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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6940

Chapter 6940 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Liu Y.; Xu M.; Xi D., 1992: A computer program for the power spectra analysis of biomedical signals

Fung K.P., 1989: A computer program in basic for estimation of ed 50 and ld 50

Joh S O.; Koh C H., 1991: A computer program mapp for the estimation of the macroalgal annual production from photosynthetic rates and biomass changes

Bartoszcze M.; Palec S.; Mizak Z.; Malinski M.; Wegiel T., 1990: A computer program rabies in europe

Sands T.W.; Petras M.L.; Van Wijngaarden J., 1990: A computer program to assist in the choice of restriction endonucleases for use in dna analyses

Lee S.S.; Park K.; Kang C., 1991: A computer program to calculate total wedge angle of curved dna

Pellar T.G.; Galbraith L.V.; Leung F.Y.; Henderson A.R., 1989: A computer program to determine diagnostic decision thresholds and likelihood ratios illustrated with aspartate aminotransferase activities after a myocardial infarction

Halfon E.; De Jong D., 1989: A computer program to display animations within the computer graphics halo environment

Los' D.A.; Semenenko V.E., 1991: A computer search and analysis of chloroplast dna sequences homologous to the light responsive elements of photosynthetic nuclear genes

Wojciechowski P.W.; Brash J.L., 1990: A computer simulation for the study of macromolecular adsorption with special applications to single component protein adsorption

Mujumdar M.P.; Mitra C.K., 1990: A computer simulation model for action potential in an excitable membrane

Larson R.C.; Minkoff A.S.; Gregory P., 1991: A computer simulation model or fleet sizing for the marine division of the new york city department of sanitation new york usa

Birk, A. M.; Anderson, R. J.; Coppens, A. J., 1990: A computer simulation of a derailment accident part 1. model basis

Birk, A. M.; Anderson, R. J.; Coppens, A. J., 1990: A computer simulation of a derailment accident part ii. sample simulation

Rhee E.K.; England J.D.; Sumner A.J., 1990: A computer simulation of conduction block effects produced by actual block versus interphase cancellation

Schwab, A. P.; Lindsay, W. L., 1989: A computer simulation of iron iii and iron ii complexation in limited nutrient solution i. program development and testing

Schwab, A. P.; Lindsay, W. L., 1989: A computer simulation of iron iii and iron ii complexation in nutrient solutions ii. application to growing plants

Hawkins D.A.; Hull M.L., 1991: A computer simulation of muscle tendon mechanics

Oshio K.; Singh M., 1989: A computer simulation of t 2 decay effects in echo planar imaging

Yamamoto R.; Sakurai N., 1990: A computer simulation of the creep process of the cell wall using stress relaxation parameters

Semple H.A.; Tam Y.K.; Coutts R.T., 1990: A computer simulation of the food effect transient changes in hepatic blood flow and michaelis menten parameters as mediators of hepatic first pass metabolism and bioavailability of propranolol

Van Der Bilt A.; Van Der Glas H.W.; Bosman F., 1992: A computer simulation of the influence of selection and breakage of food on the chewing efficiency of human mastication

Allen A.D., 1991: A computer simulation of the natural history of hiv infection insights and implications

Richard P.; Durance T.D.; Sandberg G.M.M., 1991: A computer simulation of thermal sterilization of canned foods with sub freezing initial temperatures

Caissie D., 1991: A computer software package for instream flow analysis by the flow duration method

Kuznetsov V.A.; Alekseeva E.I., 1991: A computer study of two tumor focuses dynamics with considering the immune cells circulation

Kido S., 1992: A computer system for image feature analysis of chest radiographs in ct documented interstitial lung diseases

Rogozin I.B.; Kolchanov N.A.; Solov'ev V.V.; Sredneva N.E., 1990: A computer system for the analysis of a poly nucleotide context for the role it plays in the appearing of point mutations

Czosnyka M.; Batorski L.; Laniewski P.; Maksymowicz W.; Koszewski W.; Zaworski W., 1990: A computer system for the identification of the cerebrospinal compensatory model

Moss J.P.; Grindrod S.R.; Linney A.D.; Arridge S.R.; James D., 1988: A computer system for the interactive planning and prediction of maxillofacial surgery

Middendorp G.J.A.; Houwing A.; Van Der Heijden G.W.A.M., 1990: A computer system to detect word similarity

Mcfarlane N.J.B., 1991: A computer vision algorithm for automatic guidance of microplant harvesting

Semus S.F.; Martin B.R., 1990: A computergraphic investigation into the pharmacological role of the thc cannabinoid phenolic moiety

Andrewes D.G.; Maude D., 1990: A computerised clinical test of forgetting based on the act model of memory retrieval

Woon W.H.; Spalton D.J., 1990: A computerised diagnostic index for medical and neuro ophthalmology

Gordon C.; Thorne S., 1990: A computerised method for determining the thermal conductivity and specific heat of foods from temperature measurements during cooling

Laverick M.D.; Mcgivern R.C.; Brown J.G.; Birkmyre J.S.; Kernohan W.G.; Croal S.A.; Mcnally M.; Mollan R.A.B., 1992: A computerised system of screening for deep venous thrombosis

Hotary K.B.; Nuccitelli R.; Robinson K.R., 1992: A computerized 2 dimensional vibrating probe for mapping extracellular current patterns

Arroe M., 1991: A computerized aid in ventilating neonates

Fraser N.M.; Dagnino A.; Hipel K.W., 1990: A computerized algorithm for encoding preference information

Moreno O.; Leduc R.; Gehr R., 1991: A computerized algorithm for the design and analysis of step feed activated sludge sedimentation systems

Mahony C.; Elion J.L.; Fischer P.L.C., 1989: A computerized analysis of platelet aggregation detected by ultrasound

Strauss P.L.; Turndorf H., 1989: A computerized anesthesia database

Bertolotti, G.; Zotti, A. M.; Michielin, P.; Vidototo, G.; Sanavio, E., 1990: A computerized approach to cognitive behavioral assessment an introduction to cba 2.0 primary scales

Cha D.S.; Nakao H.; Watahiki K., 1991: A computerized arrangement of forest road using a digital terrain model

Jossinet J.; Leftheriotis G.; Vernier F.; Saumet J.L., 1990: A computerized bioelectrical cardiac monitor

Greitz T.; Bohm C.; Holte S.; Eriksson L., 1991: A computerized brain atlas construction anatomical content and some applications

Chen J., 1992: A computerized data analysis system for electrogastrogram

Tercafs R., 1991: A computerized data bank of karstic phenomena of belgium proposed extension to a test region in france

Conkin J.; Bedahl S.R.; Van Liew H.D., 1992: A computerized databank of decompression sickness incidence in altitude chambers

Rohr S., 1990: A computerized device for long term measurements of the contraction frequency of cultured rat heart cells under stable incubating conditions

Schug S.A.; Zech D.; Grond S., 1992: A computerized documentation system for cancer pain management units

Bernier G.; Goyette N., 1991: A computerized expert system as an aid for the diagnosis of avian diseases sadap

French C.C.; Beaumont J.G., 1989: A computerized form of the eysenck personality questionnaire a clinical study

