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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6969

Chapter 6969 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ricci, J.C., 1989:
A spring census method for red legged partridges alectoris rufa l. by the kilometric index of abundance ikapvr in the french mediterranean

Ito D., 1991:
A sprouting model in mulberry from dormancy awakening based on reaction kinetics

Gilbert S.P.; Sloboda R.D., 1989:
A squid dynein isoform promotes axoplasmic vesicle translocation

Sadana A.; Raju R.R.; Shahin E., 1989:
A stability index for enzyme deactivations

Shahjahan M.; Enever R.P., 1992:
A stability indicating assay for nitrofurazone by paper chromatography

Carlisle M.R.; Chicoine M.L.; Wygant M.B., 1992:
A stability indicating high performance liquid chromatographic assay for nicotine in transdermal patches

Hassan S.M.; Ibrahim F.A.; E.D.n M.S.; Hefnawy M.M., 1990:
A stability indicating high performance liquid chromatographic assay for the determination of some pharmaceutically important nitro compounds

Stubbs C.; Kanfer I., 1990:
A stability indicating high performance liquid chromatographic assay of erythromycin estolate in pharmaceutical dosage forms

Suleiman M.S.; Muti H.Y.; Abdel Hamid M.E.; Hassan M.; E.S.yed Y.M.; Najib N.M., 1989:
A stability indicating hplc analysis of famotidine and its application to kinetic studies

Bachman W.J.; Gambertoglio J.G., 1990:
A stability indicating hplc assay for prednisolone sodium phosphate in implantable infusion pumps

Chen G L.; Yuan Y C.; L.Y.F.; Lee A R.; Chen C F., 1991:
A stability indicating method for dehydroevodiamine chloride by high performance liquid chromatography diode array detector

Y.X.B.; X.H.L.; Qiao L Y.; Ping X., 1990:
A stability study of an opacity standard

Hill C.S.; Martin S.R.; Thomas J.O., 1989:
A stable alpha helical element in the carboxyl terminal domain of free and chromatin bound histone h1 from sea urchin sperm

Vanhommerig S.A.M.; Van Genderen M.H.P.; Buck H.M., 1990:
A stable antiparallel thymine cytosine base pair is formed at the end of a duplex of phosphate methylated and natural dna

Ohl S.; Hahlbrock K.; Schaefer E., 1989:
A stable blue light derived signal modulates uv light induced activation of the chalcone synthase gene in cultured parsley cells

Hanaoka, K.; Hayasaka, M.; Uetsuki, T.; Fujisawa-Sehara, A.; Nabeshima, Y., 1991:
A stable cellular marker for the analysis of mouse chimeras: the bacterial chloramphenicol acetyltransferase gene driven by the human elongation factor 1 alpha promoter

Koraimann G.; Hoegenauer G., 1989:
A stable core region of the tra operon messenger rna of plasmid r1 19

Hahn K.M.; Southwick P.L., 1991:
A stable diazo photoaffinity label with high absorptivity and effective photoactivation beyond 300 nm

Liao M L.; Seib P.A., 1990:
A stable form of vitamin c l ascorbate 2 triphosphate synthesis isolation and properties

Mckenna S.A.; Ingraham N.L.; Jacobson R.L.; Cochran G.F., 1992:
A stable isotope study of bank storage mechanisms in the truckee river basin

Becker B.; Kromer B.; Trimborn P., 1991:
A stable isotope tree ring timescale of the late glacial holocene boundary

Sullivan S.J.; Oberley T.D.; Roberts R.J.; Spitz D.R., 1992:
A stable oxygen resistant cell line role of lipid peroxidation by products in oxygen mediated injury

Mukherji B.; Sloviter H.A., 1991:
A stable perfluorochemical blood substitute

Igarashi R.; Mizushima Y.; Takenaga M.; Matsumoto K.; Morizawa Y.; Yasuda A., 1992:
A stable pge 1 prodrug for targeting therapy

Nekhoroshev M.V.; Uss Y.A.; Klimov E.S.; Berberova N.T.; Okhlobystin O.Yu, 1989:
A stable radical from lipid extracts of sea organisms

Pupyshev A.B., 1991:
A stable reagent for single stage detection of inorganic phosphorus

IIzawa Y.; Kamiguchi Y.; Mikamo K., 1992:
A stable superovulation method in the chinese hamster with two successive administrations of pmsg

Whitehouse, R.L.; Merrill, H.; Jackson, M.C.; Jackson, H., 1990:
A stable variant of Simonsiella muelleri with unusual colonial and cellular morphology

Ostroy S.E.; Svoboda R.A.; Wilson M.J., 1990:
A stage in glycolysis controls the metabolic adjustments of vertebrate rod photoreceptors upon illumination

Burgman M.A.; Gerard V.A., 1990:
A stage structured stochastic population model for the giant kelp macrocystis pyrifera

Warren E.T.; Heath B.J.; Brand W.W.IIi, 1992:
A staged expanding pulmonary artery band

Wanek, N.; Muneoka, K.; Holler-Dinsmore, G.; Burton, R.; Bryant, S.V., 1989:
A staging system for mouse limb development

Perry C.C.; Moss E.J.; Williams R.J.P., 1990:
A staining agent for biological silica

Mattila T., 1989:
A staining technique to measure capsular polysaccharides of staphylococcus aureus on filter membranes

Golnik W.; Paweska J.; Dzik W., 1991:
A stallion a potential source of infection with infectious arteritis virus of horses

Smith N.J., 1989:
A stand density control diagram for western red cedar thuja plicata

Bowling E.H.; Burkhart H.E.; Burk T.E.; Beck D.E., 1989:
A stand level multispecies growth model for appalachian eastern usa hardwoods

Marks L.B., 1990:
A standard dose of radiation for microscopic disease is not appropriate

Beaumont P.L.; Dalrymple H.L., 1992:
A standard for the presentation of occupational exposure data

Wescott G., 1992:
A standard format for use in the analysis of environmental policy

Cruickshank M.K.; Levine M.N.; Hirsh J.; Roberts R.; Siguenza M., 1991:
A standard heparin nomogram for the management of heparin therapy

Bauw D.H.; D.W.lde P.G.M.; Rood G.A.; Aalbers T.G., 1991:
A standard leaching test including solid phase extraction for the determination of pah leachability from waste materials

Abouheif, M.A.; Basmaeil, S.M.; Bakkar, M.N., 1991:
A standard method for jointing camel carcasses with reference to the effect of slaughter age on carcass characteristics in najdi camels 3. partition and distribution of carcass fat

Abouheif, M.A.; Basmaeil, S.M.; Bakkar, M.N., 1990:
A standard method for jointing camel carcasses with reference to the effect of slaughter age on carcass characteristics in najdi camels ii. variation in lean growth and distribution

Vorob'eva M.S.; Shalamberidze T.D.; Fedorova G.V.; Suvorova Z.K.; Pokrovskii V.V.; Daulina M.O.; Liozner A.L.; Efremova E.M., 1990:
A standard panel of human immunodeficiency virus positive and virus negative blood sera for the evaluation of the sensitivity and specificity of diagnostic enzyme immunoassay systems

Bender A.P.; Punkyo J.; Williams A.N.; Bushhouse S.A.; Sect Chronic Dis Environ Epidemiol, 1992:
A standard person years approach to estimating lifetime cancer risk

Thigpen, J.E.; Lebetkin, E.H.; Dawes, M.L.; Clark, J.L.; Langley, C.L.; Amyx, H.L.; Crawford, D., 1989:
A standard procedure for measuring rodent bedding particle size and dust content

Castell, J.D.; Kean, J.C.; D'abramo, L.R.; Conklin, D.E., 1989:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research i. evaluation of two formulations

Castell, J.D.; Kean, J.C.; Mccann, D.G.C.; Boghen, A.D.; Conklin, D.E.; D'abramo, L.R., 1989:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research ii. selection of a purification procedure for production of the rock crab cancer irroratus protein ingredient

Reed, L.; D'abramo, L.R., 1989:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research iii. effects on weight gain and amino acid composition of whole body and tail muscle of juvenile prawns macrobrachium rosenbergii

Morrissy, N.M., 1989:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research iv. growth of freshwater crayfish cherax tenuimanus

Bordner, C.E., 1989:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research v. growth and survival of juvenile dungeness crabs cancer magister

Lellis, W.A., 1992:
A standard reference diet for crustacean nutrition research vi. response of postlarval stages of the caribbean king crab mithrax spinosissimus and the spiny lobster panulirus argus

Ushakov R.V.; Tsarev V.N.; Ushakov T.V., 1991:
A standard tampon for the quantitative studies of mixed anaerobic and aerobic microflora

Kremer T.; Millette J.R.; E.A., 1990:
A standard tem procedure for identification and quantitation of asbestiform minerals in talc

Turner B., 1989:
A standardized agricultural data base for the south african highveld

Ebbs S.R.; Cameron A.E.P., 1988:
A standardized approach to the insertion of hickman catheters

Perrotta C.; Furtek C.; Wilson R.A.; Cowen B.S.; Eckroade R.J., 1988:
A standardized elisa for infectious bronchitis virus comparison with hemagglutination inhibition and virus neutralization assays for measuring protective antibody levels in chickens

Hooijer C.; Jonker C.; Dewey M.E.; Van Tilburg W.; Copeland J.R.M., 1991:
A standardized interview for the elderly gms reliability studies comparing the dutch language version with the original

Mcmurray H.F.; Parrott D.P.; Bowyer D.E., 1991:
A standardized method of culturing aortic explants suitable for the study of factors affecting the phenotypic modulation migration and proliferation of aortic smooth muscle cells

Lagendik, J.J.; Hofman, P., 1992:
A standardized multifield irradiation technique for breast tumours using asymmetrical collimators and beam angulation

Bruns J.; Dahmen G., 1989:
A standardized radiological method for the examination of instabilities of the subtalar joint

Famuyiwa O.O.; Asuni T., 1991:
A standardized schedule for burden on the family of sickle cell anemia sufferers

Pollard B.K.; Weller R.N.; Kulild J.C., 1990:
A standardized technique for linear dye leakage studies immediate versus delayed immersion times

Siu, D.; Cooke, T.D.; Broekhoven, L.D.; Lam, M.; Fisher, B.; Saunders, G.; Challis, T.W., 1991:
A standardized technique for lower limb radiography. Practice, applications, and error analysis

Koole, P.; Beenhakker, F.; de Jongh, H.J.; Boering, G., 1990:
A standardized technique for the placement of electrodes in the two heads of the lateral pterygoid muscle

Grinius L.; Dreguniene G.; Goldberg E.B.; Liao C H.; Projan S.J., 1992:
A staphylococcal multidrug resistance gene product is a member of a new protein family

Brand, H.S.; van Kampen, G.P.; van der Korst, J.K., 1990:
A Staphylococcus aureus factor exclusively removes large proteoglycan monomers from explants of articular cartilage

Hanson, K.R.; McHale, N.A., 1988:
A Starchless Mutant of Nicotiana sylvestris Containing a Modified Plastid Phosphoglucomutase

Cooper R.K.II.H.inen J.M., 1991:
A starvation test to determine optimal salinities for larval freshwater prawns macrobrachium rosenbergii

Füzes, I., 1990:
A state space model of local energy exchange and circulatory control

Baser, M.E.; Marion, D., 1990:
A statewide case registry for surveillance of occupational heavy metals absorption

Bloomberg K.; Johnson H., 1990:
A statewide demographic survey of people with severe communication impairments

Esposito, T.J.; Maier, R.V.; Rivara, F.P.; Carrico, C.J., 1991:
A statewide profile of general surgery trauma practice

Dhooper S.S.; Royse D.D.; Wolfe L.C., 1991:
A statewide study of the public attitudes toward child abuse

Haeger R.S.; Schneider B.J.; Begole E.A., 1992:
A static occlusal analysis based on ideal and intraarch relationships

Raman P.; Rao V.V.R.; Kishore V.V.N., 1989:
A static scum breaking net for fixed dome biogas plants

Jordan N., 1989:
A statistical analysis for area of influence experiments

Hurt V.K.; Cook A.; Gray E., 1991:
A statistical analysis of abo and rh blood group data from the appalachian region of eastern kentucky

