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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6973

Chapter 6973 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Szita, G.; Biró, G., 1990:
A synthetic, selective culture medium for Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Lee, M.K.; Yang, J.W.; Chun, B.K.; Kim, J.H.; Chung, W.K.; Chun, M.W., 1991:
A synthetic study of 5' modified pseudouridine and 5' modified secopseudouridines

Sugai T.; Yokochi T.; Watanabe N.; Ohta H., 1991:
A synthetic study of levo dihydroedulan ii and related compounds

Shen H.; Jin H.; Yang X.; Chuang Q.; Mei M., 1991:
A synthetic surfactant made of phospholipids and apolipoproteins

Maruyama I.N.; Horikoshi K.; Nagase Y.; Soma M.; Nobuhara M.; Yasuda S.; Hirota Y., 1989:
A synthetic translocation terminator gene a tool for dissecting the translation direction of a gene

Prakash C.; Saleh S.; Sweetman B.J.; Taber D.F.; Blair I.A., 1989:
A synthon for c 20 trideuterated eicosanoids preparation of deuterated arachidonic acid

Kirkpatrick J.B., 1990:
A synusia based mapping system for the conservation management of natural vegetation with an example from tasmania australia

Klose A., 1989:
A syrian woodpecker dendrocopos syriacus in eastern bavaria west germany

Thompson M.; Porter B.; O'byran J.; Heffner H.E.; Heffner R.S., 1990:
A syringe pump food paste dispenser

Drewes A.K., 1987:
A system dynamics model of part of the pongolo river south africa development and water management policy analysis

Hick D.G.; Weerasena N.A.; Casey J.F.; Morrison J.F.B.; Williams G.J.; Davies G.A., 1990:
A system for ambulatory monitoring and computerized analysis of esophageal motility and luminal ph

Benjamin, M.B.; Potter, H.; Yandell, D.W.; Little, J.B., 1991:
A system for assaying homologous recombination at the endogenous human thymidine kinase gene

Heining, M.P.; DeBey, R.K.; McJames, S.W.; Jordan, W.S.; Westenskow, D.R., 1991:
A system for automatic feedback control of plasma potassium concentration

Amoore, J.N.; Ridgway, J.P., 1989:
A system for cardiac and respiratory gating of a magnetic resonance imager

DeNeef, P.; Ellsworth, A.; Schneeweiss, R., 1991:
A system for drug utilization review in ambulatory care

Petkova Nedkovska M., 1991:
A system for isolation cultivation and regeneration of protoplast cultures from rice oryza sativa l

Sugiyama J.; Kurokouchi K.; Horiuchi H., 1990:
A system for measuring dynamic viscoelasticity of a small irregularly shaped sample

Cherry R.S., 1991:
A system for photographing cell sized particles moving at high velocities

Wood G.A., 1989:
A system for propagating and virus screening imported pome fruit and stone fruit cultivars under cross hemisphere conditions

Janssen B.H.; Guiking F.C.T.; Van Der Eijk D.; Smaling E.M.A.; Wolf J.; Van Reuler H., 1990:
A system for quantitative evaluation of the fertility of tropical soils quefts

Bytel H.; Keitel J.; Seifert M.; Schmidt P.S., 1989:
A system for respiration flow proportional sampling

Imbert G.; Colton J.S.; Long W.; Grossman Y.; Moore H.J., 1992:
A system for saturating in vitro preparations with high pressure oxygen helium hydrogen and mixtures

Bibikova, M.V.; Rybakova, A.M.; Vostrov, S.N.; Spiridonova, I.A.; Ivanitskaia, L.P., 1991:
A system for screening natural immunosuppressors

Makino S.; Joo M.; Makino J.K., 1991:
A system for study of coronavirus messenger rna synthesis a regulated expressed subgenomic defective interfering rna results from intergenic site insertion

Hetherington P.R.; Stewart W.S., 1988:
A system for studying the effects of naturally occurring subzero temperatures on winter barley

