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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6930

Chapter 6930 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Block E.; Gernon M.; Kang H.; Zubieta J., 1988:
3 and 3 6 silylated 2 pyridinethiols new hindered bidentate ligands and their novel silver and copper clusters

Pena Rodriguez L.M.; Chilton W.S., 1989:
3 anhydroophiobolin a and 3 anhydro 6 epiophiobolin a phytotoxic metabolites of the johnson grass pathogen bipolaris sorghicola

Morales G.; Mclaughlin J.L., 1989:
3 beta 0 palmityllongispongenin from trichocereus chilensis

Mossa J.S.; Muhammad I.; E.F.raly F.S.; Hufford C.D., 1992:
3 beta 12 dihydroxyabieta 8 11 13 triene 1 one and other constituents from juniperus excelsa leaves

Singh S.K.; Tripathi V.J.; Singh R.H., 1990:
3 beta 24 dihydroxyolean 12 en 28 oic acid a pentacyclic triterpene acid from lantana indica

Notaro G.; Piccialli V.; Sica D.; Corriero G., 1991:
3 beta 5 alpha 6 beta trihydroxylated sterols with a saturated nucleus from two populations of the marine sponge cliona copiosa

Kioy D.; Gray A.I.; Waterman P.G., 1990:
3 beta 9 alpha dihydroxycinnamolide a further novel drimane sesquiterpene from the stem bark of canella winterana

Frank Raue K.; Junga G.; Raue F.; Korth Schuetz S.; Vecsei P.; Ziegler R., 1989:
3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 21 hydroxylase deficiency in hirsutism

Rowan D.D.; Russell G.B., 1992:
3 beta methoxyhop 22 29 ene from chionochloa cheesemanii

Posner G.H.; Nelson T.D.; Kinter C.M.; Afarinkia K., 1991:
3 bromo 2 pyrone an easily prepared chameleon diene and a synthetic equivalent of 2 pyrone in thermal diels alder cycloadditions

Nakanishi A.; Naganuma H.; Kondo J.; Watanabe K.; Hirano K.; Kawasaki T.; Kawahara Y., 1992:
3 bromomethyl 7 methoxy 1 4 benzoxazin 2 one as a highly sensitive fluorescence derivatization reagent for carboxylic acids in high performance liquid chromatography

Rao A.V.R.; Bose D.S.; Gurjar M.K.; Ravindranathan T., 1989:
3 butene 1 2 diol an attractive precursor for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure organic compounds

Yanovich V.G.; Vovk S.I.; Brodin S.V., 1991:
3 carbon 14 tryptophan and 2 carbon 14 alanine metabolism in cattle tissues

Koizumi J.; Yuasa Y.; Nakatsuka S.; Koda E.; Hiramatsu K., 1990:
3 cases of ectopic ureteral orifice terminating into seminal vesicle efficacy of ct

Velisek J.; Davidek T.; Davidek J.; Kubelka V.; Viden I., 1991:
3 chloro 1 2 propanediol derived amino acids in protein hydrolysates

Velisek J.; Davidek T.; Davidek J.; Hamburg A., 1991:
3 chloro 1 2 propanediol derived amino alcohol in protein hydrolysates

Fukui S.; Ogawa S.; Kita H.; Hanazaki Y.; Kami H., 1992:
3 chloro 4 dichloromethyl 5 hydroxy 2 5h furanone mx in chlorinated domestic sewage

Weber N.; Benning H., 1991:
3 chlorosteroids in protein hydrolysates determination by reversed phase hplc

Markaryan A.N.; Voznyi Y.V., 1990:
3 cyano 4 methylumbelliferyl beta d galactopyranoside a new chromogenic and fluorigenic substrate for the beta galactosidase from escherichia coli

Markaryan A.N.; Voznyi Y.V., 1992:
3 cyano 4 trifluoromethylumbelliferyl beta d galactopyranoside synthesis properties and application for beta galactosidase assay

Schiller C D.; Schneider M.R.; Von Angerer E., 1990:
3 cyclohexenonyl 4 4 hydroxyphenylhexanes antiandrogens derived from the estrogen hexestrol

Van Der Voort H.T.M.; Brakenhoff G.J., 1990:
3 d image formation in high aperture fluorescence confocal microscopy a numerical analysis

Tabbert, E.; Bollmann, R., 1990:
3 d irradiation planning on base of computed tomography tomoscan cx philips i. base of ct irradiation planning program ii. ct irradiation planning for after irradiation of mammary carcinoma

Rossi M.; Posa D., 1990:
3 d mapping of dissolved oxygen in mar piccolo a case study

Wharton D.A.; Murray D.S., 1989:
3 d reconstruction from optical sections of the traps of the nematophagous fungus arthrobotrys oligospora

Grevers G.; Vogl T.; Willimzig C.; Laub G., 1990:
3 d reconstruction of a huge adenoma of the parotid gland

Seela, F.; Grein, T.; Samnick, S., 1992:
3 deaza 2' deoxyadenosine synthesis via 4 methylthio 1h imidazo 4 5 c pyridine 2' deoxyribonucleosides and properties of oligonucleotides

Seela, F.; Lampe, S., 1991:
3 deazaguanine n 7 and n 9 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosides building blocks for solid phase synthesis and incorporation into oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Fujino H.; Goya S., 1989:
3 defluoro 1 3 5 triazinyl 1 ethylthio 2 n propylbenz f isoindole as a fluorescence derivatization reagent for estrogens in high performance liquid chromatography

Rizzo, C.J.; Dougherty, J.P.; Breslow, R., 1992:
3 deoxy 2' phosphoramidites of adenosine and 5 methyluridine used for the solid phase synthesis of unnatural 3' deoxy 2' 5 oligonucleotides

Lee A.S.; Norman A.W.; Okamura W.H., 1992:
3 deoxy 3 thia 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and its 1 beta epimer synthesis and biological evaluation

Borthwick, A.D.; Biggadike, K., 1992:
3 deoxy 3' fluoroxylo neplanocin a

Hedstrom L.; Abeles R., 1988:
3 deoxy d manno octulosonate 8 phosphate synthase catalyzes the carbon oxygen bond cleavage of phosphoenolpyruvate

Cirrincione, G.; Almerico, A.M.; Aiello, E.; Dattolo, G.; Jones, R.A., 1990:
3 diazopyrroles iv. structure determination using carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Houkin K.; Miyasaka K.; Tanaka H.; Takamori K.; Kishinami T.; Nishikawa T.; Kamiyama H.; Aida T.; Iwasaki Y.; E.A., 1991:
3 dimensional mr brain image using volume rendering method

Yamada, H.; Nagakura, H., 1988:
3 dimensional reconstruction from a projection of a 2 dimensional crystal 1. reconstruction of the tomogram from the 1 dimensional projection

Martinez Perez J.A.; Gomez Gonzalez C.; Sosa Rodriguez M.E.; Noda Llerena L.T., 1991:
3 epi beta yohimbine from roots of rauwolfia linearifolia

Irwin A.J., 1992:
3 ethoxy 1 propanol a strain and species dependent yeast metabolite

Jackson B.D.; Wright P.J.; Morgan E.D., 1989:
3 ethyl 2 5 dimethylpyrazine a component of the trail pheromone of the ant messor bouvieri

Engesser K.H.; Auling G.; Busse J.; Knackmuss H J., 1990:
3 fluorobenzoate enriched bacterial strain flb 300 degrades benzoate and all three isomeric monofluorobenzoates

Stawinski J.; Thelin M., 1992:
3 h 2 1 benzoxathiol 3 one 1 oxide a new reagent for stereospecific oxidation of nucleoside h phosphonothioate diesters

Kato N.; Miyamoto N.; Shimao M.; Sakazawa C., 1988:
3 hexulose phosphate synthase from a new facultative methylotroph mycobacterium gastri mb19

Ozand P.T.; A.A.eel A.; Gascon G.; Brismar J.; Thomas E.; Gleispach H., 1991:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a hmg coenzyme a lyase deficiency in saudi arabia

Gibson K.M.; Lee C.F.; Kamali V.; Johnston K.; Beaudet A.L.; Craigen W.J.; Powell B.R.; Schwartz R.; Tsai M.Y.; Tuchman M., 1990:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiency as detected by radiochemical assay in cell extracts by thin layer chromatography and identification of three new cases

Berges J.A.; Ballantyne J.S., 1989:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase from tissues of the oyster crassostrea virginica the little skate raja erinacea and the lake charr salvelinus namaycush a simplified spectrophotometric assay