Warwick R.M.; Clarke K.R.; Suharsono, 1990:
A statistical analysis of coral community responses to the 1982 to 1983 el nino in the thousand islands indonesia

Ohtani K.; Kokoroishi T.; Miyamoto H., 1990:
A statistical analysis of facial fractures

Fredrickson, A.G.; Hatzis, C.; Srienc, F., 1992:
A statistical analysis of flow cytometric determinations of phagocytosis rates

Ohtani K.; Ohtsuka H.; Nakaoka H.; Arashiro K.; Yamamoto M.; Watanabe T., 1992:
A statistical analysis of keloids

Baddeley, R.J.; Hancock, P.J., 1991:
A statistical analysis of natural images matches psychophysically derived orientation tuning curves

Simpson R.W., 1992:
A statistical analysis of particulate data sets in brisbane australia

Watanabe T.; Ohtsuka H.; Nakaoka H.; Arashiro K.; Yamamoto M.; Okayama N.; Miki Y., 1990:
A statistical analysis of portwine stains strawberry marks and cavernous hemangiomas

Bruun L., 1991:
A statistical analysis of some genetical physiological and anatomical parameters of the development of in situ grown and in vitro grown ovules from intra specific and interspecific crosses in the genus beta

Fetkowska Mielnik K.; Bachanek T.; Szymanska J., 1987:
A statistical analysis of teeth injuries in children treated at the stomatological department of the stomatological institute of the medical academy in lublin poland

Quigg D.L.; Monoson H.L.; Schertz C.F., 1988:
A statistical analysis of the angiosperm vegetation in miller anderson woods nature preserve in illinois usa

Blazer D.; Woodbury M.; Hughes D.C.; George L.K.; Manton K.G.; Bachar J.R.; Fowler N., 1989:
A statistical analysis of the classification of depression in a mixed community and clinical sample

Rocco S.; Canova F.; Perissinotto E.; Moretti G.; Marin V.; D.R.s D., 1991:
A statistical analysis of the control of indoor climate in classrooms

Jorjani H.; Visser J., 1989:
A statistical analysis of the effect of drainage conditions and nitrogen fertilizer and apple production

Iwata, H., 1991:
A statistical analysis of the factors that determine the age at which babies start walking

Smaling E.M.A.; Stein A.; Sloot P.H.M., 1991:
A statistical analysis of the influence of striga hermonthica on maize yields in fertilizer trials in southwestern kenya

L.Y.; X.L.; M.J., 1988:
A statistical analysis of the relationship between pharmacological actions and channels of chinese materia medica

Green, M.H.; Cook, S.K.; Cole, J.; Arlett, C.F., 1990:
A statistical analysis of the third UKEMS collaborative trial

Bryant C.L.; Butler D.R.; Vitek J.D., 1989:
A statistical analysis of tree ring dating in conjunction with snow avalanches comparison of on path versus off path responses

H.H., 1988:
A statistical analysis on 976 cases of tumor in childhood

Rout M.; Lakshmanan M.A.V., 1990:
A statistical analysis on the growth pattern of carps during the first and second year of rearing in composite carp culture

Flournoy, D.J.; Murray, C.K.; Vernon, A.N., 1989:
A statistical analysis on the relationship of organism and site of infection to antimicrobial susceptibilities

Tou S.K.W., 1991:
A statistical and experimental study on fish response subject to vortex ring motion

Fujitani N.; Matoba R.; Shikata I.; Yamada T.; Mitsukuni Y.; Funahashi M., 1990:
A statistical and histopathological study of autopsy cases of methamphetamine abusers in osaka japan from 1977 to 1986

Miyazaki T.; Kasubuchi T.; Hasegawa S., 1991:
A statistical approach for predicting accuracies of soil properties measured by single double and dual gamma beams

Alanko T.; Poikolainen K., 1992:
A statistical approach to an alcoholic drinking history

Laberge C.; Jones G., 1991:
A statistical approach to field measurements of the chemical evolution of cold less than 0 c snow cover

Carter W.H.Jr; Gennings C.; Staniswalis J.G.; Campbell E.D.; White K.L.Jr, 1988:
A statistical approach to the construction and analysis of isobolograms

Loos, B.G.; Van Winkelhoff, A.J.; Dunford, R.G.; Genco, R.J.; D.G.aaff, J.; Dickinson, D.P.; Dyer, D.W., 1992:
A statistical approach to the ecology of Porphyromonas gingivalis

Fortuner R.; Maggenti A.R., 1991:
A statistical approach to the objective differentiation of hirschmanniella oryzae from hirschmanniella belli nemata pratylenchidae

Mau J., 1988:
A statistical assessment of clinical equivalence

Singh, M.; Rao, R.C.N.; Williams, J.H., 1991:
A statistical assessment of genotypic sensitivity of groundnut arachis hypogaea l. to drought in line source sprinkler experiments

Altuna, G.; Lewis, D.W.; Chao, I.; Rourke, M.A., 1991:
A statistical assessment of orthodontic practices, product usage, and the development of skin lesions

Stein M.; Provan J.L.; Prosser R.; Barrett C.; Ameli F.M., 1989:
A statistical assessment of the dependability of transcutaneous tissue oxygen tension measurements

Tiao G.C.; Liu L M.; Hudak G.B., 1989:
A statistical assessment of the effect of the car inspection maintenance program on ambient carbon monoxide air quality in phoenix arizona usa

Hatoum N.S.; Leach C.L.; Talsma D.M.; Gibbons R.D.; Garvin P.J., 1990:
A statistical basis for using fewer rabbits in dermal irritation testing

Newman M.C., 1991:
A statistical bias in the derivation of hardness dependent metals criteria

Wee J.L.; Millie D.F.; Walton S.P., 1991:
A statistical characterization of growth among clones of synura petersenii synurophyceae

Dalton S.J.; Thomas I.D., 1992:
A statistical comparison of various factors on embryogenic proliferation morphogenesis and regeneration in lolium temulentum cell suspension colonies

Hughes N.C.; Jell P.A., 1992:
A statistical computer graphic technique for assessing variation in tectonically deformed fossils and its application to cambrian trilobites from kashmir

Schubert, D.S.; Wolf, A.W.; Patterson, M.B.; Grande, T.P.; Pendleton, L., 1988:
A statistical evaluation of the literature regarding the associations among alcoholism, drug abuse, and antisocial personality disorder

Boyes B.G.; Rogers C.G.; Karpinsky K.; Stapley R., 1990:
A statistical evaluation of the reproducibility of micronucleus sister chromatid exchange thioguanine resistance and ouabain resistance assays in v79 cells exposed to ethyl methanesulfonate and 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene

Lapointe F J.; Legendre P., 1990:
A statistical framework to test the consensus of two nested classifications

Terada, M.; Ishioka, S.; Hozawa, S.; Yasumatsu, Y.; Nakamura, K.; Yamakido, M., 1991:
A statistical investigation of the influence of allergic factors on intractable asthma by multiple factor analysis

Smeller L.; Gyorgyi S., 1989:
A statistical mechanical model of the pre transitions and subtransitions of lecithin membranes

Ulm K., 1991:
A statistical method for assessing a threshold in epidemiological studies

Spiegelman C.H.; Watters R.L.; Hungwu L., 1991:
A statistical method for calibrating flame emission spectrometry which takes account of errors in the calibration standards

Khalil M.A.K., 1992:
A statistical method for estimating uncertainties in the total global budgets of atmospheric trace gases

Beam, C.A.; Wieand, H.S., 1991:
A statistical method for the comparison of a discrete diagnostic test with several continuous diagnostic tests

Castro G.; Myers J.P., 1988:
A statistical method to estimate the cost of flight in birds

Warren W.G.; Bohm M.; Link D., 1992:
A statistical methodology for exploring elevational differences in precipitation chemistry

Norwood P.K.; Sampson A.R., 1988:
A statistical methodology for postmarketing surveillance of adverse drug reaction reports

Köppen, L.; Quester, R., 1988:
A statistical model for appraisal of discrimination performance in closed set tests

Dickinson E.; Euston S.R., 1992:
A statistical model for the simulation of adsorption from a mixture of deformable particles

Bastolla, U.; Peliti, L., 1991:
A statistical model of evolution with stabilizing selection

Lim L.L Y., 1990:
A statistical model of the distribution of the ventilation perfusion ratio

Grizzle R.E.; Lutz R.A., 1989:
A statistical model relating horizontal seston fluxes and bottom sediment characteristics to growth of mercenaria mercenaria

Rice E.L., 1989:
A statistical morphological analysis and taxonomic revision of the genus xiphophora fucaceae

Ludwig, D.A.; Convertino, V.A., 1991:
A statistical note on the redundancy of nine standard baroreflex parameters

Omura R.; Sato E.; Sakai T.; Shirane M.; Suzuki M.; Yajin K.; Harada Y.; Sera K., 1988:
A statistical observation of esophageal and tracheo bronchial foreign bodies in our clinic during the past 18 years

Takeichi K.; Yamashita T.; Ohtsu S.; Koike Y., 1988:
A statistical observation of thyroid diseases

Ono K., 1989:
A statistical observation on herpes zoster the surveillance in hyogo prefecture japan 1987 1988

Kayajima T.; Yanase I.; Kawahara M.; Kakinoki T.; Chan Y.F.; Shirahama T.; Goto T.; Sakamoto N.; Ohi Y., 1988:
A statistical observation on pediatric patients at the urological department of kagoshima university hospital japan during the recent fifteen years from 1971 to 1985

W.S.X.; E.A., 1989:
A statistical pathological analysis of 1503 cases of tumors and tumor like lesions of the bone and joints

Cox W.M.; Tikvart J.A., 1990:
A statistical procedure for determining the best performing air quality simulation model

Kristiansen S., 1991:
A statistical procedure for the estimation of accuracy parameters in interlaboratory studies

O'brien R.; Sinha B.K.; Smith W.P., 1991:
A statistical procedure to evaluate clean up standards

Tomaru A., 1989:
A statistical report of patients in cardiovascular clinic at komae area in tokyo japan

Mori Y.; Masuda I.; Kou R.; Mizogami T.; Namiki A.; Matsuba T.; Yokoyama J.; Ikeda Y.; Isogai Y., 1990:
A statistical report of patients in diabetic clinic at kawachi area in tochigio japan

Kubota I.; Jono A.; Ohta F., 1991:
A statistical report of speech and language clinic in department of otorhinolaryngology at kinki university hospital japan

Yamamoto S I.; Itaya T.; Mori Y.; Hashiba M.; Baba S., 1991:
A statistical review of hospitalized patients treated in our clinic during the past 15 years

Itaya M.; Suzuki K.; Hashiba M.; Baba S., 1991:
A statistical review of patients with esophageal foreign bodies in our clinic during the last 15 years

Sakaguchi M.; Kawarada K., 1988:
A statistical review on clinical cases of tracheo bronchial foreign bodies in the past twenty one years

Suzuki T.; Sakaguchi M., 1990:
A statistical review on foreign bodies in the esophagus in hospitalized patients in the past ten years

Nakamura Y.; Harada K.; Hashimoto T.; Fukuda S.; Okudera T.; Maruyama H., 1990:
A statistical study af autopsied cases of neonatal intraventricular hemorrhage

Hayami H.; Yamashita I.; Karino T.; Nakamura Y., 1991:
A statistical study of 70 cases of orbital tumor

Takei, K.; Inoue, T.; Shimono, M.; Takahashi, S.; Shigematsu, T.; Noma, H.; Kawashima, Y.; Yamazaki, Y.; Mizuno, Y.; Mochizuki, Y., 1989:
A statistical study of autopsies performed on cases of oral cancer: with reference to distant metastasis in tongue cancer

Miller, M.I.; Mark, K.E., 1992:
A statistical study of cochlear nerve discharge patterns in response to complex speech stimuli

Chung J.H.; N.J.H.; Yoon M.S.; Chun Y.I.; Lee Y.S., 1991:
A statistical study of dermatoses in soldiers from 1987 1989

Hamada Y.; Hamano H.; Chen S H.; Abiko Y.; Osada K.; Katayanagi T.; Hashimoto S.; Inoue T.; Shimono M.; E.A., 1989:
A statistical study of epulis especially in general pathology

