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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6936

Chapter 6936 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pritchard, C.; Casher, D.; Bull, L.; Cox, D.R.; Myers, R.M., 1990:
A cloned DNA segment from the telomeric region of human chromosome 4p is not detectably rearranged in Huntington disease patients

Kuge, O.; Nishijima, M.; Akamatsu, Y., 1991:
A cloned gene encoding phosphatidylserine decarboxylase complements the phosphatidylserine biosynthetic defect of a Chinese hamster ovary cell mutant

Kukowska Latallo J.; Larsen R.D.; Nair R.P.; Lowe J.B., 1990:
A cloned human complementary dna determines expression of a mouse stage specific embryonic antigen and the lewis blood group alpha 1 3 1 4 fucosyltransferase

Rajan V.P.; Larsen R.D.; Ajmera S.; Ernst L.K.; Lowe J.B., 1989:
A cloned human dna restricted fragment determines expression of a gdp l fucose beta d galactoside 2 alpha l fucosyltransferase in transfected cell evidence for isolation and transfer of the human h blood group locus

Henderson A.K.; Lai J.; Buck S.H.; Fujiwara Y.; Singh G.; Yamamura M.S.; Nakanishi S.; Roeske W.R.; Yamamura H.I., 1990:
A cloned nk 2 receptor mediates phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis in a transfected murine fibroblast

Force, T.; Bonventre, J.V.; Flannery, M.R.; Gorn, A.H.; Yamin, M.; Goldring, S.R., 1992:
A cloned porcine renal calcitonin receptor couples to adenylyl cyclase and phospholipase C

Stein, D.; Cohen, S.N., 1989:
A cloned regulatory gene of Streptomyces lividans can suppress the pigment deficiency phenotype of different developmental mutants

Lamberts S.W.J.; Van Koetsveld P.; Hofland L., 1989:
A close correlation between the inhibitory effects of insulin like growth factor i and sms 201 995 on growth hormone release by acromegalic pituitary tumors in vitro and in vivo

Kern K.B.; Lancaster L.D.; Olajos M.; Goldman S., 1991:
A closed chest porcine model of chronic left ventricular systolic and diastolic dysfunction after myocardial infarction

Texier J J.; Feiss P.; Mercury P.; Bricq M.; Durand J L., 1990:
A closed circuit apparatus for automated administration of volatile anesthetics

Thornbury J.; Carolan B.; Frogley J.; Sibbons P.; Hardy S., 1990:
A closed ileal loop technique for microbiological testing in piglets

Morozov A.I., 1988:
A closed mathematical model of an ideal podzol

Ansons, A.M.; Atkinson, P.L.; Wong, D., 1989:
A closed microsurgical technique for anterior vitrectomy using a continuous air infusion

Upadhyaya, M.; Lunt, P.W.; Sarfarazi, M.; Broadhead, W.; Daniels, J.; Owen, M.; Harper, P.S., 1991:
A closely linked DNA marker for facioscapulohumeral disease on chromosome 4q

Fothi E.; Fothi A., 1990:
A cluster analysis model for grouping palaeoanthropological series

Silverstein, A.B.; Lozano, G.D.; White, J.F., 1989:
A cluster analysis of institutionalized mentally retarded individuals

Hannes G.P., 1988:
A cluster analysis of pacific ocean temperatures and north american upper air temperatures

Ravindran S.; Balakrishnan R.; Manilal K.S.; Ravindran P.M., 1991:
A cluster analysis study on cinnamomum from kerala india

Armstrong, D.D.; Almes, M.J.; Buffler, P.; Frankowski, R.; McGarry, P., 1990:
A cluster classification for histologic diagnoses of CNS tumors in an epidemiologic study

Yagupsky, P.; Sarov, B.; Sarov, I., 1989:
A cluster of cases of spotted fever in a kibbutz in southern Israel

Golding, J.; Foster-Williams, K.; Coard, K.; Ashley, D., 1990:
A cluster of central nervous system defects in Jamaica

Klasse P.J.; Pipkorn R.; Blomberg J., 1991:
A cluster of continuous antigenic structures in the transmembrane protein on hiv 1 individual patterns of reactivity in human sera

Fishbein, D.B.; Raoult, D., 1992:
A cluster of Coxiella burnetii infections associated with exposure to vaccinated goats and their unpasteurized dairy products

Jones, T.R.; Muzithras, V.P., 1992:
A cluster of dispensable genes within the human cytomegalovirus genome short component: IRS1, US1 through US5, and the US6 family

Araki, E.; Murakami, T.; Shirotani, T.; Kanai, F.; Shinohara, Y.; Shimada, F.; Mori, M.; Shichiri, M.; Ebina, Y., 1991:
A cluster of four Sp1 binding sites required for efficient expression of the human insulin receptor gene

Luttinger, A.L.; Springer, A.L.; Schmid, M.B., 1991:
A cluster of genes that affects nucleoid segregation in Salmonella typhimurium

Zielenski, J.; Markiewicz, D.; Rininsland, F.; Rommens, J.; Tsui, L.C., 1991:
A cluster of highly polymorphic dinucleotide repeats in intron 17b of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) gene

Edan G.; Madigand M.; Merienne M.; Morel G.; Sbouraud O.; Salmon D.; Semana G.; Fauchet R., 1991:
A cluster of multiple sclerosis cases in central brittany france hla markers and consanguinity

Green, C.J.; Vold, B.S., 1992:
A cluster of nine tRNA genes between ribosomal gene operons in Bacillus subtilis

Valtonen, M.; Sivonen, A.; Elonen, E., 1990:
A cluster of seven cases of Clostridium tertium septicemia in neutropenic patients

Villarino, M.E.; Gordon, S.M.; Valdon, C.; Potts, D.; Fish, K.; Uyeda, C.; McCarthy, P.M.; Bland, L.A.; Anderson, R.L.; Jarvis, W.R., 1992:
A cluster of severe postoperative bleeding following open heart surgery

Cho, S.; Attaya, M.; Brown, M.G.; Monaco, J.J., 1991:
A cluster of transcribed sequences between the Pb and Ob genes of the murine major histocompatibility complex

Rina M.; Savakis C., 1991:
A cluster of vitellogenin genes in the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata sequence and structure conservation in dipteran yolk proteins and their genes

Banner, L.R.; Keck, J.G.; Lai, M.M., 1990:
A clustering of RNA recombination sites adjacent to a hypervariable region of the peplomer gene of murine coronavirus

Chmurzynski L.; Liwo A., 1990:
A cndo 2 study of the homoconjugation energies of 4 substituted pyridine n oxides

Evans, R.G.; Kapoor, V.; Ludbrook, J., 1992:
A CNS serotonergic mechanism in acute central hypovolemia in conscious rabbits?

