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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6938

Chapter 6938 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hodgson, A. S.; Constable, G. A.; Duddy, G. R.; Daniells, I. G., 1990: A comparison of drip and furrow irrigated cotton on a cracking clay soil 2. water use efficiency waterlogging root distribution and soil structure

Constable, G. A.; Hodgson, A. S., 1990: A comparison of drip and furrow irrigated cotton on a cracking clay soil 3. yield and quality of four cultivars

Ogunbameru B.O.; Kornegay E.T.; Wood C.M., 1991: A comparison of drip and non drip nipple waterers used by weanling pigs

Matson J.L.; Keyes J.B., 1990: A comparison of dro to movement suppression time out and dro with two self injurious and aggressive mentally retarded adults

Feely J.; Grimm T., 1991: A comparison of drug protein binding and alpha 1 acid glycoprotein concentration in chinese and caucasians

Teige B.; Kaa E.; Bugge A., 1988: A comparison of drug related deaths in oslo norway and aarhus denmark

Fenton W.S.; Mcglashan T.H.; Heinssen R.K., 1988: A comparison of dsm iii and dsm iii r schizophrenia

Mavissakalian M.; Hamann M.S.; Jones B., 1990: A comparison of dsm iii personality disorders in panic agoraphobia and obsessive compulsive disorder

Barnes G.T.; Sabbagh E.A.; Chakraborty D.P.; Nath P.H.; Luna R.F.; Sanders C.; Fraser R.G., 1989: A comparison of dual energy digital radiography and screen film imaging in the detection of subtle interstitial pulmonary disease

Griffin M.G.; Rupich R.C.; Avioli L.V.; Pacifici R., 1991: A comparison of dual energy radiography measurements at the lumbar spine and proximal femur for the diagnosis of osteoporosis

Phillips A.J.L., 1992: A comparison of dust and acetone infusion applications of tolclofos methyl to bean seeds for the control of rhizoctonia solani

Wagner M.V.; Chin V.P.; Peters C.J.; Drexler B.; Newman L.A., 1989: A comparison of early and delayed induction of labor with spontaneous rupture of membranes at term

Burvill P.W.; Hall W.D.; Stampfer H.G.; Emmerson J.P., 1989: A comparison of early onset and late onset depressives illness in the elderly

Saito H.; Kawase H.; Takeoka M., 1988: A comparison of east and west facing slopes for pollen female flower and seed production of aged japanese white oak stands

Rosen E.F.; Anthony D.L.; Booker K.M.; Brown T.L.; Christian E.; Crews R.C.; Hollins V.J.; Privette J.T.; Reed R.R.; Petty L.C., 1991: A comparison of eating disorder scores among african american and white college females

Long C.W.; Shah N.K.; Loughlin C.; Spydell J.; Bedford R.F., 1989: A comparison of eeg determinants of near awakening from isoflurane and fentanyl anesthesia spectral edge median power frequency and delta ratio

Sogard S.M.; Able K.W., 1991: A comparison of eelgrass sea lettuce macroalgae and marsh creeks as habitats for epibenthic fishes and decapods

Liu D Y.; Wang Y S.; Ling B D., 1989: A comparison of effects of rifampin and rifandin on mouse hepatic mixed function oxidase system

Furuta K.; Imanishi Y., 1991: A comparison of efficacy of disinfectant solutions for bacteria in broth culture and on plates contaminated

Falbo M.B.; Weaks T.E., 1990: A comparison of eichhornia crassipes pontederiaceae and sphagnum quinquefarium sphagnaceae in treatment of acid mine water

Mouri T., 1990: A comparison of eight macaque species according to four kinds of cranial nerve perforations

Funkhouser A.; Fankhauser F.; Hirsbrunner H., 1989: A comparison of eight test location configurations for estimating g1 mean defect values

Dolidze S.A.; Dzantiev B.B.; Zherdev A.V., 1988: A comparison of electrochemical and spectrophotometric detection methods in the enzyme immunoassay of bacillary and fungal alpha amylase and bacillary alkaline protease