Flotte T.J.; Seddon J.M.; Zhang Y.; Glynn R.J.; Egan K.M.; Gragoudas E.S., 1989: A computerized image analysis method for measuring elastic tissue

Prozorov A.A.; Katysheva L.V., 1988: A computerized information system for a dairy cattle breeding center

Kirkpatrick T.; Schneider C.W.; Pavloski R., 1991: A computerized ir monitor for following movement in aquatic animals

Al Kassab B.; Barker G.R., 1991: A computerized measurement of dental relapse following orthognathic surgery

Ochs R.S.; Conrow K., 1991: A computerized metabolic map

Hill S.; Whyte I.M.; Smith A.J.; White T., 1992: A computerized method for management and analysis of blood pressure in small animals

Balaban M.; Carrillo A.R.; Kokini J.L., 1988: A computerized method to analyze the creep behavior of viscoelastic foods

Tennant M.; Mcgeachie J.K., 1991: A computerized morphometric technique for the analysis of intimal hyperplasia

Arabia F.A.; Talbot T.L.; Stewart S.F.C.; Nast E.P.; Clark R.E., 1989: A computerized physiologic pulse duplicator for in vitro hydrodynamic and ultrasonic studies of prosthetic heart valves

Daru J.; Williamson H.O.; Rust P.F.; Homm R.J.; Mathur S., 1988: A computerized postcoital test sperm motility comparison with clinical postcoital test and correlations with sperm antibodies

Arullani A.; Cappello G., 1989: A computerized program for tpn

Bagnato G.; Bottari M.; Siragusa G.; Bianchi I.; Di Forti F.; La Rosa M., 1989: A computerized program of skin test evaluation and its predictive value in immunotherapy

Nix W.A.; Lueder G.; Hopf H.C.; Lueth G., 1989: A computerized re evaluation of the collision technique

Mariani G.; Manotti C.; Dettori A.G., 1990: A computerized regulation of dosage in oral anticoagulant therapy

De Meersman R.; Faroudja N.; Juris P.; Higgins J.; Gentile A., 1990: A computerized respiratory sinus arrhythmia program for the non invasive assessment of parasympathetic activity

Jansen J.R.C.; Hoorn E.; Van Goudoever J.; Verspirille A., 1989: A computerized respiratory system including test functions of lung and circulation

Bode M.; Jakubowicz A.; Habermeier H U., 1988: A computerized signal acquisition system for the quantitative evaluation of ebic and cl data in a sem

Saliterman S.S., 1990: A computerized simulator for critical care training new technology for medical education

Kondo T.; Murata T.; Kuwahira I.; Ohta Y.; Yamabayashi H.; Ogushi Y., 1989: A computerized standard flow generator for spirometer calibration

Scherer E.; Mcnicol R.E.; Capel M.J., 1992: A computerized system for analyzing linear locomotion

Imperiale C., 1989: A computerized system for clinical investigations in cardiac electrophysiology

Imperiale C., 1991 : A computerized system for ferrokinetics and erythropoiesis measurements

Baptista A., 1989: A computerized system for management of clinical information

Moummi C.; Woodford M., 1992: A computerized system for measuring cell length of single isolated smooth muscle cells

Simon V.M.; Redolat R.; Parra A.; Carrasco C.; Somoza E., 1991: A computerized system for measuring time perception in human subjects

Wagner U.; Goldenberg R.; Hutson J.P., 1990: A computerized system for monitoring and controlling intracranial electrical self stimulation behavior

Alston R.P.; Rennie R.A.; Toal F.; Kenny G.N.C., 1989: A computerized system for the study of oxygen uptake and hemodynamics during cardiopulmonary bypass

Garrahan N.J.; Croucher P.I.; Compston J.E., 1990: A computerized technique for the quantitative assessment of resorption cavities in trabecular bone

Debski T.T.; Kamarck T.W.; Jennings J.R.; Young L.W.; Eddy M.J.; Zhang Y., 1991: A computerized test battery for the assessment of cardiovascular reactivity

Shiraishi H.; Koizumi J.; Hori M.; Terashima Y.; Suzuki T.; Saito K.; Mizukami K.; Tanaka Y.; Yamaguchi N., 1992: A computerized tomographic study in patients with delusional and nondelusional depression

Kondo T.; Kubota M.; Aono Y.; Watanabe M., 1988: A computerized video system to automatically analyze movements of individual cells and its application to the study of circadian rhythms in phototaxis and motility in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Curley J.F.; Ginard R.J., 1990: A computerized visual search task as a measure of cerebral dysfunction and organization

Veeger H.E.J.; Van Der Woude L.H.; Rozendal R.H., 1992: A computerized wheelchair ergometer results of a comparison study

Wrigley R.H.; Angleton G.M., 1988: A computerized word based data system for a veterinary radiology department

Swales L.S.; Evans P.D., 1989: A concentration dependent localization of octopamine sensitive adenylate cyclase activity in locust skeletal muscle

Nagesha C.N.; Mallya S.; Parvathi C.N.; Shetty J.N., 1988: A concentration method for detection and quantitation of bacillemia in leprosy and its comparison with other techniques

Borisch, D., 1990: A concentration of chilocorus bipustulatus l. coleoptera coccinellidae

Cormier, J. P.; Baillon, F., 1991: A concentration of montagu's barrier circus pygargus in the m'bour region of senegal west africa during the 1988 89 winter use of the habitat and diet

Schmidt Bleek F.; Peichl L.; Reiml D.; Behling G.; Mueller K.W., 1988: A concept for detecting unexpected changes in the environment early

Chen S.; Ishino M.; Hirayama N.; Otsuka K.; Kihara K., 1988: A concept of rate of age and its application to fish population dynamics

Mukerjee S.; Biswas P., 1992: A concept of risk apportionment of air emission sources for risk reduction considerations

Clark S.A., 1990: A concept of stochastic transitivity for the random utility model

Kawai, T., 1991: A concept of the fisheries based on resources management in the tohoku sea area i. features of fisheries production and proposals of fundamental theme

Nahlik K.; Trela J., 1990: A conception of the breeding program for cattle population in the nowy sacz province

Hou H.; Pei C.; Ping Y., 1990: A conception on integrated investigation of the external environment in environmental impact assessment eia projects

Bendel S.; Meyer E.; Christenfeldt R., 1990: A conceptional starting point of computer assisted diagnostics in neuro otology

Dobson K.; Franche R L., 1989: A conceptual and empirical review of the depressive realism hypothesis

Simpson J.W., 1989: A conceptual and historical basis for spatial analysis

Sassower R.; Grodin M.A., 1990: A conceptual approach to child maltreatment

Nasser J.G.; Attia E.L., 1990: A conceptual approach to learning and organizing the surgical anatomy of the skull base

Khordagui H.K., 1992: A conceptual approach to selection of a control measure for residual chlorine discharge in kuwait bay

Dakhoul Y.M.; Somers R.E.; Haynes R.D., 1990: A conceptual design for a space based solar water heater

Fairweather P.G., 1991: A conceptual framework for ecological studies of coastal resources an example of a tunicate collected for bait on australian seashores