Andrade J.F.D.; Fatibello Filho O.; Suleiman A.A.; Guilbault G.G., 1989:
A coated piezoelectric crystal sensor for the determination of 2 4 toluene diisocyanate in air

Satake H.; Hori H.; Kaneshina S., 1991:
A coated wire electrode sensitive to tetraphenylphosphonium ion for measurement of the mitochondrial membrane potential

Irizarry, D.C.; Casey, K.R., 1992:
A coaxial gas delivery system for laser bronchoscopy

O'connor J.E.; Malone D.E., 1989:
A cobalt 60 primary dose spread array derived from measurements

Schubert N.D.; Kalnin L.W., 1990:
A coded wire tag assessment of salmon river langley british columbia canada coho salmon 1986 tag application and 1987 spawner enumeration

Kalnin K.W.; Schubert N.D., 1991:
A coded wire tag assessment of salmon river langley british columbia canada coho salmon 1987 tag application and 1988 89 spawner enumeration

Farwell M.K.; Schubert N.D.; Kalnnin L.W., 1991:
A coded wire tag assessment of salmon river langley british columbia canada coho salmon 1988 tag application and 1989 90 spawner enumeration

Farwell M.K.; Schubert N.D.; Kalnin L.W., 1991:
A coded wire tag assessment of salmon river langley coho salmon 1989 tag application and 1990 91 spawner enumeration

Shubin P.N.; Efimtseva E.A., 1989 :
A codominant nature of alleles of locus e 2 controlling synthesis of the human blood serum cholinesterase

Praitis V.; Katz W.S.; Solomon F., 1991:
A codon change in beta tubulin which drastically affects microtuble structure in drosophila melanogaster fails to produce a significant phenotype in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fargeas X.; Andreewsky E., 1991:
A cognitive approach of schizophrenia

Kirby J.R.; Das J.P., 1990:
A cognitive approach to intelligence attention coding and planning

Rehfisch H.P.; Basler H D., 1989:
A cognitive behavioral treatment of patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Blatt, S.J., 1991:
A cognitive morphology of psychopathology

Tretli, S.; Haldorsen, T., 1990:
A cohort analysis of breast cancer, uterine corpus cancer, and childbearing pattern in Norwegian women

Skadsheim A., 1990:
A cohort life table for gammarus salinus amphipoda

Kuzel V.; Koudelkova J.; Kubat M., 1989:
A cohort of patients operated on lumbar compressive radix syndrome from the neurological ward of the plant institute of national health in uranium industry with reference to assessment problems

Acquavella, J.F.; Leet, T.L., 1991:
A cohort study among workers at a metal components manufacturing facility

Msellati P.; Dupon M.; Morlat P.; Lacoste D.; Pellegrin J L.; Dabis F.; Gecsa, 1990:
A cohort study of 89 hiv 1 infected adult patients contaminated by blood products bordeaux france 1981 1989

Chalmers, I.; Adams, M.; Dickersin, K.; Hetherington, J.; Tarnow-Mordi, W.; Meinert, C.; Tonascia, S.; Chalmers, T.C., 1990:
A cohort study of summary reports of controlled trials

Chen J G., 1990:
A cohort study on the cancer experience among workers exposed to benzidine derived dyes in shanghai china leather tanning industry

Hansen, E.S., 1990:
A cohort study on the mortality of firefighters

Khushk A.M.; Larik A.S.; Hafiz H.M.I., 1987:
A colchicine induced tetraploidy in trifolium alexandrinum l

Sagisaka, S., 1992:
A cold environment is a prerequisite for formation of plastid initials in winter buds of poplar

Strauss E.J.; Guthrie C., 1991:
A cold sensitive messenger rna splicing mutant is a member of the rna helicase gene family

Kishida M.; Hirata A.; Shimoda C., 1990:
A cold sensitive spo14 mutation affecting ascospore formation in the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

Choi H C.; Cho S Y.; Park R K.; Kim Y G.; Park N K.; Shin Y S.; Moon H P.; Son Y H., 1991:
A cold tolerant and high yielding rice cultivar with high grain quality jinmibyeo

Shiose Y.; Kitazawa Y.; Tsukahara S.; Akamatsu T.; Mizokami K.; Futa R.; Katsushima H., 1990:
A collaborative glaucoma survey for 1988 in japan

Wennergren B.; Lindberg J.; Nicklasson M.; Nilsson G.; Nyberg G.; Ahlgren R.; Persson C.; Palm B., 1989:
A collaborative in vitro dissolution study comparing the flow through method with the usp paddle method using usp prednisone calibrator tablets

Cray, L., 1989:
A collaborative project: initiating a family intervention program in a medical intensive care unit

Schonwalder H.; Haaijman J.J.; Holbrook R.; Huis In't Veld J.; Notermans S.; Schaffers I.M.; Zschaler R., 1988:
A collaborative study comparing three elisa systems for detecting staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin a in sausage extracts

Simonato, L.; L'Abbé, K.A.; Andersen, A.; Belli, S.; Comba, P.; Engholm, G.; Ferro, G.; Hagmar, L.; Langård, S.; Lundberg, I., 1991:
A collaborative study of cancer incidence and mortality among vinyl chloride workers

Hubbard, A.R.; Wong, M.Y., 1992:
A collaborative study on the measurement of protein S antigen in plasma

Beebe D.P.; Wood L.L., 1991:
A collaborative study to establish a usa reference for tissue plasminogen activator t pa

Malavasi, B.; Catapano, A.; Galli, G.; Franzini, C., 1992:
A collaborative trial for the evaluation of blood cholesterol measurement in clinical laboratories in Italy

Agrez M.V., 1989:
A collagen matrix microassay for use in tumor stromal cell co cultures

Cohen S.; Duffus J.E.; Perry R.; Dawson R., 1989:
A collection and marking system suitable for epidemiological studies of whitefly borne viruses

Alvarez J.A., 1990:
A collection of bryozoans from the coasts of alicante spain

Kato K., 1990:
A collection of complementary dna clones with specific expression patterns in mouse brain

Allen G.R.; Leggett R., 1990:
A collection of freshwater fishes from the kimberley region of western australia

Minnegal M., 1991:
A collection of large core tools from lowland papua western province papua new guinea

Ahnelt H.; Elvira B., 1988:
A collection of marine and freshwater fishes by the austrian adria deep sea expedition of 1894

Farber, J.M., 1992:
A collection of mRNA species that are inducible in the RAW 264.7 mouse macrophage cell line by gamma interferon and other agents

Pfister D.H., 1992:
A collection of peziza nivalis from california with comments on the nomenclature of the snow bank pezizas

Newton P.N.; Rands M.R.W.; Bowden C.G.R., 1990:
A collection of small mammals from eastern nepal

Turnbull D.A.; Taylor P.D.; Smith S.M.; Chainey J.E., 1992:
A collection of tabanidae diptera from west central ethiopia with descriptions of tabanus gibensis new species and the male of tabanus pallidifacies surcouf

Morgan G.J., 1990:
A collection of thalassinidea anomura and brachyura crustacea decapoda from the kimberley region of northwestern australia

Lemaitre R.; Ramos G.E., 1992:
A collection of thalassinidea crustacea decapoda from the pacific coast of colombia with description of a new species and a checklist of eastern pacific species

Banon S.; Hardy J., 1992:
A colloidal approach of milk acidification by glucono delta lactone

Kehle, T.; Herzog, V., 1989:
A colloidal gold labeling technique for the direct determination of the surface area of eukaryotic cells

Vacelet J.; Cuif J P.; Gautret P.; Massot M.; Forges B.R.D.; Zibrowius H., 1992:
A colonial sphinctozoan sponge related to triassic reef builders surviving in deep water off new caledonia

Ebenhard T., 1990:
A colonization strategy in field voles microtus agrestis reproductive traits and body size

Ohara T.; Atumi M.; Takaaki J.; Kouso H.; Ogasawara H.; Isetani K.; Mitufuji S.; Fuse Y.; Kodama T.; E.A., 1989:
A colonoscopically polypectomized pedunculated leiomyoma of the descending colon report of a case

Périer, F.; Carbon, J., 1992:
A colony color assay for Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants defective in kinetochore structure and function

Bielecka Rzadkowska K.; Rachwald A., 1988:
A colony of large mouse eared bats myotis myotis borkhausen 1797 in the attic of the cathedral at oliwa poland

