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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6968

Chapter 6968 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rachid J.; Lima M.P.; Rachid M.B.D.F., 1992:
A simplified estimate of the human body surface area

Bicking M.K.L., 1992:
A simplified experimental design approach to optimization of sfe conditions for extraction of an amine hydrochloride

Stokl C.; Crawhall J.C., 1989:
A simplified extraction for mexiletine from serum and analysis by high performance liquid chromatography

Atkinson S.F., 1990:
A simplified habitat evaluation for use with remote sensing data

Simon P.; Celkova A.; Schmidt S., 1991:
A simplified horiuti polanyi scheme for the hydrogenation of triacylglycerols

Kumar A.M.; Kumar M.; Fernandez J.B.; Mellman T.A.; Eisdorfer C., 1991:
A simplified hplc ecd technique for measurement of urinary free catecholamines

Stegner J., 1989:
A simplified identification key to the genus catops paykull 1798 coleoptera cholevidae

Rastovac M.; Jankovic Z., 1991:
A simplified in vitro method of red blood cell labelling with technetium using whole blood

Malik K.A., 1990 :
A simplified liquid drying method for the preservation of microorganisms sensitive to freezing and freeze drying

Lakshmanan M.; Schaffer A.; Robbins J.; Reynolds J.; Norton J., 1988:
A simplified low iodine diet in iodine 131 scanning and therapy of thyroid cancer

David H.; Easwaramoorthy S.; Kurup N.K.; Shanmugasundaram M.; Santhalakshmi G., 1989:
A simplified mass culturing technique for sturmiopsis inferens tns

Huot J.; Picard G., 1988:
A simplified method for assessment of caribou body composition

Crabtree, B.; Collins, G.; Franklin, M.I., 1989:
A simplified method for calculating complex metabolic sensitivities by using matrix partitioning

Makino S.; Harada M.; Akashi K.; Taniguchi S.; Shibuya T.; Inaba S.; Niho Y., 1991:
A simplified method for cryopreservation of peripheral blood stem cells at minus 80 c without rate controlled freezing

Nair, R.R.; Kartha, C.C., 1989:
A simplified method for culture of human fetal heart tissue

Frank, T.S.; Cook, S.M.; Del Buono, E.A.; Wilson, M.D., 1992:
A simplified method for detecting cytomegalovirus by polymerase chain reaction from histologic sections of small biopsies

Porcher, C.; Malinge, M.C.; Picat, C.; Grandchamp, B., 1992:
A simplified method for determination of specific DNA or RNA copy number using quantitative PCR and an automatic DNA sequencer

Hall K.C.; Pearce D.M.E.; Jackson M.B., 1989:
A simplified method for determining 1 aminocyclopropane 1 carboxylic acid acc in plant tissues using a mass selective detector

Palagina N.K.; Meledina T.V.; Karpisheva I.A., 1990:
A simplified method for determining pantotenic acid in molasses

Cobos Gil M.A.; Rada I.; Gili M.; Camacho I.; Asin E.; Yuste P., 1991:
A simplified method for doppler estimation of mitral valve area

Spangrude, G.J.; Scollay, R., 1990:
A simplified method for enrichment of mouse hematopoietic stem cells

Aono Y.; Omoto Y., 1990:
A simplified method for estimation of blooming date for the cherry by means of dts number of days transformed to standard temperature

Stevens, J.R.; Lanham, S.M.; Allingham, R.; Gashumba, J.K., 1992:
A simplified method for identifying subspecies and strain groups in Trypanozoon by isoenzymes

Wang L Y.; L.J.; Wang J H.; W.L.H., 1989:
A simplified method for large scale cultivation and purification of meningococcal group b outer membrane protein and its standardization

Bochkov I.A.; Trofimova O.D.; Darbeeva O.S.; Cherkasskaya R.S.; Shevchuk M.S., 1989:
A simplified method for microorganism calculation in studies of human autoflora

Wendel, S.; Dayawansa, T.; Das, P.C.; Smit Sibinga, C.T., 1990:
A simplified method for purification, concentration and freezing of bone marrow cells for autologous transplantation

Yoshida, J.; Takamura, S.; Suzuki, S., 1989:
A simplified method for purification of an antitumor acidic glycoprotein from Streptococcus pyogenes (Su strain) by immunoadsorbent chromatography

Butts J.; Todd J.F.; Lerche I.; Moore W.S.; Moore D.G., 1988:
A simplified method for radium 226 determinations in natural waters

Goyal D., 1992:
A simplified method for screening and characterization of plasmid dna in cyanobacteria

Eichner, J.E.; Kuller, L.H.; Ferrell, R.E.; Kamboh, M.I., 1991:
A simplified method for screening the apolipoprotein E polymorphism

Hay B.A.; Homiski J.W.; Priest M.A., 1991:
A simplified method for synthesis of tetrahydroiso alpha acid standards for high performance liquid chromatography

Negro A.; Mendez R.; Martin Villacorta J.; Ortiz A.I.; Ordonez D., 1991:
A simplified method for the determination of methylglyoxal bisguanylhydrazone mgbg in biological fluids by reversed phase ion pair hplc

Gurleva G.G., 1989:
A simplified method for the identification of yersinia enterocolitica serological variants

Arias E.; Suau P.; Molera P., 1988:
A simplified method for the quantitative detection of organotin leached into natural sea water by antifouling paints

Smith, B.J.; Holladay, S.D.; Hudson, L.C., 1990:
A simplified method of casting the macroscopic airways of lungs

Babis H., 1988:
A simplified method of embedding mature embryos of some dicotyledonous plants in paraffin in conformity with their plane of symmetry

Dibble, R.F.; Friedel, S.D., 1990:
A simplified method of monocanalicular silicone intubation

Yakhyayev, A.V.; Voronkova, I.M.; Sukhanov, V.A., 1991:
A simplified method of protein electroblotting after isoelectric focusing on an ultrathin polyacrylamide gel layer fixed on a cellophane support

Benken A.A.; Grishechkina S.D.; Khatskevich L.K., 1988:
A simplified method of the diagnosis of helminthosporic root rot in cereals

Bourges, M.; Esterre, P.; Guerret, S.; Grimaud, J.A., 1989:
A simplified method of tissue processing for immunostaining with good preservation of antigens and morphology

Kruk, P.A.; Maines-Bandiera, S.L.; Auersperg, N., 1990:
A simplified method to culture human ovarian surface epithelium

Thunnissen H.A.M.; Nieuwenhuis G.J.A., 1990:
A simplified method to estimate regional 24 h evapotranspiration from thermal ir data

Weiss T.; Ruef P.; Linderkamp O., 1991:
A simplified method to produce micropipettes with flat tips

Lucia V.; Marinho A.; Kitajima E.W., 1989:
A simplified method to purify some potyviruses

Launay B., 1990:
A simplified nonlinear model for describing the viscoelastic properties of wheat flour doughs at high shear strain

Vonica A.; Lascu I.; Cristea A.; Toader S.; Proinov I.; Jebeleanu G.; Cucuianu M., 1988:
A simplified one step method for the purification of antithrombin iii from human plasma and the subsequent preparation of an antiserum

Salas H.J.; Martino P., 1991:
A simplified phosphorus trophic state model for warm water tropical lakes

Abou-Karam, M.; Shier, W.T., 1990:
A simplified plaque reduction assay for antiviral agents from plants. Demonstration of frequent occurrence of antiviral activity in higher plants

Yang, J.; Xu, J.; Yang, S., 1990:
A simplified polygraphic method for studying sleep in the rat

Rimington C.; Ronnestad A.; Kongshaug M.; Moan J., 1989:
A simplified preparation of hematoporphyrin diethers iv

Lee H.G.; Kim Y.H.; Lee H.S.; Choi M.J.; Choe I.S.; Chung T.W., 1989:
A simplified procedure for c reactive protein purification

D'souza C.; Deugau K.V.; Spencer J.H., 1989:
A simplified procedure for complementary dna and genomic library construction using nonpalindromic oligonucleotide adaptors

Bardhan S.; Sharan C.; Singh D.N.; Turner E.A.; Del Pilar Aguinaga M., 1992:
A simplified procedure for isolation of highly purified genomic dna

Bueckmann, A.F.; Wray, V., 1992:
A simplified procedure for the synthesis and purification of n 6 2 aminoethyl nad and tricyclic 1.n 6 ethanoadenine nad

Ahrenholz, P.; Falkenhagen, D.; Klinkmann, H., 1988:
A simplified procedure to compute dialysis time and frequency by means of urea kinetics

Faraj, B.A.; Martin, L.G., 1990:
A simplified radioenzymatic method for the study of whole blood histamine release in patients receiving radiographic contrast media

Paterson R.R.M.; Rutherford M.A., 1991:
A simplified rapid technique for fusaric acid detection in fusarium strains

Beaman, J.M.; Woodhead, J.S., 1989:
A simplified strategy for testing thyroid function

Palou Redorta J.; Caparros Sariol J.; Salvador Bayarri J.; Villavicencio Mavrich H., 1991:
A simplified technique for nephroureterectomy

Roberts, J.P.; Debas, H.T., 1989:
A simplified technique for rapid truncal vagotomy

Dibner-Dunlap, M.E.; Thames, M.D., 1990:
A simplified technique for the production of heart failure in the dog by rapid ventricular pacing

Knibbs D.R.; Anderson C.; Abbott S.J.; Cartun R.W., 1990:
A simplified technique for the ultrastructural localization of cytoskeletal filament proteins by immunogold electron microscopy

Schwaber, M.K.; Hall, J.W., 1990:
A simplified technique for transtympanic electrocochleography

Buravlev V.M.; Krutov S.I., 1988:
A simplified technique of nervous tissue culture preparation for electron microscopy

