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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6935

Chapter 6935 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kaye H.; Mackintosh N.J., 1990: A change of context can enhance performance of an aversive but not of an appetitive conditioned response

Yang J.S.; Han H.J.; Choe Y.W.; Lim K.B., 1990: A change of dry matter chemical component and digestible dry matter yield of the plant parts with growing stage of corn

Stepanov S.A., 1989: A change of lipid metabolism in rats with a pronounced intestinal form of radiation sickness after local irradiation of abdomen content of total lipids and their fraction in blood serum and tissues

Ikemoto Y.; Ishii S.; Usui M.; Kobayashi T.; Yokozawa H.; Saito T.; Sawada K., 1987: A change of serum myoglobin level due to application of pneumatic tourniquet to the upper extremity the first report under ischemia at room temperature

Toda G.; Matsushita S.; Kuramoto K.; Sakai M.; Oda S.; Ezaki H.; Hattori A.; Ohkawa S., 1987: A change of the cause of death in myocardial infarction and the beneficial effect of vasodilator therapy on cardiac rupture following myocardial infarction

Malakhova L.V.; Gaziev A.I., 1988: A changes in the proteinase activity of liver nuclei of gamma irradiated rats

Shevchenko A.S., 1990: A changes of adenylate cyclase activity in lymphocytes and platelets of irradiated sheep

Prosen C.A.; Moody D.B.; Stebbins W.C., 1990: A changing focus of animal perception from abilities to proclivities

Sasaki A.; Uehara M., 1988: A changing pattern in the causes of death among diabetic patients during a 25 year period in osaka japan

Sasaki A.; Kamado K.; Uehara M., 1991: A changing pattern of causes of death among diabetic patients during a 25 year period in the osaka district japan

Voitsitskii V.M.; Fedorov A.N.; Kucherenko N.E.; Kurskii M.D.; Khizhnyak S.V.; Piskarev V.B.; Romas' I.I., 1988: A channel function of a hydrophobic fragment of sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase in rabbit skeletal muscles shortly after x ray radiation

Taguchi H.; Konishi J.; Ishii N.; Yoshida M., 1991: A chaperonin from a thermophilic bacterium thermus thermophilus that controls refolding of several thermophilic enzymes

Gowan S.P., 1989: A character analysis of the secondary products of the porpidiaceae lichenized ascomycotina

Hunter P.R., 1990: A character separation index suitable for binary data containing equivocal responses

Valeski J.E.; Kumar V.; Forman A.B.; Beutner E.H.; Chorzelski T.P., 1992: A characteristic cutaneous direct immunofluorescent pattern associated with ross a antibodies in subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Leont'eva G.F.; Varechkova E.; Dubrovina T.Ya; Ivanova I.A.; Shidlovskaya N.K., 1989: A characteristic feature of experimental influenza in mice long term presence of virus antigens in the spleen

Tanvanich S.; Doungchawee G.; Boonpucknavig S.; Thamavit W., 1988: A characteristic immunoblotting pattern for opisthorchiasis sera with metacercarial antigens

Dannecker G.; Mecheri S.; Staiano Coico L.; Hoffmann M.K., 1991: A characteristic mls 1a response precedes m1s 1a anergy in vivo

Miura M.; Nishioka T.; Shimazaki A.; Nishizawa Y.; Kumagai J., 1989: A characteristic of spinning of silkworms and the distribution of the length of filaments produced by cutting cocoons

Hata T.; Nishimura Y.; Itoh E.; Kawabata A.; Kita T., 1989: A characteristic pattern of active avoidance behavior in sart stressed rats

Morita T.; Kaetsu H.; Mizuguchi J.; Kawabata S I.; Iwanaga S., 1988: A characteristic property of vitamin k dependent plasma protein z

Chagnaud P.; Naouri P.; Arnaud A.; Galzy P., 1990: A characterization method for mutants in malolactic enzyme activity

