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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6931

Chapter 6931 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tsai-Morris, C. H.; Cao, X.; Sukhatme, V. P., 1988: 5' flanking sequence and genomic structure of egr 1 a murine mitogen inducible zinc finger encoding gene

Darville, M. I.; Crepin, K. M.; Hue, L.; Rousseau, G. G., 1989: 5' flanking sequence and structure of a gene encoding rat 6 phosphofructo 2 kinase fructose 2 6 bisphosphatase

Yuan, Y.; Reddy, R., 1991: 5' flanking sequences of human mrp 7 2 rna gene are required and sufficient for the transcription by rna polymerase iii

Winston, J. H.; Hanten, G. R.; Overbeek, P. A.; Kellems, R. E., 1992: 5' flanking sequences of the murine adenosine deaminase gene direct expression of a reporter gene to specific prenatal and postnatal tissues in transgenic mice

Mollereau, C.; Pascaud, A.; Baillat, G.; Mazarguil, H.; Puget, A.; Meunier, J. C., 1988: 5' guanylylimidodiphosphate decreases affinity for agonists and apparent molecular size of a frog brain opioid receptor in digitonin solution

Wei, L. L.; Gonzalez-Aller, C.; Wood, W. M.; Miller, L. A.; Horwitz, K. B., 1990: 5' heterogeneity in human progesterone receptor transcripts predicts a new amino terminal truncated c receptor and unique a receptor messages

Krayevsky, A. A.; Tarussova, N. B.; Zhu, Q. Y.; Vidal, P.; Chou, T. C.; Baron, P.; Polsky, B.; Jiang, X. J.; Matulic-Asamic, J.; Et-Al, 1992: 5' hydrogenphosphonates and 5' methylphosphonates of sugar modified pyrimidine nucleosides as potential anti hiv 1 agents

Iwai, S.; Ohtsuka, E., 1988: 5' levulinyl and 2' tetrahydrofuranyl protection for the synthesis of oligoribonucleotides by the phosphoramidite approach

Tritapepe, R.; Pozzi, C.; Del-Guercio, R.; Arpaia, M. R.; Del-Guercio, M.; Moratti, E. M., 1989: 5' methylthioadenosine mta for the topical treatment of angiological disorders

Ziegler, K.; Maldener, I.; Lockau, W., 1989: 5' monohydroxyphylloquinone as a component of photosystem i

Nakata, H.; Fujisawa, H., 1989: 5' n ethylcarboxamide tritium labeled adenosine binding sites of mouse mastocytoma p815 cell membranes characterization and solubilization

Nakata, H., 1989: 5' n ethylcarboxamido tritiated adenosine binding sites of mouse p815 mastocytoma cell membranes solubilization and partial purification by affinity chromatography

Pagani, R.; Tabucchi, A.; Carlucci, F.; Marinello, E., 1991: 5' nucleotidase 5' n adenosine deaminase ada purine nucleoside phosphorylase pnp in leukemia and in congenital and acquired immunodeficiency

Fukano, M.; Amano, S.; Hazama, F.; Hosoda, S., 1990: 5' nucleotidase activities in sera and liver tissues of viral hepatitis patients

Headrick, J. P.; Willis, R. J., 1989: 5' nucleotidase activity and adenosine formation in stimulated hypoxic and underperfused rat heart

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Cotner, J. B. Jr ; Wetzel, R. G., 1991: 5' nucleotidase activity in a eutrophic lake and an oligotrophic lake

Narain, S.; Kumar, B., 1992: 5' nucleotidase activity in certain tissues of the fish heteropneustes fossilis under toxic stress

Turnay, J.; Olmo, N.; Risse, G.; Von-Der-Mark, K.; Lizarbe, M. A., 1989: 5' nucleotidase activity in cultured cell lines effect of different assay conditions and correlation with cell proliferation

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Fuchs, J. L., 1991: 5' nucleotidase activity increases in aging rat brain

Mishra, O. P.; Wagerle, L. C.; Delivoria-Papadopoulos, M., 1988: 5' nucleotidase and adenosine deaminase in developing fetal guinea pig brain and the effect of maternal hypoxia

Fini, C.; Cannistrado, S., 1990: 5' nucleotidase from bull seminal plasma biochemical and biophysical aspects

Fini, C.; Palmerini, C. A.; Damiani, P.; Stochaj, U.; Mannherz, H. G.; Floridi, A., 1990: 5' nucleotidase from bull seminal plasma chicken gizzard and snake venom is a zinc metalloprotein

Volknandt, W.; Vogel, M.; Pevsner, J.; Misumi, Y.; Ikehara, Y.; Zimmermann, H., 1991: 5' nucleotidase from the electric ray electric lobe primary structure and relation to mammalian and procaryotic enzymes

Yamazaki, Y.; Truong, V. L.; Lowenstein, J. M., 1991: 5' nucleotidase i from rabbit heart

Invernizzi, R.; De-Fazio, P.; Fenoglio, C.; Ippoliti, G.; Zambelli, L. M.; Razzano, M.; Ascari, E., 1990: 5' nucleotidase in chronic b cell leukemias a cytochemical and ultrastructural study

Tanaka, Y.; Himeno, M.; Taguchi, R.; Ikezawa, H.; Kato, K., 1989: 5' nucleotidase in rat liver lysosomal membranes is anchored via glycosyl phosphatidylinositol

Lee, R. S. F.; Ford, H. C., 1988: 5' nucleotidase of human placental trophoblastic microvilli possesses cobalt stimulated fad pyrophosphatase activity

Stochaj, U.; Flocke, K.; Mathes, W.; Mannherz, H. G., 1989: 5' nucleotidases of chicken gizzard and human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells are anchored to the plasma membrane via a phosphatidylinositol glycan

Fujiyama, S.; Tsude, K.; Sakai, M.; Sato, T., 1990: 5' nucleotide phosphodiesterase isozyme v in hepatocellular carcinoma and other liver diseases

Castro-Pichel, J.; Garcia-Lopez, M. T.; Herranz, R.; Perez, C., 1990: 5' o n aminoacylsulfamoylnucleosides synthesis and antiviral and cytostatic activities

Jie, L.; Van-Aerschot, A.; Balzarini, J.; Janssen, G.; Busson, R.; Hoogmartens, J.; De-Clerq, E.; Herdewijn, P., 1990: 5' o phosphonomethyl 2' 3' dideoxynucleosides synthesis and anti hiv activity

Dombrowski, K. E.; Colman, R. F., 1989: 5' p fluorosulfonylbenzoyl 8 azidoadenosine a new bifunctional affinity label for nucleotide binding site in proteins

Zinchenko, A. I.; Popov, I. L.; Barai, V. N.; Mikhailopulo, I. A., 1989: 5' phosphorylation of natural nucleosides and their modified analogs by intact erwinia herbicola cells specificity with respect to donors and acceptors of phosphate group

Marsters, J. C.; Ng, P.; Jhurani, P.; Vasser, M.; Bischofberger, N., 1990: 5' phosphorylation of oligonucleotides with phosphorous acid in automated dna synthesis

Wrigth, T. W.; Farber, J. M., 1991: 5' regulatory region of a novel cytokine gene mediates selective activation by interferon gamma

