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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6956

Chapter 6956 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Jain A.C.; Tyagi O.D.; Saksena R., 1989: A new synthesis of 3 methylchromones

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955001

Patra A.; Misra S.K., 1990: A new synthesis of 4 substituted coumarins

Fenner H.; Hochhuth D., 1990: A new synthesis of 8 donor substituted 5 thiariboflavin and 5 deazariboflavin derivatives

Muralikrishna C.; Dasaradhi L.; Rao S.J.; Bhalerao U.T., 1989: A new synthesis of 9 11 dodecadienyl 1 acetate

Ikeda K.; Akamatsu S.; Achiwa K., 1990: A new synthesis of alpha glycosidically linked disaccharides using 2 alpha chloro 3 beta phenylthio kdo derivatives

Minami T.; Hirakawa K.; Koyanagi S.; Nakamura S.; Yamaguchi M., 1990: A new synthesis of alpha methylene lactones

Sathyamoorthi G.; Thangaraj K.; Srinivasan P.C.; Swaminathan S., 1990: A new synthesis of angularly substituted bicyclic systems via an anionic oxy cope rearrangement

Cameron D.W.; Feutrill G.I.; Griffiths P.G.; O'brien D.G., 1991: A new synthesis of anthracyclines

Nicoletti T.M.; Raston C.L.; Sargent M.V., 1990: A new synthesis of anthraquinones using dihydrooxazoles and grignard reagents derived from magnesium anthracene tetrahydrofuran 3

Diorazio L.J.; Widdowson D.A.; Clough J.M., 1992: A new synthesis of aryl fluorides the reaction of caesium fluoroxysulfate with arylboronic acids and derivatives

Kraus G.A.; Shi J., 1990: A new synthesis of aryl mono c glycosyl derivatives of dialdehyde sugars

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955012

Plugge M.F.C.; Mol J.C., 1991: A new synthesis of civetone

Kienzler T.; Strazewski P.; Tamm C., 1992: A new synthesis of coprine and o ethylcoprine

Coates J.H.; Easton C.J.; Van Eyk S.J.; Lincoln S.F.; May B.L.; Whalland C.B.; Williams M.L., 1990: A new synthesis of cyclodextrin dimers

Sugahara T.; Ohike T.; Soejima M.; Takano S., 1990: A new synthesis of dextro didemnenones a and b

Mori K.; Fukamatsu K., 1992: A new synthesis of dextro grandisol

Yokoyama Y., 1988: A new synthesis of eupolauramine from a benz f indole derivative

Anand R.C.; Sinha A.K., 1991: A new synthesis of flindersine

Bode M.L.; Kaye P.T., 1990: A new synthesis of indolizines via thermal cyclization of 2 pyridyl derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955021

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955022

Mori K., 1988: A new synthesis of levo khusimone

Estenne G.; Saroli A.; Doutheau A., 1991: A new synthesis of n acetyl 4 deoxy d neuraminic acid

Sattar A.; Bachute M.T.; Mane R.B., 1992: A new synthesis of occidol

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955026

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955027

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955028

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955029

Subramanian M.; Kumaraswami K.; Prasad K.J.R., 1992: A new synthesis of pongachalcone i glabrachromene mixtecacin candidin atalantoflavone dimethylether racemoflavone dimethylether and dihydropyranoaurones and their analogues

Miranda M.A.; Primo J.; Tormos R., 1991: A new synthesis of precocene ii and precocene iii based on the photo fries rearrangement of a sesamol ester

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955032

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955033

Yasuda S.; Sugimoto Yu I.; Mukai C.; Hanaoka M., 1990: A new synthesis of racemic chilenamine an isoindolobenzazepine alkaloid

Lounasmaa, M.; Tolvanen, A., 1990: A new synthesis of racemic vincamine via oppolzer's aldehyde

Vig O.P.; Bari S.B.; Sharma A.; Sattar M.A., 1990: A new synthesis of shogaol

Mori K.; Takikawa H., 1991: A new synthesis of the enantiomers of the ipsdienol the pheromone of the ips bark beetles

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955038

Cameron D.W.; Crosby I.T.; Feutrill G.I., 1992: A new synthesis of the naphthopyran antibiotics

Bronson J.J.; Ferrara L.M.; Howell H.G.; Brodfuehrer P.R.; Martin J.C., 1990: A new synthesis of the potent and selective anti herpesvirus agent s 1 3 hydroxy 2 phosphonylmethoxypropylcytosine

Voelter W., 1988: A new synthesis of thymosin alpha 1

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955042

Elix J.A.; Jiang H.; Wardlaw J.H., 1990: A new synthesis of xanthones 2 4 7 trichloronorlichexanthone and 4 5 7 trichloronorlichexanthone two new lichen xanthones

Allan R.D.; Bates M.C.; Drew C.A.; Duke R.K.; Hambley T.W.; Johnston G.A.R.; Mewett K.N.; Spence I., 1990: A new synthesis resolution and in vitro activities of r beta phenyl gaba and s beta phenyl gaba

Chen X.; Tanaka K.; Yoneda F., 1990: A new synthetic approach to 5 deazaflavin and 5 deaza 10 thiaflavin

Kano S.; Yokomatsu T.; Shibuya S., 1990: A new synthetic approach to dextro galantinic acid degradation product from the peptide antibiotic galantin i via 4 amino 3 hydroxypyranose

Takahashi T.; Kotsubo H.; Lyobe A.; Namiki T.; Koizumi T., 1990: A new synthetic approach to pseudo sugars by asymmetric diels alder reaction synthesis of optically pure pseudo beta d mannopyranose 1 amino 1 deoxypseudo alpha d mannopyranose and pseudo alpha l mannopyranose derivatives

Lai S.M.F.; Orchison J.J.A.; Whiting D.A., 1989: A new synthetic approach to the rotenoid ring system

Alvarez Ibarra C.; Asperilla R.; De Dios Corredor C.; Martinez Santos E.; Quiroga M.L., 1991: A new synthetic approximation to thiazoles with a versatile persubstitution and or perfunctionalization

Miyashita M.; Awen B.Z.E.; Yoshikoshi A., 1990: A new synthetic aspect of acetic nitronic anhydrides

Amat M.; Linares A.; Bosch J., 1990: A new synthetic entry to pentacyclic strychnos alkaloids total synthesis of racemic tubifolidine racemic tubifoline and racemic 19 20 dihydroakuammicine

Drijfhout J.W.; Bloemhoff W., 1991: A new synthetic functionalized antigen carrier

Cole M.D.; O'connor G.M.; Raafai F.; Willshaw H.E., 1989: A new synthetic material for the brow suspension procedure

Kostitsyn A.B.; Shulishov E.V.; Tomilov Y.V.; Nefedov O.M., 1990: A new synthetic method for 3 halocyclopentenes via thermal conversion of cycloadducts of dihalocarbenes with dicyclopentadiene

Mandai T.; Hasegawa S I.; Fujimoto T.; Kawada M.; Nokami J.; Tsuji J., 1990: A new synthetic method for beta substituted gamma butyrolactones via palladium catalyzed reaction of 2 butene 1 4 diol with aryl and 1 alkenyl halides and subsequent oxidation

Galzigna L.; Marchiori F.; Celadin M.; Burlina A., 1989: A new synthetic peptide with elastase inhibiting effect

Hirano T.; Manabe T., 1992: A new synthetic protease inhibitor e 3123 prevents lysosomal and mitochondrial fragility in rat caerulein induced pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955058