Arpaia J.P.; Isenhart R.; Sandman C.A., 1989: A characterization of a single trial adaptive filter and its implementation in the frequency domain

Li M.D.; Enfield F.D., 1989: A characterization of chinese breeds of swine using cluster analysis

Carpenter H.M.; Curtis L.R., 1989: A characterization of chlordecone pretreatment altered pharmacokinetics in mice

Banci L.; Bertini I.; Cabelli D.E.; Hallewell R.A.; Tung J.W.; Viezzoli M.S., 1991: A characterization of copper zinc superoxide dismutase mutants at position 124 zinc deficient proteins

Daar I.; Paules R.S.; Vande Woude G.F., 1991: A characterization of cytostatic factor activity from xenopus eggs and c mos transformed cells

Landais E.; Coulon J.B.; Garel J.P.; Hoden A., 1989: A characterization of dairy cow pathology at lactation scale main variation factors and typology of lactation pathological profiles

Heuvel, Jfjm-Van-Den; Blank, Cm-De; Goldbach, Rw; Peters, D., 1990: A characterization of epitopes on potato leafroll virus coat protein

Handa, R. J.; Rodriguez, E. W., 1991: A characterization of estrogen's influence on anterior pituitary androgen receptor effect of bromocriptine treatment

Haasae N.J.; Shi H.L., 1991: A characterization of faba bean starch vicia faba l

Holst N.; Jenssen T.G.; Burhol P.G., 1990: A characterization of immunoreactive somatostatin in human milk

Andriesse W.; Fresco L.O., 1991: A characterization of rice growing environments in west africa

Soose M.; Cleffmann G.; Jauker F., 1989: A characterization of tetrahymena messenger rna by in vitro translation the effects of culture growth on the recruitment of polyadenylated and non polyadenylated rna

Hunsinger R.N.; Wright D., 1990: A characterization of the acute cardiopulmonary toxicity of fenfluramine in the rat

Hariharan N.; Perry R.P., 1989: A characterization of the elements comprising the promoter of the mouse ribosomal protein gene rps16

Nel L.H.; Picard L.A.; Huismans H., 1991: A characterization of the nonstructural protein from which the virus specified tubules in epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus infected cells are composed

Wolff G.T.; Ruthkosky M.S.; Stroup D.P.; Korsog P.E., 1991: A characterization of the principal pm 10 species in claremont california usa summer and long beach california usa fall during scaqs

Ferrari M.; Losio M.N.; Gualandi G.L.; Di Lernia R., 1991: A characterization study of a cell line bs bek from bovine embryo kidney

Gennaro M.C.; Vanni A.; Ferrara E.; Petronio B.M.; Petruzzelli G.; Liberatori A., 1991: A characterization study of organic matter in municipal treatment sludges by reversed phase hplc chromatography

Contado M.J.; Adams J.; Jensen N.J.; Gross M.L., 1991: A charge remote allylic cleavage reaction mechanistic possibilities

Mckelvey D.R.; Brooks C.L.; Mokotoff M., 1991: A charmm analysis of the conformations of the metastasis inhibiting laminin pentapeptide

Pearlson G.D.; Kreger L.; Rabins P.V.; Chase G.A.; Cohen B.; Wirth J.B.; Schlaepfer T.B.; Tune L.E., 1989: A chart review study of late onset and early onset schizophrenia

Li T.; Yu Y.; Hu J., 1990: A cheap entrapping agent for wastewater treatment

Collure D.W.D., 1990: A cheap external fixator device

Justine J L., 1989: A check list of capillaria nematoda capillariinae parasites of african mammals

Van Rooyen N.; Van Rensburg D.J.; Theron G.K.; Bothma J.D.P., 1988: A check list of flowering plants of the kalahari gemsbok national park south africa

Van Eeden C.F.; Van Rensburg J.B.J.; Van Der Linde T.C.D.K., 1991: A check list of insects occurring in groundnut arachis hypogaea fields in the highveld region

