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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6932

Chapter 6932 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yamamoto T.; Masuko K.; Takada S.; Kume T.U.; Obinata M., 1989: A balance between self renewal and commitment in the murine erythroleukemia cells with the transferred c myc gene an in vitro stochastic model

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931001

Berry, E. M.; Growdon, J. H.; Wurtman, J. J.; Caballero, B.; Wurtman, R. J., 1991: A balanced carbohydrate protein diet in the management of parkinson's disease

Holland T.; Gosden C., 1990: A balanced chromosomal translocation partially co segregating with psychotic illness in a family

Konstantinov K.; Kishimoto M.; Seki T.; Yoshida T., 1990: A balanced do stat and its application to the control of acetic acid excretion by recombinant escherichia coli

Lin F J., 1988: A balanced inversion polymorphism of in 2l b 1d 5 in drosophila albomicans

Sukhikh T.R., 1992: A balanced translocation t17p 23pplus in chimpanzee pan troglodytes

Southcott R.V., 1989: A balaustiine larva acarina erythraeidae of a new genus from iceland

Meliones J.N.; Rocchini A.P.; Bove E.L.; Beekman R.H.; Rosen D.A.; Moorehead C.P.; Deremer S.J.; Klevering J.A., 1991: A balloon dilatable pulmonary artery band in the dog results at one year

Trent M.S.; Parsonnet V.; Shoenfeld R.; Brener B.J.; Eisenbud D.E.; Novick A.S.; Campbell A.Y.; Ferrara Ryan M.; Villanueva A., 1990: A balloon expandable intravascular stent for obliterating experimental aortic dissection

Koukalova B.; Reich J.; Matyasek R.; Kuhrova V.; Bezdek M., 1989: A bamhi family of highly repeated dna sequences of nicotiana tabacum

Ganguly R.; Swanson K.D.; Ray K.; Krishnan R., 1992: A bamhi repeat element is predominantly associated with the degenerating neo y chromosome of drosophila miranda but absent in the drosophila melanogaster genome

Kanehisa J.; Yamanaka T.; Doi S.; Turksen K.; Heersche J.N.M.; Aubin J.E.; Takeuchi H., 1990: A band of f actin containing podosomes is involved in bone resorption by osteoclasts

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931015

Butterfield N.J.; Knoll A.H.; Swett K., 1990: A bangiophyte red alga from the proterozoic of arctic canada

Forney K.A.; Leete A.J.; Lindburg D.G., 1991: A bar code scoring system for behavioral research

He J S.; Fulco A.J., 1991: A barbiturate regulated protein binding to a common sequence in the cytochrome p 450 genes of rodents and bacteria

Wielgolaski F.E., 1990: A barents sea fish resources and migration model developed with special reference to oil activity

Tamburini S.; Vigato P.A.; Casellato U.; Graziani R., 1989: A barium dithiocyanate complex with an unusual macrocycle containing pendant arms the amine precursor and related copper ii diperchlorate complexes synthesis and structure

Brandt J.; Nielsen V.S.; Thordal Christensen H.; Simpson D.J.; Okkels J.S., 1992: A barley cdna clone encoding a type iii chlorophyll a b binding polypeptide of the light harvesting complex ii

Eadsforth C.V.; Dutton A.J.; Harrison E.G.; Vaughan J.A., 1991: A barn owl feeding study with carbon 14 flocoumafen dosed mice validation of a non invasive method of monitoring exposure of barn owls to anticoagulant rodenticides in their prey

Duval Beaupere G.; Schmidt C.; Cosson P., 1992: A barycentrimetric study of the sagittal shape of spine and pelvis the conditions required for an economic standing position

Wykoff W.R., 1990: A basal area increment model for individual conifers in the northern rocky mountains usa

Ramage, R.; Blake, A. J.; Florence, M. R.; Gray, T.; Raphy, G.; Roach, P. L., 1991: A base labile protecting group for peptide synthesis 2 2 bis 4' nitrophenylethan 1 oxycarbonylurethane

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931026

Klug G.; Jock S., 1991: A base pair transition in a dna sequence with dyad symmetry upstream of the puf promoter affects transcription of the puc operon in rhodobacter capsulatus

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931028

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931029

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931030

Mathes K.; Weidemann G., 1990: A baseline ecosystem approach to the analysis of ecotoxicological effects

Doshi L.G., 1988: A baseline epidemiological study of the health status of workers in the boiler maintenance section of a thermal power plant

Schoenly K.; Goff M.L.; Early M., 1992: A basic algorithm for calculating the postmortem interval with arthropod successional data

Kakutani H., 1991: A basic and clinical study of cyanoacrylate for gastroesophageal varices

Mackinnon J.C.; Peters R.D., 1989: A basic automated system for milk recording and parlor feeding

Sokolov I.A., 1991: A basic classification of soils according to their genetics and substantive diagnosis