Varosi, S.M.; Brigmon, R.L.; Besch, E.L., 1990:
A simplified telemetry system for monitoring body temperature in small animals

Flinn P.E.; Kenyon A.S.; Layloff T.P., 1992 :
A simplified tlc system for qualitative and semi quantitative analysis of pharmaceuticals

Alvarez Chacon R.; Chio M.W.; Vazquez Tsuji O.; Otero M.D.C., 1990:
A simplified treatment of intestinal amebiasis in children with diiodohydroxyquinoline

Masin S.C., 1989:
A simplified version of the method of transitions

Reynolds S.B.; Martin A.D.E.; Bucknall B.; Chambers B.J., 1989:
A simplified x ray fluorescence xrf procedure for the determination of sulfur in graminaceous materials

Gantet, P.; Esquerré, J.P.; Danet, B.; Guiraud, R., 1990:
A simulation method for studying scintillation camera collimators

Zhou X.; Carter N.; Mumford J., 1989:
A simulation model describing the population dynamics and damage potential of the rose grain aphid metopolophium dirhodum walker hemiptera aphididae in the uk

Martin S.J., 1991:
A simulation model for colony development of the hornet vespa simillima hymenoptera vespidae

Ohba, T.; Masaki, M.; Ohtsuka, R., 1990:
A simulation model for migrations and dispersals of prehistoric human populations

Rambal S., 1988:
A simulation model for predicting water balance and canopy water potential of a quercus coccifera garrigue after fire

Adachi I.; Korenaga R., 1992:
A simulation model for the arrowhead scale hemiptera diaspididae population dynamics on citrus trees in relation to pest management programs

Chiatti, L.; Gentile, F.P.; Schinaia, G.; Carpino, S.; Greco, C.; Floridi, A.; Benassi, M., 1991:
A simulation model for tumor growth controlled by therapeutic agents

Hethcote, H.W.; Van-Ark, J.W.; Longini, I.M. Jr.;, 1991:
A simulation model of aids in san francisco california usa i. model formulation and parameter estimation

Hethcote, H.W.; Van-Ark, J.W.; Karon, J.M., 1991:
A simulation model of aids in san francisco california usa ii. simulations therapy and sensitivity analysis

Bachelet D.; Hunt H.W.; Detling J.K., 1989:
A simulation model of intraseasonal carbon and nitrogen dynamics of blue grama swards as influenced by aboveground and belowground grazing

Carberry, P.S.; Muchow, R.C.; Williams, R.; Sturtz, J.D.; Mccown, R.L., 1992:
A simulation model of kenaf for assisting fibre industry planning in northern australia i. general introduction and phenological model

Carberry, P.S.; Muchow, R.C., 1992:
A simulation model of kenaf for assisting fibre industry planning in northern australia ii. leaf area development

Carberry, P.S.; Muchow, R.C., 1992:
A simulation model of kenaf for assisting fibre industry planning in northern australia iii. model description and validation

Sukhanovskii Y.P., 1991:
A simulation model of rain erosion of soils

Regniere J.; You M., 1991:
A simulation model of spruce budworm lepidoptera tortricidae feeding on balsam fir and white spruce

Pages L.; Jordan M.O.; Picard D., 1989:
A simulation model of the three dimensional architecture of the maize root system

Masser M.P.; Grant W.E.; Neill W.H.; Robinson E.H., 1991:
A simulation model representing effects on dietary energy protein ratio and water temperature on growth of channel catfish ictalurus punctatus

Nakajima, K.; Shuke, N.; Taki, J.; Ichihara, T.; Motomura, N.; Bunko, H.; Hisada, K., 1992:
A simulation of dynamic SPECT using radiopharmaceuticals with rapid clearance

Van Der Kamp A.; Dijkhuizen A.A.; Peterse D.J., 1990:
A simulation of leptospirosis control in dutch dairy herds

van Ingen Schenau, G.J.; de Koning, J.J.; de Groot, G., 1990:
A simulation of speed skating performances based on a power equation

Holt J.; Wareing D.R.; Norton G.A.; Cook A.G., 1989:
A simulation of the impact of immigration on brown planthopper population dynamics in tropical rice

Arad D.; Langridge R.; Kollman P.A., 1990:
A simulation of the sulfur attack in the catalytic pathway of papain using molecular mechanics and semiempirical quantum mechanics

Sawada K.; Yamanaka T.; Koide T., 1988:
A simulation of the titration curves in the reaction of polyvalent amino acids with a monoacidic base

Onyango C.M.; Street M.J.; Marchant J.A., 1989:
A simulation of the wisard adaptive image classifier in 68000 forth

Zaritsky, A.; Forester, E., 1991:
A simulation program to display specific digestion products of predicted RNA foldings

Van Der Werf J.H.J.; Kamphof J.; Van Den Broek H., 1989:
A simulation study comparing methods of within herd estimation of breeding values for dairy cows

Van Sonderen J.F.; Denier Van Der Gon J.J., 1990:
A simulation study of a program generator for centrally programmed fast two joint arm movements responses to single and double step target displacements

Walklate P.J., 1992:
A simulation study of pesticide drift from an air assisted orchard sprayer

Sato A.; Endoh K.; Kaneko T.; Johanson G., 1991:
A simulation study of physiological factors affecting pharmacokinetic behavior of organic solvent vapors

Yano, E., 1989:
A simulation study of population interaction between the greenhouse whitefly trialeurodes vaporariorum westwood homoptera aleyrodidae and the parasitoid encarsia formosa gahan hymenoptera aphelinidae i. description of the model

Lütkenhöner, B., 1991:
A simulation study of the resolving power of the biomagnetic inverse procedure

Farebrother R.W., 1992:
A simulation study of three iterated weighted least squares estimators of mortality rates from single release tagging studies

Ito D., 1992:
A simulation study on characteristics of carbon dioxide assimilation in mulberry fields with different row orientations

Ito D.; Oikawa T., 1989:
A simulation study on characteristics of light interception and carbon dioxide assimilation in a densely planted mulberry field and their regional variation

Hsieh, B.S.; Chen, Y.M.; Wu, K.D.; Kuo, Y.M.; Hsieh, C.H.; Lee, P.W., 1990:
A simulation study on renin and aldosterone secretions in primary aldosteronism

Ito D., 1992:
A simulation study on the characteristics of carbon dioxide assimilation in mulberry populations with intermediated pruning at various stages and heights

Kountourellis J.E.; Markopoulou C.K., 1991:
A simultaneous analysis by high performance liquid chromatography of bamipine combined with tricyclic antidepressants and or antipsychotics in dosage forms

Kountourellis J.E.; Markopoulou C., 1989:
A simultaneous assay by high performance liquid chromatography of bamipine hydrochloride and terbutaline sulfate in dosage forms

Kurihara K.; Kim K.; Kodachi K.; Imai T., 1990:
A simultaneous bilateral breast reconstruction by a unilateral rectus abdominis myocutaneous flap

Chu, N.S., 1992:
A simultaneous comparison of acupuncture needle and insulated needle sphenoidal electrodes for detection of anterior temporal spikes

Greer R.C.; Short R.E.; Bellows R.A., 1990:
A simultaneous equations model of the cause effect relationships among biological variables an analysis using postpartum beef cows

Borland, C.D.; Higenbottam, T.W., 1989:
A simultaneous single breath measurement of pulmonary diffusing capacity with nitric oxide and carbon monoxide

Lissak, W., 1990:
A since unknown record of pallas's sandgrouse syrrhaptes paradoxus from eastern france

Doyle, P.C.; Danhauer, J.L.; Mendel, L.L., 1990:
A sindscal analysis of perceptual features for consonants produced by esophageal and tracheoesophageal talkers

Hemschoote, K.; Peeters, B.; Dirckx, L.; Claessens, F.; De-Clercq, N.; Heyns, W.; Winderickx, J.; Bannwarth, W.; Rombauts, W., 1988:
A single 12.5 kilobase androgen regulated messenger rna encoding multiple proline rich polypeptides in the ventral prostate of the rat

Kim C H.; Kwon S T.; Lee D S., 1991:
A single amino acid change at the signal sequence of a chlorine dependent amylase gene truncates its enzyme translocation in escherichia coli

Smilek, D.E.; Wraith, D.C.; Hodgkinson, S.; Dwivedy, S.; Steinman, L.; McDevitt, H.O., 1991:
A single amino acid change in a myelin basic protein peptide confers the capacity to prevent rather than induce experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Buchman, C.; Skroch, P.; Dixon, W.; Tullius, T.D.; Karin, M., 1990:
A single amino acid change in CUP2 alters its mode of DNA binding

Syväoja, P.; Peränen, J.; Suomalainen, M.; Keränen, S.; Kääriäinen, L., 1990:
A single amino acid change in E3 of ts1 mutant inhibits the intracellular transport of SFV envelope protein complex

Zhang, Y.; Nelson, M.; Van Etten, J.L., 1992:
A single amino acid change restores DNA cytosine methyltransferase activity in a cloned chlorella virus pseudogene

Chao, C.C., 1992:
A single amino acid deletion at the amino terminus of influenza virus hemagglutinin causes malfolding and blocks exocytosis of the molecule in mammalian cells

Finnegan, A.; Amburgey, C.F., 1989:
A single amino acid mutation in a protein antigen abrogates presentation of certain T cell determinants

Mishina M.; Sakimura K.; Mori H.; Kushiya E.; Harabayashi M.; Uchino S.; Nagahari K., 1991:
A single amino acid residue determines the calcium permeability of ampa selective glutamate receptor channels

Chen, F.; Puett, D., 1992:
A single amino acid residue replacement in the beta subunit of human chorionic gonadotrophin results in the loss of biological activity

