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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6959

Chapter 6959 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Li X.Q.; Donovan C.A.; Klein L., 1989: A pharmacokinetic model in the rat and rabbit of the direct measurement of mature bone resorption in vivo with tritiated tetracycline

Lebel L.; Fraser J.R.E.; Kimpton W.S.; Gabrielsson J.; Gerdin B.; Laurent T.C., 1989: A pharmacokinetic model of intravenously administered hyaluronan in sheep

Noe D.A.; Kumor K.M., 1991: A pharmacokinetic pharmacodynamic model of heart rate during cocaine administration in humans

Tang W.; Tang Z.; Zhou D.; Lu J.; Cheng S.; Zhong G.; Zhu T., 1992: A pharmacokinetic study and stability of iodine 125 labelled anti human hepatocellular carcinoma ferritin antibody in the liver cancer patients

Ueno Y.; Fukunaga T.; Mizoi Y.; Adachi J.; Fujiwara S., 1990: A pharmacokinetic study of ethanol elimination first pass metabolism and elimination rate

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Dominici C.; Petrucci F.; Caroli S.; Alimonti A.; Clerico A.; Castello M.A., 1989: A pharmacokinetic study of high dose continuous infusion cisplatin in children with solid tumors

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Hosie J.; Kelly J.; Sanchez J.; Bartlett A.; Harrison F.J.J., 1991: A pharmacokinetic study to evaluate the profile of droxicam in elderly healthy volunteers after a single oral dose of 20mg

Weiss A.J., 1990: A pharmacologic approach to dosage intensification

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Dawson R.Jr; Wallace D.R.; Gabriel S.M., 1989: A pharmacological analysis of food intake regulation in rats treated neonatally with monosodium l glutamate msg

Middlemiss D.N.; Bremer M.E.; Smith S.M., 1988: A pharmacological analysis of the 5 ht receptor mediating inhibition of 5 ht release in the guinea pig frontal cortex

Zhang S.S.; Zhang D.S.; Zhu T.J.; Chen X.Y., 1991: A pharmacological analysis of the amino acid components of cordyceps sinensis sacc

Kamien J.B.; Woolverton W.L., 1989: A pharmacological analysis of the discriminative stimulus properties of dextro amphetamine in rhesus monkeys

Fletcher P.J.; Davies M., 1990: A pharmacological analysis of the eating response induced by 8 hydroxy dpat injected into the dorsal raphe nucleus reveals the involvement of a dopaminergic mechanism

Tonini M.; Costa M., 1990: A pharmacological analysis of the neuronal circuitry involved in distension evoked enteric excitatory reflex

Barrett R.J.; Appell K.C.; Proakis A.G.; Shanklin J.R.Jr; Kilpatrick B.F., 1991: A pharmacological and biochemical examination of ahr 16462b a novel calcium antagonist coronary vasodilator antihypertensive

Paroli E.; Antonilli L.; Biffoni M., 1991: A pharmacological approach to glycosaminoglycans

Sharif N.A.; Nunes J.L.; Kalfayan V.; Mcclelland D.L.; Rosenkranz R.P.; Eglen R.M.; Whiting R.L., 1992: A pharmacological comparison of tritiated gbr12935 binding to rodent striatal and kidney homogenates binding to dopamine transporters?

Evinger C.; Sibony P.A.; Manning K.A.; Fiero R.A., 1988: A pharmacological distinction between the long and short latency pathways of the human blink reflex revealed with tobacco

Jonderko G.; Golab T.; Jonderko K., 1988: A pharmacological dose of glucagon suppresses gastric emptying of a radiolabelled solid meal in humans

Waxman J.; Sandow J.; Thomas H.; James N.; Williams G., 1989: A pharmacological evaluation of a new 3 month depot preparation of buserelin for prostatic cancer

Malone M.H.; Mcchesney J.D.; Kouzi S.A., 1991: A pharmacological evaluation of the diterpene levo sclareol in intact rats

Solanki K.K.; Bomanji J.; Moyes J.; Mather S.J.; Trainer P.J.; Britton K.E., 1992: A pharmacological guide to medicines which interfere with the biodistribution of radiolabelled m iodobenzylguanidine mibg

Lundbeck F.; Sjogren C., 1992: A pharmacological in vitro study of the mouse urinary bladder at the time of acute change in bladder reservoir function after irradiation

Dagani F.; Ferrari R.; Canevari L., 1990: A pharmacological model for studying the role of sodium ion gradients in the modulation of synaptosomal free intracellular calcium ion levels and energy metabolism

Hemler R.J.B.; Hoogeveen J.H.; Kraaier V.; Van Huffelen A.C.; Wieneke G.H.; Hijaman R.; Glerum J.H., 1990: A pharmacological model of cerebral ischemia the effects of indomethacin on cerebral blood flow velocity quantitative eeg and cognitive functions

Reiner P.B.; Laycock A.G.; Doll C.J., 1990: A pharmacological model of ischemia in the hippocampal slice

Gasparini G.; Toffoli G.; Berlanda G.; Rossi C., 1990: A pharmacological rationale for neoadjuvant chemotherapy with adriamycin in locally advanced breast cancer

Andersen J.B.; Jensen N H.; Klausen N O., 1989: A pharmacological respiratory stimulant doxapram employed in cases of acute deterioration of chronic respiratory failure

Azimov M.M.; Zakirov U.B.; Radzhapova Sh D., 1988: A pharmacological study of a new anti inflammatory agent glyderinine

Singh P.P.; Junnarkar A.Y.; Thomas G.P.; Tripathi R.M.; Varma R.K., 1990: A pharmacological study of azadirachta indica

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Cabo, J.; Cabo, P.; Jimenez, J.; Zarzuelo, A., 1988: A pharmacological study of glaucium flavum part iii. analgesic activity

