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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6939

Chapter 6939 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gibson, S.J.; Polak, J.M.; Katagiri, T.; Su, H.; Weller, R.O.; Brownell, D.B.; Holland, S.; Hughes, J.T.; Kikuyama, S.; Et-Al, 1988:
A comparison of the distributions of eight peptides in spinal cord from normal controls and cases of motor neuron disease with special reference to onuf's nucleus

Gaston, K.; Bell, A.; Busby, S.; Fried, M., 1992:
A comparison of the DNA bending activities of the DNA binding proteins CRP and TFIID

Sommer U., 1991:
A comparison of the droop and the monod models of nutrient limited growth applied to natural populations of phytoplankton

Smith, W.C.; Pearson, G.; Purchas, R.W., 1990:
A comparison of the duroc hampshire landrace and large white as terminal sire breeds of crossbred pigs slaughtered at 85 kg liveweight 1. performance and carcass characteristics

Purchas, R.W.; Smith, W.C.; Pearson, G., 1990:
A comparison of the duroc hampshire landrace and large white as terminal sire breeds of crossbred pigs slaughtered at 85 kg liveweight 2. meat quality

Barham W.T.; Schoonbee H.J., 1991:
A comparison of the effect of alternating current electronarcosis rectified current electronarcosis and chemical anesthesia on the blood physiology of the freshwater bream oreochromis mossambicus peters iii the effect on the plasma electrolytes calcium ion sodium ion and potassium ion and on the osmotic pressure of the blood

Y.P.H.; Boulton A.A., 1991:
A comparison of the effect of brofaromine phenelzine and tranylcypromine on the activities of some enzymes involved in the metabolism of different neurotransmitters

Burton D.; Everard B.A., 1991:
A comparison of the effect of captivity on the epidermis of prespawning and postspawned winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus

Sanderson P.J.; Weissler S., 1990:
A comparison of the effect of chlorhexidine antisepsis soap and antibiotics on bacteriuria perineal colonization and environmental contamination in spinally injured patients

Fudge, J.L.; Perry, P.J.; Garvey, M.J.; Kelly, M.W., 1990:
A comparison of the effect of fluoxetine and trazodone on the cognitive functioning of depressed outpatients

Erdemli O.; Ozgok A.; Esen H.; Ozcam M.G.; Ebil S., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of high dose fentanyl flunitrazepam and low dose fentanyl propofol infusion on eeg spectral edge frequency and hemodynamics

Karlsson J A.; Choudry N.B.; Zackrisson C.; Fuller R.W., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of inhaled diuretics on airway reflexes in human and guinea pigs

Braun, S.R.; McKenzie, W.N.; Copeland, C.; Knight, L.; Ellersieck, M., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of ipratropium and albuterol in the treatment of chronic obstructive airway disease

Frewin D.B.; Bartholomeusz R.C.A.; Gaffney R.D.; Clampett A.D.; Chatterton B.E., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of lisinopril and hydrochlorothiazide on electrolyte balance in essential hypertension

Hopes H.; Wandmacher J., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of lofepramine maprotiline and placebo on information processing in healthy volunteers

Spring J.; Clague J.; Ind P.W., 1992:
A comparison of the effect of salmeterol and salbutamol in normal subjects

Hurkman W.J.; Fornari C.S.; Tanaka C.K., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of salt on polypeptides and translatable messenger rna in roots of a salt tolerant and a salt sensitive cultivar of barley

Cowgill U.M.; Milazzo D.P.; Landenberger B.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of triclopyr triethylamine salt on two species of duckweed lemna examined for a 7 and 14 day test period

Michel O.; Sergysels R.; Duchateau J., 1989:
A comparison of the effect of two methods of histamine administration on the bronchomotor response in the asthmatic

Goh C.L., 1988:
A comparison of the effect of uv b and sodium lauryl sulfate on skin water vapor loss

Bryan G.W.; Gibbs P.E.; Burt G.R., 1988:
A comparison of the effectiveness of tri n butyltin chloride and five other organotin compounds in promoting the development of imposex in the dog whelk nucella lapillus

Al-Joburi, W.; Clark, C.; Fisher, R., 1991:
A comparison of the effectiveness of two systems for the prevention of radiation caries

Arnott T.; Murphy T.M., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of a fungal elicitor and uv radiation on ion transport and hydrogen peroxide synthesis by rose cells

File, S.E., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of a secondary task and lorazepam on cognitive performance

Allely M.C.; Alps B.J., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of a series of anti anginal agents in a novel canine model of transient myocardial ischemia

Barham, W.T.; Schoonbee, H.J., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of alternating current electronarcosis rectified current electronarcosis and chemical anesthesia on the blood physiology of the freshwater bream oreochromis mossambicus peters ii. the effect on hematocrit hemoglobin concentration red cell count mean cell volume mean cell hemoglobin and mean cell hemoglobin concentration

Evenden J.L.; Doggett S.J., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of amphetamine apomorphine and white noise on response switching in the rat

Dunn W.R.; Daly C.J.; Mcgrath J.C.; Wilson V.G., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of angiotensin ii and bay k 8644 on responses to noradrenaline mediated via postjunctional alpha 1 adrenoceptors and alpha 2 adrenoceptors in rabbit isolated blood vessels

Mirzoyan R.S.; Pukhalskaya T.G.; Menshikov M.Y.; Kuzmin A.V.; Bugrii E.M.; Mazaev A.V., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of antimigraine drugs on 5 ht uptake and release from rat brain synaptosomes and human platelets

Firestone W.M.; Fitzgerald G.B.; Wick M.M., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of antitumor agents upon normal human epidermal keratinocytes and human squamous cell carcinoma

Webb A.R.; Nash G.B.; Dormandy J.A.; Bennett E.D., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of artificial plasma substitutes albumin and saline solutions on in vitro apparent blood viscosity

Mann, M.; Eliasson, O.; Patel, K.; ZuWallack, R.L., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of bid and qid dosing on compliance with inhaled flunisolide

Szekely, S.M.; Vickers, M.D., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of codeine and tramadol on laryngeal reactivity

Macmahon, D.G.; Sachdev, D.; Boddie, H.G.; Ellis, C.J.K.; Kendal, B.R.; Blackburn, N.A., 1990 :
A comparison of the effects of controlled release l dopa madopar cr with conventional l dopa in late parkinson's disease

Michael, H.J.; Francos, G.C.; Burke, J.F.; Besarab, A.; Moritz, M.; Gillum, D.; Jarrell, B., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of cyclosporine versus antilymphocyte globulin on delayed graft function in cadaver renal transplant recipients

Goodall E.; Feeney S.; Mcguirk J.; Silverstone T., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of dextro and levo fenfluramine and dextro amphetamine on energy and macronutrient intake in human subjects

File S.E.; Mabbutt P.S.; Toth E., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of diazepam and scopolamine in two positively reinforced learning tasks

Jamall, I.S.; Naik, M.; Sprowls, J.J.; Trombetta, L.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of dietary cadmium on heart and kidney antioxidant enzymes: evidence for the greater vulnerability of the heart to cadmium toxicity

Joubert P.H.; Venter C.P.; D.P.ooy W.J., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of digoxin and digitoxin on systolic time intervals and color vision

Brown E.M.; E.H.jjfuleihan G.; Chen C.J.; Kifor O., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of divalent and trivalent cations on parathyroid hormone release cyclic amp accumulation and the levels of inositol phosphates in bovine parathyroid cells

Tsai C.T.; Mogenson G.J.; W.M.; Yang C.R., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of electrical stimulation of the amygdala and hippocampus on subpallidal output neurons to the pedunculopontine nucleus

Hartsell, H.D.; Kramer, J.F., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of electrode placement, muscle tension, and isometric torque of the knee extensors

Lindberg U B.; Enk L.; Crona N.; Silfverstolpe G., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of ethynylestradiol and estradiol valerate on serum and lipoprotein lipids

Davies H.L.; Mann P.P.; Goddard B., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of feed supplements cobalt and selenium and perennial and annual pastures on the production of medium peppin merino weaner sheep in south western australia

Flett S.R.; Szabadi E.; Bradshaw C.M., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of fluvoxamine and amitriptyline on autonomic functions in healthy volunteers

Cuthbert B.A.; Evans P.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of fmrfamide like peptides on locust heart and skeletal muscle

Gaffan D.; Harrison S., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of fornix transection and sulcus principalis ablation upon spatial learning by monkeys

Turner, L.A.; Marijic, J.; Kampine, J.P.; Bosnjak, Z.J., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of halothane and tetrodotoxin on the regional repolarization characteristics of canine Purkinje fibers

Kaieda, R.; Todd, M.M.; Weeks, J.B.; Warner, D.S., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of halothane, isoflurane, and pentobarbital anesthesia on intracranial pressure and cerebral edema formation following brain injury in rabbits

Pollare, T.; Lithell, H.; Berne, C., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of hydrochlorothiazide and captopril on glucose and lipid metabolism in patients with hypertension

Passmore A.P.; Copeland S.; Johnston G.D., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of ibuprofen and indomethacin upon renal hemodynamics and electrolyte excretion in the presence and absence of frusemide

Nogare, A.R.; Yarbrough, W.C., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of intact and deacylated lipopolysaccharide on human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Jacobson L.; Chabal C.; Brody M.C.; Mariano A.J.; Chaney E.F., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of intrathecal fentanyl and lidocaine on established postamputation stump pain

Karpel, J.P.; Pesin, J.; Greenberg, D.; Gentry, E., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of ipratropium bromide and metaproterenol sulfate in acute exacerbations of COPD

Withers, R.T.; Borkent, M.; Ball, C.T., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of measured, predicted, estimated and constant residual volumes on the body density of male athletes

Hartman R.D.; Barraclough C.A., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of medial preoptic electrical versus electrochemical stimulation on lhrh neuronal responsiveness to norepinephrine

Svendsen U.G.; Frolund L.; Madsen F.; Nielsen N.H., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of nedocromil sodium and beclomethasone dipropionate on pulmonary function symptoms and bronchial responsiveness in patients with asthma

Balfour D.J.K., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of nicotine and dextro amphetamine on rat behavior in an unsignalled sidman avoidance schedule

Singh K.; Viegas O.A.C.; Koh C.L.S.; Ratnam S.S., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of norplant capsules and norplant 2 rods on clinical chemistry haemostatic changes

Smith S.R.; Hadley P., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of organic and inorganic nitrogen fertilizers on the growth response of summer cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata cultivar hispi f 1

Martin, I.; Alfaro, M.J.; Tamargo, J., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of oxodipine and nifedipine on rat vas deferens

Joiner M.C., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of p62 beryllium and d16 beryllium neutrons in the mouse kidney

Mcquaid, A.; Mason, J., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of penicillamine trientine and trithiomolybdate on sulfur 35 labeled metallothionein in vitro implications for wilson's disease therapy

Reed M.W.R.; Wieman T.J.; Schuschke D.A.; Tseng M.T.; Miller F.N., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of photodynamic therapy on normal and tumor blood vessels in the rat microcirculation

Folt C.L.; Byron E.R., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of prey and non prey neighbors on foraging rates of epischura nevadensis copepoda calanoida

Pagel H.; Jelkmann W.; Weiss C., 1988:
A comparison of the effects of renal artery constriction and anemia on the production of erythropoietin

Véniant, M.; Clozel, J.P.; Fischli, W., 1992:
A comparison of the effects of renin inhibition and angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition upon bradykinin potentiation