Nagai H.; Hirano Y.; Harazaki M.; Isshiki Y.; Sebata M., 1990:
A statistical study of initial visit orthodontic patients to the chiba and suidobashi hospitals of the tokyo dental college japan

Enomoto Y.; Kasagi Y.; Aoki Y.; Odaira T.; Sagisaka K., 1990:
A statistical study of parricide in japan regional differences of the incidence of parricide and its trend

Kobayashi H.; Nishio K.; Ishizaki H., 1991:
A statistical study of pilomatricoma

Alidrisi, M.; Abed, S.; Ozkul, O.; El-Assouli, S.; Amer, M.; Saber, A., 1991:
A statistical study of prognostic factors influencing survival of patients with non hodgkin's lymphoma

Okamoto M.; Shitara T.; Furusawa S I.; Hirayama M., 1988:
A statistical study of six hundred cases of sudden deafness during the past fifteen years seen at kitasato university hospital japan

Kitaoku Y.; Kitano I.; Sonoda F.; Tanaka M.; Matsunaga T.; Ohta K.; Okasaka T., 1990:
A statistical study of sudden deafness

Kubo, T.; Honda, H., 1990:
A statistical study of the countermeasures to reduce the maternal mortality based on the relationship between the maternal mortality rate and perinatal mortality rate

Henry Suchet J.; Veluyre M.; Pia P., 1989:
A statistical study of the factors influencing the prognosis of tuboplasty operations the importance of the state of the ampullary mucosa and of chlamydial infection

Yamamoto M., 1990:
A statistical study of the relationship between cancer patient and cancer death rates

Sodesaki K I.; Fujitani N.; Matoba R.; Tsuji T., 1990:
A statistical study of traffic accident cases autopsied

Oka R.; Tsuruta Y.; Kashiwagi N.; Miyahara H.; Matsunaga T., 1990:
A statistical study on polypoid vocal cord vocal polyp and vocal cord nodule

Miyazawa Y.; Inowaki J.; Hachiya T.; Dote T.; Sassa H., 1990:
A statistical study on the autopsied cases of choriocarcinoma in japan

Munakata A.; Nakaji S.; Iwane S.; Ohta M.; Hatada Y.; Katoh H.; Tsuchida S.; Sano M.; Yoshida Y.; Aisawa T., 1989:
A statistical study on the development of diverticulosis of the digestive tract

Soriano M.D.; Boluda R.; Pons V.; Sanchez J., 1991:
A statistical study on the physico chemical properties of luvisols developed on limestone materials in valencia spain a statistical study on the physico chemical properties of luvisols

Disci R.; Gungormus O.; Ayman U.; Minibas J.; Yavuzer N., 1989:
A statistical study to determine the relations between socioeconomic characteristics and state trait anxiety levels of istanbul university turkey literature faculty students

Kirihara Y.; Yamamoto O.; Hori A.; Asahi M., 1988:
A statistical survey of 90 cases of basal cell epithelioma

Kikuiri A.; Yanashima K.; Ishida M.; Kanno K.; Asanabe M.; Tsugawa K., 1988:
A statistical survey of the visually handicapped in 20 special career courses in japan

Clements J.D., 1990:
A statistical test for demonstrating a presynaptic site of action for a modulator of synaptic amplitude

Szathmary E.; Zintzaras E., 1992:
A statistical test of hypotheses on the organization and origin of the genetic code

Li, W.H., 1989:
A statistical test of phylogenies estimated from sequence data

Luo L.; Zhou Y., 1990:
A statistical theory of amino acid mutation

Junqueira, R.G.; Mares-Guia, M., 1990:
A statistical treatment for solution of a family of simultaneous equations derived from enzyme inhibition studies

Inada, T.; Yagi, G.; Kamijima, K.; Ohnishi, K.; Kamisada, M.; Takamiya, M.; Nakajima, S.; Rockhold, R.W., 1990:
A statistical trial of subclassification for tardive dyskinesia

Rempel R.S.; Colby P.J., 1991:
A statistically valid model of the morphoedaphic index

Taylor A.H.; Joint I., 1990:
A steady state analysis of the microbial loop in stratified systems

Sakshaug E.; Andresen K.; Kiefer D.A., 1989:
A steady state description of growth and light absorption in the marine planktonic diatom skeletonema costatum

Gravett P.S.; Viljoen C.C.; Oosthuizen M.M.J., 1991:
A steady state kinetic analysis of the reaction between arginine esterase e i from bitis gabonica venom and synthetic arginine substrates and the influence of ph temperature and solvent deuterium isotope

McNeil, J.S.; Torrington, K.G.; Mundie, T.G.; Ripple, G.R.; Phillips, Y.Y., 1989:
A steady state method of measuring carbon monoxide diffusing capacity of the lung of sheep

Vanlerberghe, F.; Boursot, P.; Nielsen, J.T.; Bonhomme, F., 1988:
A steep cline for mitochondrial DNA in Danish mice

Garbarino J.A.; Molinari A., 1990:
A stemarane diterpene from calceolaria kingii

Tamarut T.; Blaskovic V.; Cindric N.; Maricic B., 1989:
A step back method for intracanal preparation with multiple length determination of the tooth root canal

D.M.ndoza J.; Nieto P.M.; Prados P.; Sanchez C., 1990:
A stepwise synthesis of functionalized calix 4 arenes and a calix 6 arene with alternate electron withdrawing substituents

Riley R.J.; Lambert C.; Kitteringham N.R.; Park B.K., 1989:
A stereochemical investigation of the cytotoxicity of mianserin metabolites in vitro

Gardner G., 1989:
A stereochemical model for the active site of photosystem ii herbicides

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A stereochemical relationship could explain the origin of the genetic code

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A stereocontrolled approach to the oxa bridged octalin system of coloradocin luminamicin

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A stereocontrolled intramolecular cycloaddition sigmatropic rearrangement approach to a tricyclo 7.4.01 6.01 10 tridecane precursor for racemic gascardic acid

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A stereocontrolled organopalladium route to 2 5 disubstituted pyrrolidine derivatives application to the synthesis of a venom alkaloid of the ant species monomorium latinode

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of a c 19 c 32 c 17 c 30 segment for swinholide a and misakinolide a cytotoxic dimeric macrolides from theonella swinhoei

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of a key intermediate to dextro thienamycin

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of cefprozil and related cephems via allenylazetidinones

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of protoquercitol

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of the 16 membered ring macrolide aglycones niddanolide carbonolide b and platenonolide w 1

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A stereocontrolled synthesis of trisubstituted cyclohexanes and cyclopentanes its application to the synthesis of 11 deoxyprostaglandins

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A stereoconvergent approach to dicyclopenta a d cyclooctane terpenoids via a very mild cope reaction

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A stereoconvergent strategy for the synthesis of enantiomerically pure r levo and s dextro 2 6 methoxy 2 naphythylpropanoic acid naproxen

Gurjar M.K.; Viswanadham G., 1991:
A stereoconvergent synthesis of the oligosaccharide segment of glyco peptidolipid antigen of mycobacterium avium serotype 4 a dominant serovariant observed in patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome

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A stereodivergent chirospecific synthesis of 3r and 3s 3 hydroxyaspartates by hydroxylation of aspartate diester enolates

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A stereodivergent construction of beta lactam skeletons via condensation of ester enolates and a chiral imine

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A stereological analysis of kidney structure of honeyeater birds (Meliphagidae) inhabiting either arid or wet environments

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A stereological analysis of organelle redistribution during cytokinesis in onion root meristems

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A stereological study of the ependyma of the mouse spinal cord. With a comparative note on the choroid plexus ependyma

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A stereological study of the human ovarian surface epithelium

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A stereological survey of lysosomal structure alterations in littorina littorea exposed to 1 naphthol

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A stereophotogrammetric method for measurements of ligament structure

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A stereoscopic scanning electron microscope study of pulmonary hypoplasia in chondrodystrophic mice

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A stereoselective approach to the brassinolide side chain via wittig reaction

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A stereoselective central hypotensive action of atenolol

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A stereoselective cis enzyme synthesis using vinyl sulfone chemistry

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A stereoselective organopalladium route toward perhydrohistrionicotoxin

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A stereoselective synthesis of 12 hydroxy e gamma bisabolene

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A stereoselective synthesis of 2z 4e dienoic acid involving masked functional groups tetrabutylammonium fluoride induced ring opening of alpha beta unsaturated delta lactone

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A stereoselective synthesis of 3 5 disubstituted octahydroindolizines

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A stereoselective synthesis of hydroxyethylene and erythro dihydroxyethylene dipeptide isosteres a facial selective anti aldol reaction

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A stereoselective synthesis of levo perhydrohistrionicotoxin

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A stereoselective synthesis of pyruvic 4 6 acetals of d hexopyranose residues

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A stereoselective synthesis of racemic pestalotin

Kobayashi Y.; Takemoto Y.; Kamijo T.; Harada H.; Ito Y.; Terashima S., 1992:
A stereoselective synthesis of the 2r 3s and 2s 3r 3 amino 2 hydroxybutyric acid derivatives the key components of a renin inhibitor and bestatin

Tone H.; Nishi T.; Oikawa Y.; Hikota M.; Yonemitsu O., 1989:
A stereoselective total synthesis of 9s 9 dihydroerythronolide a via coupling between the right half c1 c6 aldehyde and the left half c7 c15 sulfoxide

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A stereoselective totally synthetic route to methyl alpha peracetylhikosaminide

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A stereospecific synthesis of pyrimidine beta d 2' deoxyribonucleosides

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A stereospecific synthesis of racemic abscisic acid

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A stereotaxic apparatus for the study of the central nervous structures in the pig

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A stereotaxic atlas and implantation technique for nuclei of the diencephalon of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) parr

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A steroid enema, budesonide, lacking systemic effects for the treatment of distal ulcerative colitis or proctitis

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A steroid from calotropis procera

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A steroid response element can function in the absence of a distal promoter

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A steroidal alkaloid from fritillaria ebeiensis

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A steroidal ester from coelogyne uniflora

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A sterol glycoside from marine green alga codium iyengarii

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A stilbene derivative from gnetum parvifolium

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A stimulated S6 kinase from rat liver: identity with the mitogen activated S6 kinase of 3T3 cells

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A stimulation system for arrhythmia surgery and electrophysiologic studies

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A stimulatory effect of FFA on glycolysis unmasked in cells with impaired oxidative capacity

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A stochastic analysis of three viral sequences

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A stochastic branching model with formation of subunits applied to the growth of intestinal crypts

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A stochastic compartmental model for migration of marine shrimp

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A stochastic compartmental model of the migration of juvenile anadromous salmonids in the columbia river basin

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A stochastic empirical approach to modelling nitrate leaching

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A stochastic integrated vpa for herring in the baltic sea using acoustic estimates as auxiliary information for estimating natural mortality

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A stochastic lagrangian atmospheric transport model to determine global carbon dioxide sources and sinks a preliminary discussion

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A stochastic model for coupled enzyme system

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A stochastic model for periodontal breakdown

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A stochastic model for the distribution of hiv latency time based on t4 counts

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A stochastic model for the effects of toxicants on populations

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A stochastic model for the membrane potential of a stimulated neuron

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A stochastic model of the genetic predisposition to ageing: an application to twin data

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A stochastic model to simulate the growth of anchorage dependent cells on flat surfaces

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A stochastic reinforcement learning algorithm for learning real valued functions

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A stochastic simulation of tumor growth

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A stochastic spatial regeneration model for pinus sylvestris

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A stochastic theory of community food webs v. intervality and triangulation in the trophic niche overlap graph

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A stochastic theory of community food webs vi. heterogeneous alternatives to the cascade model

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A stoichiometric model of nutrient cycling in the northern adriatic sea mediterranean sea and its relation to regeneration processes

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A stoma jig for surgical craft workshops

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A stomatognathic analysis of patients with disabling tinnitus and craniomandibular disorders (CMD)

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A stop press announcement damage caused by a widely used herbarium mounting technique

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A straightforward and high yielding synthesis of mefloquine ii

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A straightforward and reliable method for the determination of the polarity of transcription units application to the study of the drosophila yema gene cluster

