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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6953

Chapter 6953 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gulick T.; Pieper S.J.; Murphy M.A.; Lange L.G.; Schreiner G.F., 1991:
A new method for assessment of cultured cardiac myocyte contractility detects immune factor mediated inhibition of beta adrenergic responses

Nara, E.; Hatono, T.; Hashida, M.; Sezaki, H., 1991:
A new method for assessment of drug absorption from muscle: application of a local perfusion system

Dei Santi V.; Bulzomi G.; Giovagnoli M.; Vergadoro N.; Giordano G.; Bisacci R., 1988:
A new method for assessment of incontinent perforating veins and varicose vein surgery of the lower limbs doppler and glass cylinder

Hernandez M.; Sanchez E.; Sobradillo B.; Rincon J.M.; Narvaiza J.L., 1988:
A new method for assessment of skeletal maturity in the first 2 years of life

Geraets W.G.M.; Van Der Stelt P.F.; Netelenbos C.J.; Elders P.J.M., 1990:
A new method for automatic recognition of the radiographic trabecular pattern

Badot P M.; Capelli N.; Millet B., 1990:
A new method for automatic recording of the revolving movement of twining shoots

Smith K.; James D.M.; Mistry A.G.; Bye M.R.; Faulkner D.J., 1992:
A new method for bromination of carbazoles beta carbolines and iminodibenzyls by use of n bromosuccinimide and silica gel

Havel T.F.; Snow M.E., 1991:
A new method for building protein conformations from sequence alignments with homologues of known structure

Manuilov K.K.; Kashina L.B., 1990:
A new method for calculating the tissue blood distribution coefficient for physiological pharmacokinetics models

Chinn, S., 1992:
A new method for calculation of height centiles for preadolescent children

Nelson, D.E., 1991:
A new method for carbon isotopic analysis of protein

Martin T.F.J.; Walent J.H., 1989:
A new method for cell permeabilization reveals a cytosolic protein requirement for calcium activated secretion in gh 3 pituitary cells

Wahlund L O.; Boethius J.; Kindstrand E.; Marions O.; Saaf J.; Wetterberg L., 1989:
A new method for characterization of low grade gliomas using ultra low field magnetic resonance imaging

Pons J.C.; Rais S.; Ville Y.; Eydoux P.; Moulin F.; O'donovan F.; Strub N.; Frydman R.; Papiernik E., 1989:
A new method for chorionic villus sampling the cvs catheter

Berko P., 1992:
A new method for classification of newborns according to their maturity and somatic development

Horst, P.J.; Bauer, M.; Veelken, R.; Unger, T., 1988:
A new method for collecting urine directly from the ureter in conscious unrestrained rats

Zhu B T.; Chu Y H.; Chu J Y.; Liu Y Z., 1990:
A new method for comparing bioactivity of lhrh and its analogues

Pikuleva I.A.; Turko I.V., 1989:
A new method for conjugation of rabbit igg with hemin

Kallerhoff M.; Blech M.; Goetz L.; Kehrer G.; Bretschneider H.J.; Helmchen U.; Ringert R.H., 1990:
A new method for conservative renal surgery experimental and first clinical results

Ben Nun J.; Cooper R.L.; Cringle S.J.; Constable I.J., 1989:
A new method for continuous intraocular drug delivery

Ciucu A., 1989:
A new method for covalent binding of proteins to dialysis membrane activated with 2 4 dichloro 6 methoxy s triazine

Staffan, G.; Svenmarker, P.; Häggmark, S.K.; Jansson, K.E., 1991:
A new method for crystalloid cardioplegic oxygenation

Kuwana, R.; Arase, S.; Sadamoto, Y.; Takeda, K., 1990:
A new method for culturing human hair follicle cells on floating mixed collagen membranes

Maone, T.R.; Mattes, R.D.; Bernbaum, J.C.; Beauchamp, G.K., 1990:
A new method for delivering a taste without fluids to preterm and term infants

Garvey W.; Fathi A.; Bigelow F.; Carpenter B.; Jimenez C., 1989:
A new method for demonstrating argyrophil cells of the pancreas and intestines

Bretscher, M.S.; Lutter, R., 1988:
A new method for detecting endocytosed proteins

Hou W.; W.Q.X., 1991:
A new method for detecting mycobacterium leprae infection natural disaccharide octyl bovine serum albumin nd o bsa dot enzyme linked immunosorbent assay nd o bsa dot elisa

Carlsen O.; Jensen E.K.; Axelsson C.K., 1990:
A new method for determination of the rate constant for clearance and radioactive indicators in gamma camera hepatography clinical examples with technetium 99m diethyl ida and technetium 99m diethyliodo ida

Kodama M.; Kohri K.; Iguchi M.; Kato Y.; Takada M.; Katayama Y.; Ishikawa Y.; Umekawa T.; Yachiku S.; Kurita T., 1992:
A new method for determination of urinary citrate

Dzimiri, N.; Odenthal, K.P., 1990:
A new method for determining bronchospasmolytic drug effects in vagotomized guinea pigs

Pace C.N.; Laurents D.V., 1989:
A new method for determining the heat capacity change for protein folding

Van Erp P.J.; Van Lune P., 1989:
A new method for determining the relation between soil and plant cadmium

Kogawa H.; Koyama K.; Omichi N.; Sanaga M.; Bouchi A.; Fujii A.; Goto E., 1989:
A new method for determining the water content of liver by gas liquid chromatography

Sakakibara H.; Tsuda M.; Suzuki M.; Handa M.; Saga T.; Umeda H.; Suetsugu S.; Konishi Y., 1988:
A new method for diagnosis of aspirin induced asthma by inhalation test with water soluble aspirin aspirin dl lysine venopirin

Castilla, M.M.; Santos-Gomez, M.; Guzman-Bracho, C.; Bautista-Garfias, C.R., 1988:
A new method for diagnosis of chagas' disease diffusion in gel elisa

Gerganov G.; Ivanov I., 1991:
A new method for differentiation of lentogenic strains of newcastle disease virus

Agunwamba J.C., 1992:
A new method for dispersion number determination in waste stabilization pond

Adamsons, I.; Taylor, K.I.; Enger, C.; Taylor, H.R., 1991:
A new method for documenting lens opacities

van der Zee, D.C.; Vermeij-Keers, C.; Smits-van Prooije, A.E., 1987:
A new method for early in utero experiments in rat embryos: endoscopy

Wolf, B.; Mudgett, P.D.; Macfarlane, R.D., 1990:
A new method for electrostatic ion deflection

Miyazawa, N.; Shigematsu, T.; Kaneko, S.; Tabuchi, H.; Yorozu, T.; Saito, N.; Tashiro, M., 1992:
A new method for endotracheal intubation with the Bullard laryngoscope

Galiatsatos C.; Hajizadeh K.; Mark J.E.; Heineman W.R., 1989:
A new method for enzyme membrane preparation based on polyurethane technology electrode modification for sensor development

Tanita, T.; Koike, K.; Fujimura, S.; Staub, N.C., 1990:
A new method for estimating filtration variables in isolated zone 1 rat lung

Helser T.E.; Condrey R.E.; Geaghan J.P., 1991:
A new method for estimating gillnet selectivity with an example for spotted seatrout cynocion nebulosus

Tripathi S.C.; Donaghey C.E., 1991:
A new method for estimating population doubling time of vertebrate cells

Yamashita T.; Inoue H.; Nozaki A.; Kuo T T.; Usui M.; Saihara S.; Sugimoto T., 1991 :
A new method for estimating preexcitation index without extrastimulus technique and its usefulness in determining the mechanism of supraventricular tachycardia

Zanoni, D.; Rosenbaum, A.L., 1991:
A new method for evaluating distance stereo acuity

Niwa, Y.; Nakazawa, S.; Tsukamoto, Y.; Goto, H.; Hase, S.; Ohashi, S.; Mizutani, K.; Yoshikane, H.; Yoshino, J.; Nakamura, T., 1991:
A new method for evaluating gastric ulcer healing by endoscopic ultrasonography

Averbakh M.M.; Khomenko I.S.; Gergert V.Ya, 1991:
A new method for evaluating lymphocytes and monocytes during an immune response in tuberculosis and sarcoidosis patients

Ryakhovskii A.N.; Raitses V.S., 1990:
A new method for evaluating the masticatory function in humans

Sanchez R.; Toepfer Petersen E.; Aitken R.J.; Schill W B., 1991:
A new method for evaluation of the acrosome reaction in viable human spermatozoa

Fujinaga, M.; Baden, J.M., 1991:
A new method for explanting early postimplantation rat embryos for culture

Schramm, K.W.; Hirsch, M.; Twele, R.; Hutzinger, O., 1988:
A new method for extraction of c.i. reactive red 4 and its derivatives from water

Wink, D.A.; Mclean, P.A.; Hickman, A.B.; Orme-Johnson, W.H., 1989:
A new method for extraction of iron molybdenum cofactor from nitrogenase adsorbed to deae cellulose 2. solubilization of iron molybdenum cofactor in a wide range of organic solvents

Mclean, P.A.; Wink, D.A.; Chapman, S.K.; Hickman, A.B.; Mckillop, D.M.; Orme-Johnson, W.H., 1989:
A new method for extraction of iron molybdenum cofactor from nitrogenase adsorbed to deae cellulose i. effects of anions cations and preextraction treatment

Lussi, A.; Gygax, M.; Hotz, P.; Lüthi, D., 1988:
A new method for finishing minicavities

Salem M.B.; Daget J., 1991:
A new method for fish growth parameters estimation

Yokotsuka K., 1988:
A new method for fluorometric measurement of proline in grapes and wines

Chaturvedi V.K., 1990:
A new method for grading and assessing quality of motihari tobacco nicotiana rustica

Howard R.J.; Stopps T.P.; Moe G.W.; Armstrong P.W., 1990:
A new method for hemodynamic and echocardiographic assessment of conscious dogs comparison with thiopental morphine anesthesia

Van Den Eijnden Van Raaij A.J.M.; Koornneef L.; Van Zoelen E.J.J., 1988:
A new method for high yield purification of type beta transforming growth factor from human platelets

Daskalov, S.; Mihailov, L., 1988:
A new method for hybrid seed production based on cytoplasmic male sterility combined with a lethal gene and a female sterile pollenizer in Capsicum annuum L

Tang P.W.; Crone D.L., 1989:
A new method for hydrolyzing sulfate and glucuronyl conjugates of steroids

Marc J.; Hackett W.P., 1989:
A new method for immunofluorescent localization of microtubules in surface cell layers application to the shoot apical meristem of hedera

Liu H.; Zhang A.; Jin Y.; F.R., 1989:
A new method for in situ crosslinking of stationary phases on fused silica capillary columns

Iwase, K.; Fujii, Y.; Nakashima, I.; Kato, N.; Fujino, Y.; Kawashima, H.; Mochizuki, M., 1990:
A new method for induction of experimental autoimmune uveoretinitis (EAU) in mice

Eguchi S.; Ebihara K.; Morisaki M., 1988:
A new method for introducing the 14 hydroxymethyl group into the steroidal nucleus

Brun, A.; Gaudernack, G.; Sandberg, S., 1990:
A new method for isolation of reticulocytes: positive selection of human reticulocytes by immunomagnetic separation

Ashkenazi, M.; Dennison, D.K., 1989:
A new method for isolation of salivary neutrophils and determination of their functional activity

Hayashi Y.; Tajima K.; Hirono I.; Sato I.; Nakaguma H.; Konishi T., 1989:
A new method for judging the use of phosphate in fresh vegetable and some investigations on the amount of phosphate eluted therefrom

Takayama, T.; Makuuchi, M.; Watanabe, K.; Kosuge, T.; Takayasu, K.; Yamazaki, S.; Hasegawa, H., 1991:
A new method for mapping hepatic subsegment: counterstaining identification technique

Rodin E.A.; Khudyakova T.V., 1990:
A new method for mass production of regenerant winter rye plants in the creation of initial material for breeding

Brenner, M.; Mukai, D.S.; Russell, J.E.; Spiritus, E.M.; Wilson, A.F., 1990:
A new method for measurement of airway occlusion pressure

Kashiwabara Y.; Onoyama Y.; Shimokawa H.; Hisanaga S.; Nakano H., 1989:
A new method for measurement of surfactant specific apoprotein in amniotic fluid

Colorado A.; Slama J.T.; Stavinoha W.B., 1991:
A new method for measuring auricular inflammation in the mouse

Safina N.A.; Kharrasov A.F.; Zinkevich O.D., 1989:
A new method for measuring biologically active fibronectin

Cohen-Solal, M.E.; Shih, M.S.; Lundy, M.W.; Parfitt, A.M., 1991:
A new method for measuring cancellous bone erosion depth: application to the cellular mechanisms of bone loss in postmenopausal osteoporosis

Sims A.P.; Folkes B.F.; Cavill A.P.; Parsley K.R., 1990:
A new method for measuring carbon 13 abundance in tracer experiments

Johns, M.W., 1991:
A new method for measuring daytime sleepiness: the Epworth sleepiness scale

Antonsson A B., 1990:
A new method for measuring emission rates from point and surface sources

Thorne, K.J.; Richardson, B.A.; Mazza, G.; Butterworth, A.E., 1990:
A new method for measuring eosinophil activating factors, based on the increased expression of CR3 alpha chain (CD11b) on the surface of activated eosinophils

Bassey E.J.; Short A.H., 1990:
A new method for measuring power output in a single leg extension feasibility reliability and validity

Ohya, N.; Huang, J.; Fukunaga, T., 1988:
A new method for measuring the pneumotachometer characteristics using a syringe

Garvey W.; Fathi A.; Bigelow F.; Jimenez C.; Carpenter B., 1990:
A new method for melanin at acid ph

Delong L.J.; Phillips C.M.; Kaplan J.H.; Scarpa A.; Blasie J.K., 1990:
A new method for monitoring the kinetics of calcium binding to the sarcoplasmic reticulum calcium atpase employing the flash photolysis of caged calcium

Klesper, B.; Zywietz, F., 1991:
A new method for multiple applications of cytostatic drugs in rats

Cape, E.G.; Skoufis, E.G.; Weyman, A.E.; Yoganathan, A.P.; Levine, R.A., 1989:
A new method for noninvasive quantification of valvular regurgitation based on conservation of momentum. In vitro validation

Phelps, R.L.; Gatten, R.E.; Mosberg, A.T., 1992:
A new method for obtaining electrocardiograms in unrestrained crocodilian reptiles

