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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6949

Chapter 6949 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

De Vlas S.J.; Gryseels B.; Van Oortmarssen G.J.; Polderman A.M.; Habbema J.D.F., 1992: A model for variations in single and repeated egg counts in schistosoma mansoni infections

Bkouche Waksman I.; Barbe J.M.; Kvick A., 1988: A model for vitamin b 6 amino acid related metal complexes neutron diffraction study of aqua n salicylideneglycinatocopper ii hemihydrate at 130 k

Foster, C. L.; Britten, M.; Green, M. L., 1989: A model heat exchange apparatus for the investigation of fouling of stainless steel surfaces by milk i. deposit formation at 100 c

Foster, C. L.; Green, M. L., 1990: A model heat exchange apparatus for the investigation of fouling of stainless steel surfaces by milk ii. deposition of fouling material at 140 c its adhesion and depth profiling

Paterson S.; Mackay D., 1989: A model illustrating the environmental fate exposure and human uptake of persistent organic chemicals

Watterson J.G., 1988: A model linking water and protein structures

Mecklenburgh J.S.; Al Obaidi T.A.A.; Mapleson W.W., 1992: A model lung with direct representation of respiratory muscle activity

Alimov A.F.; Umnov A.A., 1989: A model of a gammarus lacustris amphipod population

Hatfield T.; Barton N.; Searle J.B., 1992: A model of a hybrid zone between two chromosomal races of the common shrew sorex araneus

Pleskachauskas A.A.; Yakovlev V.V.; Glezer V.D.; Gauzel'man V.E., 1991: A model of a simple cell as a gabor element

Liu X.; Branston N.M.; Kawauchi M.; Symon L., 1992: A model of acute focal ischemia in the territory of the anterior cerebral artery in baboons

Sievers R.E.; Schmiedl U.; Wolfe C.L.; Moseley M.E.; Parmley W.W.; Brasch R.C.; Lipton M.J., 1989: A model of acute regional myocardial ischemia and reperfusion in the rat

Shirazi M.A.; Linder G., 1991: A model of additive effects of mixtures of narcotic chemicals

Muck, R. E.; Pitt, R. E.; Leibensperger, R. Y., 1991: A model of aerobic fungal growth in silage 1. microbial characteristics

Pitt, R. E.; Muck, R. E.; Pickering, N. B., 1991: A model of aerobic fungal growth in silage 2. aerobic stability

Swart J.H.; Murrell H.C., 1991: A model of age dependent population dynamics providing simple criteria for growth of extinction

Wiggs B.R.; Bosken C.; Pare P.D.; James A.; Hogg J.C., 1992: A model of airway narrowing in asthma and in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Vatier J.; Lionnet F.; Vitre M.T.; Mignon M., 1988: A model of an artificial stomach for assessing the characteristics of an antacid

Teeters J.L.; Arbib M.A., 1991: A model of anuran retina relating interneurons to ganglion cell responses

Millane R.P., 1991: A model of atrioventricular nodal conduction

Hyde S.; Smotherman J.; Moore J.I.; Altshuler G., 1989: A model of bacterially induced umbilical vein spasm relevant to fetal hypoperfusion

Shumaker J.M.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R., 1991: A model of beta adrenergic effects on calcium and potassium current in bullfrog atrial myocytes

Fryer R.J., 1991: A model of between haul variation in selectivity

Griffis R.B.; Suchanek T.H., 1991: A model of burrow architecture and trophic modes in thalassinidean shrimp decapoda thalassinidea

Salant E.P.; Pink J.R.L.; Steinbert C.M., 1989: A model of bursal colonization

Scandrett E.; Gimingham C.H., 1989: A model of calluna population dynamics the effects of varying seed and vegetative regeneration

Stemmler G.; Grossman P.; Schmid H.; Foerster F., 1991: A model of cardiovascular activation components for studies using autonomic receptor antagonists

Meulemans A., 1992: A model of cefoperazone tissue penetration diffusion coefficient and protein binding

Dillehay L.E., 1990: A model of cell killing by low dose rate radiation including repair of sublethal damage g 2 block and cell division

Takahashi M., 1989: A model of chromatin dependent dna replication sequences based on the decondensation units hypothesis

Muller W.J.; Hess G.D.; Scherer P.W., 1990: A model of cigarette smoke particle deposition

Babkina N.V.; Tsitolovskii L.E., 1989: A model of classical conditioning on the isolated mollusk central nervous system

Parker G.A.; Simmons L.W., 1991: A model of constant random sperm displacement during mating evidence from scatophaga

Vlasenko V.V.; Pen'kov F.M., 1990: A model of coordination of sperm flagella movement

Araki K.; Ohashi Y.; Kuwayama Y.; Kinoshita S.; Manabe R., 1991: A model of corneal neurotrophic ulcer a surgical procedure for severing the trigeminal nerve in rabbits via an intracranial course

Pate E.; Cooke R., 1989: A model of crossbridge action the effects of atp adp and orthophosphate

Lynch A.; Plunkett G.M.; Baker A.J.; Jenkins P.F., 1989: A model of cultural evolution of chaffinch song derived with the meme concept

Muhoberac B.B.; Hanew T.; Halter S.; Schenker S., 1989: A model of cytochrome p 450 centered hepatic dysfunction in drug metabolism induced by cobalt protoporphyrin administration

Justice K.E.; Smith F.A., 1992: A model of dietary fiber utilization by small mammalian herbivores with empirical results for neotoma

Harland R.S.; Dubernet C.; Benoit J P.; Peppas N.A., 1988: A model of dissolution controlled diffusional drug release from non swellable polymeric microspheres

Arques D.G.; Michel C.J., 1990: A model of dna sequence evolution

Bedford T.G.; Loi P.K.; Crandall C.C., 1992: A model of dynamic exercise the decerebrate rat locomotor preparation

Hecq W.; Kestemont B., 1991: A model of emission trading for minimizing the cost of air pollution control from belgian power plants

Squier R.W., 1990: A model of empathic understanding and adherence to treatment regimens in practitioner patient relationships

Fisher M.E.; Freedman H.I., 1991: A model of environmental protection by a mutualist

Govindaraj T.; Su Y L.D., 1988: A model of fault diagnosis performance of expert marine engineers

Cochran P.A.; Kitchell J.F., 1989: A model of feeding by parasitic lampreys

Bush L.R.; Mellott M.J.; Kanovsky S.M.; Holahan M.A.; Patrick D.H., 1989: A model of femoral artery thrombolysis in dogs

Bagni M.A.; Cecchi G.; Schoenberg M., 1988: A model of force production that explains the lag between crossbridge attachment and force after electrical stimulation of striated muscle fibers

Gould R.J.; Fioravanti C.; Cook P.G.; Solomon H.F., 1990: A model of gastric emptying in cats shows solid emptying is promoted by mk 329 a cck antagonist

Zaslav M.R., 1988: A model of group therapist development

Konarzewski M., 1988: A model of growth in altricial birds based on changes in water content of the tissues

