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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6929

Chapter 6929 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Said-Nejad, O. E.; Felder, E. R.; Mierke, D. F.; Yamazaki, T.; Schiller, P. W.; Goodman, M., 1992: 14 membered cyclic opioids related to dermorphin and their partially retro inverso modified analogues i. synthesis and biological activity

Yamazaki, T.; Mierke, D. F.; Said-Nejad, O. E.; Felder, E. R.; Goodman, M., 1992: 14 membered cyclic opioids related to dermorphin and their partially retro inverso modified analogues ii. preferred conformations in solution as studied by proton spectroscopy

Degrado T.R.; Coenen H.H.; Stoecklin G., 1991: 14 r s fluorine 18 fluoro 6 thiaheptadecanoic acid ftha evaluation in mouse of a new probe of myocardial utilization of long chain fatty acids

Meyer D.; Gump D.; Fabian J.; Beeken W., 1991: 140 mda plasmids of escherichia coli and shigella flexneri 5 do not influence phagocytosis

Khodari M.; Vire J C.; Patriarche G.J.; Ghandour M.A., 1990: 1433986c and adsorptive stripping voltammetry of naftazone

Gallagher G.; Al Azzawi F.; Walsh L.P.; Wilson G., 1991: 14c1 an antigen associated with human ovarian cancer defined using a human igg monoclonal antibody

Hayashi Y.; Pui C H.; Behm F.G.; Fuchs A.H.; Raimondi S.C.; Kitchingman G.R.; Mirro J.Jr; Williams D.L., 1990: 14q32 translocations are associated with mixed lineage expression in childhood acute leukemia

Degrado T.R., 1991: 14r s fluorine 18 fluoro 6 thiaheptadecanoic acid ftha

Mong S.; Votta B.; Sarau H.M.; Foley J.J.; Schmidt D.; Carte B.K.; Poehland B.; Westley J., 1990: 15 acetylthioxyfurodysinin lactone isolated from a marine sponge dysidea sp is a potent agonist to human leukotriene b 4 receptor

Schlosser D.; Schmauder H.P., 1991: 15 alpha hydroxylation of 13 ethyl gon 4 ene 3 17 dione using a hyphal fungus immobilized in calcium alginate gel beads

Klimova L.I.; Malanina G.G.; Filipenko T.Ya; Turchin K.F., 1989: 15 beta hydroxycortexolone the intermediate product of the hydroxylation of cortexolone by a tieghemella hyalospora culture

Rahman A U.; Fatima T.; Khanum S., 1988: 15 beta hydroxyvincadifformine an alkaloid from the leaves of rhazya stricta

Schorlemmer H.U.; Seiler F.R., 1991: 15 deoxyspergualin 15 dos for therapy in an animal model of multiple sclerosis ms disease modifying activity on acute and chronic relapsing experimental allergic encephalomyelitis eae

Schorlemmer H.U.; Bartlett R.R.; Seiler F.R., 1991: 15 deoxyspergualin 15 dos has a curative effect on the development of sle like autoimmune disease in mrl 1 mice

Hibasami H.; Tsukada T.; Suzuki R.; Takano K.; Takaji S.; Takeuchi T.; Shirakawa S.; Murata T.; Nakashima K., 1991: 15 deoxyspergualin an antiproliferative agent for human and mouse leukemia cells shows inhibitory effects on the synthetic pathway of polyamines

Kapelanski D.P.; Perelman M.J.; Faber L.A.; Paez D.E.; Rose E.F.; Behrendt D.M., 1990: 15 deoxyspergualin and primate heart transplantation

Reichenspurner H.; Hildebrandt A.; Human P.A.; Boehm D.H.; Rose A.G.; Odell J.A.; Reichart B.; Schorlemmer H.U., 1990: 15 deoxyspergualin for induction of graft nonreactivity after cardiac and renal allotransplantation in primates

Strakova J.; Sedlak L.; Dvorak M.; Nastuneak J.; Janeckova L.; Picmausova D.; Vanova L., 1990: 15 glycal cloprostenol glystrophan injectable spofa a synthetic prostanoid with luteotropic action toxicity and tolerance

