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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6952

Chapter 6952 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ding Y L.J.; Jia Z J.; Wang Q G.; Chen J H.; Liu Y T., 1991:
A new ent atis 16 ene type diterpenol from euphorbia sieboldiana

Bruni F.; Chimichi S.; Cosimelli B.; Costanzo A.; Guerrini G.; Selleri S., 1990:
A new entry to pyrazolo 1 5 a pyrido 3 4 e pyrimidine derivatives

Ozaki Y.; Oshio I.; Ohsuga Y.; Kaburagi S.; Sung Z Z.; Kim S W., 1991:
A new entry to the synthesis of 1 2 benzenediol congeners

Naud, I.; Brigidou, C.; Amalou, Z.; Marin, B., 1991:
A new enzymatic activity lutoidal membrane from latex of hevea brasiliensis mull. arg. atp amp phosphotransferase

Tolmasky, D.S.; Mendonca, M.H.; Salmoral, E.M.; Cura, J.A.; Krisman, C., 1991:
A new enzymatic activity participating in the initiation of glycogen biosynthesis in rat brain

Maslowska J.; Leszczynska J., 1991:
A new enzymatic method for the determination of magnesium ii in drinking waters and soft drinks with the use of isocitrate dehydrogenase

Mariani M.; Camagna M.; Tarditi L.; Seccamani E., 1991:
A new enzymatic method to obtain high yield fab 2 suitable for clinical use from mouse igg1

Tanimori, H.; Akahori, A.; Sonoi, S.; Kitagawa, T., 1991:
A new enzyme immunoassay for a solid Chinese crude drug, pinellia tuber

Bianco J.; Ferrua B., 1990:
A new enzyme immunoassay for gibberellins quantification using peroxidase labelled antibodies comparison with a classical competition type assay using peroxidase labelled gibberellins

Babiel, R.; Willnow, P.; Baer, M.; van Gent, M.; Ehrhardt, V., 1990:
A new enzyme immunoassay for prolactin in serum or plasma

Ubaghs G.; Vizcaino D., 1990:
A new eocrinoid from the lower cambrian of spain

Rozhnov S.V., 1991:
A new eocrinoid order from the lower ordovician

Sutter, R.W.; Brink, E.W.; Cochi, S.L.; Kew, O.M.; Orenstein, W.A.; Biellik, R.J.; Hinman, A.R., 1989:
A new epidemiologic and laboratory classification system for paralytic poliomyelitis cases

Afonso O., 1989:
A new epigeal asellidae species from northern portugal bragasellus cortesi new species crustacea isopoda taxonomic and ecological data

Turner B.L., 1989:
A new epiphytic species of senecio asteraceae senecioneae from veracruz mexico

Yoshimoto H., 1988:
A new epipsestis lepidoptera thyatiridae and records of some allies from china based on the hoene collection

Gioanni, J.; Caldani, C.; Zanghellini, E.; Mazeau, C.; Duplay, H.; Ferrua, B.; Schneider, M., 1991:
A new epithelial membrane antigen (Calam 27) as a marker of carcinoma in serous effusions

Nakayama T., 1991:
A new epitoniid species from the pacific coast of the kii peninsula japan

Bagnell L.J.; Hodges A.M.; Linton M.; Mau A.W H., 1989:
A new equilibrium model for the bazarov urea synthesis process

Artabe A.E.; Zamuner A.B., 1991:
A new equisetalean of the triassic of cacheuta argentina with internal preserved structure

Nesom G.L., 1989:
A new erigeron asteraceae astereae from tamaulipas mexico

Thomson A.M.; Flint H.J.; Bechet M.; Martin J.; Dubourgier H C., 1992:
A new escherichia coli bacteroides shuttle vector prri207 based on the bacteroides ruminicola plasmid replicon prri2

Thurnhofer H.; Krautler B.; Hauser H., 1989:
A new esr assay for membrane asymmetry and entrapped volume of unilamellar lipid vesicles based on photoreduced fad

Boomsma C.D., 1988:
A new eucalyptus species from the wyola region in the far west of south australia

Seregina L.Ya; Kostyukov V.V., 1989:
A new eulophid species hymenoptera eulophidae parasite of the green oak leaf roller

D.Leon Gonzalez J.A., 1988:
A new eunicid polychaete from the caribbean coast of mexico

Sennikov A.G., 1989:
A new euparkeriid thecodontia from the middle triassic of the southern cisural area russian sfsr ussr

Radcliffe Smith A., 1990:
A new euphorbia from yunnan china

Miller L.D.; Miller J.Y., 1988:
A new euptychia sp from northwestern mexico satyridae

Yata O., 1990:
A new eurema species from south india lepidoptera pieridae

Boidin J., 1989:
A new european species of vararia basidiomycotina lachnocladiaceae

Dessart P., 1990:
A new european species with incomplete notaulices dendrocerus chloropidarum new species hymenoptera ceraphronoidea megaspilidae

Siemion I.Z., 1990:
A new example of edge to face interaction of aromatic rings in oligopeptides cyclolinopeptide a

Arama E.; Michuad P.; Rouffiac R.; Rodriquez F., 1988:
A new excipient in the pharmaceutical formulation of theophylline tablets hydrophile matrix type the pulp of the baobab fruit adansonia digitata l

Parameshwar, J.; Dambrink, J.H.; Sparrow, J.; Wright, C.; Park, A.; Tweed, J.; Poole-Wilson, P.A., 1989:
A new exercise test for the assessment of heart failure: use of a self powered treadmill

Hayashi M.; Okabe Kado J.; Hozumi M., 1989:
A new experience model for in vivo studies on differentiation and proliferation of leukemic cells using a mouse myeloid leukemia aneuploid line

Hoeckel M.; Kutzner J.; Bauer H.; Friedberg V., 1989:
A new experimental approach to the treatment of pelvic side wall recurrences of gynecological malignancies

Riegger G.A.J.; Hoferer P., 1990 :
A new experimental model for measurement of pulmonary arterial hemodynamic variables in conscious rats before and after pulmonary embolism and during general anesthesia

Zwissler B.; Forst H.; Ishii K.; Messmer K., 1989:
A new experimental model of acute respiratory distress syndrome and pulmonary hypertension in the dog

Rigothier M.C.; Vuong P.N.; Gayral P., 1989:
A new experimental model of cecal amoebiasis in the rat

Yaginuma, G.; Suzuki, Y.; Togo, T.; Komatsu, T.; Yamaki, S.; Mohri, H.; Horiuchi, T.; Takahashi, T., 1990:
A new experimental model of pulmonary hypertension in dog using an adjustable pulmonary artery band

Satoh M.; Tano Y.; Naka H.; Kuriyama H.; Danjo Y.; Nakae K.; Manabe R., 1991:
A new experimental model of retinal neovascularization using basic fibroblast growth factor

Takanashi Y., 1989:
A new experimental system for cerebral vasospasm

Yamashita, Y.; Hirai, T.; Mukaida, H.; Iwata, T.; Toge, T.; Hoon, H.J., 1990:
A new experimental trial using repeated heating every 24 hours for local hyperthermic therapy with bleomycin in vivo

Mey E., 1990:
A new extinct avian ischnocera from new zealand huiacola extinctus new genus new species insecta phthiraptera

Mihaesco, C.; Ferrara, P.; Guillemot, J.C.; Congy, N.; Gendron, M.C.; Roy, J.P.; Sizaret, P.Y.; Mihaesco, E., 1990:
A new extra sequence at the amino terminal of a mu heavy chain disease protein (DAG)

Matranga V.; D.F.rro D.; Zito F.; Cervello M.; Nakano E., 1992:
A new extracellular matrix protein of the sea urchin embryo with properties of substrate adhesion molecule

Jakobsen M.H.; Buchardt O.; Engdahl T.; Holm A., 1991:
A new facile one pot preparation of pentafluorophenyl pfp and 3 4 dihydro 4 oxo 1 2 3 benzotriazine 3 yl dhbt esters of fmoc amino acids

Szabo J.; Bernath G.; Fodor L.; Sohar P., 1988:
A new facile synthesis of thiaprotoberberines

Bock E.; Koops H P.; Moeller U.C.; Rudert M., 1990:
A new facultatively nitrite oxidizing bacterium nitrobacter vulgaris new species

States J.S., 1991:
A new false truffle in the genus trappea hysterangiaceae

Moiseeva A.I.; Nevretdinova T.L., 1990:
A new family and a new genus of freshwater diatom algae bacillariophyta

Balushkin A.V.; Voskoboinikova O.S., 1990:
A new family of cottoidea bathylutichthyidae scorpaeniformes for the deepwater fish bathylutichthys taranetzi new genus new species from the area of south georgia island antarctic

Karkhu A.A., 1988:
A new family of cypseliformes from the paleogene of europe

Huys, R., 1990:
A new family of harpacticoid copepods and an analysis of the phylogenetic relationships with the laophontoidea t. scott

Sarsero, J.P.; Wookey, P.J.; Gollnick, P.; Yanofsky, C.; Pittard, A.J., 1991:
A new family of integral membrane proteins involved in transport of aromatic amino acids in Escherichia coli

Zhang J F., 1991:
A new family of neuroptera insecta from the late mesozoic of shandong china

Bannikov A.F., 1991:
A new family of oligocene perciform fishes

Hogans W.E.; Benz G.W., 1990:
A new family of parasitic copepods the lernaeosoleidae poecilostomatoida from demersal fishes in the northwest atlantic with a description of bobkabata kabatabobbus new genus new species and a redescription of lernaeosolea lycodis wilson 1944

Shevchenko V.G.; Bagnyuk I.G.; Sukhareva S.I., 1991:
A new family of pentasetacidae acariformes tetrapodili and its role in treatment of the origin and evolution of this group

Naumov G.I.; Naumova E.S.; Turakainen H.; Korhola M., 1992:
A new family of polymorphic metallothionein encoding genes mth1 cup1 mth2 in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Key M.M.Jr, 1990:
A new family of trepostome bryozoans from the ordovician simpson group of oklahoma usa

Storozhenko S., 1992:
A new family of triassic grylloblattids from central asia

Baroncini A.; Franco N.; Forabosco A., 1991:
A new family with chorioretinal dystrophy spinocerebellar ataxia and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism boucher neuhauser syndrome

Kitamura, J.; Kubuki, Y.; Tsuruta, K.; Kurihara, T.; Matsukura, S., 1989:
A new family with Joseph disease in Japan. Homovanillic acid, magnetic resonance, and sleep apnea studies

Nair M.G.; Burke B.A., 1988 :
A new fatty acid methyl ester and other biologically active compounds from aspergillus niger

Liu X.; Wang D., 1990:
A new fauna from the northern margin of the north china platform qinghezhen fauna

Myers B.W.; D'attilio A., 1989:
A new favartia jousseaume 1880 from the western pacific and a lectotype designated for murex foveolatus pease 1869 equals murex peasei tryon 1880

Sodov Zh, 1991:
A new ferganiella species from the jurassic deposits of mongolia

Toba T.; Uemura H.; Mukai T.; Fujii T.; Itoh T.; Adachi S., 1991:
A new fermented milk using capsular polysaccharide producing lactobacillus kefiranofaciens isolated from kefir grains

Samylina V.A.; Shchepetov S.V., 1988:
A new fern species in the genus hausmannia and its distribution in the cretaceous of the northeastern ussr

Del Fueyo G.; Archangelsky S.; Taylor T.N., 1990:
A new fertile podocarp conifer from the lower cretaceous of patagonia argentina

Pimenov M.G.; Melibaev S., 1988:
A new ferula species apiaceae from the alai mountain kirgiz ssr ussr

Frair J.A.; West M.H.; Davies J.E., 1989:
A new film for uv photography

Cobb, N.; Slater, D.N.; Beck, S., 1990:
A new filter technique permitting traditional histopathological assessment of fine needle aspiration specimens

Lozhkin A.V.; Pavlov G.F.; Ryabchun V.K.; Gorbachev A.L.; Zadal'skii S.V.; Shubert E.E., 1988:
A new find of a mammoth on chukotskii peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Numeyer, K., 1991:
A new find of luciola italica new record col. lampyridae north of the alps

Bosso A.; Heinonen S.; Chebez J.C., 1988:
A new finding of a nest of dysithamnus mentalis passeriformes formicaridae