Frankov I.A.; Sokolova T.N., 1990:
A new method for obtaining gastric juice in small animals

Tuerk T.; Horn R., 1991:
A new method for permanent registration of ph value in mineral soil input of an acid forest soil

Moore D.M.; Lees B.G.; Davey S.M., 1991:
A new method for predicting vegetation distributions using decision tree analysis in a geographic information system

Aoki, H.; Hosokawa, T.; Tanaka, Y., 1992:
A new method for preoperative evaluation of platelet aggregation: Part I

Kuo Y H.; Shih K S., 1991:
A new method for preparation of 3 hydroxypyridines from furfurylamines by photooxygenation

Sterchi D.L.; Eurell J.A.C., 1989:
A new method for preparation of undecalcified bone sections

Zhang L.; Deng X., 1989:
A new method for preparing a gene probe

Pinskii D.L.; Alekseev A.O.; Alekseeva T.V., 1991:
A new method for preparing highly dispersed soil fractions for x ray phase analysis

Malik K.A., 1992:
A new method for preservation of microorganisms by liquid drying under anaerobic conditions

Pollingher U.; Ambuhl H.; Burgi H.R., 1992:
A new method for processing clay rich unconsolidated sediments for paleoecological investigations

Blok D.; Feitsma R.I.J.; Wasser M.N.J.M.; Nieuwenhuizen W.; Pauwels E.K.J., 1989:
A new method for protein labeling with technetium 99m

Zhang G H.; Baek L.; Koch C., 1991:
A new method for quantification of inactivation of endotoxin by using limulus amebocyte lysate test

Jindal R.M.; Taylor R.P.; Gray D.W.R.; Esmeraldo R.; Morris P.J., 1992:
A new method for quantification of islets by measurement of zinc content

Recusani F.; Bargiggia G.S.; Yoganathan A.P.; Raisaro A.; Valdes Cruz L.M.; Sung H W.; Bertucci C.; Gallati M.; Moises V.A.; E.A., 1991:
A new method for quantification of regurgitant flow rate using color doppler flow imaging of the flow convergence region proximal to a discrete orifice a in vitro study

Okumura H.; Matsumto K.; Hashimoto K.; Yoshikawa K., 1991:
A new method for quantifying keratinocyte differentiation using immunofluorescent staining of involucrin and cytofluorography

Bargiggia, G.S.; Tronconi, L.; Sahn, D.J.; Recusani, F.; Raisaro, A.; D.S.rvi, S.; Valdes-Cruz, L.M.; Montemartini, C., 1991:
A new method for quantitation of mitral regurgitation based on color flow Doppler imaging of flow convergence proximal to regurgitant orifice

Ivany R.E.; First M.E.; Diberardinis L.J., 1989:
A new method for quantitative in use testing of laboratory fume hoods

Kuschka V.; Nuessler F.; Meyer U., 1990:
A new method for quantitative sampling of the macrofauna in phytal and pelagial zones of standing waters

Zilles K.; Zur Nieden K.; Schleicher A.; Traber J., 1990:
A new method for quenching correction leads to revisions of data in receptor autoradiography

Reidenberg, J.S.; Laitman, J.T., 1990:
A new method for radiographically locating upper respiratory and upper digestive tract structures in rats

Corti A.; Carta E.; Rovelli C.; Rurali C., 1990:
A new method for rapid and simple pregnancy detection using gold labelled antibodies

Hoeg Jensen T.; Jakobsen M.H.; Holm A., 1991:
A new method for rapid solution synthesis of shorter peptides by use of pybop

Malik R.; H.S., 1991:
A new method for recording h reflexes from the plantar muscles of dogs

Saito K., 1991:
A new method for reddening dyer's saffron florets evaluation of carthamin productivity

Greensite F., 1992:
A new method for regularization of the inverse problem of electrocardiography

Montgomery E.B.Jr, 1989:
A new method for relating behavior to neuronal activity in performing monkeys

Batista Viera F.; Barbieri M.; Ovsejevi K.; Manta C.; Carlsson J., 1991:
A new method for reversible immobilization of thiol biomolecules based on solid phase bound thiol sulfonate groups

Tsai, M.C.; Chen, M.L., 1989:
A new method for screening anticonvulsants 1. effects of anticonvulsants on pentylenetetrazole induced neuronal activity of the giant african snail achatina fulica ferussac

Holzapfel C.W.; Huyser J.J.; Van Der Merwe T.L.; Van Heerden F.R., 1991:
A new method for selective protection of two hydroxyl groups in carbohydrates glycals in particular

Basile D.V.; Kushner B.K.; Basile M.R., 1989:
A new method for separating and comparing arabinogalactan proteins for the chemosystematics of the hepaticae

Lee K B.; A.; Loganathan D.; Linhardt R.J., 1991:
A new method for sequencing linear oligosaccharides on gels using charged fluorescent conjugates

Sigal M.Z.; Khairutdinova G.N., 1991:
A new method for staining cytologic preparations to be used in emergency tests

Tal M.; Weissman I.; Silberstein A., 1990 :
A new method for stoichiometric analysis of proteins in complex mixture reevaluation of the stoichiometry of escherichia coli ribosomal proteins

Isobe R.; Tanaka T.; Nonaka G I.; Nishioka I., 1989:
A new method for structural study of hydrolyzable tannins by negative ion fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry

Wallace B.M.N.; Rollason T.P.; Swaser R.S., 1989:
A new method for studying human oocytes by light and electron microscopy

Jokinen, J.; Spets-Happonen, S.; Forss, H.; Luoma, H.; Happonen, P., 1991:
A new method for studying the effect of glass ionomer on plaque in vivo

Johnson A.; Lofstrom J.B., 1990:
A new method for studying the ventilatory response in patients

Qian C.; Zhu Y.; Song H., 1991:
A new method for synthesis of s 2390

Stahly G.P.; Bell D.R., 1989:
A new method for synthesis of trifluoromethyl substituted phenols and anilines

Leprat P.; Ratinaud M.H.; Julien R., 1990:
A new method for testing cell ageing using two mitochondria specific fluorescent probes

Harmon, J.L.; Lyberatos, G.; Svoronos, S.A., 1989:
A new method for the adaptive determination of optimum pH and temperature

Belokon' Y.N.; Kochetkov K.A.; Tararov V.I.; Savel'eva T.F.; Fileva N.V.; Garbalinskaya N.S.; Saporovskaya M.B.; Bakasova E.B.; Rait A.G., 1991:
A new method for the chemical enzymatic synthesis of optically pure l amino acids from glycine

Bil'ko I.P.; Klimenko M.P., 1991:
A new method for the cultivation of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Drean M F.; Trahan L., 1990:
A new method for the detection and enumeration of xylitol resistant fructose pts negative strains of streptococcus mutans from pure cultures and human saliva

Franchin S.; Gelmi C.; Incarbone F.; Piccinini P., 1991:
A new method for the detection of subjective critical flicker frequencies

Obidairo T.K., 1988:
A new method for the determination of cyanogenetic glycosides

D.C.ra E.; Gill S.J., 1988:
A new method for the determination of equilibrium constants through binding capacity measurements

Aikoh H.; Shibahara T., 1990:
A new method for the determination of mercury by spectrophotometry using incomplete cubane type molybdenum aqua ion

Hijikata Okunomiya A., 1990:
A new method for the determination of prothrombin in human plasma

Chah B.; Zikovsky L., 1990:
A new method for the determination of radon in water by scintillation in o xylene

Chan E., 1991:
A new method for the determination of steady state volume of distribution of drugs with rapid distribution

Hartley B.M.; Hartley M.I., 1989:
A new method for the determination of the activity of short half life descendants of radon

Lauermann I., 1991:
A new method for the determination of the circulating blood volume red cell labeling with fluorescein sodium

Daseler W.; Steinhof H J.; Redhardt A., 1991:
A new method for the determination of the permittivity of small samples in the microwave range and its application to hemoglobin single crystals

Orlov L.L.; Sheinberg B.V., 1988:
A new method for the diagnosis of acute right ventricular myocardial infarction

Sagdieva M.G.; Borminskii S.I.; Kiselev N.M., 1991:
A new method for the direct isolation of geochemically active associations of thionic bacteria

Merten O W.; Dautzenberg H.; Palfi G.E., 1991:
A new method for the encapsulation of mammalian cells

Jensen B.; Bratthall D., 1989:
A new method for the estimation of mutans streptococci in human saliva

Bodor N.; Gabanyi Z.; Wong C K., 1989:
A new method for the estimation of partition coefficient

Bodor N.; Huang M J., 1992:
A new method for the estimation of the aqueous solubility of organic compounds

Harada M.; Koga K.; Miura I.; Nishitani H., 1991:
A new method for the evaluation of the liver injury by fluorine 19 mrs of 5 fluorouracil

Zieliński, J.J.; Marszałek, P.; Fikus, M., 1989:
A new method for the investigation of cellular dielectrophoresis

Ciesielski W.; Jedrzejewski W.; Kudzin Z.H.; Skowronski R.; Drabowicz J., 1988:
A new method for the iodometric determination of sulfoxides

Hill H.J., 1990:
A new method for the measurement of antarctic krill euphausia superba dana from predator food samples

Roisin M P.; Brassart J L.; Charton G.; Crepel V.; Ari Y.B., 1991:
A new method for the measurement of endogenous transmitter release in localized regions of hippocampal slices

Bock R.; Pluta H J., 1991:
A new method for the measurement of gill surface areas and detection of gill damage in fish first results

Gordon, B.H.; Richards, R.P.; Hiley, M.P.; Gray, A.J.; Ings, R.M.; Campbell, D.B., 1989:
A new method for the measurement of nitrosoureas in plasma: an h.p.l.c. procedure for the measurement of fotemustine kinetics

Comby, B.; Chevalier, G.; Bouchoucha, M., 1992:
A new method for the measurement of tremor at rest

Brodskii L.I.; Drachev A.L.; Leontovich A.M., 1991:
A new method for the multiple sequence alignment of biopolymers h align program of the genbee software package

Wuensch B., 1990:
A new method for the preparation of 3 alkoxy 3 4 dihydro 1h 2 benzopyrans and 3 hydroxy 3 4 dihydro 1h 2 benzopyrans

E.F.raly F.S.; A.Y.hya M.A.; Orabi K.Y.; Mcphail D.R.; Mcphail A.T., 1992:
A new method for the preparation of arteether and its c 9 epimer

Sulmon P.; D.K.mpe N.; Schamp N., 1989 :
A new method for the preparation of beta alkylaminocarbonyl compounds by rearrangement of beta chloroimines via azetidine intermediates

Campbell J.R.; Clapp C.H., 1989:
A new method for the preparation of carboxy labeled unsaturated fatty acids and its application to linoleic acid

Wichert B.; Rohdewald P., 1990:
A new method for the preparation of drug containing polylactic acid microparticles without using organic solvents

Obrecht D.; Weiss B., 1989:
A new method for the preparation of e 3 acylprop 2 enoic acids

Filippini A.; Galatioto G.L.; Biagini M.L.; Panzera A., 1987:
A new method for the preparation of thrombocytopenic patients for splenectomy

McKimm-Breschkin, J.L.; Caldwell, J.B.; Guthrie, R.E.; Kortt, A.A., 1991:
A new method for the purification of the influenza A virus neuraminidase

Kitagawa T.; Tanimori H.; Kohno Y.; Akahori A.; Sonoi S.; Kondo S., 1989:
A new method for the quantitative analysis of the aqueous extract of pinellia tuber contained in several chinese traditional medicines

Droschl, H.; Bantleon, H.P.; Muchitsch, A.P.; Weiland, F., 1992:
A new method for the quantitative and qualitative measurement of tooth movements

Toba T.; Uemura H.; Itoh T., 1992:
A new method for the quantitative determination of microbial extracellular polysaccharide production using a disposable ultrafilter membrane unit

Ralston, S.H.; Urquhart, G.D.; Brzeski, M.; Sturrock, R.D., 1992:
A new method for the radiological assessment of vertebral squaring in ankylosing spondylitis

Piekarowicz, A.; Yuan, R.; Stein, D.C., 1991:
A new method for the rapid identification of genes encoding restriction and modification enzymes

Kalembasa S.; Carlson R.W.; Kalembasa D., 1989:
A new method for the reduction of nitrates in total nitrogen determination according to the kjeldahl method

Tryba M., 1989:
A new method for the reduction of transfusion induced infections after administration of fresh frozen plasma

Levin V.S.; Khmel' A.V., 1988:
A new method for the registration of the respiratory movements of holothurians

Rodriguez Clemente R.; Correa Gorospe I.; D.C.stro J.J., 1990:
A new method for the stabilization of wines with respect to the potassium bitartrate precipitation

Knierzinger A.; Walther W.; Weber B.; Mueller R.K.; Netscher T., 1990:
A new method for the stereochemical analysis of acyclic terpenoid carbonyl compounds

Kaneko C.; Katagiri N.; Nomura M.; Sato H., 1991:
A new method for the stereoselective synthesis of nucleosides by means of sodium borohydride mediated reductive c c or c n bond cleavage reaction

Pantaleao G.; Morato S., 1989:
A new method for the study of feeding behavior in the fly ceratitis capitata

Kawamura K.; Ohta T.; Otani G., 1990:
A new method for the synthesis of 3 chromanol derivatives by sodium iodide catalyzed cyclization of epoxide

Gough S.P.; Kannangara C.G.; Bock K., 1989:
A new method for the synthesis of glutamate 1 semialdehyde characterization of its structure in solution by nmr spectroscopy

Y.L., 1992:
A new method for the treatment of nitrogen oxide containing waste gas

Meshalkina L.E.; Khyubner G.; Shellenberger A.; Kochetov G.A., 1992:
A new method for transketolase activity assay and some characteristics of the initial rate of the transketolase reaction

Gracis, G.P.; Giobbio, D., 1990:
A new method for visual efficiency evaluation

Grevers G.; Wilimzig C.; Vogl T.; Laub G., 1990:
A new method of 3d reconstruction of head and neck lesions

Tai Y.; Kiyokawa K.; Aoki T.; Hirano M.; Kurita S., 1990:
A new method of a secondary pharyngo esophageal reconstruction

Sydow F W.; Haindl H., 1990:
A new method of achieving pleural blockade

Yoo S.; Pae S.; Kim S H., 1989:
A new method of algal assay using dialysis culture

Utsumi T.; Sugiyama T.; Miyashita Y.; Moriya S.; Tokuoka S., 1991:
A new method of analyzing pupillary light reflexes using percent amplitude and percent velocities

