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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6962

Chapter 6962 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Coutrakon G.; Bauman M.; Lesyna D.; Miller D.; Nusbaum J.; Slater J.; Johanning J.; Miranda J.; Deluca P.M.Jr; Et Al, 1991: A prototype beam delivery system for the proton medical accelerator at loma linda

Haworth I.S.; Burt C.; Gago F.; Reynolds C.A.; Richards W.G., 1991: A prototype bioreductive dna groove binding ligand

Yang X.P.; Okrent D.; Smith O.I., 1991: A prototype expert system for fault detection of the incinerator control system

Beck M.B.; Lumbers J.P.; Mackenzie H.E.C.; Jowitt P.W., 1990: A prototype expert system for operational control of the activated sludge process

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Orr J.A.; Westenskow D.R.; Bauer A., 1989: A prototype gas exchange monitor for exercise stress testing aboard nasa space station

Hasegawa B.H.; Stebler B.; Rutt B.K.; Martinez A.; Gingold E.L.; Barker C.S.; Faulkner K.G.; Cann C.E.; Boyd D.P., 1991: A prototype high purity germanium detector system with fast photon counting circuitry for medical imaging

Dougherty G.; Barnett N.J.; Pettinger S.J., 1992: A prototype instrument combining laser doppler flowmetry and reflection pulse oximetry

Nosue K.; Saito Y.; Miyashita T., 1990: A prototype of apparatus for objective assessment of stereoscopic vision

Goldwein J.W., 1992: A prototype radiation oncology clinical information processing system on a personal computer network

Waring A.J.; Housworth C.M.; Vorrhies R.M.; Douglas J.R.; Walker C.F.; Connolly S.E., 1990: A prototype retractor system designed to minimize ischemic brain retractor injury initial observations

Gambi G.; Bonani S., 1988: A prototype sowing machine for big size seeds

Sokol R.J.; Chik L., 1988: A prototype system for perinatal knowledge engineering using an artificial intelligence tool

Geng, M. C., 1989: A provenance test of white elm ulmus pumila l. in china

O'riordan M.; Kingston S.; O'regan P., 1991: A provincial hospital ccu after isis 2

Buys M.H.; Van Der Walt J.J.A.; Boucher C., 1991: A provisional analysis of the flora of stellenbosch

Bates M.F., 1991: A provisional check list of the reptiles and amphibians of golden gate highlands national park south africa

Luther H.E., 1989: A provisional checklist of the bromeliaceae of ecuador

Dunn J.R., 1989: A provisional phylogeny of gadid fishes based on adult and early life history characters

Watson R.E., 1991: A provisional review of the genus stenogobius with descriptions of a new subgenus and thirteen new species pisces teleostei gobiidae

Fortelius M.; Bernor R.L., 1990: A provisional systematic assessment of the miocene suoidea from pasalar turkey

Seldin M.F.; Saunders A.M.; Rochelle J.M.; Howard T.A., 1991: A proximal mouse chromosome 9 linkage map that further defines linkage groups homologous with segments of human chromosomes 11 15 and 19

Esteban M.A.; Marcos A., 1989: A proximity equilibration cell for water activity determination

Dennill G.B., 1991: A pruning technique for saving vineyards severely infested by the grape vine bud mite colomerus vitis pagenstecher eriophyidae

Ducrocq V.; Boichard D.; Bonaiti B.; Barbat A.; Briend M., 1990: A pseudo absorption strategy for solving animal model equations for large data files

Gatehouse S., 1989: A pseudo free field measure of auditory disability

O'dwyer, T. P.; Gullane, P. J.; Dardick, I., 1990: A pseudo malignant warthin's tumor presenting with facial nerve paralysis

Flournoy D.J.; Petrone R.L.; Voth D.W., 1992: A pseudo outbreak of methylobacterium mesophilicum isolated from patients undergoing bronchoscopy

Heard S.; Lawrence S.; Holmes B.; Costas M., 1990: A pseudo outbreak of pseudomonas on a special care baby unit

Rowe R.W.; Dai S., 1992: A pseudo poisson noise model for simulation of positron emission tomographic projection data