Yellin M.W.; Chase K.K., 1991: A comparison of electrocochleography recording techniques

Dinan T.G.; Barry S., 1989: A comparison of electroconvulsive therapy with a combined lithium and tricyclic combination among depressed tricyclic nonresponders

Steinbeck G.; Andresen D.; Bach P.; Haberl R.; Oeff M.; Hoffmann E.; Von Leitner E R., 1992: A comparison of electrophysiologically guided antiarrhythmic drug therapy with beta blocker therapy in patients with symptomatic sustained ventricular tachyarrhythmias

Reynolds B.; Cape J.N.; Paterson I.S., 1989: A comparison of element fluxes in throughfall beneath larch and sitka spruce at two contrasting sites in the uk

White J.C.; Hansen S.R.; Johnson R.K., 1988: A comparison of emg procedures in the carpal tunnel syndrome with clinical emg correlations

Julius M.; Kneisley J.D.; Carpentier Alting P.; Hawthorne V.M.; Wolfe R.A.; Port F.K., 1989: A comparison of employment rates of patients treated with continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis vs in center hemodialysis michigan end state renal disease study

Emerman C.L.; Shade B.; Kubincanek J., 1991: A comparison of emt judgment and prehospital trauma triage instruments

Fouraker B.D.; Holme R.J.; Schanzlin D.J., 1990: A comparison of en face and tangential wide area excimer surface ablation in the rabbit

Cohn J.N.; Johnson G.; Ziesche S.; Cobb F.; Francis G.; Tristani F.; Smith R.; Dunkman B.W.; Loeb H.; Et Al, 1991: A comparison of enalapril with hydralazine isosorbide dinitrate in the treatment of chronic congestive heart failure

Matthews N.S.; Hartsfield S.M.; Cornick J.L.; Jacobson J.D.; Williams J.D., 1992: A comparison of end tidal halothane concentrations measured at proximal and distal ends of the endotracheal tube in the horse

Furuta K., 1989: A comparison of endemic and epidemic populations of the spruce beetle ips typographus japonicus niijima in hokkaido japan

Motojima K.; Kohara N.; Maeda J.; Yamaguchi M.; Kanematsu T., 1992: A comparison of endocrine and exocrine function after pancreatic fragment autotransplantation into splenic pulp portal vein and hepatic parenchyma

Kratz J.M.; Reed C.E.; Crawford F.A.; Stroud M.R.; Parker E.F., 1989: A comparison of endoesophageal tubes improved results with the atkinson tube

Morris J.F.; Poston L.; Wolfe C.D.; Hilton P.J., 1988: A comparison of endogenous digoxin like immunoreactivity and sodium transport inhibitory activity in umbilical arterial and venous serum

Christie M.I.; Lewis M.J., 1991: A comparison of endothelium derived relaxing factor activity in the coronary and renal arteries of the pig

Bor A.; Jones R.S.; Richards D.L.S., 1991: A comparison of endotracheal and intravenous routes for atropine administration in anesthetized dogs

Hagerman F.C.; Lawrence R.A.; Mansfield M.C., 1988: A comparison of energy expenditure during rowing and cycling ergometry

Chapman K.R.; Boucher S.; Hyland R.H.; Day A.; Kreisman H.; Rivington R.; Hodder R.V.; York E.L.; Abboud R.T.; Et Al, 1990: A comparison of enprofylline and theophylline in the maintenance therapy of chronic reversible obstructive airway disease

Vyas H.; Matthew D.J.; Milla P.J., 1990: A comparison of enteric coated microspheres with enteric coated tablet pancreatic enzyme preparations in cystic fibrosis a controlled study

Archer R.M.; Parsons J.C.; Lindsay W.A.; Wilson J.W.; Smith D.F., 1988: A comparison of enterotomies through the antimesenteric band and the sacculation of the small descending colon of ponies

Veinberga I.G.; Freimanis Ya F.; Kazhoka Kh A., 1991: A comparison of enzymatic hydrolysis and synthesis of optically active 4r 2 methoxycarbonylmethyl 4 alkyloxy 2 cyclopentene 1 one using the penicillium solitum lipase