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A straightforward entry to the ervitsine skeleton synthesis of 16 demethyleneervitsine

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A straightforward method for the study of drug interactions an isobolographic analysis primer

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A straightforward route to functionalized intermediates containing the cd substructure of taxol

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A strain of acinetobacter calcoaceticus var lwoffi isolated from a pleurisy patient

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A strain of Babesia divergens, attenuated after long term culture

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A strain of candida stellata of special interest to oenologists

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A strain of cucumber green mottle mosaic virus cgmmv from bottlegourd in saudi arabia

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A strain of nocardia mediterranei that produces a mixture of rifamycin b and w

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A strain of the predatory mite amblyseius longispinosus evans resistant to permethrin developing in the tea plantation of shizuoka prefecture japan acarina phytoseiidae

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A strange new species of the family ovulidae

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A strategic plan for the eradication of tuberculosis in a health area

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A strategic planning model for fisheries development

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A strategy for delineating risks due to exposure to neurotoxic chemicals

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A strategy for delivering peptides into the central nervous system by sequential metabolism

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A strategy for finding classes of minima on a hypersurface: implications for approaches to the protein folding problem

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A strategy for physical mapping of the human genome

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A strategy for solubilizing delipidated apolipoprotein with lysophosphatidylcholine and reconstitution with phosphatidylcholine

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A strategy for synthesis of conduritols and related cyclitols via stereodivergent vinylsilane aldehyde cyclizations

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A strategy for the generation of conditional mutations by protein destabilization

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A strategy for the reconstruction of structures possessing axial symmetry sectioned axonemes in sperm flagella

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A strategy for the selection of methods and means of measurement in connection with the goals of agrochemical control

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A strategy to improve the utilization of pneumococcal vaccine

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A strategy to reduce infant mortality

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A strategy to study gene polymorphism by direct sequence analysis of cosmid clones and amplified genomic DNA

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A stratified random transect design for acoustic surveys of fish stocks

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A stratigraphic age of rotoehu ash and late pleistocene climate interpretation based on marine terrace chronology mahia peninsula north island new zealand

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A stratigraphic and taxonomic atlas of bolboforma protophytes incertae sedis tertiary

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A stratigraphical study of the transition between renal vein and suprarenal vein in man

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A streptococcal erythrogenic toxin preparation augments natural killer activity of peripheral blood mononuclear cells

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A streptococcal plasminogen activator in the focus of infection and in the kidneys during the initial phase of experimental streptococcal glomerulonephritis

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A streptokinase dependent plasma factor skdf induces leukocyte tissue factor activity

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A streptomycin induced no pollen male sterile mutant in rice oryza sativa l

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A stress analysis of the proximal tibia after insertion of the endoprosthesis

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A stress inoculation training program for adolescents in a high school setting a multiple baseline approach

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A stress management workshop improves residents' coping skills

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A 'stress' test for memory dysfunction. Electrophysiologic manifestations of early Alzheimer's disease

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A stretch activated potassium channel sensitive to cell volume

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A stretch activated potassium ion channel in the basolateral membrane of xenopus kidney proximal tubule cells

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A stridulatory apparatus in old world leptopodidae heteroptera

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A striking new species of roupala proteaceae from the venezuelan andes

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A strong antibody response to the periplasmic carboxyl terminal domain of the omp a protein of escherichia coli is produced by immunization with purified omp a or with whole escherichia coli or salmonella typhimurium bacteria

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A strong biological response to oceanic flow past cobb seamount

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A strong evidence for the existence of a large scale integrated spectral representation in vowel perception

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A strong mutator effect caused by an amino acid change in the alpha subunit of DNA polymerase III of Escherichia coli

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A strong propensity toward loop formation characterizes the expressed reading frames of the D segments at the Ig H and T cell receptor loci

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A structural analysis of physarum polycephalum u1 rna at the rna and gene levels are there differentially expressed u1 rna genes in physarum polycephalum? u1 rna evolution

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A structural analysis of terminal fragments of prolactin as potential substrates for serine and proline specific proteinases

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A structural analysis of the genotoxic and carcinogenic potentials of cyclosporin A

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A structural analysis of the impact of mmpi 2 on mmpi 1

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A structural analysis of the self schema construct in major depression

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A structural analysis of the Sxr region of the mouse Y chromosome

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A structural and biochemical study on the effects of methoprene on flight muscle development in locusta migratoria l

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A structural and floristic study of two dense humid forests on ultrabasic rocks in new caledonia south pacific ocean

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A structural change in the neurospora plasma membrane proton atpase induced by n ethylmaleimide

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A structural characterization of the Mo3 activation antigen expressed on the plasma membrane of human mononuclear phagocytes

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A structural, functional and molecular analysis of plastids of the holoparasites Cuscuta reflexa and Cuscuta europaea

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A structural investigation of octa n undecoxyphthalocyanine in the solid and liquid crystalline state and of polyocta n undecoxyphthalocyaninatosiloxane by high resolution solid state nmr spectroscopy

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A structural investigation of the ovule in sugar beet beta vulgaris integuments and micropyle

Bruun L.; Olesen P., 1989:
A structural investigation of the ovule in sugar beet beta vulgaris the micropylar nucellus

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A structural model for human dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenase

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A structural model for reef communities

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A structural model for the genome of echovirus 22

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A structural model of the sporopollenin based on dodecahedral units

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A structural model to explain the partial catalytic activity of human prorenin

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A structural model used to evaluate the changing microstructure of maturing rat skin

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A structural phase transition in rna

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A structural protein of hepatitis c virus expressed in escherichia coli facilitates accurate detection of hepatitis c virus

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A structural study of 2 and 4 pyrimidinones in solid states by vibrational and electronic spectroscopy

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A structural study of calcium binding equine lysozyme by two dimensional proton nmr

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A structural study of induced capsule formation in the ciliate colpidium colpoda

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A structural study of the floral epidermal hairs of digitalis purpurea using light electron and x ray microscopy

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A structural study of the membrane domain of band 3 by tryptic digestion. Conformational change of band 3 in situ induced by alkali treatment

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A structural study of the rat proximal and distal nephron: effect of peptide and thyroid hormones

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A structural study on elcatonin, a novel synthetic analogue of eel calcitonin, by fast atom bombardment and tandem mass spectrometry

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A structurally unique, potent, and selective oxytocin antagonist derived from Streptomyces silvensis

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A structure activity relationship for the binding of acridine 4 carboxamides to dna

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A structure activity relationship sar approach towards metabolism of pcbs in marine animals from different trophic levels

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A structure activity study of thaumatin using pyridoxal 5' phosphate plp as a probe

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A structure for models of hazardous materials with complex behavior

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A structure reactivity relationship for base promoted hydrolysis and methanolysis of monocyclic beta lactams

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A structured kinetic model for Zymomonas mobilis ATCC10988

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A structured kinetic modeling framework for the dynamics of hybridoma growth and monoclonal antibody production in continuous suspension cultures

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A structured knowledge elicitation methodology for building expert systems

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A structured model for monoclonal antibody synthesis in exponentially growing and stationary phase hybridoma cells

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A structured model for simulation of cultures of the cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis in photobioreactors: I. Coupling between light transfer and growth kinetics

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A structured model for simulation of cultures of the cyanobacterium Spirulina platensis in photobioreactors: II. Identification of kinetic parameters under light and mineral limitations

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A structured program for out patient alcohol detoxification

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A structured psychiatric intervention for cancer patients. I. Changes over time in methods of coping and affective disturbance

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A structured psychiatric intervention for cancer patients. II. Changes over time in immunological measures

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A structured, segregated model for genetically modified Escherichia coli cells and its use for prediction of plasmid stability

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A study about effectiveness and tolerability of an association amoxicillin clavulanic acid in chronic bronchopathic exacerbated patients

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A study about the desirable characteristics of the qualified physicians: the application of Delphi method

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A study about the genetic of primary hepatocellular carcinoma

Desta T., 1991:
A study and analysis of spinal canal diseases in the black lion hospital ethiopia by myelography

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A study and reports about external cephalic version a prospective multicentre study carried out in four maternity units of hospitals in the west

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A study by electron microscopy of the specific uptake of alpha fetoprotein by mouse embryonic fibroblasts in relation to in vitro aging and by human mammary epithelial tumor cells in comparison with normal donor's cells

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A study by sensory descriptive analysis of the effects of oak origin seasoning and heating on the aromas of oak model wine extracts

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A study comparing the first two cervical vertebrae of three fossil bovines bos primigenius bison priscus and pelorovis antiquus

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A study concerning a method for the rapid determination of semolina color

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A study concerning evaluation of cancer information service by its users

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A study concerning the diagnostic discrimination of borderline personality disorders from schizophrenic and neurotic depressive disorders

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A study concerning the psychosomatics of endometriosis

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A study designed to identify a potential interaction between some alkylxanthines and red blood cell skeleton proteins

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A study for synovial change of rabbit knee after osmic acid injection

Kim H.K.; Chun J.M.; Lee E.W.; Song K.Y., 1990:
A study for the change of articular cartilage of rabbit knee after osmic acid injection

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A study for the classification of heat stroke and sun stroke

Shibagaki Y., 1989:
A study for the correlation of hemorrhagic cerebral infarction with the hemodynamics measured by dynamic ct

Tashiro H.; Hanzawa T.; Ando H., 1990:
A study for the usefulness of radial type endoscopic ultrasonography the evaluation for esophageal mediastinal gastric biliary and pancreatic disease

Park W.S.; Kim C.S., 1990:
A study for transglutaminase in guinea pig uterus

Iwamoto M., 1988:
A study in blood and tissue carcinoembryonic antigen in patients with colorectal cancer

Wang H H.; Chang Y H.; Liu D M., 1992:
A study in the effectiveness of acupuncture analgesia for colonoscopic examination compared with conventional premedication

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A study in the psychopathology of expression by chronic schizophrenics using the landscape montage technique by the comparison of drawings made by japanese children and youths as well as by nepalese children

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A study lung maturity using amniotic fluid obtained from the vagina after premature rupture of the membranes

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A study of 181 cases of itp

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A study of 187 hepatic resections undertaken in the last five years

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A study of 22 cases of renal injury

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A study of 260 cases of tuberculosis deaths at the institute of pneumophysiology of bucharest between 1976 and 1985

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A study of 3 species of the feather mite genus proctophyllodes robin 1868 acarina proctophyllodidae taken from birds of the genus anthus in spain

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A study of 3 species of warblers during autumn migration at verbois geneva switzerland passage phenology and habitat use

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A study of 39 retinoblastomas with particular reference to morphology cellular differentiation and tumor origin

Hansen B.F., 1992:
A study of 60 consecutive autopsies

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A study of 75 untreated lung cancers in the elderly

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A study of 9 1 3 dihydroxy 2 propoxymethylguanine against herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2 in vitro

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A study of a derivative of oripavine buprenorphine its suggested use as sole agent for intra operative and post operative analgesia

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A study of a new subspecies of hyloicus morio lepidoptera sphingidae

Kirpichnikova K.M.; Shuvalova E.V., 1988:
A study of a phthalocyanine dye sorption by erythrocyte membranes in buffer solutions of different tonicity

Karaivanov S., 1990:
A study of a possibility for a reduced frequency rate of feeding on rearing silk worms in the last age period

Takayama M., 1991:
A study of a systemic fibrinolytic treatment for acute myocardial infarction the effect of a moderate dose infusion of urokinase

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A study of a therapeutic protocol with cefoperazone for bronchopulmonary disease in mucoviscidosis

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A study of a work site health promotion program and absenteeism

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A study of accommodation and pupillary response in vdt workers

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A study of acculturative stress japanese students' physiological reactivity to stress

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A study of acid base status and gases in body fluids in two species of bovines

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A study of acne treatments as risk factors for skin cancer of the head and neck

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A study of action of norepinephrine on hypothalamic feeding centers

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A study of active strains destroying alkyl substituted benzenes

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A study of acute effect of propranolol on carbohydrate metabolism of submandibular gland of rat

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A study of acute toxicity of mitoxantrone

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A study of adh reaction characteristics in photoperiod sensitive genic male sterile rice

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A study of adhesion molecules as markers of progression in malignant melanoma