Lynn D.E., 1992: A basic computer program for analyzing endpoint assays

Menendez Arias L.; Rodriquez R., 1990: A basic microcomputer program for prediction of b and t cell epitopes in proteins

Moran F., 1988: A basic microcomputer program to calculate the secondary structure of proteins from the circular dichroism spectrum

Tayeb J.; Vergnes B.; Della Valle G., 1989: A basic model for a twin screw extruder

Coleman R.F.; Schechter G.L., 1991: A basic model to study acoustic evaluation of airway obstruction

Sharp P.J.; Berry S.L.; Spence I.; Howden M.E.H., 1989: A basic phospholipase a from the venom of the australian king brown snake pseudechis australis showing diverse activities against membranes

Horstmann G.A.; Dietz V., 1990: A basic posture control mechanism the stabilization of the center of gravity

Pilz G.; Gurniak T.; Bujdoso O.; Werdan K., 1991: A basic program for calculation of apache ii and elebute scores and sepsis evaluation in intensive care medicine

Rehman A.; Mccarthy D., 1991: A basic program for the collection and processing of immunology data

Coney J., 1989: A basic program for the construction of controlled lag item repetition sequences

Brady J.F.; Ishizaki H., 1989: A basic program for the estimation of michaelis menten parameters by the direct linear plot

Hecht J.P.; Nikonov J.M.; Alonso G.L., 1990: A basic program for the numerical solution of the transient kinetics of complex biochemical models

Brittain T., 1989: A basic program for the removal of noise from reaction traces using fourier filtering

Ohmori H.; Kuba M.; Matsumura S.; Kumon A., 1989: A basic protein from bovine brain that co precipitates with tubulin in vitro

Zwieb C., 1991: A basic region neighboring the lysine rich carboxyl terminus of protein srp19 is required for binding to signal recognition particle rna

Li Z M.; Xu Y Y.; Zhu G Y.; Et Al, 1989: A basic research on endomyocardial biopsy

Varray A.; Mercier J.; Prefaut C., 1990: A basic software program to estimate cardiac output and alveolar ventilation

Kakutane H.; Mutakawa H.; Nonaka Y.; Horibe T.; Ookubo K.; Kawai T.; Nakagawa M.; Niido T.; Saitou Y.; Et Al, 1989: A basic study and clinical application of cyanoacrylate for esophageal varices

Morita N.; Moritsugu M.; Tanaka U., 1991: A basic study for development of farms in murram area in kenya

Kobayashi M., 1988: A basic study of combination cancer immunotherapy with ok 432 and recombinant il 2 induction of lymphokine activated killer lak precursor cells in murine spleen by intravenous administration of ok 432

Shintani S., 1991: A basic study of the measurement of bone mechanical properties in rats

Nakagawa T.; Sakurai K.; Ohmasa R.; Masuda K.; Suzuki H.; Watanabe Y., 1991: A basic study of the stationary image evaluation in the electronic endoscope with special reference to resolution

Kawasaki Y., 1988: A basic study of the vocal fold vibration by multidirectional observations

Kusuda, O., 1990: A basic study on field experiment and investigation methods in rice plant i. coefficient of variation and standard sample size in the survey of quantitative characters

Kusuda, O., 1990: A basic study on field experiment and investigation methods in rice plant ii. coefficient of variation and standard sample size in the survey of quantitative characters of mechanically transplanted rice

Kusuda, O., 1992: A basic study on field experiment and investigation methods in rice plant iii. precision of some sampling methods in sample survey of quantitative characters

Naito M.; Shimada Y., 1991: A basic study on hepatic lobular markings

Imaizumi T.; Hashi K., 1991: A basic study on omental transplantation vascular endothelial cell growth factor in human omentum

Azuma T.; Niiro M.; Motobu H., 1992: A basic study on removal of nutrient salts in wastewater using plants removal by mung beans phaseolus radiatus l

Furukawa K., 1989: A basic study on the accumulation and cytocidal effects of hpd and ph 1008 in ascites tumors

Yasuba H.; Satake N.; Kino T.; Izumi T.; Kawaguchi H., 1991: A basic study on the plasma and serum levels of eosinophil cationic protein ecp in bronchial asthma

Roeder H.; Lange A.; Hartung G.; Maudrich G.; Rudolph E., 1989: A basic system of documentation in psychotherapy

De Vincenzi M.; Badellino E.; Di Folco S.; Dracos A.; Magliola M.; Stacchini A.; Stacchini P.; Silano V., 1989: A basis for estimation of consumption literature values for selected food volatiles part iii

Brummer E.; Kurita N.; Yoshida S.; Nishimura K.; Miyaji M., 1992: A basis for resistance of blastomyces dermatitidis killing by human neutrophils inefficient generation of myeloperoxidase system products

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931071

Koppi A.J.; Mcbratney A.B., 1991: A basis for soil mesomorphological analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931075

