 cycles of local propagation in libya

Snyder F.W., 1985: Yield of a sugarbeet beta vulgaris hybrid from parents selected for a high taproot to leaf weight ratio

Smirnov P.M., 1985: Yield of agricultural crops and the nitrogen balance as a function of rates and times of application of nitrogen fertilizers

Merzlyakov, L. A.; Reshetnikova, N. V.; Yudin, F. A., 1978: Yield of agricultural cultures and conversion of ammonium nitrate in soil during the application of slag and lime according to different bases of mineral nutrition

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924828

Lachance R.A., 1979: Yield of alfalfa cultivar saranac inoculated with a very efficacious strain of rhizobium meliloti in the presence of other species of rhizobium

Sammis T.W., 1981: Yield of alfalfa medicago sativa and cotton gossypium hirsutum as influenced by irrigation

Prette R., 1980: Yield of alfalfa varieties and hybrids in the trancas department tucuman argentina

Shahandeh H., 1986: Yield of an alfalfa medicago sativa germplasm selected for acid soil tolerance when grown in soils with modified subsoils

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924833

Randall C.J., 1984: Yield of carcass parts meat skin and bone of 8 strains of broilers

Fink F., 1982: Yield of chlorophyll a fluorescence as a means to test the various de excitation mechanisms in the antenna system of green plants

Polenova L.V., 1985: Yield of corn and barley green mass depending on humus content and supply in soddy podzolic soil

Obura R.K., 1983: Yield of corn zea mays cowpea vigna unguiculata and soybean glycine max under different inter cropping systems

Katare R.A., 1981: Yield of cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar godavari as influenced by crop geometry and nitrogen levels

Lazzarotto C., 1987: Yield of cultivars and breeding lines of wheat and some anatomical and physiological characters

Morinaga K., 1981: Yield of differently trained trees and fruit quality at various locations within canopies of differently trained satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu cultivar sugiyama trees

Pitkevich V.A., 1982: Yield of dna break production as a function of heavy charged particle and neutron energy

Oleinick N.L., 1987: Yield of dna protein cross links in gamma irradiated chinese hamster cells

Billen D., 1981: Yield of dna strand breaks and their relationship to dna polymerase i dependent repair synthesis and ligation following x ray exposure of toluene treated escherichia coli

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Sadykhov, A. S., 1978: Yield of edible mushrooms in the lenkoran region of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

French, W. J.; Siegel, R. J.; Cohen, A. H.; Laks, M. M., 1986: Yield of endomyocardial biopsy in patients with biventricular failure comparison of patients with normal vs. reduced left ventricular ejection fraction

Voloshina D.A., 1981: Yield of epigeal mass and content of strophanthic glycosides in annual species of adonis of varying origin

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Eltun R., 1986: Yield of five potato varieties in different parts of norway

Luzik L.V., 1982: Yield of fodder beets of various cultivars and protein and amino acid content in roots using 2 4 d butyl ether as growth regulators

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Meijer G., 1982: Yield of garden peas cultivar victory freezer field responses to variation in sowing rate and irrigation

Markovic B., 1986: Yield of grain and some yield components of winter wheat grown on saline soil using different sowing dates and nitrogen doses

Ivanov Yu D., 1980: Yield of grain crops and soil fertility in specialized rotations in the environs of moscow russian sfsr ussr

Devaux P., 1986: Yield of haploid production through the bulbosum method in a winter barley breeding program

Jain R.C., 1987: Yield of heartwood in acacia catechu khair for use in katha manufacture

Shaw R.H., 1982: Yield of indeterminate soybeans glycine max in response to multiple periods of soil water stress during reproduction

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924858

Mendoza Onofre L.E., 1984: Yield of maize and its components in response to differing cultivation practices and selection criteria

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Older Kh M., 1981: Yield of nutrients in perennial grasses at different harvest times

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Kulyukin S.S., 1985: Yield of perennial cereals and its quality when manure runoff is used

Golob A., 1980: Yield of persian clover trifolium resupinatum in the slovenian yugoslavia subalpine climate region in relation to the seeding rate term and mode of sowing

Felklova M., 1984: Yield of poppy plants and morphine content in papaver somniferum cultivar ms 7 in different climatic conditions

Guha Mukherjee S., 1981: Yield of protoplasts from arabidopsis thaliana and its application in physiological studies

Komaroff A.L., 1985: Yield of routine annual laboratory screening in the institutionalized elderly

