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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6958

Chapter 6958 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Marubayashi N.; Ogawa T.; Kuroita T.; Hamasaki T.; Ueda I., 1992:
A novel photochemical transformation of methyl 6 chloro 3 4 dihydro 4 methyl 3 oxo 2h 1 4 benzoxazine 8 carboxylate to beta lactams

Upadhyaya A.K.; Mehrotra K.N., 1988:
A novel photofragmentation of 2 azetidinones

Dizhur A.M.; Nekrasova E.N.; Filippov P.P., 1991:
A novel photoreceptor cell specific protein with molecular weight 26 kda capable of binding to immobilized delipidated rhodopsin

Iguchi H.; Natori S.; Ohashi M.; Nawata H.; Bloom S.R.; Chretien M., 1990:
A novel pituitary protein 7b2 in human pheochromocytoma in vivo and in vitro study

Yano, H.; Kitano, N.; Morimoto, M.; Polonsky, K.S.; Imura, H.; Seino, Y., 1992:
A novel point mutation in the human insulin gene giving rise to hyperproinsulinemia (proinsulin Kyoto)

Wahle E., 1991:
A novel polyadenylate binding protein acts as a specificity factor in the second phase of messenger rna polyadenylation

Miller, M.D.; Hata, S.; Malefyt, R.; Krangel, M.S., 1989:
A novel polypeptide secreted by activated human T lymphocytes

Ferroni C.; Hano O.; Ventura C.; Lakatta E.G.; Klockow M.; Spurgeon H.; Capogrossi M.C., 1991:
A novel positive inotropic substance enhances contractility without increasing the calcium ion transient in rat myocardium

Tan L.; Gregoriadis G., 1991:
A novel positively charged lipid 1 2 bishexadecylcyclooxy 3 trimethylaminopropane bis hop enhances the adjuvant effect of liposomes on encapsulated tetanus toxoid

Llorens Cortes C.; Giros B.; Schwartz J C., 1990:
A novel potential metallopeptidase derived from the enkephalinase by alternative splicing

Horiuchi H.; Kawata M.; Katayama M.; Yoshida Y.; Musha T.; Ando S.; Takai Y., 1991:
A novel prenyltransferase for a small gtp binding protein having a carboxyl terminal cys ala cys structure

Deryugina E.I.; Drize N.I.; Olovnikova N.I.; Sadovnikova E.Yu; Chertkov I.L., 1990:
A novel primitive hemopoietic stem cell pre cfus determined in a murine bone marrow long term culture

Vlahovic M.; Sibalic I.; Kovacevic K., 1991:
A novel procedure for hydrothermic processing of carbohydrate protein and roughage feeds as a prerequisite for the obtainment of different high quality feeds for all species and categories of domestic animals

Ito, T.; Sakaki, Y., 1988:
A novel procedure for selective cloning of NotI linking fragments from mammalian genomes

Tsuchiyama, Y.; Nomura, H.; Okabe, M.; Okamoto, R., 1991:
A novel process of cyclodextrin production by the use of specific adsorbents part ii. a new reactor system for selective production of alpha cyclodextrin with specific adsorbent

Shahidi F.; Naczk M.; Rubin L.J.; Diosady L.L., 1988:
A novel processing approach for rapeseed and mustard seed removal of undesirable constituents by methanol ammonia

Bar, S.; Barnea, E.; Levy, Z.; Neuman, S.; Yaffe, D.; Nudel, U., 1990:
A novel product of the Duchenne muscular dystrophy gene which greatly differs from the known isoforms in its structure and tissue distribution

Hwang D.S.; Kornberg A., 1990:
A novel protein binds a key origin sequence to block replication of an escherichia coli minichromosome

Harper, J.E.; Manley, J.L., 1991:
A novel protein factor is required for use of distal alternative 5' splice sites in vitro

Oda K.; Fukuda Y.; Murao S.; Uchida K.; Kainosho M., 1989:
A novel proteinase inhibitor tyrostatin inhibiting some pepstatin insensitive carboxyl proteinases

Mimura K.; Murakami Murofushi K.; Ohta J., 1991:
A novel purification method of sterols and steryl glucoside from plasmodia of a true slime mold physarum polycephalum

Janssen, J.W.; Schulz, A.S.; Steenvoorden, A.C.; Schmidberger, M.; Strehl, S.; Ambros, P.F.; Bartram, C.R., 1991:
A novel putative tyrosine kinase receptor with oncogenic potential

Hirose Y.; Yamaoka H.; Nakayama M., 1991:
A novel quasi dimeric oxidation product of dextro catechin from lipid peroxidation

Ravi P.; Narayanan V.; Raman P.V., 1989:
A novel quinone from dalbergia sissoides grah

Kocagoz T.; Hayran M.; Kocagoz S., 1988:
A novel rapid antibiotic susceptibility test for enteric bacteria by color change method

Gardell, S.J.; Craik, C.S.; Clauser, E.; Goldsmith, E.J.; Stewart, C.B.; Graf, M.; Rutter, W.J., 1988:
A novel rat carboxypeptidase, CPA2: characterization, molecular cloning, and evolutionary implications on substrate specificity in the carboxypeptidase gene family

Punpeng B.; Nakata Y.; Goto M.; Teramoto Y.; Hayashida S., 1992:
A novel raw starch digesting yeast alpha amylase from lipomyces starkeyi hn 606

Strathern, J.N.; Weinstock, K.G.; Higgins, D.R.; McGill, C.B., 1991:
A novel recombinator in yeast based on gene II protein from bacteriophage f1

Greene R.V.; Cotta M.A.; Griffin H.L., 1989:
A novel regional symbiotic bacterium isolated from marine shipworm secretes proteolytic activity

Sharples, G.J.; Lloyd, R.G., 1990:
A novel repeated DNA sequence located in the intergenic regions of bacterial chromosomes