Blake P.; Berry S.C.; Readman A.; Ratcliffe M.; Godley M., 1991: A comparison of epanolol and nifedipine in stable angina patients results of a multicentre trial

Daley M.D.; Sandler A.N.; Turner K.E.; Vosu H.; Slavchenko P., 1990: A comparison of epidural and intramuscular morphine in patients following cesarean section

Van Essen E.J.; Bovill J.G.; Ploeger E.J.; Schout B.C., 1990: A comparison of epidural clonidine and morphine for post operative analgesia

Madsen K.E.; Stowe D.F.; Mcdonald D.J.; Ebert T.J.; Kampine J.P., 1990: A comparison of epidural narcotics with and without a test dose to epidural lidocaine for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Tsai C H.A.; Glaser R., 1991: A comparison of epstein barr virus specific proteins expressed by three epstein barr virus isolates using specific monoclonal antibodies

Antoku Y.; Ohtsuka Y.; Nagara H.; Sakai T.; Tsukamoto K.; Iwashita H.; Goto I., 1989: A comparison of erythrocytes lymphocytes and blood plasma as samples in fatty acid analysis for the diagnosis of adrenoleukodystrophy

Morse D.R.; Furst M.L.; Lefkowitz R.D.; D'angelo D.; Esposito J.V., 1990: A comparison of erythromycin and cefadroxil in the prevention of flare ups from asymptomatic teeth with pulpal necrosis and associated periapical pathosis

Elkind A.H., 1989: A comparison of esgic and a butalbital caffeine aspirin combination in the treatment of tension headache

Singh P.P.; Dimich I.; Sampson I.; Sonnenklar N., 1992: A comparison of esmolol and labetalol for the treatment of perioperative hypertension in geriatric ambulatory surgical patients

Segal M.R.; Bloch D.A., 1989: A comparison of estimated proportional hazards models and regression trees

Ong S.L., 1990: A comparison of estimates of kinetic constants for a suspended growth treatment system from various linear transformations

Taylor W.D.; Johannsson O.E., 1991: A comparison of estimates of productivity and consumption by zooplankton for planktonic ciliates in lake ontario

Heller G.; Simonoff J.S., 1990: A comparison of estimators for regression with a censored response variable

Sarasua M.M.; Faught K.R.; Steedman S.L.; Gordin M.D.; Washington M.K., 1989: A comparison of ethanol partitioning in biological and model membranes nonideal partitioning is enhanced in synaptosomal membranes

Caldwell C.D.; Mellish D.R.; Norrie J., 1988: A comparison of ethephon alone and in combination with ccc or dpc applied to spring barley

Sfez M.; Le Mapihan Y.; Levron J.C.; Gaillard J.L.; Rosemblatt J.M.; Le Moing J.P., 1990: A comparison of etomidate pharmacokinetics in children and adults

Hirji K.F., 1991: A comparison of exact mid p and score test for matched control studies

Moriuchi M.; Tobis J.M.; Mcrae M.; Mallery J.A.; Macleay L.; Moussabeck O.; Berns M.; Henry W.L., 1991: A comparison of excimer laser thermal probe and mechanical devices for recanalizing occluded human arteries

Winn P.; Stone T.W.; Latimer M.; Hastings M.H.; Clark A.J.M., 1991: A comparison of excitotoxic lesions of the basal forebrain by kainate quinolinate ibotenate n methyl d aspartate or quisqualate and the effects on toxicity of 2 amino 5 phosphonovaleric acid and kynurenic acid in the rat

White M.R.; Chapman W.L.Jr; Hanson W.L., 1989: A comparison of experimental visceral leishmaniasis in the opossum armadillo and ferret

Teschke K.; Hertzman C.; Dimich Ward H.; Ostry A.; Blair J.; Hershler R., 1989: A comparison of exposure estimates by worker raters and industrial hygienists

