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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6945

Chapter 6945 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Muller W.A.; Berman M.E.; Newman P.J.; Delisser H.M.; Albelda S.M., 1992: A heterophilic adhesion mechanism for platelet endothelial cell adhesion molecule 1 cd31

Sueda T.; Matsuura Y.; Matsushima T.; Mukai S.; Kajihara H., 1990: A heterotopic cardiac transplantation model for evaluation of rejection using transvenous endomyocardial biopsy

Stow J.L.; Bruno De Almeida J.; Narula N.; Holtzman E.J.; Ercolani L.; Ausiello D.A., 1991: A heterotrimeric g protein g alpha i 3 on golgi membranes regulates to secretion of a heparan sulfate proteoglycan in llc pk 1 epithelial cells

Weinstein L.S.; Gejman P.V.; De Mazancourt P.; American N.; Spiegel A.M., 1992: A heterozygous 4 bp deletion mutation in the g salpha gene gnas1 in a patient with albright hereditary osteodystrophy

Kobayashi J.; Nishida T.; Ameis D.; Stahnke G.; Schotz M.C.; Hashimoto H.; Fukamachi I.; Shirai K.; Saito Y.; Yoshida S., 1992: A heterozygous mutation the codon for ser 447 a stop codon in lipoprotein lipase contributes to a defect in lipid interface recognition in a case with type i hyperlipidemia

Malcata, F. X., 1989: A heuristic approach for the economic optimization of a series of cstr's performing michaelis menten reactions

Carlacci L.; Chou K C.; Maggiora G.M., 1991: A heuristic approach to predicting the tertiary structure of bovine somatotropin

Malan E.; Naidoo S., 1990: A hexa substituted flavonol from distemonanthus benthamianus

Kumar R.R.; Minocha J.L., 1989: A hexaploid from the progeny of autotetraploid trigonella foenum graecum

Wedlock D.N.; Thornton R.J., 1989: A hexokinase associated with catabolite repression in pachysolen tannophilus

Willbold E.; Layer P.G., 1992: A hidden retinal regenerative capacity from the chick ciliary margin is reactivated in vitro that is accompanied by down regulation of butyrylcholinesterase

Rank N.E., 1992: A hierarchical analysis of genetic differentiation in a montane leaf beetle chrysomela aeneicollis coleoptera chrysomelidae

Roberts T.L.; Bettany J.R.; Stewart J.W.B., 1989: A hierarchical approach to the study of organic carbon nitrogen phosphorus and sulfur in western canadian soils

Grunblatt J.; Ottichilo W.K.; Sinange R.K., 1989: A hierarchical approach to vegetation classification in kenya

Reuben D.B.; Laliberte L.; Hiris J.; Mor V., 1990: A hierarchical exercise scale to measure function at the advanced activities of daily living aadl level

Wilson A.; Passik S.D.; Faude J.; Abrams J.; Gordon E., 1989: A hierarchical model of opiate addiction failures of self regulation as a central aspect of substance abuse

Savatsky K.; Reynolds R.G., 1989: A hierarchical model of the evolution of cooperation in cultural systems

Robert C.H., 1990: A hierarchical nesting approach to describe the stability of alpha helices with side chain interactions

O'neill R.V.; Gardner R.H.; Turner M.G., 1992: A hierarchical neutral model for landscape analysis

Grim M.; Nensa K.; Christ B.; Jacob H.J.; Tosney K.W., 1989: A hierarchy of determining factors controls motoneuron innervation experimental studies of the development of the plantaris muscle pl in avian chimeras

Rabbitt R.D., 1990: A hierarchy of examples illustrating the acoustic coupling of the eardrum

Ambros V., 1989: A hierarchy of regulatory genes controls a larva to adult developmental switch in caenorhabditis elegans

Parkkila S.; Kaunisto K.; Kellokumpu S.; Rajaniemi H., 1991: A high activity carbonic anhydrase isoenzyme ca ii is present in mammalian spermatozoa