Zijlstra F.J.; Wilson J.H.P., 1991: 15 hete is the main eicosanoid present in mucus of ulcerative proctocolitis

Fogh K.; Hansen E.S.; Herlin T.; Knudsen V.; Henriksen T.B.; Ewald H.; Bunger C.; Kragballe K., 1989: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 15 hete inhibits carrageenan induced experimental arthritis and reduces synovial fluid leukotriene b 4 ltb 4

Ternowitz T.; Fogh K.; Kragballe K., 1988: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 15 hete specifically inhibits ltb 4 induced chemotaxis of human neutrophils

Ternowitz T.; Anderson P.H.; Bjerring P.; Fogh K.; Schroder J M.; Kragballe K., 1989: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid 15 hete specifically inhibits the ltb 4 induced skin response

Sok D E.; Kang J.B.; Shin H.D., 1988: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid dehydrogenase activity in microsomal fraction of mouse liver homogenate

Graeber J.E.; Glaser B.M.; Setty B.N.Y.; Jerdan J.A.; Walenga R.W.; Stuart M.J., 1990: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid stimulates migration of human retinal microvessel endothelium in vitro and neovascularization in vivo

Ang C.; Clark E.; Young I.; Owe Young R.; Eyland A.; Hunt J.; Chesterman C.; Krilis S., 1990: 15 hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid synthesis from exogenous arachidonate by bronchial mucosa

Kuo Y H.; Chen W C., 1990: 15 hydroxypinusolidic acid a new diterpene from the pericarp of platycladus orientalis franco

Chang C.C.; Lin S.N.; Chen F.S.; Chang W.C., 1991: 15 hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase activity in the lower genitourinary tract a preliminary report

Bremme K.; Eneroth P.; Gottlieb C.; Kindahl H.; Svanborg K.; Nilsson B.; Olsson M.; Bygdeman M., 1989: 15 keto 13 14 dihydroprostaglandin e 2 and f 2 alpha metabolite levels in blood from men and women given prostaglandin e 2 orally

Van Diest M.J.; Verbeuren T.J.; Herman R.G., 1990: 15 lipoxygenase metabolites of arachidonic acid evoke contractions and relaxations in isolated canine arteries role of thromboxane receptors endothelial cells and cyclooxygenase

Beckman B.S.; Jeter J.R.Jr, 1990: 15 lipoxygenase products affect protein phosphorylation in friend erythroleukemia cells

Postoak D.; Nystuen L.; King L.; Ueno M.; Beckman B.S., 1990: 15 lipoxygenase products of arachidonate play a role in proliferation of transformed erythroid cells

Dougan H.; Lyster D.M.; Flanagan R.J.; Vincent J.S., 1989: 15 p iodine 123 iodophenylpentadecanoic acid obtained using mercuration and subsequent iodine 123 radioiodination

Barragry T.P.; Ring W.S.; Moller J.H.; Lillehei C.W., 1988: 15 to 30 year follow up of patients undergoing repair of ruptured congenital aneurysms of the sinus of valsalva

Alteras I.; Sandbank M.; David M.; Segal R., 1988: 15 year survey of tinea faciei in the adult

Dahlstrom L.; Kahnberg K E.; Lindahl L., 1989: 15 years follow up on condylar fractures

Rubin J.; Bower J.D.; Krueger R., 1988: 15 years of experience with renal replacement therapy in patients starting therapy before age 20

Stiebel H.; Mann W.; Luebcke W., 1989: 15 years of international swimming bird counts in the eder lake region west germany winter 1970 71 1984 85

Cros P.; Freidel M.; Borie J.; Henry B.; Bouvier P.; Dumas P., 1989: 15 years of treatment of the temporo mandibular joint algodysfunctional syndrome

Regel, G.; Suedkamp, N. P.; Illgner, A.; Buchenau, A.; Tscherne, H., 1992: 15 years' experience with allogeneic bone transplantation indications treatment results

Rand J.H.; Patel N.D.; Schwartz E.; Zhou S L.; Potter B.J., 1991: 150 kd von willebrand factor binding protein extracted from human vascular subendothelium is type vi collagen