Ward K.A.; Todd D.; Thornton C.; Walsh M.; Burrows D., 1991: A comparison of expression of surface bound immunoglobulin e on antigen presenting cells in cutaneous tissue between patients with allergic irritant and atopic dermatitis

Gupta I.; Mahajan U., 1990: A comparison of extra amniotic physiological saline and ethacridine dye instillation for induction of mid trimester abortion

Matthews R.T.; Lee W.L., 1991: A comparison of extracellular and intracellular recordings from medial septum diagonal band neurons in vitro

Dickins J.R.E.; Graham S.S., 1991: A comparison of facial nerve monitoring systems in cerebellopontine angle surgery

Skatsche, R.; Kien, R., 1989: A comparison of factorial dimensions of assertion obtained from anglo american and german samples with special reference to eysenck's personality variables

Xu D B.; Kubicek C.P.; Rohr M., 1989: A comparison of factors influencing citric acid production by aspergillus niger grown in submerged cultured and on filter paper

Penick E.C.; Nickel E.J.; Powell B.J.; Bingham S.F.; Liskow B.I., 1990: A comparison of familial and nonfamilial male alcoholic patients without a coexisting psychiatric disorder

Dura J.R.; Beck S.J., 1988: A comparison of family functioning when mothers have chronic pain

Odman M.T.; Kumar N.; Russell A.G., 1992: A comparison of fast chemical kinetic solvers for air quality modeling

Sarwar G.; Botting H.G.; Collins M., 1991: A comparison of fasting serum amino acid profiles of young and elderly subjects

Aulakh C.S.; Hill J.L.; Murphy D.L., 1988: A comparison of feeding and locomotion responses to serotonin agonists in three rat strains

Wanless S.; Harris M.P.; Morris J.A., 1990: A comparison of feeding areas used by individual common murres uria aalge razorbills alca torda and an atlantic puffin fratercula arctica during the breeding season

Van Resnburg G.D.J.; Giliomee J.H., 1990: A comparison of females and males of cicadulina anestae and cicadulina mbila homoptera cicadellidae as vectors of maize streak virus

Carroll E.J.Jr; Cohen J.S., 1990: A comparison of fertilization envelope development in three species of strongylocentrotus strongylocentrotus franciscanus strongylocentrotus droebachiensis and strongylocentrotus purpuratus

Chambers S.E.; Hoskins P.R.; Haddad N.G.; Johnstone F.D.; Mcdicken W.N.; Muir B.B., 1989: A comparison of fetal abdominal circumference measurements and doppler ultrasound in the prediction of small for dates babies and fetal compromise

Peek M.J.; Markham R.; Fraser I.S., 1989: A comparison of fetal and newborn bovine serum components

Chan W.B.; Yeo G.S.H., 1991: A comparison of fetal biparietal diameter measurements between local chinese and caucasian populations

Robinson A.; Tufft N.; Lewis D.M., 1991: A comparison of fibrillation in denervated skeletal muscle of the anesthetized rat and guinea pig

Loeber C.P.; Runyan R.B., 1990: A comparison of fibronectin laminin and galactosyltransferase adhesion mechanisms during embryonic cardiac mesenchymal cell migration in vitro

Patrick C.J.; Iacono W.G., 1991: A comparison of field and laboratory polygraphs in the detection of deception

Freijer J.I.; Bouten W., 1991: A comparison of field methods for measuring soil carbon dioxide evolution experiments and simulation

Davies G.C.; Letchworth A.T.; Diamond I., 1990: A comparison of filshie and hulka clemens clips used in sterilization operations

Narayan P.; Jajodia P.; Stein R.; Tanagho E.A., 1988: A comparison of fine needle aspiration and core biopsy in diagnosis and preoperative grading of prostate cancer

Plant G., 1989: A comparison of five commercially available tactile aids

Fagan P.J.; Wise T.N.; Schmidt C.W.Jr; Ponticas Y.; Marshall R.D., 1991: A comparison of five factor personality dimensions in males with sexual dysfunction and males with paraphilia