Lot, T.Y.; Onwukeme, K.E., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of repeated administration of cyclophosphamide, cytosine arabinoside or their combination on smooth and skeletal muscle

Decker M.W.; Tran T.; Mcgaugh J.L., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of scopolamine and diazepam on acquisition and retention of inhibitory avoidance in mice

Rusted J.M.; Eaton Williams P.; Warburton D.M., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of scopolamine and diazepam on working memory

Nalewajko C.; Ewing C.; Mudroch C., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of sediments and standard elutriates on phosphorus kinetics in lakewater

Treit D., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of septal lesions and anxioltic drugs on defensive behavior in rats

Wittman B.K.; Segal S., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of single dose and split dose methadone administration on the fetus ultrasound evaluation

Darby R.J.; Hewitt M.V., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of single or multiple spring applications of prilled urea or nitro chalk to winter oilseed rape brassica napus

Richards, R.R.; McKee, M.D.; Paitich, C.B.; Anderson, G.I.; Bertoia, J.T., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of skin coverage and muscle flap coverage on the early strength of union at the site of osteotomy after devascularization of a segment of canine tibia

F.W.M.; Chou D.S., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of some metal ions on innervated and denervated mouse diaphragm preparations

Strybel T.Z.; Manligas C.L.; Chan O.; Perrott D.R., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of spatial separation on apparent motion in the auditory and visual modalities

Futuro Neto H.D.A.; Silva S.R.; Dantas M.A.; Gilbey M.P., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of stimulation within the raphe nuclei on arterial blood pressure in the anesthetized rabbit and rat

Samis A.J.W.; Colgan P.W.; Johansen P.H., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of subchronic and acute spill mimicking pentachlorophenol exposures on growth of bluegill sunfish lepomis macrochirus

Engineer M.S.; Brown N.S.; H.D.H.W.; Newman R.A.; Bulger R.E., 1989:
A comparison of the effects of tetraplatin and cisplatin on renal function and gentamicin pharmacology in rats

Williams, M.M.; Hawley, J.A.; McKenzie, R.A.; van Wijmen, P.M., 1991:
A comparison of the effects of two sitting postures on back and referred pain

Swan, A.; Dularay, B.; Dieppe, P., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of urate, hydroxyapatite and diamond crystals on polymorphonuclear cells: relationship of mediator release to the surface area and adsorptive capacity of different particles

Rhodes S.P.; Parry P.; Hanning C.D., 1990:
A comparison of the effects of zolpidem and placebo on respiration and oxygen saturation during sleep in the healthy elderly

Glasier, A.F.; Irvine, D.S.; Wickings, E.J.; Hillier, S.G.; Baird, D.T., 1989:
A comparison of the effects on follicular development between clomiphene citrate, its two separate isomers and spontaneous cycles

Roy, S.; Wilkins, J.; March, C.M.; Solera, N.C.; Galvan, N.I.; Ressler, R.L.; Cendejas, K.A.; Neal, J.; Azen, C.G.; Essin, D.J., 1990:
A comparison of the efficacy and safety of ceftizoxime with doxycycline versus conventional CDC therapies in the treatment of upper genital tract infection with or without a mass

Mandy, S.A.; Thorne, E.G., 1990:
A comparison of the efficacy and safety of tretinoin cream 0.025 percent and 0.05 percent

Jokl, P.; Warman, M., 1989:
A comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of diflunisal and dextropropoxyphene napsylate with acetaminophen in the management of mild to moderate pain after arthroscopy of the knee

Bernstein R.M.; Calin H.J.; Calin A.; Ollier S., 1992:
A comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of lornoxicam and indomethacin in ankylosing spondylitis

Giraud J.R.; Chartier M.; Ciraru Vigneron N.; Becue J.; Landes P.; Leng J J.; Raudrant D.; Reme J.M., 1989:
A comparison of the efficacy and tolerance of augmentin used alone and as one of three drugs used to treat acute upper genital tract infections results of a multicenter trial of 152 cases

Clark J.B.; Brooks A.M.V.; Harper C.A.; Mantzioros N.; Gillies W.E., 1989:
A comparison of the efficacy of betaxolol and timolol in ocular hypertension with or without adrenaline

Chen C.; Jin H.; Yang Y.; Shao X.; Zhao W.; Yang J., 1990:
A comparison of the efficacy of two surfactants for treatment of hyaline membrane disease models in premature rabbits

Lacki M.J.; Peneston W.T.; Vogt F.D., 1990:
A comparison of the efficacy of two types of live traps for capturing muskrats ondatra zibethicus

Gallagher, J.D.; Bianchi, J.; Gessman, L.J., 1989:
A comparison of the electrophysiologic effects of acute and chronic amiodarone administration on canine Purkinje fibers

Wang A.; Yang S.; Liu L., 1991:
A comparison of the elemental characteristics of atmospheric particles between southwestern and beijing areas

Hock, G.M.; Foon, K.L.; Chuen, H.L.; Choo, N.G.; Singh, M., 1989:
A comparison of the ELISA with other serological tests in the serodiagnosis of amoebiasis

Needle R.; S.S.; Lavee Y., 1989 :
A comparison of the empirical utility of three composite measures of adolescent overall drug involvement

Takeda, S.; Inada, Y.; Nakamizo, N.; Nomura, N.; Tomaru, T.; Negishi, H.; Hosoyamada, A., 1991:
A comparison of the endocrine effects of hypotension induced by nicardipine with those by sodium nitroprusside in dogs

Blandenier P.; Perrin N., 1989:
A comparison of the energy budgets of two freshwater pulmonates lymnaea peregra mueller and physa acuta drap

Kleanthous, C.; Deka, R.; Davis, K.; Kelly, S.M.; Cooper, A.; Harding, S.E.; Price, N.C.; Hawkins, A.R.; Coggins, J.R., 1992:
A comparison of the enzymological and biophysical properties of two distinct classes of dehydroquinase enzymes

Javouhey A.; Rochette L.; Rocquelin G., 1989:
A comparison of the evolution of cardiac parameters during ischemia and reperfusion in the heart perfused in vitro of two rat strains sprague dawley and wistar

Burgess C.D.; Flatt A.; Siebers R.; Crane J.; Beasley R.; Purdie G., 1989:
A comparison of the extent and duration of hypokalemia following three nebulized beta 2 adrenoceptor agonists

Fielden K.E.; Newton J.M.; Rowe R.C., 1992:
A comparison of the extrusion and spheronization behaviour of wet powder masses processed by a ram extruder and a cylinder extruder

Kim E.; Fujii E., 1992:
A comparison of the eye movements inspecting geometrical forms between korean and japanese a fundamental study on the relation between plantings and eye movements

Ross M.W.; Hafner R.J., 1990:
A comparison of the factor structure of the crown crisp experiential index across sex and psychiatric status

Salminen S.; Pridmore P.A.; Adnams E.; Ahokas J.T., 1992:
A comparison of the faecal microflora in wild and laboratory held feathertail gliders acrobates pygmaeus marsupialia acrobatidae

Patton, D.L.; Moore, D.E.; Spadoni, L.R.; Soules, M.R.; Halbert, S.A.; Wang, S.P., 1989:
A comparison of the fallopian tube's response to overt and silent salpingitis

Van Beukelen P.; Wensing T.; Breukink H.J., 1988:
A comparison of the fatty acid composition in blood and milk fat during recovery of milk fat depression by high roughage feeding or by addition of sodium bicarbonate

Pahuja, S.L.; Hochberg, R.B., 1989:
A comparison of the fatty acid esters of estradiol and corticosterone synthesized by tissues of the rat

Prinsloo J.F.; Schoonbee H.J.; Hoffman L.C., 1990:
A comparison of the fecundity of two strains of the sharptooth catfish clarias gariepinus

Estry, D.W.; Mattson, J.C.; Mahoney, G.J.; Oesterle, J.R., 1991:
A comparison of the fibrinogen receptor distribution on adherent platelets using both soluble fibrinogen and fibrinogen immobilized on gold beads

Bennett B.A., 1989:
A comparison of the fish communities in nearby permanently open seasonally open and normally closed estuaries in the south western cape south africa

Prendergast J.A.; Helgason C.D.; Bleackley R.C., 1992:
A comparison of the flanking regions of the mouse cytotoxic cell proteinase genes

Vogt G.F.Jr; Coon T.G., 1990:
A comparison of the foraging behavior of two darter etheostoma species

Mclaughlin E.A.; Ford W.C.L.; Hull M.G.R., 1990:
A comparison of the freezing of human semen in the uncirculated vapor above liquid nitrogen and in a commercial semi programmable freezer

O'connor B.J.; Paquette S.P.; Gusta L.V., 1991:
A comparison of the freezing tolerance of downy brome japanese brome and norstar winter wheat

Martin, R.H.; Rademaker, A.W.; Ko, E.; Barclay, L.; Hildebrand, K., 1992:
A comparison of the frequency and type of chromosomal abnormalities in human sperm after different sperm capacitation conditions

Aktaş, F.; Karabiber, N.; Saydam, G.S., 1990:
A comparison of the frequency of hepatitis B surface antigen and antibody in hospital and nonhospital personnel

Eddleston J.M.; Vohra A.; Scott P.; Tooth J.A.; Pearson R.C.; Mccloy R.F.; Morton A.K.; Doran B.H., 1991:
A comparison of the frequency of stress ulceration and secondary pneumonia in sucralfate or ranitidine treated intensive care unit patients

Fukuda, M.; Fukuma, A.; Kuwabara, S.; Moritake, K., 1990:
A comparison of the functional vulnerability of the cerebral cortex and thalamus to acute ischemia

Jones, D.T.; Vynckier, S.; Yudelev, M., 1990:
A comparison of the gamma component of two high energy neutron therapy beams

Aoda M.I.; Nedawi D.R.; Abdul Rassul I.A., 1988:
A comparison of the goodness of fit for three theoretically derived infiltration equations

Armstrong R.A., 1992:
A comparison of the growth curves of the foliose lichen parmelia conspersa determined by a cross sectional study and by direct measurement

Johnston N.T., 1990:
A comparison of the growth of vertically migrating and nonmigrating kokanee oncorhynchus nerka fry

Teskeredzic E.; Teskeredzic Z.; Tomec M.; Modrusan Z., 1989:
A comparison of the growth performance of rainbow trout salmo gairdneri in fresh and brackish water in yugoslavia

Mcvetty P.B.E.; Austin R.B.; Morgan C.L., 1989:
A comparison of the growth photosynthesis stomatal conductance and water use efficiency of moricandia and brassica species

Wilson A.P.; Fox H.; Scott I.V.; Lee H.; Dent M.; Golding P.R., 1991:
A comparison of the growth promoting properties of ascitic fluids cyst fluids and peritoneal fluids from patients with ovarian tumors

Macphee G.J.A.; Howie C.A.; Elliott H.L.; Reid J.L., 1992:
A comparison of the haemodynamic and behavioural effects of moxonidine and clonidine in normotensive subjects

Craig J.T., 1988:
A comparison of the headspace volatiles of kiwifruit wine with those of wine of vitis vinifera variety mueller thurgau

Macdonald J.B.; Roberts M.A.; Clapham D.; Munro M., 1991:
A comparison of the health and functional capacity of tenants within sheltered and amenity housing in scotland uk

