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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6927

Chapter 6927 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Francis N., 1981: Zinc copper and environmental factors in the aboriginal peoples of northwest australia

Margen S., 1981: Zinc copper and iron balance in elderly men

Atinmo T., 1985: Zinc copper and iron concentrations in plasma and diets of lactating nigerian women

Kesy Dabrowska I., 1986: Zinc copper and iron content in some food products

Vila M.M., 1984: Zinc copper and iron content of food products

Bryan M.H., 1982: Zinc copper and iron content of milk from mothers of preterm and full term infants

Evtushenko Z.S., 1986: Zinc copper and lead content in the sodium alginates of brown algae

Kabir Ud Din, 1982: Zinc copper and lead levels in blood spinal cord and different parts of the brain in rabbit effect of zinc intoxication

Nishi Y., 1985: Zinc copper and manganese concentrations in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with viral meningitis

Bremner, I., 1970: Zinc copper and manganese in the alimentary tract of sheep

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926010

Veillon C., 1984: Zinc copper and manganese intake and balance for adults consuming self selected diets

Singh M., 1981: Zinc copper and manganese levels in various tissues following fluoride administration

Ohtsuka, R.; Suzuki, T., 1978: Zinc copper and mercury in oriomo papuans hair

Adams T.M., 1986: Zinc copper and nickel concentrations in ryegrass grown on sewage sludge contaminated soils of different ph

Adams T.M., 1987: Zinc copper and nickel concentrations in soil extracts and crops grown on four soils treated with metal loaded sewage sludges

Chaudhry, F. M.; Sharif, M.; Latif, A.; Qureshi, R. H., 1973: Zinc copper antagonism in the nutrition of rice oryza sativa

Masironi, R.; Koirtyohann, S. R.; Pierce, J. O., 1977: Zinc copper cadmium and chromium in polished and unpolished rice

Lonnerdal B., 1982: Zinc copper calcium and magnesium in human milk

Mehta U., 1987: Zinc copper interaction of low optimum and higher dietary levels its influence on growth of rats

Hurley L.S., 1984: Zinc copper interactions in the pregnant rat fetal outcome and maternal and fetal zinc copper and iron

Rashid, A.; Hussain, F., 1978: Zinc copper interrelations in calcareous soils

Cook J.B., 1988: Zinc copper iron manganese and boron uptake by cotton on cracking clay soils of high ph

Tsushida, T.; Takeo, T., 1977: Zinc copper lead and cadmium contents in green tea

Rolev A M., 1983: Zinc copper lead and cadmium in feathers of danish gray herons ardea cinerea

Svensson S., 1983: Zinc copper magnesium and calcium in blood and plasma after phlebotomy

Plenert W., 1984: Zinc copper manganese and gold content of the hair of infants

Andrews W.L., 1988: Zinc copper manganese and iron balance of parenterally fed very low birth weight preterm infants receiving a trace element supplement

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926031

Siccama T.G., 1986: Zinc copper nickel and cadmium in the forest floor in the northeastern usa

Zimka J., 1983: Zinc cycling in forest ecosystems

Wilson M.T., 1987: Zinc cytochrome c fluorescence as a probe for conformational changes in cytochrome c oxidase

Morrison, S. A.; Russell, R. M.; Carney, E. A.; Oaks, E. V., 1978: Zinc deficiency a cause of abnormal dark adaptation in cirrhotics

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926036

Hann S., 1985: Zinc deficiency a problem with preterm breast milk

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926040

Fosmire G.J., 1986: Zinc deficiency affects the composition on the rat adrenal gland

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926043

Bernstein, B.; Leyden, J. J., 1978: Zinc deficiency and acro dermatitis after intra venous hyper alimentation

Boyde T.R.C., 1980: Zinc deficiency and activities of urea cycle related enzymes in rats

Mcclain C.J., 1984: Zinc deficiency and anorexia in rats normal feeding patterns and stress induced feeding

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926047

Denny M.R., 1982: Zinc deficiency and behavior a developmental perspective

Haggard M.E., 1985: Zinc deficiency and blood lymphocyte function with sickle cell disease

Petering D.H., 1979: Zinc deficiency and growth of ehrlich ascites tumor

Vallee B.L., 1987: Zinc deficiency and metabolism of histones and non histone proteins in euglena gracilis