Anderson J.E., 1991: A conceptual framework for evaluating and quantifying naturalness

Levy J., 1991: A conceptual meta paradigm for the study of health behavior and health promotion

Morin A.; Back C.; Boisvert J.; Peters R.H., 1989: A conceptual model for the estimation of the sensitivity of black fly larvae to bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis

Mclachlan M.; Mackay D.; Jones P.H., 1990: A conceptual model of organic chemical volatilization at waterfalls

Turner J.R.; Tainton N.M., 1990: A conceptual stocking rate model for the moderately dry mixed and sourveld grazing regions of natal south africa

Kluge A.G., 1989: A concern for evidence and a phylogenetic hypothesis of relationships among epicrates boidae serpentes

Zordan M.; Russo A.; Costa R.; Bianco N.; Beltrame C.; Levis A.G., 1990: A concerted approach to the study of the aneuploidogenic properties of two chelating agents edta and nta in the germ and somatic cell lines of drosophila and the mouse

Achab S.; Das B.C., 1990: A concise and general entry into r 4 hydroxy 2 substituted cyclopent 2 enones from d glucose chiral intermediates for the synthesis of pge 2 levo pentenomycin i and allethrin

Jung M.; Bustos D.A.; Elsohly H.N.; Mcchesney J.D., 1990: A concise and stereoselective synthesis of dextro 12 n butyldeoxoartemisinin

Martin O.R.; Lai W., 1990: A concise approach to beta 1 6 and beta beta 1 1 linked c disaccharides the synthesis of c beta beta trehalose peracetate

Gaudino, J. J.; Wilcox, C. S., 1990: A concise approach to enantiomerically pure carbocyclic ribose analogues synthesis of 4s 5r 6r 7r 7 hydroxymethylspiro 2.4 heptane 4 5 6 triol 7 o dihydrogen phosphate

Inokuchi T.; Tanigawa S.; Kanazaki M.; Torii S., 1991: A concise conversion of glucose to a chiral erythrose derivative and a stereospecific synthesis of 3 amino 4 cyclohexyl 2 hydroxybutanoates

Takano S.; Shimazaki Y.; Ogasawara K., 1989: A concise enantio and stereocontrolled synthesis of dextro ramulosin from r o benzylglycidol

Jansen J., 1989: A concise history of the ostertagiinae lopez neyra 1947 nematoda trichostrongyloidea and discussion on its composition

Takano S.; Yanase M.; Ogasawara K., 1989: A concise route to s phenylalanine from r epichlorohydrin

Palomo C.; Aizpurua J.M.; Ontoria J.M.; Iturburu M., 1992: A concise stereoselective approach to beta alkylaspartates from beta lactams via 2 plus 2 cycloaddition reaction of ketenes to glyoxylic ester derived imines

Jung, M.; Yu, D.; Bustos, D.; Elsohly, H. N.; Mcchesney, J. D., 1991: A concise synthesis of 12 3' hydroxy n propyldeoxoartemisinin

Brandange S.; Leijonmarck H.; Olund J., 1989: A concise synthesis of 2s 5r 2 methyl 5 hexanolide

Tada M.; Oikawa A.; Iwata R.; Sato K.; Sugiyama H.; Takahashi H.; Wakui A.; Fukuda H.; Kuboto K.; Et Al, 1991: A concise synthesis of carbonyl carbon 11 melatonin and n carbonyl carbon 11 acetylserotonin

Akiyama T.; Shima H.; Ozaki S., 1991: A concise synthesis of levo conduritol f from l quebrachitol via aluminum chloride tetrabutylammonium iodide mediated demethylation

Tius M.A.; Trehan S., 1989: A concise synthesis of racemic methylenomycin a and racemic epi methylenomycin a

Boss A.M.; Clissold D.W.; Mann J.; Markson A.J.; Thickitt C.P., 1989: A concise synthesis of racemic pyridoglutethimide and its resolution using chiral stationary phase hplc

Back T.G.; Blazecka P.G.; Krishna M.V., 1991: A concise synthesis of the brassinolide side chain

Boger D.L.; Zhang M., 1992: A concise synthesis of the fredericamycin a def ring system 4 plus 2 cycloaddition reactions of 1 aza 1 3 butadienes

Barbosa L C.D.; Mann J., 1990: A concise synthesis of the pseudoguaianolide skeleton

De Almeida Barbosa L C.; Mann J., 1992: A concise synthesis of the pseudoguaianolide skeleton

Dondoni A.; Fantin G.; Fogagnolo M.; Pedrini P., 1989: A concise thiazole mediated synthesis of l levo rhodinose from s ethyl lactate the thiazole route to deoxysugars

Paquette L.A.; Sweeney T.J., 1990: A concise total synthesis of enantiomerically pure dextro cis and dextro trans lauthisan

Ishibashi H.; Sato T.; Takahashi M.; Hayashi M.; Ishikawa K.; Ikeda M., 1990: A concise total synthesis of racemic 3 demethoxyerythratidinone based on an acid promoted double cyclization of alpha sulfinylacetamides

Lin L.I K., 1989: A concordance correlation coefficient to evaluate reproducibility

Carroll M.E.; Lac S.T.; Nygaard S.L., 1989: A concurrently available nondrug reinforcer prevents the acquisition or decreases the maintenance of cocaine reinforced behavior

Abbott D.P.; Masson M T.; Bonnet M C., 1991: A condition resembling pagetoid reticulosis in a laboratory mouse

Crittenden R.N.; Thomas G.L., 1989: A conditional generalized least squares method for estimating the size of a closed population

Ivanov I.; Yavashev L.; Gigova L.; Alexciev K.; Christov C., 1988: A conditional high copy number plasmid derivative of p br322

Pooley H.M.; Abellan F X.; Karamata D., 1991: A conditional lethal mutant of bacillus subtilis 168 with a thermosensitive glycerol 3 phosphate cytidylyltransferase an enzyme specific for the synthesis of the major wall teichoic acid

Pennock D.G.; Thatcher T.; Bowen J.; Bruns P.J.; Gorovsky M.A., 1988: A conditional mutant having paralyzed cilia and a block in cytokinesis is rescued by cytoplasmic exchange in tetrahymena thermophila

Capaldi E.J.; Miller D.J.; Alptekin S., 1989: A conditional numerical discrimination based on qualitatively different reinforcers

Robeson S.M.; Steyn D.G., 1989: A conditional probability density function for forecasting ozone air quality data

Dul J.L.; Burrone O.R.; Argon Y., 1992: A conditional secretory mutant in an ig l chain is caused by replacement of tyrosine phenylalanine 87 with histidine

Kadowaki T.; Zhao Y.; Tartakoff A.M., 1992: A conditional yeast mutant deficient in mrna transport from nucleus to cytoplasm

Haymer D.S., 1988: A conditionally expressed wing mutation in drosophila mauritiana

Mark G.P.; Blander D.S.; Hoebel B.G., 1991: A conditioned stimulus decreases extracellular dopamine in the nucleus accumbens after the development of a learned taste aversion

Marosy M.; Patton R.F.; Upper C.D., 1989: A conducive day concept to explain the effect of low temperature on the development of scleroderris shoot blight