Easa M.E S.; Faisal M.; Harshbarger J.C.; Hetrick F.M., 1989: A pseudocystic lipoma in the european eel anguilla anguilla

Jackson L.; Klotz S.A.; Normand R.E., 1990: A pseudoepidemic of sporothrix cyanescens pneumonia occurring during renovation of a bronchoscopy suite

Italiano C.; John S.W.M.; Hum D.W.; Mackenzie R.E.; Rozen R., 1991: A pseudogene on the x chromosome for the human trifunctional enzyme mthfd methylenetetrahydrofolate dehydrogenase methenyltetrahydrofolate cyclohydrolase formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase

Eicker A.; Peng J.T.; Chen Z.C., 1990: A pseudohansfordia disease of sawdust cultivated auricularia mesenterica in taiwan

Rolle W.; Renner E., 1989: A pseudolinearized nitrogen oxide model

Coin D.; Vacheron M J.; Guinand M.; Michel G., 1991: A pseudomonas aeruginosa alginate exotoxin a conjugate that elicits anti alginate and exotoxin a neutralizing antibodies

Bradshaw C.W.; Fu H.; Shen G J.; Wong C H., 1992: A pseudomonas sp alcohol dehydrogenase with broad substrate specificity and unusual stereospecificity for organic synthesis

Painceira M.T.; Molo M.T., 1988: A pseudomonas using hydrocarbons obtained by genetic techniques

Tinto W.F.; John L.; Lough A.J.; Reynolds W.F.; Mclean S., 1991: A pseudopterane metabolite of pseudopterogorgia acerosa containing an unusually stable diepoxyfuran

Gussio R.; Pou S.; Chen J H.; Smythers G.W., 1992: A pseudoreceptor docking study of 4 5 alpha epoxymorphinans with a range of dielectric constants

Muchmore W.B., 1990: A pseudoscorpion from arctic canada pseudoscorpionida chernetidae

Heideman P.D.; Bronson F.H., 1992: A pseudoseasonal reproductive strategy in a tropical rodent peromyscus nudipes

Donovan D.T.; Curtis M.T.; Curtis S.A., 1988: A psiloceratid ammonite from the supposed triassic penarth group of avon england uk

Stewart E.A.; Kopito R.; Bowcock A.M., 1989: A pstl polymorphism for the human erythrocyte surface protein band 3 epb3 demonstrates close linkage of epb3 to the nerve growth factor receptor

Moore, L. M.; O'connor, T. W., 1991: A psychiatric residential center for children and adolescents a pilot study of its patients' characteristics and improvement while resident

O'brien G.; Whitehouse A.M., 1990: A psychiatric study of deviant eating behavior among mentally handicapped adults

Asgard U., 1990: A psychiatric study of suicide among urban swedish women

Dalgalarrondo P.; Gattaz W.F., 1992: A psychiatric unit in a general hospital in brazil predictors of length of stay

Hoon E.F.; Hoon P.W.; Rand K.H.; Johnson J.; Hall N.R.; Edwards N.B., 1991: A psycho behavioral model of genital herpes recurrence

Hafsi M., 1988: A psychoanalytic approach to performance maintenance pm leadership theory

Meloy J.R.; Singer J., 1991: A psychoanalytic view of the rorschach comprehensive system special scores

Siever L.J.; Davis K.L., 1991: A psychobiological perspective on the personality disorders

Clement U., 1990: A psychodynamic approach to unprotected intercourse among hiv carriers

Gabbard G.O.; Takahashi T.; Davidson J.; Bauman Bork M.; Ensroth K., 1991: A psychodynamic perspective on the clinical impact of insurance review

Tynes L.L.; Salins C.; Skiba W.; Winstead D.K., 1992: A psychoeducational and support group for obsessive compulsive disorder patients and their significant others

Stark M.J., 1989: A psychoeducational approach to methadone maintenance treatment

Stark M.J.; Campbell B.K., 1991: A psychoeducational approach to methadone maintenance treatment a survey of client reactions

Seidel G.; Smith C.; Hafner F.J.; Holme G., 1992: A psychogeriatric community outreach service description and evaluation

