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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6930

Chapter 6930 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Meyer T.; Lengyel H.; Fanick W.; Hilz H., 1991: 3 aminobenzamide inhibits cytotoxicity and adhesion of phorbol ester stimulated granulocytes to fibroblast monolayer cultures

Ong J.; Harrison N.L.; Hall R.G.; Barker J.L.; Johnston G.A.R.; Kerr D.I.B., 1990: 3 aminopropanephosphinic acid is a potent agonist at peripheral and central presynaptic gaba b receptors

Hills J.M.; Dingsdale R.A.; Parsons M.E.; Dolle R.E.; Howson W., 1989: 3 aminopropylphosphinic acid a potent selective gaba b receptor agonist in the guinea pig ileum and rat anococcygeus muscle

Wermuth C G.; Schlewer G.; Bourguignon J J.; Maghioros G.; Bouchet M J.; Moire C.; Kan J P.; Worms P.; Biziere K., 1989: 3 aminopyridazine derivatives with atypical antidepressant serotonergic and dopaminergic activities

Metodiewa D.; Dunford H.B., 1991: 3 aminotriazole is a substrate for lactoperoxidase but not for catalase

Block E.; Gernon M.; Kang H.; Zubieta J., 1988: 3 and 3 6 silylated 2 pyridinethiols new hindered bidentate ligands and their novel silver and copper clusters

Brearley C.A.; Hanke D.E., 1992: 3 and 4 phosphorylated phosphatidylinositols in the aquatic plant spirodela polyrhiza l

Pena Rodriguez L.M.; Chilton W.S., 1989: 3 anhydroophiobolin a and 3 anhydro 6 epiophiobolin a phytotoxic metabolites of the johnson grass pathogen bipolaris sorghicola

Beale S.C.; Hsieh Y Z.; Savage J.C.; Wiesler D.; Novotny M., 1989: 3 benzoyl 2 quinolinecarboxaldehyde a novel fluorogenic reagent for the high sensitivity chromatographic analysis of primary amines

Morales G.; Mclaughlin J.L., 1989: 3 beta 0 palmityllongispongenin from trichocereus chilensis

Mossa J.S.; Muhammad I.; El Feraly F.S.; Hufford C.D., 1992: 3 beta 12 dihydroxyabieta 8 11 13 triene 1 one and other constituents from juniperus excelsa leaves

Singh S.K.; Tripathi V.J.; Singh R.H., 1990: 3 beta 24 dihydroxyolean 12 en 28 oic acid a pentacyclic triterpene acid from lantana indica

Notaro G.; Piccialli V.; Sica D.; Corriero G., 1991: 3 beta 5 alpha 6 beta trihydroxylated sterols with a saturated nucleus from two populations of the marine sponge cliona copiosa

Kioy D.; Gray A.I.; Waterman P.G., 1990: 3 beta 9 alpha dihydroxycinnamolide a further novel drimane sesquiterpene from the stem bark of canella winterana

Horslen S.P.; Lawson A.M.; Malone M.; Clayton P.T., 1992: 3 beta hydroxy delta 5 c 27 steroid dehydrogenase deficiency effect of chenodeoxycholic acid therapy on liver histology

Brandt M.; Levy M.A., 1989: 3 beta hydroxy delta 5 steroid dehydrogenase 3 keto delta 5 steroid isomerase from bovine adrenals mechanism of inhibition by 3 oxo 4 azasteroids and kinetic mechanism of the dehydrogenase

Numazawa M.; Mutsumi A.; Tsuji M., 1989: 3 beta hydroxyandrost 4 en 6 one derivatives as aromatase inhibitors

Milewich L.; Shaw C.E.; Doody K.M.; Rainey W.E.; Mason J.I.; Carr B.R., 1991: 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity in glandular and extraglandular human fetal tissues

Frank Raue K.; Junga G.; Raue F.; Korth Schuetz S.; Vecsei P.; Ziegler R., 1989: 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and 21 hydroxylase deficiency in hirsutism