Bettany, A. J. E.; Moore, P. A.; Cafferkey, R.; Bell, L. D.; Goodey, A. R.; Carter, B. L. A.; Brown, A. J. P., 1989: 5' secondary structure formation in contrast to a short string of non preferred codons inhibits the translation of the pyruvate kinase messenger rna in yeast

Siliciano, P. G.; Guthrie, C., 1988: 5' splice site selection in yeast genetic alterations in base pairing with u1 reveal additional requirements

Smirnyagina, E. V.; Morozov, S. Yu ; Miroshnichenko, N. A.; Solov'ev, A. G.; Lukasheva, L. I.; Kulaeva, O. I.; Fedorkina, O. N.; Rodionova, H. P.; Atabekov, I. G., 1990: 5' terminal nontranslated sequence of potato virus x genome rna causes effective intensification of a foreign gene translation

Kravchenko, V. V.; Gileva, I. P.; Dobrynin, V. N.; Filippov, S. A.; Korobko, V. G., 1988: 5' termini arrangement aug codon in messenger rna mediates translational efficiency in escherichia coli

Fen, Z.; Daniel, T. O., 1991: 5' untranslated sequences determine degradative pathway for alternate pdgf b c sis messenger rna's

Sakamoto, K. M.; Bardeleben, C.; Yates, K. E.; Raines, M. A.; Golde, D. W.; Gasson, J. C., 1991: 5' upstream sequence and genomic structure of the human primary response gene egr 1 tis8

Prikhod'ko, G. G.; Babkin, I. V., 1991: 5' variable genome sequence of vaccinia virus livp possible role of short direct repeats in formation of dna deletions

Bacchi, C. J.; Sufrin, J. R.; Nathan, H. C.; Spiess, A. J.; Hannan, T.; Garofalo, J.; Alecia, K.; Katz, L.; Yarlett, N., 1991: 5'alkyl substituted analogs of 5' methylthioadenosine as trypanocides

Miekewczyk, S.; Wieckowska, D.; Krzymanska-Olejnik, E.; Gdaniec, Z.; Adamiak, R. W., 1989: 5'end fluorescent labelling of oligonucleotides with riboflavin derived phosphitylating reagent

Glauber, J. G.; Wandersee, N. J.; Little, J. A.; Ginder, G. D., 1991: 5'flanking sequences mediate butyrate stimulation of embryonic globin gene expression in adult erythroid cells

Baars, J. W. M., 1988: 5. autecological investigations on marine diatoms coscinodiscus concinnus w. smith and rhizosolenia setigera brightwell

Danchin N.; Joseph M.; Cuilliere M.; Ethevenot G.; Amrein D.; Villemot J.P.; Mathieu P.; Pernot C.; Gilgenkrantz J.M.; Cherrier F., 1988: 50 consecutive patients aged 65 years or more underwent ptca for coronary artery disease

Grace E.M.; Gerecz E.M.; Kassam Y.B.; Buchanan H.M.; Buchanan W.W.; Tugwell P.S., 1988: 50 foot walking time a critical assessment of an outcome measure in clinical therapeutic trials of antirheumatic drugs

Walker A.M.; Peabody C.A.; Ho T.W.C.; Warner M.D., 1992: 50 kd prolactin binding protein in schizophrenics on neuroleptic medication

Kuchinke W., 1989: 50 residues coded by exon 2 of chicken lysozyme carry residual catalytic activity

Lucas A.R.; Beard M.; O'fallon W.M.; Kurland L.T., 1991: 50 year trends in the incidence of anorexia nervosa in rochester minnesota usa a population based study

Juhlin C.; Lundgren S.; Johansson H.; Lorentzen J.; Rask L.; Larsson E.; Rastad J.; Akerstrom G.; Klareskog L., 1990: 500 kilodalton calcium sensor regulating cytoplasmic calcium in cytotrophoblast cells of human placenta

Wu J.; Marshall A.G., 1990: 500 mhz proton nmr evidence for two solution structures of the common arm base paired segment of wheat germ 5s ribosomal rna

Dejkema C.; Searle G.F.W.; Schaafsma T.J., 1988: 500 mhz proton nmr of chlorophylls in the major light harvesting chlorophyll protein complex of photosystem ii

Edge C.J.; Singh U.C.; Bazzo R.; Taylor G.L.; Dwek R.A.; Radenmacher T.W., 1990: 500 picosecond molecular dynamics in water of the man alpha 1 2 man alpha glycosidic linkage present in asn linked oligomannose type structures on glycoproteins

Litman R.E., 1989: 500 psychological autopsies

Trefzer U.; Brockhaus M.; Loetscher H.; Parlow F.; Kapp A.; Schoepf E.; Krutmann J., 1991: 55 kd tumor necrosis factor receptor is expressed by human keratinocytes and plays a pivotal role in regulation of human keratinocyte icam 1 expression

Hudson A.T.; Dickins M.; Ginger C.D.; Gutteridge W.E.; Holdich T.; Hutchinson D.B.A.; Pudney M.; Randall A.W.; Latter V.S., 1991: 566c80 a potent broad spectrum anti infective agent with activity against malaria and opportunistic infections in aids patients

Baldizzone G., 1990: 56th contribution to the knowledge of coleophoridae new or scarcely known coleophoridae of the greek fauna lepidoptera

Mattox K.L.; Feliciano D.V.; Burch J.; Beall A.C.Jr; Jordan G.L.Jr; Debakey M.E., 1989: 5760 cardiovascular injuries in 4459 patients epidemiologic evolution 1958 to 1987

Alcantara A.A.; Pfenninger K.H.; Greenough W.T., 1992: 5b4 cam expression parallels neurite outgrowth and synaptogenesis in the developing rat brain

Ikeda I.; Oka T.; Koba K.; Sugano M.; Jie M.S.F.L.K. , 1992: 5c 11c 14c eicosatrienoic acid and 5c 11c 14c 17c eicosatetraenoic acid of biota orientalis seed oil affect lipid metabolism in the rat

Proksa, B.; Vadkerti, A.; Uhrin, D., 1991: 5h isoindolo 1 2 b 3 benzazepines vii. cyclization of n substituted derivatives of narceone imide

Proksa, B.; Uhrin, D.; Vadkerti, A., 1991: 5h isoindolo 1 2 b 3 benzazepines viii. synthesis of derivatives of 5h isoindolo 1 2 b isoquinol 5 one

Wing L.L.; Tapson G.S.; Geyer M.A., 1990: 5ht 2 mediation of acute behavioral effects of hallucinogens in rats

Yates M.; Leake A.; Candy J.M.; Fairbairn A.F.; Mckeith I.G.; Ferrier I.N., 1990: 5ht 2 receptor changes in major depression

Twist E.C.; Mitchell S.; Brazell C.; Stahl S.M.; Campbell I.C., 1990: 5ht 2 receptor changes in rat cortex and platelets following chronic ritanserin and clorgyline administration

Kaneko M.; Mashiko H.; Yagiuchi T.; Ohsuka N.; Kumashiro H., 1992: 5ht 2 receptor mediated function in depressed patients investigation by measuring 5ht induced shape change of blood platelets

Dewar D.; Graham D.I.; Mcculloch J., 1990: 5ht 2 receptors in dementia of the alzheimer type a quantitative autoradiographic study of frontal cortex and hippocampus

Carboni E.; Acquas E.; Leone P.; Di Chiara G., 1989: 5ht 3 receptor antagonists block morphine and nicotine but not amphetamine induced reward

