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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6958

Chapter 6958 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Thevenin B.J M.; Shahrokh Z.; Williard R.L.; Fujimoto E.K.; Kang J J.; Ikemoto N.; Shohet S.B., 1992: A novel photoactivatable cross linker for the functionally directed region specific fluorescent labeling of proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957001

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957002

Marubayashi N.; Ogawa T.; Kuroita T.; Hamasaki T.; Ueda I., 1992: A novel photochemical transformation of methyl 6 chloro 3 4 dihydro 4 methyl 3 oxo 2h 1 4 benzoxazine 8 carboxylate to beta lactams

Mehrotra K.N., 1988: A novel photofragmentation of 2 azetidinones

Sharma, N. D.; Davies, D. J. H.; Phillips, D. R.; Mccloskey, J. A., 1989: A novel photoproduct of 2' deoxyguanosine induced by acetone photosensitization 8 2 3 4 trihydroxybutylguanine

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957006

Dizhur A.M.; Nekrasova E.N.; Filippov P.P., 1991: A novel photoreceptor cell specific protein with molecular weight 26 kda capable of binding to immobilized delipidated rhodopsin

Iguchi H.; Natori S.; Ohashi M.; Nawata H.; Bloom S.R.; Chretien M., 1990: A novel pituitary protein 7b2 in human pheochromocytoma in vivo and in vitro study

Harper D.R., 1989: A novel plaque assay system for paramyxoviruses

Krauss R.S.; Weinstein I.B., 1991: A novel plasmid based system for studying gene rearrangements in mammalian cells

Agha A.; Schlueter H.; Koenig S.; Biel K.; Tepel M.; Zidek W., 1992: A novel platelet derived renal vasoconstrictor agent in normotensives and essential hypertensives

Orita S.; Higashi T.; Kawasaki Y.; Harada A.; Igarashi H.; Monden T.; Morimoto H.; Shimano T.; Mori T.; Miyoshi J., 1991: A novel point mutation at codon 146 of the k ras gene in a human colorectal cancer identified by the polymerase chain reaction

Yano H.; Kitano N.; Morimoto M.; Polonsky K.S.; Imura H.; Seino Y., 1992: A novel point mutation in the human insulin gene giving rise to hyperproinsulinemia proinsulin kyoto

Goto Y I.; Tojo M.; Tohyama J.; Horai S.; Nonaka I., 1992: A novel point mutation in the mitochondrial trna leu uur gene in a family with mitochondrial myopathy

Wahle E., 1991: A novel polyadenylate binding protein acts as a specificity factor in the second phase of messenger rna polyadenylation

Ksander G.A.; Gerhardt C.O.; Dasch J.R.; Ellingsworth L.R., 1990: A novel polyclonal antibody cl b1 29 for immunolocalization of transforming growth factor beta 2 tgf beta 2 in adult mouse

Tenkanen H.; Koskinen P.; Metso J.; Baumann M.; Lukka M.; Kauppinen Makelin R.; Kontula K.; Taskinen M R.; Manttari M.; Manninen V.; Ehnholm C., 1992: A novel polymorphism of apolipoprotein a iv is the result of an asparagine to serine substitution at residue 127

Miller M.D.; Hata S.; De Waal Malefyt R.; Krangel M.S., 1989: A novel polypeptide secreted by activated human t lymphocytes

Ferroni C.; Hano O.; Ventura C.; Lakatta E.G.; Klockow M.; Spurgeon H.; Capogrossi M.C., 1991: A novel positive inotropic substance enhances contractility without increasing the calcium ion transient in rat myocardium

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957021

Llorens Cortes C.; Giros B.; Schwartz J C., 1990: A novel potential metallopeptidase derived from the enkephalinase by alternative splicing

Horiuchi H.; Kawata M.; Katayama M.; Yoshida Y.; Musha T.; Ando S.; Takai Y., 1991: A novel prenyltransferase for a small gtp binding protein having a carboxyl terminal cys ala cys structure

Piskarev V.E.; Shuster A.M.; Gabibov A.G.; Rabinkov A.G., 1990: A novel preparative method for the isolation of avidin and riboflavin binding glycoprotein from chicken egg white by the use of high performance liquid chromatography

Ho T.F.L.; Gupta J.S.; Faust E.A., 1989: A novel primase free form of murine dna polymerase alpha induced by infection with minute virus of mice

Yamamoto Y.; Kawai H.; Nakahara K.; Osame M.; Nakatsuji Y.; Kishimoto T.; Sakoda S., 1992: A novel primer extension method to detect the number of cag repeats in the androgen receptor gene in families with x linked spinal and bulbar muscular atrophy

Deryugina E.I.; Drize N.I.; Olovnikova N.I.; Sadovnikova E.Yu; Chertkov I.L., 1990: A novel primitive hemopoietic stem cell pre cfus determined in a murine bone marrow long term culture

Haaland A.K.; Skjonsberg O.H.; Vaeret A.; Ruyter R.; Godal H.C., 1991: A novel principle for assessment of stimulated fibrinolysis

Gustafson M.; Magnusson K E., 1992: A novel principle for quantitation of fast intracellular calcium changes using fura 2 and a modified image processing system applications in studies of neutrophil motility and phagocytosis

Ehtesham N.Z.; Das A.; Hasnain S.E., 1992: A novel probe for human dna fingerprinting based on chi like sequences

Devane W.A.; Breuer A.; Sheskin T.; Jarbe T.U.C.; Eisen M.S.; Mechoulam R., 1992: A novel probe for the cannabinoid receptor

Vlahovic M.; Sibalic I.; Kovacevic K., 1991: A novel procedure for hydrothermic processing of carbohydrate protein and roughage feeds as a prerequisite for the obtainment of different high quality feeds for all species and categories of domestic animals

Sakaki Y., 1988: A novel procedure for selective cloning of noti linking fragments from mammalian genomes

Tsuchiyama, Y.; Yamamoto, K. I.; Asou, T.; Okabe, M.; Yagi, Y.; Okamoto, R., 1991: A novel process of cyclodextrin production by the use of specific adsorbents part i. screening of specific adsorbents

Tsuchiyama, Y.; Nomura, H.; Okabe, M.; Okamoto, R., 1991: A novel process of cyclodextrin production by the use of specific adsorbents part ii. a new reactor system for selective production of alpha cyclodextrin with specific adsorbent

Diosady L.L., 1988: A novel processing approach for rapeseed and mustard seed removal of undesirable constituents by methanol ammonia

Norbeck D.W.; Rosenbrook W.; Kramer J.B.; Grampovnik D.J.; Lartey P.A., 1989: A novel prodrug of an impermeant inhibitor of 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonate cytidylyltransferase has antibacterial activity

Bar S.; Barnea E.; Levy Z.; Neuman S.; Yaffe D.; Nudel U., 1990: A novel product of the duchenne muscular dystrophy gene which greatly differs from the known isoforms in its structure and tissue distribution

Wright G.L.Jr; Beckett M.L.; Lipford G.B.; Haley C.L.; Schellhammer P.F., 1991: A novel prostate carcinoma associated glycoprotein complex pac recognized by monoclonal antibody turp 27

Hwang D.S.; Kornberg A., 1990: A novel protein binds a key origin sequence to block replication of an escherichia coli minichromosome

Harper, J. E.; Manley, J. L., 1991: A novel protein factor is required for use of distal alternative 5' splice sites in vitro

Onozuka M.; Imai S.; Ozono S.; Isobe T.; Okuyama T.; Takano S.; Sugimura Y.; Fukami Y., 1991: A novel protein induced in cortical epileptic focus of rat cerebrum a possible linkage to epileptogenesis

Herman P.K.; Stack J.H.; Demondena J.A.; Emr S.D., 1991: A novel protein kinase homolog essential for protein sorting to the yeast lysosome like vacuole

