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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6951

Chapter 6951 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Graves G.R.; Restrepo D.U., 1989: A new allopatric taxon in the hapalopsittaca amazonina psittacidae superspecies from colombia

Bologna M.A., 1989: A new alosimus from tyrrenian coasts italy and taxonomical notes on some north african species of this genus coleoptera meloidae

Ohba, Y.; Fujisawa, D.; Imai, K.; Leowattana, W.; Tani, Y.; Ami, M.; Miyaji, T., 1990: A new alpha chain variant hb tonosho alpha 110g17ala thr subunit dissociation during cation exchange chromatography for hb a 1c assay

Langdown J.V.; Davidson R.J.L.; Williamson D., 1992: A new alpha chain variant hb turriff alpha 99g6lys glu the interference of abnormal hemoglobins in hb a 1 c determination

Koski P.; Saarilahti H.; Sukupolvi S.; Taira S.; Riikonen P.; Osterlundt K.; Hurme R.; Rhen M., 1992: A new alpha helical coiled coil protein encoded by the salmonella typhimurium virulence plasmid

Smith R.M., 1988: A new alpinia from sabah borneo

Doeberl M., 1990: A new alticinae from morocco psylliodes belarbii new species coleoptera chrysomelidae

Massart F.; Rouzeau C., 1989: A new amanita sp in the vaginatae section

Cavichioli R.R.; Sakakibara A.M., 1989: A new amblyscartidia young 1977 species homoptera cicadellidae cicadellinae

Maxwell A.; Rampersad D., 1989: A new amide from piper demeraranum

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950010

Hyde K.D., 1991: A new amphisphaeriaceous fungus from intertidal fronds of nypa fruticans

Bredy Dobreva G.; Zafirov D.; Nieber K.; Oehme P.; Papasova M., 1989: A new analogue of substance p with antagonistic properties in renal and pulmonary arteries

Avella M.; Bornancin M., 1989: A new analysis of ammonia and sodium transport through the gills of the freshwater rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950014

Osapay K.; Case D.A., 1991: A new analysis of proton chemical shifts in proteins

Reading V.M.; Weale R.A., 1991: A new analysis of united nations mortality statistics

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950017

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950018

Hosoma H., 1989: A new analytical method for the comparison of 2 temporal patterns with indices of association

Wahler Lueck M.; Schuetz T.; Kretschmann H J., 1991: A new anatomical representation of the human visual pathways

Van Den Berg E., 1989: A new and a known nematode from the little karoo south africa tylenchoidea nemata

Okada T., 1988: A new and a newly recorded species of drosophila sophophora diptera drosophilidae from china

Fricke R., 1990: A new and a rare species of dragonet teleostei callionymidae from papua new guinea and the solomon islands

Kremer M.; Delecolle J.C.; Braverman Y., 1991: A new and a redescribed species of culicoides from sinai egypt diptera ceratopogonidae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950025

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950026

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950027

Karim M.R.; Sampson P., 1990: A new and efficient approach to macrocyclic keto lactones

Dike S.Y.; Merchant J.R.; Sapre N.Y., 1991: A new and efficient general method for the synthesis of 2 spirobenzopyrans first synthesis of cyclic analogues of precocene i and related compounds

Van Der Steen F.H.; Kleijn H.; Jastrzebski J.T.B.H.; Van Koten G., 1991: A new and efficient route to 3 amino 2 azetidinones via zinc enolates of n n disubstituted glycine esters

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950031

Rault S.; Tembo O.N.; Dallemagne P.; Robba M., 1991: A new and efficient synthesis of 4 arylimidazolidin 2 ones

Saljoughian M.; Morimoto H.; Dorsky A.M.; Rapoport H.; Andres H.; Tang Y.S.; Susan A., 1989: A new and efficient synthesis of monotritiomethyl iodide

Laurent A.J.; Lesniak S., 1992: A new and efficient synthesis of trifluoroalkyl aldehydes or ketones from the same starting material

Martens K., 1991: A new and enigmatic representative of leucocythere kaufmann 1892 from the eastern cape province south africa crustacea ostracoda

Fitzhugh A.L.; Chmurny G.N.; Klose J.R., 1991: A new and facile synthetic route to n 5 formyltetrahydropteroylpoly l glutamates

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950037

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950038

Shivhare P.; Raju J.; Gupta V.K., 1991: A new and improved reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of 2 4 d in water grain and plant materials

Pentecost, A., 1991: A new and interesting site for the calcite encrusted desmid oocardium stratum naeg. in the british isles

Makarchenko E.A., 1989: A new and little known diamesa species diptera chironomidae from tadzhikistan ussr

Meshkov Yu I., 1991: A new and little known species of mites of the genus amblyseius parasitiformes phytoseiidae from lithuania ussr

Rivero J.A.; Castano C.J., 1990: A new and peculiar species of rhamphophryne amphibia bufonidae from antioquia colombia

Torrence, P. F.; Brozda, D.; Alster, D. K.; Pabuccuoglu, A.; Lesiak, K., 1992: A new and potent 2 5a analogue which does not require a 5' polyphosphate to activate mouse l cell rnase l

De Weerdt W.H.; Glynn P.W., 1991: A new and presumably now extinct species of millepora hydrozoa in the eastern pacific

Yamaguchi T.; Newman W.A., 1990: A new and primitive barnacle cirripedia balanomorpha from the north fiji basin abyssal hydrothermal field southwest pacific and its evolutionary implications

Polhemus J.T., 1991: A new and primitive genus of cryphocrinae heteroptera naucoridae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950048

Merino S.; Ciurana B.; Sabater E.; Tomas J.M., 1989: A new and rapid method for the isolation of noncapsulated isogenic mutants from klebsiella pneumoniae

Horton J.K.; Evans O.M.; Swann K.; Swinburne S., 1989: A new and rapid method for the selection and cloning of antigen specific hybridomas with magnetic microspheres

Murase M.; Hosaka T.; Yoshida S.; Tobinaga S., 1992: A new and reactive diels alder diene n n dimethylamino 3 methylthiobutadiene

Tidy J.A.; Mason W.P.; Farrell P.F., 1989: A new and sensitive method of screening for human papillomavirus infection

Heimburger N., 1988: A new and simple isolation procedure for human protein c inhibitor evidence for a second inhibitor for activated protein c present in human plasma

Hanauer G., 1990: A new and simple method to test drug interactions with metabolic enzymes of rats in vivo

Cavenar J.O.Jr, 1988: A new and timely delusion the complaint of having aids

Numanami H.; Okutani T., 1990: A new and two known species of the genus anatoma collected by the icebreaker shirase from breid bay and guennerus bank antarctica gastropoda scissurellidae

Benson T.J.; Robinson B., 1992: A new and unequivocal method for establishing the position of n glycosylation of unsymmetrically c substituted imidazoles

Barron G.L., 1990: A new and unusual species of haptoglossa

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950060

Hrapkiewicz K.L.; Stein S.; Smiler K.L., 1989: A new anesthetic agent for use in the gerbil

Otsuka T.; Shibata T.; Tsurumi Y.; Takase S.; Okuhara M.; Terano H.; Kohsaka M.; Imanaka H., 1992: A new angiogenesis inhibitor fr 111142

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950063

Miyauchi H.; Horio T., 1992: A new animal model for contact dermatitis the hairless guinea pig

Hisanaga T.; Yasuda H.; Shigeta Y., 1992: A new animal model of ischemic neuropathy its relevancy to diabetic neuropathy

Iwase M., 1991: A new animal model of non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus with hypertension neonatal streptozotocin treatment in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Turner B.L., 1990: A new annual species of stevia asteraceae eupatorieae from puebla mexico

Verdcourt B., 1992: A new anostoma from brazil gastropoda pulmonata bulimulidae

Zhigul'skaya Z.A., 1991: A new ant species of the genus myrmica hymenoptera formicidae from the upper kolyma basin

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950070

Gration K.A.F.; Bishop B.F.; Martin Short M.R.; Herbert A., 1992: A new anthelmintic assay using rats infected with trichostrongylus colubriformis

Sasaki T.; Takagi M.; Yaguchi T.; Miyadoh S.; Okada T.; Koyama M., 1992: A new anthelmintic cyclodepsipeptide pf1022a

Xia Z.; Huang S.; Chen J.; Deng F.; Chen Z., 1989: A new anthraquinone compound from the stem and leaves of tripterygium wilfordii hook f

Kawasaki Y.; Goda Y.; Yoshihira K.; Noguchi H., 1990: A new anthraquinone from rubia tinctorum

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950075

Fujimori T.; Harada K.; Saeki T.; Kogushi M.; Yoshimura T.; Katayama K., 1991: A new anti platelet drug e5510 has multiple suppressive sites during receptor mediated signal transduction in human platelets

Nagy A.; Semjen G.; Karoly M., 1990: A new antibacterial and antisecretoric drug combination against escherichia coli diarrhea

Komiyama, K.; Funayama, S.; Anraku, Y.; Ishibashi, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Kawakami, T.; Omura, S., 1991: A new antibiotic okicenone i. taxonomy fermentation isolation and biological characteristics

Funayama, S.; Ishibashi, M.; Komiyama, K.; Omura, S., 1991: A new antibiotic okicenone ii. physico chemical properties and structure elucidation

Sineokii S.P., 1988: A new antibiotic substances formed by the yeast williopsis pratensis babjeva et reshetova

Bonnay M.M.; Recondo G.; Gouyette A.J.; Armand J P., 1989: A new anticancer agent ly 186641 interferes with creatinine assay

Yamada T.; Sakatoku M.; Ohhira M.; Watanabe Y.; Iwa T., 1991: A new anticancer drug delivery system for the management of carcinomatous peritonitis

Isono K., 1988: A new antifungal antibiotic cystargin fermentation isolation and characterization

Codoner Franch P.; Paradis K.; Gueguen M.; Bernard O.; Costesec A.A.; Alvarez F., 1989: A new antigen recognized by anti liver kidney microsome antibody lkma

Kilshaw P.J.; Baker K.C., 1989: A new antigenic determinant on intra epithelial lymphocytes and its association with cd45

Uhlig J.; Wiegers K.; Dernick R., 1990: A new antigenic site of poliovirus recognized by an intertypic cross neutralizing monoclonal antibody

Espinosa J.; Fernandez Garces R., 1990: A new antillean species of the genus sansonia mollusca archeogastropoda

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950089

Pille E.R.; Shkol'nik R.Ya; Romanova L.N., 1989: A new antirabies vaccine in medical practice in the ussr

Orikasa S., 1990: A new antireflux operation

Ishidoh T., 1988: A new antireflux technique and clinical evaluations for vesicoureteral reflux in neurogenic bladder

Yoder O., 1988: A new antitumor agent batracylin selected by a preclinical solid tumor model

Masuda K.; Suzuki A.; Nakamura T.; Takagaki S.; Noda K.; Shimomura K.; Noguchi H.; Shibayama F., 1989: A new antitumor antibiotic fk 973 its metabolism in the blood and the antitumor effects of its metabolites on experimental models

Nishimura, M.; Nakada, H.; Nakajima, H.; Hori, Y.; Ezaki, M.; Goto, T.; Okuhara, M., 1989: A new antitumor antibiotic fr 900840 i. discovery identification isolation and characterization

Nishimura, M.; Nakada, H.; Takase, S.; Katayama, A.; Goto, T.; Tanaka, H.; Hashimoto, M., 1989: A new antitumor antibiotic fr 900840 ii. structural elucidation of fr 900840

Nishimura, M.; Nakada, H.; Kawamura, I.; Mizota, T.; Shimomura, K.; Nakahara, K.; Goto, T.; Yamaguchi, I.; Okuhara, M., 1989: A new antitumor antibiotic fr 900840 iii. antitumor activity against experimental tumors

Aoyama Y.; Katayama T.; Yamamoto M.; Tanaka H.; Kon K., 1992: A new antitumor antibiotic product demethylchartreusin isolation and biological activities

Kojiri K.; Kondo H.; Yoshinari T.; Arakawa H.; Nakajima S.; Satoh F.; Kawamura K.; Okura A.; Suda H.; Okanishi M., 1991: A new antitumor substance be 13793c produced by a streptomycete taxonomy fermentation isolation structure determination and biological activity

Doerfler W., 1988: A new apa li restriction fragment length polymorphism in the low density lipoprotein receptor gene

Mackay W.P., 1989: A new aphaenogaster hymenoptera formicidae from southern new mexico usa

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950102

Rayner R.J.; Waters S.B., 1989: A new aphid from the cretaceous of botswana

Barbagallo S.; Binazzi A., 1991: A new aphid species from quercus frainetto in italy tuberculatus etruscus new species homoptera aphididae

Bordat P., 1990: A new aphodius from the afrotropical region coleoptera scarabaeoidea aphodiidae

Yamashita E.; Matsuno T., 1990: A new apocarotenoid from the sea hare aplysia kurodai

Castro O.; Hasbun C.; Calderon M., 1991: A new aporphine alkaloid from nectandra sinuata

Kimura K.; Hashikawa K.; Etani H.; Uehara A.; Kozuka T.; Moriwaki H.; Isaka Y.; Matsumoto M.; Kamada T.; Et Al, 1990: A new apparatus for brain imaging four head rotating gamma camera single photon emission computed tomograph

Toshitani S.; Nakayama J.; Yahata T.; Yasuda M.; Urabe H., 1990: A new apparatus for hair regrowth in male pattern baldness

Angi M.; Baravelli S., 1989: A new apparatus for static photorefraction

Berna J.D.; Garcia Medina V.; Perez J.; Kuni C.C., 1991: A new apparatus for the localization of nonpalpable mammary lesions

Iseki H.; Amano K.; Kawamura H.; Tanikawa T.; Kawabatake H.; Notani M.; Nagao T.; Iwata Y.; Taira T.; Et Al, 1989: A new apparatus of the microultrasonic aspirator musa system for microneurosurgery

Markwardt N.M.; Gocha Y.M.; Klontz G.W., 1989: A new application for coomassie brilliant blue agar detection of aeromonas salmonicida in clinical samples

Toriya H.; Tago T.; Maeshiro K.; Shirai Z.; Arima S.; Kokawa H.; Nakaoka K.; Kubara K., 1992: A new application for transesophageal doppler echography in the diagnosis of hemodynamics of fundic varices

Yasui, K.; Kohno, Y.; Akaki, S.; Hasegawa, M.; Nakagawa, T.; Simizu, M.; Takeda, Y.; Hiraki, Y.; Nagaya, I., 1990: A new application of bull's eye analysis to lung perfusion scintigraphy

Bauman J.G.J., 1988: A new application of in situ hybridization detection of numerical and structural chromosome aberrations with a combination centromeric telomeric dna probe

Baudinet D.; Galgani F., 1991: A new application of microplate reader in oceanography colorimetric assays to determine some nitrogen forms

Seibold R.; Eitel F.; Waldner H.; Brunner U.; Von Hagens G., 1991: A new application of plastination in bone histology

Nakamura T.; Kashiwa H.; Kimura K.; Tane N., 1992: A new application of the video microscope a new system that replaces the use of a microscope during surgery

Duehmke E.; Busch M.II.; Kirschner H., 1990: A new applicator system for afterloading brachytherapy of the uterine cervix

May E.; Mouriesse H.; May Levin F.; Contesso G.; Delarue J C., 1989: A new approach allowing an early prognosis in breast cancer the ratio of estrogen receptor er ligand binding activity to the er specific messenger rna level

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950122

Kurata S.; Hongo H.; Furutani A.; Kaneda Y.; Sakai H.; Kuroda U.; Nakayasu K.; Esato K., 1992: A new approach for abdominal aortic aneurysm by a ringed y graft

