A new species of the genus bembecia hubner 1819 from macedonia yugoslavia lepidoptera sesiidae

Tosevski, I.

Fragmenta Balcanica Musei Macedonici Scientiarum Naturalium 14(9): 81-90


Accession: 006954427

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A new clear-wing moths Bembecia pavicevici is described. It has been collected on pheromone trap near the village Konsko (17 km north-west of Gevgelia, South Macedonia) and near Katlanovo (26 km south of Skopje). The new species is closely related to Bembecia scopigera (Scopoli, 1763), mutually distinctive features are the shape and size of the external transparent area on fore wings, colouring of some body parts, and structure of male genitalia. The female and bionomy is still unknown.