Rimpilainen M.; Forsberg A.; Wolf Watz H., 1992: A novel protein lcrq involved in the low calcium response of yersinia pseudotuberculosis shows extensive homology to yoph

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957047

Pfeffer U.; Vidali G., 1991: A novel protein related to cell cycle dependent alterations of chromatin structure

Mano H.; Ishikawa F.; Nishida J.; Hirai H.; Takaku F., 1990: A novel protein tyrosine kinase tec is preferentially expressed in liver

Oda K.; Fukuda Y.; Murao S.; Uchida K.; Kainosho M., 1989: A novel proteinase inhibitor tyrostatin inhibiting some pepstatin insensitive carboxyl proteinases

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957052

Mimura K.; Murakami Murofushi K.; Ohta J., 1991: A novel purification method of sterols and steryl glucoside from plasmodia of a true slime mold physarum polycephalum

Janssen J.W.G.; Schulz A.S.; Steenvoorden A.C.M.; Schmidberger M.; Strehl S.; Ambros P.F.; Bartram C.R., 1991: A novel putative tyrosine kinase receptor with oncogenic potential

Hirose Y.; Yamaoka H.; Nakayama M., 1991: A novel quasi dimeric oxidation product of dextro catechin from lipid peroxidation

Pastorekova S.; Zavadova Z.; Kostal M.; Babusikova O.; Zavada J., 1992: A novel quasi viral agent matu is a two component system

Shinkawa T.; Nakajima H.; Nishijima K.; Yamasaki F.; Kato K.; Ohzawa N.; Mizota M., 1992: A novel quinolinone diuretic m12285 and its activation mechanism through sulfate conjugation

Ravi P.; Narayanan V.; Raman P.V., 1989: A novel quinone from dalbergia sissoides grah

Too, H. P.; Cordova, J. L.; Maggio, J. E., 1989: A novel radioimmunoassay for neuromedin k i. absence of neuromedin k like immunoreactivity in guinea pig ileum and urinary bladder ii. heterogeneity of tachykinins in guinea pig tissues

Berger M.P.; Munson P.J., 1991: A novel randomized iterative strategy for aligning multiple protein sequences

Kocagoz S., 1988: A novel rapid antibiotic susceptibility test for enteric bacteria by color change method

Riley J.; Butler R.; Ogilvie D.; Finniear R.; Jenner D.; Powell S.; Anand R.; Smith J.C.; Markham A.F., 1990: A novel rapid method for the isolation of terminal sequences from yeast artificial chromosome yac clones

Rutter W.J., 1988: A novel rat carboxypeptidase cpa2 characterization molecular cloning and evolutionary implications on substrate specificity in the carboxypeptidase gene family

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957065

Punpeng B.; Nakata Y.; Goto M.; Teramoto Y.; Hayashida S., 1992: A novel raw starch digesting yeast alpha amylase from lipomyces starkeyi hn 606

Hauber W., 1990: A novel reaction time task for investigating force and time parameters of locomotor initiation in rats

Zhao Y F.; Zhang D Q.; Xue C B., 1991: A novel reagent dialkylphosphite for peptide synthesis

Nalluri C.; Mbigha C.C.; Vallally C.O., 1991: A novel reciprocating water lifting handpump

Nakamura S.; Kato A.; Masegi T.; Fukuoka M.; Kitai K.; Ogawa H.; Ichikawa Y.; Maeda M.; Watanabe N.; Et Al, 1991: A novel recombinant tumor necrosis factor alpha mutant with increased anti tumor activity and lower toxicity

Strathern J.N.; Weinstock K.G.; Higgins D.R.; Mcgill C.B., 1991: A novel recombinator in yeast based on gene ii protein from bacteriophage f1

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957072

Greene R.V.; Cotta M.A.; Griffin H.L., 1989: A novel regional symbiotic bacterium isolated from marine shipworm secretes proteolytic activity

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957074

Brickner H.E.; Zhu X X.; Atweh G.F., 1991: A novel regulatory element of the human alpha globin gene responsible for its constitutive expression

Oltz E.M.; Yancopoulos G.D.; Morrow M.A.; Rolink A.; Lee G.; Wong F.; Kaplan K.; Gillis S.; Melchers F.; Alt F.W., 1992: A novel regulatory myosin light chain gene distinguishes pre b cell subsets and is il 7 inducible

Lin Y.; Ishikawa R.; Kohama K., 1992: A novel regulatory protein that affects the functions of caldesmon and myosin light chain kinase

Sharples G.J.; Lloyd R.G., 1990: A novel repeated dna sequence located in the intergenic regions of bacterial chromosomes

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957080

Loechelt M.; Delius H.; Kaaden O R., 1989: A novel replicative form dna of aleutian disease virus the covalently closed linear dna of the parvoviruses

Messer W., 1988: A novel replicon occurring naturally in escherichia coli is a phage plasmid hybrid

Rodrigo G.C.; Chapman R.A., 1990: A novel resin filled ion sensitive micro electrode suitable for intracellular measurements in isolated cardiac myocytes

Conlon, F. L.; Barth, K. S.; Robertson, E. J., 1991: A novel retrovirally induced embryonic lethal mutation in the mouse assessment of the developmental fate of embryonic stem cells homozygous for the 413.d proviral integration

Lambowitz A.M., 1988: A novel reverse transcriptase activity associated with mitochondrial plasmids of neurospora

Storts D.R.; Markovitz A., 1991: A novel rho promoter tn 10 mutation suppresses an fts q 1 ts missense mutation in an essential escherichia coli cell division gene by a mechanism not involving polarity suppression

Hollingsworth M.A.; Borowitz M.J.; Everett M.L.; Metzgar R.S., 1990: A novel ribonucleoprotein complex defined by monoclonal antibodies to nih 3t3 cells transfected with human pancreatic adenocarcinoma dna

Hanessian S.; Desilets D.; Bennani Y.L., 1990: A novel ring closure strategy for the carbapenems the total synthesis of dextro thienamycin

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957089

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957090

Dorer D.R.; Christensen A.C.; Johnson D.H., 1990: A novel rna helicase gene tightly linked to the triplo lethal locus of drosophila

Boesl M.; Kersten H., 1991: A novel rna product of the tyrt operon of escherichia coli

Shiiba K.; Stohl W.; Gray J.D.; Horwitz D.A., 1990: A novel role for accessory cells in t cell dependent b cell differentiation

Pollard J.W.; Galpine A.R.; Clemens M.J., 1989: A novel role for aminoacyl transfer rna synthetases in the regulation of polypeptide chain initiation

Anderson S.; Appanna V.D.; Huang J.; Viswanatha T., 1992: A novel role for calcite in calcium homeostasis

Kohiyama M., 1988: A novel role for cyclic amp in the control of the activity of the escherichia coli chromosome replication initiator protein dna a

Wallace M.A.; Claro E., 1990: A novel role for dopamine inhibition of muscarinic cholinergic stimulated phosphoinositide hydrolysis in rat brain cortical membranes

Campbell W.J.; Ogren W.L., 1990: A novel role for light in the activation of ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957100

Smolenski R.T.; Fabianowska Majewska K.; Montero C.; Duley J.A.; Fairbanks L.D.; Marlewski M.; Simmonds H.A., 1992: A novel route of atp synthesis

Bullock C.; Hough L.; Richardson A.C., 1990: A novel route to 1 4 anhydro derivatives of beta d galactopyranose

Liu Z.; Classon B.; Samuelsson B., 1990: A novel route to olefins from vicinal diols

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957104

Okinaga T.; Ohashi Y.; Hoshi M., 1992: A novel saccharide structure xyl 1 3 gal 1 sulfate 3 4 fuc is present in acrosome reaction inducing substance of the starfish asterias amurensis

Payton M.A.; Rheinnecker M.; Klig L.S.; Detiani M.; Bowden E., 1991: A novel saccharomyces cerevisiae secretory mutant possesses a thermolabile phosphomannose isomerase

