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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6960

Chapter 6960 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rao J.M., 1990:
A population based study of mild mental handicap in children preliminary analysis of obstetrics associations

Braddock M.; Schwartz R.; Lapidus G.; Banco L.; Jacobs L., 1992:
A population based study of motorcycle injury costs

Strom B.L.; Carson J.L.; Halpern A.C.; Schinnar R.; Snyder E.S.; Shaw M.; Tilson H.H.; Joseph M.; Dai W.S.; E.A., 1991:
A population based study of stevens johnson syndrome

Kendler K.S.; Heath A.C.; Neale M.C.; Kessler R.C.; Eaves L.J., 1992:
A population based twin study of alcoholism in women

Boullet V., 1990:
A population complex involving atriplex longipes new record drejer new taxon for the french flora and the region nord pas de calais

Murata, M.; Otsuka, M.; Hayakawa, Y.; Takahashi, E.; Tsuji, H.; Hori, T., 1990:
A population cytogenetic study of a common fragile site, fra(3)(p14), in a healthy population

Green K.; Wong V.; Burton H.R., 1992:
A population decline in weddell seals real or sampling artefact?

Van-Mierlo, J.E.M.; Van-Groenendael, J.M., 1991:
A population dynamic approach to the control of anthriscus sylvestris l. hoffm

Cividanes F.J., 1989:
A population dynamics of pectinophora gossypiella saunders 1843 lepidoptera gelechiidae in northern parana brazil

Page, R.E.J. ; Metcalf, R.A., 1988:
A population estimate of mdh allozyme frequencies for the honey bee apis mellifera l. hymenoptera apidae

Kawamoto Y.; Namikawa T.; Adachi A.; Amano T.; Shotake T.; Nishida T.; Hayashi Y.; Kattel B.; Rajubhandary H.B., 1992:
A population genetic study on yaks cattle and their hybrids in nepal using milk protein variations

Bridges D.C.; Chandler J.M., 1989:
A population level temperature dependent model of seedling johnsongrass sorghum halepense flowering

Luboobi L.S., 1990:
A population of insects infesting a stored quantity of wheat

Buller, R.S.; Van Zant, G.; Eldridge, P.W.; Portis, J.L., 1989:
A population of murine hematopoietic progenitors expresses an endogenous retroviral gp70 linked to the Rmcf gene and associated with resistance to erythroleukemia

Reeder B.C.; Hardin M.D., 1992:
A population of taphromysis louisianae banner crustacea mysidae in a clermont county ohio river wetland

Olson S.C., 1991:
A population pharmacokinetic profile of imazodan in congestive heart failure patients

N.H.; Segawa M.; Kondo K., 1988:
A population study in asarum hexalobum and asarum asperum with special reference to karyotype variation

Haase P., 1989:
A population study of an isolated stand of nothofagus menziesii near otira south island new zealand

Mallea R.; Macola S.; Garcia Saez G.; Lanati J., 1988:
A population study of coccinellidae coleoptera coccinellinae part 3

Llano C.; Caeiro J.L.B.; Boan F., 1990:
A population study of leukocyte enzymes got 2 me 2 and pgm 3 in galicia northwest spain

Sklar, A.H.; Campbell, H.; Caruana, R.J.; Lightfoot, B.O.; Gaier, J.G.; Milner, P., 1990:
A population study of renal function in sickle cell anemia

Blychert E.; Edgar B.; Elmfeldt D.; Hedner T., 1991:
A population study of the pharmacokinetics of felodipine

Myers, S.A.; Ferguson, R., 1989:
A population study of the relationship between fetal death and altered fetal growth

Dewhurst, G.; Wood, D.A.; Walker, F.; Lampe, F.C.; Jeffreys, M.; Cooper, M.; Williams, J.D., 1991:
A population survey of cardiovascular disease in elderly people: design, methods and prevalence results

Pederson, L.L.; Bull, S.B.; Ashley, M.J.; Lefcoe, N.M., 1989:
A population survey of legislative measures to restrict smoking in ontario 3. variables related to attitudes of smokers and nonsmokers

Dow, L.; Coggon, D.; Osmond, C.; Holgate, S.T., 1991:
A population survey of respiratory symptoms in the elderly

Pederson, L.L.; Bull, S.B.; Ashley, M.J.; Lefcoe, N.M., 1989:
A population survey on legislative measures to restrict smoking in Ontario: 4. Variables related to knowledge of active and passive smoking health effects and to predicted behavior of smokers and nonsmokers

Zhaparkhanova Z.S.; Balakhmetova S.A.; Koshechkin V.A.; Chepurnenko N.V.; Rozhkova T.A., 1989:
A populational genealogical study of coronary heart disease among the population of the city of alma ata kazakh ssr ussr

Roland, J.; Pouliart, C.; Raeman, F.; Williame, L.; Vandevivere, J., 1990:
A porcelain gallbladder affecting the assessment of bone mineral content

Akeson J.; Nilsson F.; Ryding E.; Messeter K., 1992:
A porcine model for sequential assessments of cerebral haemodynamics and metabolism

Nagesha, H.S.; Huang, J.; Hum, C.P.; Holmes, I.H., 1990:
A porcine rotavirus strain with dual VP7 serotype specificity

Chandra T.; Miller I.F.; Yeates D.B., 1992:
A pore transport model for pulmonary alveolar epithelium

Tandon P.N.; Chaurasia A., 1991:
A porous implant model for a knee joint

Turpin P.Y.; Chinsky L.; Laigle A.; Tsuboi M.; Kincaid J.R.; Nakamoto K., 1990:
A porphyrin dna exciplex resonance raman spectra of electronically excited copper tmpy p4 bound to poly da dt poly da dt

Jones D.; Armstrong J.; Hafermann M.D., 1989:
A port film marker

Harrison D.W.; Gavin M.R.; Isaac W., 1988:
A portable biofeedback device for autonomic responses

Dabelsteen T.; Pedersen S.B., 1991:
A portable digital sound emitter for interactive playback of animal vocalisations

Fleming B.E.; Wilson D.R.; Pendergast D.R., 1991:
A portable easily performed muscle power test and its association with falls by elderly persons

Wertsch, J.J.; Webster, J.G.; Tompkins, W.J., 1992:
A portable insole plantar pressure measurement system

Stafford, J.V.; Weaving, G.S.; Lowe, J.C., 1989:
A portable ir moisture meter for agricultural and food materials part 1. instrument development

Stafford, J.V.; Bull, C.R.; Weaving, G.S., 1989:
A portable ir moisture meter for agricultural and food materials part 2. field evaluation on grass

McIntyre, I.M.; Johns, M.; Norman, T.R.; Armstrong, S.M., 1990:
A portable light source for bright light treatment

Akhtar N., 1990:
A portable low cost table for fish surgery

Radzius A.; Welch P.; Cone E.J.; Henningfield J.E., 1989:
A portable pupillometer system for measuring pupillary size and light reflex

Feather J.W.; Hajizadeh Saffar M.; Leslie G.; Dawson J.B., 1989:
A portable scanning reflectance spectrophotometer using visible wavelengths for the rapid measurement of skin pigments

Larney F.J.; Huffman R.L.; Schuler R.T.; Taylor D.R.; Kladivko E.J.; Lowery B., 1989:
A portable self leveling constant rate cone penetrometer with computer controlled data acquisition for tillage studies

Coulter R.L.; Shannon J.D.; Martin T.J.; Cook D.R., 1992 :
A portable system for prediction of a transient plume

Toop, L.J.; Dawson, K.P.; Thorpe, C.W., 1990:
A portable system for the spectral analysis of cough sounds in asthma

Kinnaird, R.H.; Jelsma, R.K., 1992:
A portable traction device for cervical fractures. Technical note

Saul A.; Maloy W.L.; Rock E.P.; Howard R.J., 1988:
A portion of the pf155 resa antigen of plasmodium falciparum is accessible on the surface of infected erythrocytes

Lebedeva, L.I.; Lange, A.B.; Orlenko, O.N., 1988:
A portrait of a population of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis o. f. muller

Ferguson B.M.; Fangman W.L., 1992:
A position effect on the time of replication origin activation in yeast

Burke, W.H.; Wesolowski, M.D.; Lane, I., 1988:
A positive approach to the treatment of aggressive brain injured clients

Outteridge P.M.; Stewart D.J.; Skerman T.M.; Dufty J.H.; Egerton J.R.; Ferrier G.; Marshall D.J., 1989:
A positive association between resistance to ovine footrot and particular lymphocyte antigen types

Gvirtzman, G.; Goldstein, R.S.; Kalcheim, C., 1992:
A positive correlation between permissiveness of mesoderm to neural crest migration and early DRG growth

Roseman D.L.; Straus A.K.; Shorey W., 1990:
A positive family history of breast cancer does its effect diminish with age

Snyder E.J.; Weckerly S.; Gross L.; Velez M.; Tackel I.S., 1989:
A positive negative pressure monitor for use in neonatal extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Nishimura H.; Kawasaki Y.; Kaneko Y.; Nosaka K.; Iwashima A., 1992:
A positive regulatory gene th13 is required for thiamine metabolism in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Soli A.L.; Byrne R.H., 1989:
A positive relationship between groundwater velocity and submersed macrophyte biomass in sparkling lake wisconsin usa

Sung, C.Y.; Gennity, J.M.; Pollitt, N.S.; Inouye, M., 1992:
A positive residue in the hydrophobic core of the Escherichia coli lipoprotein signal peptide suppresses the secretion defect caused by an acidic amino terminus

Gowing D.J.G.; Davies W.J.; Jones H.G., 1990:
A positive root source signal as an indicator of soil drying in apple malus domestica borkh

Pierce, J.C.; Sauer, B.; Sternberg, N., 1992:
A positive selection vector for cloning high molecular weight DNA by the bacteriophage P1 system: improved cloning efficacy

Dewan M.J.; Levy B.F.; Donnelly M.P., 1988:
A positive view of psychiatrists and psychiatry

Hugo N.; Dormehl I.C.; Van Gelder A.L., 1988:
A positive wave at the j point of electrocardiograms of anesthetized baboons papio ursinus

Yamane, K.; Akiyama, Y.; Ito, K.; Mizushima, S., 1990:
A positively charged region is a determinant of the orientation of cytoplasmic membrane proteins in Escherichia coli

Kaplan, J.D.; Calandrino, F.S.; Schuster, D.P., 1991:
A positron emission tomographic comparison of pulmonary vascular permeability during the adult respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia

Konovalova N.P.; Volkova L.M.; Klochko A.V., 1989:
A possibility for increasing the therapeutic efficacy of antitumor drugs

Yancheva A., 1990:
A possibility for transferring combined resistance to tomato spotted wilt virus and thielaviopsis basicola to intercultivar tobacco hybrids

Mitreva N.; Apostolova E., 1989:
A possibility of controlling the tobacco leaf chemical and biochemical composition through nitrogen fertilizer chemical form

Novoselova S.M., 1989:
A possibility of sharp tuning in a linear transversally inhomogeneous cochlear model

Kutinkova K.; Dimova M., 1989:
A possibility of using pheromone baits for controlling the apple codling moth

Chemnitius W.; Koecher E., 1988:
A possibility to check the exposure times in the dental x ray examination

Ivanov N.R.; Osin A.B.; Sokolov V.E.; Tupikin D.B.; Shub G.M., 1988:
A possibility to use the pkzh device for liquid purity control type devices in analysis of cellular suspensions

Abel E.L.; Bilitzke P.J., 1990:
A possible alarm substance in the forced swimming test

Curie J.; Hajjar V.; Marquie H.; Roques M., 1990:
A possible alternative methodology for the description of the activity system

Amsterdam J.D.; Maislin G.; Rybakowski J., 1990:
A possible antiviral action of lithium carbonate in herpes simplex virus infections

Kruglova E.B., 1991:
A possible approach to account for the counterion effect on the complex formation in polyelectrolyte ligand systems

Goot R.E.; Osipova T.T., 1991:
A possible approach to comparison of survival functions

Zaslavsky V.; Molad T., 1990:
A possible approach to enrich complementary dna yields with full length molecules

Bost, R.O.; Kemp, P.M., 1992:
A possible association between fluoxetine use and suicide

Blumberg, N.; Agarwal, M.M.; Chuang, C., 1988:
A possible association between survival time and transfusion in cervical cancer

Kucera, R.F., 1989:
A possible association of rheumatoid arthritis and sarcoidosis

Miranda E.C., 1990:
A possible biogenetic correlation between uleine and the quaternary alkaloid 5 ethyl 2 methyl 11h pyrido 3 4 a carbazolium

Bondon A.; Tiffoche C.; Simonneaux G.; L.P.nnec J P.; Jego P., 1992:
A possible calcium binding site in animal lectins a proton nmr study of the interaction between lanthanides and a synthetic peptide from a highly conserved domain of pleurodeles lectin

Hiraizumi, Y., 1989 :
A possible case of negative segregation distortion in the SD system of Drosophila melanogaster

Hartman R.F.; Rose S.D., 1992:
A possible chain reaction in photosensitized splitting of pyrimidine dimers by a protonated oxidized flavin

Shafro, L.I.; Tsimermane, G.I.; Krivulis, D.B.; Andreev, G.N., 1991:
A possible complication of therapeutic plasmapheresis

Singer P.; Wirth M.; Berger I., 1990:
A possible contribution of decrease in free fatty acids to low serum triglyceride levels after diets supplemented with n 6 and n 3 polyunsaturated fatty acids

Hamash M.H.; Hussain B.M.R.; Zekko S.J., 1988:
A possible contribution of endoderm germinal layer into the developing adenohypophysis