Ogden I.D., 1988: A conductance medium to distinguish between salmonella and citrobacter spp

Aman E.S.; Serve D., 1990: A conductimetric study of the association between cyclodextrins and surfactants application to the electrochemical study of a mixed aqueous system substrate cyclodextrin surfactant

Sung I.Y.; Oh C.H., 1988: A conduction study across the sacral plexus

Jensen T.R.; Radwin R.G.; Webster J.G., 1991: A conductive polymer sensor for measuring external finger forces

Kanaya K.; Yonehara K.; Oho E.; Inoue N.; Izumida M., 1990: A cone formation theory of contamination in high resolution transmission electron microscopy

Adar R.; Critchfield G.C.; Eddy D.M., 1989: A confidence profile analysis of the results of femoropopliteal percutaneous transluminal angioplasty in the treatment of lower extremity ischemia

Wilson P.N.; Pearce J.M., 1992: A configural analysis for feature negative discrimination learning

Yayon A.; Zimmer Y.; Guo Hong S.; Avivi A.; Yarden Y.; Givol D., 1992: A confined variable region confers ligand specificity on fibroblast growth factor receptors implications for the origin of the immunoglobulin fold

Brookings J.B., 1990: A confirmatory factor analytic study of time sharing performance and cognitive abilities

O'grady K.E., 1990: A confirmatory maximum likelihood factor analysis of the wppsi

Criswell H.E.; Breese G.R., 1989: A conflict procedure not requiring deprivation evidence that chronic ethanol treatment induces tolerance to the anticonflict action of ethanol and chlordiazepoxide

Bradbury F.M.; Ockleford D.C., 1990: A confocal and conventional epifluorescence microscope study of the intermediate filaments in chorionic villi

Watson T.F., 1990: A confocal microscopic study of some factors affecting the adaptation of a light cured glass ionomer to tooth tissue

Skuce P.J.; Johnston C.F.; Fairweather I.; Halton D.W.; Shaw C., 1990: A confocal scanning laser microscope study of the peptidergic and serotoninergic components of the nervous system in larval schistosoma mansoni

Toniolo C.; Crisma M.; Pegoraro S.; Valle G.; Bonora G.M.; Becker E.L.; Polinelli S.; Boesten W.H.J.; Schoemaker H.E.; Et Al, 1991: A conformation activity study of the l alpha me phe 3 analog of the formylmethionyl tripeptide chemoattractant

Kouns W.C.; Wall C.D.; White M.M.; Fox C.F.; Jennings L.K., 1990: A conformation dependent epitope of human platelet glycoprotein iiia

Milner J., 1991: A conformation hypothesis for the suppressor and promoter functions of p53 in cell growth control and in cancer

Altschuh D.; Vix O.; Rees B.; Thierry J C., 1992: A conformation of cyclosporin a in aqueous environment revealed by x ray structure of a cyclosporin fab complex

Andersen N.H.; Hammen P.K., 1991: A conformation preference potency correlation for gnrh analogs nmr evidence

Mzareulov K.D., 1991: A conformational analysis of effects of human somatotropin lipotropic action and its peptide analogs

Chatelain P.; Brasseur R., 1991: A conformational analysis study of the interaction of amiodarone and cholesterol with lysophosphatidylcholine

Flynn D.C.; Meyer W.J.; Mackenzie J.M.Jr; Johnston R.E., 1990: A conformational change in sindbis virus glycoproteins e1 and e2 is detected at the plasma membrane as a consequence of early virus cell interaction

Mierke D.F.; Schiller P.W.; Goodman M., 1990: A conformational comparison of two stereoisomeric cyclic dermorphin analogues employing nmr and computer simulations

Salmeron A.; Sanchez Madrid F.; Ursa M.A.; Fresno M.; Alarcon B., 1991: A conformational epitope expressed upon association of cd3 epsilon with either cd3 delta or cd3 gamma is the main target for recognition by anti cd3 monoclonal antibodies

Fahey K.J.; Erny K.; Crooks J., 1989: A conformational immunogen on vp 2 of infectious bursal disease virus that induces virus neutralizing antibodies that passively protect chickens

Sagara Y.; Wade J.B.; Inesi G., 1992: A conformational mechanism for formation of a dead end complex by the sarcoplasmic reticulum atpase with thapsigargin

Zhang Z.; Pascal S.M.; Cross T.A., 1992: A conformational rearrangement in gramicidin a from a double stranded left handed to a single stranded right handed helix

Widmalm G.; Byrd R.A.; Egan W., 1992: A conformational study of alpha l rhap 1 2 alpha l rhap 1 ome by nmr nuclear overhauser effect spectroscopy noesy and molecular dynamics calculations

Imperiali B.; Fisher S.L.; Moats R.A.; Prins T.J., 1992: A conformational study of peptides with the general structure ac l xaa pro d xaa l xaa nh 2 spectroscopic evidence for a peptide with significant beta turn character in water and in dimethyl sulfoxide

North M., 1992: A conformational study on cyclo s phenylalanyl s histidyl by molecular modelling and nmr techniques

Reed J.; Kinzel V., 1991: A conformational switch is associated with receptor affinity in peptides derived from the cd4 binding domain of gp120 from hiv i

Deville Bonne D.; Garel J R., 1992: A conformational transition involved in antagonistic substrate binding to the allosteric phosphofructokinase from escherichia coli

Shinozaki H.; Ishida M.; Shimamoto K.; Ohfune Y., 1989: A conformationally restricted analogue of l glutamate the 2s 3r 4s isomer of l alpha carboxycyclopropylglycine activates the nmda type receptor more markedly than nmda in the isolated rat spinal cord

Verdcourt B., 1988: A confusion in priva verbenaceae

Duarte Davidson R.; Burnett V.; Waterhouse K.S.; Jones K.C., 1991: A congener specific method for the analysis of polychlorinated biphenyls pcbs in human milk

Hainaut P.; Castellazzi M.; Gonzales D.; Clausse N.; Hilgers J.; Crepin M., 1990: A congenic line of the balb c mouse strain with the endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus proviral gene mtv 3 tissue specific expression and correlation with resistance to mouse mammary tumor virus infection and tumorigenesis

Matsuzawa A.; Sayama K.; Tsubura A.; Murakami A., 1990: A congenic line of the ddd mouse strain ddd 1 mtv 2 establishment and mammary tumorigenesis

Matsuzawa A.; Sayama K.; Tsubura A.; Murakami A., 1990: A congenic line of the ddd mouse strain ddd 1 mtv 2 mtv 2 establishment and mammary tumorigenesis

Broome G.H.H.; Houghton G.R., 1989: A congenital abnormality of the tibial tuberosity representing the evolution of traction epiphyses

Nakamura J.; Ubo E.; Maezawa N., 1991: A congenital adhesion of the helix

Russo P.; Doyon J.; Sonsino E.; Ogier H.; Saudubray J M., 1992: A congenital anomaly of vitamin b 12 metabolism a study of three cases

Nagae H.; Nakanishi H.; Harada S.; Toda N.; Arase S.; Takeda K., 1989: A congenital midline sinus of the upper lip