Courtney S.F.; King P.; Rodgers K.A., 1990: A check list of minerals from the tui mine te aroha new zealand

Snoeijs, P., 1989: A check list of the benthic diatoms at forsmark sweden northern baltic sea 1. epilithic and epiphytic taxa

Haroon A.K.Y.; Khan A.A.; Halder G.C.; Rainboth W.J., 1989: A check list of the fish and prawn fauna of the muhuri irrigation project and surrounding region bangladesh

Sziraki G.; Abraham L.; Szentkiralyi F.; Papp Z., 1992: A check list of the hungarian neuropteroidea megaloptera raphidioptera planipennia

Borja A., 1987: A check list of the marine mollusks from the basque coast spain

Rings R.W.; Metzler E.H., 1992: A check list the lepidoptera of beaver creek state park columbiana county ohio

Yamanaka H.I.; Honda H., 1990: A checkerboard pattern manifested by the oviduct epithelium of japanese quail

Bauer A.M.; Vindum J.V., 1990: A checklist and key to the herpetofauna of new caledonia south pacific ocean with remarks on biogeography

Blaber S.J.M., 1990: A checklist and notes on the current status of the birds of new georgia western province solomon island south pacific ocean

Kuoh C S.; Chiang S H.T., 1991: A checklist of c 3 and c 4 grasses in taiwan

Saxena R.; Shrivastava P., 1989: A checklist of fish fauna of kunwari river north madhya pradesh

Anderson L.E., 1990: A checklist of sphagnum in north america north of mexico

Kantvilas G., 1989: A checklist of tasmanian australia lichens

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Jooste R., 1989: A checklist of the helminth parasites of the larger domestic and wild mammals of zimbabwe

Herrnstadt I.; Heyn C.C.; Crosby M.R., 1991: A checklist of the mosses of israel

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Wirminghaus J.O., 1990: A checklist of the plants of the karkloof forest natal midlands south africa

Phipps J.B.; Robertson K.R.; Smith P.G.; Rohrer J.R., 1990: A checklist of the subfamily maloideae rosaceae

Ritterbusch G.; Monoson H.L., 1991: A checklist of the vascular flora of robinson park glacial drift hill prairies and their surrounding forest peoria illinois usa

Rashid, A.; Hussain, F., 1989: A checklist to the monocotyledonous weeds of pakistan ii. families except poaceae

Heywood A.J.; Quaba A.A., 1991: A cheek island flap for the lower eyelid

Kunz T.; Janowitz A.; Reissig H U., 1989: A chelate controlled route to disubstituted and tetrasubstituted gamma lactones stereoselectivity in lewis acid promoted additions to chiral methyl beta formylcarboxylates

Bard D.R.; Knight C.G.; Page Thomas D.P., 1990: A chelating derivative of alpha msh as a potential imaging agent for malignant melanoma

Masse P.J L., 1989: A chelonian egg from the vraconian of south east france paleogeographic implications

Mark G.; Schuchmann M.N.; Schuchmann H.P.; Von Sonntag C., 1990: A chemical actinometer for use in connection with uv treatment in drinking water processing

Onicescu D.; Atanasiu V., 1989: A chemical and histochemical method for the determination of folic acid

Tan S.T.; Wilkins A.L.; Molan P.C.; Holland P.T.; Reid M., 1989: A chemical approach to the determination of floral sources of new zealand honeys

Razagui I.B.; Barlow P.J., 1992: A chemical clean up procedure to reduce trace metal contamination from laboratory blenders

Snow A.W.; Barger W.R., 1989: A chemical comparison of methanesulfonyl fluoride with organofluorophosphorus ester anticholinesterase compounds

Bringmann G.; Feineis D.; Hesselmann C.; Schneider S.; Koob M.; Henschler D., 1992: A chemical concept for the therapy of glyoxylate induced oxaluria

Luckenbach M.W.; Orth R.J., 1990: A chemical defense in crustacea?