Baumgartner J D.; Bula C.; Vaney C.; Wu M M.; Eggimann P.; Perret C., 1992: A novel score for predicting the mortality of septic shock patients

Shimizu T.; Kouketsu K.; Kamiya T.; Futagawa H.; Hirose S., 1989: A novel second generation polyolefin container for storage of single donor apheresis platelets

Spik G.; Haendler B.; Delmas O.; Mariller C.; Chamoux M.; Maes P.; Tartar A.; Montreuil J.; Stedman K.; Et Al, 1991: A novel secreted cyclophilin like protein scylp

Rubartelli A.; Cozzolino F.; Talio M.; Sitia R., 1990: A novel secretory pathway for interleukin 1 beta a protein lacking a signal sequence

Lee T.H.; Wisniewski H G.; Vilcek J., 1992: A novel secretory tumor necrosis factor inducible protein tsg 6 is a member of the family of hyaluronate binding proteins closely related to the adhesion receptor cd44

Baumlein H.; Boerjan W.; Nagy I.; Bassuener R.; Van Montagu M.; Inze D.; Wobus U., 1991: A novel seed protein gene from vicia faba is developmentally regulated in transgenetic tobacco and arabidopsis plants

Porter T.; Pennington S.L.; Adair G.M.; Nairn R.S.; Wilson J.H., 1990: A novel selection system for recombinational and mutational events within an intron of a eukaryotic gene

Todd J.; Kink J.; Leahy D.; Preisel Simmons B.; Laska S.; Wolff P.; Jacobson P.; Byrne R.; Babler S.; Et Al, 1992: A novel semi automated paramagnetic microparticle based enzyme immunoassay for hepatitis c virus its application to serologic testing

Kubo K.; Ide H.; Wallace S.S.; Kow Y.W., 1992: A novel sensitive and specific assay for abasic sites the most commonly produced dna lesion

Dors D.M.; Nuijens J.H.; Huijbregts C.C.M.; Hack C.E., 1992: A novel sensitive assay for functional factor xii based on the generation of kallikrein c1 inhibitor complexes in factor xii deficient plasma by glass bound factor xii

Souliotis V.L.; Kyrtopoulos S.A., 1989: A novel sensitive assay for o 6 methyl and o 6 ethylguanine in dna based on repair by the enzyme o 6 alkylguanine dna alkyltransferase in competition with an oligonucleotide containing o 6 methylguanine

Uri J.V.; Burdash N.; Bright R., 1991: A novel sensitive nitrite reagent to be used in the clinical microbiology laboratory

Nagasawa S.; Tokishita S.; Aiba H.; Mizuno T., 1992: A novel sensor regulator protein that belongs to the homologous family of signal transduction proteins involved in adaptive response in escherichia coli

Olins P.O.; Rangwala S.H., 1989: A novel sequence element derived from bacteriophage t7 messenger rna acts as an enhancer of translation of the lac z gene in escherichia coli

Bruggeman L.A.; Burbelo P.D.; Yamada Y.; Klotman P.E., 1992: A novel sequence in the type iv collagen promoter binds nuclear proteins from engelbreth holm swarm tumor

Lobanenkov, V. V.; Nicolas, R. H.; Adler, V. V.; Paterson, H.; Klenova, E. M.; Polotskaja, A. V.; Goodwin, G. H., 1990: A novel sequence specific dna binding protein which interacts with three regularly spaced direct repeats of the ccctc motif in the 5' flanking sequence of the chicken c myc gene

Hood, J. D.; Banks, R. M.; Brewer, M. D.; Fish, J. P.; Manger, B. R.; Poulton, M. E., 1989: A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from streptomyces strain e225 i. discovery fermentation and anthelmintic activity

Baker, G. H.; Dorgan, R. J. J.; Everett, J. R.; Hood, J. D.; Poulton, M. E., 1990: A novel series of milbemycin antibiotics from streptomyces strain e225 ii. isolation characterization structure elucidation and solution conformations

Freedman S.B.; Harley E.A.; Patel S.; Newberry N.R.; Gilbert M.J.; Mcknight A.T.; Tang J.K.; Maguire J.J.; Mudunkotuwa N.T.; Et Al, 1990: A novel series of non quaternary oxadiazoles acting as full agonists at muscarinic receptors

Yee Y.K.; Bernstein P.R.; Adams E.J.; Brown F.J.; Cronk L.A.; Hebbel K.C.; Vacek E.P.; Krell R.D.; Snyder D.W., 1990: A novel series of selective leukotriene antagonists exploration and optimization of the acidic region in 1 6 disubstituted indoles and indazoles

Yamaguchi T.; Carretero O.A.; Scicli A.G., 1991: A novel serine protease with vasoconstrictor activity coded by the kallikrein gene s3

Pousette, A.; Fernstad, R.; Skoldefors, H.; Carlstrom, K., 1988: A novel serum assay for pancreatic cellular damage ii. high tissue specificity of a pancreatic protein

Moreau A.; Paradis F.W.; Morosoli R.; Shareck F.; Kluepfel D., 1992: A novel shuttle vector for streptomyces spp and escherichia coli as a tool in site directed mutagenesis

Li, Y. T.; Nakagawa, H.; Ross, S. A.; Hansson, G. C.; Li, S. C., 1990: A novel sialidase which releases 2 7 anhydro alpha n acetylneuraminic acid from sialoglycoconjugates

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957132

Smith D.F., 1988: A novel sialylhexasaccharide from human milk purification by affinity chromatography on immobilized wheat germ agglutinin

Lapoumeroulie C.; Dunda O.; Ducrocq R.; Trabuchet G.; Mony Lobe M.; Bodo J.M.; Carnevale P.; Labie D.; Elion J.; Krishnamoorthy R., 1992: A novel sickle cell mutation of yet another origin in africa the cameroon type

Wang Q.; Kaguni J.M., 1989: A novel sigma factor is involved in expression of the rpo h gene of escherichia coli

Orum H.; Poulsen L.K., 1989: A novel single plasmid approach to in frame fusion

Carver T.E.; Brantley R.E.Jr; Singleton E.W.; Arduini R.M.; Quillin M.L.; Phillips G.N.Jr; Olson J.S., 1992: A novel site directed mutant of myoglobin with an unusually high oxygen affinity and low autooxidation rate

Takai Y., 1988: A novel small molecular weight gtp binding protein with the same putative effector domain as the ras proteins in bovine brain membranes purification determination of primary structure and characterization

Mcmullin T.W.; Haffter P.; Fox T.D., 1990: A novel small subunit ribosomal protein of yeast mitochondria that interacts functionally with an messenger rna specific translational activator

Ozmen L.; Fountoulakis M.; Garotta G., 1992: A novel solid phase test to study the binding of ifn gamma to its receptors

Hendrix J.C.; Halverson K.J.; Jarrett J.T.; Lansbury P.T.Jr, 1990: A novel solvent system for solid phase synthesis of protected peptides the disaggregation of resin bound antiparallel beta sheet

Siebens A.W.; Spring K.R., 1989: A novel sorbitol transport mechanism in cultured renal papillary epithelial cells

Hassan L.; Jones R.N.; Posselt U.K., 1989: A novel source of genetic variation in ryegrasses lolium multiflorum lolium perenne

Mohler J.; Eldon E.D.; Pirrotta V., 1989: A novel spatial transcription pattern associated with the segmentation gene giant of drosophila

Kikuta Y.; Sogawa K.; Haniu M.; Kinosaki M.; Kusunose E.; Nojima Y.; Yamamoto S.; Ichihara K.; Kusunose M.; Fujii Kuriyama Y., 1991: A novel species of cytochrome p 450 p 450i b specific for the small intestine of rabbits complementary dna cloning and its expression in cos cells