Naomi, S.; Umeda, T.; Iwaoka, T.; Miura, F.; Kitamoto, Y.; Nakayama, M.; Sato, T., 1991:
A possible contribution of endogenous atrial natriuretic peptide to proteinuria in patients with chronic renal failure

Van D.G.chte M.; Van Der Lende T.; Kok J.; Venema G., 1991:
A possible contribution of messenger rna secondary structure to translation initiation efficiency in lactococcus lactis

Lopez Figueroa F.; Niell F.X., 1989:
A possible control by a phytochrome like photoreceptor of chlorophyll synthesis in the green alga ulva rigida

Yokochi, T.; Inoue, Y.; Miyadai, T.; Kimura, Y.; Ito, H.; Kato, N., 1989:
A possible correlation between histological changes in regional subcutaneous tissue induced by bacterial lipopolysaccharides and their adjuvant activities

Katsuragi, T.; Tokunaga, T.; Usune, S.; Furukawa, T., 1990:
A possible coupling of postjunctional ATP release and transmitters' receptor stimulation in smooth muscles

Mori M.; Murakami M.; Satoh T.; Miyashita K.; Iriuchijima T.; Yamada M.; Inukai T.; Kobayashi I., 1990:
A possible direct precursor of trh p glu his pro gly stimulates prolactin secretion in anorexia nervosa

Srinivasan, M.; Lagercrantz, H.; Yamamoto, Y., 1989:
A possible dopaminergic pathway mediating hypoxic depression in neonatal rabbits

Kandiah D.; Penny W.J.; Fraser A.G.; Lewis M.J., 1988:
A possible drug interaction between rifampicin and enalapril

Patterson J.W.; Davies P.M.C., 1989:
A possible effect of climate on resting metabolic rate in lizards

Scher, B.M.; Scher, W.; Waxman, S., 1988:
A possible effect of heme on the fate of DNA ligase activity extracted from differentiating mouse erythroleukemia cells

Bennett M.B., 1989:
A possible energy saving role for the major fascia of the thigh in running quadrupedal mammals

Rubio C.; Hirota T.; Itabashi M.; Hirohashi S.; Kato Y., 1991:
A possible error in the interpretation of gastric carcinoma

Linhares A.C.; Mascarenhas J.D.P.; Gabbay Y.B.; Freitas R.B.D., 1989:
A possible fifth human rotavirus serotype and an unusual serotype 2 subgroup ii rotavirus strain

Herishanu Y.O.; Badarna S.; Sarov B.; Abarbanel J.M.; Segal S.; Bearman J.E., 1989:
A possible harmful late effect of methylprednisolone therapy on a time cluster of optic neuritis

Argos, P., 1989:
A possible homology between immunodeficiency virus p24 core protein and picornaviral VP2 coat protein: prediction of HIV p24 antigenic sites

Winter R.M.; Donnai D., 1989:
A possible human homologue for the mouse mutant disorganization

Stefano G.B.; Shipp M.A.; Scharrer B., 1991:
A possible immunoregulatory function for methionine enkephalin arg 6 phe 7 involving human and invertebrate granulocytes

Batke J.; Benito V.A.; Tompa P., 1992:
A possible in vivo mechanism of intermediate transfer by glycolytic enzyme complexes steady state fluorescence anisotrophy analysis of an enzyme complex formation

Eid Dib C.; Moreteau B.; Frey F.; Carton Y.; David J.R., 1991:
A possible incipient genetic differentiation according to larval resources in drosophila buzzatii

Perry F.; Heller P.H.; Levine J.D., 1991:
A possible indicator of functional pain poor pain scale correlation

Savill P.S.; Mather R.A., 1990:
A possible indicator of shake in oak relationship between flushing dates and vessel sizes

Higashimoto Y.; Himeno S.; Shinomura Y.; Kuroshima T.; Nagao K.; Tarui S., 1990:
A possible indicator of urinary amino terminal big gastrin immunoreactivity for gastrin secretion

Treichel S.; Hettfleisch H.; Eilhardt S.; Faist K.; Kluge M., 1988:
A possible induction of cam by sodium chloride stress in heterotrophic cell suspension cultures of mesembryanthemum crystallinum

Chaffotte A.F.; Cadieux C.; Guillou Y.; Goldberg M.E., 1992:
A possible initial folding intermediate the c terminal proteolytic domain of tryptophan synthase beta chains folds in less than 4 milliseconds into a condensed state with non native like secondary structure

Trovcevic Z.; Petranovic M.; Brcic Kostic K.; Petranovic D.; Lers N.; Salaj Smic E., 1991:
A possible interaction of single strand binding protein and reca protein during post uv dna synthesis

McKenzie, J.C.; Cowie, R.J., 1992:
A possible involvement of central atrial natriuretic peptide in cerebral cortical microcirculation

Sakai K.; Ichihara K.; Ohmi H.; Abiko Y., 1989:
A possible involvement of oxygen free radicals in the development of myocardial acidosis during coronary occlusion in dogs

Gobbetti A.; Zerani M.; Botte V., 1992:
A possible involvement of prostaglandin e 2 in the reproduction of female crested newt triturus carnifex

Kanalas, J.J.; Makker, S.P., 1988:
A possible ligand of serum origin for the kidney autoantigen of Heymann nephritis

Vollmar, A.M.; Lang, R.E.; Hänze, J.; Schulz, R., 1990:
A possible linkage of atrial natriuretic peptide to the immune system

Staprans, I.; Felts, J.M., 1989:
A possible mechanism for accelerated atherogenesis in male versus female rats

Tomasz, J., 1990:
A possible mechanism for the base catalyzed hydrolysis of nucleoside cyclic 3' 5' monophosphates

Oho, T.; Morioka, T., 1990:
A possible mechanism of acquired acid resistance of human dental enamel by laser irradiation

Schallreuter K.U.; Wood J.W., 1990:
A possible mechanism of action for azelaic acid in the human epidermis

W.C.C.; Chiou W F.; Yen M H., 1989:
A possible mechanism of action of tetramethylpyrazine on vascular smooth muscle in rat aorta

Poljakoff Mayber A.; Corbineau F.; Come D., 1990:
A possible mechanism of high temperature dormancy regulation in seeds of avena sativa cultivar moyencourt

Sugi, T.; Makino, T.; Maruyama, T.; Kim, W.K.; Iizuka, R., 1991:
A possible mechanism of immunotherapy for patients with recurrent spontaneous abortions

Lubart R.; Malik Z.; Rochkind S.; Fisher T., 1990:
A possible mechanism of low level laser living cell interaction

Kannari, K.; Sato, O.; Maeda, T.; Iwanaga, T.; Fujita, T., 1991:
A possible mechanism of mechanoreception in Ruffini endings in the periodontal ligament of hamster incisors

Takeuchi Y.; Morii H.; Tamura M.; Hayaishi O.; Watanabe Y., 1991:
A possible mechanism of mitochondrial dysfunction during cerebral ischemia inhibition of mitochondrial respiration activity by arachidonic acid

Balestreri E.; Romagnoli A.; Giachi A.; Alpi A.; Felicioli R., 1989:
A possible mechanism of proteolysis modulation in the life cycle of alfalfa medicago sativa leaf

Izawa T.; Komabayashi T.; Tsuboi M., 1989:
A possible mechanism of regulation of beta adrenergic receptor cyclic amp system in rat myocardium during and after acute dynamic exercise

Molodavkin G.M.; Blagova O.E.; Savchenko N.M., 1988:
A possible mechanism of the activating action of gamma aminobutyric acid positive substances

Masubuchi Y.; Suzuki K.; Fujita S.; Suzuki T., 1992:
A possible mechanism of the impairment of hepatic microsomal monooxygenase activities after multiple administration of propranolol in rats

Takáts, A.; Borsos, B.; Bertók, L., 1989:
A possible mechanism of the inhibitory effect of endotoxin on adenylate cyclase

Ferguson L.R.; Cooper G.J.S.; Loiselle D.S.; Roberton A.M., 1989:
A possible mechanism of toxicity by the antidepressant amoxapine based on its effects in three in vitro models

Unakami S., 1990:
A possible mechanism of translocation into circulation of liver intestinal alkaline phosphatases induced by certain drugs

Shibuya, T.; Honda, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Shimura, H.; Matsuda, H.; Tsuji, H.; Izumisawa, M.; Iwata, T.; Irino, O., 1988:
A possible mechanism on the potentiated vascular effect of coadministration of ifenprodil tartrate and calcium hopantenate: a study in the basilar and vertebral arteries

Shibuya, T.; Honda, H.; Watanabe, Y.; Shimura, H.; Matsuda, H.; Tsuji, H.; Izumisawa, M.; Iwata, T.; Irino, O., 1988:
A possible mechanism on the potentiating vascular effect of coadministration of ifenprodil tartrate and calcium hopantenate: a study in the internal carotid artery

Reid D.G.; Bayer M.B.; Code T.E.; Mclean B., 1987:
A possible method for estimating river otter lutra canadensis populations using snow tracks

Ignatiades L.; Karydis M.; Vounatsou P., 1992:
A possible method for evaluating oligotrophy and eutrophication based on nutrient concentration scales

Furois Corbin S.; Pullman A., 1989:
A possible model for the inner wall of the acetylcholine receptor channel

Tajima K.; Shigamatsu M.; Jinno J.; Kawano Y.; Mikami K.; Ishizu K.; Ohya Nishiguchi H., 1990:
A possible model of hemoprotein fatty acid peroxide complex demonstrated by esr

Stevenson J.P., 1992:
A possible modification of the distribution of the intertidal seastar patiriella exigua lamarck echinodermata asteroidea by patiriella calcar lamarck

Mehes K.; Kosztolanyi G., 1992:
A possible mosaic form of delayed centromere separation and aneuploidy

Trandafir T.; Sipot C.; Froicu D., 1990:
A possible neural ridge origin of the adenohypophysis

Keast J.R., 1992:
A possible neural source of nitric oxide in the rat penis

Guillen A.; Haro A.; Municio A.M., 1989:
A possible new class of octopamine receptors coupled to adenylate cyclase in the brain of the dipterous ceratitis capitata pharmacological characterization and regulation of tritiated octopamine binding

Fronticelli C., 1990:
A possible new mechanism of oxygen affinity modulation in mammalian hemoglobins

Ono Y.; Katoh M.; Kudoh N.; Nakagawa S., 1991:
A possible new treatment for diabetic neuropathy trial of a thromboxane synthetase inhibitor

Bonavent J F.; Bossone L.; Geny A.; Berville A.; Denizot J P.; Brian C., 1989:
A possible origin for the sugar beet cytoplasmic male sterility source owen

Bara I.I.; Vantu S.; Colf V., 1992:
A possible origin of the three most frequent basic numbers of chromosomes in papaveraceae

Semenov, V.V., 1989:
A possible origin structure and localization of steroid secreting cells in the young sturgeon's ovary

Chen G S.; Asai T.; Suzuki Y.; Nishioka K.; Nishiyama S., 1990:
A possible pathogenesis for blackfoot disease effects of trivalent arsenic arsenic trioxide on cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Husz, S.; Tóth-Kása, I.; Obál, F.; Jancsó, G., 1991:
A possible pathomechanism of the idiopathic cold contact urticaria

Belles B.; Hescheler J.; Trautwein W.; Blomgren K.; Karlsson J.O., 1988:
A possible physiological role of the calcium dependent protease calpain and its inhibitor calpastatin on the calcium current in guinea pig myocytes

Fraser, G.E.; Sabaté, J.; Beeson, W.L.; Strahan, T.M., 1992:
A possible protective effect of nut consumption on risk of coronary heart disease. The Adventist Health Study

Braud, W.G., 1989:
A possible proximity effect on human grip strength: an attempted replication

Erickson J.; Davis L.E.; Castor C.W.; Walz D.A.; Anderson B.E., 1990:
A possible receptor binding function for the amino terminus of connective tissue activating peptide iii

Klose A., 1989:
A possible record of the arctic warbler phylloscopus borealis near regensburg west germany

Naora, K.; Katagiri, Y.; Ichikawa, N.; Hayashibara, M.; Iwamoto, K., 1990:
A possible reduction in the renal clearance of ciprofloxacin by fenbufen in rats

Kashyap R.; Gupta S.C., 1989:
A possible regulatory role for ethylene in the pollen pistil interaction in a sporophytic self incompatible system

Cerovic Z.G., 1989:
A possible relation between the function of photosystem ii in oxygen evolution and the variable chlorophyll fluorescence

Pedrotti M.; Pellizzari C.; Basso A., 1988:
A possible relationship between microangiopathic retinal damage and otovestibular damage in diabetics

Lyall V.; Corcia A.; Croxton T.L.; Chao A.C.; Armstrong W.M., 1992:
A possible relationship between potassium chloride symport and basolateral potassium conductance in necturus gallbladder epithelial cells

Mulvihill R.S.; Leberman R.C.; Wood D.S., 1992:
A possible relationship between reversed sexual size dimorphism and reduced male survivorship in the ruby throated hummingbird

Ramaraj, P.; Subbarayan, V.S.; Rao, J.A., 1991:
A possible role for a low molecular weight peptide in regulation of testosterone production by rat Leydig cells

Vera, J.C.; Castillo, G.R.; Rosen, O.M., 1991:
A possible role for a mammalian facilitative hexose transporter in the development of resistance to drugs

Lynch M., 1991:
A possible role for abscisic acid analogues as calcium channel blockers in mammalian smooth muscle

Clark, J.T., 1989:
A possible role for angiotensin II in the regulation of male sexual behavior in rats