Karacagil, S.; Almgren, B.; Bowald, S.; Eriksson, I., 1990:
A new method of angiographic runoff evaluation in femorodistal reconstructions. Significant correlation with early graft patency

L.G.ennec J Y.; Peineau N.; Argibay J.A.; Mongo K.G.; Garnier D., 1990:
A new method of attachment of isolated mammalian ventricular myocytes for tension recording length dependence of passive and active tension

Madzharov M.M., 1989:
A new method of auriculoplasty for protruding ears

H.L.; Chai Z., 1990:
A new method of automatic sce detection

Holubowycz, O.T.; McLean, A.J.; McCaul, K.A., 1991:
A new method of breath testing the general driving population

Zhyzhyn M.P.; Zelens'kyi M.N.; Shelyah Sosonko Y.R., 1991:
A new method of cartographic representation of the horizontal structure of a tree stand

Mineo H.; Oyamada T.; Akiyama M.; Yasuda T.; Kato S., 1991:
A new method of catheterization of the hepatic and portal veins in sheep for long term blood sampling

Yamashiki M.; Konishi S.; Matsuda M.; Nishioka J.; Yoshimura H.; Okuyama T.; Suzuki K.; Nishimura A.; Kondoh I.; E.A., 1990:
A new method of cea determination by latex agglutination using integrating sphere turbidimetric assay ista

Yoshida T.; Suzuki T.; Nakajima T., 1988:
A new method of controlling stalk cutting time by combining variety with topping in burley tobacco

Wieckowski K., 1989:
A new method of coring in deep lakes with rod operated samplers

Douglas R.M., 1989:
A new method of cross sectioning hair of larger mammals

Postaire E.; Sarbach C.; Delvordre P.; Regnault C., 1990:
A new method of derivatization in planar chromatography overpressure derivatization

Pan, H.; Ratcliffe, S.G., 1992:
A new method of deriving velocity and acceleration curves for height from the kernel estimation of distance

Miyoshi N.; Hara K.; Kimura S.; Nakanishi K.; Fukuda M., 1991:
A new method of determining intracellular free calcium ion concentration using quin 2 fluorescence

Sotirov S.; Saratschev E., 1989:
A new method of diminishing cyst cavities

Esbelin B.; Beyssac E.; Aiache J M.; Shiu G.K.; Skelly J.P., 1991:
A new method of dissolution in vitro the bio dis apparatus comparison with the rotating bottle method and in vitro to in vivo correlations

Inoue H.; Endo M.; Takesita K.; Kawano T.; Yosino K.; Takiguchi T.; Yamazaki S.; Maruyama M.; Simoju K.; E.A., 1990:
A new method of endoscopic esophageal mucosal resection using a transparent tube emrt

Frischer M.; Bloor M.; Finlay A.; Goldberg D.; Green S.; Haw S.; Mckeganey N.; Platt S., 1991:
A new method of estimating prevalence of injecting drug use an urban population results from a scottish city

Duvaux C.; Guilloteau P.; Toullec R.; Sissons J.W., 1990:
A new method of estimating the proportions of different proteins in a mixture using amino acid profiles application to undigested proteins in the preruminant calf

Mounzih K.; Marchand C R.; Griffond B., 1989:
A new method of extraction for snail fmrf amide like substances using affinity chromatography coupled with hplc

Kuzin M.I.; Shloznikov B.M.; Likhantsev B.V.; Karelin A.A.; Tverskoi A.L.; Sitnikov A.V.; Grebenchikov O.A.; Andreev V.I., 1990:
A new method of general anesthesia in pulmonary surgery with the use of dalargin instead of narcotic analgesics

Davies S.W.; Gardener J.E.; Bowker T.J.; Timmmis A.D.; Balcon R., 1990:
A new method of hemodynamic assessment of mitral stenosis in atrial fibrillation construction of a nomogram

Ohsawa J.; Tanaka M.; Oka H.; Sawabe Y.; Nakanishi M.; Nonaka M.; Tanaka F.; Umeda T.; Murata S.; Shinoda M., 1991:
A new method of hernioplasty for adult groin hernias centering on repair of the transversalis fascia

Sailer H.F., 1989:
A new method of inserting endosseous implants in totally atrophic maxillae

Ishikawa, O.; Imaoka, S.; Ohigashi, H.; Nakaizumi, A.; Uehara, H.; Wada, A.; Nagumo, S.; Yamamoto, R.; Sasaki, Y.; Iwanaga, T., 1992:
A new method of intraoperative cytodiagnosis for more precisely locating the occult neoplasms of the pancreas

Fabricius P.G.; Schmitz K.; Wadepohl M.; Issels R.; Brendel W., 1989:
A new method of investigating the efficacy of regional thermotherapy in subcutaneous xenografts of nude mice

Pewnim T.; Miles C.; Seifert J., 1992:
A new method of l kynurenine precolumn derivatization with naphthalene 2 3 dicarboxaldehyde and cyanide for high performance liquid chromatography hplc

Johata K., 1991:
A new method of lapping the anastomotic portion with serosa and muscle layer of the stomach for regulation of gastric emptying time and prevention of the bile reflux

Hartley B.M., 1990:
A new method of measurement of the activities of the descendants of radon by alpha spectrometry

Okada Y.; Yanashima K.; Ishida M., 1989:
A new method of measuring axial length through analysis of ultrasonic rf signals

Fujioka M., 1989:
A new method of pancreaticojejunostomy using a polyvinyl catheter with a sharp needle on one end

Guliamov, D.S.; Makhmudov, M.M.; Karakozov, P.E.; Zufarov, M.M., 1989:
A new method of plastic surgery of the right ventricular outflow tract and pulmonary artery in experiment

Kobayashi, H.; Suzuki, S.; Sugiura, T., 1990:
A new method of plowless pasture establishment in japan 1. cutting and crushing treatment of native vegetation and preparation of seedbed rich in crushed wood fragments by a stumpcutter brushcutter system

Suzuki, S.; Sugiura, T.; Kobayashi, H., 1990:
A new method of plowless pasture establishment in japan 2. initial growth of herbage on the seedbeds rich in crushed wood fragments

Nicolson, S.; Isaacson, L.; Gerneke, D., 1991:
A new method of preparing the basal membrane of renal tubules for patch clamp, using beetle malpighian tubules

Duffy G.C.; Kibblewhite R.P., 1989:
A new method of relating wood density pulp quality and paper properties

Nakamura, Y.; Fukamachi, K.; Masuda, M.; Asou, T.; Toshima, Y.; Oe, M.; Mitani, A.; Kinoshita, K.; Kawachi, Y.; Tanaka, J., 1990:
A new method of retrograde cardioplegic administration. Right ventricular protection by right atrial perfusion cooling

Nagel, J.D.; Kort, W.J.; Varossieau, F.; McVie, J.G., 1989:
A new method of sampling ascitic fluid from rats

Shryock, J.C.; Boykin, M.T.; Hill, J.A.; Belardinelli, L., 1990:
A new method of sampling blood for measurement of plasma adenosine

Obara K.; Oohira H.; Sakamoto H.; Iwasaki K.; Mitsuhashi H.; Suzuki S.; Masaki M.; Morito T.; Kasukawa R., 1989:
A new method of sclerotherapy for esophago gastric varices eo as combination method followed by mucosa fibrosis with as

Sullivan D.R.; Marwick T.H.; Freedman S.B., 1990:
A new method of scoring coronary angiograms to reflect extent of coronary atherosclerosis and improve correlation with major risk factors

Kauppi, M.; Sakaguchi, M.; Konttinen, Y.T.; Hämäläinen, M., 1990:
A new method of screening for vertical atlantoaxial dislocation

Polonskii V.I.; Alekhina E.B., 1990:
A new method of selecting wheat for drought resistance based on seed swelling

Yakovlev D.Yu; Khomutov A.R.; Khomutov R.M., 1991:
A new method of selective photoreduction of uracil and thymine

Hyman, E.D., 1988:
A new method of sequencing DNA

Tsurumoto, T.; Iwasaki, K., 1989:
A new method of socket wear measurement in Charnley total hip replacement

Victor R.; Janakiram S.; Thomas I.M., 1989:
A new method of staining and mounting sections of ground bone without coverslips

Shakhtarin V.V.; Khmelevskii Y.M.; Sloventantor V.Yu; Chekina S.G., 1991:
A new method of studying carbohydrate metabolism

Schirone B.; Leone A.; Mazzoleni S.; Spada F., 1991:
A new method of survey and data analysis in phenology

Zlatanos S.N.; Sagredos A.N., 1990:
A new method of synthesis of alkylglycidyl esters of dicarboxylic acids in high yields

Chen Z.; E.A., 1990:
A new method of the arthrodesis of shoulder joint

Khripach V.A.; Litvinovskaya R.I.; Baranovskii A.V., 1992:
A new method of the construction of the 20 isosteroid side chain

Khripach V.A.; Litvinovskaya R.P.; Baranovskii A.V., 1990:
A new method of the construction of the steroidal polyhydroxylated side chains

Kaminski M.J.; Blinowska K.J., 1991:
A new method of the description of the information flow in the brain structures

Seno S.; Akita M.; Hsueh C.L., 1989:
A new method of the immunohistochemical detection of cellular antigens for light and electron microscopy

Namimatsu, A.; Yamaura, S.; Go, K.; Tanimoto, H.; Okuda, M., 1991:
A new method of the measurement of nasal secretion in guinea pigs

Lin C C., 1990:
A new method of thoracoscopic sympathectomy in hyperhidrosis palmaris

Tardieu C., 1990:
A new method of three dimensional analysis of bipedal locomotion for the study of displacements of the body and body parts centers of gravity in humans and non human primates evolutionary framework

Keller U., 1990:
A new method of tooth replantation and autotransplantation aluminum oxide ceramic for extraoral retrograde root filling

Takehara H.; Hino M.; Kameoka K.; Komi N., 1990:
A new method of total parenteral nutrition for surgical neonates is it possible that cyclic tpn prevents intrahepatic cholestasis

Vancaillie, T.G.; Eddy, C.A.; Laufe, L., 1989:
A new method of transcervical female sterilization: preliminary results in rabbits

Zaltsman, Y.; Yulevich, L., 1991:
A new method of treating encopresis

L.G.; Pan S.; Yao K., 1988:
A new method on in situ nick translation of human metaphase chromosomes

Hein, J., 1989:
A new method that simultaneously aligns and reconstructs ancestral sequences for any number of homologous sequences, when the phylogeny is given

Singh U.S.; Srivastava K.K., 1991:
A new method to determine germination efficiency of seeds

Rispoli E.; Vingolo E.M.; Venditti G.; Forte R., 1989:
A new method to determine kinetic visual acuity

Barkman J.J., 1988:
A new method to determine some characters of vegetation structure

Bureau, M.F.; Malanchere, E.; Pretolani, M.; Boukili, M.A.; Vargaftig, B.B., 1989:
A new method to evaluate extravascular albumin and blood cell accumulation in the lung

Kita, M.; Negi, A.; Kawano, S.; Honda, Y., 1989:
A new method to evaluate retinal adhesive force in living rabbit eye

Benedetti, G.; D.S.ntis, P.; Morosetti, S., 1989:
A new method to find a set of energetically optimal RNA secondary structures

Sheshshayee M.S.; Shivashankar K.S.; Ramaswamy G.S.; Devendra R.; Shankar A.G.; Prasda T.G.; Udayakumar M., 1992:
A new method to generate different carbon dioxide concentrations for developing a carbon dioxide response curve

Sugimachi, M.; Imaizumi, T.; Sunagawa, K.; Hirooka, Y.; Todaka, K.; Takeshita, A.; Nakamura, M., 1990:
A new method to identify dynamic transduction properties of aortic baroreceptors

Sumiya N.; Onizuka T., 1990:
A new method to lengthen the columella during a primary operation to repair a bilateral cleft lip

Nagahiro, S.; Takada, A.; Diksic, M.; Sourkes, T.L.; Missala, K.; Yamamoto, Y.L., 1990:
A new method to measure brain serotonin synthesis in vivo ii. a practical autoradiographic method tested in normal and lithium treated rats

Miyamoto H., 1991:
A new method to measure coronary intravascular volume during cardioplegic arrest the evaluation for the distribution cardioplegic solution

Tawfik, B.; Sullivan, K.J.; Chang, H.K., 1991:
A new method to measure nasal impedance in spontaneously breathing adults

Rustom, R.; Grime, S.; Maltby, P.; Stockdale, H.R.; Critchley, M.; Bone, J.M., 1992:
A new method to measure renal tubular degradation of small filtered proteins in man using radiolabelled aprotinin (Trasylol)

Harayama, H.; Shinozawa, K.; Kondo, H.; Miyatake, T., 1991:
A new method to measure the distribution of motor conduction velocity in man

Munoz Sanchez J.L.; Hernandez Pacheco G.; Acuna Gonzalez C., 1991:
A new method to obtain synchronous cultures of escherichia coli

Frangin Y.; Caillet M.; Chalon S.; Huguet F.; Foulon C.; Desplanches G.; Baulieu J L.; Besnard J C.; Guilloteau D., 1990:
A new method to prepare no carrier added iodinated spirodecanone derivatives application to dopaminergic and serotoninergic ligands

Hausen, P., 1988:
A new method to prepare sections from amphibian embryos for immunohistology

Friberg S.E.; Wang J F., 1991:
A new method to prepare uniform particles precipitation from lyotropic liquid crystals

Roggero J.P.; Archier P., 1989:
A new method to quantize simple phenolics in wines application to differently aged wines from various origins

Brostrom G.; Moller C., 1989:
A new method to relate symptom scores with pollen counts a dynamic model for comparison of treatments of allergy

Shirota Y., 1989:
A new method to scare crows corvus macrorhynchos and corvus corone

Ver Donck L.; Van Reempts J.; Vandeplassche G.; Borgers M., 1988:
A new method to study activated oxygen species induced damage in cardiomyocytes and protection by calcium antagonists

Kerner M.; Kausch H.; Knauth H D., 1991:
A new method to study biogeochemical processes in sediments by a percolation technique

Liao D F.; Chen X., 1991:
A new method to study correlation between endothelium damage and free radicals

Edbladh M.; Remgard P.; Edstrom A., 1990:
A new method to study regeneration in vitro of the adult frog sciatic sensory axons