Funkhouser A.; Flammer J.; Fankhauser F.; Hirsbrunner H P., 1992: A comparison of five methods for estimating general glaucomatous visual field depression

Fam A.G.; Schumacher H.R.Jr; Clayburne G.; Sieck M.; Mandel N.S.; Cheng P T.; Pritzker K.P.H., 1992: A comparison of five preparations of synthetic monosodium urate monohydrate crystals

Slater M.R.; Scarlett J.M.; Erb H.N., 1991: A comparison of five strategies for selecting control groups a canine osteochondritis dissecans example

Bergdahl, M. E. M.; Bergdahl, L. A. L., 1989: A comparison of flat sheet and hollow fiber membrane oxygenators the shiley m 2000 vs. the bentley bos cm 40

May J.D.; Branton S.L.; Ainsworth A.J., 1990: A comparison of flow cytometry and other techniques used for diagnosed mycoplasma infections

Gaucherand P.; Bassinet P.; Rudigoz R.C., 1988: A comparison of flow rate results obtained by pulsed doppler and continuous doppler observation of the umbilical artery

Kutzer E.; Oittner R.; Leodolter S.; Brammer K.W., 1988: A comparison of fluconazole and ketoconazole in the oral treatment of vaginal candidiasis report of a double blind multicenter trial

Russell D.A.; Nadeau P.; Pottier R.; Kennedy J.C.; Jori G.; Reddi E., 1991: A comparison of fluorescence excitation sources for in vivo pharmacokinetic measurements of the photodynamic therapy model photosensitizer hematoporphyrin ix

Biolo R.; Jori G.; Kennedy J.C.; Nadeau P.; Pottier R.; Reddi E.; Weagle G., 1991: A comparison of fluorescence methods used in the pharmacokinetic studies of zinc ii phthalocyanine in mice

Yuan S.; Heath I.B., 1991: A comparison of fluorescent membrane probes in hyphal tips of saprolegnia ferax

Milsom I.; Andersson K.; Andersch B.; Rybo G. , 1991: A comparison of flurbiprofen tranexamic acid and a levonorgestrel releasing intrauterine contraceptive device in the treatment of idiopathic menorrhagia

Stone C.H.; Allred D.C.; Oliver B.L.; Cohen S.; Thrall R.S., 1991: A comparison of foreign body and hypersensitivity granuloma formation in the mouse kinetic development anergy angiotensin converting enzyme levels and responses to captopril therapy

Jamnick M.S., 1990: A comparison of forman and linear programming approaches to timber harvest scheduling

Bhounsule S.A.; Nevreker P.R.; Agshikar N.V.; Pal M.N.; Dhume V.G., 1990: A comparison of four analgesics in post episiotomy pain

Maciewicz R.A.; Etherington D.J., 1988: A comparison of four cathepsins b l n and s with collagenolytic activity from rabbit spleen

Hill D.P.; Meyers A.D.; Scherer R.C., 1990: A comparison of four clinical techniques in the analysis of phonation

Russell G.G.; Raso V.J.; Hill D.; Mcivor J., 1990: A comparison of four computerized methods for measuring vertebral rotation

Ludlam H.; Dickens A.; Simpson A.; Phillips I., 1990: A comparison of four culture methods for diagnosing infection in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Szarewski A.; Cuzick J.; Nayagam M.; Thin R.N., 1990: A comparison of four cytological sampling techniques in a genitourinary medicine clinic

Turner J.R.; Tainton N.M., 1990: A comparison of four different standards of reference for the animal unit for determining stocking rate

Berry N.J.; Salker R.; Contreras M.; Barbara J.A.J.; Tedder R.S., 1991: A comparison of four enzyme immunoassays for the simultaneous detection of hiv 1 specific and hiv 2 specific antibody

Wille J.C.; Blusse Van Oud Alblas A., 1989: A comparison of four film type dressings by their anti microbial effect on the flora of the skin

Janda I.; Janesch H.; Braun J.; Wood W.G., 1990: A comparison of four immunometric assays for myeloperoxidase using luminescent and colorimetric signal detection