Ford, S.E.; Charrette, E.J.; Knight, J.; Pym, J.; Ford, P., 1990:
A possible role for antiphospholipid antibodies in acquired cardiac valve deformity

Morris J.A., 1989:
A possible role for bacteria in the pathogenesis of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Aota S.; Holmgren K.D.; Gallaugher P.; Randall D.J., 1990:
A possible role for catecholamines in the ventilatory responses associated with internal acidosis or external hypoxia in rainbow trout oncorhynchus mykiss

Seidel A.; Kantarjian A.; Vollrath L., 1990:
A possible role for cyclic gmp in the rat pineal gland

Young O.A., 1989:
A possible role for myosin light chain 1 slow of bovine muscle

Fuchs R.; Schmid S.; Mellman I., 1989:
A possible role for sodium potassium atpase in regulating atp dependent endosome acidification

Abed W.T., 1988:
A possible role for spinal noradrenaline in the mechanisms of 6 hydroxydopamine against pentylenetetrazole induced convulsions in rats

Sharkey, P.; Eedy, D.J.; Burrows, D.; McCaigue, M.D.; Bell, A.L., 1991:
A possible role for superoxide production in the pathogenesis of contact dermatitis

Fischer R.B.; Mcquiston J., 1991:
A possible role for syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus vaginal secretion in inter female competition

Kalabokis V.N.; Bozzola J.J.; Castellani L.; Hardwicke P.M.D., 1991:
A possible role for the dimer ribbon state of scallop sarcoplasmic reticulum dimmer ribbons are associated with stabilization of the calcium free calcium atpase

Schouten H.J., 1989:
A possible role in pathogenesis for the swelling of extracellular slime of erwinia amylovora at increasing water potential

Tripathi, S.C., 1989:
A possible role of actin in the mechanical control of the cell cycle

Mickisch G.; Kossig J.; Tschada R.; Keilhauer G.; Schlick E.; Alken P., 1990:
A possible role of calcium antagonists in the treatment of chemoresistant renal cell carcinoma

Agarwal R.; Singhal K.C.; Bhargava S.K.; Attri A., 1991:
A possible role of cesium radiations in the control of propagation of hookworm

Mkrtchian S.L.; Andersson K.K., 1990:
A possible role of cyclic amp dependent phosphorylation of hepatic microsomal cytochrome p 450 a mechanism to increase lipid peroxidation in response to hormone

Katz E.; Brown D., 1989:
A possible role of d valine and related d amino acids in repression of enzyme and actinomycin synthesis

Fukai F.; Ohtaki H.; Ueda T.; Katayama T., 1992:
A possible role of glutathione s transferase in rat ovary and testis

Tanaka, A.; Chance, B.; Quistorff, B., 1989:
A possible role of inorganic phosphate as a regulator of oxidative phosphorylation in combined urea synthesis and gluconeogenesis in perfused rat liver. A phosphorus magnetic resonance spectroscopy study

Ishihara O.; Kinoshita K.; Khan H.; Sullivan M.H.F.; Elder M.G., 1992:
A possible role of interleukin 1 beta on control mechanism of prostaglandin e 2 production by first trimester decidual stromal cells

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A possible role of microtubules in noradrenergic transmission in rat anococcygeus muscle suggested by the effect of colchicine

Klobus, G.; Buczek, J., 1992:
A possible role of plasmalemma redox activity in nitrate uptake by cucumis sativus l. seedlings

Ono T A.; Inoue Y., 1991:
A possible role of redox active histidine in the photoligation of manganese into a photosynthetic oxygen evolving enzyme

Laloraya, M.; Kumar, G.P.; Laloraya, M.M., 1989:
A possible role of superoxide anion radical in the process of blastocyst implantation in Mus musculus

Noguchi S.; Higashi K.; Kawamura M., 1990:
A possible role of the beta subunit of sodium potassium atpase in facilitating correct assembly of the alpha subunit into the membrane

Noguchi S.; Higashi K.; Kawamura M., 1990:
A possible role of the beta subunit of sodium potassium atpase on the biogenesis of the enzyme

Supplisson S.; Kado R.T.; Bergman C., 1991:
A possible sodium calcium exchange in the follicle cells of xenopus oocyte

Kang M S.; Chung J.Y., 1989:
A possible target for the heat inactivation of sck tumor cells

Shaw N.A., 1991:
A possible thalamic component of the auditory evoked potential in the rat

Piruzyan L.A.; Kovalev I.E.; Dement'ev V.A., 1990:
A possible way for the diagnosis and treatment of aids by low molecular weight non peptide compounds that specifically block cd4 lymphocyte receptor and gp120 virus receptor

Roberts D.; Mitchell J.G.; Andersen T.B., 1991:
A post caledonian dolerite dyke from mageroy north norway age and geochemistry

Caubet Y.; Jaisson P., 1991:
A post eclosion early learning involved in host recognition by dinarmus basalis rondani hymenoptera pteromalidae

Alcorn T.M.; Colonna T.E.; Green S.M.; Thomulka K.W.; Campbell P., 1990:
A post growth overlay transforms the conventional nonspecific 5 bromo 4 chloro 3 indolyl phosphate plate assay into one specific for alkaline or acid phosphatase activity

Felix M A.; Pines J.; Hunt T.; Karsenti E., 1989:
A post ribosomal supernatant from activated xenopus eggs that displays post translationally regulated oscillation of its cdc2 positive mitotic kinase activity

Hirabayashi, Y.; Yamada, K., 1989:
A postembedding staining method of intensifying alcian blue reactions of acidic glycoconjugates with phosphotungstic acid in electron microscopy

Saarela K.L., 1989:
A poster campaign for improving safety on shipyard scaffolds

Berger, R.A.; Buckwalter, J.A., 1989:
A posterior surgical approach to the proximal part of the humerus

Arseneault D.; Payette S., 1992:
A postfire shift from lichen spruce to lichen tundra vegetation at tree line

Warner B.G.; Tolonen K.; Tolonen M., 1991:
A postglacial history of vegetation and bog formation at point escuminac new brunswick

Rogers G.M.; Mcglone M.S., 1989:
A postglacial vegetation history of the southern central uplands of north island new zealand

Lange K.I., 1990:
A postglacial vegetational history of sauk county and caledonia township columbia county south central wisconsin usa

Board A.W.; Perry V.P.; Shepperson B.E.; Nyman C.E.; Carchman S.H., 1988:
A postmarketing evaluation of guanfacin hydrochloride in mild to moderate hypertension

Hansen N.P.H.; Reinholdtsen J.E.; Johnson E., 1988:
A postmenopausal woman with fluorosis

Casanova M.F.; Waldman I.N.; Kleinman J.E., 1990:
A postmortem quantitative study of iron in the globus pallidus of schizophrenic patients

Birman E.G.; Coelho H., 1989:
A postmortem study of senile amyloidosis of the tongue

Lavery P.E.; Kowalczykowski S.C., 1992:
A postsynaptic role for single strand dna binding protein in reca protein promoted dna strand exchange

Zhong, N.C.; Jin, J., 1989:
A posture equilibrometer for the diagnosis of vestibular disease

Ichinose, M.; Barnes, P.J., 1990:
A potassium channel activator modulates both excitatory noncholinergic and cholinergic neurotransmission in guinea pig airways

Grandolfo M.; Martina M.; Ruzzier F.; Vittur F., 1990:
A potassium channel in cultured chondrocytes

Wang, W.H.; White, S.; Geibel, J.; Giebisch, G., 1990:
A potassium channel in the apical membrane of rabbit thick ascending limb of Henle's loop

Brau M.E.; Dreyer F.; Jonas P.; Repp H.; Vogel W., 1990:
A potassium channel in xenopus nerve fibers selectively blocked by bee and snake toxins binding and voltage clamp experiments

Rabon E.; Sachs G.; Bassilian S.; Leach C.; Keeling D., 1991:
A potassium competitive fluorescent inhibitor of the hydrogen potassium atpase

Silberberg S.D.; Van Breemen C., 1992:
A potassium current activated by lemakalim and metabolic inhibition in rabbit mesenteric artery

Moody Corbett F.; Gilbert R., 1992:
A potassium current in xenopus muscle cells which shows inactivation

Bear C.E., 1991:
A potassium selective channel in the colonic carcinoma cell line caco 2 is activated with membrane stretch

Weber F.; Dietrich A.; Weil J H.; Marechal Drouard L., 1990:
A potato mitochondrial isoleucine transfer rna is coded for by a mitochondrial gene possessing a methionine anticodon

Serfontein S.; Logan C.; Swanepoel A.E.; Boelema B.H.; Theron D.J., 1991:
A potato wilt disease in south africa caused by erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora and erwinia chrysanthemi

Kobayashi J.; Tsuda M.; Ohizumi Y., 1991 :
A potent actomyosin atpase activator from the okinawan marine sponge agelas nemoechinata

Down N.E.; Donaldson E.M.; Dye H.M.; Boone T.C.; Langley K.E.; Souza L.M., 1989:
A potent analog of recombinant bovine somatotropin accelerates growth in juvenile coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Sheardown M.J.; Drejer J.; Jensen L.H.; Stidsen C.E.; Honore T., 1989:
A potent antagonist of the strychnine insensitive glycine receptor has anticonvulsant properties

Fujiwara, S.; Imai, J.; Fujiwara, M.; Yaeshima, T.; Kawashima, T.; Kobayashi, K., 1990:
A potent antibacterial protein in royal jelly. Purification and determination of the primary structure of royalisin

Huang, T.F.; Sheu, J.R.; Teng, C.M., 1991:
A potent antiplatelet peptide, triflavin, from Trimeresurus flavoviridis snake venom

Horio T.; Kawabata Y.; Takayama T.; Tahara S.; Kawabata J.; Fukushi Y.; Nishimura H.; Mizutani J., 1992:
A potent attractant of zoospores of aphanomyces cochlioides isolated from its host spinacia oleracea

W.J.C.; Chuan H.; Wang J.H., 1989:
A potent fluorescent atp like inhibitor of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Carey, M.; Leatherwood, J.; Ptashne, M., 1990:
A potent GAL4 derivative activates transcription at a distance in vitro

Santilli A.A.; Scotese A.C.; Morris R.L.; Nielsen S.T.; Strike D.P., 1989:
A potent gastric acid anti secretory histamine h 2 receptor antagonist n 2 5 dimethylaminomethyl 2 furanylmethylthio ethylthieno 3 4 d isothiazol 3 amine 1 1 dioxide hydrochloride wy 45727

Kraegen E.W.; James D.E.; Jenkins A.B.; Chisholm D.J.; Storlien L.H., 1989 :
A potent in vivo effect of ciglitazone on muscle insulin resistance induced by high fat feeding of rats

Orevi M.; Rigbi M.; H.A.E.; Matzner Y.; Eldor A., 1992:
A potent inhibition of platelet activating factor from the saliva of the leech hirudo medicinalis

Kim O.M.; Chung S.S.; Park H.G.; Choe J.H.; Chung C.H.; H.D.B., 1990:
A potent inhibitor of pancreatic serine proteases from chick skeletal muscle

Schwartz, J.; Derdowska, I.; Sobocinska, M.; Kupryszewski, G., 1991:
A potent new synthetic analog of vasopressin with relative agonist specificity for the pituitary

Kubo S.; Ikeda T.; Imaizumi S.; Takanami Y.; Mikami Y., 1990:
A potent plant virus inhibitor found in mirabilis jalapa l

Boger D.L.; Ishizaki T.; Zarrinmayeh H.; Kitos P.A.; Suntornwat O., 1991:
A potent simple derivative of an analog of the cc 1065 alkylation subunit

Wakeling, A.E.; Dukes, M.; Bowler, J., 1991:
A potent specific pure antiestrogen with clinical potential

Ali M.; Afzal M.; Gubler C.L.; Burka J.F., 1990:
A potent thromboxane formation inhibitor in green tea leaves

Yamaguchi, T.; Carretero, O.A.; Scicli, A.G., 1991:
A potent vasoconstrictor in the rat submandibular gland

Cerny, L.C.; Cerny, E.L.; Liszczynskj, M.; Reath, M., 1992:
A potential blood substitute from a tetronic polyol and a modified hemoglobin

Leong D.A.; Thorner M.O., 1991:
A potential code of lhrh induced calcium ion responses in the regulation of luteinizing hormone secretion among individual gonadotropes

Fitzpatrick S.M., 1989:
A potential collection method for agapeta zoegana lepidoptera cochylidae a knapweed root feeding moth

Piccinini G.; Feliciani M.; Mazzetti M.; Capelli S.; Degli Esposti P.; Castelli E.; Stefanini G.F.; Gasbarrini G., 1990:
A potential diagnostic role of a disodium cromoglycate course in irritable bowel syndrome

Blobel C.P.; Wolfsberg T.G.; Turck C.W.; Myles D.G.; Primakoff P.; White J.M., 1992:
A potential fusion peptide and an integrin ligand domain in a protein active in sperm egg fusion

Caligiuri M.P.; Lohr J.B., 1989:
A potential mechanism underlying the voluntary suppression of tardive dyskinesia

Cervantes C.E.; Hanson R.G., 1991:
A potential method to incorporate quantity intensity into routine soil test interpretations

Ding, Y.; Ron, A.; Satir, B.H., 1991:
A potential mucus precursor in Tetrahymena wild type and mutant cells

Meyniel G.; Michelot J.; Moreau M F.; Veyre A., 1990:
A potential new radiopharmaceutical for melanoma imaging

Toomik R.; Ekman P.; Engstrom L., 1992:
A potential pitfall in protein kinase assay phosphocellulose paper as an unreliable adsorbent of produced phosphopeptides

