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A study on the selective breeding potentiality of the f 1 hybrids between the cultivars of populus deltoides and populus euramericana

Chen, H.; Liu, Z.; Pan, C.

Forest Research 4(2): 201-206


ISSN/ISBN: 1001-1498
Accession: 006970939

3 cultivars of Populus deltoides Marsh and 4 cultivars of P. .times. euramericana (Dode) Guinier are used as male and/or female parents to carry out 7 species and/or cultivars combinations of hybridizations in this test. The F1 hybrids of these combinations have been studied for 8 years (1982 .apprx. 1990) and 3 combinations among them have been selected as good combinations which are Populus deltoides cv. 'LUX' .times. P. deltoides cv. 'Shan hai Guan', P. deltoides cv. 'Shan Hai Guan' .times. P. deltoides cv. "Harvard; and P. .times. euramericana cv. "San Martino' .times. P. deltoides cv. 'Shan Hai Guan'. At age 4, the hybrids of these 3 combinations exceed P. euramericana cv. Sacran 79 (control) in height by 23% .apprx. 37.5% and in breast high diameter by 26.5% .apprx. 81.5% and expressed obvious hybrid vigor. The F1 hybrids of P. deltoides cv. .times. P. deltoides cv. differentiate a fewer morphological forms and their growth rate is higher than that of their parents and control. From these hybrids we have obtained some new clones which possess such characteristics as high quality and fast growth. The F1 hybrids of P. x euramericana cv. differentiate more morphological forms which grow relatively slowly. The transgressive inheritance in growth rate of these hybrids is less or negative and it is impossible to choose any clone surpassing control in growth rate from them. The F1 hybrids of P. deltoides cv. .times. P. euramericana cv. are the intermediate forms of the above mentioned F1 hybrids. Since the growth rate of these hybrids is relatively high, it is possible to choose some ideal clones from them.

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