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955059

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955060

Wu B Q.; Zeng F W.; Ge M J.; Cheng X Z.; Wu G S., 1991: A new synthetic route to alpha aryl propionic acid and a quantitative study of the photo s r n1 reaction of aryl halides with carbanion from alkyl nitrile

Kurita J.; Yamanaka T.; Tsuchiya T., 1991: A new synthetic route to benzazocines including the first example of 2 benzazocines

Stevens D.R.; Till C.P.; Whiting D.A., 1992: A new synthetic route to furofuranoid lignans via the intramolecular mukaiyama reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955064

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955065

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955066

Nagano H.; Seko Y.; Nakai K., 1990: A new synthetic route to racemic magydradienediol via a radical cyclization trapping reaction

Couture A.; Huguerre E.; Grandclaudon P., 1990: A new synthetic route to the previously unattainable 2 arylpyrido 2 3 b 1 5 thiazepin 4 5h ones

Gibbs J.S.; Maclachlan D.; Fox K.M., 1992: A new system for ambulatory pulmonary artery pressure recording

Unternahrer S.; Pridmore D.; Hinnen A., 1991: A new system for amplifying 2 mum plasmid copy number in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Keirs R.W.; Magee D.L.; Purchase H.G.; Underwood R.; Boyle C.R.; Freund J., 1991: A new system for broiler flock health monitoring

Lehnhardt F J., 1989: A new system for catheterism of the vena cava in rats for longtime infusions implantofix

Segu L.; Rage P.; Boulenguez P., 1990: A new system for computer assisted quantitative receptor autoradiography

Wertheim D.F.P.; Eaton D.G.M.; Oozeer R.C.; Connell J.A.; Dubowitz L.M.S.; Dubowitz V.; Willetts R.; Wootton R., 1991: A new system for cotside display and analysis of the preterm neonatal electroencephalogram

Brandriff B.; Gordon L.; Trask B., 1991: A new system for high resolution dna sequence mapping in interphase pronuclei

Blayney M.; Costello S.; Perlman M.; Lui K.; Frank J., 1991: A new system for location of endotracheal tube in preterm and term neonates

Hobo, S.; Takayama, H., 1988: A new system for measuring condylar path and computing anterior guidance part 1. measuring principle

Sephton R.; Green M.; Fitzpatrick C., 1989: A new system for port films

Boehnke M., 1991: A new system for storing donor corneas

Yasukawa K.; Saito T., 1990: A new system for the expression of human interleukin 6 in escherichia coli

Matsumoto K.; Cai B.; Nakamura S.; Watanabe H., 1990: A new system for the measurement and analysis of motor activity in mice effect of several central stimulants

Thomson W.D.; Desai N.; Russell Eggitt I., 1990: A new system for the measurement of ocular motility using a personal computer

Caruso C., 1988: A new system of bifiltering lenses for eye protection

Pestka S., 1988: A new system of single stranded plasmids in escherichia coli

Mamedov T.G., 1988: A new system of sodium ion transport in the cells of the microalgae dunaliella

Kamelin R.V.; Makhmedov A.M., 1990: A new system of the genus phlomis lamiaceae

Schrader O.; Schmidt J C., 1992: A new system of transfer of genetic information from hordeum to triticum

Sawada Y.; Yotsuyanagi T.; Hatayama I.; Sone K., 1990: A new system of treating wounds by a continuous topical application of medication

Premdas P.D.; Kendrick B., 1992: A new system to bioassay pesticides present in the surface microlayer using floating propagules of an aero aquatic hyphomycetous fungus pseudoaegerita matsushimae

Nomoto K., 1988: A new t cell subset expressing b220 and cd4 in lpr mice defects in the response to mitogens and in the production of il 2

Hayakawa H.; Tanaka K.; Iwane K.; Yamashita N., 1990: A new tabanid fly trap with automatic carbon dioxide emission apparatus run by weather sensors

Bini M.; Maffei C.; Gandolfo E., 1991: A new table for contrast sensitivity evaluation

Petitet F.; Beaujouan J C.; Saffroy M.; Torrens Y.; Lavielle S.; Chassaing G.; Laeuillet D.; Glowinski J., 1992: A new tachykinin receptor revealed by substance p analogues in the guinea pig ileum

Gittenberger E., 1989: A new taheitia species mollusca gastropoda prosobranchia truncatellidae from irian jaya indonesia

Bellan Santini D.; Ruffo S., 1991: A new talitridae of corsica island talorchestia ugolinii new species crustacea amphipoda

Sonck C.E., 1990: A new taraxacum species taraxacum castellanum new species from new zealand

Klee H., 1992: A new target for behavioural research amphetamine misuse

Cai S P.; Zhang J Z.; Doherty M.; Kan Y.W., 1989: A new tata box mutation detected at prenatal diagnosis for beta thalassemia

Miller C.N.; Crabtree D.R., 1989: A new taxodiaceous seed cone from the oligocene of washington usa

Nawawi A.; Kuthubutheen A.J., 1989: A new taxon in colispora hyphomycetes from malaysia

Mu Z.; Yang D R.; Li C D., 1990: A new taxon in the genus cordyceps from china

Diaz De La Guardia C.; Mota J.F.; Valle F., 1991: A new taxon in the genus moehringia caryophyllaceae

Gorokhov A.V., 1989: A new taxon of the family rhaphidophoridae orthoptera from baltic amber

Saether T., 1989: A new taxonomic approach to the norwegian island willow grouse lagopus lagopus variegatus

Wilkinson, M. J.; Stace, C. A., 1991: A new taxonomic treatment of the festuca ovina l. aggregate poaceae in the british isles

Gromov V.S., 1988: A new taxonomy of modern roe deer capreolus gray 1821

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955109

Duarte L., 1991: A new technique facilitating studies of scant cell specimens

Yanashima K.; Imamizu H.; Ishida M., 1989: A new technique for analyzing color vep using principal component analysis

Eardley I.; Nagendran K.; Kirby R.S.; Fowler C.J., 1990: A new technique for assessing the efferent innervation of the human striated urethral sphincter

Watanabe M.; Hirose Y.; Shimada M., 1991: A new technique for autoradiography of whole body sections mounted on glass slides

Castaneda F., 1988: A new technique for balloon catheter prostatic ureteroplasty preliminary study

Miller D.C.; Fitkin D.L.; Kropp K.A.; Selman S.H., 1992: A new technique for bladder washing

Goddio A.S., 1990: A new technique for brachioplasty

Yozu R.; Haga Y., 1991: A new technique for bridging to heart transplantation feasibility of monoventricularization of bilateral ventricles with lvad

Ananthakrishnan N.; Parkash S.; Banerjee S.N., 1989: A new technique for chronic venous ulcers of the lower limb modified felder rob procedure

Atta M.A., 1991: A new technique for continent urinary reservoir reconstruction

Silk Y.N.; Nava H.R.; Douglass H.O.Jr, 1989: A new technique for decompression of the biliary tract

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955122

Shoukry S.; Anderson M.W.; Glickman B.W., 1991: A new technique for determining the distribution of n7 methylguanine using an automated dna sequencer

Rosenblum J.; Taylor F.C.; Lu C T.; Martich V., 1990: A new technique for direct percutaneous jejunostomy tube placement

Bisson A.; Bonnette P., 1992: A new technique for double lung transplantation bilateral single lung transplantation

