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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6941

Chapter 6941 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ramachandran T.V.; Ramu M.C.S.; Mishra U.C., 1990:
A correlation study of radon in dwellings with radium content of soil

Pfaus J.G.; Mendelson S.D.; Phillips A.G., 1990:
A correlational and factor analysis of anticipatory and consummatory measures of sexual behavior in the male rat

Yoo Y S.; N.C.; Lee K H., 1990:
A correlative analysis between alcohol use and anxious or depressive trends among psychiatric inpatients

el-Guindy, A., 1991:
A correlative manometric and endoscopic study of tubal function in dry central perforation of the tympanic membrane

Hata H.; Fukue H.; Tanaka S.; Hashimoto M., 1991:
A correlative radioimmunoassay and immunohistochemical study on the sex difference in pituitary gonadotropin storage in maturing rats

Shen W F.; Cui L G.; Gong L S.; E.A., 1989:
A correlative study between ecg and coronary arteriogram findings after acute myocardial infarction

Pardes, E.M.; de Yampey, J.W.; Soto, R.J.; Moses, D.F.; D.N.cola, A.F., 1989:
A correlative study between glucocorticoid receptor levels in human mononuclear leukocytes and biochemical data in Cushing's disease

Qiu X.; Sheng D., 1990:
A correlative study of cesarean section rates and perinatal mortality

Jain, P.; Gupta, A.; Sharma, B.K., 1990:
A correlative study of ophthalmoscopy and fluorescein angiography in systemic hypertension

Gupta, R.K.; Bhattacharya, S.K.; Sundar, S.; Kumar, K.; Kachhawaha, J.S.; Sen, P.C., 1992:
A correlative study of serum zinc and in vivo cell mediated immune status in rheumatic heart disease

Dalen, H.; Scheie, P., 1991:
A correlative study of the freezing patterns in rat myocardium using scanning and transmission electron microscopes

Hardebo J.E., 1992:
A cortical excitatory wave may cause both the aura and the headache of migraine

Coultrip R.; Granger R.; Lynch G., 1992:
A cortical model of winner take all competition via lateral inhibition

Hohne Zell B.; Knoll G.; Riedel Gras U.; Hofer W.; Plattner H., 1992:
A cortical phosphoprotein pp63 sensitive to exocytosis triggering in paramecium cells immunolocalization and quenched flow correlation to time course of dephosphorylation with membrane fusion

Carruthers N.I.; Andrews D.R.; Garshasb S.; Giusto R.A., 1992:
A corticoid synthesis from 9 alpha hydroxyandrost 4 ene 3 17 dione via a steroidal oxazoline

Orchinik, M.; Murray, T.F.; Moore, F.L., 1991:
A corticosteroid receptor in neuronal membranes

Crompton T.; Ohashi P.; Schneider S.D.; Pircher H.; Macdonald H.R., 1992:
A cortisone sensitive cd3l o w subset of cd4 positive cd8 negative thymocytes represents an intermediate stage in intrathymic repertoire selection

Harrison Lavoie K.J.; John R.M.; Porteous D.J.; Little P.F.R., 1989:
A cosmid clone map derived from a small region of human chromosome 11

Rozen, P.; Ron, E., 1989:
A cost analysis of screening methodology for family members of colorectal cancer patients

Panicker, K.N.; Jayasree, M.; Krishnamoorthy, K., 1992:
A cost benefit analysis of fish culture strategy towards the control of mansonioides in Shertallai, Kerala state

Kikuzawa K., 1991:
A cost benefit analysis of leaf habit and leaf longevity of trees and their geographical pattern

Kawachi T.; Minami I.; Adachi K I., 1989:
A cost benefit model for computer aided optimum design of agricultural farm ponds tameike a case study in northeast thailand

Shek, C.C.; Swaminathan, R., 1990:
A cost effective approach to the biochemical diagnosis of iron deficiency

Lansang M.A.; Domingo E.; Lingao A.; West S., 1989:
A cost effectiveness analysis of a simple micromethod for hepatitis b screening in hepatitis b virus control programs

Cheung A.P.; Wren B.G., 1992:
A cost effectiveness analysis of hormone replacement therapy in the menopause

Lillehaug A., 1989:
A cost effectiveness study of three different methods of vaccination against vibriosis in salmonids

Tormen, G.; Gouigoux, G.; Roncada, T., 1988:
A cost efficacy analysis of peridural anesthesia with a terumo 18gx3.5 lumbar puncture needle

Smith P.; Townsend M.G.; Smith R.H., 1991:
A cost of resistance in the brown rat reduced growth rate in warfarin resistant lines

Vakalounakis D.J.; Williams P.H., 1991:
A cotyledon double inoculation technique for evaluating resistance to anthracnose colletotrichum orbiculare and scab cladosporium cucumerinum in cucumber

Vakalounakis D.J.; Williams P.H., 1989:
A cotyledon screen for resistance to scab cladosporium cucumerinum in cucumber cucumis sativus seedlings

White P.A.; Boyd D.K., 1989:
A cougar felis concolor kitten killed and eaten by gray wolves canis lupus in glacier national park montana usa

Malpress F.H., 1989:
A coulombic hypothesis of mitochondrial energy transduction

Ziegler, G.; Spiteller, G., 1992:
A coumarin and a diterpene from citrus sinensis l. osbeck cv. valencia rutaceae

Sibanda S.; Ndengu B.; Multari G.; Pompi V.; Galeffi C., 1989:
A coumarin glucoside from xeromphis obovata

Mahmoud Z.F.; Amer M.E.; Kader M.S.A.; Abdel Salam N.A., 1990:
A coumestan from lotus creticus

Ferguson G.P.; Messenger J.B., 1991:
A countershading reflex in cephalopods

Borsheim K.Y.; Norland S., 1989:
A counting device for oyster larvae

Richter J.; Biliwa A., 1991:
A countrywide survey for the presence of prostephanus truncatus horn coleoptera bostrichidae in togo using pheromone traps

Vessey D.A.; Erdman A.; Kelley M.; S.C.aire T., 1991:
A coupled assay for bile acid coenzyme a ligase

Alon R.; Bayer E.A.; Wilchek M., 1991:
A coupled enzyme assay for measurement of sialidase activity

Stretcher B.N.; Pesce A.J.; Geisler B.A.; Vine W.H., 1991:
A coupled hplc radioimmunoassay for analysis of zidovudine metabolites in mononuclear cells

Dacey, D.M.; Brace, S., 1992:
A coupled network for parasol but not midget ganglion cells in the primate retina

Remaud G.; Guillou C.; Vallet C.; Martin G.J., 1992:
A coupled nmr and ms isotopic method for the authentication of natural vinegars

Vaz-Nunes, M.; Lewis, R.D.; Saunders, D.S., 1991:
A coupled oscillator feedback system as a model for the photoperiodic clock in insects and mites i. the basic control system as a model for circadian rhythms

Vaz-Nunes, M.; Saunders, D.S.; Lewis, R.D., 1991:
A coupled oscillator feedback system as a model for the photoperiodic clock in insects and mites ii. simulations of photoperiodic responses

Aksnes D.L.; Lie U., 1990:
A coupled physical biological pelagic model of a shallow sill fjord

Gueron M., 1991 :
A coupled resonator model of the detection of nmr radiation damping frequency pushing spin noise and the signal to noise ratio

Wernecke, K.D., 1992:
A coupling procedure for the discrimination of mixed data

Johns, R.I., 1988:
A course for alcohol offending drivers: a preliminary study

Harper J.W.; Vallee B.L., 1989:
A covalent angiogenin rnase hybrid with a fourth disulfide bond generated by regional mutagenesis

Katzman, M.; Mack, J.P.; Skalka, A.M.; Leis, J., 1991:
A covalent complex between retroviral integrase and nicked substrate DNA

Masaki, T.; Matsumoto, M.; Yasuda, R.; Levine, R.P.; Kitamura, H.; Seya, T., 1991:
A covalent dimer of complement C4b serves as a subunit of a novel C5 convertase that involves no C3 derivatives

Xue, C.B.; Eriotou-Bargiota, E.; Miller, D.; Becker, J.M.; Naider, F., 1989:
A covalently constrained congener of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae tridecapeptide mating pheromone is an agonist

Hoover T.A.; Vodkin M.H.; Williams J.C., 1992:
A coxiella burnetii repeated dna element resembling a bacterial insertion sequence

Hashimoto K.; Yokoyama H.; Suda T.; E.A., 1990:
A cranial malignant hemangioendothelioma complicated with pneumothorax due to rupture of a pulmonary metastatic cyst

Ono I.; Ohura T.; Narumi E.; Kawashima K.; Matsuno I.; Yamamura M.; Kawakami M.; Nakamura S.; Ohhata N.; E.A., 1990:
A craniofacial bone investigation of facial asymmetry cases regarded as a second branchial syndrome an analysis using three dimensional computer tomography

Servadio Y.; Gazit E.; Fitzig S.; Lieberman M., 1990:
A craniographic examination of the condylar angle and the maxillary incisal palatal angle in bedouin skulls

Zaime A.K.; Pascal M., 1988:
A craniometric index differentiating two species of hamster meriones shawi and meriones libycus sympatric in guelmime area morocco

Slomic, A.M.; Bernier, J.P.; Morissette, J.; Renier, D., 1992:
A craniometric study of bicoronal craniosynostosis (BCC)

Slomic, A.M.; Bernier, J.P.; Morissette, J.; Renier, D., 1992:
A craniometric study of sagittal craniosynostosis (SC)

Slomic, A.M.; Bernier, J.P.; Morissette, J.; Azouz, E.M., 1990:
A craniometric study of the C. de Lange syndrome (CdLS)

Crawford Cabral J.; Pacheco A.P., 1991:
A craniometric study on angolan gerbils of subgenus tatera mammalia rodentia gerbillidae part ii results from discriminant and cluster analyses

Webb S.D., 1991:
A cranium of navahoceros and its phylogenetic place among new world cervidae

Rayner R.J.; Waters S.B., 1990:
A cretaceous crane fly diptera tipulidae 93 million years of stasis

Waters S.B., 1989:
A cretaceous dance fly diptera empididae from botswana

Aguirre Urreta M.B.; Olivero E.B., 1992:
A cretaceous hermit crab from antarctica predatory activities and bryozoan symbiosis

Walter B., 1989:
A crisis in the bryozoan fauna in the upper valanginian indication of an important cooling in the jura

Kahn E.; Jackson R.J.; Lyman D.O.; Stratton J.W., 1990:
A crisis of community anxiety and mistrust the medfly eradication project in santa clara county california usa 1981 82

