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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6948

Chapter 6948 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shvetsova M.M.; Zatolokin V.D.; Kaznacheev N.N.; Luk'yanchikov G.F., 1990:
A method for the assessment of lipid peroxidation in a biological substrate

Pigarevskii V.E.; Mazing Y.A., 1988:
A method for the assessment of neutrophilic lysosomal secretion by a diagnostic inflammation focus

Jones, D.; Andre, P.; Washington, J.T.; Hafermann, M.D., 1990:
A method for the assessment of the output of irregularly shaped electron fields

Misharev O.S.; Dmitriev V.V.; Kurek V.V.; Dardynskii A.V., 1990:
A method for the assessment of the severity of conditions in children intensive care units

Driscoll C.M.H., 1989:
A method for the assessment of x ray doses from laser plasma sources

Bogolyubova G.M.; Sankovskii A.A.; Shcherbak I.G., 1988:
A method for the blood plasma alpha 2 macroglobulin inactivation

Feather J.W.; King P.R.; Driver I.; Dawson J.B., 1989:
A method for the construction of disposable cylindrical diffusing fiber optic tips for use in photodynamic therapy

Spaargaren D.H., 1990:
A method for the continuous monitoring of active and passive ion transport in aquatic animals

Khomazyuk A.I.; Neshcheret A.P.; Sher L.A., 1988:
A method for the continuous registration of cardiac heat production

Skripova L.V.; Romanenko N.A., 1989:
A method for the detection of helminthic eggs and protozoal cysts in coprologic investigations

Nikolaichik V.V.; Moin V.M.; Kirkovskii V.V.; Mazur L.I.; Lobacheva G.A.; Bychko G.N.; Baratashvili G.G., 1991:
A method for the detection of medium molecular weight molecules

Kloster L.; Begtrup J.; Engsbro B., 1989:
A method for the detection of rizomania in soil

Marin P.; Ieremia T.P., 1988:
A method for the detection of water infestation with giardia intestinalis cysts

Vil'davskii V.Yu; Knyazeva M.G., 1989:
A method for the determination and characterization of manual asymmetry in ontogeny

Mahle N.H.; Lamparski L.L.; Nestrick T.J., 1989:
A method for the determination of 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin in processed wastewater at the parts per quadrillion level

Bednarski W.; Jedrychowski L.; Hammond E.G.; Nikolov Z.L., 1989:
A method for the determination of alpha dicarbonyl compounds

Karlsson J.; Artursson P., 1991:
A method for the determination of cellular permeability coefficients and aqueous boundary layer thickness in monolayers of intestinal epithelial caco 2 cells grown in permeable filter chambers

Fuchs, J.; Joshua, H.; Weinberger, I.; Rotenberg, Z.; Davidson, E.; Agmon, J., 1990 :
A method for the determination of circulating aggregated platelets and its application to patients in the course of unstable angina

Voin, C.; Pop, E.; Voin, N., 1990:
A method for the determination of corroding factors of amalgams by electrical measurements

Obukh I.B.; Kazarov A.R.; Filiptsev P.Ya, 1989:
A method for the determination of cya concentration in the capillary blood

Ivanitsa V.A.; Bagaeva O.S.; Khodyrev V.I.; Piven' T.V., 1990:
A method for the determination of fungal resistance in flax containing material

Mustafin A.Kh; Petrova L.D., 1990:
A method for the determination of lung surfactant surface activity in the immediate postoperative period

Maslowska J.; Swat B., 1989:
A method for the determination of nanogram quantities of mercury in unfrothing preparations used in the sugar industry

Lang V.; Wildbrett G., 1989:
A method for the determination of native and modified starches on dishes cleaned by dishwashers

Rossetti A.G.; Pimentel Gomes F., 1987:
A method for the determination of optimum plot size in experiments with rubber trees hevea

Harrad S.J.; Sewart A.S.; Boumphrey R.; Duarte Davidson R.; Jones K.C., 1992:
A method for the determination of pcb congeners 77 126 and 169 in biotic and abiotic matrices

Kalinina L.M.; Cheshchevik A.B.; Gul' L.M., 1990:
A method for the determination of red cell membrane permeability for monovalent ions

Malinovskaya I.M., 1988:
A method for the determination of the ability of bacterial polysaccharides to sorb silicic acid ions

Spiegelhalder B.; Kubacki S.J.; Fischer S., 1989:
A method for the determination of tobacco specific nitrosamines tsna nitrate and nitrite in tobacco leaves and processed tobacco

Togaibaev A.A.; Kurgizkin A.V.; Rikun I.V.; Karibzhanova R.M., 1988:
A method for the diagnosis of endogenic poisoning

Paevskii S.A., 1988:
A method for the diagnosis of the postoperative wound infection

Pfützner, H.; Futschik, K.; Doblander, A.; Schenz, G.; Zwick, H., 1990:
A method for the elimination of artefacts in electric field plethysmography of the lung

Il'ichev A.A.; Kishchenko G.P.; Petrenko V.A.; Puzyrev A.T., 1991:
A method for the equalization of the concentrations of varying abundance dna sequences in heterogeneous mixtures

Muthukrishnan J.; Senthamizhselvan M., 1990:
A method for the estimation of food consumption by insect parasitoids

Britton J.R., 1989:
A method for the estimation of gastrointestinal luminal proteolysis of biologically important dietary peptides

Shilyaev R.R.; Shibaev S.V.; Lozhkin V.E.; Nazarov S.B., 1991:
A method for the estimation of red cell deformability

Slater, M., 1991:
A method for the examination of the same cell using light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy

Schmitz K P.; Behrend D.; Martin H.; Urbaszek W., 1991:
A method for the experimental determination of the bending stiffness of catheters and flexible probes

Bauer F.; Vali S., 1988:
A method for the extraction of thickeners in meat products

Spivakov N.S., 1991:
A method for the identification of sorghum genotypes capable of assimilating phosphorus from not easily accessible compounds

Bush, M.S.; Challacombe, S.J.; Newman, H.N., 1990:
A method for the identification of Streptococcus mutans in gingival margin plaque by immunofluorescence

Sambur M.B., 1991:
A method for the in vitro assessment of lymphocyte interaction based on their rosette forming capacity

McDermott, M.L.; Watsky, M.A.; Geroski, D.H.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1990:
A method for the in vitro determination of feline corneal endothelial permeability

Blin J.; Sette G.; Fiorelli M.; Bletry O.; Elghozi J.L.; Crouzel C.; Baron C.J., 1990:
A method for the in vivo investigation of the serotonergic 5 ht 2 receptors in the human cerebral cortex using positron emission tomography and fluorine 18 labeled setoperone

Ibragimov F.Kh; Porogelova N.P.; Boiko A.V.; Burkin V.S.; Gerok G.I., 1990:
A method for the isolation of parahemolytic vibrios from various substrates

Meertens, H.; Bijhold, J.; Strackee, J., 1990:
A method for the measurement of field placement errors in digital portal images

Russo M., 1991:
A method for the measurement of season and duration of oyster collection two case studies from the prehistoric southeast usa coast

Kas"rov M., 1988:
A method for the more objective hygienic evaluation of occupational exposure to chemicals

Sokolov N.V., 1989:
A method for the optimal evaluation of the effectiveness of cattle blood serum filtration based on minimal data

Rojas M.G.; Stipanovic R.D.; Williams H.J.; Vinson S.B., 1989:
A method for the preparation of labelled gossypol by the incorporation of carbon 14 acetate

Mcneill G.P.; Connolly J.F., 1989:
A method for the quantification of individual free fatty acids in cheese application to ripening of cheddar type cheeses

Kuster, H.; Vogt, M.; Joos, B.; Nadai, V.; Lüthy, R., 1991:
A method for the quantification of intracellular zidovudine nucleotides

Hamann K F., 1988:
A method for the quantification of vertigo

Fish, W.W., 1991:
A method for the quantitation of 5' mononucleotides in foods and food ingredients

Podyadin G.V.; Zelichenko L.I.; Khitin L.M., 1991:
A method for the quantitative assessment of mast cell degranulation

Kuschka, V., 1989:
A method for the quantitative description of phytocenoses of terrestrial ecosystems phytocenotic recording i. establishing goals description of spatial structure

Mamukashvili-Ts, I., 1990:
A method for the quantitative determination of the infective potential of root disease causative agents cylindrocarpon obtusisporum wollenw. in soil and its role in disease development in nurseries

Young C.T.; Hovis A.R., 1990:
A method for the rapid analysis of headspace volatiles of raw and roasted peanuts

Kuriyama A.; Hojoh T.; Sugawara Y.; Matsushima H.; Tekeuchi M., 1989:
A method for the rapid growth in culture of gametophytes of equisetum arvense with antheridia

Leary T.P.; Splitter G.A., 1990:
A method for the rapid identification of t lymphocytes epitopes