Lorence M.C.; Naville D.; Graham Lorence S.E.; Mack S.O.; Murray B.A.; Trant J.M.; Mason J.I., 1991: 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase delta 5 4 isomerase expression in rat and characterization of the testis isoform

Webb R.; Baxter G.; Mcbride D.; Mcneilly A.S., 1992: 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase inhibitor reduces ovarian steroid production but increases ovulation rate in the ewe interactions with gonadotrophins and inhibin

Doody K.M.; Carr B.R.; Rainey W.E.; Byrd W.; Murry B.A.; Strickler R.C.; Thomas J.L.; Mason J.I., 1990: 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase isomerase in the fetal zone and neocortex of the human fetal adrenal gland

Warneck H.M.; Seitz H.U., 1990: 3 beta hydroxysteroid oxidoreductase in suspension cultures of digitalis lanata ehrh

Rowan D.D.; Russell G.B., 1992: 3 beta methoxyhop 22 29 ene from chionochloa cheesemanii

Posner G.H.; Nelson T.D.; Kinter C.M.; Afarinkia K., 1991: 3 bromo 2 pyrone an easily prepared chameleon diene and a synthetic equivalent of 2 pyrone in thermal diels alder cycloadditions

Nakanishi A.; Naganuma H.; Kondo J.; Watanabe K.; Hirano K.; Kawasaki T.; Kawahara Y., 1992: 3 bromomethyl 7 methoxy 1 4 benzoxazin 2 one as a highly sensitive fluorescence derivatization reagent for carboxylic acids in high performance liquid chromatography

Rao A.V.R.; Bose D.S.; Gurjar M.K.; Ravindranathan T., 1989: 3 butene 1 2 diol an attractive precursor for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure organic compounds

Yanovich V.G.; Vovk S.I.; Brodin S.V., 1991: 3 carbon 14 tryptophan and 2 carbon 14 alanine metabolism in cattle tissues

Patterson J.W.; Cheung P.S.; Ernest M.J., 1992: 3 carboxy 5 methyl n 4 trifluoromethylphenyl 4 isoxazolecarboxamide a new prodrug for the antiarthritic agent 2 cyano 3 hydroxy n 4 trifluoromethylphenyl 2 butenamide

Koizumi J.; Yuasa Y.; Nakatsuka S.; Koda E.; Hiramatsu K., 1990: 3 cases of ectopic ureteral orifice terminating into seminal vesicle efficacy of ct

Dohi M.; Suko M.; Sugiyama H.; Yamashita N.; Tadokoro K.; Okudaira H.; Ito K.; Miyamoto T., 1990: 3 cases of food dependent exercise induced anaphylaxis in which aspirin intake exacerbated anaphylactic symptoms

Velisek J.; Davidek T.; Davidek J.; Kubelka V.; Viden I., 1991: 3 chloro 1 2 propanediol derived amino acids in protein hydrolysates

Velisek J.; Davidek T.; Davidek J.; Hamburg A., 1991: 3 chloro 1 2 propanediol derived amino alcohol in protein hydrolysates

Fukui S.; Ogawa S.; Kita H.; Hanazaki Y.; Kami H., 1992: 3 chloro 4 dichloromethyl 5 hydroxy 2 5h furanone mx in chlorinated domestic sewage

Weber N.; Benning H., 1991: 3 chlorosteroids in protein hydrolysates determination by reversed phase hplc

Quintana C.; Lopez Iglesias C.; Laine Delaunay M C., 1991: 3 cryo methods cryofixation cryosubstitution and cryoembedding for processing of tissues for ultrastructural and immunocytochemical studies application to oviduct cells of laying quail

Markaryan A.N.; Voznyi Ya V., 1990: 3 cyano 4 methylumbelliferyl beta d galactopyranoside a new chromogenic and fluorigenic substrate for the beta galactosidase from escherichia coli

Markaryan A.N.; Voznyi Y.V., 1992: 3 cyano 4 trifluoromethylumbelliferyl beta d galactopyranoside synthesis properties and application for beta galactosidase assay

Schiller C D.; Schneider M.R.; Von Angerer E., 1990: 3 cyclohexenonyl 4 4 hydroxyphenylhexanes antiandrogens derived from the estrogen hexestrol