Gibson K.M.; Hoffmann G.; Schwall A.; Broock R.L.; Aramaki S.; Sweetman L.; Nyhan W.L.; Brandt I.K.; Wappner R.S.; E.A., 1990:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity in cultured fibroblasts from patients with mevalonate kinase deficiency differential response to lipid supplied by fetal bovine serum in tissue culture medium

Boll M.; Kardinal A., 1990:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase from spruce picea abies properties and regulation

Wittsuwannakul R.; Wittsuwannakul D.; Suwanmanee P., 1990:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase from the latex of hevea brasiliensis

Hupperich M.; Thomer A.; Eggerer H., 1992:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase mediates the preparation of its substrate diastereomers and is inhibited by 3r 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a

Motoc I.; Sit S.Y.; Harte W.E.; Balasubramanian N.; Wright J.J., 1991:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase molecular modeling three dimensional structure activity relationships inhibitor design

Wrensford L.W.; Rodwell V.W.; Anderson V.E., 1991:
3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryldithio coenzyme a a potent inhibitor of pseudomonas mevalonii hmg coenzyme a reductase

Parvex, M.; Ogbeide, O.N., 1990:
3 hydroxy 4' methoxyflavone from millettia zechiana

Herderich M.; Winterhalter P., 1991:
3 hydroxy retro alpha ionol a natural precursor of isomeric edulans in purple passion fruit passiflora edulis sims

Bernart M.; Gerwick W.H., 1990:
3 hydroxyacetylindole a plant growth regulator from the oregon usa red alga prionitis lanceolata

Aihara K.; Higuchi T.; Hirobe M., 1990:
3 hydroxycoumarins first direct preparation from coumarins using a copper ascorbic acid oxygen system and their potent bioactivities

Hjeds H.; Christensen I.T.; Cornett C.; Frolund B.; Falch E.; Pedersen J.B.; Krogsgaard Larsen P., 1992:
3 hydroxyisoxazole bioisosteres of gaba synthesis of a series of 4 substituted muscimol analogues and identification of a bicyclic 2 isoxazoline rearrangement product

Vioque B.; Fernandez Maculet J.C., 1990:
3 hydroxypropylamide formation from 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid by a cell free ethylene forming system from olive leaves

Zolotov N.N.; Smirnov L.D.; Kuz'min V.I.; Dyumaev K.M.; Kharshan M.A.; Khailova A.N.; Nifant'ev E.E., 1989:
3 hydroxypyridine derivatives as the inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes

Suzuki T.; Miyata S., 1991:
3 hydroxyretinol in the rhodopsin porphyropsin retina of an invertebrate procambarus clarkii

Elix J.A.; Jin Y.; Adler M.T., 1989:
3 hydroxyumbilicaric acid and 3 methoxyumbilicaric acid new tridepsides from the lichen parmelinopsis bonariensis

Ohigashi H.; Kaji M.; Sakaki M.; Koshimizu K., 1989:
3 hydroxyuridine an allelopathic factor of an african tree baillonella toxisperma

Burbaev D.S.; Vakhnina L.V.; Zoz N.N., 1988:
3 iron sulfur centers of pea mitochondria

Schneider P.G.; Girardi E.; Rodriguez D.L.res Arnaiz G., 1992:
3 mercaptopropionic acid administration increases the affinity of tritiated quinuclidinyl benzilate binding to membranes of the striatum and cerebellum

Lambert J.L.; Paukstells J.V.; Chiang Y.C., 1989:
3 methyl 2 benzothiazolinone acetone azine with 2 phenylphenol as a solid passive monitoring reagent for ozone

Halladay P.K.; Cowden W.B., 1990:
3 methyl 8 substituted phenylpteridine 2 4 3h 8h diones as potential antimalarials

Narisawa K.; Gibson K.M.; Sweetman L.; Nyhan W.L., 1989:
3 methylglutaconyl coenzyme a hydratase 3 methylcrotonyl coenzyme a carboxylase and 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiencies a coupled enzyme assay useful for their detection

Van Eijk H.M.; Deutz N.E.P.; Wagenmakers A.J.M.; Soeters P.B., 1990:
3 methylhistidine determined in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Itaya T.; Harada T., 1990:
3 methylisoguanosine synthesis and acidic hydrolysis of the glycosyl bond

Guth H.; Grosch W., 1989:
3 methylnonane 2 4 dione an intense odor compound formed during flavor reversion of soybean oil

Mcclure T.D.; Schram K.H.; Nakano K.; Yasaka T., 1989:
3 methyluridine in normal human urine

Itaya T.; Harada T., 1989:
3 methylxanthosine synthesis and acidic hydrolysis of the glycosyl bond

Trolle L., 1988:
3 new danish leafhoppers homoptera auchenorrhyncha found in approximately 1 2 hour

Benn M.H.; Majak W., 1989:
3 nitro 1 propyl beta d laminaribioside from astragalus miser var serotinus

Mohan P.; Cannon J.G., 1988:
3 o 1 phenyltetrazol 5 ylmorphine in the acid catalyzed morphine apomorphine rearrangement formation of a side product due to 1 phenyltetrazole group migration

Huneck S.; Jakupovic J.; Follmann G., 1991:
3 o methylpannaric acid from the lichen roccella capensis

Asano K.; Sano H.; Masunaga I.; Kawamoto I., 1989:
3 o methylrhamnose identification and distribution in catellatospora spp and related actinomycetes

Bermudez, J.; Gregory, J.A.; King, F.D.; Starr, S.; Summersell, R.J., 1992:
3 oxagranatane 3 oxa 9 azabicyclo 3.3.1 nonane derivatives as highly potent serotonin 5 ht 3 receptor antagonists

Lee C H.; Korp J.D.; Kohn H., 1989:
3 oxo and 3 imino 4 substituted 1 2 5 thiadiazolidine 1 1 dioxides synthesis spectral properties and selected chemistry

Sheldon P.S.; Kekwick R.G.O.; Smith C.G.; Sidebottom C.; Slabas A.R., 1992:
3 oxoacyl acp reductase from oilseed rape brassica napus

Gelman D.B.; Demilo A.B.; Thyagaraja B.S.; Kelly T.J.; Masler E.P.; Bell R.A.; Borkovec A.B., 1991:
3 oxoecdysteroid 3 beta reductase in various organs of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis hubner

Iden P.; Middleton B.; Robinson B.H.; Sherwood W.G.; Gibson K.M.; Sweetman L.; Sovik O., 1990:
3 oxothiolase activities and carbon 14 labeled 2 methylbutanoic acid incorporation in cultured fibroblasts from 13 cases of suspected 3 oxothiolase deficiency

Crider A.M.; Andersen P.H.; Cruse S.F.; Ghosh D.; Harpalani A., 1992:
3 phenylpyrrolidines synthesis and evaluation of the in vitro binding affinity at d1 and d2 receptors

Levy M.A.; Metcalf B.W.; Brandt M.; Erb J.M.; O.H.J.; Heaslip J.I.; Yen H K.; Rozamus L.W.; Holt D.A., 1991:
3 phosphinic acid and 3 phosphonic acid steroids as inhibitors of steroid 5 alpha reductase species comparison and mechanistic studies

Misra A.R.; Yadav L.D.S.; Singh H.; Misra J.P., 1990:
3 plus 2 cycloaddition of 1 3 4 oxadiazol 2 ylhydrazones to aryl isothiocyanates and fungitoxicity of the resulting thiadiazolidines

Safrany S.T.; Wilcox R.A.; Liu C.; Potter B.V.L.; Nahorski S.R., 1992:
3 position modification of myo inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate consequences for intracellular calcium mobilisation and enzyme recognition

Kinoshita T.; Tatara S.; H.F.C.; Sankawa U., 1989:
3 prenylindoles from murraya paniculata and their biogenetic significance

Denoble V.J.; Jones K.W.; Schaeffer C.L.; Bauerle L.M., 1990:
3 racemic 2 carboxypiperazin 4 ylpropyl 1 phosphonic acid cpp and phencyclidine produce a deficit of passive avoidance retention in rats

Hatta K.; Yamamato T.; Hori T.; Okuwa M.; Moroji T., 1991:
3 racemic 2 carboxypiperazin 4 ylpropyl 1 phosphonic acid cpp more potently antagonizes the high affinity magnesium ion binding site on the n methyl d aspartate phencyclidine receptor ion channel complex than the l glutamate recognition site

