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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6942

Chapter 6942 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Baudin F.; Romaniuk P.J., 1989: A difference in the importance of bulged nucleotides and their parent base pairs in the binding of transcription factor iiia to xenopus 5s rna and 5s rna genes

Penhallkow R.C.; Sussman H.H., 1990: A difference in the regulation of messenger rna expression between the phenotypic and the embryonic alkaline phosphatase genes in human cancer cells

Estes P.A.; Cooke N.E.; Liebhaber S.A., 1990: A difference in the splicing patterns of the closely related normal and variant human growth hormone gene transcripts is determined by a minimal sequence divergence between two potential splice acceptor sites

Bueckmann A.F.; Schmid R., 1991: A different acceptance of adenine modified nadp by nadp dependent glucose dehydrogenase from bacillus megaterium and strictly nadp dependent glucose dehydrogenase from cryptococcus uniguttulatus

Muddukrishna S.N.; Holzbecher J.; Ryan D.E., 1991: A different approach to hair analysis application to multiple sclerosis

Caglayan S.; Yaprak I.; Seckin E.; Kansoy S.; Aydinlioglu H., 1991: A different approach to sleep problems of infancy swaddling above the waist

Le C.T., 1990: A different approach to the analysis of person years data

Emi, Y.; Chijiiwa, C.; Omura, T., 1990: A different cytochrome p 450 form is induced in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes

Nanoff C.; Freissmuth M.; Tuisle E.; Schutz W., 1989: A different desensitization pattern of cardiac beta adrenoceptor subtypes by prolonged in vivo infusion of isoprenaline

Spratley M.H.; Chenerey H.J.; Murdoch B.E., 1988: A different design of palatal lift appliance review and case reports

Mergoni A., 1988: A different interpretation of the functional role of uterine fixation during natural delivery

Cheraskin E., 1989: A different methodologic approach to ideal weight a study of the ponderal index pi

Sha J., 1991: A different opinion on the geological ages of the longzhaogou and jixi groups of eastern heilongjiang china

Bond V.P.; Benary V.; Sondhaus C.A., 1991: A different perception of the linear nonthreshold hypothesis for low dose irradiation

Hansen H.J.M.; Aarkrog A., 1990: A different surface geology in denmark the faroe islands north atlantic ocean and greenland arctic ocean influences the radiological contamination of drinking water

Pritz M.B.; Stritzel M.E., 1990: A different type of vertebrate thalamic organization

Hashimoto H.; Hayashi T.; Nakashima M., 1991: A differential alteration in the responsiveness of isolated cardiac muscles to alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic agonists in doca salt hypertensive rats

Drechsler, Z.; Neumann, J., 1992: A differential effect of 3 3'4' dichlorophenyl 1 1 dimethylurea and atrazine on fluorescence kinetics in chloroplasts

Yamaguchi N.; Brassard M., 1988: A differential effect of yohimbine on adrenal and neuronal catecholamine release during bilateral carotid occlusion in the dog

Payrastre B.; Nievers M.; Boonstra J.; Breton M.; Verkleij A.J.; Van Bergen En Henegouwen P.M.P., 1992: A differential location of phosphoinositide kinases diacylglycerol kinase and phospholipase c in the nuclear matrix

Rhee J.G.; Eddy H.A.; Salazar O.M.; Lyons J.C.; Song C.W., 1991: A differential low ph effect on tumor cells grown in vivo and in vitro when treated with hyperthermia

Wilkins S.C.; Ambrosio R.E., 1990: A differential lysis method for the isolation of cowdria ruminantium dna

Gitaitis, R. D.; Chang, C. J.; Sijam, K.; Dowler, C. C., 1991: A differential medium for semiselective isolation of xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria and other cellulolytic xanthomonads from various natural sources

Papastathopoulos Raftopoulou A.X.; Legakis N.J., 1989: A differential medium for the growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria

Singh B.R.; Song P S., 1990: A differential molecular topography of the pr and pfr forms of native oat phytochrome as probed by fluorescence quenching