Abreu Grobois F.A.; Briseno Duenas R.; Herrera M.A.; Malagon M.L., 1991: A model of growth of artemia franciscana cultures based on food ration dependent gross growth efficiencies

Diefenbach D.R.; Owen R.B.Jr, 1989: A model of habitat use by breeding american black ducks

Kistler D.J.; Wightman F.L., 1992: A model of head related transfer functions based on principal components analysis and minimum phase reconstruction

Mackey M.A.; Roti J.L.R., 1992: A model of heat induced clonogenic cell death

Gueron S.; Liron N., 1989: A model of herd grazing as a traveling wave chemotaxis and stability

John A.M., 1991: A model of hiv 1 transmission for urban areas of africa

Romanov G.A., 1992: A model of hormone dependent growth similarity to plant growth

Barrey E., 1990: A model of horses in effort a software simulation

Kamel Reid S.; Letarte M.; Sirard C.; Doedens M.; Grunberger T.; Fulop G.; Freedman M.H.; Phillips R.A.; Dick J.E., 1989: A model of human acute lymphoblastic leukemia in immune deficient scid mice

Chrivia J.C.; Wedrychowicz T.; Young H.A.; Hardy K.J., 1990: A model of human cytokine regulation based on transfection of gamma interferon gene fragments directly into isolated peripheral blood t lymphocytes

Mclean A.R.; Kirkwood T.B.L., 1990: A model of human immunodeficiency virus infection in t helper cell clones

Lemay M.; Layton F.; Townsend D.J., 1990: A model of human response to workload stress

Cogburn, J. N.; Donovan, M. G.; Schasteen, C. S., 1991: A model of human small intestinal absorptive cells 1. transport barrier

Milner Gulland E.J.; Leader Williams N., 1992: A model of incentives for the illegal exploitation of black rhinos and elephants poaching pays in luangwa valley zambia

Brkic T.; Banic M.; Anic B.; Grabarevic Z.; Rotkvic I.; Artukovic B.; Duvnjak M.; Sikiric P.; Troskot B.; Hernandez D.E., 1992: A model of inflammatory bowel disease induced by 2 4 dinitrofluorobenzene in previously sensitized balb c mice

Hammond B.J.; Christensen J.R.; Smith G.D., 1991: A model of insulin distribution and uptake in the perfused rat liver

Mamaev N.N.; Gushchin V.A., 1989: A model of interclonal interactions in chronic myelogenous leukemia

Bibila T.A.; Flickinger M.C., 1991: A model of interorganelle monoclonal antibody transport and secretion in mouse hybridoma cells

Liebovitch L.S.; Toth T.I., 1991: A model of ion channel kinetics using deterministic chaotic rather than stochastic processes

Sarr M.G.; Duenes J.A.; Tanaka M., 1989: A model of jejunoileal in vivo neural isolation of the entire jejunoileum transplantation and the effects of intestinal motility

Levin D.A.; Fix A.G., 1989: A model of kin migration in plants

Magovern J.A.; Christlieb I.Y.; Badylak S.F.; Lantz G.C.; Kao R.L., 1992: A model of left ventricular dysfunction caused by intracoronary adriamycin

Dean, J., 1991: A model of leg coordination in the stick insect carausius morosus i. a geometrical consideration of contralateral and ipsilateral coordination mechanisms between two adjacent legs

Dean, J., 1991: A model of leg coordination in the stick insect carausius morosus ii. description of the kinematic model and simulation of normal step patterns

Dean, J., 1992: A model of leg coordination in the stick insect carausius morosus iii. responses to perturbations of normal coordination

Dean, J., 1992: A model of leg coordination in the stick insect carausius morosus iv. comparisons of different forms of coordinating mechanism

Chrischilles E.A.; Butler C.D.; Davis C.S.; Wallace R.B., 1991: A model of lifetime osteoporosis impact

Prevot L.; Aries F.; Monestiez P., 1991: A model of maize plant morphology

Clearwater S.H., 1991: A model of morphogenesis for protein secondary structures

Cummings F.W., 1990: A model of morphogenetic pattern formation

Rastetter E.B.; Shaver G.R., 1992: A model of multiple element limitation for acclimating vegetation

Hartman J.C.; Warltier D.C., 1990: A model of multivessel coronary artery disease using conscious chronically instrumented dogs

Fouke J.M.; Sugg S.; Wolin A.D., 1990: A model of muscular control of upper airway geometry

Kim Y.S.; Chae H.Z., 1990: A model of nitrogen flow by malonamate in rhizobium japonicum soybean symbiosis

Li Z., 1990: A model of olfactory adaptation and sensitivity enhancement in the olfactory bulb

Sepkoski J.J.Jr, 1991: A model of onshore offshore change in faunal diversity

Matsuoka K., 1990: A model of orthogonal auto associative networks

Polig E.; Jee W.S.S., 1990: A model of osteon closure in cortical bone

Dai M.J.; Curthoys I.S.; Halmagyi G.M., 1989: A model of otolith stimulation

Weerappuli D.P.V.; Popel A.S., 1989: A model of oxygen exchange between an arteriole of venule and the surrounding tissue

Eckman J.E., 1990: A model of passive settlement by planktonic larvae onto bottoms of differing roughness

Hendricks D.L.; Pevec W.C.; Shestak K.C.; Rosenthal M.C.; Webster M.W.; Steed D.L., 1990: A model of persistent partial hindlimb ischemia in the rabbit

Aleshchenko G.M.; Bukvareva E.N., 1991: A model of phenotypic diversity of population in a random environment

Von Caemmerer S., 1989: A model of photosynthetic carbon dioxide assimilation and carbon isotope discrimination in leaves of certain c 3 c 4 intermediates

Davis C.C.; Mellencamp M.A.; Preheim L.C., 1991: A model of pneumococcal pneumonia in chronically intoxicated rats

Pease C.M.; Lande R.; Bull J.J. , 1989: A model of population growth dispersal and evolution in a changing environment

Blanco L.N., 1992: A model of postnatal formation of alveoli in rat lung

Weingand K.W., 1989: A model of postprandial hyperinsulinemia in miniature swine

Freedman H.I., 1990: A model of predator prey dynamics as modified by the action of a parasite

Khubulava N.M., 1989: A model of predicting plant productivity based on weather conditions

Backx P.H.; De Tombe P.P.; Van Deen J.H.K.; Mulder B.J.M.; Ter Keurs H.E.D.J., 1989: A model of propagating calcium induced calcium release mediated by calcium diffusion

Kaplan I.D.; Cox R.S.; Bagshaw M.A., 1991: A model of prostatic carcinoma tumor kinetics based on prostate specific antigen levels after radiation therapy

Arnoux B.; Ducruix A.; Lecroisey A., 1990: A model of protease from the fiddler crab uca pugilator

Shiraishi K.; Simon R.P., 1989: A model of proximal middle cerebral artery occlusion in rat