Liu B.; E.A., 1989:
3 step purification method for interleukin 2 and its application

Berthelot P.; Vaccher C.; Flouquet N.; Debaert M.; Luyckx M.; Brunet C., 1991:
3 thienylaminobutyric acid and 3 furylaminobutyric acids synthesis and binding gaba b receptor studies

Shaw A.A.; Shetlar M.D., 1990:
3 ureidoacrylonitriles novel products from the photoisomerization of cytosine 5 methylcytosine and related compounds

Minami T.; Matsumoto Y.; Nakamura S.; Koyanagi S.; Yamaguchi M., 1992:
3 vinylcoumarins and 3 vinylchromenes as dienes application to the synthesis of 3 4 fused coumarins and chromenes

Samaiya, G.C.; Saxena, V.K., 1989:
3' 4' methylenedioxy 7 hydroxy 6 isopentenylflavone a new flavone from fagopyrum cymosum

Lupidi, G.; Eufemi, M.; Luciani, S.; Ferraro, A.; Riva, F., 1990:
3' 5' cyclic amp phosphodiesterase in pig liver nuclei

Lehmann, C.; Xu, Y.Z.; Christodoulou, C.; Gait, M.J.; Van-Meervelt, L.; Moore, M.; Kennard, O., 1991:
3' 5' regioselectivity of introduction of the 9 fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl group to 2' o tetrahydropyran 2 yl and 2' o 4 methoxytetrahydropyran 4 yl nucleosides useful intermediates for solid phase rna synthesis

Charlieu, J.P.; Laurent, A.M.; Carter, D.A.; Bellis, M.; Roizès, G., 1992:
3' Alu PCR: a simple and rapid method to isolate human polymorphic markers

Vakulenko, S.B.; Entina, E.G.; Fomina, I.P.; Navashin, S.M., 1988:
3' aminoglycoside phosphotransferase gene cloning characterization and use as a molecular probe

Ohnota, H.; Okada, Y.; Ushijima, H.; Kitamura, T.; Komuro, K.; Mizuochi, T., 1990:
3' azido 3' deoxythymidine prevents induction of murine acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in c57bl 10 mice infected with lp bm5 murine leukemia viruses a possible animal model for antiretroviral drug screening

Christofori, G.; Keller, W., 1988:
3' cleavage and polyadenylation of messenger rna precursors in vitro requires a poly adenylate polymerase a cleavage factor and a small nuclear rnp

Kuhn, A.; Grummt, I., 1989 :
3' end formation of mouse pre recombinant rna involves both transcription termination and a specific processing reaction

Abe, F.; Mori, Y.; Yamauchi, T., 1991:
3' epi 19 norafroside and 12 beta hydroxycoroglaucigenin from asclepias curassavica

Kalinichenko, E.N.; Podkopaeva, T.L.; Kelve, M.; Saarma, M.; Mikhailopulo, I.A., 1990:
3' fluoro 3' deoxy analogs of 2' 5 oligoadenylate 5' monophosphate binding to 2' 5 oligoadenylate dependent endoribonuclease and susceptibility to 2' 5' phosphodiesterase degradation

Matthes, E.; Scholz, D.; Sydow, G.; Von-Janta-Lipinski, M.; Rosenthal, H.A.; Langen, P., 1990:
3' fluoro substituted deoxynucleosides as potential anti aids drugs

Miles, D.H.; Rosa-Del-Medeiros, J.M.; Chittawong, V.; Swithenbank, C.; Lidert, Z.; Weeks, J.A.; Atwood, J.L.; Hedin, P.A., 1990:
3' formyl 2' 4' 6' trihydroxy 5' methyldihydrochalcone a prospective new agrochemical from psidium acutangulum

Yuzhakov, A.A.; Chidzhavadze, Z.G.; Bibilashvili, R.S. ; Kraevskii, A.A.; Galegov, G.A.; Korneeva, M.N.; Posik, D.N.; Kilesso, T.Y., 1991:
3' mercapto 3' deoxy ttp terminates dna synthesis by rna dependent dna polymerases

Petersen, D.D.; Koch, S.R.; Granner, D.K., 1989:
3' noncoding region of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase messenger rna contains a glucocorticoid responsive messenger rna stabilizing element

Pironcheva, G.; Russev, G., 1991:
3' processing of histone h4 precursor messenger rna requires the presence of a small nuclear rnp particle

Stauber, C.; Schuemperli, D., 1988:
3' processing of pre messenger rna plays a major role in proliferation dependent regulation of histone gene expression

Camarasa, M.J.; Perez-Perez, M.J.; San-Felix, A.; Balzarini, J.; De-Clercq, E., 1992:
3' spironucleosides a new class of specific human immunodeficiency virus type 1 inhibitors synthesis and antiviral activity of 2' 5' bis o tert butyldimethylsilyl beta d xylo and ribofuranose 3' spiro 5 4 amino 1 2 oxathiole 2 2 dioxide tsao pyrimidine nucleosides

Seela, F.; Muth, H.P., 1991:
3' substituted and 2' 3' unsaturated 7 deazaguanine 2' 3' dideoxynucleosides syntheses and inhibition of hiv 1 reverse transcriptase

Genu-Dellac, C.; Gosselin, G.; Aubertin, A.M.; Obert, G.; Kirn, A.; Imbach, J.L., 1991:
3' substituted thymine alpha l nucleoside derivatives as potential antiviral agents synthesis and biological evaluation

Sarkar, N.; Taljandisz, J.; Karnik, P.; Shen, P.; Gopalakrishna, Y., 1989:
3' terminal polyadenylation of messenger rna in procaryotes

Takagi, K.; Yamaki, K.; Satake, T.; Awaya, M., 1990:
3. inhalation therapy for bronchial asthma a. bronchodilator beta 2 stimulant

Minassian, D.C.; Mehra, V., 1990:
3.8 million blinded by cataract each year: projections from the first epidemiological study of incidence of cataract blindness in India

Merenmies J.; Pihlaskari R.; Laitinen J.; Wartiovaara J.; Rauvala H., 1991:
30 kda heparin binding protein of brain amphotericin involved in neurite outgrowth amino acid sequence and localization in the filopodia of the advancing plasma membrane

Ikuta A.; Itokawa H., 1989:
30 noroleanane saponins from callus tissues of akebia quinata

Brooks, S.E.H.; Wolff, C., 1991:
30 year cancer trends in jamaica kingston and st. andrew 1958 1987

Kaaber S.; Nielsen O.F., 1988:
30 year changes of the butterfly fauna in an area of central jutland denmark

Cremiere L.; Ehrhart Y., 1990:
30 years of introduction of pine species in new caledonia south pacific ocean

Hoffmann H., 1990:
30 years pig health service in bavaria west germany

Hellqvist M.; Lemdahl G., 1990:
300 year old insect remains from falun sweden

Karvonen, J.; Kokkonen, E.L.; Ruotsalainen, E., 1989:
311 nm UVB lamps in the treatment of psoriasis with the Ingram regimen

Rein M.S.; Hill J.A., 1989:
32 percent dextran 70 hyskon inhibits lymphocyte and macrophage function in vitro a potential new mechanism for adhesion prevention

Kupriyanova N.S.; Timofeeva M.Ya, 1988:
32s preribosomal rna processing a dynamic model for interaction with u3 rna and structural rearrangements of spacer regions

Mueller Eckhardt C.; Kiefel V.; Grubert A.; Kroll H.; Weisheit M.; Schmidt S.; Mueller Eckhardt G.; Santoso S., 1989:
348 cases of suspected neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia

Simirskii, V.N.; Aleinkova, K.S.; Mikhailov, A.T., 1990:
35 kda polypeptide of the frog rana temporaria l. eye lens biochemical properties tissue specificity and appearance during larval development

Simonin P.; Juergens U.J.; Rohmer M., 1992:
35 o beta 6 amino 6 deoxyglucopyranosylbacteriohopanetetrol a novel triterpenoid of the hopane series from the cyanobacterium synechocystis sp pcc 6714

Tiews, K., 1990:
35 years' abundance trends 1954 1988 of 25 fish and crustacean stocks on the german north sea coast

Chave J P.; Juvet A.; Maziero A.; Francioli P., 1990:
364 anonymous screening tests for aids at the centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois switzerland who why

