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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6950

Chapter 6950 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wang J., 1989: A morphological evidence of the mast cell acting as a relay between the adjacent nerve terminals in the human skin

Rosa Freitas M.G.; Deane L.M.; Momen H., 1990: A morphological isoenzymatic and behavioral study of ten populations of anopheles albitarsis lynch arribalzaga 1878 diptera culicidae including from the type locality baradero argentina

Cardoso, A. M. P.; Souza, H. M. L. D., 1991: A morphological mutant of ceratitis capitata wied. diptera tephritidae genetic and behavioral analysis

Matsuda K., 1988: A morphological mutant of neurospora crassa with defects in the cell wall beta glucan structure

Yeo Y.S.; Chang Y.D.; Goh H.G., 1990: A morphological observation of an egg parasitoid anagrus incarnatus haliday hymenoptera mymaridae of the rice planthoppers

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949005

Cabrera B.; Torres B.; Pasaro R.; Pastor A.M.; Delgado Garcia J.M., 1992: A morphological study of abducens nucleus motoneurons and internuclear neurons in the goldfish carassius auratus

Akiyama H., 1990: A morphological study of branch development in mosses with special reference to pseudoparaphyllia

Roberts N.J.; Menary R.C., 1989: A morphological study of bud types in boronia megastigma nees

Kanno T.; Satake Y.; Ikeda M.; Tubomizu Y.; Fujita R.; Sugata F., 1989: A morphological study of colorectal cancer and adenoma

Wakebe T., 1990: A morphological study of cranium of infants and children in the japanese

Sano T.; Yamane A.; Tokura T.; Miki H., 1991: A morphological study of experimental intravitreal proliferative tissues

Furness P.N.; Turner S.N.; Appleby P.; Turner D.R., 1989: A morphological study of experimental proteinuria using a novel form of surface fixation

Arduin, M.; Kraus, J. E.; Venturelli, M., 1991: A morphological study of flattened leaf gall of struthanthus vulgaris mart. loranthaceae

Negami A.I., 1989: A morphological study of glandular formation and epithelization from normal human endometrial epithelial cells in vitro

O'donoughue L.S.; Raelson J.V.; Grant W.F., 1990: A morphological study of interspecific hybrids in the genus lotus fabaceae

Lacroix, C. R.; Posluszny, U., 1992: A morphological study of leaf development in vitis riparia michx. and grape cultivars concord and vivant

Falcieri E.; Mariani A.R.; Mariani E.; Gobbi P.; Facchini A.; Manzoli F.A., 1990: A morphological study of membrane lesions during natural killer mediated lysis

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949018

Muniesa P.; Dominguez L., 1990: A morphological study of primordial germ cells at pregastrula stages in the chick embryo

Robbins M.E.C.; Wooldridge M.J.A.; Jaenke R.S.; Whitehouse E.; Golding S.J.; Rezvani M.; Hopewell J.W., 1991: A morphological study of radiation nephropathy in the pig

Bain O.; Petit G.; Diagne M., 1989: A morphological study of some litomosoides species from rodents taxonomic conclusions

Feng B C.; Liu K L., 1991: A morphological study of stromal microvasculature of nasopharyngeal precancerous lesions

Kaur I.; Singh P., 1992: A morphological study of structural relationships between cores and triradii in finger dermatoglyphic loop patterns

Li F.; Cai Z., 1989: A morphological study of the conductive cells in dog false tendons observation by em and tem

Sturrock R.R., 1990: A morphological study of the development of the leptomeninx of the fetal rabbit cerebrum

Saitoh K.; Terada T.; Hatakeyama S., 1990: A morphological study of the efferent ducts of the human epididymis

Evensen O.; Thorud K.E.; Olsen Y.A., 1991: A morphological study of the gross and light microscopic lesions of infectious anemia in atlantic salmon salmo salar

Mcmenamin P.G., 1989: A morphological study of the inner surface of the anterior chamber angle in prenatal and postnatal human eyes

Sekiguchi J., 1990: A morphological study of the lateral border of the scapula for bone grafting

Allen Y.S.; Kershaw T.R., 1989: A morphological study of the neuroblastoma glioma hybrid cell line ng 108 15 in culture and after grafting to the adult rat brain

