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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6947

Chapter 6947 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Yao F.; Courtney R.J., 1989: A major transcriptional regulatory protein icp4 of herpes simplex virus type 1 is associated with purified virions

Bender M.A.; Gelinas R.E.; Miller A.D., 1989: A majority of mice show long term expression of a human beta globin gene after retrovirus transfer into hematopoietic stem cells

Geladopoulos T.P.; Sotiroudis T.G.; Evangelopoulos A.E., 1991: A malachite green colorimetric assay for protein phosphatase activity

Renia L.; Mattei D.; Goma J.; Pied S.; Dubois P.; Miltgen F.; Nussler A.; Matile H.; Menegaux F.; Et Al, 1990: A malaria heat shock like determinant expressed on the infected hepatocyte surface is the target of antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxic mechanisms by nonparenchymal liver cells

Orlandi P.A.; Klotz F.W.; Haynes J.D., 1992: A malaria invasion receptor the 175 kilodalton erythrocyte binding antigen of plasmodium falciparum recognizes the terminal neu5ac alpha 2 3 gal sequences of glycophorin a

Rosenthal P.J.; Mckerrow J.H.; Aikawa M.; Nagasawa H.; Leech J.H., 1988: A malarial cysteine proteinase is necessary for hemoglobin degradation by plasmodium falciparum

Schmidt T.; Stumm Zollinger E.; Chen P S.; Bohlen P.; Stone S.R., 1989: A male accessory gland peptide with protease inhibitory activity in drosophila funebris

Eryu S.; Et Al, 1991: A male craniographic study on the relationships between the thickness of facial tissues and the skull in the northeast china

Fujisaki K., 1992: A male fitness advantage to wing reduction in the oriental chinch bug cavelerius saccharivorus okajima heteroptera lygaeidae

Tianzheng Z.; Jiaju P., 1990: A male sterile line with virescent marker character in upland cotton

Goodship J.; Platt J.; Smith R.; Burn J., 1991: A male with type i orofaciodigital syndrome

Rodriguez S.B.; Thornton R.J., 1989: A malic acid dependent mutant of schizosaccharomyces malidevorans

Cobb R.R.; Rinchik E.; Barnett L.B.; Burkhart J.G.; Lewis S.E., 1992: A malic enzyme probe detects cross hybridizing sequences closely linked to loci encoding other metabolic enzymes

Vaillant J.M.; Goudot P.; Szirglas H.; Beltzer Garelly E.; Guilbert F.; Auriol M.; Chomette G., 1990: A malignant melanoma metastasis simulating a primary mandibular sarcoma

Oosterhuis J.W.; Castedo S.M.M.J.; De Jong B.; Seruca R.; Dam A.; Vos A.; De Koning J.; Koops H.S.; Sleijfer D.T., 1989: A malignant mixed gonadal stromal tumor of the testis with heterologous components and isochromosome 12p in one of its metastases

Nakano M.; Amma H.; Arai K.; Wada Y.; Takenaka E.; Aida S., 1990: A malignant paraorbital lymphoma in the form of an enlarged ocular adnexal tumor that invaded the orbit and upper eyelid

Banks E.; Yum M.; Brodhecker C.; Goheen M., 1989: A malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumor in association with a paratesticular ganglioneuroma

Subramanian V., 1989: A malignant stem cell like somatic hybrid between a mouse teratocarcinoma and a rat ascitic hepatoma is differentiation competent

Bani D.; Sacchi T.B.; Biliotti G., 1989: A malignant tumor of the pancreas producing glucagonoma syndrome immunocytochemistry and ultrastructure of liver metastases and comparison with the primary tumor

Herbst D.B.; Bradley T.J., 1989: A malpighian tubule lime gland in an insect inhabiting alkaline salt lakes

Burres N.S.; Hunter J.E.; Wright A.E., 1989: A mammalian cell agar diffusion assay for the detection of toxic compounds

Smith P.J.; Lacy M.; Debenham P.G.; Watson J.V., 1988: A mammalian cell mutant with enhanced capacity to dissociate a bis benzimidazole dye and dna complex