Forsythe S.B., 1987: Yield of routine annual laboratory tests in a skilled nursing home population

Hvidsten N.A., 1985: Yield of silver eel and factors effecting downstream migration in the stream imsa norway

Fox, R. A.; Fielden, E. M.; Sapora, O., 1976: Yield of single strand breaks in the dna of escherichia coli 10 milliseconds after irradiation

Oron, G., 1984: Yield of single vs. twin row trickle irrigated cotton

Raptunovich E.S., 1980: Yield of some edible mushrooms in the subzone of broad leaved pine forests of belorussian ssr ussr

Urayama M., 1984: Yield of soybeans as influenced by genetic characteristics climatic conditions and nitrogen nutrition

Clark J.D., 1983: Yield of subsequent crop when tree shaking is used to remove mummy almonds for navel orangeworm amyelois transitella lepidoptera pyralidae control

Akimoto H., 1985: Yield of sulfur dioxide and formation of aerosol in the photooxidation of dimethyl sulfide under atmospheric conditions

Hobman F.R., 1986: Yield of sweet potato cultivars in the wet tropical lowlands of queensland australia

Gwozdecki J., 1986: Yield of ten raspberry cultivars at the time of full bearing in lublin region poland

Igue T., 1984: Yield of the brazilian potato variety aracy from seed with different rates of leaf roll virus

Lieutaud R., 1985: Yield of the thoracoscopy in experimental pulmonary infections in the immunodepressed rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924883

Ziarko T., 1984: Yield of tomatoes grown in spring and autumn in a glasshouse on a substrate of peat depending on the magnesium fertilization level

Sim D., 1981: Yield of trimmed pork product in relation to weight and back fat thickness of the carcass

Hammond D., 1984: Yield of unpredicted bone marrow relapse diagnosed by routine marrow aspiration in children with acute lympho blastic leukemia a report from the childrens cancer study group

Cornelis, J. J., 1977: Yield of uv light induced pyrimidine dimers in the dna of bacterio phage phi x 174

De Witt C.A., 1982: Yield of venom from the osage copperhead agkistrodon contortrix phaeogaster

Vavilov, P. P.; Filatov, V. I.; Tolok, L. I., 1976: Yield of weyrichs knotweed depending on the level of mineral nutrition

Ray P.K., 1986: Yield of wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sonalika mustard brassica juncea juncea cultivar varuna and chickpea cicer arietinum cultivar b 98 grown as sole and intercrops with four moisture regimes

Whitehead D.C., 1982: Yield of white clover trifolium repens cultivar blanca and its fixation of nitrogen as influenced by nutritional and soil factors under controlled environment conditions

Ghosh A., 1986: Yield of wolffia arrhiza from cement cisterns with different sewage concentrations and its efficacy as a carp feed

Osborne, G. J.; Batten, G. D., 1978: Yield oil and protein content of oilseed rape as affected by soil and fertilizer nitrogen and phosphorus

Srinivasan V.T., 1987: Yield oil content and fatty acid composition evaluated in androgenetic plants in brassica juncea

Petkov D.D., 1988: Yield optimization in the kinetically controlled enzymic peptide synthesis

Suseelan C., 1986: Yield per recruit analyses on parapenaeopsis stylifera and metapenaeus dobsoni from kerala state india

Grimes C.B.B., 1984: Yield per recruit models of some reef fishes of the usa south atlantic bight

Wascom M.W., 1985: Yield per recruit of spotted seatrout

Petrere M.Jr, 1983: Yield per recruit of the tambaqui colossoma macropomum in the amazonas state brazil

Satyabalan, K.; Pillai, R. V., 1977: Yield performance and nut and copra characters of 8 germ plasm introductions in coconut

Hernandez, J. E.; Carpena, A. L.; Lantican, R. M.; Navarro, R. S., 1978: Yield performance and other agronomic characters of 23 varieties of adzuki bean vigna angularis under philippine conditions

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Sharaan, A. N., 1987: Yield performance of new european spring rapeseed brassica napus l. cultivars under winter season cultivation in egypt

Chandra J., 1985: Yield performance of some potato cultivars in paddy and potato crop rotation

Salvi M.J., 1985: Yield performance of sweet potato ipomoea batatas varieties during kharif season in the konkan region of maharashtra india

Stamp P., 1984: Yield performance of tropical highland maize and its top crosses with middle european hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924912

Park S.K., 1986: Yield performance test of virus free garlic seed bulb allium sativum l