Batra A.; Dhingra M., 1990:
A method for the rapid isolation of hypocotyl protoplasts of eruca sativa

Mckiernan M.; Baker N.R., 1992:
A method for the rapid monitoring of photosynthetic shade adaptation in leaves

Martins, N.R.; Mockett, A.P.; Cook, J.K., 1990:
A method for the rapid purification of serum IgM for the diagnosis of recent viral infections of chickens

Opdam J.J.G.; Smolders J.F.J., 1989:
A method for the retrospective estimation of the individual respiratory intake of a highly and a poorly metabolizing solvent during rest and physical exercise

Cliffe A.J.; Revell D.; Law B.A., 1989:
A method for the reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography of peptides from cheddar cheese

Ribkinska T.A.; Vartanyan O.A.; Filonenko V.V.; Sidorik L.L.; Kornelyuk A.I.; Beresten' S.F., 1990:
A method for the selection of hybridomas secreting monoclonal antibodies against tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase based on the monitoring of enzyme activity

Pryanishnikova N.I.; Al' Nuri M.A., 1991:
A method for the selection of streptomyces spheroides mutants producing exoprotease with fibrinolytic activity

Kalina G.P.; Trukhina G.M., 1990:
A method for the simplified and rapid identification of bacteria from the dysentery group in mass screening

Masuda S.; Okano T.; Kobayashi T., 1992:
A method for the simultaneous determination of vitamins d 2 d 3 and their metabolites in plasma and its application to plasma samples obtained from normal subjects and patients

Likhosherstov L.M.; Novikova O.S.; Derevitskaya V.A.; Kochetkov P.K., 1990:
A method for the splitting of the carbohydrate chains from n glycoproteins with sodium borohydride barium chloride or strontium chloride

Podolyako M.P.; Dranov I.Yu, 1990:
A method for the storage and transportation of blood sera to be screened for antibodies to human immunodeficiency virus

Falque M.; Compan D.; Galzy R., 1991:
A method for the study of carbon dioxide exchanges in in vitro cultured vitis rupestris plantlets

Whitaker V.; Matvienko B., 1992:
A method for the study of nitrous oxide evolution in tropical wetlands

Matherly L.H.; Schuetz J.D.; Westin E.; Goldman I.D., 1989:
A method for the synchronization of cultured cells with aphidicolin application to the large scale synchronization of l1210 cells and the study of the cell cycle regulation of thymidylate synthase and dihydrofolate reductase

Miyachi N.; Shibasaki M., 1990:
A method for the synthesis of alkynyl phenyl sulfides from alkynyltrimethylsilanes a novel efficient synthesis of the thienamycin intermediate from 3 r hydroxybutyric acid

Noe C.R.; Knollmueller M.; Dungler K.; Miculka C.; Gaertner P., 1991:
A method for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure alkanols by reductive desulfurization of thiophene alcohols

Suvorov A.P.; Orkin V.F.; Kaplanov V.D., 1991:
A method for the treatment of trichomoniasis

Puzach S.S.; Gorbach Z.B., 1989:
A method for thiamin concentration measurement

Elliott J.; Coulter Mackie M.B.; Jung J.H.; Rodenhiser D.I.; Singh S.M., 1991:
A method for transforming lymphocytes from very small blood volumes suitable for pediatric samples

Krupitskii E.M.; Burakov A.B.; Karandashova G.F.; Lebedev V.P.; Katsnel'son Y.S.; Nikitina Z.S.; Grinenko A.Ya; Borodkin Y.S., 1991:
A method for treating affective disorders in alcoholic patients

Cantor A.B.; Kornfeld S., 1992:
A method for tritiated mannose labeling of asn linked oligosaccharides on recombinant glycoproteins synthesized in xenopus oocytes

Saunders, N.A.; Harrison, T.G.; Haththotuwa, A.; Kachwalla, N.; Taylor, A.G., 1990:
A method for typing strains of Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 by analysis of restriction fragment length polymorphisms

Ali Shtayeh M.S.; Macdonald J.D.; Kabashima J., 1991:
A method for using commercial elisa tests to detect zoospores of phytophthora spp and pythium spp in irrigation water

Takahashi, I.; Amakawa, Y., 1989:
A method for visualizing cytoskeletal structures by the scanning electron microscope

Kostetskii P.V.; Vladimirova R.R., 1989:
A method of a graphic identification of variable and constant regions in homologous proteins sequences

Degtyarev, A.G., 1991:
A method of airborne census of ross's gull rhodostethia rosea in yakut tundras ussr

Salov P.P.; Zakharova N.S., 1991:
A method of an objective detection of the anal and bulbocavernous reflexes in children

Mountz, J.M., 1989:
A method of analysis of SPECT blood flow image data for comparison with computed tomography

Kuz'min Y.A.; Belyaev N.N.; Karal'nik B.V., 1991:
A method of antibody elution from an immunosorbent

Skopek, V.; Vachal, J.; Sterbacek, Z., 1991:
A method of approach to landscape stability part 1. fundamentals and methodology

L.Z.; E.A., 1990:
A method of artificial perilymphatic solution perfusion in vivo in cochleas of guinea pigs

Uehara, S., 1988:
A method of bacteriological examination of washed sputum in infants and children

McParland, B.J.; Fair, H.I., 1992:
A method of calculating peripheral dose distributions of photon beams below 10 MV

Festersen J., 1990:
A method of calculating the amounts of farmyard manure and slurry produced on livestock farms

Schulze, A.; Schaller, P.; Dinger, J.; Winkler, U.; Gmyrek, D., 1990:
A method of calculating total respiratory system compliance from resonant frequency: validity in a rabbit model

Bitunov V.A.; Plyugin A.P., 1988:
A method of central venous pressure measurement

Papachrysostomou M.; Griffin T.M.J.; Ferrington C.; Merrick M.V.; Smith A.N., 1992:
A method of computerized isotope dynamic proctography

Toman M., 1991:
A method of defining the cenologic membership of pictures

Delecolle R.; Hay R.K.M.; Guerif M.; Pluchard P.; Varlet Grancher C., 1989:
A method of describing the progress of apical development in wheat based on the time course of organogenesis

O'leary J.J.; Pollard B.J.; Ryan M.J., 1988:
A method of detecting oesophageal intubation or confirming tracheal intubation

Plattner R.D.; Norred W.P.; Bacon C.W.; Voss K.A.; Peterson R.; Schackelford D.D.; Weisleder D., 1990:
A method of detection of fumonisins in corn sample associated with field cases of equine leukoencephalomalacia

Zotin A.I.; Alekseeva T.A.; Ozernyuk N.D., 1989:
A method of determination of optimal developmental conditions according to the overall oxygen consumption

Ol'khov O.G., 1990:
A method of determination of thermal lesions in workers of hot shops of the metallurgical industry

Goretskii O.S.; Peftiev I.F.; Kukharenko I.V., 1989:
A method of determination of thermal stability in man

Arsova A., 1989:
A method of determining cation exchange adsorption capacity of calcareous soils with the aid of acetate maleanate buffer solutions

Delinska N., 1989:
A method of determining the commencement of delivery of larvae of san jose scale quadraspidiotus perniciosus

Nakano D., 1990:
A method of embryo culture and an outline of development of the ovoviviparous freshwater snail semisulcospira libertina prosobranchia pleuroceridae

Brydon J.; Rennie D.A., 1990:
A method of estimating yield for large scale field research projects

Vachnadze R.G.; Gibradze T.A.; Karchava M.O.; Markozashvili S.G., 1988:
A method of evaluating drug efficiency on the basis of experimental morphological data

Bulakh I.E.; Vozianova Z.I.; Zhegrii T.I., 1989:
A method of evaluating the functional relationship between separate symptoms of a disease

Polonskii V.I.; Kalinina L.M., 1988:
A method of evaluation of cold hardiness of vegetable crops by the seedling guttation rate

Stawinski J.; Swieboda R.; Jozefaciuk G., 1988:
A method of external soil surface area measurement based on carbon tetrachloride vapor adsorption

Vyaizenen G.N.; Nikiforov P.V., 1990:
A method of green fodder preservation

Wahle P.; Beckh S., 1992:
A method of in situ hybridization combined with immunocytochemistry histochemistry and tract tracing to characterize the mrna expressing cell types in heterogenous neuronal populations

Maskina O.S.; Burdaeva L.M.; Belozerova M.M.; B'yunova L.N., 1989:
A method of inducing diploid pollen in woody species

Arnold, P.; Vissiennon, T., 1990:
A method of intraduodenal administration of fluids to chickens

Jiang L.; Fan Z.; Huang O.; Xie G., 1988:
A method of isolation of ginseng total saponins for homogenous ginseng injections