Löchelt, M.; Delius, H.; Kaaden, O.R., 1989:
A novel replicative form DNA of Aleutian disease virus: the covalently closed linear DNA of the parvoviruses

Conlon, F.L.; Barth, K.S.; Robertson, E.J., 1991:
A novel retrovirally induced embryonic lethal mutation in the mouse: assessment of the developmental fate of embryonic stem cells homozygous for the 413.d proviral integration

Storts D.R.; Markovitz A., 1991:
A novel rho promoter tn 10 mutation suppresses an fts q 1 ts missense mutation in an essential escherichia coli cell division gene by a mechanism not involving polarity suppression

Hollingsworth, M.A.; Borowitz, M.J.; Everett, M.L.; Metzgar, R.S., 1990:
A novel ribonucleoprotein complex defined by monoclonal antibodies to NIH 3T3 cells transfected with human pancreatic adenocarcinoma DNA

Hanessian S.; Desilets D.; Bennani Y.L., 1990:
A novel ring closure strategy for the carbapenems the total synthesis of dextro thienamycin

Cushman M.; Chinnasamy P.; Patrick D.A.; Mckenzie A.T.; Toma P.H., 1990:
A novel ring expansion observed during the lithium aluminum hydride reduction of 13 nitroxyberberine

Hirota K.; Sajiki H.; Kitade Y.; Maki Y., 1989:
A novel ring transformation of 5 carbamoyluracils into barbituric acids

Bösl, M.; Kersten, H., 1991:
A novel RNA product of the tyrT operon of Escherichia coli

Pollard J.W.; Galpine A.R.; Clemens M.J., 1989:
A novel role for aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases in the regulation of polypeptide chain initiation

Hughes P.; Landoulsi A.; Kohiyama M., 1988:
A novel role for cyclic amp in the control of the activity of the escherichia coli chromosome replication initiator protein dna a

Bullock C.; Hough L.; Richardson A.C., 1990:
A novel route to 1 4 anhydro derivatives of beta d galactopyranose

Chandler C.J.; Craik D.J.; Waterman K.J., 1989:
A novel route to the dibenzofuran ring system possible applications as a rigid thyroid hormone template

Okinaga T.; Ohashi Y.; Hoshi M., 1992:
A novel saccharide structure xyl 1 3 gal 1 sulfate 3 4 fuc is present in acrosome reaction inducing substance of the starfish asterias amurensis

Payton, M.A.; Rheinnecker, M.; Klig, L.S.; DeTiani, M.; Bowden, E., 1991:
A novel Saccharomyces cerevisiae secretory mutant possesses a thermolabile phosphomannose isomerase

Baumgartner, J.D.; Büla, C.; Vaney, C.; Wu, M.M.; Eggimann, P.; Perret, C., 1992:
A novel score for predicting the mortality of septic shock patients

Porter T.; Pennington S.L.; Adair G.M.; Nairn R.S.; Wilson J.H., 1990:
A novel selection system for recombinational and mutational events within an intron of a eukaryotic gene

Souliotis V.L.; Kyrtopoulos S.A., 1989:
A novel sensitive assay for o 6 methyl and o 6 ethylguanine in dna based on repair by the enzyme o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase in competition with an oligonucleotide containing o 6 methylguanine

Nagasawa S.; Tokishita S.; Aiba H.; Mizuno T., 1992:
A novel sensor regulator protein that belongs to the homologous family of signal transduction proteins involved in adaptive response in escherichia coli

Olins P.O.; Rangwala S.H., 1989:
A novel sequence element derived from bacteriophage t7 messenger rna acts as an enhancer of translation of the lac z gene in escherichia coli

Hood, J.D.; Banks, R.M.; Brewer, M.D.; Fish, J.P.; Manger, B.R.; Poulton, M.E., 1989:
A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from Streptomyces strain E225. I. Discovery, fermentation and anthelmintic activity

Baker, G.H.; Dorgan, R.J.; Everett, J.R.; Hood, J.D.; Poulton, M.E., 1990:
A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from Streptomyces strain E225. II. Isolation, characterization, structure elucidation and solution conformations

Yamaguchi, T.; Carretero, O.A.; Scicli, A.G., 1991:
A novel serine protease with vasoconstrictor activity coded by the kallikrein gene S3

Pousette, A.; Fernstad, R.; Sköldefors, H.; Carlström, K., 1988:
A novel serum assay for pancreatic cellular damage. II. High tissue specificity of a pancreatic protein

Tarrago, M.T.; Tucker, K.H.; Van Halbeek, H.; Smith, D.F., 1988:
A novel sialylhexasaccharide from human milk: purification by affinity chromatography on immobilized wheat germ agglutinin

Carver T.E.; Brantley R.E.Jr; Singleton E.W.; Arduini R.M.; Quillin M.L.; Phillips G.N.Jr; Olson J.S., 1992:
A novel site directed mutant of myoglobin with an unusually high oxygen affinity and low autooxidation rate

Kawata M.; Matsui Y.; Kondo J.; Hishida T.; Teranishi Y.; Takai Y., 1988:
A novel small molecular weight gtp binding protein with the same putative effector domain as the ras proteins in bovine brain membranes purification determination of primary structure and characterization

Mcmullin T.W.; Haffter P.; Fox T.D., 1990:
A novel small subunit ribosomal protein of yeast mitochondria that interacts functionally with an messenger rna specific translational activator

Ozmen L.; Fountoulakis M.; Garotta G., 1992:
A novel solid phase test to study the binding of ifn gamma to its receptors

Hendrix J.C.; Halverson K.J.; Jarrett J.T.; Lansbury P.T.Jr, 1990:
A novel solvent system for solid phase synthesis of protected peptides the disaggregation of resin bound antiparallel beta sheet

Siebens, A.W.; Spring, K.R., 1989:
A novel sorbitol transport mechanism in cultured renal papillary epithelial cells

Hassan L.; Jones R.N.; Posselt U.K., 1989:
A novel source of genetic variation in ryegrasses lolium multiflorum lolium perenne