Fong, L. Y. Y.; Sivak, A.; Newberne, P. M., 1978: Zinc deficiency and methylbenzyl nitrosamine induced esophageal cancer in rats

Thompson R.P.H., 1982: Zinc deficiency and photo receptor dys function in chronic liver disease

Berenguer J., 1987: Zinc deficiency and severity of hepatic cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926059

Vallee B.L., 1985: Zinc deficiency and the euglena gracilis chromatin formation of an alpha amanitin resistant rna polymerase ii

Ross, P. K.; Noordewier, B.; Hook, J. B.; Bond, J. T., 1982: Zinc deficiency and the kidney 1. effect on renal carbonic anhydrase activity

Ross, P. K.; Noordewier, B.; Hook, J. B.; Bond, J. T., 1982: Zinc deficiency and the kidney 2. response of zinc deficient rats to 3 diuretic drugs

Leopold, I. H., 1978: Zinc deficiency and visual impairment

Sevall J.S., 1986: Zinc deficiency decreases histone h 10

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926068

Fernandez Feijoo M., 1985: Zinc deficiency dermatitis in parenteral nutrition an electron microscopic study

Johnston M.M., 1981: Zinc deficiency dermatosis in premature infants receiving prolonged parenteral alimentation

Kirchgessner M., 1980: Zinc deficiency diagnosis by means of alkaline phosphatase activity in serum before and after zinc injection

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926072

Wiznitzer T., 1981: Zinc deficiency during intra venous hyper alimentation

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926074

Arakawa, T.; Tamura, T.; Igarashi, Y.; Suzuki, H.; Sandstead, H. H., 1976: Zinc deficiency in 2 infants during total parenteral alimentation for diarrhea

Glader L.J., 1987: Zinc deficiency in anorexia nervosa

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926078

Ertem U., 1980: Zinc deficiency in hodgkins disease

Prasad, A. S., 1976: Zinc deficiency in man

Knight, P. J., 1976: Zinc deficiency in nursery grown pinus radiata seedlings

Kal'nitskii B.D., 1984: Zinc deficiency in piglets and biological availability of zinc compounds

Hurley L.S., 1985: Zinc deficiency in pregnant long evans hooded rats teratogenicity and tissue trace elements

Sandstead, H. H.; Strobel, D. A.; Logan, G. M-Jr ; Marks, E. O.; Jacob, R. A., 1978: Zinc deficiency in pregnant rhesus monkeys effects on behavior of infants/

O'dell B.L., 1988: Zinc deficiency in rats and angiotensin converting enzyme activity comparative effects on lung and testis

Forno, D. A.; Yoshida, S.; Asher, C. J., 1975: Zinc deficiency in rice part 1 soil factors associated with the deficiency

Forno, D. A.; Asher, C. J.; Yoshida, S., 1975: Zinc deficiency in rice part 2 studies on 2 varieties differing in susceptibility to zinc deficiency

Shommein A.M., 1988: Zinc deficiency in sheep field cases

Gajendragadkar G.R., 1984: Zinc deficiency in some alluvial soils entisols of the gird region and response of wheat to zinc application

Hassan M.A., 1983: Zinc deficiency in sudanese desert sheep

Tulsi R.S., 1988: Zinc deficiency in the 11 day rat embryo a scanning and transmission electron microscope study

Leboutillier J.C., 1986: Zinc deficiency in the postnatal rat implications for lead toxicity

Fosmire, G. J.; Fosmire, M. A.; Sandstead, H. H., 1976: Zinc deficiency in the weanling rat effects on liver composition and polysomal profiles

Smih L.B., 1979: Zinc deficiency in the west of scotland uk a dietary intake study

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926099

Alvares O.F., 1984: Zinc deficiency induced changes in rat parotid salivary proteins

Collipp P.J., 1981: Zinc deficiency induced changes in the composition of microsomal membranes and in the enzymatic regulation of glycero lipid synthesis

Kozma, M.; Szerdahelyi, P., 1982: Zinc deficiency induced trace element concentration and localization changes in the central nervous system of albino rat during post natal development 1. optical microscopic histochemical examinations

