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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6957

Chapter 6957 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fondevila M.; Newbold C.J.; Hotten P.M.; Orskov E.R., 1990: A note on the effect of aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract on the rumen fermentation of sheep given straw

Perez Lanzac J.; Thielmans M.F.; Bodart C., 1990: A note on the effect of cecectomy in pigs fed different amounts of dietary fiber

Estevez M.R.; Gutierrez O.; Crespo G., 1988: A note on the effect of cutting age on the levels of beta carotene in star grass relationship between carotene and crude protein

Kemm E.H.; Siebrits F.K.; Barnes P.M., 1990: A note on the effect of dietary protein concentration sex type and live weight on whole body amino acid composition of the growing pig

Wadsworth J., 1988: A note on the effect of dry season feeding treatment on the subsequent growth at pasture during the wet season of brahman steers

Petherick J.C.; Blackshaw J.K., 1989: A note on the effect of feeding regime on the performance of sows housed in a novel group housing system

Thomson E.F.; Bahhady F.A., 1988: A note on the effect of live weight at mating on fertility of awassi ewes in semi arid northwest syria

Lynch G.A.; Hunt M.E.; Mccutcheon S.N., 1990: A note on the effect of monensin sodium administered by intraruminal controlled release devices on productivity of dairy cows at pasture

Culleton N.; Tunney H.; Murphy W.E., 1990: A note on the effect of phosphorus on the establishment of lolium perenne in an outdoor pot experiment

Gunn R.G.; Maxwell T.J.; Smith W.F.; Agnew R.D.M.; Kerr C.D.; Sim D.A., 1991: A note on the effect of post mating stocking rate on reproductive performance of greyface ewes

Lui K J., 1992: A note on the effect of the intraclass correlation in the multiple reading procedure with a unanimity rule

Boucourt R.; Galindo J.; Elias A.; Riveri Z., 1990: A note on the effect of the storage period in the residual microflora of torula yeast

Castillo E.; Lopez A., 1988: A note on the effect of two concentrate forage hay ratios in semen quality of adult holstein bulls

Leterme P.; Pirard L.; Thewis A., 1992: A note on the effect of wood cellulose level in protein free diets on the recovery and amino acid composition of endogenous protein collected from the ileum in pigs

Bonavera J.J.; Schiersmann G.C.S.; Alberio R.H.; Mestre J., 1990: A note on the effects of 72 hour calf removal and or bull exposure upon post partum reproductive performance of angus cows

Hanekom N., 1989: A note on the effects of a flood of medium intensity on macrobenthos of soft substrate in the swartkops estuary south africa

Sakai T.; Nishino M.; Hamakawa M.; Yoon C S.; Thirapatsakun T., 1992: A note on the effects of environmental temperature on live weight gain during fattening of pigs

Wright I.A.; Rhind S.M.; Whyte T.K., 1992: A note on the effects of pattern of food intake and body condition on the duration of the post partum anoestrous period and lh profiles in beef cows

Land M.F., 1992: A note on the elongated eye of the octopus vitreledonella richardi

Jordan J.W.; Moss B.W.; Mcallister A., 1988: A note on the energy metabolism of the neonatal pig as affected by age and live weight at birth

Haraldsson B.; Johnsson E.; Rippe B., 1991: A note on the errors of using venous congestion in intact rats for determinations of microvascular permeability

Selvin S.; Rappaport S.M., 1989: A note on the estimation of the mean value from a lognormal distribution

Higgins P.G.; Barrow G.I.; Gallbraith A.W.; Frost H.; Tyrrell D.A.J., 1989: A note on the failure of cgp 19835 a mtp pe to influence the course of influenza a2 infection in human volunteers

Mastrantuono L., 1988: A note on the feeding of amphichaeta leydigii oligochaeta naididae in lacustrine sandy shores

Chan E.H., 1988: A note on the feeding of leatherback dermochelys coriacea hatchlings

Diaz J.; Diaz C.P.; Elias A., 1988: A note on the feeding of pregnant sows with pig manure silage and final molasses alone or enriched with other feedstuffs

Stockdale C.R., 1992: A note on the feeding value of persian clover grazed by dairy cows in mid lactation

Mcpherson F.M., 1988: A note on the female norms of the hdhq

Johnson A.F.; Abrahamson W.C., 1990: A note on the fire responses of species in rosemary scrubs on the southern lake wales ridge florida usa

Bruce A.J., 1988: A note on the first zoeal stage larva of hymenocera picta dana crustacea decapoda palaemonidae

Mirza M.R.; Khan S., 1987: A note on the fish of deosai plain pakistan with the description of papillated labial plate in the genus diptychus

Konta, F.; Li, P. T.; Kikkawa, K., 1989: A note on the floral morphology of telosma cordata burm. f. merr. asclepiadaceae

Kitagawa, J.; Konta, F., 1990: A note on the floral morphology of tylophora aristolochioides miq. asclepiadaceae

Hankey C.; Kay M., 1988: A note on the food conversion and meat quality of crossbred aberdeen angus and charolais heifers

Nicholson I.R., 1992: A note on the generalizability of assortative mating coefficients for personality

Cohen Salmon C.; Lhotellier L.; Crusio W.E.; Ward R., 1989: A note on the genetics of a unilateral senile cataract in mice

Zemmouri A., 1991: A note on the genus artemia new record in algeria

Culleton N.; Mccarthy V.; Mcgilloway D., 1991: A note on the germinability and early seedling growth of lolium perenne

Swatland H.J., 1990: A note on the growth of connective tissues binding turkey muscle fibers together

Kowtal G.V.; Gupta S.D., 1989: A note on the hybridization between gray mullets mugil speiglerii x mugil subviridis

Van Den Brink F.W.B.; Van Der Velde G.; Bij De Vaate A., 1989: A note on the immigration of corophium curvispinum new record sars 1895 crustacea amphipoda into the netherlands via the river rhine

Janardhanan P.V.; Nair K.P., 1990: A note on the incidence and pattern of metoestrual bleeding in cross bred cattle

Kinsella C.; Austin F.H., 1990: A note on the incidence of clinical mastitis in commercial irish dairy herds

Gonzalez L.; Perez P.; Fraga L.M.; Gutierrez O.; Llerandi R., 1990: A note on the incubating performance of eggs from the inter se cross of a heavy strain with naked neck heterozygosity

Ellis M.; Rowlinson P., 1989: A note on the influence of an acidified liquid sow milk replacer on the performance of sucking and early weaned piglets

O'kiely P., 1991: A note on the influence of five absorbents on silage composition and effluent retention in small scale silos

Dijkman J.T., 1992: A note on the influence of negative gradients on the energy expenditure of donkeys walking carrying and pulling loads

Mackenzie, I. S., 1989: A note on the information theoretic basis for fitt's law

Stutzenberger F., 1989: A note on the inhibition of cellulase binding to protein extracted lucerne fiber by denatured enzyme

Preusch P.C.; Siegel D.; Gibson N.W.; Ross D., 1991: A note on the inhibition of dt diaphorase by dicoumarol

Fasel J., 1989: A note on the intraosseous course of the chorda tympani

Hill A.W.; Brady C.A., 1989: A note on the isolation and propagation of lytic phages from streptococcus uberis and their potential for strain typing