Cinza A.M.; Quintana M.; Lombardero J.; Poutou R.; Perez E.; Perez L.C.; Mella C.M.; Besada V.; Padron G.; Et Al, 1991: A batch process for production of human epidermal growth factor in yeast product characterization

Mendoza M., 1990: A bayesian analysis of the slope ratio bioassay

Tamhane, A. C.; Iordache, C.; Mah, R. S. H., 1988: A bayesian approach to gross error detection in chemical process data part i. model development

Brant R., 1988: A bayesian approach to outlier detection and residual analysis

Fong W K., 1990: A bayesian approach to successive sampling with partial replacement of units on two occasions

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931081

Hariharan I.K.; Harris A.W.; Crawford M.; Abud H.; Webb E.; Cory S.; Adams J.M., 1989: A bcr v abl oncogene induced lymphoma in transgenic mice

Thomas S.J.; Thomas R.L., 1990: A beam generation algorithm for linear accelerators with independent collimators

Coutrakon G.; Miller D.; Kross B.J.; Anderson D.F.; Deluca P.Jr; Siebers J., 1991: A beam intensity monitor for the loma linda california usa cancer therapy proton accelerator

Schreiner W.; Laufer G.; Neumann M.; Lahoda R.; Premauer W.; Merksa F.; Teufelsbauer H.; Rothy W.; Laczkovics A.; Wolner E., 1991: A beat by beat analysis of electrocardiograms from cardiac transplant recipients

Balaban C.D.; Ariel M., 1992: A beat to beat interval generator for optokinetic nystagmus

Demaster E.G.; Shirota F.N.; Nagasawa H.T., 1992: A beckmann type dehydration of n butyraldoxime catalyzed by cytochrome p 450

Mimura M.; Kamada S.; Kubota T.; Aso T.; Zhou J X.; Tamura T.; Togawa T., 1991: A bed temperature monitoring system for estimating basal body temperature

Levine, M. N.; Gafni, A.; Markham, B.; Macfarlane, D., 1992: A bedside decision instrument to elicit a patient's preference concerning adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer

Teboul J L.; Besbes M.; Andrivet P.; Axler O.; Douguet D.; Zelter M.; Lemaire F.; Brun Buisson C., 1992: A bedside index assessing the reliability of pulmonary artery occlusion pressure measurements during mechanical ventilation with positive end expiratory pressure

Giller C.A., 1991: A bedside test for cerebral autoregulation using transcranial doppler ultrasound

Silberbauer Gottsberger I., 1988: A bee pollinated tropical community the beach dune vegetation of ilha de sao luis maranhao brazil

Charles J P., 1991: A beech forest with androsace chaixii in the sainte baume massif france

Rosenfarb I.S., 1992: A behavior analytic interpretation of the therapeutic relationship

Denenberg V.H.; Sherman G.F.; Rosen G.D.; Morrison L.; Behan P.O.; Galaburda A.M., 1992: A behavior profile of the mrl mp pr pr mouse and its association with hydrocephalus

Sahley C.L., 1988: A behavioral analysis of habituation and sensitization of shortening in the semi intact leech

Rouger Y., 1988: A behavioral analysis of the male female interactions of hoplosternum littorale during the breeding season

Blaney W.M.; Simmonds M.S.J., 1990: A behavioral and electrophysiological study of the role of tarsal chemoreceptors in feeding by adults of spodoptera heliothis virescens and helicoverpa armigera

Higgins S.T.; Delaney D.D.; Budney A.J.; Bickel W.K.; Hughes J.R.; Foerg F.; Fenwick J.W., 1991: A behavioral approach to achieving initial cocaine abstinence

Stark L.J.; Bowen A.M.; Tyc V.L.; Evans S.; Passero M.A., 1990: A behavioral approach to increasing calorie consumption in children with cystic fibrosis

Roudebush R.E., 1988: A behavioral assay for acid sensitivity in two desmognathine species of salamanders

Keil W.; Von Stralendorff F.; Hudson R., 1990: A behavioral bioassay for analysis of rabbit nipple search pheromone

Woollard T.; Harris S., 1990: A behavioral comparison of dispersing and non dispersing foxes vulpes vulpes and an evaluation of some dispersal hypotheses

Recanzone G.H.; Jenkins W.M.; Hradek G.T.; Merzenich M.M., 1991: A behavioral frequency discrimination paradigm for use in adult primates

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931106

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931107

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931108

Moura, J. L.; Vilela, E. F.; Sgrillo, R.; Aguilar, M. A. G.; Resende, M. L. V., 1989: A behavioral olfactory study of rhynchophorus palmarum l. coleoptera curculionidae in the field

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931110

Hagino Y.; Moroji T.; IIzuka R., 1989: A behavioral pharmacological study on intracerebroventricularly administered cck 8 related peptides in mice