Grogor'ev A.I.; Morukov B.V., 1989:
370 day long antiorthostatic hypokinesia goals and protocols

Aldinger G.; Weipert A., 1991:
3d based manufacturing of hip implants the aldinger system

Altschuler M.D.; Bloch P.; Buhle E.L.; Ayyalasomayajula S., 1992:
3d dose calculations for electron and photon beams

Lauinger N., 1991:
3d grafting optics of human vision

Kretzschmar A.; Aries F., 1990:
3d images of natural and experimental earthworm burrow systems

Held P.; Rupp N.; Obletter N.; Braitinger S.; Breit A., 1991:
3d mr imaging of the head and neck

VanDyke, C.W.; Modic, M.T.; Beale, S.M.; Amartur, S.; Ross, J.S., 1992:
3D MR myelography

Cherry, S.R.; Dahlbom, M.; Hoffman, E.J., 1991:
3D PET using a conventional multislice tomograph without septa

Duijn J.H.; Matson G.B.; Maudsley A.A.; Weiner M.W., 1992:
3d phase encoding proton spectroscopic imaging of human brain

Kim K.H., 1992:
3d quantitative structure activity relationships description of electronic effects directly from 3d structures using a grid comparative molecular field analysis comfa approach

Schlegel W., 1991:
3d reconstructions in radiation therapy planning

Rico M.; Santoro J.; Gonzalez C.; Bruix M.; Luis Neira J.; Luis Nieto J.; Herranz J., 1991:
3d structure of bovine pancreatic rnase a in aqueous solution an approach to tertiary structure determination from a small basis of proton nmr noe correlations

Schubert R.; Hoeltje W J.; Tiede U.; Hoehne K.H., 1991:
3d visualisation in craniofacial surgery

Zhu L P.; Shi L.; Zheng D K.; Guo B C.; Wang X.; Zhang S Z., 1989:
3d5 a human b cell line that responds specifically to b cell growth factor bcgf

Wagle, W.A.; Dumoulin, C.L.; Souza, S.P.; Cline, H.E., 1989:
3DFT MR angiography of carotid and basilar arteries

Masaryk, A.M.; Ross, J.S.; DiCello, M.C.; Modic, M.T.; Paranandi, L.; Masaryk, T.J., 1991:
3DFT MR angiography of the carotid bifurcation: potential and limitations as a screening examination

Kaur, H.; Dhillon, S.S.; Sandhu, R., 1992:
3ntpt a newly discovered antifertility agent vi. cytochemical alterations in nucleic acids during vitellogenesis of red cotton bug

Mantell S.J.; Ford P.S.; Watkin D.J.; Fleet G.W.J.; Brown D., 1992:
3r hydroxymuscarine from l rhamnose without protection

Carroll F.I.; Abraham P.; Gaetano K.; Mascarella S.W.; Wohl R.A.; Lind J.; Petzoldt K., 1991:
3s 3 hydroxyquinidine the major biotransformation product of quinidine synthesis and conformational studies x ray molecular structure of 3s 3 hydroxyquinidine methanesulphonate

Niederer D.; Sequin U.; Drautz H.; Zaehner H., 1990:
3s 5r 6e 8e deca 6 8 dien 1 3 5 triol a new metabolite from streptomyces fimbriatus millard et burr 1926

Lenstra, A.T.H.; Verbruggen, M.; Bracke, B.; Vanhouteghem, F.; Reyniers, F.; Borremans, F., 1991:
3s 6s 3 isopropyl 1 4 diazabicyclo 4.4.0 decane 2 5 dione bayesian statistics in data analysis

Reed B.C.; Shade D.; Alpervoich F.; Vang M., 1990:
3t3 l1 adipocyte glucose transporter hepg2 class sequence and regulation of protein and messenger rna expression by insulin differentiation and glucose starvation

Kucklaender U.; Ulmer P.; Zerta G., 1989:
4 1 4 benzoquinonyl 2 1 4 dihydropyridines as analogues of nifedipine M.S.; Khalifa S.I.; E.F.raly F.S., 1989:
4 13 alpha epoxymuzigadial a sesquiterpene from canella winterana

Tsuruta Y.; Tonogaito H.; Takata Y.; Date Y.; Fujioka H.; Sato K.; Kohashi K., 1992:
4 2 phthalimidylbenzoyl cyanide as fluorescent labeling reagent for alcohols in high performance liquid chromatography

Simantiras, M.; Schmidt, K.; Leistner, E., 1991:
4 2' carboxyphenyl 4 oxobutyrate preparative isolation from anthraquinone producing cell suspension cultures of galium mollugo

Fontan C.A.; Olsina R.A., 1989:
4 3 5 dichloro 2 pyridylazo 1 3 diaminobenzene as a metallochromic indicator for the complexometric determination of copper ii with edta

Bordi F.; Catellani P.L.; Morini G.; Plazzi P.V.; Silva C.; Barocelli E.; Chiavarini M., 1989:
4 3 oxo 1 2 benzisothiazolin 2 ylalkanoic phenyl and phenoxyalkanoic acids synthesis and antiphlogistic analgesic antipyretic properties

Vesonder R.F.; Burmeister H.R.; Tjarks L.W., 1990:
4 4 24 trimethylcholesta 8 14 24 28 trien 2 alpha 3 beta 11 alpha 12 beta tetrol 12 acetate 3 sulfate from fusarium graminearum

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4 4 hydroxyphenyl 2 butanone raspberry ketone review of natural occurrence and biogenesis

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4 4' 5' trimethyl 8 azapsoralen a new photoreactive and non skin phototoxic bifunctional bioisostere of psoralen

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4 4' bisdimethylaminothiobenzophenone as a 2 chloroethylethylsulfide vapor sensing coating for optical based microsensors

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4 4' dichlorobenzilic acid urinary excretion by dicofol pesticide applicators

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4 4' dihydroxychalcone from the heartwood of chamaecyparis obtusa

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4 4' diisothiocyanatostilbene 2 2' disulfonic acid inhibits cd3 t cell antigen receptor stimulated calcium influx in human t lymphocytes

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4 4' dimethoxytrityl and 4 monomethoxytrityl tetrafluoroborate convenient reagents for the protection of primary alcohols including sugars

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4 4' substituted benzoylaminobenzenesulfonyl l dextro glutamic acids and 5 n substituted 2 4' 4 substituted benzoylaminobenzenesulfonyl l glutamines as potential antineoplastic agents synthesis biological evaluation and quantitative structure activity relationship studies

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4 5 diaminophthalhydrazide as a highly sensitive chemiluminescence derivatization reagent for alpha dicarbonyl compounds in high performance liquid chromatography

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4 5 diaminophthalhydrazide as a highly sensitive chemiluminescence reagent for alpha keto acids in liquid chromatography

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4 5 dihydro 4 5 dihydroxyimidazoles as products of the reduction of 2 nitroimidazoles hplc assay and demonstration of equilibrium transfer of glyoxal to guanine

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4 5 dimethoxy 2 3 1 4 oxazinan 4 yl 3 oxopropyl n 2 pyridyl benzenesulfonamide methanol solvate

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4 5 disubstituted 2 hexenoic and 2 pentenoic acids and esters a proton nmr and mm2 study

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4 5 phenyloxazolyl 2 1 pentadecylpyridinium fluorescent probe for the determination of surface area of membranes and lipoproteins

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4 6 o benzylidene d glucopyranose bg in the treatment of solid malignant tumors an extended phase i study

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4 6' methoxy 3' 4' dihydronaphthalen 1' ylbutan 2 one and the derived guareschi imide

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4 acetamido 4' isothiocyanostilbene 2 2' disulfonic acid inhibits acth secretion from anterior pituitary cells

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4 acetamidophenyl esters and 4 acetamidoanilides of l arginine p guanidino l phenylalanine l lysine n 2 d fructos 3 o yl and delta glucos 3 o ylacetyl l lysine as potential acrosin inhibitors

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4 alkoxycarbonyloxazoles as beta hydroxy alpha amino acid synthons efficient stereoselective syntheses of 3 amino 2 3 6 trideoxyhexoses and a hydroxy amino acid moiety of a1 77 b

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4 alkyl 1 4 dihydropyridine derivatives as specific paf acether antagonists

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4 alkyl 3 phenyl 2h 1 benzopyran 2 ones and related compounds as potential pesticides

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4 alkynylphenylsilatranes insecticidal activity mammalian toxicity and mode of action