Rivilla R.; Gonzalez C.C., 1991: A note on the isolation of psychrotrophic coliform organisms from fecal polluted environments

De Haer L.C.M.; Merks J.W.M.; Kooper H.G.; Buiting G.A.J.; Van Hattum J.A., 1992: A note on the ivog station a feeding station to record the individual food intake of group housed growing pigs

Suciu R.; Rab P., 1992: A note on the karyotype of percarina demidoffi pisces percidae

Kennedy W.J.; Summesberger H., 1988: A note on the lectotype of ammonites galicianus favre 1869

Emmel T.C., 1991: A note on the life history of dynastor napoleon in southern brazil lepidoptera nymphalidae brassolinae

Salgado C.; Nieto B.; Toro M.A., 1989: A note on the linearity of parent offspring regression for sternopleural bristle number of drosophila melanogaster

Essien A.I.; Fetuga B.L., 1989: A note on the live weight growth in indigenous nigerian pigs

Bond K.; Stutzenberger F., 1989: A note on the localization of cellulosome formation in thermomonospora curvata

Geronimus A.T.; Neidert L.J.; Bound J., 1990: A note on the measurement of hypertension in hhanes

Kaul M.; Taneja N., 1989: A note on the microbial quality of selected spices

Stewart, C. A., 1991: A note on the microdistribution of the red backed vole clethrionomys gapperi in the e. n. huyck preserve new york usa

Dwivedi N.K.; Suryanarayana N.; Susheelamma B.N., 1988: A note on the microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in cudrania javanensis trecul

Fadel I.; Owen J.B.; Kassem R.; Juha H., 1989: A note on the milk composition of awassi ewes

Velasquez L.; Ibanez I.; Herrera C.; Oyarzun M., 1991: A note on the nutritional evaluation of worm meal eisenia foetida in diets for rainbow trout

Lakshminarayana G.; Rao N.K., 1988: A note on the occurrence of ptilophyllum flora from the chintalapudi sub basin pranhita godavari valley khammam district andhra pradesh india

O'sullivan E.; Dowley L.J., 1991: A note on the occurrence of the a2 mating type and self fertile isolates of phytophthora infestans in the republic of ireland uk

Jonasen B., 1991: A note on the open mouth tongue out omto display in dairy cows

Chattopadhyay K.C., 1987: A note on the order structure of proximities inducing a topology

Scalia F.; Gallousis G.; Roca S., 1991: A note on the organization of the amphibian olfactory bulb

Istasse L.; Van Eenaeme C.; Baldwin P.; Djiele N.K.; Bienfait J.M., 1989: A note on the performances of growing fattening bulls offered a maize based diet supplemented with amyfeed comparison with glutenfeed

Feughelman M., 1990: A note on the permanent setting of human hair

Al Hadithi S.A.; Goulder R., 1989: A note on the physiological state of epiphytic bacteria compared with planktonic bacteria in two organically enriched watercourses

Bromley H.J., 1986: A note on the plecoptera of israel

Kim K.H.; Nilsson S.; Praglowski J., 1988: A note on the pollen morphology of the empetraceae

Osoro K.; Wright I.A., 1991: A note on the post weaning performance of autumn born suckled calves

Eizaguirre M.; Albajes R.; Galichet P.F., 1990: A note on the presence in catalonia spain of a parasitic system bound to the tachinid fly lydella thompsoni herting parasitoid of corn borers

Matteoni J.A.; Sinclair W.A., 1989: A note on the presence of elm yellows in the niagara peninsula ontario canada

Mitani M., 1990: A note on the present situation of the primate fauna found from south eastern cameroon to northern congo

Sasieni P., 1992: A note on the presentation of matched case control data

Petruccioli M.; Gallo Federici R., 1992: A note on the production of extracellular hydrolytic enzymes by yeast like fungi and related microorganisms

Wright M.G., 1988: A note on the reaction of angulate tortoises to fire in fynbos

Varju D., 1990: A note on the reafference principle

Dassios G.; Sleeman B.D., 1992: A note on the reconstruction of ellipsoids from the x ray transform

Jones E.L.; Roberts J.E., 1991: A note on the relationship between palatability and water soluble carbohydrates content in perennial ryegrass

Schall R.; Dunne T.T., 1992: A note on the relationship between parameter collinearity and local influence

Lopez Bote C.; Warriss P.D., 1988: A note on the relationships between measures of water holding capacity in the longissimus dorsi muscle and total drip loss from butchered pig carcasses during storage

Takenaka S., 1991: A note on the reproduction of the lizard lacerta vivipara in hokkaido japan

Yamamoto A.; Nakaije T., 1988: A note on the reproductive type and the distribution of cytomium falcatum sensu lato dryopteris varia var saxifraga and dryopteris varia var setosa in aomori prefecture japan

Nakaike T.; Matsumoto S., 1990: A note on the reproductive type distribution habitat and character variation of cyrtomium falcatum dryopteridaceae in amami ooshima islands japan

Tan P.V.; Bryant M.J., 1991: A note on the response of store lambs to iso nitrogenous diets containing rapeseed meal or fish meal

Berrio I.; Viamonte O.; Szcipel B.; Fraga L.; Cardenas M., 1991: A note on the response to eimeria tenella by white leghorn naked neck na chicks

Kodell R.J.; Chen J.J.; Gaylor D.W., 1989: A note on the role of background tumor incidence in risk assessment for carcinogens

Jha A.K., 1989: A note on the root development in dry tropical naturally revegetated coalmine spoils

Malik S.; Ahmad N.; Akram M., 1991: A note on the root promoting activity of salix acmophylla boiss

Vosniakou A.G.; Doney J.M.; Tsakalof P., 1989: A note on the seasonal estrous period in three breed of greek dairy sheep

Hone J.; Short J., 1988: A note on the sightability of emus during an aerial survey

Bodmer R.E.; Gubista K.R., 1988: A note on the social structure of free ranging okapi

Kumar I.S.; Sreenivas K.; Reddy K.R.; Reddy B.J.; Ramesh K., 1990: A note on the spectroscopic studies of marine shell mytilus sp

Solow A.R., 1990: A note on the statistical properties of animal locations

King M.; Sadlier R.A.; Horner P., 1989: A note on the status of gehyra baliola dumeril and dumeril 1851 in australia

Robinson N.A.; Sherwin W.B.; Brown P.R., 1991: A note on the status of the eastern barred bandicoot parameles gunii in tasmania

Kaushik A.D.; Sharma V.K., 1990: A note on the structural status of chrysopogon grassland of siwalik hills

O'neill M.H.B., 1980: A note on the subgeneric position of dosinia macroptera fleming

Luffman M.; Buszard D., 1990: A note on the susceptibility of six red raspberry cultivars and tayberry to fruit infection by late yellow rust

Downie S.R.; Mcneill J., 1990: A note on the taxonomic status of euphrasia randii scrophulariaceae

Johansson A., 1989: A note on the theoretical consideration of the crystal and amorphous regions in a cellulose fiber

Delfa R.; Teixeira A.; Colomer Rocher F., 1989: A note on the use of a lumbar joint as a predictor of body fat depots in aragonesa ewes with different body condition scores

Ruiz R.; Cairo J., 1989: A note on the use of a micromethod for fiber determination in pastures and forages