Tatsuzaki, H.; Urie, M. M.; Willett, C. G., 1992: 3 d comparative study of proton vs. x ray radiation therapy for rectal cancer

Palovcik R.A.; Reid S.A.; Principe J.C.; Albuquerque A.Jr, 1992: 3 d computer animation of electrophysiological responses

Kazarnovskaya M.I.; Borodkin S.M.; Shabalov V.A.; Krivosheina V.Y.; Golanov A.V., 1991: 3 d computer model of subcortical structures of human brain

Weeks K.J.; Sontag M.R., 1991: 3 d dose volume compensation using nonlinear least squares regression technique

Staewen R.S.; Johnson A.J.; Ross B.D.; Parrish T.; Merkle H.; Garwood M., 1990: 3 d flash imaging using a single surface coil and a new adiabatic pulse bir 4

Kuwahara M.; Eiho S., 1991: 3 d heart image reconstructed from mri data

Zhang Y.J., 1991: 3 d image analysis system and megakaryocyte quantitation

Van Der Voort H.T.M.; Brakenhoff G.J., 1990: 3 d image formation in high aperture fluorescence confocal microscopy a numerical analysis

Runge V.M.; Gelblum D.Y.; Wood M.L., 1990: 3 d imaging of the cns

Tabbert, E.; Bollmann, R., 1990: 3 d irradiation planning on base of computed tomography tomoscan cx philips i. base of ct irradiation planning program ii. ct irradiation planning for after irradiation of mammary carcinoma

Rossi M.; Posa D., 1990: 3 d mapping of dissolved oxygen in mar piccolo a case study

Kim J.H.; Cho Z.H., 1990: 3 d mr angiography with scanning 2 d images simultaneous data acquisition of arteries and veins saav

Shiraishi I.; Takamatsu T.; Minamikawa T.; Fujita S., 1992: 3 d observation of actin filaments during cardiac myofibrinogenesis in chick embryo using a confocal laser scanning microscope

Norinder U., 1991: 3 d qsar analysis of steroid protein interactions the use of difference maps

Wharton D.A.; Murray D.S., 1989: 3 d reconstruction from optical sections of the traps of the nematophagous fungus arthrobotrys oligospora

Grevers G.; Vogl T.; Willimzig C.; Laub G., 1990: 3 d reconstruction of a huge adenoma of the parotid gland

Hewat E.A.; Booth T.F.; Wade R.H.; Roy P., 1992: 3 d reconstruction of bluetongue virus tubules using cryoelectron microscopy

Murray D.C.; Hoban P.W.; Metcalfe P.E.; Round W.H., 1989: 3 d superposition for radiotherapy treatment planning using fast fourier transforms

Seela, F.; Grein, T.; Samnick, S., 1992: 3 deaza 2' deoxyadenosine synthesis via 4 methylthio 1h imidazo 4 5 c pyridine 2' deoxyribonucleosides and properties of oligonucleotides

Prus, K. L.; Wolberg, G.; Keller, P. M.; Fyfe, J. A.; Stopford, C. R.; Zimmerman, T. P., 1989: 3 deazaadenosine 5' triphosphate a novel metabolite of 3 deazaadenosine in mouse leukocytes

Schmidt J.A.; Bomford R.; Gao X M.; Rhodes J., 1990: 3 deazaadenosine an inhibitor of interleukin 1 production by human peripheral blood monocytes

Fantone J.C.; Duque R.E.; Davis B.H.; Phan S.H., 1989: 3 deazaadenosine inhibition of stimulus response coupling in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Jurgensen C.H.; Huber B.E.; Zimmerman T.P.; Wolberg G., 1990: 3 deazaadenosine inhibits leukocyte adhesion and icam 1 biosynthesis in tumor necrosis factor stimulated human endothelial cells

Shankar R.; De La Motte C.A.; Dicorleto P.E., 1992: 3 deazaadenosine inhibits thrombin stimulated platelet derived growth factor production and endothelial leukocyte adhesion molecule 1 mediated monocytic cell adhesion in human aortic endothelial cells