Nakagawa S.; Uehara M., 1989: A morphological study of the peripectinate cells in the chicken eyes

Takaba H., 1990: A morphological study of the testes in patients with idiopathic male infertility immunohistochemical analysis of collagens and laminin in human testes

Pastor L.M., 1990: A morphological study of the tracheal epithelium of the snake natrix maura

Kobayashi S., 1990: A morphological study of upper first and second molars in the genus callicebus

Clare A.S.; Lumb G.; Clare P.A.; Costlow J.D.Jr, 1990: A morphological study of wound response and telson regeneration in postlarval limulus polyphemus l

Koyama Y.; Sugimoto T.; Shingenaga Y.; Baba A.; Iwata H., 1991: A morphological study on glutamate induced swelling of cultured astrocytes involvement of calcium and chloride ion mechanisms

Komazaki S., 1991: A morphological study on regulation of hyaline bleb formation in early embryonic cells of cynops pyrrhogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949038

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949039

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949040

Saunders, R. M. K.; Fowler, K., 1992: A morphological taxonomic revision of azolla lam. section rhizosperma mey. mett. azollaceae

Mcmahon J.E., 1988: A morphological technique to determine the presence of simulium squamosum in mixed populations of the simulium damnosum complex in sierra leone west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949043

Van Zyll De Jong C.G., 1992: A morphometric analysis of cranial variation in holarctic weasels mustela nivalis

Litvinenko V.V., 1988: A morphometric analysis of erythrocytes and the level of antiviral antibodies in carp blood at the final stage of the infection process

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949046

Zeyl C.W.; Lowcock L.A., 1989: A morphometric analysis of hybrid salamanders genus ambystoma and their progenitors on kelleys island in lake erie canada

Lindner D.P.; Stetsenko O.N.; Mirchink E.P.; Bykovskaya S.I.; Kharitonova A.M.; Zuev V.A., 1990: A morphometric analysis of immunodeficiency in baby mice caused by the transplacental transmission of live or inactivated influenza a virus

Al Saffar N.; Moore J.V.; Hasleton P.S., 1990: A morphometric analysis of individual cell death in bronchial carcinoids

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949050

Lacroix C.R.; Posluzsny U., 1991: A morphometric analysis of leaf development in vitis riparia and grape cultivars concord and vivant

Wetton M.N., 1988: A morphometric analysis of mandibular teeth in folsomia collembola isotomidae

Guenther S.J.; Chapco W., 1990: A morphometric analysis of melanoplus females orthoptera acrididae

Fox G.Q., 1988: A morphometric analysis of synaptic vesicle distributions

Parmigiani C.M.; Mcavoy J.W., 1989: A morphometric analysis of the development of the rat lens capsule

Escobar L.F.; Bixler D.; Padilla L.M.; Weaver D.D.; Williams C.J., 1990: A morphometric analysis of the fetal craniofacies by ultrasound fetal cephalometry

Turgeon R., 1988: A morphometric analysis of the phloem unloading pathway in developing tobacco leaves

Herzig Straschil B.; Herzig A.; Winkler H., 1991: A morphometric analysis of the skulls of xerus inauris and xerus princeps rodentia sciuridae

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949059

Van Zyll De Jong C.G.; Kirkland G.L.Jr, 1989: A morphometric analysis of the sorex cinereus group in central and eastern north america

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949061

Fox G.Q.; Koetting D.; Dowe G.H.C., 1989: A morphometric analysis of torpedo synaptic vesicles isolated by iso osmotic sucrose gradient separation

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949063

Sennerby L.; Thomsen P.; Ericson L.E., 1992: A morphometric and biomechanic comparison of titanium implants inserted in rabbit cortical and cancellous bone

Oschman Z.; Meiring J.H., 1991: A morphometric and comparative study of the malleus

Van Vuuren N.G.; Mulder P.F.S.; Ferreira J.T.; Van Der Bank F.H., 1990: A morphometric and electrophoretic analysis of labeo capensis and labeo umbratus from two localities in southern africa

Headington J.T.; Gupta A.K.; Goldfarb M.T.; Nickoloff B.J.; Hamilton T.A.; Ellis C.N.; Voorhees J.J., 1989: A morphometric and histologic study of the scalp in psoriasis paradoxical sebaceous gland atrophy and decreased hair shaft diameters without alopecia