Zhang H M.; Gao D L.; Su X Z., 1990: A chemical drying technique for plant materials applied to the scanning electron microscopy

Palanivelu K.; Balasubramanian N.; Ramakrishna T.V., 1992: A chemical enhancement method for the spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of arsenic

Aulenback K.R.; Braman D.R., 1991: A chemical extraction technique for the recovery of silicified plant remains from ironstones

Karaoglu D.; Thurlow D.L., 1991: A chemical interference study on the interaction of ribosomal protein l11 from escherichia coli with rna molecules containing its binding site from 23s rrna

Bond J.P.; Notides A.C., 1988: A chemical kinetic model for ligand binding to identical and independent binding sites in vivo

Wells M.L.; Mayer L.M.; Guillard R.R.L., 1991: A chemical method for estimating the availability of iron to phytoplankton in seawater

Reault C.L.; Gonzalez Serratos H.; Litwin S.E.; Morgan J.P., 1992: A chemical method for intracellular loading of the calcium indicator aequorin in mammalian skeletal muscle

Sugata S.; Ishihara S.; Watanabe Y.; Nagata Y.; Matsushima Y., 1989: A chemical model of catechol o methyltransferase methylation of 3 4 dihydroxybenzaldehyde in aqueous solution

Menevse S.; Menevse A., 1989: A chemical modification approach to the olfactory code vapor phase labeling using photoaffinity odorants

Corbin J.L.; Watt G.D., 1990: A chemical preparation of pure reduced viologens for use as biomolecular reducing reagents

Gauldie R.W.; Coote G.C.; Mulligan K.P.; West I.F., 1992: A chemical probe of the microstructural organization of fish otoliths

Chiszar D.; Smith H.M.; Bogert C.M.; Vidaurri J., 1991: A chemical sense of self in timber and prairie rattlesnakes

Taylor R.B.; Moody R.R.; Ochekpe N.A.; Low A.S.; Harper M.I.A., 1990: A chemical stability study of proguanil hydrochloride

Garcia C.; Hernandez T.; Costa F.; Ceccanti B.; Calcinai M., 1992: A chemical structural study of organic wastes and their humic acids during composting by means of pyrolysis gas chromatography

Muzquiz M.; Burbano C.; Rey C.; Cassinello M., 1989: A chemical study of lupinus hispanicus seed nutritional components

Muzquiz M.; Burbano C.; Gorospe M.J.; Rodenas I., 1989: A chemical study of lupinus hispanicus seed toxic and antinutritional components

Ishola M.M.; Agbaji E.B.; Agbaji A.S., 1990: A chemical study of tamarindus indica tsamiya fruits grown in nigeria

Gunther A.J., 1992: A chemical survey of remote lakes of the alagnak and naknek river systems southwest alaska usa

Tani K.; Mizushima S., 1991: A chemically cross linked nonlinear proompa molecule can be translocated into everted membrane vesicles of escherichia coli in the presence of the proton motive force

Kolossa M.; Seibert H., 1990: A chemically defined diluent for cryopreservation of bovine spermatozoa

Annis C.M.; Edmond J.; Robertson R.T., 1990: A chemically defined medium for organotypic slice cultures

Hussain M.; Hastings J.G.M.; White P.J., 1991: A chemically defined medium for slime production by coagulase negative staphylococci

Nardelli B.; Lu Y A.; Shiu D.R.; Delpierre Defoort C.; Profy A.T.; Tam J.P., 1992: A chemically defined synthetic vaccine model for hiv 1

Richardson N.J.; Gardner S.; Rawson D.M., 1991: A chemically mediated amperometric biosensor for monitoring eubacterial respiration

Mihara H.; Kaiser E.T., 1988: A chemically synthesized antennapedia homeo domain binds to a specific dna sequence

Downing I.; Templeton J.G.; Mitchell R.; Fraser R.H., 1990: A chemiluminescence assay for erythrophagocytosis

Benov L.C.; Ribarov S.R., 1990: A chemiluminescence method for determination of lipid hydroperoxides