Voute A.M., 1990:
A colony of noctules nyctalus noctula in a chimney

Yochelson E.L.; Fedonkin M.A., 1991 :
A color marked early paleozoic trail

Kelley W.T.; Danehower D.A.; Bowman D.T., 1990:
A color scale for rapid measurement of relative pigment concentration in burley tobacco leaves

Kirchgesser, M.; Dahlmann, N., 1990:
A colorimetric assay for the determination of acid nucleoside triphosphatase activity

Nieman C.J.; Kerry R.; Coleman P.J.; Taylor A.; Jose J.; Pay G.F., 1991:
A colorimetric enzyme linked sandwich assay for the detection of human platelets bound to a fibrinogen coated surface

E.S.yed L.; Amer M.M.; Bebawy L., 1989:
A colorimetric method for analysis of phenolphthalein

Mitra, C.; Guha, S.R., 1989:
A colorimetric method for assay of serotonin deamination by monoamine oxidase

Matsuo R.R.; Malcolmson L.J.; Edwards N.M.; Dexter J.E., 1992:
A colorimetric method for estimating spaghetti cooking losses

Ning Z X.; L.M.Q., 1990:
A colorimetric method for simultaneous determination of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase activities using chromotropic acid

Prego R.; Fraga F., 1988:
A colorimetric method for the determination of organic carbon in seawater

Sharada R.; Shetty H.S.; Karanth N.G.K., 1991:
A colorimetric method for the rapid estimation of bromophos in food grains and seeds

Hill A.C.; Twort A.R. , 1989:
A colorimetric version of the cipac method for measuring dilute emulsion stability

Rage J C.; Buffetaut E.; Buffetaut Tong H.; Chaimanee Y.; Ducrocq S.; Jaeger J J.; Suteethorn V., 1992:
A colubrid snake in the late eocene of thailand the oldest known colubridae reptilia serpentes

Barry, E.G., 1992:
A combination inversion and translocation in Neurospora crassa with inviable deficiency progeny that can be rescued in heterokaryons

Khalil I.; D'auriol L.; Gobet M.; Morin L.; Lepage V.; Deschamps I.; Park M.S.; Degos L.; Galibert F.; Hors J., 1990:
A combination of hla dq beta aspartic acid 57 negative and hla dq alpha arginine 52 confers susceptibility to insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Giannelli, A.; Rabboni, M.; Zarattini, F.; Malgeri, C.; Magnolfi, G., 1989:
A combination of hypothalamic phospholipid liposomes with trazodone for treatment of depression. An open controlled study

Hoekstra H.J.; Koops H.S.; Molenaar W.M.; Mehta D.M.; Sleijfer D.T.; Dijkhuis G.; Oldhoff J., 1989:
A combination of intraarterial chemotherapy preoperative and postoperative radiotherapy and surgery as limb saving treatment of primarily unresectable high grade soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities

Narumi H.; Suzuki S.; Miwa T., 1990:
A combination of laserthermia and chemotherapy for the treatment of human gastric cancers transplanted into nude mice

Edde B.; Rossier J.; J P.; Berwald Netter Y.; Koulakoff A.; Gros F.; Denoulet P., 1991:
A combination of posttranslational modifications is responsible for the production of neuronal a tubulin heterogeneity

Sonobe M.; Yasuda H.; Hisanaga T.; Maeda K.; Yamashita M.; Kikkawa R.; Shigeta Y., 1990:
A combination of prostaglandin e 1 analogue and aldose reductase inhibitor normalizes the reduction in sciatic nerve conduction velocity in chronically streptozocin diabetic rats

William M.D.H.M.; Riera Lizarazu O.; Mujeeb Kazi A., 1992:
A combination of protein electrophoretic techniques for the detection of 1b 1b 1r heterozygotes in triticum aestivum l

Rutshtein L.G.; Lyapon A.O.; Nikolaenko Y.A., 1990:
A combination of psoriasis and lichen ruber planus in a female patient

Kawachi I.; Robinson G.M.; Stace N.H., 1990:
A combination of raised serum ast to alt ratio and erythrocyte mean cell volume level detects excessive alcohol consumption

Borisenko K.K.; Zudin B.I.; Nazarova A.Yu; Tseraidi N.F.; Shakirov M.T.; Toporovskii L.M., 1990:
A combination of syphilis and infection

Yasuda, H.; Sonobe, M.; Hisanaga, T.; Kawabata, T.; Maeda, K.; Kikkawa, R.; Shigeta, Y., 1992:
A combination of the aldose reductase inhibitor statil and the prostaglandin e 1 analogue op1206.alpha cd completely improves sciatic motor nerve conduction velocity in streptozocin induced chronically diabetic rats

Salov P.P., 1988:
A combination of vesico ureteral reflux with distal large intestinal dysfunction in children

Koyama, H.; Nishizawa, Y.; Noguchi, S.; Yamamoto, H.; Miyauchi, K.; Inaji, H.; Imaoka, S.; Iwanaga, T., 1990:
A combination therapy with 5' dfur and mpa as a second line treatment for advanced recurrent breast cancer

Pei, D.H.; Ulrich, H.D.; Schultz, P.G., 1991:
A combinatorial approach toward DNA recognition

Montuelle B.; Coillard J.; L.H.J.B., 1992:
A combined anaerobic aerobic process for the co treatment of effluents from a piggery and a cheese factory

Belukha U.K.; Bidrat M.S.; Luk'yanova A.S., 1989:
A combined assessment of blood neutrophil phagocytic activity in rubrophytosis patients treated with griseofulvin and nizoral

Lebed' A.A.; Lopukhin A.S.; Mironov O.G., 1989:
A combined bonitation of surface waters in the tropical atlantic

Pakrasi A.; Davis W.T.; Reed G.D.; Keener T.C., 1990:
A combined calcium hydroxide ammonia flue gas desulfurization process for high sulfur coal results of a pilot plant study

Turner N.; Whitesides G.M., 1989:
A combined chemical enzymatic synthesis of 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonic acid 7 phosphate

Manafi M.; Kneifel W., 1989:
A combined chromogenic fluorogenic medium for the simultaneous detection of total coliforms and escherichia coli in water

Adams B.D.; Hayward P., 1990:
A combined cognitive behavioral treatment package for a hospitalization phobic patient

Petrofsky J.S.; Smith J., 1991:
A combined computer controlled walking and exercise system

Gloghini, A.; Cozzi, M.; Sulfaro, S.; Volpe, R.; Carbone, A., 1989:
A combined cytochemical and immunocytochemical method for simultaneous visualization of cytoplasmic enzyme reactivity and cell surface antigens in cell suspensions

Kieser, H.M.; Kieser, T.; Hopwood, D.A., 1992:
A combined genetic and physical map of the Streptomyces coelicolor A3(2) chromosome

Abramovich-Sivan, S.; Benary, V.; Kaspi, T.; Akselrod, S., 1991 :
A combined heat clearance method for tissue blood flow measurement

Marx S.; Grosse W.; Schneider Poetsch H.A.W., 1988:
A combined hplc elisa assay applied to measure abscisic acid aba and abscisyl beta d glucopyranoside in ripening embryos of walnut juglans regia l

Clemedson C.; Peterson A.; Walum E., 1989:
A combined in ovo in vitro system for studies of volatile compounds on brain development differential effects of carbon tetrachloride on neurons and astrocytes

Vorobjev Y.N.; Grant J.A.; Scheraga H.A., 1992:
A combined iterative and boundary element approach for solution of the nonlinear poisson boltzmann equation