Misugi K., 1988: A morphometric and morphologic study of the degenerative cerebellar dentate nucleus

Postlethwaite K.M.; Roberts G.J., 1989: A morphometric and quantitative microradiographic study of dental tissues in the hypopituitary dwarf mouse

Zona S., 1991: A morphometric and taxonomic reevaluation of haenianthus oleaceae

Rai L.C.; Jensen T.E.; Rachlin J.W., 1990: A morphometric and x ray energy dispersive approach to monitoring ph altered cadmium toxicity in anabaena flos aquae

Palmeirim J.M., 1991: A morphometric assessment of the systematic position of the nyctalus from azores and madeira mammalia chiroptera

Allen D.C., 1988: A morphometric assessment of transitional mucosa in the colon

Schneider S.; Fischer A.; Dorresteijn A.W.C., 1992: A morphometric comparison of dissimilar early development in sibling species of platynereis annelida polychaeta

Matson T.O., 1990: A morphometric comparison of gray treefrogs hyla chrysoscelis and hyla versicolor from ohio usa

Schousboe, C., 1989: A morphometric comparison of samples of female varroa jacobsoni oud. varroidae mesostigmata from colonies of european honeybee apis mellifera l. apidae hymenoptera

Cavallari V.; Maiorana A.; Maiorana M.C.; Fano R.A.; Scimone S.; Trentini G.P., 1991: A morphometric comparison of subcellular structures between primary breast tumors and their nodal metastases

Meisami E.; Louie J.; Hudson R.; Distel H., 1990: A morphometric comparison of the olfactory epithelium of newborn and weanling rabbits

Cooper S.M.; Sims M.R.; Sampson W.J.; Dreyer C.W., 1990: A morphometric electron microscopic analysis of tissue channels shown by ionic tracer in normal and tensioned rat molar apical periodontal ligament

Barret L.; Torch S.; Usson Y.; Gonthier B.; Saxod R., 1991: A morphometric evaluation of the effects of trichlorethylene and dichlorocetylene on the rat mental nerve preliminary results

Lindholm J.; Rubio C.A.; Kato Y.; Hata J., 1989: A morphometric method to discriminate normal from dysplastic carcinoma in situ squamous epithelium in the human esophagus

Bruce M.C.; Lo P Y., 1991: A morphometric quantitation of developmental changes in elastic fibers in rat lung parenchyma variability with lung region and postnatal age

Hirano Y.; Ogawa Y.; Motokizawa F., 1989: A morphometric right left comparison of the cat olfactory bulb

Yaegashi H.; Ebina M.; Takahashi T., 1990: A morphometric study in ordinary lungs of bronchial dimensions throughout the airway tree as a basis for the analysis of copd

Ekstrom P.; Ostholm T.; Ebbesson S.O.E., 1992: A morphometric study of age related changes in serotonin immunoreactive cell groups in the brain of the coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch walbaum

Shaw J.P., 1989: A morphometric study of bone and tooth volumes in the pipid frog xenopus laevis daudin with comments on the importance of tooth resorption during normal tooth replacement

Linder Aronson S.; Lindskog S., 1991: A morphometric study of bone surfaces and skin reactions after stimulation with static magnetic fields in rats

Ito M.; Kawakami H.; Saito S.; Aoyagi T.; Hirano H., 1989: A morphometric study of changes in dolichos biflorus agglutinin dba binding pattern of the human gastric parietal cell in association with acid secretion

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949089

Dimitrova I., 1989: A morphometric study of gc rich precentromeric heterochromatin disks of 1 2 and 12 chromosome pairs of belgian landrace pigs

Kendall J.Z.; Rivera Alcina M.E.; Plopper C.G.; Weir A.J.; Randall G.C.; Saldana Gautier L., 1991: A morphometric study of lung maturation in the adrenocorticotrophin infused fetal lamb

Caulfield J.P.; Hein A.; Rothenberg M.E.; Owen W.F.; Soberman R.J.; Steven R.L.; Austen K.F., 1990: A morphometric study of normodense and hypodense human eosinophils that are derived in vivo and in vitro