Vaccari G.; Franchini A., 1991: A new technique for drainage into the suprachoroidal space with a 3 mm sponge of silicone

Pizzi G.B.; Beorchia A.; Cereghini M.E.; Contento G.; Fongione S.; Guglielmi R.; Mandoliti G., 1989: A new technique for endocavitary irradiation of the esophagus

Dugan J.D.Jr; Lawton M.T.; Glaser B.; Brem H., 1990: A new technique for explantation and in vitro cultivation of chicken embryos

Buechter K.J.; Gomez G.A.; Zeppa R., 1990: A new technique for exposure of injuries at the confluence of the retrohepatic veins and the retrohepatic vena cava

Waterhouse N.; Afshar F.; Robbins S., 1991: A new technique for harvesting calvarial bone

Atta M.A., 1990: A new technique for ileal nipple fixation preliminary report

Sheard S.J.; Boyde A., 1989: A new technique for imaging hard tissue by photothermal radiometric microscopy

Katow H., 1990: A new technique for introducing anti fibronectin antibodies and fibronectin related synthetic peptides into the blastulae of the sea urchin clypeaster japonicus

Dhaliwai H.S.; Deol G.S.; Randhawa A.S., 1989: A new technique for large scale screening of wheat varieties against angoumois grain moth sitotroga cerealella oliver gelechidae lepidoptera

Mourelatos S., 1990: A new technique for long preservation of carbon 14 labelled cladocerans

Kidd G.Jr; Mason C.R., 1992: A new technique for measuring spectral shape discrimination

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955138

Zhang L.; Tuchler R.E.; Shaw W.W.; Siebert J.W., 1991: A new technique for microvascular sleeve anastomosis

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955141

Tatsumura T.; Koyama S.; Yamamoto K.; Tsujimoto M.; Sato H.; Kitagawa M.; Tomita K., 1990: A new technique for one stage radical eradication of long standing chronic thoracic empyema

Hoenig J.F.; Schoener W.F., 1991: A new technique for prevention of burr hole defects in craniotomy

Sercarz J.A.; Berke G.S.; Arnstein D.; Gerratt B.; Natividad M., 1991: A new technique for quantitative measurement of laryngeal videostroboscopic images

Scheerer L.J.; Lam F.; Bartolucci L.; Katz M., 1989: A new technique for reduction of prolapsed fetal membranes for emergency cervical cerclage

Pride H.; Schwab R., 1989: A new technique for removing foreign bodies of the external auditory canal

Meier M.A., 1988: A new technique for repair of mitral insufficiency caused by ruptured chordae of the anterior leaflet

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955149

Pryor J.L.; Gillenwater J.Y., 1989: A new technique for retrograde stone displacement in the tortuous ureter before extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy

Lee H.H.; Mahrer P.R., 1991: A new technique for right heart catheterization with a swan ganz balloon catheter via femoral vein in the patient with dilated right heart chambers utilizing a modified transseptal type sheath

Knutson L.; Odlind B.; Hallgren R., 1989: A new technique for segmental jejunal perfusion in man

Nash I.S.; Lorell B.H.; Fishman R.F.; Baim D.S.; Donahue C.; Diver D.J., 1991: A new technique for sheathless percutaneous intraaortic balloon catheter insertion

Li L., 1991: A new technique for solid nmr imaging and application to phosphorus imaging in solid bone

Pires E.C.; Springer A.M.; Kumar V., 1989: A new technique for specific filtration resistance measurement

Kalyani R.; Nellaiappan K., 1989: A new technique for staining catecholic residues in biological samples

Ko W H.; Hwang S C.; Ku F M., 1991: A new technique for storage of meristem tip cultures of cavendish banana

Prince J.D., 1991: A new technique for tagging abalone

Hirst D., 1992: A new technique for the analysis of continuously monitored water quality data

Pang M G.; Oh S.K.; Hwang D.Y.; Moon S.Y.; Lee J.Y.; Chang Y.S.; Choi K.W., 1991: A new technique for the cytogenetic study of human oocytes

Niranjan N.S.; De Carpentier J., 1990: A new technique for the division of syndactyly

Sheorey D.S.; Sai M.S.; Dorle A.K., 1991: A new technique for the encapsulation of water insoluble drugs using ethyl cellulose

Glover M.G.; Hargens A.R.; Mahmood M.M.; Gott S.; Brown M.D.; Garfin S.R., 1991: A new technique for the in vitro measurement of nucleus pulposus swelling pressure

Piedade-Guerreiro, J.; Guardado, M. I., 1988: A new technique for the laboratory production of opius concolor szpl. hymenoptera braconidae

Kohsaka T.; Takahara H.; Tagami S.; Sasada H.; Masaki J., 1992: A new technique for the precise location of lactate and malate dehydrogenases in goat boar and water buffalo spermatozoa using gel incubation film

Janssen D.; Bommarito A.; Lathrop J., 1992: A new technique for the rapid dissolution of retained ductal gallstones with monooctanoin in t tube patients

Franck W.M.; Decker M.; Steinbeck A.; Schlenzka R.; Gotzen L., 1991: A new technique for three dimensional analysis of experimentally produced fractures of the thoracolumbar spine

Witkowski F.X.; Penkoske P.A., 1989: A new technique for three dimensional localization of transmural electrodes

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955169

Yamaguchi M.; Obo H.; Oshima Y.; Ohashi H.; Hosokawa Y.; Tachibana H., 1989: A new technique for use of an anomalous subclavian artery for a systemic pulmonary arterial shunt

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955171

Balasubramanian R.; Rafi Z.A., 1989: A new technique in computer modeling of molecules with transparency effect due to partially stripped surfaces

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955173

Fahmy N.R.M.; Sanderson P.L.; Barrie J.L., 1991: A new technique in the management of the ring avulsion injury

Mcdougall C.G.; Johnston G.H.F., 1991: A new technique of catheter placement for measurement of forearm compartment pressures

Belyakov A.A.; Mironov L.A., 1990: A new technique of cleaning overalls contaminated with sodium cyanide

Zimmern P.E., 1988: A new technique of exclusion of the residual refluxing ureteric stump in cases of ectopic ureteric implantation

Carson W.G.Jr, 1991: A new technique of harvesting patellar tendon autografts for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Singh D.P.; Misra S.; Chatterjee R.K., 1990: A new technique of in vitro assay of antifilarials using different life forms of acanthocheilonema viteae

Rosenfeldt F.L., 1988: A new technique of internal cardiac cooling improves atrial protection

Alpar J.J., 1991: A new technique of iridotomy in extracapsular extraction and implantation

Friedberg M.A.; Palmer R.M., 1991: A new technique of local anesthesia for panretinal photocoagulation

Matapurkar B.G.; Gupta A.K.; Agarwal A.K., 1991: A new technique of marlex peritoneal sandwich in the repair of large incisional hernias

Castro I.D.S.E., 1988: A new technique of microlympho venous anastomoses experimental study

Li D L.; Et Al, 1990: A new technique of resection of lower rectal cancer

Domergue J.; Saint Aubert B.; Rouanet P.; Joyeux H.M.; Solassol C.; Pujol H., 1989: A new technique of total three stage esophagectomy for carcinoma with a combined right cervical and thoracic approach

Tsugaya M.; Mogami T.; Watase H.; Hirao N.; Okamura T.; Ohtaguro K.; Kato J., 1991: A new technique of ureteric catheterization