Seela, F.; Lampe, S., 1991: 3 deazaguanine n 7 and n 9 2' deoxy beta d ribofuranosides building blocks for solid phase synthesis and incorporation into oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Margolin K.; Doroshow J.; Leong L.; Akman S.; Carr B.; Odujinrin O.; Flanagan B.; Grove W.; Delap R.; Goldberg D., 1990: 3 deazaguanine report of a phase i trial and drug related cardiac toxicity

Fujino H.; Goya S., 1989: 3 defluoro 1 3 5 triazinyl 1 ethylthio 2 n propylbenz f isoindole as a fluorescence derivatization reagent for estrogens in high performance liquid chromatography

Rizzo, C. J.; Dougherty, J. P.; Breslow, R., 1992: 3 deoxy 2' phosphoramidites of adenosine and 5 methyluridine used for the solid phase synthesis of unnatural 3' deoxy 2' 5 oligonucleotides

Lee A.S.; Norman A.W.; Okamura W.H., 1992: 3 deoxy 3 thia 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and its 1 beta epimer synthesis and biological evaluation

Borthwick, A. D.; Biggadike, K., 1992: 3 deoxy 3' fluoroxylo neplanocin a

Straus D.C.; Lonon M.K.; Woods D.E.; Garner C.W., 1990: 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonic acid in the lipopolysaccharide of various strains of pseudomonas cepacia

Hedstrom L.; Abeles R., 1988: 3 deoxy d manno octulosonate 8 phosphate synthase catalyzes the carbon oxygen bond cleavage of phosphoenolpyruvate

Kramer W.; Schneider S., 1989: 3 diazirine derivatives of bile salts for photoaffinity labeling

Cirrincione, G.; Almerico, A. M.; Aiello, E.; Dattolo, G.; Jones, R. A., 1990: 3 diazopyrroles iv. structure determination using carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Sampaio F.J.B.; Mandarim De Lacerda C.A., 1988: 3 dimensional and radiological pelviocaliceal anatomy for endourology

Heyns C.F.; Van Gelderen W.F.C., 1990: 3 dimensional imaging of the pelviocaliceal system by computerized tomographic reconstruction

Houkin K.; Miyasaka K.; Tanaka H.; Takamori K.; Kishinami T.; Nishikawa T.; Kamiyama H.; Aida T.; Iwasaki Y.; Et Al, 1991: 3 dimensional mr brain image using volume rendering method

Yamada, H.; Nagakura, H., 1988: 3 dimensional reconstruction from a projection of a 2 dimensional crystal 1. reconstruction of the tomogram from the 1 dimensional projection

Nerstrom H.; Holm H.H.; Christensen N.E.H.; Movild A.F.; Nolsoe C., 1991: 3 dimensional ultrasound based demonstration of the posterior urethra during voiding combined with urodynamics

Martinez Perez J.A.; Gomez Gonzalez C.; Sosa Rodriguez M.E.; Noda Llerena L.T., 1991: 3 epi beta yohimbine from roots of rauwolfia linearifolia

Irwin A.J., 1992: 3 ethoxy 1 propanol a strain and species dependent yeast metabolite

Jackson B.D.; Wright P.J.; Morgan E.D., 1989: 3 ethyl 2 5 dimethylpyrazine a component of the trail pheromone of the ant messor bouvieri

Engesser K.H.; Auling G.; Busse J.; Knackmuss H J., 1990: 3 fluorobenzoate enriched bacterial strain flb 300 degrades benzoate and all three isomeric monofluorobenzoates

Stawinski J.; Thelin M., 1992: 3 h 2 1 benzoxathiol 3 one 1 oxide a new reagent for stereospecific oxidation of nucleoside h phosphonothioate diesters

Kato N.; Miyamoto N.; Shimao M.; Sakazawa C., 1988: 3 hexulose phosphate synthase from a new facultative methylotroph mycobacterium gastri mb19

Ozand P.T.; Al Aqeel A.; Gascon G.; Brismar J.; Thomas E.; Gleispach H., 1991: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a hmg coenzyme a lyase deficiency in saudi arabia