Rose M.; Nagai T., 1988:
A method of isolation of human monocytes

Kostetskii P.V.; Vladimirova R.R., 1990:
A method of localization of constant and variable regions in homologous protein sequences

Kozlov S.P.; Shatrov A.I.; Svetlov V.A., 1991:
A method of lumbar plexus local anesthesia using inguinal paravascular approach anatomically predetermined failures

Kostro K., 1989:
A method of lymphocyte isolation from the peripheral blood of foxes and administration of the rosette ea test

Iwasaki A., 1989:
A method of making contamination free revised scatter maximum ratios smrs for 10 mv x rays

Pirochtova M.; Marek M., 1991:
A method of mathematical evaluation of the photosynthetic activity of forest tree species

Yamamoto M., 1991:
A method of measurement of type ii collagen using sds page and immunoblotting

Kuyucak N.; Volesky B., 1988:
A method of metal removal

Sheikh Zade Y.R.; Kubantsev A.V.; Galenko Yaroshevskii P.A., 1988:
A method of myocardial fibrillation modeling

Zueva L.A.; Sakharova N.Yu; Gazaryan K.G., 1988:
A method of nuclear staining at the early stages of embryogenesis in drosophila

Kiladze M.A.; Khakim N., 1990:
A method of orthotopic autotransplantation of the small intestine using microsurgical technique

Luts'ko P.P.; Raut Y.V.; Mikhno V.V.; Buryak V.P., 1990:
A method of photocolorimetric determination and conditions of extraction of theonicol

Tyurin E.I.; Yakovlev D.V.; Morozov A.S.; Lapekin S.V., 1989:
A method of processing radionuclide renal angiography in nephroptosis by anatomical zones

Rubio, C.A.; Porwit-McDonald, A.; Rodensjö, M.; Duvander, A., 1989:
A method of quantitating Paneth cell metaplasia of the stomach by image analysis

Pearce, P.C.; Halsey, M.J.; Ross, J.A.; Luff, N.P.; Bevilacqua, R.A.; Maclean, C.J., 1989:
A method of remote physiological monitoring of a fully mobile primate in a single animal cage

H.B.; Zhang Q.; Zhang M.; Shu G., 1990:
A method of selecting parental lines for directional breeding purposes

Korosov A.V., 1989:
A method of shadow osteometry

Viljoen P.J., 1990:
A method of skull based sex determination of elephant carcasses

Navarro C., 1989:
A method of studying errors in flight crew communication

Plyashkevich V.L.; Kambarova D.K., 1990:
A method of the comprehensive analysis of heart rate by the analog method and using computers in the real time regime

Labutskii A.K.; Gorin E.N.; Beletskii Y.V.; Belov Y.V.; Abugov A.M.; Tkachenko V.M.; Shchepkin V.A., 1988:
A method of the quantitative assessment of left ventricular functional reserve in patients with aneurysms of the heart

Brueckner M., 1990:
A method of transplantation of upper retained canines

Kiroshka V.S.; Tsymbalar' G.G.; Zhurzha L.E.; Tudos T.P., 1990:
A method of transudate and exudate differentiation

Vdovichenko V.I.; Ishmuratova S.A., 1989:
A method of treatment of reflux gastritis after vagotomy

Boitor I.; Muntean M.; Groza I.; Moise D.; Schlezak D., 1991:
A method of treatment of salpinx obstruction by carbon dioxide insufflation into the uterus in cattle

Gabrielyan A.E.; Ivanov V.S.; Kozhich A.T., 1989:
A method on searching of amphipathic helices in protein sequences

Gantet P.; Esquerre J.P.; Danet B.; Roux G.; Guiraud R., 1990:
A method to aid in the design of collimators for use in nuclear medicine

Brown, J.C., 1990:
A method to assess the performance of varieties of dwarf french beans phaseolus vulgaris l. when mechanically harvested

Berven, B.A.; Little, C.A.; Blair, M.S., 1991:
A method to automate radiological surveys: the Ultrasonic Ranging and Data System M.C.M.; Diekmann O., 1992:
A method to calculate for computer simulated infections the threshold vale r o that predicts whether or not the infection will spread

Nardi M., 1986:
A method to calculate ten day rainfall value probabilities

Thomson A.J.; Alfaro R.I., 1990:
A method to calculate yield correction factors for the overstory component of budworm attacked douglas fir

Pinto, J.G.; Boe, A., 1991:
A method to characterize the passive elasticity in contracting muscle bundles

Teyssier Cotte C.; Vaytet P., 1989:
A method to classify equipment constraints

Ogle J.T., 1991:
A method to construct low cost ponds for aquaculture

Stergiou K.I., 1989:
A method to cope with collinearity of ecological data sets in community studies

Chau, N.P.; Chanudet, X.; Larroque, P., 1988:
A method to define reference profiles for ambulatory blood pressure, with application to blood pressure profiles in 158 young subjects

Kuhl W.E., 1989:
A method to detect forest decline in west germany results of a color ir air photointerpretation

Leonova E.S.; Lyalikova G.V.; Kosenkov T.V., 1989:
A method to determine complement system activation kinetics

Thomas R., 1989:
A method to determine fecundity from frozen ovaries

Zausig J.; Hell U.; Horn R., 1990:
A method to determine oxygen partial pressure and oxygen diffusion in single soil aggregates as a function of soil moisture tension

Parkhomenko L.V.; Open'ko L.V.; Gusakov L.V., 1990:
A method to determine phospholipases from microorganisms

Pijnenburg A.M.C.M.; Steendijk M.M.; Hofstraat J.W.; Schreurs W., 1989:
A method to determine the adenylate energy charge of the mytilus edulis by reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography

Müller, S.; Pleul, J.; Götz, M.; Jähnig, J.; Schädlich, H., 1990:
A method to determine the end point of decalcification of hard tissue and bone

Zemanek J., 1989:
A method to determine the occurrence of weeds resistant to triazine herbicides in soil

Markwardt N.M.; Klontz G.W., 1989:
A method to eliminate the asymptomatic carrier state of aeromonas salmonicida in salmonids

Fei, R.G.; Penn, P.E.; Wolf, N.S., 1990:
A method to establish pure fibroblast and endothelial cell colony cultures from murine bone marrow

Gerlach R.; Kranepuhl H., 1989:
A method to estimate dose distribution behind block shielding part i a calculation method to estimate the spread distribution of a cobalt 60 needle ray

Gerlach, R.; Kranepuhl, H., 1989:
A method to estimate dose distribution behind block shielding part ii. calculation of dose distribution of cobalt 60 radiation fields by means of a needle ray model

Zheng C.; Harou P.A., 1988:
A method to estimate input output multipliers for the forestry sector without an i o table

Glantz, S.A., 1990:
A method to estimate the point at which two lines intersect from noisy data

Viitala, J.A., 1989:
A method to estimate the survival differences among overwintered microtines cyclic clethrionomys rufocanus sund. at kilpisjarvi finnish lapland

Hop W.C.J.; Van Buuren H.R., 1989:
A method to evaluate changes in prognostic status during follow-up, illustrated by an assessment of the effect of a rebleed in patients with oesophageal variceal bleeding

Tsukamoto S.; Kaneko K.; Hayashi K., 1989:
A method to identify the absolute configuration of rhamnose lyxose and 2 6 dideoxy sugars cymarose oleandrose diginose and digitoxose using a chiral high performance liquid chromatography hplc column

Stiller, R.L.; Scierka, A.; Davis, P.J.; Cook, D.R.; Davis, J.E.; Winter, P.M., 1989:
A method to increase recovery of fentanyl from urine

Carey, J.C.; Fishburne, J.I., 1989:
A method to limit working hours and reduce sleep deprivation in an obstetrics and gynecology residency program

Donati, F.; Plaud, B.; Meistelman, C., 1991:
A method to measure elicited contraction of laryngeal adductor muscles during anesthesia

Rahn P.H., 1992:
A method to mitigate acid mine drainage in the shamokin area pennsylvania usa

Mendoza, L.; Prendas, J., 1988:
A method to obtain rapid zoosporogenesis of Pythium insidiosum

Nomoto, Y.; Ikegami, T.; Ohtsaka, Y.; Nagayama, N., 1990:
A method to predict pulmonary blood flow by nitrous oxide washout curve

Cameron K.C.; Harrison D.F.; Smith N.P.; Mclay C.D.A., 1990:
A method to prevent edge flow in undisturbed soil cores and lysimeters

Wierzorreck P., 1990:
A method to proof the enzyme activity of leukocytes in the oral cavity in relation to the periodontal status

D.L.fonteyne J.; Sormann M.; Van D.C.tte B., 1990:
A method to protect foreign dna from attack by plant cell dnase in transient expression assays involving dry embryos

Christen G.L., 1989:
A method to quantify butter oil added to butter margarine blends

Falkvoll, K.H., 1991:
A method to quantify neovascularization in the mouse cornea

