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A faunistic review of cyclopoida crustacea copepoda cyclopoida in subterranean habitats from bosnia and herzegovina yugoslavia

Brancelj, A.

Bioloski Vestnik 38(2): 15-26


Accession: 006942251

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Material was collected in caves, springs, wells and some epigean water bodies in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Yugoslavia) in 1987. 19 taxa of Cyclopoida (Copepoda, Crustacea) were found at 39 locations. Six taxa are known as stygobitic, the rest of them may either be considered as troglophilic or predominantly epigeic. Stygobitic taxa are Acanthocyclops venustus stammeri (Kiefer, 1930), A. troglophilus (Kiefer, 1932), Diacyclops charon (Kiefer, 1931), D. karamani (Kiefer, 1932), D. slovenicus Petkovski, 1954 and Eucyclops inarmatus (Kiefer, 1932).

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