Sheridan P.J.; Aufdemorte T.B.; Triplett R.G.; Holt G.; Martin P.M., 1988: A differential nuclear uptake and retention of tritiated androgens in the thyroids of baboons

Mcdonald G.K., 1990: A differential response of a two row barley and a six row barley to detillering under a restricted watering regime

Craig J.L., 1989: A differential response to self pollination seed size in phormium

Radek J.T.; Castellino F.J., 1988: A differential scanning calorimetric investigation of the domains of recombinant tissue plasminogen activator

Schwarz F.P.; Steer C.J.; Kirchhoff W.H., 1989: A differential scanning calorimetric study of brain clathrin

Hu C.Q.; Sturtevant J.M., 1989: A differential scanning calorimetric study of the binding of sulfate ion and of cibacron blue f3ga to yeast phosphoglycerate kinase

Steadman B.L.; Trautman P.A.; Lawson E.Q.; Raymond M.J.; Mood D.A.; Thomson J.A.; Middaugh C.R., 1989: A differential scanning calorimetric study of the bovine lens crystallins

Kitamura S.; Kuge T., 1988: A differential scanning calorimetric study of the conformational transitions of schizophyllan in mixtures of water and dmso

Connelly P.; Ghosaini L.; Hu C Q.; Kitamura S.; Tanaka A.; Sturtevant J.M., 1991: A differential scanning calorimetric study of the thermal unfolding of seven mutant forms of phage t4 lysozyme

Bacic G.; Safranj A.; Ratkovic S., 1991: A differential scanning calorimetry dsc and differential thermogravimetric dtg study of seed embryo of normal and opaque 2 maize

Liu H.; Lelievre J., 1991: A differential scanning calorimetry study of glass and melting transitions in starch suspensions and gels

Liu H.; Lelievre J., 1992: A differential scanning calorimetry study of melting transitions in aqueous suspensions containing blends of wheat and rice starch

Gronthos S.; To L.B.; Haylock D.N.; Juttner C.A., 1992: A differential sensitivity to recombinant human interferon alpha 2a between normal and chronic myeloid leukaemic peripheral blood granulocyte macrophage colony forming units

Labella L.A.; Kehler J.P.; Mccrea D.A., 1989: A differential synaptic input to the motor nuclei of triceps surae from the caudal and lateral cutaneous sural nerves

Ayane M.; Preuss U.; Koehler G.; Nielsen P.J., 1991: A differentially expressed murine rna encoding a protein with similarities to two types of nucleic acid binding motifs

Ma X.; Fraser P.; Curtis P.J., 1991: A differentiation stage specific factor interacts with mouse carbonic anhydrase form i gene and a conserved sequence in mammalian beta globin genes

Itescu S.; Brancato L.J.; Buxbaum J.; Gregersen P.K.; Rizk C.C.; Croxson T.S.; Solomon G.E.; Winchester R., 1990: A diffuse infiltrative cd8 lymphocytosis syndrome in human immunodeficiency virus hiv infection a host immune response associated with hla dr5

Walker C.M.; Levy J.A., 1989: A diffusible lymphokine produced by cd8 positive t lymphocytes suppresses hiv replication

Allen L.J.S.; Allen E.J.; Kunst C.R.G.; Sosebee R.E., 1991: A diffusion model for dispersal of opuntia imbricata cholla on rangeland

Mironov S.L., 1988: A diffusion model of calcium dependent inactivation mechanism in calcium channels

Starov V.M.; Petsev D.N.; Ivanov I.B., 1990: A diffusion model of donnan dialysis under flow conditions

Antonelli P.L.; Kazarinoff N.D.; Reichelt R.E.; Bradbury R.H.; Moran P.J., 1989: A diffusion reaction transport model for large scale waves in crown of thorns starfish outbreaks on the great barrier reef australia

Farrell T.J.; Patterson M.S.; Wilson B., 1992: A diffusion theory model of spatially resolved steady state diffuse reflectance for the noninvasive determination of tissue optical properties in vivo