Reynolds, I.; Jones, J.E.; Berry, D.W.; Hoult, J.E., 1990:
A crisis team for the mentally ill: the effect on patients, relatives and admissions

Ruggeri I.; Lazzarato M.; Sarti G.; Carletti R., 1991:
A criteria handbook for the right use of disinfectants and antiseptics in the daily hospital activity

Chen, R.; Wax, Y.; Lusky, A.; Toppelberg, G.; Barell, V., 1991:
A criterion for a standardized definition of low birthweight

Imamura H.; Matsubara M.; Minayoshi M.; Imai M.; Kunikata K.; Nakamura S.; Kobata D.; Morii H., 1992:
A criterion for evaluation of obesity based on the relationship between percent body fat and medical examination parameters

Imamura H.; Matsubara M.; Minayoshi M.; Imai M.; Kunikata K.; Nakamura S.; Kobata D.; Morii H., 1992:
A criterion for evaluation of obesity in men based on the relation between percent body fat and clinical parameters

Aickin M.; Ritenbaugh C., 1991:
A criterion for the adequacy of a simple design when a complex model will be used for analysis

Rees D.W.; Cooper C.L., 1991:
A criterion oriented validation study of the osi outcome measures on a sample of health service employees

Leonardi C.; Doguet S., 1990:
A critic survey on longitarsus pratensis panzer group coleoptera chrysomelidae

Peacock L.; Norton G.A., 1990:
A critical analysis of organic vegetable crop protection in the uk

Hayward, R.L.; Leonard, R.C.F.; Prescott, R.J., 1991:
A critical analysis of prognostic factors for survival in intermediate and high grade non hodgkin's lymphoma

McMurtry, R.Y.; Paley, D.; Marks, P.; Axelrod, T., 1990:
A critical analysis of Swanson ulnar head replacement arthroplasty: rheumatoid versus nonrheumatoid

Pereţianu, D.; Lotreanu, V., 1989:
A critical analysis of the current interpretation of immune diseases. Arguments for a more pathological classification

Chesunov A.V., 1990:
A critical analysis of the family aegialoalaimidae nematoda chromoadoria trends in evolutionary development of marine nematode pharynx and a proposal of two new families

Lopez J.; Fernandez Villalta M.J.; D.L.C.lle C.; Biurrum M.; Gomez Reino F.; Fernandez Ranada J.M., 1990:
A critical analysis of the routine usage of the direct antiglobulin test in 22517 pretransfusion crossmatch tests

O'kennedy R.; Berns G.; Moran E.; Smyth H.; Carroll K.; Thornes R.D.; O'brien A.; Fennelly J.; Butler M., 1991:
A critical analysis of the use of sialic acid determination in the diagnosis of malignancy

Hirschowitz, B.I., 1991:
A critical analysis, with appropriate controls, of gastric acid and pepsin secretion in clinical esophagitis

Mackowiak, P.A.; Wasserman, S.S.; Levine, M.M., 1992:
A critical appraisal of 98.6 degrees F, the upper limit of the normal body temperature, and other legacies of Carl Reinhold August Wunderlich

Lyden, P.D.; Lau, G.T., 1991:
A critical appraisal of stroke evaluation and rating scales

Kristensen S.R., 1989:
A critical appraisal of the association between energy charge and cell damage

Ochse R.; Van Lill B., 1990:
A critical appraisal of the theoretical validity of the mednick remote association test

Earley M.J.; Green M.F.; Milling M.A.P., 1990:
A critical appraisal of the use of free flaps in primary reconstruction of combined scalp and calvarial cancer defects

Haynes, R.B.; Sandler, R.S.; Larson, E.B.; Pater, J.L.; Yatsu, F.M., 1992:
A critical appraisal of ticlopidine, a new antiplatelet agent. Effectiveness and clinical indications for prophylaxis of atherosclerotic events

Haining R.L.; Mcfadden B.A., 1990:
A critical arginine in the large subunit of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase identified by site directed

Hueston, W.J., 1992:
A critical assessment of preterm labor prevention strategies

Caspers N., 1988:
A critical assessment of the dynamic daphnia test

Kennedy J.F.; Stevenson D.L.; White C.A., 1989:
A critical assessment of the parameters affecting the official ec ewers method for the determination of starch

Scotter D.R.; Clothier B.E.; Sauer T.J., 1988:
A critical assessment of the role of measured hydraulic properties in the simulation of absorption infiltration and redistribution of soil water

Bird C.J.; Nelson W.A.; Rice E.L.; Ryan K.G.; Villemur R., 1990:
A critical comparison of gracilaria chilensis and gracilaria sordida rhodophyta gracilariales

Lyman R.L.; Fox G.L., 1989:
A critical evaluation of bone weathering as an indication of bone assemblage formation

Hill, P.D.; Barnes, D.G.; Lewis, C.A., 1991:
A critical evaluation of commercial urodynamics systems

Cook, L.L.; Bissette, G.; Dole, K.; Nemeroff, C.B., 1989:
A critical evaluation of cysteamine as a tool to deplete somatostatin in the rat central nervous system

Bergveld P., 1991:
A critical evaluation of direct electrical protein detection methods

Schumacher U., 1992:
A critical evaluation of neoglycoprotein binding sites in vivo and in sections of mouse tissues

Kennah, H.E.; Albulescu, D.; Hignet, S.; Barrow, C.S., 1989:
A critical evaluation of predicting ocular irritancy potential from an in vitro cytotoxicity assay

Orrell J.M.; Evans A.T.; Grant A., 1991:
A critical evaluation of silver nor counting in benign naevi and malignant melanoma

Mitchell S.F., 1989:
A critical evaluation of the dark ammonium enhancement bioassay for nitrogen deficiency in phytoplankton

Degli Esposti M.; Crimi M.; Venturoli G., 1990:
A critical evaluation of the hydropathy profile of membrane proteins

Manyonda I.T.; Soltys A.J.; Hay F.C., 1992:
A critical evaluation of the magnetic cell sorter and its use in the positive and negative selection of cd45ro positive cells

Sosnovsky G., 1992:
A critical evaluation of the present status of toxicity of aminoxyl radicals

Arnott, R.D.; Pestell, R.G.; McKelvie, P.A.; Henderson, J.K.; McNeill, P.M.; Alford, F.P., 1990:
A critical evaluation of transsphenoidal pituitary surgery in the treatment of Cushing's disease: prediction of outcome

Lorenz, R.L.; Uedelhoven, W.M.; Fischer, S.; Ruetzel, A.; Weber, P.C., 1989:
A critical evaluation of urinary immunoreactive thromboxane: feasibility of its determination as a potential vascular risk indicator

Mccreadie J.W.; Colbo M.H., 1991:
A critical examination of four methods of estimating the surface area of stone substrate from streams in relation to sampling simuliidae diptera

Middleton D.J.; Wilcock C.C., 1990:
A critical examination of the status of pernettya as a genus distinct from gaultheria

Robertson A.; Hall M.N., 1989:
A critical investigation into the flavognost method for theaflavin analysis in black tea

Van-Benschoten, M.M., 1991 :
A critical investigation of electrodiagnostic instrumentation using omura' bidigital o ring test

Becker H.D., 1991:
A critical look at surgical radicality in gastric cancer

H.H.; Hoseney R.C., 1991:
A critical look at the electric resistance oven

Dawe E.G.; Taylor D.M.; Hoenig J.M.; Warren W.G.; Ennis G.P.; Hooper R.G.; Donaldson W.E.; Paul A.J.; Paul J.M., 1991:
A critical look at the idea of terminal molt in male snow crab chionoecetes opilio

Mortensen, E.L.; Gade, A.; Reinisch, J.M., 1991:
A critical note on Lezak's 'best performance method' in clinical neuropsychology

Rao M.K.V., 1989:
A critical note on the andaman wild rice

Konishi M.; Akutagawa E., 1988:
A critical period for estrogen action on neurons of the song control system in the zebra finch

Tuley, M.R.; Mulrow, C.D.; Aguilar, C.; Velez, R., 1990:
A critical reevaluation of the Quantified Denver Scale of Communication Function

Mccormack J.P.; Jewesson P.J., 1992:
A critical reevaluation of the therapeutic range of aminoglycosides

Ross P.D.; Davis J.W.; Vogel J.M.; Wasnich R.D., 1990:
A critical review of bone mass and the risk of fractures in osteoporosis

Hyder J.W.; Talbott T.M.; Maycroft T.C., 1990 :
A critical review of chemical lymph node clearance and staging of colon and rectal cancer at ferguson hospital grand rapids michigan usa 1977 to 1982

Prins, M.H.; Hirsh, J., 1991:
A critical review of the evidence supporting a relationship between impaired fibrinolytic activity and venous thromboembolism

Andrisano, A.; Calderoni, P.; Mignani, G.; Manfrini, M., 1988:
A critical review of the surgical treatment of infantile fibrous dysplasia

Murray B.G.Jr, 1989:
A critical review of the transoceanic migration of the blackpoll warbler

Cvetkovic L.; Katic S., 1991:
A critical review of the up to date control of echinococcosis in our country

Quinonero J.; Mongay C.; D.L.G.ardia M., 1989:
A critical revision on the determination of lithium in serum by flame atomic spectroscopy

Kitamura, D.; Kudo, A.; Schaal, S.; Müller, W.; Melchers, F.; Rajewsky, K., 1992:
A critical role of lambda 5 protein in B cell development

Lin J S.; Sakai K.; Vanni Mercier G.; Jouvet M., 1989:
A critical role of the posterior hypothalamus in the mechanisms of wakefulness determined by microinjection of muscimol in freely moving cats

Shimada T., 1989:
A critical study on the classification of human dental and alveolar arches

Campbell A.D., 1992:
A critical survey of hydride generation techniques in atomic spectroscopy technical report

Davies, S.W.; Emery, T.M.; Watling, M.I.; Wannamethee, G.; Lipkin, D.P., 1991:
A critical threshold of exercise capacity in the ventilatory response to exercise in heart failure

Wigal, J.K.; Creer, T.L.; Kotses, H.; Lewis, P., 1990:
A critique of 19 self management programs for childhood asthma part i. development and evaluation of the programs

Creer, T.L.; Wigal, J.K.; Kotses, H.; Lewis, P., 1990:
A critique of 19 self management programs for childhood asthma part ii. comments regarding the scientific merit of the programs

Tiffany S.T., 1992:
A critique of contemporary urge and craving research methodological psychometric and theoretical issues

