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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6926

Chapter 6926 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gueguen F., 1987: Yield response to pre emergence control of broad leaved weeds in winter cereals with isoxaben in france

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925001

Istvan N., 1981: Yield response to starter fertilization in maize grown on pseudogleyed brown forest soil

Wyman, J. A.; Oatman, E. R., 1977: Yield responses in broccoli plantings sprayed with bacillus thuringiensis var kerstaki at various lepidopterous larval density treatment levels

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925006

Moyer J.W., 1984: Yield responses of 6 white clover trifolium repens clones to virus infection under field conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925008

Terjung, W. H.; Hayes, J. T.; O'rourke, P. A.; Todhunter, P. E., 1984: Yield responses of crops to changes in environment and management practices model sensitivity analysis 1. maize

Terjung, W. H.; Hayes, J. T.; O'rourke, P. A.; Todhunter, P. E., 1984: Yield responses of crops to changes in environment and management practices model sensitivity analysis 2. rice wheat and potato

Martin R.J., 1982: Yield responses of dwarf beans phaseolus vulgaris cultivar gallatin 50 to irrigation on a templeton silt loam

Parada C.R., 1988: Yield responses of field grown crops to acidic fog and ambient ozone

Whiteman P.C., 1981: Yield responses of oats and rye grass varieties to sowing date in southeast coastal queensland australia

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925014

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925015

Ludecke T.E., 1981: Yield root morphology and chemical composition of 2 pasture legumes as affected by lime and phosphorus applications to an acid soil

Remison, S. U.; Snaydon, R. W., 1978: Yield seasonal changes in root competitive ability and competition for nutrients among grass species

Gubbels G.H., 1979: Yield seed weight and protein content of field peas after soil and foliar treatments of simazine at sublethal levels

Gubbels, G. H., 1978: Yield seed weight hull percentage and testa color of buckwheat at 2 soil moisture regimes

Bohlool B.B., 1988: Yield soil nitrogen uptake and nitrogen fixation by soybean from four maturity groups grown at three elevations

Linskens H.F., 1979: Yield stability and population diversity in oats avena sp

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925022

Gupta K.R., 1986: Yield stability in relation to earliness in pea pisum sativum var arvense

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925024

Subandi, 1979: Yield stability of 9 early maturing varieties of corn zea mays

Osorio E.A., 1982: Yield stability of brazilian wheat varieties

Johnson R.R., 1981: Yield stability of determinate and indeterminate soybeans glycine max adapted to the northern usa

Bisen D.C., 1988: Yield stability of different genotypes of rice oryza sativa as influenced by season

Reinbergs, E.; Song, L. S. P.; Choo, T. M.; Kasha, K. J., 1978: Yield stability of double ha ploid lines of barley

Freytag G.F., 1985: Yield stability of dry bean phaseolus vulgaris genotypes in the dominican republic

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925033

Stafford R.E., 1982: Yield stability of guar cyamopsis tetragonoloba breeding lines and cultivars

Boock O.J., 1983: Yield stability of potato solanum tuberosum cultivars

Santos E.B.D., 1987: Yield stability of sole and intercropping systems in the northeast of brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925037

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925038

Walker, A. K.; Fehr, W. R., 1978: Yield stability of soybean mixtures and multiple pure stands

Khan S.H., 1985: Yield stability of twenty wheat varieties lines evaluated under four dates of sowing

Francis, T. R.; Kannenberg, L. W., 1978: Yield stability studies in short season maize part 2 relationship to plant to plant variability

Mak C., 1980: Yield stability studies in soybeans glycine max

Christianson D.D., 1983: Yield stresses in cooked wheat starch dispersions

Bagley E.B., 1984: Yield stresses in dispersions of swollen deformable cornstarch granules

Stancheva G., 1986: Yield structure and glaucine localization in glaucium flavum crantz

Yanishevskaya O.L., 1987: Yield structure and grain quality of winter wheat under the application of herbicides

Dankov L., 1979: Yield structure and productive potential of some bean cultivars grown in the northeastern region of bulgaria

Sawicki J., 1984: Yield structure in cultivars and strains of oats as well as the part of its components in forming the yield of grain