Letwin K.; Mizzen L.; Motro B.; Ben David Y.; Bernstein A.; Pawson T., 1992: A mammalian dual specificity protein kinase nek1 is related to the nima cell cycle regulator and highly expressed in meiotic germ cells

Perry A.C.F.; Jones R.; Barker P.J.; Hall L., 1992: A mammalian epididymal protein with remarkable sequence similarity to snake venom haemorrhagic peptides

Boisseau S.; Poirier V.; Semonin O.; Leconte L.; Santha M.; Poujeol C.; Rougon G.; Simonneau M., 1991: A mammalian in vitro model to study gangliogenesis from neural crest cells

Sasaki T.; Kaibuchi K.; Kabcenell A.K.; Novick P.J.; Takai Y., 1991: A mammalian inhibitory gdp gtp exchange protein gdp dissociation inhibitor for smg p25a is active on the yeast sec4 protein

Ben David Y.; Letwin K.; Tannock L.; Bernstein A.; Pawson T., 1991: A mammalian protein kinase with potential for serine threonine and tyrosine phosphorylation is related to cell cycle regulators

Garcia Blanco M.; Anderson G.J.; Beggs J.; Sharp P.A., 1990: A mammalian protein of 220 kda binds precursor messenger rnas in the spliceosome a potential homologue of the yeast prp8 protein

Abdullah M.; Widgren E.E.; O'rand M.G., 1991: A mammalian sperm lectin related to rat hepatocyte lectin 2 3 purification from rabbit testis and identification as a zona binding protein

Gong S.S.; Basilico C., 1990: A mammalian temperature sensitive mutation affecting g1 progression results from a single amino acid substitution in asparagine synthetase

Altmann M.; Muller P.P.; Pelletier J.; Sonenberg N.; Trachsel H., 1989: A mammalian translation initiation factor can substitute for its yeast homologue in vivo

Garret M.; Pajot B.; Trezeguet V.; Labouesse J.; Merle M.; Gandar J C.; Benedetto J I.; Sallafranque M L.; Alterio J.; Et Al, 1991: A mammalian tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase shows little homology to prokaryotic synthetases but near identity with mammalian peptide chain release factor

Isaacs J.T., 1991: A mammary cancer suppressor gene and its site of action in the rat

Mueller T.; Kurtz A.; Vogel F.; Breter H.; Schneider F.; Angstrom U.; Mieth M.; Bohmer F D.; Grosse R., 1988: A mammary derived growth inhibitor mdgi related 70 kda antigen identified in nuclei of mammary epithelial cells

Guenzburg W.H.; Salmons B.; Zimmermann B.; Mueller M.; Erfle V.; Brem G., 1991: A mammary specific promoter directs expression of growth hormone not only to the mammary gland but also to bergman glia cells in transgenic mice

Rao L.S.; Banerji A.P., 1990: A mammary stimulating mitogens from rat muscle its possible influence in mammary tumorigenesis

Adjouadi M., 1992: A man machine vision interface for sensing the environment

Richer C L.; Bleau G.; Chapdelaine A.; Murer Orlando M.; Lemieux N.; Cadotte M., 1989: A man with isochromosome xq klinefelter syndrome with lack of height increase and normal androgenization

Coupland R.M., 1990: A management algorithm for chronically exposed war wounds of bone

Liu F F.; Maki E.; Warde P.; Payne D.; Fitzpatrick P., 1991: A management approach to incompletely excised basal cell carcinomas of skin

Johnson G.L.; Wynn L.H., 1990: A management systems review of the superfund ri fs opportunities for streamlining

Donkor P.; Wong J., 1991: A mandibular block technique useful in gaggers

Ono S., 1992: A mandibular reconstruction using a dacron urethane prosthesis and autogenic cancellous bone and marrow

Thatte R.L., 1989: A maneuver to locate the distal urethral opening at the tip of the glans in the final stage of cecil culp urethroplasty