Okada M.; Takeuch S.; Kobayashi Y., 1991: A morphometric study of pituitary pars intermedia cells of male mice fed a liquid diet supplemented with urea

Midtgard U., 1989: A morphometric study of structures important for cold resistance in the arctic iceland gull compared to herring gulls

Spinato M.T.; Barker I.K.; Houston D.M., 1990: A morphometric study of the canine colon comparison of control dogs and cases of colonic disease

Maina J.N., 1991: A morphometric study of the chloride cells in the gills of the teleosts oreochromis alcalicus and oreochromis niloticus and a description of presumptive urea excreting cells in oreochormis alcalicus

Huang C C.; Yi Z X.; Yuan Q G.; Abramson M., 1990: A morphometric study of the effects of pressure on bone resorption in the middle ear of rats

Nussdorfer G.G., 1988: A morphometric study of the effects of short term starvation on rat hepatocytes

Pinkney A.E.; Wright D.A.; Hughes G.M., 1989: A morphometric study of the effects of tributyltin compounds on the gills of the mummichog fundulus heteroclitus

Sagdieva P.D., 1989: A morphometric study of the gamasid mite laelaps pitymydis lange parasitiformes laelaptidae

Dockery P.; Warren M.A.; Li T.C.; Rogers A.W.; Cooke I.D.; Mundy J., 1990: A morphometric study of the human endometrial stroma during the peri implantation period

Maina J.N.; Thomas S.P.; Hyde D.M., 1991: A morphometric study of the lungs of different sized bats correlations between structure and function of the chiropteran lung

Rebuffat P.; Cavallini L.; Belloni A.S.; Mazzocchi G.; Coi A.; De Tos G.P.; Nussdorfer G.G., 1989: A morphometric study of the reversal of acth induced hypertrophy of rat adrenocortical cells after cessation of treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949107

Lauk S.; Skates S.; Goodman M.; Suit H.D., 1989: A morphometric study of the vascularity of oral squamous cell carcinomas and its relation to outcome of radiation therapy

Zhang N.; Xu Y.; Zhang Y.; Lin Y., 1992: A morphometric study on premalignant lesion of hepatocellular carcinoma

Keep R.F.; Jones H.C., 1990: A morphometric study on the development of the lateral ventricle choroid plexus choroid plexus capillaries and ventricular ependyma in the rat

Hervas J.P.; Berciano M.T.; Silos I.; Lafarga M., 1990: A morphometric ultrastructural study of the nucleus of cerebellar granule cells

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949112

Perez Cao A.; Gil Loyzaga P.; Merchan Perez A.; Tamargo J., 1989: A morphometrical method to estimate isoproterenol induced infarct size in the rat

Gnatyuk M.S., 1991: A morphometrical research of cardiomyocytes in the heart at hyperfunction

Liberti E.A.; Villa N.; Melhem S.A.M.; Matson E.; Konig B.Jr; Adamo J., 1989: A morphometrical study of human fetal thymus

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949116

Robutti F.; Betta P G.; Donna A.; Pavesi M., 1990: A morphometrically based classification rule for the diagnosis of primary mesothelial lesions

Mahoney M.C.; Ellrott M.A.; Michalek A.M., 1989: A mortality analysis of native americans in new york state usa 1980 86

Costa G.; Merletti F.; Segnan N., 1989: A mortality cohort study in a north italian aircraft factory

Rapiti E.; Turi E.; Forastiere F.; Borgia P.; Comba P.; Perucci C.A.; Axelson O., 1992: A mortality cohort study of seamen in italy

Rudman D.; Mattson D.E.; Feller A.; Nagraj H.S., 1989: A mortality risk index for men in a veterans administration extended care facility

Hansen E.S., 1992: A mortality study of danish stokers

Newhouse M.L.; Sullivan K.R., 1989: A mortality study of workers manufacturing friction materials 1941 86

Llerena J.C.Jr, 1988: A mosaic 45 x 46 x r karyotype investigated with x and y centromere specific probes using a non autoradiographic in situ hybridization technique

Agrawal H.O., 1988: A mosaic disease of paeonia lactiflora

Rodrigues M.D.G.R.; Marinho V.L.A.; Ribeiro S.G.; Kitajima E.W., 1991: A mosaic in tickseed coreopsis lanceolata caused by bidens mosaic virus