Bisaillon J G.; Mcsween G.; Portelance V.; Beaudet R.; Morosoli R.; Pouliot P.; Micusan V., 1989:
A potential polyvalent neisseria meningitidis vaccine based on a mixture of calcium chloride cell extracts from groups a b and y

Mann, D.R.; Gould, K.G.; Collins, D.C., 1990:
A potential primate model for bone loss resulting from medical oophorectomy or menopause

Yee W.F.; Cheng Y.Y.; Liu Y.T.; Wang L.H., 1991:
A potential process for economical utilization of bleached bagasse pulp

Kouklis P.D.; Papamarcaki T.; Merdes A.; Georgatos S.D., 1991:
A potential role for the carboxyl terminal domain in the lateral packing of type iii intermediate filaments

Mccoy T.J., 1989:
A potential solution to the chromosome instability problem in hexaploid alfalfa medicago sativa l

Hartgers W.A.; R.F.; Wanner M.J.; Koomen G.J., 1992:
A potential suicide inhibitor of adenylosuccinate lyase

O'Rourke, R.W.; Miller, C.W.; Kato, G.J.; Simon, K.J.; Chen, D.L.; Dang, C.V.; Koeffler, H.P., 1990:
A potential transcriptional activation element in the p53 protein

Paraense, W.L.; Corrêa, L.R., 1989:
A potential vector of Schistosoma mansoni in Uruguay

Galey, J.F.; Kozlowski, H.; Pettit, L.D., 1991:
A potentiometric and spectroscopic study of the proton, and copper (II) and zinc (II) complexes formed by fibrinopeptide A

Botre C.; Botre F.; Pranzoni C., 1991:
A potentiometric approach to the study of the antagonism between acetazolamide and levo carnitine congeners on carbonic anhydrase activity

Mucci A., 1991:
A potentiometric back titration method for determining sulfate in seawater and marine pore waters

Veveris A.Ya; Luse I.A., 1990:
A potentiometric differential titration of beta phenyl gamma aminobutyric acid hydrochloride and its synthesis intermediates

Grases F.; Genestar C., 1991:
A potentiometric technique for kinetic determination of citrate based on inhibition of crystalline growth of lead carbonate seed crystals

Grant, D.; Long, W.F.; Williamson, F.B., 1992:
A potentiometric titration study of the interaction of heparin with metal cations

Pilz U.; Werner M., 1988:
A potentiostatic method for the sensitive measurement of the chemical oxygen demand cod

Wakarchuk, D.A.; Hamilton, R.I., 1989:
A potexvirus isolated from Silene pratensis

D.K.ning J.J.; D.G.oot G.; Van Ingen Schenau G.J., 1992:
A power equation for the sprint in speed skating

Kolz A.L., 1989:
A power transfer theory for electrofishing

Iwasaki G.; Kimura R.; Numao N.; Kondo K., 1989:
A practical and diastereoselective synthesis of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors

Danheiser R.L.; Nowick J.S., 1991:
A practical and efficient method for the synthesis of beta lactones

Samuels, M.A., 1992:
A practical approach to coma diagnosis in the unresponsive patient

Weinkam J.J.; Rosenbaum W.L.; Sterling T.D., 1991:
A practical approach to estimating the true effect of exposure despite imprecise exposure classification

Vinther A.; Soeberg H.; Sorensen H.H.; Jespersen A.M., 1991:
A practical approach to high performance capillary electrophoresis with biosynthetic human growth hormone as a model protein

Todd, J.A.; Bain, S.C., 1992:
A practical approach to identification of susceptibility genes for IDDM

Boon M.E.; Hendrikse F.C.J.; Kok P.G.; Bolhuis P.; Kok L.P., 1990:
A practical approach to routine immunostaining of paraffin sections in the microwave oven

Kamath V.; Jahangir; Baker D.C., 1990:
A practical approach to synthesis of 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 octahydro 1 3 dimethylpyrimido 2 1 f purine 2 4 8 trione

Sarbeji M.; D.B.ic J.; L.B.urgeois M.; Mamou Mani T.; Revillon Y.; Scheinmann P.; Paupe J., 1990:
A practical approach to the diagnosis of anomalies of the aortic arch a review of 31 pediatric cases

Colon-Otero, G.; Menke, D.; Hook, C.C., 1992:
A practical approach to the differential diagnosis and evaluation of the adult patient with macrocytic anemia

Duerbeck, N.B.; Chaffin, D.G.; Seeds, J.W., 1992:
A practical approach to umbilical artery pH and blood gas determinations

Terceiro, M.; Idoine, J.S., 1990 :
A practical assessment of performance of shepherd's length composition analysis srlca application to gulf of maine usa northern shrimp pandalus borealis survey data

Kaimal T.N.B.; Prasad R.B.N.; Rao T.C., 1992:
A practical chemoenzymic route to s levo propranolol

Gala D.; Chiu J.S.; Ganguly A.K.; Girijavallabhan V.M.; Jaret R.S.; Jenkins J.K.; Mccombie S.W.; Nyce P.L.; Rosenhouse S.; Steinman M., 1992:
A practical conversion of an azetidinone to penem synthesis of sch 34343

Kotrappa P.; Dempsey J.C.; Ramsey R.W.; Stieff L.R., 1990:
A practical e perm electret passive environmental radon monitor system for indoor radon 222 measurement

Mathre D.J.; Jones T.K.; Xavier L.C.; Blacklock T.J.; Reamer R.A.; Mohan J.J.; Jones E.T.T.; Hoogsteen K.; Baum M.W.; Grabowski E.J.J., 1991:
A practical enantioselective synthesis of alpha alpha diaryl 2 pyrrolidinemethanol preparation and chemistry of the corresponding oxazaborolidines

Hamilton C.S.; Chan L.Y.; Mcelwain D.L.S.; Denham J.W., 1992:
A practical evaluation of five dose volumes histogram reduction algorithms

Cermak J., 1989:
A practical functional parameter of assimilating organs of trees and forest stands solar equivalent leaf area

Elinson R.P.; Del Pino E.M.; Townsend D.S.; Cuesta F.C.; Eichhorn P., 1990:
A practical guide to the developmental biology of terrestrial breeding frogs

Trenholm, H.L.; Prelusky, D.B.; Young, J.C.; Miller, J.D., 1989:
A practical guide to the prevention of Fusarium mycotoxins in grain and animal feedstuffs

Chen T Y., 1992:
A practical investigation of sea bottom by colour echo sounder tracers

Ramalingam K.; Nanjappan P.; Kalvin D.M.; Woodard R.W., 1988:
A practical large scale chemical synthesis of chiral glycines

Constant M., 1992:
A practical method for characterizing poured beer foam quality

D.M.nck J.C.; Vijn P.C.M.; Spekreijse H., 1991:
A practical method for determining electrode positions on the head

Gallimidi J.; Brunel G.; Castello J.; Ohnona M.; Tavernier J.C.; Mazza R., 1989:
A practical method for determining the available bone height in implantodontics

Inoue, Y.; Nakao, M.; Matsushita, K.; Murakami, H., 1989:
A practical method for estimating total oxygen uptake during exercise in elderly men

Sample, P.A.; Esterson, F.D.; Weinreb, R.N., 1989:
A practical method for obtaining an index of lens density with an automated perimeter

Adamus G.; Zam Z.S.; Emerson S.S.; Hargrave P.A., 1989:
A practical method for rescuing desired hybridomas during monoclonal antibody production

Valls Martin A.; Cruz Gomez A.; Cathcart Roca F.; Torres J.A., 1989:
A practical method for the administration of sodium bicarbonate

W.S.S.; Wen Y H.; Wang Y F.; W.H.L., 1989:
A practical method for the determination of optical purity of secondary alcohols

Gallimidi J.; Brunel G.; Castello J.; Avayou M.; Tavernier J.C.; Mazza R., 1990:
A practical method for uncovering an endosseous implant

D.P.naflorida V.; Pascual F.P.; Tabbu N.S., 1992:
A practical method of extracting mimosine from ipil ipil leucaena leucocephala leaves and its effect on survival and growth of penaeus monodon juveniles

Sharples, P.M.; Stuart, A.G.; Aynsley-Green, A.; Heaviside, D.; Pay, D.A.; McGann, A.; Crawford, P.J.; Harpin, R.; Eyre, J.A., 1991:
A practical method of serial bedside measurement of cerebral blood flow and metabolism during neurointensive care

Bloch R., 1991:
A practical method to integrate some stiff systems

Rychnovsky S.D.; Skalitzky D.J., 1992:
A practical preparation of alpha alkoxylithium reagents synthesis of syn or anti 1 3 diols

Taber D.F.; Hoerrner R.S.; Hagen M.D., 1991:
A practical preparation of the indolizidine nucleus synthesis of racemic elaeokanine a

Orozco M.; Luque F.J., 1990:
A practical procedure for the determination of electrostatic charges of large molecules

Clarke G.K.; Ochieng Odero J.P.R.; Dalzell S.J.; Singh P., 1988:
A practical rearing method for leafrollers lepidoptera tortricidae

Nemoto H.; Satoh A.; Ando M.; Fukumoto K., 1991:
A practical route for enantioselective total synthesis of dextro 11 deoxy 19 norcorticosterone via intramolecular diels alder addition to an ortho quinodimethane

Carretero J.C.; Garcia Ruano J.L.; Vicioso M., 1992:
A practical route to c 8 substituted fluoroquinolones

Hanessian S.; Girard C.; Chiara J.L., 1992:
A practical synthesis of 2 deoxyaldonolactones via a smi 2 mediated alpha deoxygenation reaction

Genet J.P.; Uziel J.; Port M.; Touzin A.M.; Roland S.; Thorimbert S.; Tanier S., 1992:
A practical synthesis of alpha aminophosphonic acids

Harada H.; Iyobe A.; Tsubaki A.; Yamaguchi T.; Hirata K.; Kamijo T.; IIzuka K.; Kiso Y., 1990:
A practical synthesis of an orally potent renin inhibitor isopropyl 2r 3s 4 cyclohexyl 2 hydroxy 3 n 2r 2 morpholinocarbonylmethyl 3 1 naphthylpropionyl l histidylaminobutyrate

Fleet G.W.J.; Ramsden N.G.; Witty D.R., 1989:
A practical synthesis of deoxymannojirimycin and of 2s 3r 4r 5r 3 4 5 trihydroxypipecolic acid from d glucose

Nagarathnam D.; Cushman M., 1991:
A practical synthesis of flavones from methyl salicylate

D.C.sta B.R.; Lewin A.; Schoenheimer J.A.; Skolnick P.; Rice K.C., 1991:
A practical synthesis of isotopically labelled 1 4 isothiocyanatophenyl 4 tert butyl 2 6 7 trioxabicyclo 2 2 2 octane a probe for the benzodiazepine receptor coupled chloride ionophore

Miyazawa, S.; Okano, K.; Shimomura, N.; Kawahara, T.; Asano, O.; Yoshimura, H.; Kawai, T.; Souda, S.; Yoshida, Y.; Et-Al, 1992:
A practical synthesis of optically active platelet activating factor antagonist dextro 6 2 chlorophenyl 3 cyclopropanecarbonyl 8 11 dimethyl 2 3 4 5 tetrahydro 8h pyrido 4' 3' 4 5 thieno 3 2 f 1 2 4 triazolo 4 3 a 1 4 diazepine e6124 and its absolute configuration

Yadav J.S.; Upender V.; Shekharam T.; Reddy E.R., 1988:
A practical synthesis of sex pheromones of pink bollworm gossyplure

Baker W.R.; Condon S.L., 1992:
A practical synthesis of the dihydroxyethylene dipeptide isostere 2s 3r 4s 2 tert butyloxycarbonylamino 1 cyclohexyl 3 4 dihydroxy 6 methylheptane from d isoascorbic acid

D.C.sta B.R.; Radesca L., 1990:
A practical synthesis optical resolution and determination of absolute configuration of enantiomerically pure 1s 2r dextro cis 2 1 pyrrolidinylcyclohexylamine and 1r 2s levo cis 2 1 pyrrolidinylcyclohexylamine important precursors for a new class of sigma receptor ligands and anticonvulsant drugs

Coleman J.P.; Hallcher R.C.; Mcmackins D.E.; Rogers T.E.; Wagenknecht J.H., 1991:
A practical system for manganese iii mediated electrochemical synthesis of sorbic acid precursors

Dailey, J.C., 1991:
A practical technique for the fabrication of transparent bite mark overlays

Mike A.; Ohmura H.; Ohwaki M.; Fukada T., 1989:
A practical technique of pebrine inspection by microsporidian spore specific monoclonal antibody sensitized latex

Jefford C.W.; Huang P Z.; Rossier J C.; Sledeski A.W.; Boukouvalas J., 1990:
A practical versatile approach to marine furanosesquiterpenes synthesis of siphonodictidine and pleraplysillin 2

Michaud A.J., 1991:
A practitioner report plastic shopping bag as a possible contact allergen in a cat

French, L., 1991:
A practitioner's notes on treating sexual deviance

Lin X.; Speziali M.; Orvini E., 1992:
A pre irradiation separation procedure based on ion exchange chromatography for gallium determination in biological and environmental materials by neutron activation analysis

Mochioka N.; Tabeta O.; Kubota T., 1988:
A pre leptocephalus larva of conger myriaster family congridae collected for suruga bay central japan

Thomas, N.R.; Koshy, S.; Simsek, M.; Abraham, A.K., 1988:
A precaution when preparing very large plasmids by alkaline lysis procedure

Schaefer, M.; Froemmel, C., 1990:
A precise analytical method for calculating the electrostatic energy of macromolecules in aqueous solution

