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A new tribal placement for the australasian genera homethes and aeolodermus coleoptera carabidae odacanthini

A new tribal placement for the australasian genera homethes and aeolodermus coleoptera carabidae odacanthini

Pan-Pacific Entomologist 66(4): 312-321

ISSN/ISBN: 0031-0603

Homethes Newman and Aeolodermus Andrewes are removed from tribe Platynini and place in Odacanthini based on synapomorphies of the male terminalia and female reproductive tract. Cladistic analysis based on 25 internal and external morphological characters of 11 odacanthine taxa supports Scopodes Erichson as the sister-group to the clade of Homethes + Aeolodermus, and corroborates the synonymy of tribe Petagonicini with Odacanthini.

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Accession: 006955302

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