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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6972

Chapter 6972 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krishnan, T.; Acharya, P., 1990: A study on the variations of amino acid contents in the exoskeleton and endoskeleton of freshwater crab oziotelphusa senex senex fab. under different temperatures

Terada T.; Nishiguchi T.; Hyoutani G.; Miyamoto K.; Nakamura Y.; Tsuura M.; Komai N., 1989: A study on the vascular permeability of brain tumors using dynamic ct

Albert P.; Salgado H.; Polaina M.; Trujillo F.; Ponce De Leon A.; Durand F., 1990: A study on the venous drainage of 150 cerebral arteriovenous malformations as related to hemorrhagic risks and size of the lesion

Goto K.; Takuma Y.; Matsuura S.; Nakanishi Y.; Yanagida K.; Katahira K.; Toguchi M.; Nonaka K., 1992: A study on the viability of bovine blastocysts derived from in vitro fertilization after freezing and thawing by two cryopreservation methods adapted to practical use in the field

Mirbod S.M.; Inaba R.; Iwata H., 1992: A study on the vibration dose limit for japanese workers exposed to hand arm vibration

Maeno Y.; Takabe F.; Inoue H.; Iwasa M., 1990: A study on the vital reaction in wounded skin simultaneous determination of histamine and polyamines in injured rat skin by high performance liquid chromatography

Choi Y.J.; Song G.W.; Kim J.Y.; Kim D.H.; Choi K.B.; Lee Y.S., 1990: A study on the weed control for machine transplanting of sprouted seedling in rice

Talatala R.L.; Laguna L.M., 1988: A study on the weed flora in newly replanted coconut plantations of eastern visayas

Sawada T.; Yoshimura T.; Shiraki M.; Kamiya K.; Aoki T.; Yoshida M.; Hattori K.; Kumayama M.; Kawakami S.; Fukushima M., 1991: A study on the weight increase inhibiting effect of spironolactone used in combination with danazol

Koeda T.; Takeshita K., 1988: A study on the writing of japanese letters in school children

Su S.; Gao H.; Guo X., 1990: A study on the yield potential in maize hybrids with different leaf angles

Labhasetwar V.D.; Dorle A.K., 1991: A study on the zeta potential of microcapsules during aging

Tatara, M.; Won, J.; Shirai, H., 1992: A study on the zoning of the traditional gardens i. on the water flow in the sakuteiki

Koch H.T.; Norval R.A.I.; Ocama J.G.R.; Munatswa F.C., 1992: A study on theileria parva bovis carrier state

Nishimura M.; Nishimura S., 1991: A study on thermal regulation disturbance in severely handicapped patients

Singh S.; Kumar M.; Gupta R.L., 1989: A study on thermodynamics of degradation reactions of azathioprine in aqueous solutions

Nanbo T.; Ninomiya S I.; Yoneyama M., 1992: A study on thermostability of immobilized uridine diphosphate glucuronyltransferase

Kusaka T.; Ohkubo T.; Hasegawa N.; Et Al, 1991: A study on thirteen cases of mediastinal bronchial cyst

Okazaki M., 1988: A study on three dimensional analysis concerning masticatory force investigation of the lower first molar

Wang, D.; Et-Al, 1988: A study on three dimensional reconstruction of brain structure of the tree shrew tupaia belangeri chinensis iii. the solid figures of the brain by computer aided graphics

Hondo T.; Kawagoe T.; Morichika N.; Nakagawa H.; Yamagata T.; Yuasa A.; Tsuchioka Y.; Matsuura H.; Kajiyama G.; Okamoto M., 1990: A study on tolerance to denopamine oral beta 1 agonist

Bezukladnikov, P. V.; Elyakova, L. A.; Mirgorodskaya, O. A., 1989: A study on transfer activity of endo 1 3 beta d glucanases v. specificity of transglycosylation reactions catalysed by endo 1 3 beta glucanase l 0 from chlamys albidus using glycerol as acceptor

Zvyagintseva, T. N.; Evtushenko, E. V.; Elyakova, L. A., 1989: A study on transglycosylation ability of endo 1 3 beta d glucanases iii. acceptor specificity of endo 1 3 beta d glucanases from marine molluscs in the transglycosylation reaction with different methylglycosides

Chen W J.; Tsai S M.; Chen S L.; Ko Y C.; Fang A H., 1990: A study on transovarial transmission of dengue type i virus in aedes aegypti

Fujita M.; Mishima M.; Iwabuchi K.; Katsume C.; Gotohda T.; Ogasawara K.; Mizuno Y.; Good R.A.; Onoe K., 1989: A study on type ii collagen induced arthritis in allogeneic bone marrow chimeras

Wang C.; Sha C Y., 1991: A study on ultrastructural changes of the midgut of mythimna separata infected by bacillus thuringiensis

Qin, X. X.; Li, Y. H., 1988: A study on ultrastructure development and function of plastids of cuscuta australis r. br

Horiuchi U., 1990: A study on underwears styles of briefs affecting on menstrual pain

Pawar R.D.; Khade K.K.; Pawar H.K.; Dubal A.R., 1990: A study on uptake of nitrogen phosphorus potassium by linseed varieties under different levels of nitrogen

Gomi H., 1988: A study on urinary and renal tissue n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase isoenzyme in glomerular disease

Dehnen W., 1990: A study on urinary thioethers by detecting n acetylcysteine and thiophenol after alkaline hydrolysis

Hayashi R.; Shima S.; Hayakawa K., 1991: A study on urinary tin in healthy adults relationship between the concentration of urinary tin and life style

Amaha K.; Tsunoda Y.; Hashimoto Y.; Matsukawa S.; Hirasawa H.; Okutsu Y.; Shimada Y.; Takezawa J.; Yoshiya I.; Et Al, 1990: A study on utility of flumazenil for the patients in icu

Guo X.; Zhao Z.; Bi K., 1990: A study on va mycorrhizae formed on the tissue cultured plantlets of paulownia

Bi C.; Zhao Z.; Guo M., 1990: A study on va mycorrhizae inoculation on citrus seedlings

Sananse S.L.; Borude S.G.; Patil H.N., 1990: A study on variability and trends in area production and productivity of rice in konkan region of maharashtra india

Onoda A.; Koizumi T.; Yamamoto K.; Furuya T.; Yamakawa H.; Ogawa K., 1989: A study on variable low pressure storage for cabbage and turnip