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4 alpha 14 alpha dimethyl 5 alpha ergosta 7 9 11 24 28 trien 3 beta ol from phaseolus vulgaris and gynostemma pentaphyllum

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4 alpha methylvernosterol and other sterols from vernonia anthelmintica seeds

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4 amido 3 4 dihydro 2h 1 benzothiopyran 3 ols and their sulfoxide and sulfone derivatives cromakalim analogues

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4 amino 1 phenylpyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidin 65h one an isoguanosine analogue

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4 amino 3 alkylbutanoic acids as substrate for gamma aminobutyric acid aminotransferase

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4 amino 6 7 diarylpyrazino 2 3 c 1 2 6 thiadiazine 2 2 dioxides a new family of anthelmintic drugs

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4 aminobutyrate is not available to bacteroids of cowpea rhizobium mnf2030 in snake bean nodules

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4 aminopyridine 2 3 dicarboxylic acid from clitocybe acromelalga

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4 aminopyridine activates an inhibitory alpha 1 adrenergic mechanism unmasked by nifedipine on the electrically stimulated rat vas deferens

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4 aminopyridine and low calcium differentiate presynaptic inhibition mediated by neuropeptide y baclofen and 2 chloroadenosine in rat hippocampal ca1 in vitro

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4 aminopyridine causes a voltage dependent block of the transient outward potassium current in rat melanotrophs

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4 aminopyridine induced increase in basal and stimulation evoked tritiated na release in slices from rat hippocampus calcium ion sensitivity and presynaptic control

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4 aminopyridine stimulates b 50 gap43 phosphorylation and tritiated noradrenaline release in rat hippocampal slices

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4 anilides of 1 substituted 2 5 dimethylpiperidines synthesis and analgesic activity

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4 azido 3 5 tritiated phenacyl bromide a versatile bifunctional reagent for photoaffinity radiolabeling synthesis of prostaglandin 4 azido 3 5 tritiated phenacyl esters

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4 beta phorbol 12 13 dibutyrate enhances potassium stimulated dopamine release from hippocampal slices

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4 borono 2 fluorine 18 fluoro d l phenylalanine a possible tracer for melanoma diagnosis with pet

Ishiwata K.; Ido T.; Kawamura M.; Kubota K.; Ichihashi M.; Mishima Y., 1991:
4 borono 2 fluorine 18 fluoro d l phenylalanine as a target compound for boron neutron capture therapy tumor imaging potential with positron emission tomography

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4 carboxymalonanilic acid amides exhibiting antiinflammatory and neurotropic activity

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4 carboxymethylflavan 3 ols and procyanidins from davallia divaricata

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4 chloro 3 hydroxyanthranilate inhibits brain 3 hydroxyanthranilate oxidase

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4 chloroacetylpyridine adenine dinucleotide a chromophoric reagent for the thiol group study with glutathione and with aldehyde dehydrogenase

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4 desmethylsterols from the marine bivalve macoma balthica

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4 dimethylaminopyridine n oxide as an excellent catalyst for thione to thiol rearrangement of xanthates

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4 epihenryine a a diterpene from rabdosia henryi

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4 ethyl 4 phenylbutyrolactone a new anticonvulsant

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4 fluorine 18 fluoro l m tyrosine an l dopa analog for probing presynaptic dopaminergic function with positron emission tomography

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4 hexylresorcinol and prevention of shrimp blackspot residual analyses

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4 hydroxy 7 8 dihydro beta ionone and isomeric megastigma 6 8 dien 4 ones new c 13 norisoprenoids in quince cydonia oblonga mill. fruit

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4 hydroxyacetophenone and its glucoside picein as chemical indicators for stress in picea abies

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4 hydroxyandrostenedione in the prophylaxis of n methyl n nitrosourea induced mammary tumorigenesis

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4 hydroxymethylquinoline from polyporus spp

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4 hydroxynonenal interacts with tubulin by reacting with its functional sulfhydryl groups

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4 hydroxyundecyldocosanoate and cycloartenone in artocarpus integra latex

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4 iodine 125 labelled iodo 2 5 dimethoxyphenylisopropylamine and tritiated ketanserin labeling of 5 hydroxytryptamine 2 5ht 2 receptors in mammalian cells transfected with a rat 5ht 2 complementary dna evidence for multiple states and not multiple 5ht 2 receptor subtypes

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4 iodine 135 iodospiperone as a ligand for dopamine da receptors in vitro and in vivo experiments in a rat model

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4 methylthiobenzoic acid reduces cisplatin nephrotoxicity in rats without compromising anti tumor activity

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4 o benzyl 2 3 o isopropylidene l threose a useful building block for stereoselective synthesis of monosaccharides

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4 o methyl d glucurono d xylan degradation by gamma irradiation part 1. dose effects on the macromolecular properties

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4 o methyl d glucurono d xylan from the leaves of the marsh mallow althaea officinalis var rhobusta

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4 o methyl l threonine oxytocin synthesis and uterotonic activity

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4 o methylhiascic acid and 5 o acetyl 4 o methylhiascic acid two new lichen tridepsides

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4 phenylamidopiperidines synthesis pharmacological testing and sar analysis

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4 phenylsulfinyl and 4 phenylsulfonylcoumarins as 2 pi components in cycloaddition reactions

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4 plus 1 cycloaddition of benzyl isonitrile with cyclic azadiene systems of 1 2 4 5 tetrazines and 1 2 4 triazines

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4 plus 2 cycloaddition of conjugated azomethines to aryl isothiocyanates and fungitoxicity of the resulting 6 7 dihydro 1 3 4 thiadiazolo 3 2 a s triazine 5h thiones

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4 plus 2 cycloaddition reaction of dibenzylazodicarboxylate and glycals

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4 quinolone resistant neisseria gonorrhoeae in the uk

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4 s variation in basic activity in serous meningo encephalitis

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4 siloxy alpha bromocrotonate a new reagent for 2 plus 3 annulation leading to oxygenated cyclopentenes at low temperature

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4 substituted 3 hydroxy 1h pyrrole 2 5 dione derivatives inhibitors of glycolate oxidase and of photosynthesis in chenopodium album

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4 sulfobenzoate 3 4 dioxygenase purification and properties of a desulfonative two component enzyme system from comamonas testosteroni t 2

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4 tetrazoylalkylpiperidine 2 carboxylic acids potent and selective n methyl d aspartic acid receptor antagonists with a short duration of action

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4 thia trans 2 alkenoyl coenzyme a derivatives properties and enzymatic reactions

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4 tritium labelling of the calcium ionophore a 23187 calcimycin

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4 year catamnesis of 72 patients with anorexia nervosa

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4 years results after intraarticular transfer of the iliotibial band for anterior cruciate insufficiency insall procedure

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4' 5 dihydroxy 7 methoxyflavanone

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4' epidoxorubicin epirubicin as a single agent in advanced primary hepatocellular carcinoma

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4' galactosyllactose production in a jar fermentor by cryptococcus laurentii okn 4

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4' o tetrahydropyranyladriamycin has greater antineoplastic activity than adriamycin in various human tumors in vitro

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4' substituted nucleosides as inhibitors of hiv an unusual oxetane derivative

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40 hz auditory evoked response 40 hz aer in rabbits effects of lesions

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40 hz eeg asymmetry during recall of emotional events in walking and hypnosis differences between low and high hypnotizables

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41 epidoxorubicin epirubicin as a single agent in advanced primary hepatocellular carcinoma a preliminary experience

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413 cases of abnormal fetal position corrected by auricular plaster therapy

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41st contribution towards the knowledge of the neotropical fauna coleoptera malachiidae

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45 kDa fragment of the kinesin molecule possesses high ATPase activity and binds to microtubules

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45 x 46 x plus rx can have a distinct phenotype different from ullrich turner syndrome

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45 x 46 xy and 45 x 46 xy 47 xyy mosaics

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45 x 46 xy mosaicism and gonadoblastoma

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46 xx r13 46 xx iso psu dic13 mosaicism

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47 xxy 48 xxy plus 21 chromosomal mosaicism presenting as hypospadias with scrotal transposition

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48 hour continuous ph measurement in patients with gastro oesophageal reflux effect of cisapride

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48 hour cycles of alternating catatonic syndromes catatonia alternans

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48 xxxx syndrome follow up of a girl from birth to 6 1 2 years and a review of the literature

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49 xxxxy syndrome behavioral and developmental profiles