Mcveigh G.E.; Mcmaster M.; Linton T.; Whitehead E.; Johnston G.D., 1990:
A comparison of the hemodynamic and hormonal effects of low and conventional dose cyclopenthiazide in normal volunteers

Windom H.; Grainger J.; Burgess C.; Crane J.; Pearce N.; Beasley R., 1990:
A comparison of the hemodynamic and hypokalemic effects of inhaled pirbuterol and salbutamol

Daskalov T.R., 1989:
A comparison of the hemodynamic effect of isosorbide 5 mononitrate and isosorbide dinitrate administered in intravenous injection to patients with acute myocardial infarction

Duty S.; Paciorek P.M.; Waterfall J.F.; Weston A.H., 1990:
A comparison of the hemodynamic profiles of ro 31 6930 cromakalim and nifedipine in anesthetized normotensive rats

Hopkins A.; Murray P.J.; Patefield W.M., 1989:
A comparison of the herbage productivity of bromus wildenowii cultivar grasslands matua with four cultivars of lolium perenne when grown in association with trifolium repens

Pałyga, J., 1991:
A comparison of the histone H1 complements of avian erythrocytes

Corbett M.D.; Hannothiaux M H.; Corbett B.R.; Quintana S.J., 1991:
A comparison of the hl 60 cell line and human granulocytes to effect the bioactivation of arylamines and related xenobiotics the binding of 2 aminofluorene to nucleic acids as the result of the respiratory burst

Kusakabe Y., 1991:
A comparison of the human masseter muscle activity during incisive function on materials with different physical properties before and after the application of endodontic endosseous implants to anterior teeth

Yamamoto K.; Tate K.R.; Churchman G.J., 1989:
A comparison of the humic substances from some volcanic ash soils in new zealand and japan

Robinson M.; Gannon B.; Schuch M., 1991:
A comparison of the hydrology of moorland under natural conditions agricultural use and forestry

Elving, L.D.; de Nobel, E.; van Lier, H.J.; Thien, T., 1989:
A comparison of the hypotensive effects of captopril and atenolol in the treatment of hypertension in diabetic patients

Nomura S.; Mizutani S.; Kurauchi O.; Furuhashi M.; Kasugai M.; Narita O.; Tomoda Y., 1989:
A comparison of the hypotensive effects of methionine enkephalin in normotensive and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Gordon, D.B.; DeGirolami, P.C.; Bolivar, S.; Karafotias, G.; Eichelberger, K., 1988:
A comparison of the identification of group A streptococci and enterococci by two rapid pyrrolidonyl aminopeptidase methods

Mizoguchi, I.; Nakamura, M.; Takahashi, I.; Kagayama, M.; Mitani, H., 1992:
A comparison of the immunohistochemical localization of type I and type II collagens in craniofacial cartilages of the rat

Johnson, A.G.; Tomai, M.A.; Chen, Y.F.; Odean, M., 1991:
A comparison of the immunomodulating properties of two forms of monophosphoryl lipid A analogues

Zhang H L.; L.Y.; Zhang N C.; Huang A H., 1988:
A comparison of the in vitro properties of ceftriaxone with those of cephalosporins

Kelland L.R.; Tonkin K.S.; Steel G.G., 1989:
A comparison of the in vivo and in vitro radiation response of three human cervix carcinomas

Ackerman, W.E.; Juneja, M.M.; Kaczorowski, D.M.; Colclough, G.W., 1989:
A comparison of the incidence of pruritus following epidural opioid administration in the parturient

Katayama K., 1989:
A comparison of the incidences of non metric cranial variants in several polynesian populations

Mishin V.M.; Gutkina N.I.; Lyakhovich V.V.; Pospelova L.N.; Chistyakov V.V., 1990:
A comparison of the inducing effects of triphenyldioxane bisdichloropyridyloxybenzene and phenobarbital on liver monooxygenase

Sambol N.C.; Upton R.A.; Chremos A.N.; Lin E.T.; Williams R.L., 1989:
A comparison of the influence of famotidine and cimetidine on phenytoin elimination and hepatic blood flow

Teunissen, M.B.; Pistoor, F.H.; Rongen, H.A.; Kapsenberg, M.L.; Bos, J.D., 1992:
A comparison of the inhibitory effects of immunosuppressive agents cyclosporine, tetranactin, and didemnin B on human T cell responses in vitro

Bunch S.T.; Fawcett J.W., 1990:
A comparison of the initial retinal ganglion cell projection to the contralateral superior colliculus in albino and pigmented rats

Stack R.W., 1989:
A comparison of the inoculum potential of ascospores and conidia of gibberella zeae

Bravo, G.; Ghysel-Burton, J.; Jaumin, P.; Godfraind, T., 1991:
A comparison of the inotropic effects of dopamine and epinine in human isolated cardiac preparations

Stanford, T.R.; Kuwada, S.; Batra, R., 1992:
A comparison of the interaural time sensitivity of neurons in the inferior colliculus and thalamus of the unanesthetized rabbit

Bodin P.; Jackson D.F., 1989:
A comparison of the intertidal harpacticoid copepod assemblages of sandy beaches in galway bay ireland and northern brittany france

Hyde K.D., 1990:
A comparison of the intertidal mycota of five mangrove tree species

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A comparison of the isoenzymes of trypanosoma vivax isolates from east and west africa

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A comparison of the late radiation changes after three schedules of radiotherapy

Yang G.S.; Mcculloch E.A., 1992:
A comparison of the lethal effects in culture of cytosine arabinoside and arabinofuranosyl 5 azacytosine acting on the blast cells of acute myeloblastic leukemia

Pecsenye K., 1989:
A comparison of the level of enzyme polymorphism in cosmopolitan drosophila spp between populations collected in distilleries and in their surroundings in hungary

South A., 1989:
A comparison of the life cycle of the slugs deroceras reticulatum mueller and arion intermedius normand on permanent pasture

Jennings R.C.; Zucchelli G.; Garlaschi F.M.; Vianelli A., 1992:
A comparison of the light induced non reversible fluorescence quenching in photosystem ii with quenching due to open reaction centres in terms of the chlorophyll emission spectral forms

Reiner Z.; Salzer B.; Kes P., 1988:
A comparison of the lipid lowering effects of fenofibrate in doses of 3 x 100 mg and 1 x 250 mg daily in patients with type iia iib and iv hyperlipoproteinemia

Ellis R.H.; Hong T.D.; Roberts E.H., 1989:
A comparison of the low moisture content limit to the logarithmic relation between seed moisture and longevity in twelve species

Richard J.M.; Haedrich R.L., 1991:
A comparison of the macrozooplankton faunas in two newfoundland fjords differing in physical oceanography

Mamedov M.K.; Nagiev A.I., 1987:
A comparison of the main parameters of protein determination by the lowry method and photometric method using coomassie brilliant blue

Merritt M.V.; Rosenstein S.P.; Loh C.; Chou R.H S.; Allen M.M., 1991:
A comparison of the major lipid classes and fatty acid composition of marine unicellular cyanobacteria with freshwater species

Adams J.A.; Herman T.B., 1991:
A comparison of the male genitalia of three calopteryx species odonata calopterygidae

Sivaraja M.; Dismukes G.C., 1988:
A comparison of the manganese center responsible for photosynthetic water oxidation in oxygen evolving core particles and photosystem ii enriched membranes epr of the s 2 state

Dinan, T.G.; O'Keane, V.; O'Boyle, C.; Chua, A.; Keeling, P.W., 1991:
A comparison of the mental status, personality profiles and life events of patients with irritable bowel syndrome and peptic ulcer disease

Ferri C.; Giarrizzo C.; Luparini R.L.; Germano G.; Buonanno A.; Santucci A.; Balsano F., 1989:
A comparison of the metabolic effects of short term treatment with captopril hydrochlorothiazide and captopril plus hydrochlorothiazide in patients with essential hypertension

Bratkovskaya I.; Zvezhikovskii V., 1988:
A comparison of the methods of studying lipid oxidation levels in fish

Rozycka-Roszak, B.; Witek, S.; Przestalski, S., 1989:
A comparison of the micellization of selected amphiphilic n n' bisdimethyl 1 2 ethanediamine derivatives with some amphiphilic betaine ester derivatives

Greene, D.R.; Wheeler, T.M.; Egawa, S.; Dunn, J.K.; Scardino, P.T., 1991:
A comparison of the morphological features of cancer arising in the transition zone and in the peripheral zone of the prostate

Hull C., 1991:
A comparison of the morphology of the feeding apparatus in the peregrine falcon falco peregrinus and the brown falcon falco berigora falconiformes

Rathburn, C.B.; Dukes, J.C., 1989:
A comparison of the mortality of caged adult mosquitoes to the size, number and volume of ULV spray droplets sampled in an open and a vegetated area

Bruenger F.W.; Miller S.C.; Lloyd R.D., 1991:
A comparison of the natural survival of beagle dogs injected intravenously with low levels of plutonium 239 radium 226 radium 228 thorium 228 or strontium 90

Mather P.B., 1989:
A comparison of the normal habitats of skinks of three electrophoretically distinguishable forms of lampropholis delicata lacertilia scinidae in southeastern queensland australia

Foster, G.D.; Meehan, B.M.; Mills, P.R., 1990:
A comparison of the nucleotide sequence homologies between isolates of the Andean and ordinary strains of potato virus S and their relationship to other carlaviruses

Ueberschaer B.; Clemmesen C., 1992:
A comparison of the nutritional condition of herring larvae as determined by two biochemical methods tryptic enzyme activity and rna dna ratio measurements

Hubálek, Z.; Halouzka, J.; Juricová, Z., 1991:
A comparison of the occurrence of borreliae in nymphal and adult Ixodes ricinus ticks

Al-Sereiti, M.R.; Coakes, R.L.; O'sullivan, D.P.D.; Turner, P., 1989:
A comparison of the ocular hypotensive effect of 0.025 percent bromocriptine and 0.25 percent timolol eye drops in normal human volunteers

Igarashi H.; Katsuta Y.; Sawa K.; Nakazato Y.; Kawasaki T., 1990:
A comparison of the opacifying effects of carteolol hydrochloride and 8 hydroxycarteolol hydrochloride in the isolated porcine cornea

Prevosti, L.G.; Subramainian, V.A.; Rothaus, K.O.; Dineen, P., 1989:
A comparison of the open and closed methods in the initial treatment of sternal wound infections

Liebergott N.; Van Lierop B.; Kovacs T.; Nolin A., 1990:
A comparison of the order of addition of chloride and chlorine dioxide in the chlorination stage comparison at constant chemical charge

Westerlind, K.C.; Byrnes, W.C.; Mazzeo, R.S., 1992:
A comparison of the oxygen drift in downhill vs. level running

Lazar V.; Faruga A.; Mikulski D.; Jerabek S.; Koncicki A.; Kriz L., 1990:
A comparison of the performance of moravia ssl and astra s hens during two laying periods

L.W.; Zhang Y.; Liu G.; H.S., 1989:
A comparison of the peroxidase isozyme of dwarf and semi dwarf rootstocks of citrus

Gemmill J.D.; Hogg K.J.; Burns J.M.A.; Rae A.P.; Dunn F.G.; Fears R.; Ferres H.; Standring R.; Greenwood H.; E.A., 1991:
A comparison of the pharmacokinetic properties of streptokinase and anistreplase in acute myocardial infarction

Baksi A.K.; Edwards J.S.; Ahr G., 1991:
A comparison of the pharmacokinetics of nisoldipine in elderly and young subjects