Sakic B.; Szechtman H.; Keffer M.; Talangbayan H.; Stead R.; Denburg J.A., 1992: A behavioral profile of autoimmune lupus prone mrl mice

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931113

Tsai, L. S., 1989: A behavioral quantal theory of brain function an alternative to lashely's continuity theory of mass action

Launay F.; Paillat P., 1990: A behavioral repertoire of the adult houbara bustard chlamydotis undulata macqueenii

Apfelbach R.; Schuetz S.; Slotnick B., 1990: A behavioral study for olfactory threshold detection in male rats

Tucker J.C.; Mcdaniel W.F.; Smith S.R., 1992: A behavioral study of bilateral middle cerebral artery hemorrhagic ischemia in rats

Von Philipsborn A.; Labhart T., 1990: A behavioral study of polarization vision in the fly musca domestica

Consoli S.M.; Safar M.E., 1989: A behavioral typology of hypertensive out patients followed up in general practice

Linton S.J., 1991: A behavioral workshop for training immediate supervisors the key to neck and back injuries

Mazzuca S.A.; Brandt K.D.; Katz B.P.; Weinberger M.; Kalasinski L.A.; Main K., 1991: A behaviorally effective model for training of general health professionals by a rheumatology team

Uhes M.J.; Sweet A.A.; Cowles S., 1989: A behaviorally oriented stress reduction program and its effects upon self reported gastric complaints

Challinor A.B., 1990: A belemnite biozonation for the jurassic cretaceous of papua new guinea and a faunal comparison with eastern indonesia

Mutterlose J., 1990: A belemnite scale for the lower cretaceous

Fukushima T.; Ogunyemi D.; Butler M.; Davidson E.C.Jr, 1989: A beltless tocodynamometer a preliminary report

Macchi G.; Pagano M.; Pettine M.; Santori M.; Tiravanti G., 1991: A bench study on chromium recovery from tannery sludge

Wolpert D.H., 1989: A benchmark for how well neural nets generalize

Saitoh K.; Satoh K.; Onizuka T., 1991: A benign osteoma of the left cheek

Sanchez De Ovando J.A.; Osorio Clemente A.; Mejia M.D.C.; Pena Garcia J., 1990: A benign rhabdoid tumor report of a case

Alayash A.I.; Bonaventura J.; Al Quorain A., 1989: A benign sickle cell disease in a saudi subject with beta 0 thalassemia and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency

Nakagawa Y.; Tsukiyama K.; Soejima R.; Et Al, 1989: A benign sub pleural lymph node presenting as a coin lesion

Badalyan L.O.; Temin P.A.; Kamennykh L.N.; Zavadenko N.N.; Nikanorova M.Yu; Arkhipov B.A.; Malygina N.A., 1991: A benign variety of duchenne type muscular dystrophy in a short child

Fornwall M.D.; Hough A., 1990: A benthic macrophyte community core sampler

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931135

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931136

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931137

Tsuruo T.; Naito M.; Takamori R.; Tsukahara S.; Yamabe Mitsuhashi J.; Yamazaki A.; Oh Hara T.; Sudo Y.; Nakaike S.; Yamagishi T., 1990: A benzophenazine derivative n beta dimethylaminoethyl 9 carboxy 5 hydroxy 10 methoxybenzo a phenazine 6 carboxamide as a new antitumor agent against multidrug resistant and sensitive tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931140

Langen G.; Beissmann B.; Reisener H.J.; Kogel K., 1992: A beta 1 3 d endo mannanase from culture filtrates of the hyperparasites verticillium lecanii and aphanocladium album that specifically lyses the germ pore plug from uredospores of puccinia graminis f sp tritici

Kerjaschki D.; Ojha P.P.; Susani M.; Horvat R.; Binder S.; Hovorka A.; Hillemanns P.; Pytela R., 1989: A beta 1 integrin receptor for fibronectin in human kidney glomeruli

Loftus J.C.; O'toole T.E.; Plow E.F.; Glass A.; Frelinger A.L.IIi; Ginsberg M.H., 1990: A beta 3 integrin mutation abolishes ligand binding and alters divalent cation dependent conformation

Basta P.V.; Moore T.L.; Yokota S.; Ting J.P Y., 1989: A beta adrenergic agonist modulates dr alpha gene transcription via enhanced cyclic amp levels in a glioblastoma multiforme line

Van Der Vliet A.; Rademaker B.; Bast A., 1990: A beta adrenoceptor with atypical characteristics is involved in the relaxation of the rat small intestine

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931147

Mollet B.; Delley M., 1991: A beta galactosidase deletion mutant of lactobacillus bulgaricus reverts to generate an active enzyme by internal dna sequence duplication

Sekimata, M.; Ogura, K.; Tsumuraya, Y.; Hashimoto, Y.; Yamamoto, S., 1989: A beta galactosidase from radish raphanus sativus l. seeds