Wiklund I.; Holst J.; Karlberg J.; Mattsson L A.; Samsioe G.; Sandin K.; Uvebrant M.; Von Schoultz B., 1992:
A new methodological approach to the evaluation of quality of life in postmenopausal women

Gabbasov V.A.; Popov E.G.; Gavrilov I.Yu; Pozin E.Ya; Markosyan R.A., 1989:
A new methodological approach to the investigation of platelet aggregation in vitro

Martin J.M.; Moreira Turcq P., 1991:
A new methodology for characterizing organic coatings for aquatic particles

Maftah, A.; Petit, J.M.; Leprat, P.; Ratinaud, M.H.; Julien, R., 1990:
A new methodology for testing chemicals and drugs on cell activity

Dawei M.; L.X., 1990:
A new methodology to key intermediates for synthesizing polyene compounds

Shimomura H.; Sashida Y.; Mimaki Y.; Adachi T.; Yoshinari K., 1989:
A new mevalonolactone glucoside derivative from the bark of prunus buergeriana

Shaw S.R., 1988:
A new mexican genus and species of dinocampini with serrate antennae hymenoptera braconidae euphorinae

Beutelspacher B.C.R., 1990:
A new mexican species of automeris huebner lepidoptera saturniidae

Vazquez M.M.; Palacios Vargas J.G., 1989:
A new mexican species of axenyllodes new record and biogeography of the xenyllodian lineage collembola odontellidae

Delgado Castillo L.; Deloya C., 1990:
A new mexican species of onthophagus latreille 1802 of the clypeatus group coleoptera scarabaeidae scarabaeinae

Johansen R.M.; Mojica A.M., 1989:
A new mexican species of oxythrips uzel 1895 and a new related genus insecta thysanoptera thripidae

Delgado Castillo L., 1991:
A new mexican species of stenocrates coleoptera melolonthidae dynastinae

Shi Q.; Shi L., 1989:
A new micro spreading technique for demonstrating synaptonemal complexes in mammalian spermatocytes

Cheung P.J.; Nigrelli R.F.; Ruggieri G.D.; Crow G.L., 1988:
A new microbothriid monogenean causing skin lesion on the pacific blacktip reef shark carcharhinus melanopterus quoy and gaimard

Mathis M.L.; Bowles D.E., 1989:
A new microcaddisfly genus trichoptera hydroptilidae from the interior highlands of arkansas usa

Antonelli M.L.; Carunchio V.; Luciani M., 1990:
A new microcalorimetric method for the determination of lipase activity and substrate concentration in aqueous medium

Komiyama M.; Yasui T.; F.Y.; Yagura H.; Baba M.; Hakuba A.; Nishimura S., 1989:
A new microcatheter system for endovascular treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Ryabukhin A.S., 1991:
A new micropeplus species coleoptera micropeplidae from the northeastern ussr

Watanabe J.; Kanai K.; Kanamura S., 1989:
A new microphotometric method for measurement of cytochrome p 450 in sections in liver

Moessmer, G.; Meiselman, H.J., 1990:
A new micropore filtration approach to the analysis of white cell rheology

Rudolph, J.L.; Henderson, M.B.; Chow, O.; Van der Steur, L.; Parham, M.E.; Solomon, B.A., 1990:
A new microporous membrane for diagnostic immunoassays

Sykes M.K.; Sugg B.R.; Hahn C.E.W.; Jackson R.K.; Palayiwa E., 1989:
A new microprocessor controlled anesthetic machine

Pianalto S.; Merigliano S.; Zaninotto G.; Rossi M.; Spanio S.; Ferraresso M., 1988:
A new microprocessor device for recording nocturnal penile tumescence npt

Canning E.U.; Killick Kendrick R.; Killick Kendrick M., 1991:
A new microsporidian parasite flabelliforma montana new genus new species infecting phlebotomus ariasi diptera psychodidae in france

Garcia J.J., 1990:
A new microsporidian pathogen of blackfly larvae diptera simuliidae ringueltium pillosa new genus new species microspora caudosporidae

Miersch, W.D., 1988:
A new microsurgical model for the study of carcinogenesis in colonic urinary diversion in rats

Thiaucourt, F.; Dí Maria, A., 1992:
A new microtitration method for the enumeration of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (CBPP) vaccines

Duminy F.J., 1989:
A new microvascular sleeve anastomosis

Schuelke M., 1989:
A new middle asian species of the genus medon stephens coleoptera staphylinidae paederinae

Rigby J.K.; Church S.B., 1990:
A new middle cambrian hexactinellid ratcliffespongia wheeleri new species from western utah usa and skeletal structure of ratcliffespongia

Squires R.L., 1991:
A new middle eocene potamidid gastropod from brackish marine deposits southern california usa

Marius G.D., 1991:
A new middle jurassic brachiopod from the bucegi mountain eastern carpathians romania

Sakamoto K.; Uyeno T., 1989:
A new middle miocene righteye flounder hippoglossoides naritai new species from tokoro hokkaido japan

Willis P.M.A.; Molnar R.E., 1991:
A new middle tertiary crocodile from lake palankarinna south australia

Ozkan M.; Erman O., 1990:
A new mideopsis species mideopsidae hydrachenellae acari for the turkish fauna

Moret P., 1989:
A new migadopidae species from ecuadorian andes without supplementary stria aquilex diabolica new genus new species coleoptera caraboidea

Owens R.A.; Khurana S.M.P.; Smith D.R.; Singh M.N.; Garg I.D., 1992:
A new mild strain of potato spindle tuber viroid isolated from wild solanum spp in india

Shelley R.M., 1990:
A new millipede of the genus metaxycheir from the pacific coast of canada polydesmida xystodesmidae with remarks on the tribe chonaphini and the western canadian and alaskan usa diplopod fauna

Fryda J., 1989:
A new mimospira sp clisospiridae gastropoda from the late ordovician of bohemia czechoslovakia

Martin L.D., 1991:
A new miniature saber toothed nimravid from the oligocene of nebraska

Zhang, S.; Takeda, T.; Zhu, T.; Chen, Y.; Yao, X.; Tanaka, O.; Ogihara, Y., 1990:
A New Minor Saponin from the Leaves of Panax ginseng

Zhang, S.L.; Chen, Y.J.; Cui, C.B.; He, G.X.; Xu, S.X.; Pei, Y.P.; Yao, X.S.; Zhu, T.R., 1989:
A new minor saponin from the leaves of Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer

Barnes L.G., 1990:
A new miocene enaliarctine pinniped of the genus pteronarctos mammalia otariidae from the astoria formation oregon usa

Uyeno T.; Suda Y., 1991:
A new miocene queenfish of the genus scomberoides pisces carangidae from tottori japan

Miyamoto S.; Yasunaga T., 1992:
A new mirid bug heteroptera miridae from taiwan

Tian J., 1990:
A new mite of the genus haemogamasus acari haemogamasidae

Tian J.; G.Y.M., 1989:
A new mite of the genus haemogamasus parasitiformes haemogamasidae

Tian J.; Duang X.; Fang Z., 1990:
A new mite of the genus laelaps acari laelapidae

Wang D Q.; Liu G P., 1989:
A new mite of the genus leptotrombidium acariformes trombiculidae

Tian J., 1988:
A new mite of the genus sinolaelaps acarina laelapidae

Holt, I.J.; Harding, A.E.; Petty, R.K.; Morgan-Hughes, J.A., 1990:
A new mitochondrial disease associated with mitochondrial DNA heteroplasmy

Huoponen K.; Vilki J.; Aula P.; Nikoskelainen E.K.; Savontaus M L., 1991:
A new mitochondrial dna mutation associated with leber hereditary optic neuroretinopathy

Craske A.J.; Jefferies R.P.S., 1988:
A new mitrate from the upper ordovician of norway and a new approach to subdividing a plesion

Auclair, F.; Besnard, M.; Dupont, C.; Wepierre, J., 1989:
A new model: bipediculated dorsal flap of hairless rat for cutaneous blood flow evaluation

Jones, M.T.; Hsieh, C.; Yoshikawa, K.; Patterson, G.A.; Cooper, J.D., 1988:
A new model for assessment of lung preservation

Van Ruijven L.J.; Weijs W.A., 1990:
A new model for calculating muscle forces from electromyograms

Kitajima N.; Fujisawa K.; Fujimoto C.; Moro Oka Y.; Hashimoto S.; Kitagawa T.; Toriumi K.; Tatsumi K.; Nakamura A., 1992:
A new model for dioxygen binding in hemocyanin synthesis characterization and molecular structure of the mu eta 2 eta 2 peroxo dinuclear copper ii complexes cuhb3 5 r 2pz 3 2o 2 r=i pr and ph

Idema, R.N.; Gelsema, E.S.; Wenting, G.J.; Grashuis, J.L.; van den Meiracker, A.H.; Brouwer, R.M.; Man in 't Veld, A.J., 1992:
A new model for diurnal blood pressure profiling. Square wave fit compared with conventional methods

Viola, R.S.; Kempski, M.H.; Nakada, S.; del Cerro, M.; Aquavella, J.V., 1992:
A new model for evaluating corneal wound strength in the rabbit

Molnár, L.; Hegedüs, K.; Fekete, I., 1988:
A new model for inducing transient cerebral ischemia and subsequent reperfusion in rabbits without craniectomy

Makler A.; Reichler A.; Stoller J.; Feigin P.D., 1992:
A new model for investigating in real time the existence of chemotaxis in human spermatozoa

Alexandre S.; Dunford B., 1991:
A new model for oscillations in the peroxidase oxidase reaction

Umemura K.; Kohno Y.; Matsuno H.; Uematsu T.; Nakashima M., 1990:
A new model for photochemically induced thrombosis in the inner ear microcirculation and the use of hearing loss as a measure for microcirculatory disorders

Bondar I.; Uhl E.; Barker J.H.; Galla T.J.; Hammersen F.; Messmer K., 1991:
A new model for studying microcirculatory changes during dermal wound healing

Alexander, J.W.; Gonce, S.J.; Miskell, P.W.; Peck, M.D.; Sax, H., 1989:
A new model for studying nutrition in peritonitis. The adverse effect of overfeeding

Chutmongkonkul, M.; Maier, W.A.; Seitz, H.M., 1992:
A new model for testing gametocytocidal effects of some antimalarial drugs on Plasmodium falciparum in vitro

Kotal P.; Jirsa M.; Kalab M.; Cervinka J.; Martasek P.; Kordac V., 1989:
A new model for testing substances influencing haem synthesis

Katahira M.; Sugeta H.; Kyogoku Y., 1990:
A new model for the bending of dna containing the oligo d a tracts based on nmr observations

Tudor, J.J.; McCann, M.P.; Acrich, I.A., 1990:
A new model for the penetration of prey cells by bdellovibrios

Malcorps P.; Cheval J.M.; Jamil S.; Dufour J.P., 1991:
A new model for the regulation of ester synthesis by alcohol acetyltransferase in saccharomyces cerevisiae during fermentation

Malcherek P.; Franzen L., 1991:
A new model for the study of angiogenesis in connective tissue repair

Matsushita, T.; Okuno, S.; Maezawa, I.; Ohshima, S.; Yamaguchi, T.; Sawada, Y.; Hashimoto, I.; Nakamura, T., 1989:
A new model of bacterial peritonitis in mice for evaluation of antibiotics. Effects of aspoxicillin and piperacillin

Nakahara T.; Oki S.; Muttaqin Z.; Kuwabara S.; Uozumi T., 1991:
A new model of brainstem ischemia by embolization technique in cats

Hashimoto H., 1989:
A new model of complete global brain ischemia produced by clamping ascending aorta with aorta to right atrium and aorta to femoral vein bypass formation in dogs

Goermar F.E.; Bernd A.; Bereiter Hahn J.; Holzmann H., 1990:
A new model of epidermal differentiation induction by mechanical stimulation

Dobi, E.T.; Puliafito, C.A.; Destro, M., 1989:
A new model of experimental choroidal neovascularization in the rat

Yang Y J.; Tang W X.; Tian H C.; Y.P.L., 1991:
A new model of global postischemic reperfusion in rabbit

Takahashi T.; Marcus B.; Scheerer R.G.; Katz M., 1991:
A new model of objective assessment of cervical ripening the effect of prostaglandin e 2 and prelabor contractility

Hoogenboezem W.; Van Den Boogaart J.G.M.; Sibbing F.A.; Lammens E.H.R.R.; Terlouw A.; Osse J.W.M., 1991:
A new model of particle retention and branchial sieve adjustment in filter feeding bream abramis brama cyprinidae

Shellito, J.; Suzara, V.V.; Blumenfeld, W.; Beck, J.M.; Steger, H.J.; Ermak, T.H., 1990:
A new model of Pneumocystis carinii infection in mice selectively depleted of helper T lymphocytes

Xue L.; Yin W Y.; Imadate G.; Ishii K., 1991:
A new model of proturan sperm structure in nipponentomon nippon acerentomidae protura

Buchan, A.M.; Xue, D.; Slivka, A., 1992:
A new model of temporary focal neocortical ischemia in the rat

Barford J.P.; Phllips P.J.; Orlowski J.H., 1992:
A new model of uptake of multiple sugars by saccharomyces cerevisiae part 1

Barford J.P.; Phillips P.J.; Orlowski J.H., 1992 :
A new model of uptake of multiple sugars by saccharomyces cerevisiae part 2

Sumerin V.A., 1988:
A new model of volumeter

Durkin K.A.; Sherrod M.J.; Liotta D., 1989:
A new model parameter set for beta lactams

H.Y.; Ziffer H., 1991:
A new model to account for the order in which enantiomers of alkylarylcarbinols elute from a pirkle chiral hplc column preparation absolute stereochemistry and chromatographic properties of dextro 1 2 benzocyclononen 3 ol and dextro 1 2 benzocyclodecen 3 ol

Cutsforth G.A.; Whitaker R.N.; Hermans J.; Lentz B.R., 1989:
A new model to describe extrinsic protein binding to phospholipid membranes of varying composition application to human coagulation proteins

Harter R.D., 1989:
A new modeling compatible solution to the first order kinetics equation

Bajomi D.; Kis Varga A., 1990:
A new modern anticoagulant rodenticide lanirat b

Fel'dman-Yu, M.; Makhaneva, L.G.; Lyabakh, A.I., 1989:
A new modification of pizu's medium on the basis of agv medium for rapid identification of corynebacterium diphtheriae

Kormendy L.; Zsarnoczay G.; Mihalyi V., 1992:
A new modified acid phosphatase assay for determining the extent of heat treatment in canned hams