Bower J.S.; Lampert J.E.; Stevenson K.J.; Atkins D.H.F.; Law D.V., 1991: A diffusion tube survey of nitrogen dioxide levels in urban areas of the uk

Rando, R. J.; Hammad, Y. Y.; Chang, S. N., 1989: A diffusive sampler for personal monitoring of toluene diisocyanate tdi exposure part i. design of the dosimeter

Rando, R. J.; Hammad, Y. Y.; Chang, S. N., 1989: A diffusive sampler for personal monitoring of toluene diisocyanate tdi exposure part ii. laboratory and field evaluation of the dosimeter

Hallberg B O.; Rudling J., 1989: A diffusive sampler of gaseous pollutants by collection in liquid media

Foster F.S.; Larson J.D.; Pittaro R.J.; Corl P.D.; Fgreenstein A.P.; Lum P.K., 1989: A digital annular array prototype scanner for realtime ultrasound imaging

Munro P.; Rawlinson J.A.; Fenster A., 1990: A digital fluoroscopic imaging device for radiotherapy localization

Takai M., 1990: A digital fluoroscopic imaging system for verification during external beam radiotherapy

Lee B.R.; Haseman D.B.; Reynolds C.P., 1989: A digital image microscopy system for rare event detection using fluorescent probes

Tatsuka M.; Jinno S.; Owada M.K.; Kakunaga T., 1989: A digital image processing system for quantitating dynamic morphology in cultured mammalian cells

Gualtieri P.; Coltelli P., 1989: A digital microscope for real time detection of moving microorganisms

Holdsworth D.W.; Dunmore P.J.; Roach M.R.; Fenster A., 1992: A digital radiographic technique for in vitro tissue thickness measurement using iodine displacement

Farid N.; Balkanci F.; Guran S.; Senaati S.; Besim A., 1991: A digital splenoportography more sensitive method of detecting spontaneous splenorenal shunt

Blogg T.; Reid W.D., 1990: A digital technique for stimulus artifact reduction

Toga A.W., 1991: A digital three dimensional atlas of structure function relationships

Ediss C.; Biggs D.F., 1991: A digital timing system for a small animal respiration pump

Chacon E.; Ulrich R.; Acosta D., 1992: A digitized fluorescence imaging study of mitochondrial calcium increase by doxorubicin in cardiac myocytes

Lin C S.; Lin M C.; Chen K S.; Ho C C.; Tsai S R.; Ho C S.; Shieh W H., 1989: A digoxin like immunoreactive substance and atrioventricular block induced by a chinese medicine kyushin

Ahmad A.; Misra L.N.; Nigam M.C., 1990: A dihydrobenzofuran from indian dill seed oil

Pieters L.A.C.; Vanden Berghe D.A.; Vlietinck A.J., 1990: A dihydrobenzofuran lignan from croton erythrochilus

Franceschi M.; Denaro M.; Irdani T.; Lorenzetti R.; Mastromei G.; Skarmoutsou E.; Polsinelli M., 1991: A dihydrofolate reductase gene from candida albicans molecular cloning

Lemmich E.; Gylle L., 1988: A dihydrofuranocoumarin from peucedanum oreselinum

Marsh J.D.; Dionne M.A.M.; Chiu M.; Smith T.W., 1988: A dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker with phosphodiesterase inhibitory activity effects on cultured vascular smooth muscle and cultured heart cells

Palomino, E.; Kessel, D.; Horwitz, J. P., 1989: A dihydropyridine carrier system for sustained delivery of 2' 3' dideoxynucleosides to the brain

Lopez M.G.; Shukla R.; Garcia A.G.; Wakade A.R., 1992: A dihydropyridine resistant component in the rat adrenal secretory response to splanchnic nerve stimulation

Nakatani M.; Tajiri M.; Kaga T.; Fukami R.; Takada Y.; Hase T., 1989: A dihydroxycyclopentadienone and other constituents from the seeds of trifolium repens