Esato K., 1988: A new approach for abdominal aortic aneurysm by a ringed y graft

Etala E., 1992: A new approach for biliodigestive anastomosis in pancreatico duodenal resections with normal size of the common bile ducts

Zaidi M.; Chambers T.J.; Moonga B.S.; Oldoni T.; Passarella E.; Soncini R.; Macintyre I., 1990: A new approach for calcitonin determination based on target cell responsiveness

Chiu Y C.; Yu K M., 1992: A new approach for determining the reaction ratio between calcium and surfactant having low calcium tolerance application to bile salt

O'keefe J.H.Jr; Holmes D.R.Jr; Reeder G.S.; Bresnahan D.R., 1989: A new approach for dilation of bifurcation stenoses the dual probe technique

Langard S.; Reve T., 1991: A new approach for health promotion intervention and screening

Ezaki T.; Matsuno K.; Fujii H.; Hayashi N.; Miyakawa K.; Ohmori J.; Kotani M., 1990: A new approach for identification of rat lymphatic capillaries using a monoclonal antibody

Kinsolving A.D.; Bain M.B., 1990: A new approach for measuring cover in fish habitat studies

Dever M.; Smith J.E.; Hausler D.W., 1989: A new approach for measuring the erythrocyte life span with a nonradioisotope

Koepf Maier P., 1992: A new approach for realizing the antioncogram

Carstens M.H.; Stofman G.M.; Sotereanos G.C.; Hurwitz D.J., 1991: A new approach for repair of oro antral nasal fistulae the anteriorly based buccinator myomucosal island flap

Rydberg, I., 1992: A new approach for screening peas pisum sativum l. for yield capacity

Bedward M.; Pressey R.L.; Keith D.A., 1992: A new approach for selecting fully representative reserve networks addressing efficiency reserve design and land suitability with an iterative analysis

Al Neirabeyeh M.; Rollin P., 1990: A new approach for the c alkylation of unsaturated sugars involving the benzothiazol 2 ylthio leaving group

Moennig V.; Schagemann G.; Dahle J.; Greiser Wilke I.; Leder L., 1990: A new approach for the diagnosis of hog cholera

Armstrong D.W.; Chen S.; Chang C.; Chang S., 1992: A new approach for the direct resolution of racemic beta adrenergic blocking agents by hplc

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950140

Tada Y.; Horiuchi T.; Ohta Y.; Dohi T., 1990: A new approach for the filtrate regeneration system in the wearable artificial kidney

Macheras P.; Symillides M.; Georgiacodis M., 1989: A new approach for the in vivo evaluation of sustained release dosage forms

Chait L.; Ritz M., 1991: A new approach for the refinement of the very broad nasal tip

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950144

Van-Hilten, J. J.; Middelkoop, H. A. M.; Kerkhof, G. A.; Roos, R. A. C., 1991: A new approach in the assessment of motor activity in parkinson's disease

Rao D.V.S., 1988: A new approach of analysis to half diallel crosses where parental lines are included

Vagner Capodano A.M.; Hairion D.; Gambarelli D.; Perez Castillo A.M.; Grisoli F., 1991: A new approach of brain tumors the cytogenetic study

Nessa F.; Rahman S., 1989: A new approach of tba training and its impacts on mch services

Sundar K.S.; Meiyappan S.; Prakash O., 1989: A new approach reusable real time database for medical instrumentation applications

Takle, A.; Kocienski, P., 1990: A new approach to 1 7 dioxaspiro 5.5 undec 4 enes via metallated allenol ethers synthesis of lacrimin a

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950151

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950152

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950153

Yang Z Y.; Burton D.J., 1991: A new approach to alpha alpha difluoro functionalized esters

Hansen H.S.; Froberg K.; Nielsen J.R.; Hyldebrandt N., 1989: A new approach to assessing maximal aerobic power in children the odense school child study

Weingarden S.I.; Kuric J.P.; Belen J.G.; Graham P.M., 1989: A new approach to catastrophic injury spinal cord injury patients

Ping Z.; Tazawa M., 1990: A new approach to cell to cell communication

Wuenscher T.; Jordan K.; Gille H G.; Roth N., 1990: A new approach to cerebral asymmetry rt differences in simultaneous bimanual finger movement during verbal and nonverbal tasks

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950159

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950160

Mori M.; Furukawa I., 1991: A new approach to classification of the earth surface materials based on the reflected spectral characteristics of landsat mss and tm data

Okoth J.O.; Kirumira E.K.; Kapaata R., 1991: A new approach to community participation in tsetse control in the busoga sleeping sickness focus uganda a preliminary report

Alexakis A.; Jachiet D., 1989: A new approach to conjugated dienes synthesis of the pheromones of lobesia botrana and bombyx mori

Baird M.S.; Dale C.M.; Lytollis W.; Simpson M.J., 1992: A new approach to cyclopropene fatty acids

Black D.M.; Cummings S.R.; Stone K.; Hudes E.; Palermo L.; Steiger P., 1991: A new approach to defining normal vertebral dimensions

Uzawa H.; Nishida Y.; Ohrui H.; Meguro H., 1990: A new approach to determine the stereospecificity in lipase catalysed hydrolysis using circular dichroism cd lipases produce optically active diglycerides from achiral triglycerides

Hirschowitz J.; Hitzemann R.; Burr G.; Schwartz A., 1991: A new approach to dose reduction in chronic schizophrenia

Emmer A.; Jansson M.; Roeraade J., 1991: A new approach to dynamic deactivation in capillary zone electrophoresis

Haaf K.; Ruechardt C., 1990: A new approach to enantiomerically pure beta lactams from alpha amino acids by applying the isonitrile nitrile rearrangement

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950171

Meshali, M. M.; El-Dien, E. Z.; Omar, S. A.; Luzzi, L. A., 1989: A new approach to encapsulating nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs iii. coating acidic as well as basic nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs with cellulose derivatives having different functional groups

Meshali, M. M.; El-Dien, E. Z.; Omar, S. A.; Luzzi, L. A., 1989: A new approach to encapsulating nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs iv. effect of cellulose derivatives with different functional groups on the bioavailability and gastric ulcerogenic activity of acidic as well as basic nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Kaletina N.I.; Stazhkova N.Yu, 1989: A new approach to enhancement of drug efficiency

Murray G.I.; Ewen S.W.B., 1989: A new approach to enzyme histochemical analysis of biopsy specimens

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950176

Ejigou A., 1990: A new approach to estimation of relative risks due to two or more risk factors under multiple matching in case control studies

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950178

Tanaka H.; Tatsumi N.; Ito S.; Ikeuchi H.; Ohno Y.; Kishimoto T.; Maekawa M., 1989: A new approach to evaluate platelet function in hemodialysis patients saponin susceptibility of the platelet

Ferretti M.; Udisti R.; Barbolani E., 1992: A new approach to experimental data evaluation from tree ring analysis ion chromatographic determination of phosphorus chloride and sulfur

Ahmed S.M.S.; Mapletoft S.J., 1989: A new approach to explain aggression

Goswami R.; Goswami H.K., 1991: A new approach to genetic load

Kis Varga A.; Rudas T.; Czeizel A., 1990: A new approach to germinal mutation surveillance pair wise evaluation of component elements in unidentified multiple congenital abnormalities

Zielinski M., 1989: A new approach to hair surface topography fourier transform and fractal analysis

Coppola L.; Giunta R.; Verrazzo G.; Tirelli A.; D'onofrio F., 1990: A new approach to hereditary angioedema

Sorrentino R.; Potolicchio I.; Ferrara G.B.; Tosi R., 1992: A new approach to hla dpb1 typing combining dna heteroduplex analysis with allele specific amplification and enzyme restriction

Tiercy J M.; Zwahlen F.; Jeannet M.; Mach B., 1989: A new approach to hla typing for bone marrow transplantation oligonucleotide typing by hybridization on dna amplified by pcr

Dumesic D.A.; Dhillon S.S., 1991: A new approach to hysteroscopic cannulation of the fallopian tube

Schasfoort R.B.M.; Kooyman R.P.H.; Bergveld P.; Greve J., 1990: A new approach to immunofet operation

Ohtani M.; Nikolic S.D.; Glantz S.A., 1991: A new approach to in situ left ventricular volume clamping in dogs

Abdulla W.Y.; Fadhil N.M., 1992: A new approach to intravenous regional anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950192

Baelum V.; Manji F.; Fejerskov O., 1990: A new approach to investigating associations in periodontal disease data

Zhoung G.; Chen H.; Li L.; Xue Z., 1991: A new approach to measurement of thixotropic properties of whole human blood

Vakalikos J.; Petroulidis S.; Dimasis N.; Galaktidou G.; Kortsaris A.H., 1990: A new approach to monitor patients with renal cell carcinoma treated with ifn a

Donnelly D.M.X.; Finet J P.; Guiry P.J.; Hutchinson R.M., 1990: A new approach to neoflavonoid synthesis

Bogusiak J.; Szeja W., 1991: A new approach to o glycosyl phosphorothioates

Garraffo R.; Dellamonica P.; Drugeon H.B.; Etesse H.; Lapalus P., 1990: A new approach to optimal antibiotic dosage regimen by coupling pharmacokinetics and killing curve parameters

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950199

Golec J.M.C.; Hedgecock C.J.R.; Murdoch R.; Tully W.R., 1992: A new approach to phospholipase a2 inhibition

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950201

Xu L., 1989: A new approach to predict carcinogenicity of chemicals quantitatively ratio estimate method

Ito Y.Z.; Nakazato Y.; Petrow V., 1989: A new approach to prostate cancer

Jones D.T.; Taylor W.R.; Thornton J.M., 1992: A new approach to protein fold recognition

Borea G.; Montebugnoli L.; Borghi C., 1991: A new approach to quantify cardiovascular response in dentistry

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950206

Jensen R.L.; Katch F.I., 1991: A new approach to rowing ergometry establishing exercise intensity relative to maximum force output

Rucci F.S.; Trafficante F.G.; Moresi M., 1989: A new approach to sciatic nerve block in the gluteal region

Sokolov N.V., 1990: A new approach to solving problems of environmental protection at processing plants of an agricultural complex

Harpen M.D., 1992: A new approach to split resonator design

Park K., 1989: A new approach to study mucoadhesion colloidal gold staining

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950212

Mckinlay S.M.; Carleton R.A.; Mckenney J.L.; Assaf A.R., 1989: A new approach to surveillance for acute myocardial infarction reproducibility and cost efficiency

Gryaznov, S. M.; Letsinger, R. L., 1992: A new approach to synthesis of oligonucleotides with 3' phosphoryl groups

Fry G.; Lachenmeier E.; Mayrand E.; Guisti B.; Fisher J.; Johnston Dow L.; Cathcart R.; Finne E.; Kilaas L., 1992: A new approach to template purification for sequencing applications using paramagnetic particles

Jirout J., 1991: A new approach to testing of long term resistance of the spine to mechanical stress

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950217

Engelken E.J.; Stevens K.W., 1990: A new approach to the analysis of nystagmus an application for order statistic filters

Sagaidak V.N.; Gusev L.I.; Akhmetov M.Sh, 1989: A new approach to the assessment of surgical activity of oncological institutions

Gundarov I.A.; Golyzhnikov V.A.; Britov A.N.; Konstantinov E.N.; Loginova T.I.; Semenova E.N.; Sviderskii V.G., 1989: A new approach to the assessment of the prevalence of electrocardiographic high amplitude r and s waves in population screenings

Matzer L.; Kiat H.; Friedman J.D.; Van Train K.; Maddahi J.; Berman D.S., 1991: A new approach to the assessment of tomographic thallium 201 scintigraphy in patients with left bundle branch block

Scott D.M.; Dyson P.J.; Simpson E., 1992: A new approach to the cloning of genes encoding t cell epitopes

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950223

Yamada J I.; Asano T.; Kadota I.; Yamamoto Y., 1990: A new approach to the construction of beta alkoxy substituted cyclic ethers via the intramolecular cyclization of omega trialkylplumbyl and omega trialkylstannyl ether acetals

Ghindilis A.L.; Skorobogat'ko O.V.; Gavrilova V.P.; Yaropolov A.I., 1992: A new approach to the construction of potentiometric immunosensors

Mishra R.C.; Kumar J.; Gupta J.K., 1989: A new approach to the control of predatory wasps vespa spp of the honeybee apis mellifera l

Koebe H.G.; Dunn J.C.Y.; Toner M.; Sterling L.M.; Hubel A.; Cravalho E.G.; Yarmush M.L.; Tompkins R.G., 1990: A new approach to the cryopreservation of hepatocytes in a sandwich culture configuration

Kawamura M.; Preisler H.D., 1989: A new approach to the detection of dna damage

Timofeeva E.B.; Nasonov E.L.; Sura V.V.; Samoryadova O.S.; Baranauskaite A.A., 1991: A new approach to the determination of circulating immune complexes in the blood serum of patients with rheumatic diseases using polyethyleneglycol sedimentation in conjunction with enzyme immunoassay

Thieden, H. I. D.; Hunding, A., 1991: A new approach to the determination of ethanol elimination rate in vivo an extension of widmark's equation

Prusak Sochaczewski E.; Luong J.H.T., 1990: A new approach to the development of a reusable piezoelectric crystal biosensor

Hallonet M.E.R.; Teillet M A.; Le Douarin N.M., 1990: A new approach to the development of the cerebellum provided by the quail chick marker system

Litvinov M.B., 1988: A new approach to the diagnosis of epilepsy

Martynov Yu V.; Samsonova I.M.; Blinkovskii A.M., 1990: A new approach to the diagnosis of meningococcal infection latex erythrocytic agglutination

Brugada P.; Brugada J.; Mont L.; Smeets J.; Andries E.W., 1991: A new approach to the differential diagnosis of a regular tachycardia with a wide qrs complex

Wright R.V.S., 1988: A new approach to the discrimination of chirotherioid ichnospecies by means of multivariate statistics triassic eastern border of the french massif central

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950238

Steenbakkers P.G.A.; Van Meel F.C.M.; Olijve W., 1992: A new approach to the generation of human or murine antibody producing hybridomas

Mcminn D.J.W.; Roberts P.; Forward G.R., 1991: A new approach to the hip for revision surgery

Spratt K.F.; Lehmann T.R.; Weinstein J.N.; Sayre H.A., 1990: A new approach to the low back physical examination behavioral assessment of mechanical signs

Nicolaides A.; Gray R.; Pfleiderer A., 1991: A new approach to the management of acute epistaxis

Imoedemhe D.A.G.; Chan R.C.W.; Sigue A.B.; Pacpaco E.L.A.; Olazo A.B., 1991: A new approach to the management of patients at risk of ovarian hyperstimulation in an in vitro fertilization programme

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950244

Juergens, N., 1991: A new approach to the namib region i. phytogeographic subdivision

Wendel U.; Koppelkamm M.; Hummel W.; Sander J.; Langenbeck U., 1990: A new approach to the newborn screening for hyperphenylalaninemias use of l phenylalanine dehydrogenase and microtiter plates

Evans, J. M.; Skidmore, R.; Luckman, N. P.; Wells, P. N. T., 1989: A new approach to the noninvasive measurement of cardiac output using an annular doppler technique i. theoretical considerations and ultrasonic fields

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Tehler A., 1990: A new approach to the phylogeny of euascomycetes with a cladistic outline of arthoniales focussing on roccellaceae

Fomina N.G., 1988: A new approach to the qualitative assessment of a response to bicycle ergometric testing in patients after aortic valve replacement

