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Yield of grain and some yield components of winter wheat grown on saline soil using different sowing dates and nitrogen doses

Spasojevic, B.; Scepanovic, T.; Protic, R.; Markovic, B.

Savremena Poljoprivreda 34(3-4): 119-132


Accession: 006924853

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A field experiment was established on saline soil using six sowing dates (October 1, 10, 20; November 1, 10, and 20) and four nitrogen doses (0, 80, 120 and 160 kg/ha). The experiment was conducted after the system of split plots in four replications. Three wheat varieties were tested: Zitnica, Novosadska rana-2, and Jugosavija. It was evident on the basis of four-year results that Zitnica was highly tolerant to soil salinity while Novosadska rana-2 was highly sensitive to it. The optimum sowing time for Zitnica and Jugoslavija was the first ten days of October, for Novosadska rana-2 the second ten-day period of October. The nitrogen dose of 120 kg/ha was sufficient to secure yields of wheat grain of 5 to 7 t/ha. We could not find positive interaction between late sowing and high nitrogen doses.