Mohler, J.; Eldon, E.D.; Pirrotta, V., 1989:
A novel spatial transcription pattern associated with the segmentation gene, giant, of Drosophila

Kikuta Y.; Sogawa K.; Haniu M.; Kinosaki M.; Kusunose E.; Nojima Y.; Yamamoto S.; Ichihara K.; Kusunose M.; Fujii Kuriyama Y., 1991:
A novel species of cytochrome p 450 p 450i b specific for the small intestine of rabbits complementary dna cloning and its expression in cos cells

Esmann M.; Hankovszky H.O.; Hideg K.; Marsh D., 1989:
A novel spin label for study of membrane protein rotational diffusion using saturation transfer esr application to selectively labelled class i sulfhydryl and class ii sulfhydryl groups of the shark rectal gland sodium potassium atpase

Ast G.; Goldblatt D.; Offen D.; Sperlin J.; Sperling R., 1991:
A novel splicing factor is an integral component of 200s large nuclear ribonucleoprotein ln rnp particles

Yoda H.; Katagiri T.; Takabe K., 1991:
A novel stereoselective synthesis of dextro cerulenin and dextro tetrahydrocerulenin

Back T.G.; Chau J.H L.; Morzycki J.W., 1991:
A novel stereospecific rearrangement of 3 substituted b homo 5 azasteroid lactams to a nor analogues

Back T.G.; Chau J.H L.; Codding P.W.; Gladstone P.L.; Jones D.H.; Morzycki J.W.; Roszak A.W., 1992:
A novel stereospecific rearrangement of 3 substituted b homo 5 azasteroids to their a nor analogues preparation stereochemistry and conformational studies

Wurz R.E.M.; Kepner R.E.; Webb A.D., 1989:
A novel stereospecific synthesis of carbon 14 labeled l glutamic acid

Yoshida, S.; Tamai, K.; Umekawa, H.; Suzuki, M.; Kojima, K., 1989:
A novel stimulating protein of mammalian DNA polymerase alpha

Gurjar M.K.; Pawar S.M.; Mainkar P.S., 1989:
A novel strategy for 2 6 dideoxy l hexoses an application to 3 amino 2 3 6 trideoxy l lyxo hexopyranose l daunosamine

Petty I.T.D.; Hunter B.G.; Jackson A.O., 1988:
A novel strategy for one step cloning of full length complementary dna and its application to the genome of barley stripe mosaic virus

Montgomery A.M.P.; Wing M.G.; Lachmann P.J., 1990:
A novel strategy for targeting cd4 positive ppd reactive t cells against tumor cells using ppd monoclonal antibody heteroconjugates

Branchaud B.P.; Meier M.S., 1989:
A novel strategy for the synthesis of ammonium 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonate ammonium kdo from lower monosaccharides c c bond construction at c 6 of d mannose via cobaloxime mediated radical alkyl alkenyl cross coupling

Horwitz E.P.; Chiarizia R.; Dietz M.L., 1992:
A novel strontium selective extraction chromatographic resin

Solovei, I.; Gaginskaya, E.; Allen, T.; Macgregor, H., 1992:
A novel structure associated with a lampbrush chromosome in the chicken, Gallus domesticus

Kanegane H.; Miyawaki T.; Kato K.; Yokoi T.; Uehara T.; Yachie A.; Taniguchi N., 1991:
A novel subpopulation of cd45ra positive cd4 positive t cells expressing il 2 receptor alpha chain cd25 and having a functionally transitional nature into memory cells

Kabelitz D.; Conradt P.; Schondelmaier S.; Wagner H.; Haars R., 1989:
A novel subset of cd2 negative cd3 t cell receptor beta beta positive human peripheral blood t cells phenotypic and functional characterization of interleukin 2 dependent cd2 negative cd3 positive t cell clones

Johansson A.; Henricsson S.; Moller E., 1990:
A novel sulfate conjugate of cyclosporine occurring in high concentrations in vivo

Jacobson A.; Galen D.; Milani H.; Weckstein L.; Jacobson J., 1991:
A novel superovulation regimen three day gonadotropin releasing hormone agonist with overlapping gonadotropins

Moretta A.; Tambussi G.; Bottino C.; Tripodi G.; Merli A.; Ciccone E.; Pantaleo G.; Moretta L., 1990:
A novel surface antigen expressed by a subset of human cd3 minus cd16 positive natural killer cells role in cell activation and regulation of cytolytic function

Akin H.; Hasirci V.N.; Hasirci N., 1990:
A novel sustained release membrane

Scholtz E.; Zeiske W., 1988:
A novel synergistic stimulation of sodium transport across frog skin xenopus laevis by external cadmium and calcium ions

Kim C.U.; Luh B.Y.; Martin J.C., 1992:
A novel synthesis of 1 oxa hpmpa a potent antiviral agent against herpesviruses

Pews R.G.; Hunter J.E.; Wehmeyer R.M., 1991:
A novel synthesis of 2 6 disubstituted and 2 3 6 trisubstituted anilines

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S., 1989:
A novel synthesis of 2 amino 4 5 disubstituted thiazole and 2 amino 5 hydro 4 arylazo 6 arylthiazolo 5 4 c pyridazin 5 ones and their biological properties

Shibuya K.; Takahashi Y.; Shigyo H.; Ohta T., 1989:
A novel synthesis of 3 2 amino 4 ethoxyphenylpyridine

Ozcan E.; Bayat C.; Acar A.M., 1991:
A novel synthesis of 4 hydroxycoumarin and physicochemical studies on known methods

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S.; Vyas K.A., 1990:
A novel synthesis of a few substituted s triazolo 3 4 b 1 3 4 thiadiazoles and evaluation of their antibacterial activity

Shen Y.; Liao Q.; Qiu W., 1990:
A novel synthesis of alpha fluoroalkylvinylphosphonates or alpha fluoroepoxyalkyl phosphonates