Mishra R.R.; Prasad S.; Lal K., 1990: A study on variation in birth weight of large white yorkshire piglets under farm conditions

Sananse S.L.; Borude S.G.; Patil V.H., 1988: A study on varietal needs of rice farmers in thane and raigad districts of maharashtra india

Ahn, K. Y.; Um, S. K., 1991: A study on vase life extension of cut roses rosa hybrida l. cv. marina i. effect of lead and stem end treatment

Ahn, K. Y.; Um, S. K., 1991: A study on vase life extension of cut roses rosa hybrida l. cv. marina ii. effect of vase water management and addition of sucrose and aluminium sulfate

Matsumura T., 1988: A study on visual evoked potential changes during imipramine treatment in patients with endogenous depression their relationship to the dose of the drug the severity of the illness and other factors

Zhou Y.; Ruan D.; Yang B.; Wang S., 1991: A study on vitamin c content of hippophae rhamnoides fruit and its changing rules

Muraoka I., 1991: A study on vitamin e requirements for athletes

Zang R C.; Ma Z C., 1991: A study on vitamins in the hemolymph of fifth instar larvae of bombyx mori

Lee B.H.; Lim J.M., 1988: A study on wastewater treatment by aerobic biological fluidized bed

Lee B H., 1988: A study on water quality characteristics and water quality model in suyeong estuary south korea

Cai Q.; Shi C.; Chen J.; Cai Y., 1989: A study on wheat ecological regions in guangdong province china

Alfoldi S.; Jarai Z.; Monos E.; Farsang C., 1991: A study on white coat effect in patients with hypertension

Trechot P.F.; Royer R.J.; Gaire M.; Gaspard M.C.; Netter P., 1990: A study over 30 months of questions to a french center de pharmacovigilance

Behrendt W.A.; Groeger C.; Kuhn D.; Schulz H U.; Topemeier P., 1991: A study relating to bioavailability and renal elimination of bismuth after oral administration of basic bismuth nitrate

Meyer M.; Mcgrouther D.A., 1991: A study relating wound tension to scar morphology in the pre sternal scar using langers technique

Dekker J.; Everaerd W., 1989: A study suggesting two kinds of information processing of the sexual response

Turner M.M.; Milward T.M., 1988: A study to assess the effectiveness of a professional and lay support service for parents of newborn cleft babies

Vasanthakumar V.; Bhan G.L.; Perera B.S.; Taft P., 1990: A study to assess the efficacy of chemoprophylaxis in the prevention of endoscopy related bacteremia in patients aged 60 and over

Kamens R.; Lee C T.; Wiener R.; Leith D., 1991: A study to characterize indoor particles in three non smoking homes

Thomson C.J., 1992: A study to compare oral sumatriptan with oral aspirin plus oral metoclopramide in the acute treatment of migraine

Taberner P.V.; Harries E.H.L., 1989: A study to compare plasma electrolyte profiles after single doses of frumil frusemide frusemide followed by amiloride and placebo in healthy volunteers

Lobene R.R., 1989: A study to compare the effects of two dentifrices on adult dental calculus formation

Okawa K.; Kitano A.; Tanimura M.; Tabata A.; Obayashi M.; Nakamura S.; Obata A.; Oshitani N.; Hashimura H.; Et Al, 1991: A study to decrease the ingested volume of polyethylene glycol electrolyte lavage solution peg in preparation for colonoscopy

Kuja A.; Dixon M., 1989: A study to determine effects of simulated acidic rain on yield on field grown soybeans glycine max cultivar hodgson

Nathanael S., 1990: A study to determine factors which could influence the population of the ecto commensal temnocephalid paracaridinicola platei fernando 1952 baer 1953

Hoad Reddick G., 1991: A study to determine oral health needs of institutionalized elderly patients by non dental health care workers

Mortimer R.D.; Dawson B.A., 1991: A study to determine the feasibility of using phosphorus 31 nmr for the analysis of organophosphorus insecticide residues in cole crops

Stiell I.G.; Greenberg G.H.; Mcknight R.D.; Nair R.C.; Mcdowell I.; Worthington J.R., 1992: A study to develop clinical decision rules for the use radiography in acute ankle injuries

Ohta M.; Mizuno K.; Kaseki H.; Niwa K.; Hector C.; Ishiko H., 1991: A study to elucidate the incidence and vicissitude of contagion with human papilloma virus for cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

Woolf, G. M.; Riddell, R. H.; Irvine, E. J.; Hunt, R. H., 1989: A study to examine agreement between endoscopy and histology for the diagnosis of columnar lined barrett's esophagus

Rawlinson A., 1988: A study to investigate the visual quality of dental undergraduates using a simple screening program

Hou X M.; Et Al, 1988: A study to restore function of hip and knee joint

Rossi J.P.F.C.; Rega A.F., 1989: A study to see whether phosphatidylserine partial proteolysis and egta substitute for calmodulin during activation of the calcium atpase from red cell membranes by atp

Weller I.M.R.; Thomas S.G.; Cox M.H.; Corey P.N., 1992: A study to validate the canadian aerobic fitness test

Hull S.K., 1991: A study undertaken in southern britain uk to investigate the late flushing of hedgerow ash in spring 1987

Ikeda J.; Nagata H.; Higashi A.; Ozasa K.; Watanabe Y.; Aoike A.; Kawai K., 1989: A study using a food frequency questionnaire simultaneous discrimination of dietary patterns of anemic and hyperlipemic women

Cerqueti P.M.; Cosimi M.F.; Prosio P.E.; Tallarida F.; Quadri M.; Cuffaro M., 1990: A study using in situ dna hybridization of the alpha interferon eye drops effect on the superficial herpetic keratitis

Foucard T.; Lonnerholm G., 1991: A study with cumulative doses of formoterol and salbutamol in children with asthma

Kikuchi S.; Et Al, 1992: A study with high resolution computed tomography of bone destruction in cholesteatoma

Vidal S.; Curran J.; Kolakofsky D., 1990: A stuttering model for paramyxovirus p messenger rna editing

Rodriguez G.; Bosque C., 1990: A stygobiont crab chaceus caecus new species and its related stygophile species chaceus motiloni rodriguez 1980 crustacea decapoda pseudothelphusidae from a cave in the cordillera de perija venezuela

Tai G H.; Morris H.G.; Brown G.M.; Huckerby T.N.; Nieduszynski I.A., 1992: A sub population of keratan sulphates derived from bovine articular cartilage is capped with alpha 2 6 linked n acetylneuraminic acid residues affinity chromatography using immobilized sambucus nigra lectin and characterization using proton nmr spectroscopy