Song, W.J.; Weinbaum, S.; Jiji, L.M.; Lemons, D., 1988:
A combined macro and microvascular model for whole limb heat transfer

Cloete T.E.; Steyn P.L., 1988:
A combined membrane filter immunofluorescent technique for the in situ identification and enumeration of acinetobacter in activated sludge

Nikiragina G.P.; Khoreva S.A., 1988:
A combined method of determining catecholamines dopa and 5 hydroxyindoleacetic acid in the urine

Avakov V.E.; Ogai V.Ch; Tashmukhamedov B.A.; Mukhamadieva S.G.; Shamirzaeva U.G.; Tsoi A.M., 1989:
A combined method of endotoxemia assessment in peritonitis during corrective therapy

Patel, B.C.; Hamilton, P.; Twomey, J., 1988:
A combined needle holder and scissors

Mcgee W.A.; Parkhurst L.J., 1990:
A combined nmr and absorbance stopped flow apparatus for biochemical studies

Beniston M.; Ruffieux D.; Hertig J A., 1989:
A combined numerical and wind tunnel study of ventilation and air pollution episodes in a rural valley of switzerland

Ratnaningsih, E.; Dharmsthiti, S.; Krishnapillai, V.; Morgan, A.; Sinclair, M.; Holloway, B.W., 1990:
A combined physical and genetic map of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO

Kango R.A.; Quinn J.G., 1992:
A combined reversed phase and purge and trap chromatographic method to study the interaction of volatile organic compounds with dissolved humic acid in aqueous solutions

Shatirishvili I.Sh, 1987:
A combined scheme of the chromatographic analysis of mixtures containing volatile low volatile and nonvolatile substances

Foucrier J.; Rigaut J.P.; Pechinot D., 1990:
A combined silver nor feulgen staining technique

Garriga M.M.; Berkebile C.; Metcalfe D.D., 1991:
A combined single blind double blind placebo controlled study to determine the reproducibility and hypersensitivity reactions to aspartame

Stankowski, S.; Pawlak, M.; Kaisheva, E.; Robert, C.H.; Schwarz, G., 1991:
A combined study of aggregation, membrane affinity and pore activity of natural and modified melittin

Wilker D.K.; Schweiberer L.; Izbicki J.R.; Waldner H.; Rohloff R., 1990:
A combined surgical radiological concept for treating proximal bile duct cancer with involvement of both hepatic ducts

Barquet, A.; Fernandez, A.; Luvizio, J.; Masliah, R., 1989:
A combined therapeutic protocol for aseptic nonunion of the humeral shaft: a report of 25 cases

Saito K.; Miyatake H.; Kurihara N., 1990:
A combustion method for the simultaneous determination of tritium carbon 14 and sulfur 35 in triply labeled organic samples by liquid scintillation counting

Fukushima, Y.; Kitamura, N.; Adachi, T.; Miki, T.; Yamaguchi, A.; Otaki, M.; Minoji, T.; Tamura, H., 1989:
A comment on optimal shaped prosthesis for tricuspid valve using an experimental model

Y.L., 1989:
A comment on the origin of cultivated rice after reading a history of agriculture in india

Brandenburg K.; Seydel U., 1991:
A comment on the preparation of liposomes from and on the beta alpha acyl chain melting behaviour of rough mutant lipopolysaccharide

Charnock, D.J., 1989:
A comment on the role of dietary restraint in the development of bulimia nervosa

Krain L.S., 1991:
A commentary on an association of malignant melanoma with non uv radiation exposure

Braverman E.R.; Blum K.; Smayda R.J., 1990:
A commentary on brain mapping in 60 substance abusers can the potential for drug abuse be predicted and prevented by treatment

Enroth, J., 1991:
A commentary on the moss genus bryonorrisia stark and buck leskeaceae with bryonorrisia acutifolia new combination mitt. enroth

Kuz'mina N.S.; Osmanov S.K.; Nazarenko A.A.; Lymar' S.S.; Voloshchuk O.M.; Yakovleva S.A., 1991:
A commercial diagnostic agent for enzyme immunoassay of ceruloplasmin

Province M.A.; Keller J.; Higgins M.; Rao D.C., 1991:
A commingling analysis of obesity in the tecumseh michigan usa community health study

Martinez, E.; Givel, F.; Wahli, W., 1991:
A common ancestor DNA motif for invertebrate and vertebrate hormone response elements

Baker, M.E., 1990:
A common ancestor for Candida tropicalis and dehydrogenases that synthesize antibiotics and steroids

Beugelmans R.; Bois Choussy M., 1992:
A common and general access to berberine and benzo c phenanthridine alkaloids

Sutjita M.; Hohmann A.; Comacchio R.; Boey M.L.; Bradley J., 1989:
A common anti cardiolipin antibody idiotype in autoimmune disease identification using a mouse monoclonal antibody directed against a naturally occuring anti phospholipid antibody

Fukumoto Y.; Kato T.; Ishihara K.; Seida K.; Takazoe I.; Okuda K., 1989:
A common antigen of treponema denticola and other treponema spp detected by monoclonal antibody

Cramer A., 1989:
A common artifact in estimates of benthic community respiration caused by the use of stainless steel

Fleit, H.B.; Kobasiuk, C.D.; Peress, N.S.; Fleit, S.A., 1992:
A common epitope is recognized by monoclonal antibodies prepared against purified human neutrophil Fc gamma RIII (CD16)

Zhang, J.W.; Weber, W.E.; Borst, J.; Vandenbark, A.A.; Raus, J.C., 1989:
A common epitope on human myelin basic protein and the human T lymphocyte CD3 molecule

Ananthanarayana R.; Rao K.R.; Mithyantha M.S., 1989:
A common extractant for the determination of available phosphorus oxide and potassium oxide in the acid soils of karnataka india

Janoudi, A.; Poff, K.L.; Poff, K.L., 1990:
A common fluence threshold for first positive and second positive phototropism in Arabidopsis thaliana

Kumar V.; Kumar B.S.; Singh B.P.; Sarkar A., 1991:
A common functional basis for the photoperiodic mechanism regulating reproductive and metabolic responses in the migratory redheaded bunting

Bornmann W.G.; Kuehne M.E., 1992:
A common intermediate providing syntheses of psi tabersonine coronaridine iboxyphylline ibophyllidine vinamidine and vinblastine

Meiner, V.; Landsberger, D.; Berkman, N.; Reshef, A.; Segal, P.; Seftel, H.C.; van der Westhuyzen, D.R.; Jeenah, M.S.; Coetzee, G.A.; Leitersdorf, E., 1991:
A common Lithuanian mutation causing familial hypercholesterolemia in Ashkenazi Jews

Jose Estanyol M.; Poliard A.; Foiret D.; Danan J L., 1989:
A common liver specific factor binds to the rat albumin and alpha fetoprotein promoters in vitro and acts as a positive trans acting factor in vivo

Green J.; Muallem S., 1989:
A common mechanism for activation of the sodium proton exchanger by different types of stimuli

Yoneda M.; Tanno Y.; Horai S.; Ozawa T.; Miyatake T.; Tsuji S., 1990:
A common mitochondrial dna mutation in the lysine transfer rna of patients with myoclonus epilepsy associated with ragged red fibers

Gupta M.; Chowdhury M.S.A., 1992:
A common practice of traditional medication with oil and or ghee as folk medicine in children of southern saudi arabia

Roecken M.; Saurat J H.; Hauser C., 1992:
A common precursor for cd4 positive t cells producing il 2 or il 4