Dange V.; Van Atta R.B.; Hecht S.M., 1990: A manganese dependent ribozyme

Luzzati A.L.; Giacomini E.; Torosantucci A.; Giordani L.; Cassone A., 1990: A mannoprotein constituent of candida albicans cooperates with antigen in the induction of a specific primary antibody response in cultures of human lymphocytes

Boyle D.; Tien L.; Cooper N.G.F.; Shepherd V.; Mclaughlin B.J., 1991: A mannose receptor is involved in retinal phagocytosis

Zipser B.; Cole R.N., 1991: A mannose specific recognition mediates the defasciculation of axon in the leech cns

Mcnamara M.J.; Percy J.P.; Fielding I.R., 1990: A manometric study of anal fissure treated by subcutaneous lateral internal sphincterotomy

Shibusawa M., 1988: A manometric study of pharyngoesophagus in esophageal speech

Chen C M.; Chen Z T.; Hong Y L. , 1990: A mansonone from helicteres angustifolia

Baethgen W.E.; Alley M.M., 1989: A manual colorimetric procedure for measuring ammonium nitrogen in soil and plant kjeldahl digests

Ghezzi P.M.; Bijou S.W.; Chao C C., 1991: A manual for training raters to identify and analyze referential interactions

Sullivan S.; Wong T.W., 1991: A manual sequencing method for identification of phosphorylated amino acids in phosphopeptides

Dumanski J.P.; Carlbom E.; Collins V.P.; Nordenskjold M.; Emanuel B.S.; Budarf M.L.; Mcdermid H.E.; Wolff R.; O'connell P.; Et Al, 1991: A map of 22 loci on human chromosome 22

He L.; Mu J.; Yang M.; Wang S., 1988: A map of 8 restriction endonucleases and structure of electron microscope of chinese human mitochondrial dna

Arrer E.; Oberascher G.; Gibitz H J., 1990: A map of cochlear perilymph protein based on high resolution two dimensional electrophoresis

Burmeister M.; Kim S.; Price E.R.; De Lange T.; Tantravahi U.; Myers R.M.; Cox D.R., 1991: A map of the distal region of the long arm of human chromosome 21 constructed by radiation hybrid mapping and pulsed field gel electrophoresis

Meinesz, A.; Boudouresque, C. F.; Lefevre, J. R., 1988: A map of the posidonia oceanica beds of marina d'elbu corsica france mediterranean

Roe A.W.; Pallas S.L.; Hahm J O.; Sur M., 1990: A map of visual space induced in primary auditory cortex

Nakamura Y.; Lathrop M.; O'connell P.; Leppert M.; Lalouel J M.; White R., 1988: A mapped set of dna markers for human chromosome 15

Lathrop M.; Nakamura Y.; O'connell P.; Leppert M.; Woodward S.; Lalouel J M.; White R., 1988: A mapped set of genetic markers for human chromosome 9

Maeda H.; Maki S., 1989: A mapping study of hypothalamic defensive attack and related responses in cats

Birgbauer E.; Solomon F., 1989: A marginal band associated protein has properties of both microtuble associated and microfilament associated proteins

Coulon J., 1992: A marginal population of pterostichus rutilans dejean in savoie france questions the taxonomic status of the form auratus heer coleoptera pterostichidae

Bouchet P., 1989: A marginellid gastropod parasitizes sleeping fishes

Wada M.; Urayama O.; Satoh S.; Hara Y.; Ikawa Y.; Fujii T., 1992: A marine algal sodium activated atpase possesses an immunologically identical epitope to sodium potassium atpase

Ezura Y.; Yumoto I.; Oseko N.; Kimura T., 1988: A marine bacterium accumulating large amount of poly beta hydroxybutyrate

Bakker C.; Van Rijswijk P., 1989: A marine calanoid copepod temora longicornis in a semi stagnant coastal lagoon lake grevelingen southwest netherlands

Abril J.M.; Garcia Leon M., 1992: A marine dispersion model for radionuclides and its calibration from non radiological information

Stierle A.C.; Cardellina J.H.II.; Singleton F.L., 1988: A marine micrococcus produces metabolites ascribed to the sponge tedania ignis