Fetkovska N.; Amstein R.; Ferracin F.; Regenass M.; Buehler F.R.; Pletscher A., 1988: 5ht kinetics and sensitivity of human blood platelets variations with age gender and platelet number

Kerim S.; Mecucci C.; Cuneo A.; Vandenberghe E.; Louwagie A.; Stul M.; Michaux J L.; Van Den Berghe H., 1990: 5q minus anomaly in lymphoid disorders

Pruecher H.; Gottschlich R.; Haase A.; Stohrer M.; Seyfried C., 1992: 5s 3 aryl 5 1 piperidinylmethyl 2 oxazolidinones a new class of potential neuroleptics with a high affinity for sigma receptors

Urones J.G.; Basabe P.; Marcos I.S.; Martin D.D.; Jimenez V.; Sexmero M.J.; Gomez B.; Slawin A.M.Z.; Williams D.J., 1991: 5s 8r 9r 10s 13s 2 oxo 3 cleroden 15 oic acid from cistus palhinhae

Doyle J.J.; Brown A.H.D., 1989: 5s nuclear ribosomal gene variation in the glycine tomentella polyploid complex leguminosae

Ellis T.H.N.; Lee D.; Thomas C.M.; Simpson P.R.; Cleary W.G.; Newman M A.; Burcham K.W.G., 1988: 5s ribosomal rna genes in pisum sequence long range and chromosomal organization

Van Den Eynde H.; De Baere R.; Shah H.N.; Gharbia S.E.; Fox G.E.; Michalik J.; Van De Peer Y.; De Wachter R., 1989: 5s ribosomal rna sequences in bacteroides and fusobacterium evolutionary relationships within these genera and among eubacteria in general

Van Den Eynde H.; Van Der Peer Y.; Vandenabeele H.; Van Bogaert M.; De Wachter R., 1990: 5s ribosomal rna sequences of myxobacteria and radioresistant bacteria and implications for eubacterial evolution

Van Den Eynde H.; Van De Peer Y.; Perry J.; De Wachter R., 1990: 5s ribosomal rna sequences of representatives of the genera chlorobium prosthecochloris thermomicrobium cytophaga flavobacterium flexibacter and saprospira and a discussion of the evolution of eubacteria in general

Kolchinsky A.; Kanazin V.; Yakovleva E.; Gazyumyan A.; Kole C.; Ananiev E., 1990: 5s rna genes of barley are located on the second chromosome

Del Pino E.M.; Murphy C.; Masson P.H.; Gall J.G., 1992: 5s rrna encoding genes of the marsupial frog gastrotheca riobambae

Taylor D.L.; Sunkara P.S.; Liu P.S.; Kang M.S.; Bowlin T.L.; Tyms A.S., 1991: 6 0 butanoylcasanospermine mdl 28574 inhibits glycoprotein processing and the growth of hivs

Simonsen S.; Geiran O.; Lindberg H.; Foerster A.; Hysing E.; Mohr B.; Forfang K.; Ihlen H.; Froysaker T., 1991: 6 1 2 years results with heart transplantation at rikshospitalet oslo norway

Gonzalez M.E.; Almela M.J.; Yacout M.; Carrasco L., 1990: 6 3 4 dichlorophenoxy 3 ethylthio 2 pyridincarbonitrile inhibits poliovirus uncoating

Kelley J.L.; Linn J.A.; Davis R.G.; Selway J.W.T., 1990: 6 3 fluoroanilino 9 substituted benzyl 2 trifluoromethyl 9h purines with antirhinovirus activity

Miolo, G.; Stefanidis, M.; Santella, R. M.; Dall'acqua, F.; Gasparro, F. P., 1989: 6 4 4' trimethylangelicin photoadduct formation in dna production and characterization of a specific monoclonal antibody

Goeschke R.; Gainer J.; Howarth G.A.; Wallis R.B.; Kerry R.; Ambler J.; Findlay V.S.; Butler K.D., 1991: 6 4 morpholinophenyl 4 5 dihydro 2h pyridazine 3 ones potent platelet aggregation inhibitors and antithrombotics

Zdzienicka M.Z.; Venema J.; Mitchell D.L.; Van Hoffen A.; Van Zeeland A.A.; Vrieling H.; Mullenders L.H.F.; Lohman P.H.M.; Simons J.W.I.M., 1992: 6 4 photoproducts and not cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers are the main uv induced mutagenic lesions in chinese hamster cells

Grignon N.; Touraine B.; Durand M., 1989: 6 5 carboxyfluorescein as a tracer of phloem sap translocation

Ogita K.; Yoneda Y., 1990: 6 7 dichloroquinoxaline 2 3 dione is a competitive antagonist specific to strychnine insensitive tritiated glycine binding sites on the n methyl d aspartate receptor complex

Molyneux R.J.; Pan Y.T.; Tropea J.E.; Benson M.; Kaushal G.P.; Elbein A.D., 1991: 6 7 diepicastanospermine a tetrahydroxyindolizidine alkaloid inhibitor of amyloglucosidase

Tal D.M., 1989: 6 7 dihydroxy 6 7 dihydrocanrenone isomers improved synthesis and proton nmr study

Schiller C.D.; Von Angerer E.; Schneider M.R., 1991: 6 7 dihyro 4h indolones synthesis and biological properties

Chakrabarty M.; Patra A., 1990: 6 7 dimethoxyonychine and other alkaloids of polyalthia longifolia

Rao T.S.; Cler J.A.; Mick S.J.; Emmett M.R.; Iyengar S.; Wood P.L., 1990: 6 7 dinitroquinoxaline 2 3 dione and 6 nitro 7 cyanoquinoxaline 2 3 dione antagonize responses mediated by n methyl d aspartate and nmda associated glycine recognition sites in vivo measurements of cerebellar cyclic gmp

Birch P.J.; Grossman C.J.; Hayes A.G., 1988: 6 7 dinitroquinoxaline 2 3 dione and 6 nitro 7 cyanoquinoxaline 2 3 dione antagonize responses to nmda in the rat spinal cord via an action at the strychnine insensitive glycine receptor

Patel J.; Zinkand W.C.; Klika A.B.; Mangano T.J.; Keith R.A.; Salama A.I., 1990: 6 7 dinitroquinoxaline 2 3 dione blocks the cytotoxicity of n methyl d aspartate and kainate but not quisqualate in cortical cultures

Astroff B.; Safe S., 1991: 6 alkyl 1 3 8 trichlorodibenzofurans as antiestrogens in female sprague dawley rats

Polossek T.; Ambros R.; Von Angerer S.; Brandl G.; Mannschreck A.; Von Angerer E., 1992: 6 alkyl 12 formylindolo 2 1 a isoquinolines synthesis estrogen receptor binding affinities and stereospecific cytostatic activity

Pavia M.R.; Taylor C.P.; Lobbestael S.J., 1989: 6 alkyl n n disubstituted 2 pyridinamines as anticonvulsant agents

Numazawa M.; Mutsumi A., 1991: 6 alpha 7 alpha cyclopropane derivatives of androst 4 ene a novel class of competitive aromatase inhibitors

Eggleston D.S.; Lan Hargest H Y., 1990: 6 alpha and 6 beta trifluoromethyl substituted androstenedione