Vasilevich A.P.; Nemtsov A.V., 1990: A psycholinguistic study of a special vocabulary used by alcoholics

Borri G., 1990: A psychological approach to the patient affected by paraplegia the listening to nonverbal communication

Cui X.; Et Al, 1988: A psychological health investigation of medical undergraduates

Drake C.; Gerard C., 1989: A psychological pulse train how young children use this cognitive framework to structure simple rhythms

Hong S M.; Page S., 1989: A psychological reactance scale development factor structure and reliability

Segawa K.; Arisawa T.; Niwa Y.; Suzuki T.; Goto H.; Tsuchiya T.; Ishihara A.; Tsukamoto Y.; Yamao K.; Nakazawa S., 1990: A psychological study of patients on upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Kober B.; Kuechler T.; Broelsch C.; Kremer B.; Henne Bruns D., 1990: A psychological support concept and quality of life research in a liver transplantation program an interdisciplinary multicenter study

Boone S.L.; Flint C., 1988: A psychometric analysis of aggression and conflict resolution behavior in black adolescent males

Smead V.S., 1990: A psychometric investigation of the rigorous eating scale

Hiller W.; Goebel G., 1992: A psychometric study of complaints in chronic tinnitus

Johnston C.; Pelham W.E.; Crawford J.J.; Atkins M.S., 1988: A psychometric study of positive and negative nominations and the pupil evaluation inventory

Klem M.L.; Klesges R.C.; Bene C.R.; Mellon M.W., 1990: A psychometric study of restraint the impact of race gender weight and marital status

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Ramanaiah N.V.; Lawry T.H., 1989: A psychometric study of the prf andro scale

Sakina M.R.; Dandiya P.C., 1990: A psychoneuropharmacological profile of centella asiatica extract

Yamasaki, M., 1990: A psychopathological study of chronic schizophrenics based on szondi's drive pathology

Nil R., 1991: A psychopharmacological and psychophysiological evaluation of smoking motives

Mcanally K.I.; Calford M.B., 1990: A psychophysical study of spectral hyperacuity

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Takashi Y., 1990: A psychophysiological study of visual imagery vep and visual imagery

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Vaz L.S.; Urmil A.C.; Dutta P.K., 1988: A psychosocial profile of inmates of orphanages at pune india

Christensen A.P.; Board B.J.; Oei T.P.S., 1992: A psychosocial profile of women with premenstrual dysphoria

Rossi N.; Bassi L.; Delfino M.D., 1988: A psychosocial study about voluntary abortion first and repeat abortions

Kok L.P.; Ho M.L.; Heng B.H.; Ong Y.W., 1990: A psychosocial study of high risk subjects for aids

Earls C.M.; David H., 1989: A psychosocial study of male prostitution

Polatin P.B.; Gatchel R.J.; Barnes D.; Mayer H.; Arens C.; Mayer T.G., 1989: A psychosociomedical prediction model of response to treatment by chronically disabled workers with low back pain

Watanabe J.; Maeda S.; Tanaka C.; Matsubayashi T.; Nakata J.; Ohsako S., 1988: A psychosomatic study of psychogenic auditory disorder and visual disorder in childhood

Hattori R.; Hara K., 1990: A psychosomatic study of twelve cases of psychogenic visual disorder

Takahashi S.; Naruto H.; Aoike A.; Kawai K., 1991: A psychosomatic study on chronic hypertrophy of the palatine tonsils in adults

Takahashi, S.; Naruto, H.; Matsuoka, Y.; Seki, I.; Ishikawa, T., 1991: A psychosomatic study on japanese sojourners in developing countries report 2. study of a questionnaire on life overseas and tpi todai personality inventory administered to 162 males

Takahashi S.; Watanabe K.; Naruto H.; Obara H.; Matsuoka Y.; Ishikawa T.; Seki I., 1990: A psychosomatic study on japanese sojourners in developing countries report i

Bennett S.C., 1989: A pteranodontid pterosaur from the early cretaceous of peru with comments on the relationships of cretaceous pterosaurs

Gemson D.H.; Sloan R.P.; Messeri P.; Goldberg I.J., 1990: A public health model for cardiovascular risk reduction impact of cholesterol screening with brief nonphysician counseling