Messeri G., 1988: A new approach to the quality control of steroid receptor assays

Inoue K., 1990: A new approach to the quantitative analysis of the vascular architecture and its application to the cerebral cortex of the reeler mouse

Tuffery P.; Etchebest C.; Hazout S.; Lavery R., 1991: A new approach to the rapid determination of protein side chain conformations

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Nicholas E.; Clemente J.; Perello M.; Albericio F.; Pedroso E.; Giralt E., 1992: A new approach to the solid phase peptide synthesis of peptide alkylamides and esters

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950259

Quinsac, A.; Ribaillier, D.; Elfakir, C.; Lafosse, M.; Dreux, M., 1991: A new approach to the study of glucosinolates by isocratic liquid chromatography part i. rapid determination of desulfated derivatives of rapeseed glucosinolates

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950261

Labat M.L., 1991: A new approach to the study of the origin of genetic diseases retroviral etiology of osteopetrosis

Teaford M.F.; Tylenda C.A., 1991: A new approach to the study of tooth wear

Gubanova N.Yu; Brodskii A.K., 1990: A new approach to the study of wing movement during flight

Perez D.; Guitian E.; Castedo L., 1992: A new approach to the synthesis of antitumour alkaloids with lycorane skeleton

Du Mortier C.; Varela O.; De Lederkremer R.M., 1989: A new approach to the synthesis of disaccharide derivatives having a furanose as the reducing unit

Cardillo G.; Orena M.; Penna M.; Sandri S.; Tomasini C., 1991: A new approach to the synthesis of enantiomerically pure 2 3 diamino acids through chiral imidazolin 2 ones

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950268

Vlahov I.R.; Vlahova P.I.; Schmidt R.R., 1991: A new approach to the synthesis of neuraminic acid analogues

Gryaznov S.M.; Potapov V.K., 1990: A new approach to the synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides using oxidative phosphorylation method

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950271

Ahmad Junan S.A.; Whiting D.A., 1992: A new approach to the synthesis of peltogynoids natural isochromeno 4 3 b chromenes

Batygina T.B., 1989: A new approach to the system of reproduction in flowering plants

Kornyshev A.A.; Leikin S.L., 1990: A new approach to the theory of hydration forces

Li D J.; Wang Y R.; Tan X Y.; Wang H Z.; Yao X D.; Ba D N., 1990: A new approach to the treatment of malignant effusion

Orr S.L.; Gese E.; Hood L., 1992: A new approach to understanding t cell development the isolation and characterization of immature cd4 negative cd8 negative cd3 negative t cell cdnas by subtraction cloning

Sanfelippo P.M., 1992: A new approach to vascular access for endovascular procedures

Yokoi T.; Kanno I.; IIda H.; Miura S.; Uemura K., 1991: A new approach to weighted integration technique based on accumulated images using dynamic pet and oxygen 15 water

Kevy S.V.; Jacobson M.S.; Fosburrg M.; Renaud M.; Scanlon A.; Carmen R.; Nelson E., 1991: A new approach to young red cell transfusion the neocel system

Saji F.; Tokugawa Y.; Kimura T.; Kamiura S.; Nobunaga T.; Azuma C.; Tanizawa O., 1989: A new approach using dna fingerprinting for the determination of androgenesis as a cause of hydatidiform mole

Mcalpine D.K., 1990: A new apterous micropezid fly diptera schizophora from western australia australia

Kasahara S., 1989: A new apterous panagaeine carabid coleoptera from taiwan

Papp L., 1989: A new apterous sphaerocerid fly from thailand diptera sphaeroceridae

Paul B., 1990: A new aquatic species of pythium from algeria with filamentous sporangia and thick walled oospores

Dean H.K., 1992: A new arabellid polychaete living in the mantle cavity of deep sea wood boring bivalves family pholadidae

Neuville D.; Koussih L., 1991: A new araphid diatom isolated from an oyster pond on the isle of oleron france

Barnett L.C.; Dorr L.J., 1990: A new arborescent species of byttneria sterculiaceae from french guiana

Francy D.B.; Karabatsos N.; Wesson D.M.; Moore C.G.Jr; Lazuick J.S.; Niebylski M.L.; Tsai T.F.; Craig G.B.Jr, 1990: A new arbovirus from aedes albopictus an asian mosquito established in the usa

Czarnetzki A., 1991: A new archaic hominid skull fragment from southwest germany

Deroin T., 1991: A new argyreia convolvulaceae from western madagascar

Billon Grand G., 1989: A new ascosporogenous yeast genus yamadazyma new genus

Courtecuisse R.; Uchida M.; Andary C.; Hongo T., 1991: A new asiatic species of pluteus basidiomycotina pluteales with dotted pileus and its variations

Kinoshita K.; Matsuzaki K.; Mayumi H.; Asou T.; Masuda M.; Kawachi Y.; Tokunaga K., 1991: A new aspect of coronary artery spasm induced by cardiac surgery

Horvath, T.; Past, T.; Hoffmann-Traeger, A.; Rechenbach, C.; Kadas, I.; Javor, T., 1990: A new aspect of the liver's function quantitative characterization of biotransformation capacity in case of chronic liver diseases with test substances

Borgesen, L. W., 1989: A new aspect of the role of larvae in the pharaoh's ant society monomorium pharaonis l. formicidae myrmicinae producer of fecundity increasing substances to the queen

Hanamura A.; Aiba H., 1992: A new aspect of transcriptional control of the escherichia coli crp gene positive autoregulation

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950298

Wilson M.; Harvey W., 1990: A new assay for bacterial lipopolysaccharides

Hjemdahl P.; Perneby C.; Theodorsson E.; Egberg N.; Larsson P.T., 1991: A new assay for beta thromboglobulin in urine

Beletsky I.P.; Umansky S.R., 1990: A new assay for cell death

Lee C.K.; Roberts A.L.; Finn T.M.; Knapp S.; Mekalanos J.J., 1990: A new assay for invasion of hela 229 cells by bordetella pertussis effects of inhibitors phenotypic modulation and genetic alterations

Archibald F.S., 1992: A new assay for lignin type peroxidases employing the dye azure b

Schwabacher A.W.; Lei H., 1990: A new assay for molecular recognition

Klein S.; Oesch F., 1990: A new assay for o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase to determine dna repair capacities using lambda phage dna as substrate

Tsuruoka A., 1988: A new assay for the detection of islet cell surface antibodies using insulinoma cells and its clinical application

Sturzbecher J.; Svendsen L.; Eichenberger R.; Markwardt F., 1989: A new assay for the determination of factor xii in plasma using a chromogenic substrate and a selective inhibitor of plasma kallikrein

Seiving B.; Stenberg P.; Nilsson B., 1991: A new assay for transglutaminase

Takayama T.; Oyashiki H.; Uchida M.; Obayashi A.; Oka S., 1989: A new assay method and evaluation of removal of protein in mirin

Mackintosh R.W.; Hardie D.G.; Slabas A.R. , 1989: A new assay procedure to study the induction of beta ketoacyl acp synthase i and ii and the complete purification of beta ketoacyl acp synthase i from developing seeds of oilseed rape brassica napus

Atassi G., 1988: A new assay to evaluate cell growth and drug sensitivity in culture using a cell image processor

Gans R.F.; Watson G.E.; Tabak L.A., 1990: A new assessment in vitro of human salivary lubrication using a compliant substrate

Okadome K.; Mii S.; Onohara T.; Fukuda A.; Muto Y.; Sugimachi K., 1990: A new assessment of arteriographic runoff for predicting fate of femoropopliteal arterial reconstructions

Ortiz S.; Marcos Samaniego N., 1989: A new association from the granite soils of serra da estrela portugal violetum langeanae

Carni A., 1988: A new association of the scots pine in the slovenian praepannonian borderland yugoslavia

Chumakov M.I.; Gorban' V.V.; Kovler L.E.; Solovova G.K.; Krivopalov Yu V.; Vasil'ev A.Yu; Frolova V.D.; Muronets E.M.; Kamenova S.V., 1992: A new associative diazotrophic bacterium agrobacterium radiobacter from wheat hystosphere

Caso M.E., 1990: A new asteroid astropecten caribemexicanensis new species from the mexican caribbean and a comparison with the related species astropecten nitidus verrill

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950318

Chalumeau F., 1990: A new ataenius from brazil ataenius degallieri new species coleoptera scarabaeidae aphodiinae

La Marca E.; Garcia Perez J.E.; Renjifo J.M., 1989: A new atelopus sp amphibia anura bufonidae from paramo de tama apure state venezuela

Rivero J.A.; Serna M.A., 1989: A new atelopus species amphibia bufonidae of colombia

Frank J.; Perreau M., 1991: A new attaephilus sp from pakistan coleoptera cholevidae

Noordhoek G.T.; Cockayne A.; Schouls L.M.; Meloen R.H.; Stolz E.; Van Embden J.D.A., 1990: A new attempt to distinguish serologically the subspecies of treponema pallidum causing syphilis and yaws

Galassi D.P., 1988: A new attheyella from groundwaters of italy attheyella paranaphtalica new species crustacea copepoda canthocamptidae

Smith D.R., 1991: A new aulacus hymenoptera gasteruptionidae aulacinae from virginia usa

Parin N.V.; Kotlyar A.N., 1989: A new aulopodid species hime microps from the eastern south pacific with comments on geographic variation of hime japonica

Carter J.L., 1991: A new aulostegid brachiopoda aulostegoidea from the lower mississippian of northcentral iowa

Richiteanu A.; Teodorescu G., 1989: A new aureobasidium pathogen of the cultivated blueberries vaccinium spp in romania

Hay A., 1992: A new australian genus of araceae with notes on generic limits and biogeography of the areae

Southcott R.V., 1987: A new australian larval callidosomatine mite acarina erythraeidae parasitic on flies with notes on subfamily and tribe classification

Gray M.R.; Anderson G.J., 1989: A new australian species of argyrodes simon araneoidea theridiidae which preys on its host

Naumann I.D., 1988: A new australian species of communal ground nesting wasp in the genus spilomena shuckard hymenoptera sphecidae pemphredoninae

Desch C.E.Jr, 1991: A new australian species of stomatodex new record fain acari demodecidae from the oesophagus of cercartetus nanus desmarest marsupialia

Pether J., 1990: A new austromegabalanus cirripedia balanidae from the pliocene of namaqualand cape province south africa

Dimier David L.; Inofuentes A.; Carrasco M.; David C.; Vargas F.; Revollo S.; Dedet J P., 1991: A new autochthonous case of visceral leishmaniasis in bolivia

Haagen, L.; Brock, A., 1992: A new automated method for phenotyping arylesterase ec based upon inhibition of enzymatic hydrolysis of 4 nitrophenyl acetate by phenyl acetate

Toshima H., 1988: A new autonomic function test with digital analysis of digital plethysmography and its clinical application

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950338

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950340

Cristobal C.L.; Zamora V.N.; Arbo M.M., 1992: A new ayenia new species sterculiaceae with foliar nectaries from costa rica

Kvita V.; Sauter H.; Rihs G., 1989: A new azepine ring synthesis

Kraemer R.; Birrer P.; Modelska K.; Casaulta Aebischer C.; Schoeni M.H., 1992: A new baby spacer device for aerosolized bronchodilator administration in infants with bronchopulmonary disease

Antrim R.L.; Solheim B.A.; Solheim L.; Auterinen A L.; Cunefare J.; Karppelin S., 1991: A new bacillus licheniformis alpha amylase capable of low ph liquefaction

Wood B.A.; Easdown W.J., 1990: A new bacterial disease of mung bean and cowpea for australia

Maringoni, A. C.; Leite, R. P. Jr ; Komori, N., 1988: A new bacterial disease on cucumber cucumis sativus ul. caused by xanthomonas campestris pathovar cucurbitae bryan dye in brazil

Stahl S., 1989: A new bacteriocinogenic activity megacin bii encoded by plasmid pse 203 in strains of bacillus megaterium

East A.K.; Errington J., 1989: A new bacteriophage vector for cloning in bacillus subtilis and the use of phi 105 for protein synthesis in maxicells

Landreneau R.J.; Marshall J.B.; Johnson J.A.; Boley T.M.; Hazelrigg S.R.; Curtis J.J.; Mcclelland R.N., 1991: A new balanced operation for complex gastroesophageal reflux disease

Zherdenko A.M., 1988: A new balloon catheter for the intraoperative dilatation of the arteries

White C.J.; Ramee S.R.; Banks A.K.; Mesa J.E.; Chokshi S.; Isner J.M., 1992: A new balloon expandable tantalum coil stent angiographic patency and histologic findings in an atherogenic swine model

Lisch W.; Steuhl K P.; Lisch C.; Weidle E.G.; Emmig C T.; Cohen K.L.; Perry H.D., 1992: A new band shaped and whorled microcystic dystrophy of the corneal epithelium

Nguyen H.T., 1988: A new banding technique for chromosomes of wheat triticum and its relatives

Tan K.; Gemici Y., 1990: A new barbarea from southwest anatolia turkey

Skelton P.H., 1990: A new barbus minnow pisces cyprinidae from the eastern cape province south africa

Singh C.B.; Munshi J.D.; Sinha S.P., 1990: A new basic chromosome number in saccharum spontaneum l

Omenaas E.; Gulsvik A., 1990: A new basic course in pulmonary medicine as part of the training of specialists in internal medicine

Valdovinos C., 1988: A new bathyal calyptogena from off the coast of central chile bivalvia vesicomyidae

Erseus C., 1989: A new bathyal species of atlantidrilus oligochaeta tubificidae from new caledonia pacific ocean

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950362

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950363

Spiegel, R.; Brunner, C.; Ermini-Funfschilling, D.; Monsch, A.; Notter, M.; Puxty, J.; Tremmel, L., 1991: A new behavioral assessment scale for geriatric outpatients and inpatients the nosger nurses' observation scale for geriatric patients

Cohen S.; Duffus J.E.; Liu H.Y., 1992: A new bemisia tabaci biotype in the southwestern united states and its role in silverleaf of squash and transmission of lettuce infectious yellow virus

Casanova J P.; Chidgey K., 1990: A new benthopelagic species of heterokrohnia chaetognatha from the north atlantic ocean

Gonzalez A.G.; Luis J.G.; Grillo T.A.; Vazquez J.S.; Calle J.; Rivera A., 1991: A new beta agarofuran sesquiterpene dibenzoate from salvia palaefolia

Burkart F.; Stamm G.; Witassek F., 1989: A new beta blocker in the treatment of essential hypertension and angina pectoris

Souleles C.; Kokkalou E., 1989: A new beta carboline alkaloid from ailanthus altissima

Prats R.; Gomez M.; Pla J.; Blasco B.; Ayala J.A., 1989: A new beta lactam binding protein derived from penicillin binding protein 3 of escherichia coli

Deidda G.; Novelletto A.; Hafez M.; El Ziny M.; Terrenato L.; Felicetti L., 1991: A new beta thalassemia frameshift mutation detected by pcr after selective hybridization to immobilized oligonucleotides

Deidda, G.; Novelleto, A.; Hafez, M.; Al-Tonbary, Y.; Felicetti, L.; Terrenato, L.; Colombo, B., 1990: A new beta thalassemia mutation produced by a single nucleotide substitution in the conserved dinucleotide sequence of the ivs i consensus acceptor site ag aa

Weiner B.M.; Nirankari V.S., 1992: A new biaspheric contact lens for severe astigmatism following penetrating keratoplasty