Stella, J.P.; Tharanon, W., 1990:
A precise radiographic method to determine the location of the inferior alveolar canal in the posterior edentulous mandible: implications for dental implants. Part 1: Technique

Stella, J.P.; Tharanon, W., 1990:
A precise radiographic method to determine the location of the inferior alveolar canal in the posterior edentulous mandible: implications for dental implants. Part 2: Clinical application

Kage, H.S.; Engelhardt, H.; Sackman, E., 1990:
A precision method to measure average viscoelastic parameters of erythrocyte populations

Brunner M.; Koch U.T., 1990:
A precision multichannel cuff electrode optimized by simulation and experiment

Hashira, S.; Nonaka, C.; Fujii, R., 1989:
A preclinical and clinical study of cefmenoxime in newborns

Subbarao, M.N.; Apirion, D., 1989:
A precursor for a small stable RNA (10Sa RNA) of Escherichia coli

Scherer, P.E.; Krieg, U.C.; Hwang, S.T.; Vestweber, D.; Schatz, G., 1990:
A precursor protein partly translocated into yeast mitochondria is bound to a 70 kd mitochondrial stress protein

Kores P.J., 1989:
A precursory study of fijian orchids

Hirling W., 1989:
A predatory nematode parveyellus vorax new genus new species nematoda mononchida in the swamp regions of baden wuerttemberg west germany

Yoneyama, K.; Nagata, H.; Miyata, E.; Sakamoto, Y., 1988:
A prediction of age of menarche from adolescent growth pattern

Sekine J.; Fujita K.; Asahida Y., 1992:
A prediction of body water compartments of growing cattle in vivo

Myung K.H.; Moon S.J.; Sun S.S., 1991:
A prediction of milk productivity by the bovine somatotropin treated cow

Kawai, H.; Kikuchi, T.; Okamoto, Y., 1989:
A prediction of tertiary structures of peptide by the Monte Carlo simulated annealing method

Kelly M.; Sessions R.B.; Muirhead H., 1992:
A prediction of the tertiary structure of human phospholipase a 2 from synovial fluid and a model of substrate binding

Kloeden P.E.; Roessler O.E.; Roessler R., 1990:
A predictive model for life expectancy curves

Monte L.; Fratarcangeli S.; Quaggia S.; Pompei F.; Andrasi G., 1991:
A predictive model for the behavior of dissolved radioactive substances in stratified lakes

Straessle, C.; Sonnleitner, B.; Fiechter, A., 1989:
A predictive model for the spontaneous synchronization of saccharomyces cerevisiae grown in continuous culture ii. experimental verification

Joshi N.; Localio A.R.; Hamory B.H., 1992:
A predictive risk index for nosocomial pneumonia in the intensive care unit

Kvamme K.L., 1992:
A predictive site location model on the high plains an example with an independent test

Berkower I.; Murphy D.; Smith C.C.; Smith G.E., 1991:
A predominant group specfic neutralizing epitope of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 maps to residues 342 to 511 of the envelope glycoprotein gp120

Watson J.P.; Hughes E.A.; Bryan R.L.; Lawson N.; Barnett A.H., 1990:
A predominantly adrenaline secreting pheochromocytoma

Ferrari J.R., 1991:
A preference for a favorable public impression by procrastinators selecting among cognitive and social tasks

Osrander L.E.; Kandel G.L.; Jenkins P.L.; Simon J.W., 1989:
A preferential looking clinical acuity test improvements in implemented microcomputer control

Nicklasson M.; Fyhr P.; Magnusson A B.; Gunnvald K., 1988:
A preformulation study on the in vitro dissolution characteristics of the organophosphorus poisoning antidote hi 6

Fyhr, P.; Högström, C., 1988:
A preformulation study on the kinetics of the racemization of ropivacaine hydrochloride

Fujisawa S., 1991:
A pregnancy in a woman with polycystic ovary syndrome treated by purified urinary fsh with a step down dosage regimen

Oikawa S.; Inuzuka C.; Kuroki M.; Matsuoka Y.; Kosaki G.; Nakazato H., 1989:
A pregnancy specific beta 1 glycoprotein a cea gene family member expressed in a human promyelocytic leukemia cell line hl 60 structures of protein messenger rna and gene

Matsuyama T.; Iwasaki K.; Fujii A., 1990:
A pregnancy with the antiphospholipid antibody syndrome treated by prednisolone

Trivedi R.; Khare A.; Khare M.P., 1989:
A pregnane ester oligoglycoside from oxystelma esculentum

Krishina G.; Shinde G.V.; Shingare M.S.; Khare A.; Khare M.P., 1990:
A pregnane ester tetraglycoside from dregea lanceolata

Jin Q.; Zhou Q.; M.Q., 1989:
A pregnane triglycoside ester from dregea sinensis var corrugata

Trivedi R.; Khare A.; Khare M.P., 1990:
A pregnane triglycoside from oxystelma esculentum

Fuchs S.; Lacovey D.; Paris P., 1991:
A prehospital model of intraosseous infusion

Craik J.C.A.; Harvey S.M., 1988:
A preliminary account of metal levels in eggs of farmed and wild atlantic salmon and their relation to egg viability

Phiri P.S.M.; Ochyra R., 1988:
A preliminary account of the mosses of zambia

Grady F., 1988:
A preliminary account of the pleistocene mammals from patton cave monroe county west virginia usa

San Martin Gonzalez F.; Rogers J.D., 1989:
A preliminary account of xylaria of mexico

Marsh, S.G.E.; Krausa, P.; Bodmer, J.G., 1990:
A preliminary analysis of the 11th international histocompatibility workshop monoclonal antibodies

Cheng B.; M.X.; Y.X.; Ding J., 1989:
A preliminary analysis of the acclimatization and essential oil components of elsholtzia blanda

Fernando E.S., 1990:
A preliminary analysis of the palm flora of the philippine islands

Plaza G.; Szemraj J.; Bednarek A.; Anderson P.; Szala S., 1988:
A preliminary analysis of the region with limited variability in c repeats of rabbit dna

Jia J.; M.J., 1989:
A preliminary analysis on fluctuations in yearly numerical tendency of the red fox in heilongjiang china

L.B.; H.G., 1990:
A preliminary analysis on genetic variance component of chinese fir

A.H.ssan L.A.J.; Hussain N.A.; Soud K.D., 1989:
A preliminary annotated check list of the fishes of shatt al arab river basrah iraq

Wan F.; Wang G.; L.Z., 1989:
A preliminary approach on present situation and objectives of improvement of wheat quality in china

Liu F., 1990:
A preliminary approach to the determination of transpiration rate in trees by aerodynamics

McFarlin, K.E.; Kruesi, M.J.; Metcalfe, D.D., 1991 :
A preliminary assessment of behavioral problems in children with mastocytosis

Allen, R.B., 1991:
A preliminary assessment of the establishment and persistence of berberis darwinii hook. a naturalised shrub in secondary vegetation near dunedin new zealand

Johansson A., 1992:
A preliminary assessment of the potential applicability of aluminate as an autocausticizing agent in the kraft process

Wingfield M.J.; Von Broembsen S.L.; Manders P.T., 1988:
A preliminary assessment of the threat of diseases and pests to widdringtonia cedarbergensis

Moron M A., 1991:
A preliminary biogeographical ecological study on the genus plusiotis burmeister coleoptera melolonthidae rutelinae

Hernandez E.; Delgado G.; Carrillo J.; Nogales M.; Quilis V., 1991:
A preliminary census and notes on the distribution of the barbary falcon falco pelegrinoides temminck 1829 in the canary islands

Chindah A.C.; Pudo J.K., 1991:
A preliminary checklist of algae found in plankton of bonny river in niger delta nigeria

Levetin E.; Jones N.; Owens K., 1990:
A preliminary checklist of the agaricales of tulsa county oklahoma usa

South G.R., 1992:
A preliminary checklist of the benthic marine algae of the fiji islands south pacific

Rings R.W.; Metzler E.H., 1989:
A preliminary checklist of the lepidoptera of mohican state forest and mohican state park ashland county ohio usa

Johnson C.T., 1990:
A preliminary checklist of xhosa names for trees growing in transkei cape province south africa

L.A M., 1990:
A preliminary cladistic study of the families of the superorder lamiiflorae

Viggiani G., 1988:
A preliminary classification of the mymaridae hymenoptera chalcidoidea based on the external male genitalic characters

Nobile, M.T.; Vidili, M.G.; Benasso, M.; Venturini, M.; Tedeschi, M.; Zunino, F.; Rosso, R., 1989:
A preliminary clinical study of cyclophosphamide with reduced glutathione as uroprotector

Ripple W.J.; Wang S.; Isaacson D.L.; Paine D.P., 1991:
A preliminary comparison of landsat thematic mapper and spot 1 hrv multispectral data for estimating coniferous forest volume

Fang J.; Zhu Z.; Shi M.; Shi J., 1991:
A preliminary cytoarchitectural study of the medullary barosensitive area in rabbits and rats

Dempster E.R.; Perrin M.R., 1990:
A preliminary description of body maintenance behavior of four gerbillurus sp

Hoshi K.; Mizushima Y., 1990:
A preliminary double blind cross over trial of lipo pfi 2 a prostacyclin derivative incorporated in lipid microspheres in cerebral infarction

Rodgers W.A., 1990:
A preliminary ecological survey of algual spring sariska tiger reserve rajasthan india

Feoli E.; Parente G.; Scimone M., 1990:
A preliminary empirical model for studying plant productivity base on measurement of carbon dioxide assimilation

White J.F.Jr; Baldwin N.A., 1992:
A preliminary enumeration of grass endophytes in west central england

Falloon, J.; Kovacs, J.; Hughes, W.; O'Neill, D.; Polis, M.; Davey, R.T.; Rogers, M.; LaFon, S.; Feuerstein, I.; Lancaster, D., 1991:
A preliminary evaluation of 566C80 for the treatment of Pneumocystis pneumonia in patients with the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome

Marshall T.; Mcintyre B.L., 1989:
A preliminary evaluation of the eating quality of meat derived from red kangaroos

Strang C.R.; Levine S.P.; Herget W.F., 1989:
A preliminary evaluation of the fourier transform ir ftir spectrometer as a quantitative air monitor for semiconductor manufacturing process emissions

Rotter R.G.; Thompson B.K.; Trenholm H.L.; Prelusky D.B.; Hartin K.E.; Miller J.D., 1992:
A preliminary examination of potential interactions between deoxynivalenol don and other selected fusarium metabolites in growing pigs

Lee D.L.; Whitaker D.J.; Stanley R.D., 1990:
A preliminary examination of the parasite fauna of yellowtail rockfish sebastes flavidus

Shanghai Workshop Monit Birth Defects, 1992:
A preliminary genetic study on birth defects in shanghai october 1986 september 1987

Zeni, C.; Franchini, A., 1990:
A preliminary histochemical study on the labral glands of Daphnia obtusa (Crustacea, Cladocera)

Roy P.E.; Guidoin R.; Julein M.; Duval M.; Nahon D.; Jordana J., 1990:
A preliminary histological study of chemically processed porcine heart valves stored in glutaraldehyde for up to 72 months

Selsing L.; Foldoy O.; Loken T.; Solheim Pedersen E.; Wishman E., 1991:
A preliminary history of the little ice age in a mountain area in sw norway

Ono H.; Ito G.; Setoyama S., 1990:
A preliminary investigation into the eating patterns and occlusal development of obese children

Webb R., 1988:
A preliminary investigation into the fodder qualities of some trees in sudan

Cheung G.S.P., 1991:
A preliminary investigation into the longevity and causes of failure of single unit extracoronal restorations

Hall L.A., 1991:
A preliminary investigation into the speciation of trace metals in sediments from the gulf of paria off the coast of trinidad

Archard G.; Trice R., 1990:
A preliminary investigation into the spectral radiation of the upper carboniferous marine bands and its stratigraphic application

Minematsu H.; Arai M., 1991:
A preliminary investigation of a guideline for forest road construction

Taylor, G.J.; Parker, J.D.; Bagby, R.M., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of alexithymia in men with psychoactive substance dependence

Hatch G.P.; Tainton N.M., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of area selective grazing in the southern tall grassveld of natal south africa

Deka P.C.; Baruah G.; Devi M., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of disease of bamboo in northeast region of india

Shi S., 1988:
A preliminary investigation of huanyang herb medicines from shennongjia china

Cao, L.R.; Dong, X.Y.; Su, A.; Zou, G.X.; Wang, J.Z., 1989:
A preliminary investigation of human chromosomal fragile site 3p14 using scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Farago, M.E.; Mehra, A.; Banerjee, D.K., 1989:
A preliminary investigation of pollution in the River Yamuna, Delhi, India: Metal concentrations in river bank soils and plants

Naish K A.; Ribbink A.J., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of sex change in pseudotropheus lombardoi pisces cichlidae

D.P.eez H.H.; Steyn G.J., 1992:
A preliminary investigation of the concentration of selected metals in the tissues and organs of the tigerfish hydrocynus vittatus from the olifants river kruger national park south africa

Faulks J., 1991:
A preliminary investigation of the distribution of koalas and their potential habitat in the tweed shire new south wales australia and implications for management

Bower S.M.; Margolis L.; Yang D.T.C., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of the helminth parasites of flying squid ommastrephes bartrami in northeastern pacific waters and comparison with other parasite surveys of ommastrephidae

Cowen, A.R.; Brettle, D.S.; Coleman, N.J.; Parkin, G.J., 1992:
A preliminary investigation of the imaging performance of photostimulable phosphor computed radiography using a new design of mammographic quality control test object