Collyer B.G., 1987: Yield persistence and field disease assessment of lucerne cultivars and lines under irrigation in the queensland subtropics australia

Butters R.G., 1981: Yield point of monkey mandible

Proudfoot K.G., 1981: Yield potential and genotype environment interactions of tetra ploid di ploid 4x 2x potato hybrids

Hernandez Xolocotzi E., 1982: Yield potential and stratified growth analysis of an indeterminate climbing pole bean phaseolus vulgaris in mexico

Fischer, R. A.; Aguilar, M. I., 1976: Yield potential in a dwarf spring wheat and the effect of carbon di oxide fertilization

Moon, D. M., 1976: Yield potential of asparagus officinalis

Rahman M.M., 1981: Yield potential of hetero zygous seedling lethal mutants of barley hordeum vulgare

Mccollum R.E., 1979: Yield potential of inter planted annual food crops in southeastern usa

Gladstones J., 1986: Yield potential of reduced branching lupines lupinus angustifolius on sandy soils in a short season environment

Kalinin N.I., 1983: Yield potential of the summer wheat cultivar leningradka as it depends on the water supply of the plants

Morizet J., 1985: Yield potential of winter wheat at medium altitudes in the massif central france

Siahaya J., 1987: Yield prediction models for pinus merkusii plantations in indonesia

Kramer S., 1987: Yield producing characteristics in 6 varieties of strawberries at 5 locations as a function of defoliation

Egorov V.P., 1986: Yield programming based on the retrospective analysis of intensive farming as it influences soil fertility parameters in the trans ural area russian sfsr ussr

Rahman S., 1984: Yield protein and amino acid composition of wheat grain triticum aestivum cultivar mexi pak 65 as influenced by potash fertilizer

Barnett, R. D.; Stanley, R. L. Jr, 1976: Yield protein content and digestibility of several species and cultivars of small grains harvested for hay or silage

Barnard E.E., 1988: Yield quality and agronomic characteristics of lentils fertilized with phosphorus and zinc

Fairey N.A., 1983: Yield quality and development of forage maize zea mays as influenced by dates of planting and harvesting

Kennema C., 1987: Yield quality and disease response of soft white winter wheat cultivars to nitrogen fertilization in ontario canada

Tripathi S.N., 1985: Yield quality and economics of jati tobacco nicotiana tabacum as influenced by levels and methods of manurial application

Sibbitt L.D., 1979: Yield quality and nitrogen fertilizer recovery of standard and semi dwarf spring wheat as affected by sowing date and fertilizer rate

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924939

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924940

Domingo, A. A.; Hagerman, H. H., 1983: Yield quality and profitability analysis of a continuous sweet corn zea mays cultivar hawaiian super sweet no. 9 production scheme

Chzhao A.E., 1983: Yield quality and storing ability of bulb onion with different harvesting dates

Reinhart B.S., 1980: Yield quality and subsequent performance of poults removed from the hatcher using early late and complete collection procedures

Bhattacharya A.K., 1980: Yield quality economics and fertility status as affected by different cropping sequences with cigar wrapper tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Moskalenko G.P., 1979: Yield quality of wheat and fractional protein composition of grain with annual applications of herbicides during a 5 year period

Gervais P., 1983: Yield quality relationships in barley hordeum vulgare cultivar conquest and oats avena sativa cultivar dorval grown for forage

Main C.E., 1983: Yield quality trade offs of tobacco mosaic virus resistant tobacco cultivars in relation to disease management

Wall R.G., 1979: Yield reduction caused by the lesser cornstalk borer elasmopalpus lignosellus in nonirrigated spanish peanuts arachis hypogaea

Caviness C.E., 1984: Yield reduction from defoliation and plant cutoff of determinate and semi determinate soybean glycine max

Thomas J.D., 1980: Yield reduction from defoliation of irrigated and nonirrigated soybeans glycine max cultivar lee 74

Ogawa J.M., 1986: Yield reduction in almond related to incidence of shot hole disease

Smith, D. R., 1976: Yield reduction in dent corn caused by colletotrichum graminicola

Dunleavy J.M., 1987: Yield reduction in soybeans caused by downy mildew

Zadoks J.C., 1983: Yield reduction in wheat in relation to leaf necrosis caused by septoria tritici

Amundson R.G., 1983: Yield reduction of soybean glycine max due to exposure to sulfur di oxide and nitrogen di oxide in combination

Whitam H.K., 1986: Yield reductions caused by stem canker in soybean glycine max

Mgeni A.S.M., 1986: Yield regulation by area volume check method a case study at sao hill in tanzania