Van Der Laarse A.; Hollaar L.; Van Der Valk E.J.M.; Hamers S., 1989:
A method to quantitate cell numbers of muscle cells and non muscle cells in homogenized heart cell cultures

Rubio, C.A.; Porwit-McDonald, A., 1991:
A method to quantitate the relative nuclear area of colorectal polyps by image analysis

Rodriguez, E.K.; Hunter, W.C.; Royce, M.J.; Leppo, M.K.; Douglas, A.S.; Weisman, H.F., 1992:
A method to reconstruct myocardial sarcomere lengths and orientations at transmural sites in beating canine hearts

Pedersen M.; Eidesmo T.; Johnsson A., 1992:
A method to record circadian plant movements with application to oxalis leaf rhythms

Demyanchik V.T., 1991:
A method to study feeding habits of owls hollow nesters by the food remnants in the humid nest bedding

Tucker, I.G., 1988:
A method to study the kinetics of oral mucosal drug absorption from solutions

Antonsson A B., 1990:
A method to support small companies in improving their work environment a manual for the plastics industry

Gaignard J.L.; Luisetti J., 1992:
A method using in vitro and in situ grapevine plants to screen chemicals active against pseudomonas syringae pv syringae

Kernan, W.N.; Feinstein, A.R.; Brass, L.M., 1991:
A methodological appraisal of research on prognosis after transient ischemic attacks

Mercier P., 1988:
A methodological approach for study relations between forest canopy structure and undergrowth vegetation

Illarionov A.S.; Mityushev V.P., 1991:
A methodological approach to determining the involvement of various sectors of the microbiological industry in the development of the finished product and in its costs

Vasil'eva L.L.; Chepkasov I.L., 1991:
A methodological approach to genetics selection analysis of social behavior of animals an example of domestic behavior of silver fox

Mathieu F.; Napoli M.H.H.; Frossard H.; Archimbaud M., 1990:
A methodological approach to the study of the toxicity of radioactive decontamination products used at marcoule and la hague france nuclear plants

Matthews M.D.; Weaver C.N., 1989:
A methodological note on predicting attrition

Mode, C.J.; Gollwitzer, H.E.; Salsburg, M.A.; Sleeman, C.K., 1989:
A methodological study of a nonlinear stochastic model of an AIDS epidemic with recruitment

Zhou Y L., 1990:
A methodological study of the treatment of hospital sewage

Keyes M.; Andrews R.; Mason M L., 1991:
A methodology for building an aids research file using medicaid claims and administrative date bases

Hamby, D.M., 1992:
A methodology for estimating the radiological consequence of an acute aqueous release

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A methodology for obtaining the crop temperature from noaa 9 avhrr data

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A methodology for reading yellow color traps used for the evaluation of whitefly population in a commercial tomato crop

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A methodology for rearing euroglyphus maynei coor. acarina pyroglyphidae in the laboratory

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A methodology for resource allocation in health care for South Africa. Part I. Rationale and prerequisites

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A methodology for targeting hospital cases for quality of care record reviews

Negri R., 1988:
A methodology of approach to parents of very low birthweight newborns in the intensive care unit

Hoffmann B.; Hoelzl J., 1988:
A methylated chalcone glucoside from bidens pilosa

Baydoun E.A H.; Usta J.A R.; Waldron K.W.; Brett C.T., 1989:
A methyltransferase involved in the biosynthesis of 4 o methylglucuronoxylan in etiolated pea epicotyls

Hirata, K., 1989:
A metrical study of the aorta and main aortic branches in the human fetus

Ajmani, M.L., 1990:
A metrical study of the laryngeal skeleton in adult Nigerians

Martinez A.; Moron M A., 1990:
A mexican chaetodus coleoptera scarabaeidae hybosorinae

Gibeau G.G.Jr; Miller M.C., 1989:
A micro bioassay for epilithon using nutrient diffusing artificial substrata

Kono H.; Ito S., 1990:
A micro scale dispersion model for motor vehicle exhaust gas in urban areas omg volume source model

Laws E.A.; Chalup M.S., 1990:
A microalgal growth model

Niemann G.J.; Boon J.J.; Pureveen J.B.M.; Eijkel G.B.; Van Der Heijden E., 1991:
A microanalytical approach to plant tissue characterization a comparative study of healthy and fungus infected carnation by pyrolysis mass spectrometry

Petrie E.C.; Lombrozo L.; Csernansky J.G., 1990:
A microassay for measuring synaptosomal tritiated dopamine and tritiated metabolite release

Spoerlein B.; Mayer A.; Dahlfeld G.; Koop H.U., 1991:
A microassay for quantitative determination of beta glucuronidase reporter gene activities in individually selected single higher plant cells

Hagel, C.; Fleissner, A.; Seifert, R., 1989:
A microassay for the determination of soluble and membrane bound glutamate decarboxylase activity influences of cations lipid composition and pyridoxal 5' phosphate on the glutamate decarboxylase binding to liposomes

Lonon M.K.; Hooke A.M., 1991:
A microassay for the quantitative measurement of egg yolk reactive enzyme activity produced by pseudomonas cepacia

Correll, L.; Ehrich, M., 1991:
A microassay method for neurotoxic esterase determinations

Lefebvre D.D., 1989:
A microassay technique for sulfate determination in plant samples

Rosenberg E.; Schwartz Z.; Tenenbaum A.; Rubinovitz C.; Legmann R.; Ron E.Z., 1989:
A microbial polymer that changes the surface properties of limestone effect of biodispersan in grinding limestone and making paper

Hutchinson, D.H.; Robinson, C.W., 1990:
A microbial regeneration process for granular activated carbon i. process modelling

Hutchinson, D.H.; Robinson, C.W., 1990:
A microbial regeneration process for granular activated carbon ii. regeneration studies

Baron, E.J.; Bennion, R.; Thompson, J.; Strong, C.; Summanen, P.; McTeague, M.; Finegold, S.M., 1992:
A microbiological comparison between acute and complicated appendicitis

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A microbiological comparison of young adults based on relative amounts of subgingival calculus

Baguley, D.M.; Whipp, J.; Farrington, M., 1991:
A microbiological hazard in caloric testing

Marsh, P.D.; Featherstone, A.; McKee, A.S.; Hallsworth, A.S.; Robinson, C.; Weatherell, J.A.; Newman, H.N.; Pitter, A.F., 1989:
A microbiological study of early caries of approximal surfaces in schoolchildren

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A microbiological survey of fresh meat in the supermarket trade. Part 1: Carcasses and contact surfaces

Nortjé, G.L.; Nel, L.; Jordaan, E.; Naudé, R.T.; Holzapfel, W.H.; Grimbeek, R.J., 1989:
A microbiological survey of fresh meat in the supermarket trade. Part 2: beef retail cuts

Baishev I.M., 1988:
A microcalculator program for determining the parameters of acid base balance

Makino K.; Mack E.J.; Okano T.; Kim S.W., 1990:
A microcapsule self regulating delivery system for insulin

Haaf, T.; Sumner, A.T.; Köhler, J.; Willard, H.F.; Schmid, M.; Summer, A.T., 1992:
A microchromosome derived from chromosome 11 in a patient with the CREST syndrome of scleroderma

Berbigier P.; Diawara A.; Loustau D., 1991:
A microclimatic study of the effect of drought on evapotranspiration in a maritime pine stand and its understory

Feng J.C., 1992:
A microcolumn method for hexazinone and metabolite residues in soil and vegetation

Normand M.; Pontier J.; Sempe M., 1988:
A microcomputer assisted procedure for assessing skeletal maturity

Mohr E.; Leuschener T., 1989:
A microcomputer assisted telemetric system for recording of ultradian core temperature fluctuations in farm animals

Deane E.R.I.; Harrison J.A.; Jeffery J.C., 1989:
A microcomputer based agricultural digger control system

Rohlicek V., 1989:
A microcomputer based analyzer for evaluation of contractile properties of a cardiac muscle

Wuthrich D.A.; Ettedgui E.E.; Gordon P.R.; Gunther S., 1991:
A microcomputer-based device to simulate biomechanical environments for cultured cells

Nachmias, R.; Stavy, R.; Avrams, R., 1990:
A microcomputer based diagnostic system for identifying students' conception of heat and temperature

Methy M.; Salager J.L., 1989:
A microcomputer based fast data acquisition system fron in vivo measurements of stress effects in crop plants by chlorophyll fluorescence induction

Williams M.; Yamada T., 1990:
A microcomputer based forecasting model potential applications for emergency response plans and air quality studies

Salager J.L.; Fanreguettes J.; Berger A., 1991:
A microcomputer based measurement system of water stress in higher plants

Ruixiu S.; Wilkerson J.B.; Wilhelm L.R.; Tompkins F.D., 1989:
A microcomputer based morphometer for bush type plants