Cimino G.; Crispino A.; Di Marzo V.; Sodano G.; Spinella A.; Villani G., 1991: A marine mollusc provides the first example of in vivo storage of prostaglandins prostaglandin 1 15 lactones

Hernandez Marine M.; Turon X.; Catalan J., 1990: A marine synechocystis chroococcales cyanophyta epizoic on didemnid ascidians from the mediterranean sea

Horwood J.W.; Nicholson M.D., 1991: A mark recapture estimator of stock sizes from unrefined data applied to a stock of dover sole solea solea l

Woolhouse M.E.J., 1988: A mark recapture method for ecological studies of schistosomiasis vector snail populations

Kramer J.; Fulop T.; Rajczy K.; Tuan N.A.; Fust G., 1991: A marked drop in the incidence of the null allele of the b gene of the fourth component of complement c4b q0 in elderly subjects c4b q0 as a probable negative selection factor for survival

Fleischer D.E.; Benjamin S.B.; Cattau E.L.Jr; Collen M.J.; Lewis J.H.; Jaffe M.H.; Zeman R.K., 1989: A marked guide wire facilitates esophageal dilatation

Takanami Y.; Nitta N.; Kubo S., 1989: A marked improvement of efficiency in infection of tobacco mesophyll protoplasts with plant viruses and virus rna by using polyethyleneimine as a polycation

Kapitulnik J.; Tshershedsky M., 1989: A marked increase in latency of fetal rat liver udp glucuronosyltransferase accompanies the fluidization of the microsomal membrane in the perinatal period

Katoh Semba R.; Totsuka T.; Watanabe K.; Kato K.; Keino H.; Kashiwamata S., 1991: A marked reduction in the level of the beta subunit of nerve growth factor in the nervous tissues of mice with muscular dystrophy dy dy mice

Fornstedt B.; Carlsson A., 1989: A marked rise in 5 s cysteinyldopamine levels in guinea pig striatum following reserpine treatment

Lubet R.A.; Nims R.W.; Dragnev K.H.; Jones C.R.; Diwan B.A.; Devor D.E.; Ward J.M.; Miller M.S.; Rice J.M., 1992: A markedly diminished pleiotropic response to phenobarbital and structurally related xenobiotics in zucker rats in comparison with f344 ncr or da rats

Shen T J.; Zhu L Q.; Sun X., 1991: A marker coupled method for site directed mutagenesis

Herbert J.; Cavallaro T.; Dwork A.J., 1990: A marker for primary choroid plexus neoplasms

Mercier F.; Reggio H.; Devilliers G.; Bataille D.; Mangeat P., 1989: A marker of acid secreting membrane movement in rat gastric parietal cells

Knesper D.J.; Belcher B.E.; Cross J.G., 1989: A market analysis comparing the practices of psychiatrists and psychologists

Becker K.J.; Rotmann K.W.G., 1990: A marketing approach to agar

Jones R.S.; Mitchell C.A., 1988: A marking device for the identification and measurement of growth zones in seedlings with minimum mechanical stress

Liu C Y.; Hu T W.; Jerrell J., 1992: A markov analysis of the service system for severe mental illness

Isagi Y.; Nakagoshi N., 1990: A markov approach for describing post fire succession of vegetation

Tseng S.; Hsu J P., 1989: A markov chain model for the mating behavior in flies

Rudolfer S.M., 1990: A markov chain model of extrabinomial variation

Lefevre C., 1988: A markov chain model of population growth with an application in epidemiology

Albright N., 1989: A markov formulation of the repair misrepair model of cell survival

Deriso R.B.; Punsly R.G.; Bayliff W.H., 1991: A markov movement model of yellowfin tuna in the eastern pacific ocean and some analyses for international management

Mcgilchrist C.A.; Aisbett C.W.; Cooper S., 1989: A markov transition model in the analysis of the immune response

Bristol D.R.; Patel H.I., 1990: A markovian model for comparing incidences of side effects

Falmagne J C.; Doignon J P., 1988: A markovian procedure for assessing the state of a system