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4a 6 bis n methylanilino 7 hydroxy 2 3 8 trimethyl 4a 9a dihydro xanthen 1 4 dione a thermolytic product of 6 n methylanilino 7a methyl 3a 7a dihydroindazole 4 7 dione

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5 10 8 9 disecosteroids equals stroklastanes a new type of modified steroids

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5 10 years follow up study of an arched high tibial osteotomy

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5 12 di 1 alkylthioquinanthrene diinium bis salts and 1 alkyl 3 alkylthio 1 4 dihydro 4 thiooxoquinolines

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5 15 diaryl substituted benzochlorins synthesis and structure

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5 2 carboxyethyl 6 hydroxy 7 methoxybenzofuran a fungal metabolite of xanthotoxin

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5 2' 5' trihydroxyflavone and 2' beta dihydroxychalcone from primula pulverulenta

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5 3 carboxymethoxyphenyl 2 4 5 dimethylthiazolyl 3 4 sulfophenyltetrazolium inner salt mts and related analogs of 3 4 5 dimethylthiazolyl 2 5 diphenyltetrazolium bromide mtt reducing to purple water soluble formazans as cell viability indicators

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5 5 bromothien 2 yl 2' deoxyuridine and 5 5 chlorthien 2 yl 2' deoxyuridine are equipotent to e 5 2 bromovinyl 2' deoxyuridine in the inhibition of herpes simplex virus type i replication

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5 5 deoxy beta d erythro pent 4 enofuranosyl 1 3 dimethyluracil a potentially versatile intermediate

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5 5' dihydroxy 3 7 2' 4' tetramethoxyflavone from chlorophora excelsa

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5 6 11 12 tetrahydrochrysenes synthesis of rigid stilbene systems designed to be fluorescent ligands for the estrogen receptor

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5 6 diaminocaproic acid by bamberger ring cleavage of substituted imidazoles

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5 6 dihydro 3 5 dihydroxy 4h pyridones new maillard products from 6 o substituted hexoses and primary amines

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5 6 dihydro 6 methoxy 2h pyran 3 4h one a building block for the syntheses of cns agents

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5 7 3' 4' 5' pentaoxygenated and 2' 6' diprenylated isoflavones from piscidia erythrina

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5 7 3' 4' tetrahydroxy 3 methoxyflavone a potent anti tumor promoter isolated from gnaphalium indicum

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5 7 dichloro 3 o methylnorlichexanthone a new xanthone from the lichen lecanora broccha

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5 8 dihydroxy 7 methoxyflavone from the immature leaves of didymocarpus pedicellata

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5 a androstane 3 17 dione monostaged synthesis from 3 beta acetoxy 5 alpha pregn 16 en 20 one oxime

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5 acyloxy 1 3 dioxolan 4 ones as prodrugs to non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs i

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5 alpha 6 epidihydrocornin the first known iridoid glycoside with a transfused ring system

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5 alpha androstano 3 4 c 16 17 c bisfuroxan

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5 alpha cholest 8 14 en 3 beta ol and three 24 alkyl delta 8 14 sterols from the bulbils of dioscorea batatas

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5 alpha poriferast 9 11 en 3 beta ol from the marine red alga gracilaria edulis

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5 alpha reductase activity regulates testosterone accumulation in two bands of immature cultured leydig cell isolated on percoll density gradients

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5 aminolevulinate synthase messenger rna levels in the harderian gland of syrian hamsters correlation with porphyrin concentrations and regulation by androgens and melatonin

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5 aminomethyl 3 aryl 2 oxazolidinones a novel class of mechanism based inactivators of monoamine oxidase b

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5 aminosalicylic acid enema vs hydrocortisone acetate foam in idiopathic proctitis and proctosigmoiditis a randomized multicenter trial

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5 aroyl 5 6 dihydro 4h pyrrolo 1 2 a 1 4 benzodiazepin 4 carboxilic acids synthesis and analgesic and neurobehavioral activity

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5 aryl 1 3 4 oxadiazol 2 3h one derivatives and sulfur analogues as new selective and competitive monoamine oxidase type b inhibitors

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5 azacytidine accelerates derepression of genes of gpi 1 locus in mouse embryogenesis

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5 azacytidine increases the total cellular copper content and basal level metallothionein messenger rna accumulation of human hep g2 cells

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5 azacytidine removal of the dark repression in plastid development of euglena gracilis klebs

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5 benzylidenepyrrolones 5 benzylidenefuranones and 5 benzylidenethiophenones v. mass spectrometry of n methylpyrrolone derivatives

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5 beta 6 beta epoxidation of 3 beta cholesteryl acetate and its analogues

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5 beta aminoethylaminoisoxazoles with hypertensive activity synthesis and screening of derivatives with partially rigid c 5 side chains and heterocycles at the omega position respectively

Dannhardt G.; Dominiak P.; Laufer S., 1991:
5 beta aminoethylaminoisoxazoles with hypertensive activity synthesis and screening of isoxazolopyrazines and isoxazolodiazepines

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5 bromodeoxyuridine inhibition of cytokinin induced radish cotyledon expansion

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5 carboxymethylaminomethyluridine is found in the anticodon of yeast mitochondrial transfer rna recognizing two codon families ending in a purine

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5 cases of optic nerve sheath meningioma

Nakae R.; Ikeda T.; Nishikawa N.; Miyaura T.; Sato M.; Tano Y., 1991:
5 cases of remission of diabetic retinal detachment involving the macula

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5 cases of strabismus fixus

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5 chlorodeoxyuridine induces the formation of specific dicentric chromosomes in cells with micronuclei more effectively than does 5 bromodeoxyuridine

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5 day continuous infusion of 5 fluorouracil with vindesine and cyclophosphamide in patients with metastatic breast cancer

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5 deoxybostrycoidin a new metabolite produced by the fungus nectria haematococca berk. and br. wr

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5 epi aristolochene is a common precursor of the sesquiterpenoid phytoalexins capsidiol and debneyol

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5 fluoro 4 3h pyrimidinones ii. structural study using mass spectrometry

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5 fluorotryptophan resistant mutants of the cyanobacterium anabaena variabilis overproducers of aromatic amino acids and auxin

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5 fluorouracil 4' epirubicin cyclophosphamide and medroxyprogesterone acetate h.d. in metastatic breast cancer

Lopez, M.; Papaldo, P.; Di-Lauro, L.; Vici, P.; Carpano, S.; Conti, E.M.S., 1989:
5 fluorouracil adriamycin and cyclophosphamide fac vs. 5 fluorouracil epirubicin and cyclophosphamide fec in metastatic breast cancer

Lomeo A.M.; Avolio C.; Iacobellis G.; Manzione L., 1990:
5 fluorouracil cardiotoxicity

Hausmaninger H.; Oentrich B.; Nachbaur K.; Niederwieser D.; Haidinger R.; Huber C., 1991:
5 fluorouracil combined with interferon alpha 2c for advanced gastric and colorectal carcinoma

Danilov K.Yu; Brodinova N.S.; Kharitonov S.V.; Sorokin I.V.; Zaranko Z.I., 1991:
5 fluorouracil content in the pancreas and parapancreatic tissues in its regional administration into the round ligament of the liver

D.F.rni M.; Bugat R.; Sorbette F.; Delay M.; Bachaud J.M.; Chevreau C., 1990:
5 fluorouracil continuous infusion cardiotoxicity clinical study prevention pathophysiology thirteen case reports

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5 fluorouracil derivatives xvii. synthesis and antitumor activity of 5' o acyl 5 fluorouridines

Cascinu S.; Fedeli A.; Fedeli S.L.; Catalano G., 1991:
5 fluorouracil dose intensity increase in 5 fluorouracil and leucovorin combination results of a phase ii study

Constantinescu C.; Puiu R.; Straja D., 1989:
5 fluorouracil ftorafur in treatment of acute pancreatitis indications and efficacy

Villalobos Gomez L.E.; Dejuk J.A., 1988:
5 fluorouracil in the postoperative management of recurrent pterygium pilot study

Casas J.A.; Saway P.A.; Villarreal I.; Nolte C.; Menajovsky B.L.; Escudero E.E.; Blackburn W.D.; Alarcon G.S.; Subauste C.P., 1990:
5 fluorouracil in the treatment of scleroderma a randomized double blind placebo controlled international collaborative study

Will C.L.; Dolnick B.J., 1989:
5 fluorouracil inhibits dihydrofolate reductase precursor messenger rna processing and or nuclear messenger rna stability in methotrexate resistant kb cells