Basilici G.; Faraone A.G.; Gentili S., 1991:
A new finding of macaca from ossiferous pleistocene breccia at mount peglia terni central italy

Bussing W.A., 1988:
A new fish brachyrhaphis roseni new species poeciliidae from costa rica and panama

Bannikov A.F., 1990:
A new fish of the family centracanthidae perciformes from the sarmatian in moldavia ussr

Oja, P.; Laukkanen, R.; Pasanen, M.; Vuori, I., 1989:
A new fitness test for cardiovascular epidemiology and exercise promotion

Maeda M.; Fukui A.; Tamai S., 1991:
A new fixation method for rabbits enabling a continuous infusion

Ozcan, G.; Shenaq, S.; Spira, M., 1991:
A new flap model in the rat

Mukherjee K.S.; Chakraborty C.K.; Bhattacharya D.; Chatterjee T.P., 1990:
A new flavone from limnophila rugosa

Khan I.Z.; Aqil M.; Khan M.S.Y., 1991:
A new flavone glycoside acetylated pectolinarigenin 7 rutinoside from kickxia ramosissima wall

Ito C.; Mizuno T.; Matsuoka M.; Kimura Y.; Sato K.; Kajiura I.; Omura M.; J.I.hi M.; Furukawa H., 1988:
A new flavonoid and other new components from citrus plants

Souleles C., 1989:
A new flavonoid glycoside from dictamnus albus

Deyrup, M.; Woodruff, R.E., 1991:
A new flightless psammodius from florida's usa inland dunes coleoptera scarabeidae

Heppner J.B., 1991:
A new florida chrysendeton moth lepidoptera pyralidae nymphulinae

Heppner J.B., 1991:
A new florida ethmia moth lepidoptera oecophoridae

Chan K.L.; Linley J.R., 1989:
A new florida species of forcipomyia diptera ceratopogonidae from leaves of the water lettuce pistia stratiotes

Amaoka K.; Parin N.V., 1990:
A new flounder chascanopsetta megagnatha from the sala y gomez submarine ridge eastern pacific ocean teleostei pleuronectiformes bothidae

Guastella T.; Baer H.U.; Maddern G.J.; Blumgart L.H., 1992:
A new fluid jet dissection device to hepato biliary surgery

Wiley, J.S.; Brocklebank, A.M.; Snook, M.B.; Jamieson, G.P.; Sawyer, W.H.; Craik, J.D.; Cass, C.E.; Robins, M.J.; Mcadam, D.P.; Paterson, A.R.P., 1991:
A new fluorescent probe for the equilibrative inhibitor sensitive nucleoside transporter 5' s 2 aminoethyl n 6 4 nitrobenzyl 5' thioadenosine saenta x 2 fluorescein

Harding G.; Jordan B.; Kosanetzky J., 1991:
A new fluorescent x ray source for photon scattering investigations

Mullen D.G.; Barany G., 1988:
A new fluoridolyzable anchoring linkage for orthogonal solid phase peptide synthesis design preparation and application of the n 3 or 4 4 hydroxymethylphenoxy tert butylphenylsilyl phenyl pentanedioic acid monoamide pbs handle

Ratard R.C.; Greer G.J., 1991:
A new focus of schistosoma haematobium schistosoma intercalatum hybrid in cameroon

Cooksey D.A.; Koike S.T., 1990:
A new foliar blight of impatiens caused by pseudomonas syringae

Junqueira N.T.V.; Bezerra J.L., 1990:
A new foliar disease on rubber tree hevea spp caused by rosenscheldiella heveae new species loculoascomycetes dothideales stigmateaceae

Brusse F.A.; Dickinson C.H., 1991:
A new foliicolous species in the lichen genus porina porinaceae pyrenulales from southern africa

Zapata M.J., 1990:
A new foraminiferan species of the genus glabratella dorreen 1948

Meier H., 1989:
A new form from the lineata group of the genus phelsuma in madagascar

Kim J.H.; Kimura T., 1992:
A new form of annulariopsis from the carnian momonoki formation southwest japan

Bustamante J.C.; Yudilevich D.L.; Boyd C.A.R., 1988:
A new form of asymmetry in epithelia kinetics of apical and basal sulfate transport in human placenta

Lai, M.M.; Tettenborn, M.A.; Hall, J.G.; Smith, L.J.; Berry, A.C., 1991:
A new form of autosomal dominant arthrogryposis

Ryl'kov V.V.; Taras'ev M.Yu; Moshkov K.A., 1990:
A new form of copper ii ion centers in human ceruloplasmin

Sheviak, C.J., 1990:
A new form of cypripedium montanum dougl. ex lindl

Mellerio J.; Capon M.R.C.; Docchio F.; Sliney D.; Krafft J., 1988:
A new form of damage to pmma intraocular lenses by neodymium yag laser photodisruptors

Keenan P.E., 1992:
A new form of triphora trianthophora swartz rydberg and part 3 of observations on the ecology of triphora trianthophora orchidaceae in new hampshire

Siver P.A., 1988:
A new forma of the common chrysophycean alga synura petersenii

Kim H J.; Yang J.I.; Min S.H.; Byun S.M., 1989:
A new format for agarose solid phase enzyme immunoassay

Cecutti C.; Novelli A.; Rico I.; Lattes A., 1990:
A new formulation for blood substitutes

Suttmann H.; Doenicke A.; Kugler J.; Laub M., 1989:
A new formulation of etomidate in lipid emulsion bioavailability and venous irritation

Ferreira C.S.; Coelho A.C.D.S., 1989:
A new fossil gastropod from sao jose de itaborai basin rio de janeiro state brazil mollusca gastropoda pulmonata endodontidae

Auffenberg K.; Portell R.W., 1990:
A new fossil land snail gastropoda pulmonata polygyridae from the middle miocene of northern florida usa

Goodfriend G.A., 1992:
A new fossil land snail of the genus hemitrochus from bowden jamaica

Godfrey L.R.; Simons E.L.; Chatrath P.J.; Rakotosamimanana B., 1990:
A new fossil lemur babakotia primates from northern madagascar

Singh A., 1991:
A new fossil pollen record transdanubiaepollenites kedves and pardutz from the neyveli lignite deposit south india

Krishna K.; Grimaldi D., 1991:
A new fossil species from dominican amber of the living australian termite genus mastotermes isoptera mastotermitidae

Skalski A.W., 1988:
A new fossil trichogrammatid from the sicilian amber hymenoptera chalcidoidea trichogrammatidae

Cai S.; Chui D.H.K.; N.J.; Poon A.O.; Freedman M.H.; Olivieri N.F., 1991:
A new frameshift beta thalassemia mutation codons 27 28 plus c found in a chinese family

Inoue T.; Osatake H.; Takahashi H., 1989:
A new freeze drying instrument using tert butyl alcohol for scanning electron microscopy

Malik K.A., 1988:
A new freeze drying method for the preservation of nitrogen fixing and other fragile bacteria

Chin M S.; Ihm Y B.; Hong E H.; Park R K.; O.S.K.; Cha Y H.; Song I M.; Hwang C J.; Kim T S.; H.C.H., 1990:
A new freshly raw edible sweet potato variety saengmi

Shokita S.; Takeda M., 1989:
A new freshwater prawn of the genus macrobrachium decapoda caridea palaemonidae from thailand

Jose L.; Patel R.J., 1990:
A new freshwater species of acrochaetium acrochaetium keralayensis new species from india

Heyns J.; Coomans A., 1989:
A new freshwater species of theristus from south west africa namibia nematoda xyalidae

Gonzalez A.G.; Luis J.G.; Andres L.S.; Mendoza J.J.; Ravelo A.G., 1991:
A new friedooleane triterpenic acid from schaefferia cuneifolia

Channing A.; Boycott R.C., 1989:
A new frog genus and species from the mountains of the southwestern cape south africa anura ranidae

Zweifel R.G.; Myers C.W., 1989:
A new frog of the genus ctenophryne microhylidae from the pacific lowlands of northwestern south america

Campbell J.A.; Smith E.N., 1992:
A new frog of the genus ptychohyla hylidae from the sierra de santa cruz guatemala and description of a new genus of middle american stream breeding treefrogs

Kim Z.S.; Sanger A.M., 1989:
A new functional model of the t sr junction based on fine structural evidence in fish muscle rutilus rutilus

L.Z.; Liu C., 1990 :
A new fungicide hde and its application in controlling wilt disease of cucurbits

Liokas V.; Garson M.J.; Carver J.A., 1989:
A new furanosesterpene from the marine sponge psammocinia rugosa

Noriega J.I., 1991:
A new furnariidae genus aves passeriformes from the lower middle pleistocene of buenos aires province argentina

Sultana N.; Khan S.A.J.; Khanzada A.K., 1988:
A new fusarium wilt of okra in pakistan

Isakova T.N., 1988:
A new fusulinid species from the upper carboniferous of the oksko tsninskii arch ussr

Strassen R.Z., 1991:
A new gall inducing phlaeothripid species insecta thysanoptera from south africa

Sharma R.M., 1988:
A new gall midge of the genus lestodiplosis kieffer diptera cecidomyiidae from maharashtra india

Skuhrava M.; Skuhravy V., 1991:
A new gall midge species contarinia cerriperda new species cecidomyiidae diptera on flower buds of quercus cerris l

Petrova A.D.; Makarova O.L., 1989:
A new gamasid mite species of the genus veigaia parasitiformes mesostigmata of the paradoxa group from the caucasus ussr

Arai M.; Tsukada T.; Sakaue H.; Negi A.; Honda Y., 1992:
A new ganzfeld stimulator for electroretinography

Nunnermacker L.J.; Dickerson R.R.; Fried A.; Sams R., 1989 :
A new gas phase nitric acid calibration system

Fei Y.J.; Liu J.C.; Walker E.L.D.IIi; Huisman T.H.J., 1992:
A new gene deletion involving the alpha 2 alpha 1 and 01 globin genes in a black family with hb h disease

Nakai H.; Nakamura K.; Kuwahara S.; Saito M., 1990:
A new gene developed through mutagenesis for resistance of rice to bacterial leaf blight xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

Ghani M.U.; Khush G.S., 1988:
A new gene for resistance to green leafhopper nephotettix virescens distant in rice

Furia, M.; Digilio, F.A.; Artiaco, D.; Giordano, E.; Polito, L.C., 1990:
A new gene nested within the dunce genetic unit of Drosophila melanogaster

Karlyshev A.V.; Galyov E.E.; Smirnov O.Y.; Guzayev A.P.; Abramov V.M.; Zav'yalov V.P., 1992:
A new gene of the f1 operon of yersinia pestis involved in the capsule biogenesis

Vicentini C.B.; Veronese A.C.; Giori P.; Lumachi B.; Guarneri M., 1990:
A new general and efficient synthesis of imidazo 4 5 c pyrazole derivatives

Harris T.M.; Johnston D.F.; Collins S.R.C.; Heath M.L., 1990:
A new general anesthetic technique for use in singers the brain laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal intubation

Dutta L.N.; Sinha N.C.; Sarkar A.K., 1988:
A new general approach for introducing side chain in coumarins utilising bromozinc enolates as chemo selective regio selective and stereo selective reagents

Obrecht D.; Spiegler C.; Schoenholzer P.; Muller K.; Heimgartner H.; Stierli F., 1992:
A new general approach to enantiomerically pure cyclic and open chain r and s alpha alpha disubstituted alpha amino acids

Engler T.A.; Sampath U.; Naganathan S.; Velde D.V.; Takusagawa F.; Yohannes D., 1989:
A new general synthetic approach to diterpenes application syntheses of racemic taxodione and racemic royleanone

Suzuki H.; Yokoyama Y.; Miyagi C.; Murakami Y., 1991:
A new general synthetic route for 1 substituted 4 oxygenated beta carbolines

Stepniak Biniakiewicz D.; Chen B.; Deutsch E., 1992:
A new general synthetic route to multidentate n s ligands for use in technetium 99m radiopharmaceuticals preparation of diamidodisulfur diaminodithiol and tripodal n 3s 3 prototypes comparative biodistributions of technetium 99m dads analogues which contain 5 5 5 and 5 7 5 membered chelate ring systems

Hobbs H.H.Jr, 1991:
A new generic assignment for a south american crayfish decapoda parastacidae with revised diagnoses of the south american genera and comments on the parastacid mandible