Szerdahelyi, P.; Kozma, M.; Ferke, A., 1982: Zinc deficiency induced trace element concentration and localization changes in the central nervous system of albino rat during post natal development 2. atomic absorption spectrophotometric examinations

Wong V., 1985: Zinc deficiency is not a cause for abortion congenital abnormality and small for gestational age infant in chinese women

Ogle C.W., 1987: Zinc deficiency its role in gastric secretion and stress induced gastric ulceration in rats

Widdowson, J. P.; Watts, H. M., 1977: Zinc deficiency on the shallow soils of niue part 3 response of sweet corn to sources of zinc

Taniguchi N., 1981: Zinc deficiency states and carbonic anhydrase isozyme in experimental hemolytic and bleeding anemia of rabbits

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926108

Hurley L.S., 1983: Zinc deficiency teratogenicity the protective role of maternal tissue catabolism

Bos, L. P.; Van-Vloten, W. A.; Smit, A. F. D.; Nube, M., 1977: Zinc deficiency with skin lesions as seen in acro dermatitis enteropathica and intoxication with zinc during parenteral nutrition

Wranne L., 1981: Zinc deficiency with transitory acro dermatitis enteropathica in a boy of low birth weight

Gupta, S. K.; Maggon, K. K.; Venkitasubramanian, T. A., 1976: Zinc dependence of glycolytic enzymes in an afla toxigenic strain of aspergillus parasiticus

Zelkowitz P.S., 1982: Zinc dependency as a cause of chronic diarrhea in variant acro dermatitis enteropathica

Panara F., 1988: Zinc dependent acid p nitrophenylphosphatase from chicken liver purification characterization and subcellular localization

Kawa K., 1979: Zinc dependent action potentials in giant neurons of the snail euhadra quaestia

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926116

Galli E., 1980: Zinc dependent chemo tactic defect in an infant with acro dermatitis

Soling H D., 1986: Zinc dependent reversible inactivation of rat liver phosphofructokinase 1 purification of the activating protein and characterization of the inactivation reaction

Klevit R.E., 1988: Zinc dependent structure of a single finger domain of yeast adr1

Brevet, A.; Plateau, P.; Cirakoglu, B.; Pailiez, J. P.; Blanquet, S., 1982: Zinc dependent synthesis of 5' 5' di adenosine tetra phosphate by sheep liver lysyl transfer rna synthetase and phenyl alanyl transfer rna synthetase

Plateau, P.; Blanquet, S., 1982: Zinc dependent synthesis of various di nucleoside 5' 5''' p 1 p 3 tri phosphates or 5' 5''' p 1 p 4 tetra phosphates by escherichia coli lysyl transfer rna synthetase

Singh M., 1981: Zinc depletion following experimental fluorosis in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926124

Tessier A., 1985: Zinc deposition in acid lakes the role of diffusion

Barbay S., 1985: Zinc deprivation and metal chelation effects on reactivity and eight arm maze behavior

Hansen J.W., 1981: Zinc determined in 10 microliter serum or urine samples by flameless atomic absorption spectrometry

Calder, S. E.; Taylor, G. N.; Lloyd, R. D.; Petersen, R. V.; Atherton, D. R.; Mays, C. W., 1978: Zinc di ethylenetriamine penta acetate administered by slow release implant

Sugawara, N., 1978: Zinc distribution and metallo thionein in the liver and kidney of mice treated with cadmium

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926130

Uzar J., 1986: Zinc distribution disturbances in chronic renal failure patients treated conservatively and with hemodialysis in correlation to clinical symptoms

Yarom, R.; Wisenberg, E.; Peters, P. D.; Hall, T. A., 1977: Zinc distribution in injured myo cardium electron microscopic x ray micro analysis examinations of dogs hearts after coronary ligation

Trukhanov N.I., 1980: Zinc distribution in insulinogenic pancreatic tissue of rabbits

Frederickson M.H., 1981: Zinc dithizonate staining in the cat hippocampus relationship to the mossy fiber neuropil and post natal development

Overstreet J.W., 1982: Zinc does not inhibit the capacitation of human spermatozoa in vitro

Stillwell, E. F., 1977: Zinc effects on cell division and calcification in the coccolithophorid cricosphaera carterae