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949130

Cohen A.J.; Williamson D.L.; Brink P.R., 1989: A motility mutant of spiroplasma melliferum induced with nitrous acid

De Agostini A.; Moretti R.; Belletti S.; Maira G.; Magri G.C.; Bestagno M., 1992: A motion correction algorithm for an image realignment programme useful for sequential radionuclide renography

Chaudhuri A., 1990: A motion illusion generated by afternystagmus suppression

Santini G.; Della Santina P.; Chelazzi G., 1991: A motographic analysis of foraging behavior in intertidal chitons acanthopleura spp

Crenna P.; Frigo C., 1991: A motor program for the initiation of forward oriented movements in humans

O'connor K., 1989: A motor psychophysiological model of smoking and personality

Beauchemin N.; Turbide C.; Afar D.; Bell J.; Raymond M.; Stanners C.P.; Fuks A., 1989: A mouse analogue of the human carcinoembryonic antigen

Scolaro L.A.; Mersich S.E.; Damonte E.B., 1990: A mouse attenuated mutant of junin virus with an altered envelope glycoprotein

Umekage T.; Kato K., 1991: A mouse brain complementary dna encodes a novel protein with the protein kinase c phosphorylation site domain common to marcks

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949140

Narayana L.; Nagarajan L., 1992: A mouse c ros genomic clone identification of a highly conserved 22 amino acid segment in the juxtamembrane domain

Turbide C.; Rojas M.; Stanners C.P.; Beauchemin N., 1991: A mouse carcinoembryonic antigen gene family member is a calcium dependent cell adhesion molecule

Sarvetnick N.; Tsai J Y.; Fox H.; Pilder S.H.; Silver L.M., 1989: A mouse chromosome 17 gene encodes a testes specific transcript with unusual properties

Seki S.; Ikeda S.; Watanabe S.; Hatsushika M.; Tsutsui K.; Akiyama K.; Zhang B., 1991: A mouse dna repair enzyme apex nuclease having exonuclease and apurinic apyrimidinic endonuclease activities purification and characterization

Suemori H.; Kadodawa Y.; Goto K.; Araki I.; Kondoh H.; Nakatsuji N., 1990: A mouse embryonic stem cell line showing pluripotency of differentiation in early embryos and ubiquitous beta galactosidase expression

Hasthorpe S.; Green S.L.; Rogerson J.; Radley J.M., 1991: A mouse endothelial cell specific monoclonal antibody its reactivity with ltmc endothelium

Gruss R., 1988: A mouse gene homologous to the drosophila gene caudal is expressed in epithelial cells from the embryonic intestine

Price M.; Lemaistre M.; Pischetola M.; Di Lauro R.; Duboule D., 1991: A mouse gene related to distal less shows a restricted expression in the developing forebrain

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949150

Gopal T.V.; Polte T.; Arthur P.; Seidman M., 1989: A mouse hybrid cell line that supports gene expression from a variety of promoters in amplifiable vectors

Endris R.G.; Haslett T.M.; Birnie E.F.; Hess W.R., 1989: A mouse lethal dose assay for detection and titration of cowdria ruminantium kwanyanga strain in goats and ticks

O'connell K.A.; Edidin M., 1990: A mouse lymphoid endothelial cell line immortalized by sv 40 binds lymphocytes and retains functional characteristics of normal endothelial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949155

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949156

Ginsberg H.S.; Moldawer L.L.; Sehgal P.B.; Redington M.; Kilian P.L.; Chanock R.M.; Prince G.A., 1991: A mouse model for investigating the molecular pathogenesis of adenovirus pneumonia

Park C H.T.; Pruitt J.H.; Bennett D., 1989: A mouse model for neural tube defects the curtailed t c mutation produces spina bifida occulta in t c plus animals and spina bifida with meningomyelocele in t c t

Prockop L.D., 1988: A mouse model for the study of blood brain barrier permeability

Ye H., 1988: A mouse model of chronic campylobacter jejuni infection post infection nephritis

Rozee K.R.; Klassen G.A.; Ahmad Raza A.; Lee S.H.S., 1992: A mouse model of coxsackievirus myocarditis

Backhauss C.; Karkoutly C.; Welsch M.; Krieglstein J., 1992: A mouse model of focal cerebral ischemia for screening neuroprotective drug effects