Das G.; Dick J.; Bailey M.J.; Fletcher M.S.; Birch B.; Coptcoat M.J.; Webb D.R.; Kellett M.J.; Whitfield H.N.; Wickham J.E.A., 1988: 1500 cases of renal and ureteric calculi treated in an integrated stone center

Kumlin M.; Hamberg M.; Granstrom E.; Bjorck T.; Dahlen B.; Matsuda H.; Zetterstrom O.; Dahlen S E., 1990: 15s hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid is the major arachidonic acid metabolite in human bronchi association with airway epithelium

Alwani C.M.; Devi P.K.; Nair M.S.; Seetha T.; Vijaya R.; Raghavan K.S., 1988: 15s15 methyl pgf 2 alpha by intramuscular route at two hourly interval followed by three hourly for induction of second trimester abortion

Peters K.M.; Snyder K.F.; Rush B.D.; Ruwart M.J.; Henley K.S., 1989: 16 16 dimethylprostaglandin e 2 decreases the formation of collagen in fibrotic rat liver slices

Erickson R.A.; Tarnawski A.; Dines G.; Stachura J., 1990: 16 16 dimethylprostaglandin e 2 induces villus contraction in rats without affecting intestinal restitution

Erickson R.A.; Chang K.; Lifrak E.; Rivera N.; Stachura J., 1992: 16 16 dimethylprostaglandin e 2 reduces bile acid mediated intestinal vascular injury in rats

Berk L.B.; Patrene K.D.; Boggs S.S., 1990: 16 16 dimethylprostaglandin e2 and or syngeneic bone marrow transplantation increase mouse survival after supralethal total body irradiation

Hui Y H.; Chang C J.; Smith D.L.; Mclaughlin J.L., 1990: 16 alpha hydroxy levo kauranoic acid a selectively cytotoxic diterpene from annona bullata

Luger P.; Denner L.; Cerny M.; Jindrich J.; Trnka T., 1991: 16 crown 5 derivative of 1 6 anhydro beta d glucopyranose structure of 1 6 anhydro 2 4 di o 3 6 9 trioxaundecane 1 11 diyl beta d glucopyranose sodium tetraphenylborate

Larsen S.H.; Boeck L.D.; Mertz F.P.; Paschal J.W.; Occolowitz J.L., 1988: 16 deethylindanomycin a 83094a a novel pyrrole ether antibiotic produced by a strain of streptomyces setonii taxonomy fermentation isolation and characterization

Achenbach H.; Loewel M.; Waibel R.; Gupta M.P.; Solis P., 1991: 16 epi panarine a new betaine type alkaloid from stemmadenia minima

Dentali S.J.; Hoffmann J.J., 1990: 16 hydroxycarnosic acid a diterpene from salvia apiana

Ma P.C.; Lu X.Y.; Yang J.J.; Zheng Q.T., 1991: 16 hydroxytriptolide a new active diterpene isolated from tripterygium wilfordii

Shi E.; Kan M.; Xu J.; Mckeehan W.L., 1991: 16 kilodalton heparin binding fibroblast growth factor type one appears in a stable 40 kilodalton complex after receptor dependent internalization

Urisu A.; Yamada K.; Masuda S.; Komada H.; Wada E.; Kondo Y.; Horiba F.; Tsuruta M.; Yasaki T.; Et Al, 1991: 16 kilodalton rice protein is one of the major allergens in rice grain extract and responsible for cross allergenicity between cereal grains in the poaceae family

Speer K.; Mischnick P., 1989: 16 o methylcafestol a new diterpene in coffee discovery and identification

Speer K.; Tewis R.; Montag A., 1991: 16 o methylcafestol a new diterpene in coffee free and bound 16 o methylcafestol

Speer K., 1989: 16 o methylcafestol a new diterpene in coffee methods for the determination of the 16 o methylcafestol in crude and treated coffees

Pi Z.; Huang Y.; Hu F., 1990: 166 cases of primary malignant liver neoplasms in middle and later stage

Smedley F.H.; Taube M.; Rimmer J.; Edwards L., 1988: 168 double j pigtail ureteric catheter insertions a retrospective review