Adragna, P. J.; Privitera, C. A., 1978: Zinc effects on fathead minnow cell cultures

Hildebrand C.E., 1983: Zinc effects on glutathione metabolism relationship to zinc induced protection from alkylating agents

Wong H C., 1979: Zinc effects on growth pigmentation and anti bacterial activity of monascus purpureus

Privitera C.A., 1979: Zinc effects on lactate dehydrogenase malate dehydrogenase and alkaline phosphatase from cultures of fathead minnow pimephales promelas cells

Kishi Y., 1981: Zinc effects on mouse spermatozoa and in vitro fertilization

Angrick E.J., 1988: Zinc effects on nickel dermatitis in the guinea pig

Rees, D. C.; Lewis, M.; Honzatko, R. B.; Lipscomb, W. N.; Hardman, K. D., 1981: Zinc environment and cis peptide bonds in carboxy peptidase a ec at 1.75 angstrom resolution

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926144

Deb D.L., 1983: Zinc fertilization of flooded rice in vertisols of hyderabad india

Rainbow P.S., 1984: Zinc flux in palaemon elegans crustacea decapoda molting individual variation and tissue distribution

Park J.K., 1984: Zinc fractions in paddy soils and comparison of analytical methods of available zinc

Kanwar B.B., 1987: Zinc fractions in relation to important soil properties of rice soils of northwestern himalayas

Mandal B., 1986: Zinc fractions in soils in relation to zinc nutrition of lowland rice oryza sativa

Dodson, E. J.; Dodson, G. G.; Lewitova, A.; Sabesan, M., 1978: Zinc free cubic pig insulin crystallization and structure determination

Martin, J. L. M.; Van-Wormhoudt, A.; Ceccaldi, H. J., 1977: Zinc hemo cyanin binding in the hemolymph of carcinus maenas crustacea decapoda

Coleman M.L., 1984: Zinc homeostasis in man studies using a new stable isotope dilution technique

Deiana S., 1986: Zinc ii adsorption of aluminum hydroxide

Pocker, Y.; Bjorkquist, L.; Bjorkquist, D. W., 1977: Zinc ii and cobalt ii bovine carbonic anhydrases ec comparative studies and esterase activity

Gold L., 1987: Zinc ii and the single stranded dna binding protein of bacteriophage t4

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926157

Coleman J.E., 1984: Zinc ii cadmium 113 ii and zinc ii magnesium ii hybrids of alkaline phosphatase phosphorus 31 nmr and cadmium 113 nmr

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926159

Romero Molina M.A., 1986: Zinc ii cadmium ii and mercury ii complexes of 6 amino 1 methyl 5 nitrosouracil

Colacio Rodriguez E., 1985: Zinc ii cadmium ii and mercury ii complexes of 6 amino 3 methyl 5 nitrosouracil

Hill H.A.O., 1981: Zinc ii cadmium ii and mercury ii thiolate transitions in metallo thionein

Chlebowski J.F., 1983: Zinc ii cadmium ii cobalt ii and magnesium ii binding to alkaline phosphatase of escherichia coli structural and functional effects

Martell A.E., 1982: Zinc ii catalyzed aluminum iii catalyzed and copper ii catalyzed decarboxylation of 2 oxalo propionic acid

Moreton A.D., 1988: Zinc ii complexes of dipropylenetriamine and n 2 aminoethylpropane 1 3 diamine a carbon 13 nmr study

Baltas, M.; Bastide, J. D.; De-Blic, A.; Cazaux, L.; Gorrichon-Guigon, L.; Maroni, P.; Perry, M.; Tisnes, P., 1985: Zinc ii complexes of sulfinamides 1. n phenyl 2 propanesulfinamide tert butyl n phenyl and tert butyl n cyclohexyl sulfinamoyl acetates

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926167

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926168

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926169

Plateau, P.; Mayaux, J. F.; Blanquet, S., 1981: Zinc ii dependent synthesis of di adenosine 5' 5''' p 1 p 4 tetra phosphate by escherichia coli and yeast phenyl alanyl transfer rna synthetases

Boyer R.F., 1980: Zinc ii facilitated hydrolysis of 2 hydroxy acid esters a model for carboxy peptidase a