Prochazka F., 1979: Yield structure in summer barley crosses

Sidorova N.S., 1986: Yield structure mineral nutrients and proteinogenic amino acids of rice plants in sodium chloride salinity of soil

Mcvetty P.B.E., 1984: Yield structure of faba beans vicia faba grown in manitoba canada

Bohle, H.; Wagner, F., 1978: Yield structure of silage maize at various plant densities

Patyna H., 1984: Yield structure of spring barley hordeum vulgare mutants characterized by increased lysine content in grain

Pascual E., 1981: Yield studies on mass culture of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis fed with bread yeast

Dimitrov E.P., 1984: Yield table for the weight of biomass of spruce stands of a high site quality

Martin R.J., 1981: Yield tenderometer relationships in vining peas

Casler, M. D.; Drolsom, P. N., 1984: Yield testing cool season forage grasses in pure stands vs. binary mixtures with alfalfa medicago sativa

Couture L., 1983: Yield tests of cereals grown from seed contaminated by fusarium spp

Hepp T.E., 1982: Yield timber yield forecasting and planning tool

Amadon J.F., 1980: Yield trends and soil chemical changes resulting from nitrogen and manure application to continuous corn zea mays

Hill G.W., 1980: Yield trends in the wheat belt of south australia from 1896 1964

Kulshrestha V.P., 1985: Yield trends of wheat in india and future prospects

Moyer J.R., 1982: Yield trends on long term dryland wheat rotations at lethbridge alberta canada

Teranishi Y., 1981: Yield trial and tissue culture of thai lemon grass cymbopogon citratus

El-Sharkawy, M. A.; Sgaier, K., 1974: Yield trial of 16 barley cultivars hordeum vulgare and hordeum distichum grown in the libyan desert

El-Sharkawy, M. A.; Sgaier, K., 1974: Yield trial of 16 tall and dwarf wheat cultivars triticum aestivum grown in the libyan desert

Rey, A. G.; Zandstra, H. G., 1976: Yield trials of 2 varieties of potatoes and beans grown in association at different plant populations

Davies W.J., 1986: Yield turgor of growing leaves of betula pendula and acer pseudoplatanus

Nelson L.A., 1981: Yield variability in proso millet panicum miliaceum due to plot size

Talbot M., 1984: Yield variability of crop varieties in the uk

Honjo H., 1988: Yield variability of fruit crops in japan

Bartley, B. G. D., 1970: Yield variation in the early productive years in trials with cacao d theobroma cacao d

Hartmann R., 1986: Yield variation of soybeans glycine max in hawaii usa

Ghosh, D. C.; Chatterjee, B. N., 1976: Yield variations in sunflower in humid subtropics of west bengal india when sown at different times during the year

Perry L.J., 1983: Yield vigor and persistence of sand love grass eragrostis trichodes following clipping treatments

Turner N.C., 1983: Yield water relations gas exchange and surface reflectances of near isogenic wheat triticum spp lines differing in glaucousness

Davis R.G., 1980: Yield water relationships of summer fallowed winter wheat triticum aestivum cultivar tascosa a precision study in the texas panhandle usa

Compton W.A., 1984: Yield water use and nutrient uptake of corn zea mays hybrids under varied irrigation and nitrogen regimes

Jones O.R., 1984: Yield water use efficiency and oil concentration and quality of dryland sunflower helianthus annuus grown in the southern high plains usa

Kumar K.R., 1986: Yield weather relationships of finger millet eleusine coracana under different manurial treatments

Shaw R.H., 1982: Yield yield components and nutrient content of corn zea mays grain as influenced by post silking moisture stress

Bond D.A., 1983: Yield yield stability and measurements of morphological and phenological characters of faba bean vicia faba cultivars grown in a wide range of environments in western europe results of the european community joint faba bean trials

Vertii, S. A.; Kukaeva, V. P., 1977: Yielding ability and quality of grain of the new semi dwarf winter wheat cultivar polukarlikovaya 49 under irrigation

Leon, J.; Diepenbrock, W., 1987: Yielding ability of pure stands and equal proportion blends of rapeseed brassica napus l. with double low quality