Wilcox M.D.; Parce J.W.; Thomas M.J.; Lyles D.S., 1990: A new bifunctional spin label suitable for saturation transfer epr studies of protein rotational motion

Li G.S., 1988: A new bilirubin degrading enzyme from orange peels

Dinda B.; Saha S., 1989: A new binaphthoquinone from plumbago zeylanica linn

Prendergast G.C.; Ziff E.B., 1992: A new bind for myc

Kitakado Y.; Tanaka K.; Asonuma K.; Uemoto S.; Matsuoka S.; Utsunomiya H.; Okamoto R.; Katayama T.; Inomata Y.; Et Al, 1991: A new bioabsorbable material for rat orthotopic liver transplantation

Crispino A.; De Giulio A.; De Rosa S.; Strazzullo G., 1989: A new bioactive derivate of avarol from the marine sponge dysidea avara

Akoum A.; Guidoin R.; King M.W.; Marois Y.; Sigot M.; Sigot Luizard M F., 1992: A new bioactive molecule for improving vascular graft patency exploratory trials in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950382

Fainzilber M.; Zlotkin E., 1992: A new bioassay reveals mollusc specific toxicity in molluscivorous conus venoms

Richardson P.; Hoare M.; Dunnill P., 1990: A new biochemical engineering approach to the fractional precipitation of proteins

Rognum T.O.; Hauge S.; Oyasaeter S.; Saugstad O.D., 1991: A new biochemical method for estimation of postmortem time

Fukuzaki H.; Yoshida M.; Asano M.; Kumakura M.; Mashimo T.; Yuasa H.; Imai K.; Yamanaka H.; Kawaharada U.; Suzuki K., 1991: A new biodegradable copolymer of glycolic acid and lactones with relatively low molecular weight prepared by direct copolycondensation in the absence of catalysts

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950388

Fukuzaki H.; Yoshida M.; Asano M.; Kumakura M.; Mashimo T.; Yuasa H.; Imai K.; Yamanaka H.; Kawaharada U.; Suzuki K., 1989: A new biodegradable pasty type copolymer of l lactic acid and delta valerolactone with relatively low molecular weight for application in drug delivery systems

Malm T.; Bowald S.; Karacagil S.; Bylock A.; Busch C., 1992: A new biodegradable patch for closure of atrial septal defect

Imamura T.; Ohtsuka H.; Matsushita M.; Tsuruta J.; Okada H.; Kambara T., 1992: A new biological activity of the complement factor h identification of the precursor of the major macrophage chemotactic factor in delayed hypersensitivity reaction sites of guinea pigs

Muralidharan S.; Gu J.; Laub G.W.; Cichon R.; Daloisio C.; Mcgrath L.B., 1991: A new biological membrane for pericardial closure

Osada H.; Sonoda T.; Tsunoda K.; Isono K., 1989: A new biological role of sangivamycin inhibition of protein kinases

Kuhajda F.P., 1988: A new biomarker in monitoring breast cancer ca 549

Park J K.; Kim H S., 1990: A new biosensor for specific determination of glucose or fructose using an oxidoreductase of zymomonas mobilis

Park J K.; Ro H S.; Kim H S., 1991: A new biosensor for specific determination of sucrose using an oxidoreductase of zymomomas mobilis and invertase

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950397

Poirier J M.; Hennequin L., 1989: A new bis annelation method application to steroid synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950399

Arens H., 1988: A new biscoumarin glucoside ester from ruta chalepensis cell cultures

Marcos M.; Villaverde M.C.; Riguera R.; Castedo L.; Stermitz F.R., 1990: A new bishordeninylterpene alkaloid from zanthoxylum chiriquinum

Hosagoudar V.B.; Braun U., 1989: A new black mildew from india

Coetzee M.; Van Schaik N., 1989: A new black tarsomere allele in aedes aegypti diptera culicidae from the island of grand comoros indian ocean

Lebrun J P.; Stork A.L.; Wuest J., 1991: A new blepharis acanthaceae from somalia

Juberthie C., 1988: A new blind opiliones cyphophthalmi from australia austropurcellia scoparia new genus new species

Izquierdo, I.; Martin, J. L., 1990: A new blind species of loboptera brunner w. from tenerife island canary islands blattaria blattellidae

Ishiguro Y.; Kato K.; Asano T.; Akatsuka H.; Kishida Y.; Ito T., 1990: A new blood marker for neuroblastoma the alpha subunit of gtp binding protein g o

Knapp B.; Nau U.; Hundt E.; Kuepper H.A., 1991: A new blood stage antigen of plasmodium falciparum highly homologous to the serin stretch protein serp

Davies F.G.; Mungai J.N.; Pini A., 1992: A new bluetongue virus serotype isolated in kenya

Nesom G.L., 1991: A new bolivian species of aloysia verbenaceae

Ho C T., 1988: A new bonded phase for high performance liquid chromatographic analysis

Kong C.P., 1989: A new bornean species of loach elxis sabanus new species cobitidae from mendolong sabah malaysia

Martinez A.T.; Gonzalez A.E.; Abarca L.; Cabanes J. , 1990: A new botryoascus from the air of a poultry farm

Mccord W.P.; Iverson J.B., 1991: A new box turtle of the genus cuora testudines emydidae with taxonomic notes and a key to the species

Halffter G., 1988: A new brachypterous species of onthophagus from mexico coleoptera scarabaeidae

Ferreira L.A.F.; Henriques O.B.; Lebrun I.; Batista M.B.C.; Prezoto B.C.; Andreoni A.S.S.; Zelnik R.; Habermehl G., 1992: A new bradykinin potentiating peptide peptide p isolated from the venom of bothrops jararacussu jararacucu tapete urutu dourado

Andersson B.; Odman P.; Carlsson L.; Branemark P I., 1992: A new branemark single tooth abutment handling and early clinical experiences

Grobler L., 1991: A new brasilobates perez inigo and baggio 1980 from south africa acari oribatei oribatuloidea xylobatidae

Dallari S.G., 1988: A new brazilian academic discipline health law

Grantsau R.; Camargo H.F.D.A., 1989: A new brazilian species of amazona aves psittacidae

Arle R., 1987: A new brazilian species of arlea womersley 1939 collembola isotomidae

Barros, F. D., 1988: A new brazilian species of the genus aspasia lindl. orchidaceae aspasia silvana new species

Bhargava A.K.; Petrelli N.J.; Myers M.M.; Khan S.; Fitzpatrick J.; Burke P.; Anselmino L.; Manderino G., 1989: A new breast cancer marker bcm in monitoring disease status

Kirby R.M.; Wiliams M.; Hopper G.; Skinner M.D.; French C.; Suarez V.; Summerly M.E.; Gray J.G., 1991: A new breast screening program an audit of the first year

Bass J.A.B.; Brockhouse C., 1990: A new british species of the simulium vernum group with comments on its ecology and life history diptera simuliidae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950429

Sarma N.S.; Das C.R.; Rambabu M.; Anajaneyulu A.S.R.; Vishnuvajjala B.R., 1990: A new bromofuran from marine sponge phakellia conulus

Misawa M.; Kawamura T.; Takenouchi K., 1989: A new bronchial asthma model using calcium ionophore a 23187 in guinea pigs

Shoemaker R.A.; Babcock C.E.; Mueller E., 1989: A new broomella with a truncatella anamorph on clematis

Matsui T.; Matsui M., 1990: A new brown frog genus rana from honshu japan

Mcdaniel B.; Boe A., 1991: A new bruchophagus from glycyrrhiza lepidota pursh in the northern great plains usa hymenoptera chalcidoidea eurytomidae

Bellamy C.L., 1991: A new buprestine genus and species from zululand south africa coleoptera buprestidae

Sanz J.F.; Marco J.A., 1991: A new butenolide from conyza bonariensis

Bamps P.; Malaisse F., 1990: A new buxaceae in zaire

Nozawa S.; Yajima M.; Sasaki H.; Tsukazaki K.; Aoki D.; Sakayori M.; Udagawa Y.; Kobayashi T.; Sato I.; Et Al, 1991: A new ca125 like antigen ca602 recognized by two monoclonal antibodies against a newly established ovarian clear cell carcinoma cell line rmg ii

Leon, L. J.; Roberge, F. A., 1990: A new cable model formulation based on green's theorem

Aihara H., 1988: A new calcium antagonist cd 349 binding to the calcium channel of rat myocardium and brain and hog coronary artery

Humm J.L.; Charlton D.E., 1989: A new calculational method to assess the therapeutic potential of auger electron emission

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950442

Callahan F.T.II, 1988: A new calochortus from douglas county oregon usa

Minato H., 1989: A new camaenid species nipponochloritis silvaticus new species from yamaguchi ken japan

Cope J.C.W., 1988: A new camerate crinoid from the arenig of south wales uk

Long J., 1988: A new camuropiscid arthrodire pisces placodermi from gogo western australia

Lopez Jurado L.F., 1989: A new canarian lizard subspecies from hierro island canarian archipelago north atlantic ocean

Brophy C.M.; Ito R.K.; Quist W.C.; Rosenblatt M.S.; Contreras M.; Tsoukas A.; Logerfo F.W., 1991: A new canine model for evaluating blood prosthetic arterial graft interactions

Spivak J.M.; Ricci J.L.; Blumenthal N.C.; Alexander H., 1990: A new canine model to evaluate the biological response of intramedullary bone to implant materials and surfaces

Proffer T.J.; Jones A.L., 1989: A new canker disease of apple caused by leucostoma cincta and other fungi associated with cankers on apple in michigan usa

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950451

Hutchinson M.N., 1988: A new capitosaurid amphibian from the early triassic of queensland australia and the ontogeny of the capitosaur skull

Woods C.A., 1989: A new capromyid rodent from haiti the origin evolution and extinction of west indian rodents and their bearing on the origin of new world hystricognaths

Boy J.A.; Martens T., 1991: A new captorhinomorph reptile from the rotliegendes of thuringia lower permian eastern germany

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950456

Zamotailov A.S., 1988: A new carabid beetle species of the genus carterus coleoptera carabidae

Auvray C.; Machard P., 1990: A new carabus sp for the fauna of turkey coleoptera carabidae

Retezar I.; Djavelidze I., 1992: A new carabus species from the central caucasus coleoptera carabidae

Mussell M.J.; Nakazono Y.; Miyamoto Y., 1989: A new carbon dioxide inhalation system for studying regulation of breathing

Meinshausen E.; Wendt M., 1989: A new card for bedside abo group testing

Takashina T.; Masuzawa T.; Fukui Y., 1990: A new cardiac auscultation simulator

Thwaites B.C.; Thwaites S., 1990: A new cardiology service in antigua and barbuda west indies

Ikeogu M.O., 1989: A new cardiomyopathy in girls

Suga H., 1988: A new cardiotonic agent opc 8212 elevates the myocardial oxygen consumption versus pressure volume area pva relation in a similar manner to catecholamines and calcium in canine hearts

Chernova N.V., 1988: A new careproctus species liparididae from a 4 kilometer depth in the porcupine seabight northeast atlantic

Moura V.L.A.; Monte F.J.O.; Braz Filho R., 1990: A new casbane type diterpenoid from croton nepetaefolius

Pantoja R.; Delaire J., 1991: A new case of adenomatoid odontogenic tumor

Taliano V.; Fleury M.; Decary F., 1989: A new case of allo anti lw ab

Di Gregorio C., 1988: A new case of amoebic hepatic abscess

Fioritoni G., 1988: A new case of chronic myelogenous leukemia with 14q positive marker and review of the literature

Miegeville M.; Bureau B.; Morin O.; Berthelo J.M.; Prost A., 1989: A new case of cutaneous alternariosis on a patient under corticotherapy

Brockstedt M.; Jakobs C.; Smit L.M.E.; Van Gennip A.H.; Berger R., 1990: A new case of dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase deficiency

Hashimoto T.; Aso N.; Umeda F.; Yamashita T.; Ishii H.; Noda K.; Motomatsu T.; Nawata H., 1989: A new case of familial hyperproinsulinemia

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950475

Luke S.; Bennett H.S.; Pitter J.H.; Verma R.S., 1992: A new case of monosomy for 17q25 qter due to a maternal translocation t 3 17 p12 q24

Romano C.; Sulotto F.; Pavan I.; Chiesa A.; Scansetti G., 1992: A new case of occupational asthma from reactive dyes with severe anaphylactic response to the specific challenge

Stormorken H.; Briseid K.; Hellum B.; Hoem N.O.; Johansen H.T.; Ly B., 1990: A new case of total kininogen deficiency

Kulikova S.G.; Petukhov V.L.; Grafodatskii A.S., 1991: A new case of trisomy in cattle

Chafa O.; Fischer A.F.; Meriane F.; Chellali F.; Rahal S.; Sternberg C.; Benabadji M., 1989: A new case of type ii inherited protein s deficiency

Santoro, L.; Marmo, C.; Gasparo-Rippa, P.; Toscano, A.; Sadile, F.; Barbieri, F., 1989: A new case of ullrich's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950482

Landaas S.; Borch K.; Aagaard E., 1989: A new case with hereditary xanthinuria response to exercise

Rodrigo M.T.; Mendioroz S., 1992: A new catalyst for the selective hydrogenation of sunflower seed oil

Nakamura T.; Nagasawa T.; Yu F.; Watanabe I.; Yamada H., 1991: A new catalytic function of halohydrin hydrogen halide lyase synthesis of beta hydroxynitriles from epoxides and cyanide

Dan D.; Re J., 1992: A new catalytic polarographic system for determination of trace amounts of tungsten

Ashley S.; Sutton G.; Royle G.; Taylor I., 1990: A new catheter to simplify portal vein cannulation for adjuvant cytotoxic liver perfusion following resection of rectal cancer

Lai L.Y.C.; Constans J.; Archer G.T., 1990: A new cathodal gc variant in australia

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950489

Shozu M.; Akasofu K.; Harada T.; Kubota Y., 1991: A new cause of female pseudohermaphroiditism placental aromatase deficiency

Brown M.; Mankelow R.T., 1992: A new cause of trigger thumb

Vigna Taglianti A., 1987: A new cave amphipod of the hadziid group from turkey crustacea amphipoda melitidae

Rampini M.; Zoia S., 1990: A new cave bathysciinae from sardinia patriziella nuragica new species coleoptera cholevidae

Pereira V.F.G., 1989: A new cave dwelling amphipod species for brazil hyalella caeca new species amphipoda hyalellidae

Roth L.M., 1991: A new cave dwelling cockroach from western australia australia blattaria nocticolidae

Rodriguez G.; Hobbs H.H.Jr, 1989: A new cavernicolous crab zilchia falcata new species from guatemala with notes on the genera of the potamocarcinini crustacea decapoda pseudothelphusidae

Ng P.K.L., 1989: A new cavernicolous freshwater crab thelphusula styx new species crustacea decapoda brachyura gecarcinucidae from gunong mulu sarawak borneo indonesia

Hoch H., 1988: A new cavernicolous planthopper species homoptera fulgoroidea cixiidae from mexico

Matozaki T.; Martinez J.; Williams J.A., 1989: A new cck analogue differentiates two functionally distinct cck receptors in rat and mouse pancreatic acini

Thomas R.; Hedges S.B., 1989: A new celestus sauria anguidae from the chaine de la selle of haiti west indies

Bertheussen K.; Holst N.; Forsdahl F.; Hoie K.E., 1989: A new cell culture assay for quality control in ivf

Minafra S.; Morello V.; Glorioso F.; La Fiura A.M.; Tomasio R.M.; Feo S.; Mcintosh D.; Woolley D.E., 1989: A new cell line 8701 bc from primary ductal infiltration carcinoma of human breast

