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A new genus and two new species of lygaeinae heteroptera lygaeidae

Slater, A.

Journal of the Kansas Entomological Society 61(3): 308-316


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-8567
DOI: 10.2307/25085006
Accession: 006951381

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The new genus MELACORYPHUS is described for Neacoryphus lateralis (Dallas) and related species. In addition to lateralis the following species are transferred from Neacoryphus to Melacoryphus: admirabilis (Uhler), circumlitus (Stal), facetus (Say), nigrnervis (Stal), pedregalensis (Brailovsky), rubicollis (Uhler) and rubriger (Stal). Two new species, Melacoryphus micropterus and M. rubrolimbatus are described. The former is the first truly micropterous member of the Lygaeinae known from the New World. A key to species of Melacoryphus is provided. Figures of the inflated aedeagus, clasper, spermatheca and pronotum of Neacoryphus and Melacoryphus and a dorsal view of M. micropterus are included. [Taxa discussed include M. lateralis new comb. (from N. lateralis), M. admirabilis new comb. (from N. admirabilis), M. circumlitis new comb. (from N. circumlitis), M. facetus new comb. (from N. facetus), M. nigrinervis new. comb. (from N. nigrinervis), M. pedregalensis new comb. (from N. pedregalensis), M. rubicollis new comb. (from N. rubicollis), and M. rubriger new comb. (from N. rubriger).].

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