Triggs W.J.; Beric A.; Butler I.J.; Roongta S.M., 1992: A congenital myasthenic syndrome refractory to acetylcholinesterase inhibitors

Koopman J.; Haverkate F.; Briet E.; Lord S.T., 1991: A congenitally abnormal fibrinogen vlissigen with a 6 base deletion in the gamma chain gene causing defective calcium binding and impaired fibrin polymerization

Azhari H.; Buchalter M.; Sideman S.; Shapiro E.; Beyar R., 1992: A conical model to describe the nonuniformity of the left ventricular twisting motion

Plechaty M., 1988: A conjugal curriculum vitae method behavioral assessment and treatment of martial problems

Blanchard P.; El Kortbi M.S.; Fourrey J L.; Robert Gero M., 1992: A conjugate addition of primary alkyl iodide derived species to electron deficient olefins

Du Toit M.D.; Strydom W.J.; Van Reenen O.R.; Van Der Merwe C.F., 1990: A conjugate counting method to determine selenium 75 tauraselenanomocholic acid retention in the human body

Hurwitz E.; Stancovski I.; Wilchek M.; Shouval D.; Takahashi H.; Wands J.R.; Sela M., 1990: A conjugate of 5 fluorouridine poly l lysine and an antibody reactive with human colon carcinoma

Mietzner T.A.; Kokai Kun J.F.; Hanna P.C.; Mcclane B.A., 1992: A conjugated synthetic peptide corresponding to the c terminal region of clostridium perfringens type a enterotoxin elicits an enterotoxin neutralizing antibody response in mice

Cotter T.W.; Thomashow M.F., 1992: A conjugation procedure for bdellovibrio bacteriovorus and its use to identify dna sequences that enhance the plaque forming ability of a spontaneous host independent mutant

Martindale D.M., 1990: A conjugation specific gene cnj c from tetrahymena encodes a protein homologous to yeast rna polymerase subunits rpb3 rpc40 and similar to a portion of the prokaryotic rna polymerase alpha subunit rpo a

Funahashi T.; Nishimuta M.; Kubota M., 1988: A conjunctival nevus with epithelial inclusion cysts

Belozerskaya T.A.; Kritskii M.S.; Levina N.N.; Potapova T.V.; Soboleva I.S.; Chailakhyan L.M., 1988: A connection of the photoinduced hyperpolarization of the neurospora crassa plasma membrane with cell metabolic processes

Shastri L., 1988: A connectionist approach to knowledge representation and limited inference

Wan Abdullah W.A.T., 1991: A connectionist epistemology

Mjolsness E.; Sharp D.H.; Reinitz J., 1991: A connectionist model of development

Rice W.R., 1990: A consensus combined p value test and the family wide significance of component tests

Alifano P.; Rivellini F.; Limauro D.; Bruni C.B.; Carlomagno M.S., 1991: A consensus motif common to all rho dependent prokaryotic transcription terminators

Hammond Kosack M.C.U.; Docherty K., 1992: A consensus repeat sequence from the human insulin gene linked polymorphic region adopts multiple quadriplex dna structures in vitro

Tsonis P.A.; Sowadski J.M.; Goetinck P.F., 1988: A consensus sequence in the amino terminus of exported proteins resemblance with metal binding domains and implications in protein translocation across membranes

Hidaka M.; Akiyama M.; Horiuchi T., 1988: A consensus sequence of three dna replication terminus sites on the escherichia coli chromosome is highly homologous to the ter r sites of the r6k plasmid

Krizek B.A.; Amann B.T.; Kilfoil V.J.; Merkle D.L.; Berg J.M., 1991: A consensus zinc finger peptide design high affinity metal binding a ph dependent structure and a his to cys sequence variant

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Wilson B.M.G.; Severn A.; Rapson N.T.; Chana J.; Hopkins P., 1991: A convenient human whole blood culture system for studying the regulation of tumor necrosis factor release by bacterial lipopolysaccharide

Elmore, S. W.; Combrink, K. D.; Paquette, L. A., 1991: A convenient means for controlling the oxidation level of bridgehead carbon c 1 in functionalized tricyclo 3 8 pentadecanes

Maeda T.; Tatemoto H.; Terada T.; Tsutsumi Y., 1990: A convenient method for evaluation of frozen thawed damage to acrosomes of fowl spermatozoa using a gelatin substrate slide

Gross E.D.; Martin D.F.; Sexton W.C., 1991: A convenient method for measuring fresh weight of filamentous algae

Murakami M.; Kondoh Y.; Yin W.; Mizusawa S.; Nakamichi H.; Takahashi K.; Sasaki H.; IIda H.; Miura S.; Et Al, 1992: A convenient method for regional monoamine oxidase a determination by carbon 14 clorgyline autoradiography

Blanc-Muesser, M.; Driguez, H., 1988: A convenient method for s glycosidic bond formation synthesis of p iodophenyl 4' thiomaltotrioside and its 2 3 unsaturated analogue

Giera D.D.; Van Lier R.B.L., 1991: A convenient method for the determination of hepatic lauric acid omega oxidation based on solvent partition

Kuan K.T.; Weber D.S.; Sottile L.; Goux W.J., 1992: A convenient method for the preparation of a variety of carbon 13 substituted d fructose phosphates using readily available enzymes of the glycolytic pathway

Rodriguez J.B.; Gros E.G., 1990: A convenient method for the preparation of racemic juvenile hormone iii

Peterson J.R.; Kirchhoff E.W., 1990: A convenient method for the synthesis of 2 3 dihydro 4h pyran 4 ones

Gomtsyan A.R.; Savel'eva I.S.; Kalvin'sh I.Ya, 1991: A convenient method for the synthesis of 6 amino 6 deoxy d galactopyranose n derivatives

De Kimpe N.; Stevens C., 1991: A convenient method for the synthesis of beta chloroamines by electrophilic reduction of alpha chloroimines

Sekine M.; Satoh T., 1991: A convenient method for the synthesis of n 2 n 2 dimethylguanosine by reductive c s bond cleavage with tributyltin hydride

Simig G.; Schlosser M., 1990: A convenient method for the synthesis of n alkyl substituted 4 hydroxy 1 2 3 4 tetrahydroisoquinolines

Gershkovich A.A., 1991: A convenient method of benzyloxycarbonylation of omega benzyl esters glutamic and aspartic acids

Liang X.G.; Ge X.S.; Zhang Y.P.; Wang G.J., 1991: A convenient method of measuring the thermal conductivity of biological tissue

Scrimgeour C.M.; Bennet W.M.; Connacher A.A., 1988: A convenient method of screening glucose for 13c 12c ratio for use in stable isotope tracer studies

Chang L S.; Tung T H.; Ong P L.; Yang C C., 1991: A convenient method to differentiate the monoclonal antibodies with differing immunochemical properties

Xavier S.; Karanth N.G., 1992: A convenient method to measure water activity in solid state fermentation systems

Li C.; Markovec L.M.; Magee R.J.; James B.D., 1991: A convenient method using methanol benzyltrialkylammonium reagents for simultaneous extraction and methylation of 2 4 d acid in soil with subsequent analysis via gas chromatography