Hlavka V.; Beus I.; Kalousek M.; Lisic M.; Jadro Santel D., 1989: A subacute course of herpes simplex encephalitis

Minematsu S.; Atkinson J.E.; Bolte H.F.; Sakai H.; Fujii Y., 1992: A subchronic 3 month oral toxicity study of tsumura sho saiko to tj 9 in the rat via oral gavage administration with a 4 week recovery period

Lapin C.A.; Craig D.K.; Valerio M.G.; Mccandless J.B.; Bogoroch R., 1991: A subchronic inhalation toxicity study in rats exposed to silicon carbide whiskers

Daughtrey W.C.; Eutermoser M.; Thompson S.W.; Biles R.W., 1989: A subchronic toxicity study of octyl acetate in rats

Lulham G.; Procter B.; Losos G.; Osborne B.; Clawson R.; Chesney C., 1990: A subchronic toxicity study of two inhaled aerosolized atropine sulfate formulations in rats and dogs

Stanley P.; Sundaram S.; Sallustio S., 1991: A subclass of cell surface carbohydrates revealed by a cho mutant with two glycosylation mutations

Iwasa M.; Hori K., 1988: A subcutaneous bird parasitic blowfly of the genus trypocalliphora peus newly recorded from japan diptera calliphoridae

Glowa J.R.; Sullivan J.V.; Bacher J.D., 1992: A subcutaneous intracerebral drug delivery device for use in rhesus monkeys

Rosendal K.; Bentzon M.W.; De Saxe M.; Rosdahl V.T., 1990: A subdivision of strains of staphylococcus aureus in the 94 96 complex by means of experimental phages

Cao H.; Bangalore L.; Bormann B.J.; Stern D.F., 1992: A subdomain in the transmembrane domain is necessary for p185n e u activation

Oduntan A.O.; Ruskell G.L., 1989: A subepithelial elastic lamina in the palpebral conjunctiva of monkeys

Bartels H.; Potter I.C.; Hilliard R.W., 1990: A subepithelial nerve plexus in gills of the downstream migrating adults of anadromous lampreys

Bakker M.E.; Gerritsen A.F., 1989: A suberized layer in the cell wall of mucilage cells of cinnamomum

Braeunig P., 1991: A subesophageal ganglion cell innervates heart and retrocerebral glandular complex in the locust

Hartig P.R.; Branchek T.A.; Weinshank R.L., 1992: A subfamily of 5 ht 1d receptor genes

Jorgensen A.L.; Kolvraa S.; Jones C.; Bak A.L., 1988: A subfamily of alphoid repetitive dna shared by the nor bearing human chromosomes 14 and 22

Kessler M.A.; Milosavljevic M.; Zieler C.G.; Schuler L.A., 1989: A subfamily of bovine prolactin related transcripts distinct from placental lactogen in the fetal placenta

Lemdahl, G., 1990: A subfossil record of valgus hemipterus l. coleoptera from scania south sweden

Libri D.; Marie J.; Brody E.; Fiszman M.Y., 1989: A subfragment of the beta tropomyosin gene is alternatively spliced when transfected into differentiating muscle cells

Akerlind Stopner B.; Utter G.; Mufson M.A.; Orvell C.; Lerner R.A.; Norrby E., 1990: A subgroup specific antigenic site in the g protein of respiratory syncytial virus forms a disulfide bonded loop

Arisoy N., 1989: A subject of renewed interest acute phase proteins with emphasis on c reactive protein

Gratt B.M.; White S.C.; Sickles E.A., 1989: A subjective study of dental diagnostic utility comparing xeroradiography and film radiography

Wiley J.M.; Yeager A.M.; Johnson R.J.; Lanotte M., 1989: A subline of the brown norway myeloid leukemia in the lewis x brown norway rat in vivo growth characteristics and development of an in vitro clonogenic assay

Logan A., 1988: A sublittoral hard substrate epibenthic community below 30 m in head harbour passage new brunswick canada

Oddis C.V.; Medsger T.A.Jr; Cooperstein L.A., 1990: A subluxing arthropathy associated with the anti jo 1 antibody in polymyositis dermatomyositis

Akin I.; Esmer N., 1991: A submandibular sialolith of unusual size a case report

Rabbitts P.; Bergh J.; Douglas J.; Collins F.; Waters J., 1990: A submicroscopic homozygous deletion at the d3s3 locus in a cell line isolated from a small cell lung carcinoma

Goodship J.; Curtis A.; Cross I.; Brown J.; Emslie J.; Wolstenholme J.; Bhattacharya S.; Burn J., 1992: A submicroscopic translocation t4 10 responsible for recurrent wolf hirschhorn syndrome identified by allele loss and fluorescent in situ hybridisation

Dempster J.A.; Kellett G.L., 1992: A submucosal mechanism of action for prostaglandin e 2 on hexose absorption and metabolism in mouse intestine

Luetkenhoner B., 1989: A suboptimum variable length encoding procedure for discrete quantized data

Kroodsma D.E.; Konishi M., 1991: A suboscine bird eastern phoebe sayornis phoebe develops normal song without auditory feedback

Banati R.B.; Hoppe D.; Gottmann K.; Kreutzberg G.W.; Kettenmann H., 1991: A subpopulation of bone marrow derived macrophage like cells shares a unique ion channel pattern with microglia

Sicouri S.; Antzelevitch C., 1991: A subpopulation of cells with unique electrophysiological properties in the deep subepicardium of the canine ventricle the m cell

Teyke T.; Weiss K.R.; Kupfermann I., 1989: A subpopulation of cerebral b cluster neurons of aplysia californica is involved in defensive head withdrawal but not appetitive head movements

Britto L.R.G.; Hamassaki D.E., 1991: A subpopulation of displaced ganglion cells of the pigeon retina exhibits substance p like immunoreactivity

Orchard I.; Lange A.B.; Cook H.; Ramirez J M., 1989: A subpopulation of dorsal unpaired median neurons in the blood feeding insect rhodnius prolixus displays serotonin like immunoreactivity

Kievits F.; Ivanyi P., 1991: A subpopulation of mouse cytotoxic t lymphocytes recognizes allogeneic h 2 class i antigens in the context of other h 2 class i molecules

Plinkert P.K.; Moehler H.; Zenner H.P., 1989: A subpopulation of outer hair cells possessing gaba receptors with tonotopic organization