Bindman, A. B.; Keane, D.; Lurie, N., 1990: A public hospital closes impact on patients' access to care and health status

Tindle R.W.; Fernando G.J.P.; Sterling J.C.; Frazer I.H., 1991: A public t helper epitope of the e7 transforming protein of human papillomavirus 16 provides cognate help for several e7 b cell epitopes from cervical cancer associated human papillomavirus genotypes

Ammermueller J.; Guiloff G.; Normann R.; Kolb H., 1990: A puff and advance technique for visually controlled staining of turtle retinal ganglion cells

Tangirala R.S.; Rao K.S.; Hosker R.P.Jr, 1992: A puff model simulation of tracer concentrations in the nocturnal drainage flow in a deep valley

Kasai K.; Kameya T.; Kadoya K.; Wada C., 1991: A pulmonary large cell carcinoma cell line expressing neuroendocrine cell markers and human chorionic gonadotropin alpha subunit

Haisenleder D.J.; Dalkin A.C.; Ortolano G.A.; Marshall J.C.; Shupnik M.A., 1991: A pulsatile gonadotropin releasing hormone stimulus is required to increase transcription of the gonadotropin subunit genes evidence for differential regulation of transcription by pulse frequency in vivo

Sasaki Y.; Kawai T.; Nishiyama K.; Murayama Y.; Toda S.; Wada T.; Kitaura K.; Sato S.; Kadowaki M.; Et Al, 1988: A pulsatile pump for cardiopulmonary bypass and its clinical use

Aghamohammadi S.Z.; Savage J.R.K., 1989: A pulse brdu method for sce

Gorman A.A.; Hamblett I.; Lambert C.; Prescott A.L., 1990: A pulse radiolysis and pulsed laser study of the vitamin d3 triplet state lifetime relaxation and nonvertical excitation

Lambert C.; Chacon J.N.; Chedekel M.R.; Land E.J.; Riley P.A.; Thompson A.; Truscott T.G., 1989: A pulse radiolysis investigation of the oxidation of indolic melanin precursors evidence for indolequinones and subsequent intermediates

Lambert C.; Land E.J.; Riley P.A.; Truscott T.G., 1990: A pulse radiolysis investigation of the oxidation of methoxylated metabolites of indolic melanin precursors

Heelis P.F.; Parsons B.J.; Phillips G.O.; Swallow A.J., 1991: A pulse radiolysis study of the one electron oxidation and reduction of 5 10 methenyltetrahydrofolate

Cuspidi C.; Sampieri L.; Angioni L.; Boselli L.; Leonetti G., 1989: A pulsed doppler evaluation of left ventricular filling in stable and borderline juvenile arterial hypertension

Echizenya N., 1989: A pulsed doppler study to evaluate fetal circulation

Desando M.A.; Lahajnar G.; Zupancic I.; Reeves L.W., 1990: A pulsed field gradient spin echo nmr study of self diffusion in isotropic micellar solutions containing potassium n alkanoates and tetramethylsilane

Teo C.H.; Seow C.C., 1992: A pulsed nmr method for the study of starch retrogradation

Elliott G.C., 1992: A pulsed subirrigation system for small plots

Scaife A., 1989: A pump leak buffer model for plant nitrate uptake

Kergoat, H.; Lovasik, J. V.; Doughty, M. J., 1989: A pupillographic evaluation of a phenylephrine hydrochloride 5 percent tropicamide 0.8 percent combination mydriatic

Shirakawa S.; Ishikawa S.; Miyata M.; Rea W.J.; Johnson A.R., 1990: A pupillographic study on the presence of organochlorine pesticides in autonomic nerve disturbance

Tosaka N.; Oku H.; Sugasawa J.; Utsumi T., 1992: A pupillographical study on the effects of cataract surgery on the contralateral eye

Williams W.O., 1990: A purely mechanical theory of muscular contraction

Peitsch M.C.; Kress A.; Lerch P.G.; Morgenthaler J J.; Isliker H.; Heiniger H J., 1989: A purification method for apolipoproteins a 1 and a ii