Hruz P.W.; Narasimhan C.; Miziorko H.M., 1992: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase affinity labeling of the pseudomonas mevalonii enzyme and assignment of cysteine 237 to the active site

Gibson K.M.; Lee C.F.; Kamali V.; Johnston K.; Beaudet A.L.; Craigen W.J.; Powell B.R.; Schwartz R.; Tsai M.Y.; Tuchman M., 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiency as detected by radiochemical assay in cell extracts by thin layer chromatography and identification of three new cases

Barash V.; Mandel H.; Sella S.; Geiger R., 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiency biochemical studies and family investigation of four generations

Scher D.S.; Rodwell V.W., 1989: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase from pseudomonas mevalonii

Berges J.A.; Ballantyne J.S., 1989: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase from tissues of the oyster crassostrea virginica the little skate raja erinacea and the lake charr salvelinus namaycush a simplified spectrophotometric assay

Gibson K.M.; Hoffmann G.; Schwall A.; Broock R.L.; Aramaki S.; Sweetman L.; Nyhan W.L.; Brandt I.K.; Wappner R.S.; Et Al, 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity in cultured fibroblasts from patients with mevalonate kinase deficiency differential response to lipid supplied by fetal bovine serum in tissue culture medium

Inoue S.; Simoni R.D., 1992: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase and t cell receptor alpha subunit are differentially degraded in the endoplasmic reticulum

Learned R.M.; Fink G.R., 1989: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase from arabidopsis thaliana is structurally distinct from the yeast and animal enzymes

Boll M.; Kardinal A., 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase from spruce picea abies properties and regulation

Wittsuwannakul R.; Wittsuwannakul D.; Suwanmanee P., 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase from the latex of hevea brasiliensis

Behrens Baumann W.; Thiery J.; Wieland E.; Fieseler H.G.; Seidel D., 1992: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitor simvastatin and the human lens clinical results of a 3 year follow up

Prugh, J. D.; Alberts, A. W.; Deana, A. A.; Gilfillian, J. L.; Huff, J. W.; Smith, R. L.; Wiggins, J. M., 1990: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitors 6. trans 6 2 substituted 1 naphthylethyl or ethenyl 3 4 5 6 tetrahydro 4 hydroxy 2h pyran 2 ones

Duggan, M. E.; Alberts, K. W.; Bostedor, R.; Chao, Y. S.; Germershausen, J. I.; Gilfillan, J. L.; Halczenko, W.; Hartman, G. D.; Hunt, V.; Et-Al, 1991: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitors 7. modification of the hexahydronaphthalene moiety of simvastatin 5 oxygenated and 5 oxa derivatives

Lee, T. J.; Holtz, W. J.; Smith, R. L.; Alberts, A. W.; Gilfillan, J. L., 1991: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase inhibitors 8. side chain ether analogues of lovastatin

Hupperich M.; Thomer A.; Eggerer H., 1992: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase mediates the preparation of its substrate diastereomers and is inhibited by 3r 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a

Motoc I.; Sit S.Y.; Harte W.E.; Balasubramanian N.; Wright J.J., 1991: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase molecular modeling three dimensional structure activity relationships inhibitor design

Woodward H.D.; Allen J.M.C.; Lennarz W.J., 1988: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase of the sea urchin embryo deduced structure and regulatory properties

Wrensford L.W.; Rodwell V.W.; Anderson V.E., 1991: 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryldithio coenzyme a a potent inhibitor of pseudomonas mevalonii hmg coenzyme a reductase

Parvex, M.; Ogbeide, O. N., 1990: 3 hydroxy 4' methoxyflavone from millettia zechiana

Herderich M.; Winterhalter P., 1991: 3 hydroxy retro alpha ionol a natural precursor of isomeric edulans in purple passion fruit passiflora edulis sims

Bernart M.; Gerwick W.H., 1990: 3 hydroxyacetylindole a plant growth regulator from the oregon usa red alga prionitis lanceolata

Aihara K.; Higuchi T.; Hirobe M., 1990: 3 hydroxycoumarins first direct preparation from coumarins using a copper ascorbic acid oxygen system and their potent bioactivities