Pease C.M.; Bull J.J., 1988:
A critique of methods for measuring life history trade offs

Rish, B.L., 1989:
A critique of posterior lumbar interbody fusion 12 years' experience with 250 patients

Sanazaro, P.J.; Mills, D.H., 1991:
A critique of the use of generic screening in quality assessment

Lindenmayer, D.B.; Tanton, M.T.; Cunningham, R.B., 1991:
A critique of the use of nest boxes for the conservation of leadbeater's possum gymnobelideus leadbeateri mccoy

Carr C.J.; Kolbye A.C.Jr, 1991:
A critique of the use of the maximum tolerated dose in bioassays to assess cancer risks from chemicals

Newton, A.F. Jr.;; Thayer, M.K., 1988:
A critique on naomi's phylogeny and higher classification of staphylinidae and allies coleoptera

Villa R.F.; Gorini A.; A.; Dell'orbo C., 1989:
A critique on the preparation and enzymatic characterization of synaptic and nonsynaptic mitochondria from hippocampus

Norris R.E., 1990:
A critique on the taxonomy of an important agarophyte gelidium amansii

Hemmerich S.; Yarden Y.; Pecht I., 1992:
A cromoglycate binding protein from rat mast cells of a leukemia line is a nucleoside diphosphate kinase

Mcanulty R.D.; Mcguire L.E.; Minder C.; Mcanulty D.P., 1989:
A cross cultural comparison of attitudes toward alcohol among french and usa college students

Furnham A.; Reilly M., 1991:
A cross cultural comparison of british and japanese protestant work ethic and just world beliefs

Ten Horn G.H.M.M.; Madianos M.G.; Giel R.; Madianou D.; Stefanis C.N., 1989:
A cross cultural comparison of mental health care delivery in athens greece and groningen netherlands

Wilson, D.; Doolabh, A., 1990:
A cross cultural examination of howarth's primary factors and eysenck's secondary factors among zimbabwean adolescents

Grieve, K.W.; Van-Staden, F.J., 1988:
A cross cultural study of children's cognitive maps

Hanin Y.; Eysenck S.B.G.; Eysenck H.J.; Barrett P., 1991:
A cross cultural study of personality russia and england

Turko I.V.; Adamovich T.B.; Kirillova N.M.; Usanov S.A.; Chashchin V.L., 1988:
A cross linked complex of cytochrome p 450 scc with adrenodoxin localization of the adrenodoxin binding site of cytochrome p 450 scc

Namba K., 1989:
A cross lip flap for the secondary repair of a bilateral cleft lip deformity

Avogaro P.; Bittolo Bon G.; Cazzolato G.; Soldan S.; Bufalino L., 1989:
A cross over controlled study on beclobrate versus bezafibrate in the treatment of type iib hyperlipoproteinemia

S.S.; Chen J K.; Yang P J.; H.M.L.; Fan B C.; Rekers H.; Fotherby K., 1992:
A cross over study of three oral contraceptives containing ethynyloestradiol and either desogestrel or levonorgestrel

Komatsu, F., 1990:
A cross reactive anti hla antibody anti hla bw61 against b7 positive lymphocytes and bg a positive red blood cells

Lesk A.M.; Boswell D.R.; Lesk V.I.; Lesk V.E.; Bairoch A., 1989:
A cross reference table between the protein data bank of macromolecular structures and the national biomedical research foundation protein identification resource amino acid sequence data

Sagues F.; Acebillo J.; Albors M.; Bigorra J., 1992:
A cross sectional approach for postmarketing surveillance of antihypertensive drugs report on a nitrendipine study

Q.Y.R.; E.A., 1990:
A cross sectional study of health status and the development of their offspring among women workers exposed to hazards at factories in daliah china

Frontera W.R.; Hughes V.A.; Lutz K.J.; Evans W.J., 1991:
A cross sectional study of muscle strength and mass in 45 year old to 78 year old men and women

Pazdiora P.; Novak K.; Sebkova A.; Kobesova A., 1988:
A cross sectional study of nosocomial infections at a surgery workplace

Bougle D.; Bureau F.; Voirin J.; Neuville D.; Duhamel J.F., 1992:
A cross sectional study of plasma urinary aluminum levels in term and preterm infants

Braun B.L.; Digiovanna A.; Schiffman E.; Bonnema J.; Fricton J., 1992:
A cross sectional study of temporomandibular joint dysfunction in post cervical trauma patients

Watanabe Y.; Hayashi K.; Saito A.; Kawai K., 1990:
A cross sectional study on gastric cancer death and gastric ulcer to duodenal ulcer ratio in japan

Kinjo Y.; Higashi H.; Nakano A.; Sakamoto M.; Futatsuka M.; Maeda K., 1991:
A cross sectional study on health condition in minamata disease patients with special reference to adl and subjective complaints

Weigler, B.J.; Roberts, J.A.; Hird, D.W.; Lerche, N.W.; Hilliard, J.K., 1990:
A cross sectional survey for B virus antibody in a colony of group housed rhesus macaques

Zhou L M.; Lou X W.; Sheng Y F.; Wang Q H.; Zhu D Q., 1991:
A crosslinked chiral stationary phase for the separation of enantiomers by gas and supercritical fluid chromatography

Beck, A.T.; Sokol, L.; Clark, D.A.; Berchick, R.; Wright, F., 1992:
A crossover study of focused cognitive therapy for panic disorder

Gelenberg, A.J.; Dorer, D.J.; Wojcik, J.D.; Falk, W.E.; Brotman, A.W.; Leahy, L., 1990:
A crossover study of lecithin treatment of tardive dyskinesia

O'Brien, F., 1990:
A crowding index for finite populations

Mathre D.E.; Johnston R.H., 1990:
A crown barrier related to cephalosporium stripe resistance in wheat relatives

Monden, M.; Valdivia, L.A.; Gotoh, M.; Kubota, N.; Hasuike, Y.; Nakano, Y.; Okamura, J.; Mori, T., 1989:
A crucial effect of splenectomy on prolonging cardiac xenograft survival in combination with cyclosporine

Takahashi E.; Wraight C.A., 1990:
A crucial role for asp l 213 in the proton transfer pathway to the secondary quinone of reaction centers from rhodobacter sphaeroides

Sutherland, A.D.; Donachie, W.; Jones, G.E.; Quirie, M., 1989:
A crude cytotoxin vaccine protects sheep against experimental Pasteurella haemolytica serotype A2 infection

Lynch J.J.; Lynch K.E.; Friedmann E., 1992:
A cry unheard sudden reductions in blood pressure while talking about feelings of hopelessness and helplessness

Chan, K.Y.; Järveläinen, M.; Chang, J.H.; Edenfield, M.J., 1990:
A cryodamage model for studying corneal nerve regeneration

Apkarian A.V.; Hodge C.J.Jr; Martin R.J.; Stevens R.T., 1989:
A cryogenic device for reversibly blocking transmission through small regions of the spinal cord white matter

Manuil'skii V.D.; Sidorenko T.V., 1988:
A cryolabile component of higher plant cells

Hayes A.R.; Stein A., 1989:
A cryomicroscope

Moriya, T.; Kawabata, S.; Mizunoe, Y.; Amako, K., 1989:
A cryptic fimbrial gene in Serratia marcescens

Molina O.M.; Hutterer R., 1989:
A cryptic new species of crocidura from gran canaria and tenerife canary islands spain mammalia soricidae

Sell, C.; Chang, C.D.; Koniecki, J.; Chen, H.M.; Baserga, R., 1992:
A cryptopromoter is activated in the proliferating cell nuclear antigen gene of growth arrested cells

Kim J S.; Lee J S.; Cho E K., 1990:
A crystallin inclusion body in root cells of soybean infected with soybean mosaic virus

Vishwakarma A.K.; Deshpande B.P., 1990:
A crystalline p protein in gmelina arborea

Hardy L.M.; Lucas M.C., 1991:
A crystalline protein is responsible for dimorphic egg jellies in the spotted salamander ambystoma maculatum shaw caudata ambystomatidae

Weaver K.; Smith V.; Lewis J.D.; Lulu B.; Barnett C.M.; Leibel S.A.; Gutin P.; Larson D.; Phillips T., 1990:
A ct based computerized treatment planning system for iodine 125 stereotactic brain implants

Jain K.M., 1989:
A ct based solid state electrochemical cell using plant leaves

Dietz, H.H., 1990:
A cucumber mount for the preparation of histological sections of the small intestine of rodents

Mowrer R.R., 1988:
A cuing treatment reestablishes the us preexposure effect following context change

Patel R.M.; Desai M.J.; Bhatt M.P., 1991:
A cultivar host of dendrophthoe falcata var falcata

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A cultivar specific interaction between rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii and subterranean clover is controlled by nod m other bacterial cultivar specificity genes and a single recessive host gene

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A cultural model for the acquisition of language: implications for the innateness debate

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A cultural psychiatric study on tattoos of young Korean males

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A culture method for isolated immature embryos of different lupinus spp

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A culture system for the maintenance and proliferation of shark and sting ray immunocytes

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A culture technique for the detection of bacillus larvae in honeybees

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A culture unit system for the study of responses of mycorrhizal and non mycorrhizal seedlings to treatments

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A cultured human renal epithelioid cell line responsive to vasoactive intestinal peptide

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A cumulative specificity model for proteases from human immunodeficiency virus types 1 and 2, inferred from statistical analysis of an extended substrate data base

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A curiosity the water sorption isotherm of muscle tissue from an egyptian mummy about 2700 years old

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A curious by product in the tipson cohen reaction of a carbohydrate ditosylate

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A curious case of multiple sclerosis in a child with gray matter lesion on mri

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A current look at the federal drinking water regulations

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A curved, hinged ruler for measurement along the globe

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A cut shoot bioassay for assessment of pinus pinaster susceptibility to melampsora pinitorqua

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A cutaneous sign of iga associated small dermal vessel leukocytoclastic vasculitis in adults henoch schoenlein purpura

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A cutaneous test for organic defense valuation

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A cyclic amp activated chloride channel in the plasma membrane of cultured human gastric cells hgt 1

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A cyclic amp independent protein kinase from amphibian eye lens identification distribution and phosphorylation substrates

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A cyclic amp regulated chloride channel in lymphocytes that is affected in cystic fibrosis

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A cyclic amp responsive dna element confers forskolin sensitivity on gene expression by primary rat granulosa cells

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A cyclic gmp activated channel in dissociated cells of the chick pineal gland

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A cyclin b homolog in saccharomyces cerevisiae chronic activation of the cdc28 protein kinase by cyclin prevents exit from mitosis