Johnson G.A.; Borovetz H.S.; Anderson J.L., 1992: A model of pulsatile flow in a uniform deformable vessel

Mani G.S.; Clarke B.C.; Shelton P.R., 1990: A model of quantitative traits under frequency dependent balancing selection

Delattre J.Y.; Rosenblum M.K.; Thaler H.T.; Mandell L.; Shapiro W.R.; Posner J.B., 1988: A model of radiation myelopathy in the rat pathology regional capillary permeability changes and treatment with dexamethasone

Bourdon L.; D'aleo P.; Cure M., 1989: A model of rapid dehydration in the rat

Jordan C.E., 1992: A model of rapid start swimming at intermediate reynolds number undulatory locomotion in the chaetognath sagitta elegans

Posner M.C.; Burt M.E.; Stone M.D.; Han B.L.; Warren R.S.; Vydelingum N.A.; Brennan M.F., 1990: A model of reversible obstructive jaundice in the rat

Mcnamara J.M.; Merad S.; Houston A.I., 1991: A model of risk sensitive foraging for a reproducing animal

Sambanis A.; Lodish H.F.; Stephanopoulos G., 1991: A model of secretory protein trafficking in recombinant att 20 cells

Mai M.T.; Lieber R.L., 1990: A model of semitendinosus muscle sarcomere length knee and hip joint interaction in the frog hindlimb

Murphey C.R.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R., 1991: A model of slow conduction in bullfrog atrial trabeculae

Friedman L.; Jesberger J.A.; Meltzer H.Y., 1991: A model of smooth pursuit performance illustrates the relationship between gain catch up saccade rate and catch up saccade amplitude in normal controls and patients with schizophrenia

Tipping E.; Hurley M.A., 1988: A model of solid solution interactions in acid organic soils based on the complexation properties of humic substances

Zucchini W.; Adamson P.; Mcneill L., 1992: A model of southern african rainfall

Vandoren C.L., 1989: A model of spatiotemporal tactile sensitivity linking psychophysics to tissue mechanics

Shipley B.; Keddy P.A.; Gaudet C.; Moore D.R.J., 1991: A model of species density in shoreline vegetation

Stewart D.W.; Dwyer L.M., 1990: A model of spring wheat triticum aestivum for large area yield estimations on the canadian prairies

Daum R.S.; Davis W.H.; Farris K.B.; Campeau R.J.; Mulvihill D.M.; Shane S.M., 1990: A model of staphylococcus aureus bacteremia septic arthritis and osteomyelitis in chickens

Frank R.N.; Das A.; Weber M.L., 1989: A model of subretinal neovascularization in the pigmented rat

Mccaskill, M. R.; Blair, G. J., 1990: A model of sulfur phosphorus and nitrogen uptake by a perennial pasture 1. model construction

Mccaskill, M. R.; Blair, G. J., 1990: A model of sulfur phosphorus and nitrogen uptake by a perennial pasture 2. calibration and predictions

Samonis G.; Anaissie E.J.; Rosenbaum B.; Bodey G.P., 1990: A model of sustained gastrointestinal colonization by candida albicans in healthy adult mice

Crisco J.J.IIi; Panjabi M.M.; Dvorak J., 1991: A model of the alar ligaments of the upper cervical spine in axial rotation

Farrar J.A.; Thomson A.J.; Cheesman M.R.; Dooley D.M.; Zumft W.G., 1991: A model of the copper centres of nitrous oxide reductase pseudomonas stutzeri evidence from optical epr and mcd spectroscopy

Sands, P. J., 1989: A model of the development and bulking of potatoes solanum tuberosum vi. predicting the time of emergence

Andersen V.; Nival P., 1991: A model of the diel vertical migration of zooplankton based on euphausiids

Diamond M.L.; Mackay D.; Cornett R.J.; Chant L.A., 1990: A model of the exchange of inorganic chemicals between water and sediments

Jackson G.A., 1990: A model of the formation of marine algal flocs by physical coagulation processes

Croxton T.L., 1988: A model of the gating of ion channels

Dunbar R.I.M., 1992: A model of the gelada socio ecological system

Kobayashi T.; Takemasa T.; Hayashi S.; Miyagawa K.; Kominami Y., 1991: A model of the growth of the dry surface layer in sand dune fields

Kisters Woike B.; Lehming N.; Sartorius J.; Von Wilcken Bergmann B.; Mueller Hill B., 1991: A model of the lac repressor operator complex based on physical and genetic data

Wiggs B.R.; Moreno R.; Hogg J.C.; Pare P.D., 1990: A model of the mechanics of airway narrowing

Kitajima T.; Hara K I., 1991: A model of the mechanism of cooperativity and associativity of long term potentiation in the hippocampus a fundamental mechanism of associative memory and learning

Kitajima T.; Hara K., 1990: A model of the mechanisms of long term potentiation in the hippocampus

Daggett V.; Levitt M., 1992: A model of the molten globule state from molecular dynamics simulations

Shumaker J.M.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R.; Szabo G., 1990: A model of the muscarinic receptor induced changes in potassium current and action potentials in the bullfrog atrial cell

Morgan M.K.; Anderson R.E.; Sundt T.M.Jr, 1989: A model of the pathophysiology of cerebral arteriovenous malformations by a carotid jugular fistula in the rat

Mates J.; Di Maio V.; Lansky P., 1992: A model of the perception of area

Watson E.E.; Stabin M.G.; Davis J.L.; Eckerman K.F., 1989: A model of the peritoneal cavity for use in internal dosimetry

Shumaker J.M.; Clark J.W.; Giles W.R., 1991: A model of the phase sensitivity of the pacemaking cell in the bullfrog heart

Chapman S.B.; Rose R.J.; Clarke R.T., 1989: A model of the phosphorus dynamics of calluna heathland

Stuckey J.A.; St Charles R.; Edwards B.F.P., 1992: A model of the platelet factor 4 complex with heparin

Mcilroy M.B.; Hargrave V.K.; Targett R.C., 1990: A model of the pulmonary arterial bed in adults and infants

Charpy L.; Charpy Roubaud C.J., 1990: A model of the relationship between light and primary production in an atoll lagoon

Butler M.C., 1990: A model of the relationship between liner movement liquid flow rate and pressures in a milking machine teatcup

Graves, J. D., 1990: A model of the seasonal pattern of carbon acquisition in two woodland herbs mercurialis perennis l. and gerum urbanum l

Earm Y.E.; Noble D., 1990: A model of the single atrial cell relation between calcium current and calcium release

Pavlov A.M.; Krylov P.I., 1990: A model of the size selective feeding of planktivores based on elements of their foraging behavior

Wroblewski J.S., 1989: A model of the spring bloom in the north atlantic and its impact on ocean optics

Driessen H.P.C.; Newman R.H.; Freemont P.S.; Crumpton M.J., 1992: A model of the structure of human annexin vi bound to lipid monolayers