Black, M.E.; Hruby, D.E., 1992:
A single amino acid substitution abolishes feedback inhibition of vaccinia virus thymidine kinase

Delcour, A.H.; Adler, J.; Kung, C., 1991:
A single amino acid substitution alters conductance and gating of OmpC porin of Escherichia coli

Iida, T.; Tsuji, T.; Honda, T.; Miwatani, T.; Wakabayashi, S.; Wada, K.; Matsubara, H., 1989:
A single amino acid substitution in B subunit of Escherichia coli enterotoxin affects its oligomer formation

Tsuji, T.; Inoue, T.; Miyama, A.; Okamoto, K.; Honda, T.; Miwatani, T., 1990:
A single amino acid substitution in the A subunit of Escherichia coli enterotoxin results in a loss of its toxic activity

Mellins, E.; Arp, B.; Ochs, B.; Erlich, H.; Pious, D., 1988:
A single amino acid substitution in the human histocompatibility leukocyte antigen DR3 beta chain selectively alters antigen presentation

Dul, J.L.; Argon, Y., 1990:
A single amino acid substitution in the variable region of the light chain specifically blocks immunoglobulin secretion

L.Y.; Hou Y D., 1990:
A single amino acid substitution of alpha 1 interferon changes its biological activities

Higashitani, A.; Greenstein, D.; Horiuchi, K., 1992:
A single amino acid substitution reduces the superhelicity requirement of a replication initiator protein

Kaye, F.J.; Kratzke, R.A.; Gerster, J.L.; Horowitz, J.M., 1990:
A single amino acid substitution results in a retinoblastoma protein defective in phosphorylation and oncoprotein binding

Gros, P.; Dhir, R.; Croop, J.; Talbot, F., 1991:
A single amino acid substitution strongly modulates the activity and substrate specificity of the mouse mdr1 and mdr3 drug efflux pumps

Takagi, S.; Hagi, S.; Tananari, M.; Kamimura, Y.; Horizoe, H.; Nakamura, T., 1991:
A single and a repeated dose toxicity studies of racemic n 1 azabicyclo 2.2.2 oct 3 yl 6 chloro 4 methyl 3 oxo 3 4 dihydro 2h 1 4 benzoxazine 8 carboxamide hydrochloride y 25130 in rats

Prescott C.D.; Dahlberg A.E., 1990:
A single base change at 726 in 16s ribosomal radically alters the pattern of proteins synthesized in vivo

Patterson D.; Berger R.; Bleskan J.; Vannais D.; Davidson J., 1992:
A single base change at a splice acceptor site leads to a truncated cad protein in urd negative a mutant chinese hamster ovary cells

Chen M.X.; Bouquin N.; Norris V.; Casaregola S.; Seror S.J.; Holland I.B., 1991:
A single base change in the acceptor stem of leucine transfer rna confers resistance upon escherichia coli to the calmodulin inhibitor 48 80

Pritchard, A.E.; Calenoff, M.A.; Simpson, S.; Jensen, K.; Lipton, H.L., 1992:
A single base deletion in the 5' noncoding region of Theiler's virus attenuates neurovirulence

Tapprich W.E.; Dahlberg A.E., 1990:
A single base mutation at position 2661 in escherichia coli 23s ribosomal rna affects the binding of ternary complex to the ribosome

Richards A.J.; Ward P.N.; Narcisi P.; Nicholls A.C.; Lloyd J.C.; Pope F.M., 1992:
A single base mutation in the gene for type iii collagen col3a1 converts glycine 847 to glutamic acid in a family with ehlers danlos syndrome type iv an unaffected family member is mosaic for the mutation

Zhuang J.; Constantinou C.D.; Ganguly A.; Prockop D.J., 1991:
A single base mutation in type i procollagen col1a1 that converts glycine alpha 1 541 to aspartate in a lethal variant of osteogenesis imperfecta detection of the mutation with a carbodiimide reaction of dna heteroduplexes and direct sequencing of products of the pcr

Baldwin C.T.; Constantinou C.D.; Dumars K.W.; Prockop D.J., 1989:
A single base mutation that converts glycine 907 of the alpha 2 1 chain of type i procollagen to aspartate in a lethal variant of osteogenesis imperfecta the single amino acid substitution near the carboxyl terminus destabilizes the whole triple helix

Dandekar, A.M.; Uratsu, S.L., 1988:
A single base pair change in proline biosynthesis genes causes osmotic stress tolerance

Trezeguet V.; Edwards H.; Schimmel P., 1991:
A single base pair dominates over the novel identity of an escherichia coli tyrosine transfer rna in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ito, M.; Mori, Y.; Oiso, Y.; Saito, H., 1991:
A single base substitution in the coding region for neurophysin II associated with familial central diabetes insipidus

D.C.saris R.; Ranieri G.; Andriani A.; Chiarappa R., 1991:
A single blind comparison of the efficacy and tolerability of lisinopril and quinapril in the treatment of essential hypertension

Ernst, E.; Saradeth, T.; Resch, K.L., 1991:
A single blind randomized, controlled trial of hydrotherapy for varicose veins

Miyake Y I.; Murakami R K.; Kaneda Y., 1990:
A single born infertile heifer with sex chromosome chimerism xx xy

Aziz A.; Abu Dagga F., 1991:
A single cell protein as standard reference material for determination of amino acids fatty acids and elements in foods

Musser, J.M.; Schlievert, P.M.; Chow, A.W.; Ewan, P.; Kreiswirth, B.N.; Rosdahl, V.T.; Naidu, A.S.; Witte, W.; Selander, R.K., 1990:
A single clone of Staphylococcus aureus causes the majority of cases of toxic shock syndrome

Dunn B.B.; Channing M.A.; Adams H.R.; Goldstein D.S.; Kirk K.L.; Kiesewetter D.O., 1991:
A single column rapid quality control procedure for 6 fluorine 18 labeled fluoro l dopa and 6 fluorine 18 labeled fluorodopamine pet imaging agents

Chelucci G.L.; Brunet F.; Dall'ava Santucci J.; Dhainaut J.F.; Paccaly D.; Armaganidis A.; Milic Emili J.; Lockhart A., 1991:
A single compartment model cannot describe passive expiration in intubated paralyzed humans

Korty P.E.; Cohen D.I.; Shevach E.M., 1988:
A single complementary dna encodes multiple ly 6 antigenic specificities

Doye V.; Soubrier F.; Bauw G.; Boutterin M C.; Beretta L.; Koppel J.; Vandekerckhove J.; Sobel A., 1989:
A single complementary dna encodes two isoforms of stathmin a developmentally regulated neuron enriched phosphoprotein

Frensch K.; Schoeler H.F.; Schoenen K., 1990:
A single control water mixer as a source of organic solvents in drinking water

Subramanian S.; Vanamail P.; Ramaiah K.D.; Pani S.P.; Das P.K.; Rajagopalan P.K., 1989:
A single deterministic model for host parasite relationship in wuchereria bancrofti infection and its relevance to parasite regulation in human host

Cartel J L.; Celerier P.; Spiegel A.; Burucoa C.; Roux J F., 1990:
A single diethylcarbamazine dose for treatment of wuchereria bancrofti carriers in french polynesia pacific ocean efficacy and side effects

Beer M.; Kennett G.A.; Curzon G., 1990:
A single dose of 8 hydroxy dpat reduces raphe binding of tritiated 8 hydroxy dpat and increases the effect of raphe stimulation on 5 ht metabolism

Romanelli, G.; Giustina, A.; Cravarezza, P.; Bossoni, S.; Bodini, C.; Girelli, A.; Turano, A., 1990:
A single dose of aztreonam in the prevention of urinary tract infections in elderly catheterized patients

Seely, E.W.; Moore, T.J.; LeBoff, M.S.; Brown, E.M., 1989:
A single dose of lithium carbonate acutely elevates intact parathyroid hormone levels in humans

Kaiko R.; Grandy R.; Thomas G.; Goldenheim P., 1990:
A single dose study of the effect of food ingestion and timing of dose administration on the pharmacokinetic profile of 30 mg sustained release morphine sulfate tablets

Ribeiro R.M.; Guidi H.G.D.C.; Bracher E.S.B.; Motta E.V.D., 1992:
A single dose therapy for noncomplicated low urinary tract infection a randomized study with fosfomycin trometamol and amoxicillin

Faktor, O.; Budlovsky, S.; Ben-Levy, R.; Shaul, Y., 1990:
A single element within the hepatitis B virus enhancer binds multiple proteins and responds to multiple stimuli

Foiani, M.; Santocanale, C.; Plevani, P.; Lucchini, G., 1989:
A single essential gene, PRI2, encodes the large subunit of DNA primase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Blackman M.J.; Heidrich H G.; Donachie S.; Mcbride J.S.; Holder A.A., 1990:
A single fragment of a malaria merozoite surface protein remains on the parasite during red cell invasion and is the target of invasion inhibiting antibodies

Bowling, A.T.; Gordon, L.; Penedo, M.C.; Wictum, E.; Beebout, J., 1990:
A single gel for determining genetic variants of equine erythrocyte carbonic anhydrase (CA) and catalase (Cat)

Chang J H.; Olson M.O.J., 1989:
A single gene codes for two forms of rat nucleolar protein b23 messenger rna

Von Butler Wemken I.; Heckl Ensslin C., 1992:
A single gene effect on reproduction body weight and locomotor activity in the mouse

Puopolo K.; Kumamoto C.; Adachi I.; Forgac M., 1991:
A single gene encodes the catalytic a subunit of the bovine vacuolar proton atpase

Reinhard, C.; Thomas, G.; Kozma, S.C., 1992:
A single gene encodes two isoforms of the p70 S6 kinase: activation upon mitogenic stimulation