Gardner, A.L.; Creighton, G.K., 1989:
A new generic name for tate's 1933 microtarsus group of south american mouse opossums marsupialia didelphidae

Yang L L., 1989:
A new generic record and a new species of tachinidae from china diptera tachinidae

Leonard T.J.; Dick S.; Deng R.Z., 1989:
A new genetic element affecting somatic mnd recombination in schizophyllum commune

Chen, W.R.; Rico-Hesse, R.; Tesh, R.B., 1992:
A new genotype of Japanese encephalitis virus from Indonesia

Maheshwari R., 1991:
A new genotype of neurospora crassa that selectively produces abundant microconidia in submerged shake culture

Matsuhashi T.; Ishizawa H.; Matsuzawa T.; Fukai Y.; Nakamura M.; Takeuchi M.; Hanazawa K., 1992:
A new genuine buckwheat noodle product and its processing from extruded buckwheat flour

Wang S F., 1989:
A new genus and 2 new species of acaenitinae from china hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Duarte A.J.C.; Sakakibara A.M., 1989:
A new genus and 3 new membracidae species homoptera of brazil

Barilo A.B., 1991:
A new genus and a new species in the family eupodidae acariformes from central asia

Saini M.S.; Deep J.S., 1991:
A new genus and a new species of allantinae hymenoptera tenthredinidae from india

Ree H I., 1992:
A new genus and a new species of chironomidae from korea

Kierych E., 1988:
A new genus and a new species of cynipoids hymenoptera cynipoidea charipidae from poland

D.Lillo E., 1988:
A new genus and a new species of eriophyid mites bariella farnei new genus new species acari eriophyoidea on quercus trojana webb in apulia southern italy

Gokhman V.E., 1990:
A new genus and a new species of ichneumon flies of the tribe phaeogenini hymenoptera ichneumonidae from mongolia

Huang D., 1990:
A new genus and a new species of miscogasterinae hymenoptera chalcidoidea pteromalidae

Zheng Z., 1991:
A new genus and a new species of oedipodidae orthoptera acridoidea from jinping shan region

Huang D W.; Liao D X., 1988:
A new genus and a new species of pteromalidae hymenoptera chalcidoidea

Livingstone D.; Ravichandran G., 1988:
A new genus and a new species of stenopodainae stal from southern india heteroptera reduviidae

Liang G Q., 1990:
A new genus and a new species of tetrigidae from china orthoptera tetrigidae

Song D.; L.Z., 1990:
A new genus and a new species of the family agelenidae araneae from china

Miyamoto S., 1990:
A new genus and a new species of the pentatomidae in japan

Perkovskii E.E., 1989:
A new genus and a new species of troglobiont bathysciini coleoptera leiodidae from the primorje yugoslavia

Emel'yanov A.F., 1990:
A new genus and a new tribe of the family achilidae homoptera cicadina from baltic amber

Vargas Hernandez J.M.; Ochoa Figueroa E., 1990:
A new genus and description of a new species for the family tubulariidae hydrozoa anthomedusae in the mexican pacific

Kobes L.W.R., 1989:
A new genus and five new species from sumatra indonesia lepidoptera noctuidae euteliinae ophiderinae

Sakai K., 1988:
A new genus and five new species of callianassidae crustacea decapoda thalassinidea from northern australia

Zullini A., 1988:
A new genus and five species of nematodes for ethiopian lakes

Rowe F.W.E.; Albertson E.L., 1987:
A new genus and four new species in the family echinasteridae echinodermata asteroidea

Yang C K.; Yang D., 1991:
A new genus and four new species of chloropidae from china diptera

Zheng Z M.; F.P., 1989:
A new genus and new species of grasshopper from yunnan china orthoptera catantopidae

X.Z.Z.; Huang J Q., 1990:
A new genus and new species of hydropolypae and hydromedusae from the luoyuan bay fujian province china

Jordaan L.C.; Loots G.C.; Theron P.D., 1988:
A new genus and new species of rhodacaridae acari from the afrotropical region

Sweet M.H., 1991:
A new genus and new species of rhyparochrominae hemiptera lygaeidae from western north america

Kastcheev V.A., 1988:
A new genus and new species of staphylinids of the tribe oxytelini coleoptera staphylinidae from the ussr and iran

Song D X.; X.Y.J., 1989:
A new genus and new species of the family dictynidae from china arachnida araneae

Zhang C Z.; Chang N G., 1990:
A new genus and new species of the family harpagophoridae from yunnan china diplopoda spirostreptida

Brailovsky H., 1990:
A new genus and six new species of neotropical coreids hemiptera heteroptera coreidae coreinae

Applegate S.P., 1988:
A new genus and species of a holostean belonging to the family ophiopsidae teoichthys kallistos new genus new species from the cretaceous near tepexi de rodriguez puebla mexico

Jiang Z T., 1991:
A new genus and species of acaridae from china acari acariformes

Anderson W.D.Jr; Parin N.V.; Randall J.E., 1990:
A new genus and species of anthiine fish pisces serranidae from the eastern south pacific with comments on anthiine relationships

Bugrov S.A., 1991:
A new genus and species of armored mites acariformes oribatei from the family tegoribatidae

Tjeder B., 1989:
A new genus and species of ascalaphidae from southwestern africa insecta neuroptera

Garwood P.R.; Bamber R.N., 1988:
A new genus and species of capitellid polychaete from northeast england uk

Fraser T.H.; Struhsaker P.J., 1991:
A new genus and species of cardinalfish apogonidae from the indo west pacific with a key to apogonine genera

Kirman M., 1989:
A new genus and species of carventinae hexapoda hemiptera aradidae from northland new zealand

Olivier P.A.S.; Theron P.D., 1989:
A new genus and species of cheyletidae acari prostigmata from south africa

Brown W.A., 1990:
A new genus and species of chigger acari trombiculidae from the philippines

Booth R.G., 1991:
A new genus and species of coccinellid coleoptera coccinellidae predator on rastrococcus spp homoptera pseudococcidae from india

Sysoev A.V.; Kantor Y.I., 1990:
A new genus and species of cochlespira like turrids gastropoda toxoglossa turridae

Hanley J.R.; Burke M., 1988:
A new genus and species of commensal scaleworm polychaeta polynoidae

Hanley J.R.; Burke M., 1989:
A new genus and species of commensal scaleworm polychaeta polynoidae from broome western australia

Chou I.; Hua B., 1988:
A new genus and species of cossids from jiangxi province china lepidoptera cossidae

Kharin V.E., 1989:
A new genus and species of deep sea anglerfish of the family oneirodidae from the northwestern pacific

X.Z.F.; Zhang D N.; Jiang J M., 1989:
A new genus and species of enchytraeidae from gansu province china oligochaeta plesiopora

Mohanasundaram M.; Singh P., 1988:
A new genus and species of eriophyid mite from west bengal india eriophyidae acari

Millen S.V.; Hamann J.C., 1992:
A new genus and species of facelinidae opisthobranchia aeolidaceae from the caribbean sea

Thurston M.H., 1989:
A new genus and species of fossorial amphipod from the falkland islands south atlantic crustacea amphipoda phoxocephalopsidae with notes on phoxocephalopsis

Gill H.S.; Miller P.J., 1990:
A new genus and species of goby from the swan avon estuary western australia with a redescription of the genus favonigobius whitley 1930

Davie P.J.F., 1988:
A new genus and species of goneplacid crustacea brachyura from queensland australia

Zhang X.; Xia K., 1990:
A new genus and species of grasshoppers acridoidea catantopidae from henan province china

Mello F.D.A.G.D., 1990:
A new genus and species of grylline cricket closely related to miogryllus saussure 1877 orthoptera gryllidae gryllinae

Bousfield E.L., 1990:
A new genus and species of hadzioidean amphipod crustacean from anchialine pools in hawaii usa

Papacek M.; Stys P.; Tonner M., 1989:
A new genus and species of helotrephidae from afghanistan and iran heteroptera nepomorpha

Oconnor B.M.; Houck M.A., 1989:
A new genus and species of hemisarcoptidae from malaysia acari astigmata

Morgan G.J.; Forest J., 1991:
A new genus and species of hermit crab crustacea anomura diogenidae from the timor sea north australia

Carvalho J.C.M., 1988:
A new genus and species of indian termatophylini reuter deraeocorinae miridae hemiptera

G.Y.M.; Duan Q X., 1990:
A new genus and species of laelapidae from yunnan province china acari gamasina

Blocker H.D.; Webb M.D., 1992:
A new genus and species of lassinae homoptera cicadellidae from brazil

Yang, C.K., 1991:
A new genus and species of leaf hoppers homoptera cicadellidae named in honor of prof. chou io

Barnes L.G., 1992:
A new genus and species of middle miocene enaliarctine pinniped mammalia carnivora otariidae from the astoria formation in coastal oregon

Sevast'yanov V.D.; A.D.ur Z.N.D., 1991:
A new genus and species of mites of the cohort tarsonemina trombidiformes in the fauna of central iraq

Polhemus D.A.; Razafimahatratra V., 1990:
A new genus and species of myrmecomorphic miridae from madagascar heteroptera

Barbagallo S.; Patti I., 1991:
A new genus and species of myzocallidine aphid living on quercus trojana in italy homoptera aphididae

Sinev S.Yu, 1990:
A new genus and species of narrow winged moths of the family chrysopeleiidae lepidoptera gelechidea from northern africa

Cao W X.; Zhu S Q., 1988:
A new genus and species of nemacheilinae from dianchi lake yunnan province in china cypriniformes cobitidae

Mello F.D.A.G.D., 1990:
A new genus and species of nemobiine cricket from the brazilian atlantic forest orthoptera gryllidae nemobiinae

Mclean J.H., 1990:
A new genus and species of neomphalid limpet from the mariana vents with a review of current understanding of relationships among neomphalacea and peltospiracea

Carvalho G.S.; Sakakibara A.M., 1989:
A new genus and species of neotropical cercopidae tomaspidinae tomaspidini

Spangler P.J.; Faitoute R.A., 1991:
A new genus and species of neotropical water beetle jolyelmis auyana new genus new species from a venezuelan tepui coleoptera elmidae

Hogue C.L., 1992:
A new genus and species of net winged midge diptera blephariceridae from mexico with a redescription of paltostoma bellardii bezzi

Zeidler W., 1991:
A new genus and species of phreatic amphipod crustacea amphipoda belonging in the chiltonia generic group from dalhousie springs south australia

Ferraris C.J.Jr; Mago Leccia F., 1989:
A new genus and species of pimelodid catfish from the rio negro and rio orinoco drainages of venezuela siluriformes pimelodidae

Wake D.B.; Johnson J.D., 1989:
A new genus and species of plethodontid salamander from chiapas mexico

Blake J.A., 1990:
A new genus and species of polychaeta commensal with a deep sea thyasirid clam

Roth B.; Miller W.B., 1992:
A new genus and species of polygyrid land snail gastropoda pulmonata from oregon

Kilburn R.N., 1989:
A new genus and species of pseudolivinae with a note on the status of sylvanocochlis melvill 1903 mollusca gastropoda olividae

D.P.nna M.C.C.; Starnes W.C., 1990:
A new genus and species of sarcoglanidinae from the rio mamore amazon basin with comments on subfamilial phylogeny teleostei trichomycteridae

Hanley J.R.; Burke M., 1991:
A new genus and species of scaleworm polychaeta polynoidae from the cascade plateau tasman sea

Hirt D.S., 1992:
A new genus and species of scalpellomorph cirriped from the fairport member carlile shale middle turonian of kansas

Locket N.A., 1990:
A new genus and species of scorpion from south australia australia buthidae buthinae

Han Y F., 1991:
A new genus and species of sericothripina from china thysanoptera thripidae

Bourquin O., 1991:
A new genus and species of snake from the natal drakensberg south africa

M.E.; Wang D., 1991:
A new genus and species of spider mites acarina tetranychidae from eastern china

Barr C.B.; Spangler P.J., 1992:
A new genus and species of stygobiontic dryopid beetle stygoparnus comalensis coleoptera dryopidae from comal springs texas

Winsor L., 1991:
A new genus and species of terrestrial flatworm from the central highlands of new caledonia south pacific ocean tricladida terricola

Ferrara F.; Taiti S., 1989:
A new genus and species of terrestrial isopod from malaysia crustacea oniscidea platyarthridae