Kuo, L. C.; Lipscomb, W. N.; Kantrowitz, E. R., 1982: Zinc ii induced cooperativity of escherichia coli ornithine trans carbamoylase ec

Dean W.L., 1982: Zinc ii induced dimerization of human carbon mon oxy hemo globin

Holliday L.M., 1979: Zinc in conwy river and estuary north wales uk

Clemmensen K., 1987: Zinc in danish women during late normal pregnancy and pregnancies with intra uterine growth retardation

Danielson B.G., 1980: Zinc in epidermis and dermis in healthy subjects

Varley J.A., 1979: Zinc in flooded rice on clay soils in lake chad basin nigeria

Van Gelderen H.H., 1986: Zinc in hair and urine of pediatric patients

Chowdhury J.R., 1986: Zinc in human malignancies

Mylet S., 1985: Zinc in human milk diurnal and within feed patterns

Charles J.F., 1985: Zinc in human prostate

Menchini Fabris G.F., 1986: Zinc in human semen

Ritchey S.J., 1985: Zinc in maternal and fetal tissues of rats fed 2 levels of zinc during gestation

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926184

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926185

Nassi, L.; Poggini, G.; Nassi, P. A.; Vecchi, C.; Galvan, P., 1975: Zinc in natural milk and in milk powders

Skandhan K.P., 1981: Zinc in normal human seminal plasma

Murkowska E., 1983: Zinc in patients with chronic renal failure

Cossack Z.T., 1982: Zinc in plasma neutrophils lymphocytes and erythrocytes as determined by flameless atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Polar, E., 1975: Zinc in pollen and its incorporation into seed

De-Souza, N. M.; Shuhama, T.; Brasil, M. D.; Collares, E. F.; Tone, L. G., 1981: Zinc in protein energy mal nutrition 1. concentration in the serum of children with clinical signs of kwashiorkor and marasmic kwashiorkor

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Scoullos M.J., 1981: Zinc in sea water and sediments of the gulf of elefsis greece

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Reuter, D. J.; Loneragan, J. F.; Robson, A. D.; Plaskett, D., 1982: Zinc in subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum cultivar seaton park 1. effects of zinc supply on distribution of zinc and dry weight among plant parts

Reuter, D. J.; Loneragan, J. F.; Robson, A. D.; Plaskett, D., 1982: Zinc in subterranean clover trifolium subterraneum cultivar seaton park 2. effects of phosphorus supply on the relationship between zinc concentrations in plant parts and yield

Thorlacius Ussing O., 1987: Zinc in the anterior pituitary of rat a histochemical and analytical work

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Karcioglu Z.A., 1982: Zinc in the eye

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926202

Alonso G., 1979: Zinc in the gills of the dogfish scyliorhinus canicula related to experimental aquatic zinc pollution

Migasena P., 1984: Zinc in the pathogenesis of hookworm anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926205

Bogdanovich L.V., 1982: Zinc in the soils of the astrakhan oblast russian sfsr ussr and its effect on crop yield

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926207

Brzezinska Wcislo L., 1980: Zinc in the treatment of crural ulcers

Schoomaker, E. B.; Brewer, G. J.; Oelshlegel, F. J-Jr, 1976: Zinc in the treatment of homo zygous sickle cell anemia studies in an animal model

Jeejeebhoy K.N., 1979: Zinc in total parenteral nutrition requirements and metabolic effects

Babul A., 1979: Zinc in treatment of erythema multiforme

Dronfield, M. W.; Malone, J. D. G.; Langman, M. J. S., 1977: Zinc in ulcerative colitis a therapeutic trial and report on plasma levels

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926214

Somogyi J., 1988: Zinc increases the affinity of phorbol ester receptor in t lymphocytes

Cunningham-Rundles, S.; Cunningham-Rudles, C.; Dupont, B.; Good, R. A., 1980: Zinc induced activation of human bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Stitch S.R., 1980: Zinc induced changes in the progesterone binding properties of the human endometrium

Foreman, J. E.; Niehaus, W. G. Jr, 1985: Zinc induced cooperativity of mannitol 1 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from aspergillus parasiticus

Shalhoub R.J., 1985: Zinc induced enhancement of lymphocyte function and viability in chronic uremia