Lavine, J.; Hirsch, R.; Ganem, D., 1989:
A system for studying the selective encapsidation of hepadnavirus RNA

Kobayashi H.; Nakazawa N.; Harashima S.; Oshima Y., 1990:
A system for temperature controlled expression of a foreign gene with dual mode in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Musters, W.; Venema, J.; van der Linden, G.; van Heerikhuizen, H.; Klootwijk, J.; Planta, R.J., 1989:
A system for the analysis of yeast ribosomal DNA mutations

Girdlestone D.; Cruickshank S.G.H.; Winlow W., 1989:
A system for the application of general anesthetics and other volatile agents to superfused isolated tissue preparations

Leung K.K.; Petersen J.N.; Lee J.M., 1991:
A system for the on line determination of glucose concentration

Prien T.B.M.; Bongartz G.; Wendt M., 1989:
A system for ventilation and monitoring of patients during magnetic resonance imaging

Huang S L.; Chen C S., 1990:
A system model to analyse environmental carrying capacity for managing urban growth of the taipei taiwan metropolitan region

Vairadyan A.S.; Chelyshev M.M.; Gabuniya R.I.; Kostylev V.A.; Ilyukhina E.I.; Zolotukhina E.B., 1989:
A system of an automated description and diagnosis of liver scintigrams

Beckman C.H.; Verdier P.A.; Mueller W.C., 1989:
A system of defense in depth provided by vascular parenchyma cells of tomato in response to vascular infection with fusarium oxysporum f sp lycopersici race 1

Greenberg J.A.; Matulich S.C.; Mittelhammer R.C., 1991:
A system of equations approach to modeling age structured fish populations the case of alaskan red king crab paralithodes camtschatica

Sikorski, R.S.; Hieter, P., 1989:
A system of shuttle vectors and yeast host strains designed for efficient manipulation of DNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kibardin V.M., 1991:
A system of simple theoretically feasible methods of the transfer of genetic information

Polovina J.J., 1989:
A system of simultaneous dynamic production and forecast models for multispecies or multiarea applications

Nikolaev V.A., 1988:
A system of the class centrophyceae bacillariophyta

Hsieh W.D.; Chen C.H.; Chang R.Y., 1992:
A system of triple effect falling film evaporators

Dawson K.P.; Findlay G.A., 1990:
A system to capture physical examination data suitable for pediatric practice

Winston, F.K.; Macarak, E.J.; Gorfien, S.F.; Thibault, L.E., 1989:
A system to reproduce and quantify the biomechanical environment of the cell

Luzius H.; Jans D.A.; Fahrenholz F., 1990:
A system to select for mutant llc pk 1 cells affected in cyclic amp mediated hormonal response using a photoactivatable analogue of vasopressin

Kerle J.A.; Mckay G.M.; Sharman G.B., 1991:
A systematic analysis of the brushtail possum trichosurus vulpecula kerr 1792 marsupialia phalangeridae

Woelkerling W.J.; Foster M.S., 1989:
A systematic and ecographic account of synarthophyton schielianum new species corallinaceae rhodophyta from the chatham islands new zealand

Christman, R.A., 1991:
A systematic approach for radiographically evaluating joint disease in the foot

Siddiqui S.A.; Mirza M.A., 1991:
A systematic approach to laboratory investigation of monoclonal gammopathy in a selected group of patients in qatar

Chang, B.W.; Wilgis, E.F., 1992:
A systematic approach to repair of syndactylism

Teodorescu M.C., 1989:
A systematic approach to the study of human longevity note i

Teodorescu M.C., 1989:
A systematic approach to the study of human longevity note ii

Gao Y.; Boyd J.; Williams R.J.P., 1990:
A systematic approach towards the complete assignment of carbon 13 resonances for horse ferrocytochrome c

Mironov V.G., 1991:
A systematic catalogue of geometrid moths of the tribe eupitheciini lepidoptera geometridae of the fauna of the ussr ii