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A study of adipocyte precursor cells derived from brown adipose tissue: the expression of specific cell surface antigens during their differentiation in culture

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A study of adjunctive copper sulfate treatment in patients with rheumatoid arthritis who have relapsed while taking d penicillamine

Ogawa Y., 1990:
A study of adjuvant chemotherapy for colorectal cancer during surgical operation

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A study of aerobic and anaerobic inducible genes using mu dj km lac operon fusion in salmonella typhimurium

Haresnape J.M.; Wilkinson P.J., 1989:
A study of african swine fever virus infected ticks ornithodoros moubata collected from three villages in the asf enzootic area of malawi south africa following an outbreak of the disease in domestic pigs

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A study of age changes in grip strength and its relationship other body measurements among lodha tribals of west bengal

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A study of aggressive and violent behavior among a group of psychiatric inpatients in kenya

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A study of air quality in a farrowing house

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A study of alcohol consumption by juveniles

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A study of alcohol consumption practice in a male population age 40 to 59 and its prognostic importance with relation to mortality

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A study of alcohol dehydrogenase activity in the liver of albino rats in acute ethanol poisoning under hyperthermia

Naqi H.; Jamil Z.; Kumar P., 1989:
A study of allergenic mites of stored food grain dust causing respiratory disorders

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A study of allozyme evolution in african mongooses viverridae herpestinae

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A study of aminoglutethimide and hydrocortisone in patients with advanced and refractory prostate carcinoma

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A study of an in vitro model for invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma

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A study of an outbreak of schistosomiasis in two resettlement villages near Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

Kuromizu J., 1989:
A study of anal function after sphincter preserving operation for lower rectal cancer

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A study of anatomical characters on the genus lilium l. in korea

Bitoh K., 1989:
A study of anatomical shape and size of the atlanto axial joints

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A study of aneuploid induction by three mitotic arrestants in mouse bone marrow cells

Bhasin M.K.; Singh L.P., 1992:
A study of anthropometric parameters and lung functions in kashmiri muslim adults of jammu and kashmir india a comparison with the other population groups of the state

Bhasin M.K.; Singh L.P., 1992:
A study of anthropometric somatotype in two high altitude populations bodhs and baltis of ladakh jammu and kashmir india

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A study of antichlamydial effect of rokitamycin

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A study of antimicrobial activity of zizyphus nummularia leaf extract

Vervier P., 1990:
A study of aquatic community dynamics in a karstic system by the use of artificial substrates

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A study of aqueous humor formation in patients with cystic fibrosis

Gersamiya L.V., 1989:
A study of arterial impedance during elastic loading

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A study of aspergillus flavus aspergillus parasiticus in iowa crop fields 1988 1990

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A study of aspirin induced changes in bleeding time platelet aggression and sonoclot coagulation analysis in humans

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A study of aspirin slow release dosage forms

Yeh M K.; T'u T C.; Wang D P., 1992:
A study of aspirin slow release dosage forms ii

Dhaliwal M.S., 1990:
A study of association between seed number fruit weight and yield in tomato

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A study of asymmetric induction during the addition of enolate nucleophiles having sulfoximine chiral auxiliaries to diene molybdenum and dienyliron complexes

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A study of attitudes and behavior of medical students toward smoking

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A study of atypical yersinia strains isolated from moselle river western europe

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A study of auditory evoked potentials by the dipole tracing method

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A study of auditory perception of formant emphasized speech

Satoh N., 1992:
A study of auditory screening in infants by evoked otoacoustic emission eoae

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A study of autoantibodies in chronic mycobacterial infections

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A study of autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction and t lymphocyte subsets in patients with hepatitis b virus associated chronic liver diseases

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A study of autonomic nerve dysfunction in patients with thoracic outlet syndrome

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A study of auxin content in maize and tomato plants following magnet treatment

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A study of backcrossing the interspecific f 1 hybrid of lycopersicon esculentum mill. x lycopersicon peruvianum mill. to lycopersicon esculentum mill

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A study of bacterial infections in reptiles at the national zoo malaysia

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A study of bacterial meningitis in Kumasi, Ghana

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A study of bacteriologic indicators of fruits and vegetables cultivated on soils irrigated with water from various sources

Schultz, G.W., 1988:
A study of bancroftian filariasis on the islands of Batan and Rapu Rapu, Philippines

Phatak, P.; Dhapre, M.; Pandit, A.N.; Kulkarni, S., 1991:
A study of Baroda Development Screening Test for infants

McLeer, S.V.; Anwar, R., 1989:
A study of battered women presenting in an emergency department

Wade B.A.; Morrison B.; Jones M.A.J., 1991:
A study of beach litter in jamaica

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A study of beer staling using chemiluminescence analysis

Ruseva M.; Stefanova S.; V"rlyakov I.; Otuzbirov R.; Mikhajlov M., 1989:
A study of behavior and of some components of blood of beef cows

Solomon J., 1989:
A study of behavior in the teaching laboratory

Yazaki K., 1989:
A study of behavior pharmacology on rats tranquilizing effects induced by endogenous or exogenous bradykinin

Sazima I., 1988:
A study of behavioral biology of the pit viper bothrops jararaca with use of natural markings

Weisaeth L., 1989:
A study of behavioral responses to an industrial disaster

Porteous M.A., 1991:
A study of behavioural and emotional problems in irish primary school children

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A study of betal quid carcinogenesis viii. carcinogenicity of 3 methylnitrosaminopropionaldehyde in f344 rats

Prokopczyk, B.; Rivenson, A.; Hoffmann, D., 1991:
A study of betel quid carcinogenesis ix. comparative carcinogenicity of 3 methylnitrosamino propionitrile and 4 methylnitrosamino 1 3 pyridyl 1 butanone upon local application to mouse skin and rat oral mucosa

Kurihara K.; Ohno Y.; Ninomiya K., 1990:
A study of bilateral cleft lip repairs

Masukawa H., 1989:
A study of bile acid diarrhea determination of transepithelial potential difference pd in human jejunum

Panepucci L., 1989:
A study of biochemical polymorphisms in european zebu dairy crossbred cattle and of their relationship with european and zebu cattle

Martis G.; Karanth K.S.; Rao S.N.; Rao A., 1988:
A study of biogenic amines and their metabolites in convulsions induced by maximum electric shock in rats

Chaudhry, A.; Oberg, K.; Wilander, E., 1992:
A study of biological behavior based on the expression of a proliferating antigen in neuroendocrine tumors of the digestive system

Muslu Y.; Saltabas L., 1992:
A study of biological filtration using flow through tracer techniques

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A study of biorhythms in alpha glycerophosphate dehydrogenase activity of peripheral lymphocytes in rats with walker carcinosarcoma

Suzuki, N.; Ishizaki, A., 1991:
A study of blink reflex in person with severely handicapped

Kanda T.; Fujimoto Y.; Minobe Y.; Yoshida T.; Iwasaki M.; Mori H.; Shimizu Y.; Uematsu I., 1991:
A study of blood glucose self monitoring by insulin treated patients with diabetes mellitus the poor reliability of self reported data

Nersisyan V.M.; Martirosyan I.G.; Akopyan L.P.; Musaelyan N.O., 1989:
A study of blood immunogenetic markers in armenian population ussr

Nakagawa K., 1989:
A study of blood platelet tritiated imipramine binding sites in subjects with affective disorder

Wakisaka I.; Yanagihashi T.; Ando T.; Tomari T.; Hatano H., 1988:
A study of blood pressure aggregation among husband wife pairs

Xia Z Y.; E.A., 1989:
A study of blood rifampin concentration in smoking and non smoking health in tuberculosis patients

Nikolov G.A., 1988:
A study of blood serum and egg protein genetic polymorphism in connection with productive traits of laying hens

Bhasin M.K.; Singh L.P., 1992:
A study of body morphology and lung functions in dards of ladakh jammu and kashmir india

Oikarinen, A.; Tuomi, M.L.; Kallionen, M.; Sandberg, M.; Väänänen, K., 1992:
A study of bone formation in osteoma cutis employing biochemical, histochemical and in situ hybridization techniques

Otsubo S., 1990:
A study of bone lesions in epileptic children receiving anticonvulsants

Yato S., 1990:
A study of brain abscess evolutional process and treatment of brain abscess

Sofic, E.; Riederer, P.; Wesemann, W.; Kienzl, E.; Eichinger, K.; Gsell, W.; Jellinger, K., 1991:
A study of brain dopamine sulfate levels in relation to free dopamine and homovanillic acid in Parkinson's disease

Apps R.; Trott J.R.; Dietrichs E., 1991:
A study of branching in the projection from the inferior olive to the x and lateral c 1 zones of the cat cerebellum using a combined electrophysiological and retrograde fluorescent double labelling technique

Cervi, A.C., 1991 :
A study of brazilian passifloraceae dilkea margaritae new species a. c. cervi

Khan, T.; Kennedy, K.I.; Kazi, A.; Steiner, M., 1989:
A study of breastfeeding and the return of menses and pregnancy in Karachi, Pakistan

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A study of bronchial sensitivity and bronchial reactivity using Astograph and transcutaneous oxygen tension in asthmatic children

Ichinose, H.; Mezawa, K.; Miyamoto, M.; Wakabayashi, T., 1989:
A study of bronchial sensitivity and bronchial reactivity using Astograph and transcutaneous oxygen tension in asthmatic children. The problems of simultaneous measurement

Kiev, A.; Domantay, A.G., 1988:
A study of buspirone coprescribed with bronchodilators in 82 anxious ambulatory patients

Kiev A.; Domantay A.G., 1989:
A study of buspirone coprescribed with nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs in 150 anxious ambulatory patients

Stanchev K.; Angelov L.; Tsachev K., 1990:
A study of cadmium and lead content of various feeds mineral supplements and compound feeds for broiler chicks

Grant D.; Long W.F.; Moffat C.F.; Williamson F.B., 1992:
A study of calcium heparin complex formation by polarimetry

Biyasheva A.E.; Molotkovskii Y.G., 1991:
A study of calcium statting mechanisms in pea mesophyll protoplasts with the use of fura 2 and indo 1

Stelzer, W.; Mochmann, H.; Richter, U.; Dobberkau, H.J., 1989:
A study of Campylobacter jejuni and Campylobacter coli in a river system

Rashid, S.; Collins, M.; Kennedy, R.J., 1991:
A study of candidosis: the role of fomites

Chen K Y., 1989:
A study of canine left ventricular mass assessment and hypertrophic detection on m mode echocardiography

Fara, E.F.; Baughman, R.P., 1989:
A study of capillary morphology in the digits of patients with acquired clubbing

Iyada A.D.; Daoud D.S., 1989:
A study of capillary properties in homogeneous columns of some iraqi soils by cubic spline interpolation

Murphy, P.C.; Cuervo, L.A.; Hughson, R.L., 1989:
A study of cardiorespiratory dynamics with step and ramp exercise tests in normoxia and hypoxia

Knight D.S.; Russell H.W.; Henderson R.J.; Beal J.A., 1992:
A study of catecholamine concentrations in selected renal segments of cats of different ages

Contulescu A.; Pafnote M.; Vaida I., 1989:
A study of catecholamine excretion during activities carried out in a cold microclimate

Narang R.K.; Chaturvfdi P.K.; Dubey A.L.; Chaudhary S., 1988:
A study of causal allergens in naso bronchial allergy

Feinmesser R.; Freeman J.L.; Noyek A.; Brama I.; Van Nostrand P., 1990:
A study of cell membrane structure

L.P.P.; Green M.A.; Warsh J.J., 1991:
A study of cerebellar inositol 1 4 5 trisphosphate receptor following climbing and parallel fiber deafferentation

Arai H., 1991:
A study of cerebral circulation in elderly patients with dementia using iodine 123 imp spect

Ishigooka, S., 1991:
A study of cerebral hemodynamics using transcranial Doppler ultrasonography with special reference to clinical evaluation of pulsatility index

Odinak M.M.; Zaporoshchenko I.A., 1989:
A study of cerebrospinal fluid enzymes and metabolic products in acute head injuries

Bougerol C., 1990:
A study of certain biochemical parameters of blood and their variation in pet birds

Kuniyoshi Y., 1992:
A study of change in extravascular lung water after extracorporeal circulation clinical and experimental studies of decremental factors