Guarini S.; Gherardi S.; Calabro G.; Bertolini A., 1989: A pharmacological study of the cardiovascular effects of trh t in hemorrhagic shock in rats

Roberts K.E.; Newberry N.R., 1990: A pharmacological study of the responses induced by muscarinic agonists on the isolated superior cervical ganglion of the guinea pig

Kato T.; Yamawaki S., 1989: A pharmacological study of veratrine induced hyperthermia in the rat a model of neuroleptic malignant syndrome

Di Renzo G.; Galbiati E.; Taglialatela M.; Fatatis A.; Canzoniero L.; Annunziato L., 1991: A pharmacological study on the possible mechanisms underlying changes in tsh secretion in aged male rats

Seo S J.; Kim H G.; Chun B G., 1988: A pharmacological study on the role of brain monoaminergic neurons in the increase of plasma corticosterone induced by swim stress

Ma P.C C.; Siu C H., 1990: A pharmacologically distinct cyclic amp receptor is responsible for the regulation of gp80 expression in dictyostelium discoideum

Brown G.R., 1989: A pharmacophore hypothesis for antidepressant activity accommodation of viloxazine

Zonnenberg B.A.; V.Dijk A.; Vendrik C.P.J.; Schornagel J.H.; Struyvenberg A., 1990: A phase 1 and pharmacokinetic study using the aromatic retinoic acid analogue dichloroetretinate ro 12 7554

Roberts R.B.; Jurica K.; Meyer W.A.IIi; Paxton H.; Makuch R.W., 1990: A phase 1 study of ribavirin in human immunodeficiency virus infected patients

Hu E.; Epstein A.L.; Naeve G.S.; Gill I.; Martin S.; Sherrod A.; Nichols P.; Chen D.; Mazumder A.; Levine A.M., 1989: A phase 1a clinical trial of lym 1 monoclonal antibody serotherapy in patients with refractory b cell malignancies

Oliver R.T.D.; Miller R.M.; Mehta A.; Barnett M.J., 1988: A phase 2 study of surveillance in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma and assessment of response of such patients to therapy on progression

Olver I.N.; Webster L.K.; Bishop J.F.; Stokes K.H., 1992: A phase i and pharmacokinetic study of 12 h infusion of flavoneacetic acid

Taylor C.W.; Salmon S.E.; Satterlee W.G.; Robertone A.B.; Mccloskey T.M.; Holdsworth M.T.; Plezia P.M.; Alberts D.S., 1990: A phase i and pharmacokinetic study of intravenous vinzolidine

Allegra C.J.; Jenkins J.; Weiss R.B.; Balis F.; Drake J.C.; Brooks J.; Thomas R.; Curt G.A., 1990: A phase i and pharmacokinetic study of trimetrexate using a 24 hour continuous infection schedule

Eccles D.M.; Cummings J.; Stewart M.E.; Nicolson M.; Cornbleet M.A.; Leonard R.C.F.; Smyth J.F., 1992: A phase i and pharmacology study of gr63178a a water soluble analogue of mitoquidone

Ward F.T.; Kelley J.A.; Roth J.S.; Lombardo F.A.; Weiss R.B.; Leyland Jones B.; Chun H.G., 1991: A phase i bioavailability and pharmacokinetic study of hexamethylene bisacetamide nsc 95580 administered via nasogastric tube

Bork E.; Vest S.; Hansen H.H., 1989: A phase i clinical and pharmacokinetic study of brequinar sodium dup 785 nsc 368390 using a weekly and a biweekly schedule

Shea T.C.; Flaherty M.; Elias A.; Eder J.P.; Antman K.; Begg C.; Schnipper L.; Frei E.IIi; Henner W.D., 1989: A phase i clinical and pharmacokinetic study of carboplatin and autologous bone marrow support

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Owen R.R.; Sells R.A.; Gilmore I.T.; New R.R.C.; Stringer R.E., 1992: A phase i clinical evaluation of liposome entrapped doxorubicin lip dox in patients with primary and metastatic hepatic malignancy

Abbruzzese J.L.; Grunewald R.; Weeks E.A.; Gravel D.; Adams T.; Nowak B.; Mineishi S.; Tarassoff P.; Satterlee W.; Et Al, 1991: A phase i clinical plasma and cellular pharmacology study of gemcitabine

Rahman A.; Treat J.; Roh J K.; Potkul L.A.; Alvord W.G.; Forst D.; Woolley P.V., 1990: A phase i clinical trial and pharmacokinetic evaluation of liposome encapsulated doxorubicin

Santana V.M.; Mirro J.Jr; Harwood F.C.; Cherrie J.; Schell M.; Kalwinsky D.; Blakley R.L., 1991: A phase i clinical trial of 2 chlorodeoxyadenosine in pediatric patients with acute leukemia

Anderson N.; Lokich J.; Bern M.; Wallach S.; Moore C.; Williams D., 1989: A phase i clinical trial of combined fluoropyrimidines with leucovorin in a 14 day infusion demonstration of biochemical modulation

Stewart J.A.; Low J.B.; Roberts J.D.; Blow A., 1991: A phase i clinical trial of didemnin b

Kirmani S.; Mcvey L.; Loo D.; Howell S.B., 1990: A phase i clinical trial of intraperitoneal thiotepa for refractory ovarian cancer

Eder J.P.; Wheeler C.A.; Teicher B.A.; Schnipper L.E., 1991: A phase i clinical trial of novobiocin a modulator of alkylating agent cytotoxicity

Creagan E.T.; Kovach J.S.; Moertel C.G.; Frytak S.; Kvols L.K., 1988: A phase i clinical trial of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor

Creaven P.J.; Brenner D.E.; Cowens J.W.; Huben R.P.; Wolf R.M.; Takita H.; Arbuck S.G.; Razack M.S.; Proefrock A.D., 1989: A phase i clinical trial of recombinant human tumor necrosis factor daily for five days

Gottlieb D.J.; Brenner M.K.; Heslop H.E.; Bianchi A.C.M.; Bello Fernandez C.; Mehta A.B.; Newland A.C.; Galazaka A.R.; Scott E.M.; Et Al, 1989: A phase i clinical trial of recombinant interleukin 2 following high dose chemo radiotherapy for hematological malignancy applicability to the elimination of minimal residual disease

Creekmore S.P.; Harris J.E.; Ellis T.M.; Braun D.P.; Cohen I.I.; Bhooplam N.; Jassak P.F.; Cahill M.A.; Canzoneri C.L.; Fisher R.I., 1989: A phase i clinical trial recombinant interleukin 2 by periodic 24 hour intravenous infusions

Etienne S.D.; Montay G.; Le Liboux A.; Frydman A.; Garaud J.J., 1992: A phase i double blind placebo controlled study of the tolerance and pharmacokinetic behaviour of rp 59500

Redfield R.R.; Birx D.L.; Ketter N.; Tramont E.; Polonis V.; Davis C.; Brundage J.F.; Smith G.; Johnson S.; Et Al, 1991: A phase i evaluation of the safety and immunogenicity of vaccination with recombinant gp160 in patients with early human immunodeficiency virus infection

Anasetti C.; Martin P.J.; Hansen J.A.; Applebaum F.R.; Beatty P.G.; Doney K.; Harkonen S.; Jackson A.; Reichert T.; Et Al, 1990: A phase i ii study evaluating the murine anti il 2 receptor antibody 2a3 for treatment of acute graft versus host disease

Sinnige H.A.M.; Nanninga A.G.; Verschueren R.C.J.; Sleijfer D.T.; De Vries E.G.E.; Willemse P.H.B.; Mulder N.H., 1992: A phase i ii study of 14 days continuous infusion of 5 fluorouracil with weekly bolus leucovorin in metastatic colorectal carcinoma

Chamberlain M.C.; Prados M.D.; Silver P.; Levin V.A., 1988: A phase i ii study of 24 hour intravenous azq in recurrent primary brain tumors

Green D.M.; Burton G.V.; Cox E.B.; Hanson D.; Moore J.; Oleson J.R., 1989: A phase i ii study of combined cisplatin and hyperthermia treatment for refractory malignancy

Eder J.P.; Elias A.; Shea T.C.; Schryber S.M.; Teicher B.A.; Hunt M.; Burke J.; Siegel R.; Schnipper L.E.; Et Al, 1990: A phase i ii study of cyclophosphamide thiotepa and carboplatin with autologous bone marrow transplantation in solid tumor patients

Flaherty L.E.; Redman B.G.; Chabot G.G.; Martino S.; Gualdoni S.M.; Heilbrun L.K.; Valdivieso M.; Bradley E.C., 1990: A phase i ii study of dacarbazine in combination with outpatient interleukin 2 in metastatic malignant melanoma

Hovgaard, D.; Nissen, N. I., 1992: A phase i ii study of dose and administration of nonglycosylated bacterially synthesized g m csf in chemotherapy induced neutropenia in patients with non hodgkin's lymphomas

Ardalan B.; Sridhar K.S.; Benedetto P.; Richman S.; Waldman S.; Morrell L.; Feun L.; Savaraj N.; Fodor M.; Livingstone A., 1991: A phase i ii study of high dose 5 fluorouracil and high dose leucovorin with low dose phosphonacetyl l aspartic acid in patients with advanced malignancies

Ellis E.D.; Williams S.F.; Moormeier J.A.; Kaminer L.S.; Bitran J.D., 1990: A phase i ii study of high dose cyclophosphamide thiotepa and escalating doses of mitoxantrone with autologous stem cell rescue in patients with refractory malignancies

Parnes H.L.; Abrams J.S.; Tchekmedyian N.S.; Tait N.; Aisner J., 1991: A phase i ii study of high dose megestrol acetate in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer

Anger B.; Porzsolt F.; Leichtle R.; Heinze B.; Bartram C.; Heimpel H., 1989: A phase i ii study of recombinant interferon alpha 2a and hydroxyurea for chronic myelocytic leukemia

Davis M.; Williford S.; Muss H.B.; White D.R.; Cooper M.R.; Jackson D.V.; Barrett R., 1992: A phase i ii study of recombinant intrapleural alpha interferon in malignant pleural effusions

Krook J.E.; Jett J.R.; Little C., 1989: A phase i ii study of sequential infusion vp 16 and cisplatin therapy in advanced lung cancer

Smith D.B.; Newlands E.S.; Rustin G.J.S.; Begent R.H.J.; Crawford S.M.; Bagshawe K.D.; Carruthers L., 1990: A phase i ii study of the 5 ht3 antagonist gr 38032f in the anti emetic prophylaxis of patients receiving high dose cisplatin chemotherapy

Lee D J.; Pajak T.F.; Stetz J.; Order S.E.; Weissberg J.B.; Fischer J.J., 1989: A phase i ii study of the hypoxic cell sensitizer misonidazole as an adjunct to high fractional dose radiotherapy in patients with unresectable squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck a rtog randomized study number 79 04

Evans R.G.; Kimler B.F.; Morantz R.A.; Vats T.S.; Gemer L.S.; Liston V.; Lowe N., 1990: A phase i ii study of the use of fluosol as an adjuvant to radiation therapy in the treatment of primary high grade brain tumors