Ben Hassan R.M.; Ghaly A.E.; Mansour M.H., 1991:
A microcomputer based oxygen measurement and control system for fermentation processes

Tooley M.A.; O'connor S.A.; Wilkinson D.J., 1989:
A microcomputer based system for the accurate continuous measurement of ventilation and blood pressure parameters under anesthesia

Silverman R.W.; Chang A.S.; Russell R.W., 1988:
A microcomputer controlled system for measuring reactivity in small animals

Keel, B.A.; Durfee, K.K.; Cho, S., 1989:
A microcomputer data base system for maternal serum alpha fetoprotein screening programmed in BASIC

Reddy, P.J.; Krishna, D.; Murty, U.S.; Jamil, K., 1992:
A microcomputer FORTRAN program for rapid determination of lethal concentrations of biocides in mosquito control

Erez B.; Hartsock T.G., 1990:
A microcomputer photocell system to monitor periparturient activity of sows and transfer data to a remote location

Xie, X.P.; Jing, J., 1990:
A microcomputer processing system of evoked potentials of brain slices and applied examples

McClain, P.W.; Pollock, D.A., 1989:
A microcomputer program for coding external cause of injury

Campos Filho N.; Franco E.L., 1989:
A microcomputer program for multiple logistic regression by unconditional and conditional maximum likelihood methods

Grönfors, T.; Pyykkö, I.; Aalto, H.; Juhola, M.; Ishizaki, H., 1991:
A microcomputer system for assessment of peripheral blood flow. An example of nasal blood flow

Scheffler, A.; Rieger, H., 1990:
A microcomputer system for evaluation of laser Doppler blood flux measurements

Todorov N.; Bojchev G., 1991:
A microcomputer system for formulating diets for dairy cows and the optimization of the quantity of urea

Psatta, D.M.; Jipescu, I.; Matei, M., 1990:
A microcomputer used for spectral power EEG mapping based on source derivation

Jensen, G.D.; Goldstein, L., 1991:
A microcomputerized task assessment of cognitive change in normal elderly and young adults

Floret J J.; Louis A.M.; Reitsma J.M., 1989:
A microdesmis pandaceae with ten stamens discovered in africa microdesmis afrodecandra new species

Stewart, C.P.; Turnberg, L.A., 1989:
A microelectrode study of responses to secretagogues by epithelial cells on villus and crypt of rat small intestine

Cary S.C.; Lovette J.T.; Perl P.J.; Huntley M.E.; Vernet M., 1992:
A microencapsulation technique for introducing pure compounds in zooplankton diets

Zhu Z Y.; Tang H Y.; L.Q.Y.; L.Y.J.; Weng J Q.; L.M.H., 1990:
A microenzyme plaque assay of epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus

Makhlouf, L.M.; Monib, M.E.; Abou-Zkam, A.A.; Romia, S.A.; el-Ganayni, G.A.; Handousa, A., 1989:
A microfilaria in a stray cat from Assiut, Egypt

Shibuya, I.; Matsuyama, K.; Tanaka, K.; Doi, K., 1991:
A microfluorometric method for simultaneous measurement of changes in cytosolic free calcium concentration and pH in single cardiac myocytes

Hicks B.B.; Matt D.R.; Mcmillen R.T., 1989:
A micrometeorological investigation of surface exchange of ozone sulfur dioxide and nitrite a case study

Erisman J W.; Duyzer J., 1991:
A micrometeorological investigation of surface exchange parameters over heathland netherlands

Kuznetsova G.G., 1989:
A micromethod for a rapid detection of proteolytic activity of microorganisms

Livshits, A.M., 1991:
A micromethod for blood plasma willebrand's factor detection

Heimdahl, A.; Cars, O.; Hedberg, M.; Movin, G.; Nord, C.E., 1988:
A micromethod for determination of antimicrobial agents in bone

Ushakov R.V.; Tsarev V.N., 1991:
A micromethod for estimating the sensitivity of anaerobic bacteria to antibacterial agents

Bitterman N.; Lin L.; Forster R.E., 1988:
A micromethod for measuring carbonic anhydrase activity using oxygen 18 exchange between carbon dioxide and water

Finagin L.K.; Litovka I.G., 1989:
A micromethod for measuring lipoprotein cholesterol in capillary blood

Kirzon S.S.; Makarova Z.S., 1988:
A micromethod for preparing a pure lymphocyte suspension

Aguilera J.F.; Prieto C.; Molina E.; Lachica M., 1988:
A micromethod for routine determination of chromic oxide in nutrition studies

Jongmans A.G.; Feijtel T.C.; Bouma J., 1989:
A micromorphological and chemical study of a buried saalian till deposit in the northern part of the netherlands

Kowalinski S.; Weber J., 1988:
A micromorphological study of a brown leached soil profile polluted by the copper smelter legnica poland since 1959

Husain S.Z.; Marin P.D.; Silic C.; Qaiser M.; Petcovic B., 1990:
A micromorphological study of some representative genera in the tribe saturejeae lamiaceae

Rahman M.A.; Wilcock C.C., 1991:
A micromorphological study on seeds of some bangladesh asclepiads

Gartner, A.; Carles, C.; Montagne, P.; Cuillière, M.L.; Duheille, J., 1991:
A microparticle enhanced nephelometric immunoassay (Nephelia) applied to thymulin measurement

Richards J.; Whitson K., 1989:
A microplate based rapid plasma reagin test

Law, K.; Ahmad, A., 1990:
A microplate method for the determination of amino groups in monoclonal antibodies

Forster T.H.; Parer J.M.; Bacon J.M., 1991:
A microplate polybrene method for detection and identification of erythrocyte allo antibodies

Brady W.W.; Cook J.W.; Aldon E.F., 1991:
A microplot method for updating loop frequency range trend data theoretical considerations and a computer simulation

Stevens R.J.; Laughlin R.J., 1989:
A microplot study of the fate of nitrogen 15 labelled ammonium nitrate and urea applied at two rates to ryegrass in spring

Morsing, P.; Persson, A.E.; Boberg, U., 1988:
A micropuncture assessment of the effects of contrast media of different osmolality

Leyssac, P.P.; Holstein-Rathlou, N.H.; Skøtt, P.; Alfrey, A.C., 1990:
A micropuncture study of proximal tubular transport of lithium during osmotic diuresis

Tabler, M.; Günther, I.; Kern, R.; Sänger, H.L., 1989:
A microscale procedure for isolating and sequencing the viroid RNA present in one gram of infected leaf tissue

Suwa M.; Kogawa O.; Nowatari H.; Murase Y.; Homma Y.; Hashimoto Y., 1992:
A microscale synthesis of a promising radiolabelled antitumor drug cis 1 1 cyclobutanedicarboxylato 2r 2 methyl 1 4 butanediamineplatinum ii nk121

Nobiling R.; Buehrle C.P., 1989:
A microscope fluorimeter using multiple wavelength excitation for ultrasensitive single cell emission spectrometry microfluorimetry on the single cell level prospects and problems

Kochs M.; Schwindke P.; Koerber C., 1989:
A microscope stage for the dynamic observation of freezing and freeze drying in solutions and cell suspensions

Nelson, R., 1992:
A microscopic comparison of fresh and burned bone

Bonilla-Marín, M.; Moreno-Bello, M.; Ortega-Blake, I., 1991:
A microscopic electrostatic model for the amphotericin B channel

Pastor, L.M.; Ballesta, J.; Castells, M.T.; Perez-Tomas, R.; Marin, J.A.; Madrid, J.F., 1989:
A microscopic study of the lung of Testudo graeca (Chelonia)

Beriain M.J.; Sanchez Monge J.M.; Villanueva R.; Bello J., 1989:
A microscopical study of the structure of meat emulsions and its relationship to chemical additives

Ma, Y.T.; Rando, R.R., 1992:
A microsomal endoprotease that specifically cleaves isoprenylated peptides

Chikamori K.; Yamamoto A.; Araki T., 1991:
A microspectrophotometer for multispectral image analysis instrumentation and application to multicolor stained specimen

Masaki T.; Muto T.; Suzuki K.; Morioka Y., 1989:
A microspectrophotometric study of colorectal adenomas

Morrison J.K.; Macconnell E.; Chapman P.F.; Westgard R.L., 1990:
A microsporidium induced lymphoblastosis in chinook salmon oncorhynchus tshawytscha in freshwater

Farquhar, T.; Dawson, P.R.; Torzilli, P.A., 1990:
A microstructural model for the anisotropic drained stiffness of articular cartilage

Kurokawa M.; Kawakatsu M.; Soejima H., 1992:
A microsurgical peel for treating traumatic tattoos

Planard C.; Symoens F.; Nolard N., 1989:
A microtechnique for preparation of fungi extracts and its applications