Todokoro, M.; Hosoi, H.; Murata, K.; Ohta, F., 1990:
A new modified rainville method in the bone conduction measurement i. a study on the basic experiments

Todokoro, M.; Hosoi, H.; Murata, K.; Ohta, F., 1990:
A new modified rainville method in the bone conduction measurement ii. a study on the clinical experiments

Konda Y.; Toda Y.; Takayanagi H.; Ogura H.; Harigaya Y.; Lou H.; L.X.; Onda M., 1992:
A new modified steroid hancopregnane and a new monoterpene from cynanchum hancockianum

Petuch E.J., 1990:
A new molluscan faunule from the caribbean coast of panama

Kishor N., 1990:
A new molluscicidal spirostanol glycoside from agave cantala

Kishor N.; Bahuguna S.; Sati O.P.; Sakakibara J.; Kaiya T., 1991:
A new molluscicidal spirostanol glycoside from yucca aloifolia

Kishor N.; Sati O.P., 1990:
A new molluscicidal spirostanol glycoside of yucca aloifolia

Huang, S.L.; Kakiuchi, N.; Hattori, M.; Namba, T., 1991:
A new monitoring system of cultured myocardial cell motion: effect of pilose antler extract and cardioactive agents on spontaneous beating of myocardial cell sheets

Luferov, A.N., 1990:
A new monkshood species aconitum l. from the kamchatka peninsula russian sfsr ussr

Voroshilov, V.N.; Luferov, A.N., 1991:
A new monkshood species aconitum l. ranunculaceae juss. from central asia

Almara A.; Garcia Rosasco N.; Valverde J.; Morisoli L.; Glait H.; Horenstein A., 1990:
A new monoclonal anti a evaluation as a blood grouping reagent

Labastide W.B.; Rana M.T.; Barker C.R., 1990:
A new monoclonal antibody ch f42 recognizes a cd7 negative subset of normal t lymphocytes and circulating malignant cells in adult t cell lymphoma leukemia and sezary syndrome

P.Z.M.; X.Z.L.; Zhang G G.; G.H., 1988:
A new monoclonal antibody preparation system rat x rat hybridomas secreting anti human igg monoclonal antibodies

Balsari, A.; Morelli, D.; Menard, S.; Tagliabue, E.; Colnaghi, M.I.; Ghione, M., 1990:
A new monoclonal antibody recognizing anthracyclinic molecule

Abe K.; Takagi N.; Naiki M.; Sasaki M., 1990:
A new monoclonal antibody that recognizes 180 kda polypeptide expressed on early mouse embryos and mouse embryonal carcinoma cells

Takeuchi T.; Kubonishi I.; Ohtsuki Y.; Miyoshi I., 1991:
A new monoclonal antibody to human subcapsular thymic epithelial cells

Ukai K.; Terashima K.; Fujii Y.; Imai Y., 1988:
A new monoclonal antibody uft 4 reacting with rat kupffer cells immunohistochemical and immunoelectron microscopical analysis with reestimation of the res

Nakamura N.; Suzuki S.; Ono N.; Tominaga K.; Hojo H.; Abe M.; Wakasa H., 1992:
A new monoclonal antibody which binds to the cytoplasm of large cell lymphomas

Nagata, H.; Nomura, S.; Sone, N.; Suzuki, M.; Kokawa, T.; Yasunaga, K., 1990:
A new monoclonal cd9 antibody mall13 induces platelet activation and cytolysis

Agrawal N.; Sharma R., 1990:
A new monogenean species bicotyle lucknowensis new species monogenea heteraxinidae from the indian fish gudusia chapra ham

Bhatti, S., 1990:
A new monophlebine genus homoptera coccoidea margarodidae monophlebinae on melaleuca l. in australia

Deng J.; Zhao S.; Lou F., 1990:
A new monoquaternary bisbenzylisoquinoline alkaloid from stephania tetrandra

Lavenberg R.J., 1992:
A new moray eel muraenidae gymnothorax from oceanic islands of the south pacific

Tomita, M.; Kitamoto, Y.; Nakayama, M.; Sato, T., 1992:
A new morphological classification of urinary erythrocytes for differential diagnosis of glomerular hematuria

Gizatulin Z.Z., 1991:
A new morphometric feature of articulate brachiopods

Meisami E., 1990:
A new morphometric method to estimate the total number of glomeruli in the olfactory bulb

Cetin B., 1989:
A new moss musci record for turkey

Cetin, B., 1989:
A new moss musci record for turkey fontinalis antipyretica ssp antipyretica var gracilis new record lindb. schimp

Drucker Colin R.; Garcia Hernandez F., 1991:
A new motor test sensitive to aging and dopaminergic function

Hoogerwerf N.; Van Der Linden P.J.W.; Westerhof N.; Sipkema P., 1992:
A new mounting technique for perfusion of isolated small arteries the effects of flow and oxygen on diameter

Fujii Y.; Yokochi T.; Nakashima I.; Asai J.; Kato N., 1991:
A new mouse model for autoimmune orchitis

Schmalbruch, H.; Jensen, H.J.; Bjaerg, M.; Kamieniecka, Z.; Kurland, L., 1991:
A new mouse mutant with progressive motor neuronopathy

Mezhzherin S.V.; Zagorodnyuk I.V., 1989:
A new mouse species of the genus apodemus rodentia muridae

Yang X J.; Hong M.; H.X.H., 1992:
A new mri projection for the temporomandibular joint and lateral pterygoid muscle

Kamo J.; Uchida M.; Hirai T.; Yosida H.; Kamada K.; Takemura T., 1990:
A new multilayered composite hollow fiber membrane for artificial lung

Wiltfang J.; Arold N.; Neuhoff V., 1991:
A new multiphasic buffer system for sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of proteins and peptides with molecular masses 10000 1000 and their detection with picomolar sensitivity

Persson, G.; Gruvstad, E.; Ståhl, E., 1988:
A new multiple dose powder inhaler, (Turbuhaler), compared with a pressurized inhaler in a study of terbutaline in asthmatics

Fundaro P.; Velardi A.R.; Cilley J.H.; Vertrees R.; Del Rossi A.J.; D.B.asi P.; Santoli C., 1989:
A new multipurpose aortic root cannula for open heart surgery

Assum G.; Fink T.; Klett C.; Lengl B.; Schanbacher M.; Uhl S.; Woehr G., 1991:
A new multisequence family in human

Vlok J.H.J., 1989:
A new muraltia sp polygalaceae from the southern cape south africa

Firestein G.S.; Roeder W.D.; Laxer J.A.; Townsend K.S.; Weaver C.T.; Hom J.T.; Linton J.; Torbett B.E.; Glasebrook A.L., 1989:
A new murine cd4 positive t cell subset with an unrestricted cytokine profile

Itoh, M.; Hiramine, C.; Hojo, K., 1991:
A new murine model of autoimmune orchitis induced by immunization with viable syngeneic testicular germ cells alone. I. Immunological and histological studies

Stein, R.; Wang, Z.F.; Sharkey, R.M.; Klein, K.M.; Goldenberg, D.M., 1991:
A new murine monoclonal antibody against human hepatoma

Solberg, L.A.; Oles, K.J.; Kimlinger, T.K.; Tefferi, A.; Katzmann, J.A.; Li, C.Y., 1990:
A new murine monoclonal antibody for the diagnosis of erythroleukemia

Shinonaga S., 1989:
A new muscina sp from bougainville island papua new guinea diptera muscidae

Polacco J.C.; Judd A.K.; Dybing J.K.; Cianzio S.R., 1989:
A new mutant class of soybean lacks urease in leaves but not in leaf derived callus or in roots

Nagai F.; Homma H.; Matsui M., 1989:
A new mutant strain of gunn la wistar rats with genetic deficiencies in bilirubin and androsterone udp glucuronosyltransferases

Skare J.C.; Saraiva M.J.M.; Alves I.L.; Skare I.B.; Milunsky A.; Cohen A.S.; Skinner M., 1989:
A new mutation causing familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy

Baylac M.; Matile L., 1990:
A new mycetobia from new caledonia south pacific ocean diptera anisopodoidea mycetobiidae

Cartelle C., 1991:
A new mylodontinae edentata xenarthra from the late pleistocene of the intertropical region of brazil

Balazy S.; Espadaler X.; Wisniewski J., 1990:
A new myrmecophilic hyphomycete aegeritella maroccana new species

Ochi T.; Johki Y.; Nakata T., 1990:
A new myrmecophilous lamellicorn beetle coleoptera ceratocanthidae from japan

Kalavati C.; Vaidehi J., 1991:
A new myxosporidian thelohanellus chilkensis new species from the gills of the common carp labeo rohita in chilka lake orissa

Fiocchi A.; Vignati B.; Sala M.; Arancio R.; Banderali G.; Marangione P.; Cerbelli A.; Menichelli L.; Carati L., 1989:
A new n acetylcysteine formulation in acute bronchopneumopathy in children

Petraglia A.; Cecere L.; Carati L.; Bernocchi D., 1989:
A new n acetylcysteine syrup preparation in hypersecretory chronic bronchitis

Ito M.; Doi H.; Ishikawa N.; Kato I.; Kamio M.; Katayama T.; Seko H.; Yoshikawa R.; Tsutsumi T., 1992:
A new naked barley cultivar sansyuu

Dempster L.T., 1990:
A new name combination in lewisia portulacaceae

Cheek M., 1989:
A new name for a south american pavonia malvaceae

Hancock D.L., 1991:
A new name for amphiphalera nigripuncta kiriakoff 1979 lepidoptera notodontidae

Starmach K., 1988:
A new name for the species ochromonas minuta starmach

Hansen M., 1989:
A new name for the water beetle subgenus tropisternus sensu stricto orchymont 1919 and lectotype designation of hydrophilus collaris fabricius 1775

Kelecom A.; Brick Peres M.; Fernandes L., 1990:
A new nardosinane sesquiterpene from the brazilian endemic gorgonian phyllogorgia dilatata

Minden M.B.D., 1989:
A new natural hybrid in ophrys orchidaceae ophrys clapensis

Pangtey Y.P.S.; Samant S.S.; Verma S., 1990:
A new natural hybrid in the genus pteris pteridaceae pteridophyta from the kumaun himalaya

Adam, J.H.; Wilcock, C.C., 1992:
A new natural hybrid of nepenthes from mt. kinabalu sabah

Lovett J.C.; Moyer D.C., 1992:
A new nature reserve in the eastern arc mountains tanzania

Kang J.; Lim D.S., 1990:
A new nayler reaction of penams without external base

Camino N.B.; Stock P., 1989:
A new nematode parasite of the grasshopper laplatacris dispar rhen 1939 in argentina

Mason F., 1989:
A new nemotelus sp from crete island greece

Merkel D.; Schmidt G.; Flachmeier C.; Behrendt G.; Coutelle C.; Hunger H D., 1989:
A new neomycin phosphotransferase ii solid phase assay in combination with polyacrylamide sds gel electrophoresis

Bochantsev V.P.; Gubanov I.A., 1988:
A new neotorularia sp brassicaceae from mongolia

Adamski D., 1989:
A new neotropical anoncia species cosmopterigidae

Clausen P.J., 1989:
A new neotropical species of the genus hyadina diptera ephydridae

Adam J.H.; Wilcock C.C., 1989:
A new nepenthes from gunong besar kalimantan selatan borneo indonesia

Okutani T.; Saito H.; Hashimoto J., 1989:
A new neritacean limpet from a hydrothermal vent site near ogasawara islands japan

Ozkan M.; Boyaci Y.O., 1990:
A new nilotonia thor 1905 acari hydrachnellae species for the fauna of turkey

Shoemaker R.A.; Babcock C.E., 1990:
A new nodulosphaeria contrasted with nodulosphaeria olivacea and leptosphaeria erigerontis

Kim Y.S.; Jeong S.B.; Son D.S.; Lee K.K.; Lee U.J., 1988:
A new non astringent persimmon cultivar daean dangam

Langmann G.; Schuhmann G.; Langmann A.; Zenz H., 1990:
A new non contact tonometer

Kluin-Nelemans, H.C.; Limpens, J.; Meerabux, J.; Beverstock, G.C.; Jansen, J.H.; De-Jong, D.; Kluin, P.M., 1991:
A new non hodgkin's b cell line dohh2 with a chromosomal translocation 14 18 q32 q21

Castor G.; Altmayer P.; Molter G.; Helms J.; Bach R.; Simon J., 1989:
A new non invasive method for the continuous determination of left ventricular ejection fraction

Slama G.; Alamowitch C.; Desplanque N.; Letanoux M.; Zirinis P., 1990:
A new non invasive method for treating insulin reaction intranasal lyophilized glucagon

Oho E.; Ogihara A.; Kanaya K., 1990:
A new non linear pseudo laplacian filter for enhancement of secondary electron images

Van Renterghem C.; Lazdunski M., 1991:
A new non voltage dependent epithelial like sodium channel in vascular smooth muscle cells

Morley, P.; Whitfield, J.F.; Vanderhyden, B.C.; Tsang, B.K.; Schwartz, J.L., 1992:
A new, nongenomic estrogen action: the rapid release of intracellular calcium

Hull, R.D.; Raskob, G.E.; Coates, G.; Panju, A.A.; Gill, G.J., 1989:
A new noninvasive management strategy for patients with suspected pulmonary embolism

Vlad M.O., 1988:
A new nonlinear model for the growth of age structured populations living in patchy habitats

Sonck, C.E., 1991:
A new northern taraxacum sp belonging to sect. borea

Scillato Yane G.J.; Carlini A.A.; Vizcaino S.F., 1987 :
A new nothrotheriinae edentata tardigrada from chasicoan age late miocene of the southern buenos aires province argentina

W.Y.; Wang G.; Zhao L.; Liang C., 1991:
A new nuclear polyhedrosis virus of locust looper ectropis excellens

Duzenli A., 1990:
A new numerical method on plant ecological researches for turkey ecological analysis

Wei, R.; Bitgood, J.J., 1990:
A new objective measurement of eggshell color 1. a test for potential usefulness of two color measuring devices

Goldschmid, S.; Boyce, H.W.; Brown, J.I.; Brady, P.G.; Nord, H.J.; Lyman, G.H., 1989:
A new objective measurement of esophageal lumen patency

Kashiwagi T.; Khu P.M.; Wolfe J.; Chylack T.Jr, 1988:
A new objective measurement using image analysis on a retroilluminated photograph of the lens background subtraction bgs method

Cooper C.; Kline P., 1989:
A new objectively scored version of the defense mechanism test