Avtsyn A.P.; Kondakova L.I.; Khalanskii A.S.; Polyakova G.P.; Chudinovskaya N.V., 1989: A new cell line from the rat gasserion ganglion neurinoma nguk 1

Et Al, 1988: A new cell line gs derived from a human renal cell carcinoma

Hirashima K., 1988: A new cell line of murine myeloid leukemia with a type phosphoglycerate kinase as marker isoenzyme

Fukui A.; Tashiro A.; Koyama H.; Iwamura Y.; Asashima M., 1992: A new cell line xty from a tumor of xenopus laevis

Cochet M.; Casrouge A.; Dumont A M.; Transy C.; Baleux F.; Maloy W.L.; Coligan J.E.; Cazenave P A.; Kourilsky P., 1989: A new cell surface molecule closely related to mouse class i transplantation antigens

Pons M.; Gagne D.; Nicolas J.C.; Mehtali M., 1990: A new cellular model of response to estrogens a bioluminescent test to characterize antiestrogen molecules

Pietersz R.N.I.; Dekker W.J.A.; Reesink H.W., 1989: A new cellulose acetate filter to remove leukocytes from buffy coat poor red cell concentrates

Hladil J., 1988: A new central european species of the genus theophilea pic coleoptera cerambycidae

Rehmert N.; Boecker T.; Raidt H.; Langer K.; Graefe H., 1992: A new central supply system as alternative source for bicarbonate dialysate

Janvier P., 1988: A new cephalaspidian osteostraci from the lower devonian of podolia ukrainian ssr ussr

Ismail N.S., 1990: A new cercaria from the freshwater snail melanoides tuberculatus mueller 1774 in asir province saudi arabia

Kugi G.; Matsuo K., 1990: A new cestode coelobothrium oitense new species pseudophyllidea ptychobothriidae from a japanese freshwater fish tribolodon hakonensis

Kugi G., 1990: A new cestode raillietina oitaensis new species from a crow corvus levaillantii

Maksimova A.P., 1988: A new cestode wardium gvozdevi new species cestoda hymenolepididae and its biology

Mitchell E.D., 1989: A new cetacean from the late eocene la meseta formation seymour island antarctic peninsula

Robichon A., 1991: A new cgmp phosphodiesterase isolated from bovine platelets is substrate for camp and cgmp dependent protein kinases evidence for a key role in the process of platelet activation

Korotkievich E.L.; Sulimski A., 1990: A new chalicotherian finding from the miocene karst in poland mammalia badenian

Elsworth J.F.; Thomson R.H., 1989: A new chamigrane from laurencia glomerata

Champion H.R.; Copes W.S.; Sacco W.J.; Lawnick M.M.; Bain L.W.; Gann D.S.; Gennarelli T.; Mackenzie E.; Schwaitzberg S., 1990: A new characterization of injury severity

Edwards R.H.T., 1988: A new chart for weight control in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950524

Fang A.; Demain A.L., 1989: A new chemically defined medium for rac certified and other strains of bacillus subtilis

Zucchelli G.C.; Pilo A.; Masini S.; Chiesa M.R.; Prontera C., 1990: A new chemiluminescence immunoassay for triiodothyronine and thyroxine evaluation using quality control sera assayed in an interlaboratory survey

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950527

Altamura M.; Cesti P.; Francalanci F.; Marchi M.; Cambiaghi S., 1989: A new chemoenzymatic approach to the synthesis of penems

Dike S.Y.; Ner D.H.; Kumar A., 1991: A new chemoenzymatic enantioselective synthesis of optically active benzothiopyran and benzothiazepine ring system

Kozaczka A.; Machalski M., 1990: A new chemotherapeutic regimen in the treatment of advanced gastric cancer

D'agostino M.A.; Nass M.M.K., 1992: A new chick mitochondrial dna binding protein exhibits sequence specific interaction near heavy strand replication origin cleavage activity stimulation of mtdna synthesis and enhancement in transformed fibroblasts

Li Z Z., 1988: A new chigger mite of the new recorded subgenus lorillatum nadchatram in china acari trombiculidae

Baden C.; Linde Larsen I.; Dewey D.R., 1990: A new chinese species of psathyrostachys poaceae with notes on its karyotype

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950534

Andres C.; Gonzalez A.; Pedrosa R.; Perez Encabo A.; Garcia Granda S.; Salvado M.A.; Gomez Beltran F., 1992: A new chiral glycine synthon synthesis x ray structure of levo 2s 4r 2 ethoxycarbonyl 4 phenyl 1 3 oxazolidine and diastereoselective nucleophilic ring opening to r ethyl alpha amino carboxylates

Gesson J P.; Jacquesy J C.; Renoux B., 1989: A new chiral route toward terpenoids annulation of carvone to trans and cis fused bicyclic synthons

Mason C.B.; Manuel L.J.; Moroney J.V., 1990: A new chloroplast protein is induced by growth on low carbon dioxide in chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Zanzi I.; Srivastava S.C.; Meinken G.E.; Robeson W.; Mausner L.F.; Fairchild R.G.; Margouleff D., 1989: A new cholescintigraphic agent ruthenium 97 disida

Hermes J.C.; Abbott U.K.; Johnston E.; Owens M., 1990: A new chondrodystrophy mutation in japanese quail coturnix japonica

Hecht M.K., 1992: A new choristodere reptilia diapsida from the oligocene of france an example of the lazarus effect

Lehmann T.; Brenneisen R., 1992: A new chromatographic method for the isolation of levo delta 9 trans tetrahydrocannabinolic acid a

Norgren R.B.Jr; Lehman M.N., 1990: A new chromogen for use in hrp tract tracing and double label immunocytochemistry

Pulverer G., 1988: A new chromogenic assay for direct detection of staphylocoagulase

Corey P.F.; Trimmer R.W.; Biddlecom W.G., 1991: A new chromogenic beta galactosidase substrate 7 beta d galactopyranosyloxy 9 9 dimethyl 9h acridin 2 one

Harvey R.G.; Hahn J T.; Bukowska M.; Jackson H., 1990: A new chromone and flavone synthesis and its utilization for the synthesis of potentially antitumorigenic polycyclic chromones and flavones

Negrini M.; Tallarico A.; Pazzi I.; Castagnoli A.; Cuneo A.; Castoldi G.L., 1992: A new chromosomal breakpoint in ph positive bcr negative chronic myelogenous leukemia report of a case

Selypes A.; Solyom E.; Takacs S., 1992: A new chromosomal translocation t1 22 q25 q12 in a 17 month old girl

Matejka M.; Cribiu E.P., 1989: A new chromosomal variant in domestic sheep ovis aries l

Stawikowski R., 1989: A new cichlid from the upper orinoco tributary venezuela uaru fernandezyepezi new species pisces perciformes cichlidae

Naviaux R.; Sawada H., 1989: A new cicindelid from thailand calochroa shozoi new species coleoptera cicindelidae

Lewanczuk R.Z.; Resnick L.M.; Blumenfeld J.D.; Laragh J.H.; Pang P.K.T., 1990: A new circulating hypertensive factor in the plasma of essential hypertensive subjects

Kuwano M., 1988: A new class mutation of low density lipoprotein receptor with altered carbohydrate chains

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950554

Spande T.F.; Garraffo H.M.; Yeh H.J.C.; Pu Q L.; Pannell L.K.; Daly J.W., 1992: A new class of alkaloids from a dendrobatid poison frog a structure for alkaloid 251f

Suto M.J.; Stier M.A.; Werbel L.M.; Arundel Suto C.M.; Leopold W.R.; Elliott W.E.; Sebolt Leopold J.S., 1991: A new class of analogues of the bifunctional radiosensitizer alpha 1 aziridinylmethyl 2 nitro 1h imidazole 1 ethanol rsu 1069 the cycloalkylaziridines

Adinolfi M.; Lanzetta R.; Marciano C.E.; Parrilli M.; De Giulio A., 1991: A new class of anthraquinone anthrone c glycosides from asphodelus ramosus tubers

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950558

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950559

Cheronis J.C.; Whalley E.T.; Nguyen K.T.; Eubanks S.R.; Allen L.G.; Duggan M.J.; Loy S.D.; Bonham K.A.; Blodgett J.K., 1992: A new class of bradykinin antagonists synthesis and in vitro activity of bissuccinimidoalkane peptide dimers

Kurokawa, M.; Sato, F.; Fujiwara, I.; Hatano, N.; Honda, Y.; Yoshida, T.; Naruto, S.; Mastumoto, J. I.; Uno, H., 1991: A new class of calcium antagonists 2. synthesis and biological activity of 11 4 4 4 fluorophenyl 1 piperazinylbutyrylamino 6 11 dihydrodibenzo b e thiepin maleate and related compounds

Kurokawa M.; Sato F.; Hatano N.; Honda Y.; Uno H., 1991: A new class of calcium antagonists synthesis and biological activity of 11 omega aminoalkanoylamino 6 6a 7 8 9 10 10a 11 octahydrodibenzo b e thiepin derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950563

Udo E.E.; Grubb W.B., 1990: A new class of conjugative plasmid in staphylococcus aureus

Awad I.A.; Assirati J.A.Jr; Burgess R.; Barnett G.H.; Luders H., 1991: A new class of electrodes of intermediate invasiveness preliminary experience with epidural pegs and foramen ovale electrodes in the mapping of seizure foci

Stein M.L., 1991: A new class of estimators for the reduced second moment measure of point processes

Ruysschaert J.M., 1988: A new class of free radical scavengers reducing adriamycin mitochondrial toxicity

Walker K.A.; Ridley S.M.; Lewis T.; Harwood J.L., 1990: A new class of herbicide which inhibits acetyl coenzyme a carboxylase in sensitive plant species

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950569

Kudryashova I.A.; Fetisov V.I.; Martynov I.V.; Yaguzhinskii L.S., 1989: A new class of inhibitors of calcium hydrogen ion exchange system in rat liver mitochondria

Prasit P.; Belley M.; Evans J.F.; Gauthier J.Y.; Leveille C.; Mcfarlane C.S.; Macintyre E.; Peterson L.; Piechuta H.; Et Al, 1991: A new class of leukotriene biosynthesis inhibitors the development of 4 4 chlorophenyl 1 4 2 quinolinylmethoxyphenylbutylthioacetic acid l 674636

Klionsky D.; Emr S.D., 1990: A new class of lysosomal vacuolar protein sorting signals

Killackey J.J.F.; Bonaventura B.J.; Castelhano A.L.; Billedeau R.J.; Farmer W.; Deyoung L.; Krantz A.; Pliura D.H., 1989: A new class of mechanism based inhibitors of transglutaminase enzymes inhibits the formation of cross linked envelopes by human malignant keratinocytes

Dahl J.; Moldowan J.M.; Mccaffrey M.A.; Lipton P.A., 1992: A new class of natural products revealed by 3 beta alkyl steranes in petroleum

Sizonenko G.I.; Chernov Yu O.; Kulikov V.N.; Karpova T.S.; Kashkin P.K.; Pavlov Yu I.; Bekhtereva T.A.; Sakharova E.V.; Tikhodeev O.N.; Inge Vechtomov S.G., 1990: A new class of ochre suppressors in saccharomyces yeast mutation in glutamic transfer rna gene

Hanson G.J.; Baran J.S.; Lowrie H.S.; Russell M.A.; Sarussi S.J.; Williams K.; Babler M.; Bittner S.E.; Papaioannou S.E.; Et Al, 1989: A new class of orally active glycol renin inhibitors containing phenyllactic acid at p 3

Bruegger, N.; Deschenaux, R.; Ruch, T.; Ziessel, R., 1992: A new class of photo and electro active receptors synthesis of a 2 2' bipyridyl ligand functionalized beta cyclodextrin and its iridium iii rhodium iii and rhenium i complexes

Fujiwara K., 1988: A new class of photoactivated fixatives of immunocytochemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950579

Parsons W.H.; Hajdu R.; Choen W.R.S.; Combs P.L.; Sundelof J.; Patchett A.A., 1991: A new class of potent slowly reversible dehydropeptidase inhibitors

Niculescu Duvaz I.; Herdan J.; Stoica G.; Lupu F.; Arnautu M.; Cinca S.; Eliescu R.; Voiculetz N., 1991: A new class of potential carcinogenesis inhibitors hindered p benzoquinones

Jin Y Z.; Ramsay R.R.; Youngster S.K.; Singer T.P., 1990: A new class of powerful inhibitors of monoamine oxidase a

Hiratsuka A.; Sebata N.; Kawashima K.; Okuda H.; Ogura K.; Watabe T.; Satoh K.; Hatayama I.; Tsuchida S.; Et Al, 1990: A new class of rat glutathione s transferase yrs yrs inactivating reactive sulfate esters as metabolites of carcinogenic arylmethanols

Lubineau A.; Bonnaffe D.; Therisod M., 1992: A new class of reagents for the chemical modification of proteins

Hoffman B.D.; Hanauske Abel H.M.; Flint A.; Lalande M., 1991: A new class of reversible cell cycle inhibitors

Weil D.J.; Wood V.E.; Frykman G.K., 1989: A new class of ring avulsion injuries

Chen C H.; Nasrallah J.B., 1990: A new class of s sequences defined by a pollen recessive self incompatibility allele of brassica oleracea

Meffre P.; Lhermitte H.; Vo Quang L.; Vo Quang Y.; Le Goffic F., 1991: A new class of unusual alpha amino acids alpha amino acid beta gamma enol thioethers

Chaki K.; Sakurada S.; Sakurada T.; Sato T.; Kawamura S.; Kisara K.; Sasaki Y.; Suzuki K., 1989: A new class opioid peptide d arg 2 beta ala 4 dermorphin tetrapeptide physical dependence liability in mice

Peyton E.L., 1989: A new classification for the leucosphyrus group of anopheles cellia

Homma Y.; Aso Y., 1992: A new classification in extension of renal cell carcinoma

Boyce P., 1989: A new classification of arum with keys to the infrageneric taxa

Tajima T.; Saito H., 1991: A new classification of distal radius fractures

Kuo H C.; Chang S.C.; Hsu T., 1991: A new classification of female stress urinary incontinence based on transrectal sonographic cystourethrography

Marshall L.F.; Marshall S.B.; Klauber M.R.; Clark M.V.; Eisenberg H.M.; Jane J.A.; Luerssen T.G.; Marmarou A.; Foulkes M.A., 1991: A new classification of head injury based on computerized tomography

Huwez F.U.; Pringle S.D.; Macfarlane P.W., 1992: A new classification of left ventricular geometry in patients with cardiac disease based on m mode echocardiography

Hirayama, T.; Suzuki, T., 1991: A new classification of ota's nevus based on histopathological features

Matsumoto S.; Yamada T.K.; Ikeda A., 1991: A new classification of the brachial extensors in tarsius

Tamura M., 1990: A new classification of the family ranunculaceae 1

Tamura M., 1991: A new classification of the family ranunculaceae 2

Judziewicz E.J.; Peterson P.M., 1990: A new cleistogamous south american species of eragrostis poaceae chloridoideae

Chakrabarty M.; Nath A.C., 1992: A new clerodane type butenolide diterpene from the bark of polyalthia longifolia

Avila D.; Medina J.D.; Deeming A.J., 1992: A new clerodane type diterpenoid from eperua leucantha

Atamuradov Kh I., 1990: A new click beetle species coleoptera elateridae from kugitang turkmen ssr ussr

Weston P.V., 1991: A new clinch knot

Szelistowski W.A., 1990: A new clingfish teleostei gobiesocidae from the mangroves of costa rica with notes on its ecology and early development