Marroquin J.L., 1989: A markovian random field of piecewise straight lines

Collet C.; Joseph R.; Nicholas K., 1991: A marsupial beta lactoglobulin gene characterization and prolactin dependent expression

Van Daal A.; Cooper D.W.; Molloy P.L., 1989: A marsupial phosphoglycerate kinase pgk processed pseudogene

Seitz, F. C.; Olson, G. D.; Stenzel, T. E., 1991: A martial arts exploration of elbow anatomy ikkyo aikido's first teaching

Biswas S.; Thomas M., 1989: A martingale approach to the investigation of the duration of a mild epidemic

Yip P., 1991: A martingale estimating equation for a capture recapture experiment in discrete time

Nisar M.; Spence D.P.S.; West D.; Haycock J.; Jones Y.; Walshaw M.J.; Earis J.E.; Calverley P.M.A.; Pearson M.G., 1992: A mask to modify inspired air temperature and humidity and its effect on exercise induced asthma

Kiffe K., 1989: A mass occurrence of beckmannia syzigachne new record steudel fernald in the rieselfelder muenster bird sanctuary germany

Komoriya H.; Bunai Y.; Nagai A.; Ohya I., 1989: A mass of triazolam found in the stomach of a case of unnatural death

Amon K., 1990: A mass produced couple splint in the treatment of unstable palmar lip fractures of the pip joint

Kato M.; Okada K., 1991: A mass screening of the prostatic diseases and serum prostate specific antigen

Johnson L.B.N.; Griffiths W.J.; Roberts E.V.; Lam L.K.P.; Vederas J.C.; Reid C.J.; Ballantine J.A., 1991: A mass spectral analysis of some cucurbitacins isolated from fevillea cordifolia

Soeting W.J.; Heidema J., 1988: A mass spectrometric method for measuring flavor concentration time profiles in human breath

Gilker C.D.; Pesola G.R.; Matthews D.E., 1992: A mass spectrometric method for measuring glycerol levels and enrichments in plasma using carbon 13 and deuterium stable isotopic tracers

Striegel H G.; Mayer K.K.; Wiegrebe W., 1992: A mass spectrometric study on isomeric alpha beta and beta gamma unsaturated ketones with bulky substituents

Chowdhury S.K.; Chait B.T., 1989: A mass spectrometric technique for detecting and identifying by products in the synthesis of peptides

Steiner R.F.; Albaugh S.; Fenselau C.; Murphy C.; Vestling M., 1991: A mass spectrometry method for mapping the interface topography of interacting proteins illustrated by the melittin calmodulin system

Longhini C.; Aggio S.; Baracca E.; Mele D.; Fersini C.; Aubert A.E., 1989: A mass spring model hypothesis of the genesis of the physiological third heart sound

Patterson M.R., 1992: A mass transfer explanation of metabolic scaling relations in some aquatic invertebrates and algae

Liu T.; Et Al, 1988: A matched case control study on risk factors of coronary heart disease

Thompson R.J.Jr; Hodges K.; Hamlett K.W., 1990: A matched comparison of adjustment in children with cystic fibrosis and psychiatrically referred and nonreferred children

Helm C.W.; Hatch K.; Austin J.M.; Partridge E.E.; Soong S J.; Elder J.E.; Shingleton H.M., 1992: A matched comparison of single and triple incision techniques for the surgical treatment of carcinoma of the vulva

Bruggemann M.; Teale C.; Clark M.; Bindon C.; Waldmann H., 1989: A matched set of rat mouse chimeric antibodies identification and biological properties of rat h chain constant regions mu gamma 1 gamma 2a gamma 2b gamma 2c epsilon and alpha

Willner P.; Sampson D.; Phillips G.; Muscat R., 1990: A matching law analysis of the effects of dopamine receptor antagonists

Ono K., 1991: A material dynamic study development of bipolar hip prosthesis using alumina ceramics for outer and inner heads

Gubernick D.J., 1990: A maternal chemosignal maintains paternal behavior in the biparental california mouse peromyscus californicus