Shen Y.; Wang T., 1991:
A novel synthesis of beta perfluoroalkylated alpha beta unsaturated nitriles

Honda T.; Ueda K.; Tsubuki M.; Toya T.; Kurozumi A., 1991:
A novel synthesis of cyclobutane sesquiterpenes racemic italicene and racemic isoitalicene

Ito Y.; Kamijo T.; Harada H.; Terashima S., 1990:
A novel synthesis of cyclohexylnorstatine isopropyl ester the carboxyl terminal component of a renin inhibitor

Cabri W.; D.B.rnardinis S.; Francalanci F.; Penco S., 1990:
A novel synthesis of dextro 4 demethoxydaunomycinone

Nadkarni S.S.; Hosangadi B.D., 1990:
A novel synthesis of dipyridodiazocines

Hassan A.A.; Ibrahim Y.R.; Mohamed N.K.; Mourad A F.E., 1991:
A novel synthesis of indanopyrazolopyrimidines by ct complexation

Długosz, A., 1990:
A novel synthesis of pyrimidobenzodiazepines

Constantino M.G.; Losco P.; Castellano E.E., 1989:
A novel synthesis of racemic abscisic acid

Chattopadhyay S.; Chandha M.S.; Mamdapur V.R., 1991:
A novel synthesis of s 6 methyl 3 octanone the alarm pheromone of crematogaster ants

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S., 1989:
A novel synthesis of some 2 substituted 5 aryl 2 3 5 6 tetrahydropyrazolo 4 3 c pyrazol 3 ones and evaluation of their antibacterial properties

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S., 1988:
A novel synthesis of some substituted pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazines related compounds and evaluation of their antibacterial properties

Yamamoto Y.; Morita Y., 1990:
A novel synthesis of trialkylstannyl derivatives and silylpyridine derivatives through diels alder reaction of 6h 1 3 oxazin 6 ones

Koole L.H.; Quaedflieg P.J.L.M.; Kuijpers W.H.A.; Broeders N.L.H.L.; Langermans H.A.; Van Genderen M.H.P.; Buck H.M., 1988:
A novel synthetic approach to phosphate methylated dna oligomers using 9 fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl fmoc as temporary base amino protecting group

Ihara M.; Tokunaga Y.; Fukumoto K., 1990:
A novel synthetic approach to steroids via intramolecular 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition a highly stereocontrolled synthesis of testosterone

Sato M.; Sakaki J I.; Takayama K.; Kobayashi S.; Suzuki M.; Kaneko C., 1990:
A novel synthetic method for tetronic acids from 1 3 dioxin 4 ones via intra or intermolecular ketene trapping

Hagiwara, T.; Nakaya, K.; Nakamura, Y., 1990:
A novel synthetic substrate for casein kinase 2

Hsu, M.T.; Dimaio, M.; Reiss, O.K.; Ciurea, D.; Gil, J., 1992:
A novel system for the culture of human lung: lung development and the response to injury

Naquet P.; Macdonald H.R.; Brekelmans P.; Barbet J.; Marchetto S.; Van Ewijk W.; Pierres M., 1988:
A novel t cell activating molecule tham highly expressed on cd4 minus cd8 minus murine thymocytes

Wang Z Q.; Grigoriadis A.E.; Moehle Steinlein U.; Wagner E.F., 1991:
A novel target cell for c fos induced oncogenesis development of chondrogenic tumors in embryonic stem cell chimeras

Shepherd T.A.; Jungheim L.N.; Meyer D.L.; Starling J.J., 1991:
A novel targeted delivery system utilizing a cephalosporin oncolytic prodrug activated by an antibody beta lactamase conjugate for the treatment of cancer

Markvicheva E.A.; Kuz'kina I.F.; Pashkin I.I.; Plechko T.N.; Kirsh Y.E.; Zubov V.P., 1991:
A novel technique for entrapment of hybridoma cells in synthetic thermally reversible polymerase

Koenning, S.R.; Barker, K.R., 1992:
A Novel Technique for Infesting Field Sites with Encapsulated Eggs of Meloidogyne spp

Menger, M.D.; Jäger, S.; Walter, P.; Hammersen, F.; Messmer, K., 1990:
A novel technique for studies on the microvasculature of transplanted islets of Langerhans in vivo

Kavanagh K.; Weedle R.; Ghannoum M.; Whittaker P., 1992:
A novel technique for studying the adherence of candida albicans to hep 2 cells

Underwood S.L.; Lingham D.; Pearson J.; Raeburn D., 1991:
A novel technique for the administration of bronchodilator drugs formulated as dry powders to the anesthetized guinea pig

Middelberg A.P.J.; O'neill B.K.; Bogle I.D.L.; Snoswell M.A., 1991:
A novel technique for the measurement of disruption in high pressure homogenization studies on escherichia coli containing recombinant inclusion bodies

D'Souza, S.E.; Altekar, W.; D'Souza, S.F., 1992:
A novel technique for the preparation of osmotically stabilized and permeabilized cells of extremely halophilic bacteria

Muddukrishna S.N.; Narasimnan D.V.S.; Desai C.N., 1990:
A novel technique for the separation of technetium 99m from molybdenum 99

Flynn C.; Geoffroy P.; Foley G., 1990:
A novel technique for the study of cake formation during cross flow microfiltration of microbial cells

Larrick J.W.; Wong Lee J.; Nelson P.A., 1989:
A novel technique to study immunoinflammatory cell function message amplification phenotyping mapp

Jhingan A.K., 1992:
A novel technology for dna isolation

Sigafoos J.; Merrill B.M.; Taylor L.; Diliberto E.J.Jr; Viveros O.H., 1991:
A novel tetradecapeptide isolated from bovine adrenal medulla chromaffin vesicles with strong homology to internal sequence coded by the rat 1b1075 preprosecretogranin iii gene

Murray, G.I.; Foster, C.O.; Ewen, S.W., 1991:
A novel tetrazolium method for peroxidase histochemistry and immunohistochemistry