Il'ina E.G.; Lazyuk G.I., 1989:
A new observation of the double hypophysis multiple malformations complex

Kohno N.; Hasegawa Y., 1991:
A new occurrence of imagotariine pinniped from the middle miocene goudo formation in higashimatsuyama city saitama japan

Lynch J.D., 1990:
A new ocellated frog centrolenidae from western colombia

Puthz V., 1989:
A new octavius species from sumatra indonesia coleoptera staphylinidae

Roeder T., 1991:
A new octopamine receptor class in locust nervous tissue the octopamine 3 oa 3 receptor

Machet P., 1989:
A new odonate from french guiana hetaerina gallardi new species zygoptera calopterygidae

Hensen R.V., 1989:
A new odontocrabro from turkey with a key to the species hymenoptera sphecidae

Bologna M.A., 1991:
A new oenas from greece and synonymical note on another species from middle east coleoptera meloidae

Bailey R.C.; Byrnes J., 1990:
A new old method for assessing measurement error in both univariate and multivariate morphometric studies

Paphassarang S.; Raynaud J.; Lussignol M.; Cabalion P., 1990:
A new oleanolic glycoside from polyscias scutellaria

Mikolajczyk M.; Perlikowska W.; Omelanczuk J.; Cristau H J.; Perraud Darcy A., 1991:
A new one pot e stereoselective synthesis of racemic and chiral alpha beta unsaturated sulfoxides from sulfinates and lithium dimethyldiphenylphosphonium diylide

Ahluwalia V.K.; Gupta C.; Khanduri C.H., 1992:
A new one pot synthesis of some novel hexahydroquinazoline derivatives

Gandhidasan R.; Neelakantan S.; Raman P.V.; Sripathi S.K., 1988:
A new one step synthesis of 3 aryl 4 hydroxycoumarins

Melguizo M.; Nogueras M.; Sanchez A., 1992:
A new one step synthesis of 8 aminopurine nucleoside analogues from 6 glycosylamino 5 nitrosopyrimidines

Abbassian, A., 1988:
A new operation for insertion of the artificial urinary sphincter

Martini, A.; Fromm, B., 1989:
A new operation for the prevention and treatment of amputation neuromas

Kawakami, K.; Yamanouchi, Y.; Matsumoto, K.; Sakai, N.; Kawamura, Y.; Matsumura, H.; Tajima, S., 1992:
A new operative mode for sphenoclival regions; trans Le Fort I approach

Aoki T.; Nakajima T.; Onishi K.; Sakakibara A.; Nishiyama T.; Yoneda K., 1991:
A new operative procedure using z plasty to repair polysyndactyly of the foot

Rawat S.S., 1990:
A new operative technique for congenital gigantism of the toes

Goldsher, M.; Krespi, Y.; Netzer, A.; Joachims, H.Z., 1990:
A new operative technique for deformations of the nose and septum

Machida Y., 1990:
A new ophidiid species hoplobrotula badia new species from sagami bay central japan

Constantinescu O.; Ryman S., 1989:
A new ophiostoma on polypores

Jagt J.W.M., 1991:
A new ophiuroid from the maastrichtian type area late cretaceous southeast netherlands northeast belgium

Eguchi, S.; Araie, M., 1990:
A new ophthalmic electronic videoendoscope system for intraocular surgery

Manabe Y.; Kandori H.; Yamaguchi T.; Amano K.; Noyori K., 1989:
A new optical system for corneal incision with excimer laser

Pierre J., 1990:
A new or unrecognized acraea of the supergroup neobule lepidoptera nymphalidae

Beck, D.E.; DiPalma, J.A., 1991:
A new oral lavage solution vs cathartics and enema method for preoperative colonic cleansing

Ruffo S., 1990:
A new orchestia from gran canaria north atlantic ocean orchestia stocki new species crustacea amphipoda talitridae studies on crustacea amphipoda 116

Tyteca D.; Gathoye J L., 1988:
A new orchid species from the hautes alpes france dactylorhiza delphinensis new species

Nitecki M.H.; Spjeldnaes N., 1989:
A new ordovician tubular alga from norway

Stusak J.M., 1989:
A new oriental cochlochila stal 1873 with a key to asiatic species insecta heteroptera tingidae

Williassen E., 1988:
A new oriental species of diamesa meigen diptera chironomidae

Lienhard C., 1990:
A new oriental species of troctopsocidae insecta psocoptera

Imai, M.; Shibata, T.; Moriguchi, K., 1988:
A new origin of the chief cells in the swine fundic gland

Malyer H., 1989:
A new ornithogalum sp from turkey

Kohlmeyer, K.M.; Weber, C.G.; Yarkony, G.M., 1990:
A new orthosis for central cord syndrome and brachial plexus injuries

Szczechura J., 1987:
A new ostracode species neomonoceratina chomentovensis new species from the korytnica basin middle miocene holy cross mountains central poland

Koenig C.; Straneck R., 1989:
A new owl aves strigidae from northern argentina

Sonke B., 1989:
A new oxyanthus rubiaceae gardenieae from kivu zaire

Luebbe N.; Seitz W.; Bornscheuer A.; Verner L., 1989:
A new oxygen consumption measurement device clinical experiences with the s and w kaloximet

Tritapepe L.; Menichetti A.; Galiani D.; Fellus C.; Rocchi D.; Cogliati A.; Ruvolo G.; Mercogliano D., 1992:
A new oxygenation system in cardiac surgery clinical evaluation

Rieppel O., 1989:
A new pachypleurosaur reptilia sauropterygia from the middle triassic of monte san giorgio switzerland

Lau C P.; Leung W H.; Wong C K.; Tai Y T.; Cheng C H., 1990:
A new pacing method for rapid regularization and rate control in atrial fibrillation

Bruce A.J., 1988:
A new palaemonid shrimp from the zostera beds of moreton bay queensland australia decapoda palaemonidae

Minikh A.V., 1990:
A new paleoniscoid from the late permian of the eastern european platform russian sfsr ussr

Hassan M.E., 1991:
A new palladium catalyzed coupling reaction of vinylic and allylic triflates with pyrimidine nucleosides

Huynh K L., 1989:
A new pandanus sp pandanaceae from mozambique

Leung K.W., 1989:
A new panfundoscopic lens a plus 90d goldmann fundus lens combination

Shadomy H.J.; Dixon D.M., 1989:
A new papulaspora species from the infected eye of a horse papulaspora equi new species

Jamieson, P.W., 1990:
A new paradigm for explaining and linking knowledge in diagnostic problem solving

Abdel-Salam, A.; Eyres, K.S.; Cleary, J., 1992:
A new paradiscal injection technique for the relief of back spasm after chemonucleolysis

Nadig A., 1991:
A new parapholidoptera species from southern turkey parapholidoptera antaliae new species orthoptera tettigoniidae

Yasnow V.A.; Mustafaeva G.A., 1992:
A new parasite of pomegranate scale coccobius granti new species hymenoptera aphelinidae

Battish S.K.; Brar M., 1990:
A new parasitic copepod ergasilus brari new species parasitizing wallago attu schneider and a key to the indian species of ergasilus nordmann 1832

Kononenko A.F., 1988:
A new parasitic isopod syscenus atlanticus new species isopoda aegidae from the atlantic ocean

Hafizuddin A.K.M.; Islam M.A., 1991:
A new parasitic nematode of the genus camallanus from the freshwater fish channa striatus bloch from chittagong bangladesh

Beardsley J.W.Jr; Gordh G., 1988:
A new parechthrodryinus girault 1916 attacking xylococculus morrison 1927 in california usa with a discussion of the host relationship hymenoptera encyrtidae homoptera margarodidae

Toutain, B., 1992:
A new paspalum l. gramineae from new caledonia and vanuatu

Borovinova M., 1988:
A new pathogen of sweet cherry in the kyustendil region bulgaria pseudomonas syringae

Guggenbichler J.P.; Bonatti H.; Rottensteiner F., 1989:
A new pathogenetic concept of acute hematogenous osteomyelitis staphylococci persist in macrophages and granulocytes after phagocytosis therapeutic implications

Noda T.; Ohuchi A., 1989:
A new pathogenic race of xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae and inheritance of resistance of differential rice variety te tep to it

Kretzer A.; Andreesen J.R., 1991:
A new pathway for isonicotinate degradation by mycobacterium sp ina1

Ciattini P.G.; Morera E.; Ortar G., 1991 :
A new pathway to alkynyl ketones via palladium catalyzed carbonylative coupling of vinyl triflates with 1 alkynes

Choi B.H.; Park K.Y.; Park R.K., 1990:
A new pearl millet hybrid chungaecho of high quality and high forage yield

Constance L.; Dillon M.O., 1990:
A new peltate hydrocotyle umbelliferae from northern peru

Hussain S.F.; Siddiqui M.T.; Guinaudeau H.; Shamma M., 1989:
A new penta substituted aporphine dextro n methyldanguyelline

Singh S.K.; Tripathi V.J.; Singh R.H., 1991:
A new pentacyclic triterpene acid from lantana indica

Ahmed Z.; Kazmi S.N U H.; Malik A., 1990:
A new pentacyclic triterpene from abutilon pakistanicum

Khan A.Q.; Ahmed Z.; Kazmi S.N U H.; Malik A., 1988:
A new pentacyclic triterpene from calotropis procera

Imperato F., 1990:
A new pentaoxygenated xanthone from the fern cystopteris fragilis

Dongo E.; Ayafor J.F.; Sondengam B.L.; Connolly J.D., 1989:
A new peptide alkaloid from canthium anorldianum

Zeng J N.; Xue C B.; Chen Q W.; Zhao Y F., 1989:
A new peptide coupling reagent dialkyl phosphite

Cardiel Sanz J.M., 1991:
A new pera sp euphorbiaceae from colombia

Smith F.J.; Neese E.C., 1989:
A new perennial species of gilia polemoniaceae from utah usa

Bailhache T.; Salbert G.; Guillet J.C.; Saligaut C.; Breton B.; Jego P., 1989:
A new perfusion method adapted to rainbow trout salmo gairdneri brain pituitary preparation for simultaneous electrophysiological recording and hormone secretion determination

Encisco D.L.Vega S., 1988:
A new permian locality with fusulinids in puebla mexico

Farhod A.A.K.; A.B.dri M.B., 1989:
A new personal dosimeter for fast neutrons

Masson, M., 1990:
A new perspective in accident analysis the logico temporal method ii. analysis exploitation

Masson, M., 1989:
A new perspective in accident analysis the logicotemporal analysis method i. elaboration of the analysis

Groeneveld H.T.; Kieser J.A., 1991:
A new perspective on fluctuating odontometric asymmetry in south african negroes

Morris, D.R., 1991:
A new perspective on ornithine decarboxylase regulation: prevention of polyamine toxicity is the overriding theme

Sing, R.F.; Marino, P.L., 1992:
A new perspective on stress ulcer prophylaxis

Steele, B.T.; D.M.ria, J., 1992:
A new perspective on the natural history of vesicoureteric reflux

O'connor B.I.; Voss R.H., 1992:
A new perspective sorption desorption on the question of chlorolignin degradation to chlorinated phenolics

Akber S.F., 1992:
A new perspective to assess relaxation time of tumor

Grausz D.; Lanotte M.; Valensi F.; Hillion J.; Chen S J.; Chen Z.; Morinet F.; Berger R., 1990:
A new ph1 positive bcr cell line derived from a patient with all l1 gained autonomy in culture concomitant to cd23 expression

Patrick R.R., 1989:
A new phalangiotarbid arachnida from the mcleansboro group pennsylvanian of indiana usa

Erseus C.; Dumnicka E., 1988:
A new phallodrilus oligochaeta tubificidae from subterranean waters in central italy

Pecori-Giraldi, J.; Pannarale, L.M.; Troiano, A.; Terrana, P.; Giuffre, I., 1989:
A new pharmacological association in the topical treatment of glaucoma 0.5 percent timolol maleate and 2 and 4 percent pilocarpine

Amagaya S.; Harada K.; Miyake A.; Iwama H.; Ogihara Y., 1989:
A new pharmacological testing method different effects of levamisole and the serum of mice orally treated with levamisole on mitogenic activity of lipopolysaccharide

Judziewicz E.J., 1991:
A new pharus poaceae endemic to ecuador

Annunziata M.; Iorio M.; D.L.ccia A.; Iannibelli L.; Ferrara L., 1989:
A new phenotype of hemoglobin transferrin and albumin in italian water buffalo

Detrain, C.; Cammaerts, M.C., 1991 :
A new pheromone in the ant Pheidole pallidula (Myrmicinae)

Herbulot C., 1990:
A new pherotesia in venezuela lepidoptera geometridae

Sarvazyan A.P.; Lizzi F.L.; Wells P.N.T., 1991:
A new philosophy of medical imaging

Uecker F.A.; Kuo K C., 1992:
A new phomopsis with long paraphyses

Fujita F., 1989:
A new phonetic function test using intraoral air pressure of consonants

Barschdorff D.; Ester S.; Dorsel T.; Most E., 1990:
A new phonographic technique for congenital and acquired heart disease using neural networks

Hitchens G.D.; Rogers T.D.; Murphy O.J.; Patterson C.O., 1991:
A new photocatalytic material based on algal cells

de Monts, H.; Beaumont, F., 1989:
A new photoconductor imaging system for digital radiography

Effert R.; Barry J.C.; Dahm M.; Kaupp A., 1991:
A new photographic method for measuring squint angles in children and infants

Randall C.E.; Lewis J.W.; Hug S.J.; Bjorling S.C.; Eisner Shanas I.; Friedman N.; Ottolenghi M.; Sheves M.; Kliger D.S., 1991:
A new photolysis intermediate in artificial and native visual pigments

Brooks D.R.; Catto J.B.; Amato J.F.R., 1992:
A new phylogenetic classification of the genera of the proterodiplostomidae dubois 1936 digenea strigeiformes

Ariztia E.V.; Andersen R.A.; Sogin M.L., 1991:
A new phylogeny for chromophyte algae using 16s like ribosomal rna sequences from mallomonas papillosa synurophyceae and tribonema aequale xanthophyceae

Teo, L.E.; Pachiaper, G.; Chan, K.C.; Hadi, H.A.; Weber, J.F.; Deverre, J.R.; David, B.; Sévenet, T., 1990:
A new phytochemical survey of Malaysia. V. Preliminary screening and plant chemical studies

Mente R.F.; Brack Hanes S.D., 1992:
A new pinaceous seed cone from the miocene of idaho