Babu M.; Sridharan J.; Hari R.; Mathur H.; Trivedi G.K., 1990: A dihydroxyketosteroid from the marine red alga hypnea musciformis

Fals Stewart W., 1992: A dimensional analysis of the yale brown obsessive compulsive scale

Jorgensen P.; Jensen J., 1990: A dimensional approach to severe delusional psychoses

Dostatni N.; Thierry F.; Yaniv M., 1988: A dimer of bpv 1 e2 containing a protease resistant core interacts with its dna target

Garcia L.; Verdiere Sahuque M.; Dreyfus P.A.; Nicolet M.; Rieger F., 1988: A dimeric form of acetylcholinesterase anchored through a glycolipid in mouse skeletal muscle

Pepinsky R.B.; Sinclair L.K.; Chow E.P.; O'brine Greco B., 1989: A dimeric form of lipocortin 1 in human placenta

Lentz B.R.; Burgess S.W., 1989: A dimerization model for the concentration dependent photophysical properties of diphenylhexatriene and its phospholipid derivatives dphppc and dphppa

Klitzner T.S.; Friedman W.F., 1989: A diminished role for the sarcoplasmic reticulum in newborn myocardial contraction effects of ryanodine

Chehab F.F.; Johnson J.; Louie E.; Goossens M.; Kawasaki E.; Erlich H., 1991: A dimorphic 4 bp repeat in the cystic fibrosis gene is in absolute linkage disequilibrium with the delta f508 mutation implications for prenatal diagnosis and mutation origin

Harding I.C., 1990: A dinocyst calibration of the european boreal barremian

Buck K.R.; Bolt P.A.; Bentham W.N.; Garrison D.L., 1992: A dinoflagellate cyst from antarctic sea ice

Newman B.H., 1990: A dinosaur trackway from the purbeck beds of swanage england uk

Nozawa K.; Udagawa S I.; Nakajima S.; Kawai K I., 1989: A dioxopiperazine derivative from penicillium megasporum

Chaudry G.J.; Wilson R.B.; Draper R.K.; Clowes R.C., 1989: A dipeptide insertion in domain i of exotoxin a that impairs receptor binding

Faulhaber L.M.; Karp R.D., 1992: A diphasic immune response against bacteria in the american cockroach

Ray A.K.; Mukhopadhyay G.; Mitra S.K.; Guha K.P.; Mukherjee B.; Atta Ur Rahman; Nelofar A., 1990: A diphenylbisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid from tiliacora racemosa

Kurosawa M.; Okayama Y.; Kobayashi S., 1989: A diphosphoinositide kinase in rat mast cell granules

Hasegawa Y.; Manabe M.; Hanai T.; Kase T.; Oji T., 1991: A diplodocid dinosaur from the early cretaceous miyako group of japan

Attallah A.M.; Helmi H.; El Helali E.; El Mohamadi H., 1991: A dipstick dot elisa assay for the rapid and early detection of bladder cancer

Savage H.M.; Duncan J.F.; Roberts D.R.; Sholdt L.L., 1991: A dipstick elisa for rapid detection of human blood meals in mosquitoes

Sumathy S.; Thyagarajan S.P.; Latif R.; Madanagopalan N.; Raguram K.; Rajasambandam P.; Gowans E., 1992: A dipstick immunobinding enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for serodiagnosis of hepatitis b and delta virus infections

Retzios A.D.; Markland F.S.Jr, 1988: A direct acting fibrinolytic enzyme from the venom of agkistrodon contortrix contortrix effects on various components of the human blood coagulation and fibrinolysis systems

Davidson, J. G.; Fiore, P. J., 1991: A direct and efficient synthesis of 5' deoxy 2' 3' o 1 methylethylideneinosine an intermediate in the synthesis of n 6 cyclopentyl 5' deoxyadenosine

Stief T.W., 1989: A direct approach in fibrinolysis diagnostic mimicry of the leukocyte attack by oxidants

Hohmann M.; Mclaughlin M.L.; Kuenzel W., 1992: A direct assessment of compliance of capacitance veins during pregnancy in the rat