Liebmann C.; Offermanns S.; Spicher K.; Hinsch K D.; Schnittler M.; Morgat J.L.; Reissmann S.; Schultz G.; Rosenthal W., 1990: A high affinity bradykinin receptor in membranes from rat myometrium is coupled to pertussis toxin sensitive g proteins of the g i family

Ghosh J.; Ray M.; Sarkar S.; Bhaduri A., 1990: A high affinity calcium atpase on the surface membrane of leishmania donovani promastigote

Holm J.; Hansen S.I.; Hoier Madsen M., 1990: A high affinity folate binding protein in human amniotic fluid radioligand binding characteristics immunological properties and molecular size

Holm J.; Hansen S.I.; Hoier Madsen M., 1991: A high affinity folate binding protein in human semen

Hansen S.I.; Holm J.; Hoier Madsen M., 1989: A high affinity folate binding protein in human urine radioligand binding characteristics immunological properties and molecular size

Holm J.; Hansen S.I.; Hoier Madsen M.; Bostad L., 1992: A high affinity folate binding protein in proximal tubule cells of human kidney

Shemshedini L.; Wilson T.G., 1988: A high affinity high molecular weight juvenile hormone binding protein in the hemolymph of drosophila melanogaster

Vaughn L.K.; Knapp R.J.; Toth G.; Wan Y P.; Hruby V.J.; Yamamura H.I., 1989: A high affinity highly selective ligand for the delta opioid receptor tritium labelled d pen pc1 phe 4 d pen 5 enkephalin

Moller S.A.; Birkelund S.; Borrebaeck C.A.K., 1990: A high affinity human monoclonal igm antibody reacting with multiple strains of mycoplasma hominis

Reiser G.; Schaefer R.; Donie F.; Huelser E.; Nehls Sahabandu M.; Mayr G.W., 1991: A high affinity inositol 1 3 4 5 tetrakisphosphate receptor protein from brain is specifically labelled by a newly synthesized photoaffinity analogue n 4 azidosalicylaminoethanol 1 phospho d myo inositol 3 4 5 trisphosphate

Mcneill H.; Jensen P.J., 1990: A high affinity receptor for urokinase plasminogen activator on human kertinocytes characterization and potential modulation during migration

Bickar D.; Reid P.D., 1992: A high affinity stain for western blots tissue prints and electrophoretic gels

Tullin S.; Gjermansen C.; Kielland Brandt M.C., 1991: A high affinity uptake system for branched chain amino acids in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Bentley P.J., 1991: A high affinity zinc binding plasma protein in channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Pilz F.; Auling G.; Stephan D.; Rau U.; Wagner F., 1991: A high affinity zinc ion uptake system controls growth and biosynthesis of an extracellular branched beta 1 3 beta 1 6 glucan in sclerotium rolfsii atcc 15205

Johnson K., 1992: A high andean new species of terra lepidoptera lycaenidae

Chow T.; Juby C.; Yuen L., 1988: A high capacity reusable oligodeoxythymidine affinity column

Keidar S.; Goldberg A.C.; Cook K.; Bateman J.; Schonfeld G., 1990: A high carbohydrate fat free diet alters the proportion of heparin bound vldl in plasma and the expression of vldl apo b 100 epitopes

Liu D.; Moberg E.; Kollind M.; Lins P E.; Adamson U., 1991: A high concentration of circulating insulin suppresses the glucagon response to hypoglycemia in normal man

Yamada H.; Matsuyama S I.; Tokuda H.; Mizushima S., 1989: A high concentration of sec a allows protonmotive force independent translocation of a model secretory protein into escherichia coli membrane vesicles

Henderson R.M.; Cuthbert A.W., 1991: A high conductance calcium ion activated potassium ion channel in cultured human eccrine sweat gland cells

Hambleton P.; Griffiths J.B.; Cameron D.R.; Melling J., 1991: A high containment polymodal pilot plant fermenter design concepts

Stroffolini T.; Chiaramonte M.; Ngatchu T.; Rapicetta M.; Sarrecchia B.; Chionne P.; Lantum D.; Naccarato R., 1991: A high degree of exposure to hepatitis a virus infection in urban children in cameroon