Huizenga D.L.; Patterson H.H., 1990: A chemiluminescence study of the kinetics of reactions of chromium iii with carboxylate ligands oxalate salicylate and humic acid

Jain V.K.; Magrath I.T., 1991: A chemiluminescent assay for quantitation of beta galactosidase in the femtogram range application to quantitation of beta galactosidase in lacz transfected cells

Tokmakov A.A.; Kykhova M.P.; Vasil'ev V.Yu, 1989: A chemiluminescent assay of macrophage fc receptor heterogeneity

Morello A.; Chang S.; Jacob A.; Law S.J.; Stastny M., 1991: A chemiluminescent immunoassay for urinary thromboxane b 2

Wolf Rogers J.; Weare J.A.; Rice K.; Robertson E.F.; Guidinger P.; Khalil O.S.; Madsen G., 1990: A chemiluminescent microparticle membrane capture immunoassay for the detection of antibody to hepatitis b core antigen

Sasamoto K.; Ohkura Y., 1990: A chemiluminogenic substrate for n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase o aminophthalylhydrazido n acetyl beta d glucosaminide

Singer A.G., 1991: A chemistry of mammalian pheromones

Ghosh S.K.; Chattopadhyay S.; Mamdapur V.R., 1991: A chemoenzymatic approach to r tetrahydro 5 oxo 2 2 hydroxyethylfuran a useful chiral synthon application to the synthesis of s 4 hexanolide pheromone antipode of trogoderma glabrum

Ngooi T.K.; Scilimati A.; Guo Z W.; Sih C.J., 1989: A chemoenzymatic route to levo pyrenophorin

Ferraboschi P.; Grisenti P.; Manzocchi A.; Santaniello E., 1992: A chemoenzymatic synthesis of enantiomerically pure r and s 2 methyldecan 1 ol

Roy R.; Rey A.W., 1990: A chemoenzymatic synthesis of the c1 c9 fragment of bryostatin unusual diastereoselectivity during a mukaiyama aldol condensation

Grahl Nielsen O.; Mjaavatten O.; Ovstedal D.O., 1991: A chemometric comparison between picea abies and picea obovata pinaceae in norway

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Nowak G., 1992: A chemotaxonomic study of sesquiterpene lactones from subtribe centaureinae of the compositae

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Chi H.J.; Cho H.J.; Song I.S.; Oh Y.C., 1988: A chemotaxonomic study on several taxa of korean corydalis

Hsiao J Y.; Lin M L., 1990: A chemotaxonomic study on the essential oils of clerodendrum paniculatum in taiwan

Hsiao J Y.; Kuo H C., 1991: A chemotaxonomic study on the essential oils of the genus machilus in taiwan

Van Wyk B E.; Verdoorn G.H., 1989: A chemotaxonomic survey of major alkaloids in lotononis and buchenroedera

Tomas Barberan F.A.; Ferreres F.; Tomas Lorente F.; Rivera Nunez D.; Obon De Castro C., 1990: A chemotaxonomical study of some portuguese sideritis spp

Rabha L.C.; Hazarika A.K.; Bordoloi D.N., 1989: A chemotype of cymbopogon khasianus hack stapf ex bor an additional information for a source of higher oil and geraniol from north eastern india

Komai K.; Tang C S., 1989: A chemotype of cyperus rotundus in hawaii usa

O'laoide R.M.; Fahy J.; Coffey M.; Ward K.; Malone D.; Fitzgerald M.X.; Masterson J., 1991: A chest radiograph scoring system in adult cystic fibrosis correlation with pulmonary function

Maconochie I.; Greenough A.; Yuksel B.; Page A.; Karani J., 1991: A chest radiograph scoring system to predict chronic oxygen dependency in low birth weight infants

Karlsson R.; Aspenstrom P.; Bystrom A.S., 1991: A chicken beta actin gene can complement a disruption of the saccharomyces cerevisiae act1 gene