Rubenstein, C.S.; Pigott, T.A.; L'Heureux, F.; Hill, J.L.; Murphy, D.L., 1992:
A preliminary investigation of the lifetime prevalence of anorexia and bulimia nervosa in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder

Hoffman M.T., 1989:
A preliminary investigation of the phenology of subtropical thicket and karroid shrubland in the lower sundays river valley southeast cape south africa

Arikan H.; Ozeti N.; O.M., 1990:
A preliminary investigation of the serum proteins of a population of salamandra salamandra urodela salamandridae from bitlis east anatolia turkey

Mrozinska T., 1991:
A preliminary investigation of the taxonomical classification of the genus oedogonium link oedogoniales based on the phylogenetic relationship

Guerdan B.R.; Flannick J.; Mckenna J., 1989:
A preliminary investigation of the use of protriptyline in the treatment of obesity

Zhou Y., 1988:
A preliminary investigation on the medicinal plants on mount fenghuang china

Cai Z.; M.Y., 1988:
A preliminary investigation on the thermal nature of soil organic matter

D.N.Q.; Kong Z C.; Shan F S., 1989:
A preliminary investigation on the vegetational and climatic changes since 11000 years in qinghai lake china an analysis based on palynology in core qh85 14c

Zeng X.; L.F.; X.L.; Yang H.; Lin Z.; Huan B., 1989:
A preliminary investigation on wild bananas in guangdong province china

Peris S.V., 1992:
A preliminary key to the world genera of luciliini diptera calliphoridae

Peris S.V., 1992:
A preliminary key to the world genera of the subfamilies toxotarsinae chrysomyinae and rhiniinae diptera calliphoridae

Basterrechea Diaz M., 1988:
A preliminary limnological assessment of 32 lagoons of guatemala

Tokumasu S.; Tubaki K.; Manoch L., 1990:
A preliminary list of hyphomycetes isolated from pine leaf litter of thailand

Marcot-Coqueugniot, J., 1991:
A preliminary list of marine algae from the banc d'arguin mauritania

Beever J.E., 1987:
A preliminary list of mosses from the three kings islands northern new zealand

Cekalovic K.T., 1990:
A preliminary list of soil arthropods from the rivers el ganso and caleta magallanes chile

Pont A.C., 1991:
A preliminary list of the fanniidae and muscidae insecta diptera from turkey and the middle east

Braggins J.E., 1987:
A preliminary list of the hepaticae liverworts and anthocerotae hornworts from the three kings islands northern new zealand

Schembri S., 1992:
A preliminary list of the ichneumonidae of the maltese islands hymenoptera

Lovett J.C.; Bridson D.M.; Thomas D.W., 1988:
A preliminary list of the moist forest angiosperm flora of mwanihana forest reserve tanzania

Allen L.J.S.; Strauss M.J.; Thorvilson H.G.; Lipe W.N., 1991:
A preliminary mathematical model of the apple twig borer coleoptera bostrichidae and grapes on the texas high plains

Bonsignore L.; Loy G.; Secci D.; A.; Palmieri G., 1990:
A preliminary microbiological screening of sardinian plants

Menapace F.J., 1991:
A preliminary micromorphological analysis of eleocharis cyperaceae achenes for systematic potential

Dugdale J.S., 1989:
A preliminary note on incurvarioidea in new zealand

Delvinquier B.L.J.; Jones M.K., 1988:
A preliminary note on the intestinal flagellates of the australian anura

Oshida T.; Satoh H.; Obara Y., 1992:
A preliminary note on the karyotypes of giant flying squirrels petaurista alborufus and petaurista petaurista

Durojaiye, O.A.; Kwenkam, P., 1990:
A preliminary note on the prevalence of infectious bursal disease of poultry in Cameroon

Putshkov P., 1991:
A preliminary note on the taxonomy of several empicoris spp described by puton horvath and dispons heteroptera reduviidae

Yamane S., 1988:
A preliminary note on thermal property in two different types of ropalidia combs hymenoptera vespidae

L.Z.; Yao Y.; Liu F.; Zhang Y.; Yang R.; Wang X., 1991:
A preliminary nutritional study on petroleum explorers in taklimakan desert

Zhuang H.; Yan Z., 1992:
A preliminary observation on the changes of p wave terminal force of v 1 on electrocardiogram after exercise

Zhao H.; Zheng X J., 1988:
A preliminary observation on the double fertilization and post fertilization development of ypsilandra thiebetica franch

Zhang G.; Yang T., 1989:
A preliminary on the male sterile lines of wheat with aegilops ventricosa aegilops kotschyi and aegilops variabilis cytoplasms

Nelson, J.C.; Mazure, C.M.; Bowers, M.B.; Jatlow, P.I., 1991:
A preliminary, open study of the combination of fluoxetine and desipramine for rapid treatment of major depression

Appleton, C.C.; Boinski, S., 1991:
A preliminary parasitological analysis of fecal samples from a wild population of Costa Rican squirrel monkeys (Saimiri oerstedi)

Goodarzi F.; Gentzis T.; Ricketts B., 1991:
A preliminary petrographic study of coals of the fossil forest succession eastern axel heiberg island canadian arctic archipelago northwest territories canada

Griffin T.W.; Bokhari F.; Collins J.; Stochl M.; Bernier M.; Gionet M.; Siebecker D.; Wertheimer M.; Giroves E.S.; E.A., 1989:
A preliminary pharmacokinetic study of indium 111 labeled 260f9 anti breast cancer antibody in patients

Arnolds E., 1990:
A preliminary red list of macrofungi in the netherlands

Hayashi I., 1992:
A preliminary report of an experiment on vegetation recovery of drought deciduous woodland in kitui kenya

Jones J.K.; Van Sickels J., 1991:
A preliminary report of arthroscopic findings following acute condylar trauma

Zhang W.; Yin G.; X.H., 1990:
A preliminary report of group planting trial of calamus tetradactylus

Shen Q.; E.A., 1991:
A preliminary report of nutritional intervention in dysplasia of the esophagus

Wang Z L.; E.A., 1988:
A preliminary report of plasma fibronectin determination in chronic cor pulmonale

Zuckerman, B.; Maynard, E.C.; Cabral, H., 1991:
A preliminary report of prenatal cocaine exposure and respiratory distress syndrome in premature infants

Allen N S., 1989:
A preliminary report of rhizoidal heads in leucobryum martianum

Sasabe M.; Terada T.; Tsutsumi Y., 1990:
A preliminary report of the effect of forskolin on the meiotic progress of germ cells into prophase i in fetal rabbit ovaries cultured in vitro

Chong, K.Y.; Lin, K.C., 1989:
A preliminary report of the fetal effects of dengue infection in pregnancy

Alling, A., 1988:
A preliminary report of the incidental entrapment of odontocetes by sri lanka's coastal drift net fishery

Bayraktar, M.; Ergin, M.; Boyacioglu, A.; Demir, S., 1990:
A preliminary report of thyroglobulin release after fine needle aspiration biopsy of thyroid nodules

Craggs, M.D.; Chaffey, N.J.; Mundy, A.R., 1991:
A preliminary report on a new hydraulic sphincter for controlling urinary incontinence

Mcdonald G.; Nybakken J., 1991:
A preliminary report on a world wide review of the food of nudibranchs

Tan, P.; Ong, Y.W.; Tien, S.L.; Loh, T.F.; Lim, S.T., 1991:
A preliminary report on ABO incompatible bone marrow transplant

Bascic, T.; Tomic, T.; Orlov, M., 1990:
A preliminary report on accumulation of some inorganic anions in the pinus halepensis mill. needles pinaceae from the region of split yugoslavia

Xu, R.H., 1990:
A preliminary report on endemic fluorosis caused by treating food with hot spring water

Sharma, S.; Kakar-Harjai, K.; Saraf, M., 1988:
A preliminary report on influence of progesterone on bacterial multiplication in experimental mouse pyelonephritis

Saleem P.M.; Ahmad I., 1987:
A preliminary report on mayfly nymphs of swat pakistan

Snijders Keilholz A.; Trimbos J.B., 1991:
A preliminary report on new effects to decrease radiotherapy related small bowel toxicity

Sauer, M.V.; Paulson, R.J.; Lobo, R.A., 1990:
A preliminary report on oocyte donation extending reproductive potential to women over 40

Prasad M.H.; Pushpavathi K.; Sujatha M.; Reddy P.P., 1988:
A preliminary report on semen analysis of people exposed to methyl isocyanate

Xiao J.; W.L.; Liu Z.; L.R., 1990:
A preliminary report on technology in transforming bamboo grove from off year to on year

Bhuiya B.A.; Miah I., 1990:
A preliminary report on the bees hymenoptera apoidea of chittagong with brief biological notes

Salaet, M.; Cordero, P.J., 1988:
A preliminary report on the breeding biology of the house sparrow and tree sparrow passer spp in barcelona n.e. spain

W.J.; Huang Z., 1990:
A preliminary report on the control of selepa celtis moore with several insecticides

Tang Z.; H.S., 1990:
A preliminary report on the effect of a mycorrhizal fungus on iron uptake by citrus seedlings

Varma P.N.; Vikramaditya; Sarkar M., 1991:
A preliminary report on the in vitro culture of vitex agnus castus

Mandal F.B., 1991:
A preliminary report on the incidence of blood parasites in pigeon columba livia and pigeon fly pseudolynchia canariensis macquart

Wang G., 1988:
A preliminary report on the inheritance of leaf angle in sorghum sorghum bicolor l

Lunn, S.; Skydsbjerg, M.; Schulsinger, H.; Parnas, J.; Pedersen, C.; Mathiesen, L., 1991:
A preliminary report on the neuropsychologic sequelae of human immunodeficiency virus

Fialkowski W.; Olechowska M.M., 1988:
A preliminary report on the stoneflies plecoptera inhabiting main watercourses in the gorce mountains southern poland

Wang Y.; W.Z.; Liao L.; Sun P.; X.Y.; Pan B., 1990:
A preliminary report on use of non instrumental hemodialysis

Smith, B.C., 1990:
A preliminary report: proximal facet analysis and the recovery of trace restorative materials from unrestored teeth

Brennan P.A.; Langdon J.D., 1990:
A preliminary report using oxethazaine a potential new dental local anesthetic

Jiang S.; Qin C.; D.J.; E.A., 1990:
A preliminary review of emg biofeedback for insomnia patients

Yue X F.; Shen Z M.; L.L.J.; X.C.H.; L.B.J.; Wang C.; X.X.K., 1991:
A preliminary structure activity study of trewiasine and its analogs

Lin, C.C.; Lin, F.J.; Wu, J.L.; Lin, C.C.; Kuo, H.T.; Huang, W.C.; Ling, C.Y., 1988:
A preliminary study for cellular, albumin and immunoglobulin components of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid in normal control, pulmonary T.B. and malignant lung diseases

L.Y.; Hood I.A., 1992:
A preliminary study into the biological control of armillaria novae zelandiae and armillaria limonea

Nishida, T.; Nagasue, N.; Kishi, N.; Imaishi, K.; Tateno, N.; Matsumura, T.; Yakushiji, M., 1988:
A preliminary study of a combination chemotherapy with ifosfamide, adriamycin and cisplatin for endometrial carcinoma

Bharathi P.A.L.; Chadramohan D.; Nair S., 1989:
A preliminary study of anaerobic thiosulfate oxidizing bacteria as denitrifiers in the arabian sea

Sawada Y.; Yamakoshi K I., 1991:
A preliminary study of beat to beat blood pressure biofeedback using the vascular unloading method

Miura S.; Ohtaishi N.; Kaji K.; W.J., 1988:
A preliminary study of behavior and acoustic repertoire of captive white lipped deer cervus albirostris in china

Dan Y.; Wei X., 1989:
A preliminary study of biological characteristics in pardosa astrigera

Cobb H.P.IIi; Churn S.B.; Woolcott W.S.; Leftwich F.B.; Nolin J.M., 1988:
A preliminary study of calcium kinetics during acute stress in divergent life forms

Yamakura T.; Sahunalu P.; Karyono, 1989:
A preliminary study of changes in forest stratification along environmental gradients in southeast asia

Wang H.; Y.C.; L.J., 1989:
A preliminary study of characteristics of oil adsorbed on sediment in the minjiang estuary china

Bunnag, C.; Dhorranintra, B., 1989:
A preliminary study of circulating immune complexes during allergen immunotherapy in Thai patients

Kaplan, D.; Feldman, J., 1991:
A preliminary study of excess risk of cardiovascular disease in the mothers of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Chau, T.T.; Hsiao, T.M.; Huang, C.T.; Liu, H.W., 1991:
A preliminary study of family Apgar index in the Chinese

Wang, H.H., 1991:
A preliminary study of health conceptions among married women

Snyder C.J.; Henderson J.M., 1989:
A preliminary study of heating characteristics and quality attributes of product packaged in the retort pouch compared with the conventional can

Gelderd J.B.; Quarles J.E., 1990:
A preliminary study of homotopic fetal cortical and spinal cotransplants in adult rats

Galliani, I.; Falcieri, E.; Giangaspero, F.; Valdrè, G.; Mongiorgi, R., 1990:
A preliminary study of human pineal gland concretions: structural and chemical analysis

Morado J.F.; Sparks A.K.; O'clair C.E., 1988:
A preliminary study of idiopathic lesions in the dungeness crab cancer magister from rowan bay alaska usa

Liang Z., 1991:
A preliminary study of immunoregulatory effect of glycyrrhizin

Mahmoud, L.H.; Bassiouni, G.A.; Danassouri, N.M., 1990:
A preliminary study of liver functions in heterophiasis