Tannock G.W.; Mcconnell M.A.; Fuller R., 1992: A note on the use of a plasmid as a dna probe in the detection of a lactobacillus fermentum strain in porcine stomach contents

Mould F.L., 1990: A note on the use of a rising plate meter to estimate herbage yield

Izzo P.N., 1991: A note on the use of biocytin in anterograde tracing studies in the central nervous system application at both light and electron microscopic level

Diaz J.; Elias A.; Castaneda S., 1990: A note on the use of different levels of final molasses and feed with saccharina for pregnant sows

Bailey M.J., 1988: A note on the use of dinitrosalicylic acid for determining the products of enzymatic reactions

Caballero R.; Rioperez J.; Fernandez E.; Marin M.T.; Fernandez C., 1992: A note on the use of field beans vicia faba in lamb finishing diets

Cosgrove J.R.; King J.W.B.; Brodie D.A., 1988: A note on the use of impedance measurements for the prediction of carcass composition in lambs

Toro M.; Silio L.; Perez Enciso M., 1991: A note on the use of mate selection in closed moet breeding schemes

Cheng H.H.; Hanlon J.J., 1990: A note on the use of microbial insecticides for the control of tomato hornworms on flue cured tobacco

Vincent I.C.; Hill R.; Campling R.C., 1990: A note on the use of rapeseed sunflower and soy bean meals as protein sources in compound foods for milking cattle

Khan A.Z.; Aarons L., 1989: A note on the use of salicylate saliva concentration in clinical pharmacokinetic studies

Gatel F.; Fekete J.; Grosjean F., 1989: A note on the use of spring pea pisum sativum hortense in diets for weaned pigs

Anthony J.C., 1990: A note on the use of statistical models in epidemiologic research on illicit drug use

Ghosh T.K.; Dey A.; Samanta A.; Ray B.; Patra U.K.; Mazumdar T.K., 1990: A note on the use of sunhemp crotalaria juncea seeds in the feeding of goats

Bland J.M.; Altman D.G., 1990: A note on the use of the intraclass correlation coefficient in the evaluation of agreement between two methods of measurement

Groves M.J.; Bisset N.G., 1991: A note on the use of topical digitalis prior to william withering

Nicholson, M. J.; Little, D. A., 1989: A note on the usefulness of skinfold thickness v. condition score for estimating body fat content in boran cattle

Gifford D.R., 1989: A note on the variation in fleece characteristics over the body of australian angora bucks

Zygoyiannis D.; Katsaunis N., 1991: A note on the variation of protein fractions in the milk of indigenous greek goats capra prisca during the milking period

Zahran M.A.; Ziada M.E.A.; El Demerdash M.A.; Khedr A.A., 1989: A note on the vegetation on islands in lake manzala egypt

Ruffell A.H., 1989: A note on the weald atherfield clay junction at brook surrey england uk

Dostalek J.; Kolbek J.; Jabolimek I., 1990: A note on the weed vegetation of soy bean fields in north korea

Dabas Y.P.S.; Sud S.C., 1989: A note on three day steroid therapy for induction of lactation in infertile heifers

De Jong R., 1991: A note on three species of taractrocera butler lepidoptera hesperiidae

Minato H., 1992: A note on tropidauchenia fuchsi from kweilin china clausiliidae garnieriinae

Motro U.; Cohen D., 1989: A note on vigilance behavior and stability against recognizable social parasites

Gimenez Amaya J.M., 1991: A note upon the striatal distribution of cytochrome oxidase activity in the rat and in the cat

Malaisse F., 1990: A noteworthy monadenium euphorbiaceae in the piedmont open woodlands of the kundelungu plateau zaire

Lammers H., 1992: A noteworthy variation of cotylidia undulata

Pedretti V.; Veyrieres A.; Sinay P., 1990: A novel 1 3 o c silyl rearrangement in carbohydrate chemistry synthesis of alpha d glycopyranosyltrimethylsilanes

Matsuda, Y.; Gotou, H.; Katou, K.; Matsumoto, H.; Yamashita, M.; Takahashi, K.; Ide, S., 1990: A novel 1 6 cyclization of imidazolium n allylides 1. formation of mesomeric betaines 8 oxoimidazo 1 2 a pyridiniumides

Matsuda Y.; Gotou H.; Katou K.; Matsumoto H.; Yamashita M.; Takahashi K.; Ide S.; Furuno K.; Torisu K., 1991: A novel 1 6 cyclization of imidazolium n allylides 2 1 formation of the mesomeric betaine 7 iminoimidazo 1 2 alpha pyridiniumide

Traub L.M.; Evans W.H.; Sagi Eisenberg R., 1990: A novel 100 kda protein localized to receptor enriched endosomes is immunologically related to the signal transducing guanine nucleotide binding proteins g t and g i

Kloc M.; Reddy B.; Crawford S.; Etkin L.D., 1991: A novel 110 kda maternal caax box containing protein from xenopus is palmitoylated and isoprenylated when expressed in baculovirus

Waters M.G.; Clary D.O.; Rothman J.E., 1992: A novel 115 kd peripheral membrane protein is required for intercisternal transport in the golgi stack

Walent J.H.; Porter B.W.; Martin T.F.J., 1992: A novel 145 kd brain cytosolic protein reconstitutes calcium regulated secretion in permeable neuroendocrine cells

Milner P.G.; Li Y S.; Hoffman R.M.; Kodner C.M.; Siegel N.R.; Deuel T.F., 1989: A novel 17 kd heparin binding growth factor hbgf 8 in bovine uterus purification and amino terminal amino acid sequence

Flanagan T.; Taylor L.; Poulter L.; Viveros O.H.; Diliberto E.J.Jr, 1990: A novel 1745 dalton pyroglutamyl peptide derived from chromogranin b is in the bovine adrenomedullary chromaffin vesicle

Shalitin C.; Epelbaum R.; Valansi C.; Segal R.; Mekori T.; Lover B.; Robinson E., 1991: A novel 21 kda protein as a serum marker for benign and malignant urogenital tumors preliminary communication

Maekawa S.; Toriyama M.; Sakai H., 1992: A novel 24 kda microtubule associated protein purified from sea urchin eggs

Belunis C.J.; Mdluli K.E.; Raetz C.R.H.; Nano F.E., 1992: A novel 3 deoxy d mannooctulosonic acid transferase from chlamydia trachomatis required for expression of the genus specific epitope

Bakke, M.; Lund, J., 1992: A novel 3' 5' cyclic adenosine monophosphate responsive sequence in the bovine cyp17 gene is a target of negative regulation by protein kinase c

Hombach J.; Leclercq L.; Radbruch A.; Rajewsky K.; Reth M., 1988: A novel 34 kd protein co isolated with the igm molecule in surface igm expressing cells

Ohtsuka K.; Masuda A.; Nakai A.; Nagata K., 1990: A novel 40 kda protein induced by heat shock and other stresses in mammalian and avian cells

Guialis A.; Moraitou M.; Patrinou Georgoula M.; Dangli A., 1991: A novel 40s multi small nuclear rnp complex isolated from rat liver nuclei

Soulard M.; Barque J P.; Della Valle V.; Hernandez Verdun D.; Masson C.; Danon F.; Larsen C J., 1991: A novel 43 kda glycoprotein is detected in the nucleus of mammalian cells by autoantibodies from dogs with autoimmune disorders