Frumkin A.; Rangini Z.; Ben Yehuda A.; Gruenbaum Y.; Fainsod A., 1991: A chicken caudal homologue chox cad is expressed in the epiblast with posterior localization and in the early endodermal lineage

Walmsley, Me; Buckle, Rs; Allan, J; Patient, Rk, 1991: A chicken red cell inhibitor of transcription associated with the terminally differentiated state

Aihara Y.; Kobayashi T.; Amemiya F.; Yokota S.; Kaminaga Y.; Ito A.; Matsuyama S., 1988: A child case of pulmonary actinomycosis with a coin lesion in the chest x ray film

Major P., 1991: A child health center follow up study

Swanenburg De Veye H.F.N.; Heineman De Boer J.A.; Beemer F.A., 1991: A child of high intelligence with the johanson blizzard syndrome

Knight J.; Grantham Mcgregor S.; Ismail S.; Ashley D., 1991: A child to child program in rural jamaica west indies

Denayer, L.; Evers-Kiebooms, G.; Van-Den-Berghe, H., 1990: A child with cystic fibrosis i. parental knowledge about the genetic transmission of cf and about dna diagnostic procedures

Evers-Kiebooms, G.; Denayer, L.; Van-Den-Berghe, H., 1990: A child with cystic fibrosis ii. subsequent family planning decisions reproduction and use of prenatal diagnosis

Gorski, J. L.; Uhlmann, W. R.; Glover, T. W., 1990: A child with multiple congenital anomalies and karyotype 46 xy del 14 q31q32.3 further delineation of chromosome 14 interstitial deletion syndrome

Iwatani N.; Kodama M.; Seto H., 1992: A child with pituitary gigantism and precocious adrenarche does gh and or prl advance the onset of adrenarche?

Thompson E.M.; Winter R.M., 1988: A child with sclerocornea short limbs short stature and distinct facial appearance

Hall P.K.; Hardy J.C.; Lavelle W.E., 1990: A child with signs of developmental apraxia of speech with whom a palatal lift prosthesis was used to manage palatal dysfunction

Nakamura Yu; Kimura C.; Hirakata T.; Kawase T.; Nakajima H., 1990: A childhood case of optic nerve sheath meningioma that was difficult to diagnose preoperatively

Bush, P. J.; Iannotti, R. J., 1990: A children's health belief model

Lifton R.P.; Dluhy R.G.; Powers M.; Rich G.M.; Cook S.; Ulick S.; Lalouel J M., 1992: A chimaeric 11 beta hydroxylase aldosterone synthase gene causes glucocorticoid remediable aldosteronism and human hypertension

Chen Y.; Yang S.C.; Luo Q.H., 1990: A chimera antibody erythroimmunoassay for detecting hbsag in human sera

Obasaju M.F.; Wiley L.M.; Oudiz D.J.; Raabe O.; Overstreet J.W., 1989: A chimera embryo assay reveals a decrease in embryonic cellular proliferation induced by sperm from x irradiated male mice

Middleton T.; Sugden B., 1992: A chimera of ebna1 and the estrogen receptor activates transcription but not replication

Hirono M.; Sutoh K.; Watanabe Y.; Ohno T., 1992: A chimeric actin carrying n terminal portion of tetrahymena actin does not bind to dnase i

Stevenson G.T.; Pindar A.; Slade C.J., 1989: A chimeric antibody with dual fc regions bis fab fc prepared by manipulations at the ig g hinge

Lehvaslaiho H.; Lehtola L.; Sistonen L.; Alitalo K., 1989: A chimeric egf r neu proto oncogene allows egf to regulate neu tyrosine kinase and cell transformation

Kadowaki, K. I.; Suzuki, T.; Kazama, S., 1990: A chimeric gene containing the 5' portion of atp6 is associated with cytoplasmic male sterility of rice

Bochet P.; Dutriaux A.; Lambolez B.; Nalivaiko E.; Rossier J.; Prado De Carvalho L., 1991: A chimeric glutamate receptor subunit discrete changes modify the properties of the channel