Lee W.S.; Koh H.K.; Noh S.H.; Cho Y.J., 1988:
A single layer drying equation for red pepper

Neckameyer, W.S.; White, K., 1992:
A single locus encodes both phenylalanine hydroxylase and tryptophan hydroxylase activities in Drosophila

Griffiths, M.J.; Strachan, M.C., 1991:
A single lymphocyte culture for fragile X induction and prometaphase chromosome analysis

Roelandts F., 1989:
A single measurement of acth in cerebrospinal fluid is of no value in the diagnosis of dementia

Lahera, V.; Ruilope, L.M.; Romero, J.C., 1991:
A single mechanism to explain the effect of calcium on renal function

Ramarao C.S.; Burks D.J.; Garbers D.L., 1990:
A single messenger rna encodes multiple copies of the egg peptide speract

Prescott C.D.; Goeringer H.U., 1990:
A single mutation in 16s ribosomal rna that affects messenger rna binding and translation termination

Tanoue, A.; Endo, F.; Kitano, A.; Matsuda, I., 1990:
A single nucleotide change in the prolidase gene in fibroblasts from two patients with polypeptide positive prolidase deficiency. Expression of the mutant enzyme in NIH 3T3 cells

Fucharoen S.; Kobayashi Y.; Fucharoen G.; Ohba Y.; Miyazono K.; Fukumaki Y.; Takaku F., 1990:
A single nucleotide deletion in codon 123 of the beta globin gene causes an inclusion body beta thalassemia trait a novel elongated globin chain beta makabe

Ligtenberg M.J.L.; Gennissen A.M.C.; Vos H.L.; Hilkens J., 1991:
A single nucleotide polymorphism in an exon dictates allele dependent differential splicing of episialin messenger rna

Cui Z.; Mason T.L., 1989:
A single nucleotide substitution at the rib2 locus of the yeast mitochondrial gene for 21s ribosomal rna confers resistance to erythromycin and cold sensitive ribosome assembly

Hirose T.; Koga M.; Matsumoto K.; Sato B., 1991:
A single nucleotide substitution in the d domain of estrogen receptor complementary dna causes amino acid alteration from glutamic acid 279 to lysine 279 in a murine transformed leydig cell line b 1 f

Mann, J.S.; Fitzpatrick, R.W.; Jones, P.W.; Prowse, K.; Mucklow, J.C.; Cole, R.B., 1990:
A single oral dose method for predicting steady state theophylline concentrations in clinical practice

Allen, J.E.; Locksley, R.M.; Stephens, R.S., 1991:
A single peptide from the major outer membrane protein of Chlamydia trachomatis elicits T cell help for the production of antibodies to protective determinants

Kafer E.; Tittler A.; Fraser M.J., 1989:
A single phosphate repressible dnase dnase a secreted in aspergillus nidulans

Stake, G.; Monclair, T., 1991:
A single plasma sample method for estimation of the glomerular filtration rate in infants and children using iohexol i. establishment of a body weight related formula for the distribution volume of iohexol

Stake, G.; Monn, E.; Rootwelt, K.; Monclair, T., 1991:
A single plasma sample method for estimation of the glomerular filtration rate in infants and children using iohexol ii. establishment of the optimal plasma sampling time and a comparison with the technetium 99m dtpa method

Grez, M.; Zörnig, M.; Nowock, J.; Ziegler, M., 1991:
A single point mutation activates the Moloney murine leukemia virus long terminal repeat in embryonal stem cells

Berry, M.; Grosveld, F.; Dillon, N., 1992:
A single point mutation is the cause of the Greek form of hereditary persistence of fetal haemoglobin

Gong S.; Lai C.; Dallo S.; Esteban M., 1989:
A single point mutation of alanine 25 to aspartic acid in the 14000 m r envelope protein of vaccinia virus induces a size change that leads to the small plaque size phenotype of the virus

Mcgillivray R.; Mulrooney M.; Brechin G., 1989:
A single point visual scanning device for rehabilitating unilateral neglect

Kachman A.N.; Samoilova M.V.; Snetkov V.A., 1989:
A single potassium channel of anomalous inward rectification in molluscan neurons

Caton A.J., 1990:
A single pre b cell can give rise to antigen specific b cell that utilize distinct immunoglobulin gene rearrangements

el-Mufti, M.; Rakas, F.; Glessa, A.; Sanallah, B.; Abusidra, A., 1989:
A single prophylactic antibiotic for emergency appendicectomy?

Finkelstein, L.H., 1989:
A single prophylactic dose of ceftriaxone as total antibiotic therapy in transurethral surgery

Safronov B.V.; Baev K.V.; Batueva I.V.; Rusin K.I.; Suderevskaya E.I., 1989:
A single receptor channel complex for inhibitory neurotransmitters in membranes of lamprey spinal cord neurons

Tyutikov F.M., 1988:
A single reproduction cycle of methanotrophic bacteria phages

Vansteenwegen C., 1991:
A single session capture recapture experiment to census breeding birds

Nicklin, M.J.; Casari, G., 1991:
A single site mutation in a truncated Fos protein allows it to interact with the TRE in vitro

Ergozhin E.E.; Nurakhmetov K.N.; Rafikov S.R.; Utkelov B.A., 1989:
A single stage method of the synthesis of selective ionites on the basis of 5 chloromethyl 8 hydroxyquinoline and macroporous copolymers of styrene and divinylbenzene

Mancini L.; D.G.rolamo L.; Marini R.; Aulicino F.A.; Volterra L., 1989:
A single step mpn method for recovery of fecal coliforms by a 1 medium

Grotewold E.; Taccioli G.E.; Aisemberg G.O.; Judewicz N.D., 1988:
A single step purification of an extracellular fungal laccase

Schmidt A.M.A.; Herterich S.U.; Krauss G., 1991:
A single stranded dna binding protein from saccharomyces cerevisiae specifically recognized the t rich strand of the core sequence of ars elements and discriminates against mutant sequences

Mukherjee R.; Chambon P., 1990:
A single stranded dna binding protein promotes the binding of the purified estrogen receptor to its responsive element

Van Dyck E.; Foury F.; Stillman B.; Brill S.J., 1992:
A single stranded dna binding protein required for mitochondrial dna replication in saccharomyces cerevisiae is homologous to escherichia coli ssb

Trauger R.J.; Talbott R.; Wilson S.H.; Karpel R.L.; Elder J.H., 1990:
A single stranded nucleic acid binding sequence common to the heterogenous nuclear ribonucleoparticle protein a1 and murine recombinant virus gp70

Shen, X.R.; Shen, J.Y.; Chen, Z.Y.; Gong, Z.X.; Chen, M.J.; Pan, Y.J.; Wang, Z.Y.; Fang, B.C.; Wang, M.Q., 1992:
A single stranded virus isolated from shiitake mushroom lentinus edodes berk. sing

Stanford, N.; McCurdy, D.E., 1990:
A single TLD dose algorithm to satisfy federal standards and typical field conditions

Csaba G.; Kovacs P.; Torok O., 1988:
A single treated cell per hundred is sufficient for cell cell transmission of hormonal imprinting in culture

Sano H.; Kamada I.; Youssefian S.; Katsumi M.; Wabiko H., 1990:
A single treatment of rice seedlings with 5 azacytidine induces heritable dwarfism and undermethylation of genomic dna

Schubert R.H.W.; Wahlig M., 1989:
A single tube confirmatory test for escherichia coli using brilliant green mannitol methylumbelliferyl beta d glucuronide tryptophan trypton broth bmmtt medium

Smye S.W.; Bloor M.I.G., 1990:
A single tube mathematical model of reactive hyperemia

Vasil'ev M.M.; Bednova V.N.; Miltin'sh A.P., 1991:
A single use device for the collection of pathological material from the urethra in screening for sexually transmitted diseases

Lahti R.; Pohjanokas K.; Pitkaeranta T.; Heikinheimo P.; Salminen T.; Meyer P.; Heinonen J., 1990:
A site directed mutagenesis study on escherichia coli inorganic pyrophosphatase glutamic acid 98 and lysine 104 are important for structural integrity whereas aspartic acids 97 and 102 are essential for catalytic activity

Sanchez Perez J.M.; Tremolieres M.; Carbiener R., 1991:
A site of natural purification for phosphates and nitrates carried by the rhine flood waters the alluvial ash elm forest

Vega, Q.C.; Cochet, C.; Filhol, O.; Chang, C.P.; Rhee, S.G.; Gill, G.N., 1992:
A site of tyrosine phosphorylation in the C terminus of the epidermal growth factor receptor is required to activate phospholipase C

Rarick, H.M.; Artemyev, N.O.; Hamm, H.E., 1992:
A site on rod G protein alpha subunit that mediates effector activation

Martin M.L.; Martin G.J.; Guillou C., 1991:
A site specific and multi element isotopic approach to origin inference of sugars in foods and beverages

Panayotatos N.; Backman S., 1989:
A site targeted recombinant nuclease probe of dna structure ii

Noble R.E., 1990:
A six month study of the effects of dexfenfluramine on partially successful dieters

Jenkins R.; Harvey S.; Butler T.; Thomas R.L., 1992:
A six year longitudinal study of the occupational consequences of drinking over safe limits of alcohol

Banerjee, A.K.; Pearson, J.; Gilliland, E.L.; Goss, D.; Lewis, J.D.; Stirling, Y.; Meade, T.W., 1992:
A six year prospective study of fibrinogen and other risk factors associated with mortality in stable claudicants

Bohm B.A.; Herring A.; Nicholls K.W.; Bohm L.R.; Ornduff R., 1989:
A six year study of flavonoid distribution in a population of lasthenia californica asteraceae

Buijse A.D.; Pet J.S.; Van Densen W.L.T.; Machiels M.A.M.; Rabbinge R., 1992:
A size and age structured simulation model for evaluating management strategies in a multispecies gill net fishery

D.R.os A.M.; Metz J.A.J.; Evers E.; Leipoldt A., 1990:
A size dependent predator prey interaction who pursues whom?