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950607

Maganias N.H., 1988: A new clinical sign for the diagnosis of allergic conjunctivitis a brief communication

Ventura A.; Melegati G., 1990: A new clinical test for the detection of anterior cruciate tears

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950610

Fain A.; Smiley R.L., 1989: A new cloacarid mite acari cloacaridae from the lungs of the great horned owl bubo virginianus from the usa

Poth H.; Youngman P., 1989: A new cloning system for bacillus subtilis comprising elements of phage plasmid and transposon vectors

Spies T.; Blanck G.; Bresnahan M.; Sands J.; Strominger J.L., 1989: A new cluster of genes within the human major histocompatibility complex

Zhang Q.; Boyle R.D., 1991: A new clustering algorithm with multiple runs of iterative procedures

Schoenberger S.G.; Bamber J.C.; Rank W.; Sutherland C.M.; Nichols R.L., 1991: A new coaxial needle for pre operative localization of breast abnormalities

Ashraf M.; Nepote K.H., 1990: A new coccidial staining technique

Lin L I.; Lin K S.; Lin K H., 1992: A new codon 31 minus c mutant resulting in beta o thalassemia

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950618

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950619

O'donnell J.E., 1991: A new coleopteroid lethaeine from southern south america hemiptera lygaeidae rhyparochrominae

Yokoyama H.; Ogawa K.; Wakabayashi H., 1991: A new collection method of actinosporeans a probable infective stage of myxosporeans to fishes from tubificids and experimental infection of goldfish with the actinosporean raabeia sp

Ito N.; Hasegawa R.; Sano M.; Tamano S.; Esumi H.; Takayama S.; Sugimura T., 1991: A new colon and mammary carcinogen in cooked food 2 amino 1 methyl 6 phenylimidazo 4 5 b pyridine phip

Heydrych E.M.; Wieckowski W., 1991: A new color test for the detection of acetone in milk

Kitamura K., 1989: A new colorectal carcinoma associated antigen recognized by murine monoclonal antibody a7

Chu S.Y.; Cashion P.; Jiang M., 1989: A new colorimetric assay for purine nucleoside phosphorylase

Minakata K.; Suzuki O.; Asano M., 1989: A new colorimetric determination of diquat produced with several moderate reductants

Isono Y., 1990: A new colorimetric measurement of fish freshness using nucleoside oxidase

Bosch Serrat F., 1988: A new colorimetric method for the determination of ascorbic acid in foods

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950629

Brodie E.D.Jr, 1988: A new colubrid snake of the genus adelphicos from guatemala

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950631

Nesom G.L., 1990: A new combination and new species in gamochaeta asteraceae inuleae from central america

Lambert P., 1990: A new combination and synonymy for two subspecies of cucumaria fisheri wells echinodermata holothuroidea

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950634

Muchovej J.J.; Carvalho A.O., 1989: A new combination for helminthosporium euphorbiae

Large, M. F.; Braggins, J. E.; Green, P. S., 1992: A new combination for polypodium pustulatum forster f. polypodiaceae

Romero, G. A.; Carnevali, G., 1989: A new combination for the orchid flora of southern venezuela catasetum tapiriceps reichb. f. proposed species

Stevels, J. M. C., 1988: A new combination in abelmoschus medik. malvaceae a gumbo from western and central africa

Hartley T.G., 1991: A new combination in australian acronychia rutaceae

Wipff J.K.; Jones S.D., 1990: A new combination in chasmanthium centotheceae poaceae from mexico

Reveal, J. L.; Morgan, R., 1989: A new combination in chorizanthe robusta c. parry polygonaceae eriogonoideae from california usa

Maxwell R.H., 1990: A new combination in dioclea new combination kunth fabaceae diocleinae from the clarification of dioclea glabra bentham flora brasiliensis

Lamont E.E., 1990: A new combination in eupatorium section verticillata asteraceae

Von Bothmer R.; Jacobsen N.; Seberg O., 1991: A new combination in hordeum triticeae poaceae

Scott A.J., 1990: A new combination in kania myrtaceae from west new guinea indonesia

Miller J.S., 1989: A new combination in lepidocordia boraginaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950647

Freire S.E.; Hellwig F., 1990: A new combination in novenia compositae inuleae

Angelo R., 1991: A new combination in panicum poaceae subgenus dichantelium

Reveal J.L.; Johnston M.C., 1989: A new combination in phoradendron viscaceae

Walsh N., 1992: A new combination in pomaderris new combination rhamnaceae in new zealand

Short, P. S., 1991: A new combination in ptilotus amaranthaceae

Nesom G.L., 1989: A new combination in stenotus compositae astereae

Leeuwenberg A.J.M., 1991: A new combination in tabernaemontana apocynaceae

Marchesi E., 1988: A new combination in the genus euphorbia euphorbiaceae

Murata J.; Mayo S.J., 1991: A new combination in typhonium araceae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950657

Okitsu T.; Asai Y.; Yasuda T.; Suzuki R.; Matsushima A.; Takizawa K.; Kashiwagi T.; Hori M., 1989: A new combination of o and k antigens of a vibrio parahaemolyticus strain isolated from a patient with diarrhea

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950659

Otmezguine Y.; Grimard L.; Calitchi E.; Despretz J.; Mazeron J.J.; Le Bourgeois J.P.; Pierquin B.; Julien M., 1989: A new combined approach in the conservative management of rectal cancer

Bannwarth W.; Wippler J., 1990: A new combined purification phosphorylation procedure for oligodeoxynucleotides

Makino S.; Sasaki K.; Nakayama T.; Oka S.; Urano T.; Kimura M.; Kawana R.; Yamamura A.Y., 1990: A new combined trivalent live measles aik c strain mumps hoshino strain and rubella takahashi strain vaccine findings in clinical and laboratory studies

Lindback B.; Bergman A., 1989: A new commercial method for the enzymatic determination of creatinine in serum and urine evaluated comparison with a kinetic jaffe method and isotope dilution mass spectrometry

Hara M., 1988: A new common bean variety tancho kintoki

Nakamura Y.; Watanabe K.; Noto T.; Tajima T.; Yamamura M., 1989: A new compact and cell dense continuous culture system

Zomerdijk T.P.L.; Nibbering P.H.; Bezemer A.C.; Lowik C.W.G.M.; Van Furth R., 1991: A new competition binding assay for determination of the cyclic amp content of human leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950667

Bessos H.; Murphy W.G., 1990: A new competitive binding elisa for glycocalicin in plasma and platelet concentrate supernatants

Nishimukai H.; Maruyama I.; Takenaga S.; Kitamura H.; Mizutani K.; Shinomiya T., 1990: A new complement factor b variant bf s075 in japanese

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950670

Zaidenov A.M.; Novikov D.N.; Narkevich M.I.; Talaeva Yu G.; Artemova T.Z.; Mikhailova T.N.; Pashentseva N.F.; Kuznetsova N.R.; Galdina G.V., 1989: A new complex of characteristics for the epidemiological evaluation of the condition of water consumption in the lower don river area russian sfsr ussr and its informative value

Raphael M.J.; Donaldson R.M., 1990: A new complication of coronary arteriography

Mir Babaev N.F.; Serkerov S.V., 1989: A new component isolated from ferula dissecta

Serkerov S.V.; Aleskerova A.N., 1990: A new component of artemisia fragrans

Abidin M.R.; Becker D.G.; Paley R.D.; Doctor A.; Westwater J.J.; Mcgregor W.; Edlich R.F., 1989: A new compound curved needle for intradermal suture closure

Edlich R.F.; Zimmer C.A.; Morgan R.F.; Becker D.G.; Thacker J.G.; Bellian K.T.; Powell D.M., 1991: A new compound curved needle for microvascular surgery

Hoard M.A.; Franz D.A.; Bellian K.T.; Edlich R.F., 1992: A new compound curved tapercut needle for oral surgery

Lalande M.; Hanauske Abel H.M., 1990: A new compound which reversibly arrest t lymphocyte cell cycle near the g 1 s boundary

Juang J K.; Huang H.W.; Chen C M.; Liu H.J., 1989: A new compound withangulatin a promotes type ii dna topoisomerase mediated dna damage

Chapple C.R.; Malone Lee J., 1990: A new comprehensive microcomputer software program for the urodynamics clinic

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950682

Lambert R.K., 1989: A new computational model for expiratory flow from nonhomogeneous human lungs

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950684

Galvez, J.; Garcia-Domenech, R.; Bernal, J. M.; Garcia-March, F., 1991: A new computer aided molecular design method. its application to minor analgesic drugs

Takeuchi Y., 1991: A new computer aided speech audiometer casa

Frohlich H.; Weiss A.; Varchmin U., 1990: A new computer controlled device for stress roentgenographs of the upper ankle joint

Brown J.H.U., 1989: A new computer memory for biology and medicine using the laser card

Hayes B.P.; Poulsom R.; Fitzke F.W., 1989: A new computer method for the measurement of the thickness of basement membranes

Wolfer D.P.; Lipp H P., 1992: A new computer program for detailed off line analysis of swimming navigation in the morris water maze

Marcacci M.; Giannini S.; Pagani P.A.; Buda R.; Paladini Molgora A.; Catani F., 1989: A new computerizable rating sheet for the assessment of knee derangements caused by sport

Teicher B.A.; Holden S.A.; Ara G.; Ha C.S.; Herman T.S.; Northey D., 1992: A new concentrated perfluorochemical emulsion and carbogen breathing as an adjuvant to treatment with antitumor alkylating agents

Fufezan V., 1990: A new concept and a new surgical technique in the treatment of omphaloceles

Fufezan V., 1992: A new concept and surgical technique for the treatment of large omphaloceles

Scheu M.; Kagel H.; Zwaan M.; Lebeau A.; Engelhardt R., 1991: A new concept for a realtime feedback system in angioplasty with a flashlamp pumped dye laser

Okada J.; Asano S.; Kondo T., 1991: A new concept for interpretation of first order release from albumin microspheres

Kain H.L., 1990: A new concept for keratoprosthesis

Noolandi J., 1992: A new concept for sequencing dna by capillary electrophoresis

Fiebig H J.; Jordan M.; Aitzetmueller K., 1990: A new concept for the determination of total glucosinolate content possibilities to draw up balances in rapeseed and rapeseed meal

Riess J.G.; Sole Violan L.; Postel M., 1992: A new concept in the stabilization of injectable fluorocarbon emulsions the use of mixed fluorocarbon hydrocarbon dowels

Imhof M.; Bruch H P.; Pfaff L.; Mueller J., 1989: A new concept in the surgical management of anal incontinence

Reim M., 1990: A new concept in the treatment of severe eye burns

Milichovsky M., 1990: A new concept of chemistry refining processes

Szarski H., 1988: A new concept of comparative morphology symmorphosis

Markin V.S.; Sokolov V.S., 1990: A new concept of electrochemical membrane equilibrium coupled transport and membrane potential

Hunziker E.B.; Straub P.W.; Haeberli A., 1990: A new concept of fibrin formation based upon the linear growth of interlacing and branching polymers and molecular alignment into interlocked single stranded segments

Flameng W.; Sukehiro S.; Mollhoff T.; Van Belle H.; Janssen P., 1991: A new concept of long term donor heart preservation nucleoside transport inhibition

Shafik A.; El Din M.A.G.; El Bagoury E.M.; Hamid Z.A.; El Said B.; Metwalli S.; El Sibaei O., 1990: A new concept of the anatomy of the anal sphincter mechanism and the physiology of defecation the involuntary action of the external anal sphincter histologic study

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Shakhbazov V.G., 1989: A new concept of the role of temperature in the formation of the bioelectrical potential and genetic functions of a cell nucleus

Wang G Y.; Et Al, 1991: A new concept on clinical manifestations in relation to staging of renal cell carcinoma

Morimitsu T., 1992: A new concept on surgical anatomy and pathophysiology of tympanic cavity

Mikolajczyk M.; Zurawinski R., 1991: A new concise synthesis of methylenomycin b

Liu S.; Kang J.; Strother D.L.; Carley R.J.; Stuart J.D., 1989: A new configuration for coupling purge and trap cryogenic focusing capillary column gas chromatography with splitless injection mode

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950716

Hernandez Borrell J., 1988: A new confirmation of selective action of liposomes

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950718

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Sziraki G., 1992: A new coniopteryx species from the far east planipennia coniopterygidae

Srivastava P.C.; Buchsbaum D.J.; Allred J.F.; Brubaker P.G.; Hanna D.E.; Spicker J.K., 1990: A new conjugating agent for radioiodination of proteins low in vivo deiodination of a radiolabeled antibody in a tumor model

Apekina L.S., 1989: A new conodont from the lower devonian of the zeravshan mountain ridge uzbek ssr ussr

Clementi E.; Malgaretti N.; Meldolesi J.; Taramelli R., 1990: A new constitutively activating mutation of the gs protein alpha subunit gsp oncogene is found in human pituitary tumors

Stawarz B.; Genest M.; Genest D., 1992: A new constraint potential for the structure refinement of biomolecules in solution using experimental nuclear overhauser effect intensity

Schindler J.G.; Schindler M.M., 1989: A new construction of flow through sensors with tubular ion selective carrier pvc membranes and solid state cement contact

Tsubota K.; Mashima Y.; Naoi S., 1989: A new contact lens for specular microscopic photography

Iwach A.G.; Vassiliadis A.; Drake M.V.; Crawford J.B.; Hoskins H.D.Jr; Hennings D.R.; Schuster B.L., 1991: A new contact neodymium yag laser for cyclophotocoagulation

Petrescu I.; Bacescu M., 1991: A new contribution to the knowledge of the cumaceans crustacea diastylidae from the brazilian waters

Brugiere, D.; Duval, J., 1989: A new contribution to the known distribution of tengmalm's owl aegolius funereus in the massif central france

Barcic B., 1989: A new contribution to the mycoflora of the islet of kosljun yugoslavia

Dantigny P.; Ninow J.L.; Lakrori M., 1991: A new control strategy for yeast production based on the l a approach

Emons C.H.H.; Kuster B.F.M.; Vekemans J.A.J.M.; Sheldon R.A., 1991: A new convenient method for the synthesis of chiral c 3 synthons

Ishibashi H.; Takamuro I.; Okano M.; Kenri T.; Ikeda M., 1989: A new convenient route to erbstatin and n acetyl 1 2 didehydrodopamine

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950735

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Contant P.; Forzy L.; Hengartner U.; Moine G., 1990: A new convergent synthesis of thiamine hydrochloride

Koul T.K.; Raina M.K., 1989: A new copepod parasite lernaea gambusiae new species lernaeidae lernaeinae infecting the fish gambusia affinis of kashmir jammu and kashmir india

Hollingsworth R.I.; Carlson R.W.; Garcia F.; Gage D.A., 1989: A new core tetrasaccharide component from the lipopolysaccharide of rhizobium trifolii anu 843

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950740

Ruecker W.H., 1992: A new corticarina from the ecuadorian parama region coleoptera latridiidae

Roux C.; Bricaud O., 1991: A new corticolous lichen association frequent in evergreen oak forests of the hyeres islands var southeastern france zamenhofietum corraloideae roux and bricaud new association

Goren M., 1991: A new coryogalops species pisces gobiidae from south africa

Fang D.; Chen S., 1989: A new cossid from xinjiang china lepidoptera cossidae

Yabe M., 1992: A new cottid species porocottus coronatus new species from the pacific coast of hokkaido japan