Garten L.L.; Sofroniew M.V.; Dyball R.E.J., 1989: A direct catecholaminergic projection from the brainstem to the neurohypophysis of the rat

Wullimann M.F.; Rooney D.J., 1990: A direct cerebello telencephalic projection in an electrosensory mormyrid fish

Schiller J.H.; Storer B.; Paulnock D.M.; Brown R.R.; Datta S.P.; Witt P.L.; Bordern E.C., 1990: A direct comparison of biological response modulation and clinical side effects by interferon beta s e r interferon gamma or the combination of interferons beta ser and gamma in humans

Hernandez J.C.; Trafton J.E.; Gokel G.W., 1991: A direct comparison of extraction and homogeneous binding constants as predictors of efficacy in alkali metal cation transport

Varani J.; Gendimenico G.J.; Shah B.; Gibbs D.; Capetola R.J.; Mezick J.A.; Voorhees J.J., 1991: A direct comparison of pharmacologic effects of retinoids on skin cell in vitro and in vivo

Carter K.C.; O'grady J.; Dolan T.F.; Baillie A.J.; Alexander J.; Keys J., 1989: A direct comparison of sodium stibogluconate treatment in two animal models of human visceral leishmaniasis mouse and hamster

Forgays D.G.; Forgays D.K.; Pudvah M.; Wright D., 1991: A direct comparison of the wet and dry flotation environments

Ross C.K.; Klassen N.V.; Shortt K.R.; Smith G.D., 1989: A direct comparison of water calorimetry and fricke dosimetry

Belliveau J.F.; Griffiths W.C.; Wright C.G.; Tucci J.R., 1991: A direct current plasma emission spectrometric procedure for the assay of silicon in urine

Bonin P.; Gilewicz M., 1991: A direct demonstration of co respiration of oxygen and nitrogen oxides by pseudomonas nautica some spectral and kinetic properties of the respiratory components

Zeki S.; Watson J.D.G.; Lueck C.J.; Friston K.J.; Kennard C.; Frackowiak R.S.J., 1991: A direct demonstration of functional specialization in human visual cortex

De Lauzon S.; Defosses B.; Christeff N.; Hanquez C.; Cittanova N., 1992: A direct dot enzyme immunoassay to detect human ovulation

Schwartz Z.; Soskolne W.A.; Atkin I.; Goldstein M.; Ornoy A., 1989: A direct effect of 24 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 and 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 on the modeling of fetal mice long bones in vitro

Sarelius I.H.; Huxley V.H., 1990: A direct effect of atrial peptide on arterioles of the terminal microvasculature

Nesteler J.E.; Powers L.P.; Matt D.W.; Steingold K.A.; Plymate S.R.; Rittmaster R.S.; Clore J.N.; Blackard W.G., 1991: A direct effect of hyperinsulinemia on serum sex hormone binding globulin levels in obese women with the polycystic ovary syndrome

Kozaki Y.; Kumazawa T., 1990: A direct elisa for met enkephalin

Janska H.; Light A., 1989: A direct high performance liquid chromatography assay of the enzymatic activity of enterokinase enteropeptidase

Francavilla F.; Santucci R.; Romano R.; Francavilla S.; Casasanta L.; Properzi G., 1988: A direct immunofluorescence test for the detection of sperm surface bound antibodies comparison with sperm agglutination test indirect if test and mar test

Schumacher M.; Nanninga A.; Delfs T.; Mukhopadhyay A.K.; Leidenberger F.A., 1992: A direct immunoradiometric assay for human plasma prorenin concentrations in cycling women and in women taking oral contraceptives

Atamna I.Z.; Muschik G.M.; Issaq H.J., 1989: A direct injection procedure for the determination of proline in unextracted urine with micellar hydro organic mobile phases containing copper ions

Neuzil J.; Novotna J.; Vancurova I.; Behal V.; Hostalek Z., 1989: A direct injection reversed phase liquid chromatographic micromethod for studying the kinetics of terminal reactions of tetracycline biosynthesis