Kellis J.T.Jr; Vickery L.E., 1990: 6 alpha fluorotestosterone a nonaromatizable androgen inhibitor of aromatase cytochrome p 450

Roberts J.L.; Bevilacqua P.F.; Keith D.D.; Pawson B.A.; Pruess D.L.; Rossman P.L., 1992: 6 alpha hydroxypenicillanic acid ss oxide and analogues synthesis and antimicrobial activity

Kivekas R.; Sundberg M.R.; Ruiz J.; Colacio E., 1991: 6 amino 1 3 dimethyl 5 2 ethylphenylazoniouracil bromide dihydrate

Machovich R.; Owen W.G., 1990: 6 aminohexanoate and chloride ion in the activation by urokinase of porcine plasminogens

Politis M.J., 1989: 6 aminonicotinamide selectively causes necrosis in reactive astroglia cells in vivo preliminary morphological observations

Moussavi Z.; Bonte J.P.; Lesieur D.; Leinot M.; Lamar J.C.; Tisne Versailles J., 1989: 6 arylpiperazino 4 butyrylbenzoxazolinones and reduction products chemical and pharmacodynamic study

Exinger F.; Lacroute F., 1992: 6 azauracil inhibition of gtp biosynthesis in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Combs D.W.; Rampulla M.S.; Bell S.C.; Klaubert D.H.; Tobia A.J.; Falotico R.; Haertlein B.; Lakas Weiss C.; Moore J.B., 1990: 6 benzoxazinylpyridazin 3 ones potent long acting positive inotrope and peripheral vasodilator agents

Nandi S.K.; Letham D.S.; Palni L.M.S.; Wong O.C.; Summons R.E., 1989: 6 benzylaminopurine and its glycosides as naturally occurring cytokinins

Yu A Y.; Sun C., 1990: 6 beta acetoxynortropane and its muscarinic receptor kinetics

Hashimoto T.; Kohno J.; Yamada Y., 1989: 6 beta hydroxyhyoscyamine epoxidase from cultured roots of hyoscyamus niger

Schein P.S.; Green D.; Hammer C.F.; Mcpherson E.; Talebian A., 1989: 6 bis 2 chloroethylamino 6 deoxy d galactopyranose hydrochloride synthesis chemical characterization murine p388 antitumor activity and bone marrow toxicity

Choi S.Y.; Wee S.; Kim D.S., 1989: 6 bromopyridoxal 5 phosphate a new cofactor analog of gaba transaminase

Fahy E.; Potts B.C.M.; Faulkner D.J.; Smith K., 1991: 6 bromotryptamine derivatives from the gulf of california pacific ocean tunicate didemnum candidum

Delle Monache F.; Cuca Suarez L.E., 1992: 6 c formyl and 6 c hydroxymethylflavanones from petivera alliacea

Rasamoelisendra R.; Voirin B.; Favre Bonvin J.; Andriantsiferana M.; Rabesa Z., 1989: 6 c methyl 3 7 di o methylkaempferol and 6 8 di c methyl 3 7 di o methylkaempferol from alluaudia dumosa

Pombo-Villar, E.; Supavilai, P.; Weber, H. P.; Boddeke, H. W. G. M., 1992: 6 carboxymethyl 2 azabicyclo 2.2.1 heptane enantiomers muscarinic activities of rigid analogues of arecoline

Hassan M.A.; Fahmy A.F.M., 1988: 6 chloro 1 2 4 triazolo 4 3 b pyrido 2 3 d and 3 2 d pyridazines synthesis and structure determinations

Blake J.F.; Yates R.G.; Brown M.W.; Collingridge G.L., 1989: 6 cyano 7 nitroquinoxaline 2 3 dione as an excitatory amino acid antagonist in area ca1 of rat hippocampus

Serin D.; Plat F.; Martin P., 1989: 6 d tryptophan lhrh and metastatic breast cancer

Gerwick W.H., 1989: 6 demethoxyhormothamnione a new cytotoxic styrylchromone from the marine cryptophyte chrysophaeum taylori

Osmak M.; Eckert Maksic M.; Pavelic K.; Maksic Z.B.; Spaventi R.; Beketic L.; Kovacek I.; Suskovic B., 1990: 6 deoxy 6 bromoascorbic acid inhibits growth of mouse melanoma cells

Janda S.; Benes I.; Tauchova R., 1988: 6 deoxy d glucose interferes in glucose oxidase reaction biological evidence

Shibuya N.; Amano K.; Azuma J I.; Nishihara T.; Kitamura Y.; Noguchi T.; Koga T., 1991: 6 deoxy d talan and 6 deoxy l talan novel serotype specific polysaccharide antigens from actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans

Bevitt D.J.; Cortes J.; Haydock S.F.; Leadlay P.F., 1992: 6 deoxyerythronolide b synthase 2 from saccharopolyspora erythraea cloning of the structural gene sequence analysis and inferred domain structure of the multifunctional enzyme

Woolridge E.M.; Rokita S.E., 1991: 6 difluoromethyltryptophan as a probe for substrate activation during the catalysis of tryptophanase

Rime H.; Neant I.; Guerrier P.; Ozon R., 1989: 6 dimethylaminopurine 6 dmap a reversible inhibitor of the transition to metaphase during the first meiotic cell division of the mouse oocyte

Gibboney D.S.; French B.T.; Patrick D.E.; Trewyn R.W., 1989: 6 ethylmercaptopurine mediated growth inhibition of hl 60 cells in vitro irrespective of purine salvage

Marco Contelles J.; Pozuelo C.; Jimeno M.L.; Martinez L.; Martinez Grau A., 1992: 6 exo free radical cyclization of acyclic carbohydrate intermediates a new synthetic route to enantiomerically pure polyhydroxylated cyclohexane derivatives

Hantraye P.; Loc'h C.; Maziere B.; Khalili Varasteh M.; Crouzel C.; Fournier D.; Yorke J C.; Stulzaft O.; Richie D.; Isacson O.; Maziere M., 1992: 6 fluorine 18 fluoro l dopa uptake and bromine 76 bromolisuride binding in the excitotoxically lesioned caudate putamen of nonhuman primates studied using positron emission tomography

Doudet D.J.; Miyake H.; Finn R.T.; Mclellan C.A.; Aigner T.G.; Wan R.Q.; Adams H.R.; Cohen R.M., 1989: 6 fluorine 18 l dopa imaging of the dopamine neostriatal system in normal and clinically normal mptp treated rhesus monkeys

Barrio J.R.; Huang S.C.; Melega W.P.; Yu D.C.; Hoffman J.M.; Schneider J.S.; Satyamurthy N.; Mazziotta J.C.; Phelps M.E., 1990: 6 fluorine 18 labeled fluoro l dopa probes dopamine turnover rates in central dopaminergic structures

Zundel M.; Nambiar K.P.; Boswell G.; Bloch K., 1989: 6 fluorocholesterol as a growth factor for the yeast mutant gl7

Onayade, O. A.; Scheffer, J. J. C.; Schripsema, J.; Van-Der-Gen, A., 1990: 6 hydroxycarvotanacetone and other constituents of the essential oil of laggera alata d. don sch. bip. ex oliv

Winsky L.; Harvey J.A., 1992: 6 hydroxydopamine induced impairment of pavlovian conditioning in the rabbit