Ohshima T.; Ohshima K.; Yoshida M.; Nishimura M., 1988:
A novel therapy for alopecia universalis using an electric stimulator for resting hair follicles

Sibi M.P.; Christensen J.W.; L.B.; Renhowe P.A., 1992:
A novel thermolytic annulation of an oxazolidinone an enantiospecific synthesis of levo slaframine

Lim Y.P.; Kim B.D., 1988:
A novel topoisomerase from soluble fraction of pearl millet mitochondria its purification and characterization

Kanai, Y.; Kubota, T., 1989:
A novel trait of naturally occurring anti dna antibodies dissociation from immune complexes in neutral 0.3 0.5 m sodium chloride

Rao M.N.; Holkar A.G.; Ayyangar R., 1991:
A novel transacylation method for the synthesis of alpha n acyl beta lactones application to racemic diacetylobafluorin and dextro sq 26517

Matsuguchi, T.; Takahashi, K.; Ueno, T.; Endo, H.; Yamamoto, M., 1989:
A novel transcription unit within the exon sequence of the rat insulin like growth factor II gene

Meyer, B.J.; Schottel, J.L., 1991:
A novel transcriptional response by the cat gene during slow growth of Escherichia coli

Nakamura, T.; Hillova, J.; Mariage-Samson, R.; Onno, M.; Huebner, K.; Cannizzaro, L.A.; Boghosian-Sell, L.; Croce, C.M.; Hill, M., 1992:
A novel transcriptional unit of the tre oncogene widely expressed in human cancer cells

Gaugitsch, H.W.; Prieschl, E.E.; Kalthoff, F.; Huber, N.E.; Baumruker, T., 1992:
A novel transiently expressed, integral membrane protein linked to cell activation. Molecular cloning via the rapid degradation signal AUUUA

Yoon M.; Kim Y.H.; Yun S.S., 1991:
A novel transition metal catalyzed rearrangement of piroxicam a benzothiazine carboxamide derivative

Kaneko Y.; Frizzera G.; Maseki N.; Sakurai M.; Komada Y.; Sakurai M.; Kiyoshi Y.; Nakadate H.; Takeda T., 1988:
A novel translocation 9 17 q34 q23 in aggressive childhood lymphoblastic lymphoma

Kaneko Y.; Frizzera G.; Edamura S.; Maseki N.; Sakurai M.; Komada Y.; Sakurai M.; Tanaka H.; Sasaki M.; E.A., 1989:
A novel translocation translocation 2 5 p23 q35 in childhood phagocytic large t cell lymphoma mimicking malignant histiocytosis

Georgiev, P.G.; Kiselev, S.L.; Simonova, O.B.; Gerasimova, T.I., 1990:
A novel transposition system in Drosophila melanogaster depending on the Stalker mobile genetic element

Cirillo, J.D.; Barletta, R.G.; Bloom, B.R.; Jacobs, W.R., 1991:
A novel transposon trap for mycobacteria: isolation and characterization of IS1096

Gubb, D.; Ashburner, M.; Roote, J.; Davis, T., 1990:
A novel transvection phenomenon affecting the white gene of Drosophila melanogaster

Bell, R.D.; Frazer, G.D.; Osterholm, J.L.; Duckett, S.W., 1991:
A novel treatment for ischemic intracranial hypertension in cats

Wang T G., 1991:
A novel tricyclic terpane biomarker series in the upper proterozoic bituminous sandstone eastern yanshan region china

Mirhom Y.W.; Hanna A.G.; Elgamal M.H.A.; Szendrei K.; Reisch J., 1990:
A novel triterpenoid isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza echinata l

Guldenaar S.E.F.; Nicholson H.D.; Mccabe J.T., 1992:
A novel tritiated tyrosyl 3 5 oxytocin binding uterine cell population in the rat

Ortega Barria E.; Pereira M.E.A., 1991:
A novel trypanosoma cruzi heparin binding protein promotes fibroblast adhesion and penetration of engineered bacteria and trypanosomes into mammalian cells

Donovan, M.A.; Laue, T.M., 1991:
A novel trypsin inhibitor from the hemolymph of the horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus

Pal, M.; Roychaudhury, A.; Pal, A.; Biswas, S., 1990:
A novel tubulin from Mimosa pudica. Purification and characterization

Czerkinsky, C.; Moldoveanu, Z.; Mestecky, J.; Nilsson, L.A.; Ouchterlony, O., 1988:
A novel two color elispot assay i. simultaneous detection of distinct types of antibody secreting cells

Bradshaw J.S.; Krakowiak K.E.; A.H.; Wang T.; Zhu C.; Izatt R.M., 1992:
A novel two step method to prepare new unsymmetrical cryptands

Wong, H.; Chang, T.M., 1991:
A novel two step procedure for immobilizing living cells in microcapsules for improving xenograft survival

Costa D.; Fubini B.; Giamello E.; Volante M., 1991:
A novel type of active site at the surface of crystalline silicon dioxide alpha quartz and its possible impact on pathogenicity

Mogami Y.; Machemer H., 1991:
A novel type of ciliary activity in stylonychia mytilus analysis of potential coupled motor responses in the transverse cirri

Lännergren, J.; Larsson, L.; Westerblad, H., 1989:
A novel type of delayed tension reduction observed in rat motor units after intense activity

Boyle W.A.; Nerbonne J.M., 1991:
A novel type of depolarization activated potassium ion current in isolated adult rat atrial myocytes

Hamburger M.; Hostettmann M.; Stoeckli Evans H.; Solis P.N.; Gupta M.P.; Hostettmann K., 1990:
A novel type of dimeric secoiridoid glycoside from lisianthius jefensis robyns et elias

Georgiev P.G.; Simonova O.B.; Gerasimova T.I., 1988:
A novel type of genomic instability in drosophila melanogaster

