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A preliminary on the male sterile lines of wheat with aegilops ventricosa aegilops kotschyi and aegilops variabilis cytoplasms

Zhang, G.; Yang, T.

Acta Agronomica Sinica 15(1): 1-10


Accession: 006959696

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The fertility of F1 and backcross progenies from crosses between the alloplasmic wheat varieties Chris with 10 different Aegilops cytoplasms and 77(2), a 1B/1R wheat-rye translocation line, was investigated. The results indicated that: 1) under the genetic background of the same nucleus cytoplasms of different species of Aegilops showed significant difference in fertility reaction to 77(2). Using the cytoplasmic variability specific nucleo-cytoplasm combination may be identified and more suitable new male-sterile type for hybrid wheat can be obtained. 2) Although the three different sterile cytoplasms all resulted in male sterility under the genetic background of the same nucleus, the ability of fertility restoration was different. 3) Among the three male- sterile types with Ae. ventricosa, Ae. kotschyi and Ae. variabilis cytoplasm developed in this study, the one with Ae. ventricoisa cytoplasm not only owned more maintainers but also was much more easily completely restored. Even more important is that the male-sterile type with Ae. ventricosa cytoplasm was stable in sterility, and the seed plumpness of male-steriles F1 and F2 were normal and there was no harmful maternal effect. It opens a new possibility for breeding hybrid wheat.

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