Ash S.R., 1991:
A new pinnate cycad leaf from the upper triassic chinle formation of arizona usa

Schatti B.; Kramer E., 1991:
A new pit viper from ecuador bothriechis mahnerti new species

Pilats V.B., 1989:
A new place of occurrence of siberian bighorn ovis nivicola borealis new record in the river oran valley ussr

Setran A.C., 1992:
A new plankton trap for use in the collection of rocky intertidal zooplankton

Sorhannus U., 1990:
A new planktonic diatom species rhizosolenia sigmoida new species from upper pliocene sediments of the equatorial pacific ocean

Lepers J P.; Rabetafika L.; Landau I.; Peters W., 1989:
A new plasmodium species from a lemur plasmodium coulangesi new species

Ryan W.L.; Hakenkamp K.; Sullivan E., 1990:
A new platelet function test

Zaballos J.P., 1990:
A new platyderus stephens coleoptera pterostichidae from the sierra de gredos spain

Grootaert P.; Van D.V.lde I., 1988:
A new platypalpus species from papua new guinea diptera empidoidea hybotidae

Maznitsa, I.I.; Nudler, A.A.; Burd, G.I., 1991:
A new pleiotropic mutation affecting purine metabolism, sporulation and biosynthesis of exoenzymes in Bacillus subtilis

Sanchez-Vindas, P.E.; Jjmenez, M.Q., 1990:
A new plinia l. species in costa rica

Raynal J P.; Texier J P.; Geraads D.; Sbihi Alaoui F Z., 1990:
A new plio pleistocene paleontological site in north africa ahl al oughlam quarry former deprez quarry at casablanca morocco

Martin Suarez E., 1988:
A new pliocene species of apodemus rodentia mammalia from guadix baza basin granada spain

Y.P.Z.; Wang L P.; Chen Z N., 1991:
A new podophyllotoxin type lignan from dysosma versipellis var tomentosa

Humes A.G., 1989:
A new poecilostomatoid copepod erebonasteridae from deep sea cold seeps at the west florida escarpment usa

Caldwell J.P.; Myers C.W., 1990:
A new poison frog from amazonian brazil with further revision of the quinquevittatus group of dendrobates

D.M.illon B.; Wirth W.W. , 1989:
A new pollen feeding atrichopogon midge from madagascar with notes on closely related subsaharan species diptera ceratopogonidae

Bonnefille R.; Riollet G.; Buchet G., 1991:
A new pollen sequence from a highland peatbog burundi

L.C L., 1990:
A new pollen type woronowia pollen type in rosaceae and its systematic significance

Kano Y.; Komatsu K I.; Saito K I.; Bando H.; Sakurai T., 1989:
A new polyacetylene compound from atractylodes rhizome

Martin D.; Alva V., 1988:
A new polychaete sphaerodorum ophiurophoretos new species polychaeta sphaerodoridae symbiotic with the ophiuroid amphipholis squamata delle chiaje 1828

Zhuravlev A.V., 1991:
A new polygnathus species conodonta from the lower carboniferous of the northern urals russian sfsr ussr

Van-Loon, A.J.; Boomsma, J.J.; Andrasfalvy, A., 1990:
A new polygynous lasius spp hymenoptera formicidae from central europe i. description and general biology

Boomsma, J.J.; Brouwer, A.H.; Van-Loon, A.J., 1990:
A new polygynous lasius spp hymenoptera formicidae from central europe ii. allozymatic confirmation of species status and social structure

König, G.M.; Wright, A.D.; Sticher, O., 1990:
A new polyhalogenated monoterpene from the red alga Plocamium cartilagineum

Johnson, K.; Shelbourne, P.; Davies, J.; Buxton, J.; Nimmo, E.; Siciliano, M.J.; Bachinski, L.L.; Anvret, M.; Harley, H.; Rundle, S., 1990:
A new polymorphic probe which defines the region of chromosome 19 containing the myotonic dystrophy locus

Constans J.; Ribouchon M.T.; Gouaillard C.; Chaventre A.; Clayton J., 1992:
A new polymorphism of thyroxine binding globulin in three african groups mali with endemic nodular goitre

Shuey J.A., 1989:
A new polythrix from central america lepidoptera hesperiidae

Jackiewicz M.; Gerber J., 1990:
A new pond snail for the federal republic of germany lymnaea vulnerata new record kuester 1862 gastropoda pulmonata

Ohta Y.; Dubuc R.; Grillner S., 1991:
A new population of neurons with crossed axons in the lamprey spinal cord

Lemieux, M.; Dumesnil, J.G.; Dowd, C.; Lutz, D.; Cartier, P.; Desaulniers, D.; Despres, J.P.; Metras, J.; Raymond, G., 1988:
A new porcine bioprosthesis: design rationale and early clinical experience

Bruin, P.; Jonkman, M.F.; Meijer, H.J.; Pennings, A.J., 1990:
A new porous polyetherurethane wound covering

Kissinger J.T.; Griffin H.E.; Campbell S.A.; Hughes H.C.; Landi M.S., 1988:
A new portacaval shunt

Mueller, H.; Kramer, J., 1989:
A new possibility for the calibration of potentiometric determinations under flow injection conditions fia i. theoretical fundamentals

Mueller, H.; Kramer, J., 1989:
A new possibility for the calibration of potentiometric determinations under flow injection conditions fia ii. analytical applications

Schneider K.; Staudt J., 1988:
A new possibility of coloring of implant bone polishing for light microscopic study

L.P.tit J.; Gau B.; Pedelucq J.P.; Ravary H., 1989:
A new post operative orthosis as an aid to rehabilitation

Sholberg P.L., 1990:
A new postharvest rot of peaches in canada caused by mucor piriformis

Ojima I.; Jameison F.A., 1991:
A new potent inhibitor for angiotensin converting enzyme r s captopril f 3

Sojak J., 1991:
A new potentilla from the himalayas

Maslowska J.; Wojtysiak K., 1989:
A new potentiometric method for the determination of trace amounts of lead and cadmium in fodder concentrates

Mariet, F.; Brossier, P., 1990:
A new powerful association for immunoassay: organometallic label conjugated to solvent separation method

Kotsuki H.; Iwasaki M.; Nishizawa H., 1992:
A new powerful method for the transformation of lactams into omega aminocarboxamides under high pressure conditions

Barazzuoli P.; Izzo S.; Menicori P.; Micheluccini M.; Salleolini M., 1989:
A new practical aid to regional hydrogeologic planning the runoff coefficient map

Mossett P.; Pointeau P.; Aubert F.; Lellouche J.P.; Beaucourt J.P.; Gree R., 1990:
A new practical enantiospecific synthesis of unlabelled and tritium labelled 12 hetes

Burns J.A.; Mcgillivray W.B., 1989 :
A new prairie dog cynomys churcherii new species from the late pleistocene of southern alberta canada

Rossi P.; Sarasso G.; Caccia M.E.; Mantica P.; Pazzafini C.; Giacomarra G.; Fornaro G., 1989:
A new pre hospital intensive care system

Pons S.; Lopez J.A.; Ramis C.; Planas B.; Rial R., 1990:
A new precise microcomputer based rotometer

Barron G.L., 1990:
A new predatory hyphomycete capturing copepods

Karg W., 1990:
A new predatory mite species of the anthoseius georgicus group acarina phytoseiidae berlese

Karg W., 1988:
A new predatory mite species of the genus proctolaelaps berlese 1923 acarina parasitiformes on the great fruit bark beetle scolytus mali bechst

Ruelle P.; Rey Mermet C.; Buchmann M.; Nam Tran H.; Kesselring U.W.; Huyskens P.L., 1991:
A new predictive equation for the solubility of drugs based on the thermodynamics of mobile disorder

Agrawal M.C.; Jain N., 1989:
A new predictive product estimator

Wandji, J.; Nkengfack, A.E.; Fomum, Z.T.; Ubillas, R.; Killday, K.B.; Tempesta, M.S., 1990:
A new prenylated isoflavone and long chain esters from two Erythrina species

Nkengfack, A.E.; Fomum, Z.T.; Ubillas, R.; Tempesta, M.S., 1990:
A new prenylated isoflavone and triterpenoids from Erythrina eriotriocha

Duhamel L.; Guillemont J.; Poirier J M., 1991:
A new prenylation method using the lithium enolate of prenal reaction with polyunsaturated aldehydes a short access to retinal

Miyazaki K., 1990:
A new preparation of double contrast barium enema with oral gut lavage solution

Schmidhauser J.C.; Longley K.L., 1991:
A new preparation of n alkyl 2 1h pyridones from 2 glycidoxypyridines

Tyml, K.; Budreau, C.H., 1991:
A new preparation of rat extensor digitorum longus muscle for intravital investigation of the microcirculation

Davis M.; W.W.Y., 1988:
A new preparative route to 3 unsubstituted cephalosporins from penicillin v

Sagitani H.; Nabeta K.; Nagai M., 1991:
A new preparing method for fine o w emulsions by d phase emulsification and their application to cosmetic industry

L.J., 1988:
A new present day ancestor method for constructing phylogenetic trees taking account of the coincidence between homologous molecules of the species being studied and of the reference species

Audisio P.; Scaramozzino P.L., 1989:
A new primary carpophage acclimated in italy epuraea luteola erichson 1843 coleoptera nitidulidae

Rubidge B.S., 1991:
A new primitive dinocephalian mammal like reptile from the permian of southern africa

Terao, H.; Nishikawa, H.; Ooishi, H.; Endo, T.; Kaneko, I.; Kogure, T., 1992:
A new principle and device for radiosurgery using a linear accelerator; its principle, devices and clinical trials

Bakker Schut, T.C.; de Grooth, B.G.; Greve, J., 1990:
A new principle of cell sorting by using selective electroporation in a modified flow cytometer

Havsteen B.H., 1989:
A new principle of enzyme catalysis coupled vibrations facilitate conformational changes

Koch F., 1989:
A new pristiphora sp related to pristiphora kamtchatica malaise insecta hymenoptera symphyta tenthredinidae

Fourmy D.; Lopez P.; Poirot S.; Jimenez J.; Dufresne M.; Moroder L.; Powers S.P.; Vaysse N., 1989:
A new probe for affinity labelling pancreatic cholecystokinin receptor with minor modification of its structure

Leplow, B.; Schlüter, V.; Ferstl, R., 1992:
A new procedure for assessment of proprioception

Leal, J.J., 1992:
A new procedure for biopsy of a solid renal mass: transurethral approach under fluoroscopic control

Manuilov K.K.; Gefter Y.V., 1991:
A new procedure for calculating the tissue blood distribution coefficient

Morales, P.; Cross, N.L., 1989:
A new procedure for determining acrosomal status of very small numbers of human sperm

Christensen, H.E.; Conrad, L.S.; Ulstrup, J., 1990:
A new procedure for fast isolation and purification of plastocyanin from the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis

Falissard B.; Lellouch J., 1992:
A new procedure for group sequential analysis in clinical trials

Ferreira J.F., 1990:
A new procedure for isolating pyrenochaeta terrestris from onion roots

Gambacorti-Passerini, C.; Radrizzani, M.; Rivoltini, L.; Marchesi, E.; Ravagnani, F.; Sciorelli, G.; Cascinelli, N.; Parmiani, G., 1988:
A new procedure for large scale production and freezing of lymphokine activated killer (LAK) cells to be used in adoptive immunotherapy of cancer

Lazar E.; Del Cerro M., 1992:
A new procedure for multiple intraretinal transplantation into mammalian eyes

Petrilli, P.; Sepe, C.; Pucci, P., 1991:
A new procedure for peptide alignment in protein sequence determination using fast atom bombardment mass spectral data

Hauser F.M.; Baghdanov V.M., 1988:
A new procedure for regiospecific syntheses of benzopyran 1 ones

Barton D.H.R.; Hesse R.H.; O'sullivan A.C.; Pechet M.M., 1991:
A new procedure for the conversion of thiols into reactive sulfenylating agents

Agarwal, V.K., 1990:
A new procedure for the isomerization of vitamin D and its metabolites

Sheehan H.; Mccleary B.V., 1988:
A new procedure for the measurement of fungal and bacterial alpha amylase

Drescher D.; D.P.reira C.M.; Ghavami C.; Neyt L., 1990:
A new procedure for the presurgical prediction of the soft tissue profile

Laugalene N.F.; Besa V.S.; Yankyavichene R.P.; Puodzhyute S.P.; Sudzhyuvene O.F.; Peslyakas I.I.; Khaduev S.Kh; Berezov T.T., 1990:
A new procedure for the purification of l lysyl alpha oxidase from trichoderma spp

Yagunov A.S.; Tokalov S.V.; Yagunov S.A., 1988:
A new procedure for the rapid analysis of blood leukocytes

Lukacsovich T.; Venetianer P., 1989:
A new procedure for the targeted inactivation of essential bacterial genes

Morris R.D.; Burness G.P., 1992:
A new procedure for transmitter attachment effects on brood attendance and chick feeding rates by male common terns

Teich, W.; Otto, G.; Bergmann, H.; Paetz, R., 1990:
A new procedure of a two step cultivation of microorganisms part ii. application to the procedure of scp production on the basis of sucrose

Lacoste-Bourgeacq, J.F.; Desneux, C.; Allary, M., 1991:
A new procedure using membrane chromatography for the valorization of fraction iv from kistler and nitschmann's fractionation of blood plasma

Corey E.J.; Link J.O., 1992:
A new process for the enantioselective synthesis of chiral alpha aryloxy and alpha hydroxy acids

Corey E.J.; Link J.O., 1992:
A new process for the generation of 1 3 2 oxazaborolidines catalysts for enantioselective synthesis

Horitsu H.; Maseda Y.; Kawai K., 1990:
A new process of soy sauce fermentation by immobilized yeasts

Kao C.H.; Wang P.Y.; Wang Y.L.; Chang L.; Wang S.J.; Yeh S.H., 1991:
A new prognostic index leucocyte infiltration in human cerebral infarcts by technetium 99m hmpao labelled white blood cell brain spect

Justice, A.C.; Feinstein, A.R.; Wells, C.K., 1989:
A new prognostic staging system for the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Blade J.; Rozman C.; Cervantes F.; Reverter J C.; Montserrat E., 1989:
A new prognostic system for multiple myeloma based on easily available parameters

Sarwar M., 1988:
A new progressive bunodont suid from the tatrotian of the upper siwaliks of district attock punjab pakistan