Jacobsen J.S.; Muenkel H.A.; Blume A.J.; Vitek M.P., 1991: A novel species specific rna related to alternatively spliced amyloid precursor protein mrnas

Salamon C.; Horvath E.J.; Fekete M.I.K.; Aranyi P., 1992: A novel specific binding site for anxiolytic homophthalazines in the rat brain

Rogel A.M.; Stone W.L.; Adebonojo F.O., 1989: A novel spectrophotometric assay for lipase activity utilizing cis parinaric acid

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957150

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957151

Necker R., 1991: A novel spinal pathway and other connections to the spinocerebellum in the pigeon

Ast G.; Goldblatt D.; Offen D.; Sperlin J.; Sperling R., 1991: A novel splicing factor is an integral component of 200s large nuclear ribonucleoprotein ln rnp particles

Pettersson U., 1988: A novel spontaneous mutation of the bovine papillomavirus 1 genome

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957155

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957156

Back T.G.; Chau J.H L.; Morzycki J.W., 1991: A novel stereospecific rearrangement of 3 substituted b homo 5 azasteroid lactams to a nor analogues

Back T.G.; Chau J.H L.; Codding P.W.; Gladstone P.L.; Jones D.H.; Morzycki J.W.; Roszak A.W., 1992: A novel stereospecific rearrangement of 3 substituted b homo 5 azasteroids to their a nor analogues preparation stereochemistry and conformational studies

Wurz R.E.M.; Kepner R.E.; Webb A.D., 1989: A novel stereospecific synthesis of carbon 14 labeled l glutamic acid

Hayashi K.; Ando S.; Stifani S.; Schneider W.J., 1989: A novel sterol regulated surface protein on chicken fibroblasts

Yoshida S.; Tamai K.; Umekawa H.; Suzuki M.; Kojima K., 1989: A novel stimulating protein of mammalian dna polymerase alpha

Gurjar M.K.; Pawar S.M.; Mainkar P.S., 1989: A novel strategy for 2 6 dideoxy l hexoses an application to 3 amino 2 3 6 trideoxy l lyxo hexopyranose l daunosamine

Hinuma S.; Hazama M.; Mayumi A.; Fujisawa Y., 1991: A novel strategy for converting recombinant viral protein into high immunogenic antigen

Jackson A.O., 1988: A novel strategy for one step cloning of full length complementary dna and its application to the genome of barley stripe mosaic virus

Songsivilai S.; Clissold P.M.; Lachmann P.J., 1989: A novel strategy for producing chimeric bispecific antibodies by gene transfection

Blackwell J.R.; Horgan R., 1991: A novel strategy for production of a highly expressed recombinant protein in an active form

Montgomery A.M.P.; Wing M.G.; Lachmann P.J., 1990: A novel strategy for targeting cd4 positive ppd reactive t cells against tumor cells using ppd monoclonal antibody heteroconjugates

Glaichenhaus N.; Davis C.; Bornschlegel K.; Allison J.P.; Shastri N., 1991: A novel strategy for the generation of t cell lines lacking expression of endogenous alpha and or beta chain t cell receptor genes

Branchaud B.P.; Meier M.S., 1989: A novel strategy for the synthesis of ammonium 3 deoxy d manno 2 octulosonate ammonium kdo from lower monosaccharides c c bond construction at c 6 of d mannose via cobaloxime mediated radical alkyl alkenyl cross coupling

Levery S.B.; Roberts C.E.; Salyan M.E.K.; Hakomori S I., 1989: A novel strategy for unambiguous determination of inner esterification sites of ganglioside lactones

Horwitz E.P.; Chiarizia R.; Dietz M.L., 1992: A novel strontium selective extraction chromatographic resin

Solovei I.; Gaginskaya E.; Allen T.; Macgregor H., 1992: A novel structure associated with a lampbrush chromosome in the chicken gallus domesticus

Bentley W.E.; Kompala D.S., 1989: A novel structured kinetic modeling approach for the analysis of plasmid instability in recombinant bacterial cultures

Kanegane H.; Miyawaki T.; Kato K.; Yokoi T.; Uehara T.; Yachie A.; Taniguchi N., 1991: A novel subpopulation of cd45ra positive cd4 positive t cells expressing il 2 receptor alpha chain cd25 and having a functionally transitional nature into memory cells

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957177

Geraghty D.P.; Livett B.G.; Rogerson F.M.; Burcher E., 1990: A novel substance p binding site in bovine adrenal medulla

Sharif N.A., 1990: A novel substance p binding site in rat brain regions modulates trh receptor binding

Mascardo R.N.; Thompson W.; Gallo M.A.; Chambers T.C.; Eilon G., 1990: A novel succinyl dipeptide stimulates directed cell migration by modulating protein kinase c activity

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957181

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957182

Efimov A.V., 1992: A novel super secondary structure of beta proteins a triple strand corner

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957184

Moretta A.; Tambussi G.; Bottino C.; Tripodi G.; Merli A.; Ciccone E.; Pantaleo G.; Moretta L., 1990: A novel surface antigen expressed by a subset of human cd3 minus cd16 positive natural killer cells role in cell activation and regulation of cytolytic function

Ruiz A.; Roy M.J.; Gordon M., 1990: A novel surface antigen expressed by mature and activated rabbit t lymphocytes

Ferrini S.; Cantoni C.; Ciccone E.; Biassoni R.; Prigione I.; Bottino C.; Venzano P.; Moretta L., 1991: A novel surface molecule expressed by long term cultured t and natural killer cells is involved in cell activation

Akin H.; Hasirci V.N.; Hasirci N., 1990: A novel sustained release membrane

Arcangioli B.; Klar A.J.S., 1991: A novel switch activating site sas1 and its cognate binding factor sap1 required for efficient mat1 switching in schizosaccharomyces pombe

Bahler M.; Klein R.L.; Wang J.K.T.; Benfenati F.; Greengard P., 1991: A novel synaptic vesicle associated phosphoprotein svapp 120

Zeiske W., 1988: A novel synergistic stimulation of sodium transport across frog skin xenopus laevis by external cadmium and calcium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957192

Kim C.U.; Luh B.Y.; Martin J.C., 1992: A novel synthesis of 1 oxa hpmpa a potent antiviral agent against herpesviruses

Pews R.G.; Hunter J.E.; Wehmeyer R.M., 1991: A novel synthesis of 2 6 disubstituted and 2 3 6 trisubstituted anilines

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S., 1989: A novel synthesis of 2 amino 4 5 disubstituted thiazole and 2 amino 5 hydro 4 arylazo 6 arylthiazolo 5 4 c pyridazin 5 ones and their biological properties

Shibuya K.; Takahashi Y.; Shigyo H.; Ohta T., 1989: A novel synthesis of 3 2 amino 4 ethoxyphenylpyridine

Ozcan E.; Bayat C.; Acar A.M., 1991: A novel synthesis of 4 hydroxycoumarin and physicochemical studies on known methods

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S.; Vyas K.A., 1990: A novel synthesis of a few substituted s triazolo 3 4 b 1 3 4 thiadiazoles and evaluation of their antibacterial activity

Shen Y.; Liao Q.; Qiu W., 1990: A novel synthesis of alpha fluoroalkylvinylphosphonates or alpha fluoroepoxyalkyl phosphonates

Shen Y.; Wang T., 1991: A novel synthesis of beta perfluoroalkylated alpha beta unsaturated nitriles

Honda T.; Ueda K.; Tsubuki M.; Toya T.; Kurozumi A., 1991: A novel synthesis of cyclobutane sesquiterpenes racemic italicene and racemic isoitalicene

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957203

Cabri W.; De Bernardinis S.; Francalanci F.; Penco S., 1990: A novel synthesis of dextro 4 demethoxydaunomycinone