Bruederle L.P.; Fairbrothers D.E.; Hanks S.L., 1989:
A systematic circumscription of carex mitchelliana cyperaceae with reference to taxonomic status

Park S.Y., 1991:
A systematic classification of korean fagaceae by the pollen

Qui Y., 1989:
A systematic cluster for the chinese cape hare lepus capensis

Cote T.R.; Howe H.L.; Anderson S.P.; Martin R.J.; Evans B.; Francis B.J., 1991:
A systematic consideration of the neoplastic spectrum of aids registry linkage in illinois usa

Schreppers Tijdink G.A.J.; Curfs L.M.G.; Wiegers A.; Kleczkowska A.; Fryns J.P., 1988:
A systematic cytogenetic study of a population of 1170 mentally retarded and or behaviorally disturbed patients including fragile x screening the hondsberg experience

Sherlock M.; F.B.; Taoukis P.S.; Labuza T.P., 1991:
A systematic evaluation of time temperature indicators for use as consumer tags

Tauschke E.; Merskey H.; Helmes E., 1990:
A systematic inquiry into recollections of childhood experience and their relationship to adult defense mechanisms

Janson A.A.M.; Klatser P.R.; Van Der Zee R.; Cornelisse Y.E.; D.V.ies R.R.P.; Thole J.E.R.; Ottenhoff T.H.M., 1991:
A systematic molecular analysis of the t cell stimulating antigens for mycobacterium leprae with t cell clones of leprosy patients identification of a novel mycobacterium leprae hsp 70 fragment by mycobacterium leprae specific t cells

Koutsikopoulos C.; Petitgas P., 1990:
A systematic procedure for sub sampling plankton samples

Cranston P.S.; Edward D.H.D., 1992:
A systematic reappraisal of the australian aphroteniinae diptera chironomidae with dating vicariance biogeography

Kim C W., 1988:
A systematic reexamination of the bumblebees and cuckoobees from korea hymenoptera bombidae

Chimimba C.T.; Kitchener D.J., 1991:
A systematic revision of australian emballonuridae mammalia chiroptera

Monzini V., 1989:
A systematic revision of boldoriella humeralis dodero coleoptera carabidae

Berry P.E., 1989:
A systematic revision of fuchsia section quelusia onagraceae

Roughley, R.E., 1990:
A systematic revision of species of dytiscus linnaeus coleoptera dytiscidae part 1. classification based on adult stage

Teugels G.G.; Denayer B.; Legendre M., 1990:
A systematic revision of the african catfish genus heterobranchus geoffroy saint hilaire 1809 pisces clariidae

Gourene G.; Teugels G.G., 1989:
A systematic revision of the genus microthrissa boulenger 1902 pisces clupeidae

Duke N.C., 1991:
A systematic revision of the mangrove genus avicennia avicenniaceae in australasia

Van Oijen M.J.P., 1991:
A systematic revision of the piscivorous haplochromine cichlidae pisces teleostei of lake victoria east africa part i

Fitzhugh K., 1989:
A systematic revision of the sabellidae caobangiidae sabellongidae complex annelida polychaeta

Detera-Wadleigh, S.D.; Berrettini, W.H.; Goldin, L.R.; Martinez, M.; Hsieh, W.T.; Hoehe, M.R.; Encio, I.J.; Coffman, D.; Rollins, D.Y.; Muniec, D., 1992:
A systematic search for a bipolar predisposing locus on chromosome 5

Freudenstein J.V., 1991:
A systematic study of endothecial thickenings in the orchidaceae

Yoon, I.B.; Ahn, K.J., 1988:
A systematic study of korean dytiscidae ii. laccophilinae

Yoon I B.; Ahn K J., 1988:
A systematic study of korean dytiscidae iii colymbetinae and dytiscinae

Zhang X G.; E.A., 1991:
A systematic study of nutritional supplement with 236 1 elemental diet 236ed in perioperative period of patient with gastric cancer gc