Sandgren C.H.; Nordling K.; Bjork I., 1991: A new technique requiring small amounts of cells for the parallel study of chemiluminescence and phagocytosis via different receptors in the same cell population

Chen B.T.; Tang J.A.; Yeh H.C., 1990: A new technique to calibrate optical particle counters aerodynamically

Ratjen F.; Zinman R.; Wohl M.E.B., 1989: A new technique to demonstrate flow limitation in partial expiratory flow volume curves in infants

Labrecque C.; Huard J.; Dansereau G.; Robitaille L.; Tremblay J.P., 1991: A new technique to identify hybrid myotubes in vitro without culture fixation

Kumar N.; Singh J.; Pangawkar G.R., 1992: A new technique to improve the post thaw semen quality of buffalo bulls

Zenoni S., 1988: A new technique to inject air after vitrectomy via pars plana

Adams R.J.; Mercer M.E.; Courage M.L.; Van Hof Van Duin J., 1992: A new technique to measure contrast sensitivity in human infants

Daughtry C.S.T.; Ranson K.J.; Biehl L.L., 1989: A new technique to measure the spectral properties of conifer needles

Golander C.G.; Caldwell K.; Lin Y S., 1989: A new technique to prepare gradient surfaces using density gradient solutions

Heldrup J., 1990: A new technique using an aggregating antibody against glycophorin a for purging ficoll paque separated leukocytes of contaminating erythroid lineage cells

Kostrzewa E., 1988: A new technology for the production of valuable vitamin extracts from wheat and rye germs

Nakamura A., 1989: A new telemetric device for measurement of swimming speed of fish

Peterson M., 1991: A new temognatha species coleoptera buprestidae buprestinae from northeastern australia

Muradov M.; Cherkasov G.V.; Akhmedova D.U.; Khalmuradov A.G., 1990: A new temperate cyanophage np 1t lysogenizing cyanobacterial cultures belonging to the genera nostoc and plectonema

Partridge J.C.; De Grip W.J., 1991: A new template for rhodopsin vitamin a 1 based visual pigments

Khan M.S., 1991: A new tenuidactylus gecko from the sulaiman range punjab pakistan

Akhtar M.S.; Riaz S., 1992: A new termite from malaysia

Rathore N.S., 1989: A new termite of genus microtermes isoptera macrotermitinae from rajasthan india

Conant S.; Clapp R.; Hiruki L.; Choy B., 1991: A new tern sterna breeding record for hawaii usa

Khan R.S.; Krug J.C., 1989: A new terricolous species of gelasinospora

Pneva G.P., 1988: A new tertiary species of the genus aponogeton aponogetonaceae from the kazakh ssr and karakalpak assr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955210

Hartmann C.; Rieck P., 1989: A new test for endothelial viability the janus green photometry technique

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955212

Selinger R.; Mitz V.; Lemerle J.P.; Vilain R., 1991: A new test for functional evaluation of the hand and its contribution to the study of thumb transfers the so called take five 5 match test

Ahmad I.A., 1992: A new test for mean residual life times

Esser J., 1991: A new test for quantitative measurements of near distance aniseikonia

Matricardi P.M.; Fattorossi A.; Nisini R.; Le Moli S.; Castagliuolo P.P.; D'amelio R., 1989: A new test for specific ige to inhalant allergens phadiatop in the screening of immediate respiratory hypersensitivity states

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955219

Bailey I.L.; Bullimore M.A., 1991: A new test for the evaluation of disability glare

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955221

Maurer D.; Lewis T.L.; Cavanagh P.; Anstis S., 1989: A new test of luminous efficiency for babies

Warrington E.K.; James M., 1991: A new test of object decision 2d silhouettes featuring a minimal view

Kemmner W.; Brossmer R., 1990: A new test to measure homotypic aggregation of human tumor cells

Possin U., 1988: A new test to predict reversibility of hydronephrotic atrophy after stable partial unilateral ureteral obstruction

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955227

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955228

Motawe H.M., 1988: A new tetranortriterpenoid from cedrela odorata leaves

Ehara S.; Gotoh T., 1990: A new tetranychus closely related to tetranychus viennensis zacher acari tetranychidae

Gammar Ghrabi Z.; Nabli M.A.; Puech S., 1990: A new teucrium of tunisia teucrium schoenebergeri new species nabli

Botosaneanu L., 1987: A new thalassostygobiont species of cyathura isopoda anthuridea from the south east pacific

Cape E.G.; Yoganathan A.P.; Levine R.A., 1990: A new theoretical model of noninvasive quantification of mitral regurgitation

Strehler B.L., 1990: A new theory of cerebellar function movement control through phase independent recognition of identities between time based neural informational symbols

Szentivanyi M.; Leszkovszky G.P.; Zsila G.; Paal A., 1989: A new theory of infarction genesis in cats

Marucchi C.; Fouche B., 1991: A new therapeutic approach for strabismus with amblyopia

Vangerven M.; Delrue G.; Brugman E.; Cosaert P., 1989: A new therapeutic approach to accidental intra arterial injection of thiopentone

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955239

Peyret C., 1991: A new therapeutic concept in the treatment of metastatic cancers of the kidney the til

Lee C J.; Chang Y L., 1989: A new therapeutic parameter and computer control to approach optimal hemodialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955242

Rathschuler F.; Lai S.; Ghiglione D.; Rossi P.; Ciurlo G., 1990: A new therapeutical approach to central serous retinopathy a hypothesis

West R.C., 1991: A new theraphosid spider from the cameron highlands malaysia

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955245

Karavaiko G.I., 1988: A new thermoacidophilic bacterium belonging to the sulfobacillus genus

Heijnen J.J., 1991: A new thermodynamically based correlation of chemotrophic biomass yields

Marten M., 1990: A new thermostat controlled waterbath which provides eight constant temperatures for the price of one

Abdullah S.K.; Al Bader S.M., 1989: A new thermotolerant species of chaetomium from iraqi forest soil

Buffetaut E.; Enos J., 1992: A new theropod dinosaur skull fragment from the jurassic of the vaches noires normandy france remarks on the diversity of the jurassic theropods of europe

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955251

Uchida Y.; Ogata K.; Sugioka Y., 1991: A new three dimensional osteotomy for cubitus varus deformity after supracondylar fracture of the humerus in children

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955253

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955254

Dias S., 1988: A new tick species acarina ixodoidea for the fauna of mozambique boophilus scheepersi new species

Perez F.M.; Hymer W.C., 1990: A new tissue slicing method for the study of function and position of somatotrophs contained within the male rat pituitary gland

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955257

De Meyer M., 1990: A new tomosvaryella aczel 1939 species from ethiopia diptera pipunculidae

Niranjan N.S., 1990: A new tool for cartilaginous hump reduction

Frueh K.; Mueller H M.; Bujard H.; Crisanti A., 1989: A new tool for the serodiagnosis of acute plasmodium falciparum malaria in individuals with primary infection

Purkait R., 1989: A new tool in physical anthropology

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955262

De Benedittis G.; Besana F.; Lorenzetti A., 1992: A new topical treatment for acute herpetic neuralgia and post herpetic neuralgia the aspirin diethyl ether mixture an open label study plus a double blind controlled clinical trial

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Neff D P.; Chen Y.; Vogel P., 1991: A new total synthesis of d threo l talo octose

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955266

Martin J.H., 1991: A new toxoptera species from rutaceae in hong kong homoptera aphididae