Kawazu K., 1988: A beta hydroxychalcone and flavonoids from alfalfa callus stimulated by a fungal naphthoquinone po 1

Shvarts E.I.; Gol'tsov A.A.; Kaboev O.K.; Bakhlanova I.N.; Alekseev A.N.; Solov'ev G.Ya; Surin V.L.; Luk'yanenko A.V.; Lebedenko E.N.; Et Al, 1989: A beta o thalassemia causing short deletion structurally elucidated by the polymerase chain reaction

Blackman A.J.; Fu S L., 1989: A beta phenylethylamine derived possible biosynthetic precursor to the amathamides alkaloids from the bryozoan amathia wilsoni

Buerstedde J M.; Nilson A.E.; Chase C.G.; Bell M.P.; Beck B.N.; Pease L.R.; Mckean D.J., 1989: A beta polymorphic residues responsible for class ii molecule recognition by alloreactive t cells

Dubreuil R.R.; Byers T.J.; Stewart C.T.; Kiehart D.P., 1990: A beta spectrin isoform from drosophila beta h is similar in size to vertebrate dystrophin

Lee J.; Kashlev M.; Borukhov S.; Goldfarb A., 1991: A beta subunit mutation disrupting the catalytic function of escherichia coli ra polymerase

Murru S.; Loudianos G.; Porcu S.; Sciarratta G.V.; Agosti S.; Parodi M.I.; Cao A.; Pirastu M., 1992: A beta thalassaemia phenotype not linked to the beta globin cluster in an italian family

Spiegelberg R.; Aulehla Scholz C.; Erlich H.; Horst J., 1989: A beta thalassemia gene caused by a 290 base pair deletion analysis by direct sequencing of enzymatically amplified dna

Schmidt J.; Rattner D.W.; Lewandrowski K.; Compton C.C.; Mandavilli U.; Knoefel W.T.; Warshaw A.L., 1992: A better model of acute pancreatitis for evaluating therapy

Garg A.P.; Bhatnagar B., 1989: A better technique for quantitative isolations of microfungi biodegradation of agricultural wastes

Collins R.L.; Taylor S.E.; Skokan L.A., 1990: A better world or a shattered vision changes in life perspectives following victimization

Kaulbach H.C.; Towler M.A.; Mcclelland W.A.; Povinelli K.M.; Becker D.G.; Cantrell R.W.; Edlich R.F., 1990: A beveled conventional cutting edge surgical needle a new innovation in wound closure

Suzuki K.; Mutoh S.; Cey Bert G.; Ito S.; Matsumoto H., 1990: A bf subtype fb1 is a marker gene of some mongoloid populations

Tomlins K.I.; Jewers K.; Coker R.D.; Nagler M.J., 1989: A bi directional hptlc development method for the detection of low levels of aflatoxin in maize extracts

Adinolfi M.; Corsaro M.M.; Lanzetta R.; Parrilli M.; Scopa A., 1989: A bianthrone c glycoside from asphodelus ramosus tubers

Hoshino Y., 1991: A bias in favor of the positive response to high frequency words in recognition memory

Gail M.H., 1991: A bibliography and comments on the use of statistical models in epidemiology in the 1980s

Galloway D.J.; Marticorena C., 1991: A bibliography of chilean lichenology

Logan E.L.; Shaw W.M.Jr, 1991: A bibliometric analysis of collaboration in a medical specialty

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931171

Le Minor S.; Dostatni P., 1991: A bibliometric study of the publications of the french national institute for health and medical research inserm

Chen J.C.; Chesler M., 1990: A bicarbonate dependent increase in extracellular ph mediated by gaba a receptors in turtle cerebellum

Strik W.K.; La Malfa G.; Cabras P., 1989: A bidimensional model for diagnosis and classification of functional psychoses

Lev Z., 1988: A bidirectional promoter is regulating the drosophila ras2 gene

Lorre K.; Van Damme J.; Ceuppens J.L., 1990: A bidirectional regulatory network involving il2 and il4 in the alternative cd2 pathway of t cell activation

Ilyas M., 1988: A biflavonoid from garcinia nervosa

Hu C A.A.; Delauney A.J.; Verma D.P.S., 1992: A bifunctional enzyme delta 1 pyrroline 5 carboxylate synthetase catalyzes the first two steps in proline biosynthesis in plants

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931181

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931182

Shaskus J.; Greco D.; Asnani L.P.; Lewis E.J., 1992: A bifunctional genetic regulatory element of the rat dopamine beta hydroxylase gene influences cell type specificity and second messenger mediated transcription

Blanche F.; Debussche L.; Famechon A.; Thibaut D.; Cameron B.; Crouzet J., 1991: A bifunctional protein from pseudomonas denitrificans carries cobinamide kinase and cobinamide phosphate guanylyltransferase activities