Campbell M.J.; Hof P.R.; Morrison J.H., 1991: A subpopulation of primate corticocortical neurons is distinguished by somatodendritic distribution of neurofilament protein

Privalsky M.L., 1990: A subpopulation of the avian erythroblastosis virus v erb a protein a member of the nuclear hormone receptor family is glycosylated

Privalsky M.L., 1991: A subpopulation of the v erb a oncogene protein a derivative of a thyroid hormone receptor associates with heat shock protein 90

Hsu P N.; Tien H F.; Wang C H.; Chen Y.C.; Shen M C.; Lin D T.; Lin K H.; Liang D C.; Lin K S., 1991: A subset of acute lymphoblastic leukemia with co expression of myeloid antigens prevalence and clinical significance

Tien H F.; Wang C H.; Su I K.; Liu F S.; Wu H S.; Chen Y C.; Kai Hsin; Lee S C.; Shen M C., 1990: A subset of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia with expression of surface antigen cd7 morphologic cytochemical immunocytochemical and t cell receptor gene analysis on 13 patients

Sanchez A.; Ossorio C.; Alvaro Gracia J.M.; Padilla R.; Avila J., 1990: A subset of antibodies from the sera of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus react with vimentin and dna

De Ruysscher D.; Sobis H.; Vandepute M.; Waer M., 1991: A subset of asialo gm1 positive cells play a protective role in the occurrence of graft versus host disease in mice

Schubert J.; Heiken H.; Jacobs R.; Delany P.; Witte T.; Schmidt R.E., 1990: A subset of cd16 negative natural killer cells without antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity function

De Paoli P.; Gennari D.; Martelli P.; Basaglia G.; Crovatto M.; Battistin S., 1991: A subset of gamma delta lymphocytes is increased during hiv 1 infection

Heilbronn R.; Zur Hausen H., 1989: A subset of herpes simplex virus replication genes induces dna amplification within the host cell genome

Weindler F.W.; Heilbronn R., 1991: A subset of herpes simplex virus replication genes provides helper functions for productive adeno associated virus replication

Khan M.M.; Fishwild D.M.; Melmon K.L.; Coutre S.; Engleman E.G.; Bauer J.A., 1989: A subset of human rosetted lymphocytes contains previously unidentified histamine

O'brien C.A.; Harley J.B., 1990: A subset of hy rna is associated with erythrocyte ro ribonucleoproteins

Segal M., 1990: A subset of local interneurons generate slow inhibitory postsynaptic potentials in hippocampal neurons

Butterfield K.; Fathman C.G.; Budd R.C., 1989: A subset of memory cd4 positive helper t lymphocytes identified by expression of pgp 1

Mccormack J.M.; Sun D.; Walker W.S., 1991: A subset of mouse splenic macrophages can constitutively present alloantigen directly to cd8 positive t cells

Don Carlos L.L.; Morrell J.I., 1990: A subset of progesterone target neurons have axonal projections to the midbrain

Laasonen L.; Gripenberg M.; Leskinen R.; Skrifvars B.; Edgren J., 1990: A subset of systemic lupus erythematosus with progressive cystic bone lesions

Kousoulas K.; Arsenakis M.; Pereira L., 1989: A subset of type specific epitopes map in the amino terminus of herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein b

Bennett Clarke C.; Mooney R.D.; Chiaia N.L.; Rhoades R.W., 1989: A substance p projection from the superior colliculus to the parabigeminal nucleus in the rat and hamsters

Dornan W.A.; Akesson T.R.; Micevych P.E., 1990: A substance p projection from the vmh to the dorsal midbrain central gray implication for lordosis

Leitz T.; Lange R.G., 1991: A substance released by metamorphosing larvae and young polyps of hydractinia echinata induces metamorphosis in conspecific larvae

Handberg A.; Kayser L.; Hoyer P.E.; Vinten J., 1992: A substantial part of glut 1 in crude membranes from muscle originates from perineurial sheaths

Roth D.A.; Urasawa K.; Leiber D.; Insel P.A.; Hammond H.K., 1992: A substantial proportion of cardiac g s is not associated with the plasma membrane

Rousseau P.G.; Mallett C.P.; Smith Gill S.J., 1989: A substantial proportion of the adult balb c available b cell repertoire consists of multireactive b cells

Tane P.; Ayafor J.F.; Sondengam B.L., 1988: A substituted cinnamoyl ester from cleistopholis staudtii

Phillips C.L.; Shargo Howe A.W.; Pinell S.R.; Wenstrup R.J., 1990: A substitution at a non glycine position in the triple helical domain of pro alpha 2 i collagen chains present in an individual with a variant of the marfan syndrome

Gillard E.F.; Otsu K.; Fujii J.; Khanna V.K.; De Leon S.; Derdemezi J.; Britt B.A.; Duff C.L.; Worton R.G.; Maclenan D.H., 1991: A substitution of cysteine for arginine 614 in the ryanodine receptor is potentially causative of human malignant hyperthermia

Vogel B.E.; Doelz R.; Kadler K.E.; Hojima Y.; Engel J.; Prockop D.J., 1988: A substitution of cysteine for glycine 748 of the alpha 1 chain produces a kink at this site in the procollagen i molecule and an altered n proteinase cleavage site over 225 nm away

Naritomi Y.; Naito Y.; Nakashima H.; Yokota E.; Imamura T., 1988: A substitution of cytosine for thymine in codon 110 of the human beta globin gene is a novel cause of beta thalassemia phenotypes

Jones, J. V.; Mansour, M.; James, H.; Sadi, D.; Carr, R. I., 1989: A substrate amplification system for enzyme linked immunoassays ii. demonstration of its applicability for measuring anti dna antibodies

Pedersen J.Z.; El Sherbini S.; Finazzi Agro A.; Rotilio G., 1992: A substrate cofactor free radical intermediate in the reaction mechanism of copper amine oxidase

Beare M.H.; Neely C.L.; Coleman D.C.; Hargrove W.L., 1990: A substrate induced respiration sir method for measurement of fungal and bacterial biomass on plant residues

Oberhauser T.; Faber K.; Griengl H., 1989: A substrate model for the enzymatic resolution of esters of bicyclic alcohols by candida cylindracea lipase

Hedin U.; Bottger B.A.; Luthman J.; Johansson S.; Thyberg J., 1989: A substrate of the cell attachment sequence of fibronectin arg gly asp ser is sufficient to promote transition of arterial smooth muscle cells from a contractile to a synthetic phenotype