Rainey F.A.; Dorsch M.; Morgan H.W.; Stackebrandt E., 1992: 16s rdna analysis of spirochaeta thermophila its phylogenetic position and implications for the systematics of the order spirochaetales

Weisburg W.G.; Barns S.M.; Pelletier D.A.; Lane D.J., 1991: 16s ribosomal dna amplification for phylogenetic study

Collins M.D.; Ash C.; Farrow J.A.E.; Wallbanks S.; Williams A.M., 1989: 16s ribosomal rna sequence analyses of lactococci and related taxa description of vagococcus fluvialis new genus new species

Tsuji K.; Tsien H.C.; Hanson R.S.; Depalma S.R.; Scholtz R.; Laroche R., 1990: 16s ribosomal rna sequence analysis for determination of phylogenetic relationship among methylotrophs

Wallbanks S.; Martinez Murcia A.J.; Fryer J.L.; Phillips B.A.; Collins M.D., 1990: 16s ribosomal rna sequence determination for members of the genus carnobacterium and related lactic acid bacteria and description of vagococcus salmoninarum new species

Lim P O.; Sears B.B., 1989: 16s ribosomal rna sequence indicates that plant pathogenic mycoplasma like organisms are evolutionarily distinct from animal mycoplasmas

O'connor S.P.; Dorsch M.; Steigerwalt A.G.; Brenner D.J.; Stackebrandt E., 1991: 16s ribosomal rna sequences of bartonella bacilliformis and cat scratch disease bacillus reveal phylogenetic relationships with the alpha 2 subgroup of the class proteobacteria

Weller R.; Weller J.W.; Ward D.M., 1991: 16s ribosomal rna sequences of uncultivated hot spring cyanobacterial mat inhabitants retrieved as randomly primed complementary dna

Loyola L.A.; Morales G.; De La Toree M.C.; Pederos S.; Rodriguez B., 1990: 17 acetoxymulinic acid a rearranged diterpenoid from mulinum crassifolium

Scott A.P.; Canario A.V.M., 1992: 17 alpha 20 beta dihydroxy 4 pregnen 3 one 20 sulphate a major new metabolite of the teleost oocyte maturation inducing steroid

Moore, A.; Scott, A. P., 1992: 17 alpha 20 beta dihydroxy 4 pregnen 3 one 20 sulphate is a potent odorant in precocious male atlantic salmon salmo salar l. parr which have been pre exposed to the urine of ovulated females

David M.; Griesmacher A.; Mueller M.M., 1989: 17 alpha ethynylestradiol decreases production and release of prostacyclin in cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Scaroni C.; Biason A.; Carpene G.; Opocher G.; Mantero F., 1991: 17 alpha hydroxylase deficiency in three siblings short term and long term studies

Abbaticchio G.; Nardelli G.M.; Defini M.; Nacucchi O.; Brescia F.; Cospite R.; Santoro G.; Giorgino R., 1988: 17 alpha hydroxyprogesterone to testosterone plasma ratios and their modification after hcg in normal men and in patients with idiopathic infertility

Sauerwein M.; Shimomura K., 1990: 17 alpha o methylyohimbine and vallesiachotamine from roots of amsonia elliptica

Salman M.; Reddy B.R.; Delgado P.; Stotter P.L.; Fulcher L.C.; Chamness G.C., 1991: 17 alpha substituted analogs of estradiol for the development of fluorescent estrogen receptor ligands

Tanaka R.; Kurimoto M.; Yoneda M.; Matsunaga S., 1990: 17 beta 21 beta epoxyhopan 3 beta ol and beta alnincanol from euphorbia supina

Angelastro M.R.; Laughlin M.E.; Schatzman G.L.; Bey P.; Blohm T.R., 1989: 17 beta cyclopropylaminoandrost 5 en 3 beta ol a selective mechanism based inhibitor of cytochrome p 450 17 alpha steroid 17 alpha hydroxylase c 17 20 lyase

Christiansen C.; Riis B.J., 1990: 17 beta estradiol and continuous norethisterone a unique treatment for established osteoporosis in elderly women