Heard G.M.; Fleet G.H., 1990: A convenient microtiter tray procedure for yeast identification

Frank R.; Kloepffer W., 1989: A convenient model and program for the assessment of abiotic degradation of chemicals in natural waters

Abbs S.; Yau S.C.; Clark S.; Mathew C.G.; Bobrow M., 1991: A convenient multiplex pcr system for the detection of dystrophin gene deletions a comparative analysis with complementary dna hybridization shows mistypings by both methods

Back T.G.; Lai E.K.Y.; Morzycki J.W., 1991: A convenient new synthesis of 17 azasteroids preparation of some novel n chloro 17 aza 17a homosteriods and n chloro 17a aza 17a homosteroids as potential affinity labels and enzyme inhibitors

Shadid B.; Van Der Plas H.C., 1990: A convenient new synthesis of allylic pyrophosphate of trans zeatin

Woo P.W.K., 1988: A convenient one pot synthesis of 2 5 anhydro 3 4 6 tri o benzoyl d 1 carbon 14 allononitrile and its conversion to methyl 2 beta d ribofuranosyl 4 2 carbon 14selenazolecarboxylate

Ahluwalia V.K.; Alauddin M.; Khanduri C.H.; Mehta V.D., 1989: A convenient one pot synthesis of 3 thio substituted coumarins

Xu Z Q.; Desmarteau D.D., 1992: A convenient one pot synthesis of alpha fluoro alpha beta unsaturated nitriles from diethyl cyanofluoromethanephosphonate

Kikkawa Y.; Kawada T.; Furukawa I.; Sakuno T., 1990: A convenient preparation method of chito oligosaccharides by acid hydrolysis

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Leonard, T. E.; Bhan, P.; Miller, P. S., 1992: A convenient preparation of protected 2' o methylguanosine

Page P.C.B.; Graham A.E.; Park B.K., 1992: A convenient preparation of symmetrical and unsymmetrical 1 2 diketones application to fluorinated phenytoin synthesis

Maione A.M.; Romeo A.; Casinovi C.G., 1989: A convenient preparation of the side chain lactone ring of a withanolide precursor

Inaba T.; Aoki H.; Watanabe S.; Sakamoto M.; Fujita T., 1991: A convenient preparative method of oxodimethylallyl compounds from carboxylic acid derivatives

Inaba T.; Sakamoto M.; Watanabe S.; Takahashi I.; Fujita T., 1990: A convenient preparative method of unsymmetrical ketones and aliphatic aldehydes by thermolysis of homoallylic alcohols

Ruiz Gayo M.; Albericio F.; Royo M.; Garcia Echeverria C.; Pedroso E.; Pons M.; Giralt E., 1989: A convenient procedure for synthesis of cystine peptides via iodine oxidation of s acetamidomethylcysteine peptides

Racherla U.S.; Khanna V.V.; Brown H.C., 1992: A convenient procedure for the direct conversion of terminal alkenes into carboxylic acids

Muenzner P.; Voigt J., 1989: A convenient procedure for the isolation of intact translatable messenger rna by potassium iodide gradient centrifugation

Dauzonne D.; Adam Launay A., 1992: A convenient procedure for the preparation of 5 6 dihydro 6 nitro 5 phenylfuro 2 3 d pyrimidin 4 3h ones and 5 phenylfuro 2 3 d pyrimidin 4 3h ones

Yadav J.S.; Reddy P.S.; Joshi B.V., 1988: A convenient reduction of alkylated tosylmethylisocyanides applications for the synthesis of natural products

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Mujeeb Ur Rahman K Z.K.; Siddiqi Z.S.; Zaman A., 1990: A convenient route for 3 formyl 4 hydroxycoumarin and reactions of 3 bromo 4 hydroxycoumarin

Arcadi, A.; Cacchi, S.; Delmastro, M.; Marinelli, F., 1991: A convenient route to 2 2 disubstituted 4 pentynoic acids from meldrum's acid

Braun M.; Moritz J., 1991: A convenient route to both enantiomers of digitoxose

Seibert P.S.; Ellis H.C., 1991: A convenient self referencing mood induction procedure

Slusarenko A.J.; Longland A.C.; Whitehead I.M., 1989: A convenient sensitive and rapid assay for antibacterial activity of phytoalexins

Snell S.M.; Marini M.A., 1988: A convenient spectroscopic method for the estimation of hemoglobin concentrations in cell free solutions

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Ma D.; Lu X., 1990: A convenient stereoselective synthesis of conjugated dienoic esters and amides

Hirata N.; Yamagiwa Y.; Kamikawa T., 1991: A convenient stereoselective synthesis of d erythro c 18 sphingosine from galactal

Ishibashi H.; Harada S.; Okada M.; Somekawa M.; Kido M.; Ikeda M., 1989: A convenient synthesis of 1 3 4 5 tetrahydro 2h 3 benzazepin 2 ones by acid catalyzed cyclization of n 2 arylethyl n methyl 2 sulfinylacetamides

Ahluwalia V.K.; Kumar R.; Khurana A.; Bhatla R., 1990: A convenient synthesis of 1 3 diaryl 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 5 7 7 trimethyl 4 oxo 2 thioxo 7h pyrano 2 3 d pyrimidines

Stevens C.; De Kimpe N., 1991: A convenient synthesis of 1 5 dialkyl 1 2 3 4 tetrahydropyridines synthons for alkaloid synthesis

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Ramesh, K.; Panzica, R. P., 1989: A convenient synthesis of 1 beta d ribofuranosylimidazo 4 5 d pyridazin 4 5h one 2 aza 3 deazainosine and its 2' deoxy counterpart by ring closure of imidazole nucleosides

Kanie O.; Takeda T.; Ogihara Y., 1990: A convenient synthesis of 2 3 di o acetyl 1 6 anhydro beta d glucopyranose

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Chattopadhyay S.; Mamdapur V.R.; Chadha M.S., 1991: A convenient synthesis of 2r 8r 8 methyl 2 decanol and its 2s epimer the parent alcohols of rootworm pheromones

Lu X.; Guo C.; Ma D., 1990: A convenient synthesis of 3 1 3 alkadienyl 2 cycloalken 1 ones

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Hartman G.D.; Halczenko W., 1991: A convenient synthesis of 4 aminomethyl l phenylalanine

Kihara M.; Kashimoto M.; Kobayashi Y., 1992: A convenient synthesis of 4 substituted 1 2 3 4 tetrahydroisoquinolin 4 ols by a novel intramolecular barbier reaction and by an insertion reaction reaction scope and limitations

Varela O.; Cicero D.; De Lederkremer R.M., 1989: A convenient synthesis of 4 thio d galactofuranose

Come J.; Burr L.; Chen R., 1991: A convenient synthesis of 7 allyl 8 substituted guanosines

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Khanapure S.P.; Biehl E.R., 1988: A convenient synthesis of azaanthraquinones via polar addition to hetaryne intermediates use of carbanions derived from 3 cyano 1 3h isobenzofuranones

Grochowski E.; Pupek K., 1991: A convenient synthesis of beta lactams from alkylthioimidates