Byers V.S.; Levin A.S.; Waites L.A.; Starrett B.A.; Mayer R.A.; Clegg J.A.; Price M.R.; Robins R.A.; Delaney M.; Baldwin R.W., 1990: A phase i ii study of trichosanthin treatment of hiv disease

Willemse P.H.B.; Sleijfer D.T.; De Vries E.G.E.; Boonstra H.; Bouma J.; Mulder N.H., 1992: A phase i ii study with intraperitoneal cisplatin plus systematic etoposide in patients with minimal residual ovarian cancer

Dutcher, J. P.; Riggs, C. E.; Strauman, J. J.; Link, B.; Wiernik, P. H., 1989: A phase i ii trial of 4' deoxydoxorubicin esorubicin in refractory or relapsed acute leukemia

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Guinan E.C.; Sieff C.A.; Oette D.H.; Nathan D.G., 1990: A phase i ii trial of recombinant granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor for children with aplastic anemia

Creagan E.T.; Loprinzi C.L.; Ahmann D.L.; Schaid D.J., 1988: A phase i ii trial of the combination of recombinant leukocyte a interferon and recombination of recombinant leukocyte a interferon and recombinant human interferon gamma in patients with metastatic malignant melanoma

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Bhalla K.; Birkhofer M.; Bhalla M.; Lutzky J.; Hindenburg A.; Cole J.; Ince C., 1991: A phase i study of a combination of allopurinol 5 fluorouracil and leucovorin followed by hydroxyurea in patients with advanced gastrointestinal and breast cancer

Falkson G.; Van Zyl A.J., 1989: A phase i study of a new 5ht 3 receptor antagonist brl 43694a an agent for the prevention of chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting

Tamura K.; Makino S.; Araki Y., 1990: A phase i study of a new cisplatin derivative for hematologic malignancies

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Lipton A.; Harvey H.A.; Glenn J.; Weidner W.A.; Strauss M.; Miller S.E.; Taylor J.B.; White Hershey D.; Barlow J.L.R., 1989: A phase i study of hepatic arterial infusion using difluoromethylornithine

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Liberati A.M.; Biscottini B.; Fizzotti M.; Schippa M.; De Angelis V.; Senatore M.; Vittori O.; Teggia L.; Natali R.; Et Al, 1989: A phase i study of human natural interferon beta in cancer patients

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Mittelman A.; Huberman M.; Puccio C.; Fallon B.; Tessitore J.; Savona S.; Eyre R.; Gafney E.; Wick M.; Et Al, 1990: A phase i study of recombinant human interleukin 2 and alpha interferon 2a in patients with renal cell cancer colorectal cancer and malignant melanoma

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Tominaga T.; Abe O.; Izuo M.; Nomura Y., 1990: A phase i study of toremifene

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Depres Brummer P.; Levi F.; Di Palma M.; Beliard A.; Lebon P.; Marion S.; Jasmin C.; Misset J L., 1991: A phase i trial of 21 day continuous venous infusion of alpha interferon at circadian rhythm modulated rate in cancer patients

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Bailey H.; Wilding G.; Tutsch K.D.; Arzoomanian R.Z.; Alberti D.; Tombes M.B.; Grem J.L.; Spriggs D.R., 1992: A phase i trial of 5 fluorouracil leucovorin and dipyridamole given by concurrent 120 h continuous infusions

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Zennaro, E.; Francisci, S.; Ragnini, A.; Frontali, L.; Bolotin-Fukuhara, M., 1989: A point mutation in a mitochondrial transfer rna gene abolishes its 3' end processing

Yasuda H.; Kamijo M.; Honda R.; Nakamura M.; Hanaoka F.; Ohba Y., 1991: A point mutation in carboxyl terminal region of cdc2 kinase causes a g2 phase arrest in a mouse temperature sensitive fm3a cell mutant

Ohshita Y.; Hiramatsu K.; Yokota T., 1990: A point mutation in nor a gene is responsible for quinolone resistance in staphylococcus aureus

Shuto, Y.; Wakabayashi, I.; Amuro, N.; Minami, S.; Okazaki, T., 1992: A point mutation in the 3 5 3' triiodothyronine binding domain of thyroid hormone receptor beta associated with a family with generalized resistance to thyroid hormone

Atreya C.D.; Raccah B.; Pirone T.P., 1990: A point mutation in the coat protein abolishes aphid transmissibility of a potyvirus

Garey J.R.; Hansen J.L.; Harrison L.M.; Kennedy J.B.; Kushner J.P., 1989: A point mutation in the coding region of uroporphyrinogen decarboxylase associated with familial porphyria cutanea tarda

Sousa R.; Arcangioli B., 1989: A point mutation in the cyc1 uas1 creates a new combination of regulatory elements that activate transcription synergistically

Roussel M.F.; Downing J.R.; Rettenmier C.W.; Sherr C.J., 1988: A point mutation in the extracellular domain of the human csf 1 receptor c fms proto oncogene product activates its transforming potential

Avni A.; Edelman M.; Rachailovich I.; Aviv D.; Fluhr R., 1989: A point mutation in the gene for the large subunit of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase oxygenase affects holoenzyme assembly in nicotiana tabacum

Kobayashi Y.; Momoi M.Y.; Tominaga K.; Momoi T.; Nihei K.; Yanagisawa M.; Kagawa Y.; Ohta S., 1990: A point mutation in the mitochondrial leucyl transfer rna uur gene in melas mitochondrial myopathy encephalopathy lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes

Kettleborough C.A.; Phillips A.L.; Keys A.J.; Parry M.A., 1991: A point mutation in the n terminus of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase affects ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate binding

Agut H.; Kean K.M.; Fichot O.; Morasco J.; Flanegan J.B.; Girard M., 1989: A point mutation in the poliovirus polymerase gene determines a complementable temperature sensitive defect of rna replication