Darribere T.; Riou J F.; Guida K.; Duprat A M.; Boucaut J C.; Beetschen J C., 1991: A maternal effect mutation disturbs extracellular matrix organization in the early pleurodeles waltlii embryo

Ovsenek N.; Zorn A.M.; Krieg P.A., 1992: A maternal factor oz 1 activates embryonic transcription of the xenopus laevis gs17 gene

Staples A.J.; Robertson E.F.; Ranieri E.; Ryall R.G.; Haan E.A., 1991: A maternal serum screen for trisomy 18 an extension of maternal serum screening for down syndrome

Chaisrisook C.; Leslie J.F., 1990: A maternally expressed nuclear gene controlling perithecial pigmentation in gibberella fujikuroi fusarium moniliforme

Mourad, G.; Polacco, M.; Skoegen-Hagenson, M. J.; Morris, D.; Robertson, D., 1989: A maternally inherited mutant of zea mays l. lacks the cytochrome b f complex

Moore E.P.; Williams E.W., 1991: A maternity hospital outbreak of methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus

Shadmehr R.; Arbib M.A., 1992: A mathematical analysis of the force stiffness characteristics of muscles in control of a single joint system

Whiting, P.; Dowden, J.; Karpadia, P., 1989: A mathematical analysis of the results of experiments on rats' livers by local laser hyperthermia

Vanamail P.; Subramanian S.; Rajagopalan P.K., 1990: A mathematical analysis of various factors involved in transmission of bancroftian filariasis in pondicherry india

Muller M.; Verhagen J.H.G., 1988: A mathematical approach enabling the calculation of the total endolymph flow in the semicircular ducts

Abril J.M.; Garcia Leon M., 1991: A mathematical approach for modelling radionuclide dispersion in the marine environment

Rodriguez Leon J.A.; Sastre L.; Echevarria J.; Delgado G.; Bechstedt W., 1988: A mathematical approach for the estimation of biomass production rate in solid state fermentation

Tavridou A.; Avranas A.; Arzoglou P., 1992: A mathematical approach to lipolysis based on the interrelationship of physicochemical and biochemical data

Buchanan R.L.; Cygnarowicz M.L., 1990: A mathematical approach toward defining and calculating the duration of the lag phase

Mehl L.E., 1991: A mathematical computer simulation model for the development of colonic polyps and colon cancer

Sutherland R.A., 1989: A mathematical description of a pump leak buffer model for plant nitrate uptake

Lu D F.; Stanley C.; Nunez G.; Frazer D., 1991: A mathematical description of pressures in alveolar pores of kohn

Coppella S.J.; Dhurjati P., 1990: A mathematical description of recombinant yeast

Gerbi B.J., 1991: A mathematical expression for percent dd accurate from cobalt 60 to 24 mv

Fedorova Z.D.; Levchenko L.B., 1989: A mathematical method for evaluating the activities of some blood coagulation factors

Coombes A.M.; Moss J.P.; Linney A.D.; Richards R.; James D.R., 1991: A mathematical method for the comparison of three dimensional changes in the facial surface

Geck P.; Molnar A.; Nasz I., 1991: A mathematical method for the identification of the atgcat recognition sequence of a streptococcus mutans restriction endonuclease

Quon M.J.; Campfield L.A., 1991: A mathematical model and computer simulation study of insulin receptor regulation

Quon M.J.; Campfield L.A., 1991: A mathematical model and computer simulation study of insulin sensitive glucose transporter regulation

Gitelman D.R.; Toga A.W., 1989: A mathematical model and image analysis technique for calculating regional cerebral blood flow

Pollak M.; Boyarsky A.; Gora P., 1991: A mathematical model describing consequences of abnormally high levels of epidermal growth factor receptor on the proliferation of neoplastic cells

Roebroeck E.J.A.; Jansen M.J.W.; Mes J.J., 1991: A mathematical model describing the combined effect of exposure time and temperature of hot water treatments on survival of gladiolus cormels