Cummins C.H.; Rutter E.W.Jr; Fordyce W.A., 1991: A convenient synthesis of bifunctional chelating agents based on diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid and their coordination chemistry with yttrium iii

Johnston B.D.; Morgan B.; Oehlschlager A.C.; Ramaswamy S., 1991: A convenient synthesis of both enantiomers of seudenol and their conversion to 1 methyl 2 cyclohexen 1 ol mcol

Desai D.H.; Djordjevic M.V.; Amin S., 1991: A convenient synthesis of carbon 14 cotinine from nicotine

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Bestmann H.J.; Meese C.O.; Roeder T., 1989: A convenient synthesis of deuterated leukotriene a 4 methyl ester

Shiao M J.; Shih L H.; Chia W L.; Chau T Y., 1991: A convenient synthesis of five membered heteroaryl substituted pyridines

Voznyi Ya V.; Kalicheva I.S.; Galoyan A.A.; Gusina N.V., 1989: A convenient synthesis of fluorogenic glycosides of alpha l iduronic acid

Padmanabhan P.V.; Ramana D.V.; Ramadas S.R., 1988: A convenient synthesis of indeno 1 2 b pyrroles

Czernecki S.; Valery J.M., 1989: A convenient synthesis of methyl 2 3 di o benzyl 4 deoxy alpha d xylo hexodialdo 1 5 pyranoside and its stereospecific ethynylation

Hamley P.; Holmes A.B.; Kee A.; Ladduwahetty T.; Smith D.F., 1991: A convenient synthesis of methyl p toluenesulfonyliminoacetate addition reactions with dienes

Jacobi P.A.; Cann R.O.; Skibbie D.F., 1992: A convenient synthesis of methylenomycin b further mechanistic studies on the set catalyzed electrocyclization of enynones

Corrie J.E., 1990: A convenient synthesis of n 7 dimethylamino 4 methylcoumarin 3 ylmaleimide incorporating a novel variant of the pechmann reaction

Ikeda K.; Achiwa K.; Sekiya M., 1989: A convenient synthesis of n benzyloxy beta lactams via n benzyloxyimines

Sharma I.; Agarwal M.; Ray S., 1989: A convenient synthesis of n substituted benzoxazepines and benzoxazines

Sanghvi Y.S.; Larson S.B.; Robins R.K.; Revankar G.R., 1990: A convenient synthesis of pyrazolo 3 4 b pyridine nucleosides by convenient ring closure procedures x ray crystal and molecular structure of 4 amino 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 7 dihydropyrazolo 3 4 b pyridin 6 one

Tsuboyama K.; Takeda K.; Torii K.; Ebihara M.; Shimizu J.; Suzuki A.; Sato N.; Furuhata K.; Ogura H., 1990: A convenient synthesis of s glycosyl donors of d glucose and o glycosylations involving the new reagent

Takeda K.; Tsuboyama K.; Torii K.; Furuhata K.; Sato N.; Ogura H., 1990: A convenient synthesis of s glycosyl donors of sialic acid and their use for o glycosylation

Baker, S. R.; Harris, J. R., 1991: A convenient synthesis of some 1 4 disubstituted 7 oxabicyclo 2.2.1 heptanes

Montforts F P.; Mai G.; Romanowski F.; Bats J.W., 1992: A convenient synthesis of the nitrite reducing cofactor heme d 1 from hematoporphyrin

Desai, D.; Amin, S., 1990: A convenient synthesis of trans 3' hydroxycotinine a major nicotine metabolite found in the urine of tobacco users

Wong T.C.; Haque W.; Abbas S.Z.; Noujaim A.A., 1990: A convenient synthesis of type iv glycosyl donors from type i disaccharides

Jones D.S.; Srinivasan A.; Kasina S.; Fritzberg A.R.; Wilkening D.W., 1989: A convenient synthesis of vicinal diamines

Svenson A.; Bjorndal H., 1988: A convenient test method for photochemical transformation of pollutants in the aquatic environment

Hanaoka M.; Mitsuoka T.; Yasuda S.; Kim S.K., 1988: A convenient transformation of spirobenzylisoquinolines to dehydrophthalideisoquinolines

Payne D.W.; Holtzclaw W.D.; Adashi E.Y., 1989: A convenient unified scheme for the differential extraction of conjugated and unconjugated serum c 19 steroids on sep pak c 18 cartridges

Kristensen J.K.; Sindrup J.H.; Petersen L.J.; Peters K.; Danielsen L., 1991: A conventional compression bandage lacks effect on subcutaneous blood flow when walking and during passive dependence in chronic venous insufficiency

Ghadiri M.R.; Soares C.; Choi C., 1992: A convergent approach to protein design metal ion assisted spontaneous self assembly of a polypeptide into a triple helix bundle protein

Anisfeld S.T.; Lansbury P.T.Jr, 1990: A convergent approach to the chemical synthesis of asparagine linked glycopeptides

Maestro M.A.; Castedo L.; Mourino A., 1992: A convergent approach to the dihydrotachysterol diene system application to the synthesis of dihydrotachysterol 2 dht 2 25 hydroxydihydrotachysterol 2 25 oh dht 2 10 r 19 dihydro 5e 3 epivitamin d 2 and 25 hydroxy 10 r 19 dihydro 5e 3 epivitamin d 2

Marshall J.A.; Sedrani R., 1991: A convergent highly stereoselective synthesis of a c 11 c 21 subunit of the macbecins

Martin S.F.; Daniel D.; Cherney R.J.; Liras S. , 1992: A convergent method for the stereoselective synthesis of trisubstituted alkenes

Swenton J.S.; Gates B.D.; Wang S., 1991: A convergent route to dihydrobenzofuran neolignans via a formal 1 3 cycloaddition to oxidized phenols

Taylor E.C.; Harrington P.M., 1990: A convergent synthesis of 5 10 dideaza 5 6 7 8 tetrahydrofolic acid and 5 10 dideaza 5 6 7 8 tetrahydrohomofolic acid an effective principle for carbonyl group activation

Mathew J., 1991: A convergent synthesis of methylenomycin b and analogues via selenium assisted cyclopenta annelation

Yin H.; Franck R.W.; Chen S L.; Quigley G.J.; Todaro L., 1992: A convergent synthetic approach to a chiral nonracemic cdef analogue of nogalamycin

Zaslavskii B.G.; Oparina I.V.; Terleev V.V., 1988: A conversational system for creating a bank of hydrophysical soil characteristics

Williamson J.F.; Baker R.S.; Li Z., 1991: A convolution algorithm for brachytherapy dose computations in heterogeneous geometries

Iwasaki A., 1992: A convolution method for calculating 10 mx x ray primary and scatter dose including electron contamination dose

Starkschall G., 1988: A convolution method for constructing primary beam profiles in the presence of beam modifiers

Horton J.; Williams M.A., 1989: A cooker extruder for deallergenation of castor bean meal

Vaingankar N.M.; Kulkarni P.R., 1989: A cooking quality parameter as an indicator of adulteration of basmati rice

Shillington F.A.; Peterson W.T.; Hutchings L.; Probyn T.A.; Waldron H.N.; Agenbag J.J., 1990: A cool upwelling filament off namibia southwest africa preliminary measurements of physical and biological features