Query C.C.; Bentley R.C.; Keene J.D., 1989:
A common rna recognition motif identified within a defined u1 rna binding domain of the 70k u1 small nuclear rnp protein

Paul, R.; Schuetze, S.; Kozak, S.L.; Kabat, D., 1989:
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A common trunk of the coronary arteries in a bovine heart bos primigenius f taurus linne 1758

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A community based study of the use of chiropractic services

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A community level test of the mesozoic marine revolution theory

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A compact constant head permeameter for measuring saturated hydraulic conductivity of the the vadose zone

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A compact, flexible and cheap system for acquiring sequence data from autoradiograms with a digitizer and transferring it to an arbitrary host computer

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A compact frequency synthesized receiver for radio tracking fruit bats

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A compact nucleoprotein structure is produced by binding of Escherichia coli integration host factor (IHF) to the replication origin of plasmid R6K

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A comparative analysis of the morphology of holosticha corlissi new species ciliophora hypotrichida and related species

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A comparative analysis of the neuroendocrine mechanisms regulating ovulation affected by a unilateral implant of atropine in the preoptic anterior hypothalamic area in intact and hemiovariectomized adult rats

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A comparative analysis of the sulfur rich proteins of durum and bread wheats their possible functional properties

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A comparative anatomical study of the petiole in representatives of the genus cornus sensu lato cornaceae in connection with its systematics

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A comparative anatomy of lateral musculature myomeres in teleostean fish with different levels of motor activity communication 2

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A comparative and anatomical study of cross field pits in the wood of taxodiaceae species using scanning electron microscopy

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A comparative aspect of maximal oxygen uptake with predicted forms

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A comparative assessment of different criteria of mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence

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A comparative assessment of the ecological effects of prosopis cineraria and prosopis juliflora on the soil of revegetated spaces

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A comparative assessment of the results of combined treatment for gastric cancer using various preoperative radiation schedules

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A comparative assessment of the uv radiation transmission of sunglasses for patients receiving photochemotherapy

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A comparative behavior analysis of monticola solitarius and monticola saxatilis

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A comparative characteristic of neuronal responses in the somatic sensory cortex of rats during active and passive vibrissae movements

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A comparative characterization of four concrete floras of the byrranga mountains taimyr russian sfsr ussr

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A comparative characterization of two foot slope soils in the nsukka area of eastern nigeria

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A comparative cytological and cytochemical study of the oogenesis in ten brazilian teleost fish species

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A comparative demographic study of annual and perennial hypochoeris asteraceae

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A comparative description of the interaction of some nonsteroidal anti inflammatory agents with membranes in experimental inflammation

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A comparative developmental approach to behaviour

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A comparative ecofloristic study of the subtropical dry forest of azua and monte cristi dominican republic

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A comparative ecology of the seasonal schedules for reproduction by seeds in a moist tall grassland community

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A comparative electron microscope study on the fine structure of the muscular coat in the common bile duct

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A comparative evaluation of the effect of prostanoid inhibitors on uterine contractile function

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A comparative evaluation of the efficacy of sucralfate and hydrogen histamine blockers in the treatment of peptic ulcer

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A comparative evaluation of the genetic effects of uniform internal exposure to cesium 137 and local x irradiation of rat testes

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A comparative evaluation of the methods for detecting omsk hemorrhagic fever virus

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A comparative evaluation of the methods of determining the larval density of the wireworms elateridae coleoptera

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A comparative evaluation of the permeability of ethylcellulose microcapsules prepared by coacervation method

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A comparative evaluation of the reclamation efficiency of surface concentrated versus internally incorporated calcium chloride and gypsum in an alkali soils

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A comparative evaluation of the requirements for the optimal microclimate conditions in the ch 7088 83 and iso 7730 84 standards

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A comparative evaluation of the results of combined radiation therapy for primary vaginal cancer

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A comparative evaluation of three quantitative methods to assess respiratory disturbances during sleep in children

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A comparative evaluation of topic clobetasone butyrate and indomethacin in patients undergoing radial keratotomy or epikeratoplasty

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A comparative evaluation of two methods for screening cardioplegic agents on the isolated heart

Collab Invest Group (Usa), 1991:
A comparative evaluation of two transdermal nitroglycerin delivery systems nitro dur versus transderm nitro

Tomova I., 1990:
A comparative experiment on fattening calves in an enclosed barn and on an open front lot

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A comparative experiment on fattening young bulls of four different breeds on corn silage

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A comparative experiment on the attractiveness of the several kinds of the cue lure toxicants to melon fly dacus cucurbitae coquillett

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A comparative experimental study of exploratory behavior in santa cruz island and mainland california scrub jays aphelocoma coerulescens

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A comparative experimental study of fetal phono and movement sensors from amsterdam the netherlands cambridge england uk and edinburgh scotland uk

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A comparative field evaluation of some potential sulfur fertilizer materials

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A comparative genetic and biochemical characterization of the protein peb the major component of the ejaculatory bulb in drosophila spp of the melanogaster subgroup

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A comparative genetic study of serologically distinct Haemophilus influenzae type 1 immunoglobulin A1 proteases

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A comparative graphical method for the characterization of all types of linear enzyme inhibition

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A comparative histochemical analysis of glycoconjugates in secretory cells of fish epidermis by use of biotinylated lectins

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A comparative histochemical study on carbohydrate and lipid content in the deutoplasm of the ovary in erpobdella octoculata l

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A comparative histologic study on the healing process after tissue transection. I. Carbon dioxide laser and electromicrosurgery

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A comparative histologic study on the healing process after tissue transection. II. Carbon dioxide laser and surgical microscissors

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A comparative histological study of diseased and sound stems of quercus petraea and of stomata on the light leaves

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A comparative histophysiological study of certain major locomotor muscles myotomal pectoral and gastrocnemius of vertebrates

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A comparative identification of four herbs gynostemma spp and their confused species from guangxi china

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A comparative immunochemical study of potato virus x potato aucuba mosaic virus hydrangea ringspot virus and white clover mosaic virus by the sandwich and blocking methods elisa double diffusion test virobacterial agglutination rocket immunoelectrophoresis and immune electron microscopy

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A comparative immunohistochemical study of lysozyme and lactoferrin in human neonate and adult parotid glands

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A comparative immunohistochemical study on striatal methionine enkephalin expression in alzheimer's disease and in progressive supranuclear palsy

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A comparative in vitro metabolic study of methaphenilene and pyribenzamine

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A comparative investigation and identification of Leptospira interrogans serogroup icterohaemorrhagiae strains by monoclonal antibody and DNA fingerprint analyses

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A comparative investigation between various neuroimaging techniques and eeg for localization of a focus in partial epilepsy

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A comparative investigation of atenolol tenormin and the combined preparation atenolol chlorthalidone tenoretic mite in essential hypertension a randomized double blind investigation from general practice

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A comparative investigation of contact media for defibrillation

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A comparative investigation of diffusion coefficients of alpha lactalbumins and lysozyme by means of polarization interferometer

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A comparative investigation of feed digestibility and feed passage rate in waterfowls and chickens

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A comparative investigation of nucleolus size in some morphologically similar dermestes species coleoptera dermestidae

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A comparative investigation of re epithelialization of split skin graft donor areas after application of hydrocolloid and alginate dressings

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A comparative investigation of somatic conjugation of chromosomes in male and female neural ganglia from drosophila melanogaster d 32

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A comparative investigation of the infestation of some winter wheat types by haplothrips tritici kurd. thysanoptera phlaeothripidae

