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A comparative study on the effect of crossbreeding in creation of hybrid dairy ewes i. live weight and quantity of greasy fleece

Tsvetanov, V.

Zhivotnov"dni Nauki 25(4): 22-28


Accession: 006936401

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A comparative analysis was conducted of the level of the studied traits of the breeds Pleven Blackface, East Friesian dairy type, and Awassi as well as the ten hybrid genotypes of different generations, obtained on crossbreeding. The applied mixed linear model of analysis of data eliminated the influence of environmental factors and also the individual additive effect of rams pepinierists. LS values of the effec of genotype were obtained applying BLUE. Live weight and quantitiy of greasy fleece of the Pleven Blackface breed were close to the established values of the Awassi breed, and the East Friesian Breed surpassed significantly the studied traits of the other two breeds. The productive level of those traits of all 10 hybrid genotypes was near to that of the breeds Pleven Blackface and Awassi and differed significantly from the third starting breed.sbd.East Friesian dairy type, Significant differences between Ls-values of crossbreds of different generations of all studied traits were not observed.

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