M.E.P.; Gao J R.; Chen X W., 1990:
A new genus and species of tetranychidae from china and a key to subfamilies and tribes acarina tetranychidae

Ahmad I.; Kamaluddin S., 1989:
A new genus and species of the diemenia group hemiptera pentatomidae pentatominae from australia with cladistic analysis of some related genera

Abe H., 1991:
A new genus and species of the family halacaridae acari prostigmata from japan

Yasunaga T., 1991:
A new genus and species of the mirid bug heteroptera miridae from japan

Kolodochka L.A., 1988:
A new genus and species of the mite family phytoseiidae parasitiformes

Sinev S.Yu, 1991:
A new genus and species of the narrow winged moths of subfamily cosmopteriginae lepidoptera cosmopterigidae from southern primorye ukrainian ssr ussr region

Miyamoto S.; Yasunaga T., 1990:
A new genus and species of the plant bug from japan heteroptera miridae

Niitsuma H., 1991:
A new genus and species of the primitive orthocladiinae diptera chironomidae from japan

Delgado Castillo L.; Moron M.A., 1991:
A new genus and species of trichiini from mexico coleoptera melolonthidae

H.J.H.; Chu J M., 1990:
A new genus and species of vanhorniinae from china hymenoptera serphidae

Wang X J., 1989:
A new genus and three new species of acanthonevrini from china diptera tephritidae

Johnsen P., 1990:
A new genus and three new species of acridoidea with notes on some lesser known species from southern africa orthoptera

Mohanasundaram M., 1988:
A new genus and three new species of tenuipalpidae acari from tamil nadu india

Malipatil M.B.; Woodward T.E., 1989:
A new genus and two new species of antillocorini from malaysia hemiptera lygaeidae rhyparochrominae

Krylova E.M., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of bivalve molluscs of the family cetoconchidae bivalvia septibranchia poromyoidea

G.Z.L.; Zhang Z M., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of cicadellidae homoptera cicadelloidea

Surekha K.; Narendran T.C., 1988:
A new genus and two new species of eulophidae hymenoptera chalcidoidea from india

Alvarez F.; Villalobos J.L., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of freshwater crabs from mexico odontothelphusa toninae new species and stygothelphusa lopezformenti new genus new species crustacea brachyura pseudothelphusidae

X.Z.Z.; Huang J C., 1990:
A new genus and two new species of hydromedusae from china hydrozoa protiaridae euchelotidae

Grygier M.J.; Newman W.A., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of microlepadidae cirripedia pedunculata found on western pacific diadematid echinoids

Carvalho J.C.M., 1988:
A new genus and two new species of miridae from papua new guinea hemiptera

Brailovsky H., 1987:
A new genus and two new species of neotropical coreids hemiptera heteroptera coreidae acanthocerini

Chen Y X., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of noctuidae lepidoptera from china

Bussing W.A., 1991:
A new genus and two new species of tripterygiid fishes from costa rica

Martins Neto R., 1990:
A new genus and two new tridactylidae species insecta orthopteridea from the santana formation lower cretaceous of northeastern brazil

Helava J.V.T., 1989:
A new genus and two species of ant associated histerids from panama coleoptera histeridae hetaeriinae

Shear W.A., 1992:
A new genus and two species of millipedes from the cape range western australia diplopoda polydesmida paradoxosomatidae

Bourgogne J., 1990:
A new genus for the wattle bagworm lepidoptera psychidae

Kuang H Y.; Hong X Y.; Cheng L S., 1991:
A new genus four new species and two new subspecies of the subfamily rhyncaphytoptinae from china acari acariformes rhyncaphytoptidae

Zhou H.; Zhou Y.; Xiao C., 1991:
A new genus in budding and appendaged bacteria

Joseph A.N.T.; Parui P., 1989:
A new genus neoholopogon new genus diptera asilidae from india

Chelnokov V.G., 1990:
A new genus new and little known species of springtails collembola in the fauna of northeast asia

Strachan I., 1990:
A new genus of abrograptid graptolite from the ordovician of southern scotland uk

Huang C M., 1990:
A new genus of acridoidea from hengduan mountains china orthoptera acrididae pyrgomorphinae

Bellamy C.L.; Westcott R.L., 1992:
A new genus of agrilinae from southern africa coleoptera buprestidae

Townsend C.C., 1991:
A new genus of amaranthaceae from somalia notes on amaranthaceae xxii

Bouchet P.; Kilburn R.N., 1990:
A new genus of ancillinae mollusca gastropoda olividae from new caledonia with the description of two new species

Loch J.D., 1989:
A new genus of aporrhaid gastropod from southern california usa

Dalens H., 1989:
A new genus of aquatic oniscoid from southeast asia thailandoniscus annae new genus new species isopoda oniscidea styloniscidae

Ivanov A.O., 1988:
A new genus of arthrodirans from the upper devonian in the timanski mountains komi assr russian sfsr ussr

Schminke H.K., 1988:
A new genus of bathynellacea from ground waters in germany crustacea malacostraca bathynellidae

Giachino P.M.; Gueorguiev V.B., 1989:
A new genus of bathysciinae from french pyrenees coleoptera catopidae bathysciinae

Ryabukhin A.S., 1991:
A new genus of beetles coleoptera micropeplidae from the eastern palearctic region

Yin W., 1989:
A new genus of berberentomidae protura from guizhou province with description of larval stages and suggestion to erect amazonentulus new genus

Van Achterberg C.; Quicke D.L.J., 1991:
A new genus of braconinae with depressed ovipositor tip from the oriental region hymenoptera braconidae

Lavrent'eva V.D., 1990:
A new genus of bryozoans cryptostomida

Coulon G., 1990:
A new genus of bythinoplectini from north india and nepal coleoptera pselaphidae faroninae

Coulon G., 1990:
A new genus of bythinoplectini from sri lanka coleoptera pselaphidae faroninae

Cressey R.F.; Cressey H.B., 1990:
A new genus of caligoid copepod from the fish genus apogon

Mauries J P.; Enghoff H., 1990:
A new genus of cambaloid millipedes from vietnam diplopoda spirostreptida cambalopsidae

Barus V.; Sergeeva T.P., 1990:
A new genus of capillariids from birds ornithocapillaria new genus nematoda capillariidae

Barus V.; Sergeeva T.P., 1990:
A new genus of capillariids from birds tridentocapillaria new genus nematoda capillariidae

Narendran T.C., 1988:
A new genus of chalcididae hymenoptera chalcidoidea from the collections of usa national museum of natural history washington dc

Aver'yanov A.O., 1991:
A new genus of chimeroid fishes from the kazakhstan paleocene

Cherian P.T., 1990:
A new genus of chloropidae diptera from india

Anufriev G.A., 1991:
A new genus of cicadas of the delphacidae family homoptera auchenorrhyncha from the northern ussr

Najt J., 1988:
A new genus of collembola brachystomellinae from chile

Deharveng L.; Wise K.A.J., 1987:
A new genus of collembola neanuridae neanurinae from southern new zealand

Romero R.C.; Kuroki H.B., 1989:
A new genus of copepoda hatschekiidae parasitic on dicrolene nigra off the chilean coast

Lebedev E.L.; Herman A.B., 1989:
A new genus of cretaceous angiosperms dalembia

Popkov D.V., 1991:
A new genus of cutlerensis new genus for the species aspidosiphon rutilofuscus sipuncula golfingiidae

Sirenko B.I., 1988:
A new genus of deep sea chitons ferreiraella new genus lepidopleurida leptochitonidae with a description of a new ultra abyssal species

Williams G.C., 1990:
A new genus of dimorphic soft coral from the southwestern fringe of the indo pacific ocean octocorallia alcyoniidae

Cheng Sen L.; Edwards D., 1992:
A new genus of early land plants with novel strobilar construction from the lower devonian posongchong formation yunnan province china

Sharkov A.V.; Voinovich N.D., 1988:
A new genus of encyrtids hymenoptera encyrtidae from the northern karelian assr russian sfsr ussr and finland

Ferrara F.; Taiti S., 1990:
A new genus of euberlidae crustacea isopoda oniscidea from the horn of africa and the arabian peninsula

Roman'kova T.G., 1988:
A new genus of far eastern russian sfsr ussr bees of the tribe anthidiini hymenoptera apoidea megachilidae

Ameur Chehbeur A., 1991:
A new genus of gerbillidae rodentia mammalia from the miocene pliocene of el eulma eastern algeria

Radzivill A.A., 1988:
A new genus of gymnosperms from the lower carboniferous of the dnieper donets and pripyat depressions ukrainian ssr ussr

Ambrose D.P.; Vennison S.J., 1991:
A new genus of harpactorinae heteroptera reduviidae from southern india

Markov A.V., 1990:
A new genus of heart urchins from the south atlantic

Hirst D., 1989:
A new genus of huntsman spider heteropodidae araneae from southeastern australia

D.O.iveira E.P.; Thibaud J M., 1988:
A new genus of hypogastruridae insecta collembola in the amazon region

German A.B.; Golovneva L.B., 1988:
A new genus of late cretaceous sycamore like plants from the northeast of the ussr

Irish J., 1989:
A new genus of lepismatidae thysanura inhabiting shrub coppice dunes in the namib desert namibia

Anderson N.M., 1991:
A new genus of marine water striders hemiptera veliidae with five new species from malesia

Pape T., 1991:
A new genus of miltogrammatinae from namibia diptera sarcophagidae

Stonedahl G.M.; Henry T.J., 1991:
A new genus of mirine plant bugs gracilimiris new genus with three new species from north america heteroptera miridae

Eyles A.C.; Carvalho J.C.M., 1988:
A new genus of mirini heteroptera miridae from lucerne crops in new zealand

Whittington I.D.; Barton D.P., 1990:
A new genus of monogenean parasites capsalidae benedeniinae from stingrays rajiformes dasyatidae with a description of a new species from the long tailed stingray himantura uarnak forsskal from queensland australia

Harvey M.S., 1992:
A new genus of myrmecophilous chernetidae from southern australia pseudoscorpionida

Lattke J., 1990:
A new genus of myrmicine ants hymenoptera formicidae from venezuela

Zakahrenko A.V., 1990:
A new genus of neuroptera chrysopidae of the fauna of the ussr

Calugar M., 1989:
A new genus of oribatid mites from venezuela acari oribatida

Hill R.S.; Forsyth S.M.; Green F., 1989:
A new genus of osmundaceous stem from the upper triassic of tasmania australia

Mathis W.N.; Papp L., 1992:
A new genus of periscelididae diptera from the neotropics

Korth W.W., 1992:
A new genus of prosciurine rodent mammalia rodentia aplodontidae from the oligocene orellan of montana

Nemkov P.G., 1990:
A new genus of sphecid wasps from the tribe gorytini from the oligocene deposits of primorski krai russian sfsr ussr

Belokobyl'skii S.A., 1989:
A new genus of subfamily doryctinae hymenoptera braconidae from taiwan

Rozanova E.P.; Nazina T.N.; Galushko A.S., 1988:
A new genus of sulfate reducing bacteria and the description of its new species desulfomicrobium apsheronum new genus new species

Enghoff H., 1990:
A new genus of symphyoiulini from turkey with notes on symphyoiulus verhoeff 1898 diplopoda julida julidae

Belokobyl'skii S.A., 1991:
A new genus of the braconid tribe rhysipolini hymenoptera braconidae from australia

Gordon D.P.; Parker S.A., 1991:
A new genus of the bryozoan family electridae with a plectriform apparatus

Thuroczy C.; Trjapitzin V.A., 1990:
A new genus of the family encyrtidae from tunisia hymenoptera

Zheng L Y.; Y.C., 1990:
A new genus of the lygus complex from china with descriptions of six new species hemiptera miridae

Matsumaru K., 1990:
A new genus of the miogypsinid foraminifera from southwest japan

Evans G.O.; Baker A.S., 1991:
A new genus of the mite subfamily platyseiinae from jamaica west indies parasitiformes ascidae

Matsumaru K., 1990:
A new genus of the trematophorate miliolids fabulariidae from the eocene setogawa group southwest japan

Van Achterberg C.; Quicke D.L.J., 1990:
A new genus of the tribe pambolini from australia hymenoptera braconidae