Amir J.; Sinclair T.R., 1991: A model of the temperature and solar radiation effects on spring wheat growth and yield

Athey T.W., 1989: A model of the temperature rise in the head due to magnetic resonance imaging procedures

Luo C H.; Rudy Y., 1991: A model of the ventricular cardiac action potential depolarization repolarization and their interaction

Pallone T.L.; Hyver S.W.; Petersen J., 1992: A model of the volumetrically controlled hemodialysis circuit

Shannon R.V., 1989: A model of threshold for pulsatile electrical stimulation of cochlear implants

Bogatyrev B.G., 1991: A model of transition processes in the tundra taiga system

Nizinski J.; Saugier B., 1989: A model of transpiration and soil water balance for a mature oak forest

Klimenkov A.A.; Abikulov K.A.; Sherenesheva N.I.; Al'mambetov A.G.; Abdraimov S.K., 1991: A model of vagotomized stomach in rats

Herbert T.J.; Nilson T., 1991: A model of variance of photosynthesis between leaves and maximization of whole plant photosynthesis

Jensen K.S.; Mosekilde L.; Mosekilde L., 1990: A model of vertebral trabecular bone architecture and its mechanical properties

Groner M.T.; Bischof W.F.; Di Lollo V., 1988: A model of visible persistence and temporal integration

Johnson I.R.; Melkonian J.J.; Thornley J.H.M.; Riha S.J., 1991: A model of water flow through plants incorporating shoot root message control of stomatal conductance

Horton R.L.; Horton P.J., 1991: A model of willingness to become a potential organ donor

De Vathaire F.; Pointier J.P.; Meyer J.A.; Valleron A.J., 1989: A model on infestations of biomphalaria glabrata by schistosoma mansoni the agent of intestinal schistosomiasis in guadeloupe french west indies

Wortelboer F.G., 1990: A model on the competition between two macrophyte species in acidifying shallow soft water lakes in the netherlands

Merutka G.; Shalongo W.; Stellwagen E., 1991: A model peptide with enhanced helicity

Sadowsky, D.; Kunzel, C., 1992: A model predicting dentists' willingness to treat hiv positive patients

Hu E.; Et Al, 1989: A model prediction of atmospheric pollution and a comparison with the observed data in the area of gujiao mine china

Hill K.G.; Stange G.; Gummer A.W.; Mo J., 1989: A model proposing synaptic and extrasynaptic influences on the responses of cochlear nerve fibers

Ostashevsky J.Y., 1989: A model relating cell survival to dna fragment loss and unrepaired double strand breaks

Charkoudian J.C., 1988: A model skin surface for testing adhesion to skin

Van De Rijke J.W.; Pos N.; Ten Bosch J.J., 1990: A model study for quantification of approximal caries with a fluorescent dye

Iakovidis I.; Martin C.F., 1991: A model study of instability of the inverse problem in electrocardiography

Spoor C.W.; Van Leeuwen J.L.; De Windt F.H.J.; Huson A., 1989: A model study of muscle forces and joint force direction in normal and dysplastic neonatal hips

Vinet A.; Roberge F.A., 1990: A model study of stability and oscillations in the myocardial cell membrane

Lemieux D.R.; Roberge F.A.; Savard P., 1990: A model study of the contribution of active sodium potassium transport to membrane repolarization in cardiac cells

Khoury D.S.; Rudy Y., 1992: A model study of volume conductor effects on endocardial and intracavitary potentials

Rosenthal M.S.; Yip Y.P.; Capriotti C.; Yip J.W., 1991: A model system and technique to study the effects of ultrasound irradiation on embryonic development

Griffith P.C.; Fletcher M., 1990: A model system derived from marine diatoms for investigating the activity of particle associated bacteria

Pak C.Y.C.; Poindexter J.; Finlayson B., 1989: A model system for assessing physicochemical factors affecting calcium absorbability from the intestinal tract

Rainey P.B.; Cole A.L.J.; Fermor T.R.; Wood D.A., 1990: A model system for examining involvement of bacteria in basidiome initiation of agaricus bisporus

Kolodny D.E.; Kennedy L.M., 1988: A model system for receptor cell studies with the taste modifier hodulcin

Roberton A.M.; Harris P.J.; Hollands H.J.; Ferguson L.R., 1990: A model system for studying the adsorption of a hydrophobic mutagen to dietary fiber

Dahlem A.M.; Hassan A.S.; Swanson S.P.; Carmichael W.W.; Beasley V.R., 1989: A model system for studying the bioavailability of intestinally administered microcystin lr a hepatotoxic peptide from the cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa

Wilkinson, M. F.; Fong, A. M.; Huynh, H.; Hays, E. F.; Macleod, C. L., 1991: A model system for t lymphocyte differentiation regulation of cd4 and cd8 gene expression in sl12.4 t lymphoma cell clones

Pereira P.; Bandeira A.; Kleine B.; Marquez C.; Coutinho A.; Martinez A.C., 1989: A model system for the analysis of b cell activation and effector t cell functions t cell dependent b cell responses facilitated by anti i a antibodies

Vasavada H.A.; Ganguly S.; Settleman J.; Dimaio D.; Weissman S., 1988: A model system for the rescue of complementary dna encoding transacting transcription activator by contingent replication assay

Okamura K.; Morimoto A.; Hamanaka R.; Ono M.; Kohno K.; Uchida Y.; Kuwano M., 1992: A model system for tumor angiogenesis involvement of transforming growth factor alpha in tube formation of human microvascular endothelial cells induced by esophageal cancer cells

Gibson F.M.; Liberti P.A.; Kemshead J.T., 1988: A model system illustrating the isolation and enrichment of a rare population of tumor cells in bone marrow

Arrio Dupont M.; Bechet J J.; D'albis A., 1992: A model system of coupled activity of co immobilized creatine kinase and myosin

Wada, M.; Murata, T.; Shimizu, H.; Kondo, N., 1990: A model system to study the effect of sulfur dioxide on plant cells iii. effects of sulfite on the ultrastructure of fern protonemal cells

Shibata N.; Minouchi T.; Ono T.; Shimakawa H., 1990: A model to account for the blood to plasma distribution of cyclosporin a in human blood

Delpizzo V., 1990: A model to assess personal exposure to elf magnetic fields from common household sources

Damarowsky M.; Luellmann H., 1991: A model to check the arrhythmogenic activity of antiarrhythmic drugs

Bolgiano D.C.; Larson E.B.; Slichter S.J., 1989: A model to determine required pool size for hla typed community donor apheresis programs

Sternberg L.D.S.L.O., 1989: A model to estimate carbon dioxide recycling in forests using carbon 13 carbon 12 ratios and concentrations of ambient carbon dioxide

Gomez Munoz V.M., 1990: A model to estimate catches from a short fishery statistics survey

St Arnaud M.; Neumann P., 1990: A model to estimate the duration of the primary infection period by venturia inaequalis in apple orchards