Samuelson J.; Lerner E.; Tesh R.; Titus R., 1991: A mouse model of leishmania braziliensis braziliensis infection produced by coinjection with sand fly saliva

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949164

Kolberg J.; Blanchard D., 1991: A mouse monoclonal antibody against glycophorin a produced by in vitro stimulation with human red cell membranes

Ohno T.; Cooper M.D.; Kubagawa H., 1990: A mouse monoclonal antibody reactive preferentially with human igm lambda

Sieckmann D.G.; Stall A.M.; Subbarao B., 1991: A mouse monoclonal antibody specific for an allotypic determinant of the igh a allele of murine igm genetic and functional analysis of igh 6a epitopes using anti igm monoclonal antibodies

Mohan N.; Kumar R., 1989: A mouse monoclonal antibody to vi antigen and its usefulness in the serotyping of salmonella

Schickler M.; Lira S.A.; Kinloch R.A.; Wassarman P.M., 1992: A mouse oocyte specific protein that binds to a region of mzp3 promoter responsible for oocyte specific mzp3 gene expression

Li D.; Johnson L.F., 1989: A mouse thymidylate synthase pseudogene derived from an aberrantly processed rna molecule

Tucker P.K.; Phillips K.S.; Lundrigan B., 1992: A mouse y chromosome pseudogene is related to human ubiquitin activating enzyme e1

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949173

Yamamoto K.R., 1988: A movable and regulable inactivation function within the steroid binding domain of the glucocorticoid receptor

Mclachlan R.S.; Leung L.W.S., 1991: A movement associated fast rolandic rhythm

Moini M.; Abramson F.P., 1991: A moving belt device to couple high performance liquid chromatography and chemical reaction interface mass spectrometry

Hirth C., 1988: A mu opioid receptor filter assay rapid estimation of binding affinity of ligands and reversibility of long lasting ligand receptor complexes

Moudy A.M.; Coscia C.J.; Laskowski M.B., 1989: A mu specific opioid peptide agonist increases excitability of pyramidal neurons in untreated and receptor up regulated hippocampus

Bombardieri E.; Gion M.; Mione R.; Dittadi R.; Bruscagnin G.; Buraggi G., 1989: A mucinous like carcinoma associated antigen mca in the tissue and blood of patients with primary breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949180

White P.J.; Potter P.C.; Malherbe D.; Toerien A.; Weinberg E.G., 1989: A multi allergen screening test for suspected allergic disease in colored children

Arai T.; Andou Y.; Tabo E.; Fujitani T.; Nagaro T., 1991: A multi arterial clamping method with arterial hypotension does not bring about complete brain ischemia in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949183

Garry R.; Erian J.; Grochmal S.A., 1991: A multi center collaborative study into the treatment of menorrhagia by neodymium yag laser ablation of the endometrium

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949185

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949186

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949187

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949188

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949189

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949190

Peters R.H.M.; Van Den Besselaar A.M.H.P.; Olthuis F.M.F.G., 1989: A multi center study to evaluate method dependency of the international sensitivity index of bovine thromboplastin

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949192

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949193

Kingdom F.; Moulden B., 1992: A multi channel approach to brightness coding

Gudden F.; Hoenig E.; Reichenberger H.; Schittenhelm R.; Schneider S., 1989: A multi channel system for use in biomagnetic diagnosis in neurology and cardiology principle method and initial results

Hartnoll R.; Avico U.; Ingold F.R.; Lange K.; Lenke L.; O'hare A.; De Roij Motshagen A., 1989: A multi city study of drug misuse in europe

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949197

Bitter G.A.; Chang K.K.H.; Egan K.M., 1991: A multi component upstream activation sequence of the saccharomyces cerevisiae glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase gene promoter

Gelsema E.S.; Leijnse B.; Wulkan R.W., 1991: A multi dimensional analysis of three chemical quantities in the blood

Hey J., 1991: A multi dimensional coalescent process applied to multi allelic selection models and migration models

Williams, D. E.; Page, M. M., 1989: A multi dimensional measure of maslow's hierarchy of needs

Evans I.M., 1989: A multi dimensional model for conceptualizing the design of child behavior therapy