Westphal A.; Divry M.; Levy I., 1992:
A preliminary study of manducatory behaviour influenced by stress and dental occlusion

Holdsworth D.K., 1992:
A preliminary study of medicinal plants of easter island south pacific

Shrestha, K.P.; Ruiz de Quilarque, X., 1989:
A preliminary study of mercury contamination in the surface soil and river sediment of the Roscio District, Bolivar State, Venezuela

Zhu G H., 1989:
A preliminary study of microalgae in the intertidal zones of the deception island antarctica

Yang F D.; E.A., 1991:
A preliminary study of nuclear dna content in both normal and pathologic mucous membrane of stomach

Kao C C.; Hsieh M C.; Sheu M T., 1991:
A preliminary study of papaverine hydrochloride gel dosage form

Berke G.S.; Moore D.M.; Monkewitz P.A.; Hanson D.G.; Gerratt B.R., 1989:
A preliminary study of particle velocity during phonation in an in vivo canine model

Khasbagan S., 1990:
A preliminary study of plants used as mongolian traditional tea

Horne, D.J.; White, A.E.; Varigos, G.A., 1989:
A preliminary study of psychological therapy in the management of atopic eczema

Qian H N.; Feng J.; Cui H.; Gao B S.; Qin S L.; F.T.Y.; Wei P.; F.Z.Y.; Gao S M.; Yang Z Y., 1991:
A preliminary study of radioimmunoimaging by iodine 131 coc 183b2 monoclonal antibody in patients with epithelial ovarian cancer

Malathi, A.; Parulkar, V.G.; Dhavale, H.S.; Pinto, C., 1990:
A preliminary study of reaction time in schizophrenics

Rosenthal J.; Hemlock C.; Hellerstein D.J.; Yanowitch P.; Kasch K.; Schupak C.; Samstag L.; Winston A., 1992:
A preliminary study of serotonergic antidepressants in treatment of dysthymia

L.D.; Sha W., 1989:
A preliminary study of serum levels of estradiol and estrogen receptors in liver cirrhosis and primary liver carcinoma

Alawi M.A.; Fayyad M.K.; Issa I., 1990:
A preliminary study of some organochlorine pesticides in the environment of the jordan valley

Zhu D.; Zhu X.; Q.B.; Zhan Z.; Zhao S., 1988:
A preliminary study of some physiological parameters for the breeding of high yield potential and good quality in winter wheats

L.W.; Zhu Q., 1992:
A preliminary study of the callus formation and organogenesis and their ploidy of immature endosperm from maize

Kelly K.M.; Van Staden J., 1991:
A preliminary study of the carbohydrate metabolism in parthenium argentatum

Huang, G.; Chen, Q., 1992:
A preliminary study of the chord and specific time constants in 342 healthy children

Lasekan O.O., 1991:
A preliminary study of the comparative malting qualities of sorghum bicolor and sorghum guineense

Jactel H.; Gaillard J., 1991:
A preliminary study of the dispersal potential of ips sexdentatus boern coleoptera scolytidae with an automatically recording flight mill

Macdonald T.M.; Jeffrey R.F.; Muir A.L.; Lee M.R., 1990:
A preliminary study of the dopamine da 1 agonist fenoldopam in the treatment of chronic left ventricular failure due to ischemic heart disease

Mukherjee A.; Banerjee D.; Bandyopadhyay S.K.; Mukherjee P.K., 1990:
A preliminary study of the effect of diazepam in albino rats under the influence of experimental shock

Compan C.; Laffargue F.; Pages A.; Pages A.M.; Deparzia P., 1989 :
A preliminary study of the effect of different prostaglandins on the connective tissue in the cervix

Esterhuizen A.D.; Van Der Merwe J.V.; L.R.Fourie F., 1988:
A preliminary study of the fine structure of in vitro fertilized human embryos

Jiang J., 1990:
A preliminary study of the flora and distribution of genus acer in zhejiang province china

X.S.H.; Zhu G J.; W.Q.X.; Chen H C., 1989:
A preliminary study of the inhibiting mechanism of anisodamine on rabbit platelets activated by escherichia coli endotoxin

Zhao W Y.; E.A., 1988:
A preliminary study of the interaction of iodide and fluoride in experimental iodide goiter and fluorosis

Ireland R.R., 1991:
A preliminary study of the moss genus isopterygium in latin america

Lenoir F.; Robbins I.; Mathieu M., 1988:
A preliminary study of the neuroendocrine control of glycogen metabolism in the storage tissue of the common sea mussel mytilus edulis l

al-Sereiti, M.R.; Turner, P.; Gale, E.A., 1991:
A preliminary study of the ocular hypotensive effects of bromocriptine in diabetic patients with autonomic neuropathy

Edwards J.M.; Zaccardi M.J.; Strandness D.E.Jr, 1992:
A preliminary study of the role of duplex scanning in defining the adequacy of treatment of patients with renal artery fibromuscular dysplasia

Peterson G.M.; Khoo B.H.C.; Galloway J.G.; Paterson J., 1991:
A preliminary study of the stability of midazolam in polypropylene syringes

Visentini R.; Gottardo R.; Zampa A.; Sorbilli G.; Vaiani G., 1990:
A preliminary study of the tolerability and efficacy of nabumetone for the management of acute and chronic very painful rheumatic pathology

Chambers P.L.; Twomey K.P.; Chambers C.M., 1989:
A preliminary study of the translocation of aldicarb across the duck eggshell

Khazaal K.A.; Owen E.; Dodson A.P.; Harvey P.; Palmer J., 1990:
A preliminary study of the treatment of barley straw with ligninase enzyme effect on in vitro digestibility and chemical composition

Thompson R.T., 1989:
A preliminary study of the weevil genus euophryum broun coleoptera curculionidae cossoninae

Zhao, T.; Chen, Z.; Yang, Z.; Jin, Y.; Xing, Y., 1992:
A preliminary study of topdressing in young plantation of populus chifengensis no. 36

Masin S.C.; Pinna B., 1989:
A preliminary study of transparency with chromatic colors

Fabbri C.; Bulzomi G.F.; Brizioli P.L.; Vergadoro N.; Raffi S.; Boselli C.; Bisacci R., 1988:
A preliminary study of vein pathology in endurance sports

Zhang C Z.; Chen Z P., 1988:
A preliminary study on a new record of the class pauropoda myriapoda from china

Qiu L.; Wang J.; Meng Q., 1990:
A preliminary study on accumulation characteristics of protein and fat in developing soybean seeds

Hosokawa M.; Masumoto T.; Yamamoto T.; Oura R.; Sekine J., 1991:
A preliminary study on alimentary behaviour of japanese black calves in the suckling period

Xavier S.; Nand K., 1990:
A preliminary study on biogas production from cowdung using fixed bed digesters

Shi, D., 1988:
A preliminary study on brandt's vole distribution region in china and its relation to vegetation and water temperature condition

Chen H Y.; E.A., 1989:
A preliminary study on determination of total serum ige and specific anti mite ige antibody in cigarette manufacturing workers

Ding X L.; L.B.S.; Liu J X., 1988:
A preliminary study on distribution of three subspecies of ophthalmopsylla praefecta in gansu province china siphonaptera leptopsyllidae

Wang L.; Shun W.; L.Y., 1990:
A preliminary study on dwarfing effect of paclobutrazol on narcissus plants and its possible mechanism

Majeed A.F.; Ali J.B.; Taha M.B., 1989:
A preliminary study on dystocia in local breed iraqi cattle

Qian F.; Ling X H., 1990:
A preliminary study on genetics and type for earth forest in yuanmou basin yunnan province china

Yu, H.K.; Wu, H.J.; Lei, L.; Xu, W.Z.; Gao, L.X., 1989:
A preliminary study on immune complexes in myasthenia gravis

Liu D.; Shou H.; F.R.; Luo S.; W.C., 1991:
A preliminary study on infection of intestinal protozoa in endemic and non endemic areas of schistosomiasis

Wen, Z.M., 1989:
A preliminary study on isolation, purification and identification of penicillium chrysogenum allergen

Shan F.; Liang Z., 1990:
A preliminary study on liposome encapsulated human interferon alpha by resisting trypsin digestion in vitro

Shen J.; Deng J.; Fan L.; Zhang Y., 1991:
A preliminary study on marking blue grain character on tai gu dominant male sterile wheat

Gao D.; Liu J.; Jin J., 1989:
A preliminary study on mechanism of respiratory deficiency of mutagenesis in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Carlini R.; Fabbri F., 1989:
A preliminary study on mercury methylmercury and selenium in italian stranded odontocetes mammalia cetacea

Okuhata, Y.; Urahashi, S.; Kamata, R.; Arimizu, N., 1990:
A preliminary study on MR lymphography with iron chondroitin sulfate colloid

Liu L.; Song Q.; Wang S., 1989:
A preliminary study on multifactorial evaluation of new crop varieties with the application of the gray system theory

Liu W Y.; Lai S D.; Liao J G., 1991:
A preliminary study on photosynthesis of picea brachytyla var complanata and abies georgei

Zhu, T.; Zhu, C.; Ning, L.; Jiang, K.J., 1989:
A preliminary study on pollinating bees for Amomum compactum Soland ex Maton

Chen, K.; Yu, L.; Zhou, S., 1991:
A preliminary study on possible mechanism of carbon dioxide injury of ya li pear pyrus bretscheideri rehd. during ca storage

Nour T.A.; Saad A.O.M., 1986:
A preliminary study on response of lentil lens esculenta yield to foliar nutrition with zinc

Liu, K.Z., 1989:
A preliminary study on response to hepatitis B vaccine in subjects with various levels of antibody to hepatitis B surface antigen

Luo W T.; E.A., 1990:
A preliminary study on serotyping of klebsiella pneumoniae and its clinical significance

Wang Y T.; Tzeng W N.; Lee S C., 1991:
A preliminary study on species composition and seasonal abundance of fish eggs and larvae from the coastal waters adjacent to the tansui river estuary taiwan 1984 1985

Liu W.; Wang B R., 1990:
A preliminary study on stability of the form i plasmid of shigella sonnei

Yang, J.L.; Chen, P.Z.; Dong, Y.; Tang, F.L.; Zhang, N.Z., 1988:
A preliminary study on T lymphocyte subsets in systemic lupus erythematosus

Hossain M.M.; Patra R.W.R., 1988:
A preliminary study on the bacteriological condition of the karnaphuli river estuary bangladesh

Dong D.; Wang Y., 1989:
A preliminary study on the biology of wasps vespa velutina auraria smith and vespa tropica ducalis smith

Huang Z.; W.J.; Zhang Z., 1991:
A preliminary study on the bionomics and application of sycanus croceovittatus hemiptera reduviidae

Fan J.; E.A., 1991:
A preliminary study on the cellular mechanism of the hypotensive effect of high calcium diet in shr

Liu H.; D.X., 1991:
A preliminary study on the characteristics of fogwater in the masson pine forest in chongqing china

Yang Z.; H.Z., 1990:
A preliminary study on the chitinase and beta 1 3 glucanase in corms of gastrodia elata

Yue J.S.; E.A., 1990:
A preliminary study on the clinical classification of epidemic hemorrhagic fever in renal failure

Bai C.; Niu S.; X.F.; Zhang Z.; Y.J.; Wang P.; L.H., 1991:
A preliminary study on the clinical significance of the ventilatory equivalent for carbon dioxide

Gao R.; Qin X., 1990:
A preliminary study on the control of holcocerus insularis by steinernema feltiae

Xue G.; Zhao J., 1990:
A preliminary study on the critical daylength evoking the photoperiodic sensitive male sterility of rice and their responses to other environmental factors

Bai L.; Cao C.; Zhang Y.; Shu C., 1989:
A preliminary study on the dynamic model of cotton growing in relating to the pest management in the coastal region in jiangsu china

Zhao X.; Cao M.; H.A., 1990:
A preliminary study on the dynamics of parashorea chinensis population in xishuangbanna region yunnan china

H.X.; Yang X.; L.T., 1991:
A preliminary study on the ecology of the lesser bamboo rat cannomys badius in china

Xavier, A.; Parvathi, R., 1990:
A preliminary study on the effect of azolla extract on cyamopsis tetragonoloba l. taub

Zhu X.; Yuan D., 1989:
A preliminary study on the effect of polyactin a on mouse sarcoma 180 and its mechanisms of tumor suppression

Xue G.; Shen Y., 1991:
A preliminary study on the effect of temperature on the expression of photoperiod sensitive male sterility in rice oryza sativa ssp japonica

Cobb C.M.; Mccawley T.K.; Killoy W.J., 1992:
A preliminary study on the effects of the neodymium yag laser on root surfaces and subgingival microflora in vivo

Rahman M.M.; Mazumder N.K., 1991:
A preliminary study on the epidemiology of foot and mouth disease in bangladesh

Qin G.; Wang M., 1991:
A preliminary study on the flowering and fruitfulness in pinus massoniana

Futatsuka, M.; Inaoka, T.; Ohtsuka, R.; Moji, K.; Sakurai, T., 1991:
A preliminary study on the function tests of the vibration syndrome in tropical rain forest workers

Huang C.; Zheng C., 1991:
A preliminary study on the inheritance of the resistance of opaque 2 maize to ear rot caused by fusarium moniliforme

Bhuiya B.A.; Miah I.; Sultana R., 1990:
A preliminary study on the insect pests of some forest tree seeds from chittagong bangladesh

Wang Q.; Jiang Z.; Fan N., 1989:
A preliminary study on the interspecies relationship among plateau zokor plateau pika and gansu pika