Leach, R.M.; Twort, C.H.; Cameron, I.R.; Ward, J.P., 1992:
A comparison of the pharmacological and mechanical properties in vitro of large and small pulmonary arteries of the rat

Sloan J.W.; Martin W.R.; Wala E.P., 1991:
A comparison of the physical dependence inducing properties of flunitrazepam and diazepam

Ross P.D.; Cameron D.M., 1989:
A comparison of the physical development and ontogeny of behavior in the djungarian hamster and the desert hamster

Dawes C.J.; Lobban C.S.; Tomasko D.A., 1989:
A comparison of the physiological ecology of the seagrasses halophila decipiens ostenfeld and halophila johnsonii eiseman from florida usa

Campbell D.G.; Stone J.L.; Rosas A.Jr, 1992:
A comparison of the phytosociology and dynamics of three floodplain varzea forests of known ages rio jurua western brazilian amazon

Edwards D.D.; Dimock R.V.Jr, 1988:
A comparison of the population dynamics of unionicola formosa from two anodontine bivalves in a north carolina usa farm pond

Santini, A.; Land, M., 1990:
A comparison of the position of the mental foramen in Chinese and British mandibles

Dhillon D.S.; Pong S.F.; Moorehead T.J., 1992:
A comparison of the potency and specificity of the direct muscle relaxant activity of azumolene and dantrolene

Greaves J.L.; Wilson C.G.; Galloway N.R.; Birmingham A.T.; Olejnik O., 1991:
A comparison of the precorneal residence of an artificial tear preparation in patients with keratoconjunctivitis sicca and normal volunteer subjects using gamma scintigraphy

Tanguilig V.C., 1988:
A comparison of the pressure chamber apparatus and shardakov method in determining leaf water potential of cassava and soybean

Gough C.; Hobson G.E., 1990:
A comparison of the productivity quality shelf life characteristics and consumer reaction to the crop from cherry tomato plants grown at different levels of salinity

Gurden J.M.; Apperley G.H.; Drew G.M., 1989:
A comparison of the properties of prenalterol and corwin at beta 1 adrenoreceptors and beta 2 adrenoreceptors in vitro

Earley B.; Burke M.; Leonard B.E.; Gouret C.J.; Junien J.L., 1990:
A comparison of the psychopharmacological profiles of phencyclidine ketamine and dextro skf 10047 in the trimethyltin rat model

Macdonald S., 1989:
A comparison of the psychosocial characteristics of alcoholics responsible for impaired and nonimpaired collisions

Sim, L.H.; Case, C.C., 1988:
A comparison of the radiation dose to the lens of the eye from four modern C.T. scanners

Van Den Aardweg G.J.M.J.; Arnold M.; Hopewell J.W., 1990:
A comparison of the radiation response of the epidermis in two strains of pig

Pannell R.; Gurewich V., 1992:
A comparison of the rates of clot lysis in a plasma milieu induced by tissue plasminogen activator t pa and rec pro urokinase evidence that t pa has a more restricted mode of action

Shugyo A.; Mori N.; Matsunaga T., 1990:
A comparison of the reduction in the potassium ion activity of the scala media produced by furosemide and ouabain

Siegal J.D.; Kliot M.; Smith G.M.; Silver J., 1990:
A comparison of the regeneration potential of dorsal root fibers into gray or white matter of the adult rat spinal cord

Winick, C., 1989:
A comparison of the relative safety of phenylpropanolamine, acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin as measured by three compendia

Widdick D.A.; Edwards D.I., 1991:
A comparison of the relatives activities of 8 radiosensitizers in the sos chromotest

Moutos, D.M.; Damewood, M.D.; Schlaff, W.D.; Rock, J.A., 1992:
A comparison of the reproductive outcome between women with a unicornuate uterus and women with a didelphic uterus

Sanders N.K.; Childress J.J., 1990:
A comparison of the respiratory function of the hemocyanins of vertically migrating and non migrating pelagic deep sea oplophorid shrimps

Atkin O.K.; Day D.A., 1990:
A comparison of the respiratory processes and growth rates of selected australian alpine and related lowland plant species

Kositsin A.V.; Igoshina T.I.; Alekseeva Popova N.V., 1988:
A comparison of the response of carbonic anhydrase activity to lead in salvia stepposa and phlomis tuberosa lamiaceae populations differing in lead resistance

Tucker M.R.; Hight P.T., 1990:
A comparison of the results from three soil testing laboratories using the mehlich 3 extractant on southeastern coastal plain soils

Rampling, M.W.; Whittingstall, P.; Martin, G.; Bignall, S.; Rivers, R.P.; Lissauer, T.J.; Bailey, P.C., 1989:
A comparison of the rheologic properties of neonatal and adult blood

Cotter R.L.; Macrae E.A.; Ferguson A.R.; Mcmath K.L.; Brennan C.J., 1991:
A comparison of the ripening storage and sensory qualities of seven cultivars of kiwifruit

Jick, H.; Hall, G.C.; Dean, A.D.; Jick, S.S.; Derby, L.E., 1990:
A comparison of the risk of hypoglycemia between users of human and animal insulins 1. experience in the uk

Little M.P., 1991:
A comparison of the risks of childhood leukaemia from parental pre conception exposure to radiation in the sellafield and dounreay workforces and the japanese bomb survivors

Monzon, R.B.; Sanchez, A.R.; Tadiaman, B.M.; Najos, O.A.; Valencia, E.G.; de Rueda, R.R.; Ventura, J.V., 1991:
A comparison of the role of Musca domestica (Linnaeus) and Chrysomya megacephala (Fabricius) as mechanical vectors of helminthic parasites in a typical slum area of Metropolitan Manila

Hall, J.C.; Hall, J.L.; Christiansen, K., 1991:
A comparison of the roles of cefamandole and ceftriaxone in abdominal surgery

Bremer P.J.; Barker M.F.; Loutit M.W., 1990:
A comparison of the roles of direct absorption and phytoplankton ingestion in accumulation of chromium by sea urchin larvae

Wen B C.; Hussey D.H.; Staples J.; Hitchon P.W.; Jani S.K.; Vigliotti A.P.; Doornbos J.F., 1989:
A comparison of the roles of surgery and radiation therapy in the management of craniopharyngiomas

Nieminen M.M.; Lahdensuo A.; IIvonen E., 1991:
A comparison of the rondo spacer with two other delivery techniques in the treatment of asthma

Black, H.R.; Lewin, A.J.; Stein, G.H.; MacCarthy, E.P.; Hamilton, J.H.; Hamilton, B.P.; Madias, N.E.; Kochar, M.S.; Abrams, A.P.; Isaacsohn, J.L., 1992:
A comparison of the safety of therapeutically equivalent doses of isradipine and diltiazem for treatment of essential hypertension

Riddall D.R., 1992:
A comparison of the selectives of sch 23390 with bw737c89 for d 1 d 2 and 5 ht 2 binding sites both in vitro and in vivo

Percy, D.H.; Williams, K.L.; Paturzo, F.X., 1991:
A comparison of the sensitivity and specificity of sialodacryoadenitis virus parker's rat coronavirus and mouse hepatitis virus infected cells as a source of antigen for the detection of antibody to rat coronaviruses

Karavanov A.S.; Pivanova G.P.; Bannova G.G.; Semashko I.V.; Bychkova M.V.; Sysolyatin V.A.; Selyutina I.A.; Pressman E.K., 1990:
A comparison of the sensitivity of solid phase immunosorbent methods in the diagnosis of tick borne encephalitis

West C.M.L.; West D.C.; Kumar S.; Moore J.V., 1990:
A comparison of the sensitivity to photodynamic treatment of endothelial and tumor cells in different proliferative states

Bayliss, C.D.; Spies, U.; Shaw, K.; Peters, R.W.; Papageorgiou, A.; Müller, H.; Boursnell, M.E., 1990:
A comparison of the sequences of segment A of four infectious bursal disease virus strains and identification of a variable region in VP2

Yoshimoto, A.; Yazaki, M.; Sugaya, T., 1990:
A comparison of the several methods for determination of specific IgE antibodies

Dunmore P.J.; Song S.H.; Roach M.R., 1990:
A comparison of the size of fenestrations in the internal elastic lamina of young and old porcine aortas as seen with the scanning electron microscope

Campbell J.A.; Whitmore D.H.Jr, 1989:
A comparison of the skin keratin biochemistry in vipers with comments on its systematic value

Kelsey M.G., 1989:
A comparison of the song and territorial behavior of a long distance migrant the marsh warbler acrocephalus palustris in summer and winter

Harding A.; Campbell R.C., 1989:
A comparison of the speech results after early and delayed hard palate closure a preliminary report

Vora R.S., 1988:
A comparison of the spherical densitometer and ocular methods of estimating canopy cover

Colbo M.H., 1991:
A comparison of the spring inhabiting genera of chironomidae from the holarctic with those from natural and man made springs in labrador newfoundland canada

Gordon M.H.; Griffith R.E., 1992:
A comparison of the steryl esters of coconut and palm kernel oils

Williams G.C., 1989:
A comparison of the stoloniferous octocorallian genera scyphopodium stereotelesto bathytelesto and rhodelinda with the description of a new species from south eastern africa anthozoa clavulariidae

Bonham Smith P.C.; Kapoor M.; Bewley J.D., 1988:
A comparison of the stress responses of zea mays seedlings as shown by qualitative changes in protein synthesis

Webster S.D.; Kirby K.J., 1987:
A comparison of the structure and composition of an ancient and an adjacent recent wood in essex england uk

Welch S.; Skinner A., 1989:
A comparison of the structure and properties of human rat and rabbit serum transferrin

Welch S.; Langmead L., 1990:
A comparison of the structure and properties of normal human transferrin and a genetic variant of human transferrin

Welch S., 1990:
A comparison of the structure and properties of serum transferrin from 17 animal species

Bouman F.; Devente N., 1992:
A comparison of the structure of ovules and seeds in stemona stemonaceae and pentastemona pentastemonaceae

Matheson N.K., 1990:
A comparison of the structures of the fractions of normal and high amylose pea seed starches prepared by precipitation with concanavalin a

Kawaja, M.D.; Flumerfelt, B.A.; Hrycyshyn, A.W., 1990 :
A comparison of the subnuclear and ultrastructural distribution of acetylcholinesterase and choline acetyltransferase in the rat interpeduncular nucleus

Wilkinson T.; Hansson T.L.; Mcneill C.; Marcel T., 1992:
A comparison of the success of 24 hour occlusal splint therapy versus nocturnal occlusal splint therapy in reducing craniomandibular disorders

Rogers J.S., 1991:
A comparison of the suitability of the rogers modified rogers manhattan and cavalli sforza and edwards distances for inferring phylogenetic trees from allele frequencies

Daniels C.B.; Barr H.A.; Nicholas T.E., 1989:
A comparison of the surfactant associated lipids derived from reptilian and mammalian lungs

Yoshioka P.M.; Buchanan Yoshioka B., 1991:
A comparison of the survivorship and growth of shallow water gorgonian species of puerto rico west indies

Brown J.A.; Thonney J P.; Holwell D.; Wilson W.R., 1991:
A comparison of the susceptibility of salvelinus alpinus and salmo salar ouananiche to proliferative kidney disease

Morris, T.W.; Prentice, L.; Ventura, J., 1989:
A comparison of the systemic responses to rapid intravenous injections of ioxilan, iohexol, and diatrizoate in rabbits

Davidson, K.G.; Chin, E.A., 1991:
A comparison of the taxonomic characteristics and duration of the laboratory reared larvae of snow crabs chionoecetes opilio o. fabricius and toad crabs hyas sp from atlantic canada