Otto D.; Behnisch I.; Dietrich K.; Koerner H J., 1990:
A novel type of microencapsulated parathion methyl formulations and the evaluation of its biological efficacy to colorado potato beetles and other insect pests

Huettenhofer A.; Weiss Brummer B.; Dirheimer G.; Martin R.P., 1990:
A novel type of positive 1 frameshift suppressor a base substitution in the anticodon stem of a yeast mitochondrial serine transfer rna causes frameshift suppression

Vellard M.; Soret J.; Sureau A.; Perbal B., 1991:
A novel type of rna binding protein is potentially encoded by the opposite strand of the trans spliced c myb coding

Alexson S.E.H.; Nedergaard J., 1988:
A novel type of short and medium chain acyl coenzyme a hydrolases in brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Haudrechy A.; Sinay P., 1991:
A novel type of spiroketalization on pyranoses

Henkemeyer, M.; West, S.R.; Gertler, F.B.; Hoffmann, F.M., 1990:
A novel tyrosine kinase independent function of drosophila abl correlates with proper subcellular localization

Atchison M.L.; Delmas V.; Perry R.P., 1990:
A novel upstream element compensates for an ineffectual octamer motif in an immunoglobulin v chi promoter

Chirtel S.J.; Coutlakis P.J.; Chambers L.L.; Lakshman M.R., 1989:
A novel use of endpoint nephelometry to standardize the rat nephelometric assay of human and rat plasma apoprotein a 1

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A numerical model for the formation of fossil assemblages estimating the amount of post mortem transport along environmental gradients

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A numerical model of phosphorus exchange between the sediments and the near bottom water in a lake

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A numerical phytoclimatic classification in china

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A numerical simulation of kinetic constraints upon achievement of the ammonium nitrate dissociated equilibrium in the troposphere

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A numerical simulation of the surface water budget during hapex mobilhy

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A numerical study of the shape of the surface separating flow into branches in microvascular bifurcations

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A numerical taxonomic analysis of the medicago littoralis and medicago truncatula complex

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A numerical taxonomic investigation of the hordeum brevisubulatum aggregate

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A numerical taxonomic study of anoplophora nobilis ganglbauer and anoplophora glabripennis motschulsky coleoptera cerambycidae

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A numerical taxonomy of the genus piesma le peletier and serville of the palaearctic region heteroptera piesmatidae

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A numerical taxonomy of vibrionaceae isolated from water sewage water oil emulsion and fishes

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A numerical water assessment of rivers in hokuriku district japan using epilithic diatom assemblage on river bed as a biological indicator 1. the values of diatom assemblage index to organic water pollution

Sumita, M., 1989:
A numerical water assessment of rivers in hokuriku district japan using epilithic diatom assemblage on river bed as a biological indicator iii. seasonal changes of th diatom assemblage index to organic water pollution dai p o and river pollution index rpi d

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A nutritional analysis of diet as revealed in prehistoric human coprolites

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A one and two dimensional proton and carbon 13 study of some fernene triterpenoids

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A p and transverse diameter of the trachea in normal korean adults

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A pad pre enrichment technique for the isolation of members of the vibrionaceae

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A paediatric day ward: parental expectations, perceptions, and satisfaction

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A palindromic mutation of the linear killer plasmid k2 of yeast

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A palm fossil closely related to chamaerops humilis l. from the lower miocene of sardinia

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A palynological study on streptopus ovalis ohwi wang et y.c. tang and the relative species tribe polygonateae liliaceae

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A palynotaxonomic study of the genus fatsia decne. and planch. and its relatives araliaceae

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A panel study of life stress, social support, and the health services utilization of older persons

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A paracrine circuit in the regulation of the proliferation of macrophages infiltrating murine sarcomas

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A paradigm for accelerating the development of intentional motor skills aims the interrelationship of motor development and the movement framework

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A paradigm of delayed union and nonunion in the lumbosacral joint. A study of motion and bone grafting of the lumbosacral spine in sheep

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A paradox concerning ion permeation of the delayed rectifier potassium ion channel in squid giant axons

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A parallel algorithm for estimating the secondary structure in rna

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A parallel algorithm to calculate second derivatives of conformational energy in proteins with any branched sidechains

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A paramagnetic agent causing ochronotic arthropathy

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A parametric analysis of the effects of cardiopulmonary vagal electrostimulation of the digastric reflex in cats

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A parametric study of cochlear input impedance

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A parametric study of learned helplessness in humans

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A parametric study of the factors affecting the fatigue strength to porous coated titanium aluminum vanadium ti 6al 4v implant alloy

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A parametric study of the thoracic injury potential of basic taekwondo kicks

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A parametrization of the mass attenuation coefficients for elements with z equals 1 to z equals 92 in the photon energy range from approximately 1 to 150 kev

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A parapatric scenery the distribution and ecology of sorex araneus and sorex coronatus insectivora soricidae in southwestern west germany

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A parasitological investigation on flounders pleuronectes flesus luscus l. 1758 which were caught in ekinli lagoon

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A parathyroid related peptide induces transcaltachia the rapid hormonal stimulation of intestinal calcium transport

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A parthenogenetic lizard in madagascar? description of lygodactylus pauliani new species reptilia gekkonidae

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A partial bias correction factor for stock recruitment parameter estimation in the presence of autocorrelated environmental effects

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A partial characterization of uterine and mammary growth stimulatory activity from placenta

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A partial map of the barley genome incorporating restriction fragment length polymorphism, polymerase chain reaction, isozyme, and morphological marker loci

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A partial methylation profile for a CpG site is stably maintained in mammalian tissues and cultured cell lines

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A partial model for serine proteases kinetic demonstration of rate acceleration by intramolecular general base catalysis an experiment for a biochemistry enzymology lab

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A partial skeleton of the tyrannosaurid dinosaur aublysodon from the upper cretaceous of new mexico usa

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A partial synthesis of levo shinjulactone h from dextro quassin