Nadon N.L.; Duncan I.D.; Hudson L.D., 1990: A point mutation in the proteolipid protein gene of the shaking pup interrupts oligodendrocyte development

Suryanarayana S.; Daunt D.A.; Von Zastrow M.; Kobilka B.K., 1991: A point mutation in the seventh hydrophobic domain of the alpha 2 adrenergic receptor increases its affinity for a family of beta receptor antagonists

Shibahara S.; Okinaga S.; Tomita Y.; Takeda A.; Yamamoto H.; Sato M.; Takeuchi T., 1990: A point mutation in the tyrosinase gene of balb c albino mouse causing the cysteine serine substitution at position 85

Moses A.C.; Rosen H.N.; Moller D.E.; Tsuzaki S.; Haddow J.E.; Lawlor J.; Liepnieks J.J.; Nichols W.C.; Benson M.D., 1990: A point mutation in transthyretin increases affinity for thyroxine and produces euthyroid hyperthyroxinemia

Shiga C.; Shiga K.; Sasano H.; Mori S., 1992: A point mutation of c ki ras gene was found in human esophageal carcinoma cell lines but not in primary esophageal carcinomas

Lunn C.A.; Fossetta J.; Dalgarno D.; Murgolo N.; Windsor W.; Zavodny P.J.; Narula S.K.; Lundell D., 1992: A point mutation of human interferon gamma abolishes receptor recognition

Johnson V.G.; Youle R.J., 1989: A point mutation of proline 308 in diphtheria toxin b chain inhibits membrane translocation of toxin conjugates

Surprenant A.; Horstman D.A.; Akbarali H.; Limbird L.E., 1992: A point mutation of the alpha 2 adrenoceptor that blocks coupling to potassium but not calcium currents

Sasaki S.; Nakamura H.; Tagami T.; Miyoshi Y.; Tanaka K.; Imura H., 1992: A point mutation of the t 3 receptor beta 1 gene in a kindred of generalized resistance to thyroid hormone

Lunn C.A.; Fossetta J.; Murgolo N.; Zavodny P.J.; Lundell D.; Narula S.K., 1992: A point mutation that decreases the thermal stability of human interferon gamma

Gehrke L.; Jobling S.A.; Paik L.S.K.; Mcdonald B.; Rosenwasser L.J.; Auron P.E., 1990: A point mutation uncouples human interleukin 1 beta biological activity and receptor binding

Labhart, P.; Reeder, R. H., 1990: A point mutation uncouples rna 3' end formation and termination during ribosomal gene transcription in xenopus laevis

Hwang C.B.C.; Ruffner K.L.; Coen D.M., 1992: A point mutation within a distinct conserved region of the herpes simplex virus dna polymerase gene confers drug resistance

Edmonds C.; Vousden K.H., 1989: A point mutational analysis of human papillomavirus type 16 e7 protein

Graham, E. M.; Stanford, M. R.; Sanders, M. D.; Kasp, E.; Dumonde, D. C., 1989: A point prevalence study of 150 patients with idiopathic retinal vasculitis 1. diagnostic value of ophthalmological features

Kasp, E.; Graham, E. M.; Stanford, M. R.; Sanders, M. D.; Dumonde, D. C., 1989: A point prevalence study of 150 patients with idiopathic retinal vasculitis 2. clinical relevance of antiretinal autoimmunity and circulating immune complexes

Wagstaff D.J.; Wagstaff A.T.; Goshorn J.C., 1989: A poisonous plant file in toxline

Domergue C.A., 1989: A poisonous snake of madagascar observation of 2 cases of madagascarophis bites colubridae opisthoglypha

Patkowski A.; Eimer W.; Dorfmueller T., 1990: A polarized and depolarized dynamic light scattering study of the phenylalanine transfer rna conformation in solution

Brandli A.W.; Hansson G.C.; Rodriguez Boulan E.; Simons K., 1988: A polarized epithelial cell mutant deficient in translocation of udp galactose into the golgi complex

Shraideh Z.A., 1990: A polarized light and fluorescent microscopic study of enriched birefringent fibrils in physarum plasmodia

Selvin P.R.; Scalettar B.A.; Langmore J.P.; Axelrod D.; Klein M.P.; Hearst J.E., 1990: A polarized photobleaching study of chromatin reorientation in intact nuclei

Scalettar B.A.; Selvin P.R.; Axelrod D.; Klein M.P.; Hearst J.E., 1990: A polarized photobleaching study of dna reorientation in agarose gels

Squella J.A.; Zanocco A.; Perna S.; Nunez Vergara L.J., 1990: A polarographic study of the photodegradation of nitrendipine

Tuncel M.; Yazan Y.; Dogrukol D.; Atkosar Z., 1991: A polarographic study on dipyridamole and its determination in commercial tablets

Mahfouz E.H.; Issa M.A.; Hamdy M.H., 1989: A policy in the management of urethral fistula

Percy N.; Barclay W.S.; Sullivan M.; Almond J.W., 1992: A poliovirus replicon containing the chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene can be used to study the replication and encapsidation of poliovirus rna

Wang J.; Ozsoz M., 1990: A polishable amperometric biosensor for bilirubin

Caramiello R.; Polini V.; Siniscalco C.; Mercalli L., 1990: A pollen calendar from turin torino italy with reference to geography and climate

West R.G., 1988: A pollen diagram from norwich crag at outney common bungay suffolk england uk

Bartley D.D.; Chambers C., 1992: A pollen diagram radiocarbon ages and evidence of agriculture on extwistle moor lancashire

Hong S P., 1988: A pollen morphological re evaluation of harpagocarpus and eskemukerjea polygonaceae