Caron F., 1992: A high degree of macronuclear chromosome polymorphism is generated by variable dna rearrangements in paramecium primaurelia during macronuclear differentiation

Munster M.J.; Kearns M.J.; Steegmans U.; Behrendt U.; Comer M.J., 1991: A high density culture system for the in vitro production of human and mouse monoclonal antibodies

Cohen M.L.; Hoyt R.H.; Saffitz J.E.; Corr P.B., 1989: A high density in vitro extracellular electrode array description and implementation

Fuller R.W.; Hemrick Luecke S.K., 1989: A high dose of mptp overcomes the protective effect of selegiline against dopaminergic neurotoxicity

Hofer B.; Kuehlein B., 1989: A high efficiency method for site directed mutagenesis with any plasmid

Bej A.K.; Perlin M.H., 1989: A high efficiency transformation system for the basidiomycete ustilago violacea employing hygromycin resistance and lithium acetate treatment

Ootaki T.; Miyazaki A.; Fukui J.; Kimura Y.; Umemura S.; Okazaki R.; Jayaram M., 1991: A high efficient method for introduction of exogenous genes into phycomyces blakesleeanus

Yang M Z.; Pan N S.; Chen Z L., 1992: A high efficient transformation system and the introduction of sweet protein gene into potato solanum tuberosum l

Pagels J.F., 1991: A high elevation record for the least shrew cryptotis parva say

Deftos L.J.; Miller M.M.; Burton D.W., 1989: A high fat diet increases calcitonin secretion in the rat

Traianedes K.; Proietto J.; O'dea K., 1992: A high fat diet worsens metabolic control in streptozotocin treated rats by increasing hepatic glucose production

Ooi R.K.; Joshi P.; Soni N., 1992: A high flow semi open system for preoxygenation an evaluation

Das B.C.; Sharma J.K.; Gopalkrishna V.; Das D.K.; Singh V.; Gissmann L.; Zur Hausen H.; Luthra U.K., 1992: A high frequency of human papillomavirus dna sequences in cervical carcinomas of indian women as revealed by southern blot hybridization and polymerase chain reaction

Zuliani G.; Hobbs H.H., 1990: A high frequency of length polymorphisms in repeated sequences adjacent to alu sequences

Congia M.; Frau F.; Lampis R.; Frau R.; Mele R.; Cucca F.; Muntoni F.; Porcu S.; Boi F.; Et Al, 1992: A high frequency of the a30 b18 dr3 drw52 dqw2 extended haplotype in sardinian celiac disease patients further evidence that disease susceptibility is conferred by dq a1 0501 b1 0201

Sango K.; Horie H.; Sotelo J.R.; Takenaka T., 1991: A high glucose environment improves survival of diabetic neurons in culture

Castro C.E., 1990: A high glucose fat free diet rapidly causes a specific decrease in albumin messenger rna even if the diet contains adequate protein

Ayres J.G.; Pansari S.; Weller P.H.; Sykes A.; Williams J.; Butler N.; Low D., 1992: A high incidence of asthma and respiratory symptoms in 4 11 year old children

Vatanasapt V.; Tangvoraphonkchai V.; Titapant V.; Pipitgool V.; Viriyapap D.; Sriamporn S., 1990: A high incidence of liver cancer in khon kaen province thailand

Koga S.; Nakano M., 1992: A high involvement of oxygen possibly generated in inner membranes for iron induced microsomal lipid peroxidation

Kullman L.; Engelmark O., 1990: A high late holocene tree limit and the establishment of the spruce forest limit a case study in northern sweden

Ash S.R.; Basinger J.F., 1991: A high latitude upper triassic flora from the heiberg formation sverdrup basin arctic archipelago

Volwerk J.J.; Birrell G.B.; Hedberg K.K.; Griffith O.H., 1992: A high level of cell surface phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c activity is characteristic of growth arrested 3t3 fibroblasts by not of transformed variants