Lin S.H., 1991: A mathematical model for a biological fluidized bed reactor

Douben, P. E. T., 1990: A mathematical model for cadmium in the stone loach noemacheilus barbatulus l. from the river ecclesbourne derbyshire england uk

Shlyachkova A.A., 1990: A mathematical model for calculating regimens of pasture use

Wijesinghe R.S., 1991: A mathematical model for calculating the vector magnetic field of a single muscle fiber

Umeda T., 1989: A mathematical model for cell sorting migration and shape in the slug stage of dictyostelium discoideum

Leuschner D., 1991: A mathematical model for classification and identification

Rasmusson R.L.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R.; Robinson K.; Clark R.B.; Shibata E.F.; Campbell D.L., 1990: A mathematical model for electrophysiological activity in a bullfrog atrial cell

Moroz I.A.; Ataullakhanov F.I.; Kiyatkin A.B.; Pichugin A.V.; Vitvitskii V.M., 1989: A mathematical model for erythrocyte volume stabilization

Zhao B.; Hirayama N.; Yamada S.; Yamada J., 1991: A mathematical model for estimating the harvesting rate of released reared abalone and its applications

Stebaevv I.V.; Kushnirenko E.A.; Pshenitsyna L.B., 1991: A mathematical model for evaluating acrididae contribution in the steppe detritus food chain

Jeong J.W.; Snay J.; Ataai M.M., 1990: A mathematical model for examining growth and sporulation processes of bacillus subtilis

Danilevich A.B.; Chunin V.E., 1990: A mathematical model for food digestion by silver carp

Rao, G. S.; Bajaj, J. S.; Rao, J. S., 1990: A mathematical model for insulin kinetics ii. extension of the model to include response to oral glucose administration and application to insulin dependent diabetes mellitus iddm

Greevan, C. P.; Rao, J. S.; Rao, G. S.; Bajaj, J. S., 1990: A mathematical model for insulin kinetics iii. sensitivity analysis of the model

Davis M.; Dowden J.; Steger A.; Kapadia P.; Whiting P., 1989: A mathematical model for interstitial laser treatment of tumors using four fibers

Chen D X.; Wang T D., 1991: A mathematical model for leaf photosynthesis of mulberry

Suh S S.; Arnold F.H., 1990: A mathematical model for metal affinity protein partitioning

Neill S.D.; O'brien J.J.; Hanna J., 1991: A mathematical model for mycobacterium bovis excretion from tuberculous cattle

Greenhalf W.; Gardner D.C.J.; Oliver S.G., 1989: A mathematical model for plasmid replication and distribution in microbial populations

De Zoysa A.P.K.; Mendis C.; Gamage Mendis A.C.; Weerasinghe S.; Herath P.R.J.; Mendis K.N., 1991: A mathematical model for plasmodium vivax malaria transmission estimation of the impact of transmission blocking immunity in an endemic area

Salin, K. P.; Kailasam, C.; Gopalan, M., 1991: A mathematical model for population growth of buprofezin treated brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens stal. homoptera delphacidae

Salin K.P.; Kailasam C.; Gopalan M., 1990: A mathematical model for population growth of buprofezin treated whitebacked planthopper sogatella furcifera horvath homoptera delphacidae

Smirnova O.A., 1988: A mathematical model for postirradiation autoimmunity

Buwalda J.G.; Smith G.S., 1988: A mathematical model for predicting annual fertilizer requirements of kiwifruit vines

Young B.A.; Ashley M.A., 1989: A mathematical model for predicting relative muscle force with a perturbation analysis of selected muscle parameters

Rawls H.R.; Mkwayi Tulloch N.J.; Krull M.E., 1990: A mathematical model for predicting tooth brush stiffness

Horkovics Kovats S.; Traub P., 1991: A mathematical model for protein induced lipid vesicle leakage interaction of the intermediate filament protein vimentin and its isolated amino terminus with phosphatidylinositol vesicles

Jones T.D.; Morris M.D.; Young R.W., 1991: A mathematical model for radiation induced myelopoiesis