Slotman B.J.; Poels L.G.; Rao B.R., 1989: A direct lhrh agonist action on cancer cells is unlikely to be the cause of response to lhrh agonist treatment

Hebbes T.R.; Thorne A.W.; Crane Robinson C., 1988: A direct link between core histone acetylation and transcriptionally active chromatin

El Yazigi A.; Al Rawithy S., 1990: A direct liquid chromatographic quantitation of ciprofloxacin in microsamples of plasma with fluorometric detection

Stuschke M., 1989: A direct method for estimating the alpha beta ratio from quantitative dose response data

Odgaard A.; Andersen K.; Melsen F.; Gundersen H.J.G., 1990: A direct method for fast three dimensional serial reconstruction

Singh S.; Hider R.C.; Porter J.B., 1990: A direct method for quantification of non transferrin bound iron

Waddell I.D.; Hume R.; Burchell A., 1989: A direct method for the diagnosis of human hepatic type 1b and type 1c glycogen storage disease

Yang W.; Chen H., 1988: A direct microassay for duck hepatitis b viral dna polymerase activity

Mikkelsen J.D.; Moller M., 1990: A direct neural projection from the intergeniculate leaflet of the lateral geniculate nucleus to the deep pineal gland of the rat demonstrated with phaseolus vulgaris leucoagglutinin

Fink Jensen A.; Mikkelsen J.D., 1991: A direct neuronal projection from the entopeduncular nucleus to the globus pallidus a pha l anterograde tracing study in the rat

Dygodon, J. A.; Conger, A. J., 1990: A direct nomination method for the identification of neglected members in children's peer groups

Rosen J.B.; Hitchcock J.M.; Sananes C.B.; Miserendino M.J.D.; Davis M., 1991: A direct projection from the central nucleus of the amygdala to the acoustic startle pathway anterograde and retrograde tracing studies

Bankoul S.; Neuhuber W.L., 1992: A direct projection from the medial vestibular nucleus to the cervical spinal dorsal horn of the rat as demonstrated by anterograde and retrograde tracing

Rao P.N.; Rodriguez A.M.; Moore P.H.Jr; Cessac J.W., 1992: A direct radioimmunoassay for 5 alpha androstane 3 alpha 17 beta diol 17 glucuronide

Martin D.K.; Cook D.I., 1990: A direct reading device for measurement of patch clamp micropipette tip diameters

Mangelsdorf D.J.; Umesono K.; Kliewer S.A.; Borgmerer U.; Ong E.S.; Evans R.M., 1991: A direct repeat in the cellular retinol binding protein type ii gene confers differential regulation by rxr and rar

Schon E.A.; Rizzuto R.; Moraes C.T.; Nakase H.; Zeviani M.; Dimauro S., 1989: A direct repeat is a hotspot for large scale deletion of human mitochondrial dna

Herrera R.; Ro H.S.; Robinson G.S.; Xanthopoulos K.G.; Spiegelman B.M., 1989: A direct role for c ebp and the ap i binding site in gene expression linked to adipocyte differentiation

Moffat M.P.; Ferrier G.R.; Karmazyn M., 1989: A direct role of endogenous prostaglandins in reperfusion induced cardiac arrhythmias

Larionov V.L.; Kouprina N.Y.; Strunnikov A.V.; Vlasov A.V., 1989: A direct selection procedure for isolating yeast mutants with an impaired segregation of artificial minichromosomes

Garcia Sanchez F.; Cruces Blanco C., 1989: A direct spectrofluorometric determination of the herbicide flurecol in cultivated soils

Razagui I.B.; Barlow P.J., 1989: A direct spectrofluorometric procedure for the determination of pyridoxine in multivitamin preparations

Kraus G.A.; Thurston J., 1989: A direct synthesis of hydroxysemperoside deglucoside

Kraus G.A.; Johnston B.E.; Applegate J.M., 1991: A direct synthesis of racemic demethoxyaflatoxin b 2

Alcala A.C.; Russ G.R., 1990: A direct test of the effects of protective management on abundance and yield of tropical marine resources