Maehara Y.; Kusumoto T.; Emi Y.; Anai H.; Sakaguchi Y.; Kohnoe S.; Sugimachi K., 1990:
5 fluorouracil is converted to fluorine nucleotides more extensively and is more cytotoxic in poorly differentiated than in well differentiated human gastric carcinoma

Georgescu T.; Naftali Z.; Varga A.; Simon G.; Pana C.; Craciun C.; Nistor V.; Ilniczky P.; Botianu A.; E.A., 1990:
5 fluorouracil therapy of acute pancreatitis and of pancreatic and duodenal fistulae

Broicher V.; Geffken D., 1990:
5 halofluoroalkyl 5 hydroxyimidazolidine 2 4 diones from 2 4 5 imidazolidinetriones

Seijo F.; Simo R.; Lena P., 1989:
5 hiaa levels determination in csf after intraventricularly administered morphine

Cannon J.G.; Jackson H.; Long J.P.; Leonard P.; Bhatnagar R.K., 1989:
5 ht 1 a receptor antagonism n alkyl derivatives of r levo 8 11 dimethoxynoraporphine

Osborne N.N.; Ghazi H., 1991:
5 ht 1 alpha receptors positively coupled to c amp formation in the rabbit retina

Berthold H.; Fozard J.R.; Engel G., 1989:
5 ht 1 receptor agonists attenuate the naloxone induced jumping behavior in morphine dependent mice

Scroggs R.S.; Anderson E.G., 1990:
5 ht 1 receptor agonists reduce the calcium component of sensory neuron action potentials

Molodtsova G.F.; Il'yuchenok R.Yu, 1989:
5 ht 1 receptors in the rats with amnesia

Coiro V.; Volpi R.; Capretti L.; Speroni G.; Bianconi L.; Cavazzini U.; Marcato A.; Buonanno G.; Caiazza A.; Chiodera P., 1990:
5 ht 1 serotonergic but not 5 ht 2 serotonergic m 1 muscarinic cholinergic m 2 muscarinic cholinergic or dopaminergic receptors mediate the acth cortisol response to metoclopramide in man

Gleeson S.; Barrett J.E., 1990:
5 ht 1a agonist effects of punished responding of squirrel monkeys

Meyerson L.R.; Park H.; Rauh C.E.; Coupet J., 1990:
5 ht 1a agonist effects on muscular contraction acetylcholine release and adenylate cyclase in the guinea pig ileum

Montgomery A.M.J.; Rose I.C.; Herberg L.J., 1991:
5 ht 1a agonists and dopamine the effects of 8 hydroxy dpat and buspirone on brain stimulation reward

Waeber C.; Schoeffter P.; Palacios J.M.; Hoyer D., 1989:
5 ht 1d receptors in guinea pig and and pigeon brain radioligand binding and biochemical studies

Waeber C.; Zhang L.; Palacios J.M., 1990 :
5 ht 1d receptors in the guinea pig brain presynaptic and postsynaptic localizations in the striatonigral pathway

Glennon R.A.; Ismaiel A.M.; Chaurasia C.; Titeler M., 1991:
5 ht 1d serotonin receptors results of a structure affinity investigation

Todorovic S.; Anderson E.G., 1990:
5 ht 2 and 5 ht 3 receptors mediate two distinct depolarizing responses in rat dorsal ganglion neurons

Loza M.; Verde I.; Castro M.E.; Orallo F.; Fontenla J.A.; Calleja J.M.; Ravina E.; Cortizo L.; D.C.ballos M.L., 1991:
5 ht 2 antagonist activity of 3 aminomethyltetralones

Glennon R.A.; Young R.; Dukat M., 1992:
5 ht 3 agonist 2 methylserotonin as a training drug in drug discrimination studies

Hasegawa Y.; Kurachi M.; Okuyama S.; Araki H.; Otomo S., 1990:
5 ht 3 receptor antagonists inhibit the response of kappa opioid receptors in the morphine reduced straub tail

Hamon M.; Gallissot M.C.; Menard F.; Gozlan H.; Bourgoin S.; Verge D., 1989:
5 ht 3 receptor binding sites are on capsaicin sensitive fibers in the rat spinal cord

Williams G.M.; Smith D.L.; Smith D.J., 1992:
5 ht 3 receptors are not involved in the modulation of the potassium evoked release of tritiated 5 ht from spinal cord synaptosomes of rat

Broderick P.A.; Piercey M.F., 1991:
5 ht a agonists uncouple noradrenergic somatodendritic impulse flow and terminal release

Bracco M.L.; Ancona M.; Foppiani E.; Torre E., 1988:
5 ht and 5 hiaa levels in different stages of development in chicken embryo after administration of tranylcypromine

Anzini, M.; Cappelli, A.; Vomero, S.; Botta, M.; Cagnotto, A., 1990:
5 ht and benzodiazepine receptor ligands iii. synthesis and receptor affinities of 1 2 4 triazolo 4' 3' 1 6 pyridazino 4 5 b quinoline and 2 3 dihydro 9 phenyl 1h pyrrolo 3 4 b quinolin 1 one derivatives

Charlety P.J.; Aston Jones G.; Akaoka H.; Buda M.; Chouvet G., 1991:
5 ht decreases glutamate evoked activation of locus coeruleus neurons through 5 ht 1a receptors

Srivastava A.K.; Srivastava Y.P.; Gupta P.P.; Verma R.B., 1992:
5 ht link in imipramine induced hypothermia in rabbits

Pineyro G.; Monti J.M.; Orellana C.; Boussard M.; Jantos H.; Labraga P.; Olivera S.; Alvarino F., 1990:
5 ht receptor agonists 1 2 5 dimethoxy 4 iodophenyl 2 aminopropane doi and 8 hydroxy dpat increase wakefulness in the rat

Gajhede, M.; Encarnacion, R.; Leal, G.C.; Patino, J.C.; Christophersen, C.; Nielsen, P.H., 1989:
5 hydroxy 3 7 4' trimethoxyflavone

Wollenweber, E.; Iinuma, M.; Tanaka, T.; Mizuno, M., 1990:
5 hydroxy 6 2' dimethoxyflavone from primula denticulata

Mukherjee, K.S.; Chakraborty, C.K.; Chatterjee, T.P., 1989:
5 hydroxy 7 8 2' 4' tetramethoxyflavone from limnophila rugosa

Chantrapromma K.; Pakawatchai C.; Skelton B.W.; White A.H.; Worapatamasri S., 1989:
5 hydroxy 7 methyloxy 2 phenyl 4h 1 benzopyran 4 one tectochrysin and 2 5 dihydroxy 7 methoxy 2 phenyl 2 3 dihydro 4h 1 benzopyran 4 one isolation from uvaria rufas and x ray structures

Notsu T.; Ohhashi K.; Tanaka I.; Ishikawa H.; Niho T.; Fukutake K.; Mizota M., 1992:
5 hydroxydecanoate inhibits atp sensitive potassium channel currents in guinea pig single ventricular myocytes

Anderson H.A.; Bracewell J.M.; Fraser A.R.; Jones D.; Robertson G.W.; Russell J.D., 1988:
5 hydroxymaltol and mycophenolic acid secondary metabolites from penicillium echinulatum

Glomb M.; Lederer M.; Ledl F., 1991:
5 hydroxymethyl 3 2h furanone 5 1 2 dihydroxyethyl 3 2h furanone and 5 hydroxy 2h pyran 3 6h one reactive intermediates in the maillard reaction of hexoses and pentoses

Lesch K.P.; Hoh A.; Disselkamp Tietze J.; Wiesmann M.; Osterheider M.; Schulte H.M., 1991:
5 hydroxytryptamine 1a receptor responsitivity in obsessive compulsive disorder comparison of patients and controls

Waeber C.; Hoyer D.; Palacios J.M., 1989:
5 hydroxytryptamine 3 receptors in the human brain autoradiographic visualization using tritiated ics 205 930

Baxter G.S.; Craig D.A.; Clarke D.E., 1991:
5 hydroxytryptamine 4 receptors mediate relaxation of the rat esophageal tunica muscularis mucosae

Bermudez, J.; Dabbs, S.; King, F.D., 1990:
5 hydroxytryptamine 5 ht 3 receptor antagonists 3. o substituted phenylureas