Conigrave A.; Patwardhan A.; Broomhead L.; Roufogalis B., 1992: A purification strategy for inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate 3 kinase from rat liver based upon heparin interaction chromatography

Kim I S.; Bai U.; Song P S., 1989: A purified 124 kda oat phytochrome does not possess a protein kinase activity

Datta S.; Soong C J.; Wang D.M.; Harter M.L., 1991: A purified adenovirus 289 amino acid e1a protein activates rna polymerase iii transcription in vitro and alters transcription factor tfiiic

Agnantiari G.; Christakopoulos P.; Kekos D.; Macris B.J., 1991: A purified alpha galactosidase from aspergillus niger with enhanced kinetic characteristics

Spannagl M.; Hoffmann H.; Siebeck M.; Weipert J.; Schwarz H.P.; Schramm W., 1991: A purified antithrombin iii heparin complex as a potent inhibitor of thrombin in porcine endotoxin shock

Hobohm U.; Hildebrandt A.; Rensing L., 1990: A purified cellular extract accelerates the cell cycle in physarum polycephalum

Dekoven D.L.; Nunez J.M.; Lester S.M.; Conklin D.E.; Marty G.D.; Parker L.M.; Hinton D.E., 1992: A purified diet for medaka oryzias latipes refining a fish model for toxicological research

Biggin M.D.; Tjian R., 1989: A purified drosophila homeodomain protein represses transcription in vitro

Errasfa M.; Russo Marie F., 1989: A purified lipocortin shares the anti inflammatory effect of glucocorticosteroids in vivo in mice

Khan I.A.; Ely K.H.; Kasper L.H., 1991: A purified parasite antigen p30 mediates cd8 positive t cell immunity against fatal toxoplasma gondii infection in mice

Broomfield C.A., 1992: A purified recombinant organophosphorus acid anhydrase protects mice against soman

Barrett C.B.; Erikson E.; Maller J.L., 1992: A purified s6 kinase kinase from xenopus eggs activates s6 kinase ii and autophosphorylates on serine threonine and tyrosine residues

Mcgillivery D.J.; Young W.K.; Adler B.; Riffkin G.G., 1992: A purified stage secific 31 kda antigen as a potential protective antigen against ostertagia circumcincta infection in lambs

Joshi S., 1991: A putative approach for cloning silent genes using retroviral vectors

Faraji Shadan F.; Stubbs J.D.; Bowman P.D., 1990: A putative approach for gene therapy against human immunodeficiency virus hiv

Burgess S.; Couto J.R.; Guthrie C., 1990: A putative atp binding protein influences the fidelity of branchpoint recognition in yeast splicing

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Matsunami K.; Imai A.; Tamaya T., 1989: A putative growth factor in extract from uterine cancers

Rothman J.H.; Raymond C.K.; Gilbert T.; O'hara P.J.; Stevens T.H., 1990: A putative gtp binding protein homologous to interferon inducible mix proteins performs an essential function in yeast protein sorting

Ma N.S.F.; Harris T.S., 1989: A putative homoeolog of human chromosome 12 in the owl monkey

Peters, G.; Brookes, S.; Placzek, M.; Schuermann, M.; Michalides, R.; Dickson, C., 1989: A putative int domain for mouse mammary tumor virus on mouse chromosome 7 is a 5' extension of int 2

Sakakibara R.; Hashida K.; Tominaga N.; Saki K.; Ishiguro M.; Imamura S.; Ohmatsu F.; Sato E., 1991: A putative mouse oocyte maturation inhibitory protein from urine of pregnant women amino terminal sequence homology with human nonsecretory rnase

Albritton L.M.; Tseng L.; Scadden D.; Cunningham J.M., 1989: A putative murine ecotropic retrovirus receptor gene encodes a multiple membrane spanning protein and confers susceptibility to virus infection

Robbins I.; Lenoir F.; Mathieu M., 1990: A putative neuroendocrine factor that stimulates glycogen mobilization in isolated glycogen cells from the marine mussel mytilus edulis

Hayakawa Y., 1992: A putative new juvenile peptide hormone in lepidopteran insects