Kliauga P.; Rossi H.H.; Johnson G., 1989: A multi element proportional counter for radiation protection measurements

Kross B., 1991: A multi factor regional scale method to predict groundwater contamination near sanitary landfills

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949205

Nestor P.G.; Safer M.A., 1990: A multi method investigation of individual differences in hemisphericity

Cerrutti P.; Alzamora S.M.; Chirife J., 1990: A multi parameter approach to control the growth of saccharomyces cerevisiae in laboratory media

Parton W.J., 1988: A multi species model for rangeland plant communities

Sissons C.H.; Cutress T.W.; Hoffman M.P.; Wakefield J.S.J., 1991: A multi station dental plaque microcosm artificial mouth for the study of plaque growth metabolism ph and mineralization

Thomsom A.G., 1992: A multi temporal comparison of two similar landsat thematic mapper images of upland north wales uk

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949211

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949212

Sacks P.G.; Taylor D.L.; Racz T.; Vasey T.; Oke V.; Schantz S.P., 1990: A multicellular tumor spheroid model of cellular immunity against head and neck cancer

R.Coll Radiol Work Party, 1991: A multicenter audit of hospital referral for radiological investigation in england and wales uk

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949215

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949216

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949217

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949218

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949219

Et Al, 1988: A multicenter comparative study of serum lipids and lipoproteins in four groups of oral combined contraceptive users and a control group of iud users

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949221

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949222

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949223

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949224

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949225

Leese T.; Thomas W.M.; Holliday M.; Attard A.; Watkins M.; Neoptolemos J.P.; Hall C., 1991: A multicenter controlled clinical trial of high volume fresh frozen plasma therapy in prognostically severe acute pancreatitis

Poupon R.E.; Balkau B.; Eschwege E.; Poupon R.; Udcapc Study Group, 1991: A multicenter controlled trial of ursodiol for the treatment of primary biliary cirrhosis

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949228

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949229

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949230

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949231

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949232

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949233

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949234

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949235

Wadden T.A.; Foster G.D.; Letizia K.A.; Stunkard A.J., 1992: A multicenter evaluation of a proprietary weight reduction program for the treatment of marked obesity

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949237

Hardy R.W.; Ng R.H.; Hill R.E.; Walker S.; Sparks K.M.; Kent S.; Lakes C.; Hiar C.E.; Valdes R.Jr; Statland B.E., 1992: A multicenter evaluation of lipid profiling with a compact analyzer miles clinistat

White W.B.; Pickering T.G.; Morganroth J.; James G.D.; Mccabe E.J.; Moucha O.; Hunter H., 1991: A multicenter evaluation of the a and d tm 2420 ambulatory blood pressure recorder

Flood J.; Liedtke R.; Mattenheimer H.; Rothouse L.; Trundle D.; Vroon D.; Whisler K.; Collinsworth W., 1990: A multicenter evaluation of the boehringer mannheim hitachi 717 system

Mantegazza R.; Beghi E.; Pareyson D.; Antozzi C.; Peluchetti D.; Sghirlanzoni A.; Cosi V.; Lombardi M.; Piccolo G.; Et Al, 1990: A multicenter follow up study of 1152 patients with myasthenia gravis in italy

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949242

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949243

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949244

Kiesselbach N.; Ulm K.; Lange H J.; Korallus U., 1990: A multicenter mortality study of workers exposed to ethylene oxide

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949246

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949247

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949248

Natl Programme Res Hum Reprod (India), 1990: A multicenter phase iii comparative study of two hormonal contraceptive preparations net oen 50 mg plus e 2 valerate 5 mg given every month and net oen 200 mg given every 2 months as intramuscular injection a report of 12 month study

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949250

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949277

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949282

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949557

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949558

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949559

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949578

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949637

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949646

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949649

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949650

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949669

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949687

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949688

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949690

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949691

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949692

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949693

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949695

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949697

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949698

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949699

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949701

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949956

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Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949986

Section 7, Chapter 6950, Accession 006949987

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Matsuzawa A.; Moriyama T.; Kaneko T.; Tanaka M.; Kimura M.; Ikeda H.; Katagiri T., 1990: A new allele of the lpr locus lpr c g that complements the gld gene in induction of lymphadenopathy in the mouse

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