Scarpa S.; Reddy M.P.; Bressani N.; Mims S.; Massari F.; Triche T.J., 1989: A novel 500000 da linear single chain extracellular protein synthesized by several childhood tumors

Maekawa S.; Ohta K.; Sakai H., 1988: A novel 53 kda actin binding protein from porcine brain further biochemical and immunological characterization

Bassuk J.A.; Berg R.A., 1991: A novel 53 kda polypeptide from chicken embryo

Imanaka T.; Lazarow P.B.; Takano T., 1991: A novel 57 kda peroxisomal membrane polypeptide detected by monoclonal antibody pxm1a 207b

Bloom G.S.; Brashear T.A., 1989: A novel 58 kda protein associates with the golgi apparatus and microtubules

Jones T.H.; Laddago A.; Don A.W.; Blum M.S., 1990: A novel 5e 9z dialkylindolizidine from the ant monomorium smithii

Carr C.; Fischbach G.D.; Cohen J.B., 1989: A novel 87000 m r protein associated with acetylcholine receptors in torpedo electric organ and vertebrate skeletal muscle

Wakagi T.; Yamauchi T.; Oshima T.; Muller M.; Azzi A.; Sone N., 1989: A novel a type terminal oxidase from sulfolobus acidocaldarius with cytochrome c oxidase activity

Chakrabarti A.; Chakraborty D.P., 1989: A novel access to biscarbazole alkaloids substituent effect on the efficiency and regioselectivity in boron fluoride diethyl ether mediated intermolecular coupling of pyranocarbazole alkaloids

Wenkert E.; Decorzant R.; Naf F., 1989: A novel access to ionone type compounds e 4 oxo beta ionone and e 4 oxo beta irone via metal catalyzed intramolecular reactions of alpha diazo ketones with furans

Yoshida H.; Oikawa S.; Ikeda M.; Reese E.T., 1989: A novel acid phosphatase excreted by penicillium funiculosum that hydrolyzes both phosphodiesters and phosphomonoesters with aryl leaving groups

Karl D.W.; Donovan M.; Flickinger M.C., 1990: A novel acid proteinase released by hybridoma cells

Qureshi M.H.; Yumoto I.; Fujiwara T.; Ori Y.F.; Yamanaka T., 1990: A novel aco type cytochrome c oxidase from a facultative alkalophilic bacillus purification and some molecular and enzymatic features

Otto S.; Marcus C.; Pidgeon C.; Jefcoate C., 1991: A novel acth inducible cytochrome p450 from rat adrenal microsomes catalyzes polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolism

Ohue T.; Koshimura K.; Lee K.; Watanabe Y.; Miwa S., 1991: A novel action of 6r l erythro 5 6 7 8 tetrahydrobiopterin a cofactor for hydroxylases of phenylalanine tyrosine and tryptophan enhancement of acetylcholine release in vivo in the rat hippocampus

Totsuka Y.; Tabuchi M.; Kojima I.; Shibai H.; Ogata E., 1988: A novel action of activin a stimulation of insulin secretion in rat pancreatic islets

Forshaw P.J.; Ray D.E., 1990: A novel action of deltamethrin on membrane resistance in mammalian skeletal muscle and non myelinated nerve fibers

Her E.; Weissman B.A.; Zor U., 1990: A novel action of glucocorticosteroid in inhibition of leukotriene c 4 production by rat basophilic leukemia cells suppression of the elevation of cytosolic free calcium induced by antigen

Tromba C.; Cohen I.S., 1990: A novel action of isoproterenol to inactivate a cardiac potassium ion current is not blocked by beta and alpha adrenergic blockers

Beitner D.B.; Duman R.S.; Nestler E.J., 1989: A novel action of morphine in the rat locus coeruleus persistent decrease in adenylate cyclase

Yang S.Y.; Denning S.M.; Mizuno S.; Dupont B.; Haynes B.F., 1988: A novel activation pathway for mature thymocytes costimulation of cd2 t p50 and cd28 t p44 induces autocrine interleukin 2 interleukin 2 receptor mediated cell proliferation

Dirksen M.L.; Jamrich M., 1992: A novel activin inducible blastopore lip specific gene of xenopus laevis contains a fork head dna binding domain

Kelleher J.E.; Raleight E.A., 1991: A novel activity in escherichia coli k 12 that directs restriction of dna modified at cg dinucleotides

Cui B.; Kinjo J.; Nakamura M.; Nohara T., 1991: A novel acylated flavonoid glycoside from astragalus complanatus

Kinkhabwala M.; Sehajpal P.; Skolnik E.; Smith D.; Sharma V.K.; Vlassara H.; Cerami A.; Suthanthiran M., 1990: A novel addition to the t cell repertory cell surface expression of tumor necrosis factor cachectin by activated normal human t cells

San Jose E.; Benguria A.; Villalobo A., 1990: A novel adenylylation process in liver plasma membrane bound proteins

Karlsen A.; Lernmark A.; Kofod H.; Dyrberg T., 1990: A novel affinity purification method to isolate peptide specific antibodies

Sidhu A., 1990: A novel affinity purification of d 1 dopamine receptors from rat striatum

Nathan I.; Aharon M.; Reisenfeld G.; Dvilansky A., 1992: A novel agarose acrobeads protein a column for selective immunoadsorbence of whole blood performance specificity and safety

Renaud, J. M.; Tsoupras, G.; Stoeckli-Evans, H.; Tabacchi, R., 1989: A novel allenic epoxycyclohexane and related compounds from eutypa lata pers f. tul

Williams J.S.; Rosevear P.R., 1991: A novel alpha proton exchange reaction catalyzed by escherichia coli methionyl transfer rna synthetase

Zhao, J. B.; Zhao, L.; Fei, Y. J.; Liu, J. C.; Huisman, T. H. J., 1991: A novel alpha thalassemia 2 minus 2.7 kb observed in a chinese patient with hb h disease

Orita S.; Saiga A.; Takagi S.; Tanaka T.; Okumura K.; Aono Y.; Hinuma Y.; Igarashi H., 1991: A novel alternatively spliced viral mrna transcribed in cells infected with human t cell leukemia virus type 1 is mainly responsible for expressing p21x protein

Tsubotani S.; Funabashi Y.; Takamoto M.; Hakoda S.; Harada S., 1991: A novel amino acid antibiotic tan 950

Mathews, I. I.; Manohar, H., 1991: A novel amino acid racemization in vitamin b 6 amino acid schiff base copper complexes crystal structures of aquo 5' phosphopyridoxylidene dl tyrosinato copper ii 3.5 water and aquo 5' phosphopyridoxylidene dl phenylalaninato copper ii 2.5 water

Lane D.A.; Erdjument H.; Thompson E.; Panico M.; Di Marzo V.; Morris H.R.; Leone G.; De Stefano V.; Thein S.L., 1989: A novel amino acid substitution in the reactive site of a congenital variant antithrombin antithrombin pescara arginine 393 to proline caused by a cgt to cct mutation

Jensen M.T.; Knudsen J.; Olson J.M., 1991: A novel aminoglycosphingolipid found in chlorobium limicola f thiosulfatophilum 6230

Hanaoka M.; Cho W.J.; Yoshida S.; Mukai C., 1989: A novel and biomimetic synthesis of chelilutine and sanguilutine