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A comparative investigation of the laryngeal premotor, adjustment, and reaction times of stutterers and nonstutterers

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A comparative investigation of the methods of determining wheat sedimentation coefficient

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A comparative investigation of the volumes of plasma and extracellular fluids and the renal clearances of urea and creatinine in merino sheep from flocks with different genetic capacities for wool growth

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A comparative investigation of yugoslavian sunflower hybrids

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A comparative investigation on autologous mandibular and iliac crest bone grafts. An experimental study in sheep

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A comparative investigation on the lead content of maternal milk in women living in congested or low traffic regions of tyrol austria

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A comparative isokinetic evaluation of a functional ankle orthosis on talocalcaneal function

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A comparative karyological study of root and embryo tissue of a few genera of leguminosae

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A comparative karyotype analysis of three chironomus sibling species of the plumosus group diptera chironomidae

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A comparative karyotype study on korean squirrels ii. karyotype analysis of sciurus vulgaris coreae and tamias sibiricus asiaticus by g banding method

Grewal, J.; Karuppiah, N.; Mutus, B., 1989:
A comparative kinetic study of bovine calmodulin dependent cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase isozymes utilizing cyclic amp cyclic gmp and their 2' o anthraniloyl 2' o n methylanthraniloyl derivatives as substrates

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A comparative light and electron microscopical study of compatible and incompatible interactions between xanthomonas campestris pathovar campestris and cabbage brassica oleracea

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A comparative light microscopic study and clinical evaluation on acute viral hepatitis type a b and non a non b

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A comparative limnological study of zoobenthic associations in lakes of the ethiopian rift valley

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A comparative mathematical evaluation of contour irregularity using form factor and PERBAS, a new analytical shape factor

Bell G., 1989:
A comparative method

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A comparative monomolecular film study of 1 2 di o palmitoyl 3 o a and beta d glucopyranosyl sn glycerols

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A comparative morphological analysis of the roots of shrub species in oak stands

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A comparative morphological study of the autonomic nervous system of cetaceans

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A comparative morphology of the alimentary canal in the adults of ground beetles coleoptera i. classification into the types

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A comparative morphometrical study of the ultrastructural organization in six dinoflagellate species using stereology

Blum, G.; Yawalkar, S., 1991:
A comparative multicenter double blind trial of 0.05 percent halobetasol propionate ointment and 0.1 percent betamethasone valerate ointment in the treatment of patients with chronic localized plaque psoriasis

Roby D.D., 1991:
A comparative of two noninvasive techniques to measure total body lipid in live birds

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A comparative pet study using different carbon 11 labelled amino acids in walker 256 carcinosarcoma bearing rats

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A comparative pharmacokinetic study of ethanol in the blood vitreous humor and aqueous humor of rabbits

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A comparative pharmacological characterization of cholinesterases in salmon salmo salar brain and sea lice lepeophtheirus salmonis

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A comparative physiological analysis of bacilliform and cocci like methanogenic bacteria

Marits A.S., 1988:
A comparative physiological and biochemical characterization of two populations of the goldfish carassius auratus gibelio from the dniester river valley ussr

Botha W.J.; Eicker A.; D.M.illon S., 1990:
A comparative physiological study of four weed molds of agaricus bisporus mushroom compost

Song J.S., 1992:
A comparative phytosociological study of the subalpine coniferous forests in northeastern asia

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A comparative randomized study of low dose human menopausal gonadotropin and fsh in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

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A comparative randomized trial of doxorubicin and cyclophosphamide in combination with fluorouracil fac or etoposide eac in metastatic breast cancer

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A comparative restriction endonuclease analysis of nuclear dna from austrian apodemus species intraspecific variability in middle repetitive dna families contrasts isoenzyme data

Soliman G.N., 1991:
A comparative review of the spawning development and metamorphosis of prosobranch and opisthobranch gastropods with special reference to those from the northwestern red sea

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A comparative scanning and transmission electron microscope study for the detection of mycoplasma like organisms

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A comparative seroepidemiologic study of the neutralizing antibody against the virulent standard strains and the Sabin vaccine strains of poliovirus among healthy Japanese

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A comparative statistical analysis of genetic distances i. estimation of distances and of their variances distribution of the estimators

Katz, M., 1989:
A comparative statistical analysis of genetic distances ii. confidence intervals and tests of comparison

Chen J W.; Tien H.T., 1988 :
A comparative study between a two compartment cell and the standard electrode system

Mazzoni G.; Niccolini F., 1991:
A comparative study between antibiotic therapy and bacterial therapy for eradication of salmonella spp from healthy carriers

Murali V.; Balakrishnan I.S.; Lakshmanan A.V., 1990:
A comparative study between computed dosimetry and film dosimetry for the selectron applicator

Negi, A.; Dhiman, D.S.; Kaushik, N.K.; Sarin, N.K.; Sarin, R.; Patial, S., 1991:
A comparative study between hysterosalpingography and laparoscopy in case of infertility

Khalil, H.M.; Seitz, H.M.; Makled, M.K.; el Missiry, A.G.; Serougi, A.O., 1989:
A comparative study between IFAT, COPT, CHR and IDT in the diagnosis of schistosomiasis mansoni

Yamada H., 1990:
A comparative study between lhrha plus hmg pulsatile subcutaneous administration and hmg alone in pco patients

Doble, A.; Clark, C.L.; Lumley, J.S., 1991:
A comparative study between Michel and Proximate clips for the closure of neck incisions

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A comparative study between open tip method and microtip method on endoscopic manometry of the sphincter of oddi

Suzuki K.; Nishi K., 1992:
A comparative study between sexes on accumulation of proteins and fat of three way line crossbred pigs during growth

Ojeda Gutierrez E.; San Miguel J.F.; Gonzalez M.; Canizo C.; Orfao A.; Rios A.; Lopez Borrasca A., 1988:
A comparative study between the fab classification and a model of immunological classification of anll

Cordoba M.; Montero D.E.pinosa G.; Raposo R., 1988:
A comparative study between three technetium 99m radiopharmaceuticals used for bone scan

Ishimaru T.; Huang H.J.; Fan I.; Kajimura H.; Yamabe T., 1990:
A comparative study between vaginal and rectal routes of bromocriptine administration

Taylor I.K.; O'shaughnessy K.M.; Choudry N.B.; Adachi M.; Palmer J.B.D.; Fuller R.W., 1992:
A comparative study in atopic subjects with asthma of the effects of salmeterol and salbutamol on allergen induced bronchoconstriction increase in airway reactivity and increase in urinary leukotriene e 4 excretion

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A comparative study in giemsa c banded karyotypes of four species of camellia section camellia

Kim, J.B.K.; Lee, H.Y., 1990:
A comparative study in korean squirrels i. karyotype analysis of sciurus vulgaris coreae and tamias sibiricus asiaticus by conventional giemsa staining and c banding method

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A comparative study in morphometric grading of transitional cell carcinoma of the urinary bladder

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A comparative study in opening and closing pressures of cerebral aneurysm clips

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A comparative study of 0.25 percent ropivacaine and 0.25 percent bupivacaine for brachial plexus block

Qian Y.; E.A., 1991:
A comparative study of 2 de ecg and selective coronary arteriography in detecting coronary artery disease

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A comparative study of 2 series of uterine rupture collected at averroes hospital in casablanca morocco from 1979 to 1981 and 1984 to 1986

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A comparative study of 40s ribosomal proteins in artemia salina and rat liver peptide analysis by limited proteolysis and sds acrylamide gel electrophoresis