Bubser M.; Schmidt W.J., 1990: 6 hydroxydopamine lesion of the rat prefrontal cortex increases locomotor activity impairs acquisition of delayed alternation tasks but does not affect uninterrupted tasks in the radial maze

Rivet J M.; Stinus L.; Le Moal M.; Mormede P., 1990: 6 hydroxydopamine lesion of ventral tegmental area dopaminergic cell bodies does not impair neuroendocrine responses to environmental stimuli

Bluet Pajot M.T.; Mounier F.; Durand D.; Kordon C.; Llorens Cortes C.; Videau C.; Epelbaum J., 1992: 6 hydroxydopamine lesions of the locus coeruleus induce a paradoxical increase in growth hormone secretion in male rats

Hemby S.E.; Jones G.H.; Neill D.B.; Justice J.B.Jr, 1992: 6 hydroxydopamine lesions of the medial prefrontal cortex fail to influence cocaine induced place conditioning

Clarke P.B.S.; White N.M.; Franklin K.B.J., 1990: 6 hydroxydopamine lesions of the olfactory tubercle do not alter dextro amphetamine conditioned place preference

Morgan M.J.; Franklin K.B.J., 1990: 6 hydroxydopamine lesions of the ventral tegmentum abolish d amphetamine and morphine analgesia in the formalin test but not in the tail flick test

Monteiro H.P.; Winterbourn C.C., 1989: 6 hydroxydopamine releases iron from ferritin and promotes ferritin dependent lipid peroxidation

Trudeau F.; Peronnet F.; Beliveau L.; Brisson G., 1990: 6 hydroxydopamine sympathectomy and exercise performance in the rat

Allen E.E.; Trombley P.Q.; Gordon B., 1988: 6 hydroxydopamine treatment and beta adrenergic receptor binding in kittens relation to visual cortical plasticity

Guido, W.; Salinger, W. L., 1989: 6 hydroxydopamine treatment blocks the effects of chronic monocular paralysis in the cat's lateral geniculate nucleus

Kaouadji M.; Chiron S.; Garcia J.; Thomasson F.; Tissut M.; Ravanel P., 1992: 6 hydroxygalangin and c prenylated kaempferol derivatives from platanus acerifolia buds

Ramachandran Nair A.G.; Sivakumar R., 1990: 6 hydroxykaempferol 6 4 dimethyl ether 3 galactoside from eupatorium glandulosum

Ahmad M.; Jain N.; Kamil M.; Ilyas M., 1991: 6 hydroxykaempferol 7 rutinoside from leaves of sapium eugniaefolium

Kurosaki F.; Itoh M.; Yamada M.; Nishi A., 1991: 6 hydroxymellein synthetase as a multifunctional enzyme complex in elicitor treated carrot root extract

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Boeck L.D.; Papiska H.R.; Wetzel R.W.; Mynderse J.S.; Fukuda D.S.; Mertz F.P.; Berry D.M., 1990: A 54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex discovery taxonomy fermentation and hplc

Boeck L.D.; Wetzel R.W., 1990: A 54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex factor control through precursor directed biosynthesis

Fukuda D.S.; Du Bus R.H.; Baker P.J.; Berry D.M.; Mynderse J.S., 1990: A 54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex isolation and characterization

Fukuda D.S.; Debono M.; Molloy R.M.; Mynderse J.S., 1990: A 54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex microbial and chemical modification

Counter F.T.; Allen N.F.; Fukuda D.S.; Hobbs J.N.; Ott J.; Ensminger P.W.; Mynderse J.S.; Preston D.A.; Wu C.Y.E., 1990: A 54145 a new lipopeptide antibiotic complex microbiological evaluation

Sone T.; Ozono K.; Pike J.W., 1991: A 55 kilodalton accessory factor facilitates vitamin d receptor dna binding

Maes P.; Vanhoff R., 1992: A 56 month prospective surveillance study on the epidemiology of aminoglycoside resistance in a belgian general hospital

Tompkins T.A.; Moscarello M.A., 1991: A 57 kda phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c from bovine brain

Platt M.W.; Reizer J.; Rottem S., 1990: A 57 kilodalton protein associated with spiroplasma melliferum fibrils undergoes reversible phosphorylation

Sebetan I.M.; Aoki Y.; Sagisaka K.; Kaise K., 1989: A 571 genetic polymorphism of alpha 2 hs glycoprotein in a japanese population

Wilson D.R.; Juan T.S C.; Wilde M.D.; Fey G.H.; Darlington G.J., 1990: A 58 base pair region of the human c3 gene confers synergistic inducibility by interleukin 1 and interleukin 6

Hendricks L.C.; Gabel C.A.; Suh K.; Farquhar M.G., 1991: A 58 kda resident protein of the cis golgi cisterna is not terminally glycosylated

Srinivas R.V.; Tucker S.P.; Kilpatrick D.R.; Compans R.W., 1992: A 585 bp deletion found in the spleen focus forming virus sffv env gene is responsible for the defective intracellular transport of sffv gp52

Stinavage P.S.; Martin L.E.; Spitznagel J.K., 1990: A 59 kilodalton outer membrane protein of salmonella typhimurium protects against oxidative intraleukocytic killing due to human neutrophils

Yasue H.; Awata T.; Muramatsu S., 1989: A 595 nanometer band pass filter enhances the contrast of in situ hybridization signals on chromosome observed after biotin avidin alkaline phosphatase localization

Bouhassira, E. E.; Nagel, R. L., 1990: A 6 bp deletion 5' to the g gamma globin gene in beta s chromosomes bearing the bantu haplotype

Cox A.; Emtage J.S., 1989: A 6 fold difference in half life of immunoglobulin mu heavy chain messenger rna in cell lines representing two stages of b cell differentiation

Perese D.A.; Ulman J.; Viola J.; Ewing S.E.; Barkiewicz K.S., 1989: A 6 hydroxydopamine induced selective parkinsonian rat model

Steyn K.; Weich H.F.H.; Vermaak W.J.H.; Marais A.D.; Omar M.A.K.; Van Gelder A.L.; Fourie J.; Kotze T.J.V.W.; Stander I.; Et Al, 1991: A 6 month trial of simvastatin hmg coenzyme reductase inhibitor in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Fabre L.F., 1992: A 6 week double blind trial of paroxetine imipramine and placebo in depressed outpatients

Feehan M.; Mcgee R.; Stanton W.; Silva P.A., 1990: A 6 year follow up of childhood enuresis prevalence in adolescence and consequences for mental health

Page Del Pozo M.A.; Herrero Huerta F.; Martinez Alfaro E.; Campillo Fuentes J.; Campos Aranda M.; Garcia Puche M.J., 1988: A 6 year study of monoclonal gammapathies in a regional hospital

Skurdal, J.; Qvenild, T.; Taugbol, T.; Fjeld, E., 1990: A 6 year study of thelohania contejeani parasitism of the noble crayfish astacus astacus l. in lake steinsfjorden southeast norway

Albandar J.M., 1990: A 6 year study on the pattern of periodontal disease progression

Giordano A.; Whyte P.; Harlow E.; Franza B.R.Jr; Beach D.; Draetta G., 1989: A 60 kd cdc2 associated polypeptide complexes with the e1a proteins in adenovirus infected cells

Suzuki M.; Uchiyama A.; Kushida K.; Horiuchi K.; Takahashi M.; Inoue T., 1991: A 60 kda phosphorylated protein from fetal human bone