Gaxiola R.; De Larrinoa I.F.; Villalba J.M.; Serrano R., 1992: A novel and conserved salt induced protein is an important determinant of salt tolerance in yeast

Hoffamn M.G.; Zeiss H J., 1992: A novel and convenient route to l homoserine lactones and l phosphinothricin from l aspartic acid

Jung T.M.; Dailey M.O., 1989: A novel and inexpensive source of allophycocyanin for multicolor flow cytometry

Makino Y.; Ohta S.; Tasaki Y.; Tachikawa O.; Kashiwasake M.; Hirobe M., 1990: A novel and neurotoxic tetrahydroisoquinoline derivative in vivo formation of 1 3 dimethyl 1 2 3 4 tetrahydroisoquinoline a condensation product of amphetamines in brains of rats under chronic ethanol treatment

Yang Z Y.; Burton D.J., 1992: A novel and practical preparation of alpha alpha difluoro functionalized phosphonates from iododifluoromethylphosphonate

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Uematsu Y., 1991: A novel and rapid cloning method for the t cell receptor variable region sequences

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Kitagawa T.; Sakamoto Y.; Ogura H., 1989: A novel enzyme immunoassay for conidia of fusarium oxysporum f sp cucumerinum f504

Myrset A.H.; Helgeland L., 1991: A novel enzyme immunoassay for quantitation of rat prothrombin in microsomal subfractions

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Nishihara K., 1989: A novel experimental approach to immunotherapy against malignant brain tumor with the mouse ifn gamma gene transfer

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Bazan J.F., 1989: A novel family of growth factor receptors a common binding domain in the growth hormone prolactin erythropoietin and il 6 receptors and the p75 il 2 receptor beta chain

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Alexandrides T.K.; Smith R.J., 1989: A novel fetal insulin like growth factor igf i receptor mechanism for increased igf i and insulin stimulated tyrosine kinase activity in fetal muscle

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Pagano R.E.; Martin O.C.; Kang H.C.; Haugland R.P., 1991: A novel fluorescent ceramide analogue for studying membrane traffic in animal cells accumulation at the golgi apparatus results in altered spectral properties of the sphingolipid precursor

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Fukumoto Y.; Abe T.; Taki A., 1989: A novel form of colony organization in the queenless ant diacamma rugosum

Ohta K.; Motoya M.; Komori M.; Miura T.; Kitada M.; Kamataki T., 1989: A novel form of cytochrome p 450 in beagle dogs p 450 d3 is a low spin form of cytochrome p 450 but with catalytic and structural properties similar to p 450d

Pacuszka T.; Antoniewicz J., 1988: A novel form of gd 1c ganglioside iv 3 neu ac alpha 2 8 neu gc gg 4cer from murine x ray induced thymoma

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D'anna L.; Loidl C.F.; Pecci Saavedra J.; Gonzalez S.A.; Soqueff M.N.; Campastro O.J.; Fernandez R.A., 1989: A novel fully automated rotometer for the study of turning behavior comparison of results under different experimental conditions

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Takada J.; Hioki Y.; Yano M.; Fukushima Y., 1990: A novel hydrophobic amine z 5 methyl 2 2 1 naphthylethenyl 4 piperidinopyridine as a probe of the potassium ion occlusion center of sodium ion potassium ion atpase

Becker K.; Conway S., 1992: A novel hypothalamic dispersed pituitary co perifusion model for the study of growth hormone secretion

Creamer H.R., 1991: A novel hypothesis concerning the mechanisms of activation and of control of periodontal bone loss

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Holzman L.B.; Marks R.M.; Dixit V.M., 1990: A novel immediate early response gene of endothelium is induced by cytokines and encodes a secreted protein

Tanaka H.; Irie S.; Ochi H., 1989: A novel immobilization method for prevention of cell leakage from the gel matrix

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Tuson J.R.; Pascoe E.W.; Jacob D.A., 1990: A novel immunohistochemical technique for demonstration of specific binding of human monoclonal antibodies to human cryostat tissue sections

Prasad V.R.; Goff S.P., 1989: A novel in situ colony screening method to detect human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase activity expressed in bacteria isolation of pseudorevertants of reverse transcriptase mutants

Rao K.V.R.; Buri P., 1989: A novel in situ method to test polymers and coated microparticles for bioadhesion

Chisholm J.R.M.; Collingwood J C.; Gill E.F., 1990: A novel in situ respirometer for investigating photosynthesis and calcification in crustose coralline algae

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Rawlow A.; King R.G., 1990: A novel in vivo test for drugs affecting central serotonergic and adrenergic systems

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Wahlestedt C.; Reis D.J.; Yoo H.; Adamsson M.; Andersson D.; Edvisson L., 1992: A novel inositol phosphate selectively inhibits vasoconstriction evoked by the sympathetic co transmitters neuropeptide y npy and adenosine triphosphate atp

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Spohn P.K.; Prenosil J.E.; Tiefenthaler K., 1990: A novel instrumental set up for in situ detection of protein adsorption with grating coupler sensors gcs

Shimizu Y.; Shimizu N., 1989: A novel insulin binding protein with a molecular weight of 30000 daltons

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Freed E.; Gailit J.; Van Der Geer P.; Ruoslahti E.; Hunter T., 1989: A novel integrin beta subunit is associated with the vitronectin receptor alpha subunit alpha v in a human osteosarcoma cell line and is a substrate for protein kinase c

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Ge P.; Wang Z Q.; Zhang C N., 1990: A novel intermediate for anthracyclinones synthesis racemic 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 7 bromo 2 ethyl 2 hydroxy 5 8 dimethoxynaphthacene

Bedgood R.M.; Stallcup M.R., 1992: A novel intermediate in processing of murine leukemia virus envelope glycoproteins proteolytic cleavage in the late golgi region

Acharya J.K.; Rao N.A., 1992: A novel intermediate in the interaction of thiosemicarbazide with sheep liver serine hydroxymethyltransferase

Troelsen J.T.; Olsen J.; Noren O.; Sjostrom H., 1992: A novel intestinal trans factor nf lph1 interacts with the lactase phlorizin hydrolase promoter and co varies with the enzymatic activity

Kobayashi T.; Robinson J.M., 1991: A novel intracellular compartment with unusual secretory properties in human neutrophils

Deschryver Kecskemeti K.; Eliakim R.; Green K.; Alpers D.H., 1991: A novel intracellular pathway for rat intestinal digestive enzymes alkaline phosphatase and sucrase via a lamellar particle

Mancilla J.; Valdes E.; Gil L., 1989: A novel isocratic hplc method to separate and quantify acetanilide and its hydroxy aromatic derivatives 2 3 and 4 hydroxyacetanilide paracetamol or acetaminophen

Hata S.; Tsukamoto T.; Osumi T., 1992: A novel isoform of rat hepatocyte nuclear factor 4 hnf 4

Hatta, H.; Kim, M.; Yamamoto, T., 1990: A novel isolation method for hen egg yolk antibody igy

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Weber J., 1991: A novel kind of polyanions as principal components of cnidarian nematocysts

Empson R.M.; Macaskie L.E., 1988: A novel kinetic method for the evaluation of biomass supports of surface area inestimable directly using a uranium accumulating citrobacter sp immobilized within a plug flow reactor