Van De Mortel J.B.J.; Theuvenet A.P.R.; Borst Pauwels G.W.F.H., 1990: A putative potassium ion selective channel in the plasma membrane of yeast that is blocked by micromolar concentrations of external divalent cations and is insensitive to tetraethylammonium

Shen F S.; Roberts S.F.; Lindberg I., 1989: A putative processing enzyme for proenkephalin in bovine adrenal chromaffin granule membranes purification and properties

Levin D.E.; Bishop J.M., 1990: A putative protein kinase gene kin1 positive is important for growth polarity in schizosaccharomyces pombe

Courchesne W.E.; Kunisawa R.; Thorner J., 1989: A putative protein kinase overcomes pheromone induced arrest of cell cycling in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gaul U.; Mardon G.; Rubin G.M., 1992: A putative ras gtpase activating protein acts as a negative regulator of signaling by the sevenless receptor tyrosine kinase

Rescigno J.; Mansukhani A.; Basilico C., 1991: A putative receptor tyrosine kinase with unique structural topology

Grant D.; Long W.F.; Williamson F.B., 1992: A putative role for colloidal silicates in primitive evolution deduced in part from their relevance to modern pathological afflictions

Barnea A.; Cho G.; Katz B.M., 1991: A putative role for extracellular atp facilitation of copper 67 uptake and of copper stimulation of the release of lhrh from median eminence explants

Wilson C.; Bergantino E.; Lanfranchi G.; Valle G.; Carignani G.; Frontali L., 1992: A putative serine threonine protein kinase gene on chromosome iii of saccharomyces cerevisiae

St Jacques B.; Han T H.; Macmurray A.; Shin H S., 1990: A putative transmembrane protein with histidine rich charge clusters encoded in the h 2h t w 5 region of mice

Souyri M.; Vigon I.; Penciolelli J F.; Heard J M.; Tambourin P.; Wendling F., 1990: A putative truncated cytokine receptor gene transduced by the myeloproliferative leukemia virus immortalizes hematopoietic progenitors

Golais F.; Lesko J.; Hillerova A.; Sabo A.; Kolcunova A., 1990: A putative virus encoded growth factor in the crude extract of pseudorabies virus infected and transformed human cells

Robinson J.S.; Graham T.R.; Emr S.D., 1991: A putative zinc finger protein saccharomyces cerevisiae vps18p affects late golgi functions required for vacuolar protein sorting and efficient alpha factor prohormone maturation

Singbartl G.; Metzger G.; Stoegbauer R.; Haarmann W., 1990: A puzzling case of a paradoxical air embolism in the closed foramen ovale

Holman J.A.; Case G.R., 1992: A puzzling new snake reptilia serpentes from the late paleocene of mississippi

Opalka B.; Wandl U.; Kloke O.; Oberle C.; Koppe J.; Niederle N.; Schmidt C.G., 1989: A pvuii polymorphism of the bcr region in patients with hematopoietic disorders and their families

Fey M.F.; Wainscoat J.S.; Mukwala E.C.; Falusi A.G.; Vulliamy T.J.; Luzzatto L., 1990: A pvuii restriction fragment length polymorphism of the glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase gene is an african specific marker

Rich P.V.; Plane M.; Schroeder N., 1988: A pygmy cassowary casuarius lydekkeri from late pleistocene bog deposits at pureni papua new guinea

Miller R.V.; Ford E.J.; Zidack N.J.; Sands D.C., 1989: A pyrimidine auxotroph of sclerotinia sclerotiorum for use in biological weed control

Yang I Y.; Slusher R.M.; Broom A.D.; Ueda T.; Cheng Y C., 1988: A pyrimidine based flexible bisubstrate analogue inhibitor of human thymidylate synthase

Liao Y D., 1992: A pyrimidine guanine sequence specific ribonuclease from rana catesbeiana bullfrog oocytes

Hindmarch J.M.; Magee J.T.; Hadfield M.A.; Duerden B.I., 1990: A pyrolysis mass spectrometry study of corynebacterium spp

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Jacob P.IIi; Lewis E.R.; Elias Baker B.A.; Jones R.T., 1990: A pyrolysis product anhydroecgonine methyl ester methylecgonidine is in the urine of cocaine smokers