Miller V.M.; Vanhoutte P.M., 1990: 17 beta estradiol augments endothelium dependent contractions to arachidonic acid in rabbit aorta

Malet C.; Vacca A.; Kuttenn F.; Mauvais Jarvis P., 1991: 17 beta estradiol dehydrogenase e2dh activity in t47d cells

Minami T.; Oomura Y.; Nabekura J.; Fukuda A., 1990: 17 beta estradiol depolarization of hypothalamic neurons is mediated by cyclic amp

Spink D.C.; Eugster H P.; Lincoln D.W.II.; Schuetz J.D.; Schuetz E.G.; Johnson J.A.; Kaminsky L.S.; Gierthy J.F., 1992: 17 beta estradiol hydroxylation catalyzed by human cytochrome p450 1a1 a comparison of the activities induced by 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in mcf 7 cells with those from heterologous expression of the cdna

Cooper S.C.; Roncari D.A.K., 1989: 17 beta estradiol increases mitogenic activity of medium from cultured preadipocytes of massively obese persons

Bjornsson B.T.; Haux C.; Bern H.A.; Deftos L.J., 1989: 17 beta estradiol increases plasma calcitonin levels in salmonid fish

Girasole G.; Jilka R.L.; Passeri G.; Boswell S.; Boder G.; Williams D.C.; Manolagas S.C., 1992: 17 beta estradiol inhibits interleukin 6 production by bone marrow derived stromal cells and osteoblasts in vitro a potential mechanism for the antiosteoporotic effect of estrogens

Vigano G.; Zoja C.; Corna D.; Rossini M.; Pusineri F.; Garattini S.; Remuzzi G., 1990: 17 beta estradiol is the most active component of the conjugated estrogen mixture active on uremic bleeding by a receptor mechanism

Liu T C.; Jackson G.L., 1990: 17 beta estradiol potentiates luteinizing hormone glycosylation and release induced by veratridine diacylglycerol and phospholipase c in rat anterior pituitary cells

Joffe I.; Katz I.; Jacobs T.; Stein B.; Takizawa M.; Liu C.; Berlin J.; Epstein S., 1992: 17 beta estradiol prevents osteopenia in the oophorectomized rat treated with cyclosporin a

Goulding A.; Fisher L., 1991: 17 beta estradiol protects rats from osteopenia associated with administration of the luteinizing hormone releasing hormone lhrh agonist buserelin

Bandyopadhyay S.; Banerjee P.P.; Bhattacharya S., 1991: 17 beta estradiol releases thyroxine from the thyroid follicles of a teleost channa gachua ham

Chow J.W.M.; Lean J.M.; Chambers T.J., 1992: 17 beta estradiol stimulates cancellous bone formation in female rats

L'horset F.; Perret C.; Brehier A.; Thomasset M., 1990: 17 beta estradiol stimulates the calbindin d9k cabp9k gene expression at the transcriptional and posttranscriptional levels in the rat uterus

Edwards M.W.; Bain S.D.; Bailey M.C.; Lantry M.M.; Howard G.A., 1992: 17 beta estradiol stimulation of endosteal bone formation in the ovariectomized mouse an animal model for the evaluation of bone targeted estrogens

Komura H.; Fukui H.; Wakimoto H.; Miyake T.; Terakawa N.; Tanizawa O.; Matsumoto K.; Terada N., 1988: 17 beta estradiol treatment maintains differentiative potential of virgin mouse mammary gland in culture and its responsiveness to insulin

Poutanen M.; Moncharmont B.; Vihko R., 1992: 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase gene expression in human breast cancer cells regulation of expression by a progestin

Leszczynski D.; Santner S.J.; Feil P.D.; Santen R.J., 1988: 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in human breast cancer analysis of kinetic and clinical parameters

Chao C F.; Chung M F.; Chen J Y.; Tseng Y M.; Sheu Y Z., 1989: 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in rabbit bone marrow

Mann V.Z.; Newton C.J.; Tait G.H., 1991: 17 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in human breast tissues purification and characterization of soluble enzymes and the distribution of particulate and soluble forms in adipose non adipose and tumor tissues