Fashena S.J.; Reeves R.; Ruddle N.H., 1992: A poly da dt upstream activating sequence binds high mobility group i protein and contributes to lymphotoxin tumor necrosis factor beta gene regulation

Schultes, N. P.; Szostak, J. W., 1991: A poly da.dt tract is a component of the recombination initiation site at the arg4 locus in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wakabayashi N.; Spencer S.L.; Waters R.M.; Lusby W.R., 1991: A polyacetylene from honduras mahogany swietenia mahagoni

Tian Q.; Streuli M.; Saito H.; Schlossman S.F.; Anderson P., 1991: A polyadenylate binding protein localized to the granules of cytolytic lymphocytes induces dna fragmentation in target cells

Gautam A.M.; Pearson C.I.; Smilek D.E.; Steinman L.; Mcdevitt H.O., 1992: A polyalanine peptide with only five native myelin basic protein residues induces autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Parish C.R.; Low L.; Warren H.S.; Cunningham A.L., 1990: A polyanion binding site on the cd4 molecule proximity to the hiv gp120 binding region

Hancock J.F.; Paterson H.; Marshall C.J., 1990: A polybasic domain or palmitoylation is required in addition to the caax motif to localize p21 ras to the plasma membrane

Liu D.X.; Cavanagh D.; Green P.; Inglis S.C., 1991: A polycistronic messenger rna specified by the coronavirus infectious bronchitis virus

Choi K S.; Lewis D.H.; Powell E.N.; Frelier P.F.; Ray S.M., 1991: A polyclonal antibody developed from perkinsus marinus hypnospores fails to cross react with other life stages of perkinsus marinus in oyster crassostrea virginica tissues

Gallacher G.; Jackson C.S.; Searcey M.; Badman G.T.; Goel R.; Topham C.M.; Mellor G.W.; Brocklehurst K., 1991: A polyclonal antibody preparation with michaelian catalytic properties

Nona S.N.; Stafford C.A.; Shehab S.A.S.; Cronly Dillon J.R., 1990: A polyclonal antibody to goldfish neuronal 145 kda intermediate filament protein

Eriksson B.; Arnberg H.; Oberg K.; Hellman U.; Lundquist G.; Wernstedt C.; Wilander E., 1990: A polyclonal antiserum against chromogranins a and b a new sensitive marker for neuroendocrine tumors

Feil P.D.; Clarke C.L.; Satyaswaroop P.G., 1989: A polyclonal antiserum against the rabbit progesterone receptor recognizes the human receptor biochemical characterization

Zaino R.J.; Feil P.D.; Clarke C.L.; Mortel R.; Satyaswaroop P.G., 1989: A polyclonal antiserum against the rabbit progesterone receptor recognizes the human receptor immunohistochemical localization in rabbit and human uterus

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Givner L.B.; Edwards M.S.; Baker C.J., 1988: A polyclonal human igg preparation hyperimmune for type iii group b streptococcus in vitro opsonophagocytic activity and efficacy in experimental models

Warner, G. L.; Scott, D. W., 1991: A polyclonal model for b cell tolerance i. fc dependent and fc independent induction of nonresponsiveness by pretreatment of normal splenic b cells with anti ig

Warner, G. L.; Gaur, A.; Scott, D. W., 1991: A polyclonal model for b cell tolerance ii. linkage between signaling of b cell egress from g o class ii upregulation and unresponsiveness

Mcguffin P.; Farmer A.; Harvey I., 1991: A polydiagnostic application of operational criteria in studies of psychotic illness development and reliability of the opcrit system

Winokur G.; Kadrmas A., 1989: A polyepisodic course in bipolar illness possible clinical relationships

Degra L.; Salvi G.; Mariotti D.; De Lorenzo G.; Cervone F., 1988: A polygalacturonase inhibiting protein in alfalfa callus cultures

Salvi G.; Giarrizzo F.; De Lorenzo G.; Cervone F., 1990: A polygalacturonase inhibiting protein in the flowers of phaseolus vulgaris l

Boumans R.M.J.; Sklar F.H., 1990: A polygon based spatial pbs model for simulating landscape change

Watanabe K.; Miyakado M.; Ohno N.; Okada A.; Yanagi K.; Moriguchi K., 1989: A polyhalogenated insecticidal monoterpene from the red alga plocamium telfairiae

Lu M Y.F.; Borodkin S.; Woodward L.; Li P.; Diesner C.; Hernandez L.; Vanere M., 1991: A polymer carrier system for taste masking of macrolide antibiotics

Hillman K.; Shapira Nahor O.; Blackburn R.; Hernandez D.; Golding H., 1991: A polymer containing a repeating peptide sequence can stimulate t cell independent igg antibody production in vivo

Barbato S.; De Napoli L.; Mayol L.; Piccialli G.; Santacroce C., 1989: A polymer nucleotide linkage useful for the solid phase synthesis of cyclic oligodeoxyribonucleotides

Carding S.R.; Lu D.; Bottomly K., 1992: A polymerase chain reaction assay for the detection and quantitation of cytokine gene expression in small numbers of cells

Engel J.N.; Ganem D., 1990: A polymerase chain reaction based approach to cloning sigma factors from eubacteria and its application to the isolation of a sigma 70 homolog from chlamydia trachomatis

Nobori T.; Reynolds L.; Orvis L.; Wu D.; Carson D.A., 1992: A polymerase chain reaction based method for isolation of gene specific sequences from the interferon alpha gene cluster

Jennerwein M.M.; Eastman A., 1991: A polymerase chain reaction based method to detect cisplatin adducts in specific genes

Parks C.L.; Chang L S.; Shenk T., 1991: A polymerase chain reaction mediated by single primer cloning of genomic sequences adjacent to a serotonin receptor protein coding region