Nadkarni S.S.; Hosangadi B.D., 1990: A novel synthesis of dipyridodiazocines

Hassan A.A.; Ibrahim Y.R.; Mohamed N.K.; Mourad A F.E., 1991: A novel synthesis of indanopyrazolopyrimidines by ct complexation

Becker D.; Galili N., 1992: A novel synthesis of protected glucose intermediates

Dlugosz A., 1990: A novel synthesis of pyrimidobenzodiazepines

Constantino M.G.; Losco P.; Castellano E.E., 1989: A novel synthesis of racemic abscisic acid

Chattopadhyay S.; Chandha M.S.; Mamdapur V.R., 1991: A novel synthesis of s 6 methyl 3 octanone the alarm pheromone of crematogaster ants

Patel H.V.; Fernandes P.S., 1989: A novel synthesis of some 2 substituted 5 aryl 2 3 5 6 tetrahydropyrazolo 4 3 c pyrazol 3 ones and evaluation of their antibacterial properties

Fernandes P.S., 1988: A novel synthesis of some substituted pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazines related compounds and evaluation of their antibacterial properties

Breslow R.; Chung S., 1989: A novel synthesis of substituted imidazoles and a reexamination of a purported chymotrypsin model

Qiao M., 1988: A novel synthesis of tanshinone iia an active component of salvia miltiorrhiza bunge

Soukup M., 1988: A novel synthesis of the monobactam antibiotic carumonam

Yamamoto Y.; Morita Y., 1990: A novel synthesis of trialkylstannyl derivatives and silylpyridine derivatives through diels alder reaction of 6h 1 3 oxazin 6 ones

Buck H.M., 1988: A novel synthetic approach to phosphate methylated dna oligomers using 9 fluorenylmethoxycarbonyl fmoc as temporary base amino protecting group

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957218

Sato M.; Sakaki J I.; Takayama K.; Kobayashi S.; Suzuki M.; Kaneko C., 1990: A novel synthetic method for tetronic acids from 1 3 dioxin 4 ones via intra or intermolecular ketene trapping

Hagiwara T.; Nakaya K.; Nakamura Y., 1990: A novel synthetic substrate for casein kinase 2

Hsu M T.; Dimaio M.; Reiss O.K.; Ciurea D.; Gil J., 1992: A novel system for the culture of human lung lung development and the response to injury

Gupta S.; Chowdhury N.R.; Jagtiani R.; Gustin K.; Aragona E.; Shafritz D.A.; Chowdhury J.R.; Burk R.D., 1990: A novel system for transplantation of isolated hepatocytes utilizing hbsag producing transgenic donor cells

Tarui S., 1988: A novel system of ldl apheresis combining a centrifugal plasma separator with a specific ldl adsorption column

Pierres M., 1988: A novel t cell activating molecule tham highly expressed on cd4 minus cd8 minus murine thymocytes

Termijtelen A.; Van Den Elsen P.; Koning F.; De Koster S.; Schroeijers W.; Vanderkerckhove B., 1989: A novel t cell defined hla dr polymorphism not predicted from the linear amino acid sequence

Orchard K.; Perkins N.; Chapman C.; Harris J.; Emery V.; Goodwin G.; Latchman D.; Collins M., 1990: A novel t cell protein which recognizes a palindromic sequence in the negative regulatory element of the human immunodeficiency virus long terminal repeat

Radler Pohl A.; Pfeuffer I.; Karin M.; Serfling E., 1990: A novel t cell trans activator that recognizes a phorbol ester inducible element of the interleukin 2 promoter

Wang Z Q.; Grigoriadis A.E.; Moehle Steinlein U.; Wagner E.F., 1991: A novel target cell for c fos induced oncogenesis development of chondrogenic tumors in embryonic stem cell chimeras

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957229

Markvicheva E.A.; Kuz'kina I.F.; Pashkin I.I.; Plechko T.N.; Kirsh Y.E.; Zubov V.P., 1991: A novel technique for entrapment of hybridoma cells in synthetic thermally reversible polymerase

Meacock S.C.R.; Brandon D.R.; Brown C.P.; Swann B.P., 1992: A novel technique for immunohistoperoxidase staining of unfixed whole joints of small animals

Koenning S.R.; Barker K.R., 1992: A novel technique for infesting field sites with encapsulated eggs of meloidogyne spp

Polne Fuller M., 1991: A novel technique for preparation of axenic cultures of symbiodinium pyrrophyta through selective digestion by amoebae

Menger M.D.; Jaeger S.; Walter P.; Hammersen F.; Messmer K., 1990: A novel technique for studies on the microvasculature of transplanted islets of langerhans in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957235

Underwood S.L.; Lingham D.; Pearson J.; Raeburn D., 1991: A novel technique for the administration of bronchodilator drugs formulated as dry powders to the anesthetized guinea pig

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957237

Middelberg A.P.J.; O'neill B.K.; Bogle I.D.L.; Snoswell M.A., 1991: A novel technique for the measurement of disruption in high pressure homogenization studies on escherichia coli containing recombinant inclusion bodies

D'souza S.E.; Altekar W.; D'souza S.F., 1992: A novel technique for the preparation of osmotically stabilized and permeabilized cells of extremely halophilic bacteria

Bilyk A.; Bistline R.G.Jr; Piazza G.J.; Feaiheller S.H.; Haas M.J., 1992: A novel technique for the preparation of secondary fatty amides

Joyce G.F.; Inoue T., 1989: A novel technique for the rapid preparation of mutant rna

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957243

Flynn C.; Geoffroy P.; Foley G., 1990: A novel technique for the study of cake formation during cross flow microfiltration of microbial cells

Sharma M.; Jain R.; Isac T.V., 1991: A novel technique to assay adducts of dna induced by anticancer agent cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii

Borel H.; Borel Y., 1990: A novel technique to link either proteins or peptides to gamma globulin to construct tolerogens

Larrick J.W.; Wong Lee J.; Nelson P.A., 1989: A novel technique to study immunoinflammatory cell function message amplification phenotyping mapp

Jhingan A.K., 1992: A novel technology for dna isolation

Fujiwara T.; Fukumori Y.; Yamanaka T., 1992: A novel terminal oxidase cytochrome baa 3 purified from aerobically grown pseudomonas aeruginosa it shows a clear difference between resting state and pulsed state

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957252

Itoh H.; Tashima Y., 1990: A novel testis specific 105 kda protein related to the 90 kda heat shock protein

Manasco P.K.; Girton M.E.; Diggs R.L.; Doppman J.L.; Feuillan P.P.; Barnes K.M.; Cutler G.B.Jr; Loriaux D.L.; Albertson B.D., 1991: A novel testis stimulating factor in familial male precocious puberty

Yoshida H.; Sugita K., 1992: A novel tetracyclic peptide trapoxin induces phenotypic change from transformed to normal in sis oncogene transformed nih3t3 cells

Sigafoos J.; Merrill B.M.; Taylor L.; Diliberto E.J.Jr; Viveros O.H., 1991: A novel tetradecapeptide isolated from bovine adrenal medulla chromaffin vesicles with strong homology to internal sequence coded by the rat 1b1075 preprosecretogranin iii gene

Murray G.I.; Foster C.O.; Ewen S.W.B., 1991: A novel tetrazolium method for peroxidase histochemistry and immunohistochemistry

Nishimura M., 1988: A novel therapy for alopecia universalis using an electric stimulator for resting hair follicles

Sibi M.P.; Christensen J.W.; Li B.; Renhowe P.A., 1992: A novel thermolytic annulation of an oxazolidinone an enantiospecific synthesis of levo slaframine

Banat, I. M.; Murad, M.; Hamdan, I. Y., 1992: A novel thermotolerant methylotrophic bacillus sp. and its potential for use in single cell protein production

Couture C.; Patel P.C.; Potworowski E.F., 1990: A novel thymic epithelial adhesion molecule