Margulies L., 1990: A high level of hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila high thermosensitivity dependence on dna repair and incomplete cytotype regulation

Constantinidou C.; Beadle D.; Zhou X.H.; Parsons N.J.; Sammons C.C.; Cole J.A.; Smith H., 1992: A high m r factor in human blood which confers serum resistance on gonococci some properties and synergism with cmp nana

Wagner C.R.; Hamana K.; Elgin S.C.R., 1992: A high mobility group protein and its cdnas from drosophila melanogaster

Morris G.M., 1989: A high molecular weight collagenase inhibitor made by rabbit chondrocytes in cell culture

Motorin Yu A.; Vol'fson A.D.; Orlovskii A.F.; Gladilin K.L., 1989: A high molecular weight complex of mammalian valyl transfer rna synthetase is a special form of the elongation factor 1 ef 1

Larisch Bloch S.; Sterman B.; Sulitzeanu D., 1990: A high molecular weight cytotoxic lymphokine in supernatants of lymphokine activated killer cells cross reacts with transforming growth factor beta

Mccallum K.L.; Schoenhals G.; Laakso D.; Clarke B.; Whitfield C., 1989: A high molecular weight fraction of smooth lipopolysaccharide in klebsiella serotype o1 k20 contains a unique o antigen epitope and determines resistance to nonspecific serum killing

Visser N.A.; Brand H.S.; Vankampen G.P.J.; Vandestadt R.J.; Vanderkorst J.K., 1992: A high molecular weight greater than 8 x 105 non collagenous glycoprotein is synthesized by bovine cartilage in vitro

Benedi V.J.; Ciurana B.; Tomas J.M., 1988: A high molecular weight lipopolysaccharide specific bacteriophage for klebsiella pneumoniae

Way J.; Hellmich M.R.; Jaffee H.; Szaro B.; Pant H.C.; Gainer H.; Battey J., 1992: A high molecular weight squid neurofilament protein contains a lamin like rod domain and a tail domain with lys ser pro repeats

Nakamura H.; Sasaki H.; Hirano H.; Yamashita A., 1990: A high molecular weight subunit of wheat glutenin seed storage protein correlates with its flour quality

Richard R.E.; Bogenhagen D.F., 1989: A high molecular weight topoisomerase i from xenopus laevis ovaries

Shimoda K.; Sauve Y.; Marini A.; Schwartz J.P.; Commissiong J.W., 1992: A high percentage yield of tyrosine hydroxylase positive cells from rat e14 mesencephalic cell culture

Alawi M.A., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatographic approach for monitoring ethofumesate in plant soil and water

Bullen W.W.; Andress L.D.; Chang T.; Whitfield L.R.; Welch M.L.; Newman R.A., 1992: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for ci 973 a new anticancer platinum diamine complex in human plasma and urine ultrafiltrates

Ravasco R.; Unadkat J.D.; Tsai C C., 1992: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for dideoxyinosine in monkey plasma and urine

Mccluskey M.P.; Clark C.R.; Talbot B.G.; Green M.D.; Lukey B.J., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for hi 6 oxime in plasma

Parkin J.E., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for phenylmercuric nitrate in the presence of zinc ions and its application to an assessment of the stability of phenylmercuric nitrate in zinc sulfate and zinc sulfate and adrenaline eye drops

Alvinerie M.; Sutra J.F.; Galtier P., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for the basic drugs trimethoprim and thiabendazole using a silanol deactivated column

Rose S.E.; Randinitis E.J., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic assay for the enantiomers of bevantolol in human plasma

Risner C.H.; Cash S.L., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatographic determination of major phenolic compounds in tobacco smoke

Humfeld S.; Susanto F.; Riedel W.; Reinauer H., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for determination of flecainide in human plasma using fluorescence detection

Kazierad D.J.; Hoon T.J.; Bottorff M.B., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of encainide and its major metabolites in urine and serum using solid phase extraction

Nakamura T.; Hatori Y.; Yamada K.; Ikeda M.; Yuzuriha T., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of polyphosphoinositides in brain