Niwa M.; Sugino H.; Takashima S.; Sakai T.; Wu Y C.; Wu T S.; Kuoh C S., 1991: A new coumarin glucoside from daphne arisanensis

Watanabe M.; Tamura M.; Nagoya T.; Takahashi Y.; Katagiri S., 1992: A new counting method of airborne japanese cedar cryptomeria japonica pollen allergens by immunoblotting using anti cry j i monoclonal antibody

Takahashi Y.; Katagiri S.; Inouye S.; Sakaguchi M., 1990: A new counting method of airborne japanese red cedar and grass pollen allergens by immunoblotting technique

Chen S.; Xu J., 1992: A new coupling reagent for peptide synthesis benzotriazolyloxybispyrrolidinocarbonium hexafluorophosphate bbc

Feldmann R.M., 1988: A new crab rogueus orri new genus new species decapoda brachyura from the lookingglass formation ulatisian stage lower middle eocene of southwestern oregon usa

Savchenko E.N., 1988: A new crane fly species diptera tipulidae from eastern yakutia russian ssr ussr

Bousfield E.L.; Holsinger J.R., 1989: A new crangonyctid amphipod crustacean from hypogean fresh waters of oregon usa

Fitzpatrick J.F.Jr; Suttkus R.D., 1992: A new crawfish of the genus orconectes from the yazoo river system of mississippi decapoda cambaridae

Hobbs H.H.Jr; Hobbs H.H.IIi, 1990: A new crayfish decapoda cambaridae from southeastern texas usa

Del Fueyo G.M., 1991: A new cretaceous araucariaceae of patagonia argentina

Nichols D.J.; Brown J.L.; Attrep M.Jr; Orth C.J., 1992: A new cretaceous tertiary boundary locality in the western powder river basin wyoming biological and geological implications

Gramm M.N.; Egorov G.I., 1989: A new cribroconcha sp ostracoda metacopida from the visean of the leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

Hu K.; Zhu W., 1990: A new criconematid nematode ogma hechuanensis new species tylenchida criconematidae in china

Ozaydin O.; Benli H.A.; Katagan T., 1991: A new crinoid echinodermata species for the turkish seas

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950760

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Megirian D.; Murray P.F.; Willis P., 1991: A new crocodile of the gavial ecomorph morphology from the miocene of northern australia

D'cruz I.A.; Hoffman P.K., 1991: A new cross sectional echocardiographic method for estimating the volume of large pericardial effusions

Plante J., 1991: A new cryphia huebner in pakistan lepidoptera noctuidae acronictinae

Hoogmoed M.S.; Cole C.J.; Ayarzaguena J., 1992: A new cryptic species of lizard sauria teiidae gymnophthalmus from venezuela

Hayami I.; Kase T., 1992: A new cryptic species of pycnodonte from ryukyu islands a living fossil oyster

Chang W R.; Chen L.; Rose J.; Wei C.H.; Abrams L.; Sax M.; Wang B C., 1989: A new crystal form of ricin or

Yaremchuk, A. D.; Tukalo, M. A.; Krikliviy, I.; Malchenko, N.; Biou, V.; Berthet-Colominas, C.; Cusack, S., 1992: A new crystal form of the complex between seryl trna synthetase and trna s e r from thermus thermophilus that diffracts to 2.8 a resolution

Chretien F.C.; Berthou J., 1989: A new crystallographic approach to fern like microstructures in human ovulatory cervical mucus

Sands R.H., 1988: A new cubane cluster with the tetra mu thiotriironmolybdenum core and possible relevance to the triiron centers in ferredoxins the synthesis structure and properties of the tricarbonyltrisethanethiolatotetra mu thiotriferratemolybdate anion

Brunner M.; Koch U.T., 1991: A new cuff electrode for reversible conduction blocking

Simson J.N.L., 1988: A new cuffed esophageal prosthesis for the management of malignant esophago respiratory fistula

Yamaguchi S.; Takyu T.; Ikeda N.; Takeda Y.; Watanabe A.; Yanase Y.; Amma S., 1992: A new cultivar fushun for green tea

Straley G.B., 1989: A new cultivar of physocarpus capitatus rosaceae

Joondeph B.C.; Flynn H.W.Jr; Miller D.; Joondeph H.C., 1989: A new culture method for infectious endophthalmitis

Cussigh, F., 1989: A new curculio l. from the berici mountains vicenza italy coleoptera curculionidae

Haertig E.; Loncarevic I.F.; Buescher M.; Herrlich P.; Rahmsdorf H.J., 1991: A new cyclic amp response element in the transcribed region of the human c fos gene

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950780

Rasool N.; Khan A.Q.; Ahmad V.U.; Malik A., 1991: A new cycloartane type triterpene from pentatropis spiralis

Bar R., 1990: A new cyclodextrin agar medium for surface cultivation of microbes on lipophilic substrates

Djajasasmita M., 1988: A new cyclophorid land snail from north sumatra indonesia mollusca gastropoda cyclophoridae

Minato H., 1988: A new cyclophorid species nakadaella ogaitoi new species from awaji island japan

Ostrovsky D.; Shipanova I.; Sibeldina L.; Shashov A.; Kharatian E.; Malyarova I.; Tantsyrev G., 1992: A new cyclopyrophosphate as a bacterial antistressor?

Sarojnalini C., 1988: A new cyprinid fish garra manipurensis new species from manipur india

Richer De Forges B.; Guinot D., 1990: A new cyrtomaia cyrtomaia griffini new species from australia crustacea decapoda brachyura

Koie M., 1990: A new cystophorous cercaria in lunatia pallida broderip and sowerby naticidae possibly the cercaria of hemiurus levinseni odhner 1905 digenea hemiuridae

Bugelski P.J.; Gennaro D.E.; Poste G.; Hoffstein S.T., 1989: A new cytochemical method for ultrastructural detection of liposomes in tissues in vivo

Simpkins C., 1989: A new cytochrome c reducing dipeptide

Belyanina S.I., 1989: A new cytological complex of the genus chironomus meig chironomidae diptera

Mann, V.; Mcintosh, L.; Theurer, C.; Hirschberg, J., 1989: A new cytoplasmic male sterile genotype in the sugar beet beta vulgaris l. a molecular analysis

Mclaughlin D.J., 1990: A new cytoplasmic structure in the basidiomycete helicogloea the microscala

Satoh M., 1988: A new cytotoxic chlorine containing polyacetylene from the callus of panax ginseng

Roberts J.J., 1988: A new cytotoxic dna interstrand crosslinking agent 5 aziridin 1 yl 4 hydroxylamino 2 nitrobenzamide is formed from 5 aziridin 1 yl 2 4 dinitrobenzamide cb 1954 by a nitroreductase enzyme in walker carcinoma cells

Jossang A.; Dubaele B.; Cave A.; Bartoli M H.; Beriel H., 1991: A new cytotoxic monotetrahydrofuran gamma lactone acetogenin from annona montana

Benuska N.; Kolouch F.; Strakova J.; Sevcikova E.; Turtenwald I., 1989: A new czechoslovak product containing propylene glycol methionine and cobalt for the prevention and therapy of ketoses pre clinical and clinical efficiency testing

Strakova J.; Paulova J.; Dvorak M.; Benuska N.; Nastuneak J.; Kolouch F.; Picmausova D.; Janeckova L., 1989: A new czechoslovak product containing propylene glycol methionine and cobalt for the prevention and therapy of ketoses toxicity tolerance residues

Asano Y.; Mori T.; Hanamoto S.; Kato Y.; Nakazawa A., 1989: A new d stereospecific amino acid amidase from ochrobactrum anthropi

Oberwinkler F.; Tschen J., 1989: A new dacrymyces species from taiwan

Horsman F., 1991: A new dactylorchid hybrid

Machet P., 1990: A new damselfly from french guiana palaemnema brevignoni new species zygoptera platystictidae

Hansen M.; Pedersen J., 1991: A new danish latridiid adistemia watsoni new record wollaston coleoptera latridiidae

Togashi I., 1990: A new darjilingia symphyta tenthredinidae from taiwan

Chitoor S.S.; Murty M.N.; Bhandaru M.K., 1991: A new data structure hc expression for learning from examples

Martonfi P.; Bugata P., 1992: A new database system for the work with herbarium

Zhang X.; You R.; Li Z.; He W., 1990: A new decolorizing flocculant for dyeing wastewater

Takeda M.; Ananpongsuk S., 1991: A new deep sea crab from the andaman sea off thailand

Chirio Galvez L.A.; Manning R.B., 1989: A new deep sea crab of the genus chaceon from chile crustacea decapoda geryonidae

Brandt A., 1992: A new deep sea isopod from the weddell sea antarctica coperonus pinguis new species crustacea isopoda munnopsidae

Machida Y., 1989: A new deep sea ophidiid fish bassozetus levistomatus new species from the izu bonin trench japan

Reitner J.; Follmi K.B., 1991: A new deep water chaetetopsis species chaetetopsis favositiformis new species demospongiae from the plattenwald bed mid cretaceous garschella formation vorarlberg austria

Hardy G.S.; Stehmann M., 1990: A new deep water ghost shark hydrolagus pallidus new species holocephali chimaeridae from the eastern north atlantic and redescription of hydrolagus affinis brito capello 1867

Bucher K.E.; Norris J.N., 1992: A new deep water red alga titanophora submarina new species gymnophloeaceae gigartinales from the caribbean sea

Moolenbeek R.G.; Faber M.J., 1991: A new deepwater species of benthonellania from the caribbean gastropoda rissoidae

Therond P.; Mastrippolito R.; Tricoire H., 1992: A new deficiency mapping technique using the sofi detector

Steinberg D.; Friedman M.; Soskolne A.; Sela M.N., 1990: A new degradable controlled release device for treatment of periodontal disease in vitro release study

Tops C.M.J.; Breukel C.; Van Derk Lift H.M.; V.Leeuwen I.S.J.; Wijnen J.T.; Griffioen G.; Vasen H.F.A.; Den Hartog Jager F.C.A.; Nagengast F.M.; Et Al, 1991: A new deletion polymorphism at d5s71 raises the linkage information on adenomatous polyposis coli implications for presymptomatic diagnosis

Parsons M., 1989: A new delias subspecies a new sabera and a new parantica from papua new guinea lepidoptera pieridae hesperiidae nymphalidae

Loudianos G.; Murru S.; Kanavakis E.; Metaxotou Mavromati A.; Theodoropoulou D.; Kattamis C.; Cao A.; Pirastu M., 1991: A new delta chain variant hemoglobin a 2 corfu or alpha 2 delta 2 116 arg cys g18 detected by delta globin gene analysis in a greek family

Hayakawa Y.; Nakagawa M.; Toda Y.; Seto H., 1990: A new depsipeptide antibiotic citropeptin

Nakagawa M.; Hayakawa Y.; Adachi K.; Seto H., 1990: A new depsipeptide antibiotic variapeptin

De Carvalho D.; Lanchote V.L.; Bonato P.S.; Queiroz R.H.C.; Santos A.C.; Dreossi S.A.C., 1991: A new derivatization procedure for the analysis of hippuric acid and m methylhippuric acid by gas chromatography

Caussanel C.; Albouy V.; Cloupeau R., 1990: A new dermaptera forficulidae for france pseudochelidura montuosa new record steinmann 1981 problems posed by the genus

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950827

Sweet N.; Wiltshire J.J.J.; Baker C.K., 1991: A new descriptive scale for early reproductive development in lolium perenne l

Smedberg, J. I.; Lothigius, E.; Nilner, K.; De-Buck, V., 1991: A new design for a hybrid prosthesis supported by osseointegrated implants part 2. preliminary clinical aspects

Berrios M., 1989: A new design of immunofluorescence chamber

Chi Y L.; Hong R K.; Xu H Z., 1992: A new design of internal fixation for scoliosis and its preliminary clinical applications

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950832

Hachisu T., 1991: A new detachable snare for hemostasis in the removal of large polyps or other elevated lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950834

Fox J.E.; Newton R.; Stroud C.H., 1991: A new detector for fully automatic peptide synthesis

Filthuth H., 1989: A new detector for radiochromatography and radio labelled multisample distributions the digital autoradiograph

Van Wersch J.W.J.; Bank C., 1990: A new development in hematological cell counting the sysmex ne 8000 automaton for cell count and physical five part leukocyte differentiation

Akiyama T., 1988: A new development of double balloon catheterization of the biliary tract and its usefulness

Grime J.P.; Hall W.; Hunt R.; Neal A.M.; Ross Fraser W.; Sutton F., 1989: A new development of the temperature gradient tunnel

Hill J.A.; Martin D.B.; Carr A.M., 1989: A new device for balloon inflation during valvuloplasty a preliminary report

Tomei C.; Abraini J.H.; Rostain J.C., 1991: A new device for behavioral analysis on rats exposed to high pressure

Zur C.; Steffen H.; Luettschwager L., 1990: A new device for computer tomographic guided brain biopsy

Reines H.D., 1988: A new device for emergency percutaneous transtracheal ventilation in partial and complete airway obstruction

Hammer R., 1988: A new device for external fixation

Matthes R.; Koza K D.; Heber G.; Matthaeus W., 1989: A new device for glaucoma cryotherapy

Hawliczek R.; Neubauer J.; Schmidt W.F.O.; Grunert P.; Coia L.R., 1991: A new device for interstitial iodine 125 seed implantation

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950847

Houri A.; Sudaka P.; Starita Geribaldi M., 1991: A new device for measuring distribution of electric fields in isothermic gel electrophoresis

Koehler U.; Mueller C., 1991: A new device for measuring lid strength

Kudo, Y.; Takeda, K.; Hicks, T. P.; Ogura, A.; Kawasaki, Y., 1989: A new device for monitoring concentrations of intracellular calcium in cns preparations and its application to the frog's spinal cord

Eversberg U., 1990: A new device for sampling water from the benthic boundary layer

Hunt G.M.; Whitaker R.H., 1990: A new device for self catheterization in wheelchair bound women

Cohen A.J.; Bosshard R.G.; Yeo J.D., 1990: A new device for the care of acute spinal injuries the russell extrication device red

Medoff R.J.; Maes K., 1991: A new device for the fixation of unstable pertrochanteric fractures of the hip

Ghaieb J.; Bes R.S.; Dartigues G., 1992: A new device for the measurement of ozone in the gas phase

Calne D.B., 1988: A new device for the quantitative assessment of dopaminergic drug effects in unilateral mptp lesioned monkeys

Magal C.; Wright K.C.; Duprat G.Jr; Wallace S.; Gianturco C., 1989: A new device for transcatheter closure of the patent ductus arteriosus a feasibility study in dogs

Chaturvedi, S. K., 1989: A new device of self pollination in boerhaavia diffusa l. nyctaginaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950860

Blanch P.B.; Koens J.C.Jr; Layon A.J., 1990: A new device that allows synchronous intermittent inspiratory chest tube occlusion with any mechanical ventilator

Roux D.; Fournial G.; Glock Y.; Dalous P.; Vanleeuw P.; Puel P., 1991: A new device the quick cannulation system

Gerver W.J.M.; Gidding C.; Van Amstel M.; Vles J.S.H., 1990: A new device to measure short term growth of head circumference in newborn infants

Lyon R.M.; Woo S.L Y.; Hollis J.M.; Marcin J.P.; Lee E.B., 1989: A new device to measure the structural properties of the femur anterior cruciate ligament tibia complex

Niko S., 1989: A new devonian cephalopod from the nakazato formation of the southern kitakami mountains japan

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950866

Mori Y.; Yokoyama J.; Tsuruoka A.; Kurata H.; Miura J.; Nishimura M.; Ikeda Y., 1989: A new diabetic strain of rat wbn kob 4th report immunologic aspects