Schoonmaker J.N.; Lunt B.D.; Lawellin D.W.; French J.I.; Hillier S.L.; Mcgregor J.A., 1991:
A new proline aminopeptidase assay for diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis

Chumakov M.P.; Rubin S.G.; Semashko I.V.; Karavanov A.S.; Avdeeva L.I.; Gagarina A.V.; Gambaryan A.S.; Matrosovich M.N.; Mart'yanova L.I.; E.A., 1991:
A new promising vaccine against tick borne encephalitis

Vuillaume M.; Lafont R.; Hubert M.; Jouve H.; Calvayrac R.; Best Belpomme M., 1988:
A new property of catalase the concerted synthesis of nucleotide triphosphates

Roa L.M.; Garrachon F.; Gonzalez Baron S., 1989:
A new proposal on the neural component of the blood renal flow control system analysis by digital simulation

Oliverio M., 1988:
A new prosobranch from the mediterranean sea alvania dianiensis new species mollusca gastropoda

Suzuki K.; Saito N.; Sakata Y.; Toyota T.; Goto Y., 1990:
A new prostaglandin e 1 analogue tfc 612 improves the reduction in motor nerve conduction velocity in spontaneously diabetic gk 2 goto kakizaki rats

Jungmichel D.; Neubert G.; Kortmann U., 1990:
A new prosthetic soft segment

Solberg, S.; Larsen, T.; Småbrekke, A.; Brox, J.H.; Bertheussen, K.; Sørlie, D.; Osterud, B.; Jørgensen, L., 1992:
A new protective solution for hypothermic storage of free vein grafts in cardiovascular surgery

Ivanov A.P.; Panichev A.G.; Kuz'menko I.I., 1990:
A new protein in cotyledons

Chen C K.; T.J.; Kuo T T., 1989:
A new protein subunit k for rna polymerase from xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

Arcucci A., 1990:
A new proterochampsid reptilia archosauriformes from the local fauna of los chanares middle triassic of la rioja argentina

Kurzanov S.M., 1990:
A new protoceratopsid genus from the late cretaceous of mongolia

Manuel Rodriguez Luna J.; Mayayo Dehesa T.; Burgos Revilla J.; Escudero Barrilero A., 1990:
A new protocol for local staging of bladder carcinoma ultrasonographic cytological and histopathological correlation

Moolenbeek R.G.; Faber M.J., 1991:
A new prunum sp from saba netherlands antilles gastropoda marginellidae

Adam L., 1989:
A new psammodius sp from hungary coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Squires R.L., 1988:
A new pseudolivine gastropod genus from the lower tertiary of north america

Hobbs H.H.IIi, 1991:
A new pseudothelphusid crab from a cave in southern costa rica decapoda brachyura

Kifune T.; Yamane S., 1992:
A new pseudoxenos strepsiptera stylopidae parasitic on stenodynerus rufomaculatus hymenoptera eumenidae in japan studies on the japanese strepsiptera xv

Canzoneri S.; Munari L., 1991:
A new psilopa fallen from nepal diptera ephydridae

Canzoneri S., 1989:
A new psilopa from tunisia diptera ephydridae

Tonni E.P.; Tambussi C.P., 1988:
A new psilopterinae aves ralliformes from the late miocene of buenos aires province argentina

Beckman, G.; Beckman, L.; Kivelä, A.; Millán, J.L.; Sikström, C., 1991:
A new PstI restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of placental alkaline phosphatase. RFLP haplotypes and correlation with electrophoretic types

Vaillant F.; Terra L.S.W., 1987:
A new psychoda from portugal diptera psychodidae

Harvey R., 1989:
A new pterasterid echinodermata asteroidea from the deep northeast atlantic

Mizuno M.; Tanaka T.; Katsuragawa M.; Saito H.; IInuma M., 1990:
A new pterocarpan from the heartwood of cladrastis platycarpa

Gielis C., 1989:
A new pterophorid for france platyptilia miantodactyla zeller 1841 lepidoptera pterophoridae

Jeppson M., 1988:
A new puff ball lycoperdon lividum found in iceland

Overmann J.; Fischer U.; Pfennig N., 1992:
A new purple sulfur bacterium from saline littoral sediments thiorhodovibrio winogradskyi new genus new species

Okuda K.; Brown R.M.Jr, 1992:
A new putative cellulose synthesizing complex of colechaete scutata

Chotiyaputta C.; Okutani T.; Chaitiamvong S., 1991:
A new pygmy cuttlefish from the gulf of thailand idiosepius thailandicus new species cephalopoda idiosepiidae

Cardona M.L.; Fernandez I.; Pedro J.R.; Serrano A., 1989:
A new pyranoxanthone and flavonoids from hypericum canariensis

Hershler R.; Pratt W.L., 1990:
A new pyrgulopsis gastropoda hydrobiidae from southeastern california with a model for historical development of the death valley california usa hydrographic system

Mombelet S.; Nurit F.; Ravanel P.; Tissut M.; Matondo H.; Calmon J P., 1989:
A new pyridinium derivative n hexadecylamino 1 n 4 pyridinium bromide acts as a surfactant on isolated spinach chloroplasts

Stefanski V.; Ruppel H.G., 1991:
A new quantitative assay for the determination of complement activity

Baudon D.; Moulia Pelat J.P.; Spiegel A.; Merlin M.; Gateff C., 1989:
A new quantitative index to evaluate the hypertrophied spleen in malaria the median hackett score

Abidin M.R.; Towler M.A.; Nochimson G.D.; Rodeheaver G.T.; Thacker J.G.; Edlich R.F., 1989 :
A new quantitative measurement for surgical needle ductility

Takagi, S.; Shinohara, Y., 1989:
A new quantitative method for measuring oxygen extraction fraction by positron emission tomography: theory and simulation studies

Blin O.; Ferrandez A.M.; Pailhous J.; Serratrice G., 1990:
A new quantitative method of gait analysis in parkinsonism

Muller M.; Verhagen J.H.G., 1988:
A new quantitative model of total endolymph flow in the system of semicircular ducts

Schmitt J.F.; Guthridge M.; Economou C.; Bertolini J.; Hearn M.T.W., 1992:
A new quantitative polymerase chain reaction high performance ion exchange liquid chromatographic method for the detection of fibroblasts growth factor beta fgf beta gene amplification

Coenegracht P.M.J.; Dijkman M.; Duineveld C.A.A.; Metting H.J.; Elema E.T.; Malingre T.M., 1991:
A new quaternary mobile phase system for optimization of tlc separations of alkaloids using mixture designs and response surface modelling

Takeuchi K.; Aoki S., 1989:
A new questionnaire for adolescent mental health care

Pierrat V., 1990:
A new race of parnassius imperator parnassius imperator jiyetiani new subspecies lepidoptera papilionidae

Ryley M.J.; Obst N.R.; Stovold G.E., 1991:
A new race of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea on soybean in australia

Martignoni K.; Nitschke J., 1991:
A new radiation protection dose limit for occupationally exposed persons in the federal republic of germany

Subramanian, K.M.; Wolf, W., 1990:
A new radiochemical method to determine the stability constants of metal chelates attached to a protein

Burrell, L.M.; Palmer, J.; Charlton, J.A.; Thomas, T.; Baylis, P.H., 1990:
A new radioimmunoassay for human alpha atrial natriuretic peptide and its physiological validation

Enander I.; Matsson P.; Nystrand J.; Andersson A S.; Eklund E.; Bradford T.R.; Schwartz L.B., 1991:
A new radioimmunoassay for human mast cell tryptase using monoclonal antibodies

Wester M.R.; Prins H.K.; Huisman J.G., 1990:
A new radioimmunoassay for the detection of small amounts of white cells and platelets in red cell concentrates implications for blood transfusion

Safieh B.; Kendall M.D.; Norman J.C.; Metreau E.; Dardenne M.; Bach J.F.; Pleau J.M., 1990:
A new radioimmunoassay for the thymic peptide thymulin and its application for measuring thymulin in blood samples

Takezawa J I.; Ishige H.; Fujimoto M.; Nanjo M.; Nishi Y., 1992:
A new radioimmunoassay system for determination of parathyroid hormone pth in rat serum

Lynch, M.C.; Taylor, J.F., 1990:
A new radiological method for assessing long bone growth in the small laboratory animal

Park J.W.; Park H.N., 1987:
A new randomized response model for continuous quantitative data

Grau J.; Bayer E.; Gonzalez G.L., 1989:
A new ranunculus sp of the section ranunculastrum from central spain

Kennedy J.F.; Noy R.J.; Stead J.A.; White C.A., 1989:
A new rapid enzyme digestion method for predicting in vitro protein quality pdd index

Dey S.; Baul T.S.B.; Roy B.; Dey D., 1989:
A new rapid method of air drying for scanning electron microscopy using tetramethylsilane

Daniel, T.M.; Masterson, T.M.; Hahn, S.S.; Randall, M.E.; Tribble, C., 1989:
A new, rapid safe method for local radiation of intrathoracic sites

Tolivia D.; Tolivia J., 1991:
A new rapid silver impregnation for neuronal bodies on methacrylate sections

Takahashi, E.I.; Kaneko, Y.; Ishihara, T.; Minamihisamatsu, M.; Murata, M.; Hori, T.A., 1988:
A new rare distamycin a inducible fragile site fragile 11 p15.1 found in two acute nonlymphocytic leukemia anll patients with translocation 7 11 p15 p13 15

Inoue Y.; Kashima Y.; Aizawa K.; Hatakeyama K., 1991:
A new rat colon cancer cell line metastasizes spontaneously biologic characteristics and chemotherapeutic response

Butterfield, P.S.; Mazzafferi, E.L., 1991:
A new rating form for use by nurses in assessing residents' humanistic behavior

Abd Elgawad M.M., 1991:
A new rating scale for screening plant genotypes against root knot and reniform nematodes

Agliette P.; Bertolin P.G.; Buzzi R.; D'anchise R.; Marcacci M.; Pelli F.; Spinelli M., 1988:
A new rating sheet for knee ligament injuries

Khomutov A.R.; Yakovlev D.Yu; Khomutov R.M., 1990:
A new reaction of 2 4 diketopyrimidines

Cheong M.; Leussing D.L., 1989:
A new reaction surface for concerted reactions the metal ion catalyzed addition of enolpyruvate to pyruvate

Kurantz M.J.; Maxwell R.J.; Cygnarowicz Provost M., 1992:
A new reagent for the analysis of lipids by high performance thin layer chromatography and fluorodensitometry

Hebert N.; Beck A.; Lennox R.B.; Just G., 1992:
A new reagent for the removal of the 4 methoxybenzyl ether application to the synthesis of unusual macrocyclic and bolaform phosphatidylcholines

Sabry, M., 1991:
A new realistic index of experimental transmission efficiency for Bancroftian filariasis

Prombona, A.; Subramanian, A.R., 1989:
A new rearrangement of angiosperm chloroplast DNA in rye (Secale cereale) involving translocation and duplication of the ribosomal rpS15 gene

Brake, B.; Braghetta, P.; Banting, G.; Bressan, G.; Luzio, J.P.; Stanley, K.K., 1990:
A new recombinant DNA strategy for the molecular cloning of rare membrane proteins

Meulien P.; Faure T.; Mischler F.; Harrer H.; Ulrich P.; Bouderbala B.; Dott K.; Marie M.S.; Mazurier C.; E.A., 1988:
A new recombinant procoagulant protein derived from the complementary dna encoding human factor viii

Nagata S., 1989:
A new reconstruction method for microtia of the lobule

David B.V.; Regu K., 1991:
A new record and description of rhachisphora rutherfordi new record quaintance and baker homoptera aleyrodidae from india

Mayer A., 1991:
A new record for carex strigosa hudson in southern bavaria

Kilinc M.; Karaer F.; Ozkanca R., 1991:
A new record for flora of turkey

Gokler, I., 1989:
A new record for hepatic flora of turkey lejeunea lamacerina new record teph. schiffn

Dane F.; Olgun G., 1992:
A new record for the flora of turkey

Ekim T.; Vural M., 1989:
A new record for the flora of turkey

Cetin B., 1990:
A new record for the moss flora of turkey

Benitez D.Rojas C., 1992:
A new record for the venezuelan flora lycianthes holocalyx bitter solanaceae

Alpinar K., 1987:
A new record for turkish flora halophila stipulacea

Dogramaci S., 1989:
A new record in the turkish mammalian fauna microtus epiroticus new record mammalia rodentia

Dogramaci S., 1989:
A new record in the turkish mammalian fauna talpa europaea velessiensis new record mammalia insectivora

L.T.S.; Liang G Q., 1992:
A new record of a tetrigidae genus from china and description of the female of tripetalocera tonkinensis gunther

Plini P.; Tondi G., 1989:
A new record of birch betula pendula new record roth in the central apennines italy

Jafri S.I.H.; Ahmed S.S., 1991:
A new record of ectoparasitic crustaceans branchiura argulidae from major carps in sindh pakistan

Tao H J., 1988:
A new record of fossil turtle chinemys reevesi new record gray from late pleistocene taiwan strait

Safford S.E., 1991:
A new record of paulinella ovalis new record filosea euglyphina

Lee Y J., 1991:
A new record of the gobiid fish istigobius hoshinonis new record from korea

Kang E J., 1990:
A new record of the gobioid fish pterogobius zacalles new record from korea

Sellin D., 1989:
A new record of the kentish plover charadrius alexandrinus in the polish inland

Afrasiab S.R.; Ail H.A., 1989:
A new record of the snake lytorhynchus kennedyi new record schmidt reptilia colubridae from iraq

Cox B.M.; Hopson P.M.; Sumbler M.G., 1991:
A new record of the upper cornbrash near buckingham england uk

Afrasiab S.R.; Ali H.A., 1988:
A new record of toad bufo surdus new record boulenger amphibia bufonidae from iraq with a preliminary key for iraqi amphibia

Kurahashi H.; Suenaga O., 1991:
A new record of tricycleopsis paradoxa new record villeneuve from japan diptera calliphoridae

Paik K.Y., 1992:
A new record spider of the genus micaria araneae gnaphosidae from korea

Adler D.; Magora F.; Shapira S.C.; Veler A.; Mahler Y., 1991:
A new recording pressure algometer

Green, R.; King, R., 1989:
A new red cell discriminant incorporating volume dispersion for differentiating iron deficiency anemia from thalassemia minor

Lei B F.; Becvar J.E., 1991:
A new reducing agent of flavins and its application to the assay of bacterial luciferase

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