Thiemann, J.; Nieswandt, A.; Barz, W., 1989:
A microtest system for the serial assay of phytotoxic compounds using photoautotrophic cell suspension cultures of Chenopodium rubrum

Entzian, P.; Heer, A.H.; Leimenstoll, G.; Barth, J., 1992:
A microtitre assay system for glucocorticoid receptors: decreased receptor concentration in myocardial infarction

Kaiser, K.L.E.; Ribo, J.M.; Kwasniewska, K., 1988:
A microtox test survey of lake st. clair water

Schnepf E.; Winter S., 1990:
A microtubular basket in the armored dinoflagellate prorocentrum micans dinophyceae

Matthews K.; Kelly J.K., 1989:
A microwave oven method for the combined alcian blue periodic acid schiff stain

Grey K., 1991:
A mid givetian miospore age for the onset of reef development on the lennard shelf canning basin western australia

Kaya O.; Mostler H., 1992:
A middle triassic age for low grade greenschist facies metamorphic sequence in bergama izmir western turkey the first paleontological age assignment and structural stratigraphic implications

Cheke R.A., 1990:
A migrant pest in the sahel west africa the senegalese grasshopper oedaleus senegalensis

Einhorn J.; Einhorn C.; Luche J L., 1991:
A mild and efficient sonochemical tert butoxycarbonylation of amines from their salts

Hashimoto S I.; Honda T.; Ikegami S., 1990:
A mild and rapid 1 2 trans glycosidation method via benzoyl protected glycopyranosyl p p diphenyl n p toluenesulfonylphosphinimidates

Guillot N.; Viehe H.G.; Tinant B.; Declercq J.P., 1990:
A mild and regiospecific synthesis of 3 amino substituted triazolo 4 3 c pyrimidines by cyclization of 4 hydrazinopyrimidines with iminium chlorides and with n arylphosgenimines

Ogawa, T.; Yamashita, T., 1989:
A mild case of harada's disease with sudden onset unilateral deafness

Marshall J.A.; Robinson E.D., 1990:
A mild method for the synthesis of furans application to 2 5 bridged furano macrocyclic compounds

Kaldor S.W.; Hammond M., 1991:
A mild osmium tetroxide catalyzed method for the oxidation of sulfides to sulfones

Okimoto N.; Tamada S.; Kubota Y.; E.A., 1991:
A millet seed size metastases in lung cancer

Ruffell P.L.; Trinder D.W., 1990:
A mini column screening test for aflatoxins in sorghum malt

Anderson D.J.; Sievert P.R.; Andrews Labenski J.; Ricklefs R.E., 1991:
A miniature activity recorder for plunge diving seabirds

Marble, A.E.; Landymore, R.W.; Church, D.W., 1990:
A miniature voltmeter for monitoring small amplitude electrical activity in the hypothermic arrested myocardium

Nelson E.B.; Craft C.M., 1992:
A miniaturized and rapid bioassay for the selection of soil bacteria suppressive to pythium blight of turfgrasses

Young N.T.; Street J.; Darke C., 1989:
A miniaturised method for immunoglobulin allotype serology

Matsuoka, T.; Tavassoli, M., 1989:
A minibead method for detection of membrane lectins

Goldbeter, A., 1991:
A minimal cascade model for the mitotic oscillator involving cyclin and cdc2 kinase

Hebbes T.B.; Turner C.H.; Thorne A.W.; Crane Robinson C., 1989:
A minimal epitope anti protein antibody that recognizes a single modified amino acid

Derse, D.; Carvalho, M.; Carroll, R.; Peterlin, B.M., 1991:
A minimal lentivirus Tat

Ruredzo T.J., 1991:
A minimum facility method for in vitro collection of digitaria eriantha ssp pentzii and cynodon dactylon

Wilson R.P.; Wilson M P.T.J., 1989:
A mininal stress bird capture technique

Hemar A.; Barrand P.; Dautry Varsat A., 1992:
A minipreparation of nuclear proteins generates artefacts when used to study the transcription factor nf kappa b

Nandabalan, K.; Padayatty, J.D., 1989:
A minor 9.8 kb recombinant dna unit of rice variety ir 20

Chen K S.; Peter T.C.; Walker J.R., 1990:
A minor arginine transfer rna mutant limits translation preferentially of a protein dependent on the cognate codon

Lueck P.C.; Rasch R.; Schmidt C.; Helbig J.H.; Ehret W.; Stockmann B.; Witzleb W., 1992:
A minor epidemic caused by legionella pneumophila serogroup 1

Junker K.; Avnstorp C.; Nielsen C.M.; Hansen N.E., 1989:
A minor epidemic of varicella zoster virus reinfection in a department of hematology

Naora, K.; Katagiri, Y.; Ichikawa, N.; Hayashibara, M.; Iwamoto, K., 1990:
A minor possibility of pharmacokinetic interaction between enoxacin and fenbufen in rats

Dinman J.D.; Icho T.; Wickner R.B., 1991:
A minus 1 ribosomal frameshift in a double stranded rna virus of yeast forms a gag pol fusion protein

Yamada H.; E.A., 1988:
A minute thyroid cancer detected by ultrasonography

Lundberg J.G.; Chernoff B., 1992:
A miocene fossil of the amazonian fish arapaima teleostei arapaimidae from the magdalena river region of colombia biogeographic and evolutionary implications

McColl, P.; Kelly, C., 1992:
A misleading case of central pontine myelinolysis. Risk factors for psychiatric patients

Monsalve, M.V.; Henderson, H.; Roederer, G.; Julien, P.; Deeb, S.; Kastelein, J.J.; Peritz, L.; Devlin, R.; Bruin, T.; Murthy, M.R., 1990:
A missense mutation at codon 188 of the human lipoprotein lipase gene is a frequent cause of lipoprotein lipase deficiency in persons of different ancestries

Chiou S H.; H.M.C.; Chung B C., 1990:
A missense mutation at isoleucine 172 asparagine or arginine 356 tryptophan causes steroid 21 hydroxylase deficiency

Petersen, S.K.; Hansen, F.G., 1991:
A missense mutation in the rpoC gene affects chromosomal replication control in Escherichia coli

Wohlfarth, G.; Nagy, A.; Mcandrew, B.J., 1991:
A mistaken method for correcting potential bias in genetic testing of common carp cyprinus carpio l. and tilapias oreochromis spp

Zock, C.; Doerfler, W., 1990:
A mitigator sequence in the downstream region of the major late promoter of adenovirus type 12 DNA

Singh, G.; Lott, M.T.; Wallace, D.C., 1989:
A mitochondrial DNA mutation as a cause of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy

Brown, M.D.; Yang, C.C.; Trounce, I.; Torroni, A.; Lott, M.T.; Wallace, D.C., 1992:
A mitochondrial DNA variant, identified in Leber hereditary optic neuropathy patients, which extends the amino acid sequence of cytochrome c oxidase subunit I

Schapira, A.H.; Cooper, J.M.; Manneschi, L.; Vital, C.; Morgan-Hughes, J.A.; Clark, J.B., 1990:
A mitochondrial encephalomyopathy with specific deficiencies of two respiratory chain polypeptides and a circulating autoantibody to a mitochondrial matrix protein

Weiss Brummer B.; Sakai H.; Huettenhofer A., 1989:
A mitochondrial frameshift suppressor maps in the serine transfer rna var1 region of the mitochondrial genome of the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Smooker, P.M.; Wright, J.F.; Linnane, A.W.; Lukins, H.B., 1988:
A mitochondrial intergenic mutation affecting processing of specific yeast mitochondrial transcripts

Kawano S.; Takano H.; Mori K.; Kuroiwa T., 1991:
A mitochondrial plasmid that promotes mitochondrial fusion in physarum polycephalum

Kreader, C.A.; Langer, C.S.; Heckman, J.E., 1989:
A mitochondrial protein from Neurospora crassa detected both on ribosomes and in membrane fractions. Analysis of the gene, the message, and the protein

Roubik D.W., 1990:
A mixed colony of eulaema hymenoptera apidae natural enemies and limits to sociality

Brewer K.K.; Keil C.B., 1989:
A mixed function oxidase factor contributing in permethrin and dichlorvos resistance in lycoriella mali fitch diptera sciaridae

D.Boer R., 1989:
A mixed herd of white sided dolphins lagenorhynchus acutus and white beaked dolphins lagenorhynchus albirostris in the central north sea

Khosla R.; Verma H.K.; Chaudhary R.K.; Dwivedi P.N., 1991:
A mixed infection of scabies and pyodermatitis in dogs a clinico therapeutic approach

Elkind, Y.; Cahaner, A.; Kedar, N., 1990:
A mixed model for the effects of single gene polygenes and their interaction on quantitative traits 2. the effects of the nor gene and polygenes on tomato fruit softness