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Almeida B.M.; Challacombe S.J.; Eveson J.W.; Smith C.G.; Leigh I.M., 1992: A novel lamina lucida component of epithelial and endothelial basement membranes detected by lh39 monoclonal antibody

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Gupta D.K.; Tartakoff A.M., 1989: A novel lectin gold density perturbation eliminates plasma membrane contaminants from golgi enriched subcellular fractions

Richomme P.; Godet M C.; Foussard F.; Toupet L.; Sevenet T.; Bruneton J., 1991: A novel leishmanicidal labdane from polyalthia macropoda

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Ahnfelt Ronne I.; Kirstein D.; Kaergaard Nielsen C., 1988: A novel leukotriene d 4 e 4 antagonist sr 2640 2 3 2 quinolylmethoxyphenylaminobenzoic acid

Eto I.; Bandy M.D., 1990: A novel leupeptin sensitive serine endopeptidase present in normal and malignant rat mammary tissues

L'hardy Halos M T.; Maggs C.A., 1991: A novel life history in aglaothamnion diaphanum new species ceramiaceae rhodophyta from brittany france and the british isles

Hagman J.; Travis A.; Grosschedl R., 1991: A novel lineage specific nuclear factor regulates mb 1 gene transcription at the early stages of b cell differentiation

Azumi K.; Ozeki S.; Yokosawa H.; Ishii S I., 1991: A novel lipopolysaccharide binding hemagglutinin isolated from hemocytes of the solitary ascidian halocynthia roretzi it can agglutinate bacteria

Okano A.; Ozawa K.; Asano S.; Takaku F.; Koike K.; Nakahata T.; Akiyama Y., 1990: A novel liquid culture system for in vitro expansion of human and murine hemopoietic stem cells using il 6 and il 3

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Jans D.A.; Resink T.J.; Hemmings B.A., 1991: A novel llc pk 1 renal epithelial cell mutant impaired in in vivo down regulation of cyclic amp mediated hormonal response

Matoba S.; Ogrydziak D.M., 1989: A novel location for dipeptidyl aminopeptidases processing sites in the alkaline extracellular protease of yarrowia lipolytica

Trucksis M.; Wolfson J.S.; Hooper D.C., 1991: A novel locus conferring fluoroquinolone resistance in staphylococcus aureus

Uchida T.; Kido H.; Yamanaga K.; Okita M.; Watanabe M., 1992: A novel loop diuretic torasemide inhibits thromboxane a 2 induced contraction in the isolated canine coronary artery

Komatsu M.; Ando S., 1992: A novel low density lipoprotein with large amounts of phospholipid found in the egg yolk of crustacea sand crayfish ibacus ciliatus its function as vitellogenin degrading proteinase

Jakowlew S.B.; Kondaiah P.; Dillard P.J.; Sporn M.B.; Roberts A.B., 1988: A novel low molecular weight ribonucleic acid rna related to transforming growth factor alpha messenger rna

Wheat P.F.; Spencer R.C.; Hastings J.G.M., 1989: A novel luminometer for rapid antimicrobial susceptibility tests on gram positive cocci by atp bioluminescence

Sneller M.C.; Straus S.E.; Jaffe E.L.S.; Jaffe J.S.; Fleisher T.A.; Stetler Stevenson M.; Strober W., 1992: A novel lymphoproliferative autoimmune syndrome resembling murine lpr gld disease

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Bai, D.; Shi, Y., 1992: A novel macrolactamization of omega p aminophenylcarboxylic acid with 2 2' dipyridyldisulfide triphenylphosphine

Fogarty W.M.; Bealin Kelly F.; Kelly C.T.; Doyle E.M., 1991: A novel maltohexaose forming alpha amylase from bacillus caldovelox patterns and mechanism of action

Matsushime H.; Jinno A.; Takagi N.; Shibuya M., 1990: A novel mammalian protein kinase gene mak is highly expressed in testicular germ cells at and after meiosis

Ueno M.; Ogawa H.; Matsumoto I.; Seno N., 1991: A novel mannose specific and sugar specifically aggregatable lectin from the bark of the japanese pagoda tree sophora japonica

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Baumal R.; Bailey D.; Giwercman A.; Skakkebaek N.; Stratis M.; Marks A., 1989: A novel maturation marker for human sertoli cells

Coghill S.B.; Shepherd A.N., 1988: A novel means of comparing the bioequivalence of two formulations of tripotassium dicitrato bismuthate de noltab

Qian Z.; Drewes L.R., 1990: A novel mechanism for acetylcholine to generate diacylglycerol in brain

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Sheppard S.C.; Sheppard M.I.; Evenden W.G., 1990: A novel method used to examine variation in technetium sorption among 34 soils aerated and anoxic

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Gazitt Y.; He Y.J.; Graham Pole J., 1992: A novel methodology for the establishment of neuroblastoma cell lines from metastatic marrow expression of surface markers neurofilaments mdr 1 and myc proteins

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Surprenant Y.M.; Zuckerman S.H., 1989: A novel microtiter plate assay for the quantitation of procoagulant activity on adherent monocytes macrophages and endothelial cells

Matsuba I.; Lernmark A., 1990: A novel microwell indirect immunofluorescence assay to detect antibodies against islet cell surface antigens in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

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Obraztsov V.V.; Kabal'nov A.S.; Sklifas A.N.; Makarov K.N., 1992: A novel model describing the excretion of perfluorocarbons from the body dissolution of fluorocarbons in the lipid components of blood

Suthanthiran M., 1990: A novel model for antigen dependent activation of normal human t cells transmembrane signaling by crosslinkage of the cd3 t cell receptor alpha beta complex with the cluster determinant 2 antigen

Ichikawa T., 1992: A novel model of autoimmune uveo retinitis in nude mice grafted with embryonic rat thymuses

Tamura Y.; Sakata Y.; Tsushima K.; Narushima S.; Yamada Y.; Ogasawara H.; Ito T.; Saitoh S.; Suzuki H.; Yoshida Y., 1990: A novel model of solitary hepatic tumor in rats using ascites hepatoma ah13 suitability for chemotherapeutic studies

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Schneider R.; Schweiger M. , 1991: A novel modular mosaic of cell adhesion motifs in the extracellular domains of the neurogenic trk and trkb tyrosine kinase receptors

Smart T.G., 1992: A novel modulatory binding site for zinc on the gaba a receptor complex in cultured rat neurones

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Nomura K.; Tajima T.; Nomura H.; Tsuno K.; Fujimura Y.; Nakajo N.; Yamana K., 1991: A novel monoclonal antibody disrupting cell type specific substratum adhesion of frog xenopus laevis epithelial cells and endothelial cells

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Koyama Y.; Yamanoha B.; Yoshida T., 1990: A novel monoclonal antibody induces the differentiation of monocyte leukemic cells

Yamashita A.; Hattori Y.; Kotani M.; Miyasaka M.; Fukumoto T., 1990: A novel monoclonal antibody mar 1 directed specifically against mononuclear phagocyte system cells in rats

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Nakamura N.; Morimura Y.; Abe M.; Wakasa H., 1991: A novel monoclonal antibody specific for human pre b cell leukemia lymphoma

Chin N.W.; Zhang R.; Nostro D.C.; Lanks K.W., 1992: A novel monoclonal antibody to cytokeratin 18 with reactivity toward lung squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas of various sites