Wighart V.K.; Martin T., 1990:
A skeleton of necromanis franconica a pangolin pholidota mammalia of the aquitan from saulcet in the allier basin france

Brom, T.G.; Prins, T.G., 1988:
A skeleton of the dodo raphus cucullatus l. new to ornithology

Fredrich, B.E., 1989:
A skin test survey of valley fever in Tijuana, Mexico

Buatois L.A., 1989:
A skolithos and palaeophycus assemblage from rio claro formation lower tertiary of tierra del fuego argentina

Vasse D., 1992:
A skull of asiatosuchus germanicus from the lutetian of issel aude a review of the genus asiatosuchus in europe

Coffey, C.W.; Taylor, R.; Umstead, G., 1989:
A slice geometry phantom for cross sectional tomographic imagers

Kung'u M.W.; Goodger B.V., 1990:
A slide elisa for the diagnosis of babesia bovis infections and for the screening of babesia specific monoclonal antibodies

Freedman N.L., 1992:
A sliding gas delivery system and ventilating chamber for small animals fixed in standard stereotaxic instruments

Mainster, M.A.; Yannuzzi, L.A.; Heacock, G.; Erikson, P.J., 1990:
A slitlamp comparator system for macular photocoagulation

Hawker, L.C.; Van-Rooyen, T.H.; Fitzpatrick, R.W., 1992:
A slope sequence of podzols in the southern cape south africa 1. physical and micromorphological properties

Konstantinov A.A.; Vygodina T.V.; Musatov A.P., 1988:
A slow spectral shift of cytochrome c oxidase induced by edta and c phenanthroline

Kudo A.; Sasaki K.; Tamazawa Y.; Matsumoto M., 1991:
A slow voltage dependent sodium current induced by 5 hydroxytryptamine and the g protein coupled activation mechanism in the ganglion cells of aplysia

Sucher N.J.; Lipton S.A., 1992:
A slowly inactivating potassium current in retinal ganglion cells from postnatal rat

Lukasiewicz, P.; Werblin, F., 1988:
A slowly inactivating potassium current truncates spike activity in ganglion cells of the tiger salamander retina

Serwer, P.; Hayes, S.J.; Moreno, E.T.; Park, C.Y., 1992:
A small 58 nm attached sphere perturbs the sieving of 40 80 kilobase dna in 0.2 2.5 percent agarose gels analysis of bacteriophage t7 capsid dna complexes by use of pulsed field electrophoresis

Dirksen R.; Lerou J.; Lagerwerf A.J.; Vree T.B.; Nijhuis G.M.M.; Booij L.H.D.J.; Jurna I., 1990:
A small animal model for pharmacological studies of general anesthetic agents

Lee, A.; Fox, J.G.; Otto, G.; Murphy, J., 1990:
A small animal model of human Helicobacter pylori active chronic gastritis

Diehr, P.; Grembowski, D., 1990:
A small area simulation approach to determining excess variation in dental procedure rates

M.X.; Zhao H.; Zhou Y.; Xiong X.; Tan H.; Ding D., 1989:
A small circular rna from citrus plant

Mclay C.L., 1991:
A small collection of deep water sponge crabs brachyura dromiidae from french polynesia including a new species of sphaerodromia alcock 1899

Froeschner R.C., 1989:
A small collection of heteroptera from the galapagos islands north pacific ocean with the description of niesthrea ashlocki new species and a list of niesthrea species rhopalidae

Van Renterghem C.; Lazdunski M., 1992:
A small conductance charybdotoxin sensitive apamin resistant calcium activated potassium channel in aortic smooth muscle cells a7r5 line and primary culture

Sebik, A.; Ademoglu, Y., 1992:
A small contribution to eriksson's acl reconstruction method

Prokopy R.J., 1991:
A small low input commercial apple orchard in eastern north america management and economics

Spencer P.K., 1989:
A small mammal fauna from the touchet beds of walla walla county washington usa support for the multiple flood hypothesis

Pan T.; Uhlenbeck O.C., 1992:
A small metalloribozyme with a two step mechanism

Hamada, K.; Kumazaki, T.; Mizuno, K.; Yokoro, K., 1989:
A small nuclear RNA, U5, can transform cells in vitro

Gauthier, V.J.; Mannik, M., 1990:
A small proportion of cationic antibodies in immune complexes is sufficient to mediate their deposition in glomeruli

Thomas, E.; Papay, R.S.; Goldberg, V.M.; Malemud, C.J., 1992:
A small proteoglycan isolated from human cartilage containing a nonfunctional hyaluronic acid binding region

Rhee D K.; Morrison D.A., 1989:
A small rec a analog in streptococcus pneumoniae that is not induced during competence for genetic transformation

Hedrick R.P.; Mcdowell T.S.; Kent M.L.; Elston R.A., 1990:
A small rna virus isolated from atlantic salmon salmo salar

Reyes V.G.Jr; Jindal V.K., 1990:
A small sample back extrusion test for measuring texture of cooked rice

Feldman P.; Winkelman L.; Evans H.; Pinnell M.; Murdoch F.; Smith J.K., 1989:
A small scale model of factor viii and factor ix fractionation from plasma

Emch, R.; Descouts, P.; Niedermann, P., 1988:
A small scanning tunnelling microscope with large scan range for biological studies

Henshall W.R.; Snelgar W.P., 1989:
A small unaspirated screen for air temperature measurement

Fonseca M.E.N.; Boiteux L.S.; Singh R.P.; Kitajima E.W., 1989:
A small viroid in coleus sp from brazil

Gofin, J.; Fox, C., 1990:
A smoking cessation program for pregnant women: minimal input intervention

Menken, M., 1992:
A social and epidemiologic approach to use of technology in neurologic practice

Ross, H.S.; Lollis, S.P., 1989:
A social relations analysis of toddler peer relationships

Coelho, A.M.; Carey, K.D., 1990:
A social tethering system for nonhuman primates used in laboratory research

Vasanthakumar J.; Selvaraj P., 1988:
A socio economic study of constraints to composite fish culture in tamil nadu india

Sato H.; Sakihara S., 1989:
A sociological study on folk medical knowledge in a local village on northern okinawa japan

Carbini L.; Caredda S.A.; Peretti M., 1990:
A socionutritional investigation on young subjects from two villages in the province of oristano italy

Lai A.; Casu M.; Meloni C.; Muscatello U., 1989:
A sodium 23 and phosphorus 31 nmr investigation of sonicated cardiolipin sodium salt in aqueous medium

Strzelecka T.E.; Rill R.L., 1990:
A sodium 23 nmr study of sodium dna interactions in concentrated dna solutions at low supporting electrolyte concentration

Dryer S.E.; Fujii J.T.; Martin A.R., 1989:
A sodium activated potassium current in cultured brain stem neurons from chicks

Wacholtz M.C.; Cragoe E.J.Jr; Lipsky P.E., 1992:
A sodium dependent calcium exchanger generates the sustained increase in intracellular calcium required for t cell activation

Korn S.J.; Horn R., 1991:
A sodium independent ph o dependent mechanism for reduction of intracellular calcium concentration after influx through calcium channels in mouse pituitary cells

Grupp C.; Pavenstadt Grupp I.; Grunewald R.W.; Bevan C.; Stokes J.B.IIi; Kinne R.K.H., 1989:
A sodium potassium chlorine cotransporter in isolated rat papillary collecting duct cells

Zadunaisky J.A.; Kinne Saffran E.; Kinne R., 1989:
A sodium proton exchange mechanism in apical membrane vesicles of the retinal pigment epithelium

Y.J.; Zadunaisky J.A., 1992:
A sodium proton exchanger and its relation to oxidative effects in plasma membrane vesicles from lens fibers

Schaffar B.P.H.; Wolfbeis O.S., 1989:
A sodium selective optrode

Kostetskii P.V.; Artem'ev I.V.; Pozhil'tsova O.I.; Ul'yashin V.V., 1990:
A software package for analyzing amino acid sequences by the iskra 226 personal microcomputer

Parilis I.I.; Kazanov E.Yu; Salikhov R.S.; Yukel'son L.Ya; Khamidov D.Kh, 1991:
A software package for protein classification by their amino acid composition and primary structures

Robb, R.A.; Hanson, D.P., 1991:
A software system for interactive and quantitative visualization of multidimensional biomedical images

Godel'man Y.M., 1991:
A soil cover classification system

Monserud R.A.; Moody U.; Breuer D.W., 1990:
A soil site study for inland douglas fir

Turner, J.; Thompson, C.H.; Turvey, N.D.; Hopmans, P.; Ryan, P.J., 1990:
A soil technical classification system for pinus radiata d. don plantations i. development

Turvey, N.D.; Booth, T.H.; Ryan, P.J., 1990:
A soil technical classification system for pinus radiata d. don plantations ii. a basis for estimation of crop yield

Soltanpour P.N.; E.G.arous M.; Azzaoui A.; Abdelmonum M., 1989:
A soil test based nitrogen recommendation model for dryland wheat

Carr S.J.; Ritchie G.S.P.; Porter W.M., 1991:
A soil test for aluminum toxicity in acidic subsoils of yellow earths in western australia

Ragab, R.; Beese, F.; Ehlers, W., 1990:
A soil water balance and dry matter production model i. soil water balance of oat

Ragab, R.; Beese, F.; Ehlers, W., 1990:
A soil water balance and dry matter production model ii. dry matter production of oat