Dick M.W.; Croft B.J.; Magarey R.C.; A.W.A.M.; Clark G., 1989:
A new genus of the verrucalvaceae oomycetes

Delfino S.M., 1990:
A new genus of trachyderini coleoptera cerambycidae cerambycinae

Weiner W.M.; Thibaud J M., 1991:
A new genus of tullbergiinae collembola in sands of paris region

Yaginuma T., 1991:
A new genus shinobius new genus of the japanese pisaurid spider araneae pisauridae

Ghai S.; Chandra K.; Ramamurthy V.V., 1988:
A new genus subpeltonotus new genus and a new species subpeltonotus andamanae new species from india insecta coleoptera scarabaeidae rutelinae

Kazenas V.L., 1991:
A new genus taukumia new genus hymenoptera sphecidae from kazakhstan

Zaballos J.P., 1989:
A new geocharis coleoptera trechidae from the gredos mountains spain

Zaballos J.P., 1990:
A new geocharis sp from extremadura spain coleoptera trechidae

Flaud, P.; Bensalah, A.; Counord, J.L.; Levenson, J.; Simon, A., 1990:
A new geometric procedure for in vivo pulsed Doppler evaluation of velocity distribution inside the diametrical section of large arteries in humans

Manning R.B., 1992:
A new geryonid crab from walters shoals southwestern indian ocean crustacea decapoda brachyura

Stusak J.M., 1991:
A new giant burrowing bug from vietnam insecta heteroptera cydnidae

Geraads D., 1989:
A new giraffid from the upper miocene of macedonia greece

Sokolov V.E.; Bodyak N.D.; Stepanova L.V., 1989:
A new gland type in the skin of mammals

Hormiga G.; Dobel H.G., 1990:
A new glenognatha araneae tetragnathidae from new jersey usa with redescriptions of glenognatha centralis and glenognatha minuta

Campostano, A.; Altomonte, F.; Bessarione, D.; Casu, M.; Triolo, A.; Lamedica, G., 1991:
A new glucose clamp algorithm: clinical validation

Iriki Y.; Suzuki M.; Togawa N.; Hosoi Y.; Kohda D., 1989:
A new glucoside asaroside isolated from asarum fauriei

Messens, E.; Van-Montagu, M.; De-Bruyn, A.; Jans, A.W.H., 1989:
A new glycosylated flavonoid 7 o alpha l rhamnopyranosyl 4' o rutinosylapigenin in the exudate from germinating seeds of sesbania rostrata

Koide K.; Ohno M.; Kobayashi S., 1991:
A new glycosylation reaction based on a remote activation concept glycosyl 2 pyridinecarboxylate as a novel glycosyl donor

Hoese D.F.; Obika Y., 1988:
A new gobiid fish fusigobius signipinnis new species from the western tropical pacific

Villanueva, A.R., 1988:
A new goldner's one step trichrome stain for identification of osteoid seams bone and cells in undecalcified plastic embedded sections of bone

Jeong B C.; O.S.K.; Park K Y.; Rho S P.; Chung K B.; Chung D H.; Chin M S.; Hong E H.; Park R K.; E.A., 1991:
A new good eating quality sweet potato variety yulmi

Lee E.S.; Suh S.J.; Kim J.G.; Chung D.H.; Park M.W.; Choi H.K.; Heo C.H.; Park H.J.; Jeong J.H., 1990:
A new good quality and high yielding malting barley variety jinkwangbori

Jang Y S.; Park H J.; Sung B R.; Chung D H.; Lee J I.; Park R K.; Bang J K., 1991:
A new good quality and high yielding rape variety tamlayuchae

Doronina N.V.; Grishina E.M.; Dikanskaya Z.M.; Trotsenko Y.A., 1991:
A new gram positive facultative methylotroph mycobacterium methylovorum new species

Orchard A.E., 1992:
A new graniticolous species of myriophyllum haloragaceae

Eremin P.K.; Kabak I.I., 1991:
A new ground beetle species of the genus pterostichus coleoptera carabidae from the altai

Svetlichnyi V.A.; Sokolova T.G.; Gerkhadt M.; Zavarzin G.A., 1990:
A new group of anaerobic thermophilic hydrogen producing carboxydobacteria

Kaverina N.V.; Skoldinov A.P., 1990:
A new group of antiarrhythmic agents search results concept

Yamamoto, K.; Shinoki, Y.; Furukawa, J.; Nakamura, S., 1991 :
A new group of antibiotics hydroxamic acid antimycotic antibiotics iv. structures of enactins ia ib 1 ib 2 and va

Rasnitsyn A.P.; Kozlov M.V., 1990:
A new group of fossil insects scorpion flies with adaptations of cicadas and butterflies

Buyer J.S.; Sikora L.J.; Chaney R.L., 1989:
A new growth medium for the study of siderophore mediated interactions

Lokhande H.T.; Varadarajan P.V., 1992:
A new guar gum based superabsorbent polymer synthesised using gamma radiation as a soil additive

Bassi, P.B.; Fioriti, M., 1990:
A new guide in the surgical reconstruction of the cruciate ligaments

Mlikovsky J., 1986:
A new guineafowl aves phasianidae from the late eocene of france

Rebelo G.H., 1991:
A new habitat and locality for podocnemis erythrocephala new record spix 1824 testudines pelomedusidae

Lytvak, P.V.; Lytvak, I.P., 1990:
A new habitat of fritillaria meleagris l. from the zhitomir oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Wells S.A., 1989:
A new halipus from warm springs nevada usa coleoptera haliplidae

Oztunc A.; Imre S.; Wagner H.; Norte M.; Fernandez J.J.; Gonzalez R., 1991:
A new haloether from laurencia possessing a lauroxacyclododecane ring structure and conformational studies

Sameshima Y., 1988 :
A new hamster model and experimental gall bladder carcinoma in congenital dilatation of the bile duct

Maldonado Capriles J., 1992:
A new harpactorine genus from french guiana northern south america heteroptera reduviidae

Barron G.L.; Szijarto E., 1991:
A new harposporium with triangular conidia attacking bdelloid rotifers

Kitaura T.; Numa T., 1988:
A new heart activity index with a heart rate memory

Goblyos P.; Czeizel E., 1989:
A new heart malformation brachydactyly syndrome

Harimaya K.; Arai N.; Inayama S., 1989:
A new helenanolide 11 beta h dihydro 4 epineopulchellin isolated from gaillardia grandiflora

Raenko L.M., 1988:
A new heliotropium species boraginaceae from the turkmen ssr ussr

Moreira N.I.B.; Oliveira C.L.D.; Costa H.M.D.A., 1991:
A new helminth parasite of fish spirocamallanus freitasi new species nematoda camallanidae

Van Den Berg E., 1988:
A new hemicycliophora species from coastal sand dunes in the western cape south africa hemicycliophoridae nemata

Scriber J.M.; Evans M., 1987:
A new heritable color aberration in the tiger swallowtail butterfly papilio glaucus papilionidae lepidoptera

Asakura A., 1991:
A new hermit crab decapoda paguridae from rocky shores of the ogasawara bonin islands

Richiteanu A., 1988:
A new herpotrichiella ascomycetes herpotrichiellaceae on calluna from romania

Wuench B.; Hoefner G.; Bauschke F., 1990:
A new heterocycle with analgesic activity 2 6 epoxy 1 2 3 4 5 6 hexahydro 3 methyl 3 benzazocine

D.L.H.z A.; Elguero J.; Pardo C., 1989:
A new heterocyclic rearrangement conversion of 1 2 dihydropyrimidines into pyrroles

Mahunka S.; Zaki A.M., 1992:
A new heterodispus species from egypt acari heterostigmata

Thulin M., 1990:
A new heterostylous species of streptopetalum turneraceae from somalia

Krause, A.; Lane, A.B.; Jenkins, T., 1988:
A new high activity plasma cholinesterase variant

H.Y.W.; Hwang J.J.; Sung B.R.; Lee S.Y.; Youn K.B.; Park J.H.; Song N.H.; Hur H.S., 1989:
A new high forage yielding and early rye variety chochunhomil

H.Y.W.; Hwang J.J.; Sung B.R.; Lee S.Y.; Park C.S.; Park J.H.; Song N.H.; Kim Y.S., 1989:
A new high forage yielding rye variety chilbohomil

H.Y.W.; Hwang J.J.; Park M.E.; Song H.S.; Park C.S.; Kim Y.S.; Sung B.R., 1990:
A new high forage yielding rye variety chunchuhomil

Hieda, Y.; Tsukita, S.; Tsukita, S., 1989:
A new high molecular mass protein showing unique localization in desmosomal plaque

Izedonmwen O.E.; Ogundaini A.O.; Ogungbamila F.O.; Owa J.A., 1991:
A new high performance liquid chromatographic method for simultaneous determination of 1 and 2 naphthols in urine

Lee J I.; Han E D.; Bang J K.; Park H W.; Park R K.; Park N J., 1991:
A new high quality and high yielding perilla variety okdongdlggae

Jarad, N.A.; Wilkinson, P.; Pearson, M.C.; Rudd, R.M., 1992:
A new high resolution computed tomography scoring system for pulmonary fibrosis, pleural disease, and emphysema in patients with asbestos related disease

Shin D.C.; Park C.K.; Cho E.G.; Sung D.K.; Chang S.D.; Chung G.S.; Suh H.S., 1988:
A new high yielding and disease resistant sprouting soybean variety eunhakong

Y.S.J.; Choung J.I.; Shin H.T.; H.K.Y.; Lee J.Y.; Kim H.J.; Jun B.T.; Park S.H.; Lim M.S., 1990:
A new high yielding rice variety with adaptability to reclaimed land high grain quality and resistance to diseases gyehwabyeo

Kim C.Y.; Park S.T.; Lim S.J.; Lee J.S.; Koh J.C.; Lee S.K.; Chung G.S., 1989:
A new high yielding rice variety with good grain quality and resistance to virus disease donghaebyeo

Lee S.K.; Koh J.C.; Kim H.Y.; Yang S.J.; Hwang H.G.; Hwang D.Y.; Shon J.K.; Moon H.P.; Jun B.T.; E.A., 1989:
A new high yielding upland glutinous rice variety sangnambatbyeo

Savchenko Y.N.; Zavalishin I.A.; Zakharova M.N.; Khrustaleva N.A.; Khokhlov A.P., 1989:
A new highly active myelin proteolytic enzyme and its possible role in the pathomechanism of the demyelinating process

Petitou M.; Jaurand G.; Derrien M.; Duchaussoy P.; Choay J., 1991 :
A new highly potent heparin like pentasaccharide fragment containing a glucose residue instead of a glucosamine

Goldman M.E.; Mckee R.L.; Caulfield M.P.; Reagan J.E.; Levy J.J.; Gay C.T.; Dehaven P.A.; Rosenblatt M.; Chorev M., 1988:
A new highly potent parathyroid hormone antagonist d trp 12 tyr 34 b pth 7 34 amide

Knapp R.J.; Vaughn L.K.; Fang S N.; Bogert C.L.; Yamamura M.S.; Hruby V.J.; Yamamura H.I., 1990:
A new highly selective cck b receptor radioligand tritiated n methyl nle 28 31 cck 26 33 evidence for cck b receptor heterogeneity

Gabbasov Z.A.; Popov E.G.; Gavrilov I.Yu; Pozin E.Ya; Markosyan R.A., 1989:
A new highly sensitive method for platelet aggregation analysis

Bichel, P.; Jakobsen, A., 1989:
A new histologic grading index in ovarian carcinoma

Norton R.A.; Olszanowski Z., 1989:
A new holonothrus oribatida crotoniidae from zaire with notes on the distribution of crotoniid mites

Gyurkovics, H.; Gausz, J.; Kummer, J.; Karch, F., 1990:
A new homeotic mutation in the Drosophila bithorax complex removes a boundary separating two domains of regulation

Meza-Toledo, S.E.; Zenteno-García, M.T.; Juárez-Carvajal, E.; Martínez-Muñoz, D.; Carvajal-Sandoval, G., 1990:
A new homologous series of anticonvulsants: phenyl alcohol amides. Synthesis and pharmacological evaluation

Hayashi A.; Matsubara T., 1989:
A new homologue of phosphonoglycosphingolipid n methylaminoethylphosphonyltrigalactosylceramide