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A comparative study of a progestin only contraceptive versus non hormonal methods in lactating women in buenos aires argentina

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A comparative study of above ground productivity of dominant usa gulf coast marsh species

Lubian L.M.; Blasco J.; Establier R., 1992:
A comparative study of acid and alkaline phosphatase activities in several strains of nannochloris chlorophyceae and nannochloropsis eustigmatophyceae

Takeda F., 1991:
A comparative study of age differences of health behavior and health status among white color male workers ii

Takeda F., 1991:
A comparative study of age differences of work and life among the white color male workers i

Guedira F.; Bennouna A.; Magne P.; Masson D., 1991:
A comparative study of agrofood industry wastes

Chuang, N.N.; Yang, B.C., 1990:
A comparative study of alkaline phosphatases among human placenta, bovine milk, hepatopancreases of shrimp Penaeus monodon (Crustacea: Decapoda) and clam Meretrix lusoria (Bivalvia: Veneidae): to obtain an alkaline phosphatase with improved characteristics as a reporter

Evans I.K.; Deluca P.A.; Gage J.R., 1988:
A comparative study of ambulation abduction bracing and varus derotation osteotomy in the treatment of severe legg calve perthes disease in children over 6 years of age

X.X Y., 1991:
A comparative study of anther and pollen development in male fertile and male sterile green onion allium fistulosum l

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A comparative study of anthropometric profiles of athletes and non athletes

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A comparative study of antibiogram methods employed in endodontic stomatological procedures

Sato K.; Morimoto K.; Okamoto M.; Hirayasu Y.; Onishi M.; Katayama K., 1989:
A comparative study of anticonvulsant actions and side effects between clobazam 1 5 benzodiazepine and diazepam 1 4 benzodiazepine in the kindling model of the rat

Yang, J.S.; Hsieh, R.P.; Shen, M.C., 1991:
A comparative study of antinuclear antibody measurement using different cells as nuclear substrates

Istvan B., 1989:
A comparative study of arthroscopy and arthrotomy economic aspects

DiMattio, J., 1989:
A comparative study of ascorbic acid entry into aqueous and vitreous humors of the rat and guinea pig

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A comparative study of atenolol, nifedipine and their combination in the treatment of hypertension

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A comparative study of atp content in the pupae and butterflies of the cabbage moth barathra brassicae l. and large white butterfly pieris brassicae l. in various photothermal regimens

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A comparative study of attachment of human, bovine and mouse blastocysts to uterine epithelial monolayer

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A comparative study of auditory centres of the cochlear mesencephalicus in eophona migratoria coccothraustes coccothraustes and coturnix coturnix

L.N.; Xiao L.; F.L.; Fan X., 1991:
A comparative study of bacteroides fragilis and escherichia coli related to the pathogenesis of calcium bilirubinate gallstones

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A comparative study of bark lectins from three elderberry (Sambucus) species

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A comparative study of biochemical changes induced by inhalation of aerosols of o chloroacetophenone and dibenz b f 1 4 oxazepine in rats

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A comparative study of black South African children from three different contexts

Nakamura K., 1989:
A comparative study of blood carcinoembryonic antigen cea levels in patients with colorectal cancer measured with radio immunoassay and enzyme immunoassay

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A comparative study of blood lactate tests in swimming

Barghout A.A.; Abdel Aziz A.S., 1986:
A comparative study of body weight and growth rate of turkish and barki lambs during the suckling period

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A comparative study of bonnecor pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Lobanov N.A.; Vlasova T.M.; Adamovich T.B., 1990:
A comparative study of bovine adrenodoxin and renoredoxin

Tomazic B.B.; Siew C.; Brown W.E., 1991:
A comparative study of bovine pericardium mineralization a basic and practical approach

Ivanov Z.; Konstantinov K.V., 1989:
A comparative study of breeding value evaluation of dairy sires by different mixed lineal models

Khorkavtsiv-Ya, D.; Ulychna, K.O., 1990:
A comparative study of bryum violaceum crund. et nyh and bryum klinggraeffii schimp. musci from the western ukrainian ssr ussr

Pelaz M.P.; Rougier C., 1990:
A comparative study of buccal volumes and the branchial skeleton of rana ridibunda and rana dalmatina tadpoles

Gourdon R.; Rus E.; Bhende S.; Sofer S.S., 1990:
A comparative study of cadmium uptake by free and immobilized cells from activated sludge

Masson C.; Faurie F., 1989:
A comparative study of caecal digestion in sheep and goats first observations on ph ammonia and volatile fatty acids

Tibbals, J.; Osborne, A.; Hockmann, M., 1988 :
A comparative study of cardiac output measurement by dye dilution and pulsed Doppler ultrasound

Sharma S.N.; Rao P.V.K.; Srinivasan V.V., 1988:
A comparative study of cca treatment of tree guard poles of eucalyptus hybrid by sap displacement and boucherie processes

Kunz, J.; Benz, J.; Schmid, J., 1989:
A comparative study of cefotaxime ctx vs. ceftriaxone cro in the prophylactic administration to hospitalized patients undergoing routine gynecological surgical procedures

Ker, C.G.; Hou, M.F.; Chen, J.S.; Lee, K.T.; Sheen, P.C.; Akbary, M.A., 1989:
A comparative study of cefotaxime sodium versus a combination of cefapirin and gentamicin in the prophylactic treatment of patients undergoing cholecystectomy

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A comparative study of cellulolytic activity of some fungi

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A comparative study of chiasmata in male and female bettongia penicillata marsupialia

Woolley P.A.; Raftopoulos S.A.; Coleman G.J.; Armstrong S.M., 1991:
A comparative study of circadian activity patterns of two new guinean dasyurid marsupials phascolosorex dorsalis and antechinus habbema

Mazzoleni S.; French D.D.; Miles J., 1991:
A comparative study of classification and ordination methods on successional data

Kolesnikov A.A.; Zaichek P., 1990:
A comparative study of cleavage of kinetoplast dna from fish trypanosomes using restriction endonucleases

Szabo, E.A.; Desmarchelier, P.M., 1990:
A comparative study of clinical and food isolates of Listeria monocytogenes and related species

Bessho T.; Koyasu Y.; Shibahara H.; Shigeta M.; Isojima S., 1990:
A comparative study of clomid hmg and hmg for follicular stimulation in ivf eg gift treatment

Mordon, S.; Roux, F.X.; Mondragon, S.; Fallet-Bianco, C.; Sahafi, F.; Brunetaud, J.M., 1990:
A comparative study of coagulation effects on the cortex of the rat using neodymium yag 1.32 micrometer neodymium yag 1.06 micrometer and carbon dioxide lasers

Jerez I.; Perez M.; Rivero J.L., 1988:
A comparative study of coast cross 67 bermuda grass cynodon dactylon and common guinea grass panicum maximum with or without supplementation on milk yield and composition

Labelle, M., 1990:
A comparative study of coho salmon populations of s.e. vancouver island british columbia canada juvenile out migration coded wire tagging and recovery escapement enumeration and stock composition at black creek trent river and french creek 1984 1988

Carey A.T.; Cronin D.A., 1990:
A comparative study of cold sweetening in two potato cultivars

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A comparative study of computed tomographic and plain radiographic methods to measure vertebral rotation in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis

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A comparative study of contaminant levels in long island sound usa

Lundeberg, T.; Abrahamsson, P.; Haker, E., 1988:
A comparative study of continuous ultrasound, placebo ultrasound and rest in epicondylalgia