Vainzof M.; Passos Bueno M.R.; Pavanello R.C.M.; Schreiber R.; Zatz M., 1992: A model to estimate the expression of the dystrophin gene in muscle from female becker muscular dystrophy carriers

Ghani, M. A.; Bhuiyan, S. I.; Hill, R. W., 1991: A model to evaluate intensive vs. extensive irrigation practices for irrigated rice production system in bangladesh

Walter T.; Bachli G., 1987: A model to explain the dispersal of drosophila subobscura along the fringe of woodland

Cameron I.L.; Fullerton G.D., 1990: A model to explain the osmotic pressure behavior of hemoglobin and serum albumin

Khouri H.E.; Plouffe C.; Hasnain S.; Hirama T.; Storer A.C.; Menard R., 1991: A model to explain the ph dependent specificity of cathepsin b catalyzed hydrolyses

Kini M.R.; Evans H.J., 1989: A model to explain the pharmacological effects of snake venom phospholipases a 2

Lin C P.; Boehnke M.; Draeger J., 1989: A model to induce scattered cell damage in the corneal endothelium

Jansma J.; Vissink A.; 's Gravemade E.J.; De Josselin De Jong E.; Jongebloed W.L.; Retief D.H., 1988: A model to investigate xerostomia related dental caries

Borsini F.; Lecci A.; Volterra G.; Meli A., 1989: A model to measure anticipatory anxiety in mice

Gremmen N.J.M.; Reijnen M.J.S.M.; Wiertz J.; Van Wirdum G., 1990: A model to predict and assess the effects of groundwater withdrawal on the vegetation in the pleistocene areas of the netherlands

Pedersen D.R.; Feinberg J.H.; Brand R.A., 1991: A model to predict canine pelvic limb musculoskeletal geometry

Benbi D.K.; Prihar S.S.; Cheema H.S., 1991: A model to predict changes in soil moisture nitrate nitrogen content and nitrogen uptake by wheat

Cassman K.G.; Plant R.E., 1992: A model to predict crop response to applied fertilizer nutrients in heterogeneous fields

Pollock S.G.; Abbott R.D.; Boucher C.A.; Watson D.D.; Kaul S., 1991: A model to predict multivessel coronary artery disease from the exercise thallium 201 stress test

Scholefield D.; Lockyer D.R.; Whitehead D.C.; Tyson K.C., 1991: A model to predict transformations and losses of nitrogen in uk pastures grazed by beef cattle

Koe L.C.C.; Tan N.C., 1988: A model to quantify wastewater odor strength

Kistler D.; Hafemann B.; Schmidt K., 1988: A model to reproduce predictable full thickness burns in an experimental animal

Tamaki S.; Kawazoe K.; Yagihara T.; Abe T., 1992: A model to simulate the haemodynamic effects of right heart pulsatile flow after modified fontan procedure

Menon N.K.; Pataricza J.; Zehetgruber M.; Bing R.J., 1990: A model to study physiological activation of phospholipase a 2 and vasorelaxation by lysophosphatidylcholine

Mckenzie J.D.; Calow P.; Nimmo W.S., 1989: A model to test the potency of inhalation anesthetics

Morgan B.J.T.; Freeman S.N., 1989: A model with first year variation for ring recovery data

Berg L., 1991: A model with three compartments and nonnegative transfers

Fujimori K.; Covell D.G.; Fletcher J.E.; Weinstein J.N., 1990: A modeling analysis of monoclonal antibody percolation through tumors a binding site barrier

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Siragusa G.R.; Neilsen J.W., 1991: A modified microtiter plate method for biochemical characterization of listeria spp

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Finegood D.T.; Hramiak I.M.; Dupre J., 1990: A modified protocol for estimation of insulin sensitivity with the minimal model of glucose kinetics in patients with insulin dependent diabetes

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Cochran J.W.; Yates M.V.; Henson J.M., 1988: A modified purge and trap gas chromatography method for analysis of volatile halocarbons in microbiological degradation studies

Riddhimat R., 1990: A modified qualitative test for bilirubin in the urine

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Pierce C.M.B.; Molloy G.N., 1992: A modified regressive coping checklist some australian data

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James L.; Gordon E.; Kraiuhin C.; Howson A.; Meares R., 1989: A modified selective attention auditory event related potential paradigm suitable for the clinical setting

Tsuji A.; Watanabe T., 1989: A modified shirodkar procedure double cervical cerclage with an auxiliary loop

Yamada S.; Matsuzawa T.; Yamada K.; Yoshioka S.; Ono S.; Hishinuma T., 1989: A modified signal intensity equation of carr purcell meiboom gill pulse sequence for mr imaging

Belisle C.; Sainte Marie G., 1991: A modified silver impregnation technique for the observation of thick sections of lymph nodes perfused with colloidal carbon

Dissanayaka L., 1990: A modified single flap for neck dissection in oral cancer

Mccormac A.C.; Keefe P.D., 1990: A modified slant board test for vigor testing brassicas

Javitt J.C., 1989: A modified slit lamp for examination of wheelchair bound patients

Hoffman L.M.; Donaldson D.D.; Herman E.M., 1988: A modified storage protein is synthesized processed and degraded in the seeds of transgenic plants

Rossiter A., 1988: A modified surber sampler of use in monitoring the distribution of benthic macroinvertebrates

Flood T.R.; Hislop W.S., 1991: A modified surgical approach for parapharyngeal space tumors use of the inverted l osteotomy

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Casebow M.P., 1990: A modified synchronous shielding technique in rotation therapy

Makrandi J.K.; Seema, 1991: A modified synthesis of 2 styrylchromones

Davidson G.A., 1988: A modified tape peel technique for preparing permanent qualitative microfossil slides

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Mashukov I.I., 1988: A modified technique for administering skin scarification allergy tests

Shaw E.L., 1992: A modified technique for conjunctival transplant

Takechi K.; Mihara M.; Saito Y.; Endo J.; Maekawa H.; Usui T.; Moriwaki H.; Muto Y., 1992: A modified technique for endoscopic mucosal resection of small early gastric carcinomas

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Mercer J.L.; Kaul T.K., 1988: A modified technique for mitral valve replacement

Yih W.Y.; Morita V., 1991: A modified technique for obliteration of large bony defects after cystectomy

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Taub R.; Gould R.J.; Garsky V.M.; Ciccarone T.M.; Hoxie J.; Friedman P.A.; Shattil S.J., 1989: A monoclonal antibody against the platelet fibrinogen receptor contains a sequence that mimics a receptor recognition domain in fibrinogen

Bates E.R.; Mcgillem M.J.; Mickelson J.K.; Pitt B.; Mancini G.B.J., 1991: A monoclonal antibody against the platelet glycoprotein iib iiia receptor complex prevents platelet aggregation and thrombosis in a canine model of coronary angioplasty

Yamashita M.; Yoshikuni M.; Hirai T.; Fukada S.; Nagahama Y., 1991: A monoclonal antibody against the pstair sequence of p34c d c 2 catalytic subunit of maturation promoting factor and key regulator of the cell cycle