Che C M.; Yam V.W W.; Mak T.C.W., 1990: A novel monooxoruthenium v complex containing a polydentate pyridylamine ligand syntheses reactivities and x ray crystal structure of aqua alpha bis 2 2 pyridinylethylaminomethyl 2 pyridinemethanolatoruthenium iii diperchlorate

Pilder S.H.; Hammer M.F.; Silver L.M., 1991: A novel mouse chromosome 17 hybrid sterility locus implications for the origin of t haplotypes

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Buck L.; Axel R., 1991: A novel multigene family may encode odorant receptors a molecular basis for odor recognition

Bodmeier R.; Paeratakul O., 1991: A novel multiple unit sustained release indomethacin hydroxypropyl methylcellulose delivery system prepared by ionotropic gelation of sodium alginate at elevated temperatures

Saeki Y.; Ueno S.; Takahashi N.; Soga F.; Yanagihara T., 1992: A novel mutant transthyretin ile 50 related to amyloid polyneuropathy single strand conformation polymorphism as a new genetic marker

Misra R.; Benson S.A., 1989: A novel mutation cog which results in production of a new porin protein ompg of escherichia coli k 12

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Mules E.H.; Dowling C.E.; Petersen M.B.; Kazazian H.H.Jr; Thomas G.H., 1991: A novel mutation in the invariant ag of the acceptor splice site of intron 4 of the beta hexosaminidase alpha subunit gene in two unrelated american black g m 2 gangliosidosis tay sachs disease patients

Okada H.; Toh E.A., 1992: A novel mutation occurring in the pho80 gene suppresses the pho4c mutations of saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Kobayashi, M.; Hashizume, K.; Suzuki, S.; Ichikawa, K.; Takeda, T., 1991: A novel nadph dependent cytosolic 3 5 3' triiodo l thyronine binding protein ctbp 5.1s in rat liver a comparison with 4.7s nadph dependent ctbp

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Yakuwa N.; Inoue T.; Watanabe T.; Takahashi K.; Sendo F., 1989: A novel neutrophil adherence test effectively reflects the activated state of neutrophils

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Butelman E.R., 1989: A novel nmda antagonist mk 801 impairs performance in a hippocampal dependent spatial learning task

Kedzierski W.; Porter J.C., 1991: A novel non enzymatic procedure for removing dna template from rna transcription mixtures

Glavin G.B.; Brandes L.J., 1988: A novel non h 1 non h 2 histamine antagonist protects against cysteamine induced duodenal ulcers in rats

De Erausquin G.A.; Pitra J.C.; Rey R.B.; Faiman C.P.; Baratti C.M., 1989: A novel non invasive method to measure skin potential response some pharmacological evidence

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Jaarsma D.; Korf J., 1990: A novel non perfusion timm method for human brain tissue

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Grigoryev S.A.; Solovieva V.O.; Spirin K.S.; Krasheninnikov I.A., 1992: A novel nonhistone protein ment promotes nuclear collapse at the terminal stage of avian erythropoiesis

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Winneker R.C.; Wagner M.M.; Singh B., 1990: A novel nonsteroidal inhibitor of androgen binding to the rat androgen binding protein diethyl 3 2 6 dimethyl 4 pyridinyl 4 fluorophenylaminomethylenepropanedioate

Watanabe S.; Sato S.; Nagase S.; Saito T., 1992: A novel note on the effect of ara c on the polyamine content of the male accessory organs of the rat

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Serrano M.; Salas M.; Hermoso J.M., 1990: A novel nucleoprotein complex at a replication origin

Hurt E.C., 1988: A novel nucleoskeletal like protein located at the nuclear periphery is required for the life cycle of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lu A L.; Chang D Y., 1988: A novel nucleotide excision repair for the conversion of an a g mismatch to c g base pair in escherichia coli

Ye J.N.; Cheung N K.V., 1992: A novel o acetylated ganglioside detected by anti g d 2 monoclonal antibodies

Meki M.A.; Ammar M.S., 1989: A novel obligate halo thermophilic bacterium from egyptian soils

Fucharoen S.; Fucharoen G.; Fucharoen P.; Fukumaki Y., 1989: A novel ochre mutation in the beta thalassemia gene of a thai identification by direct cloning of the entire beta globin gene amplified using polymerase chain reaction

Okamoto K.; Okazawa H.; Okuda A.; Sakai M.; Muramatsu M.; Hamada H., 1990: A novel octamer binding transcription factor is differentially expressed in mouse embryonic cells

Lakhotta S.C.; Singh A.K., 1989: A novel of heat shock polypeptides in malpighian tubules of drosophila melanogaster

Wilkinson M.F.; Kleeman J.; Richards J.; Macleod C.L., 1990: A novel oncofetal gene is expressed in a stage specific manner in murine embryonic development

Marx M.; Eychene A.; Laugier D.; Bechade C.; Crisanti P.; Dezelee P.; Pessac B.; Calothy G., 1988: A novel oncogene related to c mil is transduced in chicken neuroretina cells induced to proliferate by infection with an avian lymphomatosis virus

Jia R.; Mayer B.J.; Hanafusa T.; Hanafusa H., 1992: A novel oncogene v ryk encoding a truncated receptor tyrosine kinase is transduced into the rpl30 virus without loss of viral sequences

Ahluwalia V.K.; Aggarwal R.; Alauddin M.; Gill G.; Khanduri C.H., 1990: A novel one pot synthesis of 1 3 7 triaryl 1 2 3 4 tetrahydro 4 oxo 5 phenyl 2 thioxo 5h pyrano 2 3 d pyrimidines

Shen Y.; Xiang Y., 1991: A novel one pot synthesis of 2 4 enynyl amides

Chowdhury U.S., 1990: A novel one pot synthesis of substituted 1 4 dihydropyridines and its application to total synthesis of the alkaloid isoalamarine from alangium lamarckii thw

Ngai P.K.; Chang J Y., 1991: A novel one step purification of human alpha thrombin after direct activation of crude prothrombin enriched from plasma

Martin, N.; Segura, J. L.; Seoane, C.; Soto, J. L.; Morales, M.; Suarez, M., 1991: A novel one step synthesis of 4h furo 3 4 b pyrans and a transformation into a difuro 3 4 b 3' 4' e pyridine

Ronai A.Z.; Botyanszki J.; Hepp J.; Medzihradszky K., 1992: A novel opioid structure which accepts protonated as well as non protonated nitrogen a family of pure delta receptor selective antagonists

Behrens Thomas S.N.; Blanch H.W.; Soane D.S., 1989: A novel optical method for the measurement of biomolecular diffusion in polymer matrices

Ishizaka S.; Kuriyama S.; Kikuchi E.; Nishimura K.; Tsujii T., 1990: A novel oral adjuvant for hepatitis b virus hbv vaccines

Nishiyama, S.; Yoshikawa, M.; Yamaguchi, I., 1991: A novel orally active dopamine da prodrug ta 870 iv. renal vasodilatory and negative chronotropic effects in anesthetized dogs influence of da 1 and da 2 dopamine receptor selective antagonists

Yamaguchi, I.; Nishiyama, S.; Akimoto, Y.; Yoshikawa, M.; Nakajima, H., 1989: A novel orally active dopamine prodrug ta 870 i. renal and cardiovascular effects and plasma levels of free dopamine in dogs and rats