Blasi U.; Kalousek S.; Lubitz W., 1990: A bifunctional vector system for controlled expression and subsequent release of the cloned gene product by phi x 174 lysis protein e

Zhang J X.; Flint H.J., 1992: A bifunctional xylanase encoded by the xyna gene of the rumen cellulolytic bacterium ruminococcus flavefaciens 17 comprises two dissimilar domains linked by an asparagine glutamine rich sequence

Staudte R.G., 1992: A bifurcating autoregression model for cell lineages with variable generation means

Pretterklieber M.L.; Krammer E.B.; Mayr R., 1991: A bilateral maxillofacial trunk in man an extraordinary anomaly of the carotid system of arteries

Matsuda K.; Suzuki S.; Isshiki N.; Yoshioka K.; Okada T.; Hyon S H.; Ikada Y., 1991: A bilayer artificial skin capable of sustained release of an antibiotic

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931190

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931191

Asuero A.G., 1989: A bilogarithmic method for the evaluation of acidity constants of amphoteric substances from solubility measurements

Asuero A.G., 1992: A bilogarithmic method for the evaluation of distribution constant partition coefficient of acidity constants of amphoteric substances from liquid liquid distribution measurements

Asuero A.G., 1992: A bilogarithmic method for the potentiometric evaluation of stability constants of two step overlapping equilibria

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931195

Swanson J.W.; Linskey A.O.; Quintero Salinas R.; Pumariega A.J.; Holzer C.E.IIi, 1992: A binational school survey of depressive symptoms drug use and suicidal ideation

Geller A.M.; Kotb M.Y., 1989: A binding assay for serine hydroxymethyltransferase

Haworth, I. S.; Elcock, A. H.; Rodger, A.; Richards, W. G., 1991: A binding mode of lambda tris 1 10 phenanthrolineruthenium ii exhibiting preference for purine 3' 5' pyrimidine sites of dna

Shigematsu Y.; Sato F.; Yamada Y., 1989: A binding model for phenylurea herbicides based on analysis of a thr264 mutation in the d 1 protein of tobacco

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931200

Russell R.R.B.; Aduse Opku J.; Sutcliffe I.C.; Tao L.; Ferretti J.J., 1992: A binding protein dependent transport system in streptococcus mutans responsible for multiple sugar metabolism

Benfante R.; Landsberger N.; Maiorno D.; Badaracco G., 1990: A binding protein p82 protein recognizes specifically the curved heterochromatic dna in artemia franciscana

Nomura M.; Matsumoto G.; Fujiwara S., 1990: A binocular model for the simple cell

Thomas H., 1989: A binomial mixture model for classification performance a commentary on waxman chambers yntema and gelman 1989

Destro Bisol G.; Battaggia C.; Macchiarelli R.; Bailly C.; Scozzari M.R.; Spedini G., 1992: A bio anthropological study on the bakakas of cameroon

Anuebunwa F.O., 1992: A bio economic evaluation of intercropping arrangements in a yam cassava based cropping system in the rain forest belt of nigeria

Terry G.M.; Ho Terry L.; Londesborough P.; Rees K.R., 1989: A bio engineered rubella e 1 antigen

Yin J.; Blanch H.W., 1989: A bio mimetic cadmium adsorbent design synthesis and characterization

Koh W.K.; Ng W.J.; Ong S.L., 1989: A bio oxidation study of methanol synthetic wastewater using the sbr

Wei G.; Kotoura Y.; Oka M.; Yamamuro T.; Wada R.; Hyon S H.; Ikada Y., 1991: A bioabsorbable delivery system for antibiotic treatment of osteomyelitis the use of lactic acid oligomer as a carrier

Winckler S.; Brug E.; Meffert R.; Teupe C.; Ritzerfeld W.; Tormala P., 1992: A bioabsorbable drug delivery system for local treatment of chronic osteomyelitis using polyglycolic acid poly l lactic acid as a carrier experimental investigations in vitro

Mac M.J.; Noguchi G.E.; Hesselberg R.J.; Edsall C.C.; Shoesmith J.A.; Bowker J.D., 1990: A bioaccumulation bioassay for freshwater sediments

Andreone F.; Piazza R., 1990: A bioacoustic study on pelobates fuscus insubricus amphibia pelobatidae

Della Greca M.; Lanzetta R.; Mangoni L.; Monaco P.; Previtera L., 1991: A bioactive benzoindenone from eichhornia crassipes solms

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931215

Charania Z.; Vanmaele R.; Armstrong G.D., 1991: A bioassay for cholera like toxins using ht29 cells

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931218

Noever D.A.; Matsos H.C., 1991: A bioassay for monitoring cadmium based on bioconvective patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931221

Siegel J.P.; Mostowski H.S., 1990: A bioassay for the measurement of human interleukin 4

Ostroumov S.A.; Maksimov V.N., 1991: A bioassay of surfactant solutions based on the disturbance of seedling adhesion to the substrate and the development of root hairs by the rhizodermis