Soltes L.; Kallay Z.; Bezek S.; Fedelesova V., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of stobadin pharmacokinetics in serum

Tesoro A.; Leeder J.S.; Bentur Y.; Kelin J.; Freedman M.; Koren G., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the measurement of deferoxamine in body fluids

Klein J.; Damani L.A.; Chung D.; Epemoulu O.; Olivieri N.; Koren G., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the measurement of the iron chelator 1 2 dimethyl 3 hydroxypyridin 4 one in human plasma

Wagh J.S.; Mokashi A.A.; Datta A., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatographic method for the monitoring and quantification of the synthesis of p hydroxyphenylacetamide

Manceau F.; Fliniaux M A.; Jacquin Dubreuil A., 1992: A high performance liquid chromatographic procedure for the analysis of tobacco alkaloids application to the evaluation of tobacco alkaloids in plants and cell suspension cultures

Sestak T.L.; Subbaiah P.V.; Jaskowiak N.T.; Bagdade J.D., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatographic procedure for the determination of a disaturated phosphatidylcholine in human plasma

Kato S.; Negishi K.; Honma K.; Sakai K.; Shimada Y., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatography assay for glutamine synthetase

Salvucci M.E.; Crafts Brandner S.J., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatography based radiometric assay for sucrose phosphate synthase and other udp glucose requiring enzymes

Ashihara H.; Yabuki N.; Mitsui K., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatography method for separation of purine bases nucleosides and ureides application to studies on purine catabolism in higher plants

Myers R.L.; Ullman M.D.; Ventura R.F.; Yates A.J., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of glycosphingolipids using galactose oxidase tritiated sodium borohydride labelling of intact cells and synaptosomes

Hall N.A.; Patrick A.D., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of picomole amounts of oligosaccharides

Hall N.A.; Young E.P., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatography method for the analysis of sulfur 35 labeled cystine application to the diagnosis of cystinosis

Baskerville A.J.; Felmingham D.; Gruneberg R.N., 1988: A high performance liquid chromatography method for the determination of fce 22101 a novel penem antimicrobial in serum

Weir A.N.C.; Bucke C.; Holt G.; Lilly M.D.; Bull A.T., 1989: A high performance liquid chromatography method for the simultaneous assay of diaminopimelate epimerase and decarboxylase

Kane R.W.; Timpa J.D., 1992: A high performance liquid chromatography study of d cellobiose degradation under fenton conditions

Holt D.E.; De Louvois J.; Hurley R.; Harvey D., 1990: A high performance liquid chromatography system for the simultaneous assay of some antibiotics commonly found in combination in clinical samples

Kurth H H.; Gaeb S.; Turner W.V.; Kettrup A., 1991: A high performance liquid chromatography system with an immobilized enzyme reactor for detection of hydrophilic organic peroxides

Bukarov N.; Bukarova V.; Felix B.; Seremeta V., 1990: A high performance scheme of superovulation induction based on the use of gonadotropic preparations and antiserums in laboratory mice

Cai W.; Athanassoulias C.; Diosady L.L., 1988: A high performance size exclusion chromatographic method for the analysis of the molecular weight distribution of starch

Haff L.; Atwood J.G.; Dicesare J.; Katz E.; Picozza E.; Williams J.F.; Woudenberg T., 1991: A high performance system for automation of the polymerase chain reaction

Chippindale P., 1989: A high ph discontinuous buffer system for resolution of isozymes in starch gel electrophoresis

Ishizaka Y.; Takahashi M.; Ushijima T.; Sugimura T.; Nagao M., 1991: A high phosphorylation state and increased activity of the tre motif in the nih3t3 cell transformant induced by ret tpc

Van Vuure M., 1989: A high point of the work week in luxembourg russula aerina

Merz H.; Pandit M.; Oldendorf C., 1990: A high precision control system for sterile pulsation damped metering for biomedical engineering purposes

Sutton D.W.; Mead E.H.; Schmid Schoenbein G.W., 1989: A high precision dual feedback pump for unsteady perfusion of small organs

