A study of the possibility to apply uv light in experiments of somatic hybridization in protoplast cultures of nicotiana alata and nicotiana tabacum line virginia 89

Dimanov, D.; Atanassov, A.

Genetika i Selektsiya 22(1): 40-44


Accession: 006969860

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N. alata and N. tabacum (line Virginia 89) protoplasts and suspensions were UV-irradiated wave length 254 nm for 1, 3, 5 min at 40 and 200 mm distance between the UV source and protoplasts for the purpose of assessing the conditions leading to production of cybrids and hybrids with asymmetric nuclei. As a result 50% protoplasts alive till the 5th day post UV irradiation (3 min, 200 mm distance) were found. These parameters irradiation were accepted as optimal. N. alata protoplasts were fused with N. tabacum (line Virginia 89) protoplasts in two treatments.sbd.processed and not processed. By modifying the method of cytological analysis the hybrid nature of the prduced by fusion of UV-irradiated N. alata protoplasts and N. tabacum protoplasts treated with iodineacetate (line Virgina 89) mixed products was registered. These heterokaryoms begin mitosis and start producing new colonies.