Fletcher R.L., 1989: A bioassay technique using the marine fouling green alga enteromorpha

Clarke S.M.; Barrick C.W.; Samoiloff M.R., 1990: A bioassessment battery for use in an industrial setting a new management approach

Jones R.E., 1988: A biobehavioral model for breastfeeding effects on return to menses postpartum in javanese women

Santaniello E.; Ferraboschi P.; Grisenti P.; Aragozzini F.; Maconi E., 1991: A biocatalytic approach to the enantioselective synthesis of r malic acid and s malic acid

Larjava H.; Hakkinen L.; Rahemtulla F., 1992: A biochemical analysis of human periodontal tissue proteoglycans

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931229

Ferrer M.A.; Munoz R.; Ros Barcelo A., 1991: A biochemical and cytochemical study of the cuticle associated peroxidases in lupinus

Bartold P.M., 1990: A biochemical and immunohistochemical study of the proteoglycans of alveolar bone

Gardi C.; Martorana P.A.; De Santi M.M.; Van Even P.; Lungarella G., 1989: A biochemical and morphological investigation of the early development of genetic emphysema in tight skin mice

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931603

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931676

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931677

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931678

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931679

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931682

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931691

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931709

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931710

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931870

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931871

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Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931897

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931898

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931899

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Kitahara K.; Imamura K.; Maeda K.; Okada M.; Yao T., 1990: A case of acute hemorrhagic rectal ulcer without rectal massive bleeding

Sakurai A.; Ogawa M.; Miyagawa M.; Ushiyama H.; Kano M.; Tsubaki K.; Ishizuka H.; Arakawa Y.; Matsuo Y.; Et Al, 1992: A case of acute hepatitis b with bilirubin deposits in the epidermis

Yoshioka M.; Miki H., 1990: A case of acute iridocyclitis presumably due to herpes simplex infection

Numaga J.; Takenaka Y.; Yamagami J.; Kanagami S.; Hirai M.; Mori M.; Mori H.; Simada H., 1990: A case of acute lymphatic leukemia with bilateral orbital invasion

Nakasaki Y.; Tsujiyama S.; Higo M.; Yamamoto M.; Yamashina H.; Fujii T.; Mitoma Y., 1989: A case of acute massive pulmonary embolism successfully treated with transvenous pulmonary embolectomy by catheter

Kawazoe E.; Fukurono K.; Onizuka Y.; Joh S.; Akeda N.; Ohtake H., 1991: A case of acute monocytic leukemia cutis treated with total skin electron beam irradiation

Tsumura T.; Sakaguchi M.; Shiotani N.; Kimura Y.; Ushijima J., 1990: A case of acute myelomonocytic leukemia with subconjunctival tumor

Tsumura T.; Sakaguchi M.; Shiotani N.; Sugita A.; Nakahara T., 1991: A case of acute myelomonocytic leukemia with subconjunctival tumor

Noto N.; Osaka T.; Yamanaka O.; Kobayashi S.; Ozaki H.; Kanoh T., 1990: A case of acute myocardial infarction due to coronary embolism from left atrial thrombus with atrial fibrillation

Ibuki T.; Tanaka N.; Kato M.; Watanabe T.; Miyazaki M., 1989: A case of acute myocarditis with severe cardiogenic shock and complete atrioventricular block successfully treated with intraaortic balloon pumping

Guerra R.; Trevisanuto E., 1989: A case of acute non febrile neutrophilic dermatosis

Hayashi S.; Arakawa A.; Kanoh J I.; Sasanabe I.; Kaga Y.; Miyata A.; Ito A.; Hirose Y., 1992: A case of acute rectal mucosal lesion without basic disease and inducement in the background

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931958

Kazusa R., 1988: A case of acute retinal necrosis manifested high varicella zoster virus antibody titer in the vitreous

Kawasaki M.; Yoshida G.; Kurihara H., 1990: A case of acute retinal pigment epitheliopathy in kawasaki disease

Yuta A.; Et Al, 1991: A case of acute suppurative otitis media caused by non o1 vibrio cholerae

Noda M., 1988: A case of acute suppurative thyroiditis

Kimura H.; Yoshida H.; Makinae T.; Hamada Y.; Niitu K.; Yasui Y., 1989: A case of acute thoracic aortic occlusion due to blunt trauma

Koide T.; Kato H.; Ishihara S.; Sakai S.; Nishikawa A.; Sasaoka I., 1989: A case of adenocarcinoma of bladder infiltrating to sigmoid colon

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931965

Takezawa Y.; Saruki K.; Jinbo S.; Yamanaka H., 1990: A case of adenocarcinoma of the renal pelvis

Moriyama S.; Shimizu N.; Kurita A.; Teramoto S.; Taguchi K., 1989: A case of adenocarcinoma of the thymus