Hamm H.E.; Deretic D.; Mazzoni M.R.; Moore C.A.; Takahashi J.S.; Rasenick M.M., 1989: A monoclonal antibody against the rod outer segment guanyl nucleotide binding protein transducin blocks the stimulatory and inhibitory g proteins of adenylate cyclase

Shahin S.; Lasher R.S.; Millar T.J.; Rostas J.A.P., 1989: A monoclonal antibody against the slow isoform of skeletal muscle calcium atpase selectively stains a subpopulation of neurons in the central nervous system

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Hilgert I.; Stolba P.; Kristofova H.; Stefanova I.; Bendlova B.; Lebl M.; Horejsi V., 1991: A monoclonal antibody applicable for determination of c peptide of human proinsulin by ria

Snyder D.B.; Yancey F.S.; Savage P.K., 1992: A monoclonal antibody based agar gel precipitin test for antigenic assessment of infectious bursal disease viruses

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Pekonen F.; Karkkainen T.; Tanner P.; Weber T.; Rutanen E M., 1989: A monoclonal antibody based immunoradiometric assay for low molecular weight insulin like growth factor binding protein placental protein 12

Hoegee De Nobel E.; Voskuilen M.; Briet E.; Brommer E.J.P.; Nieuwenhuizen W., 1988: A monoclonal antibody based quantitative enzyme immunoassay for the determination of plasma fibrinogen concentrations

Haisma H.J.; Boven E.; Van Muijen M.; De Jong J.; Van Der Vijgh W.J.F.; Pinedo H.M., 1992: A monoclonal antibody beta glucuronidase conjugate as activator of the prodrug epirubicin glucuronide for specific treatment of cancer

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Abdullah W.O.; Hammerberg B., 1989: A monoclonal antibody defined carbohydrate antigens of filariids detection of antigen in various hosts with diverse clinical manifestations

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Vernon R.B.; Linnemeyer P.A.; Hamilton M.S., 1989: A monoclonal antibody ma21 recognizes a surface component that is present on f9 teratocarcinoma cells and that appears vectorially on the trophectoderm of peri implantation stage mouse blastocysts

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Gaur V.P.; Eldred W.; Possin D.E.; Sarthy P.V., 1989: A monoclonal antibody marker for the paraboloid region of cone photoreceptors in turtle retina

Toshimori K.L.; Tanii I.; Oura C.; Eddy E.M., 1991: A monoclonal antibody mn13 that recognizes specifically a novel substance between the postacrosomal sheath and the overlying plasma membrane in the mammalian sperm head

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Precup J.W.; Kline B.C.; Fass D.N., 1991: A monoclonal antibody of factor viii inhibits von willebrand factor binding and thrombin cleavage

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Prashar, Y.; Li, Y.; Kubinec, J. S.; Jones, N.; Posnett, D. N., 1991: A monoclonal antibody ot145 specific for the t cell antigen receptor v beta 6.7a allele detects an epitope related to a proposed superantigen binding site

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Eder Colli L.; Briand P.A.; Pellegrinelli N.; Dunant Y., 1989: A monoclonal antibody raised against plasma membrane of cholinergic nerve terminals of the torpedo inhibits choline acetyltransferase activity and acetylcholine release

Triller A.; Nicola M A.; Coudrier E.; Louvard D.; Korn H., 1991: A monoclonal antibody raised against the mauthner cell also recognizes some reticular neurons

Steele J.K.; Kuchroo V.K.; Kawasaki H.; Jayaraman S.; Iwata M.; Ishizaka K.; Dorf M.E., 1989: A monoclonal antibody raised to lipomodulin recognizes t suppressor factors in two independent hapten specific suppressor networks

Shimokawa Y.; Takeya M.; Miyauchi Y.; Takahashi K., 1990: A monoclonal antibody rbm2 specific for a lysosomal membrane antigen of rabbit monocyte macrophages

Altieri D.C.; Edgington T.S., 1988: A monoclonal antibody reacting with distinct adhesion molecules defines a transition in the functional state of the receptor cd11b cd18 mac 1

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Feschenko M.S.; Zvaritch E.I.; Hofmann F.; Shakparonov M.I.; Modyanov N.N.; Vorherr T.; Carafoli E., 1992: A monoclonal antibody recognizes an epitope in the first extracellular loop of the plasma membrane calcium pump

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Callaini G.; Riparbelli M.G., 1991: A monoclonal antibody recognizing a common antigen on drosophila embryos and human fibroblasts

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Stuurman N.; De Graaf A.; Floore A.; Josso A.; Humbel B.; De Jong L.; Van Driel R., 1992: A monoclonal antibody recognizing nuclear matrix associated nuclear bodies

Steinhausen F.; Xu H.; Kuhn R.; Groene H J.; Peters J.H., 1990: A monoclonal antibody recognizing selectively rat granulocytes

Karande A.A.; Velu N.K.; Adiga P.R., 1991: A monoclonal antibody recognizing the carboxyl terminal region of chicken egg white riboflavin carrier protein terminates early pregnancy in mice

Tsuji H.; Ogawa T.; Bando N.; Kimoto M.; Sasaoka K., 1990: A monoclonal antibody recognizing the fad binding site of 4 aminobenzoate hydroxylase from agaricus bisporus

Tseng T C.; Chung C S., 1990: A monoclonal antibody recognizing the specific epitope of aflatoxin analogs

Mcdonald T.L.; Weber A.; Smith J.W., 1991: A monoclonal antibody sandwich immunoassay for serum amyloid a saa protein

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Jemmerson R.; Johnson J.G.; Burrell E.; Taylor P.S.; Jenkins M.K., 1991: A monoclonal antibody specific for a cytochrome c t cell stimulatory peptide inhibits t cell responses and affects the way the peptide associates with antigen presenting cells

Koyama H.; Kozakai M.; Kunita S.; Hohdatsu T.; Nasu T.; Saito H., 1990: A monoclonal antibody specific for bovine t cell surface antigen associated with the e rosette receptor

Fuhrmann B.; Lebreton V.; Van Hoegaerden M.; Kamphuis H.J.; Strosberg A.D., 1992: A monoclonal antibody specific for conidia and mycelium wall layer of penicillium and aspergillus

Petit M A.; Dubanchet S.; Capel F., 1989: A monoclonal antibody specific for the hepatocyte receptor binding site on hepatitis b virus

Sharma S.C.; Braverman S.B.; Rappaport I., 1988: A monoclonal antibody specific for the visual system of the goldfish

Declerck P.J.; Lijnen H.R.; Verstreken M.; Moreau H.; Collen D., 1990: A monoclonal antibody specific for two chain urokinase type plasminogen activator application to the study of mechanism of clot lysis with single chain urokinase type plasminogen activator in plasma

Nishide K.; Nishikata T.; Satoh N., 1989: A monoclonal antibody specific to embryonic trunk lateral cells of the ascidian halocynthia roretzi stains coelomic cells of juvenile and adult basophilic blood cells