Smith G.J., 1990:
A solar erythemal radiation monitoring program in new zealand and queensland australia

Hancock J.R.; Mcandless J.M.; Hicken R.P., 1991:
A solid adsorbent based system for the sampling and analysis of organic compounds in air an application to compounds of chemical defense interest

Biswas, R.M.; Cronin, M.E.; Bowerman, D.L.; Gracy, D.G.; Moore, N.A.; Klippel, J.H.; Fleisher, T.A., 1988:
A solid phase enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) for the detection and quantitation of anticardiolipin antibody

Taktak Y.S.; Lee M., 1991:
A solid phase enzyme immunoassay for serum amyloid a saa protein

Niederwoehrmeier B.; Boehm R., 1990:
A solid phase enzyme immunoassay for the rapid detection of pseudomonas aeruginosa and pseudomonas mallei

Tsalta C.D.; Rosario S.A.; Cha G.S.; Bachas L.G.; Meyerhoff M.E., 1989:
A solid phase enzyme linked assay for vitamin b 12

Wikstrom M.; Elwing H.; Dahlgren C.; Von Schenck H.; Lundstrom I., 1989:
A solid phase method for protein determination

Huang W C.; Orban J.; Kintanar A.; Reid B.R.; Drobny G.P., 1990 :
A solid state deuterium nmr study of furanose ring dynamics in dcgcgaattcgcg 2

Zhang Y.; Seeman N.C., 1992:
A solid support methodology for the construction of geometrical objects from dna

Saunders, M.P., 1991:
A solitary jejunal vascular abnormality: a source of massive rectal bleeding

Suzuki, T.; Hori, G.; Et-Al, 1990:
A solitary pulmonary metastasis from rectal carcinoma in the presence of bilateral pulmonary arteriovenous fistulas with 23.5 percent shunt rate

Rotstein, O.D.; Vittorini, T.; Kao, J.; McBurney, M.I.; Nasmith, P.E.; Grinstein, S., 1989:
A soluble Bacteroides by-product impairs phagocytic killing of Escherichia coli by neutrophils

Symons J.A.; Eastgate J.E.; Duff G.W., 1990:
A soluble binding protein specific for interleukin 1 beta is produced by activation mononuclear cells

Huch R.; D'haese J.; Gerday C., 1988:
A soluble calcium binding protein from the terrestrial annelid lumbricus terrestris l

Schulkes, C.C.; Schoen, C.D.; Arents, J.C.; Van Driel, R., 1992:
A soluble factor and GTP gamma S are required for Dictyostelium discoideum guanylate cyclase activity

Sztein, M.B.; Kierszenbaum, F., 1991:
A soluble factor from Trypanosoma brucei rhodesiense that prevents progression of activated human T lymphocytes through the cell cycle

Tamura, Y.; Lai, P.K.; Bradley, W.G.; Konno, K.; Tanaka, A.; Nonoyama, M., 1991:
A soluble factor induced by an extract from Pinus parviflora Sieb et Zucc can inhibit the replication of human immunodeficiency virus in vitro

Autran B.; Leblond V.; Sadat Sowti B.; Lefranc E.; Got P.; Sutton L.; Binet J L.; Debre P., 1991:
A soluble factor released by cd8 positive cd57 positive lymphocytes from bone marrow transplanted patients inhibits cell mediated cytolysis

Fleit, H.B.; Kobasiuk, C.D.; Daly, C.; Furie, R.; Levy, P.C.; Webster, R.O., 1992:
A soluble form of Fc gamma RIII is present in human serum and other body fluids and is elevated at sites of inflammation

Laurence J.; Kulkosky J.; Dong B.; Early E.; Snyderman R.; Cianciolo G.J., 1990:
A soluble inhibitor of t lymphocyte function induced by hiv 1 infection of cd4 positive t cells characterization of a cellular protein and its relationship to p15e

Levine, B.A.; Clack, B.; Ellis, L., 1991:
A soluble insulin receptor kinase catalyzes ordered phosphorylation at multiple tyrosines of dodecapeptide substrates

Masucci, M.T.; Pedersen, N.; Blasi, F., 1991:
A soluble, ligand binding mutant of the human urokinase plasminogen activator receptor

Fulson, D.R.; Cline, K., 1988:
A Soluble Protein Factor is Required in Vitro for Membrane Insertion of the Thylakoid Precursor Protein, pLHCP

Lin Y.J.; Clinton G.M., 1991:
A soluble protein related to the her 2 proto oncogene product is released form human breast carcinoma cells

Thomas, L.M.; Huntington, P.J.; Mead, L.J.; Wingate, D.L.; Rogerson, B.A.; Lew, A.M., 1992:
A soluble recombinant fusion protein of the transmembrane envelope protein of equine infectious anaemia virus for ELISA

Iwadare, T.; Harada, E.; Yoshino, S.; Arai, T., 1990:
A solution for removal of resin from epoxy sections

Tenhunen J.; Eloranta J.; Kallio A.; Soderlund H., 1990:
A solution hybridization method for quantification of messenger rnas determining the amount and stability of oncogene messenger rna

Azrolan N.; Breslow J.L., 1990:
A solution hybridization rnase protection assay with riboprobes to determine absolute levels of apo b a i and e messenger rna in human hepatoma cell lines

Van-Der-Molen, W.H.; Wesseling, J., 1991:
A solution in closed form and a series solution to replace the tables for the thickness of the equivalent layer in hooghoudt's drain spacing formula

Jimenez H.R.; Julve M.; Faus J., 1991:
A solution study of the protonation and deprotonation equilibria of 5 10 15 20 tetra p sulfonatophenylporphyrin stability constants of its magnesium ii copper ii and zinc ii complexes

King J.W.; List G.R., 1990:
A solution thermodynamic study of soybean oil solvent systems by inverse gas chromatography

Dyer P.K.; Hill G.J.E., 1991:
A solution to the problem of determining the occupancy status of wedge tailed shearwater puffinus pacificus burrows

Cowell, J.K.; Mitchell, C.D., 1989:
A somatic cell hybrid mapping panel for regional assignment of human chromosome 13 DNA sequences

Gorski, J.L.; Stein, C.K.; Glover, T.W., 1989:
A somatic cell hybrid panel to facilitate identification of DNA sequences in the vicinity of the incontinentia pigmenti locus (IP1)

Heldin, N.E.; Gustavsson, B.; Westermark, K.; Westermark, B., 1991:
A somatic point mutation in a putative ligand binding domain of the TSH receptor in a patient with autoimmune hyperthyroidism

Breaten R.F.; Hulse S.H., 1991:
A songbird the european starling sturnus vulgaris shows perceptual constancy for acoustic spectral structure

Hattori, T., 1989:
A sonographic study of the hips in neonates and infants

Schneditz D.; Kenner T.; Heimel H.; Stabinger H., 1989:
A sound speed sensor for the measurement of total protein concentration in disposable blood perfused tubes

Fieldhouse, D.; Golding, B., 1991:
A source of small repeats in genomic DNA

Von Arx B.; Werdenberg K., 1990:
A south american flower does us an unexpected favor

Maschwitz U.; Steghaus Kovac S.; Gaube R.; Haenel H., 1989:
A south east asian ponerine ant of the genus leptogenys hymenoptera formicidae with army ant life habits

Ericsson S.; Rune O., 1991:
A southern outpost locality on serpentine in sweden for rhododendron lapponicum

Niordson N., 1990:
A southward range extension for carex pallens new record

Brisson N.; Bona S.; Bouniols A., 1989:
A soybean crop simulation model validation and adaptation to varieties cultivated in southern europe

Loder J.W.; Ross C.K.; Smith P.C., 1988:
A space and time scale characterization of circulation and mixing over submarine banks with application to the northwestern atlantic continental shelf

Ats S C.; Lehmann L.; Petry S., 1992:
A spacer modified disaccharide as a photoaffinity reagent for the acceptor binding area of bovine 1 4 beta d galactosyltransferase comparison of its acceptor properties with those of other 2 acetamido 2 deoxy beta d glucopyranosides

Sokal R.R.; Harding R.M.; Lasker G.W.; Mascie Taylor C.G.N., 1992:
A spatial analysis of 100 surnames in england and wales uk

Haberstroh L.; Firtel R.A., 1990:
A spatial gradient of expression of a cyclic amp regulated prespore cell type specific gene in dictyostelium

Madec V., 1991:
A spatial model of emersion rates applied to the intertidal zone of the bay of mont saint michel

Nair N.B.; Arunachalam M.; Nair K.C.M.; Suryanarayanan H., 1989:
A spatial study of the neyyar river in the light of the river continuum concept

Auerswald K.; Flacke W.; Neufang L., 1988:
A spatially differentiating method for computing high resolution maps of soil loss by rain wash fundamental principles of the differentiating usle

Woodroffe, C.; Abra, A., 1991:
A special conditions register

Delbart P.; Godard Questier M.C.; Gaillard F.; Colmet Daage J.F.; Brochot P., 1991:
A special pain of the hip

Fang L S.; Bada J.L., 1988:
A special pattern of haem catabolism in a marine fish clinocattus analis with green blood plasma

Barsotti, G.; Morelli, E.; Cupisti, A.; Bertoncini, P.; Giovannetti, S., 1991 :
A special, supplemented 'vegan' diet for nephrotic patients

Jensen H.V.; Andersen J., 1988:
A special ward for elderly patients with dementia

Muirhead J., 1992:
A specialised thylacinid thylacinus macknessi marsupialia thylacinidae from miocene deposits of riversleigh northwestern queensland

Mckinney, P.A.; Alexander, F.E.; Ricketts, T.J.; Williams, J.; Cartwright, R.A., 1989:
A specialist leukemia lymphoma registry in the uk part 1. incidence and geographical distribution of hodgkin's disease