Thirkell D.; Myles A.D.; Taylor Robinson D., 1990: A comparison of four major antigens in five human and several animal strains of ureaplasmas

Lewis S.J.; Harder D.W., 1991: A comparison of four measures to diagnose dsm iii r borderline personality disorder in outpatients

Zencius A.; Wesolowski M.D.; Burke W.H., 1990: A comparison of four memory strategies with traumatically brain injured clients

Khattar S.; Pandey R., 1990: A comparison of four methods for detecting rotavirus in feces of bovine calves

Landis S.S.; Benson N.H.; Whitley T.W., 1989: A comparison of four methods of testing emergency medical technician triage skills

Evans, A. E.; D'angio, G. J.; Sather, H. N.; De-Lorimier, A. A.; Dalton, A.; Ungerleider, R. S.; Finklestein, J. Z.; Hammond, G. D., 1990: A comparison of four staging systems for localized and regional neuroblastoma a report from the children's cancer study group

Kemenes G.; Elekes K.; Hiripi L.; Benjamin P.R., 1989: A comparison of four techniques for mapping the distribution of serotonin and serotonin containing neurons in fixed and living ganglia of the snail lymnaea

Deeley C.M.; Spragg R.A.; Threlfall T.L., 1991: A comparison of fourier transform infrared and near infrared fourier transform raman spectroscopy for quantitative measurements an application in polymorphism

Nakagawa T.; Matsumura K.; Shinoda N.; Matsuda A.; Toyota S.; Tashiro T.; Tashiro T., 1989: A comparison of free t 4 measurements by equilibrium dialysis and radioimmunoassays

Rummelhart J.M.; Mellonig J.T.; Gray J.L.; Towle H.J., 1990: A comparison of freeze dried bone allograft and demineralized freeze dried bone allograft in human periodontal osseous defects

Saizawa M., 1989: A comparison of frequencies between mouse t cells and b cells which are mutually interactive and specific to each other

Cockram C.S.; Pui P.C.; Keung C.C.; Moon Y.S.; Swaminathan R., 1990: A comparison of fructosamine and glycosylated hemoglobin measurements at a diabetic clinic

O'donnell, S., 1989: A comparison of fruit removal by bats and birds from piper hispidum sw. piperaceae a tropical second growth shrub

Eyjolfsdottir G.; Olafsson S.; Brewer D., 1988: A comparison of fungal floras of highland and lowland pasture in iceland

Prado Camacho J.L., 1989: A comparison of furazolidone and ampicillin in the treatment of invasive diarrhea

Stroo W.E., 1988: A comparison of furazolidone and doxorubicin enhanced free radical chemistry

Germany A.; Contreras E.; Villar M., 1989: A comparison of gabaergic influences on the analgesic responses to morphine and pentazocine

Spreafico R.; De Biasi S.; Frassoni C.; Battaglia G., 1988: A comparison of gad and gaba immunoreactive neurons in the first somatosensory area si of the rat cortex

Kinchington D.; Galpin S.; Jaroszewski J.W.; Ghosh K.; Subasinghe C.; Cohen J.S., 1992: A comparison of gag pol and rev antisense oligodeoxynucleotides as inhibitors of hiv 1

Karimjee, S.; Brada, M.; Husband, J.; Mccready, V. R., 1992: A comparison of gallium 67 single photon emission computed tomography and computed tomography in mediastinal hodgkin's disease

Mushambi M.C.; Trotter T.N.; Barker P.; Rowbotham D.J., 1992: A comparison of gastric emptying rate after cimetidine and ranitidine measured by applied potential tomography

Bailey C.E.; Lucas C.E.; Ledgerwood A.M.; Jacobs J.R., 1992: A comparison of gastrostomy techniques in patients with advanced head and neck cancer

Helm C.W.; Davies N.; Beard R.J., 1988: A comparison of gemeprost cervagem pessaries and lamicel tents for cervical preparation for abortion by dilatation and suction