Hayes A.R., 1989: A cooling apparatus for thermostatic control and low rates of cooling and warming

Sqalli Houssaini Y.; Cazalets J.R.; Fabre J.C.; Clarac F., 1991: A cooling heating system for use with in vitro preparations study of temperature effects on newborn rat rhythmic activities

Lejeune D.; Loncle M., 1988: A cooling jerkin for individual climatization

Heathfield H.; Kirkham N., 1992: A cooperative approach to decision support in the differential diagnosis of breast disease

Chiancone E.; Verzili D.; Boffi A.; Royer W.E.Jr; Hendrickson W.A., 1990: A cooperative hemoglobin with directly communicating hemes the scapharca inaequivalvis homodimer

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Helms Tillery S.I.H.; Flanders M.; Soechting J.F., 1991: A coordinate system for the synthesis of visual and kinesthetic information

Boiocchi M.; Dolcetti R.; Maestro R.; Feriotto G.; Rizzo S.; De Re V.; Sonego F., 1990: A coordinated proto oncogene expression characterizes mcf 247 murine leukemia virus induced t cell lymphomas irrespective of proviral insertion affecting myc loci

Nishizono H.; Watanabe T.; Suzuki S.; Ishii F., 1988: A copper binding protein in salix bakko growing on copper polluted soil

Satake K.; Nishikawa M.; Shibata K., 1990: A copper rich protonemal colony of the moss scopelophila cataractae

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Martinius A.W.; Molenaar N., 1991: A coral mollusc goniaraea crassatella dominated hardground community in a siliciclastic carbonate sandstone the lower eocene roda formation southern pyrenees spain

Wang Y.; Et Al, 1992: A core gene of hepatitis c virus expressed in escherichia coli

Girling A.; Bartkova J.; Burchell J.; Gendler S.; Gillett C.; Taylor Papadimitriou J., 1989: A core protein epitope of the polymorphic epithelial mucin detected by the monoclonal antibody sm 3 is selectively exposed in a range of primary carcinomas

Richman J.B.; Tang Liu D.D S., 1990: A corneal perfusion device for estimating ocular bioavailability in vitro

West Scotl Coron Prev Study Group, 1992: A coronary primary prevention study of scottish men aged 45 64 years trial design

Everbach E.C.; Zhu Z M.; Jiang P.; Chu B T.; Apfel R.E., 1991: A corrected mixture law for b a

Ma Q.; Herschman H.R., 1991: A corrected sequence for the predicted protein from the mitogen inducible tis11 primary response gene

Otter B.A.; Patil S.A.; Klein R.S.; Ealick S.E., 1992: A corrected structure for pyrrolosine

Eberle S.H., 1989: A correctness test of the computation of chemical speciation for the main constituents of natural waters

Stoeckmann Bosbach R.; Althoff J., 1989: A correlated morphological and biochemical study of capsular fluid of nucella lapillus gastropoda prosobranchia muricidae

Mccollough C.H.; Van Lysel M.S.; Peppler W.W.; Mistretta C.A., 1989: A correlated noise reduction algorithm for dual energy digital subtraction angiography

Hamanoue M.; Aikou T.; Tanabe G.; Takao S.; Shimazu H.; Kimotsuki K.; Nagashige M., 1992: A correlation between arterial ketone body ratio and concentration of beta hydroxybutyrate as an indicator of hepatic functional reserve

Sukhova N.O.; Bekenev V.A.; Kolominkov V.A.; Nabrodova N.M.; Gorelov I.G., 1989: A correlation between blood groups and fattening and pork qualities of pigs

Michailidis J.; Murray N.D.; Graves J.A.M., 1988: A correlation between development time and variegated position effect in drosophila melanogaster

Takeda K.; Hatakeyama K.; Tsuchiya Y.; Rikiishi H.; Kumagai K., 1991: A correlation between gm csf gene expression and metastases in murine tumors

Aoki I.; Aoki A.; Otani M.; Miyagi Y.; Misugi K.; Ishii N.; Hagiwara E.; Tani K.; Okubo T.; Ishigatsubo Y., 1992: A correlation between igg class antibody production and glomerulonephritis in the murine chronic graft versus host reaction

Lynch T.H.; Anderson P.; Wallace D.M.A.; Kondratowicz G.M.; Beaney R.P.; Vaughan A.T.M., 1991: A correlation between nuclear supercoiling and the response of patients with bladder cancer to radiotherapy

Park J W., 1991: A correlation between oxygen radical induced mutations and dna adducts formation in salmonella typhimurium

Kikuchi K.; Gotoh H.; Kowada M., 1990: A correlation between serum immunosuppressive acidic protein and altered immunocompetence in patients with brain tumors

Boyle R.; Behan P.O.; Sutton J.A., 1990: A correlation between severity of migraine and delayed gastric emptying measured by an epigastric impedance method

Vojtic I., 1989: A correlation between social standing and fecundity in cows

Maitland M.E.; Arsenault A.L., 1991: A correlation between the distribution of biological apatite and amino acid sequence of type i collagen

Kull F.J., 1991: A correlation between the essential amino acids and the specificities of the common proteolytic digestive enzymes

Okada Y.; Yahata G.; Takeuchi S.; Seidoh T.; Tanaka K., 1989: A correlation between the expression of cd 8 antigen and specific cytotoxicity of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes

Alden D.; Austin C.; Sturgeon R., 1989: A correlation between the geriatric depression scale long and short forms

Chernokozhaeva I.S., 1990: A correlation between the heat resistance of zygotes and embryos at different developmental stages of the grass frog rana temporaria l

Egorov N.S.; Yudina T.G.; Baranov A.Yu, 1990: A correlation between the insecticide and antibiotic activities of bacillus thuringiensis parasporal crystals

Sobaniec W., 1989: A correlation between the levels of phenobarbital phenytoin and valproic acid in the blood serum and in saliva from children treated due to epilepsy

Kil'chevskii A.V.; Khotyleva L.V.; Fedin M.A., 1988: A correlation between the productivity and ecological stability of vegetable crop cultivars

Fein A.; Hecht Z.; Varon D.; Eyal E.; Nebel L.; Manoach M., 1991: A correlation between the structure of myocardial cells and prolonged q t interval in young rats

Chou K C.; Zhang C T., 1992: A correlation coefficient method to predicting protein structural classes from amino acid compositions

Eiteman M.A.; Gainer J.L., 1992: A correlation for predicting partition coefficients in aqueous two phase systems

Thamlikitkul V., 1991: A correlation of clinical performance on written test and standardised patient

Grass G.M.; Sweetana S.A., 1989: A correlation of permeabilities for passively transported compounds in monkey and rabbit jejunum

Zavarzin G.A.; Stackebrandt E.; Murray R.G.E., 1991: A correlation of phylogenetic diversity in the proteobacteria with the influences of ecological forces

Yaoita Y.; Brown D.D., 1990: A correlation of thyroid hormone receptor gene expression with amphibian metamorphosis

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Tornyos K.; Garcia O.; Karr B.; Lebeaud R., 1991: A correlation study of bone scanning with clinical and laboratory findings in the staging of nonsmall cell lung cancer

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