Nishiyama, S.; Yamaguchi, I.; Akimoto, Y.; Yoshikawa, M.; Nakajima, H., 1989: A novel orally active dopamine prodrug ta 870 ii. evidence that ta 870 is a dopamine prodrug

Nishiyama, S.; Yamaguchi, I.; Akimoto, Y.; Yoshikawa, M.; Nakajima, H., 1990: A novel orally active dopamine prodrug ta 870 iii. positive inotropic effect and cardiorenal selectivity in anesthetized dogs

Nishiyama, S.; Yamaguchi, I., 1991: A novel orally active dopamine prodrug ta 870 v. natriuretic and positive inotropic effects in rats an assessment after chronic administration

Suau R.; Silva M.V.; Valpuesta M., 1991: A novel oxidation stage in the chemistry of protoberberine alkaloids synthesis of 7 8 dehydroberbines

Kita Y.; Okunaka R.; Honda T.; Kondo M.; Tamura O.; Tamura Y., 1991: A novel oxidative intramolecular 4 plus 2 cycloaddition of silylene protected dihydroxystyrene derivatives leading to peri hydroxy polycyclic aromatic compounds a synthesis of the abcd ring system of fredericamycin a

Zimmer H.; Amer A.; Ho D.; Koch K.; Schumacher C.; Wingfield R.C., 1990: A novel oxidative skeleton rearrangement of the caffeine system

Haro R.; Garciadeblas B.; Rodriguez Navarro A., 1991: A novel p type atpase from yeast involved in sodium transport

Pang G.T.; Clancy R.L.II.; O'reilly S.E.; Cripps A.W., 1992: A novel particulate influenza vaccine induces long term and broad based immunity in mice after oral immunization

Mineo, I.; Clarke, P. R. H.; Sabina, R. L.; Holmes, E. W., 1990: A novel pathway for alternative splicing identification of an rna intermediate that generates an alternative 5' splice donor site not present in the primary transcript of ampd1

Masterson W.J.; Doering T.L.; Hart G.W.; Englund P.T., 1989: A novel pathway for glycan assembly biosynthesis of the glycosyl phosphatidylinositol anchor of the trypanosome variant surface glycoprotein

Freeze H.H.; Hindsgaul O.; Ichikawa M., 1992: A novel pathway for phosphorylated oligosaccharide biosynthesis identification of an oligosaccharide specific phosphate methyltransferase in dictyostelium discoideum

Yamamoto K.; Graziani A.; Carpenter C.; Cantley L.C.; Lapetina E.G., 1990: A novel pathway for the formation of phosphatidylinositol 3 4 bisphosphate phosphorylation of phosphatidylinositol 3 monophosphate by phosphatidylinositol 3 monophosphate 4 kinase

Phear G.; Meuth M., 1989: A novel pathway for transversion mutation induced by d ctp misincorporation in a mutator strain of cho cells

Thode S.; Schaefer A.; Pfeiffer P.; Vielmetter W., 1990: A novel pathway of dna end to end joining

Poggi A.; Maggi E.; Biagiotti R.; Giudizi M.G.; Almerigogna F.; Pella N.; Caligaris Cappio F.; Romagnani S.; Moretta L., 1990: A novel pathway of human b cell activation initiated by ck226 surface antigen

Yoshihisa T.; Anraku Y., 1990: A novel pathway of import of alpha mannosidase a marker enzyme of vacuolar membrane in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Smeda, R. J.; Vaughn, K. C.; Morrison, I. N., 1992: A novel pattern of herbicide cross resistance in a trifluralin resistant biotype of green foxtail setaria viridis l. beauv

Fakunle C.O.; Connolly J.D.; Rycroft D.S., 1989: A novel penta ester of 19 hydroxyingol from the latex of euphorbia poisonii

Dunbar P.G.; Martin A.R.; Hallberg A., 1989: A novel pentacyclic phenothiazine

Dhawan S.; Fields R.L.; Robey F.A., 1990: A novel peptide from amyloid p component supports cell attachment

Hiratsuka T., 1989: A novel peptide inhibitor of the myosin atpase from an okinawan marine sponge

Imoto T.; Miyasaka A.; Ishima R.; Akasaka K., 1991: A novel peptide isolated from the leaves of gymnema sylvestre i characterization and its suppressive effect on the neural responses to sweet taste stimuli in the rat

Moore K.S.; Bevins C.L.; Tomassini N.; Huttner K.M.; Sadler K.; Moreira J.E.; Reynolds J.; Zasloff M., 1992: A novel peptide producing cell in xenopus multinucleated gastric mucosal cell strikingly similar to the granular gland of the skin

Cockle S.M.; Aitken A.; Beg F.; Smyth D.G., 1989: A novel peptide pyroglutamylglutamylproline amide in the rabbit prostate complex structurally related to trh

Aiken S.P.; Sellin L.C.; Schmidt J.J.; Weinstein S.A.; Mcardle J.J., 1992: A novel peptide toxin from trimeresurus wagleri acts pre and post synaptically to block transmission at the rat neuromuscular junction

Saida K.; Mitsui Y.; Ishida N., 1989: A novel peptide vasoactive intestinal contractor of a new endothelin peptide family molecular cloning expression and biological activity

Kimura C.; Ohkubo S.; Ogi K.; Hosoya M.; Itoh Y.; Onda H.; Miyata A.; Jiang L.; Dahl R.R.; Et Al, 1990: A novel peptide which stimulates adenylate cyclase molecular cloning and characterization of the ovine and human complementary dna

Kushlan D.M.; Faulkner D.J., 1991: A novel perlactone from the caribbean sponge plakortis angulospiculatus

Tan H.; Okazaki K.; Kubota I.; Kamiryo T.; Utiyama H., 1990: A novel peroxisomal nonspecific lipid transfer protein from candida tropicalis gene structure purification and possible role in beta oxidation

Pelletier R.M., 1990: A novel perspective the occluding zonule encircles the apex of the sertoli cell as observed in birds

Varma R.S.; Singh A.P., 1990: A novel ph dependent separation of isatins from their isomeric mixtures

Kanda K.; Tan Y.; Aizawa K., 1989: A novel phage genome integrated into a plasmid in bacillus thuringiensis strain af101

Belani C.P.; Egorin M.J.; Abrams J.S.; Hiponia D.; Esenberger M.; Aisner J.; Van Echo D.A., 1989: A novel pharmacodynamically based approach to dose optimization of carboplatin when used in combination with etoposide

Ishii C.; Nakamura K.; Inoue H., 1991: A novel phenotype of an excision repair mutant in neurospora crassa mutagen sensitivity of the mus 18 is specific to uv

Su T Z.; Schweizer H.; Oxender D.L., 1990: A novel phosphate regulated expression vector in escherichia coli

Tamiya Koizumi K.; Umekawa H.; Yoshida S.; Ishihara H.; Kojima K., 1989: A novel phospholipase a 2 associated with nuclear matrix stimulation of the activity and modulation of the calcium dependency by polyphosphoinositides

Nakajima H.; Toyoda S.; Toba T.; Itoh T.; Mukai T.; Kitazawa H.; Adachi S., 1990: A novel phosphopolysaccharide from slime forming lactococcus lactis ssp cremoris sbt 0495

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