Zakim D.; Wong P.T.T., 1990: A high pressure ir spectroscopic study of the solvation of bilirubin in lipid bilayers

Nishioka K.; Watanabe J.; Furuta S.; Tanaka E.; IIno S.; Suzuki H.; Tsuji T.; Yano M.; Kuo G.; Et Al, 1991: A high prevalence of antibody to the hepatitis c virus in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in japan

Todd C.H.; Sanders D., 1991: A high prevalence of hypothyroidism in association with endemic goiter in zimbabwean schoolchildren

Markert M.L.; Norby Slycord C.; Ward F.E., 1989: A high proportion of ada point mutations associated with a specific alanine to valine substitution

Kelly K.; Davis P.; Mitsuya H.; Irving S.; Wright J.; Grassmann R.; Fleckenstein B.; Wano Y.; Greene W.; Siebenlist U., 1992: A high proportion of early response genes are constitutively activated in t cells by htlv i

Cho S Y.; Choi H C.; Park R K.; Kim D J.; Ju Y C.; Jeong Y G.; Lee S T.; Ryu H Y., 1991: A high quality and lodging tolerant rice variety adaptable to reclaimed coastal area janganbyeo

Kakalis L.T.; Baianu I.C., 1989: A high resolution carbon 13 nmr study of glycinin in heavy water solutions

Alcaraz Mexia M.J.; Ramos Amador A.; Alvarez A.G., 1989: A high resolution ct study with nasopharyngeal tumors

Takahashi E I.; Yamakawa K.; Nakamura Y.; Hori T A., 1992: A high resolution cytogenetic map of human chromosome 3 localization of 291 new cosmid markers by direct r banding fluorescence in situ hybridization

Carrano A.V.; Lamerdin J.; Ashworth L.K.; Watkins B.; Branscomb E.; Slezak T.; Raff M.; De Jong P.J.; Keith D.; Et Al, 1989: A high resolution fluorescence based semiautomated method for dna fingerprinting

De Lucca E.J.; Dhaliwal M.K.; Furlong C.L.; Pathak S., 1990: A high resolution g banding idiogram of rattus norvegicus chromosomes

Tappin M.J.; Cooke R.M.; Fitton J.E.; Campbell I.D., 1989: A high resolution proton nmr study of human transforming growth factor alpha structure and ph dependent conformational interconversion

Li F.; Et Al, 1988: A high resolution study of chromosomes in a human hepatoma cell line smmc 7721

Cupo J.F.; Lidgard G.P.; Lichtman W.F., 1990: A high resolution two dimensional gel electrophoresis and silver staining protocol demonstrated with nuclear matrix proteins

Dworkin R.H.; Hartstein G.; Rosner H.L.; Walther R.R.; Sweeney E.W.; Brand L., 1992: A high risk method for studying psychosocial antecedents of chronic pain the prospective investigation of herpes zoster

Biederman J.; Rosenbaum J.F.; Bolduc E.A.; Faraone S.V.; Hirshfeld D.R., 1991: A high risk study of young children of parents with panic disorder and agoraphobia with and without comorbid major depression

Bradrick T.D.; Freire E.; Georghiou S., 1989: A high sensitivity differential scanning calorimetric study of the interaction of melittin with dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine fused unilamellar vesicles

Frankel S.L.; Binder B.J.; Chisholm S.W.; Shapiro H.M., 1990: A high sensitivity flow cytometer for studying picoplankton

Hoult D.I.; Deslauriers R., 1990: A high sensitivity high b 1 homogeneity probe for quantitation of metabolites

Lev O.; Iosefson Kuyavskaya B.; Gigozin I.; Ottolenghi M.; Avnir D., 1992: A high sensitivity photometric method based on doped sol gel glass detectors determination of sub ppb divalent iron

Kearfott K.J.; Murty K.N., 1990: A high spatial resolution computerized electro optic radiation detector array