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A partially deleted mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase gene in the NCS6 abnormal growth mutant of maize

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A partially male sterile mutant line of pepper capsicum annuum l. i. cytomorphology

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A partially melanistic bank vole clethrionomys glareolus caught in south limburg netherlands

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A partially parametric estimator of survival in the presence of randomly censored data

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A particular case of fibromyoma

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A particular case of large granular lymphocytes lymphoma

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A parvalbumin like calcium binding protein is present in plant leaves

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A pasteurized therapeutic plasma

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A patch clamp study of muscarinic excitation of the rat adrenal chromaffin cells

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A patch clamp study of potassium channel activity in bovine isolated tracheal smooth muscle cells

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A path analysis of traits determining setting of parthenocarpic fruits in pear trees in natural cross pollination

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A pathogenesis of chronic subdural hematoma; it's relationship to subdural membrane

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A pathogenicity locus from xanthomonas citri enables strains from several pathovars of xanthomonas campestris to elicit canker like lesions on citrus

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A pathologic study of lumbar disc herniation in the elderly

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A pathological study of carcinoma of the lung and pneumoconiosis

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A pathological study of submucosal invasive cancer of the colon and rectum special reference to diagnosis of submucosal invasive cancer

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A pathophysiological study of age dependent changes in thyroid function

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A pathophysiological thesis for the development of laryngeal carcinoma

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A pathotype classification for mycosphaerella pinodes

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A pathway of preserving the viability of bacillus cereus cell populations under extreme conditions alternative to sporulation

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A patient based system for describing ambulatory medicine practices using diagnosis clusters

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A patient completed screening instrument for functional disability in the elderly

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A patient held minirecord to promote adult preventive care

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A patient of cd4 negative cd8 positive chronic t cell leukemia associated with hypercalcemia

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A patient rotator for stereotactic radiosurgery

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A patient weighted symptom score system in the evaluation of uncomplicated benign prostatic hyperplasia

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A patient with adventitial cystic disease and entrapment syndrome of the popliteal artery

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A patient with features of both bardet biedl and alstrom syndromes

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A patient with hyper reactive skin the estimation of primary irritability of topical antimycotic drugs

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A patient with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism successfully treated by long term pulsatile administration of lhrh

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A patient with simultaneous absence of classical natural killer cells cd3 negative cd positive and nkh1 positive and expansion of cd3 positive cd4 negative cd8 negative nkh1 positive subset

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A patient with von willebrand's disease characterized by a compound heterozygosity for a substitution of arg 854 by gln in the putative factor viii binding domain of von willebrand factor vwf on one allele and very low levels of mrna from the second vwf allele

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A pattern of accumulation of a somatic deletion of mitochondrial DNA in aging human tissues

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A pattern recognition study of acyclic ureide anticonvulsants

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A pause site for RNA polymerase II is associated with termination of transcription

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A pc based performance measurement laboratory system

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A pc based system for online monitoring of neurological intensive care patients

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A pcr methods for the quantitative assessment of mrna for laminin a b1 and b2 chains

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A pcr procedure to determine the sequence of large polypeptides by rapid walking through a complementary dna library

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A peafowl from the pliocene of perpignan france

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A peat fire in the okavango delta botswana south africa and its importance as an ecosystem process

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A peck activity record for birds fitted with devices

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A peculiar administration of a new theophylline derivative pharmacokinetic and clinical study

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A peculiar form of epidermotropism in cutaneous metastatic carcinoma

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A peculiar new species of leptocera rachispoda from volano po river delta province of ferrara italy diptera shaeroceridae

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A peculiar organ newly found in the hydropsychidae trichoptera

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A peculiar pyramidal pathological syndrome

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A peculiar rhinocerotoid from the upper eocene of mongolia

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A pediatric day unit the first year's experience

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A pedigree of persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous

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A pedigree over three generations manifested three phenotypes of familial exudative vitreoretinopathy

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A pedigree with dominantly inherited juvenile optic atrophy a second report

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A pedogeomorphic comparison of two granitic areas in the kruger national park south africa

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A pemphigus vulgaris with igg1 and igg4 subclass autoantibodies

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A penicillinase test incorporated in the rapid carbohydrate fermentation method for rapid detection of beta lactamase producing

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A pentacyclic triterpene acid with anti ulcer properties from cussonia natalensis

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A pentapeptide of the carboxy terminal sequence of pban with pheromonotropic activity

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A peptidase activity from primate liver that inactivates oxytocin in vitro: purification and partial characterization

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A peptide acridine conjugate with ribonucleolytic activity

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A peptide containing the cell adhesion sequence rgd can mediate degranulation and cell adhesion of crayfish granular hemocytes in vitro

Taylor D.B.; Gartner T.K., 1992:
A peptide corresponding to gpiib alpha 300 312 a presumptive fibrinogen gamma chain binding site on the platelet integrin gpiib iiia inhibits the adhesion of platelets to at least four adhesive ligands

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A peptide from the drosophila shaker potassium channel inhibits a voltage gated potassium channel in basolateral membranes of necturus enterocytes

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A peptide histidine isoleucine peptide histidine methionine like peptide in the rabbit retina colocalization with vasoactive intestinal peptide synaptic relationships and activation of adenylate cyclase activity

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A peptide mimetic of calcium

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A peptide sequence confers retention and rapid degradation in the endoplasmic reticulum

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A peptide substrate for Escherichia coli protein kinase activity in vitro

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A peptide with amino terminal histidine and carboxyl terminal isoleucine amide phi and vasoactive intestinal peptide vip are copackaged in myenteric neurons of the guinea pig ileum

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A peptidergic component to vagally induced tracheal vasodilation in the dog

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A peptidoglycan monomer pgm as an antitumor agent in mice stimulation of phagocytosis but not of specific antitumor immunity by pgm

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A peptidoglycan protein complex purified from mycobacterium leprae cell walls contains most or all immunodominant mycobacterium leprae t cell antigens