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950868

Rosenthal G.E.; Mettler G.; Pare S.; Riegger M.; Ward M.; Landefeld C.S., 1990: A new diagnostic index for predicting cervical infection with either chlamydia trachomatis of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Dreval' A.V., 1989: A new diagnostic indicator of diabetes mellitus based on a two dimensional parameter of glucose kinetics

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950873

Coruzzi P.; Musiari L.; Biggi A.; Carra N.; Panzali A.F.; Novarini A., 1991: A new diagnostic test for primary aldosteronism

Sokolova K.Ya; Khramova N.I., 1989: A new diagnostic test system in the study of the biochemical properties of haemophilus spp

Maerkl H.; Lechner M.; Goetz F., 1990: A new dialysis fermentor for the production of high concentrations of extracellular enzymes

Steiner K.E., 1992: A new diascia spp scrophulariaceae from the richtersveld south africa

Huck R.B.; Judd W.S.; Whitten W.M.; Skean J.D.Jr; Wunderlin R.P.; Delaney K.R., 1989: A new dicerandra labiatae from the lake wales ridge of florida usa with a cladistic analysis and discussion of endemism

Yakovlev I.L., 1988: A new differential method for the study of erythrocyte distribution according to their resistance and a new automatic device for the implementation of this method

Imai M.; Shibata T.; Moriguchi K.; Kinbara M., 1989: A new differentiation type of the chief cells in the cat gastric gland

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950881

Martin B.; Watts O.; Shroot B.; Jamoulle J.C., 1989: A new diffusion cell an automated method for measuring the pharmaceutical availability of topical dosage forms

Campbell R.A., 1992: A new digenetic trematode gibsonia borealis new species lepocreadiidae lepidapedinae parasitic in the rattail macrourus berglax from the flemish cap off newfoundland

Lebrun J P., 1988: A new digitaria poaceae from southern ethiopia

Barbier, M.; Devys, M.; Parisot, D., 1988: A new dihydrofusarubin o ethyl ether produced by the fungus nectria haematococca berk. and br. wr

Maxwell A.; Rampersad D., 1991: A new dihydropiplartine and piplartine dimer from piper rugosum

Kaganda N.G.; Adesanya S.A., 1990: A new dihydrostilbene from diseased dioscorea mangenotiana

Sturm H., 1987: A new dilophus sp insecta diptera bibionidae from the colombian high andes

Akselman R., 1988: A new diplopsaliinae dinoflagellatae from patagonia argentina

Lumbsch H.T., 1990: A new diploschistes sp lichenized ascomycetes thelotremataceae from india

Zicha D.; Dunn G.A.; Brown A.F., 1991: A new direct viewing chemotaxis chamber

Frost H.M., 1991: A new direction for osteoporosis research a review and proposal

Sun Y.; Sun X., 1990: A new direction for the development of the paper industry

Boury Esnault N.; Pansini M.; Uriz M J., 1992: A new discorhabdella porifera demospongiae a new tethyan relict of pre messinian biota?

Zhang X.; Wang B., 1990: A new discovered double stranded rna associated with cytoplasmic male sterile rice

Lehmann, L., 1991: A new discovery of autographa buraetica new record staudinger 1892 lep. noctuidae

Huang X N.; Li B B., 1991: A new discriminant technique bayes fisher discrimination

Popovic N., 1990: A new disease hemorrhage in rabbits

Persad C.; Fortune M., 1989: A new disease of sorrel hibiscus sabdariffa var sabdariffa new record caused by coniella musaiaensis var hibisci from trinidad and tobago west indies

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950902

Smith D.G., 1988: A new disjunct species of triclad flatworm turbellaria tricladida from a spring in southern new england usa

De Bianchi E.; Spagna A.; Morossi M.; Segatto A.; Valenti S., 1991: A new disposable carbon dioxide detector fef in anesthetic practice

Noest V.; Van Der Maarel E., 1989: A new dissimilarity measure and a new optimality criterion in phytosociological classification

Hino K.; Takatori K.; Yamamoto R.; Ideguchi S.; Ohmoto K.; Ohumi T.; Yamamoto S.; Hirano Y., 1991: A new dissolution effect of dmo on human pancreatic stone in vitro study

Monsalve R.I.; Lopez Otin C.; Villalba M.; Rodriguez R., 1991: A new distinct group of 2s albumins from rapeseed amino acid sequence of two low molecular weight napins

Herholdt E.M., 1989: A new distribution record for the botswana long eared bat in south africa

Jacobs W.L., 1990: A new distributional record for the sand burrowing mayfly dolania americana new record ephemeroptera behningiidae

Chen S.; Qiu L., 1989: A new diterpenoid alkaloid from aconitum forrestii

Murre C.; Mccaw P.S.; Baltimore D., 1989: A new dna binding and dimerization motif in immunoglobulin enhancer binding daughterless myod and myc proteins

Stetter G.; Braun M.A.; Montenarh M., 1991: A new dna binding assay to study subclasses of sv 40 large t antigen binding to individual binding sites on the sv 40 dna

Hudson J.M.; Crowe L.G.; Fried M.G., 1990: A new dna binding mode for cap

Wang J Z., 1988: A new dna immune adsorbent for hemoperfusion in sle therapy a clinical trial

Goodfellow P.J.; Myers S.; Anderson L.L.; Brooks Wilson A.R.; Simpson N.E., 1990: A new dna marker d10s94 very tightly linked to the multiple endocrine neoplasia type 2a men2a locus

Youngman S.; Sarfarazi M.; Bucan M.; Macdonald M.; Smith B.; Zimmer M.; Gilliam C.; Frischauf A M.; Wasmuth J.J.; Et Al, 1989: A new dna marker d4s90 is located terminally on the short arm of chromosome 4 close to the huntington disease gene

Suthers G.K.; Callen D.F.; Hyland V.J.; Kozman H.M.; Baker E.; Eyre H.; Harper P.S.; Roberts S.H.; Hors Cayla M.C.; Et Al, 1989: A new dna marker tightly linked to the fragile x locus fraxa

Honma M.; Kataoka E.; Ohnishi K.; Ohno T.; Takeuchi M.; Nomura N.; Mizusawa H., 1992: A new dna profiling system for cell line identification for use in cell banks in japan

Pomplun E., 1991: A new dna target model for tract structure calculations and its first application to iodine 125 auger electrons

Melzheimer V., 1990: A new documentation technique

Shirouzu M.; Anraku T.; Iwashita Y.; Yoshida M., 1990: A new dopaminergic terminal plexus in the ventral horn of the rat spinal cord immunohistochemical studies at the light and electron microscopic levels

Opgenorth Welslau R.; Curtius J.M.; Hilger H.H., 1990: A new doppler echocardiographic parameter for diastolic function

Isaaz K.; Ethevenot G.; Admant P.; Brembilla B.; Pernot C., 1989: A new doppler method of assessing left ventricular ejection force in chronic congestive heart failure

Hagiwara A.; Takahashi T.; Iwamoto A.; Yoneyama C.; Ito M.; Sasabe T.; Muranishi S.; Matsumoto S., 1991: A new dosage form comprising a suspension of activated carbon particles adsorbing aclarubicin toxicity in mice

Wong C.F.; Fleming R.; Carter S.J., 1989: A new dosimeter for uv b radiation

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950929

Kondo Y.; Buehrer T.; Seiler K.; Froemter E.; Simon W., 1989: A new double barrelled ionophore based microelectrode for chloride ions

Mattheck C.; Huber Betzer H.; Boerner M., 1991: A new drilling device and new anchors for the fixation of prosthetic cruciate ligaments to the femur

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950932

Tsaur S C.; Lin F J., 1991: A new drosophila sp in the drosophila montium meijere subgroup of the drosophila melanogaster meigen species group in the subgenus sophophora sturtevant from taiwan diptera drosophilidae

Schuler D., 1988: A new drug combination for the treatment of brain tumors in children

Sipahiler F., 1991: A new drusus species from southern anatolia trichoptera limnephilidae drusinae

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950936

Nultsch W., 1988: A new dual beam microphotometer for determination of action spectra of light induced phaeoplast movements in dictyota dichotoma

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950938

Curtoni E.S., 1988: A new duplication at the c4b locus associated with the hla aw68 cw8 bw65 haplotype

Gorgi Y.; Arnold D.; Uring Lambert B.; Bardi R.; Ayed K.; Hauptmann G., 1990: A new duplication c4b 1 12 at the c4b locus associated with bf s07 in a tunisian population

Oonishi M.; Hayakawa H., 1990: A new dust monitor for measurement of artificial beta aerosol activity concentration in real time

Giordan J C.; Raffaldi J., 1989: A new duvalius from haute vesubie france coleoptera carabidae trechinae

Giordan J C.; Raffaldi J., 1989: A new duvalius from the col de braus alpes maritimes france coleoptera carabidae trechinae

Casale A.; Genest L.C., 1990: A new duvalius of the subgenus paraduvalius from bulgaria coleoptera carabidae trechinae

Tilbury C.R., 1992: A new dwarf forest chameleon sauria rhampholeon guenther 1874 from malawi central africa

Schmidtler J.F.; Lanza B., 1990: A new dwarf snake eirenis from lake van in eastern turkey

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950947

Werntz J.R.; Chesher S.P.; Breidenbach W.C.; Kleinert H.E.; Bissonnett M.A., 1989: A new dynamic splint for postoperative treatment of flexor tendon injury

Sandy M.R., 1990: A new early cretaceous articulate brachiopod from the northwest territories canada and its paleobiogeographic significance

Wright A.J.; Haas W., 1990: A new early devonian spinose phacopid trilobite from lime kilns new south wales australia morphology affinities taphonomy and paleoenvironment

Suh H S.; Suh D Y.; Cho E G.; Kweon S J.; Kim J T., 1991: A new early maturing and high yielding barley variety daejinbori

Suh D.Y.; Cho E.G.; Kweon S.J.; Suh H.S., 1989: A new early maturing and high yielding wheat variety namhaemil

Shin H.T.; Ko J.K.; Lee S.Y.; Jun B.T.; Park S.H.; Lee K.Y.; Choi Y.K.; Lim M.S.; Cho C.I.; Lee D.C., 1990: A new early maturing rice variety with high quality cold tolerance and high yielding potential namweonbyeo

Penz W.; Pugsley M.; Hsieh M.Z.; Walker M.J.A., 1992: A new ecg measure rsh for detecting possible sodium channel blockade in vivo in rats

Vucetich M.G.; Verzi D.H., 1991: A new echimyidae rodentia hystricognathi from the colhuehuapian age of patagonia with considerations on the systematics of the family

Pulst S M.; Korenberg J.R.; Greenwald J.; Carbone M., 1990: A new eco r i polymorphism at the d21s13 locus

Wilhelm A.; Kellner A. , 1989: A new edentate pterosaur of the lower cretaceous from the araripe basin northeast brazil

Redhead S.A., 1988: A new edible agaric from japan clitocybula esculenta new species

Van Utrecht W.L., 1988: A new eel larva leptocephalus pseudomicrocephalus new species belonging to the subfamily bathymyrinae anguilliformes congridae

Maidl F.X.; Funk R.; Mueller R.; Fischbeck G., 1991: A new efficient auger technique for sampling soil cores from deep soil layers to study the effects of different farm management systems upon nitrate leaching into ground water

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950961

Machado M.L.D.C.; Machado A.D.; Hanzer V.; Kalthoff B.; Weiss H.; Mattanovich D.; Regner F.; Katinger H., 1991: A new efficient method using 8 hydroxyquinolinol sulfate for the initiation and establishment of tissue cultures of apple from adult material

Prajapati D.; Sandhu J.S., 1991: A new efficient one pot preparation of nitriles from thiocarboxamides

Chemin D.; Alami M.; Linstrumelle G., 1992: A new efficient synthesis of 5s 12s dihete

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950965

Irako N.; Hamada Y.; Shiori T., 1992: A new efficient synthesis of s dolaphenine s 2 phenyl 1 2 thiazolylethylamine the c terminal unit of dolastatin 10

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950967

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950968

Wang E., 1988: A new electrochemical method based on transfer at a liquid liquid interface determination of barium and strontium

Onal A.; Ogus A.; Kisakurek D., 1990: A new electrochemical method for the production of stable ascorbate free radicals

Okazaki S., 1988: A new electrochromatoscan method for the quantitative paper chromatography of amino acids

Ottolenghi S.; Trecca G.; Di Cio A.; Di Bastiano M.R., 1990: A new electrofunctional method for studying amblyopic alterations

Landolt P.; Dethier M.; Malzacher P.; Sartori M., 1991: A new electrogena species from switzerland ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Doultree J.C.; Kiernan R.E.; Lee J.Y.; Bowden D.S.; Mcphee D.A.; Tokuyasu K.T.; Marshall J.A., 1992: A new electron microscope positive staining method for viruses in suspension

Dimmler W.; Klindt H., 1990: A new electronic system for the rectangular midwater trawl rmt

Perrella R.R.; Kimme Smith C.; Tessler F.N.; Ragavendra N.; Grant E.G., 1992: A new electronically enhanced biopsy system value in improving needle tip visibility during sonographically guided interventional procedures

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950977

Fahle M., 1991: A new elementary feature of vision

Roa Trujillo S.H.; Ruiz Carranza P.M., 1991: A new eleutherodactylus species amphibia leptodactylidae from the cordillera central of colombia

Emlen W.; Jarusiripipat P.; Burdick G., 1990: A new elisa for the detection of double stranded dna antibodies

Torffvit O.; Agardh C D.; Cederholm B.; Wieslander J., 1989: A new elisa for urine and serum concentrations of the carboxyl terminal domain nc1 of collagen iv application in type i insulin dependent diabetes

Reinhart H.H.; Obedeanu N.; Walz D.; Sobel J.D., 1989: A new elisa method for the rapid quantification of tamm horsfall protein in urine

Nuttall T.R., 1989: A new elysia opisthobranchia ascoglossa from the florida keys usa

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950984

Pritchard P.C.H.; Mccord W.P., 1991: A new emydid turtle from china

Barnes L.G., 1989: A new enaliarctine pinniped from the astoria formation oregon usa and a classification of the otariidae mammalia carnivora

Dike S.Y.; Ner D.H.; Kumar A., 1991: A new enantioselective chemoenzymatic synthesis of r levo thiazesim hydrochloride

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950989

Von Klitzing L., 1991: A new encephalomagnetic effect in human brain generated by static magnetic fields

Dozsa Farkas K., 1988: A new enchytronia sp from morocco

Pesarini F., 1989: A new endemite in the apenninian fauna tenthredo trivittata picena new subspecies hymenoptera symphyta tenthredinidae

Takagaki K.; Nakamura T.; Takeda Y.; Endo M., 1992: A new endo beta galactosidase acting on the gal beta 1 3gal linkage of the proteoglycan linkage region

Section 7, Chapter 6951, Accession 006950995

Saeed Z.A.; Michaletz P.A.; Feiner S.D.; Woods K.L.; Graham D.Y., 1990: A new endoscopic method for managing food impaction in the esophagus

Bates C.A.; Beckly D.; Rahamim J., 1991: A new endoscopic method for treatment of malignant esophagobronchial fistulas

Bartok T.; Sagi F., 1990: A new endosperm supported callus induction method for wheat triticum aestivum l

Wang Y.; Chen P.; Wu X.; Sun A L.; Wang H.; Zhu Y A.; Li Z P., 1990: A new enhancer element enii identified in the x gene of hepatitis b virus

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