Barlow S.M.; Suing G.; Grossman A.; Bodmer P.; Colbert R., 1989: A high speed data acquisition and protocol control system for vocal tract physiology

Novak J.L.; Wheeler B.C., 1989: A high speed multichannel neural data acquisition system for ibm pc compatibles

Koch U.T.; Buschges A., 1990: A high speed recoil free piezo drive for cell impalement

Suzuki Y.; Tanoue E.; Ito H., 1992: A high temperature catalytic oxidation method for the determination of dissolved organic carbon in seawater analysis and improvement

Neupert B.; Thompson N.A.; Meyer C.; Kuhn L.C., 1990: A high yield affinity purification method for specific rna binding proteins isolation of the iron regulatory factor from human placenta

Feick R.G.; Shiozawa J.A., 1990: A high yield method for the isolation of hydrophobic proteins and peptides from polyacrylamide gels for protein sequencing

Pike, R.; Dennison, C., 1989: A high yield method for the isolation of sheep's liver cathepsin l

Ronneberg A.; Metz G.; Weld R.; Roffey P.; Craney C., 1992: A high yield microscale enzymatic synthesis and purification of carbon 14 labeled nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate nadp

Debiec H.; Cross H.S.; Peterlik M., 1991: A high yield preparation of brush border membrane vesicles from organ cultured embryonic chick jejunum demonstration of insulin sensitivity of sodium dependent d glucose transport

Hassan S.; Khan I., 1991: A high yielding chickpea mutant variety nifa 88 developed through induced mutations

Desai, U. R.; Trivedi, G. K., 1991: A high yielding synthesis of 25r spirocyclopropane 1 2' 19 norspirost 4 en 22 alpha o 3 one

Key, K. H. L., 1992: A higher classification of the australian acridoidea orthoptera i. general introduction and subfamily oxyinae

Antonelli P.; Lin X.; Bradbury R.H., 1991: A higher order predator prey interaction with application to observed starfish waves and cycles

Mintun M.A.; Fox P.T.; Raichle M.E., 1989: A highly accurate method of localizing regions of neuronal activation in the human brain with positron emission tomography

Gron H.; Bech L.M.; Branner S.; Breddam K., 1990: A highly active and oxidation resistant subtilisin like enzyme produced by a combination of site directed mutagenesis and chemical modification

Konishi E.; Pincus S.; Paoletti E.; Laegreid W.W.; Shope R.E.; Mason P.W., 1992: A highly attenuated host range restricted vaccinia virus strain nyvac encoding the prm e and ns1 genes of japanese encephalitis virus prevents jev viremia in swine

Levin M.; Gascoine P.; Turner M.W.; Barratt T.M., 1989: A highly cationic protein in plasma and urine of children with steroid responsive nephrotic syndrome

Bornstein, P.; Mckay, J.; Devarayalu, S.; Cook, S. C., 1988: A highly conserved 5' untranslated inverted repeat sequence is ineffective in translational control of the alpha 1 i collagen gene

Mageed R.A.K.; Goodall D.M.; Jefferis R., 1990: A highly conserved conformational idiotope on human igm rheumatoid factor paraproteins of the wa cross reactive idiotype family defined by a monoclonal antibody

Graesser F.A.; Lamontagne K.; Whittaker L.; Stohr S.; Lipsick J.S., 1992: A highly conserved cysteine in the v myb dna binding domain is essential for transformation and transcriptional trans activation

Gill G.; Tjian R., 1991: A highly conserved domain of tfiid displays species specificity in vivo

Rosenthal N.; Berglund E.B.; Wentworth B.M.; Donoghue M.; Winter B.; Bober E.; Braun T.; Arnold H H., 1990: A highly conserved enhancer downstream of the human mlc1 3 locus is a target for multiple myogenic determination factors

Liska D.J.; Slack J.L.; Bornstein P., 1990: A highly conserved intronic sequence is involved in transcriptional regulation of the alpha 1 i collagen gene

Campione Piccardo J.; Montpetit M.L.; Gregoire L.; Arella M., 1991: A highly conserved nucleotide string shared by all genomes of human papillomaviruses