Behnia R.; Hashemi F.; Stryker S.J.; Ujiki G.T.; Poticha S.M., 1992: A comparison of general versus local anesthesia during inguinal herniorrhaphy

Thomas D.R.; Lusky M.; Morrison S., 1992: A comparison of generalization functions and frame of reference effects in different training paradigms

Schnake Greene J.E.; Robbins L.W.; Tolliver D.K., 1990: A comparison of genetic differentiation among populations of two species of mice peromyscus

Page R.C.; Chang R., 1989: A comparison of gestalt therapy and zen buddhist concepts of awareness

Alexander G.R.; Petersen D.J.; Powell Griner E.; Tompkins M.E., 1989: A comparison of gestational age reporting methods based on physician estimate and date of last normal menses from fetal death reports

Toft P.; Bruun Mogensen C.; Kristensen J.; Hole P., 1990: A comparison of glucose free 2 percent lidocaine and hyperbaric 5 percent lidocaine for spinal anesthesia

Braven J.; Ansari N.; Figgitt D.P.; Fisher A.; Luders C.; Hickling P.; Whittaker M., 1989: A comparison of glutathione reductase and glutathione peroxidase activities in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and healthy adults

Lloyd A.W.; Baker J.A.; Smith G.; Olliff C.J.; Rutt K.J., 1992: A comparison of glycine sarcosine n n dimethylglycine glycinebetaine and n modified betaines as liposome cryoprotectants

Harley C.A.; Bielajew C.H., 1992: A comparison of glycogen phosphorylase alpha and cytochrome oxidase histochemical staining in rat brain

Birkin J.A.; Lowe J.S.; Fry J.R.; Millard L.G., 1991: A comparison of glycoprotein biosynthesis in benign and malignant squamous epithelioma and normal epidermis

Bergin T.M., 1991: A comparison of goodness of fit tests for analysis of nest orientation in western kingbirds tyrannus verticalis

Van Heerden J.M.; Tainton N.M.; Botha P.R., 1989: A comparison of grass and grass legume pastures under irrigation in the outenique area of the southern cape south africa

Mace R., 1989: A comparison of great tits parus major use of time in different daylengths at three european sites

Beck L.R.; Hutchinson C.F.; Zauderer J., 1990: A comparison of greenness measures in two semi arid grasslands

Read V.T.; Malafant K.W.J.; Myers K., 1988: A comparison of grid and index line trapping methods for small mammal surveys

Longino J.T.; Nadkarni N.M., 1990: A comparison of ground and canopy leaf litter ants hymenoptera formicidae in a neotropical montane forest

Chiba M., 1990: A comparison of growth and development of the dental arch alveolar process and palate in the lateral segment determined with reference to dental age and chronological age particularly on the period of premolar eruption

Grobler J.P.; Du Preez H.H.; Van Der Bank F.H., 1992: A comparison of growth performance and genetic traits between four selected groups of african catfish clarias gariepinus burchell 1822

Britto A.I.; Doyle P.C., 1990: A comparison of habitual and derived optimal voice fundamental frequency values in normal young adult speakers

Hoffmann E.R., 1991: A comparison of hand and foot movement times

Inagaki M.N.; Al Ek W.; Tahir M., 1991: A comparison of haploid production frequencies in barley crossed with maize and hordeum bulbosum l

Uzunogullari U.; Wang J L., 1992: A comparison of hazard rate estimators for left truncated and right censored data

Allen M.J.; Ang V.T.Y.; Bennett D., 1989: A comparison of head down tilt with low dose infusion of atrial natriuretic peptide in man

Rautenbach, G. H.; Joubert, H. F., 1988: A comparison of health parameters in two different canine populations part ii. chemical pathology data

Raaphorst G.P.; Feeley M.M.; Da Silva V.F.; Danjoux C.E.; Gerig L.H., 1989: A comparison of heat and radiation sensitivity of three human glioma cell lines

Newman M.; Munsch C.; Mcmillan J.; Slavotinek J.; Rosenfeldt F.L., 1989: A comparison of heat exchangers for blood cardioplegia