Hagenfeldt L.; Von Dobeln U.; Holme E.; Alm J.; Brandberg G.; Enocksson E.; Lindeberg L., 1990: 3 hydroxydicarboxylic aciduria a fatty acid oxidation defect with severe prognosis

Duran M.; Wanders R.J.A.; De Jager J.P.; Dorland L.; Bruinvis L.; Ketting D.; Ijlst L.; Van Sprang F.J., 1991: 3 hydroxydicarboxylic aciduria due to long chain 3 hydroxyacyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase deficiency associated with sudden neonatal death protective effect of medium chain triglyceride treatment

Ko F J.; Nyhan W.L.; Wolff J.; Barshop B.; Sweetman L., 1991: 3 hydroxyisobutyric aciduria an inborn error of valine metabolism

Hjeds H.; Christensen I.T.; Cornett C.; Frolund B.; Falch E.; Pedersen J.B.; Krogsgaard Larsen P., 1992: 3 hydroxyisoxazole bioisosteres of gaba synthesis of a series of 4 substituted muscimol analogues and identification of a bicyclic 2 isoxazoline rearrangement product

Vioque B.; Fernandez Maculet J.C., 1990: 3 hydroxypropylamide formation from 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid by a cell free ethylene forming system from olive leaves

Sanduja R.; Ansari G.A.S.; Boor P.J., 1989: 3 hydroxypropylmercapturic acid a biologic marker of exposure to allylic and related compounds

Zolotov N.N.; Smirnov L.D.; Kuz'min V.I.; Dyumaev K.M.; Kharshan M.A.; Khailova A.N.; Nifant'ev E.E., 1989: 3 hydroxypyridine derivatives as the inhibitors of proteolytic enzymes

Suzuki T.; Miyata S., 1991: 3 hydroxyretinol in the rhodopsin porphyropsin retina of an invertebrate procambarus clarkii

Elix J.A.; Jin Y.; Adler M.T., 1989: 3 hydroxyumbilicaric acid and 3 methoxyumbilicaric acid new tridepsides from the lichen parmelinopsis bonariensis

Ohigashi H.; Kaji M.; Sakaki M.; Koshimizu K., 1989: 3 hydroxyuridine an allelopathic factor of an african tree baillonella toxisperma

Burbaev D.S.; Vakhnina L.V.; Zoz N.N., 1988: 3 iron sulfur centers of pea mitochondria

Hatta T.; Wakabayashi T.; Itagaki E., 1991: 3 keto 5 alpha steroid delta 4 dehydrogenase from nocardia corallina purification and characterization

Nishinaka T.; Kinoshita Y.; Terada N.; Terada T.; Mizoguchi T.; Nishihara T., 1991: 3 ketoreductase activity of estradiol 17 beta dehydrogenase and its contribution to androgen metabolism

Schneider P.G.; Girardi E.; Rodriguez De Lores Arnaiz G., 1992: 3 mercaptopropionic acid administration increases the affinity of tritiated quinuclidinyl benzilate binding to membranes of the striatum and cerebellum

Lookingland K.J.; Ireland L.M.; Gunnet J.W.; Manzanares J.; Tian Y.; Moore K.E., 1991: 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenylethyleneglycol concentrations in discrete hypothalamic nuclei reflect the activity of noradrenergic neurons

Nutt D.J.; Lister R.G., 1989: 3 methoxycarbonylamino beta carboline reduces both the sedative and anticonvulsant effects of diazepam

Liu S.; Oguntimein B.; Hufford C.D.; Clark A.M., 1990: 3 methoxysampangine a novel antifungal copyrine alkaloid from cleistopholis patens

Lambert J.L.; Paukstells J.V.; Chiang Y.C., 1989: 3 methyl 2 benzothiazolinone acetone azine with 2 phenylphenol as a solid passive monitoring reagent for ozone

Gericke R.; Harting J.; Lues I.; Schittenhelm C., 1991: 3 methyl 2h 1 benzopyran potassium channel activators