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A cyclized peptide for studies of human parvovirus B19 infection

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A cyst in the adrenal gland

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A cysteine for glycine substitution of position 1017 in an alpha 1i chain of type i collagen in a patient with mild dominantly inherited osteogenesis imperfecta

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A cysteine proteinase from the liver fluke fasciola spp purification characterization localization and application to immunodiagnosis

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A cysteine proteinase inhibitor from pumpkin seeds

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A cytochemical investigation on the extracellular investment of nostoc commune vauch. cyanophyta

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A cytochemical study of cytoplasmic male sterility in caesalpinia pulcherrima

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A cytochemical study of glycocalyx and the membrane cholesterol of rat glomerular podocytes

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A cytochrome p 450 system in etiolated barley shoots and its role in the metabolism of some xenobiotics

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A cytochrome that can pump sodium ion

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A cytoembryological study of urochloa panicoides p beauv. poaceae

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A cytogenetic analysis and reproductive ability of bull having karyotype with only xx sex chromosomes in the blood lymphocytes

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A cytogenetic analysis of the chromosomes in two related species of the genus muscari liliaceae

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A cytogenetic and hematological investigation of oil exposed workers in a norwegian cable manufacturing company

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A cytogenetic approach to evaluate in vivo somatic aneuploidy effects of diethylstilbestrol on mouse bone marrow cells

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A cytogenetic comparison of some north american owl species

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A cytogenetic investigation of the effects of cryopreservation on human sperm

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A cytogenetic study of 53 human gliomas

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A cytogenetic study of apomixis of the raspberry cultivar progress part 2. the production of f 2 seedlings facultative apomixis in raspberry breeding

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A cytogenetic study of male breast cancer

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A cytogenetic study of seven species of centrosema dc. benth leguminosae papilionoideae

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A cytogenetic study of spontaneous abortions with direct analysis of chorionic villi

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A cytogenetic study of the bone marrow cells in f 1 posterity born from irradiated monkeys

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A cytogenetic study on congenital limb malformations in the japanese monkey macaca fuscata

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A cytogenetic survey of 14835 consecutive liveborns

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A cytogenetical analysis of reproduction in common shrews sorex araneus from a karyotypic hybrid zone

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A cytogeographic study on the genus remusatia araceae

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A cytokinetic approach to determine the range of oxygen dependence of pyrimidinedeoxynucleotide biosynthesis relevant for cell proliferation

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A cytokinin sensitive mutant of the moss physcomitrella patens defective in chloroplast division

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A cytologic examination procedure useful in evaluating the radiosensitivity of tumoral cells

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A cytologic, ultrastructural and immunocytochemical comparison of tumor cells and cell cultures originating in invasive bladder carcinoma

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A cytological description of eusimulium vernum eusimulium decolletum and the eusimulium pugetense complex diptera simuliidae in alaska usa

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A cytological investigation of some populations of ornithogalum obconicum liliaceae from the armenian ssr ussr

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A cytological investigation of the sodium thiosulfate action on the process of induced acute pancreatitis in rats

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A cytological study of Aulacomonas submarina Skuja 1939, a heterotrophic flagellate with a novel ultrastructural identity

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A cytological study of chromosomal structure changes in a common wheat variety xiaoyan no. 6

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A cytological study of japanese chrysosplenium pilosum complex

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A cytological study of podocarpus macrophyllus with special reference to sex chromosomes

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A cytological study of seven populations in paeonia delavayi var lutea

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A cytological study of simulium ruficorne diptera simuliidae and its relationship to the simulium ornatipes species complex

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A cytological study of the chrysosplenium album complex

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A cytological study of the development of erysiphe graminis in its host barley as influenced by the two fungicides ethirimol and propiconazole

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A cytological study of the tetraploid prunus pseudocerasus 2n equals 32

Gornall R.J.; Harris S.A., 1989:
A cytological study of two putative skimmia hybrids rutaceae

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A cytological study on the laterally resected margin of rectal cancer availability of intraoperative brushing cytology and aspiration cytology for lateral margin

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A cytomechanical investigation of neurite growth on different culture surfaces

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A cytomorphological and immunohistochemical study of bone marrow in the diagnosis of essential mixed type II cryoglobulinemia

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A cytomorphological study on the anther opening of foxtail millet and wheat

Shinoda T., 1989:
A cytopathological and clinicopathological study on clear cell change of lung carcinomas

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A cytophotometric analysis of apolipoprotein b content in the sections of human aorta

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A cytophotometric investigation of haploid x polyploid matings in the acellular slime mold didymium iridis

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A cytophotometric study of catecholamines and enzymes of energy metabolism in celiac plexus neurons of rats under cold and emotional stress

Lapsha V.I.; Bocharova V.N., 1990:
A cytophotometric study of monoamines and energy exchange enzymes in neurons of the paravertebral ganglia during cold and emotional stress

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A cytoplasmic determinant for dorsal axis formation in an early embryo of Xenopus laevis

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A cytoplasmic estrogen receptor related protein er d5 ag in breast cancer

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A cytoplasmic gradient of calcium is correlated with the growth of lily pollen tubes

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A cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus isolated from the oriental tobacco budworm heliothis assulta guenee lepidoptera noctuidae

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A cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus of pink borer sesamia inferens wlk. noctuidae lepidoptera

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A cytoplasmic thyroid hormone binding protein characterization using monoclonal antibodies

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A cytoplasmically inherited mutation in the fungus Phycomyces blakesleeanus

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A cytoprotective role of extracellular superoxide dismutase in experimental stress ulcer models

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A cytosolic inhibitor of human neutrophil elastase and cathepsin G

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A cytosolic inhibitor of vacuolar proton atpases from mammalian kidney

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A cytosolic protein binds to structural elements within the iron regulatory region of the transferrin receptor messenger rna

Shisheva A.; Shechter Y., 1992:
A cytosolic protein tyrosinase kinase in rat adipocytes

Swann, K., 1990:
A cytosolic sperm factor stimulates repetitive calcium increases and mimics fertilization in hamster eggs

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A cytotaxonomic approach of the systematics of arvicanthis niloticus desmarest 1822 mammalia rodentia

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A cytotaxonomic study in artificial hybrids between drosera anglica huds. and its certain closely related species in series drosera section drosera subgenus drosera drosera

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A cytotaxonomic study of allium affine and allium transcaucasicum alliaceae

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A cytotaxonomic study of allium saxatile alliaceae and its closely related species in the caucasus mountains and european ussr

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A cytotaxonomic study of some species of pleione d. don orchidaceae

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A cytotaxonomic survey of iberian lebiinae coleoptera carabidae

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A cytotaxonomical study on some species of korean forsythia

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A cytotoxic and antifungal 1 4 naphthoquinone and related compounds from a new zealand brown alga landsburgia quercifolia

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A cytotoxic flavone from Scoparia dulcis L

Samoszuk, M.K.; Gidanian, F.; Lo-Hsueh, M.; Rietveld, C., 1989:
A cytotoxic monoclonal antibody that binds to human B cells, T cells, monocytes, and a subset of lymphomas

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A cytotoxic principle from evodia rutaecarpa

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A cytotoxic serine proteinase isolated from mouse submandibular gland

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A cytotoxic substance from Sangre de Grado

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A cytotoxic substance produced by a wild culture of lactobacillus casei d 34 against tumor cells

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A czechoslovakian teenager with hb e beta o thalassemia ivs i 1 g a complicated by the presence of an alpha globin gene triplication

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A daily cycle of apocrine secretion by the b cells in the hepatopancreas of terrestrial isopods

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A daily rhythm in lordosis behavior induced by a single injection of estrogen in ovariectomized rats effects of p chloroamphetamine and 5 hydroxytryptophan

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A daily study of the diatom spring bloom at roscoff france in 1985 iii. free amino acids composition studied by hplc analysis

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A dangerous defect in airtight oxygen masks

Fryer G., 1991:
A daphniid ephippium branchiopoda anomopoda of cretaceous age

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A dark backed motacilla alba recorded in mecklenburg aves passeriformes motacillidae

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A data acquisition and processing system for the movements of insects by personal computer

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A data bank merging related protein structures and sequences

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A data base management system for flavor threshold information and an evaluation of strategies for identifying new flavor active substances in beer

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A data model for intensive care

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A data reconstruction system for EEGs recorded on paper

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A database of chemical toxicity to environmental bacteria and its use in interspecies comparisons and correlations

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A database of lipid phase transition temperatures and enthalpy changes

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A day hospital program for anorexia nervosa and bulimia

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A dBASE III surgical pathology reporting and encoding microcomputer system

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A dbl homologous region of the yeast cls4 cdc24 gene product is important for calcium modulated bud assembly

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A de novo and heterozygous gene deletion causing a variant of von Willebrand disease

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A de novo designed signal peptide cleavage cassette functions in vitro

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A deacylation enzyme for aculeacin A, a neutral lipopeptide antibiotic, from Actinoplanes utahensis: purification and characterization

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A decade of antibiotic use in a teaching hospital

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A decade of experience in craniofacial surgery

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A decade of experience in the surgical treatment of vesicoureteral reflux

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A decade of experience with home total parenteral nutrition

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A decade of mid trimester amniocentesis in johannesburg south africa prenatal diagnosis problems and counselling

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A decade of paediatric lymphangiomas princess margaret hospital for children 1980 1990

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A decade of plague epidemiology and control in the western Usambara mountains, north-east Tanzania

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A decapod hemocyte classification scheme integrating morphology cytochemistry and function

Quinn, R.J.; Butler, S.P., 1991:
A decision analysis approach to the treatment of patients with suspected pulmonary emboli and an intermediate probability lung scan

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A decision model for use of fumigation and resistance to control cylindrocladium black rot of peanuts

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A decision scheme for coronary angiography after acute myocardial infarction

Masciopinto C.; Palmisano V.; Tangorra F.; Vurro M., 1991:
A decision support system for artificial recharge plant

Suen H.K.; Ary D.; Covalt W.C., 1990:
A decision tree approach to selecting an appropriate observation reliability index

O'connell D.; Velicer W.F., 1988:
A decisional balance measure and the stages of change model for weight loss

Giovannini M.G.; Spignoli G.; Carla V.; Pepeu G., 1991:
A decrease in brain catecholamines prevents oxiracetam antagonism of the effects of scopolamine on memory and brain acetylcholine

Coates E.L.; Furilla R.A.; Ballam G.O.; Bartlett D.Jr, 1991:
A decrease in nasal carbon dioxide stimulates breathing in the tegu lizard