Bellman S.; Marcuson M., 1991: A new toy test to investigate the hearing status of young children who have english as a second language a preliminary report

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955269

Suess H.; Schirarend C., 1990: A new tracheid like cell in conifers found in the wood of pinus aristata engelm branches

Fauza D.D.O., 1988: A new tracheostomy cannula preliminary report

Thomas H.; Ginsburg L.; Hintong C.; Suteethorn V., 1990: A new tragulid siamotragulus sanyathanai new genus new species artiodactyla mammalia from the miocene of thailand amphoe pong phayao province

Sackier J.M.; Berci G.; Paz Partlow M., 1991: A new training device for laparoscopic cholecystectomy

Tamura T A.; Aoyama A.; Inoue T.; Miura M.; Mikoshiba K., 1990: A new transcription element in the jc virus enhancer

Hedman T.P., 1992: A new transducer for facet force measurement in the lumbar spine benchmark and in vitro test results

Crenshaw A.G.; Styf J.R.; Mubarak S.J.; Hargens A.R., 1990: A new transducer tipped fiber optic catheter for measuring intramuscular pressures

Ogushi S.; Lawson J.W.R.; Dobson G.P.; Veech R.L.; Uyeda K., 1990: A new transient activator of phosphofructokinase during initiation of rapid glycolysis in brain

Verma R.S., 1988: A new translocation involving chromosomes 8 and 9 in a philadelphia negative chronic myelogenous leukemia

Siebert J.G.H.; Luyt A.S.; Ackerman C., 1990: A new transmission electron microscopic tem method to determine differences between cationic polymers in solution

Skinner M.; Harding J.; Skare I.; Jones L.A.; Cohen A.S.; Milunsky A.; Skare J., 1992: A new transthyretin mutation associated with amyloidotic vitreous opacities asparagine for isoleucine at position 84

Skare J.C.; Milunsky J.M.; Milunsky A.; Skare I.B.; Cohen A.S.; Skinner M., 1991: A new transthyretin variant from a patient with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy has asparagine substituted for histidine at position 90

Andersen J., 1988: A new trap design for primary attraction of bark beetles and bark weevils coleoptera scolytidae and curculionidae

Mawbey R.B., 1989: A new trap design for the capture of sugar gliders petaurus breviceps

Pollock D.C.; Montague T.L., 1991: A new trap trigger mechanism for the capture of swamp wallabies wallabia bicolor marsupialia macropodidae

Winchell C.S.; Turman J.W., 1992: A new trapping technique for burrowing owls the noose rod

Hayes, C. K., 1991: A new traveling wave solution of fisher's equation with density dependent diffusivity

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955288

Iwai T.; Sato S.; Yamada T.; Muraoka Y.; Sakurazawa K.; Inoue Y.; Kinoshita H.; Endo M., 1989: A new treatment for ischemic ulcers foot bath therapy using oxygen soluble fluid

Silver R.T., 1990: A new treatment for polycythemia vera recombinant interferon alpha

Hardaway R.M.; Williams C.H., 1990: A new treatment for traumatic shock and ards

Milroy E.J.G.; Chapple C.; Eldin A.; Wallsten H., 1989: A new treatment for urethral strictures a permanently implanted urethral stent

De-Andrea, M. L.; De-Camargo, B.; Melaragno, R., 1990: A new treatment protocol for childhood non hodgkin's lymphoma preliminary evaluation

Chiappe L.M., 1988: A new trematochampsid crocodile from the early cretaceous of northwestern patagonia argentina and its paleobiogeographical and phylogenetic implications

Mordvinova T.N., 1989: A new trematoda species nematobothrium atlanticus didymozoidae a parasite of flying fish

Bilqees, F. M.; Khan, A., 1990: A new trematode laciotocus rohitai new species trematoda monorchidae from the fish labeo rohita ham. of kalri lake sind pakistan

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955297

Beletskii Yu V.; Kudryashev V.E.; Ivanov S.V.; Labutskii A.K.; Gorin E.N.; Zaretskii V.V., 1990: A new trend in functional diagnosis in the reconstructive surgery of the heart and vessels

Furukawa, H.; Nakagawa, Y.; Masuda, M.; Shiihara, H.; Turuta, Y.; Yamaguchi, T.; Kasegawa, H.; Oonuki, Y.; Abe, H.; Okui, K., 1989: A new trial assessment of left ventricular function before and after aortocoronary bypass surgery application of ejection vector e.v

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955300

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Liebherr J.K., 1990: A new tribal placement for the australasian genera homethes and aeolodermus coleoptera carabidae odacanthini

Polhemus J.T., 1990: A new tribe a new genus and three new species of helotrephidae heteroptera from southeast asia and a world checklist

Rikhter V.A., 1991: A new tribe and new and little known species of tachinid flies diptera tachinidae of the ussr

Rikhter V.A., 1991: A new tribe and new and little known species of the tachinid flies diptera tachinidae of the fauna of the ussr

Ahmad I.; Kamaluddin S., 1990: A new tribe for phyllocephaline genera gellia stal and tetroda amyot and serville hemiptera pentatomidae and their revision

Majer K., 1990: A new tribe listrini including two new genera coleoptera melyridae

Shornikov E.I., 1988: A new tribe of triassic ostracods of the family bythocytheridae

Cheek M., 1989: A new trichilia meliaceae from tanzania and its relationship with pseudobersama

Roldan A.; Honrubia M., 1989: A new trichocladium isolated from submerged wood test blocks in a freshwater stream

Mayer M.S.; Mankin R.W., 1990: A new trichoplusia ni antennal receptor neuron that responds to attomolar concentrations of a minor pheromone component

Tolivia J., 1988: A new trichromic method of easy application

Moltoni L., 1988: A new tricyclic fluoroquinolone rufloxacin mf 934 with interesting antibacterial and pharmacokinetic characteristics

Matsuura K.; Shiobara Y., 1989: A new triggerfish rhinecanthus abyssus new species from the ryukyu islands japan

Kaneko A., 1990: A new trilobite genus rhinophacops new genus

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955316

Ota H.; Hikida T., 1989: A new triploid hemidactylus gekkonidae sauria from taiwan with comments on morphological and karyological variation in the hemidactylus garnotii hemidactylus vietnamensis complex

Leggett J.M., 1990: A new triploid hybrid between avena eriantha and avena macrostachya

Cubas P.; Rossello J.A.; Pangua E., 1989: A new triploid hybrid in the asplenium trichomanes complex asplenium trichomanes ssp lucanum asplenium trichomanes ssp inexpectans x asplenium trichomanes ssp quadrivalens new variety

Ikenaka T., 1988: A new trisaccharide sugar chain linked to a serine residue in bovine blood coagulation factors vii and ix

Yee C.C.; Palmer R.G., 1989: A new trisomic in soybean

Avilov S.A.; Kalinovskii A.I.; Stonik V.A., 1990: A new triterpene glycoside from the holothurian neothyonidium magnum

Srivastava S.K., 1992: A new triterpenic acid from schefflera impressa

Yi Y H.; Dai F B., 1991: A new triterpenoid and its glycoside from phytolacca esculenta

Boonyaratavej S.; Bates R.B.; Caldera S.; Suvannachut K., 1990: A new triterpenoid from bridelia tomentosa

Su R H.; Kim M.; Kawaguchi H.; Takahashi S.; Liu M Y., 1991: A new triterpenoid in the fruits of phellodendron chinense schneid