Piccirilli J.A.; Krauch T.; Macpherson L.J.; Benner S.A., 1991: A direct to route 3 d ribofuranosylpyridine nucleosides

Liebert C.; Barkay T., 1988: A direct viable counting method for measuring tolerance of aquatic microbial communities to mercury

Herr R.D.; Zun L.; Matthews J.J., 1989: A directed approach to the dizzy patient

Davies C.J.; Hutchison C.A.IIi, 1991: A directed dna sequencing strategy based upon tn3 transposon mutagenesis application to the ade1 locus on saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome i

Lavergne J M.; Bahnak B.R.; Vidaud M.; Laurian Y.; Meyer D., 1992: A directed search for mutations in hemophilia a using restriction enzyme analysis and denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis a study of seven exons in the factor viii gene of 170 cases

Alter I.; Rein S.; Toro A., 1989: A directional bias for studies of laterality

Rind F.C., 1990: A directionally selective motion detecting neuron in the brain of the locust physiological and morphological characterization

Stuve L.L.; Myers R.M., 1990: A directly repeated sequence in the beta globin promoter regulates transcription in murine erythroleukemia cells

Ekpo E.B.; Udofia O.; Andy J.J., 1990: A disappearing urban rural blood pressure difference in nigerian children an evaluation of possible determining factors

Minga U.M.; Wray C., 1992: A disc elisa for the detection of salmonella group d antibodies in poultry

Evans S.E.; Milner A.R.; Mussett F., 1990: A discoglossid frog from the middle jurassic of england uk

Prasad G.V.R.; Rage J C., 1991: A discoglossid frog in the latest cretaceous maastrichtian of india further evidence for a terrestrial route between india and laurasia in the latest cretaceous

Azrolan N.I.; Coleman P.S., 1989: A discoordinate increase in the cellular amount of 3 hydroxy 3 methylglutaryl coenzyme a reductase results in the loss of rate limiting control over cholesterogenesis in a tumor cell free system

Rossell R.J.; Malik A.; Helfrich W.; Kemshead J.T.; Patel K., 1992: A discordance between the human muscle ncam sequence and those seen in other ncam cdna clones

Nishioka T.; Yasuda T.; Niimi H., 1991: A discordant movement in urine calcium excretion in relation to serum calcium and parathyroid function occurring immediately after birth

Mores N.; Martire M.; Pistritto G.; Cardillo C.; Folli G., 1990: A discrepancy between platelet alpha 2 receptor density and functional circulatory changes in hypertensives

Ghazal P.; Young J.; Giulietti E.; Demattei C.; Garcia J.; Gaynor R.; Stenberg R.M.; Nelson J.A., 1991: A discrete cis element in the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat mediates synergistic trans activation by cytomegalovirus immediate early proteins

Gaill F.; Herbage D.; Lepescheux L., 1991: A discrete helicoid of collagenous fibrils the cuticle of deep sea hydrothermal vent worms riftia pachyptila

Cushing J.M., 1992: A discrete model for competing stage structured species

Chowdhury D.; Sahimi M.; Stauffer D., 1991: A discrete model for immune surveillance tumor immunity and cancer

Petrov N.; Pollack S.; Blagoeva R., 1989: A discrete model for streaming potentials in a single osteon

Fritzsch B.; Niemann U.; Bleckmann H., 1990: A discrete projection of the sacculus and lagena to a distinct brainstem nucleus in a catfish

Maccioni R.B.; Vera J.C.; Dominguez J.; Avila J., 1989: A discrete repeated sequence defines a tubulin binding domain on microtuble associated protein tau

Langer G.A.; Rich T.L., 1992: A discrete sodium calcium exchange dependent calcium compartment in rat ventricular cells exchange and localization

Hatzis C.; Sweeney P.J.; Srienc F.; Frederickson A.G., 1990: A discrete stochastic model for microbial filter feeding a model for feeding of ciliated protists on spatially uniform nondepletable suspensions