Nersesyan A.K.; Zil'fyan V.N.; Kumkumadzhyan V.A., 1989:
A decrease in the cytogenetic action of adriblastin and pharmorubicin by tularemic vaccine in experiment

Bonatskaya L.V.; Plotnikov V.M.; Nikolaev V.G., 1989:
A decrease in the hematotoxicity of antitumoral drugs in enterosorption

Muminov T.A., 1991:
A decrease in the intensity of luminol dependent chemoluminescence of neutrophils in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Karakis K.D.; Sidorshina T.N.; Ermak M.M., 1990:
A decrease in zinc deficiency symptoms in maize under the effect of beta iaa

Kostromin A.P.; Borovok M.I.; Demidov S.V., 1988 :
A decrease of adenylate cyclase activity of t and b lymphocytes in the spleen and t lymphocytes of thymus gland from cba mice under the effect of levamisole

Nowacka, H., 1991:
A decrease of venturia inaequalis cke aderh. sensitivity to fenarimol

Squadrito F.; Cucinotta D.; Arcoraci V.; Calapai G.; Campo G.M.; Buemi A.L.; Ioculano M.; Squadrito G.; Caputi A.P., 1991:
A decreased brainstem content of gaba mediates hyperinsulinemia in obese zucker rats

Kuhn E.R.; Huybrechts L.M.; Vanderpooten A.; Berghman L., 1989:
A decreased capacity of hepatic growth hormone gh receptors and failure of trh to stimulate the peripheral conversion of thyroxine into triiodothyronine in sex linked dwarf broiler hens

Levin S.V.; Brudnaya M.S.; Komissarchik Y.Y.; Malev V.V., 1988:
A decreased density of microtubules in thin nerve fibers of the crab and the lowering of motor activity under rhythmic stimulation

Vissinga C.; Nagelkerken L.; Zijlstra J.; Hertogh Huijbregts A.; Boersma W.; Rozing J., 1990:
A decreased functional capacity of cd4 plus t cells underlies the impaired dth reactivity in old mice

Sirovatka J.C., 1989:
A dedicated central stop dispersion staining objective nikon

Dumon, J.F., 1990:
A dedicated tracheobronchial stent

Rogers M.J.; Donovan D.T.; Rogers M.H., 1990:
A deductive enquiry system for a paleontological database of museum material

Itoh Y.; Arai K., 1992:
A deep inferior epigastric flap with a prefabricated thin portion obtained from the insertion of a silicone sheet

Kajikawa A.; Harii K.; Nakatsuka T.; Akizuki T.; Nagata S., 1989:
A deep inferior epigastric island flap for the reconstruction of trochanteric and ischial pressure sores a case report

Thorpe S.A.; White M., 1988:
A deep intermediate nepheloid layer

Chan T Y.; Y.H.P., 1989:
A deep sea lobster of the genus puerulus crustacea decapoda palinuridae from taiwan

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A defasciculating dose of dextro tubocurarine causes resistance to succinylcholine

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A defect in immunoregulatory synovial fluid t cells in behcet's syndrome

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A defect in mismatch repair in Saccharomyces cerevisiae stimulates ectopic recombination between homeologous genes by an excision repair dependent process

Tokushige K.; Komatsu T.; Ohzu K.; Yamauchi K.; Obata H., 1992:
A defective autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction in patients with idiopathic portal hypertension

Burgyan J.; Grieco F.; Russo M., 1989:
A defective interfering rna molecule in cymbidium ringspot virus infections

Kiehl, R.; Ionescu, G., 1992:
A defective purine nucleotide synthesis pathway in psoriatic patients

Swain, G.P.; Wyman, R.J.; Egger, M.D., 1990 :
A deficiency chromosome in Drosophila alters neuritic projections in an identified motoneuron

Hasegawa, N.; Sasaki, S., 1989:
A deficiency in a alpha chain's amino terminal alanine residue as a major cause of the slow coagulation of fetal fibrinogen

Popov I.; Lewin G., 1991:
A deficient function of the antioxidative system of the organism as an etiopathogenetic factor in psoriasis

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A deficient response of atrial natriuretic peptide to volume overload in Gordon's syndrome

Krone H.A.; Heidegger H., 1989:
A definition and study of maternal mortality

Klepper O.; Van D.K.mer J.P.G., 1988:
A definition of the consistency of the carbon budget of an ecosystem and its application to the oosterschelde estuary southwestern netherlands

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A definition of the domains Archaea, Bacteria and Eucarya in terms of small subunit ribosomal RNA characteristics

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A definition of wheat hardness using near ir reflectance spectroscopy

Weier, H.U.; Gray, J.W., 1992:
A degenerate alpha satellite probe, detecting a centromeric deletion on chromosome 21 in an apparently normal human male, shows limitations of the use of satellite DNA probes for interphase ploidy analysis

Ostapoff E M.; Morest D.K., 1989:
A degenerative disorder of the central auditory system of the gerbil

Longhofer S.L.; Duncan I.D.; Messing A., 1990:
A degenerative myelopathy in young german shepherd dogs

Boustie J.; Moulis C.; Gleye J.; Fouraste I.; Servin P.; Bon M., 1990:
A degraded limonoid from fagaropsis glabra

Tsutsui J., 1990:
A degree course of orthoptists

Lakin, K.R.; Morse, J.G., 1989:
A degree day model for fuller's rose beetle pantomorus cervinus boheman coleoptera curculionidae egg hatch

Inada Y.; Tatematu M.; Tamai S.; Fukui A., 1989:
A degree of camptodactyly in four generations

Dimitrov D.S.; Sowers A.E., 1990:
A delay in membrane fusion lag times observed by fluorescence microscopy of individual fusion events induced by an electric field pulse

Neff, M.W.; Burke, D.J., 1992:
A delay in the Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell cycle that is induced by a dicentric chromosome and dependent upon mitotic checkpoints

Raney G.E.; Shuman D., 1989:
A delay timer for presenting auditory and visual probes

Parkinson J.K.; Elsmore T.F., 1989:
A delayed discrimination procedure for rats

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A delayed rectifier potassium current in Xenopus oocytes

Ito, Y.; Tsuji, M.; Miyano, M.; Wakabayashi, K.; Mori, H., 1992:
A delayed response to acute stimulation with human chorionic gonadotropin in scorbutic rats

Burk, C.D.; Newman, P.J.; Lyman, S.; Gill, J.; Coller, B.S.; Poncz, M., 1991:
A deletion in the gene for glycoprotein IIb associated with Glanzmann's thrombasthenia

Maulbecker, C.; Mohr, I.; Gluzman, Y.; Bartholomew, J.; Botchan, M., 1992:
A deletion in the simian virus 40 large T antigen impairs lytic replication in monkey cells in vivo but enhances DNA replication in vitro: new complementation function of T antigen

Kulozik A.E.; Bellan Koch A.; Kohne E.; Kleihauer E., 1992:
A deletion inversion rearrangement of the beta globin gene cluster in a turkish family with delta beta thalassemia intermedia

Mikami S.; Nishimura T.; Naka H.; Kuze K.; Fukui H., 1988:
A deletion involving intron 13 and exon 14 of factor viii gene in a hemophiliac with anti factor viii antibody

Walter, M.A.; Dosch, H.M.; Cox, D.W., 1991:
A deletion map of the human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region

Gessler, M.; Thomas, G.H.; Couillin, P.; Junien, C.; McGillivray, B.C.; Hayden, M.; Jaschek, G.; Bruns, G.A., 1989:
A deletion map of the WAGR region on chromosome 11

Yamazaki H.; Ohba Y.; Tamaoki N.; Shibuya M., 1990:
A deletion mutation within the ligand binding domain is responsible for activation of epidermal growth factor receptor gene in human brain tumors

Cox, D.W.; Wills, D.E.; Quan, F.; Ray, P.N., 1988:
A deletion of one nucleotide results in functional deficiency of apolipoprotein CII (apo CII Toronto)

Delpech N.; Rapior S.; Donnadieu P.; Cozette A.P.; Ortiz J.P.; Huchard G., 1991:
A deliberate intoxication by ingestion of cortinarius orellanus early original treatment after assay of orellanine in biological fluids and renal biopsies

Thombre A.G.; Cardinal J.R.; Fournier L.A., 1992:
A delivery device containing a poorly water soluble drug in a hydrophobic medium ruminal delivery application

Gnaccolini M.; Jadoul F., 1988:
A delta lagoon carbonate platform system in the carnian of lombardy upper triassic southern alps italy

Sato T.; Fujita M.; Ihda S., 1990:
A delusional disorder that occurred in one of a pair of monozygotic twins

Owen F.; Poulter M.; Collinge J.; Leach M.; Lofthouse R.; Crow T.J.; Harding A.E., 1992:
A dementing illness associated with a novel insertion in the prion protein gene

Noske R.A., 1991:
A demographic comparison of cooperatively breeding and non cooperative treecreepers climacteridae

Watterson T.; Hansen Magorian H.J.; Mcfarlane S.C., 1990:
A demographic description of laryngeal contact ulcer patients

Silvertown, J.; Franco, M.; Mcconway, K., 1992:
A demographic interpretation of grime's triangle

Bennett W.N.; Boraas M.E., 1989:
A demographic profile of the fastest growing metazoan a strain of brachionus calyciflorus rotifera

Conley W.; Sengupta U., 1989:
A demographic simulator with deeply coupled semantic and numeric data structures

Hammarbäck, S.; Bäckström, T., 1989:
A demographic study in subgroups of women seeking help for premenstrual syndrome

Maegawa M.; Kida W.; Aruga Y., 1988:
A demographic study of the sublittoral brown alga ecklonia cava kjellman in coastal water of shima peninsula japan

Aberg P., 1992:
A demographic study of two populations of the seaweed ascophyllum nodosum

Lindholm, C.; Bjellerup, M.; Christensen, O.B.; Zederfeldt, B., 1992:
A demographic survey of leg and foot ulcer patients in a defined population

Burkhalter, B.R.; Marin, P.S., 1991:
A demonstration of increased exclusive breastfeeding in Chile

Heyes, C.M.; Dawson, G.R., 1990:
A demonstration of observational learning in rats using a bidirectional control

Williams R.W.; Levis D.J., 1991:
A demonstration of persistent human avoidance in extinction

McTavish, H., 1988:
A demonstration of photosynthetic state transitions in nature : Shading by photosynthetic tissue causes conversion to state 1

Iwasaki, M.; Kubo, S.; Ogata, M.; Nakasono, I., 1989:
A demonstration of spermatozoa on vaginal swabs after complete destruction of the vaginal cell deposits