Lennon E.; Gutman P.D.; Yao H.; Minton K.W., 1991: A highly conserved repeated chromosomal sequence in the radioresistant bacterium deinococcus radiodurans sark

Martin B.; Humbert O.; Camara M.; Guenzi E.; Walker J.; Mitchell T.; Andrew P.; Prudhomme M.; Alloing G.; Et Al, 1992: A highly conserved repeated dna element located in the chromosome of streptococcus pneumoniae

Moyzis R.K.; Buckingham J.M.; Cram L.S.; Dani M.; Deaven L.L.; Jones M.D.; Meyne J.; Ratliff R.L.; Wu J R., 1988: A highly conserved repetitive dna sequence ttaggg n present at the telomeres of human chromosomes

Le S Y.; Malim M.H.; Cullen B.R.; Maizel J.V., 1990: A highly conserved rna folding region coincident with the rev response element of primate immunodeficiency viruses

Andrieux A.; Rabiet M J.; Chapel A.; Concord E.; Marguerie G., 1991: A highly conserved sequence of the arg gly asp binding domain of the integrin beta 3 subunit is sensitive to stimulation

Bardoni B.; Guioli S.; Maserati E.; Maraschio P.; Camerino G., 1988: A highly conserved sequence on the short arm of chromosome 7 detects multiple polymorphisms

Mason A.B.; Brown S.A.; Church W.A., 1990: A highly conserved surface loop in the carboxyl terminal domain of ovotransferrin residues 570 584 is remote from the receptor binding site

Gotoh N.; Tojo A.; Hino M.; Yazaki Y.; Shibuya M., 1992: A highly conserved tyrosine residue at codon 845 within the kinase domain is not required for the transforming activity of human epidermal growth factor receptor

Kundu N.G.; Chaudhuri L.N.; Dasgupta S.K., 1990: A highly convenient procedure for the synthesis of 5 2 acylvinyluracils a group of novel 5 substituted uracils

Seebach D.; Maestro M.A.; Sefkow M.; Niedlein A.; Sternfeld F.; Adam G.; Sommerfeld T., 1991: A highly convergent total synthesis of dextro myxovirescine m 2

Ley S.V.; Anthony N.J.; Armstrong A.; Brasca M.G.; Clarke T.; Culshaw D.; Greck C.; Grice P.; Jones A.B.; Et Al, 1989: A highly convergent total synthesis of the spiroacetal macrolide dextro milbemycin beta 1

Mukai C.; Kataoka O.; Hanaoka M., 1991: A highly diastereoselective aldol reaction of dicobalt hexacarbonyl propynal complex and uncomplexed propynal a stereoselective divergent synthesis of racemic ps 5 and racemic 6 epi ps 5

Schmitt A.; Reissig H U., 1990: A highly diastereoselective route to disubstituted tetrahydrofuran derivatives by substitution of gamma lactols with silylated nucleophiles

Bertollo L.A.C.; Cavallaro Z.I., 1992: A highly differentiated zz zw sex chromosome system in a characidae fish triportheus guentheri

Fomsgaard A.; Hirsch V.M.; Allan J.S.; Johnson P.R., 1991: A highly divergent proviral dna clone of siv from a distinct species of african green monkey

Khan A.S.; Galvin T.A.; Lowenstine L.J.; Jennings M.B.; Gardner M.B.; Buckler C.E., 1991: A highly divergent simian immunodeficiency virus siv s t m recovered from stored stump tailed macaque tissues

Kutney J.P.; Choi L.S.L.; Nakano J.; Tsukamoto H.; Mchugh M.; Boulet C.A., 1988: A highly efficient and commercially important synthesis of the antitumor catharanthus alkaloids vinblastine and leurosidine from catharanthine and vindoline

Lee K M.; Ramalingam K.; Son J K.; Woodard R.W., 1989: A highly efficient and large scale synthesis of 2s 3s 2 3 deuterium and 2s 3r 3 deuterium aspartic acids via an immobilized aspartase containing microbial cell system

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