Katasonov S.N.; Shishkina S.K.; Mal'tseva I.O.; Ryabova T.Ya, 1990:
A study of changes in electrical parameters of the skin of rats exposed to irradiation

Yamamoto Y., 1990:
A study of characteristics of juvenile gastritis

Navale V., 1992:
A study of chemical transformation of glycerol ether lipids to hydrocarbons by flash and hydrous pyrolysis

Mochizuki Y.; Iwata T.; Oida K.; Kori Y.; Taguchi Y.; Nanbu Y.; Kubo Y.; Yuba Y.; Ichizima K.; Kabashi Y., 1988:
A study of chemoprophylaxis for pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Levett A., 1989:
A study of childhood sexual abuse among south african university women students

Narayan J.; Madhavan T.; Mukopadhyaya S., 1990:
A study of children with poor scholastic performance

Monteiro, C.A.; Medina, M.C.G.; Benicio, M.H.D.; Meyer, M., 1988:
A study of children's health in sao paulo city brazil 1984 1985 ix. coverage and quality of maternal and child care

Szarfarc, S.; Monteiro, C.A.; Meyer, M.; Tudisco, E.S.; Reis, I.M.D., 1988:
A study of children's health in sao paulo city brazil 1984 1985 x. food intake

Wang, S.W.; Feng, C.H.; Lu, H.S., 1992:
A study of Chinese knee joint geometry for prosthesis design

Gurinovich G.P.; Zorina T.E.; Arkatov Y.M.; Sarzhevskaya M.V.; Cherenkevich S.N., 1989:
A study of chlorine e 6 and its derivatives distribution in hela cells by luminescence microscopy

Harima K.; Aibe T.; Noguchi T.; Nakata K.; Hayashi N.; Adachi K.; Kondo S.; Tanaka S.; Sasaki T.; E.A., 1989:
A study of choledochal diseases by endoscopic ultrasonography eus the second report

Harima K.; Aibe T.; Noguchi T.; Nakata K.; Fujimura H.; Hayashi N.; Adachi K.; Kondo S.; Tanaka S.; E.A., 1988:
A study of choledochal diseases by endoscopic ultrasonography eus with special reference to the histological determination of the layer structure of the choledochal wall as visualized by eus the first report

Garcia I.S.; Kaneko Y.; Gonzalez Sarmiento R.; Campbell K.; White L.; Boehm T.; Rabbitts T.H., 1991:
A study of chromosome 11p13 translocations involving tcr beta and tcr delta in human t cell leukemia

Jegede, R.O.; Baiyewu, O., 1989:
A study of chronic neurotic illness in Nigeria

Huang, C.Z.; Weng, C.Y.; Huang, H.L.; Young, S.S.; Chang, J.F.; Lee, G.H., 1989:
A study of chronic schizophrenic patients on the attention tests

Joshi S.C.; Trivedi K.N., 1992:
A study of claisen rearrangements of 1 1 dimethyl 3 prop 2 ynyloxy 4h 1 benzopyran 4 one derivatives

Asakura, Y., 1988:
A study of clarification of fruit juice i. clarification of apple juice

Asakura, Y., 1988:
A study of clarification of fruit juice ii. clarification of orange juice and pineapple juice

Lee, Y.H.; Coe, C.J., 1988:
A study of clinical diagnosis and evaluation of ability of mentally handicapped children

Uemura H.; Asada Y., 1988:
A study of clinical efficacy and safety of diflorasone diacetate ointment a comparison with diflucortolone 21 valerate ointment in psoriasis vulgaris and lichenified eczema dermatitis

Kuwahara M.; Yamamoto A.; Mori S.; Ohtani M.; Inaba K.; Kanematsu I.; Yoneda K.; Fukushima N.; Sumi A.; E.A., 1990:
A study of clinical efficacy of oxatomide celtect on pruritic dermatoses

Tanabe Y., 1990:
A study of clinical factors for predicting suitable treatment of diabetes and factors associated with complications in non insulin dependent diabetes mellitus niddm

Kadota K., 1992:
A study of clinical response to different kinds of neuroleptics in first time medicated schizophrenics

Modestin, J.; Kopp, W., 1988 :
A study of clinical suicide

Bunton, J.L.; Gaede, J.T., 1992:
A study of clinicians' responses to abnormal laboratory data as a function of diagnostic related group and test classification by College of American Pathologists criteria

Yang R.; L.H.; Zhang X.; Xia Y.; L.W.; Liang K.; Wang N.; Chen Q., 1989:
A study of cms wa cytoplasmic susceptibility of rice to pyricularia oryzae and xanthomonas campestris pathovar oryzae

Dilova R., 1991:
A study of coiling in the staple of wool of the newly created semifine fleece sheep breed of crossbred type for south bulgaria

Yabuta, A., 1991:
A study of collateral circulation in acute stage of occlusion of the middle cerebral artery

Horita Y.; Sakane M.; Kuroda K.; Okumoto S.; Yamaguchi T.; Katoh M.; Saitoh Y., 1991:
A study of colorectal cancer in patients over 80 years old

Williams S.R.; Frenchek B.; Speroff T.; Speroff L., 1990:
A study of combined continuous ethynylestradiol and norethindrone acetate for postmenopausal hormone replacement

Adegbola T.A., 1989:
A study of commercial poultry in selected farms in anambra state nigeria

K"nev M.; Dragoev P., 1988:
A study of compensational possibilities of fattening pigs on slowed down development during the period of growth as a result of marked diet restriction

Leidig G.; Minne H.W.; Sauer P.; Wuester C.; Wuester J.; Lojen M.; Raue F.; Ziegler R., 1990:
A study of complaints and their relation to vertebral destruction in patients with osteoporosis

Kondratyuk I.V.; Kolomiets I.N.; Samoilenko S.A.; Zheltovskii N.V., 1989:
A study of complexes between cytosine and amino acid carboxylic group by nmr spectroscopy

Tefuarani N.; Smiley M., 1989:
A study of compliance of pediatric patients attending for tuberculosis treatment in the national capital district papua new guinea

Jorov K.; Milanova Y.; Vasilevski G., 1988:
A study of compound feeds of reduced participation of animal protein for feeding rainbow trout salmo gairdneri r

Jing Y.; W.L.; Jing Y.; You S., 1989:
A study of computer consulting system on plant tissue culture

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A study of conditioning treatment of nocturnal enuresis by buzzer alarms

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A study of confidential unit exclusion

Saigusa J.; Awaya S., 1988:
A study of congenital blepharoptosis long term observation following resection of the levator muscle by the putterman urist procedure

Ryan D.W.; Byrne P., 1989:
A study of contact pressure points in specialized beds

Lach V.H., 1990:
A study of conventional formaldehyde fumigation methods

Kozai T., 1989:
A study of corbula and nipponicorbula bivalvia from the cretaceous of japan

Burke J.F.; Archer C.M.; Chiu K.W.; Latham I.A.; Egdell R.G., 1991:
A study of core electron binding energies in technetium 99m complexes by internal conversion electron spectroscopy

Wang Z.; Tong Y., 1989:
A study of corneal development in bufo raddei larvae during metamorphosis

Imam S.H.; Burgess Cassler A.; Cote G.L.; Gordon S.H.; Baker F.L., 1991:
A study of cornstarch granule digestion by an unusually high molecular weight alpha amylase secreted by lactobacillus amylovorus

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A study of coronary artery bypass graft patency using MR imaging

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A study of coronary reserve and myocardial function in unstable angina pectoris

Longhetto A.; Giacomelli L.; Giraud C.; Zaramella G., 1992:
A study of correlation among solar energy atmospheric turbidity and pollutants in urban area

Reinoso B.S.; Castro A.J., 1989:
A study of corticospinal remodelling using retrograde fluorescent tracers in rats

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A study of corticosteroid therapy for active crohn's disease

Ryoke H.; Hamada T.; Kawata T., 1991:
A study of craniofacial growth and development in patients with cleft lip jaw and palate

Mazhar R.; Bano L., 1989 :
A study of cross infection of a species of coccidia eimeria garnhami

Yagi T.; Takeuchi H.; Imachi Y.; Man'i M., 1989:
A study of cross sectional data on the aging of physique and strength

Fukushima, M.; Kuroda, H.; Inaoka, Y., 1989:
A study of crude drugs for the development of an effective component in cosmetics ii. effect of crude drug extractives on the size of auricular sebaceous glands in hamsters

Miyazawa, K.; Suzuki, K.; Tsugawa, R., 1991:
A study of crystallization on urolithiasis in vitro

Chung H H.; Yen C H.; Chien K W., 1991:
A study of cultivation of containerized mycorrhizal seedlings of taiwania taiwania cryptomerioides

Lipscomb, J.A.; Goldman, L.R.; Satin, K.P.; Smith, D.F.; Vance, W.A.; Neutra, R.R., 1992:
A study of current residents' knowledge of a former environmental health survey of their community

Gams W.; Philippi S., 1992:
A study of cyathicula strobilina and its chalara anamorph in vitro

Moertel C.G.; Kvols L.K.; Rubin J., 1991:
A study of cyproheptadine in the treatment of metastatic carcinoid tumor and the malignant carcinoid syndrome

Kim H T.; Park A J.; Chang S T., 1988:
A study of cytochemical stainability of mouse hematopoietic cells in liquid culture system

Sumi, S.; Kihara, K.; Kageyama, Y.; Higashi, Y.; Fukui, I.; Oshima, H., 1990:
A study of cytokeratin in human normal bladder epithelium and bladder carcinoma cell lines

Vasilev M.; Pfeifer H., 1989:
A study of data on reproduction obtained from six different pig breeding methods

Hosteng T.O.; Henriksen R., 1989:
A study of day care surgery in norwegian hospitals big differences and unused potentials

Yang, D.; Wang, D., 1991:
A study of DEAE ion exchange chromatography for the purification of hen's yolk IgG

Kimura, H., 1991:
A study of degenerative changes in the triangular fibrocartilage of the wrist joint

Van Mastrigt H.; Sibatani A., 1991:
A study of delias rileyi from irian jaya indonesia lepidoptera pieridae

Bakayoko-Ly, R.; Toure, S.H.; Djaha, K.; Adiko, E.F.; Kattie, A.; Koffi, A.; Brou, E.; Egnankou, J.K., 1989:
A study of dental decay in the first permanent molar among young children on the cote d'ivoire

Bahru, Y.; Abdu, S.S., 1992:
A study of dental problems in diabetic patients

Collins, J.E.; Taylor, I.; Garrod, D.R., 1990:
A study of desmosomes in colorectal carcinoma

Kawamura Y.; Matsuura K.; Umemura H.; Kuyama T., 1988:
A study of detected gastric cancer in one occupational group for eighteen years on the year to year basis

Sun S.; H.H.; Liu D.; Wen M.; Wang L., 1991:
A study of determination of diclofenac sodium in serum by rp hplc

Shipova L.Ya; Kuprina N.I.; Rudinskaya T.D., 1988:
A study of development of the mouse liver using membrane antigens of the hepatocytes comparison with alpha fetoprotein synthesis

L.J.J.; E.A., 1991:
A study of developmental order of secondary sexual characteristics in beijing china girls

Murphy S.J.; Schroeder R.E.; Blacker A.M.; Krasavage W.J.; English J.C., 1992:
A study of developmental toxicity of hydroquinone in the rabbit

Cusack R.; Johnson G., 1990:
A study of dichlorvos nuvan 2 2 dichloroethenyldimethyl phosphate a therapeutic agent for the treatment of salmonids infected with sea lice lepeophtheirus salmonis

Bakarudin I.; Slifkin M.A.; Smith C.W., 1991:
A study of dielectric dispersions of bacteriorhodopsin

Arora, R.C.; Garg, R.K.; Agarwal, N.; Arora, S.; Kumar, N., 1990:
A study of dietary cholesterol induced changes in serum lipid lipoproteins in healthy male children, adolescents and middle aged volunteers

Gengxin, H.; Liguo, X.; Yanfeng, H., 1992:
A study of diffusion models applied to dust emissions from industrial complexes

Tytler P.; Bell M.V., 1989:
A study of diffusional permeability of water sodium and chloride in yolk sac larvae of cod gadus morhua l