Mcginnis W., 1988: A novel tissue specific drosophila homeobox gene

Kim B.D., 1988: A novel topoisomerase from soluble fraction of pearl millet mitochondria its purification and characterization

Kanai, Y.; Kubota, T., 1989: A novel trait of naturally occurring anti dna antibodies dissociation from immune complexes in neutral 0.3 0.5 m sodium chloride

Rao M.N.; Holkar A.G.; Ayyangar R., 1991: A novel transacylation method for the synthesis of alpha n acyl beta lactones application to racemic diacetylobafluorin and dextro sq 26517

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957266

Koleske A.J.; Buratowski S.; Nonet M.; Young R.A., 1992: A novel transcription factor reveals a functional link between the rna polymerase ii ctd and tfiid

Matsuguchi T.; Takahashi K.; Ueno T.; Endo H.; Yamamoto M., 1989: A novel transcription unit within the exon sequence of the rat insulin like growth factor ii gene

Riegel A.T.; Remenick J.; Wolford R.G.; Berard D.S.; Hager G.L., 1990: A novel transcriptional activator po b binds between the tata box and cap site of the pro opiomelanocortin gene

Schmidhauser C.; Casperson G.F.; Myers C.A.; Sanzo K.T.; Bolten S.; Bissell M.J., 1992: A novel transcriptional enhancer is involved in the prolactin and extracellular matrix dependent regulation of beta casein gene expression

Hirano T.; Iwakura Y., 1990: A novel transcriptional regulatory factor that binds to the polyoma virus enhancer in a developmental stage specific manner

Meyer B.J.; Schottel J.L., 1991: A novel transcriptional response by the cat gene during slow growth of escherichia coli

Nakamura T.; Hillova J.; Mariage Samson R.; Onno M.; Huebner K.; Cannizzaro L.A.; Boghosian Sell L.; Croce C.M.; Hill M., 1992: A novel transcriptional unit of the tre oncogene widely expressed in human cancer cells

Pelicci G.; Lanfrancone L.; Grignani F.; Mcglade J.; Cavallo F.; Forni G.; Nicoletti I.; Grignani F.; Pawson T.; Pelicci P.G., 1992: A novel transforming protein shc with an sh2 domain is implicated in mitogenic signal transduction

Cordella Miele E.; Miele L.; Mukherjee A.B., 1990: A novel transglutaminase mediated post translational modification of phospholipase a 2 dramatically increases its catalytic activity

Gaugitsch H.W.; Prieschl E.E.; Kalthoff F.; Huber N.E.; Baumruker T., 1992: A novel transiently expressed integral membrane protein linked to cell activation molecular cloning via the rapid degradation signal auuua

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957277

Loechel S.; Inamine J.M.; Hu P C., 1991: A novel translation initiation region from mycoplasma genitalium that functions in escherichia coli

Takeda T., 1988: A novel translocation 9 17 q34 q23 in aggressive childhood lymphoblastic lymphoma

Kaneko Y.; Frizzera G.; Edamura S.; Maseki N.; Sakurai M.; Komada Y.; Sakurai M.; Tanaka H.; Sasaki M.; Et Al, 1989: A novel translocation translocation 2 5 p23 q35 in childhood phagocytic large t cell lymphoma mimicking malignant histiocytosis

Georgiev P.G.; Kiselev S.L.; Simonova O.B.; Gerasimova T.I., 1990: A novel transposition system in drosophila melanogaster depending on the stalker mobile genetic element

Cirillo J.D.; Barletta R.G.; Bloom B.R.; Jacobs W.R.Jr, 1991: A novel transposon trap for mycobacteria isolation and characterization of is1096

Murakami T.; Maeda S.; Yi S.; Ikegawa S.; Kawashima E.; Onodera S.; Shimada K.; Araki S., 1992: A novel transthyretin mutation associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy

Murakami T.; Atsumi T.; Maeda S.; Tanase S.; Ishikawa K.; Mita S.; Kumamoto T.; Araki S.; Ando M., 1992: A novel transthyretin mutation at position 30 leu for val associated with familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy

Gubb D.; Ashburner M.; Roote J.; Davis T., 1990: A novel transvection phenomenon affecting the white gene of drosophila melanogaster

Bell R.D.; Frazer G.D.; Osterholm J.L.; Duckett S.W., 1991: A novel treatment for ischemic intracranial hypertension in cats

Von Lubitz D.K.J.E.; Lin R.C S.; Mckenzie R.J.; Devlin T.M.; Mccabe R.T.; Skolnick P., 1992: A novel treatment of global cerebral ischaemia with a glycine partial agonist

Mori M.; Iriuchijima T.; Yamada M.; Murakami M.; Kobayashi S., 1991: A novel trh analog ym 14673 stimulates intracellular signaling systems in the brain more potently than predicted by its pituitary actions

Wang T G., 1991: A novel tricyclic terpane biomarker series in the upper proterozoic bituminous sandstone eastern yanshan region china

Mirhom Y.W.; Hanna A.G.; Elgamal M.H.A.; Szendrei K.; Reisch J., 1990: A novel triterpenoid isolated from the roots of glycyrrhiza echinata l

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957291

Talmud P.J.; Converse C.; Krul E.; Huq L.; Mcilwaine G.G.; Series J.J.; Boyd P.; Schonfeld G.; Dunning A.; Humphries S., 1992: A novel truncated apolipoprotein b apo b55 in a patient with familial hypobetalipo proteinemia and atypical retinitis pigmentosa

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957293

Donovan M.A.; Laue T.M., 1991: A novel trypsin inhibitor from the hemolymph of the horseshoe crab limulus polyphemus

Itakura K.; Uchida K.; Kawakishi S., 1992: A novel tryptophan dioxygenation by superoxide

Imahori K., 1988: A novel tubulin dependent protein kinase forming a paired helical filament epitope on tau

Pal M.; Roychaudhury A.; Pal A.; Biswas S., 1990: A novel tubulin from mimosa pudica purification and characterization

Hakomori S I., 1988: A novel tumor associated developmentally regulated glycolipid antigen defined by monoclonal antibody acfh 18

Nakai M.; Kawauchi H.; Atsumi M.; Majima T.; Ishikawa M., 1992: A novel tumor associated protein clinical significance of serum levels in various clinical conditions with special reference to gynecological malignant diseases

Shannon M.F.; Pell L.M.; Lenardo M.J.; Kuczek E.S.; Occhiodoro F.S.; Dunn S.M.; Vadas M.A., 1990: A novel tumor necrosis factor responsive transcription factor which recognizes a regulatory element in hemopoietic growth factor genes

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957301

Pasi A.; Lansel N.; Mahler H.; Baer W.; Messiha F.S., 1992: A novel two site enzyme immunoassay for the sensitive detection of beta endorphin in specific human brain stem regions

Bradshaw J.S.; Krakowiak K.E.; An H.; Wang T.; Zhu C.; Izatt R.M., 1992: A novel two step method to prepare new unsymmetrical cryptands

Wong H.; Chang T.M.S., 1991: A novel two step procedure for immobilizing living cells in microcapsules for improving xenograft survival

Hue I.; Trucy J.; Mccoy C.; Couez D.; Malissen B.; Malissen M., 1990: A novel type of aberrant t cell receptor alpha chain gene rearrangement implications for allelic exclusion and the v j recombination process

Costa D.; Fubini B.; Giamello E.; Volante M., 1991: A novel type of active site at the surface of crystalline silicon dioxide alpha quartz and its possible impact on pathogenicity

Mogami Y.; Machemer H., 1991: A novel type of ciliary activity in stylonychia mytilus analysis of potential coupled motor responses in the transverse cirri

Lannergren J.; Larsson L.; Westerblad H., 1989: A novel type of delayed tension reduction observed in rat motor units after intense activity