Pollet E.; Metz D.; Jolly D.; Chapoutot L.; Gandon T.; Elaerts J.; Bajolet A., 1989 :
A comparative study of continuous wave vs pulsed doppler ultrasound in assessing aortic regurgitation

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A comparative study of contrast agents for endoscopic retrograde pancreatography

Lazar L.; Radulescu S., 1989:
A comparative study of coprological methods for the identification of cryptosporidium spp cysts

Hou Q.; Yin D., 1990:
A comparative study of coronary artery disease using fourier analysis in radionuclide ventriculography and coronary arteriography

Ortega C.P.; Cruz A., 1991:
A comparative study of cowbird parasitism in yellow headed blackbirds and red winged blackbirds

Muretic Z.; Apeldorn E.; Lapter V.; Sergl H.G., 1990:
A comparative study of cranio facial morphology of two ethnic groups

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A comparative study of creatinine clearance rate in type I (IDDM) and II (NIDDM) diabetic patients

Bonduelle, M.; Walker, J.J.; Calder, A.A., 1991:
A comparative study of danazol and norethisterone in dysfunctional uterine bleeding presenting as menorrhagia

Kurita, H.; Kita, M.; Miyake, Y., 1992:
A comparative study of development and symptoms among disintegrative psychosis and infantile autism with and without speech loss

Redka A.A.; Kabre S.S.; Mittra I., 1991:
A comparative study of dextran coated charcoal dcc and enzyme immunoassay eia methods for estrogen receptor er estimation in breast cancer

Thomas, M.; Eriksson, S.V.; Lundeberg, T., 1991:
A comparative study of diazepam and acupuncture in patients with osteoarthritis pain: a placebo controlled study

Nagarajan, L.; Majumdar, S.; Natarajan, U.; Ganguly, N.K.; Walia, B.N., 1989:
A comparative study of different methods of training of rural subjects for reconstitution of oral rehydration solutions

Anon, 1989:
A comparative study of different protocols of using propranolol in angina pectoris a cooperative study

Jamjoom, A.M.; Jamal, Y.S., 1991:
A comparative study of different treatments of hemorrhoids

Szaboki F.; Wessely M.; Marcz I.; Vajda G., 1990:
A comparative study of digitized m mode and doppler echocardiography in the assessment of the left ventricular function

Sasaki A.; Sugimoto S.; Takagi N.; Inoue N.; Harada H.; Yokoyama H.; Okamoto F.; Kazui T.; Abe T.; Komatsu S., 1988:
A comparative study of diltiazem blood cardioplegia in forty nine patients undergoing aortic valve replacement with left ventricular hypertrophy

Yamaguchi K.; Yamaguchi K.; Gaur V.P.; Tytell M.; Turner J.E., 1992:
A comparative study of distribution of the 70 kd stress protein in the retina in the normal and retinal dystrophic rat

Costas E.; Lopez Rodas V., 1991:
A comparative study of dna content in six dinoflagellate species

Sharibzhanova T.O.; Akhverdyan V.Z.; Krylov V.N., 1992:
A comparative study of dna homology and morphology of pseudomonas aeruginosa bacteriophages used to reveal phylogenetic relationships and for a rapid classification

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A comparative study of dna isolated from bovine sperm and somatic cells

Hortobagyi, G.N.; Yap, H.Y.; Kau, S.W.; Fraschini, G.; Ewer, M.S.; Chawla, S.P.; Benjamin, R.S., 1989:
A comparative study of doxorubicin and epirubicin in patients with metastatic breast cancer

Awai, S.; Kimoto, S.; Satoh, N.; Hamasaki, K.; Hiraki, Y., 1992:
A comparative study of dynamic CT and ultrasonic pulsed Doppler method for estimation of the portal blood flow

W.X.; Wang H.; Zang Z.; E.A., 1988:
A comparative study of ecg using minnesota code in nine populations in different areas of china

Van Der Leer T.; Wijnsma R.; Van Der Heijden R.; Verpoorte R.; Svendsen A.B., 1991:
A comparative study of effects of l tryptophan and tryptamine on a non alkaloid producing cell suspension culture of cinchona ledgeriana

Samartin A., 1989:
A comparative study of effects of nutrient media and cultural conditions on shoot multiplication of in vitro cultures of camellia japonica explants

Ascaso, F.J.; Castillo, J.M.; Cristóbal, J.A.; Mínguez, E.; Palomar, A., 1991:
A comparative study of eight intraocular lens calculation formulas

Mcalliestr C.T.; Upton S.J.; Conn D.B., 1989:
A comparative study of endoparasites in three species of sympatric bufo anura bufonidae from texas usa

Zahner, V.; Momen, H.; Salles, C.A.; Rabinovitch, L., 1989:
A comparative study of enzyme variation in Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis

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A comparative study of erycette vs cleocin t

X.C.; Wang H.; Shen L.; W.J., 1992:
A comparative study of esterase isoenzymes in selected ants hymenoptera formicidae

Huang Y.; Zheng Z M., 1990:
A comparative study of esterases in some pamphagidae and its application in taxonomy

Appanna V.D., 1988:
A comparative study of exopolysaccharide synthesis in rhizobium meliloti jj 1 exposed to aluminum and iron

Mehta M., 1990:
A comparative study of family based and patient based behavioral management in obsessive compulsive disorder

Stelling, H.P.; Maimon, H.N.; Smith, R.A.; Haddy, R.I.; Markert, R.J., 1990:
A comparative study of fecal occult blood tests for early detection of gastrointestinal pathology

Dulphy, J.P.; Carle, B.; Demarquilly, C., 1990:
A comparative study of feed intake and feeding activities in sheep cattle and goats receiving stored forages with or without feed concentrate supplementation i. a descriptive study

Ushiro T.; Tanabe S.; Funakoshi T., 1989:
A comparative study of fertilizers used on masa soil

Bradford V.S.; Parish E.J.; Grizzle J.M., 1989:
A comparative study of fish liver sterol content in ictalurus punctatus rhomboplites aurorubens and balistes capriscus

Oliveira Filho A.T.; Martins F.R., 1991:
A comparative study of five cerrado areas in southern mato grosso brazil

Whitford, G.M.; Biles, E.D.; Birdsong-Whitford, N.L., 1991:
A comparative study of fluoride pharmacokinetics in five species

Lipp P.; Goerge B.; Gimbel R., 1990:
A comparative study of fouling index and fouling potential of waters to be treated by reverse osmosis

Gatti, G.; Barzaghi, N.; Acuto, G.; Abbiati, G.; Fossati, T.; Perucca, E., 1992:
A comparative study of free plasma choline levels following intramuscular administration of L-alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine and citicoline in normal volunteers

Moncalvo J.M.; Clemencon H., 1992:
A comparative study of fruit body morphology and culture characters in the lyophyllum decastes complex agaricales basidiomycetes from japan and europe

Okhuysen, P.C.; DuPont, H.L.; Flores Lopez, J.F.; Perez Castell, J.; Mathewson, J.J., 1989:
A comparative study of furazolidone and placebo in addition to oral rehydration in the treatment of acute infantile diarrhea

Lin, J.T.; Shun, C.T.; Huang, T.S.; Wang, J.T.; Wong, J.M.; Wang, C.Y.; Wang, T.H., 1991:
A comparative study of gastric histopathology after partial gastrectomy between the gastroenterostomy area and gastric body

Arthur J.D.; Echeverria P.; Shanks G.D.; Karwacki J.; Bodhidatta L.; Brown J.E., 1990:
A comparative study of gastrointestinal infections in usa soldiers receiving doxycycline or mefloquine for malaria prophylaxis

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