Murray M.; Horsfield B.P., 1990: 17 beta hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase activity age dependent profile in rat liver and kinetic properties of the hepatic microsomal enzyme in relation to cytochrome p450 dependent steroid hydroxylation

Milewich L.; Fortunato S.J.; Barris M.; Maberry M.C.; Gilstrap L.C.; Macdonald P.C., 1990: 17 beta hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase activity in human maternal and umbilical cord sera

Milewich L.; Carr B.R.; Frenkel R.A.; Marrero M.; Macdonald P.C.; Mason J.I., 1990: 17 beta hydroxysteroid oxidoreductases of human fetal and adult tissues immunological cross reactivity with an anti human placental cytosolic 17 beta hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase antibody

Franson K.L.; Burchell B.; Mathis G.A., 1990: 17 beta hydroxysteroid udp glucuronosyltransferase is expressed in bile ductular epithelial cells under physiological conditions

Peters R.H.; Crowe D.F.; Avery M.A.; Chong W.K.M.; Tanabe M., 1989: 17 deoxyestrogen analogues

Shen S.X.; Young M.C.; Hinohosa Sandoval M.; Hughes I.A., 1989: 17 hydroxyprogesterone response to acute dexamethasone administration in congenital adrenal hyperplasia

Yadav M.R., 1992: 17 methyl 3 beta pyrrolidino 17 aza d homo 5 androstene dimethiodide

Isacson J.; Allander E.; Brostrom L A., 1988: 17 year follow up of symptoms and signs in the knee joint in rheumatoid arthritis

Blount, P. L.; Ramel, S.; Raskind, W. H.; Haggitt, R. C.; Sanchez, C. A.; Dean, P. J.; Rabinovitch, P. S.; Reid, B. J., 1991: 17p allelic deletions and p53 protein overexpression in barrett's adenocarcinoma

Oliw E.H., 1991: 17r18s epoxyeicosatetraenoic acid a cytochrome p 450 metabolite of 20 5n 3 in monkey seminal vesicles is metabolized to novel prostaglandins

Harnik M.; Kashman Y.; Cojocaru M.; Lewicka S.; Vecsei P., 1989: 18 21 anhydroaldosterone and derivatives

Collins P.W.; Gasiecko A.F.; Perkins W.E.; Gullikson G.W.; Jones P.H.; Bauer R.F., 1989: 18 cycloalkyl analogues of enisoprost

Perard S.; Viger A.; Marquet A., 1990: 18 functionalized steroids synthesis of thio derivatives of progesterone

Lapworth R.; Short F.; James V.H.T., 1989: 18 hydroxycorticosterone as a marker for primary hyperaldosteronism

Ramirez L.C.; Es Souni M.; Bournot P., 1989: 18 hydroxylase activity in the y1 adrenal cell line

Gomez Sanchez C.E.; Zager P.G.; Foecking M.F.; Holland O.B.; Ganguly A., 1989: 18 oxocortisol effect of dexamethasone acth and sodium restriction

Maynard D.F.; Norman A.W.; Okamura W.H., 1992: 18 substituted derivatives of vitamin d 18 acetoxy 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and related analogues

Viger A.; Coustal S.; Perard S.; Piffeteau A.; Marquet A., 1989: 18 substituted progesterone derivatives as inhibitors of aldosterone biosynthesis

Kirk, D. N.; Burke, P. J.; Toms, H. C.; Latif, S. A.; Morris, D. J., 1989: 18 substituted steroids part 15. 6 beta hydroxylation of aldosterone by liver

Latif, S. A.; Morris, D. J.; Wei, L.; Kirk, D. N.; Burke, P. J.; Toms, H. C.; Shackleton, C. H. L., 1989: 18 substituted steroids part 17. 2 alpha hydroxylated liver metabolites of aldosterone identified by high field proton nmr spectroscopy

Fujimoto S.; Hida K.; Tateishi A.; Nakashima T.; Kameyama Y.; Yamada N., 1991: 18 syndrome with cleft lip and palate a clinically diagnosed case

Reuland P.; Mueller Schauenburg W.; Kuehn H.; Keller K.D.; Feine U., 1988: 180 degree versus 360 degree rotation in skeletal spect