Werger M.J.A.; During H.J., 1989: A subterranean moss greenhouse in the californian desert usa

Kim R.A.; Wang J.C., 1989: A subthreshold level of dna topoisomerases leads to the excision of yeast ribosomal dna as extrachromosomal rings

Bates J.H.T.; Janssens S.; Jiang T.X.; Hunter I.W.; Decramer M., 1988: A subtractive method for decomposing muscle tension into individual twitches

Illing R B., 1990: A subtype of cerebellar golgi cells may be cholinergic

Yabe Y.; Sakai A.; Hitsumoto T.; Kato H.; Ogura H., 1991: A subtype of human papillomavirus 5 hpv 5b and its subgenomic segment amplified in a carcinoma nucleotide sequences and genomic organizations

Kurosaki T.; Gander I.; Ravetch J.V., 1991: A subunit common to an igg fc receptor and the t cell receptor mediates assembly through different interactions

Greenburg G.; Shelness G.S.; Blobel G., 1989: A subunit of mammalian signal peptidase is homologous to yeast sec11 protein

Morishima N.; Nakagawa K I.; Yamamoto E.; Shibata T., 1990: A subunit of yeast site specific endonuclease sce i is a mitochondrial version of the 70 kda heat shock protein

Bringmann, M. W.; Tyler, K. E.; Mcahren, P. E.; Bringmann, W. G., 1989: A successful and unsuccessful replication of william stern's eyewitness research

Kawachi H.; Wada Y.; Kawai T.; Morita S.; Hashimoto S.; Ito M.; Okumura S.; Nishiyama K.; Soma A.; Et Al, 1989: A successful case jatene operation in a neonate with transposition of great arteries type i and patent ductus arteriosus

Uchida K.; Kimura M.; Kamiya J.; Morise K., 1991: A successful case of aberrant gallstone in the main pancreatic duct treated by percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopy ptcs endoscopically

Irisawa A.; Obara K.; Ono S.; Ohba T.; Watanabe N.; Hirahara Y.; Nishimaki T.; Kasukawa R., 1992: A successful case of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy for esophageal varices complicated with adult polycystic liver

Kuboyama I.; Sese A.; Kohda Y.; Ueno Y., 1989: A successful case of localized aortic dissection associated with bicuspid aortic valve

Shibanaka K.; Yasui H.; Yonenaga K.; Kado H.; Nakano E.; Ohshima A., 1988: A successful case of primary repair of total anomalous pulmonary venous drainage combined with tetralogy of fallot

Ohhira M.; Watanabe G.; Takemura H.; Sawa S.; Tanaka N.; Iwa T., 1988: A successful case of surgical treatment for postinfarction pseudoaneurysm in the left ventricle

Wakita, N.; Shida, T.; Gan, K.; Yamamoto, S., 1992: A successful case of tricuspid valvulectomy for ebstein's anomaly with severe tricuspid stenosis

East T.D.; Boehm S.H.; Wallace C.J.; Clemmer T.P.; Weaver L.K.; Orme J.F.Jr; Morris A.H., 1992: A successful computerized protocol for clinical management of pressure control inverse ratio ventilation in ards patients

Suda H.; Watanabe K.; Ohteki H.; Natsuaki M.; Itoh T., 1989: A successful emergency operation for acute aortic dissection debakey i with aortic root rupture and right coronary avulsion

Hirata S., 1990: A successful endotracheal insufflation for spontaneous pneumothorax report of a case with collapsed lung caused by diffuse emphysema

Reizer C.; Schmidt G.; Reizer I.; Waltzing D., 1989: A successful introduction the grayling thymallus thymallus l 1758 in the upper semois river belgium

Naik S.K.; Knight A.; Elliott M.J., 1991: A successful modification of ultrafiltration for cardiopulmonary bypass in children

Fraginals R.; Blasi N.A.; Lepoittevin J P.; Benezra C., 1991: A successful murine model for contact sensitization to a sesquiterpene alpha methylene gamma butyrolactone sensitization to alantolactone in four strains of mice

Nakayama K.; Kawai Y.; Yamashita T., 1991: A successful new treatment for carcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix intravaginal administration of cddp for carcinoma in situ of the uterine cervix

Hayashibe, Y.; Tanaka, A.; Hosoda, Y., 1989: A successful operation by de leval's procedure for the corrected transposition of the great arteries with ventricular septal defect and pulmonary atresia

Jack B.W.; Gans K.M.; Mcquade W.; Culpepper L.; Lasswell A.; Hume A.L.; Dowling P.T.; Carleton R.A., 1991: A successful physician training program in cholesterol screening and management

Myers S.A.; Gleicher N., 1988: A successful program to lower cesarean section rates

Teskeredzic E.; Teskeredzic Z., 1990: A successful rearing experiment with amago salmon oncorhynchus masou rhodurus in floating cages in the adriatic sea

Tanaka Y.; Tajima S.; Ueda K.; Fujii S.; Ota T., 1990: A successful reconstruction after resection of a skull based tumor by a free rectus abdominis musculocutaneous flap

Turik M.A.; Markowitz S.M., 1992: A successful regimen for the prevention of seroconversion after transplantation of a heart positive for hepatitis b surface antigen

Koyanagi T.; Imai Y.; Kurosawa H.; Nakae S.; Soejima K.; Sawatari K., 1988: A successful repair of double outlet right ventricle associated with total anomalous pulmonary venous connection

Hiramatsu Y.; Sakakibara Y.; Hirabayashi K.; Mitsui T.; Hori M., 1991: A successful result of triple valve replacement for combined valvular disease complicated with protein losing gastroenteropathy

Maeda M.; Murase M.; Tomida Y.; Murakami F.; Teranishi K., 1990: A successful surgical case of debakey iiib dissecting aortic aneurysma in association with right aortic arch

Anbe J.; Mitsuishi T.; Nakajima H.; Suzuki R.; Akasaka T.; Yanagawa Y., 1990: A successful surgical case report of the subaortic stenosis due to the accessory mitral valve tissue associated with partial ventricular septal hypertrophy

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Ruechel R.; Boening Stutzer B.; Mari A., 1988: A synoptical approach to the diagnosis of candidosis relying on serological antigen and antibody tests on culture and on evaluation of clinical data

Juhola M., 1991: A syntactic analysis method for sinusoidal tracking eye movements