Martinez Tovar J.G.; Martinez Navarro H.A.; Cavazos Gonzalez F.J., 1989:
A comparison of the therapeutic efficacy of glyburide vs glipizide on type ii diabetics with primary failure to other oral hypoglycemics

Premakumar R.; Chisnell J.R.; Bishop P.E., 1989:
A comparison of the three dinitrogenase reductases expressed by azotobacter vinelandii

Adams M.; Kerby I.J.; Rocker I.; Evans A.; Johansen K.; Franks C.R., 1989:
A comparison of the toxicity and efficacy of cisplatin and carboplatin in advanced ovarian cancer

Eichelberger M.R.; Gotschall C.S.; Sacco W.J.; Bowman L.M.; Mangubat E.A.; Lowenstein A.D., 1989:
A comparison of the trauma score the revised trauma score and the pediatric trauma score

Field W.N.; Gamble M.D.; Lewis D.A., 1989:
A comparison of the treatment of thyroidectomized rats with free thyroxine and thyroxine encapsulated in erythrocytes

Gregor R.J.; Komi P.V.; Browning R.C.; Jarvinen M., 1991:
A comparison of the triceps surae and residual muscle moments at the ankle during cycling

Plumb G.W.; Lambert N., 1990:
A comparison of the trypsinolysis products of nine 11s globulin species

Singh A.L.; Singh P.K., 1989:
A comparison of the use of azolla and blue green algal bio fertilizers with green manuring organic manuring and urea in transplanted and direct seeded rice

Ottosen C O.; Christensen O.V., 1988:
A comparison of the use of objective and subjective criteria during selection of clones of begonia elatior hybrids

Lees, V.; Ilyas, S.; Reid, C.D., 1991:
A comparison of the use of polythene sheet and Jelonet as temporary dressings for excised wounds

Gadducci, A.; Ferdeghini, M.; Facchini, V.; Ceccarini, T.; Prontera, C.; Bianchi, R.; Fioretti, P., 1990:
A comparison of the usefulness of serum measurements of CA 125, CA 50 and TATI in patients with malignant and benign gynecological pathology

Hellstrom, W.J.; Samuels, S.J.; Waits, A.B.; Overstreet, J.W., 1989:
A comparison of the usefulness of SpermMar and immunobead tests for the detection of antisperm antibodies

Botha A.D.P.; Pretorius D.C., 1991:
A comparison of the utilization of initially applied labelled ammonium and nitrate nitrogen by wheat growth in a pot experiment

Rowland-Hill, C.A.; Loveday, E.J.; Thomas, M.L., 1989:
A comparison of the value of hyoscine butylbromide and glucagon on aorto iliac intravenous digital subtraction

Jensen, N.F.; Todd, M.M.; Kramer, D.J.; Leonard, P.A.; Warner, D.S., 1992:
A comparison of the vasodilating effects of halothane and isoflurane on the isolated rabbit basilar artery with and without intact endothelium

Schweitzer, D.H.; Koek, G.H.; Meinders, A.E.; van der Laarse, A., 1990:
A comparison of the vasorelaxant effects of enoximone and dibutyryl cyclic AMP measured in rat aortic rings

Nicholson S.E.; Davenport M.L.; Malo A.R., 1990:
A comparison of the vegetation response to rainfall in the sahel and east africa using normalized difference vegetation index from noaa avhrr

Pelikanova J.; Spak J.; Kubelkova D., 1990:
A comparison of the virulence and serological affinity of an isolate of turnip yellow mosaic virus from garlic mustard with strains isolated from the brassicas

Hegedus D.D.; Bidochka M.J.; Miranpuri G.S.; Khachatourians G.G., 1992:
A comparison of the virulence stability and cell wall surface characteristics of three spore types produced by the entomopathogenic fungus beauveria bassiana

Johnn H.; Phipps C.; Gascoyne S.; Hawkey C.; Rampling M.W., 1992:
A comparison of the viscometric properties of the blood from a wide range of mammals

Ellis H.S.; Ring S.G.; Whittam M.A., 1989:
A comparison of the viscous behavior of wheat and maize starch pastes

Wilson R.C.; Jones P.W., 1989:
A comparison of the visual analogue scale and modified borg scale for the measurement of dyspnea during exercise

Gossop, M.; Strang, J., 1991:
A comparison of the withdrawal responses of heroin and methadone addicts during detoxification

Lebrun C.; Durkin T.P.; Marighetto A.; Jaffard R., 1990:
A comparison of the working memory performances of young and aged mice combined with parallel measures of testing and drug induced activations of septo hippocampal and nbm cortical cholinergic neurons

Au, Y.K.; Mahjoub, S.B.; Hart, J.C., 1990:
A comparison of the wound integrity produced by various suture patterns in penetrating keratoplasty: a cadaver eye model

Knox, A.J.; Wisniewski, A.; Cooper, S.; Tattersfield, A.E., 1991:
A comparison of the Yan and a dosimeter method for methacholine challenge in experienced and inexperienced subjects

Moros E.G.; Hynynen K., 1992:
A comparison of theoretical and experimental ultrasound field distributions in canine muscle tissue in vivo

L.Q.; E.A., 1988:
A comparison of therapeutic effectiveness between rifamdin regimen and rifampicin regimen in pulmonary tuberculosis

McLeod, A., 1990:
A comparison of thermocycling devices for automating the polymerase chain reaction

So, Y.T.; Olney, R.K.; Aminoff, M.J., 1990:
A comparison of thermography and electromyography in the diagnosis of cervical radiculopathy

Stillman J.A., 1989:
A comparison of three adaptive psychophysical procedures using inexperienced listeners

Kerr, W.J.; Tenhave, T.R., 1988:
A comparison of three appliance systems in the treatment of Class III malocclusion

Wimbish, G.; Shores, J.; Spiehler, V., 1991:
A comparison of three computer models for prediction of dose in acute amitriptyline overdose

Lawson T.B.; Drapcho C.M., 1989:
A comparison of three crawfish purging treatments

Cudahy, T.J.; Boeryd, B.R.; Franlund, B.K.; Nordenskjöld, B.A., 1988:
A comparison of three different methods for the determination of estrogen receptors in human breast cancer

Herbst C.P.; Dunn M.; Viviers A.C.; Van Zyl M.; Van Aswegen A.; Otto A.C., 1990:
A comparison of three different techniques for calculating glomerular filtration rate

Corzillius M.; Schroeder J.O.; Euler H.H., 1991:
A comparison of three disease activity indices in systemic lupus erythematosus

Snavely M.J.; Price J.C.; Jun H.W., 1990:
A comparison of three equilibrium relative humidity measuring devices

Collins M.R., 1990:
A comparison of three fish trap designs

Smith S.M.; Barry R.C., 1990:
A comparison of three formulations of tac tetracaine adrenaline cocaine for anesthesia of minor lacerations in children

Vowden, P.; Wilkinson, D.; Ausobsky, J.R.; Kester, R.C., 1989:
A comparison of three imaging techniques in the assessment of an abdominal aortic aneurysm

Zelenka R.; Macha J.; Romanovsky A., 1988:
A comparison of three immunization types for monoclonal antibody producing hybridoma cell construction

Wirth Dzieciolowska E.; Debinska A., 1989:
A comparison of three inbred strains of laboratory mice with regard to their reproductive traits

Britten, A.J.; Fleming, J.S.; Flowerdew, A.D.; Hunt, T.M.; Taylor, I.; Karran, S.J.; Ackery, D.M., 1990:
A comparison of three indices of relative hepatic perfusion derived from dynamic liver scintigraphy

Fearon A.M.; Johnston D.E., 1989:
A comparison of three instrumental techniques to evaluate butter spreadability

Condron R.J.; Marshall A.T., 1990:
A comparison of three low temperature techniques of specimen preparation for x ray microanalysis

D.M.ijer P.H.E.M.; Russel F.G.M.; Van Lier H.J.J.; Van Ginneken C.A.M., 1989:
A comparison of three mathematical models to describe the disappearance curves of subcutaneously injected iodine 125 labelled insulin

Manly B.F.J.; Seyb A., 1989:
A comparison of three maximum likelihood models for stage frequency data

Angus, L.E.; Marziali, E., 1988:
A comparison of three measures for the diagnosis of borderline personality disorder

Knox, A.J.; Coleman, H.E.; Britton, J.R.; Tattersfield, A.E., 1989:
A comparison of three measures of the response to inhaled methacholine

Funkhouser, A.; Fankhauser, F.; Hirsbrunner, H., 1989:
A comparison of three methods for abbreviating G1 examinations

Lindhardt B.O.; Pedersen C.; Ulrich K.; Kusk P., 1988:
A comparison of three methods for detection of antibodies against the major core protein p24 of human immunodeficiency virus

Williams D.J.; Scudamore Smith P.D.; Nottingham S.M.; Petroff M., 1992:
A comparison of three methods for determining total sulfur dioxide in white wine

Rubright, W.C.; Johnson, W.; Spivey, J.D.; Jakobsen, J., 1992:
A comparison of three methods for estimating dental plaque removal from individual teeth

Murry T.; Woodson G.E., 1992:
A comparison of three methods for the management of vocal fold nodules

Bortone S.A.; Kimmel J.J.; Bundrick C.M., 1989:
A comparison of three methods for visually assessing reef fish communities time and area compensated

Billington N., 1991:
A comparison of three methods of measuring phytoplankton biomass on a daily and seasonal basis

Bilo, H.J.; Struijk, D.G.; Boeschoten, E.W.; Oe, P.L.; Donker, A.J., 1988:
A comparison of three methods to assess metabolic control in diabetic patients on CAPD treatment

Holtzapple, M.T.; Eubank, P.T.; Matthews, M.A., 1989:
A comparison of three models for the diffusion of oxygen in electrolyte solutions

Scott S.H.; Winter D.A., 1991:
A comparison of three muscle pennation assumptions and their effect on isometric and isotonic force

Kvam, E.; Moan, J., 1990:
A comparison of three photosensitizers with respect to efficiency of cell inactivation, fluorescence quantum yield and DNA strand breaks

Weinstein, M.C.; Berwick, D.M.; Goldman, P.A.; Murphy, J.M.; Barsky, A.J., 1989:
A comparison of three psychiatric screening tests using receiver operating characteristic (ROC) analysis

Scuderi, P.E.; Bowton, D.L.; Meredith, J.W.; Harris, L.C.; Evans, J.B.; Anderson, R.L., 1992:
A comparison of three pulmonary artery oximetry catheters in intensive care unit patients

Grossman P.; Van Beek J.; Wientjes C., 1990:
A comparison of three quantification methods for estimation of respiratory sinus arrhythmia

Ferris, D.G.; Martin, W.H., 1992:
A comparison of three rapid chlamydial tests in pregnant and nonpregnant women

Kleintjes P.K.; Dahlsten D.L., 1992:
A comparison of three techniques for analyzing the arthropod diet of plain titmouse and chestnut backed chickadee nestlings

Meredith R.; Thomas K.J.; Callaghan D.E.; Stephens S.D.G.; Rayment A.J., 1989:
A comparison of three types of earmolds in elderly users of post aural hearing aids

Carefoot T.H., 1989:
A comparison of time energy budgeting in two species of tropical sea hares aplysia

Fish N.; Jones M.G.K., 1988:
A comparison of tissue culture response between related tetraploid and dihaploid solanum tuberosum genotypes