Jittinandana A.; Kecharanandana P.; Payanandana W.; Daramas M., 1988: 180 doses in 26 weeks vs 56 doses in 24 weeks of chemotherapy in pulmonary tuberculosis a preliminary report

Offit K.; Koduru P.R.K.; Hollis R.; Filippa D.; Jhanwar S.C.; Clarkson B.C.; Chaganti R.S.K., 1989: 18q21 rearrangement in diffuse large cell lymphoma incidence and clinical significance

Toffoli P.; Rodier N.; Le Menez P.; Kunesch N., 1991: 18r 18 methoxycarbonyl 17 oxo 1 p tolylsulfonylaspidofractinine

Fuchs P.; Krolak J.M.; Mcclain D.; Minton K.W., 1990: 18s ribosomal rna degradation is not accompanied by altered ribosomal rna transport at early times following irradiation of hela cells

Berbee M.L.; Taylor J.W., 1992: 18s ribosomal rna gene sequence characters place the human pathogen sporothrix schenckii in the genus ophiostoma

Krolak J.M.; Mcclain D.; Snyder S.L.; Fuchs P.; Minton K.W., 1989: 18s ribosomal rna is degraded during ribosome maturation in irradiated hela cells

Niwa, K.; Tsujimoto, H., 1992: 18s.26s ribosomal rna genes are not in every case located on the b chromosomes in the rye genome

Covey D.F.; Mcmullan P.C.; Wixler L.L.; Cabell M., 1988: 19 carbon 14 19 androstenedione a new substrate for assaying aromatase and studying its reaction mechanism

Ornek E.; Aktuglu G.; Ferhanoglu B.; Avanoglu Y.; Akman N.; Muftuoglu A.; Ulku B.; Ulutin O., 1991: 19 cases of myelodysplastic syndromes analyzed in relation to the fab classification

Fujiwara, T.; Watanabe, H.; Kogami, Y.; Shiritani, Y.; Sakakibara, H., 1989: 19 deformyl 4' deoxydesmycosin tmc 016 synthesis and biological properties of a unique 16 membered macrolide antibiotic

Fine J D.; Horiguchi Y.; Couchman J.R., 1989: 19 dej 1 a hemidesmosome anchoring filament complex associated monoclonal antibody definition of a new skin basement membrane antigenic defect in junctional and dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa

Fine J D., 1990: 19 dej 1 a monoclonal antibody to the hemidesmosome anchoring filament complex is the only reliable immunohistochemical probe for all major forms of junctional epidermolysis bullosa

Numazawa M.; Mutsumi A.; Hoshi K.; Koike R., 1989: 19 hydroxy 4 androsten 17 one potential competitive inhibitor of estrogen biosynthesis

Murase H.; Yasuda K.; Mercado Asis L.B.; Mori A.; Shimada T.; Mune T.; Morita H.; Noritake N.; Yamakita N.; Miura K., 1991: 19 hydroxyandrostenedione does not modulate tritiated aldosterone binding to human mononuclear leukocytes and rat renal cytosol

Iwasa S.; Ohigashi S.; Kosaki T.; Shimizu Y.; Komatsuzaki K.; Hashino M.; Saito H.; Yanaihara T., 1991: 19 hydroxyandrostenedione in human ovarian vein measured by gc ms

Griffing G.T.; Holbrook M.; Melby J.C.; Alberta J.; Orme Johnson N.R., 1989: 19 hydroxylase inhibition of adrenal mitochondrial p 450 11 beta 18 19 hydroxylase by a suicide inhibitor

Es Souni M.; Bournot P.; Berlot J.P.; Ramirez L.C., 1991: 19 hydroxylated steroids new metabolites produced by the y1 adrenal cell line

Sohma, Y.; Hirotani, T.; Kumamaru, H.; Inoue, T.; Hand, S.; Ogawa, S.; Abe, J., 1988: 19 mm st. jude medical prosthesis in aortic position

Azar S.T.; Melby J.C.; Holbrook M.M.; Wilson T.E.; Laraia J.; Lieberthal W., 1991: 19 nor doc biosynthesis in the isolated perfused rat kidney