Abalan, F.; Jouan, A.; Weerts, M.T.; Solles, C.; Brus, J.; Sauneron, M.F., 1990:
A study of digestive absorption in four cases of Down's syndrome. Down's syndrome, malnutrition, malabsorption, and Alzheimer's disease

Soldan T.; Campbell I.C.; Papacek M., 1989:
A study of dispersal phoretic association between sphaerium tasmanicum heterodonta sphaeriidae and sigara truncatipala heteroptera corixidae

Hashimoto M.; Izumi H.; Tokuda H.; Takenaka A.; Takahashi S., 1991:
A study of dissected lymph nodes of the rectal cancer on the size of node and the metastatic area of positive node

Flisińska-Bojanowska, A.; Gill, J.; Komosa, M.; Kompanowska-Jezierska, E., 1989:
A study of diurnal changes in cortisol and glucose levels and FDPA activity in foals during the first 13 weeks of life and in their lactating mothers

Kudryavtsev B.N.; Aprelikova O.N.; N.V.V.; Semenova E.G.; Sukhikh T.R., 1991:
A study of dna repair levels in cells of diploid and tetraploid cell culture

Epifanova O.I.; Makarova G.F.; Rozenval'd I.B.; Loginov B.V., 1988:
A study of dna synthesis in heterokaryons resulting from fusion of proliferating nih 3t3 cells with cells passing towards a resting state

Petelina E.V.; Kharazova A.D., 1989:
A study of dna synthesis in nerve cells of coryphella rufibranchialis of different age

Nursey, A.D.; Rohde, J.R.; Farmer, R.D.T., 1990:
A study of doctors' and parents' attitudes to people with mental handicaps

Xu, H.; Kumari, K.; Lwanga, J.S., 1990:
A study of dominance hierarchy in a female herd of burmese eld's deer cervus eldi thamin

Subramaniam G.; Zuritz C.A., 1990:
A study of drag forces on solid spherical particles in power law bounded flow applications to aseptic processing

Satoh, S.; Shouji, M.; Senoh, E.; Naitoh, S.; Tomita, H.; Kamijyo, H.; Hara, J.; Konishi, T.; Oda, S., 1990:
A study of drinking habits of rural middle and old aged residents in ibaraki prefecture japan relationship between problem drinking depression and personality part 1. on male subjects

Satoh, S.; Shouji, M.; Senoh, E.; Naitoh, S.; Tomita, H.; Kamijyo, H.; Hara, J.; Konishi, T.; Oda, S., 1990:
A study of drinking habits of rural middle and old aged residents in ibaraki prefecture japan relationship between problem drinking depression and personality part 2. on female subjects

Qarro, M.; De-Montard, F.X., 1989:
A study of dry matter production in rough pastures of ain leuh middle atlas central plateau morocco i. effects of cut frequency and relative tree cover on herbaceous production

Aleksandrov A.N., 1990:
A study of duodenum hormonal receptors of plymouth rock cocks

Iwa A.; Koyama H.; Iwashita E.; Matsuda K.; Sasaki J.; Aono S.; Tokunaga T.; Fujushima Y.; Adachi Y.; E.A., 1991:
A study of dye oral administration method for colonoscopy report 1

Tandon S.; Sadhoo A.K.; Dhar G.L., 1990:
A study of dynamic lung function in silk factory workers

Kalsotra L.; Sakhoo A.K.; Dhar G.L., 1988:
A study of dynamic lung functions in flour mill workers

Chatterjee B.P.; Alam J.; Gangopadhyay P.K., 1989:
A study of dynamic lung functions in jute mill workers

Horita Y.; Okumoto S.; Kuroda K.; Katoh M.; Saitoh Y., 1989:
A study of early complications after stomal surgery

Kano T., 1992:
A study of early diagnosis for habitual abortion by application of early prognosis diagnosis for pregnancy

Yasuda S.; Hayashi J., 1989:
A study of ecological differences between japanese and chinese very early cultivars of barley

Rychtarik J.; Bares I.; Magdolen D.; Vlasak M.; Gradcaninova O.; Nikiforova N., 1990:
A study of ecological parameters of selected winter wheat cultivars sown in the cssr czechoslovakia ussr ecological trials over the years 1983 1985

K"nev M.; Petrov P.; Vasilev M., 1990:
A study of economic utilization of protein by growing pigs

Paulij W.P.; Gevers P.; Denuce J.M., 1991:
A study of ectodermal cell communication in the mantle epithelium of loligo vulgaris and loligo forbesi hatchlings using iontophoretic dye injection

Rana A.; Pokharel R.P., 1991:
A study of ectopic pregnancy at the teaching hospital

Fujito, H.; Tasaki, M.; Mori, M.; Takata, K., 1990:
A study of efficient preparation of triethylenetetramine dihydrochloride for the treatment of wilson's disease and hygroscopy of its capsule

Ershler I.A.; Pribush A.G.; Kuz'min P.I.; Abidor I.G.; Yarovaya M.S., 1991:
A study of electrical breakdown of cell membrane by the electrooptical method

Peng M R.; H.Z.B., 1990:
A study of electrochemical reduction of safranine t and the electrogenerated free radical tracing by esr

Zubov B.V.; Kononenko A.A.; Chamorovskii S.K.; Chizhov I.V., 1991:
A study of electron transfer in a bacterial photosynthetic reaction center and its complex with multiheme cytochrome c using the temperature jump method

Antonenko Y.N.; Yaguzhinskii L.S., 1988:
A study of electroneutral cation fluxes through bilayer lipid membrane induced by nigericin

Ifukube T.; Hirahara T., 1988:
A study of electrophonic effect of hearing by electrical stimulation by means of psychophysical experiments

Adair, B.M.; Burns, K.; McNulty, M.S.; Todd, D., 1990:
A study of ELISA systems incorporating pooled viral and Mycoplasma antigen preparations for antibody screening of chicken sera

Nishioka Y.; Kyotani S.; Okamura M.; Miyazaki M.; Sakamoto Y.; Morita M.; Okazaki K.; Ohnishi S.; Yamamoto Y.; Ito K., 1992:
A study of embolizing materials for chemo embolization therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma embolic effect of cisplatin albumin microspheres using chitin and chitosan in dogs and changes of cisplatin content in blood and tissue

Kleier D.J.; Barr E.S., 1991:
A study of endodontically apexified teeth

Kitamura Y.; Kataumi Z.; Nakamura T.; Takeda H., 1990:
A study of enoxacin concentration in human prostatic tissue

Patarnello T.; Bisol P.M.; Varottoa V.; Fuser V.; Battaglia B., 1990:
A study of enzyme polymorphism in the antarctic amphipod paramoera walkeri stebbing

Nikiforova N.V.; Marchuk N.V.; Morozov A.V.; Grishkova N.V.; Plekhanova L.G., 1989:
A study of enzymuria in rats induced by heavy exercise the effect of the antioxidant potassium phenosane

Hirose R.; Hori M.; Toyoshima H.; Shukuwa T.; Udono M.; Yoshida H., 1991:
A study of epidermal alternations induced by pcdf on experimental carcinogenesis

Kim, Y.S.; Lee, W.B., 1990:
A study of epidermal characters on the genus lilium l. in korea by sem

Conlon, P.; Trimble, M.R.; Rogers, D., 1990:
A study of epileptic psychosis using magnetic resonance imaging

L.C.; Tan Y.; Liang X.; Fan J., 1989:
A study of equilibrium between ionic fluoride and nonionic fluoride in serum of monkeys with skeletal fluorosis

Chen C.C.; Lai C.C.; Tsao C.T., 1990:
A study of equilibrium relative humidity properties for rough rice

Nagahara K.; Yamada A.; Yuasa S., 1988:
A study of errors in three dimensional measurements of dental casts using the pindex system

Akemoto, K.; Ueyama, T.; Koto, K., 1988:
A study of erythrocyte deformability and its prevention during cardiopulmonary bypass

Berth Jones J.; Shuttleworth D.; Hutchinson P.E., 1990:
A study of etretinate alopecia

Tamaki K.; Tajima K.; Watanabe T.; Ikumoto T., 1992:
A study of evaluation of plant growth on the basis of picture received by still picture communication systems

Gutierrez Rosales F.; Gomez Herrera C.; Gutierrez Gonzalez Quijano R., 1988:
A study of evolution kinetics of the indices of quality for virgin olive oil during conservation in commercial packaging

Medvinskii A.B.; Pertsov A.M., 1989:
A study of excitation circulation around the unexcitable myocardial obstacle

Oda Y., 1988:
A study of experimental acute renal failure induced by mercuric chloride special reference to energy metabolism and role of coenzyme q

Meites, S.; Hamlin, C.R.; Hayes, J.R., 1992:
A study of experimental lancets for blood collection to avoid bone infection of infants

Mekhraz P.; Peshevski N.; Apostolova B.; Mermerska E.; Filipov Z.; B"lkanova G., 1989:
A study of experimentally created mutant of hyssopus officinalis

D.Jong G., 1991:
A study of exposure health effects and mortality of workers engaged in the manufacture and formulation of the insecticides aldrin and dieldrin

Wu, X.; Aasen, I., 1992:
A study of extraction methods for assessing soil zinc availability ii. estimation of the relationship between soil zinc quantity and intensity

Wu, X.; Aasen, I., 1992:
A study of extraction methods for assessing soil zinc availability iii. zinc concentration in barley plants as a function of soil extractable zinc and soil zinc buffering capacity

Wu, X.; Aasen, I.; Selmer-Olsen, A.R., 1991:
A study of extraction methods of assessing soil zinc availability i. soil zinc extractability and soil zinc buffering capacity in relation to soil properties

O'Higgins, P.; Bromage, T.G.; Johnson, D.R.; Moore, W.J.; McPhie, P., 1991:
A study of facial growth in the sooty mangabey Cercocebus atys

Park I., 1991:
A study of facial skeletal pattern and masticatory muscle frequency analysis of emg induced by clenching

Wilson, S.; Flood, T.; Kramer, N.; McTigue, D.J.; Steinberg, B., 1990:
A study of facially expressed emotions as a function of age, exposure time, and sex in children

Ring S.H.; Akingbala J.O.; Rooney L.W., 1989:
A study of factors affecting amylose content of sorghum determined by an automated method

Yang Q.; Chauvin J.E.; Herve Y., 1992:
A study of factors affecting anther culture of cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis

Mishra R.R.; Prasad S.; Lal K., 1990:
A study of factors affecting carcass traits of landrace pigs

Rustom, I.Y.S.; Lopez-Leiva, M.H.; Nair, B.M., 1991:
A study of factors affecting extraction of peanut arachis hypogaea l. solids with water

Petran R.L.; Zottola E.A., 1991:
A study of factors affecting growth and recovery of listeria monocytogenes scott a

Dodwell, D.; Goldberg, D., 1989:
A study of factors associated with response to electroconvulsive therapy in patients with schizophrenic symptoms

Streater J.A.Jr; Sargent R.G.; Ward D.S., 1989:
A study of factors associated with weight change in women who attempt smoking cessation

Ozasa, K.; Higashi, A.; Watanabe, Y.; Saito, A.; Yan, S.; Hayashi, K.; Aoike, A.; Kawai, K., 1989:
A study of factors in medical insurance records associated with participation in health examinations

Cheng T B.; Reineccius G.A., 1991:
A study of factors influencing 2 methoxy 3 isopropylpyrazine production by pseudomonas perolens using acid trap and uv spectroscopy

Mishima K., 1990:
A study of factors influencing on the post operative course of open heart surgery pre operative and perioperative evaluations

Kurihara K.; IIkura Y., 1992:
A study of factors which regulate the recruitment of eosinophils platelet activating factor and interleukin 5

Raats, J.I.; Falkson, G.; Falkson, H.C., 1992:
A study of fadrozole, a new aromatase inhibitor, in postmenopausal women with advanced metastatic breast cancer

Taylor R.; Bryant J.; Gudnason V.; Sigurdsson G.; Humphries S., 1989:
A study of familial hypercholesterolemia in iceland using rflps

Krupp, L.B.; LaRocca, N.G.; Muir, J.; Steinberg, A.D., 1990:
A study of fatigue in systemic lupus erythematosus