Brideau R.J.; Wathen M.W., 1991: A chimeric glycoprotein of human respiratory syncytial virus termed fg induces t cell mediated immunity in mice

Landolfi N.F., 1991: A chimeric il 2 ig molecule possesses the functional activity of both proteins

Baim S.B.; Labow M.A.; Levine A.J.; Shenk T., 1991: A chimeric mammalian transactivator based on the lac repressor that is regulated by temperature and isopropyl beta d thiogalactopyranoside

Vestweber D.; Schatz G., 1988: A chimeric mitochondrial precursor protein with internal disulfide bridges blocks import of authentic precursors into mitochondria and allows quantitation of import sites

Rose B.; Gillespie A.; Winderlich D.; Barbosa J.A.; Cahill K.; Dzuiba J.; Shedd D.; Zerler B., 1992: A chimeric mouse human anti il 2 receptors antibody with enhanced biological activities

Liou R S.; Rosen E.R.; Fung M.S.C.; Sun W.N.C.; Sun C.; Gordon W.; Chang N.T.; Chang T.W., 1989: A chimeric mouse human antibody that retains specificity for hiv gp120 and mediates the lysis of hiv infected cells

Schneider E.; Walter C., 1991: A chimeric nucleotide binding protein encoded by a his p mal k hybrid gene is functional in maltose transport in salmonella typhimurium

Selinka H C.; Zibert A.; Wimmer E., 1992: A chimeric poliovirus cd4 receptor confers susceptibility to poliovirus on mouse cells

Silver E.T.; Gwozd T.J.; Ptak C.; Goebl M.; Ellison M.J., 1992: A chimeric ubiquitin conjugating enzyme that combines the cell cycle properties of cdc34 ubc3 and the dna repair properties of rad6 ubc2 implications for the structure function and evolution of the e2s

Baldini A.; Miller D.A.; Miller O.J.; Ryder O.A.; Mitchell A.R., 1991: A chimpanzee derived chromosome specific alpha satellite dna sequence conserved between chimpanzee and human

Watanabe M.; Ringler D.J.; Fultz P.N.; Mackey J.J.; Boyson J.E.; Levine C.G.; Letvin N.L., 1991: A chimpanzee passaged human immunodeficiency virus isolate is cytopathic for chimpanzee cells but does not induce disease

Itakura S., 1992: A chimpanzee with the ability to learn the use of personal pronouns

He, Y. A.; Chen, S. S.; Wang, Y. X.; Lin, X. Y.; Wang, D. F., 1990: A chinese familial growth hormone deficiency with a deletion of 7.1 kb of dna

Kuge O.; Nishijima M.; Akamatsu Y., 1991: A chinese hamster cdna encoding a protein essential for phosphatidylserine synthase i activity

Kulka R.G.; Raboy B.; Schuster R.; Parag H.A.; Diamond G.; Ciechanover A.; Marcus M., 1988: A chinese hamster cell cycle mutant arrested at g 2 phase has a temperature sensitive ubiquitin activating enzyme e 1

Zdzienicka M.Z.; Van Der Schans G.P.; Natarajan A.T.; Thompson L.H.; Neuteboom I.; Simons J.W.I.M., 1992: A chinese hamster ovary cell mutant em c11 with sensitivity to simple alkylating agents and a very high level of sister chromatid exchanges

Imamichi T.; Hayashi K.; Nakamura T.; Kaneko K.; Koyama J., 1989: A chinese traditional medicine juzentaihoto inhibits the superoxide anion generation by macrophages

Katzman R.; Zhang M.; Ouang Ya Qu; Wang Z.; Liu W.T.; Yu E.; Wong S C.; Salmon D.P.; Grant I., 1988: A chinese version of the mini mental state examination impact of illiteracy in a shanghai dementia survey

Saito S.; Hama H.; Matsuura Y.; Okada K.; Moriwake T., 1991: A chiral acyclic bisallylic compound as a dienophile for asymmetric diels alder reactions