Gentleman S.M.; Bruton C.; Allsop D.; Lewis S.J.; Polak J.M.; Roberts G.W., 1989 :
A demonstration of the advantages of immunostaining in the quantification of amyloid plaque deposits

Graham A.M.; Baffour R.; Burdon T.; Devarennes B.; Ricci M.A.; Common A.; Lisbona R.; Sniderman A.D.; Symes J.F., 1989:
A demonstration of vascular proliferation in response to arteriovenous reversal in the ischemic canine hind limb

Ravdin P.M.; Clark G.M.; Hilsenbeck S.G.; Owens M.A.; Vendely P.; Pandian M.R.; Mcguire W.L., 1992:
A demonstration that breast cancer recurrence can be predicted by neural network analysis

Vincent, J.G.; Lacquet, L.K.; vd Wal, H.J.; Daniëls, O.; van Oort, A., 1990:
A denaturated venous homograft as an alternative material for shunts and other reconstructions in congenital cardiac surgery

Hupp C.R.; Morris E.E., 1990:
A dendrogeomorphic approach to measurement of sedimentation in a forested wetland black swamp arkansas usa

Jaeger H., 1992:
A dendroid graptolite ophigraptus hercyniae new genus new species from the lower middle devonian boundary of the harz mountains germany

Sossin W.S.; Kreiner T.; Barinaga M.; Schilling J.; Scheller R.H., 1989:
A dense core vesicle protein is restricted to the cortex of granules in the exocrine atrial gland of aplysia californica

Mustafa A.A.; Peregrin J.H.; Simo M.; Adili M.S.; Saleh S.A., 1991:
A densitometric method for quantitative analysis of the left ventricle performance using iv digital subtraction angiography

Poukens Renwart P.; Angenot L., 1991:
A densitometric method for the determination of three clinically important monosaccharides in urine

Seno H., 1990 :
A density dependent diffusion model of shoaling of nesting fish

Parresol B.R.; Thomas C.E., 1989:
A density integral approach to estimating stem biomass

Lee J S.; Lee L P., 1992:
A density method for determining plasma and red blood cell volume

Huang, S.T.; Miura, F.; Soma, K., 1991:
A dental anthropological study of Chinese in Taiwan (2). Teeth size, dental arch dimensions and forms

Huang, S.T.; Lin, J.J.; Chang, C.S.; Miura, F.; Soma, K., 1991:
A dental anthropological study of Chinese in Taiwan. I). Craniofacial morphology

Popov, N., 1990:
A dental concept in gerontology

Morse, D.R.; Bhambhani, S.M., 1990:
A dentist's dilemma nonsurgical endodontic therapy or periapical surgery for teeth with apparent pulpal pathosis and an associated periapical radiolucent lesion

Allaire J.; Lord D.; Allaire M.; Jackson H.A., 1990:
A deployment system for thermal curtains developed for tunnel greenhouses

Gonzalez Martinez M.T.; Guerrero A.; Morales E.; D.D.L.T.rre L.; Darszon A., 1992:
A depolarization can trigger calcium uptake and the acrosome reaction when preceded by a hyperpolarization in lytechinus pictus sea urchin sperm

Munkvad, S.; Gram, J.; Jespersen, J., 1990:
A depression of active tissue plasminogen activator in plasma characterizes patients with unstable angina pectoris who develop myocardial infarction

Lester D., 1989:
A depression paradox theory of suicide

Addington D.; Addington J.; Schissel B., 1990:
A depression rating scale for schizophrenics

Callen D.F.; Cirocco L.; Moore L., 1989:
A der11 translocation 8 11 in two medulloblastomas a possible nonrandom cytogenetic abnormality

Nguyen T.; Speed T.P., 1992:
A derivation of all linear invariants for a nonbalanced transversion model

Alcaraz M.J.; Garcia Ochoa S.; Jimenez M.J.; Valverde S.; Villar A., 1989:
A derivative of ent 13 epi manoyl oxide isolated from sideritis javalambrensis

Biondi P.A.; Guidotti L.; Montana M.; Manca F.; Brambilla G.; Lucarelli C., 1991:
A derivatization procedure suitable for hplc analysis of clenbuterol

Wax C.L.; Pote J.W., 1990:
A derived climatology of water temperatures for the mississippi usa catfish industry

Omari Y.I., 1992:
A dermatoglyphic study of jordanians main line index and transversality

Gao, Q.; Yan, Y.; Lin, X.; Tang, X.; Xie, J.; Tu, J.; Xiao, S.; Jing, A., 1989:
A dermatoglyphic study of three nationalities in hunan province china 1. fingerprint

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A dermatological assessment of disablement

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A description of a new species of bechsteinia oudemans 1936 acari anystidae

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A description of a new species of doto oken 1815 mollusca nudibranchia from the malaga coasts south spain

Hou Y.; Peng Y., 1989:
A description of a new species of trichocephalus trichocephalidae trichocephalata from the golden monkey rhinopithecus bieti

Shchetkin-Yu-Yu, 1988:
A description of a new subspecies of parnassius honrathi stgr. lepidoptera papilionidae from the central tadzhik ssr ussr

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A description of acid soils and the relationships between properties of acid soils and the nutrient status of grazed pastures in the south east of south australia

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A description of agitation in a nursing home

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A description of driver an interactive computer based modelling tool

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A description of fisheries in the vicinity of significant oil discovery areas off newfoundland canada

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A description of highly purified creatine phosphokinase from pig brain and its preparation

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A description of horned turtle remains testudines meiolaniidae from the mid miocene camfield beds of northern australia

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A description of lutzomyia caballeroi new species diptera psychodidae phlebotominae of the peruvian andes mountains

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A description of male and female black flies cnetha keiseri rubzov diptera simuliidae

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A description of mastogloia biocellata new status from qatari coastal waters

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A description of ski alpinism

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A description of the 1984 fishery stock composition and biological characteristics of sockeye salmon oncorhynchus nerka in the catch from area 23 barkley sound canada

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A description of the demonstration Integral Fast Reactor fuel cycle facility

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A description of the diatom papiliocellulus simplex new species cymatosiraceae bacillariophyta using light and electron microscopy

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A description of the early life history stages of the kob argyrosomus hololepidotus pisces sciaenidae from southern africa

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A description of the ecossat experimental site at cardigan near charters towers north queensland

Mcivor J.G., 1991 :
A description of the ecossat experimental site at hillgrove near charters towers north queensland

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A description of the huon pine lagarotrobos franklinii hook. f. c. j. quinn forests of the prince of wales and king billy ranges tasmania

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A description of the juvenile phase color patterns of 24 parrotfish species family scaridae from the great barrier reef australia

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A description of the larva of gynacantha mexicana selys 1869 odonata aeshnidae and notes about its biology

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A description of the larva of rhyncholimnochares kittatinniana habeeb hydrachnidia limnocharidae

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A description of the larva of thremma tellae trichoptera uenoidae thrematinae with notes on its habitat biology and distribution

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A description of the male of echidnophaga octotricha mardon and dunnet 1971 with complementary features on the female siphonaptera pulicidae

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A description of the new species eupterote sapivora new species yang et yang lepidoptera eupterotidae

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A description of the phospholipid arrangement intermediate to the humidity produced l a abd h 11 phases in dioleoylphosphatidylcholine and its modification by dioleoylphosphatidylethanolamine as studied by x ray diffraction

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A description of the preimaginal stages of predatory syrphid fly genera sphaerophoria platycheirus and pipiza diptera syrphidae

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A description of the ultrastructure of the gills of freshwater bivalves including a new structure the frontal cirrus

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A description of tufts and concealing posture in northern pygmy owls

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A description of two new species of the diatom genus mastogloia with further observations on mastogloia amoyensis and mastogloia gieskesii

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A description of tyrannochthonius noaensis new species arachnida pseudoscorpionida chthoniidae

Moyle B., 1989:
A description of tyrannochthonius tekauriensis new species pseudoscorpionida chthoniidae

Sebastia Herranz J.; Cardenas Garcia C.; Gutierrez Gomez A., 1989:
A descriptive analysis of advertising for alcoholic beverages

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A descriptive analysis of the postnatal development of contact righting in rats rattus norvegicus

Strassberg D.S.; Clutton S.; Korboot P., 1991:
A descriptive and validity study of the minnesota multiphasic personality inventory 2 mmpi 2 in an elderly australian sample

Leventhal G.; Ontell M.K., 1989:
A descriptive demographic and personality study of second generation jewish holocaust survivors

Ozasa K.; Higashi A.; Watanabe Y.; Hayashi K.; Saito A.; Liang H.; Aoike A.; Kawai K., 1991:
A descriptive epidemiology study for mortality in kyoto prefecture japan

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A descriptive investigation of the cases of incest registered in the department of social medicine in copenhagen denmark during the period from january 1 december 31 1987

Craske M.G.; Miller P.P.; Rotunda R.; Barlow D.H., 1990:
A descriptive report of features of initial unexpected panic attacks in minimal and extensive avoiders

Beland F., 1989:
A descriptive study of continuity of care as an element in the process of ambulatory medical care utilization

Rautenbach, G.H.; Boomker, J.; de Villiers, I.L., 1991:
A descriptive study of the canine population in a rural town in southern Africa

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A descriptive summary of new jersey's usa 1985 burn population

Bartels D.; Hanke C.; Schneider K.; Michel D.; Salamini F., 1992:
A desiccation related elip like gene from the resurrection plant craterostigma plantagineum is related by light and aba

Harbinson J.; Burcham K.; Wilton D., 1989:
A design for a disequilibrium humidifier suitable for gas conditioning in photosynthetic measurement systems

Skalski J.R., 1990:
A design for long term status and trends monitoring

Koh, Y., 1991 :
A design of the electrophysiological model on the action of antiarrhythmic agent in hypoxic condition and the electrophysiological study of flecainide

Zhang X., 1990:
A design scheme for the data base system of crop germplasm resources

Shumway S.J.; Gott V.L.; Reitz B.A., 1988:
A designer annuloplasty ring for patients with massive mitral annular dilatation

Kundi M., 1989:
A destabilization theory on health impairments by night work and shift work some tests about its predictive value

Clancy C.G.; Reichmuth D.R., 1990:
A detachable fishway for steep culverts

Yessad, S.; Manceau, C.; Luisetti, J., 1992:
A detached leaf assay to evaluate virulence and pathogenicity of strains of pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae on pear

Reilly C.C.; Tedders W.L., 1990:
A detached leaf method to study pecan aphid behavior and biology