Nagarajan R.; Michaels L.D.; Menon V.B.; Wasan D.T.; Ensor D.S., 1990: A mathematical model for radon sampling by activated carbon adsorption

Zhang J.; Miller J.P., 1991: A mathematical model for resolution enhancement in layered sensory systems

Orlov A.N., 1990: A mathematical model for studying vertebrates

Lievense J.C.; Modak J.M.; Lim H.C., 1989: A mathematical model for the asymmetric dynamic response in microbial systems

Singh M.P.; Sharan M.; Selvakumar S., 1991: A mathematical model for the computation of carboxyhaemoglobin in human blood as a function of exposure time

Grandori F.; Merlini C.; Amelotti C.; Piasente M.; Tadini G.; Ravazzani P., 1992: A mathematical model for the computation of the forces exerted by the facial orthopedic mask

Sharan M.; Singh M.P.; Aminataei A., 1989: A mathematical model for the computation of the oxygen dissociation curve in human blood

Chaplain M.A.J.; Stuart A.M., 1991: A mathematical model for the diffusion of tumour angiogenesis factor into the surrounding host tissue

Zukhbaya T.B.; Smirnova O.A., 1988: A mathematical model for the dynamics of granulocytopoiesis in mammals

Essinger J.R.; Leyvraz P.F.; Heegard J.H.; Robertson D.D., 1989: A mathematical model for the evaluation of the behavior during flexion of condylar type knee prostheses

Brown N., 1991: A mathematical model for the formation of cerebral aneurysms

Rubinsky R.; Pegg D.E., 1988: A mathematical model for the freezing process in biological tissue

Chaplain M.A.J.; Sleeman B.D., 1992: A mathematical model for the growth and classification of a solid tumor a new approach via nonlinear elasticity theory using strain energy functions

Shu J.; Shuler M.L., 1989: A mathematical model for the growth of a single cell of escherichia coli on a glucose glutamine ammonium medium

Aynsley M.; Ward A.C.; Wright A.R., 1990: A mathematical model for the growth of mycelial fungi in submerged culture

Chaplain M.A.J.; Sleeman B.D., 1990: A mathematical model for the production and secretion of tumor angiogenesis factor in tumors

Ramana K.V.; Charyulu N.C.L.N.; Karanth N.G., 1991: A mathematical model for the production of biosurfactants by pseudomonas aeruginosa ctrf 6 production of biomass

Dent J.M.; Jayaweera A.R.; Glasheen W.P.; Nolan S.P.; Spotnitz W.D.; Villanueva F.S.; Kaul S., 1992: A mathematical model for the quantification of mitral regurgitation experimental validation in the canine model using contrast echocardiography

Sharan M.; Singh M.P.; Singh B., 1992: A mathematical model for the rate of oxygenation of blood in pulmonary capillaries using nth order one step kinetics of oxygen uptake by haemoglobin

Yuan F.; Weinbaum S.; Pfeffer R.; Chien S., 1991: A mathematical model for the receptor mediated cellular regulation of the low density lipoprotein metabolism

Miyashita M.; Tanaka S., 1992: A mathematical model for the self organization of orientation columns in visual cortex

Eisler H.; Eisler A.D., 1991: A mathematical model for time perception with experimentally obtained subjective time scales for humans and rats

Kravchuk T.S.; Kravets V.V.; Shestopal A.F., 1989: A mathematical model for using algal cultures for the additional purification of waste waters in flow through biological ponds

Rasmusson R.L.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R.; Shibata E.F.; Campbell D.L., 1990: A mathematical model of a bullfrog cardiac pacemaker cell

Qureshi N.; Maddox I.S., 1990: A mathematical model of a fluidized bed reactor for the continuous production of solvents by immobilized clostridium acetobutylicum

Macrae J.; Mcalister P., 1989: A mathematical model of acoustic leakage through air pathways past earmolds

Kiricuta C.I.; Tausch J., 1992: A mathematical model of axillary lymph node involvement based on 1446 complete axillary dissections in patients with breast carcinoma

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Schwabe A., 1991: A method for the analysis of temporal changes in vegetation pattern at the landscape level

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