Collado Vides J., 1991: A syntactic representation of units of genetic information a syntax of units of genetic of information

Palmer A.R., 1991: A syntaxonomic and synecological account of the vegetation of the eastern cape midlands south africa

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Steuter A.A.; Grygiel C.E.; Diondini M.E., 1990: A synthesis approach to research and management planning the conceptual development and implementation

Cottrell, I. F.; Hands, D.; Kennedy, D. J.; Paul, K. J.; Wright, S. H. B.; Hoogsteen, K., 1991: A synthesis of 1 azabicyclo 2.2.1. heptane 3 carboxylic acid esters in enantiomerically pure form

Takagi Y.; Lim G J.; Tsuchiya T.; Umezawa S., 1992: A synthesis of 2 6 dideoxy 2 fluoro l glycopyranose from d fructose synthesis of 1 3 4 tri o acetyl 2 6 dideoxy 2 fluoro l talopyranose

Iwasaki T.; Yamazaki H.; Nishitani T.; Sato T., 1991: A synthesis of 2 endo amino 2 exo hydroxymethylnorbornenes having inhibitory activity against protein kinase c

Iwasaki T.; Yamazaki H.; Nishitani T.; Kondo K.; Sato T., 1992: A synthesis of 2 substituted 2 aminoethanol derivatives having inhibitory activity against protein kinase c

Pankiewicz, K. W.; Krzeminski, J.; Ciszewski, L. A.; Ren, W. Y.; Watanabe, K. A., 1992: A synthesis of 9 2 deoxy 2 fluoro beta d arabinofuranosyladenine and hypoxanthine an effect of c3' endo to c2' endo conformational shift on the reaction course of 2' hydroxyl group with dast

Tomisawa H.; Nakano H.; Hongo H., 1989: A synthesis of a new type heterocyclic compound by using diels alder reaction of 2 methylene 1 2 dihydropyridine derivative

Nakano H.; Tomisawa H.; Hongo H., 1992: A synthesis of a new type heterocyclic compound using diels alder cycloaddition of 2 methylene 1 2 dihydropyridines

Rookhuizen R.B.; Hanekamp J.C.; Bos H.J.T., 1992: A synthesis of a ring synthons for dihydrotachysterols

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Bonnert R.V.; Jenkins P.R., 1989: A synthesis of an alkylated taxane model system

Nagashima S.; Kanematsu K., 1990: A synthesis of an optically active forskolin intermediate via allenyl ether intramolecular cycloaddition strategy

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Falk H.; Schoppel G., 1991: A synthesis of emodin anthrone

Cambie R.C.; Moratti S.C.; Rutledge P.S.; Weston R.J.; Woodgate P.D., 1990: A synthesis of levo 12 15 epoxylabda 8 17 12 14 trien 16 yl acetate and levo pumiloxide

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Kehrli A.R.H.; Taylor D.A.H., 1990: A synthesis of methyl 2 alpha acetoxy 3 deoxo 3 alpha hydroxyangolensate

Sargent M.V.; Zwicky A.B., 1990: A synthesis of micandrol c a novel methylthiophenanthrenediol isolated from the trunkwood of micandropsis scleroxylon

Sugai T.; Watanabe N.; Ohta H., 1991: A synthesis of natural alpha tocopherol intermediate

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Osman A.N.; Ismail M.M., 1991: A synthesis of pyrido 2 3 b 1 5 benzodiazepines

Sugai T.; Kakeya H.; Ohta H., 1990: A synthesis of r levo mevalonolactone by the combination of enzymatic and chemical methods

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Kocienski P.; Stocks M.; Donald D.; Perry M., 1990: A synthesis of the c24 c34 segment of fk 506

Elix J.A.; Naidu R.; Laundon J.R., 1992: A synthesis of the lichen dibenzofuran pannaric acid 2 methyl ester and its isomer 3 o methylpannaric acid

Elix J.A.; Pratt S.J.; Laundon J.R., 1990: A synthesis of the lichen dibenzofuran pannaric acid 6 methyl ester

Elix J.A.; Jenie U.A., 1989: A synthesis of the lichen diphenyl ether epiphorellic acid 1

Elix J.A.; Portelli V.J., 1990: A synthesis of the lichen xanthone thiomelin

Yokokawa F.; Hamada Y.; Shioiri T., 1992: A synthesis of the oxazole part of calyculins part 1

Yokokawa F.; Hamada Y.; Shioiri T., 1992: A synthesis of the oxazole part of calyculins part 2

Bridges, A. J., 1989: A synthesis of the potent a 2 selective adenosine agonist n 6 2 3 5 dimethoxyphenyl 2 2 methylphenylethyladenosine and its 5' n ethylribofuranuronamide derivative

Matsubara J.; Nakao K.; Hamada Y.; Shioiri T., 1992: A synthesis of the tetraene fragment of calyculins as its antipodal form

Johnson D.W., 1990: A synthesis of unsaturated very long chain fatty acids

Meyers A.I.; Gant T.G., 1992: A synthesis of various substituted naphthalenones by additions to naphthyloxazolines

Hall L.W.Jr; Fischer S.A.; Sullivan J.A., 1991: A synthesis of water quality and contaminants data for the atlantic menhaden brevoortia tyrannus implications for chesapeake bay

Sitaram N.; Nagaraj R., 1990: A synthetic 13 residue peptide corresponding to the hydrophobic region of bovine seminalplasmin has antibacterial activity and also causes lysis of red blood cells

Picking W.L.; Picking W.D.; Ma C.; Hardesty B., 1991: A synthetic alanyl initiator trna with initiator trna properties as determined by fluorescence measurements comparison to a synthetic alanyl elongator trna

Schneider H J.; Ruf D., 1990: A synthetic allosteric system with high cooperativity between polar and hydrophobic binding sites

Inoue M.; Wakasugi M.; Wakao R.; Gan N.; Tawata M.; Nishii Y.; Onaya T., 1992: A synthetic analogue of vitamin d 3 22 oxa 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 stimulates the production of prostacyclin by vascular tissues

Abe J.; Takita Y.; Nakano T.; Miyaura C.; Suda T.; Nishii Y., 1989: A synthetic analogue of vitamin d 3 22 oxo 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin d 3 is a potent modulation of in vivo immuno regulating activity without inducing hypercalcemia in mice