Ferguson J.E.II.D.son D.C.; Schutz T.; Stevenson D.K., 1990:
A comparison of tocolysis with nifedipine or ritodrine analysis of efficacy and maternal fetal and neonatal outcome

Y.C.S.; Kim D.K., 1991:
A comparison of tocolytic effects of ritodrine hydrochloride and nifedipine in the treatment of preterm labor

Robson S.K.; Young W.G., 1990:
A comparison of tooth microwear between an extinct marsupial predator the tasmanian tiger thylacinus cynocephalus thylacinidae and an extant scavenger the tasmanian devil sarcophilus harrisii dasyuridae marsupialia

Zilberman, U.; Smith, P., 1992:
A comparison of tooth structure in Neanderthals and early Homo sapiens sapiens: a radiographic study

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A comparison of two dimensional ultrasonography and radiography for the detection of small amounts of free peritoneal fluid in the dog

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A comparison of two dosages of fluorogestone acetate in pessaries on the quality of embryos recovered from superovulated ewes

Dutch-Tia-Trial-Study-Group, 1991:
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A comparison of two fitness programs to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in public safety officers

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A comparison of two macroscopic platelet agglutination assays for von Willebrand factor

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A comparison of two methodologies for assessment of irrigation performance under the warabandi system

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A comparison of two methods for inserting lag screws

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A comparison of two methods for locating the intercuspal position icp while mounting casts on an articulator

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A comparison of two methods for measuring the threshold of pricking pain through thermal stimulation

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A comparison of two methods for measuring thermal thresholds in diabetic neuropathy

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A comparison of two methods for the determination of antibodies against collagen elisa test with passive haemagglutination

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A comparison of two methods of in vivo dosimetry for a high energy neutron beam

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A comparison of two methods of prompting in training discrimination of communication book pictures by autistic students

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A comparison of two methods of punctal occlusion

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A comparison of two mid season and two late maturing satsuma mandarins with the standard industry cultivar silverhill

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A comparison of two model systems of associative learning heart rate and eyeblink conditioning in the rabbit

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A comparison of two multidimensional health locus of control instruments

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A comparison of two peanut growth models for oklahoma usa

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A comparison of two procedures for the isolation of listeria monocytogenes from raw chickens and soft cheeses

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A comparison of two RAST methods and skin prick testing in the diagnosis of wasp venom allergy

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A comparison of two sedation techniques for neuroradiology

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A comparison of two sedative premedications for minor oral surgery under local anesthesia

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A comparison of two strains of the anaerobic ciliate trimyema compressum

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A comparison of two sulfur and salicylic acid shampoos in the treatment of dandruff

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A comparison of two systems for measuring water fluoride ion level

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A comparison of two systems that code infant affective expression

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A comparison of two techniques for attaining root coverage

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A comparison of two techniques for the synchronization of estrus in dairy heifers

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A comparison of two training strategies for speech recognition with an electrotactile speech processor

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A comparison of two treatment interventions aimed at lowering anxiety levels and alcohol consumption among alcohol abusers

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A comparison of two ulcerogenic techniques

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A comparison of two voltammetric techniques for determining zinc speciation in northeast pacific ocean waters

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A comparison of ultrasound and clinical and functional indices of pancreatic status in patients with chronic pancreatitis

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A comparison of ultrasound exposure in therapy and pulsed Doppler fields

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A comparison of umbilical cord treatment in the control of superficial infection

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A comparison of unbooked mothers delivering at Port Moresby General Hospital with mothers seen antenatally: socioeconomic and reproductive characteristics

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A comparison of untreated and formaldehyde treated barley distiller's solubles and rapeseed meal as protein supplements in dairy cows given grass silage ad libitum

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A comparison of valproate with carbamazepine for the treatment of complex partial seizures and secondarily generalized tonic clonic seizures in adults

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A comparison of valves for initial and residual effectiveness of rock phosphates measured in pot and field experiments

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A comparison of variant theories of intact biochemical systems i. enzyme enzyme interactions biochemical systems theory

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A comparison of variation of pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings from genetically defined and undefined sources

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A comparison of various methods of feeding supplements of urea sulfur and molasses to weaner heifers during the dry season in northern queensland australia

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A comparison of vascularized and conventional sural nerve grafts

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A comparison of vasodilator activity of agents activating cyclic nucleotides with those inhibiting their metabolism in rabbit isolated ear artery

Y.J.M.; Coloquhoun E.Q.; Clark M.G., 1990:
A comparison of vasopressin and noradrenaline on oxygen uptake by perfused rat hindlimb kidney intestine and mesenteric arcade suggests that it is in part due to contractile work by blood vessels

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A comparison of vegetation classifications from wheel point and total floristic data sets from a south african grassland

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A comparison of venous blood gases during cardiac arrest

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A comparison of venous versus capillary measurements of drug concentration

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A comparison of verapamil and nifedipine on quality of life

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A comparison of vessel sensitivity and vessel constant in oxygen uptake determination with pure oxygen and air as gaseous media

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A comparison of virulent and avirulent strains of Salmonella choleraesuis and their ability to invade Vero cell monolayers

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A comparison of von bertalanffy and polynomial functions in modelling fish growth data

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A comparison of water relations visual symptoms and changes in stem girth for evaluating impact of phytophthora cinnamomi dieback on eucalyptus marginata

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A comparison of water soluble organic substances in acid soils under beech and spruce in northeast bavaria

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A comparison of water splitting activity dcip photoreduction activity and some other characteristics in ps ii particles isolated from several species of plants

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A comparison of wet mount, culture and enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for the diagnosis of trichomoniasis in women

Walker N., 1989:
A comparison of wheat or barley based diets given ad libitum as meal or pellets to finishing pigs

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A comparison of WIN 51711 and R 78206 as stabilizers of poliovirus virions and procapsids

Richards A.J., 1989:
A comparison of within plant karyological heterogeneity between agamospermous and sexual taraxacum compositae as assessed by the nucleolar organizer chromosome

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A comparison of wound healing in sutured and unsutured corneal wounds

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A comparison of wound irrigation solutions used in the emergency department

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A comparison of yellow eyed penguin growth rates across fifty years richdale revisited

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A comparison of yolk growth rates in seabird eggs

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A comparison of young stutterers' fluent versus stuttered utterances on measures of length and complexity

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A comparison on between acute pancreatitis and chronic pancreatitis, special references to their fibrosis

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A comparison on the lacks and pascal suttell bender gestalt scoring methods for diagnosing brain damage in an outpatient sample

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A comparison on the motor behaviors produced by the intrathecal administration of trh and trh analogues in the conscious rat

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A comparison over time of two virginia populations of the coquina clam donax variabilis

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A comparison study of antidepressants and structured intensive group psychotherapy in the treatment of bulimia nervosa

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A comparison study of dynamic retinoscopy techniques

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A comparison study of free and liposome entrapped diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid used in the treatment of mice loaded with cadmium

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A comparison study of two methods of peanut agglutinin staining with S100 immunostaining in 29 cases of histiocytosis X (Langerhans' cell histiocytosis)

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A comparison using tissue electrical properties and temperature rise to determine relative absorption of microwave power in malignant tissue

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A compartment model of carcinogenesis in lung cancer

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A compartmental model of phosphorus transport in grape plants

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A compartmental model of platelet aggregation in vitro the kinetics of single platelets

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A compartmental model to quantitate in vivo glucose transport in the human forearm

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A compartmentalized device for the culture of animal cells

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A compatible single phase two phase numerical model 1. modeling the transient salt water fresh water interface motion

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A compatible support system for cell culture in biomedical research

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A compatible taper volume estimation system for pinus patula at sao hill forest project southern tanzania

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A compendium of 45 trout stream habitat development evaluations in wisconsin usa during 1953 1985

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A compendium of the genus pratylenchus filipjev 1936 nemata pratylenchidae

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A compensatory base change in human u2 small nuclear rna can suppress a branch site mutation

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A compensatory mechanism improving red cell membrane fluidity in hemodialyzed patients

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A competition binding assay for determination of the inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate content of human leukocytes

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A competition model of irt distributions during the first training stages of variable interval schedule

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A competitive elisa applications in the assay of peptides steroids and cyclic nucleotides

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A competitive enzyme immunoassay for albuterol: its application for the drug screening in urine

Migani P., 1990:
A competitive inhibitor of kainic acid binding from the goldfish nervous tissue

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A competitive microtiter plate enzyme immunoassay for plasma aldosterone using a monoclonal antibody

Vranesic B.; Ljevakovic D.; Tomasic J.; Ladesic B., 1991:
A competitive radioimmunoassay for peptidoglycan monomer

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A competitive spectrophotometric study of europium iii and gadolinium iii complexes with atp by use of a sensitive indicator ligand

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A compilation of genotoxicity and carcinogenicity data on aromatic aminosulphonic acids

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A compilation of some physico chemical properties for chlorobenzenes

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A compiled computer program for assisting the diagnosis of gastrointestinal helminths of humans and animals

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A complementary dna based comparison of dehydration induced proteins dehydrins in barley and corn

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A complementary dna clone closely associated with non a non b hepatitis

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A complementary dna clone encoding a peptide highly specific for hepatitis c infection

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A complementary dna clone encoding part of the major 25000 dalton surface membrane antigen of adult schistosoma mansoni

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A complementary dna clone expressed in natural killer and t cells that likely encodes a secreted protein

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A complementary dna clone homologous to drosophila f elements from an imaginal discs polyadenylated library

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A complementary dna cloning of soybean proteinase inhibitor

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A complementary dna encoding 3 deoxy d arabino heptulosonate 7 phosphate synthase from solanum tuberosum l

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A complementary dna encoding a human ccaat binding protein cloned by functional complementation in yeast

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A complementary dna encoding a muscle type tropomyosin cloned from a human epithelial cell line identity with human fibroblast tropomyosin tm1

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A complementary dna encoding a rat mitochondrial cytochrome p 450 catalyzing both the 26 hydroxylation of cholesterol and 25 hydroxylation of vitamin d 3 gonadotropic regulation of the cognate messenger rma in ovaries

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A complementary dna encoding an s locus specific glycoprotein from brassica oleracea plants containing the s 5 self incompatibility allele

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A complementary dna encoding human ribosomal protein s24

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A complementary dna encoding rabbit muscle protein phosphatase 1 alpha complements the aspergillus cell cycle mutation bimg11

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A complementary dna for a human cyclic amp response element binding protein which is distinct from creb and expressed preferentially in brain

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A complementary dna for a protein that interacts with the human immunodeficiency virus tat transactivator

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A complementary dna fragment of hepatitis c virus isolated from an implicated donor of post transfusion non a non b hepatitis in japan

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A complementary dna from a mouse pancreatic beta cell encoding a putative transcription factor of the insulin gene

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A complementary experimental study of cell division in the dinoflagellate Prorocentrum micans

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A complementary note on the supercritical birth death and catastrophe process

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A complete cDNA for adenine phosphoribosyltransferase from Arabidopsis thaliana

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A complete citric acid cycle in assimilatory metabolism of pelobacter acidigallici a strictly anaerobic fermenting bacterium

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A complete description of larval stages of the ghost shrimp callianassa petalura stimpson crustacea thalassinidae callianassidae under laboratory conditions

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A complete life cycle of the calycophoran siphonophore muggiaea kochi will in the laboratory under different temperature conditions ecological implications

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A complete profile of the muschelkalk middle triassic of the dransfeld high plain southwest goettingen southern lower saxony germany

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A complete protocol for in situ hybridization of messenger rna in brain amd other tissues with radiolabeled single stranded rna probes