Et Al, 1988: A case of adenocarcinoma showing atelectasis which changed little in size over a long period of time

Okitsu H.; Saitou T.; Monden Y., 1991: A case of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the esophagus

Takayama Y.; Suzuki T.; Shirano T.; Yamanoi H.; Hori M.; Tanaka H.; Kusama K.; Moro I., 1990: A case of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the parotid gland an immunohistological study

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931971

Takagi T.; Tashiro J.; Amemiya T., 1990: A case of adenoid cystic carcinoma with comedocarcinoma pattern

Kitsukawa K.; Tateyama M.; Higashionna A.; Shigeno Y.; Kinjo F.; Saito A.; Hokama A.; Toda T.; Okuhama Y.; Et Al, 1990: A case of adenoma of the ileum diagnosed preoperatively by endoscopic examination

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931974

Miyake O.; Hosomi M.; Matsumiya K.; Oka T.; Takaha M.; Kurata A.; Aga Y.; Uema K., 1989: A case of adrenal myelolipoma

Oguchi K I.; Nagatani Y.; Shinoda I.; Takeuchi T.; Kuriyama M.; Kanematsu M.; Ban Y.; Kawada Y., 1991: A case of adrenal myelolipoma

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931977

Masamune O., 1988: A case of adult annular pancreas in which abdominal ct performed immediately after ercp

Akaogi K.; Asai M.; Imamura J I.; Kobayashi H.; Watanabe Y.; Mizukoshi K., 1989: A case of adult laryngeal papillomatosis treated by laser surgery and interferon

Itagaki S.; Mcgeer P.L.; Akiyama H.; Beattie B.L.; Walker D.G.; Moore G.R.W.; Mcgeer E.G., 1989: A case of adult onset dementia with argyrophilic grains

Aizawa, H.; Kwak, S.; Shimizu, T.; Goto, J.; Nakano, I.; Mannen, T.; Shibasaki, H., 1991: A case of adult onset pure pallidal degeneration i. clinical manifestations and neuropathological observations

Aizawa, H.; Kwak, S.; Shimizu, T.; Mannen, T.; Shibasaki, H., 1991: A case of adult onset pure pallidal degeneration ii. analysis of neurotransmitter markers with special reference to the termination of pallidothalamic tract in human brain

Hoshiko, T.; Ikeda, S.; Tashiro, M.; Yamakawa, M.; Yoshida, N.; Nakata, M.; Ohmagari, K.; Itsuno, M.; Murata, I.; Et-Al, 1991: A case of adult onset still's disease with severe liver injury

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931984

Nukui M.; Sakatani S.; Hirayama K.; Hasegawa Y.; Kiyokane K.; Yasuhara M.; Sano K.; Nakai M., 1989: A case of adult t cell leukemia associated with strongyloidiasis

Igarashi M.; Saitoh S.; Igarashi Y.; Nakamura H.; Kumagai H.; Sasaki H., 1990: A case of adult t cell leukemia atl characterized by the advent of blastoid cells increases in immunoglobulin and lysozyme and change in surface marker during its clinical course

Yoshikawa J.; Matsumoto J.; Suekawa K.; Arimura F.; Nakashio K.; Tanaka K.; Shibue T.; Arima T.; Tanaka S., 1991: A case of adult t cell leukemia atl in association with the local lesion of gastric mucosa demonstrated by endoscopic ultrasonography

Mikuriya H.; Kido A.; Adachi H.; Miyagawa A., 1991: A case of adult t cell leukemia diagnosed from bilateral intrascrotal tumors

Soh Y., 1988: A case of adult t cell leukemia lymphoma

Sekine H., 1988: A case of adult t cell leukemia lymphoma atl with gastric lesions

Ichibe M.; Egughi K.; Oguro Y.; Tazawa H.; Sakaue F., 1991: A case of adult t cell leukemia with protruded lesion of the ocular fundus

Akitsu H.; Mikuniya A.; Mikami M.; Kikuchi F.; Fujino Y.; Higashiyama A.; Onodera K.; Sawai M.; Oikawa M.; Et Al, 1991: A case of adult type of anomalous origin of left coronary artery from pulmonary artery with a referential consideration to the disease in japan

Higaki S.; Hasegawa Y.; Takahashi S.; Morohashi M., 1990: A case of adult xanthogranulomatosis

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931994

Araki S.; Kusuyama H.; Kato M.; Okada K., 1990: A case of advanced prostatic cancer in a 44 year old treated effectively with combination chemo endocrine therapy

Bandieramonte G.; Nappo V.; Cardace P.; Cautiero O.; D'anna G.; Bandieramonte Z.; Madeo M., 1989: A case of agenesia of some ribs

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931997

Section 7, Chapter 6932, Accession 006931998

Donkor P.; Punnia Moorthy A.; Painter D.M., 1991: A case of aids presenting as intra oral malignant lymphoma

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