Nakai M.; Mundy G.R.; Williams P.J.; Boyce B.; Yoneda T., 1992: A synthetic antagonist to laminin inhibits the formation of osteolytic metastases by human melanoma cells in nude mice

Hara H.; Kishigami M.; Endoh M.; Kaneko K I.; Hoshino O., 1992: A synthetic approach to racemic o methylclavizepine an alternative synthesis of c norcularine

Shishido K.; Komatsu H.; Fukumoto K.; Kametani T., 1989: A synthetic approach to racemic vindoline

Kraus G.A.; Sy J.O., 1989: A synthetic approach to rocaglamide via reductive cyclization of delta keto nitriles

Kozikowski A.P.; Lee J., 1990: A synthetic approach to the cis fused marine pyranopyrans 3e and 3z dactomylene x ray structure of a rare organomercurial

Meggio F.; Perich J.W.; Reynolds E.C.; Pinna L.A., 1991: A synthetic beta casein phosphopeptide and analogues as model substrates for casein kinase 1 a ubiquitous phosphate directed protein kinase

Kan C C.; Kolesnick R.N., 1992: A synthetic ceramide analog d threo 1 phenyl 2 decanoylamino 3 morpholino 1 propanol selectively inhibits adherence during macrophage differentiation of human leukemia cells

Panikov N.S., 1991: A synthetic chemostat model as a tool for the description of the complex dynamic behaviour of microorganisms

Niyer K.S.; Mahale S.D.; Hurkadli K.S.; Sheth A.R., 1989: A synthetic decapeptide analogue of human seminal plasma inhibin exhibiting specific suppression of fsh release in rats

Adams D.S.; Griffin L.A.; Nachajko W.R.; Reddy V.B.; Wei C M., 1991: A synthetic dna encoding a modified human urokinase resistant to inhibition by serum plasminogen activator inhibitor

Blissard G.W.; Kogan P.H.; Wei R.; Rohrmann G.F., 1992: A synthetic early promoter from a baculovirus roles of the tata box and conserved start site cagt sequence in basal levels of transcription

Fu Y.; Baumann M.; Kosma P.; Brade L.; Brade H., 1992: A synthetic glycoconjugate representing the genus specific epitope of chlamydial lipopolysaccharide exhibits the same specificity as its natural counterpart

Haro I.; Busquets M.A.; Torres J.L.; Valencia G.; Garcia Anton J.M.; Reig F., 1990: A synthetic glycopeptide of substance p analogue sp 6 11 with enhanced nk 1 receptor specificity

Ziegler T.; Kovac P.; Glaudemans C.P.J., 1990: A synthetic heptasaccharide reveals the capability of a monoclonal antibody to read internal epitopes of a polysaccharide antigen

Mcquade T.J.; Tomasselli A.G.; Liu L.; Karacostas V.; Moss B.; Sawyer T.K.; Heinrikson R.L.; Tarpley W.G., 1990: A synthetic hiv 1 protease inhibitor with antiviral activity arrest hiv like particle maturation

Vincent J P.; Kassis J.A.; O'farrell P.H., 1990: A synthetic homeodomain binding site acts as a cell type specific promoter specific enhancer in drosophila embryos

Winey M.; Edelman I.; Culbertson M.R., 1989: A synthetic intron in a naturally intronless yeast pre transfer rna is spliced efficiently in vivo

Costigan C.; Gehrung S.; Snyder M., 1992: A synthetic lethal screen identifies slk1 a novel protein kinase homolog implicated in yeast cell morphogenesis and cell growth

Silversides, D. W.; Allen, A. F.; Misra, V.; Murphy, B. D.; Mapletoft, R. J., 1988: A synthetic lhrh vaccine ii. temporal aspects of titer development and formulation trials in balb c mice

Bovy P.R.; O'neal J.M.; Olins G.M.; Patton D.R.; Mehta P.P.; Mcmahon E.G.; Palomo M.; Schuh J.; Blehm D., 1989: A synthetic linear decapeptide binds to the atrial natriuretic peptide receptors and demonstrates cyclase activation and vasorelaxant activity

Vidotto V.; Picerno G.; Caramello S.; Paniate G., 1988: A synthetic medium for saccharomyces cerevisiae

Polt R.; Li Y.; Fernando Q.; Rivera M., 1992: A synthetic method for unsymmetrical disulfides of cysteine the biscysteine disulfide of meso 2 3 dimercaptosuccinic acid

Kiso Y.; IInuma S.; Mimoto T.; Saji H.; Yokoyama A.; Akaji K., 1991: A synthetic method suitable for the rapid preparation of nitrogen 13 labeled dermorphin analogue h tyr d meto phe gly nh 2 sd 62

Otsuka M.; Nishio T.; Oshitari T.; Owa T.; Sugiura Y.; Maeda K.; Ohno M.; Kobayashi S., 1992: A synthetic model approach to the sugar moiety of bleomycin

Golden H.W.; Maniglia C.A.; Ranges G.E., 1991: A synthetic mycobacterial heat shock peptide prevents adjuvant arthritis but not proteoglycan induced synovitis in the rat

Pozsgay V.; Glaudemans C.P.J.; Robbins J.B.; Schneerson R., 1992: A synthetic octasaccharide mimics the native o specific determinant of the shigella dysenteriae type 1 lipopolysaccharide

Sutin E.L.; Montpied P.; Jacobowitz D.M., 1990: A synthetic oligonucleotide probe encoding for atrial natriuretic peptide detects specific messenger rna transcripts in rat heart but not brain using in situ hybridization histochemistry

Mori, T.; Sugawa, H.; Piraphatdist, T.; Inoue, D.; Enomoto, T.; Imura, H., 1991: A synthetic oligopeptide derived from human thyrotropin receptor sequence binds to graves' immunoglobulin and inhibits thyroid stimulating antibody activity but lacks interactions with tsh

Oyama F.; Kikuchi R.; Uchida T., 1988: A synthetic partial pre messenger rna for ovalbumin primes its own complementary dna with reverse transcriptase

Tashiro K I.; Sephel G.C.; Weeks B.; Sasaki M.; Martin G.R.; Kleinman H.K.; Yamada Y., 1989: A synthetic peptide containing the ikvav sequence from the a chain of laminin mediates cell attachment migration and neurite outgrowth

Rubinfeld B.; Wong G.; Bekesi E.; Wood A.; Heimer E.; Mccormick F.; Polakis P., 1991: A synthetic peptide corresponding to a sequence in the gtpase activating protein inhibits p21r a s stimulation and promotes guanine nucleotide exchange

