A study of the effect of some nuclear and cytoplasmic inhibitors on the viability of protoplast cultures of nicotiana alata and nicotiana tabacum line virginia 89 in view of realizing their somatic hybridization

Dimanov, D.; Atanasov, A.

Genetika i Selektsiya 21(6): 486-493


Accession: 006969602

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The effect of various concentrations of iodine acetate (3 mM, 5 mM, 7.5 mM, 10 mM) of two periods of incubation (4 and 20 min), and of different .gamma.-ray doses (77, 115, 154 and 192 Gy) applied to protoplasts and suspensions on the development of mesophyllic N. alata and N. tabacum (line Virginia 89) protoplasts were tested in the process of developing an efficient system for early selection of somatic cybrides and hybrids with assymetric nuclei. The concentration of 5 mM iodine acetate applied for 4 min in a .gamma.-ray (Co60) dose 154 Gy were considered as optimal parameters in the experiments for somatic hybridization between the two species. At these conditions protoplasts remain alive for a certain period of time but lose their ability to divide. The 115 Gy dose does not prevent production of callus, but inhibits morphogenesis. Irradiation with 77 Gy permits regeneration of 7-8% regenerants as compared to the control.