Kitahara, T.; Miyake, M.; Kido, M.; Mori, K., 1990: A chiral building block with bicyclo 2.2.2 octanone skeleton by the reduction with baker's yeast

Fulwood R.; Parker D., 1992: A chiral solvating agent for direct nmr assay of the enantiomeric purity of carboxylic acids

Wheeler W.J.; O'bannon D.D., 1992: A chiral synthesis of dapoxetine hydrochloride a serotonin re uptake inhibitor and its carbon 14 isotopomer

Cobo F.; Gonzalez M.A., 1991: A chironomid pupal exuviae study of the river sar nw spain insecta diptera

Takahata H.; Bandoh H.; Momose T., 1991: A chirospecific synthesis of an ant venom alkaloid 5z 8e 3 heptyl 5 methylpyrrolizidine

Thornton C.R.; Jarvis B.C.; Cooke R.C., 1991: A chitin assay for the enumeration of plasmodiophora brassicae resting spores in clubroot tissue

Pearce B.J.; Fahr M.J.; Hatch T.P.; Sriprakash K.S., 1991: A chlamydial plasmid is differentially transcribed during the life cycle of chlamydia trachomatis

Schloss J.A., 1990: A chlamydomonas gene encodes a g protein beta subunit like polypeptide

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Eid M.A.; Talic Y.F., 1991: A clinical trial on the effectiveness of professional toothbrushing using dentifrice and water

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Nishioka K., 1990: A clinico pathological study of the erythrocyte spectrum in chronic respiratory diseases

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Gen, H., 1990: A clinicopathological study of cervical intervertebral discs part 2. on morphological and roentgenologic findings

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Matsui H.; Kobayashi O.; Eguchi O.; Takamizawa H., 1990: A clinicopathological study on gestational trophoblastic disease comparing with high risk criteria and diagnostic score of choriocarcinoma

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Yanagisawa T., 1990: A clinicopathological study on stroke due to unusual cause

Yamada Y.; Ohoida M.; Koizumi W.; Saigenji K.; Atari H., 1991: A clinicopathological study on the flat and depressed type adenoma of the stomach

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Kaneda T.; Yamamoto H.; Suzuki H.; Ozawa M., 1989: A clinicoradiological study of maxillary osteomyelitis

Kitano I.; Kitaoku Y.; Sonoda F.; Matsunaga T.; Ohta K., 1990: A clinicostatistical study of hearing loss

Azuma H.; Hosoi H.; Kimura H.; Murata K.; Ohta F.; Hamada S., 1991: A clinicostatistical study of odontogenic sinusitis

Tanaka M.; Sonoda F.; Matsunaga T., 1990: A clinicostatistical study of tinnitus

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Kai H.; Miao Y.; Kawai T., 1988: A clock run activation of esterase a 4 by cold in vitro in cholesterol esterase activity

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Kawase T.; Orikasa M.; Suzuki A., 1990: A clonal prostaglandin responsive cell line rdp 4 1 derived from rat dental pulp

Amiranoff B.; Lorinet A.M.; Laburthe M., 1991: A clonal rat pancreatic delta cell line rin14b expresses a high number of galanin receptors negatively coupled to a pertussis toxin sensitive cyclic amp production pathway

Hingley P.J., 1991: A clonal selection based timecourse model for antibody responses to killed vaccine with applications to foot and mouth disease

Tibayrenc M.; Kjellberg F.; Ayala F.J., 1990: A clonal theory of parasitic protozoa the population structures of entamoeba giardia leishmania naegleria plasmodium trichomonas and trypanosoma and their medical and taxonomical consequences

Yokota S.; Okuda T.; Sonoda Y.; Maekawa T.; Misawa S.; Takino T.; Abe T., 1988: A clone with a chromosome abnormality i17q in the myeloid crisis of chronic myeloid leukemia is able to differentiate into neutrophil basophil and eosinophil lineages

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