Alexander, F.E.; Williams, J.; Mckinney, P.A.; Ricketts, T.J.; Cartwright, R.A., 1989:
A specialist leukemia lymphoma registry in the uk part 2. clustering of hodgkin's disease

Bain, O.; Chabaud, A.G., 1988:
A specialized apparatus facilitating the filarid's copulation the swellings of the anterior part of the body

Sommer, G.; Falkenberg, F.; Schmid, R.; Wolf, C.; Lubec, G., 1990:
A species and organ specific glomerular basement membrane antigen

Styles, J.A.; Kelly, M.; Pritchard, N.R.; Elcombe, C.R., 1988:
A species comparison of acute hyperplasia induced by the peroxisome proliferator methylclofenapate: involvement of the binucleated hepatocyte

Perrone, A.S., 1988:
A species of dorid nudibranch new for the mediterranean data on the morphology of doris bertheloti new record d'orbigny 1839 opisthobranchia nudibranchia

Perrone A.S., 1992:
A species of nudibranchs new for the italian coast redescription of geitodoris bonosi ortea and ballesteros 1981 opisthobranchia nudibranchia

Baidashnikov A.A., 1989:
A species of slugs pulmonata agriolimacidae new for the fauna of the ussr specific features of its ecology and distribution

Borisch D., 1990:
A species rich locality for grasshoppers and green grasshoppers orthoptera saltatoria in central sweden

Tasayco, M.L.; Prestwich, G.D., 1990:
A specific affinity reagent to distinguish aldehyde dehydrogenases and oxidases. Enzymes catalyzing aldehyde oxidation in an adult moth

Castaldo R.; Pepino A., 1990:
A specific analyzer for emg spontaneous activity

Jeppesen C.; Jensen K.F.; Nielsen P.E., 1988:
A specific and efficient photoreaction between escherichia coli rna polymerase and t plus 1 in the lac uv5 or deo p1 promoter

Rosa, P.A.; Schwan, T.G., 1989:
A specific and sensitive assay for the Lyme disease spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi using the polymerase chain reaction

Luo, G.X.; Chao, M.; Hsieh, S.Y.; Sureau, C.; Nishikura, K.; Taylor, J., 1990:
A specific base transition occurs on replicating hepatitis delta virus RNA

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A specific binding site for potassium channel openers in rat aorta

Yoshioka H.; Lang M.; Wong G.; Negishi M., 1990:
A specific cis acting element regulates in vitro transcription of sex dependent mouse steroid 16 alpha hydroxylase c p450116 alpha gene

Willard Gallo K.E.; Van D.K.ere F.; Kettmann R., 1990:
A specific defect of cd3 gamma chain gene transcription results in loss of t cell receptor cd3 expression late after human immunodeficiency virus infection of a cd4 positive t cell line

Cipolotti, L.; Butterworth, B.; Denes, G., 1991:
A specific deficit for numbers in a case of dense acalculia

Maddison, S.E.; Slemenda, S.B.; Schantz, P.M.; Fried, J.A.; Wilson, M.; Tsang, V.C., 1989:
A specific diagnostic antigen of Echinococcus granulosus with an apparent molecular weight of 8 kDA

Insall, R.; Kay, R.R., 1990:
A specific DIF binding protein in Dictyostelium

Zhao J.; Aoki T., 1989:
A specific dna hybridization probe for detection of pasteurella piscicida

Ito M.; Ohno T.; Tanaka R., 1992:
A specific dna probe for identification of bifidobacterium breve

Schuchert, P.; Langsford, M.; Käslin, E.; Kohli, J., 1991:
A specific DNA sequence is required for high frequency of recombination in the ade6 gene of fission yeast

Igarashi Y.; Kitamura K.; Toyokuni T.; Dean B.; Fenderson B.; Ogawa T.; Hakomori S I., 1990:
A specific enhancing effect of n n dimethylsphingosine on epidermal growth factor receptor autophosphorylation demonstration of its endogenous occurrence and the virtual absence of unsubstituted sphingosine in human epidermoid carcinoma a431 cells

Wollenberger U.; Scheller F.W.; Boehmer A.; Passarge M.; Mueller H G., 1989:
A specific enzyme electrode for l glutamate development and application

Santiago, A.; Satriano, J.; DeCandido, S.; Holthofer, H.; Schreiber, R.; Unkeless, J.; Schlondorff, D., 1989 :
A specific Fc gamma receptor on cultured rat mesangial cells

Jäger, S.; Menger, M.D.; Göhde, W.; Feifel, G., 1990:
A specific fluorescent dye for ex situ staining of vital islets of Langerhans: neutral red

Brooks D.A.; Gibson G.J.; Mccourt P.A.G.; Hopwood J.J., 1991:
A specific fluorogenic assay for n acetylgalactosamine 4 sulfatase activity using immunoadsorption

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A specific, highly active malate dehydrogenase by redesign of a lactate dehydrogenase framework

Begovich A.B.; Bugawan T.L.; Nepom B.S.; Klitz W.; Nepom G.T.; Erlich H.A., 1989:
A specific hla dp b allele is associated with pauciarticular juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but not adult rheumatoid arthritis

Wognum, A.W.; Lam, V.; Goudsmit, R.; Krystal, G., 1990:
A specific in vitro bioassay for measuring erythropoietin levels in human serum and plasma

Dumon J F., 1990:
A specific indwelling tracheobronchial prosthesis

Takahashi K.; Sekiguchi M.; Kawazoe Y., 1989:
A specific inhibition of induction of adaptive response by omega vanillin a potent comutagen

Felipo, V.; Miñana, M.D.; Grisolía, S., 1990:
A specific inhibitor of protein kinase C induces differentiation of neuroblastoma cells

Wilkinson, K.D.; Smith, S.E.; O'Connor, L.; Sternberg, E.; Taggart, J.J.; Berges, D.A.; Butt, T., 1990:
A specific inhibitor of the ubiquitin activating enzyme: synthesis and characterization of adenosyl-phospho-ubiquitinol, a nonhydrolyzable ubiquitin adenylate analogue

Chmiel H.; Mcdonogh R.M.; Bauser H.; Stroh N., 1991:
A specific interaction of proteins with polymer surfaces

O'Connor, N.; Hermelin, B., 1991:
A specific linguistic ability

Van Elsas J.D.; Van Overbeek L.S.; Fouchier R., 1991:
A specific marker pat for studying the fate of introduced bacteria and their dna in soil using a combination of detection techniques

Mullner E.W.; Neupert B.; Kuhn L.C., 1989:
A specific messenger rna binding factor regulates the iron dependent stability of cytoplasmic transferrin receptor messenger rna

Suzuki H.; Yamada J.; Watanabe T.; Suga T., 1992:
A specific method for determination of peroxisomal beta oxidation activity in cultured human skin fibroblasts using a specific substrate c 9 a possible application for screening of peroxisomal disorders

Li, N.H.; Et-Al, 1989:
A specific method for diagnosing a group a meningitis f ab' 2 ba elisa

Steinhauer, W.R.; Kalfayan, L.J., 1992:
A specific ovarian tumor protein isoform is required for efficient differentiation of germ cells in Drosophila oogenesis

O'Hara, K.; Fukuda, H.; Kanda, T.; Kono, M., 1990:
A specific protein inhibiting membrane permeation of chloramphenicol in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Voelckers P.; Wild A., 1988:
A specific radioimmunoassay for the determination of low quantities of iaa in spruce needles of healthy and damaged trees

Brears, T.; Curtis, G.J.; Lonsdale, D.M., 1989:
A specific rearrangement of mitochondrial DNA induced by tissue culture

Govedarica M., 1991:
A specific relationship between azotobacter chroococcum strains and some corn hybrids

Heinecke, J.W.; Meier, K.E.; Lorenzen, J.A.; Shapiro, B.M., 1990:
A specific requirement for protein kinase C in activation of the respiratory burst oxidase of fertilization

Lorsbach, R.B.; Russell, S.W., 1992:
A specific sequence of stimulation is required to induce synthesis of the antimicrobial molecule nitric oxide by mouse macrophages

Eichinger, D.J.; Boeke, J.D., 1990:
A specific terminal structure is required for Ty1 transposition

Guiramand, J.; Vignes, M.; Mayat, E.; Lebrun, F.; Sassetti, I.; Recasens, M., 1991:
A specific transduction mechanism for the glutamate action on phosphoinositide metabolism via the quisqualate metabotropic receptor in rat brain synaptoneurosomes i. external sodium requirement

Lisanti J.A.; D.B.rale G.D.; Pinna Senn E.; Stockert J.C., 1990:
A specimen of leptodactylus ocellatus anura leptodactylidae heterozygous for a deletion of the nucleolar organizing region

Mercader Bravo L., 1989:
A specimen of ophichthus rufus rafinesque 1810 pisces ophichthidae from the coast of palamos spain northwest mediterranean with an unusually short dorsal fin

Cariou E.; Balusseau B.; Enay R., 1989:
A specimen of the callovian genus pseudoclydoniceras ammonitina of arabo malagasy origin on the north tethyan margin paleobiogeographical significance

Moriwaki, H.; Hougaku, H.; Matsuda, I.; Kusunoki, M.; Shirai, J., 1989:
A SPECT study in internal carotid artery occlusion: discrepancies between flow image and neurologic deficits

Luquet, G.C.; Misja, K., 1989:
A spectacular aberration of didymaeformia didyma esp. lepidoptera nymphalidae

Medvedev A.V.; Frolov A.A., 1990:
A spectral analysis and mathematical modelling of the electrical brain activity in normal rats and in rats with genetically conditioned convulsibility

Yang G., 1989:
A spectral analysis of the voice before and after the surgical removal of the vocal polyp and nodule