Maotian W.; Xiongtai G.; Xiuwen H.; Shanhai H., 1992: A new triterpenoid saponin from ardisia crenata

Li X C.; Wang D Z.; Wu S G.; Yang C R., 1991: A new triterpenoid saponin from pulsatilla campanella

Srivastava S.K., 1992: A new triterpenoid saponin from schefflera impressa

Uniyal S.K.; Badoni V.; Sati O.P., 1992: A new triterpenoidal saponin from acacia auriculiformis

Hobbs H.H.Jr; Franz R., 1991: A new troglobitic crayfish procambarus morrisi new species decapoda cambaridae from florida usa

Asche M., 1988: A new troglobitic meenoplid from a lava tube in western samoa western pacific ocean homoptera fulgoroidea meenoplidae

Harvey M.S., 1988: A new troglobitic schizomid from cape range western australia chelicerata schizomida

Southcott R.V., 1991: A new trombellid mite acarina trombellidae from south australia

Stessel R.I., 1991: A new trommel model

Arbain D.; Wiryani R.D.; Sargent M.V., 1991: A new tropane alkaloid from pellacalyx axillaris

Blottiere H.M.; Pelhate S.; Aubry J.; Kremer M.; Thedrez P.; Sai Maurel C.; Douillard J Y.; Chatal J F., 1991: A new tumor associated antigen expressed on breast carcinomas defined by monoclonal antibody bca 227

Kumagai Y.; Chiba J.; Sata T.; Ohtaki S.; Mitamura K., 1992: A new tumor associated antigen useful for serodiagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma defined by monoclonal antibody km 2

Zidan A.; Birkmayer J.G.D., 1990: A new tumor marker mca b12 in breast cancer diagnosis

Collan Y., 1988: A new tumor marker mca in breast cancer diagnosis

Bank R.A.; Butot L.J.M., 1990: A new turanena species gastropoda pulmonata enidae from the greek island samos

Okutani T.; Fujikura K., 1990: A new turbinid gastropod collected from the warm seep site in the minami ensei knoll west of the amami oshima island japan

De La Fuente M., 1988: A new turtle cryptodira thalassemydidae from the vaca muerta formation jurassic tithonian of the neuquen province argentina

Isobe S.; Zuber F.; Uemura K.; Noguchi A., 1992: A new twin screw press design for oil extraction of dehulled sunflower seeds

Takabatake H.; Sasayama S.; Asanoi H.; Tanaka I.; Ando M.; Kihara Y.; Fujita M., 1990: A new two dimensional color flow mapping system for the visualization of flow velocity profile

Hedley M.; Rosenfeld D., 1992: A new two dimensional phase unwrapping algorithm for mri images

Khelifi D.; Branlard G., 1991: A new two step electrophoresis method for analyzing gliadin polypeptides and high and low molecular weight subunits of glutenin of wheat

Momen F.M.; El Bagoury M.E. , 1989: A new tydeid mite tydeus longichelus new species from egypt acari tydeidae

Kohri N.; Yatabe H.; Iseki K.; Miyazaki K., 1991: A new type of a ph independent controlled release tablet

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955350

Curvo J.B.E., 1988: A new type of analysis of variance for grazing experiments with bovines taking into account groups of animals

Angyal S.J., 1991: A new type of anhydro sugar 1 31 anhydro 3 c hydroxymethylaldoses

Anraku T.; Iwashita Y.; Shirouzu M., 1990: A new type of antiserum to trh detection of new trh immunoreactive cell groups in rat hypothalamus

Yakovlev K.I.; Stetsenko A.I.; Alekseeva G.M.; Imsyrova A.F.; Konovalova A.L.; Kamaletdinov N.S.; Glazkova T.Yu, 1991: A new type of antitumor platinum ii complexes

Mano T.; Maita K.; Kojima S., 1990: A new type of barrel trap for capturing brown bears

Sekiguchi S.; Takahashi T.A.; Yamamoto S.; Hasegawa H.; Takenaka Y.; Suemitsu J.; Fukumi H., 1990: A new type of blood component collector plasma separation using gravity without any electrical devices

Schmidt K H.; Zitzmann A., 1990: A new type of breeding failures in hole nesting passerines

Langenbruch P F.; Jones W.C., 1989: A new type of central cell in the choanocyte chambers of pellina fistulosa porifera demospongiae

Roques P.; Thome F.; Dubord C.; Olomucki M., 1989: A new type of chemically modified transfer rna as a tool for the study of transfer rna aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase interaction

Kramarov, V. M.; Fomenkov, A. I.; Matvienko, N. I., 1988: A new type of cleavage of the recognition sequence by a site specific endonuclease bst4.41 from bacillus stearothermophilus 4.4

Mel'nik M.S.; Rabinovich M.L.; Klesov A.A., 1989: A new type of clostridium thermocellum endoglucanase produced by the recombinant strain of escherichia coli purification and separation of multiple forms

Mel'nik M.S.; Kapkov D.V.; Mogutov M.A.; Rabinovich M.L.; Klesov A.A., 1989: A new type of clostridium thermocellum endoglucanase produced by the recombinant strain of escherichia coli some properties and identification in donor cells

Cortes D.; Myint S.H.; Leboeuf M.; Cave A., 1991: A new type of cytotoxic acetogenins the tetrahydrofuranic beta hydroxymethyl gamma lactones

Timofeeva L.P.; Golubovskaya I.N., 1991: A new type of desynaptic gene in maize revealed by the microspreading method of synaptonemal complexes

Nakamura T.; Takagaki K.; Majima M.; Kimura S.; Kubo K.; Endo M., 1990: A new type of exo beta glucuronidase acting only on non sulfated glycosaminoglycans

Kitano N.; Yano H.; Morimoto M.; Taminato T.; Kagimoto S.; Imuma H.; Seino Y., 1992: A new type of familial hyperproinsulinemia proinsulin kyoto

Weber A., 1988: A new type of fimbriae on salmonella typhimurium

An J B.; Sun Y P.; Yang Q J.; Chang X G.; Huang D L., 1989: A new type of fourth component of human complement c4

Taylor J.D.; Miller J.A., 1990: A new type of gastropod proboscis the foregut of hastula bacillus gastropoda terebridae

Pariselle A.; Lambert A.; Euzet L., 1991: A new type of haptor in mesoparasitic monogeneans of the genus enterogyrus paperna 1963 with a description of enterogyrus foratus new species and enterogyrus coronatus new species stomach parasites of cichlids in west africa

Mori S.; Kato N.; Yagyu A.; Tanaka T.; Ikeda Y.; Petchclai B.; Chiewsilp P.; Kurimura T.; Shimotohno K., 1992: A new type of hepatitis c virus in patients in thailand

Wu C.; Chen S., 1990: A new type of hydrogen fluoride generator

Mignot L.; Junter G.A.; Labbe M., 1989: A new type of immobilized cell photobioreactor with internal illumination by optical fibers

Ohira M.; Bae Y S.; Ikeda H., 1991: A new type of insertion mutation in monkey cells insertion accompanied by long target site duplication

Kopitar M.; Ritonja A.; Popovic T.; Gabrijelcic D.; Krizaj I.; Turk V., 1989: A new type of low molecular mass cysteine proteinase inhibitor from pig leukocytes

Rodea R.; Mikhova S., 1990: A new type of manifestation of fusarium nivale in wheat and triticale in bulgaria