Tedford E.C.; Miller T.L.; Nielsen M.T., 1990:
A detached leaf technique for detecting resistance to phytophthora parasitica var nicotianae in tobacco

Melouk H.A.; Akem C.N.; Bowen C., 1992:
A detached shoot technique to evaluate the reaction of peanut genotypes to sclerotinia minor

Kovar, H., 1991:
A detailed analysis of duplications appearing during early, high multiplicity infections with polyoma virus

Yamakawa, K.; Morita, R.; Takahashi, E.; Hori, T.; Ishikawa, J.; Nakamura, Y., 1991:
A detailed deletion mapping of the short arm of chromosome 3 in sporadic renal cell carcinoma

Julier C.; Nakamura Y.; Lathrop M.; O'connell P.; Leppert M.; Litt M.; Mohandas T.; Lalouel J M.; White R., 1990:
A detailed genetic map of the long arm of chromosome 11

Natsugoe S.; Aiko T.; Shimazu H., 1991:
A detailed histological study on occult metastasis of the lymph nodes

Carter W.P.L., 1990:
A detailed mechanism for the gas phase atmospheric reactions of organic compounds

Wörgötter, F.; Koch, C., 1991:
A detailed model of the primary visual pathway in the cat: comparison of afferent excitatory and intracortical inhibitory connection schemes for orientation selectivity

Vander Velden P.; Giles A.R., 1988:
A detailed morphological evaluation of the evolution of the hemostatic plug in normal factor vii and factor viii deficient dogs

Buetow K.H.; Nishimura D.; Green P.; Nakamura Y.; Jiang O.; Murray J.C., 1990:
A detailed multipoint gene map of chromosome 1q

Cole J.J.; Caraco N.F.; Strayer D.L.; Ochs C.; Nolan S., 1989:
A detailed organic carbon budget as an ecosystem level calibration of bacterial respiration in an oligotrophic lake during midsummer

Jones, F.S.; Hoffman, S.; Cunningham, B.A.; Edelman, G.M., 1989:
A detailed structural model of cytotactin: protein homologies, alternative RNA splicing, and binding regions

Janse J.D., 1988:
A detection method for pseudomonas solanacearum in symptomless potato tubers and some data on its sensitivity and specificity

Hill H.H.; S.L.uis R.H.; Morrissey M.A.; Shumate C.B.; Siems W.F.; Mcminn D.G., 1992:
A detection method for unified chromatography ion mobility monitoring

Sones, R.A.; Lauro, K.L.; Cattell, C.L., 1990:
A detector for scanned projection radiography

Clarke R.L.; Smith R.F.; Justesen D.R., 1989:
A detector of sonic and ultrasonic vocalizations with frequency readout

Zima J.; Barek J.; Patel H., 1989:
A determination of 6 mercaptopurine and 6 thioguanine by anodic differential pulse voltammetry

Inagaki S.; Sumida K.; Yoshida S.; Hirose S., 1992:
A determination of pk a value of aminopyrine

Toya T.; Mikami M.; Yasuda N., 1990:
A determination of the dalton and stanton numbers over a saturated barley field

Abrahams M.V.; Dill L.M., 1989:
A determination of the energetic equivalence of the risk of predation

Miki M.; Dos Remedios C.G., 1990:
A determination of the radial coordinate of tyrosine 69 in f actin using fluorescence energy transfer

IIda H.; Kanno I.; Miura S.; Murakami M.; Takahashi K.; Uemura K., 1989:
A determination of the regional brain blood partition coefficient of water using dynamic positron emission tomography

Santos, M.P.; Ranalli, D.N.; Rapp, R.; Zullo, T.G., 1988:
A determination of the sensitivity of the dental pulp of primary maxillary anterior teeth to electrical stimuli in children with unilateral and bilateral clefts

Mackey M.C.; Milton J.G., 1990:
A deterministic approach to survival statistics

Y.R.C.; Tan W Y.; Mathew R.M.; Andjelkovich D.A.; Levine R.J., 1990:
A deterministic mathematical model for quantitative estimation of historical exposure

Meuwissen T.H.E., 1989:
A deterministic model for the optimization of dairy cattle breeding based on blup breeding value estimates

Grasman J., 1990:
A deterministic model of the cell cycle

Bettoli P.W.; Springer T.; Noble R.L., 1990:
A deterministic model of the response of threadfin shad to aquatic macrophyte control

Rojas M.G.; Williams H.J.; Stipanovic R.D.; Vinson S.B.; Reibenspies J., 1990:
A detoxification product of the xenobiotic methyl parasept by heliothis virescens f lepidoptera noctuidae

Goldman I.L.; Carter T.E.Jr; Patterson R.P., 1989:
A detrimental interaction of subsoil aluminum and drought stress on the leaf water status of soybean

Yoshikawa W.; Akutsu H.; Kyogoku Y.; Akamatsu Y., 1988:
A deuterium nmr study on the glycerol backbone of phospholipids extracted from escherichia coli grown under high osmotic pressure evidence for multiconformations of phosphatidylethanolamine

Wu, S.N.; Sun, Y.M.; Hsu, S.K., 1991:
A developed program of ionic equilibria and membrane potentials for Chinese science students

Douglas P.; Sloan P.; Gillbe G.V., 1991:
A developing complex odontome associated with delayed premolar formation

Gould S.J., 1989:
A development constraint in cerion with comments on the definition and interpretation of constraint in evolution

Sasaki, M.; Kishi, M.; Sekine, H., 1989:
A development of data analyzing system for the mandibular movement

Chang D S.; Cho H R.; Goo H Y.; Choe W K., 1989:
A development of food preservative with the waste of crab processing

Chiba, C.M.; Rankin, C.H., 1990:
A developmental analysis of spontaneous and reflexive reversals in the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

Cohen R.; Klesges R.C.; Summerville M.; Meyers A.W., 1989:
A developmental analysis of the influence of body weight on the sociometry of children

Moriya K., 1989:
A developmental and cross cultural study of the interpersonal cognition of english and japanese children

Healy A.F.; Cunningham T.F., 1992:
A developmental evaluation of the role of word shape in word recognition

Hood, K.E.; Cairns, R.B., 1989:
A developmental genetic analysis of aggressive behavior in mice iv. genotype environment interaction

Chase C.H.; Tallal P., 1990:
A developmental interactive activation model of the word superiority effect

Levitt L.; Fowler J.D.; Longley M.; Bowen V.; Wilkinson A.A., 1988:
A developmental model for free vascularized bone transfers in the dog

Boom J.; Molenaar P.C.M., 1989:
A developmental model of hierarchical stage structure in objective moral judgments

Trop, J.L.; Stolorow, R.D., 1991:
A developmental perspective on analytic empathy: a case study

Wetterauer B.; Macwilliams H.K., 1990:
A developmental shift in cell volume regulation in dictyostelium discoideum

Nakajima Y.; Hotta M., 1989:
A developmental study of cognitive processes in decision making information searching as a function of task complexity

Enns J.T.; Brodeur D.A., 1989:
A developmental study of covert orienting to peripheral visual cues

Enns, J.T.; Akhtar, N., 1989:
A developmental study of filtering in visual attention

Kawahara R.; Matsuda K.; Takeshita H.; Ishida A., 1990:
A developmental study of kindling in kittens

Cowell P.E.; Allen L.S.; Zalatimo N.S.; Denenberg V.H., 1992:
A developmental study of sex and age interactions in the human corpus callosum

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A developmental study of shape integration over space and time

Viviani, P.; Schneider, R., 1991:
A developmental study of the relationship between geometry and kinematics in drawing movements

Matsuda F., 1989:
A developmental study on a duration estimation effects of frequency of intermittent stimuli

Arumugasamy K.; Inamdar J.A., 1988:
A developmental study on the cyathial nectaries in euphorbia thymifolia l

Hardy, R.R.; Hayakawa, K., 1991:
A developmental switch in B lymphopoiesis

Gollmann B., 1991:
A developmental table of crinia signifera girard 1853 anura myobatrachinae

W.L.; Franke J., 1990:
A developmentally regulated and cyclic amp repressible gene of dictyostelium discoideum cloning and expression of the gene encoding cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase inhibitor

Allsopp, T.E.; Moss, D.J., 1989:
A developmentally regulated chicken neuronal protein associated with the cortical cytoskeleton

Perara, E.; Ganem, D.; Engel, J.N., 1992:
A developmentally regulated chlamydial gene with apparent homology to eukaryotic histone H1

Proffitt, J.A.; Jagger, P.S.; Wilson, G.A.; Donovan, J.T.; Widdowson, D.C.; Hames, B.D., 1991:
A developmentally regulated gene encodes the dictyostelium homolog of yeast ribosomal protein S4 and mammalian LLRep3 proteins

Hsu M.P.; Muhich M.L.; Boothroyd J.C., 1989:
A developmentally regulated gene of trypanosomes encodes a homologue of rat protein disulfide isomerase and phosphoinositol phospholipase

Wallis I.; Lasher R.S.; Ellis L.; Siller K.; Pfenninger K.H., 1992:
A developmentally regulated plasmalemmal antigen present in synaptosomes but not in growth cones

Kloske J U.; Martinoia E.; Kaiser G.; Hincha D.K.; Schmitt J.M., 1988:
A developmentally regulated tonoplast polypeptide

Hjorth A.L.; Pears C.; Williams J.G.; Firtel R.A., 1990:
A developmentally regulated trans acting factor recognizes dissimilar g c rich elements controlling a class of cyclic amp inducible dictyostelium genes

Yotsuyanagi T.; Suzuki T.; Sawada Y.; Sugawara M.; Hatayama I., 1989:
A device for a rat fixation

Bourne R.M., 1989:
A device for aeration and mixing of cell and organelle suspensions during nmr studies

Beloborodova E.I.; Yavorskii B.I.; Konovalov A.I., 1990:
A device for automated continuous withdrawal of gastric juice

Magerovskii Y.V.; Breslavskii I.N.; Volkova G.N., 1991:
A device for electrophoregram scanning

Ter Horst G.J.; Mast J.G.; Vaartjes K., 1988:
A device for enhancing the visibility of the tip of a glass micropipette application in neuroanatomy

Bova, F.; Spiegelmann, R.; Friedman, W.A., 1991:
A device for experimental radiosurgery

Mass, R.; Harden, H.; Leplow, B.; Wessel, M.; Richter, R.; Dahme, B., 1991:
A device for functional residual capacity controlled biofeedback of respiratory resistance