Gomez Sanchez E.P.; Gomez Sanchez C.E., 1991: 19 nordeoxycorticosterone aldosterone and corticosterone excretion in sequential urine samples from male and female rats

Azar S.T.; Melby J.C., 1992: 19 nordeoxycorticosterone production from aldosterone producing adenomas

Azar S.T.; Melby J.C.; Wilson T.E.; Nichols R.; Schwartz J.H., 1991: 19 nordeoxycorticosterone synthesis by rat kidney inner medullary collecting duct cells

Macdougall D.F.; Jondorf W.R., 1989: 19 nortestosterone detection in canine plasma after intramuscular administration of 19 nortestosterone phenylpropionate

Lin L Z.; Cordell G.A., 1990: 19 o methylangustoline from camptotheca acuminata

Lin L Z.; Cordell G.A.; Ni C Z.; Clardy J., 1990: 19 r and 19 s hydroxydihydrokoumine from gelsemium elegans

Lustmann J.; Ulmansky M.; Fuxbrunner A.; Lewis A., 1991: 193 nm excimer laser ablation of bone

Morelli J.G.; Kibbi A G.; Boll J.; Tan O.T., 1988: 193 nm excimer laser selective ablation of in vivo guinea pig epidermis

Stillwagon G.B.; Order S.E.; Guse C.; Klein J.L.; Leichner P.K.; Leibel S.A.; Fishman E.K., 1989: 194 hepatocellular cancers treated by radiation and chemotherapy combinations toxicity and response a radiation therapy oncology group study

Beach K.W., 1992: 1975 2000 a quarter century of ultrasound technology

Zobel, D. B.; Antos, J. A., 1991: 1980 tephra from mount st. helens washington usa spatial and temporal variation beneath forest canopies

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Minaire P.; Chometon E., 1989: 1985 survey on rehabilitation facilities in french public regional hospitals

Olaleye O.D.; Omilabu S.A.; Faseru O.; Fagbami A.H., 1988: 1987 yellow fever epidemics in oyo state nigeria a survey for yellow fever virus hemagglutination inhibiting antibody in residents of two communities before and after the epidemics

Cross J.A., 1992: 1988 drought impacts among wisconsin dairy farmers

Siddique A.K.; Baqui A.H.; Eusof A.; Zaman K., 1991: 1988 floods in bangladesh pattern of illness and causes of death

Clements C.J.; Patel A.C.; Pearce N.E., 1989: 1988 new zealand national immunization survey methodology

Keeffe E.B.; O'connor K.W., 1990: 1989 asge survey of endoscopic sedation and monitoring practices

Pacela A.F., 1989: 1989 survey of hospital salaries and job responsibilities for clinical engineers and biomedical technicians

Mcafee P.C.; Farey I.D.; Sutterlin C.E.; Gurr K.R.; Warden K.E.; Cunningham B.W., 1989: 1989 volvo award in basic science device related osteoporosis with spinal instrumentation

Ladin Z.; Murthy K.R.; De Luca C.J., 1989: 1989 volvo award in biomechanics mechanical recruitment of low back muscles theoretical predictions and experimental validation

Mccombe P.F.; Fairbank J.C.T.; Cockersole B.C.; Pynsent P.B., 1989: 1989 volvo award in clinical sciences reproducibility of physical signs in low back pain

Alnot M O., 1991: 1990 cecos results french federation of cecos

Ehrmeyer S.S.; Laessig R.H.; Leinweber J.E.; Oryall J.J., 1990: 1990 medicare clia final rules for proficiency testing minimum intralaboratory performance characteristics cv and bias needed to pass

Cudahy J.J.; Troxler W.L., 1990: 1990 thermal remediation industry contractor survey

Sanning, D. E.; Lewis, N. M., 1990: 1990 update of the usa epa's site emerging technology program

Paul C.; Bagshaw S.; Bonita R.; Durham G.; Fitzgerald N.W.; Jones R.W.; Marshall B.; Mcavoy B.R., 1991: 1991 cervical screening recommendations a working group report

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