Reid, W.H.; Sensiba, P.; Freeman, C.E., 1988:
A mixed pollination system in penstemon pseudospectabilis m. e. jones scrophulariaceae

Padro J.; Walmsely J.L., 1990:
A mixed spectral finite difference model for pollutant concentrations over a hill

Toniato A.; Meduri F.; Cecchetto A.; Bizzarini M.; Gerunda G.E.; Faccioli A.M., 1989:
A mixed tumor of heterotopic salivary gland tissue report of a new case

Pack S.E.; Morgan B.J.T., 1990:
A mixture model for interval censored time to response quantal assay data

Struthers C.A.; Farewell V.T., 1989:
A mixture model for time to aids data with left truncation and an uncertain origin

Nakao, I.; Okada, H.; Senzaki, H.; Nishimura, R.; Fujita, N.; Shikata, N.; Morii, S., 1992:
A mixture of paraphenylenediamine and imidazole: its effect on the extraction of lipid droplets during electron microscopy staining

Muscarella D.E.; Vogt V.M., 1989:
A mobile group i intron in the nuclear recombinant dna of physarum polycephalum

Clar U.; Becker K.; Susenbeth A., 1992 :
A mobile mask technique with gasmeter for measuring gaseous exchange in cattle

Hughes, R.J.; Hill, V.; Braun, H., 1989:
A mobile traction device for MR and CT imaging

Golani I., 1992:
A mobility gradient in the organization of vertebrate movement the perception of movement through symbolic language

Shotton R., 1989:
A mode for evaluation of some management policy options for lobster or molt type fisheries

Ohnuma M.; Ashizawa K., 1988:
A mode type ultrasonic and caliper measurements of subcutaneous adipose tissue thickness in women

Kamiya, K.; Toyama, J.; Honjo, H.; Kodama, I., 1992:
A model analysis for competitive binding of mexiletine and aprindine to the cardiac sodium channel

Kamiya K.; Ikeda N.; Kodama I.; Toyama J., 1991:
A model analysis for frequency dependent effects of class i antiarrhythmic drugs on the qrs duration

Schouwenaars J.M.; Pelgrum G.H., 1990:
A model approach to analyse sowing strategies for maize in southern mozambique

Petroll, W.M.; Knight, H.; Rochester, D.F., 1990:
A model approach to assess diaphragmatic volume displacement

Krysanova V.; Laur A.; Meiner A., 1989:
A model approach to studying the formation of phosphorus load on the pskov peipus watershed estonian ssr ussr

Wang, R.N.; Zhao, M.J.; Su, B.H.; Xiao, S.D.; Jiang, S.J., 1988:
A model assessment of gastric precancerous lesions by morphometric analysis

Van Deusen P.C., 1989:
A model based approach to tree ring analysis

Khoo M.C.K., 1990:
A model based evaluation of the single breath carbon dioxide ventilatory response test

Hamilton, S.D.; Smith, C.J.; Chalk, P.M.; Hopmans, P., 1992:
A model based on measurement of soil and plant nitrogen 15 enrichment to estimate fixation by soybean glycine max l. merrill grown in pots

Evans K.J.; Nyquist W.E.; Latin P.X., 1992:
A model based on temperature and leaf wetness duration for establishment of alternaria leaf blight of muskmelon

Shapiro B.S.; Escobar M.; Makuch R.; Lavy G.; Decherney A.H., 1992:
A model based prediction for transvaginal ultrasonographic identification of early intrauterine pregnancy

Taylor G.B.; Maller R.A.; Rossiter R.C., 1991:
A model describing the influence of hard seededness on the persistence of an annual forage legume in a ley farming system in a mediterranean type environment

Sage R.F., 1990:
A model describing the regulation of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase electron transport and triose phosphate use in response to light intensity and carbon dioxide in c 3 plants

Wen J., 1990:
A model designed for vegetation controlling air pollution in yiyang city china

Loginow W.; Spychaj Fabisiak E., 1990:
A model experiment with ammonium nitrate washing off different soils

Kischer C.W.; Pindur J., 1992:
A model for a model pressure jackets on nude mice with implants of hypertrophic scars

Wissel C.; Brandl R., 1988:
A model for adaptive significance of partial reproductive synchrony within social units

Vesala T.; Kukkonen J., 1992:
A model for binary droplet evaporation and condensation and its application for ammonia droplets in humid air

Larsson S.; Johansson K., 1988:
A model for calculating phosphorus transport in the watercourses of the county of sodermanland sweden

Khubulava N.M., 1989:
A model for choosing animal productivity as a function of feed availability

Huang Y.; H.J., 1990:
A model for comprehensive treatment of alkaline saline soil and rational distribution of water resources in talimu basin xinjiang china

Tenholder, M.F.; Bryson, M.J.; Whitlock, W.L., 1992:
A model for conversion from small volume nebulizer to metered dose inhaler aerosol therapy

Powell E.N., 1992:
A model for death assemblage formation can sediment shelliness be explained?

Healey, M.C.; Hwang, H.H.; Elsner, Y.Y.; Johnston, A.V., 1991:
A model for demonstrating the adhesion of Actinobacillus seminis to epithelial cells

Russell S.M.; Fletcher D.L.; Cox N.A., 1992:
A model for determining differential growth at 18 and 42 c of bacteria removed from broiler chicken carcasses

Motsch, J.; Hennis, P.J.; Zimmermann, F.A.; Agoston, S., 1989:
A model for determining the influence of hepatic uptake of nondepolarizing muscle relaxants in the pig

Sugiura T.; Ono S.; Kamota F.; Asakura T.; Okuno T.; Asano S., 1991:
A model for developmental rate from rest break to flowering of japanese pear

Harley J.B.; Sestak A.L.; Willis L.G.; F.S.M.; Hansen J.A.; Reichlin M., 1989:
A model for disease heterogeneity in systemic lupus erythematosus relationship between histocompatibility antigens autoantibodies and lymphopenia or renal disease

Werth C.R.; Windham M.D., 1991:
A model for divergent allopatric speciation of polyploid pteridophytes resulting from silencing of duplicate gene expression

Lysyk, T.J.; Colwell, D.D.; Baron, R.W., 1991:
A model for estimating abundance of cattle grub (Diptera: Oestridae) from the proportion of uninfested cattle as determined by serology

Giner S.A.; Lupano C.E.; Anon M.C., 1991:
A model for estimating loss of wheat seed viability during hot air drying

Ehleben C.M.; Roberts D.P.; May S.R.; Still J.M.Jr, 1990:
A model for evaluating tissue donation seminars implication for skin banks

Ais Conde J.G.; Lopez Novoa J.M.; Novo Alonso C.; Romero Martinez J.M., 1990:
A model for experimental acute pancreatitis in the conscious rat

Metcalfe D.; Barlow K.R., 1992:
A model for exploring the optimal trade off between field processing and transport

Richard Kortum R.; Rava R.P.; Cothren R.; Metha A.; Fitzmaurice M.; Ratliff N.B.; Kramers J.R.; Kittrell C.; Feld M.S., 1988:
A model for extraction of diagnostic information from laser induced fluorescence spectra of human artery wall

Naydenov Ya; Traykov B., 1991:
A model for finding the resistance to rusts of some poplar clones

Cox W.A.; Hazelrig J.B.; Turner M.E.; Angus R.A.; Marion K.R., 1991:
A model for growth in the musk turtle sternotherus minor in a north florida spring

Akram, D.S.; Agboatwalla, M., 1992:
A model for health intervention

Scott, B.R.; Dillehay, L.E., 1990:
A model for hematopoietic death in man from irradiation of bone marrow during radioimmunotherapy

Ovaska M.; Taskinen J., 1991:
A model for human cardiac troponin c and for modulation of its calcium affinity by drugs

Thompson R.T.; Schneeberger A.L.; Marsh G.D.; Driedger A.A.; Inculet R.I., 1991:
A model for in vivo serial investigation of hepatic metabolism using phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Reikeras O., 1990:
A model for increasing total hip replacement operations

Sharma S.N.; Pandey C.N., 1990:
A model for indian standard kiln drying schedules for timber based on diffusion theory of drying

Strickland, J.E.; Ueda, M.; Hennings, H.; Yuspa, S.H., 1992:
A model for initiated mouse skin: suppression of papilloma but not carcinoma formation by normal epidermal cells in grafts on athymic nude mice

Brzozowski A.M.; Derewenda U.; Derewenda Z.S.; Dodson G.G.; Lawson D.M.; Turkenburg J.P.; Bjorkling F.; Huge Jensen B.; Patkar S.A.; Thim L., 1991:
A model for interfacial activation in lipases from the structure of a fungal lipase inhibitor complex

Takano Yamamoto T.; Rodan G.A., 1990:
A model for investigating the local action of bone acting agents in vitro effects of hpth 1 34 on the secondary spongiosa in the rat