Mcallister C.T.; Conn D.B.; Freed P.S.; Burdick D.A., 1991:
A new host and locality for mesocestoides sp r tetrathyridia cestoidea cyclophyllidea with a summary of the genus from snakes of the world

Mcdaniel B.; Boe A., 1990:
A new host record eurytomocharis eragrostidis howard chalcidoidea eurytomidae infesting eragrostis tef in south dakota usa

Ukai T.; Ogawa K.; Satake T.; Kaneda N.; Nagatsu T., 1989:
A new hplc fluorescence assay of adrenaline in brain changes of brain adrenaline in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Helliger, W.; Lindner, H.; Hauptlorenz, S.; Puschendorf, B., 1988:
A new h.p.l.c. isolation procedure for chicken and goose erythrocyte histones

Tarral E.; Jehl F.; Gallion C.; Monteil H., 1990:
A new hplc method for dosage of enoximone and its metabolite in blood and urine

Zanco M.; Pfister G.; Kettrup A., 1992:
A new hplc method for the simultaneous determination of fluazifop butyl and fluazifop in soil samples

Petersen H.W.; Petersen L.M.; Plet H.; Ravn H., 1991:
A new hptlc fluorescence densitometric method for quantitative analysis of rosmarinic acid in extracts of zostera marina l

Moravec F.; Campbell B.G., 1991:
A new huffmanela species huffmanela schouteni new species nematoda trichosomoididae from flying fishes in curacao

Dyer, M.J.S.; Fischer, P.; Nacheva, E.; Labastide, W.; Karpas, A., 1990:
A new human b cell non hodgkin's lymphoma cell line karpas 422 exhibiting both translocation 14 18 and translocation 4 11 chromosomal translocations

Kelly A.P.; Monaco J.J.; Cho S.; Trowsdale J., 1991:
A new human hla class ii related locus dm

Elledge, S.J.; Spottswood, M.R., 1991:
A new human p34 protein kinase, CDK2, identified by complementation of a cdc28 mutation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is a homolog of Xenopus Eg1

Waters S.B., 1989:
A new hybotine dipteran from the cretaceous of botswana

Bijral J.S.; Singh B.; Kanwal K.S.; Gupta B.B.; Sharma T.R., 1990:
A new hybrid between aegilops and secale

Grey Wilson C., 1989:
A new hybrid impatiens from africa studies in balsaminaceae xii

Mohandass S.; Natarajaratnam N.; Kailasam C., 1988:
A new hybrid model for panicle growth in rice oryza sativa l

Biedermann G.; Molin A., 1989:
A new hydrogen electrode applied to the protolysis of acetic acid in potassium acetate solutions

Kubota S.; Horita T., 1992:
A new hydromedusa of the genus eirene leptomedusae eirenidae from toba japan

Braatz, J.A.; Heifetz, A.H.; Kehr, C.L., 1992:
A new hydrophilic polymer for biomaterial coatings with low protein adsorption

Yoshida T.; Sakaguchi S.; Hirano M.; Uegaki K., 1988:
A new hydroxyl apatite tracheal ring in reconstruction of the tracheal framework

Mori A.; Edamatsu R.; Kohno M.; Ohmori S., 1989:
A new hydroxyl radical scavenger epc k 1

Giusti F.; Manganelli G., 1989:
A new hygromiidae from the tyrrhenian islands of capraia and sardinia italy with notes on the genera xeromicra and xerotricha pulmonata helicoidea studies on the sardinian italy and corsican france malacofauna viii

Tretiach M.; Monte M., 1991:
A new hygrophytism index for epilithic lichens developed on the granitic nuraghes in northwest sardinia

Arambarri, A.; Cabello, M.; Cazau, C., 1992:
A new hyphomycete from santiago river v. bloxamia cremea

Bistrom O.; Sato M., 1988:
A new hyphydrus species coleoptera dytiscidae from thailand

Young, M.H.; Montano, R.J., 1988:
A new hypnobehavioral method for the treatment of children with Tourette's disorder

Babenko A.; Thibaud J M., 1990:
A new hypogastrurid insecta collembola from austria

Inaba, M.; Katayama, S.; Kawazu, S.; Suzuki, M.; Negishi, K.; Ishii, J., 1989:
A new hypoglycemic agent, midaglizole, blunts diabetic platelet aggregation: a possible role of alpha 2 blockade

Fain A.; Beaucournu J.C., 1989:
A new hypopus psylloglyphus chiliensis new species acari astigmata phoretic on fleas in chile

Buitkamp U.; Song W.; Wilbert N., 1989:
A new hypostomatous ciliate pseudochlamydonella rheophila new species pseudochlamydonellidae new family pseudochlamydonella new genus from the periphyton in brooks of nordrhein westfalen west germany

Roediger, W.E.W., 1991 :
A new hypothesis for the etiology of crohn's disease evidence from lipid metabolism and intestinal tuberculosis

Stepanyan L.S., 1990:
A new hypothesis of the origin of calidris paramelanotos scolopacidae aves

Vandewalle P.; Chardon M., 1991:
A new hypothesis on the air flow in air breathing in clarias gariepinus teleostei siluriformes

Solounias N., 1990:
A new hypothesis uniting boselaphus and tetracerus with the miocene boselaphini mammalia bovidae based on horn morphology

Herbulot C., 1990:
A new iberian idaea lepidoptera geometridae

Ribes J., 1991:
A new iberian orthotylus heteroptera miridae

Tamura H.; Kihara S.; Sugisawa H., 1990:
A new identification method for aliphatic compounds using linear equations of the gc retention index value

Gotoda T.; Yamada N.; Murase T.; Miyake S.; Murakami R.; Kawamura M.; Kozaki K.; Mori N.; Shimano H.; E.A., 1992:
A new identified null allelic mutation in the human lipoprotein lipase lpl gene of a compound heterozygote with familial lpl deficiency

W.B.; Mahony J.B.; Chernesky M.A., 1990:
A new immune complex dot assay for detection of rotavirus antigen in feces

Goto, T.; Abe, M.; Kosaka, M., 1990:
A new immunization protocol for the production of monoclonal antibodies specific for VL subgroups of human immunoglobulins

Kitagawa, T.; Hu, J.G.; Ishida, Y.; Yoshiuchi, H.; Kuhara, S.; Koizumi, M.; Matsumoto, R., 1992:
A new immunoassay for xanthomonas campestris pv. citri and its application for evaluation of resistance in citrus plants

Kilasoniya L.O.; Chumburidze V.B.; Tatishvili N.I.; Polyanskaya I.S.; Tsitlanadze V.G.; Muchiashvili D.Z.; Topuriya A.Sh; Eristavi M.L., 1989:
A new immunogenetic marker of rheumatic fever

Miles, J.M.; Chou, S.M., 1988:
A new immunoperoxidase marker for microglia in paraffin section

Raff, H.; Findling, J.W., 1989:
A new immunoradiometric assay for corticotropin evaluated in normal subjects and patients with Cushing's syndrome

Yen C Y.; Chern J W.; Wang H H., 1990:
A new immunosuppressant t lymphocyte purine nucleoside phosphorylase inhibitor 8 abg in animal allograft studies

Pelikan J., 1989:
A new improved pest of greenhouse plants western flower thrips frankliniella occidentalis pergande 1895

Hubscher, T.T., 1990:
A new in vitro allergy diagnostic system: the Acti Tip Allerg E and Allerg Ens test system for the determination and quantitation of Total serum IgE and allergen specific IgE in human serum

Wood, C.M.; Perry, S.F., 1991:
A new in vitro assay for carbon dioxide excretion by trout red blood cells: effects of catecholamines

Repesh, L.A., 1989:
A new in vitro assay for quantitating tumor cell invasion

Junginger H.E.; Verhoeven J.; Peschier L.J.C., 1990:
A new in vitro model to detect interaction between controlled release dosage forms and food

Komai T.; Mikami A.; Okamoto K.; Hamada T., 1991:
A new in vitro system for inducing germ tube formation in candida albicans

D.A.ici M.; Quaglini S.; Ferrari G.; Monafo V., 1990:
A new in vitro test for the screening of respiratory allergic diseases

Lemm, W., 1991:
A new in vitro thrombogenicity test for medical tubes

Tomashevskii I.O.; Tomashevskii D.I., 1991:
A new in vivo radiation method to determine the thyroid level of stable iodine

L.Louarn C., 1989:
A new incision of augmentation mammaplasties

Sato H.; Imai K.; Ozaki H.; Hori M.; Kitabatake A.; Takeda H.; Inoue M.; Kamada T., 1992:
A new index of vagal activity from post exercise heart rate decay curve and training effect on this index

Rathore H.S.; Saxena S.K., 1990:
A new indicator and test paper for the semi quantitative determination of carbaryl in traces in water

Sunde R.G., 1988:
A new indigenous aphid from new zealand homoptera aphididae

Laila A., 1989:
A new indirect spectrophotometric procedure for determination of sulfur dioxide

Morita, H.; Ichihara, Y.; Takeya, K.; Watanabe, K.; Itokawa, H.; Motidome, M., 1989 :
A New Indole Alkaloid Glycoside from the Leaves of Palicourea marcgravii

Hatano T.; Kato Y.; Katayama M.; Marumo S., 1989:
A new indolic antiauxin alpha 5 7 dichloroindole 3 isobutyric acid its chemical synthesis and biological activity

Landers, M.B.; Stewart, M.; Maberely, D.; Serdahl, C., 1991:
A new inexpensive pump for vitreoretinal surgery

Chakrabarti, M.K.; Holdcroft, A.; Sapsed-Byrne, S.; Whitwam, J.G., 1990:
A new infant oscillatory ventilator

Brandy, D.A., 1992:
A new infiltration needle for rapid local anesthesia in retromammary breast augmentation

Drobnic-Kosorok, M.; Kopitar, M.; Babnik, J.; Jerala, R.; Turk, V., 1990:
A new inhibitor of plasmin and trypsin from porcine leukocytes

Willscher M.K., 1990:
A new injection stent for eswl therapy

Yoshioka, M.; Narai, N.; Kawai, N.; Numata, M.; Nakajima, T., 1990:
A new insecticide clavamine from venom of a spider nephila clavata i. purification and identification of the structure

Sekioka T.; Kosuga T.; Endou K.; IIzuka O.; Omatsu M.; Fujie J.; Tsuji M.; Nakai O.; Masuda M.; E.A., 1990:
A new insertion technique of the colonoscopy the submarine method

Kezirian, G.M., 1992:
A new instrument for fascia placement

Copeland, J.G., 1988 :
A new instrument for heart transplantation

Dember W.N.; Brooks J., 1989:
A new instrument for measuring optimism and pessimism test retest reliability and relations with happiness and religious commitment

Cigliano, A.; de Falco, R.; Scarano, E.; Russo, G.; Profeta, G., 1992:
A new instrumentation system for the reduction and posterior stabilization of unstable thoracolumbar fractures

Suzuki Y.; Matsuoka K.; Horiuchi A., 1989:
A new insulinogenic index parameter for the 75 g ogtt

Ghia, J.N.; Blank, J.W.; McAdams, C.G., 1991:
A new interabdominis approach to inguinal region block for the management of chronic pain

Rechid, R.; Vingron, M.; Argos, P., 1989:
A new interactive protein sequence alignment program and comparison of its results with widely used algorithms

Ahmad, F.; Comeau, A., 1991:
A new intergeneric hybrid between triticum aestivum l. and agropyron fragile roth candargy variation in agropyron fragile for suppression of the wheat ph locus activity

Shimoyama S.; Fujisaka H., 1992:
A new interpretation of the left right phenomenon during spatial diffusion and transport of bivalve shells

Milaire, J., 1992:
A new interpretation of the necrotic changes occurring in the developing limb bud paddle of mouse embryos based upon recent observations in four different phenotypes

Bayliss D.E., 1988:
A new intertidal barnacle of the genus elminius cirripedia thoracica from south australia

Radomyos P.; Bunnag D.; Harinasuta T., 1989:
A new intestinal fluke plagiorchis harinasutai new species

Yoshioka Y., 1988:
A new intra aortic balloon catheter made of fluorine containing segmented polyurethane fpu for japanese patients to prevent fatal abdominal complications

Bretan, P.N.; Novick, A.C., 1991:
A new intracellular flush solution improves renal transplant preservation