Young L.H.Y.; Dowling J.E., 1990: A monoclonal antibody specific to mueller cells and selective synaptic sites in the retina

Caffrey J.M.; Farach M.C., 1988: A monoclonal antibody specifically modulates dihydropyridine sensitive calcium current in bc 3h1 myocytes

Straus A.H.; Travassos L.R.; Takahashi H.K., 1992: A monoclonal antibody st 1 directed to the native heparin chain

Sarawar, S. R.; Schlingemann, R. O.; Kelsey, A.; Fleming, S.; Kumar, S., 1988: A monoclonal antibody stains blastemal but not tubular components of wilms' tumor

Zhou Q.; Zhao Y.; Li P.; Bai X.; Ruan C., 1991: A monoclonal antibody sz 53 against thrombomodulin inhibits thrombin mediated release of t pa and pgi 2 from endothelial cells

Wellicome S.M.; Thornhill M.H.; Pitzalis C.; Thomas D.S.; Lanchbury J.S.S.; Panayi G.S.; Haskard D.O., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that defects a novel antigen on endothelial cells that is induced by tumor necrosis factor il 1 or lipopolysaccharide

Ollert M.W.; Calderone R.A., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that defines a surface antigen on candida albicans hyphae cross reacts with yeast cell protoplasts

Maeda K.; Sueishi K., 1989: A monoclonal antibody that defines basal cells of stratified epithelia in various human and rabbit tissues

Lacal P.M.; Barasoain I.; Sanchez A.; Garcia Sancho J.; Flores I.; Mollinedo F., 1992: A monoclonal antibody that detects a specific human neutrophil antigen involved in phorbol myristate acetate triggered and formyl methionyl leucyl phenylalanine triggered respiratory burst

Mcloon S.C., 1991: A monoclonal antibody that distinguishes between temporal and nasal retinal axons

Weitman D.; Etlinger J.D., 1992: A monoclonal antibody that distinguishes latent and active forms of the proteasome multicatalytic proteinase complex

Soto E.O.; Pecht I., 1988: A monoclonal antibody that inhibits secretion from rat basophilic leukemia cells and binds to a novel membrane component

Ashman L.K.; Cambareri A.C.; Eglinton J.M., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that inhibits the action of gm csf on normal but not leukemic progenitors

Tokunaga A.; Ono K.; Date I.; Arisawa T., 1991: A monoclonal antibody that labels purkinje cells in the rat cerebellum

Tsai C H.A.; Williams M.V.; Glaser R., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that neutralizes epstein barr virus human cytomegalovirus human herpesvirus 6 and bacteriophage t4 dna polymerases

Mcdonald B.; Esiri M.M.; Mcilhinney R.A.J., 1991: A monoclonal antibody that reacts immunohistochemically with amyloid deposits in the brain tissue of alzheimer patients binds to an epitope present on complement factor 4

Kongtawelert P.; Ghosh P., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes 2 3 2 6 and 4 6 disulfate ester ring substitution in pyranose containing polysaccharides its production characterization and application for the quantitation of pentosan polysulfate dextran sulfate glycosaminoglycan polysulfate and chondroitin sulfate e

Kaluza G.; Willems W.R.; Lohmeyer J.; Altmannsberger M.; Bohle R.M.; Luebke S., 1992: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes a formalin resistant epitope on the p 24 core protein of hiv 1

Wada T.; Nagoya S.; Uede T., 1989: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes a human antigen shared by kupffer cell alveolar macrophage osteoclast thymic macrophage and bone and soft tissue malignancies

Roth M.B.; Murphy C.; Gall J.G., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes a phosphorylated epitope stains lampbrush chromosome loops and small granules in the amphibian germinal vesicle

Strang P.F.; Potter J.D., 1992: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes different conformational states of skeletal muscle troponin c and other calcium binding proteins

Kitagawa H.; Nakada H.; Numata Y.; Kurosaka A.; Fukui S.; Funakoshi I.; Kawasaki T.; Yamashina I., 1988: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes sialyl le a oligosaccharide but is distinct from ns 19 9 as to epitope recognition

Urakami H.; Chiu A.Y., 1990: A monoclonal antibody that recognizes somatic motor neurons in the mature rat nervous system

Asakura S.; Matsuda M.; Yoshida N.; Terukina S.; Kihara H., 1989: A monoclonal antibody that triggers deacylation of an intermediate thrombin antithrombin iii complex

Lewis J.G.; Robertson J.M.; Elder P.A., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to a 48 k antigen in estrogen dependent human breast cancer cells

Zuzel M.; Walton S.; Burns G.F.; Berndt M.C.; Cawley J.C., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to a 67 kd cell membrane glycoprotein directly induces persistent platelet aggregation independently of granule secretion

Huenig T.; Wallny H J.; Hartley J.K.; Lawetzky A.; Tiefenthaler G., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to a constant determinant of the rat t cell antigen receptor that induces t cell activation differential reactivity with subsets of immature and mature t lymphocytes

Cambareri A.C.; Ashman L.K.; Cole S.R.; Lyons A.B., 1988: A monoclonal antibody to a human mast cell myeloid leukemia specific antigen binds to normal hemopoietic progenitor cells and inhibits colony formation in vitro

Gulowsen A.C.; Myrseth L.E.; Brandtzaeg P.; Prydz H., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to a megakaryoblast like cell line detects a protein found in blood cells and in the epithelial cell lining of various rat tissues

Nislow C.; Sellitto C.; Kuriyama R.; Mcintosh J.R., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to a mitotic microtubule associated protein blocks mitotic progression

Koehler M.; Goorha R.; Kitchingman G.R.; Ayers G.D.; Mirro J.Jr, 1992: A monoclonal antibody to a novel surface antigen mkw blocks the antiproliferative and differentiation effects of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor and vitamin d3

Hendry I.A.; Hill C.E.; Belford D.; Watters D.J., 1988: A monoclonal antibody to a parasympathetic neurotrophic factor causes immunoparasympathectomy in mice

Harper J.D.I.; Rao P.N.; John P.C.L., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to animal centrosomes recognizes components of the basal body root complex in chlamydomonas

Cotton R.G.; Mcadam W.; Jennings I.; Morgan F.J., 1988: A monoclonal antibody to aromatic amino acid hydroxylases identification of the epitope

Kovach N.L.; Carlos T.M.; Yee E.; Harlan J.M., 1992: A monoclonal antibody to beta 1 integrin cd29 stimulates vla dependent adherence of leukocytes to human umbilical vein endothelial cells and matrix components

Gee N.S.; Howell S.; Ryan G.; Ragan C.I., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to bovine brain inositol monophosphatase immunoaffinity purification of the brain and kidney enzymes and evidence for their structural identity

Cabanas C.; Lacal P.; Mollinedo F.; Lopez Rivas A.; Sanchez Madrid F.; Bernabeu C., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to cd11c antigen inhibits the production of superoxide anion induced by concanavalin a in pma differentiated u 937 cells