Yamamoto A.H.; Wada T., 1990: A new type of mei 9 allele in drosophila melanogaster which is recombination competent but repair deficient

Yutsudo T.; Murai H.; Gonzalez J.; Takao T.; Shimonishi Y.; Takeda Y.; Igarashi H.; Hinuma Y., 1992: A new type of mitogenic factor produced by streptococcus pyogenes

Pettersson U., 1988: A new type of muscular dystrophy in two brothers analysis by use of dna probes suggests autosomal recessive inheritance

Lew E.O.; Rozdilsky B.; Munoz D.G.; Perry G., 1989: A new type of neuronal cytoplasmic inclusion histological ultrastructural and immunocytochemical studies

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955382

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955383

Riviere M.; Puzo G., 1991: A new type of serine containing glycopeptidolipid from mycobacterium xenopi

Kitaoka A.; Fujita O., 1991: A new type of soil material for a burrowing chamber for mice

Polgar I.; Zarand P., 1989: A new type of sorting program for plotting of isodose curves

Lam K.S.; Salmon S.E.; Hersh E.M.; Hruby V.J.; Kazmierski W.M.; Knapp R.J., 1991: A new type of synthetic peptide library for identifying ligand binding activity

Shiraishi T.; Kawahara H.; Ishikawa H.; Oyama T.; Hashimoto M.; Yasugawa H.; Yano K.; Shirakusa T., 1991: A new type of t c tracheo colic shunt operation using the ileocecal valve evaluation of its function as a voice source

Watanabe H., 1988: A new type of the manifestation of colony specificity in the compound ascidian botrylloides violaceus oka

Zeng Q.; Zhu X., 1990: A new type of tissue section means for ultrastructure cytochemistry

Et Al, 1988: A new type of transforming growth factor beta tgf beta 3

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955392

Famiglietti E.V., 1990: A new type of wide field horizontal cell presumably linked to blue cones in rabbit retina

Krsinic F., 1990: A new type of zooplankton sampler

Koike H.; Asami T.; Yoshida S.; Takahashi N.; Inoue Y., 1989: A new type photosystem ii inhibitor which blocks electron transport in water oxidation system

Hartshorne, T.; Agabian, N., 1990: A new u2 rna secondary structure provided by phylogenetic analysis of trypanosomatoid u2 rna

Groning K.; Palfi Z.; Gupta S.; Cross M.; Wolff T.; Bindereif A., 1991: A new u6 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein specific protein conserved between cis and trans splicing systems

Hilger I.; Ullrich S.; Anders K., 1991: A new ulcerative flexibacteriosis like disease yellow pest affecting young atlantic cod gadus morhua from the german wadden sea

Dymling S.O.; Persson H.W.; Hertz T.G.; Lindstrom K., 1991: A new ultrasonic method for fluid property measurements

Roesch T.; Classen M., 1990: A new ultrasonic probe for endosonographic imaging of the upper gi tract preliminary observations

Alanen A., 1988: A new ultrasonic technique for quantifying blood echogenicity

Tsutsumi Y.; Andoh Y.; Sakaguchi J., 1989: A new ultrasound guided brain biopsy technique through a burr hole

Hisamatsu M.; Impallomeni G.; York W.S.; Albersheim P.; Darvill A.G., 1991: A new undecasaccharide subunit of xyloglucans with two alpha l fucosyl residues

Xu J L.; Mao S Z., 1989: A new understanding of the bohaidinioid dinoflagellates

Bozo E.K.; Szilagyi G.; Lango J.; Pelczer I., 1989: A new unexpected ring closure from 3 amino 1 5 diaryl 1h 1 2 4 triazoles

Barneby R.C., 1991: A new unifoliolate lupinus fabaceae lupininae from the brazilian planalto

Como P.F.; Wylie B.R.; Trent R.J.; Bruce D.; Volpato F.; Wilkinson T.; Kronenberg H.; Holland R.A.B.; Tibben E.A., 1991: A new unstable and low oxygen affinity hemoglobin variant hb stanmore beta 111g13val ala

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955409

Buttler C.J., 1991: A new upper ordovician bryozoan fauna from the slade and redhill beds south wales uk

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955411

Janarthanam, M. K.; Henry, A. N., 1986: A new utricularia l. lentibulariaceae from kerala india

Boeger P., 1988: A new uv a b protecting pigment in the terrestrial cyanobacterium nostoc commune

Meszaros J.; Szemeredi G.; Kiss Z.; Geza T., 1992: A new vaccine against newcastle disease

Bock H.L.; Klockmann U.; Juengst C.; Schindel Kuenzel F.; Theobald K.; Zerban R., 1990: A new vaccine against tick borne encephalitis initial trial in man including a dose response study

Scheiflinger F.; Bodemer W., 1991: A new vaccinia recombinant plasmid psc 0

Almeda F.; Breedlove D.E., 1992: A new vaccinium ericaceae vaccinieae from guerrero mexico

Burgaz A.R.; Ventureira M., 1990: A new vagrant terricolous lichen community parmelietum rysoleae

Debets A.J.J.; Hupe K P.; Brinkman U.A.T.; Kok W.T., 1990: A new valve for zone electrophoretic sample treatment coupled on line with high performance liquid chromatography

Axelson H.; Panda C.K.; Silva S.; Sugiyama H.; Weiner F.; Klein G.; Sumegi J., 1991: A new variant 15 16 translocation in mouse plasmacytoma leads to the juxtaposition of c myc and immunoglobulin lambda

Ramachandran M.; Gu L H.; Wilson J.B.; Kitundu M.N.; Adekile A.D.; Liu J C.; Mckie K.M.; Huisman T.H.J., 1992: A new variant hb muscat alpha 2 beta 232b14leu val observed in association with hb s in an arabian family

Elston J.S., 1992: A new variant of blepharospasm

Lanza, F.; Stierle, A.; Fourmier, D.; Morales, M.; Andre, G.; Nurden, A. T.; Cazenave, J. P., 1992: A new variant of glanzmann's thrombasthenia strasbourg i platelets with functionally defective glycoprotein iib iiia complexes and a glycoprotein iiia 214arg 214trp mutation

Guenthert U.; Hofmann M.; Rudy W.; Reber S.; Zoller M.; Haussman I.; Matzku S.; Wenzel A.; Ponta H.; Herrlich P., 1991: A new variant of glycoprotein cd44 confers metastatic potential to rat carcinoma cells

Wang A L., 1988: A new variant of platelet aggregation defect

Blahova S.; Kisselyova N.P.; Bies J.; Kisselyov F.L.; Grofova M., 1991: A new variant of rous sarcoma virus 33 nondefective pathogenic for rats

Katoh H.; Utsu S.; Wakana S.; Li Q F., 1990: A new variant of the es 4 locus in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955429

Castaman G.; Rodeghiero F.; Lattuada A.; Mannucci P.M., 1992: A new variant of von willebrand disease type ii i with a normal degree of proteolytic cleavage of von willebrand factor

Najfeld V.; Scalise A.; Troy K., 1989: A new variant translocation 11 17 in a patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia together with translocation 7 12

Chen S L., 1991: A new variety and new varietal combinations in chinese verbenaceae

Lee S.; Chung Y.; Lee J., 1990: A new variety of adenophora adenophora remotiflora var hirticalyx new variety