Fleischman, J.; Lerner, B.C.; Reimels, H., 1989:
A new intraocular aspiration probe with bipolar cautery and reflux capabilities

Rauwald, H.W.; Lohse, K.; Bats, J.W., 1991:
A new investigation on constituents of aloe and rhamnus species xiii. determination of absolute configurations and conformations of the two diastereomeric oxanthrone c glucosyls 10 hydroxyaloin a and b

Rauwald, H.W.; Niyonzima, D.D., 1991:
A new investigation on constituents of aloe spp and rhamnus spp xv 1. homonatoloins a and b from aloe lateritia isolation structure and configurational determination of the diastereomers

Mitrakas M.G.; Alexiades C.A., 1990:
A new ionic strength adjustor for nitrate analysis in waters soils and plants using ion selective electrode

Inada, A.; Nakamura, Y.; Konishi, M.; Murata, H.; Kitamura, F.; Toya, H.; Nakanishi, T., 1991:
A new ionone glucoside and a new phenylpropanoid rhamnoside from stems of ampelopsis brevipedunculata maxim. trautv

Nelson C., 1992:
A new ipomoea convolvulaceae from honduras

Zaccheo T.; Giudici D.; Lombardi P.; D.S.lle E., 1988:
A new irreversible aromatase inhibitor 6 methyleneandrosta 1 4 diene 3 17 dione fce 24304 antitumor activity and endocrine effects in rats with dmba induced mammary tumors

Leonardi E.; D'angelo R.; Ricci A.; Nistri A.; Onori P., 1989:
A new irrigating solution clinical results in the extracapsular cataract extraction

Renvoize S.A., 1987:
A new isachne gramineae from brazil

Bayer F.M., 1990:
A new isidid octocoral anthozoa gorgonacea from new caledonia with descriptions of other new species from elsewhere in the pacific ocean

Britton D.M.; Brunton D.F., 1989:
A new isoetes hybrid isoetes echinospora x isoetes riparia for canada

Souleles C., 1990:
A new isoflavone from lupinus hirsutus

Nia M.A.; Gunasekar D., 1992:
A new isoflavone from the root bark of ochna squarrosa

Nishihara H.; Igarashi Y.; Kodama T., 1990:
A new isolate of hydrogenobacter an obligately chemolithoautotrophic thermophilic halophilic and aerobic hydrogen oxidizing bacterium from seaside saline hot spring

Ramanathan, N.; Sivakadacham, B.; Theivendirarajah, K., 1988:
A new isolate of sclerotium rolfsii sacc. causing bulb rot in onion allium cepa l. cultivar poona red

Tikhomirova, N.K.; Kochetov, G.A., 1991:
A new isolation procedure and a new form of baker's yeast transketolase

Chang C H.; Bennett L.L.Jr; Brockman R.W., 1989:
A new isotopic assay purine nucleoside phosphorylase

Napp J.M.; Long D.L., 1989:
A new isotopic method for measuring diel grazing rates of marine zooplankton in situ

Yoshida J I.; Maekawa T.; Morita Y.; Isoe S., 1992:
A new iterative route to optically active polyols using alpha alkoxy silanes as key intermediates

Kim Y.S.; Yun M.S.; Yiem M.S.; Hong K.H.; Kim W.S., 1988:
A new jujube cultivar wolchul for fresh and dry fruit

Gofas S., 1991:
A new jujubinus gastropoda trochidae from angola

Ash S.R.; Pigg K.B., 1991:
A new jurassic isoetites isoetales from the wallowa terrane in hells canyon oregon and idaho

Ash S., 1991:
A new jurassic phlebopteris plantae filicales from the wallowa terrane in the snake river canyon oregon and idaho usa

Bhalla S.N.; Gaur K.N., 1989:
A new jurassic vaginulinid species foraminiferida from kutch india

Lebrun J P.; Stork A.L.; Wuest J., 1990:
A new justicia sp from chad acanthaceae

Mudry M.; Slavutsky I.; Zunino G.; Delprat A.; Brown A., 1991:
A new karyotype of cebus apella cebidae platyrrhini from argentina

Shi L.; M.C., 1988:
A new karyotype of muntjac muntiacus sp from gongshan county in china

Larsson B.; Larsen J.; Modest R.; Serup B.; Secher N.H., 1988:
A new kayak ergometer based on wind resistance

Zajac M.; Zajac A., 1990:
A new kenophyte in poland veronica peregrina new record l

Borkent A., 1991:
A new key to some genera of ceratopogonini in the holarctic diptera ceratopogonidae

Johansen O.T., 1990:
A new kind of drift sampler for use in moving waters presented together with some sampling results from the river hoenselva buskerud in norway

Isono, Y.; Tsujimoto, H.; Hoshino, M., 1989:
A new kinetic method for assaying serum 5' nucleotidase using nucleoside oxidase

Lebrun J P.; Stork A.L., 1989:
A new kleinia asteraceae from southern ethiopia

Demetzos C.; Harvala C.; Philianos S.M.; Skaltsounis A.L., 1990:
A new labdane type diterpene and other compounds from the leaves of cistus incanus ssp creticus

Rainey P.B., 1989:
A new laboratory medium for the cultivation of agaricus bisporus

Dubault G.; Lassalle B., 1991:
A new laemostenus from greece coleoptera carabidae sphodrini

Tintori A.; Renesto S., 1990:
A new lariosaurus from the kalkschieferzone uppermost ladinian of valceresio varese northern italy

Fain A., 1991:
A new larva of leptus latreille 1796 acari erythraeidae parasitic on a lepidopteran in belgium

Fabian E.; Mertz M.; Hofmann H.; Wertheimer R.; Foos C., 1990:
A new laser scanning system for video ophthalmoscopy first clinical results with and without digital image processing

Hall J.P.; Wolberg D.L., 1988:
A new late cretaceous campanian maastrichtian amiid halecomorphi actinopterygii from the fruitland formation san juan basin new mexico usa

Watanabe, Y.; Suzuki, C.; Fujimoto, Y., 1991:
A new latent arginine esteropeptidase from human submaxillary gland

Fan Z.; Gao Z., 1989:
A new leaf miner belonging to pegomya infesting a lycium plant in ningxia province china diptera anthomyiidae

Pandey L.; Gaur R.; Pandey A.K., 1990:
A new leaf spot disease of basella alba from eastern uttar pradesh

Mehrotra M.D.; Sarma G.S., 1989:
A new leaf spot disease of derris robusta

Firdousi, S.A.; Rai, A.N.; Vyas, K.M., 1990:
A new leaf spot disease of ficus benghalensis l. caused by coniothyrium olivaceum bonard from india

Firdousi S.A.; Vyas K.M., 1990:
A new leaf spot disease of pterospermum acerifolium willd

Grech N.M.; Willers P.; Frean R.T.; Marx D.H., 1989:
A new leaf spot of ginger in southern africa and its control

Hammouda A.M., 1992:
A new leaf spot of pepper caused by cladosporium oxysporum

Blocker D.H.; Larsen K.J., 1991:
A new leafhopper genus cocrassana new genus homoptera cicadellidae from mexican tripsacinae and a synopsis of related genera

Kuoh C L., 1991:
A new leafhopper injurious to tea homoptera cicadelloidea

Ibaraki M., 1991:
A new lepidocyclina locality of the earliest middle miocene age in the saigo group the kakegawa area central japan

Rose H.S.; Srivastava A., 1989:
A new lepidopteran indocala new genus from india ophiderinae noctuidae lepidoptera

Srivastava S.C.; Kumar D.; Sharma D., 1988:
A new lepidozia from eastern himalayas india

Zhang, F.Z.; Zhou, C.Y.; Wang, X.Y., 1989:
A new leptospiral serovar in the autumnalis serogroup

Zhang, F.Z.; Zhou, C.Y.; Wang, X.Y., 1988:
A new Leptospiral serovar in the hebdomadis serogroup

Vogt R., 1988:
A new leucanthemum species from catalonia spain

Callaini G., 1990:
A new levigatocreagris curcic from northern india arachnida pseudoscorpionida notulae chernetologicae xxx

Hale M.E., 1989:
A new lichen genus psiloparmelia new genus hale ascomycotina parmeliaceae

Bailey, H.S., 1988:
A new life for the st. croix river canada usa

Suswillo R.F.L.; Watson P.F., 1990:
A new light microscopy classification of spermatogenesis in the bull and boar applicable to tissues processed for electron microscopy

Singh B.; Agrawal P.K.; Thakur R.S., 1989:
A new lignan and a new neolignan from phyllanthus niruri

Sakurai N.; Nagashima S I.; Kawai K I.; Inoue T., 1989:
A new lignan levo berchemol from berchemia racemosa

Wang, M.T.; Li, Y.Z.; Zhao, T.Z.; Ji, C.R.; Feng, W.S.; Liu, Y.Z., 1990:
A new lignanolide from the leaves of Daphne genkwa

Largent D., 1989:
A new lignicolous species of entoloma entolomataceae agaricales from california usa

Brozovic Pohl K.; Altorfer H.; Perlia X., 1992:
A new limit test for heavy metals presentation of the evaluated method

Kijjoa, A.; Pinto, M.M.; Tantisewie, B.; Herz, W., 1989:
A New Linalool Derivative and Other Constituents from Piper ribesoides

Egorov A.N.; Popov L.E., 1990:
A new lingulid genus from the early permian deposits of the siberian platform russian sfsr ussr

Ono H.; Saito H., 1989:
A new linyphiid spider from the ryukyu islands southwest japan

Frega N.; Bocci F.; Capozzi F.; Luchinat C.; Capella P.; Lercker C., 1991:
A new lipid component identified in avocado pear by gc ms and nmr spectroscopy

Eckert W.; Frevert T.; Trueper H.G., 1990:
A new liquid junction free probe for the in situ determination of ph ph 2s and redox values

Taki, W.; Yonekawa, Y.; Iwata, H.; Uno, A.; Yamashita, K.; Amemiya, H., 1990:
A new liquid material for embolization of arteriovenous malformations

Scordamaglia A.; Passalacqua G.; Ruffoni S.; Buscaglia S.; Canonica G.W., 1990:
A new liquid phase non isotopic test for allergen specific ige determination comparison with spt and rast

Secmen O.; Leblebici E.; Gokler I., 1989:
A new liverwort for turkey ricciocarpus natans new record l corda

Mooi R., 1990:
A new living fossil echinoid echinodermata and the ecology and paleobiology of caribbean cassiduloids

Evans S.E., 1991:
A new lizard like reptile diapsida lepidosauromorpha from the middle jurassic of england

Ota H.; Crombie R.I., 1989:
A new lizard of the genus lepidodactylus reptilia gekkonidae from batan island philippines

Campbell J.A.; Hillis D.M.; Lamar W.W., 1989:
A new lizard of the genus norops sauria iguanidae from the cloud forest of hidalgo mexico

Ozkan M.; Boyaci Y.O., 1992:
A new ljania thor 1898 species axonopsidae hydrachnellae acari for the turkish fauna

Rao C.B.; Kumar S.M.D.; Trimurtulu G.; Rao D.V., 1990:
A new lobane diterpene from an alcyonarian of sclerophytum sp of the indian ocean

Concepcion, M.; Arthur, G.R.; Steele, S.M.; Bader, A.M.; Covino, B.G., 1990:
A new local anesthetic, ropivacaine. Its epidural effects in humans

Blockeel, T.L.; Rumsey, F.J., 1990:
A new locality for tortula freibergii new record dix. and loeske and notes on its taxonomy and cytology

Zlinska, J., 1990:
A new locality of cardamine parviflora l. in the zahorska czechoslovakia lowland

Zajac, M.; Zajac, A., 1989:
A new locality of carex strigosa huds. in the silesian foothills poland

Wojciak, H., 1989:
A new locality of collema coccophorum new record tuck. lichenes collemataceae in poland

Staniec B., 1989:
A new locality of cryptocephalus octomaculatus new record rossi 1790 coleoptera chrysomelidae in poland

Ostapko, V.M., 1989:
A new locality of fumana procumbens dun. gren. et godr. in the donets ridge ussr

Plackowski, R., 1988:
A new locality of liparis loeselii new record l. rich. and other rare plants in the province of piotrkow trybunalski central poland

Minamikawa, M., 1990:
A new locality of magnolia stellata new record thumb. and the species composition of the magnolia stellata community