Raikova Mikhailova G.I., 1981: Yielding capacity and its elements in spring wheat lines differing in plant height

Koz'yakov, S. N., 1977: Yielding capacity and production of the honey fungus in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Kamzolava A.I., 1980: Yielding capacity and quality of potato tubers with use of herbicides

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925090

Blinovskii I.K., 1981: Yielding capacity of apple trees under continuous application of chlor choline chloride and fertilizers

Tendaj M., 1980: Yielding of cabbage cultivated from seedlings and sown directly into ground

Kralovec J., 1980: Yielding performance of selected grass cultivars in simple mixtures with dutch clover

Paic G., 1986: Yields and average cross sections of recoil charged particle induced reactions on boron 11 carbon 12 carbon 13 nitrogen 14 oxygen 16 and oxygen 18

Sirikiratayanond N., 1979: Yields and changes of botanical composition in several pure and mixed pastures grown under different fertilizer conditions in thailand

Hardwick, R. C.; Hardaker, J. M.; Innes, N. L., 1978: Yields and components of yield of dry beans phaseolus vulgaris in the united kingdom

Hale K.K.Jr, 1980: Yields and composition of edible and inedible byproducts of broilers processed at 6 7 and 8 weeks of age

Nakano H., 1979: Yields and dry matter digestibility in vitro of fall sown cereal crops for silage at 7 stages of maturity

Albagnac G., 1984: Yields and kinetic characteristics of lactic acid fermentation

Fuller W.H., 1985: Yields and leaf elemental composition of cotton gossypium hirsutum grown on sludge amended soil

Horn, N. L.; Whitney, G.; Fort, T., 1978: Yields and maturity of fungicide sprayed and unsprayed disease free soybean plants

Terman, G. L., 1977: Yields and nutrient accumulation by determinate soybeans as affected by applied nutrients

Terman G.L., 1979: Yields and protein content of wheat grain as affected by cultivar nitrogen and environmental growth factors

Narasimhalu P., 1983: Yields and quality of italian and westerwolds rye grasses lolium multiflorum red clover trifolium pratense alfalfa medicago sativa birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus and persian clover trifolium resupinatum grown in mono cultures and rye grass legume mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925106

Bomben J.L., 1980: Yields and solids loss in water and steam blanching water and air cooling freezing and cooking of broccoli spears

Lay C., 1981: Yields and yield components of flax linum usitatissimum soybean glycine max wheat triticum aestivum and oats avena sativa treated with morphactins and other growth regulators for senescence delay

Lara L., 1981: Yields from enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse

Murray R.B., 1984: Yields nutrient quality and palatability to sheep of 14 grass accessions for potential use on sagebrush grass range in southeastern idaho usa

Murdock, L. W.; Wells, K. L., 1978: Yields nutrient removal and nutrient concentrations of double cropped corn and small grain silage

Meredith W.R.Jr, 1983: Yields of 3 cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivars as influenced by spurred anoda anoda cristata competition

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925113

Wodzinski, R. S.; Johnson, M. J., 1968: Yields of bacterial cells from hydro carbons nocardia pseudomonas pristane octa decane benzene phenanthrene

Chen T.C., 1979: Yields of deep fat fried chicken parts as affected by preparation frying conditions and shortening

Maly V., 1986: Yields of farm crops after the recultivation of fly ash from power plant sludge beds

Pitts J.N.Jr, 1984: Yields of glyoxal and methylglyoxal from the nitrous oxides air photooxidations of toluene and m xylene and p xylene

Cooper C.S., 1979: Yields of irrigated grass and legume pasture mixtures in the northern rocky mountain area usa

Podolak M., 1980: Yields of maize for grain and silage in the district of trnava czechoslovakia in 1975 and evaluation on some important factors that influenced the yields

Smith R.I., 1980: Yields of mini rotation closely spaced hardwoods in temperate regions review and appraisal

Sawicki J., 1980: Yields of new cultivars and strains of oats at 2 levels of mineral fertilization

Vartha, E. W.; Brusse, M. J., 1977: Yields of nitrogen and extractable leaf protein from an irrigated rye grass white clover pasture