Moore J.P.; Sattentau Q.J.; Klasse P.J.; Burkly L.C., 1992: A monoclonal antibody to cd4 domain 2 blocks soluble cd4 induced conformational changes in the envelope glycoproteins of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 hiv 1 and hiv 1 infection of cd positive cells

Sato, M.; Ikeda, K.; Haga, S.; Allsop, D.; Ishii, T., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen neutral endopeptidase immunostains senile plaques in the brains of patients with alzheimer's disease

Fortier L P.; Tremblay J P.; Rafrafi J.; Hawkes R., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to conotoxin reveals the distribution of a subset of calcium channels in the rat cerebellar cortex

Kawamura A.; Kijima Suda I.; Sugimoto M.; Itoh M.; Takada K.; Tomita K.; Ogawa T.; Nagai Y., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to free n acetylneuraminic acid

Hardy B.; Dotan D.; Novogrodsky A., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to human b lymphoblastoid cells activates human and murine t lymphocytes

Broliden P.A.; Ljunggren K.; Hinkula J.; Norrby E.; Akerblom L.; Wahren B., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to human immunodeficiency virus type 1 which mediates cellular cytotoxicity and neutralization

Park S.H.; Lee G.K.; Bae Y.M.; Kim C.J.; Song H.G.; Kim C.W.; Chi J.G.; Lee S.K., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to human leukocyte common antigen shl 1 and its use for formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissues

Krachmainicoff A.; Tombesi S.; Valsecchi C.; Albertini A.; Mannucci P.M., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to human protein s used as the capture antibody for measuring total protein s by enzyme immunoassay

Shestowsky W.; Fallavollita L.; Brodt P., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to lewis lung carcinoma variant h 59 identifies a plasma membrane protein with apparent relevance to lymph node adhesion and metastasis

Bierer B.E.; Golan D.E.; Brown C.S.; Herrmann S.H.; Burakoff S.J., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to lfa 3 the cd2 ligand specifically immobilizes major histocompatibility complex proteins

Haque A.; Chamekh M.; Cornelis J.; Capron A.; Haque S., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to ly 6 gene product inhibits generation of functionally active t cells and recognizes single antigenic specificity whose expression is up regulated in virus transformed rat fibroblast

Bottomly K.; Luqman M.; Greenbaum L.; Carding S.; West J.; Pasqualini T.; Murphy D.B., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to murine cd45r distinguishes cd4 t cell populations that produce different cytokines

Greenwald G.S.; Wang M W., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to progesterone interrupts pregnancy in the hamster by curtailing secretion of the luteotropic complex of prolactin and fsh

Kawano J I.; Kotani T.; Umeki K.; Oinuma T.; Ohtaki S.; Aikawa E., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to rat liver arylsulfatase c and its application in immunohistochemistry

Todorovic R.; Devanesan P.D.; Cavalieri E.L.; Rogan E.G.; Park S.S.; Gelboin H.V., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to rat liver cytochrome p450 iic11 strongly and regiospecifically inhibits constitutive benzo a pyrene metabolism and dna binding

Hack R.; Renz V.; Maertlbauer E.; Terplan G., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to saxitoxin

Kikuchi Y.; Irie M.; Yoshimatsu K.; Ishimaru K.; Shimomura K.; Satake M.; Sueyoshi S.; Tanno M.; Kamiya S.; Sawada J I.; Terao T., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to scopolamine and its use for competitive elisa

Nong Y H.; Remold O'donnell E.; Lebien T.W.; Remold H.G., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to sialophorin cd43 induces homotypic adhesion and activation of human monocytes

Wong H.C.; Walsh J.H.; Yang H.; Tache Y.; Buchan A.M., 1990: A monoclonal antibody to somatostatin with potent in vivo immunoneutralizing activity

Sakamoto J.; Campbell K.P., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to the beta subunit of the skeletal muscle dihydropyridine receptor immunoprecipitates the brain omega conotoxin gvia receptor

Nortamo P.; Salcedo R.; Timonen T.; Patarroyo M.; Gahmberg C.G., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to the human leukocyte adhesion molecule intercellular adhesion molecule 2 cellular distribution and molecular characterization of the antigen

Modderman P.W.; Huisman H.G.; Van Mourik J.A.; Von Dem Borne A.E.G.K., 1988: A monoclonal antibody to the human platelet glycoprotein iib iiia complex induces platelet activation

Boraschi D.; Volpini G.; Villa L.; Nencioni L.; Scapigliati G.; Nucci D.; Antoni G.; Matteucci G.; Cioli F.; Tagliabue A., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to the il 1 beta peptide 163 171 blocks adjuvanticity but not pyrogenicity of il 1 beta in vivo

Wood M.J.A.; Sloan D.J.; Dallman M.J.; Charlton H.M., 1992: A monoclonal antibody to the interleukin 2 receptor enhances the survival of neural allografts a time course study

Kleinau S.; Soderstrom K.; Kiessling R.; Klareskog L., 1991: A monoclonal antibody to the mycobacterial 65kda heat shock protein ml 30 binds to cells in normal and arthritic joints of rats

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Hartmann K.K.P.; Baier T.G.; Papa V.; Kronenwett M.; Brown E.J.; Goldfine I.D.; Rosenthal S.M., 1992: A monoclonal antibody to the t cell receptor increases igf i receptor content in normal t lymphocytes comparison with phytohemagglutinin

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Bahou W.F.; Ginsburg D.; Sikkink R.; Litwiller R.; Fass D.N., 1989: A monoclonal antibody to von willebrand factor vwf inhibits factor viii binding localization of its antigenic determinant to a nonadecapeptide at the amino terminus of the mature vwf polypeptide

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Hubbard R.A.; Speidel M.T.; Marchalonis J.J.; Cone R.E., 1989: A monoclonal antigen binding t cell immunoprotein antigenic relatedness to t cell receptor beta chain fr1 v and j peptide segments physicochemical distinctiveness from classical immunoglobulins and t cell receptor heterodimers

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Ruben L.N.; Langeberg L.; Malley A.; Clothier R.H.; Beadling C.; Lee R.; Shiigi S., 1990: A monoclonal mouse anti human il 2 receptor antibody anti tac will recognize molecules on the surface of xenopus laevis immunocytes which specifically bind ril 2 and are only slightly larger than the human tac protein

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Bolte J.P.; Hill D.T., 1990: A monod based model of attached growth anaerobic fermenters

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Genest D., 1989: A monte carlo simulation study of the influence of internal motions on the molecular conformation deduced from two dimensional nmr experiments

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Ohman M L., 1990: A monte carlo study of some censored data wilcoxon rank tests

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Saotome K.; Shibukawa A.; Oshima F.; Kaji J.; Hoshino T., 1990: A morphological criterion for il 1 induced bone resorption

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