Ruklisha M., 1980: Yield regulation of lysine biosynthesis in brevibacterium flavum

Amateis R.L., 1985: Yield relationships in unthinned loblolly pine pinus taeda plantations on cutover site prepared lands

Rich J.R., 1981: Yield response and injury levels of meloidogyne incognita and meloidogyne javanica on the susceptible tobacco nicotiana tabacum cultivar mcnair 944

Thakare R.B., 1986: Yield response and nitrogen uptake of pearl millet pennisetum americanum cultivars to nitrogen application in the savanna region of nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924964

Neely G., 1983: Yield response curves of crops exposed to sulfur di oxide time series

Hamid, A.; Bari, G., 1977: Yield response of 11 varieties of wheat to irrigation regimes

Reinert R.A., 1979: Yield response of 4 fresh market tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivars after acute ozone exposure in the seedling stage

Feldman M., 1984: Yield response of a common spring wheat cultivar triticum aestivum cultivar line 11 to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense at various levels of nitrogen fertilization

Biswas M.R., 1981: Yield response of a semi dwarf wheat triticum aestivum cultivar sonalika to irrigation on a calcareous brown floodplain soil of bangladesh

Lugo Lopez M.A., 1980: Yield response of cassava manihot esculenta to 1 and 2 banded fertilizer applications on a limed guyana peaty clay soil

Dalal R.C., 1986: Yield response of corn zea mays to lime and urea application on an acidic tropical soil

Rushdi Y., 1985: Yield response of cucumber to various levels of applied water under plastic houses in the jordan valley

Shriner D.S., 1986: Yield response of cultivar davis soybeans glycine max to simulated acid rain and gaseous pollutants in the field

Benoit L.F., 1986: Yield response of head lettuce lactuca sativa cultivar empire to ozone

Mack H.J., 1983: Yield response of major pod bearing nodes in bush snap beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivar oregon 1604 to irrigation and plant population

Singh L., 1983: Yield response of pearl millet pennisetum americanum cultivars to nitrogen and phosphorus and nutrient uptake in semi arid region of haryana india

Knight C.W., 1987: Yield response of rapeseed to row spacing and rates of seeding and nitrogen fertilization in interior alaska usa

Laurence J.A., 1983: Yield response of red kidney bean phaseolus vulgaris to incremental ozone concentrations in the field

Adhya T.K., 1983: Yield response of rice to root inoculation with azospirillum

Onuwaje O., 1983: Yield response of rubber hevea brasiliensis to fertilizers on an ultisol in nigeria

Woodruff, D. R.; Mawhood, R. P., 1978: Yield response of selected mexican and australian wheat cultivars to manipulations of the assimilate supply and grain number

Milthorpe F.L., 1982: Yield response of semi dwarf rice varieties to applied nitrogen in new south wales australia

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924984

Section 7, Chapter 6925, Accession 006924985

Henis Y., 1987: Yield response of spring wheat cultivars triticum aestivum and triticum turgidum to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense under field conditions

Schuster D.J., 1982: Yield response of staked fresh market tomatoes lycopersicon esculentum cultivar flora dade to reduced use of fertilizers and insecticides

Rupa Kumar K., 1984: Yield response of sugarcane to weather variations in northeast andhra pradesh india

Ford R.E., 1981: Yield response of sweet corn zea mays to maize dwarf mosaic virus

Salardini, A. A., 1978: Yield response of tea camellia sinensis to fertilizer and irrigation in 2 locations of iran

Rowe F.P., 1979: Yield response of the rice oryza sativa cultivar improved mahsuri to simulated rat rattus argentiventer damage

Parrott W.L., 1986: Yield response of two cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivars to tobacco budworm heliothis virescens infestation

Feldman M., 1984: Yield response of various wheat genotypes to inoculation with azospirillum brasilense

Mason D.S., 1986: Yield response of weed free soybeans glycine max to injury from postemergence broadleaf herbicides

De Datta S.K., 1982: Yield response of wetland rice to various fertilizer management practices and to other farm inputs in farmers fields in the philippines

Mcdonald H.G., 1984: Yield response of winter wheat cultivar avalon and triticale to chlormequat applications in the absence of lodging

Letchworth M.B., 1979: Yield response of winter wheat triticum aestivum to chronic doses of ozone

Piekielek W.P., 1987: Yield response to nitrogen fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer use efficiency in non tillage and plow tillage corn

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