Hsieh C M.; Tomita M., 1989:
A model for investigation of survival of tracheal graft

Dowle K.; Armstrong A.C., 1990:
A model for investment appraisal of grassland drainage schemes on farms in the uk

Srinivasan V.; Higuchi W.I., 1990:
A model for iontophoresis incorporating the effect of convective solvent flow

Watts, A.E., 1989:
A model for managing epilepsy in a rural community in Africa

Stanley, W.C.; Lehman, S.L., 1988:
A model for measurement of lactate disappearance with isotopic tracers in the steady state

Steube D.; Hamm K D.; Pothe H.; Beer R., 1988:
A model for microsurgical interventions in the rat cranium

Malmberg, M.; Slocum, H.K.; Rustum, Y.M., 1991:
A model for mimicking the pharmacokinetics of chemotherapy drugs for evaluation of drug effects in a soft agar colony formation assay system

Prior T.W.; Highsmith W.E.Jr; Friedman K.J.; Perry T.R.; Scheuerbrandt G.; Silverman L.M., 1990:
A model for molecular screening for newborns simultaneous detection of duchenne becker muscular dystrophies and cystic fibrosis

Zeng A P.; Deckwer W D., 1991:
A model for multiproduct inhibited growth of enterobacter aerogenes in 2 3 butanediol fermentation

Mamelak, M., 1991:
A model for narcolepsy

Titze, I.R., 1991:
A model for neurologic sources of aperiodicity in vocal fold vibration

Schuster, H.G.; Wagner, P., 1990:
A model for neuronal oscillations in the visual cortex. 2. Phase description of the feature dependent synchronization

Brewer, R.D.; Oleske, D.M.; Hahn, J.; Leibold, M., 1990:
A model for occupational injury surveillance by occupational health centers

Vigild, M., 1989:
A model for oral health care for elderly persons in nursing homes with an estimate of the resources needed

Schou P.; Henriksen U.; Ostensvig L.; Hanch Hansen T., 1989:
A model for organized prenatal care

Miller I.R., 1988:
A model for passive transport of proton and hydroxyl ion across lipid membranes

Macintyre, G.; Wong, F.; Anderson, R., 1989:
A model for persistent murine coronavirus infection involving maintenance via cytopathically infected cell centres

Hornsby P.J.; Yang L., 1991:
A model for phenotypic switching in adrenocortical cells senescing in culture

Farazdaghi H.; Edwards G.E., 1988:
A model for photosynthesis and photorespiration in c 3 plants based on the biochemistry and stoichiometry of the pathways

Krug H.; Liebig H P., 1988:
A model for planning seedling transplantation

Dahlgren, E.; Johansson, S.; Odén, A.; Lindström, B.; Janson, P.O., 1989:
A model for prediction of endometrial cancer

Nashimoto, M.; Mishima, Y., 1988:
A model for regulation of mammalian ribosomal DNA transcription. Co-ordination of initiation and termination

Pearson J.; Pike D.K.; Dick M.W., 1991:
A model for short term fluctuations of pythium propagules in soil

Ryniecki, A., 1990:
A model for simulation of controllable low temperature drying of wheat grain in deep static bed part ii. testing of the model and its application in the analysis of natural process

Elbrønd, H.; Ostergaard, L.; Huniche, B.; Djurhuus, J.C., 1988:
A model for simultaneous study of pressure and electric events in the rabbit sphincter of Oddi and duodenum

Smith B.D.; Jamieson G.S., 1989:
A model for standardizing dungeness crab cancer magister catch rates among traps which experienced different soak times

Piton C.; Grappin R., 1991:
A model for statistical evaluation of precision parameters of microbiological methods applications to dry rehydratable film methods and idf reference methods for enumeration of total aerobic mesophilic flora and coliforms in raw milk

Khummongkol D.; Tangsathitkulchai C., 1989:
A model for tar removal efficiency from biomass produced gas impinging on a water surface

Popescu D.; Rucareanu C.; Victor G., 1991:
A model for the appearance of stochastic pores in membranes due to self oscillations

Hochberg M.E.; Waage J.K., 1991:
A model for the biological control of oryctes rhinoceros coleoptera scarabaeidae by means of pathogens

Groetzinger J.; Engels M.; Jacoby E.; Wollmer A.; Strassburger W., 1991:
A model for the c5a receptor and for its interaction with the ligand

Spanjers, A.W.; Ijff, L.S., 1989:
A model for the conduction of electric potential changes in the style of lilium longiflorum thunb. computer simulation of bioelectric potential changes by the use of this model

Economopoulos A.P., 1992:
A model for the critical hourly concentration receptor distance and meteorological conditions for point sources with momentum dominated plume rise

Knoop W.T.; Bate G.C., 1990:
A model for the description of photosynthesis temperature responses by subtidal rhodophyta

Mierdel, P., 1989:
A model for the determination of VECP latencies

Schiff, H.; Castelletti, G.; Di-Stefano, G.; Iacino, L., 1989:
A model for the dynamic properties of integrating fibers target localization in a three dimensional space i. mathematical description

Schiff, H.; Castelletti, G.; Di-Stefano, G.; Iacino, L., 1989:
A model for the dynamic properties of integrating fibers target localization in a three dimensional space ii. computer simulation

Kroll, M.H.; Ruddel, M.; Elin, R.J., 1988:
A model for the effect of bias for cholesterol on the population at risk

Richardson F.D.; Hahn B.D., 1991:
A model for the evaluation of different production strategies for animal production from rangeland in developing areas an overview

Calijuri M.D.C.; Tundisi J.G.; Saggio A.A., 1989:
A model for the evaluation of the photosynthetic responses of the natural populations of phytoplankton

Argos, P.; Fuller, S.D., 1988:
A model for the hepatitis B virus core protein: prediction of antigenic sites and relationship to RNA virus capsid proteins

Sverdrup H.; Warfvinge P.; Rosen K., 1992:
A model for the impact of soil solution calcium aluminum ratio soil moisture and temperature on tree base cation uptake

Seiff, S.R.; Shah, L., 1990:
A model for the mechanism of optic nerve sheath fenestration

Badesch, D.B.; McClellan, M.D.; Wheeler, A.P.; Archer, P.G.; Schwarz, M.I.; Petty, T.L., 1989:
A model for the objective assessment of clinical training programs: the initial application to two pulmonary medicine fellowship programs

Bianchi G.; Baumgaertner J.; Delucchi V.; Rahalivavololona N., 1990:
A model for the population dynamics of maliarpha separatella ragonot pyralidae phycitinae in rice fields near lake alaotra madagascar

Doe P.E., 1988:
A model for the prediction of the microbial spoilage of sun dried tropical fish

Aguirre-Jaime, A.; Gonzalez-Ochoa, E.; Burgosov, Y.A., 1989:
A model for the prognosis epidemics of grippe part ii. performance of a local model

Gonzalez Ochoa E.; Aguirre Jaime A.; Sastre Vidal L.; Burgasov Y.A., 1989:
A model for the prognosis of influenza epidemics part 1

Christiansen K.; Tranum Jensen J.; Carlsen J.; Vinten J., 1991:
A model for the quaternary of human placental insulin receptor deduced from electron microscopy

Rochon Y.P.; Frojmovic M.M., 1992:
A model for the recruitment of neutrophils at sites in inflammation physiological relevance in in vivo neutrophil aggregation

Iacovelli, F.; Napolitano, M.; Federici, A.; Sorrentino, G., 1989:
A model for the relationship between the arterial pressure and the heart period

Mccaskill M.R.; Blair G.J., 1989:
A model for the release of sulfur from elemental sulfur and superphosphate

Colinvaux P.A., 1991:
A model for the selective advantage of intelligence to breeding females

Ryniecki, A., 1990:
A model for the simulation of controllable low temperature drying of wheat grain in deep static bed part i. the model formulation

Walleczek, J.; Schüler, D.; Stöffler-Meilicke, M.; Brimacombe, R.; Stöffler, G., 1988:
A model for the spatial arrangement of the proteins in the large subunit of the Escherichia coli ribosome

Norby J.G.; Jensen J., 1989:
A model for the stepwise radiation inactivation of the alpha 2 dimer of sodium potassium atpase

Van Genderen M.H.P.; Buck H.M., 1989:
A model for the strand selection of rna polymerase in transcribing dna duplexes

Kellomaeki S.; Kurttio O., 1991:
A model for the structural development of a scots pine crown based on modular growth

McKenna, K.E.; Chung, S.K.; McVary, K.T., 1991:
A model for the study of sexual function in anesthetized male and female rats

Page P.C.B.; Jennens D.C.; Porter R.A.; Baldock A.N., 1991:
A model for the synthesis of the tigliane and daphnane diterpenes using an intramolecular diels alder reaction

Zahner R., 1988:
A model for tree ring time series to detect regional growth changes in young even aged forest stands

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