Okada S., 1983: Zinc induced hypo calcemia and bone resorption in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926221

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926222

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926223

Early, J. L.; Schnell, R. C., 1978: Zinc induced protection against cadmium alteration of drug action

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926225

Hilderbrand C.E., 1982: Zinc induced resistance to alkylating agent toxicity

Hildebrand C.E., 1982: Zinc induced resistance to alkylating agents lack of correlation between cell survival and metallo thionein content

Cao L., 1983: Zinc induced seizures a new experimental model of epilepsy

Bhattacharyya B., 1982: Zinc induced self assembly of goat brain tubulin some novel aspects

Klaassen C.D., 1984: Zinc induced tolerance to cadmium hepato toxicity

Mohanty P., 1980: Zinc inhibited electron transport of photosynthesis in isolated barley hordeum vulgare cultivar b 65 chloroplasts

Kruckelberg W.C., 1979: Zinc inhibition of calmodulin a proposed molecular mechanism of zinc action on cellular functions

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926234

Ogiso T., 1988: Zinc inhibition of respiratory burst in zymosan stimulated neutrophils a possible membrane action of zinc

Hopmeier P., 1986: Zinc inhibits fibrinopeptide a release and increases fibrin turbidity

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926237

Shaffi, S. A., 1980: Zinc intoxication in some fresh water fishes 1. variations in tissue energy reserve

Rodriguez, E. M.; Gimenez, A. R., 1981: Zinc iodide osmium procedures as markers of sub cellular structures 1. standardization of staining of transmitter containing vesicles

Squier C.A., 1982: Zinc iodide osmium staining of membrane coating granules in keratinized and nonkeratinized mammalian oral epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926241

Cardoni R., 1979: Zinc iodide osmium tetr oxide staining in synaptic vesicles of the rat pineal nerves after inhibition of serotonin and noradrenaline synthesizing enzymes

Gerard D., 1983: Zinc ion binding to human brain calcium binding proteins calmodulin and s 100b protein

Han H., 1984: Zinc ion catalyzed ester hydrolysis of o acetyl 2 acetylpyridineketoxime bimolecular participation of hydroxozinc ii ion

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926245

Gaskin, F.; Kress, Y., 1977: Zinc ion induced assembly of tubulin

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926247

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926248

Glynn P., 1988: Zinc ions stabilize the association of basic protein with brain myelin membranes

Rosen, J. A.; Pike, C. S.; Golden, M. L., 1977: Zinc iron and chlorophyll metabolism in zinc toxic corn

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Mittal S.B., 1986: Zinc iron and phosphorus relationship in cowpea as affected by their application

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Cavdar A.O., 1979: Zinc levels of plasma erythrocyte hair and urine in homo zygote beta thalassemia

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926271

Johnson G.E., 1980: Zinc lowers high density lipo protein cholesterol levels

Heerschap A., 1982: Zinc magnesium and proton binding to d fructose 1 6 bis phosphate studied by phosphorus 31 nmr and proton nmr

Shuman L.M., 1979: Zinc manganese and copper in soil fractions

Saint Onge J., 1983: Zinc manganese and strontium in opercula and scales of brook trout salvelinus fontinalis as indicators of lake acidification

Hussain, F.; Rashid, A., 1978: Zinc manganese interrelations in calcareous soils

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926277

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926279

Clijsters H., 1980: Zinc mediated effects on leaf carbon di oxide diffusion conductances and net photosynthesis in phaseolus vulgaris

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Henkin R.I., 1979: Zinc metabolism in humans after oral and intra venous administration of zinc 69m

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Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926299

Okada S., 1980: Zinc metabolism in the liver of rats orally administered zinc sulfate

Kawate R., 1980: Zinc metabolism in thyroid disease

Baldwin, G. F.; Bentley, P. J., 1980: Zinc metabolism of the amphibian lens

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926304

Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926305

Coleman J.E., 1986: Zinc metalloproteins involved in replication and transcription

Schwartz S.A., 1980: Zinc modulates mitogenic responses of human lymphocytes by affecting structures influenced by cytochalasin b

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Section 7, Chapter 6927, Accession 006926314

Loneragan J.F., 1986: Zinc nutrition of jarrah eucalyptus marginata seedlings

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