Negi R.K.S.; Fakhir T.M.; Rajagopalan T.R., 1989: A pyrrolizidine alkaloid from cirsium wallichii dc

Han Y.N.; Chung M.S., 1990: A pyrrolopyrimidine alkaloid from glycyrrhiza uralensis

Peters E.P.; Wilderspin A.F.; Wood S.P.; Zvelebil M.J.J.; Sezer O.; Danchin A., 1991: A pyruvate stimulated adenylate cyclase has a sequence related to the fes fps oncogenes and to eukaryotic cyclases

Pratesi, P.; Caliendo, G.; Silipo, C.; Vittoria, A., 1992: A qsar approach to the study of structural requirements of muscarinic receptor ligands part i. agonists

Pratesi, P.; Caliendo, G.; Silipo, C.; Vittoria, A., 1992: A qsar approach to the study of structural requirements of muscarinic receptor ligands part ii. antagonists

Debnath, A. K.; Debnath, G.; Shusterman, A. J.; Hansch, C., 1992: A qsar investigation of the role of hydrophobicity in regulating mutagenicity in the ames test 1. mutagenicity of aromatic and heteroaromatic amines in salmonella typhimurium ta98 and ta100

Gombar V.K.; Borgstedt H.H.; Enslein K.; Hart J.B.; Blake B.W., 1991: A qsar model of teratogenesis

Sapre A.B.; Mishra N.S., 1990: A quadruple trisomic among the open pollinated progeny of an autotriploid coix lacryma jobi

Pepe M.S.; Longton G.; Thornquist M., 1991: A qualifier q for the survival function to describe the prevalence of a transient condition

Armsworth, M. W., 1990: A qualitative analysis of adult incest survivors' responses to sexual involvement with therapists

Luckinbill L.S.; Graves J.L.; Tomkiw A.; Sowirka O., 1988: A qualitative analysis of some life history correlates of longevity in drosophila melanogaster

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Hammond, J.; Johnson, H. M.; Varas, R.; Ward, C. G., 1991: A qualitative comparison of paper flowsheets vs. a computer based clinical information system

Holler T.P.; Hopkins P.B., 1989: A qualitative fluorescence based assay for tyrosyl radical scavenging activity ovothiol a is an efficient scavenger

Schrader T.; Peattie R.A.; Bluth E.I.; Comstock C.E., 1992: A qualitative investigation of turbulence in flow through a model abdominal aortic aneurysm

Wyllie, A. J.; Casswell, S., 1991: A qualitative investigation of young men's drinking in new zealand

Chapman C.G.D.; Kimber G., 1990: A qualitative phenotypic effect of accessory chromosomes of triticum tripsacoides

Cox G.L.; Merkel W.T., 1989: A qualitative review of psychosocial treatments for bulimia

Hallberg L.R M.; Carlsson S.G., 1991: A qualitative study of strategies for managing a hearing impairment

Slabbert J.P.; Binns P.J.; Jones H.L.; Hough J.H., 1989: A quality assessment of the effects of a hydrogenous filter on a p 66be 40 neutron beam

Miah M.J.; Van Remortel R.D.; Byers G.E.; Papp M.L.; Teberg J.E.; Blume L.J., 1991: A quality assurance design for estimating data uncertainties in a soil characterization study

Edwards F.H.; Albus R.A.; Zajtchuk R.; Graeber G.M.; Barry M., 1989: A quality assurance model of operative mortality in coronary artery surgery

Hannon W.H.; Lewis S.; Jones W.K.; Powell M.K., 1989: A quality assurance program for human immunodeficiency virus seropositivity screening of dried blood spot specimens

Dahl R.A.; Mccullough E.C.; Mellenberg D.E., 1990: A quality assurance program for monitor unit calculators

Reeder J.C.; Ballinger M.; Delamare O., 1992: A quality assurance scheme for rural laboratories a report on a trial distribution in momase region papua new guinea

Wells J.H.; Singh R.P., 1989: A quality based inventory issue policy for perishable foods

Reher D.F.G.; Merlo P., 1990: A quality control exercise of radionuclide calibrators among belgian hospitals

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