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957309

Hamburger M.; Hostettmann M.; Stoeckli Evans H.; Solis P.N.; Gupta M.P.; Hostettmann K., 1990: A novel type of dimeric secoiridoid glycoside from lisianthius jefensis robyns et elias

Raiteri M.; Pellegrini G.; Cantoni C.; Bonanno G., 1989: A novel type of gaba receptor in rat spinal cord

Gerasimova T.I., 1988: A novel type of genomic instability in drosophila melanogaster

Tomita N.; Horii A.; Doi S.; Yokouchi H.; Shiosaki K.; Higashiyama M.; Matsuura N.; Ogawa M.; Mori T.; Matsubara K., 1989: A novel type of human alpha amylase produced in lung carcinoid tumor

Otto D.; Behnisch I.; Dietrich K.; Koerner H J., 1990: A novel type of microencapsulated parathion methyl formulations and the evaluation of its biological efficacy to colorado potato beetles and other insect pests

Mulle C.; Changeux J P., 1990: A novel type of nicotinic receptor in the rat central nervous system characterized by patch clamp techniques

He X.; Shen R.; Seng Z., 1990: A novel type of phase variation regarding integrated and free states of plasmid pfdx 163 in bacillus stearothermophilus cu21

Tanaka K.; Matsutani S.; Matsumoto K.; Yoshida T., 1992: A novel type of phospholipase a 2 inhibitor thielocin a1 beta and mechanism of action

Huettenhofer A.; Weiss Brummer B.; Dirheimer G.; Martin R.P., 1990: A novel type of positive 1 frameshift suppressor a base substitution in the anticodon stem of a yeast mitochondrial serine transfer rna causes frameshift suppression

Ohga N., 1992: A novel type of regulatory protein for the gdp gtp exchange reaction of rho p21 a ras p21 like small gtp binding protein in rabbit intestine

Sasaki T., 1991: A novel type of regulatory protein for the gdp gtp exchange reaction of smg p25a a ras p21 like small gtp binding protein in bovine brain cytosol

Vellard M.; Soret J.; Sureau A.; Perbal B., 1991: A novel type of rna binding protein is potentially encoded by the opposite strand of the trans spliced c myb coding

Nedergaard J., 1988: A novel type of short and medium chain acyl coenzyme a hydrolases in brown adipose tissue mitochondria

Neuenschwander B.; Baumann T.W., 1992: A novel type of somatic embryogenesis in coffea arabica

Haudrechy A.; Sinay P., 1991: A novel type of spiroketalization on pyranoses

Henkemeyer, M.; West, S. R.; Gertler, F. B.; Hoffmann, F. M., 1990: A novel tyrosine kinase independent function of drosophila abl correlates with proper subcellular localization

Gupta R.S.; Picketts D.J.; Ahmad S., 1989: A novel ubiquitous protein chaperonin supports the endosymbiotic origin of mitochondrion and plant chloroplast

Atchison M.L.; Delmas V.; Perry R.P., 1990: A novel upstream element compensates for an ineffectual octamer motif in an immunoglobulin v chi promoter

Kabir S.; Wigzell H., 1989: A novel urinary sialoglycoprotein as the inhibitor of interleukin 1

Chirtel S.J.; Coutlakis P.J.; Chambers L.L.; Lakshman M.R., 1989: A novel use of endpoint nephelometry to standardize the rat nephelometric assay of human and rat plasma apoprotein a 1

Komori T.; Sugiyama H.; Kishimoto S., 1989: A novel v hdj h to j h joining that induces h chain production in an ig null immature b cell line

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957332

Li M F.; Jin Q.; Hu G.; Guo H Y.; Hou Y D., 1992: A novel variant of human interferon alpha 1 gene

Lustig S.; Halevy M.; Ben Nathan D.; Akov Y., 1992: A novel variant of sindbis virus is both neurovirulent and neuroinvasive in adult mice

Soekarman D.; Van Denderen J.; Hoefsloot L.; Moret M.; Meeuwsen T.; Van Baal J.; Hagemeijer A.; Grosveld G., 1990: A novel variant of the bcr abl fusion product in philadelphia chromosome positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia

Ueno S.; Uemichi T.; Yorifuji S.; Tarui S., 1990: A novel variant of transthyretin tyrosine 114 to cysteine deduced from the nucleotide sequences of gene fragments from familial amyloidotic polyneuropathy in japanese sibling cases

Dahr W.; Pilkington P.M.; Reinke H.; Blanchard D.; Beyreuther K., 1989: A novel variety of the dantu gene complex dantu detected in a caucasian

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957338

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957340

Davies R.W., 1988: A novel vector allowing the expression of genes in a wide range of gram negative bacteria

Ohno T.; Wang X.; Kurashima J.; Saijo Kurita K.; Hirono M., 1991: A novel vero cell line for use as a mammalian host vector system in serum free medium

Kusuda S.; Watanabe Y.; Ueno Y.; Toru T., 1992: A novel vinyl anion equivalent an extremely short synthesis of 2 substituted 2 cycloalkenones and prostaglandin key intermediates via destannylselenenylation

Lo S C.; Shih J.W K.; Yang N Y.; Ou C Y.; Wang R.Y H., 1989: A novel virus like infectious agent in patients with aids

Abe J.; Nakano T.; Nishii Y.; Matsumoto T.; Ogata E.; Ikeda K., 1991: A novel vitamin d 3 analog 22 oxa 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 inhibits the growth of human breast cancer in vitro and in vivo without causing hypercalcemia

Cheresh D.A.; Smith J.W.; Cooper H.M.; Quaranta V., 1989: A novel vitronectin receptor integrin alpha v beta x is responsible for distinct adhesive properties of carcinoma cells

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957347

Hunt A., 1988: A novel way of removing quiescent astrocytes in a culture of subcortical neurons grown in a chemically defined medium

Brooks E.G.; Schmalstieg F.C.; Wirt D.P.; Rosenblatt H.M.; Adkins L.T.; Lookingbill D.P.; Rudloff H.E.; Rakusan T.A.; Goldman A.S., 1990: A novel x linked combined immunodeficiency disease

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957350

Ho N.W.Y., 1988: A novel xyl b based positive selection vector

Kubo K.; Ohno S.; Matsumoto S.; Yahara I.; Suzuki K., 1989: A novel yeast gene coding for a putative protein kinase

Spelsberg T.C., 1988: A nuclear binding assay for measurement of biologically active androgen receptors in animal tissues and human prostate cancer

Ohno M.; Kataoka N.; Shimura Y., 1990: A nuclear cap binding protein from hela cells

Grasser K.D.; Maier U.G.; Feix G., 1989: A nuclear casein type ii kinase from maize endosperm phosphorylating hmg proteins

Liao, F.; Giannini, S. L.; Birshtein, B. K., 1992: A nuclear dna binding protein expressed during early stages of b cell differentiation interacts with diverse segments within and 3' of the ig h chain gene cluster

Wied G.L., 1988: A nuclear dna study of uterine cervical dysplasia with reference to its prognostic significance

Choi E.Y.; Jeon K.W., 1991: A nuclear envelope specific protein in amoeba proteus detected with a monoclonal antibody

Nemoto S I.; Yamamoto K.; Hashimoto N., 1992: A nuclear extract prepared from mass isolated germinal vesicles retains a factor able to sustain a cytoplasmic cycle of starfish oocytes

Corthesy B.; Cardinaux J R.; Claret F X.; Wahli W., 1989: A nuclear factor activity and a liver specific repressor govern estrogen regulated in vitro transcription from the xenopus laevis vitellogenin b1 promoter

Labbe S.; Prevost J.; Remondelli P.; Leone A.; Seguin C., 1991: A nuclear factor binds to the metal regulatory elements of the mouse gene encoding metallothionein i