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A complete relief of intractable postherpetic neuralgia with intrathecal methylprednisolone acetate

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A complete response of an advanced oesophageal carcinoma treated with hyperthermic chemotherapy a case report

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A complete set of 3a 6x di o sulfonylated alpha cyclodextrans

Fujita K.; Kubo T.; Ishizu T., 1992:
A complete set of 6 o activated cyclooligosaccharides having deformed cavities 3a 6a anhydro 6x o 2 naphthalenesulfonyl beta cyclodextrins

Fujita K.; Yamamura H.; Egashira Y.; Imoto T., 1992:
A complete set of 6a azido 6a deoxy 6x o sulfonyl beta cyclodextrins

Fujita K.; Yamamura H.; Imoto T., 1991:
A complete set of beta cyclodextrins 6a 6x diactivated by two different sulfonyl groups

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A complete set of procedure for determination of multiresidue of pesticides in vegetables

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A complex analysis of heterocarpous species in chardinia orientalis o. kuntze compositae

Stenman U H.; Leinonen J.; Alfthan H.; Rannikko S.; Tuhkanen K.; Alfthan O., 1991:
A complex between prostate specific antigen and alpha 1 antichymotrypsin is the major form of prostate specific antigen in serum of patients with prostatic cancer assay of the complex improves clinical sensitivity for cancer

Dokonalová, E.; Vymazalová, Z.; Vymazal, M.; Riegrová, D., 1990:
A complex choristoma of the conjunctiva

Horne S.; Rodrigo R., 1990:
A complex induced proximity effect in the anionic fries rearrangement of o iodophenyl benzoates synthesis of dihydro o methylsterigmatocystin and other xanthones

Lanzotti V.; Nicolaus B.; Trincone A.; M.; Grant W.D.; Gambacorta A., 1989:
A complex lipid with a cyclic phosphate from the archaebacterium natronococcus occultus

Tavernier A.; Campbell S.E.; Golubic S., 1992:
A complex marine shallow water boring trace dendrorete balani new genus new species

Belyaev M.I.; Artemenko V.S.; Pakhomov P.L., 1988:
A complex method of baking vegetables and fruit and its principles

Okeanov A.E., 1988:
A complex of automated systems for cancer service information processing

Gerasimenko V.N.; Grushina T.I.; Lev S.G., 1990:
A complex of conservative rehabilitation measures for postmastectomy edema

Krivosheina M.G.; Nikulina O.N., 1991:
A complex of insects developing in phragmites australis cav trin ex steud

Finlay D.R.; Meier E.; Bradley P.; Horecka J.; Forbes D.J., 1991:
A complex of nuclear pore proteins required for pore function

Crosby J.L.; Bleackley R.C.; Nadeau J.H., 1990:
A complex of serine protease genes expressed preferentially in cytotoxic t lymphocytes is closely linked to the t cell receptor alpha and beta chain genes on mouse chromosome 14

Jovet Ast S., 1989:
A complex of taxa in the genus riccia

Donets I.L.; Donets N.V.; Blinovskii I.K., 1988:
A complex pre planting tuber preparation in primary potato seed growing

Yoshida W.Y.; Lee K.K.; Carroll A.R.; Scheuer P.J., 1992:
A complex pyrrolo oxazinone and its iodo derivative isolated from a tunicate

Weissman, J.D.; Singer, D.S., 1991:
A complex regulatory DNA element associated with a major histocompatibility complex class I gene consists of both a silencer and an enhancer

Evstafieva, A.G.; Ugarova, T.Y.; Chernov, B.K.; Shatsky, I.N., 1991:
A complex RNA sequence determines the internal initiation of encephalomyocarditis virus RNA translation

Bertheas M.F.; Jaubert J.; Vasselon C.; Reynaud J.; Pomier G.; L.P.tit J.C.; Hagemeijer A.; Brizard C.P., 1989:
A complex translocation 3 8 17 involving breakpoint 8p11 in a case of m 5 acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with erythrophagocytosis

Robertson S.A.; Fowler D., 1988:
A complication of cardiac catheterization in the dog perforation of the coronary artery

Nguyen Ngoc Qui; Poulain P.; Grall J.Y., 1992:
A complication of epidural anaesthesia pneumocephaly a case history

Kinninmonth A.W.G., 1990:
A complication of the buried suture

Nyberg L.; Nilsson L G.; Backman L., 1991:
A component analysis of action events

Schnur, S.L.; Smith, E.R.; Lee, R.L.; Mas, M.; Davidson, J.M., 1989:
A component analysis of the effects of DPAT on male rat sexual behavior

Jordan, N.; Sagar, H.J.; Cooper, J.A., 1992:
A component analysis of the generation and release of isometric force in Parkinson's disease

Ranade, A.; Mahadevan, P.R., 1988:
A component of Mycobacterium leprae as a serodiagnostic tool for leprosy

Leslie, R.J.; Kohler, E.; Wilson, L., 1991:
A component of the interphase cytoskeleton is cyclically recruited into spindle poles during mitosis

Geary D.C., 1990:
A componential analysis of an early learning deficit in mathematics

Poole M.D., 1989:
A composite flap for early treatment of hemifacial microsomia

Basset Y., 1988:
A composite interception trap for sampling arthropods in tree canopies

Sterbacek, Z.; Pomije, J.; Skopek, V.; Vokoun, J., 1990:
A composite landscape ecology prognostic expert system colepes part ii. application of the heuristic model hlepes to prognoses of forest structures more resistant to immissions and climate change

D'ilario, L.; Steffan, M.M., 1989:
A composite membrane bioreactor part i. physico chemical characterization

D'ilario, L.; Stefan, M.M., 1989:
A composite membrane bioreactor part ii. possible theoretical model

Accornero N.; Beradelli A.; Manfredi M., 1989:
A composite probe for acoustic and electromyographic recording of muscular activity

Gardiner, K.; Aissani, B.; Bernardi, G., 1990:
A compositional map of human chromosome 21

Schwedt G., 1991:
A compound method comprising calorimetry and ion chromatography for use in caloric value and mineral contents analyses in foodstuffs

Reid D.A.; Eicker A., 1991:
A comprehensive account of chlorophyllum molybdites

Balachandra L., 1988:
A comprehensive account of the mangrove vegetation of andaman and nicobar islands india

Langley M.J.; Lindsay W.P.; Lam C.S.; Priddy D.A., 1990:
A comprehensive alcohol abuse treatment program for persons with traumatic brain injury

Ingram B.L.; Katz E.; Katz E., 1991:
A comprehensive alternative to residential treatment for adolescents and young adults

Huey B.L.; Beller G.A.; Kaiser D.L.; Gibson R.S., 1988:
A comprehensive analysis of myocardial infarction due to left circumflex artery occlusion comparison with infarction due to right coronary artery and left anterior descending artery occlusion

Tyul'pin Y.G., 1990:
A comprehensive analysis of the data of clinicopsychologic examination of patients with alcoholism to predict early disease relapses

Dalton, B.A.; Harris, J.S., 1991:
A comprehensive approach to corporate health management

Lovaas O.I.; Smith T., 1989:
A comprehensive behavioral theory of autistic children paradigm for research and treatment

Coggins C.W.Jr; Henning G.L., 1988:
A comprehensive california usa field study of the influence of preharvest applications of gibberellic acid on the rind quality of valencia oranges

Pentz, M.A.; Johnson, A.; Dwyer, J.H.; MacKinnon, D.M.; Hansen, W.B.; Flay, B.R., 1989:
A comprehensive community approach to adolescent drug abuse prevention: effects on cardiovascular disease risk behaviors

Feksi A.T.; Kaamugisha J.; Gatiti S.; Sander J.W.A.S.; Shorvon S.D., 1991:
A comprehensive community epilepsy program the nakuru project

Shardakova, E.F.; Kokhanova, N.A.; Gontsova, D.A.; Poberezhskaya, A.A.; Elizarova, V.V., 1989:
A comprehensive evaluation of industrial painters' working conditions and their improvement

Marras, W.S.; Mirka, G.A., 1992:
A comprehensive evaluation of trunk response to asymmetric trunk motion

Masse R.; Messier F.; Ayotte C.; Levesque M F.; Sylvestre M., 1989:
A comprehensive gas chromatographic mass spectrometric analysis of 4 chlorobiphenyl bacterial degradation products

Gupta S.; Vayuvegula B., 1991:
A comprehensive immunological analysis in chronic fatigue syndrome

Dharmappa H.B.; Verink J.; Aim R.B.; Yamamoto K.; Vigneswaran S., 1992:
A comprehensive model for cross flow filtration incorporating polydispersity of the influent

Thews, O.; Hutten, H., 1990:
A comprehensive model of the dynamic exchange processes during hemodialysis

Feeny, D.; Furlong, W.; Barr, R.D.; Torrance, G.W.; Rosenbaum, P.; Weitzman, S., 1992:
A comprehensive multiattribute system for classifying the health status of survivors of childhood cancer

Sandberg S.; Awerbuch T.E.; Spielman A., 1992:
A comprehensive multiple matrix model representing the life cycle of the tick that transmits the agent of lyme disese

Chen Z T.; E.A., 1990:
A comprehensive observation on the canine model of respiratory distress syndrome induced with bone marrow

Anumula K.R.; Taylor P.B., 1992:
A comprehensive procedure for preparation of partially methylated alditol acetates from glycoprotein carbohydrates

Muntzel, M.; Drüeke, T., 1992:
A comprehensive review of the salt and blood pressure relationship

Y.S.; Yang F.; Y.W.; Yang J.; Han X.; Qin H.; Wang C., 1989:
A comprehensive study about the influence of soybean on bioavailability of non heme iron in diet

Rasulov U.R., 1990:
A comprehensive study of cardiac status in patients with systemic scleroderma

Hale, L.R.; Singh, R.S., 1991:
A comprehensive study of genic variation in natural populations of Drosophila melanogaster. IV. Mitochondrial DNA variation and the role of history vs. selection in the genetic structure of geographic populations

Choudhary, M.; Coulthart, M.B.; Singh, R.S., 1992:
A comprehensive study of genic variation in natural populations of drosophila melanogaster vi. patterns and processes of genic divergence between drosophila melanogaster and its sibling species drosophila simulans

Kim, K.Y.; Yang, C.H.; Kang, S.H.; Kim, D.S., 1989:
A comprehensive study of immunological abnormalities in Korean hemophiliacs

Pestryakov V.K.; Chukov S.N.; Tsyplenkov V.P.; Popov A.I.; Kovsh N.V., 1989:
A comprehensive study of organic soil matter dynamics

Isenschmid D.S.; Levine B.S.; Caplan Y.H., 1989:
A comprehensive study of the stability of cocaine and its metabolites

Belgrader, P.; Siegel, A.J.; Berezney, R., 1991:
A comprehensive study on the isolation and characterization of the HeLa S3 nuclear matrix

Ismail M.I., 1991:
A comprehensive study on the polarographic behavior of alpha arylhydrazono 3 ketiminonitriles

Watson C.; Bourke R.E.; Brill R.W., 1988:
A comprehensive theory on the etiology of burnt tuna

Jakob R.P.; Miniaci A., 1989:
A compression pinning system for osteochondritis dissecans of the knee

Almeida M.E.S.D.; Furtado M.D.F.D.; Sant'anna O.A.; Vieira E.G.J.; Henrique S.B., 1990:
A computation program to analyze data obtained in quantal assays