Gaensslen R.E.; Berka K.M.; Grosso D.A.; Ruano G.; Pagliaro E.M.; Messina D.; Lee H.C., 1992: A polymerase chain reaction pcr method for sex and species determination with novel controls for deoxyribonucleic acid dna template length

Repaske D.R.; Swinnen J.V.; Jin S L.C.; Van Wyk J.J.; Conti M., 1992: A polymerase chain reaction strategy to identify and clone cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase cdnas molecular cloning of the cdna encoding the 63 kda calmodulin dependent phosphodiesterase

Albrecht I.D.; Naikwadi K.P.; Karasek F.W., 1991: A polymeric liquid crystal capillary column for gc ms analysis of pcdd and pcdf

Bourque A.J.; Krull I.S., 1991: A polymeric reagent for derivatization of weak nucleophiles in hplc uv

Matsutani A.; Janssen R.; Donis Keller H.; Permutt M.A., 1992: A polymorphic ca n repeat element maps the human glucokinase gene gck to chromosome 7p

Wood S.; Schertzer M., 1992: A polymorphic complex dinucleotide repeat at the telomeric d8s7 locus

Holtrop S.; Rijke Schilder G.P.M.; Koene R.A.P.; Tax W.J.M., 1991: A polymorphic fc receptor for mouse igg2b on human b cells and monocytes

Joyce S.; Mathew J.M.; Flye M.W.; Mohanakumar T., 1992: A polymorphic human kidney specific non mhc alloantigen its possible role in tissue specific allograft immunity

Jongeneel C.V.; Acha Orbea H.; Blankenstein T., 1990: A polymorphic microsatellite in the tumor necrosis factor alpha promoter identifies an allele unique to the nzw mouse strain

Maeda H.; Hirata R.; Hitomi Y.; Tohyama H., 1989: A polymorphic monoclonal antibody plm10 that reacts with b cell lines carring hla dpw1 dpw5 and dp cp63

Zysow B.R.; Pullinger C.R.; Kane J.P., 1992: A polymorphic psti site in intron 2 of the human apolipoprotein c ii gene detected by polymerase chain reaction

Nobori, T.; Hexdall, L. E.; Carson, D. A., 1991: A polymorphic region defined by pcn2 the 3' nontranslated region of n ras maps to chromosome 9cen p12

Perret J.; Shia Y C.; Fries R.; Vassart G.; Georges M., 1990: A polymorphic satellite sequence maps to the pericentric region of the bovine y chromosome

Doolittle M.H.; Leboeuf R.C.; Warden C.H.; Bee L.M.; Luis A.J., 1990: A polymorphism affecting apolipoprotein a ii translational efficiency determines high density lipoprotein size and composition

Levy Wilson B.; Soria L.; Ludwig E.H.; Argyres M.; Brooks A.R.; Blackhart B.D.; Friedl W.; Mccarthy B.J., 1991: A polymorphism in a region with enhancer activity in the second intron of the human apolipoprotein b gene

Francis N.R.; Derosier D.J., 1990: A polymorphism peculiar to bipolar actin bundles

Asano M.; Murakami Y.; Furukawa K.; Yamaguchi Iwai Y.; Satake M.; Ito Y., 1990: A polyomavirus enhancer binding protein pebp5 responsive to 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate but distinct from ap 1

Reinholdsson G.; Ramqvist T.; Brandberg J.; Dalianis T., 1988: A polyomavirus tumor specific transplantation antigen tsta epitope is situated within the amino terminal amino acid sequence common to middle and small t antigens

Brockman J.A.; Hildebrand D.F., 1990: A polypeptide alteration associated with a low linolenate mutant of arabidopsis thaliana

Louie G.V.; Brayer G.D., 1989: A polypeptide chain refolding event occurs in the gly82 variant of yeast iso 1 cytochrome c

Clauss M.; Murray J.C.; Vianna M.; De Waal R.; Thurston G.; Nawroth P.; Gerlach H.; Gerlach M.; Bach R.; Et Al, 1990: A polypeptide factor produced by fibrosarcoma cells that induces endothelial tissue factor and enhances the procoagulant response to tumor necrosis factor cachectin

Pearce G.; Strydom D.; Johnson S.; Ryan C.A., 1991: A polypeptide from tomato leaves induces wound inducible proteinase inhibitor proteins

Boehmer F D.; Mieth M.; Reichmann G.; Taube C.; Grosse R.; Hollenberg M.D., 1988: A polypeptide growth inhibitor isolated from lactating bovine mammary gland mdgi is a lipid carrying protein

Rosa A.L.; Alvarez M.E.; Lawson D.; Maccioni H.J.F., 1990: A polypeptide of 59 kda is associated with bundles of cytoplasmic filaments in neurospora crassa

Kalinin V.A.; Shvets I.M.; Opritov V.A., 1991: A polypeptide with the molecular mass of 42 kda as a possible carrier or its component of sucrose

Serkedjieva J.; Abrashev I.; Gegova G.; Manolova N., 1992: A polyphenolic complex isolated from geranium sanguineum inhibits influenza virus neuraminidase

Konnova S.A.; Baberdina I.V.; Makarova O.E.; Skvortsov I.M.; Ignatov V.V., 1990: A polysaccharide lipid complex from the cell surface and culture fluid of s variant azospirillum brasilense sp 7 complex degradation and the fractionation and monosaccharide composition of polysaccharides

Schenck C.H.; Milner D.M.; Hurwitz T.D.; Bundlie S.R.; Mahowald M.W., 1989: A polysomnographic and clinical report on sleep related injury in 100 adult patients

Scharf, M. B.; Sachais, B. A.; Mayleben, D. W.; Fletcher, K.; Jennings, S. W., 1990: A polysomnographic comparison of temazepam 15 and 30 mg with triazolam 0.125 and 0.25 mg in chronic insomnia