Klotz F.W.; Miller L.H., 1989: A 60 kda plasmodium falciparum protein at the moving junction formed between merozoite and erythrocyte during invasion

Schwemmle, M.; Schickinger, J.; Bader, M.; Sarre, T. F.; Hilse, K., 1991: A 60 kda protein from rabbit reticulocytes specifically recognizes the capped 5' end of beta globin messenger rna

Ohmura M.; Itoh Y.; Narushima M.; Otani T.; Kato K.; Saito M.; Kondo A., 1989: A 60 min pad weighing test

Kingsmore S.K.; Watson M.L.; Howard T.A.; Seldin M.F., 1989: A 6000 kb segment of chromosome 1 is conserved in human and mouse

Cohn D.L.; Catlin B.J.; Peterson K.L.; Judson F.N.; Sbarbaro J.A., 1990: A 62 dose 6 month therapy for pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis a twice weekly directly observed and cost effective regimen

Nilsson A.; Westerlund C.; Bostrom S., 1989: A 62 kda protein is photoaffinity labelled by tritiated felodipine in vascular smooth muscle but not in cardiac and skeletal muscle

Kinoshita K., 1990: A 62 year old woman with endodermal sinus tumor of the ovary

Wang J.; Pederson T., 1990: A 62000 molecular weight spliceosome protein crosslinks to the intron polypyrimidine tract

Wrogemann K.; Podolsky G.; Gu J.; Rosenmann E., 1991: A 63 kda protein with androgen binding activity is not from the androgen receptor

Tanaka T.; Imajoh Ohmi S.; Kanegasaki S.; Takagi Y.; Makino R.; Ishimura Y., 1990: A 63 kilodalton cytosolic polypeptide involved in superoxide generation in porcine neutrophils

Kendler, D. L.; Rootman, J.; Huber, G. K.; Davies, F., 1991: A 64 kda membrane antigen is a recurrent epitope for natural autoantibodies in patients with graves' thyroid and ophthalmic diseases

Ahsan C.R.; Sasaki J., 1991: A 64 kda protein from mycobacterium bovis bcg shares the same antigenic determinants with line 10 hepatoma cells and has anti line 10 tumor activity

Wright M.; Hogset A.; Alestrom P.; Gautvik K.M., 1988: A 64 kda protein is a candidate for a trh receptor in prolactin producing rat pituitary tumor cells gh 4c 1 cells

Baeuerle P.A.; Baltimore D., 1989: A 65 kd subunit of active nf kappa b is required for inhibition of nf kappa b by i kappa b

Ensgraber M.; Loos M., 1992: A 66 kilodalton heat shock protein of salmonella typhimurium is responsible for binding of the bacterium to intestinal mucus

Wilson Rawls J.; Saha S.K.; Krajcsi P.; Tollefson A.E.; Gooding L.R.; Wold W.S.M., 1990: A 6700 mw membrane protein is encoded by region e3 of adenovirus type 2

Ohmura T.; Sakata A.; Onoue K., 1992: A 68 kd gtp binding protein associated with the t cell receptor complex

Deninno M.P.; Schoenleber R.; Mackenzie R.; Britton D.R.; Asin K.E.; Briggs C.; Trugman J.M.; Ackerman M.; Artman L.; Et Al, 1991: A 68930 a potent agonist selective for the dopamine d 1 receptor

Szymanski P.; Woodworth M., 1990: A 69 base pair monkey dna sequence enhances sv 40 replication and transcription through multiple motifs

Kerkman D.J.; Ackerman M.; Artman L.D.; Mackenzie R.G.; Johnson M.C.; Bednarz L.; Montana W.; Asin K.E.; Stampfli H.; Kebabian J.W., 1989: A 69024 a non benzazepine antagonist with selectivity for the dopamine d 1 receptor

Horiuchi N.; Hongo T.; Clemens T.L., 1991: A 7 34 analog of the parathyroid hormone related protein has potent antagonist and partial agonist activity in vivo

Lobo S.M.; Hernandez N., 1989: A 7 bp mutation converts a human rna polymerase ii small nuclear rna promoter into an rna polymerase iii promoter

Markby D.W.; Zhou B B.; Schachman H.K., 1991: A 70 amino acid zinc binding polypeptide from the regulatory chain of aspartate transcarbamoylase forms a stable complex with the catalytic subunit leading to markedly altered enzyme activity

Hosoya N.; Hosoya H.; Mohri T.; Mohri H., 1990: A 70 kd microtubule binding protein from starfish eggs purification characterization and localization during meiosis and mitosis

De Silva H.V.; Stuart W.D.; Duvic C.D.; Wetterau J.R.; Ray M.J.; Ferguson D.G.; Albers H.W.; Smith W.R.; Harmony J.A.K., 1990: A 70 kda apolipoprotein designated apo j is a marker for subclasses of human plasma high density lipoproteins

Weller N.K., 1988: A 70 kda microtubule associated protein in nil8 cells comigrates with the 70 kda heat shock protein

Bush M.B.; Colinvaux P.A., 1988: A 7000 year pollen record from the amazon lowlands ecuador

Lederfein D.; Levy Z.; Augier N.; Mornet D.; Morris G.; Fuchs O.; Yaffe D.; Nudel U., 1992: A 71 kilodalton protein is a major product of the duchenne muscular dystrophy gene in brain and other nonmuscle tissues

Lin C.W.; Holladay M.W.; Witte D.G.; Miller T.R.; Wolfram C.A.W.; Bianchi B.R.; Bennett M.J.; Nadzan A.M., 1990: A 71378 a cck agonist with high potency and selectivity for cck a receptors

Asin K.E.; Bednarz L.; Nikkel A.L.; Gore P.A.Jr; Nadzan A.M., 1992: A 71623 a selective cck a receptor agonist suppresses food intake in the mouse dog and monkey

Pulford K.; Micklem K.; Thomas J.; Jones M.; Mason D.Y., 1991: A 72 kd b cell associated surface glycoprotein expressed at high levels in hairy cell leukemia and plasma cell neoplasms

Pather R., 1989: A 75 g glucose load for diabetic screening in pregnancy an evaluation

Thuleau P.; Graziana A.; Canut H.; Ranjeva R., 1990: A 75 kda polypeptide located primarily at the plasma membrane of carrot cell suspension cultures is photoaffinity labeled by the calcium channel blocker lu 49888

Hoshiyama, M., 1992: A 79 year old man with hypertension hypokalemia hyporeninemia and hypoaldosteronemia similar to liddle's syndrome

Fukuda D.S.; Mynderse J.S.; Baker P.J.; Berry D.M.; Boeck L.D.; Yao R.C.; Mertz F.P.; Nakatsukasa W.M.; Mabe J.; Et Al, 1990: A 80915 a new antibiotic complex produced by streptomyces aculeolatus discovery taxonomy fermentation isolation characterization and antibacterial evaluation

Sanson D.R.; Gracz H.; Tempesta M.S.; Fukuda D.S.; Nakatsukasa W.M.; Sands T.H.; Baker P.J.; Mynderse J.S., 1991: A 82775b and a 82775c novel metabolites of an unknown fungus of the order sphaeropsidales

Kirst H.A.; Michel K.H.; Martin J.W.; Creemer L.C.; Chio E.H.; Yao R.C.; Nakatsukasa W.M.; Boeck L.D.; Occolowitz J.L.; Et Al, 1991: A 83543a d unique fermentation derived tetracyclic macrolides