Gillham, R.W.; Robin, M.J.L.; Ptacek, C.J., 1990:
A device for in situ determination of geochemical transport parameters 1. retardation

Gillham, R.W.; Starr, R.C.; Miller, D.J., 1990:
A device for in situ determination of geochemical transport parameters 2. biochemical reactions

Gough, N.A.; Morgan, G.; McKenna, D.M.; Hibbard, B.M.; Newcombe, R.G., 1988:
A device for measurement of radius of curvature of obstetric forceps

Rohlícek, V., 1988:
A device for microcomputer controlled stimulation of cardiac muscle

Macdonald W.; Skirving A.P.; Scull E.R., 1988:
A device for producing experimental fractures

Pegoraro R.A., 1989:
A device for rearing larvae and pupae of simuliidae diptera under semi natural conditions

Mcallister T.L.; Aiken R.B., 1990:
A device for reducing the effects of wave action in shallow water

Raymer, J.H.; Thomas, K.W.; Cooper, S.D.; Whitaker, D.A.; Pellizzari, E.D., 1990:
A device for sampling of human alveolar breath for the measurement of expired volatile organic compounds

Pasichnyi A.P., 1988:
A device for studying the photosynthetic activity of aquatic plants

Andersen K.L.; Norton L.A., 1991:
A device for the application of known simulated orthodontic forces to human cells in vitro

Stepanenko V.I.; Kolyadenko V.G.; Maidanyuk V.F., 1989:
A device for the collection of urethral contents

Page, D.; Figuet, G.; Bullinger, A., 1989:
A device for the computer processed analysis of video frames

Gavryushkin A.V.; Shukun S.A.; Brezgunov V.N., 1989:
A device for the continuous separation and concentration of biological objects under the action of a constant electrical field

Elprana, D.; Schwachöfer, J.; Kuijpers, W., 1989:
A device for the production of fresh tumor slices for cytotoxic drug testing

Brunton D.F., 1990:
A device for the protection of spore samples from isoetes isoetaceae voucher specimens

Ivanov V.I.; Mikhailova I.A.; Kolesnikov S.V.; Gurevich V.S., 1988:
A device for the study of platelet aggregation

Erickson C.K.; Byers K.I., 1988:
A device for the sustained release of nicotine in the mouse

Bikbulatov Z.T.; Samusev V.G.; Tsoi V.P., 1989:
A device measuring the intensity of visible laser radiation

Murata S.; Nawa H.; Miyazawa K.; Iwata R.; Fuwa Y.; Goto S., 1991:
A device of the maxillary protractor for the treatment of skeletal class iii cases

Herman, M.; Bruce, C.; Levy, R., 1991:
A device to aid in the application of stereotactic headframes: technical note

Koike, T.; Terada, S.; Katada, A., 1989:
A device to display moving objects for visual stimulation in the early development: with numerical control of a pulse motor

Bygrave C.J.; Stevens J.C., 1990:
A device to measure head turn reflex in the distraction test used for infant hearing assessment

Gaggiotti, G.; Orlandoni, P.; Boccoli, G.; Caporelli, S.G.; Patrizi, I.; Masera, N., 1989:
A device to perform percutaneous cervical pharyngostomy (PCP) for enteral nutrition

Shear, W.A.; Palmer, J.M.; Coddington, J.A.; Bonamo, P.M., 1989:
A devonian spinneret: early evidence of spiders and silk use

Malan E., 1990:
A dextro catechin digalloyl ester from the bark of acacia gerrardii

Sheehy M.J.; Scharf S.J.; Rowe J.R.; Neme D.G.menez M.H.; Meske L.M.; Erlich H.A.; Nepom B.S., 1989:
A diabetes susceptible hla haplotype is best defined by a combination of hla dr and hla dq alleles

Yamashita M.; Takashima E.; Kitaoka Y.; Noda Y.; Mori T., 1991:
A diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy from ivf et

Stromme P.; Ose L., 1990:
A diagnostic approach to multiple malformation syndromes using a microcomputer and an interactive video

Esser R.P., 1992:
A diagnostic compendium to species included in paratylenchinae thorne 1949 and tylenchocriconematinae raski and siddiqui 1975 nematoda criconematoidea

Miller M.A., 1987:
A diagnostic excystment suture in the silurian acritarch circinatisphaera aenigma new genus new species

Stoddard, F.J.; Norman, D.K.; Murphy, J.M., 1989:
A diagnostic outcome study of children and adolescents with severe burns

Hofmann W.; Guder W.G., 1989:
A diagnostic program for quantitative analysis of proteinuria

Fujisaka S., 1991:
A diagnostic survey of shifting cultivation in northern laos targeting research to improve sustainability and productivity

Marsters J.B.; Good P.A.; Mortimer M.J., 1988:
A diagnostic test for migraine using the visual evoked potential

Wong K.; Bartlett F.; Gill T.A., 1988:
A diagnostic test strip for the semiquantitative determination of trimethylamine in fish

Muir P.S.; Mccune B., 1992:
A dial quadrat for mapping herbaceous plants

Templeton A.W.; Dwyer S.J.; Hall C.L.; Jorgensen A.; Foyles J.R.; Parry W.H.; Knowles C.R.; Mcfadden M.A.; Waxman D.; Cook L.T., 1991:
A dial up wide band digital teleradiography system work in progress in the usa

Wan S.; Guo Q., 1989:
A dialectical discussion of the classified treatments to pyelonephritis

Secco, R.D.S., 1988 :
A dialisepalous calyx in the genus sandwithia lanj. euphorbiaceae a botanical novelty from the upper rio negro brazil and venezuela

Sotchenko V.S.; Tsagan Mandzhiev N.L.; Frolov A.N., 1989:
A diallel analysis of corn barrenness as an index of resistance to stress conditions

Smith M.C.; Mackay I.J.; Cornish M.A., 1990:
A diallel analysis of germination in sugar beet beta vulgaris l

Saifullin R.G.; Krupnov V.A., 1991:
A diallel analysis of the ratio of the nitrogen harvest index to the grain harvest index of soft spring wheat

Lonc W., 1988:
A diallel analysis of useful traits of spring wheat triticum aestivum ssp vulgare hybrids

Donahue P.J.; Stromberg E.L.; Roane C.W., 1989:
A diallel study of stalk rot resistance in elite maize and its interaction with yield

Labotka R.J.; Schwab C.M., 1990:
A dialysis cell for nmr spectroscopic measurement of protein small molecule binding

Hamprecht K.H.; Voetsch W.; Anderer F.A., 1989:
A dialyzable acid factor from human leukocyte extracts activates tumor cell lysis mediated by human monocytes and natural killer cells

Mengel D.L.; Roise J.P., 1990:
A diameter class matrix model for southeastern usa coastal plain bottomland hardwood stands

Zach J.; Drapela K., 1991:
A diameter increment analysis of spruce in the beskydy mountains in the area under the influence of air pollutants

Westrin B.A.; Axelsson A., 1991:
A diaphragm diffusion cell applied to ethanol diffusion in agarose gel a reproducibility study

Cattanach J.F., 1991:
A diaphragm tampon applied to an ovulation method in a birth control system

Watson H.R., 1988:
A diazepam rectal solution for home or institutional treatment of status epilepticus in children and adults

Hagler A.N.; Mendonca Hagler L.C., 1991:
A diazonium blue b test for yeasts grown three days on yeast carbon base urea agar

Worsham, M.J.; Miller, D.A.; Devries, J.M.; Mitchell, A.R.; Babu, V.R.; Surli, V.; Weiss, L.; Van Dyke, D.L., 1989:
A dicentric recombinant 9 derived from a paracentric inversion: phenotype, cytogenetics, and molecular analysis of centromeres

Callen D.F.; Eyre H.J.; Ringenbergs M.L., 1990:
A dicentric variant of chromosome 6 characterization by use of in situ hybridization with the biotinylated probe p308

Schotte D.E.; Mcnally R.J.; Turner M.L., 1990:
A dichotic listening analysis of body weight concern in bulimia nervosa

Squadrito G.L.; Fronczek F.R.; Church D.F.; Pryor W.A., 1990:
A dichotomy in the nitration of fluoranthene with nitrogen oxides mechanistic and toxicological implications

Blume J.E.; Ennis H.L., 1991:
A dictyostelium discoideum cellulase is a membrane of a spore germination specific gene family

Ebert, D.L.; Freeze, H.H.; Richardson, J.; Dimond, R.L.; Cardelli, J.A., 1989 :
A Dictyostelium discoideum mutant that missorts and oversecretes lysosomal enzyme precursors is defective in endocytosis

Kwong, L.; Xie, Y.J.; Daniel, J.; Robbins, S.M.; Weeks, G., 1990:
A Dictyostelium morphogen that is essential for stalk cell formation is generated by a subpopulation of prestalk cells

Moore, C.G., 1991:
A didactic computer simulation of the environmental impact of a pollution discharge

Bit R.A.; Davis P.D.; Hill C.H.; Keech E.; Vesey D.R., 1991:
A dieckmann ring expansion approach to tetrahydropyrido 1 2 a indoles and tetrahydroazepino 1 2 a indoles

Maki J.S.; Herwig R.P., 1991:
A diel study of the neuston and plankton bacteria in an antarctic pond

Gonser P.; Jakupovic J.; Crou G.; Vincent L., 1990:
A diels alder adduct and other constituents from cineraria spp

D.O.iveira Imbroisi D.; Simpkins N.S., 1991:
A diels alder approach to functionalized cis hydroisoquinolines attempts to prepare a tricyclic core unit of manzamine a

Jendryczko A.; Drozdz M.; Magner K., 1989:
A diene conjugated isomer of linoleic acid 18 2 9 11 in serum of rat with hydralazine induced collagen like syndrome

Hiscocks K.; Perrin M.R., 1991:
A dietary comparison between two sympatric viverrids helogale parvula sundevall 1846 and mungos mungo gmelin 1788

Macaluso M.; Sanfilippo N., 1991:
A dietary inquest among a cohort of palermo school children evaluation of dietary habits and some behavioral aspects

Yang J.; Shimizu Y.; Suzuki K., 1992:
A difference in free amino acids in the pupal brains between diapause and non diapause of the silkworm bombyx mori

LeVay, S., 1991:
A difference in hypothalamic structure between heterosexual and homosexual men

Stobie, P.E.; Hansen, C.T.; Hailey, J.R.; Levine, R.L., 1991:
A difference in mortality between two strains of jaundiced rats

Takayanagi, I.; Harada, M.; Koike, K., 1991:
A difference in receptor mechanisms for muscarinic full and partial agonists

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