Rajchev S.; Stankov I., 1990:
A study of fattening and meat performance of lambs commercial crossbreds of semifine fleece sheep

Slavov R., 1990:
A study of fattening and meat performance of lambs of the breed mountain corriedale and its crossbreds

Todorov M., 1989:
A study of fattening performance and carcass characteristics of male calves of the breeds hereford aberdeen angus and their crossbreds

Dimov K., 1989:
A study of fattening performance of buffalo calves fed diets of different energy level

Todorov M., 1989:
A study of fattening performance of calves created on hybridization of the hereford breed

Dong W.; W.S.; Shen W.; E.A., 1991:
A study of feasibility of extracorporeal veno venous bypass on anhepatic phase in canine with a china made cardiopulmonary single roller pump

Perremans K.; D.B.nt A.; Ollevier F., 1992:
A study of featherprints by scanning electron microscopy

Xing T., 1989:
A study of feed nutritional characteristics of wheat straw

Dolan J.R.; Coats D.W., 1991:
A study of feeding in predacious ciliates using prey ciliates labeled with fluorescent microspheres

Orlova I.N., 1989:
A study of fertilization embryogenesis and endospermogenesis in crossing of the soft wheat with rye and barley

Midyan S.A.; Okoev G.G.; Mirzoyan A.S.; Vanetsyan A.L.; Kazanchyan N.V.; Kyandaryan I.G., 1990:
A study of fetal chromosomes in the first trimester of pregnancy

Pantano, L.C.; Lombardi, A.; Altobelli, C.; Capodilupo, A.; Russo, B.C., 1989:
A study of fever parents' intervention by physical means

Campion, J.F.; Cravens, J.M.; Covan, F., 1988:
A study of filicidal men

Johnson, R.N., 1991:
A study of five calcium supplements: estimation of calcium absorption and sodium content

Brux H.; Herr W.; Todeskino D.; Wiegleb G., 1988:
A study of floristic structure and dynamics of communities with potamogeton alpinus balbis in water bodies of the northern part of west germany

Maisaya, I.I.; Khobakhidze, L.A.; Gachechiladze, M.I., 1989:
A study of flowering and pollination in the millet setaria italica ssp colchica maiss. et gorgid

Fasullo S.; Cordovana V., 1990:
A study of flunarizine use in moderate to severe senile brain deterioration

Mior M.; Poze G.; Korman M.; Mikalauskaite D.; Valatkaite A., 1988:
A study of food behavior in schoolchildren in east germany and the lithuanian ssr ussr

Nishida, M., 1991:
A study of forearm muscle metabolism in patients with chronic heart disease

Stepanov A.M.; Chernen'kova T.V., 1989:
A study of forest biocenoses in the vicinity of a copper smelting plant

Benkov M., 1989:
A study of formation of hierarchical structures of different in size and equalization groups of pigs for fattening

Uhlarik C.A.; Ebinger J.E.; Mcclain W.E., 1990:
A study of four river birch stands in mason and cass counties illinois usa

Markel, M.D.; Wikenheiser, M.A.; Chao, E.Y., 1990:
A study of fracture callus material properties: relationship to the torsional strength of bone

Kendall S.W.; Antrum R.M.; Ramsden C.H.; Kester R.C., 1988:
A study of fucidin uptake in ischemic tissues

Shiomi, T.; Yamada, K.; Suemori, T.; Yamamoto, M.; Ozono, S.; Hirao, Y.; Okajima, E., 1989:
A study of functional recovery for urination and defecation in patients with myelodysplasia: a modified seromuscular ileal flap fixation to the bladder

Johnson J.A.; Whitney N.J., 1989:
A study of fungal endophytes of needles of balsam fir abies balsamea and red spruce picea rubens in new brunswick canada using culture and electron microscope techniques

Kalderon B.; Dixon R.M.; Rajagopalan B.; Angus P.W.; Oberhaensli R.D.; Collins J.E.; Leonard J.V.; Radda G.K., 1992:
A study of galactose intolerance in human and rat liver in vivo by phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Gramatikova M., 1989:
A study of gamma ray and sodium azide mutagenic effect on barley

Haruma K.; Sumii K.; Ogasawara H.; Kimura M.; Morikawa A.; Yoshihara M.; Imanishi K I.; Kajiyama G.; Tahara E.; E.A., 1990:
A study of gastric mucosa and endoscopic follow up examination in patients with gastric adenoma high risk of gastric cancer

Yova D.; Serafetinides A.A.; Makropoulou M., 1991:
A study of gelatin ablation induced by a novel design tea carbon dioxide laser

Thong K.J.; Baird D.T., 1992:
A study of gemeprost alone dilapan or mifepristone in combination with gemeprost for the termination of second trimester pregnancy

Shamina N.V., 1988:
A study of genetic control of spindle formation and operation using mutation affecting chromosome segregation in male meiosis of maize

Peng C.; Guo J., 1988:
A study of genetic divergence of quantitative characters in upland cotton gossypium hirsutum l

Bharathalakshmi C.R.W.; Musselman L.J., 1990:
A study of genetic diversity among host specific populations of the witchweed striga hermonthica scrophulariaceae in africa

Ivanov Z.S.; Konstantinov K.V., 1989:
A study of genetic efficiency of breeding of black and white population in creation in the region of northeast bulgaria

Casado A.; D.L.T.rre R.; Lopez Fernandez M.E.; Del Castillo M.B., 1989:
A study of genetic markers in bovidae genera ammotragus ovis and capra and suidae genus sus

Gladysheva N.M., 1991:
A study of genotypic correlations of the traits of diploid versus tetraploid forms of winter rye and their hybrids

Nakamura T., 1991:
A study of geographical differentiation and chromosome of succulent plants in the family asclepiadaceae

Aiba M.; Murakami A.; Funami M.; Takaba T., 1991:
A study of glomerular damage due to extracorporeal circulation meaning and usefulness of measuring urinary microalbumin

Bezverkhaya T.P.; Rybakov O.I.; Komissarenko I.V.; Verkhoglyadova L.M., 1989:
A study of glucocorticoids in patients with corticoadrenal tumors

Mccormick D.S.M.; Mccusker C.; Allen I.V., 1990:
A study of glutamine synthetase in normal human brain and intracranial tumors

Ahn B.W.; Lee E.W., 1989:
A study of granular form of dense hydroxyapatite as a bone substitute

Takehana, J.; Fukunaga, Y., 1990:
A study of granular lymphocytes (GL) in children and young adults

Sunna, E.; el-Daher, N.; Bustami, K.; Na'was, T., 1991:
A study of group B streptococcal carrier state during late pregnancy

Goto H.; Ushio K.; Matsue H.; Sasagawa M.; Yamada T., 1990:
A study of growing pattern of gastric cancer based on retrospective evaluation of x ray findings

Sharma K.K.N.; Shrivastava P.K., 1989:
A study of growth and assessment of spurts among the khairwar tribal boys and girls of madhya pradesh india

Caraballo-Llosas, N.; Crespo-Rodriguez, A.; Torres, J.L.; Margolles, J., 1989:
A study of growth and development of tomato varieties lycopersicon esculentum mill. planted at proper time

Cosi V.; Citterio A.; Pasquino C., 1988:
A study of hand preference in myasthenia gravis

Lin, X.W.; Et-Al, 1990:
A study of hazard of methylmercury pollution in no. 2 songhua river china to fishermen's health

Huang Y.; Shinzawa H.; Togashi H.; Wakabayashi H.; Yamada N.; Nakamura T.; Ukai K.; Saito T.; Ishibashi M.; E.A., 1991:
A study of hbsag subtypes in yamagata prefecture japan

Pal, B.; Gibson, C.; Passmore, J.; Griffiths, I.D.; Dick, W.C., 1989:
A study of headaches and migraine in sjogren's syndrome and other rheumatic disorders

Doh B.N.; Cheon S.J., 1987:
A study of health and illness behavior in urban poor area

Oda M., 1991:
A study of health of workers categorized by level of enthusiasm

Kettlewell, P.J.; Moran, P., 1992:
A study of heat production and heat loss in crated broiler chickens: a mathematical model for a single bird

Shatirishvili A.F.; Chuchulashvili I.I., 1990:
A study of heavy metal resistance in regional populations of yeasts

Ito A., 1992:
A study of hemiplegia by digital plethysmograph

Hirai M., 1988:
A study of hemodynamic effects and plasma catecholamine concentrations during dental treatment in hypertensive patients

Michiwaki K., 1992:
A study of hemodynamic effects during dental treatment under local anesthesia comparison of heart rate between diurnal variation and changes during dental treatment by holter 24 hour electrocardiograph

Azhigirova M.A.; Vashkevich M.G.; Vyazova E.P.; Khachatur'yan A.A., 1988:
A study of hemoglobin polymer composition during its circulation in the blood channel of animals

Batyrbekov A.A., 1990:
A study of hemopoietic stem cell differentiation in immunodeficient mice

Ogendo S.W.O., 1991:
A study of hemorrhoids as seen at the kenyatta national hospital nairobi kenya with special reference to asymptomatic hemorrhoids

Levecq H.; Lageron A.; Gotheil C.; Callard P.; Beaugrand M., 1988:
A study of hepatic lipid overload in two patients with parenteral nutrition associated cholestasis

Yuri T., 1989:
A study of hepatic recurrence after resection of the liver for colorectal cancer metastases

Zhao, Y.; Liang, Y.R., 1990:
A study of hepatitis B virus DNA in situ hybridization for chronic active hepatitis

Lin, C.K.; Chu, R.; Li, K.B.; Leong, S., 1992:
A study of hepatitis C virus antibodies and serum alanine amino transferase in blood donors in Hong Kong Chinese

Yamamoto Y.; Yokokawa T.; Yonemitsu K.; Yamasaki N.; Kushida T.; Ishiwata H.; Ono Y.; Arakawa Y.; Matsuo Y., 1990:
A study of hepatocellular carcinoma by ultrasonic examination

Kumar, P.R.; Arora, R.K.; Singh, N.P.; Yadav, R.C.; Kumar, P., 1990:
A study of heterosis in indian mustard brassica juncea l. coss. and czern

O'regan M.B.; Liu A.H.; Finch W.C.; Schrock R.R.; Davis W.M., 1990:
A study of high oxidation state complexes of the type weta 5 c 5me 5me 2x 2 mu n 2 including x ray structures of weta 5 c 5me 5me 2oc 6f 5 2 mu n 2 and weta 5 c 5me 5me 2s 2 4 6 c 6h 2me 3 2 mu n 2

Suzuki, K., 1991:
A study of high school students with alcoholic parents

Matorin D.N.; Zakharkov S.P.; Venediktov P.S., 1988:
A study of high temperature thermoluminescence of chlorophyll in marine algae

Venediktov P.S.; Matorin D.N.; Kafarov R.S., 1989:
A study of high temperature thermoluminescence of leaves algae and isolated chloroplasts

J.X.; Zhou J.; Fang T.; E.A., 1992:
A study of hippocampal microangioarchitecture with the replica scanning electron microscope

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A study of hla a b dr and bf bearing haplotypes derived from 304 families resident in the north west of england uk

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A study of hla antigens in patients with bronchial asthma

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A study of home nursing care needs

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A study of home range movements and shelter use in adult and juvenile echidnas tachyglossus aculeatus monotremata tachyglossidae in western australian wheatbelt reserves

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A study of homework time of a high school sample

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A study of horizontal strabismus surgery the effect of horizontal muscle surgery on vertical deviation

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A study of hsv antigen in human exfoliated cervical cells by indirect immunoenzymic method

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A study of human calcitonin in an ovarian carcinoid and ovarian cancers

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A study of human erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase inhibition by chlorpromazine

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A study of human influenza viruses isolated in 1982 which are antigenically related to swine influenza virus

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A study of human interstitial lung diseases with special reference to immune complexes and hyaline membrane

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A study of human jaw movements deduced from scratches on occlusal wear facets

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A study of humor and the right hemisphere

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A study of hypermyoglobinemia in coronary heart disease

Seki M.; Yoshida K.; Okamura Y., 1991:
A study of hyperprolactinemia in female patients with alcoholism

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