Huang J.; Feng Y., 1991:
A preliminary study on the introduction of betula alnoides

Yang G.; Zhang A.L.; Chen X., 1988:
A preliminary study on the life table and reproduction of the marmota baibacina

Huang J.; Tan T., 1991:
A preliminary study on the mixed species plantation of gmelina aborea

Shi G X.; X.X.S., 1991:
A preliminary study on the morphogenetic development of ustilago esculenta in plant of zizania caduciflora

Nakao, Y.; Sakakida, K.; Hirasawa, Y.; Katsumi, Y.; Okada, S.; Tokioka, T., 1990:
A preliminary study on the morphological changes of the microvasculature following the peripheral nerve autografting

Zhou X.; Zhang J.; Y.Z.; Han Y.; Feng J., 1990:
A preliminary study on the npv from eupterote sapivora

Chen B., 1989:
A preliminary study on the numerical taxonomy of the genus anoplophora coleoptera cerambycidae

Chen J.B.; Yang P.C.; Huang T.S.; Pan C.L.; M.C.K.; Chao C.M., 1990:
A preliminary study on the nutriculture of phalaenopsis

Guo, T.; Du, Y.; Guo, S.; Chen, W.; Yin, J., 1990:
A preliminary study on the pathogenicity of picea koraiensis l. leaf rust

Liu C X.; Huang W N., 1988:
A preliminary study on the properties of the allantoinase from leaves of broad bean vicia faba

Cheng J.S.; Tsai Y.F., 1990:
A preliminary study on the quality grading of kyoho grape

Profumo P.; Gastaldo P.; Dameri R.M., 1989:
A preliminary study on the relationship between cotyledons and embryonal axis in aesculus hippocastanum l

Zhang K.; Zheng S S.; W.A.R., 1990:
A preliminary study on the relationship between murine ige level and 3 methylcholanthrene induced fibrosarcoma

Yang Z F.; E.A., 1989:
A preliminary study on the relationship between peripheral blood lymphocyte beta adrenoceptors and airway reactivity in asthmatics

G.G W., 1991:
A preliminary study on the relationship between primary liver cancer and trace elements in qidong jiangsu china region

Qi, J.G., 1989:
A preliminary study on the relationships between the main climatic ecological factors and the physiological activities and the growth of cunninghamia lanceolata lamb. hook in its northern most marginal regions

Zhu Y.; Liu J., 1990:
A preliminary study on the resistance to fusarium stalk rot in corn inbred lines

Van Elsacker H.; Van Elsacker L., 1990:
A preliminary study on the social behavior of captive bonobos pan paniscus

Chen P.; Chen Z.; Lian J.; Weng J., 1990:
A preliminary study on the spatial distribution pattern of hemiberlesia pitysophila takagi

Uchida S.; Muramatsu Y.; Sumiya M.; Ohmomo Y.; Yamaguchi S., 1989:
A preliminary study on the uptake of radioiodine by rice plants from the soil

Rasheed W.; Ahmad M.; Akbar G.; Khan M.; Babar K.N.; Qayyum A., 1988:
A preliminary study on the vegetation of rawal pakistan experimental subcatchment area

Kong X.; Cheng L.; Q.D.; Zheng F., 1991:
A preliminary study on transfection by dna extracted from a murine leukemia virus infected cell line

Pan J.; Zhou H.; Yan S., 1990:
A preliminary study on treatment of respiratory syncytial virus pneumonia with dipyridamole in infants

L.H.; Chen L.; Zhou Y.; Shu C., 1990:
A preliminary study on treatment of uterine leiomyoma with a lhrh agonist

Zhang S.; Huang X.; Zhou S., 1990:
A preliminary study on two larch sawflies

Hou Y., 1991:
A preliminary study on ultraviolet photodegradation of rdx cyclonite cyclotrimethylene trinitramine

L.Y., 1988:
A preliminary study on use of the medical herb peppermint in control of cotton fusarium wilt

L.J.; Yang Y.; L.R.; Shi C.; Meng Q., 1991:
A preliminary study on using the pollen homogenate to induce the genetic characters in peanut

el-Ganayni, G.A.; Youssef, M.M.; el-Shazly, A.M., 1992:
A preliminary study on vaginal trichomonal antigens using CIEP and modified ELISA

W.Y.S.; Chen Y S.; Xiao J Y., 1991:
A preliminary study on vegetation and climate changes in dianchi lake area china in the last 40000 years

Russell R.; Donnelly J.G.; Palaszynski E.W.; Chan M.M.; Soldin S.J., 1991:
A preliminary study to evaluate an in vitro assay for determining patient whole blood immunosuppressive cyclosporine a and metabolite activity comparison with cytosolic binding assays using cyclophilin or a 50 kilodalton binding protein and the abbott tdx cyclosporine a parent and parent and metabolites assays

Tirasin E.M., 1990:
A preliminary study using length frequency analysis for estimation of the growth parameters of the north sea mackerel scomber scombrus linnaeus 1758

Webb D.R.; Rattray M.R.; Brown J.M.A., 1988:
A preliminary survey for crassulacean acid metabolism cam in submerged aquatic macrophytes in new zealand

Stechmann D H.; Voelkl W., 1990:
A preliminary survey of aphidophagous insects of tonga with regards to the biological control of the banana aphid

Zhang T.; Wang D Q., 1991:
A preliminary survey of blackflies diptera simuliidae from fujian province

Marshall V.G.; Shrimpton G.M.; Battigelli J.P., 1990:
A preliminary survey of collembola in forest nurseries of british columbia canada

W.B.; Tai Z.; J.W., 1988:
A preliminary survey of ecology and behavior on a yunnan china snub nosed monkey rhinopithecus bieti group

Toyama G.M., 1988:
A preliminary survey of fly breeding at sanitary landfills in hawaii usa with an evaluation of landfill practices and their effect on fly breeding

Crane P.R.; Manchester S.R.; Dilcher D.L., 1990:
A preliminary survey of fossil leaves and well preserved plant reproductive structures from the sentinel butte formation paleocene near almont north dakota usa

Hosford D.R.; Trappe J.M., 1988:
A preliminary survey of japanese species of rhizopogon

Asmat G.S.M.; Kader A., 1990:
A preliminary survey of mites from the nest of certain birds in the chittagong university campus bangladesh

Ahmed, M.M.; el Hady, H.M., 1989:
A preliminary survey of parasitic infections and nutritional status among school children in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Van Wyk R.J.; Meyer J.C., 1988:
A preliminary survey of plant parasitic nematode genera in the chicory producing areas of south africa

Gess F.W.; Gess S.K., 1991:
A preliminary survey of the aculeate wasps and the bees of the lower reaches of the nossob river valley kalahari gemsbok national park south africa

Sanderson J.C., 1990:
A preliminary survey of the distribution of the introduced macroalga undaria pinnatifida harvey suringer on the east coast of tasmania australia

Sharma B.M., 1990:
A preliminary survey of the flora of sikar india

Thompson D.B.; Olson R., 1988:
A preliminary survey of the protozoa and bacteria from sulfur river in parkers cave kentucky usa

Marsh J.M.; Kessler R.K.; Mattingly R.A.Jr, 1992:
A preliminary survey of the small mammals on the fort knox meade hardin and bullitt counties kentucky us army facility

Mathis M.L.; Bowles D.E., 1992:
A preliminary survey of the trichoptera of the ozark mountains missouri usa

Hodgkin, T.; Adham, Y.J.; Powell, K.S., 1992:
A preliminary survey of wild triticum and aegilops species in the world's genebanks

Guan, R.; Oon, C.J.; Wild, C.; Motesano, R., 1986:
A preliminary survey on aflatoxin exposure in Singapore

Hammer S., 1991:
A preliminary synopsis of the species of cladonia in california usa and adjacent oregon usa

Sivarajan V.V., 1988:
A preliminary taxonomic revision of indian molluginaceae

Stern C.H.; Jaasma D.R.; Shelton J.W., 1991:
A preliminary test method for masonry heater particulate matter and carbon monoxide emissions

Tsai, R.S.; Chow, Y.S.; Rau, S.J., 1989:
A preliminary test of sex pheromone of the cigarette beetle lasioderma serricorne f. in a tobacco warehouse

Belardinelli, E.; Ursino, M.; Iemmi, E., 1989:
A preliminary theoretical study of arterial pressure perturbations under shock acceleration

Yuang C L.; E.A., 1990:
A preliminary therapeutic observation in 82 cases of pulmonary infarction

Sawaguchi S.; Kaneko M.; Nakajo T.; Sawada T.; Takahashi H.; Tsuchida Y., 1989 :
A preliminary treatment report of the study group of japan for the advanced neuroblastoma

Cornelius, J.R.; Soloff, P.H.; Perel, J.M.; Ulrich, R.F., 1991:
A preliminary trial of fluoxetine in refractory borderline patients

Saudek, C.D.; Selam, J.L.; Pitt, H.A.; Waxman, K.; Rubio, M.; Jeandidier, N.; Turner, D.; Fischell, R.E.; Charles, M.A., 1989:
A preliminary trial of the programmable implantable medication system for insulin delivery

Brown J.; Cebra Thomas J.A.; Bleil J.D.; Wassarman P.M.; Silver L.M., 1989:
A premature acrosome reaction is programmed by mouse t haplotypes during sperm differentiation and could play a role in transmission ratio distortion

Hummelsheim H.; Hefter H., 1991:
A premovement silent period does not occur prior to rapid changes of velocity during human limb movements

Gupta V.; Agrawal A.; Singh J.; Tiwari H.P., 1989:
A prenylated anthraquinone and a flavone from the seeds of cassia marginata

Roussis V.; Ampofo S.A.; Wiemer D.F., 1990:
A prenylated benzoic acid derivative from the leaves of piper taboganum

Sharma V.M.; Rao P.S., 1992:
A prenylated chalcone from the roots of tephrosia spinosa

Boczkowski J.; Vicaut E.; Aubier M., 1990:
A preparation for in vivo study of the diaphragmatic microcirculation in the rat

Weienboerner M.; Uziel A.; Hamacher J.; Hindorf H.; Weltzien H.C., 1989:
A preparation method of aspergillus spp for scanning electron microscopy

Greenberg, S.G.; Davies, P., 1990:
A preparation of Alzheimer paired helical filaments that displays distinct tau proteins by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Mitsushima, A.; Katsumoto, T., 1990:
A preparation technique for observing cytoskeletons by high resolution scanning electron microscopy

Grama D.P.; Maior I.Yu, 1989:
A preparative method for isolating the replicative form of potato virus x

Roussel J P.; Hollande F.; Bulant M.; Astier H., 1991:
A prepro trh connecting peptide prepro trh 160 169 potentiates trh induced tsh release from rat perifused pituitaries by stimulating dihydropyridine and omega conotoxin sensitive calcium channels

Beer R., 1992:
A preschool child psychiatric service predictors of postassessment default

Beer R., 1991:
A preschool child psychiatric service referral patterns and service uptake

Simpson J.H.; Sharples J.; Rippeth T.P., 1991:
A prescriptive model of stratification induced by freshwater runoff

Vernier L.; Denis P., 1991:
A presentation of dementia related evaluation scales

Cleophas, T.J.; Asselt, L.M.; Oudshoorn, N.H.; Quadir, S.U., 1991:
A pressor effect of noncardioselective beta blockers in mildly hypertensive patients during surgery under anesthesia

Okamoto H.; Liu Q.; Nakahori K.; Katuo K., 1989:
A pressure jump method as a new tool in growth physiology for monitoring physiological wall extensibility and effective turgor

Mcguire E.J.; Noll F.; Maynard F., 1991:
A pressure management system for the neurogenic bladder after spinal cord injury

Desjardins, S.; Mueller, R.W.; Cauchy, M.J., 1988:
A pressure overload model of congestive heart failure in rats

Myers A.A.; Mcgrath D.; Cunningham P., 1989:
A presumed male of the parthenogenetic amphipod corophium bonnellii milne edwards

Blumenthal E.Z., 1991:
A presumed reflex by which upward gaze induces relaxation of accommodation a way to overcome instrument myopia

Davis, J.L.; Kunisawa, R.; Thorner, J., 1992:
A presumptive helicase (MOT1 gene product) affects gene expression and is required for viability in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Habermeier Muth A.; Altes U.; Forsyth K.M.; Muscholl E., 1990:
A presynaptic excitatory m 1 muscarine receptor at postganglionic cardiac noradrenergic nerve fibers that is activated by endogenous acetylcholine

Drugan R.C.; Skolnick P.; Paul S.M.; Crawley J.N., 1989:
A pretest procedure reliably predicts performance in two animal models of inescapable stress

Burd, L.; Martsolf, J.T.; Randall, T., 1990:
A prevalence study of Rett syndrome in an institutionalized population

Bloem, M.W.; Wedel, M.; Egger, R.J.; Speek, A.J.; Chusilp, K.; Saowakontha, S.; Schreurs, W.H., 1989:
A prevalence study of vitamin A deficiency and xerophthalmia in northeastern Thailand

Koong S.L.; Malison M.D.; Nakashima A.K., 1990:
A prevalence survey of behavioral risk factors in taipei city taiwan

Mcewen S.A.; Martin S.W.; Clarke R.C.; Tamblyn S.E., 1988:
A prevalence survey of salmonella in raw milk in ontario canada 1986 1987

Okano Y.; Eisensmith R.C.; Dasovich M.; Wang T.; Guttler F.; Woo S.L.C., 1991:
A prevalent missense mutation in northern europe associated with hyperphenylalaninemia

Hurley J.P.; Gallagher H.; Keeling P., 1991:
A preventable cause of tracheal injury at esophagectomy

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