Mickens R.E., 1992: A discrete time model for the spread of periodic diseases without immunity

Rampey A.H.Jr; Longini I.M.Jr; Haber M.; Monto A.S., 1992: A discrete time model for the statistical analysis of infectious disease incidence data

Garber A.M., 1989: A discrete time model of the acquisition of antibiotic resistant infections in hospitalized patients

Allen L.J.S.; Jones M.A.; Martin C.F., 1991: A discrete time model with vaccination for a measles epidemic

Waldron H.N.; Probyn T.A., 1989: A discrete water sampler to examine fine scale hydrochemical properties in the water column at sea

Nakamura C.M.; Molgaard C.A.; Stanford E.P.; Peddecord K.M.; Morton D.J.; Lockery S.A.; Zuniga M.; Gardner L.D., 1990: A discriminant analysis of severe alcohol consumption among older persons

Devito C.; Saunders S.R., 1990: A discriminant function analysis of deciduous teeth to determine sex

Fabricius C.; Van Hensbergen H.J.; Zucchini W., 1989: A discriminant function for identifying hybrid bontebok x blesbok populations

Nokoe S.; Rogo L.M., 1988: A discriminant function for the short setaed and long setaed forms of the mononychellus acari tetranichidae species complex

Lewine R.R.J., 1990: A discriminant validity study of negative symptoms with a special focus on depression and antipsychotic medication

Camerini G.; Zatelli R., 1989: A discriminating function of an early prognostic index in head injuries

Liotta L.J.; Ganem B., 1991: A discriminating protecting group strategy for alcohols and amines

Urabe M., 1992: A discrimination and morphological comparison of two snail species of the genus semisulcospira in a single river

Errecalde J.O.; Marino E.L., 1990: A discriminatory study of pharmacokinetics model for intramuscular gentamicin in sheep

Li Z.; Lang Y., 1990: A discussion of four pretreatment methods for analyzing elements in atmospheric particulates

Paw U.K.T., 1992: A discussion of the penman form equations and comparisons of some equations to estimate latent energy flux density

Evett I.W.; Gill P., 1991: A discussion of the robustness of methods for assessing the evidential value of dna single locus profiles in crime investigations

Wu Y.; Et Al, 1989: A discussion on copd and the contents of zinc and copper in blood with clinical analysis of 30 cases

Zheng H., 1989: A discussion on diplosphaerina and tuberitina foraminifera from late paleozoic of north china platform

Dai Y., 1992: A discussion on evolution of poplar rusts melampsora spp by numerical taxonomic method

Anfossi D., 1989: A discussion on nocturnal temperature profiles

Lui K J., 1989: A discussion on the conventional estimator of sensitivity and specificity in multiple tests

Wang Z.; Zhang Y., 1991: A discussion on the formation and evolution of flower type of tree peony and herb peony by observing flower bud differentiation of herb peony

Zhang S M.; Chao Y X.; Hu S C., 1991: A discussion on the line of demarcation of the palearctic and oriental regions of xizang autonomous region china

Conn K.L.; Tewari J.P.; Awasthi R.P., 1990: A disease assessment key to alternaria blackspot in rapeseed and mustard

Hong E.H.; Kim S.D.; Hwang Y.H.; Lee Y.H.; Moon Y.H.; Park E.H.; Kim H.S.; Kim W.H.; Park R.K., 1989: A disease resistant and mechanized cultivation adaptable new soybean variety muhankong

Lim M.S.; Shin H.T.; Yang B.K.; Shin M.S.; Lee K.S.; Lee J.K.; Ha K.Y.; Kim B.K.; Lee Y.T.; Et Al, 1989: A disease resistant rice variety with good grain quality tamjinbyeo

Laupacis A.; Muirhead N.; Keown P.; Wong C., 1992: A disease specific questionnaire for assessing quality of life in patients on hemodialysis

Goldberg K B.; Kiernan J.; Shepherd R.J., 1991: A disease syndrome associated with expression of gene vi of caulimoviruses may be a nonhost reaction

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