Millan, M.J.; Bervoets, K.; Colpaert, F.C., 1991:
5 hydroxytryptamine 5 ht1 a receptors and the tail flick responses i. 8 hydroxy 2 di n propylaminotetralin hydrogen bromide induced spontaneous tail flicks in the rat as an in vivo model of 5 ht1 a receptor mediated activity

Jackowski A.; Crockard A.; Burnstock G., 1989:
5 hydroxytryptamine demonstrated immunohistochemically in rat cerebrovascular nerves largely represents 5 hydroxytryptamine uptake into sympathetic nerve fibers

Connell L.A.; Wallis D.I., 1989 :
5 hydroxytryptamine depolarizes neonatal rat motorneurons through a receptor unrelated to an identified binding site

Millan, M.J.; Colpaert, F.C., 1991:
5 hydroxytryptamine ht 1 a receptors and the tail flick response iii. structurally diverse 5 ht 1 a partial agonists attenuate mu opioid but not kappa opioid antinociception in mice and rats

Macquin Mavier I.; Jarreau P H.; Istin N.; Harf A., 1991:
5 hydroxytryptamine induced bronchoconstriction in the guinea pig effect of 5 ht 2 receptor activation on acetylcholine

Armstrong D.J.; Kay I.S., 1990:
5 hydroxytryptamine mediates the post embolic increase in respiratory rate in anesthetized rabbits

Gill J.K.; Stansby G.; Shukla N.; Hamilton G.; Barradas M.A.; Jeremy J.Y., 1992:
5 hydroxytryptamine stimulates calcium 45 uptake by human umbilical vein endothelial cells in culture mediation by 5 ht 2 receptor subtypes

Boyadzhieva N., 1985:
5 hydroxytryptophan action on the thyrotropic function of the adenohypophysis in experimental hypothyrosis

Harrisson F.; Van Nassauw L., 1990:
5 hydroxytryptophan induced accumulation of secondary lysosomes in the avian adenohypophysis

Peng J R.; X.T.S., 1990:
5 l oxoprolinase in bombyx mori and the effects of juvenile hormone analogue zr 512

Horvat S.; Varga L.; Horvat J.; Pfuetzner A.; Suhartono H.; Ruebsamen Waigmann H., 1991:
5 leucine enkephalin related glycoconjugates structurally novel agents effective against hiv 1

Wallet, J.C.; Gaydou, E.M.; Tinant, B.; Declercq, J.P.; Baldy, A., 1992:
5 methoxy 2 2 methoxyphenyl 4h 1 benzopyran 4 one 2 5' dimethoxyflavone

Jones D.W.; Shaw J.D.; Briant C.E., 1990:
5 methylbenz a anthracene a mildly carcinogenic planar polycyclic hydrocarbon

Bittner M.; Jakupovic J.; Bohlmann F.; Grenz M.; Silva M., 1988:
5 methylcoumarins and chromones from triptilion spp

Bittner M.; Jakupovic J.; Bohlmann F.; Silva M., 1988:
5 methylcoumarins from nassauvia species

Sarkar S.; Rao S.R.V.; Gupta V.S.; Hendre R.R., 1992:
5 methylcytosine content in gryllotalpa fossor orthoptera

Deobagkar D.D.; Modak S.P., 1991:
5 methylcytosine residues in dna decrease during ageing

Alonso D.; Orti J.; Branchadell V.; Oliva A.; Ortuno R.M.; Bertran J.; Font J., 1990:
5 methylene 2 5h furanone as a dienophile in diels alder cycloadditions site selectivity and regioselectivity

Schmidhammer H.; Mayer Valkanover K.; Walla Kugler M., 1990:
5 methylnaloxone and 5 methylnaltrexone synthesis and pharmacological evaluation

Hiramatsu Y.; Muraoka R.; Kigoshi S.; Muramatsu I., 1992:
5 methylurapidil may discriminate between alpha 1 adrenoceptors with a high affinity for wb44101 in rat lung

Bandieramonte G.; Pepe R.; Pappacena G.; Nappo V.; Iozzino G.; Marino M.A.; Cautiero O.; Bandieramonte Z., 1989:
5 minute after urography in pediatric age

Rasmussen H.H.; Harvey R.D.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Ten Eick R.E., 1988:
5 n n dimethylamiloride sensitive sodium lithium exchange in isolated specimens of human atrium

Vostrova L.N.; Grenaderova M.V.; Nedzvetskii V.S.; Konup I.P.; Andreeva E.K.; Bondar' A.E., 1989:
5 nitrofurfurol heterylhydrazones synthesis and antimicrobial activity

Paetzel M.; Liebscher J., 1991:
5 omega aminoalkyl 1 2 4 oxadiazoles by ring transformations of 3 methylthio 2 aza 3 propeniminium salts

Grol C.J.; Nordvall G.; Johansson A.M.; Hacksell U., 1991:
5 oxygenated n alkyl 2 amino 1 methyltetralin and n n dialkyl 2 amino 1 methyltetralin effects of structure and stereochemistry on dopamine d 2 receptor affinity

Wolz R.L.; Bond J.S., 1990:
5 phenylalanine 5 4 nitro bradykinin a chromogenic substrate for assay and kinetics of the metalloendopeptidase meprin

Balzarini J.; D.C.ercq E., 1991:
5 phosphoribosyl 1 pyrophosphate synthetase converts the acyclic nucleoside phosphonates 9 3 hydroxy 2 phosphonylmethoxypropyladenine and 9 2 phosphonylmethoxyethyladenine directly to their antivirally active diphosphate derivatives

Maclennan S.J.; Whittle M.J.; Mcgrath J.C., 1989:
5 t 1 like receptors requiring functional cyclooxygenase and 5 ht 2 receptors independent of cyclooxygenase mediate contraction of the human umbilical artery

Traeger D., 1992:
5 to 9 years follow up results after operative treatment of acute injuries to the ligaments of the knee

Arcadi A.; Cacchi S.; Delmastro M.; Marinelli F., 1991:
5 vinyl 4 pentynoic acids through the palladium catalyzed reaction of 4 pentynoic acid with vinyl triflates

Uusitupa M.I.J.; Niskanen L.K.; Siitonen O.; Voutilainen E.; Pyorala K., 1990:
5 year incidence of atherosclerotic vascular disease in relation to general risk factors insulin level and abnormalities in lipoprotein composition in non insulin dependent diabetic and nondiabetic subjects

Mccaroll J.E.; Gunderson C., 1990:
5 year study of incidence rates of hospitalized cases of head injuries in the usa army

Branchadell V.; Font J.; Oliva A.; Orti J.; Ortuno R.M.; Rafel S.; Terris N.; Ventura M., 1991:
5 ylidene 2 5h furanones as dienophiles in diels alder cycloadditions effect of the substituents on the site selectivity

Dorman G.; Roberts S.M.; Wakefield B.J.; Winders J.A., 1989:
5 z oct 2 enyltetrahydrofuran 2 one as a key intermediate in the synthesis of leukotriene b 4

Foo, L.Y.; Helm, R.; Karchesy, J., 1992:
5' 5' bisdihydroquercetin a b ring linked biflavonoid from pseudotsuga menziesii

Robinson, H.L.; Foster, R.G.; Blais, B.P.; Reinsch, S.S.; Newstein, M.; Shank, P.R., 1992:
5' avian leukosis virus sequences and osteopetrotic potential

Zettl, R.; Feldwisch, J.; Boland, W.; Schell, J.; Palme, K., 1992:
5' azido 3 6 tritiated 1 naphthylphthalamic acid a photoactivatable probe for naphthylphthalamic acid receptor proteins from higher plants identification of a 23 kda protein from maize coleoptile plasma membranes

Secrist, J.A.I.i ; Talekar, R.R., 1990:
5' c chain extended adenosine derivatives related to sinefungin synthesis and biological activity

Kim, C.; Yu, M.H., 1989:
5' coding sequence responsible for high level expression of x protein of hepatitis b virus in escherichia coli

Moorman, A.R.; Chamberlain, S.D.; Jones, L.A.; De-Miranda, P.; Reynolds, D.J.; Peoples, M.E.; Krenitsky, T.A., 1992:
5' ester prodrugs of the varicella zoster antiviral agent 6 methoxypurine arabinoside

Iwama, N.; Saito, Y.; Nomura, M.; Imano, E.; Watarai, T.; Yamasaki, Y.; Kawamori, R.; Kamada, T., 1989:
5' flanking dna of the human insulin receptor gene and long terminal repeat of mouse mammary tumor virus bind to the same nuclear proteins

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