Baldocchi D.D.; Meyers T.P., 1988:
A spectral and lag correlation analysis of turbulence in a deciduous forest canopy

Voss K.J., 1992:
A spectral model for the beam attenuation coefficient in the ocean and coastal areas

Harder S.R.; Feinberg B.A.; Ragsdale S.W., 1989:
A spectroelectrochemical cell designed for low temperature epr titration of oxygen sensitive proteins

Razagui I.B.; Barlow P.J.; Taylor K.D.A., 1992:
A spectrofluorimetric procedure for the determination of alpha tocopherol in nutritional supplement products

Janson K.; Branden R., 1991:
A spectrometry study of the cobalt activated ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase reaction during turnover and at different ph

Calderon A.A.; Pedreno M.A.; Barcelo A.R.; Munoz R., 1990 :
A spectrophotometric assay for quantitative analysis of the oxidation of 4 hydroxystilbene by peroxidase hydrogen peroxide systems

Kruglova E.B., 1990:
A spectrophotometric method for estimating parameters of the cooperative binding in polynucleotide ligand system

Pyatrauskene O.V.; Kubareva E.A.; Gromova E.S., 1991:
A spectrophotometric method for studying the cleavage of dna duplexes by restriction endonucleases

Cakir S.; Sumnu M., 1990:
A spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of erythromycin stearate

Mandal S.; Naqvi A.A.; Thakur R.S., 1990:
A spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of tropane alkaloids from plant

Harbin D.N.; Going J.E.; Breen J.J., 1990:
A spectrophotometric method of estimating total levels of textile dyes on air monitoring filters

Fontan P.A.; Sordelli D.O., 1989:
A spectrophotometric micromethod to assess polymorphonuclear leukocyte migration induced by bacterial chemotactins in a multi microwell boyden chamber assembly

Carrino, D.A.; Arias, J.L.; Caplan, A.I., 1991:
A spectrophotometric modification of a sensitive densitometric Safranin O assay for glycosaminoglycans

Ahmad I.; Hellebust J.A., 1989:
A spectrophotometric procedure for measuring oxoglutarate and determining aminotransferase activities using nadph linked glutamate dehydrogenase from algae

Dahlund M.; Olin A., 1990:
A spectrophotometric study of the complexation of olsalazine and salicylic acid with calcium and magnesium

Williams P.A.M.; Baran E.J., 1992:
A spectrophotometric study of the interaction of oxovanadium iv with adenine in nucleotides

Ferrer E.G.; Williams P.A.M.; Baran E.J., 1991:
A spectrophotometric study of the oxovanadium iv glutathione interactions

Ball R.H.; Baum M.W., 1992:
A spectroscopic and crystallographic investigation of the structure and hydrogen bonding properties of the chiral leukotriene antagonist mk 679 as compared to its racemate mk 571

Jovov, B.; Wills, N.K.; Lewis, S.A., 1991:
A spectroscopic method for assessing confluence of epithelial cell cultures

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A spectroscopic study of the iodine complexes of donors pyridines phenanthrolines bipyridines and diazines

Hinckley D.A.; Seybold P.G., 1988:
A spectroscopic thermodynamic study of the rhodamine b lactone zwitterion equilibrium

Takahashi, Y.; Mizuno, N.; Uno, T.; Aisaka, A.; Araki, T., 1990:
A spectrum of antibody response with time after Trichinella spiralis infection in rats

Okada K.; Sagawa H., 1988:
A specular microscopic study of cells on intraocular lens reactive membrane on the implants

Kosai, M., 1990:
A speech audiometry trial using synthetic words produced with dec talk part 1. results on subjects with normal hearing

Kosai, M., 1990:
A speech audiometry trial using synthetic words produced with dec talk part 2. results on patients with various kinds of hearing loss

Matsushima J.; Kumagai M.; Harada C.; Takahashi K., 1989:
A speech coding method for an auditory prosthesis by extracochlear stimulation evaluation from a promontory test

Matsumoto T.; Morozumi Y., 1988:
A sphenodiscid ammonite acquired rarely from the cretaceous of japan

Diederich, C.J.; Clegg, S.; Roemer, R.B., 1989:
A spherical source model for the thermal pulse decay method of measuring blood perfusion: a sensitivity analysis

Selden P.A.; Shear W.A.; Bonamo P.M., 1991:
A spider and other arachnids from the devonian of new york usa and reinterpretations of devonian araneae

Shimazaki K.; Hagiwara K.; Kawai N.; Nakajima T., 1989:
A spider toxin jstx binding protein in rat hippocampus

Pan Hou H.; Suda Y.; Sumi M.; Yoshioka M.; Kawai N., 1989:
A spider toxin jstx inhibits l glutamate uptake by a rat brain synaptosomes

Severcan F., 1988:
A spin label esr study of melittin dmpc liposomes

Cheneval D.; Carafoli E.; Powell G.L.; Marsh D., 1989:
A spin label esr study of the binding of mitochondrial creatine kinase to cardiolipin

Sersen F.; Leitmanova A.; Devinsky F.; Lacko I.; Balgavy P., 1989:
A spin label study of perturbation effects of n 1 methyldodecyl n n n trimethylammonium bromide and n 1 methyldodecyl n n dimethylamine oxide on model membranes prepared from escherichia coli isolated lipids

Kielbasinska E.; Bartosz G.; Wierzbicki R., 1989:
A spin label study of the in vivo and in vitro effects of methylmercury on erythrocyte membrane proteins

Azizova O.A.; Moshkovskaya E.Yu; Arion V.Ya; Portnova A.P., 1989:
A spin probe study of t activin effect on spleen lymphocyte membrane in thymectomized mice

Singh A.; Misra B.K., 1991:
A spinose monosulcate spinomonosulcites new genus and an emendation of spinose porate acanthotricolpites

Yan X.; Chen H., 1990:
A spiral and surface spread plate method for counting viable bacteria

Rawat M.S.M.; Negi D.S.; Panwar M.S.; Pant G., 1988:
A spirostanol glycoside from the rhizomes of ophiopogon intermedius

Sayles, P.C.; Cooley, A.J.; Wassom, D.L., 1991:
A spleen is not necessary to resolve infections with Plasmodium yoelii

Rajkovic A.; Davis R.E.; Simonsen J.N.; Rottman F.M., 1990:
A spliced leader is present on a subset of messenger rnas from the human parasite schistosoma mansoni

Huggenvik, J.I.; Craven, C.M.; Idzerda, R.L.; Bernstein, S.; Kaplan, J.; McKnight, G.S., 1989:
A splicing defect in the mouse transferrin gene leads to congenital atransferrinemia

Chow, S.P.; Stephens, M.M.; Ngai, W.K.; So, Y.C.; Pun, W.K.; Chu, M.; Crosby, C., 1990:
A splint for controlled active motion after flexor tendon repair. Design, mechanical testing, and preliminary clinical results

Lee, R.T., 1991 :
A splint for immediate surgical orthognathic fixation and release during orthodontic treatment

Mattusch J.; Werner G.; Stulik K.; Pacakova V., 1990:
A split disk dual electrode amperometric cell and its application to the detection of biogenic amines with galvanostatic activation of the glassy carbon working electrodes

Tang C.; Robson A.D.; Dilworth M.J., 1990:
A split root experiment shows that iron is required for nodule initiation in lupinus angustifolius l

Kovacs E., 1990:
A splitting injury of the rectum and the arteria iliaca communis

Lysek G.; Hohmeyer H.; Veltkamp C.J., 1990:
A spontaneous benomyl resistant mutant of podospora anserina exhibiting a diurnal growth rhythm

Paquin, C.E.; Dorsey, M.; Crable, S.; Sprinkel, K.; Sondej, M.; Williamson, V.M., 1992:
A spontaneous chromosomal amplification of the ADH2 gene in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Nagao K.; Shinomura Y.; Higashimoto Y.; Yasunaga Y.; Miyazaki Y.; Kanayama S.; Ishikawa H.; Shinomura Y.; Yabu M.; Tarui S., 1991:
A spontaneous disappeared case of fundic gland polyposis

Singh B.N.; Mohanty S., 1992:
A spontaneous genetic mosaic in drosophila ananassae

Guery J C.; Druet P., 1990:
A spontaneous hybridoma producing autoanti idiotypic antibodies that recognize a v x associated idiotope in mercury induced autoimmunity

Hamill J.D.; Rhodes M.J.C., 1988:
A spontaneous light independent and prolific plant regeneration response from hairy roots of nicotiana hesperis transformed by agrobacterium rhizogenes

Shabanov V.I.; Reva M.L., 1990:
A spontaneous settlement of woody plants on the dumps of the flux dolomite minings of the donets basin ussr

Zagorcheva, L.; Nikolova, V., 1988:
A spontaneous tetraploid form of lycopersicon esculentum mill. pmc meiotic characteristics solid and vitamin c content

Matsuki M.; Yoshihara A.; Yasuno M., 1989:
A sports hygienic study of exercise training

Kohno T.; O'hata N.; Shirahata T.; Onodera S.; Satoh M., 1988:
A sports medicine study to make appropriate exercise prescription improved muscle strength and muscle endurance in each sports

Verheyden C., 1991:
A spotlight circular plot method for counting brown hares in the hedgerow system

Kikuchi H.; Yamauchi H.; Hirota S., 1991:
A spray drying method for mass production of liposomes

Diener R.G.; Hogmire H.W.; Elliott K.C.; Nesselroad P.E.; Blizzard S.H., 1989:
A spray system for multiple tier t trellis apple orchards

Struijs J.; Stoltenkamp J.; Van D.M.ent D., 1991:
A spreadsheet based box model to predict the fate of xenobiotics in a municipal wastewater treatment plant