Mosser G.; Mallouh V.; Brisson A., 1992: A 9 a two dimensional projected structure of cholera toxin b subunit g m 1 complexes determined by electron crystallography

Hawkins J.R.; Superti Furga A.; Steinmann B.; Dalgleish R., 1991: A 9 base pair deletion in col1a1 in a lethal variant of osteogenesis imperfecta

Justice, R. W.; Nagel, G. M.; Gottschling, C. F.; Damis, M. F.; Carroll, E. J,. Jr.;, 1992: A 9.6s protein is the third calcium insoluble component of the sea urchin hyaline layer

Mattie D.R.; Alden C.L.; Newell T.K.; Gaworski C.L.; Flemming C.D., 1991: A 90 day continuous vapor inhalation toxicity study of jp 8 jet fuel followed by 20 or 21 months of recovery in fischer 344 rats and c57bl 6 mice

Warheit D.B.; Kelly D.P.; Carakostas M.C.; Singer A.W., 1989: A 90 day inhalation toxicity study with benomyl in rats

Sundaram K.; Didolkar A.K.; Keizer Zucker A.; Dejesus W.; Rivier J.; Vale W.; Bardin C.W., 1990: A 90 day subcutaneous toxicity and fertility study of a lhrh antagonist in rats

Freeman J.J.; Mckee R.H.; Phillips R.D.; Plutnick R.T.; Scala R.A.; Ackerman L.J., 1990: A 90 day toxicity study of the effects of petroleum middle distillates on the skin of c3h mice

Upadhyaya, M.; Cheryson, A.; Broadhead, W.; Fryer, A.; Shaw, D. J.; Huson, S.; Wallace, M. R.; Andersen, L. B.; Marchuk, D. A.; Et-Al, 1990: A 90 kb dna deletion associated with neurofibromatosis type 1

Printseva O.J.; Peclo M.M.; Tjurmin A.V.; Faerman A.I.; Danilov S.M.; Repin V.S.; Smirnov V.N., 1989: A 90 kd surface antigen from a subpopulation of smooth muscle cells from human atherosclerotic lesions

Printseva O.Yu; Peclo M.M.; Tjurmin A.V.; Gown A.M., 1991: A 90 kda surface antigen of immature smooth muscle cells is icam 1

Salmi M.; Jalkanen S., 1992: A 90 kilodalton endothelial cell molecule mediating lymphocyte binding in humans

Miller K.W.; Long P.H., 1990: A 91 day feeding study in rats with heated olestra vegetable oil blends

Tateishi M.; Toda T.; Minamisono Y.; Nagasaki S.; Sugimachi K., 1992: A 94 year old male stage iv breast cancer patient showing complete remission under tamoxifen treatment after operation

Chipens G.I.; Rudzish R.V.; Ievinya N.G., 1991: A a code interaction of peptide chains is defined by g c and a u complementarity of amino acid codon roots on the contact surfaces

Eisen A.A.; Shtybel W., 1990: A aem minimonograph number 35 clinical experience with transcranial magnetic stimulation

Fatemi S.J.A.; Williamson D.J.; Moore G.R., 1992: A aluminum 27 nmr investigation of aluminum binding to small carboxylic acids and the proteins albumin and transferrin

Fuss F.K., 1989: A analysis of the popliteus muscle in man dog and pig with a reconsideration of the general problems of muscle function

Rordorf H.; Dimo Simonin N.; Brandt Casadevall C.; Gujer H R., 1989: A b and h group specific substances in human vitreous humor

Limas C., 1990: A b blood group antigens in tissues of ab heterozygotes emphasis on normal and neoplastic urothelium

Nagasawa M.; Okawa H.; Yata J., 1991: A b cell line from a patient with pure red cell aplasia produces an immunoglobulin that suppresses erythropoiesis

Kavaler J.; Caton A.J.; Staudt L.M.; Gerhard W., 1991: A b cell population that dominates the primary response to influenza virus hemagglutinin does not participate in the memory response

Waters, S. H.; Saikh, K. U.; Stavnezer, J., 1989: A b cell specific nuclear protein that binds to dna sites 5' to immunoglobulin s a tandem repeats is regulated during differentiation

Terness P.; Suesal C.; Baur C.; Guo Z G.; Opelz G., 1990: A b cell suppressive igg antiimmunoglobulin antibody induced by alloimmunization

Jacobs E.; Roeck R.; Dalehite L., 1990: A b cell t cell linked epitope located on the adhesin of mycoplasma pneumoniae

Stamenkovic I.; Clark E.A.; Seed B., 1989: A b lymphocyte activation molecule related to the nerve growth factor receptor and induced by cytokines in carcinomas

Fukiyama J.; Sawada A.; Baba Y.; Miyata N.; Obama S., 1989: A b mode combined ultrasonic equipment ophthascan s in ocular and orbital diagnosis

Abdel Aziz A.; Brain K.; Shatalebi M.A.; Blunden G.; Patel A.; Crabb T.A.; Bashir A.K., 1990: A b ring contracted spirostane from tacca leontopetaloides

Severinsson L.; Claesson Welsh L.; Heldin C H., 1989: A b type pdgf receptor lacking most of the intracellular domain escapes degradation after ligand binding

Hanisch, F. G.; Uhlenbruck, G.; Egge, H.; Peter-Katalinic, J., 1989: A b72.3 second generation monoclonal antibody cc49 defines the mucin carried carbohydrate epitope gal beta 1 3 neuac alpha 2 6 galnac

Dormehl I.C.; Jacobs L.; Maree M.; Ras G.; Hugo N.; Beverley G., 1991: A baboon model for in vivo assessment of mucociliary lung clearance

Sinosich M.J.; Pope V.Z.; Pope C.E.; Beck L.R.; Teisner B.; Saunders D.M., 1990: A baboon model for pregnancy associated antigens papp a pp5 pp14

Gilmore M.S.; Cruz Rodz A.L.; Leimeister Waechter M.; Kreft J.; Goebel W., 1989: A bacillus cereus cytolytic determinant cereolysin ab which comprises the phospholipase c and sphingomyelinase genes nucleotide sequence and genetic linkage

Mathiopoulos C.; Mueller J.P.; Slack F.J.; Murphy C.G.; Patankar S.; Bukusoglu G.; Sonenshein A.L., 1991: A bacillus subtilis dipeptide transport system expressed early during sporulation

Weinrauch Y.; Penchev R.; Dubnau E.; Smith I.; Dubnau D., 1990: A bacillus subtilis regulatory gene product for genetic competence and sporulation resembles sensor protein members of the bacterial two component signal transduction systems

Hanzlick R.; Hawkins C.; Hammami A., 1988: A back door approach to analysis of ethanol associated risks and behavior

Sachsenberg S.; Klenke T.; Krumbein W.E.; Zeeck E., 1992: A back extraction procedure for the dithiocarbamate solvent extraction method rapid determination of metals in seawater matrices

Hard R.C.Jr; Miller W.G.; Romagnoli G., 1989: A background free assay for cells forming antibody to glucose oxidase coupled with an elisa to quantitate antibody secretion

Edwards H.; Schimmel P., 1990: A bacterial amber suppressor in saccharomyces cerevisiae is selectively recognized by a bacterial aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase

Guilfoile P.G.; Hutchinson C.R., 1991: A bacterial analog of the mdr gene of mammalian tumor cells is present in streptomyces peucetius the producer of daunorubicin and doxorubicin

Carrell D.T.; Odell W.D., 1992: A bacterial binding site which binds human chorionic gonadotropin but not human luteinizing hormone

Page M.D.; Ferguson S.J., 1989: A bacterial c type cytochrome can be translocated to the periplasm as an apo form the biosynthesis of cytochrome cd 1 nitrite reductase from paracoccus denitrificans

Hattori M.; Shu Y Z.; Tomimori T.; Kobashi K.; Namba T., 1989: A bacterial cleavage of the c glucosyl bond of mangiferin and bergenin

Husson M.O.; Galizia J.P.; Savage C.; Fournier L.; Pellerin P.; Izard D.; Leclerc H., 1988: A bacterial count method using epifluorescence with acridine orange application to skin biopsies in burned patients

Wedel A.; Weiss D.S.; Popham D.; Droge P.; Kustu S., 1990: A bacterial enhancer functions to tether a transcriptional activator near a promoter

Igo M.M.; Ninfa A.J.; Silhavy T.J., 1989: A bacterial environmental sensor that functions as a protein kinase and stimulates transcriptional activation

Kawai S.; Kobayashi A.; Kawazu K., 1989: A bacterial extracellular polysaccharide which enhances the attachment of agrobacterium tumefaciens to the plant cell surface

Beckman D.L.; Kranz R.G., 1991: A bacterial homolog to hprt

Dadssi M.; Cozzone A.J., 1992: A bacterial inhibitor of animal protein kinases

Huang L C.; Wood E.A.; Cox M.M., 1991: A bacterial model system for chromosomal targeting

Carbonaro C.A.; Clark D.A.; Elseviers D., 1988: A bacterial pathogenicity determinant associated with necrotizing enterocolitis

Howgrave Graham A.R.; Wallis F.M.; Steyn P.L., 1991: A bacterial population analysis of granular sludge from an anaerobic digester treating a maize processing waste

Cloete T.E.; Brozel V.S.; Pressly J., 1989: A bacterial population structure study of water cooling systems in south africa

Clugston C.K.; Jessop A.P., 1990: A bacterial position effect when the f factor in escherichia coli k12 is integrated in cis to a chromosomal gene that is flanked by is1 repeats the elements are activated so that amplification and other regulatory changes that affect the gene can occur

Steva H.; Prior P., 1988: A bacterial soft rot of cabbage caused by erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora in martinique west indies

Fokin S.I., 1988: A bacterial symbiont of the macronucleus perinuclear space in the ciliate paramecium duboscqui

Gibson A.L.; Wagner L.M.; Collins F.S.; Oxender D.L., 1991: A bacterial system for investigating transport effects of cystic fibrosis associated mutations

Mastromei G.; Barberio C.; Pistolesi S.; Delfino G., 1991: A bactericidal protein in bombina variegata pachypus skin venom

Joon P.S.; Kyung H.S.; Shik Y.H.; Ho H.Y.; Hoon K., 1991: A bacteriologic study of surface and core of tonsils in pediatric patients

Cai S.; Zhou S.; Wang J.; Li S.; Zhu X.; Wang J.; Xue J., 1988: A bacteriological and helminthological investigation of a sewage irrigated area in a beijing china suburb

Edwards G.F.S.; Lindsay G.; Taylor E.W.; West Scotl Surg Infect Study Group, 1990: A bacteriological assessment of ampicillin with sulbactam as antibiotic prophylaxis in patients undergoing biliary tract operations

Khan M.R.; Saha M.L.; Kibria A.H.M.G., 1992: A bacteriological profile of salad vegetables in bangladesh with special reference to coliforms

Cui D J.; Et Al, 1990: A bacteriological study of lung infection in 47 cases of burns

Singh K.; Bhargava D.N.; Kumar A.; Shrifi D., 1992: A bacteriological study of non surgical wounds in bovines

Shinagawa N.; Muramoto M.; Sakurai S.; Fukui T.; Hori K.; Taniguchi M.; Mashita K.; Mizuno A.; Yura J., 1991: A bacteriological study of perforated duodenal ulcers

Lewis D.A.; Weymont G.; Nokes C.M.; Cribb J.; Prothero D.L.; Marshall D.W.; James P.A., 1990: A bacteriological study of the effect on the environment of using a one or two trolley system in theater

Shekhawat P.S.; Singh R.N.; Shekhawat R.; Joshi K.R., 1992: A bacteriological study of the environment of pediatric ward and neonatal nursery

Kang K.H.; Yoo H.K.; Shin H.S., 1988: A bacteriological study on otitis media with effusion aerobic and anaerobic study in middle ear effusion

Berridge D.C.; Slack R.C.B.; Hopkinson B.R.; Makin G.S., 1989: A bacteriological survey of amputation wound sepsis

Grant W.D.; Prosser B.A.; Asher R.A., 1990: A bacteriolytic muramidase from the basidiomycete schizophyllum commune

Lockett T.J., 1990: A bacteriophage lambda dna purification procedure suitable for the analysis of dna from either large or multiple small lysates

Banerjee K.; Khandekar P., 1991: A bacteriophage m13 based sandwich hybridization assay for the detection of hepatitis b virus in human blood

Kauri T.; Ackermann H W.; Goel U.; Kushner D.J., 1991: A bacteriophage of a moderately halophilic bacterium

Velleman M.; Heirich M.; Guenther A.; Schuster H., 1990: A bacteriophage p1 encoded modulator protein affects the p1 c1 repression system

Bhattacharya S.; Marti T.; Otto H.; Heyn M.P.; Khorana H.G., 1992: A bacteriorhodopsin analog reconstituted with a nonisomerizable 13 trans retinal derivative displays light insensitivity

Valentine P.J.; Gherardini F.C.; Salyers A.A., 1991: A bacteroides ovatus chromosomal locus which contains an alpha galactosidase gene may be important for colonization of the gastrointestinal tract

Matsushita O.; Russell J.B.; Wilson D.B., 1991: A bacteroides ruminicola 1 4 beta d endoglucanase is encoded in two reading frames

Nikolich M.P.; Shoemaker N.B.; Salyers A.A., 1992: A bacteroides tetracycline resistance gene represents a new class of ribosome protection tetracycline resistance

O'reilly D.R.; Miller L.K., 1989: A baculovirus blocks insect molting by producing ecdysteroid udp glucosyltransferase

Hill Perkins M.S.; Possee R.D., 1990: A baculovirus expression vector derived from the basic protein promoter of autographa californica nuclear polyhedrosis virus

Tomalski M.D.; Eldridge R.; Miller L.K., 1991: A baculovirus homolog of a copper zinc superoxide dismutase gene

Gombart A.F.; Pearson M.N.; Rohrmann G.F.; Beaudreau G.S., 1989: A baculovirus polyhedral envelope associated protein genetic location nucleotide sequence and immunocytochemical characterization

Russell R.L.Q.; Rohrmann G.F., 1990: A baculovirus polyhedron envelope protein immunogold localization in infected cells and mature polyhedra

Sossin W.S.; Scheller R.H., 1989: A bag cell neuron specific antigen localizes to a subset of dense core vesicles in aplysia californica

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