Uras S.; Girosi F.; Verri A.; Torre V., 1988:
A computational approach to motion perception

Dresher B.E.; Kaye J.D., 1990:
A computational learning model for metrical phonology

Zwamborn, A.P.; Van den Berg, P.M., 1989:
A computational model for heat generation in a radially layered tissue inside a 'coaxial TEM' applicator

Jones, D.G.; Van Sluyters, R.C.; Murphy, K.M., 1991:
A computational model for the overall pattern of ocular dominance

Pont, M.J.; Damper, R.I., 1991:
A computational model of afferent neural activity from the cochlea to the dorsal acoustic stria

Jamieson, P.W., 1991:
A computational model of levodopa pharmacodynamics in Parkinson's disease

Farah, M.J.; McClelland, J.L., 1991:
A computational model of semantic memory impairment: modality specificity and emergent category specificity

Thomas E.; Patton P.; Wyatt R.E., 1991:
A computational model of the vertical anatomical organization of primary visual cortex

Chen, J.H.; Le, S.Y.; Shapiro, B.; Currey, K.M.; Maizel, J.V., 1990:
A computational procedure for assessing the significance of RNA secondary structure

Haque M.Z., 1991:
A computational study of convoluted back projection algorithm

Wang J.; Endrenyi L., 1992:
A computationally efficient approach for the design of population pharmacokinetic studies

Fulton M.R., 1991:
A computationally efficient forest succession model design and initial tests

Bazzini G.; Gorini M.; Pistarini C.; Rognoni A.; Giordano A.; Zelaschi F., 1989:
A computed system for the evaluation of gait during rehabilitation

Eberhardt J.A.; Torabinejad M.; Christiansen E.L., 1992:
A computed tomographic study of the distances between the maxillary sinus floor and the apices of the maxillary posterior teeth

Yamanobe Y.; Noda Y.; Nakashima Y.; Namaba K., 1989:
A computer aided error correction system for standardized photogrammetry of the face

Terranova A.C.; Roach S.H., 1989:
A computer aided key for distinguishing south carolina usa species of the genus phidippus aranea salticidae

Mannapperuma J.D.; Singh R.P., 1989:
A computer aided method for the prediction of properties and freezing thawing times of foods

Mueller J.; Liedecke W.; Boczeck R., 1991:
A computer aided multi channel gas exchange measurement system for leaves and intact plants

Castor G.; Motsch J.; Altmayer P.; Molter G., 1989:
A computer aided non invasive monitoring system with graphic display of hemodynamic parameters recorded on line

Lukina N.I.; Soidla T.R., 1990:
A computer aided search for giant dna protein complexes

Casale R.; Buonocore M.; Rinaldi L.A., 1989:
A computer aided system for the evaluation of some components of reaction times

Wilding R.J.C.; Lewin A., 1991:
A computer analysis of normal human masticatory movements recorded with a sirognathograph

Gaffney E.S.; Meylan P.A.; Wyss A.R., 1991:
A computer assisted analysis of the relationships of the higher categories of turtles

Watanabe J.; Asaka Y.; Amatsu T.; Kanamura S., 1992:
A computer assisted dual wavelength microphotometry system for the measurement of cytochrome p 450 content in sections

Linkind G.M.; Shashkov A.S.; Kochetkov N.K., 1989:
A computer assisted structural analysis of the branched o specific polysaccharide of salmonella arizonae 063 arizona 08 on the basis of carbon 13 nmr data

Hashimoto M.S.; Tanaka Y.; Sasabuchi H.; Hattori C.F., 1989:
A computer assisted structure elucidation scheme based upon the pattern of assembly of peaks in carbon 13 proton nmr spectra

Mann B.P.; Wratten S.D., 1991:
A computer based advisory system for cereal aphids field testing the model

Eskelinen M.; Ikonen J.; Lipponen P., 1992:
A computer based diagnostic score to aid in diagnosis of acute appendicitis a prospective study of 1333 patients with acute abdominal pain

Ben Hassan R.M.; Ghaly A.E.; Mansour M.H., 1991:
A computer based ph measurement and control system for fermentation processes

Weber W.R.; Henderson E.H., 1989:
A computer based program of word study effects on reading and spelling

Magarey P.A.; Wachtel M.F.; Weir P.C.; Seem R.C., 1991:
A computer based simulator for rational management of grapevine downy mildew plasmopara viticola

Jones D.M.; Harrison P.J.; Clifford P.J.; Yin K.; M., 1991:
A computer based system for the acquisition and display of continuous vertical profiles of temperature salinity fluorescence and nutrients

Mattarei M.; D.V.nuto G.; Spagnolli W.; Ramponi C.; Dal Follo M.; Miori R., 1990:
A computer based system in hypertensive outpatient treatment

Torigoe Y., 1989:
A computer based system of land classification for upland field qualities and limitations

Van Tonder G.J., 1989:
A computer code the calculation of the relative transmissivity distribution in an aquifer for steady state ground water levels

Fahad A.A., 1989:
A computer controlled dual gamma scanner for measurement of soil water content and bulk density

Mcmenemin I.M.; Kenny G.N.C., 1988:
A computer controlled non invasive hemodynamic monitoring system

Smithies, D.J.; Butler, P.H.; Pickering, J.W.; Walker, E.P., 1991:
A computer controlled scanner for the laser treatment of vascular lesions and hyperpigmentation

Diener R.G.; Pentrack M.L.; Peterson R.A.; Jones W.T.; Moseley J.L., 1990:
A computer controlled underground heat exchanger for broilers

Simpson, D.S.; Souter, A.J., 1990:
A computer designed graph for administration of atracurium by i.v. infusion

Kober B.; Mueller Sievers K.; Schroeder U.G.; Stratmann H., 1990:
A computer directed method for instant production of lead blocks and compensators for radiation therapy

Bonati M.; Balocco R.; Colombo A.; Pistotti V., 1991:
A computer filing system for drug use in a pregnancy consultation service

Goel N.S.; Rozehnal I.; Thompson R.L., 1991 :
A computer graphics based model for scattering from objects of arbitrary shapes in the optical region

W.W.; Wang B.; Chen X.; G.S.; Shen S., 1992:
A computer image analysis of epicardial nadh fluorescence photography in myocardial ischemia

Shannon, R.V.; Adams, D.D.; Ferrel, R.L.; Palumbo, R.L.; Grandgenett, M., 1990:
A computer interface for psychophysical and speech research with the Nucleus cochlear implant

Finkelstein M.W.; Johnson L.A.; Lilly G.E., 1991:
A computer management system for patient simulations

Chan, L.; Zuker, M.; Jacobson, A.B., 1991:
A computer method for finding common base paired helices in aligned sequences: application to the analysis of random sequences

Rey, J.M.; Mahajan, R., 1988:
A computer method for identifying nematode species 2. genera tylenchorhynchus and merlinius nematoda tylenchina

Balas, E.A.; Pryor, T.A.; Hebertson, R.M.; Haug, P.J.; Twede, M., 1991:
A computer method for visual presentation and programmed evaluation of labor

Van Den Hoed N.; Van Asselen O.L.J., 1991:
A computer model for calculating effective uptake rates of tube type diffusive air samplers

Cardoso H.; Mimbacas A.; Crispino B.; Maiuri C., 1988:
A computer model for evaluating the factors involved in the duration of the meiotic prophase stages during male cricket development

Kornher A.; Nyman P.; Taube F., 1991:
A computer model for simulation of quality of herbage of grass swards based on meteorological data

Camp J.J.; Maguire L.J.; Cameron B.M.; Robb R.A., 1990:
A computer model for the evaluation of the effect of corneal topography on optical performance

Spynu K.I.; Preigel' I.A.; Vutkarev V.P.; Grushko T.P.; Il'chuk I.T.; Kostritsa S.S.; Yarovoi P.I.; Vangeli M.P., 1989:
A computer model for the prognosis of aseptic meningitis incidence

Chard T.; Carroll S., 1990:
A computer model of antenatal care relationship between the distribution of obstetric risk factors in simulated cases and in a real population

Beauvois, M.W.; Meddis, R., 1991:
A computer model of auditory stream segregation

Kromkamp J.; Walsby A.E., 1990:
A computer model of buoyancy and vertical migration in cyanobacteria

Schreiner W.; Neumann F.; Nanninga C.; Mohl W.; Wolner E., 1989:
A computer model of myocardial squeezing and intramyocardial flow during graded coronary artery stenosis in the presence of coronary sinus interventions

Achs M.J.; Garfinkel L.; Garfinkel D., 1991:
A computer model of pancreatic islet glycolysis

Scott W.D.; Wrigley T.J.; Webb K.M., 1991:
A computer model of struvite solution chemistry

Goldstein L.J.; Rypins E.B., 1992:
A computer model of the kidney

Katona T.R.; Tackney V.M.; Keates J.K., 1988:
A computer model of the periodontal ligament space in man

Bonan G.B., 1989:
A computer model of the solar radiation soil moisture and soil thermal regimes in boreal forests

Haarmann H.J.; Kolk H.H.J., 1991:
A computer model of the temporal course of agrammatic sentence understanding the effects of variation in severity and sentence complexity

Wilson, C.; Doniach, S., 1989:
A computer model to dynamically simulate protein folding: studies with crambin

Papayannopoulos, I.A.; Biemann, K., 1991:
A computer program (COMPOST) for predicting mass spectrometric information from known amino acid sequences

Lanao, J.M.; Vicente, M.T.; Sayalero, M.L.; Domínguez-Gil, A., 1992:
A computer program (DCN) for numerical convolution and deconvolution of pharmacokinetic functions

Quivey, R.G.; Bowen, W.H., 1991:
A computer program designed for the analysis of data from rat caries studies

Singleton J.A.; Beaumont J.J.; Doebbert G., 1989:
A computer program for analyses vital statistics based occupational mortality data

Zikovsky L., 1989:
A computer program for calculating germanium lithium detector counting efficiencies for marinelli beakers

Latvis V.; Peduzzi P., 1989:
A computer program for calculating ratio estimates

Rychlik, W.; Rhoads, R.E., 1989:
A computer program for choosing optimal oligonucleotides for filter hybridization, sequencing and in vitro amplification of DNA

Daxecker F.; Blumthaler M., 1989:
A computer program for differential diagnosis of ophthalmologic syndromes

Bendl E.; Hastert F.; Swoboda W.; Herkner K., 1989:
A computer program for drawing structure formulas of the hormonal steroids used most frequently in endocrinology

Sadler W.A.; Smith M.H., 1990:
A computer program for estimating imprecision characteristics of immunoassays

Swank P.R.; Lewis M.L.; Damron K.L., 1991:
A computer program for microplate reader interface and analysis of kinetic microclot lysis assays

Hargrove, J.L.; Hulsey, M.G.; Schmidt, F.H.; Beale, E.G., 1990:
A computer program for modeling the kinetics of gene expression

A.Kurdi Z.D.M., 1989:
A computer program for obtaining the kinematic and kinetic data of a segment

Lynnerup N.; Lynnerup O.; Homoe P., 1992:
A computer program for planimetric analysis of digitized images

Effert R.; Hummel W., 1988:
A computer program for registering patient data in a remedial center

Wilson K.R.; Nicholas J.D.; Hines J.E., 1989:
A computer program for sample size computations for banding studies

Baughman A.L., 1989:
A computer program for summarizing scatter plots with robust ellipses

Barbalas M.P.; Garland W.A., 1991:
A computer program for the deconvolution of mass spectral peak abundance data from experiments using stable isotopes

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