Lauer C.J.; Krieg J C.; Riemann D.; Zulley J.; Berger M., 1990: A polysomnographic study in young psychiatric inpatients major depression anorexia nervosa bulimia nervosa

Burukovskii R.N., 1988: A polytomic key for the identification of shrimp genera acanthephyra crustacea decapoda oplophoridae

Kita M.; Ogura Y.; Honda Y.; Hyon S H.; Cha W I.; Ikada Y., 1990: A polyvinyl alcohol pva hydrogel as a soft contact lens material

De Lanerolle N.C., 1990: A pontine call site in the domestic cat behavior and neural pathways

Stoorvogel W.; Schwartz A.L.; Strous G.J.; Fallon R.J., 1991: A pool of intracellular phosphorylated asialoglycoprotein receptors which is not involved in endocytosis

Gille C.; Grade K.; Coutelle C., 1990: A pooling strategy for heterozygote screening of the delta f508 cystic fibrosis mutation

Bigham J.M.; Schwertmann U.; Carlson L.; Murad E., 1990: A poorly crystallized oxyhydroxysulfate of iron formed by bacterial oxidation of iron ii in acid mine waters

Hjelle B.; Evans Holm M.; Yen T.S.B.; Garovoy M.; Guis M.; Edman J.C., 1989: A poorly differentiated lymphoma of donor origin in a renal allograft recipient

Cei J.M.; Scrocchi G., 1991: A poorly known and discussed species cnemidophorus leachei peracca 1897 and general remarks on the genus cnemidophorus in argentina lacertilia teiidae

Aarons L.; Mandema J.W.; Danhof M., 1991: A population analysis of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of midazolam in the rat

Tsarik I.V.; Zhilyaev G.G., 1989: A population approach in phytocenology

Canullo R., 1990: A population approach to vegetation structure

Hunter J.B.; Asenjo J.A., 1990: A population balance model of enzymatic lysis of microbial cells

Rasmussen B.K.; Jensen R.; Olesen J., 1991: A population based analysis of the diagnostic criteria of the international headache society

Nandakumar A.; Thimmasetty K.T.; Sreeramareddy N.M.; Venugopal T.C.; Rajanna; Vinutha A.T.; Srinivas; Bhargava M.K., 1990: A population based case control investigation on cancers of the oral cavity in bangalore india

Benito, E.; Obrador, A.; Steggelbout, A.; Bosch, F. X.; Mulet, N.; Munoz, N.; Kaldor, J., 1990: A population based case control study of colorectal cancer in majorca spain i. dietary factors

Shu X O.; Brinton L.A.; Zheng W.; Gao Y.T.; Fan J.; Fraumeni J.F.Jr, 1991: A population based case control study of endometrial cancer in shanghai china

Machado E.B.V.; Gabriel S.E.; Beard C.M.; Michet C.J.; O'fallon W.M.; Ballard D.J., 1989: A population based case control study of temporal arteritis evidence for an association between temporal arteritis and degenerative vascular disease

Fujisawa K.; Zeinddin D.; Kojima M.; Sakamoto Y.; Sasaki K.; Kawano T., 1989: A population based cataract epidemiological survey ii

Holbrook T.L.; Barrett Connor E.; Klauber M.; Sartoris D., 1991: A population based comparison of quantitative dual energy x ray absorptiometry with dual photon absorptiometry of the spine and hip

Patetta M.J.; Cole T.B., 1990: A population based descriptive study of house fire deaths in north carolina usa

Tielsch J.M.; Katz J.; Singh K.; Quigley H.A.; Gottsch J.D.; Javitt J.; Sommer A., 1991: A population based evaluation of glaucoma screening the baltimore eye survey

Mayeux, R.; Denaro, J.; Hemenegildo, N.; Marder, K.; Tang, M. X.; Cote, L. J.; Stern, Y., 1992: A population based investigation of parkinson's disease with and without dementia relationship to age and gender

Anderson F.A.Jr; Wheeler H.B.; Goldberg R.J.; Hosmer D.W.; Patwardhan N.A.; Jovanovic B.; Forcier A.; Dalen J.E., 1991: A population based perspective of the hospital incidence and case fatality rates of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism the worcester dvt study

Bruno G.; Bargero G.; Vuolo A.; Pisu E.; Pagano G., 1992: A population based prevalence survey of known diabetes mellitus in northern italy based upon multiple independent sources of ascertainment

Ferreccio C.; Ortiz E.; Astroza L.; Rivera C.; Clemens J.; Levine M.M., 1990: A population based retrospective assessment of the disease burden resulting from invasive haemophilus influenzae in infants and young children in santiago chile

Larsen S.A.; Oberle M.W.; Sanchez Braverman J.M.; Rosero Bixby L.; Vetter K.M., 1991: A population based serosurveillance of syphilis in costa rica

Gray L.C.; Farish S.J.; Dorevitch M., 1992: A population based study of assessed applicants to long term nursing home care

Nieminen M.M.; Kaprio J.; Koshenvuo M., 1991: A population based study of bronchial asthma in adult twin pairs

Gustafsson G.; Berglund G.; Garwicz S.; Hertz H.; Jonmundsson G.; Moe P.J.; Salmi T.T.; Seip M.; Siimes M.A.; Yssing M., 1989: A population based study of children with standard risk acute lymphoblastic leukemia in the five nordic countries a follow up of 230 patients

French L.R.; Jackson I.T.; Melton L.J.IIi, 1990: A population based study of craniosynostosis

Goodwin J.G.; Hunt W.C.; Samet J.M., 1991: A population based study of functional status and social support networks of elderly patients newly diagnosed with cancer

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