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955434

Sahni K.C., 1989: A new variety of blue pine from the eastern himalaya india

Maekawa N., 1991: A new variety of botryobasidium candicans corticiaceae aphyllophorales

Soulard M.; Barque J P.; Della Valle V.; Danon F.; Larsen C J., 1990: A new variety of canine autoantibodies recognizes a 40 kd glycoprotein antigen in the nucleus of mammalian cells

Rodrigues L., 1988: A new variety of cymbella perpusilla cleve

Dayal R., 1988: A new variety of dictyomorpha dioica couch mullins

Tiehm A.; Holmgren P.K., 1991: A new variety of draba oreibata brassicaceae from nevada usa

Imazu M.; Kakishima M., 1992: A new variety of endocronartium sahoanum found on pinus pumila in hokkaido japan

Reveal J.L.; Stebbins J.C.; Clines J.M., 1989: A new variety of eriogonum nudum polygonaceae eriogonoideae from the southern sierra nevada california usa

Reveal J.L.; Shevock J.R., 1989: A new variety of eriogonum prattenianum polygonaceae eriogonoideae from the southern sierra nevada california usa

Shevock J.R.; Allen G.A., 1991: A new variety of erythronium citrinum liliaceae from the scott mountains of northwest california usa

Oda T.; Yokohata Y.; Matsuoka H.; Terada Y.; Kinosita T.; Nakashima T., 1991: A new variety of italian ryegrass minamiaoba

Prevot A.; Perrin J.L.; Laclaverie G.; Auge P.; Coustille J.L., 1990: A new variety of low linolenic rapeseed oil characteristics and room odor tests

Judd W.S., 1990: A new variety of lyonia ericaceae from puerto rico west indies

Zhao S., 1991: A new variety of methylomonas methanica

Rodriguez, R. H., 1989: A new variety of paspalum l. gramineae from the amazonas federal territory venezuela

Liang L., 1991: A new variety of phoma exigua

Kowal R.R., 1991: A new variety of senecio asteraceae senecioneae from the sierra de manantlan jalisco mexico with notes on the senecio roldana complex

Flower, R. J., 1989: A new variety of tabellaria binalis ehrenb. grun. from several acid lakes in the uk

Khursevich G.K.; Bazhenov O.P., 1990: A new variety of the genus stephanodiscus alpinus bacillariophyta in the plankton of the yenisei river russian sfsr ussr

Xu B.; Qiu J.; Huang S.; Zhang Y., 1989: A new variety of vaccinium bracteatum

Zaidemberg C.; Siebert J.W.; Angrigiani C., 1991: A new vascularized bone graft for scaphoid nonunion

Leonardo E.D.; Sedivy J.M., 1990: A new vector for cloning large eukaryotic dna segments in escherichia coli

Hesselvik J.F.; Bengtsson M.; Johnson A., 1992: A new ventilator converter with the siemens servo ventilator evaluation in a lung model

Gardner S.M., 1989: A new vermetid from the west coast of mexico gastropoda vermetidae

Bessodes M.; Saiah M.; Antonakis K., 1992: A new versatile and stereospecific route to unusual amino acids the enantiospecific total synthesis of statine amide and its its three stereoisomers

Arnone A.; Bravo P.; Cavicchio G.; Frigerio M.; Marchetti V.; Viani F.; Zappala C., 1992: A new versatile fluorinated c 4 chiron

Wessjohann L.; Krass N.; Yu D.; De Meijere A., 1992: A new versatile synthesis of ring substituted 2 cyclopropylglycines and related amino acids

Nygaard L.C.; Eimas P.D., 1990: A new version of duplex perception evidence for phonetic and nonphonetic fusion

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955464

Rubidge B.S., 1990: A new vertebrate biozone at the base of the beaufort group karoo sequence south africa

Koufos G.D.; Syrides G.E.; Koliadimou K.K.; Kostopoulos D.S., 1991: A new vertebrate locality with hominoid in the late miocene of macedonia greece

Van Daele M.; Joosten J.; Devos P.; Vandecruys A.; Willems J.L.; De Roo M., 1991: A new vertex finding algorithm for the oblique rotation step in factor analysis

Swartzman E.; Kapoor S.; Graham A.F.; Meighen E.A., 1990: A new vibrio fischeri lux gene precedes a bidirectional termination site for the lux operon

Maxted N., 1988: A new vicia from southwest turkey

Bhargava V., 1990: A new video intensity based wall motion analysis technique

Yuan F.; Chien S.; Weinbaum S., 1991: A new view of convective diffusive transport processes in the arterial intima

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955472

Mikami K.; Wakabayashi H.; Nakai T., 1991: A new vinylsilane substitution reaction with glyoxylate asymmetric synthesis of alpha hydroxy beta gamma unsaturated esters

Nauenburg J.D., 1990: A new viola arvensis taxon from central europe with an identification key for the viola tricolor and viola lutea species groups

Reddick B.B.; Collins Shepard M.H.; Christie R.G.; Gooding G.V.Jr, 1992: A new virus disease in north america caused by tobacco vein banding mosaic virus

Walsh J.A.; Clay C.M.; Miller A., 1990: A new virus disease of watercress in england uk

Lu Y.; Nadala E.C.B.Jr; Brock J.A.; Loh P.C., 1991: A new virus isolated from infectious hypodermal and hematopoietic necrosis virus ihhnv infected penaeid shrimps

Halbhuber K J.; Feuerstein H., 1991: A new visualization principle of cerium phosphate reaction product of phosphatases in cryotome sections for light microscopy the cerium oxalate osmium silver ce ox os ag method

Tyut'kova L.A., 1989: A new vole species rodentia from the late pliocene of the southeastern kazakh ssr ussr

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955484

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955503

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955514

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955515

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955581

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955582

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955588

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955589

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955590

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955605

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955606

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955626

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955627

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955657

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955658

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955659

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955707

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955708

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955709

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955761

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955765

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955860

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Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955951

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Holland P.W., 1989: A note on the covariance of the mantel haenszel log odds ratio estimator and the sample marginal rates

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Ammal, L. S.; Bhavanandan, K. V., 1990: A note on the cytology of a tetraploid cytotype of diplazium polypodioides bl. from idukki kerala south india

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Van Den Berg R.A.; Schoonbee H.J.; Du Preez H.H., 1990: A note on the dependence of juvenile marron cherax tenuimanus smith decapoda parastacidae on filter feeding

Section 7, Chapter 6956, Accession 006955985

Jansen J.K.S., 1991: A note on the development of the vestibulo ocular pathway in the chicken

Chon W.K.; Hong Y.S.; Ryoo M.I., 1991: A note on the development of tribolium castaneum coleoptera tenebrionidae on brown rice oryza sativa l

Harrison T.D., 1991: A note on the diet and feeding selectivity of juvenile riverbream acanthopagrus berda forskal 1775 in a subtropical mangrove creek

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Gordon J.D.M.; Duncan J.A.R., 1989: A note on the distribution and diet of deep water rays rajidae in an area of the rockall trough

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Lacerda L.D.D.; Carvalho C.E.V.D.; Gomes M.P., 1989: A note on the distribution of manganese zinc and copper in crabs from septiba bay rio de janiero brazil

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Wu H Q., 1990: A note on the dynamics of montane virgin picea jezoensis forest in the greater khingan mts northeastern china

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Graham H.; Pettersson D., 1992: A note on the effect of a beta glucanase and a multi enzyme on production in broiler chicks fed a barley based diet

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