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925125

Mckenzie, D. R., 1977: Yields of protein extracted from a range of northern victorian herbage

Schulte Frohlinde D., 1984: Yields of radiation induced main chain scission of poly uridylic acid in aqueous solution strand break formation via base radicals

Robinson J.C., 1981: Yields of selected toxic agents in the smoke of canadian cigarettes 1969 and 1978 a decade of change

Klochkov B., 1985: Yields of some yugoslav sunflower hybrids in relation with plant density under the conditions of dubroudzha

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925130

Mazurek, J.; Maj, L., 1985: Yields of spring wheat as affected by sowing rate and row spacing i. microplot experiment

Mazurek, J.; Mazurek, J.; Maj, L., 1985: Yields of spring wheat as affected by sowing rate and row spacing ii. field experiments

Verma, H. N.; Prihar, S. S.; Singh, R.; Singh, N., 1978: Yields of subhumid rainfed crops in relation to soil water retention and cropping sequence

Draycott, A. P.; Durrant, M. J.; Hull, R.; Webb, D. J., 1977: Yields of sugar beet and barley in contrasting crop rotations at brooms barn uk 1971 1976

Collishaw N., 1984: Yields of tar nicotine and carbon mon oxide in the sidestream smoke from 15 brands of canadian cigarettes/

Gonet, Z.; Gonet, I., 1976: Yields of the principal cultivated plants in crop rotation and as 3 year mono cultures

Peirce L.C., 1988: Yields of tomato phenotypes modified by planting density mulch and row covers

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925139

Dizon M.A., 1985: Yields of twenty early and late planted improved upland rices

Reich V.H., 1982: Yields of warm season and cool season forages on adjacent soils

Rola H., 1986: Yields on maize as related to the duration of echinochloa crus galli and amaranthus retroflexus in maize stand

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925143

Binderova A., 1983: Yields quality and their mutual relations in some maize hybrids

Martin G.R., 1987: Yigsr a synthetic laminin pentapeptide inhibits experimental metastasis formation

Lin Q B., 1986: Yixiangomphus new name for archaeogomphus lin 1976 from the upper jurassic lower cretaceous of liaoning china anisoptera gomphidae

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925147

Habib, N. S.; Kappe, T., 1984: Ylides of heterocycles 7.1 i n p and s ylides of pyrimidones

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925149

Shiono K., 1985: Ym 12617 5 2 2 2 ethoxyphenoxyethylamino propyl 2 methoxybenzenesulfonamide hydrochloride a selective and potent antagonist of postsynaptic alpha 1 adrenoceptors

Krantz A., 1986: Ynenol lactones synthesis and investigation of reactions relevant to their inactivation of serine proteases

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925152

Peel J.S., 1987: Yochelcionella americana new record mollusca from the lower cambrian of newfoundland canada

Peel J.S., 1987: Yochelcionella new record mollusca from the late middle cambrian of bornholm denmark

Nagendra H.R., 1985: Yoga for bronchial asthma a controlled study

Savaiano D.A., 1984: Yoghurt an auto digesting source of lactose

Zajc Satler J., 1987: Yoghurt an unlikely source of campylobacter jejuni campylobacter coli

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925158

Nakae T., 1986: Yogurt like fermented bean milk prepared by lactic acid bacteria from tropical vegetation

Whalen, C. A.; Gilmore, T. M.; Spurgeon, K. R.; Parsons, J. G., 1988: Yogurt manufactured from whey caseinated blends and hydrolyzed lactose

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925161

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925162

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925163

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925164

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925165

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925166

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925167

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925168

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925169

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925171

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925172

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925173

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925174

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925175

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925176

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925177

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925178

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925179

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925180

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925181

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925182

Farmer J.J.IIi, 1987: Yokenella regensburgei and koserella trabulsii are subjective synonyms

Yoshizaki E., 1984: Yokenella regensburgei new genus new species in the family enterobacteriaceae

Song, C. Y., 1981: Yokogawas fluke metagonimus yokogawai in korea 1. geographical distribution of sweet fish plecoglossus altivelis and their infection status with metagonimus metacercaria in gang woen do