Bowers W.W.; Gries G.; Borden J.H.; Pierce H.D.Jr, 1991: 3 methyl 3 buten 1 ol an aggregation pheromone of the four eyed spruce bark beetle polygraphus rufipennis kirby coleoptera scolytidae

Halladay P.K.; Cowden W.B., 1990: 3 methyl 8 substituted phenylpteridine 2 4 3h 8h diones as potential antimalarials

Matijasevic Z.; Bodell W.J.; Ludlum D.B., 1991: 3 methyladenine dna glycosylase activity in a glial cell line sensitive to the haloethylnitrosoureas in comparison with a resistant cell line

Chaudhuri I.; Essigmann J.M., 1991: 3 methyladenine mutagenesis under conditions of sos induction in escherichia coli

Johnson B.E.; Bell R.G.; Dietert R.R., 1990: 3 methylcholanthrene induced immunosuppression in mice to trichinella spiralis antigens

Sironi M.; Pesenti E.; Bernasconi S.; Vecchi A., 1990: 3 methylcholanthrene induces differential inhibition of humoral and cell mediated immune responses in mice of different ages

Chitayat D.; Chemke J.; Gibson K.M.; Mamer O.A.; Kronick J.B.; Mcgill J.J.; Rosenblatt B.; Sweetman L.; Scriver C.R., 1992: 3 methylglutaconic aciduria a marker for as yet unspecified disorders and the relevance of prenatal diagnosis in a new type type 4

Zeharia A.; Elpeleg O.N.; Mukamel M.; Weitz R.; Ariel R.; Mimouni M., 1992: 3 methylglutaconic aciduria a new variant

Gibson K.M.; Nyhan W.L.; Sweetman L.; Narisawa K.; Lehnert W.; Divry P.; Robinson B.H.; Roth K.S.; Beemer F.A.; Et Al, 1988: 3 methylglutaconic aciduria a phenotype in which activity of 3 methylglutaconyl coenzyme a hydratase is normal

Narisawa K.; Gibson K.M.; Sweetman L.; Nyhan W.L., 1989: 3 methylglutaconyl coenzyme a hydratase 3 methylcrotonyl coenzyme a carboxylase and 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a lyase deficiencies a coupled enzyme assay useful for their detection

Van Eijk H.M.; Deutz N.E.P.; Wagenmakers A.J.M.; Soeters P.B., 1990: 3 methylhistidine determined in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Updyke L.W.; Yoon H.L.; Kiorpes A.L.; Robinson J.P.; Pfeifer R.W.; Marcus C.B., 1991: 3 methylindole induced splenotoxicity biochemical mechanisms of cytotoxicity

Updyke L.W.; Yoon H.L.; Robinson J.P.; Korpes A.L.; Marcus C.B.; Pfeifer R.W., 1991: 3 methylindole induced splenotoxicity functional analysis of immune parameters and lymphocyte phenotyping by flow cytometry

Itaya T.; Harada T., 1990: 3 methylisoguanosine synthesis and acidic hydrolysis of the glycosyl bond

Mills G.A.; Walker V.; Mellor J.M., 1989: 3 methylisoxazol 5 one an artefact from acetoacetic acid formed during urinary organic acid analysis

Guth H.; Grosch W., 1989: 3 methylnonane 2 4 dione an intense odor compound formed during flavor reversion of soybean oil

Nielsen J.B.K.; Arison B.H., 1989: 3 methylpseudouridine as a fermentation product

Mcclure T.D.; Schram K.H.; Nakano K.; Yasaka T., 1989: 3 methyluridine in normal human urine

Itaya T.; Harada T., 1989: 3 methylxanthosine synthesis and acidic hydrolysis of the glycosyl bond

Trolle L., 1988: 3 new danish leafhoppers homoptera auchenorrhyncha found in approximately 1 2 hour

Jenkins T.C.; Stratford I.J.; Stephens M.A., 1989: 3 nitro 1 2 4 triazoles as hypoxia selective agents

Benn M.H.; Majak W., 1989: 3 nitro 1 propyl beta d laminaribioside from astragalus miser var serotinus

