Zinc dithizonate staining in the cat hippocampus: relationship to the mossy-fiber neuropil and postnatal development

Frederickson, C.J.; Howell, G.A.; Frederickson, M.H.

Experimental Neurology 73(3): 812-823


ISSN/ISBN: 0014-4886
PMID: 6167461
Accession: 006926134

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The formation of a colored dithizonate complex in the vicinity of the mossy-fiber axons in the hippocampus was investigated in the cat. Two histochemical tests indicate that the dithizonate complex which is formed is zinc dithizonate. Comparison of Golgi-impregnated material with dithizonate-labeled material indicates that the zinc dithizonate staining is coextensive with the mossy-fiber neuropil throughout the hippocampus. Studies using the dithizone reaction with kittens show that the mossy-fiber region contains small but detectable amounts of zinc at 1 wk of age and that the adult concentration of Zn in the region is not attained until 13 wk of age or later. There is apparently a pool of chelatable Zn uniquely associated with the mossy-fiber system of the hippocampus.