Bistrom O., 1987: Yola deviata new species and yola ferruginea new species and new taxonomic and faunistic records of the genus coleoptera dytiscidae

Bistrom O., 1982: Yola spp from africa with the description of yola panelii new species coleoptera dytiscidae

Bistrom O., 1987: Yolina libera new species and new faunistic notes on the genus coleoptera dytiscidae

Moller D., 1985: Yolk absorption yolk sac constrictions mortality and growth during 1st feeding of atlantic salmon salmo salar incubated on astro turf

Shakuntala K., 1979: Yolk and copper utilization during embryogenesis of the fresh water prawn caridina nilotica var bengalensis

Juario J.V., 1987: Yolk and oil globule utilization and developmental morphology of the digestive tract epithelium in larval rabbitfish siganus guttatus bloch

Capinera, J. L.; Barbosa, P.; Hagedorn, H. H., 1977: Yolk and yolk depletion of gypsy moth eggs implications for population quality

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925193

Pandian T.J., 1982: Yolk energy utilization in macrobrachium nobilii

Gruenig C., 1982: Yolk formation in an annelid ophyrotrocha puerilis polychaeta

Weglarska B., 1987: Yolk formation in isohypsibius eutardigrada

Patten S.M., 1979: Yolk formation in some charadriiform birds

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925199

Bagnara J.T., 1983: Yolk pigments of the mexican leaf frog agalychnis dacnicolor

Kilarski W., 1982: Yolk platelet crystals in 3 ancient bony fishes polypterus bichir polypteri amia calva and lepisosteus osseus holostei

Hand S.C., 1987: Yolk platelet degradation in preemergence artemia embryos response to protons in vivo and in vitro

Vernier, J. M.; Sire, M. F., 1977: Yolk platelets and hydrolytic enzymes during the embryonic development of salmo gairdneri ultrastructural and biochemical study

Mester R., 1981: Yolk platelets breakdown and acid phosphatase activity in embryonic development of fishes blastula and gastrula stages

Mester R., 1986: Yolk platelets degradation and acid phosphatase activity in the first developing stages of haploid and diploid embryos of rana ridibunda

Gupta V.K., 1986: Yolk platelets in the oocytes of two emydine turtles kachuga tectum tectum and kachuga smithi emydidae

Bownes M., 1982: Yolk poly peptide synthesis and uptake in ovaries of the apterous 4 mutant of drosophila melanogaster

Walker V.K., 1985: Yolk polypeptide gene expression in minute drosophila females

Postlethwait J.H., 1985: Yolk polypeptide secretion and vitelline membrane deposition in a female sterile drosophila melanogaster mutant

Becak W., 1985: Yolk proteins and their plasmatic precursor in the tetraploid odontophrynus americanus amphibia anura

Bradley J.T., 1980: Yolk proteins in developing follicles of the house cricket acheta domesticus

Bradley, J. T.; Edwards, J. S., 1978: Yolk proteins in the house cricket acheta domesticus identification characterization and effect of ovariectomy upon their synthesis

Kim H.R., 1986: Yolk proteins of fall webworm hyphantria cunea

Ozaki H., 1980: Yolk proteins of the sand dollar dendraster excentricus

Holm J.C., 1986: Yolk sac absorption and early food selection in atlantic salmon salmo salar feeding on live prey

Harilal K.R., 1981: Yolk sac and allied tumors of the ovary

Askin F.B., 1988: Yolk sac calcification a sonographic finding associated with intrauterine embryonic demise in the first trimester

Kelalis P.P., 1984: Yolk sac carcinoma an immuno histochemical and clinico pathologic review

Nogales-Fernandez, F.; Silverberg, S. G.; Bloustein, P. A.; Martinez-Hernandez, A.; Pierce, G. B., 1977: Yolk sac carcinoma endodermal sinus tumor ultrastructure and histogenesis of gonadal and extragonadal tumors in comparison with normal human yolk sac

Damjanov, I.; Sell, S., 1977: Yolk sac carcinoma grown from rat egg cylinders

Vandeputte M., 1983: Yolk sac carcinoma of extraembryonic origin in the 129 sv s 1 mouse