Dattatreyamurty B.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1992: A synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 9 30 of the extracellular domain of the follitropin fsh receptor specifically binds fsh

Grasso P.; Santa Coloma T.A.; Boniface J.J.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1991: A synthetic peptide corresponding to hfsh beta 81 95 has thioredoxin like activity

Santa Coloma T.A.; Dattatreyamurty B.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1990: A synthetic peptide corresponding to human fsh beta subunit 33 53 binds to fsh receptor stimulates basal estradiol biosynthesis and its a partial antagonist of fsh

Sato K I.; Miki S.; Tachibana H.; Hayashi F.; Akiyama T.; Fukami Y., 1990: A synthetic peptide corresponding to residues 137 to 157 of p60 v src inhibits tyrosine specific protein kinases

Goessens W.H.F.; Driessen A.J.M.; Wilschut J.; Van Duin J., 1988: A synthetic peptide corresponding to the carboxyl terminal 25 residues of phage ms2 coded lysis protein dissipates the proton motive force in escherichia coli membrane vesicles by generating hydrophilic pores

Streckert H J.; Bruessow H.; Werchau H., 1988: A synthetic peptide corresponding to the cleavage region of vp3 from rotavirus sa11 induces neutralizing antibodies

Saberwal G.; Nagaraj R., 1989: A synthetic peptide corresponding to the hydrophobic amino terminal region of pardaxin can perturb model membranes of phosphatidyl choline and serine

Swanson S.J.; Lin B F.; Mullenix M.C.; Mortensen R.F., 1991: A synthetic peptide corresponding to the phosphorylcholine binding region of human c reactive protein possesses the tepc 15 myeloma pc idiotype

Dillner J.; Dillner L.; Robb J.; Willems J.; Jones I.; Lancaster W.; Smith R.; Lerner R., 1989: A synthetic peptide defines a serologic iga response to a human papillomavirus encoded nuclear antigen expressed in virus carrying cervical neoplasia

Cheng H C.; Nishio H.; Hatase O.; Ralph S.; Wang J.H., 1992: A synthetic peptide derived from p34cdc 2 is a specific and efficient substrate of src family tyrosine kinases

Rimmelzwann G.F.; Carlson J.; Uytdehaag F.G.C.M.; Osterhaus A.D.M.E., 1990: A synthetic peptide derived from the amino acid sequence of canine parvovirus structural proteins which defines a b cell epitope and elicits antiviral antibody in balb c mice

Gehlsen K.R.; Sriramarao P.; Furcht L.T.; Skubitz A.P.N., 1992: A synthetic peptide derived from the carboxy terminus of the laminin a chain represents a binding site for the alpha 3 beta 1 integrin

Miernyk J.A.; Randall D.D., 1989: A synthetic peptide directed antibody as a probe of the phosphorylation site of pyruvate dehydrogenase

Lal R.B.; Rudolph D.L.; Palker T.J.; Coligan J.E.; Folks T.M., 1991: A synthetic peptide elicits antibodies reactive with the external glycoprotein of human t cell lymphotropic virus type i

Wen Y M.; Xu Y Y.; Zhang W.; Liu Y Z., 1990: A synthetic peptide elicits antibody reactive with the native duck hepatitis b virus pre s protein

Bergman T.; Jornvall H.; Holmquist B.; Vallee B.L., 1992: A synthetic peptide encompassing the binding site of the second zinc atom the structural zinc of alcohol dehydrogenase

Santa Coloma T.A.; Crabb J.W.; Reichert L.E.Jr, 1991: A synthetic peptide encompassing two discontinuous regions of hfsh beta subunit mimics the receptor binding surface of the hormone

Kadota J I.; Cianciolo G.J.; Snyderman R., 1991: A synthetic peptide homologous to retroviral transmembrane envelope proteins depresses protein kinase c mediated lymphocyte proliferation and directly inactivated protein kinase c a potential mechanism for immunosuppression

Dyer C.A.; Curtiss L.K., 1991: A synthetic peptide mimic of plasma apolipoprotein e that binds the ldl receptor

Van Eyk J.E.; Hodges R.S., 1991: A synthetic peptide of the n terminus of actin interacts with myosin

Shen S.S.; Buck W.R., 1990: A synthetic peptide of the pseudosubstrate domain of protein kinase c blocks cytoplasmic alkalinization during activation of the sea urchin egg

Padfield P.J.; Balch W.E.; Jamieson J.D., 1992: A synthetic peptide of the rab3a effector domain stimulates amylase release from permeabilized pancreatic acini

Hatzfeld M.; Weber K., 1992: A synthetic peptide representing the consensus sequence motif at the carboxy terminal end of the rod domain inhibits intermediate filament assembly and disassembles preformed filaments

Manivel V.; Ramesh R.; Panda S.K.; Rao K.V.S., 1992: A synthetic peptide spontaneously self assembles to reconstruct a group specific conformational determinant of hepatitis b surface antigen

Mellor H.; Proud C.G., 1991: A synthetic peptide substrate for initiation factor 2 kinases

Yasuda I.; Kishimoto A.; Tanaka S I.; Tominaga M.; Sakurai A.; Nishizuka Y., 1990: A synthetic peptide substrate for selective assay of protein kinase c

Ruegg C.L.; Strand M., 1991: A synthetic peptide with sequence identity to the transmembrane protein gp41 of hiv 1 inhibits distinct lymphocyte activation pathways dependent on protein kinase c and intracellular calcium influx

Glaser S.M.; Cumsky M.G., 1990: A synthetic presequence reversibly inhibits protein import into yeast mitochondria

Eritja R.; Robles J.; Avino A.; Albericio F.; Pedroso E., 1992: A synthetic procedure for the preparation of oligonucleotides without using ammonia and its application for the synthesis of oligonucleotides containing o 4 alkyl thymidines

Nowak A.; Jonderko K.; Nowakowska Dulawa E.; Adamczak D.; Rudzka J.; Nowak S., 1990: A synthetic prostaglandin e 2 analogue enprostil hastens gastric emptying of solids in patients with an active duodenal ulcer

Gras Masse H.; Ameisen J.C.; Boutillon C.; Gesquiere J.C.; Vian S.; Neyrinck J.L.; Drobecq H.; Capron A.; Tartar A., 1990: A synthetic protein corresponding to the entire vpr gene product from the human immunodeficiency virus hiv 1 is recognized by antibodies from hiv infected patients

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