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A perception experiment to assess the clinical accuracy of various method of obtaining cardiac phase images

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A perceptual evaluation of the speech of adventitiously deaf adult males

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A perchlorate ion selective electrode as internal reference in equilibrium analysis

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A percutaneous approach to cardiac hemodynamics in anesthetized rats

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A percutaneous liver biopsy technique in ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) experimentally infected with duck hepatitis B virus

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A perforated gastrovascular cavity in the symbiotic deep water coral leptoseris fragilis a new strategy to optimize heterotrophic nutrition

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A performance comparison between intensive continuous grazing and rotational grazing with fattening heifers on perennial ryegrass poor permanent grassland in 8 years of experiments

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A perfusion system developed for phosphorus 31 nmr study of melanoma cells at tissue like density

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A perfusion system for studying organ preservation by nmr spectroscopy

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A pericarp disc system as a bio assay for tomato fruit ripening

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A perichromosomal region contains proteins phosphorylated during mitosis in Xenopus laevis cells

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A perinatal audit of stillbirths in three danish counties

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A perioperative technique for detection of retained valve cusps in the in situ vein graft

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A peripheral arterial oxygen sensitive pathway to the respiratory oscillator of the shore crab carcinus maenas

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A peripheral facial nerve paralysis caused by a 4th ventricular tumor report of a case

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A peripheral venous requirement adapted parenteral nutrition renaissance of maltose

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A peripherally implanted permanent central venous access device

Yee R.; Klein G.J.; Leitch J.W.; Guiraudon G.M.; Guiraudon C.M.; Jones D.L.; Norris C., 1992:
A permanent transvenous lead system for an implantable pacemaker cardioverter difibrillator nonthoracotomy approach to implantation

Counc Sci Aff (Usa), 1990:
A permanent usa mexico border environmental health commission

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A permeability barrier to lanthanum and the presence of collagen between odontoblasts in pig molars

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A permeabilized cell assay system for studying enzyme regulation and localization in aspergillus niger

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A permo triassic plant microfossil assemblage from sri lanka

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A permutation based algorithm for block clustering

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A persistent case of kennel cough caused by Filaroides osleri

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A persistent clinical problem: profile of the term infant with significant respiratory complications

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A persistent sodium current in rat ventricular myocytes

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A personal computer network system for equitable allocation of cadaver organs

Marshall Goodell B.; Frei L.; Gormezano I., 1989:
A personal computer programmable sine wave generator

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A personal doctor the wish and the reality in northern norway

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A personal experience in comparing three nonoperative techniques for treating internal hemorrhoids

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A personality measure of Erikson's life stages: the Inventory of Psychosocial Balance

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A perspective for setting the research priorities for the productivity of future crop production in finland

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A perspective on america's vanishing streams

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A perspective on converting enzyme inhibitors and calcium channel antagonists in diabetic renal disease

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A perspective on psychophysical testing in children

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A pertussis outbreak in a wisconsin usa nursing home

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A pet detector with depth of interaction determination

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A petite positive strain of kluyveromyces lactis has a 300 kb deletion in the ribosomal dna cluster

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A petri dish technique for the aseptic synthesis of ectomycorrhizae

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A petri plate technique for testing pathogenicity of fungi to seedlings and inducing fungal sporulation

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A petrified cycadean ovule from mohgaonkalan madhya pradesh india

Matten L.C., 1989:
A petrified lycopod from the uppermost devonian of hook head county wexford ireland

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A pfi mill can be used to predict biomechanical pulp strength properties

Brown D.E.; Mcavoy A., 1990:
A ph controlled fed batch process for dextransucrase production

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A ph dependent low molecular weight blood group a specific lectin from crotalaria striata seeds purification and carbohydrate specificity

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A ph increase in human fibroblast lysosomes during accumulation of non hydrolysable compound

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A ph induced change in state around active site tryptophan residues of rhizopus niveus glucoamylase detected by stopped flow studies of chemical modification with n bromosuccinimide

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A ph modifier site regulates activity of the sodium bicarbonate cotransporter in basolateral membranes of kidney proximal tubules

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A ph regulated promoter for the expression of recombinant proteins in escherichia coli

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A ph stat method to measure glucose oxidase

Berenguer J.J.; Manjon A.; Iborra J.L., 1989:
A ph tyrosinase biosensor for amino acids catecholamines and adrenergic drugs determination

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A phage linked immunoabsorbent system for the detection of pathologically relevant antigens

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A phage T4 in vitro packaging system for cloning long DNA molecules

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A phagocytosis capacity assay: parallel measurement of the phagocytosis and the intracellular killing in granulocytes and the influence of some substances on these processes

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A phantom for facilitating in vitro computed tomographic studies of gallstones

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A pharmaco eeg and psychometric study of dexfenfluramine in young adults

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A pharmacodynamic comparison of human urinary fsh and human menopausal gonadotropin in normal women and polycystic ovary syndrome

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A pharmacodynamic model of erythropoietin therapy for uremic anemia

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A pharmacodynamic model to predict the time dependent adaptation of dopaminergic activity during constant concentrations of haloperidol

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A pharmacoepidemiologic italian multicenter study on the treatment of unselected insomniac patients with brotizolam

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A pharmacokinetic analysis of diacetylmonoxime in heifers

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A pharmacokinetic analysis of enterohepatic circulation of ursodeoxycholic acid, a drug with a high hepatic extraction but a small clearance

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A pharmacokinetic analysis of the effect of temperature on the accumulation of di 2 ethylhexyl phthalate dehp in sheepshead minnow

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A pharmacokinetic analysis of theophylline after single oral dosing of sustained release preparation theo dur in fast and after a meal

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A pharmacokinetic and endoscopic comparison of an oral and an experimental buccal piroxicam formulation

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A pharmacokinetic and radiographic study of 5 aminosalicylic acid position release tablets

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A pharmacokinetic interaction between high dose methotrexate and dipyrone