D'angio G.J., 1987: Yolk sac carcinoma of the testis in children

Vandeputte M., 1983: Yolk sac derived malignant tumors develop in the absence of germ cells

Sobis, H.; Vandeputte, M., 1976: Yolk sac derived rat teratomas are not of germ cell origin

Sobis, H.; Vandeputte, M., 1977: Yolk sac derived teratomas and carcinomas in hamsters

Brodhecker C.A., 1986: Yolk sac differentiation in germ cell tumors a morphologic study of 50 cases with emphasis on hepatic enteric and parietal yolk sac features

Naftolin F., 1986: Yolk sac failure in embryopathy due to hyperglycemia ultrastructural analysis of yolk sac differentiation associated with embryopathy in rat conceptuses under hyperglycemic conditions

Gaillard J., 1981: Yolk sac morphogenesis in a mouse terato carcinoma

Wilson, J. R.; Zimmerman, E. F., 1976: Yolk sac site of developmental micro heterogeneity of mouse alpha feto protein

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Matsuk V.E., 1979: Yolk utilization and changes in the biochemical composition of eleginus navaga roe during embryonic development

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Sah S.C.D., 1985: Yong limestone of tethys himalaya india its stratigraphic status and palynological fossils

Haas L.W., 1982: York river virginia usa de stratification an estuary subestuary interaction

Jadhav B.V., 1986: Yorkeria chiloscyllii new species cestoda tetraphyllidea from chiloscyllium griseum marine fish family scylliidae from the west coast of india

Boyko R., 1984: Yorkshire england uk regional lymphoma histopathology panel analysis of 5 years experience

Ferreira Neto J.M., 1979: Yorkshire swine hemogram from birth to 15 months of age

Oyebola, D. D. O., 1980: Yoruba traditional bonesetters the practice of orthopedics in a primitive setting in nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925257

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925258

Altman, S. J.; Metter, G. E.; Nealon, T. F.; Weiss, A. J.; Ramirez, G.; Madden, R. E.; Fletcher, W. S.; Strawitz, J. G.; Multhauf, P. M., 1978: Yoshi 864 3 3 imino di 1 propanol di methanesulfonate ester hydro chloride a phase ii study in solid tumor

Kudo I., 1985: Yoshinothrips new genus with 2 new species from japan thysanoptera thripidae

Rosecrance, J., 1986: You can't tell the players without a scorecard a typology of horse players

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925262

Hoellwarth M., 1979: You make the diagnosis

Ebersole P., 1983: Young adolescents meaning in life

Haley, D. J.; Hood, S. B., 1986: Young adolescents' perception of their peers who wear hearing aids

Reed, T; Wagener, Dk; Donahue, Rp; Kuller, Lh, 1986: Young adult cholesterol as a predictor of familial ischemic heart disease

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Goldsmith J.R., 1986: Young adult mortality as an index associations with income and social indicators

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925269

Gorkin L., 1983: Young adults at risk for hypertension effects of family history and anger management in determining responses to interpersonal conflict

Rybash, J. M.; Roodin, P. A.; Lonky, E., 1981: Young adults scores on the defining issues test as a function of a self vs. other presentation mode

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925272

Hirst M., 1985: Young adults with disabilities health employment and financial costs for family carers

Frank, S. J.; Avery, C. B.; Laman, M. S., 1988: Young adults' perceptions of their relationships with their parents individual differences in connectedness competence and emotional autonomy

Blackledge G., 1988: Young age as a prognostic factor in cervical cancer analysis of population based data from 10022 cases

Salvadori B., 1987: Young age is not an ominous prognostic factor in breast cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6926, Accession 006925277

Du Cros E.T., 1986: Young beech tree morphology and architecture environmental and genetic variability

Smitka J., 1980: Young boar fattening in relation to the economic aspects of production of lean pork

Zaman K., 1985: Young childhood diarrhea management by mothers and village practitioners in rural bangladesh

Alford C.A., 1987: Young children as and probable source of maternal and congenital cytomegalovirus infection

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