Yoshida T.; Ohtoh K.; Cho F.; Goto N., 1990: A comparison of hematological and serum biochemical values between two groups of female cynomolgus monkeys reared under different conditions

Molineux G.; Pojda Z.; Dexter T.M., 1990: A comparison of hematopoiesis in normal and splenectomized mice treated with granulocyte colony stimulating factor

Van Der Walt J.J.; Van Rooyen J.M.; Lotter A.P., 1990: A comparison of hemodynamic and vasoconstrictory responses in sheep with a toxic fraction from pachystigma pygmaeum and with the plant material

Ikeda K.; Ikeda T.; Herregods L.; Mortier E.; Rolly G., 1989: A comparison of hemodynamic changes with sufentanil oxygen and fentanyl oxygen anesthesia for coronary bypass grafting

Gillespie J.S.; Sheng H., 1989: A comparison of hemoglobin and erythrocytes as inhibitors of smooth muscle relaxation by the nanc transmitter in the brp and rat anococcygeus and by edrf in the rabbit aortic strip

Cox G.W.; Runnels S.; Hsu H.S H.; Das S.K., 1992: A comparison of heparinised saline irrigation solutions in a model of microvascular thrombosis

Feldman R.L., 1990: A comparison of heparinized low osmolality ionic and nonionic contrast media in 500 patients undergoing cardiac angiography

Middleton R.J.; Walker D.G., 1992: A comparison of hepatic glucokinase gene expression in high and low activity strains of mice

Klienow K.M.; Haasch M.L.; Williams D.E.; Lech J.J., 1990: A comparison of hepatic p 450 induction in rat and trout oncorhynchus mykiss delineation of the site of resistance of fish to phenobarbital type inducers

Bochniarz, M.; Bochiniarz, J.; Gromadzinski, A.; Feldgebel, G.; Kawalec, A.; Kowalfewska, B.; Kuna, G., 1987: A comparison of heracleum sosnowskyi manden with commonly grown fodder crops i. yields of green matter

Bochniarz, M.; Bochniarz, J.; Gromadzinski, A., 1987: A comparison of heracleum sosnowskyi manden with commonly grown fodder crops ii. chemical composition and nutritive value of plants and uptake of mineral elements

Grant D.; Zhong R.; Hurlbut D.; Garcia B.; Chen H.; Lamont D.; Wang P.; Stiller C.; Duff J., 1991: A comparison of heterotopic and orthotopic intestinal transplantation in rats

Oakford M.J.; Jones K.M.; Bound S.A.; Koen T.B.; Cowen I.R., 1991: A comparison of high and low volume spray techniques in the thinning of golden delicious apples

Abrami G.; Natiello F.; Bronzi P.; Mckenzie D.; Bolis L.; Agradi E., 1992: A comparison of highly unsaturated fatty acid levels in wild and farmed eels anguilla anguilla

Ross P.D.; Norimatsu H.; Davis J.W.; Yano K.; Wasnich R.D.; Fujiwara S.; Hosoda Y.; Melton L.J.IIi, 1991: A comparison of hip fracture incidence among native japanese japanese americans and american caucasians

Wolff H.; Mayer K.; Seage G.; Politch J.; Horsburgh C.R.; Anderson D., 1992: A comparison of hiv 1 antibody classes titers and specificities in paired semen and blood samples from hiv 1 seropositive men

Rhee K.J.; Albertson T.E.; Kizer K.W.; Burns M.J.; Ascher M.S., 1992: A comparison of hiv 1 hbv and htlv i ii seroprevalence rates of injured patients admitted through california emergency departments

Tucker B.; Schaeffer L.D.; Berson R.; Mungo R.; Miller R.; Gomperts E.; Warfield D., 1988: A comparison of hiv antibody and hiv viral findings in blood and saliva of hiv antibody positive juvenile hemophiliacs

Teo, P. M. L.; Leung, S. F.; Yu, P.; Tsao, S. Y.; Foo, W.; Shiu, W., 1991: A comparison of ho's international union against cancer and american joint committee stage classifications for nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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