Akira S.; Isshiki H.; Sugita T.; Tanabe O.; Kinoshita S.; Nishio Y.; Nakajima T.; Hirano T.; Kishimoto T., 1990: A nuclear factor for il 6 expression nf il6 is a member of a c ebp family

Rosen C.A., 1988: A nuclear factor is required for transactivation of htlv i gene expression

Tsuboi A.; Sugimoto K.; Yodoi J.; Miyatake S.; Arai K I.; Arai N., 1991: A nuclear factor nf gm2 that interacts with a regulatory region of the gm csf gene essential for its induction in response to t cell activation purification from human t cell leukemia line jurkat cells and similarity to nf kappab

Seguin C., 1991: A nuclear factor requires zinc ion to bind a regulatory mre element of the mouse gene encoding metallothionein 1

Koizumi S.; Otsuka F.; Yamada H., 1991: A nuclear factor that interacts with metal responsive elements of a human metallothionein gene

Koizumi S.; Suzuki K.; Otsuka F., 1992: A nuclear factor that recognizes the metal responsive elements of human metallothionein ii a gene

Michaelis G., 1988: A nuclear gene essential for mitochondrial replication suppresses a defect of mitochondrial transcription in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Cock J.M.; Kim K.D.; Miller P.M.; Hutson R.G.; Schmidt R.R., 1991: A nuclear gene with many introns encoding ammonium inducible chloroplastic nadp specific glutamate dehydrogenases in chlorella sorokiniana

Takasuka T.; Sakayama M.; Miyake E.; Ishibashi S.; Ide T., 1991: A nuclear labile protein p70 is expressed exclusively during g 0 s transition but not in g 1 phase of a cell cycle ts mutant tsjt16

Meier U.T.; Blobel G., 1990: A nuclear localization signal binding protein in the nucleolus

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957374

Reo, N. V.; Alexander, M. E.; Goel, R., 1992: A nuclear magnetic resonance investigation of the upper airways in ferrets ii. contrast enhanced imaging to distinguish vascular from other nasal fluids

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957376

Bock K.; Thomsen J.U.; Kosma P.; Christian R.; Holst O.; Brade H., 1992: A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic investigation of kdo containing oligosaccharides related to the genus specific epitope of chlamydia lipopolysaccharides

Tourbah A.; Gansmuller A.; Gumpel M., 1991: A nuclear marker for mammalian cells and its use with intracerebral transplants

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957380

Zenk D.W.; Ginder G.D.; Brotherton T.W., 1990: A nuclear matrix protein binds very tightly to dna in the avian beta globin gene enhancer

Murthy K.G.K.; Park P.; Manley J.L., 1991: A nuclear micrococcal sensitive atp dependent exoribonuclease degrades uncapped but not capped rna substrates

Rosen H.; Newman S.M.; Boynton J.E.; Gillham N.W., 1991: A nuclear mutant of chlamydomonas that exhibits increased sensitivity to uv irradiation reduced recombination of nuclear genes and altered transmission of chloroplast genes

Girard Bascou J.; Pierre Y.; Drapier D., 1992: A nuclear mutation affects the synthesis of the chloroplast psba gene production chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Zelitch I., 1988: A nuclear mutation in nicotiana sylvestris causing a thiamin reversible defect in synthesis of chloroplast pigments

Zweifel S.G.; Fangman W.L., 1991: A nuclear mutation reversing a biased transmission of yeast mitochondrial dna

Thanabal V.; La Mar G.N., 1989: A nuclear overhauser effect investigation of the molecular and electronic structure of the heme crevice in lactoperoxidase

Dugad L.B.; La Mar G.N.; Lee H.C.; Ikeda Saito M.; Booth K.S.; Caughey W.S., 1990: A nuclear overhauser effect study of the active site of myeloperoxidase structural similarity of the prosthetic group to that on lactoperoxidase

Law M.L.; Gao J.; Puck T.T., 1989: A nuclear protein associated with human cancer cells binds preferentially to a human repetitive dna sequence

Pipkin J.L.; Hinson W.G.; Lyn Cook L.E.; Burns E.R.; Sheehan D.; Casciano D.A., 1992: A nuclear protein associated with lethal heat shock of hl 60 cells

Ahmed S.; Rappaport J.; Tada H.; Kerr D.; Khalili K., 1990: A nuclear protein derived from brain cells stimulates transcription of the human neurotropic virus promoter jcv e in vitro

Ross T.K.; Moss V.E.; Prahl J.M.; Deluca H.F., 1992: A nuclear protein essential for binding of rat 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 receptor to its response elements

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957395

Meehan R.; Antequera F.; Lewis J.; Macleod D.; Mckay S.; Kleiner E.; Bird A.P., 1990: A nuclear protein that binds preferentially to methylated dna in vitro may play a role in the inaccessibility of methylated cpgs in mammalian nuclei

Bernatzky R.; Mau S L.; Clarke A.E., 1989: A nuclear sequence associated with self incompatibility in nicotiana alata has homology with mitochondrial dna

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957399

Szweykowska Kulinska Z.; Jarmolowski A.; Augustyniak J., 1989: A nuclear uga serine transfer rna gene from the wheat triticum vulgare var aria

Hibino Y.; Iwakami N.; Sugano N., 1991: A nuclease from rat liver nuclei with endonucleolytic and exonucleolytic activity

Postel E.H.; Mango S.E.; Flint S.J., 1989: A nuclease hypersensitive element of the human c myc promoter interacts with a transcription initiation factor

Brody E., 1988: A nuclease that cuts specifically in the ribosome binding site of some t4 messenger rna species

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957404

Segal, D. M.; Eichler, D. C., 1991: A nucleolar 2' o methyltransferase specificity and evidence for its role in the methylation of mouse 28s precursor ribosomal rna

Yasuda Y.; Maul G.G., 1990: A nucleolar auto antigen is part of a major chromosomal surface component

Corben E.; Butcher G.; Hutchings A.; Wells B.; Roberts K., 1989: A nucleolar matrix protein from carrot cells identified by a monoclonal antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957408

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957409

Bowerman B.; Brown P.O.; Bishop J.M.; Varmus H.E., 1989: A nucleoprotein complex mediates the integration of retroviral dna

Che M.; Nishida T.; Gatmaitan Z.; Arias I.M., 1992: A nucleoside transporter is functionally linked to ectonucleotidases in rat liver canalicular membrane

Brandl C.J.; Struhl K., 1990: A nucleosome positioning sequence is required for gcn4 to activate transcription in the absence of a tata element

Fukazawa, H.; Nishimura, T.; Suzuki, H., 1989: A nucleotide phosphodiesterase with preference for 2' 5' phosphodiester bonds from ehrlich ascites carcinoma

Lustig K.D.; Sportiello M.G.; Erb L.; Weisman G.A., 1992: A nucleotide receptor in vascular endothelial cells is specifically activated by the fully ionized forms of atp and utp

Shi J P.; Francklyn C.; Hill K.; Schimmel P., 1990: A nucleotide that enhances the charging of rna minihelix sequence variants with alanine

Zhai W R.; Vajta G.; Acs G.; Paronetto F., 1990: A nude mouse model for the in vivo production of hepatitis b virus

Delbuono R.; Fleming K.A.; Morey A.L.; Hall P.A.; Wright N.A., 1992: A nude mouse xenograft model of fetal intestine development and differentiation

Fraizer G.C.; Siewertsen M.A.; Hofker M.H.; Brubacher M.G.; Cox D.W., 1990: A null deficiency allele of alpha 1 antitrypsin qo ludwigshafen with altered tertiary structure

Wilson J.B., 1989: A null model of guild proportionality applied to stratification of a new zealand temperate rain forest

Griffith D.M.; Brown J.S., 1992: A null model of patch assessment with an application to a carabid cave beetle

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Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957885

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957886

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957887

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957889

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957890

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957891

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957892

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Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957998

Section 7, Chapter 6958, Accession 006957999

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