Pedrotti, C.C., 1987:
A new locality of paludella squarrosa hedw. brid. in italy

Skrzypczynska M., 1989:
A new locality of retinia perangustana new record snellen 1883 lepidoptera tortricidae in poland

Gnatchenko E.V.; Rusanov N.F., 1990:
A new locality of rhus coriaria new record anacardiaceae

Solov'ev A.N.; Tarasova E.M., 1988:
A new locality of schivereckia podolica brassicaceae in the kirov oblast russian sfsr ussr

Gos K., 1991:
A new locality of sphagnum lindbergii musci in poland

Lebanidze Z.A., 1988:
A new locality of the bathonian flora in the georgian ssr ussr

Dimitropoulos A., 1990:
A new locality record of ottoman viper vipera xanthina serpentes viperidae from the greek island of oenousses northeast aegean

Vekua A.K.; Trubikhin V.M., 1988:
A new location of fossil mammals in the eastern georgian ssr ussr

Grismer L.L., 1990:
A new long nosed snake rhinocheilus lecontei from isla cerralvo baja california sur mexico

Adlbauer K., 1991:
A new longicorn beetle species for austria coleoptera cerambycidae

Cantot P., 1990:
A new longicorn for the french fauna neoclytus acuminatus new record fabricius coleoptera cerambycidae

Trafford, J., 1990:
A new look at an old process the application of peroxide steep bleaching to radiata pine bisulfite and thermomechanical pulps

Behrend, D.A.; Rosengren, K.; Perlmutter, M., 1989:
A new look at children's private speech the effects of age task difficulty and parent presence

Lortie Lussier M., 1991:
A new look at the dreams of women

Woodruff, B.A.; Pavia, A.T.; Blake, P.A., 1991:
A new look at typhoid vaccination. Information for the practicing physician

Kopan, R.; Fuchs, E., 1989:
A new look into an old problem: keratins as tools to investigate determination, morphogenesis, and differentiation in skin

Dobrev D., 1992:
A new lophodispus species from bulgaria

Van Boven, M.J.; Scholtes, J.L.; Collard, E.; Van Obbergh, L.; Gribomont, B.F., 1988:
A new lormetazepam galenical formulation for sublingual premedication

Stedje B., 1988:
A new low chromosome number for ornithogalum tenuifolium hyacinthaceae

Gervasi G.B.; Bartoli C.; Carpita G., 1991:
A new low molecular weight heparan sulfate antagonizes kappa carrageenan induced thrombosis in rats

Von Bonsdorff, M.; Stiekema, J.; Harjanne, A.; Alapiessa, U., 1990:
A new low molecular weight heparinoid Org 10172 as anticoagulant in hemodialysis

Scott A.C.; Galtier J., 1988:
A new lower carboniferous flora from east lothian scotland uk

Hao S G., 1988:
A new lower devonian genus from yunnan china with notes on the origin of leaf

Church S.B., 1991:
A new lower ordovician species of calathium and skeletal structure of western utah usa calathids

Paul C.R.C.; Bolton T.E., 1991:
A new lower silurian callocystitid cystoid from the lake timiskaming region northern ontario

Kohlmeyer J.; Volkmann Kohlmeyer B., 1989:
A new lulworthia ascomycotina from corals

Pascual C.; Del Castillo M.D.; Romay C., 1992:
A new luminol sensitized chemiluminescence method for determination of superoxide dismutase

Mohamed M.H.; Saito K.; Murakoshi I.; Kadry H.A.; Khalifa T.I.; Ammar H.A., 1990:
A new lupine alkaloid levo delta 5 dehydromultiflorine from the seeds of lupinus termis

Y.B.F.; E.A., 1988:
A new lymph node imaging agent technetium 99m polyphase liposome oleatis

Hasegawa, I.; Tani, H.; Takakuwa, K.; Goto, S.; Yamada, K.; Kanazawa, K., 1991:
A new lymphocyte serotyping using cytotoxic antibodies from secondary recurrent aborters and its application in cases of recurrent abortion and infertility

Jongstra J.; Tidmarsh G.F.; Jongstra Bilen J.; Davis M.M., 1988:
A new lymphocyte specific gene which encodes a putative calcium binding protein is not expressed in transformed t lymphocyte lines

Amougou A., 1990:
A new macaranga for central africa

Wei H C.; W.C.L., 1991:
A new macrocyclic bisbibenzyl diether marchantinquinone from the liverwort mannia subpilosa

Khan A.Q.; Malik A., 1990:
A new macrocyclic diterpene ester from the latex of euphorbia tirucalli

Vasas G., 1989:
A new macrolepiota species from hungary basidiomycetes agaricales

Legrand J., 1991:
A new macromia from ivory coast macromia girardi new species odonata anisoptera corduliidae

Cuypers, M.J.; Constable, I.J., 1992:
A new magnifying indirect stereo ophthalmoscope

Davies N., 1992:
A new malting index prediction of malting quality by endosperm hydration

Koufos G.D.; Kostopoulos D.S.; Koliadimou K.K., 1991:
A new mammalian locality in the villafranchian of western macedonia greece

Mochizuki H.; Hase K.; Tamakuma S., 1991:
A new management of presacral hemorrhage during rectal resection using thumbtack shaped stainless steel device

Mike, N.; Bird, G.; Asquith, P., 1990:
A new manifestation of seminal fluid hypersensitivity

Jones R.D.; Morita R.Y.; Koops H P.; Watson S.W., 1988:
A new marine ammonium oxidizing bacterium nitrosomonas cryotolerans new species

Hyde K.D., 1990:
A new marine ascomycete from brunei aniptodera longispora new species from intertidal mangrove wood

Song W., 1991:
A new marine ciliate amphileptus litonotiformis new species protozoa ciliophora

Chesunov A.V., 1991:
A new marine free living nematode tarvaia kurilensis new species chromadoria and a new amended diagnosis of the family tarvaiidae lorenzen 1981

Raikov I.B.; Vokonitin A.F., 1989:
A new marine psammobiotic ciliate from the japan sea trachelocerca obscura new species ciliophora karyorelictida trachelocercidae

Sluys R.; Cannon L.R.G., 1989:
A new marine triclad from the west pacific platyhelminthes tricladida maricola

Berger W.; Neumann R.; Pfeiffer L., 1990:
A new marker in molecular genetics with y chromosome specificity

Blake D.B.; Zinsmeister W.J., 1991:
A new marsupiate cidaroid echinoid from the maastrichtian of antarctica

Yoshiyasu Y., 1990:
A new massepha species from japan lepidoptera pyralidae

Wang B Y., 1988:
A new material of early carboniferous stromatoporoids from southern xinjiang china and its paleogeographic significance

Guowei S.; Qiwu C.; B.S., 1991:
A new mathematical model of interspecific competition an expansion of the classical lotka volterra competition equations

Neubert R.; Foertsch R.; Boltze L.; Fuerst W., 1990:
A new mathematical model of the dissolution process for computer simulations and parameter estimations

Klyuge N.Yu, 1988:
A new mayfly species ephemeroptera ephemeridae from armenian ssr ussr

Kozar F.; Pellizzari Scaltriti G., 1989:
A new mealybug from italy coccidohystrix zangherii new species homoptera coccoidea pseudococcidae

Guyatt, G.; Mitchell, A.; Irvine, E.J.; Singer, J.; Williams, N.; Goodacre, R.; Tompkins, C., 1989:
A new measure of health status for clinical trials in inflammatory bowel disease

Stotland, S.; Zuroff, D.C., 1990:
A new measure of weight locus of control: the Dieting Beliefs Scale

Hahn M.; Ruettinger H H.; Matschiner H., 1991:
A new measuring device for the rapid coulometric determination of extractable organic halogen compounds eox

Alt E.; Matula M.; Theres H.; Thilo R., 1990:
A new mechanical sensor for activity controlled and posture dependent control of pacing rate

Vinckier C.; Hauchecorne R.; Cachet T.; Van Den Mooter G.; Hoogmartens J., 1989:
A new mechanism for the decomposition of erythromycin a in acidic aqueous solution

Geyer M.; Wirth C.J., 1991:
A new mechanism of anterior cruciate ligament rupture

Bauer R.; Werner H.A.F., 1992:
A new mechanism of electron transfer between methyl viologen radicals and water

Jeffries W.B.; Voris H.K.; Yang C.M., 1989:
A new mechanism of host colonization pedunculate barnacles of the genus octolasmis on the mangrove crab scylla serrata

Lassen J.F.; Hansen T.B., 1989:
A new mechanism of injury associated with driven rotary power mowers

Artem'ev I.Yu; Darinski Y.A.; Sologub M.I.; Lozhkina T.K., 1991:
A new mechanism of vasopressin action on the neuronal membrane

Contu M., 1988:
A new mediterranean species of the genus gerronema gerronema roseopallidum new species

Paula C.R.; Purchio A.; Correa B.; Gambale W.; Lanfer U.M., 1992:
A new medium for presumptive identification of cryptococcus neoformans

Smania Junior A.; Gil M.L.; Smania E.D.F.A., 1990:
A new medium mse for the preservation of neisseria

Audisio P., 1989:
A new meligethes of the erythropus species group from east turkey coleoptera nitidulidae

Galli, J.; Lendahl, U.; Paulsson, G.; Ericsson, C.; Bergman, T.; Carlquist, M.; Wieslander, L., 1990:
A new member of a secretory protein gene family in the dipteran Chironomus tentans has a variant repeat structure

Yadava R.N., 1990:
A new member of the chlorococcales bilgramia indica new genus new species chlorophyceae from india

Rapp C.; Jung G.; Isselhorst Scharr C.; Zaehner H., 1988:
A new member of the class of antibiotics with thiotetronic acid structure isolated from streptomyces olivaceus tu 3010

Camacho A.I.; Coineau N., 1987:
A new member of the genus iberobathynella schminke in spain iberobathynella rouchi new species syncarida bathynellacea phylogenetic and paleobiogeographic remarks

Liou, H.C.; Boothby, M.R.; Finn, P.W.; Davidon, R.; Nabavi, N.; Zeleznik-Le, N.J.; Ting, J.P.; Glimcher, L.H., 1990:
A new member of the leucine zipper class of proteins that binds to the HLA DR alpha promoter

Schweitz, H.; Vigne, P.; Moinier, D.; Frelin, C.; Lazdunski, M., 1992:
A new member of the natriuretic peptide family is present in the venom of the green mamba (Dendroaspis angusticeps)

Bucci, C.; Frunzio, R.; Chiariotti, L.; Brown, A.L.; Rechler, M.M.; Bruni, C.B., 1988:
A new member of the ras gene superfamily identified in a rat liver cell line

Nakamura M.; Yamanobe T.; Suyemitsu T.; Komukai M.; Kan R.; Okinaga S.; Arai K., 1991:
A new membrane associated calcium binding protein of rat spermatogenic cells its purification and characterization

Moron M.A.; Krikken J., 1990:
A new mesoamerican genus of trichiinae coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Fenaux R.; Youngbluth M.J., 1990:
A new mesopelagic appendicularian mesochordaeus bahamasi new genus new species

Kumagai Y.; Todaka T.; Toki S., 1990:
A new metabolic pathway of morphine in vivo and in vitro formation of morphinone and morphinone glutathione adduct in guinea pig

Faigle, J.W.; Böttcher, I.; Godbillon, J.; Kriemler, H.P.; Schlumpf, E.; Schneider, W.; Schweizer, A.; Stierlin, H.; Winkler, T., 1988:
A new metabolite of diclofenac sodium in human plasma

Heine P., 1989:
A new metal endotracheal tube for laryngotracheal laser surgery

Zhao S.; Zhang Y.; Zheng J.; Chen J.; Chen Y.; Peng L.; L.H.; Cai J., 1989:
A new methanotrophic species

Mazur A.K., 1990:
A new method for analysing of kinetic graphs in enzymatic catalysis

Yamamura M.; Yamamoto T.; Hyakusoku H.; Fumiiri M.; Hirakawa K.; Nihira M.; Watanabe T., 1991:
A new method for analyzing foreign substances by using carbon 13 mrs

D'addabbo A.; Rubini G.; Mele M.; Lauriero F., 1992:
A new method for assessing technetium 99m mdp bone uptake from a bone scan image quantitative measurement of radioactivity in global skeletal regions of interest