Locher H.H.; Thurnheer T.; Leisinger T.; Cook A.M., 1989: 3 nitrobenzesulfonate 3 aminobenzenesulfonate and 4 aminobenzenesulfonate as sole carbon sources for bacteria

Ludolph A.C.; He F.; Spencer P.S.; Hammerstad J.; Sabri M., 1991: 3 nitropropionic acid exogenous animal neurotoxin and possible human striatal toxin

Braatz J.A.; Paulsen M.D.; Ornstein R.L., 1992: 3 nsec molecular dynamics simulation of the protein ubiquitin and comparison with x ray crystal and solution nmr structures

Mohan P.; Cannon J.G., 1988: 3 o 1 phenyltetrazol 5 ylmorphine in the acid catalyzed morphine apomorphine rearrangement formation of a side product due to 1 phenyltetrazole group migration

Nihro, Y.; Sogawa, S.; Izumi, A.; Sasamori, A.; Sudo, T.; Miki, T.; Matsumoto, H.; Satoh, T., 1992: 3 o alkylascorbic acids as free radical quenchers 3. protective effect on coronary occlusion reperfusion induced arrhythmias in anesthetized rats

Nihro, Y.; Sogawa, S.; Sudo, T.; Miki, T.; Matsumoto, H.; Satoh, T., 1991: 3 o alkylascorbic acids as free radical quenchers ii. inhibitory effects on some lipid peroxidation models

Nihro Y.; Miyataka H.; Sudo T.; Matsumoto H.; Satoh T., 1991: 3 o alkylascorbic acids as free radical quenchers synthesis and inhibitory effect on lipid peroxidation

Naftalin R.J.; Rist R.J., 1991: 3 o methyl d glucose transport in rat red cells effects of heavy water

Gomis R.; Tomas C.; Novials A.; Malaisse W.J., 1990: 3 o methyl d glucose uptake by erythrocytes of normal and diabetic subjects

Guttman M.; Leger G.; Cedarbaum J.M.; Reches A.; Woodward W.; Evans A.; Diksic M.; Gjedde A., 1992: 3 o methyldopa administration does not alter fluorodopa transport into the brain

Huneck S.; Jakupovic J.; Follmann G., 1991: 3 o methylpannaric acid from the lichen roccella capensis

Asano K.; Sano H.; Masunaga I.; Kawamoto I., 1989: 3 o methylrhamnose identification and distribution in catellatospora spp and related actinomycetes

Bermudez, J.; Gregory, J. A.; King, F. D.; Starr, S.; Summersell, R. J., 1992: 3 oxagranatane 3 oxa 9 azabicyclo 3.3.1 nonane derivatives as highly potent serotonin 5 ht 3 receptor antagonists

Lee C H.; Korp J.D.; Kohn H., 1989: 3 oxo and 3 imino 4 substituted 1 2 5 thiadiazolidine 1 1 dioxides synthesis spectral properties and selected chemistry

Sheldon P.S.; Kekwick R.G.O.; Smith C.G.; Sidebottom C.; Slabas A.R., 1992: 3 oxoacyl acp reductase from oilseed rape brassica napus

Sheldon P.S.; Kekwick R.G.O.; Sidebottom C.; Smith C.G.; Slabas A.R., 1990: 3 oxoacyl acyl carrier protein reductase from avocado persea americana fruit mesocarp

Gelman D.B.; Demilo A.B.; Thyagaraja B.S.; Kelly T.J.; Masler E.P.; Bell R.A.; Borkovec A.B., 1991: 3 oxoecdysteroid 3 beta reductase in various organs of the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis hubner

Iden P.; Middleton B.; Robinson B.H.; Sherwood W.G.; Gibson K.M.; Sweetman L.; Sovik O., 1990: 3 oxothiolase activities and carbon 14 labeled 2 methylbutanoic acid incorporation in cultured fibroblasts from 13 cases of suspected 3 oxothiolase deficiency

Trotter P.J.; Storch J., 1989: 3 p 6 phenyl 1 3 5 hexatrienylphenylpropionic acid pa dph characterization as a fluorescent membrane probe and binding to fatty acid binding proteins

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