Ryu, S.M.; Kim, H.K.; Lee, J.W., 1991:
A systematic study of symphyta hymenoptera in korea ii. a new species of nematinae tenthredinidae

Yoon I.B.; Kim K.H., 1989:
A systematic study of the caddisfly larvae in korea 1

Casevitz Weulersse J., 1990:
A systematic study of the corsican myrmecofauna hymenoptera formicidae first part

Casevitz Weulersse J., 1990:
A systematic study of the corsican myrmecofauna hymenoptera formicidae second part

Cha, J.Y.; Lee, J.W., 1989:
A systematic study of the ichneumonidae hymenoptera from korea vii. the genus sphinctus gravenhorst tryphoninae

Lee J.W.; Suh K.I., 1991:
A systematic study of the ichneumonidae hymenoptera from korea xiii genus mesochorus mesochorinae

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part i. introduction to the family and the genus verrallia mik

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part ii. the genus chalarus walker

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part iii. the genus cephalops fallen

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part iv. the genus pipunculus latreille

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y.; Yano, K., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part v. the genus eudorylas aczel

Morakote, R.; Hirashima, Y.; Yano, K., 1990:
A systematic study of the japanese pipunculidae diptera part vi. the genera dorylomorpha aczel and tomosvaryella aczel

Lee, J.W.; Ryu, S.M., 1989:
A systematic study of the symphyta hymenoptera in korea i. scanning electron microscopic study of the dolerinae tenthredinidae

Ryu, S.M.; Lee, J.W., 1992:
A systematic study of the symphyta hymenoptera in korea iii. a new species of xyelidae xyeloidea

Akcay H.; Kesercioglu T., 1990:
A systematic study of the west anatolia turkey lichens related to the chernobyl ussr fallout

Kim W G., 1990:
A systematic study on genus prunus in korea

Rho B J.; Lee J E., 1989:
A systematic study on the ascidians from cheju island korea

Rho B J.; Lee J E., 1991:
A systematic study on the ascidians in korea

Seo, J.E., 1992:
A systematic study on the bryozoans from the south sea in korea i. cheilostomata

Rho B J.; Lee J W., 1987:
A systematic study on the errantiate polychaeta in korea

Yoon S.M.; Kim H.S., 1987:
A systematic study on the freshwater cladocera from korea

Park K.T.; Han S.S., 1986:
A systematic study on the genus caloptilia hubner in korea lepidoptera gracillariidae

Song, J.I., 1987:
A systematic study on the korean anthozoa 10. antipatharia hexacorallia

Song, J.I., 1991:
A systematic study on the korean anthozoa 12. order scleractinia

Seo, J.E.; Rho, B.J., 1989:
A systematic study on the marine bryozoans in korea 6. ascophora

Rho, B.J.; Seo, J.E., 1990:
A systematic study on the marine bryozoans in korea 7. suborder anasca

Sim C.J., 1985:
A systematic study on the marine sponges from the south sea and the yellow sea of korea

Sim C J.; Byeon H S., 1991:
A systematic study on the marine sponges from the south sea of korea three new records for korea

Sim, C.J.; Kim, M.H., 1988:
A systematic study on the marine sponges in korea 7. demospongiae and hexactinellida

Sim, C.J.; Kim, H.Y.; Byeon, H.S., 1990:
A systematic study on the marine sponges in korea 8. tetractinomorpha

Sim, C.J.; Byeon, H.S., 1989:
A systematic study on the marine sponges in korea 9. ceractinomorpha

Shin, S., 1992:
A systematic study on the ophiuroidea in korea i. species from the sea of japan and the korea strait

Shin, S., 1992:
A systematic study on the ophiuroidea in korea ii. cheju island

Sasco A.J.; Fontaniere B.; Charbaut Lagarde M O.; Kleibsch U.; Hamandjian P.; Cornu Lugrin A E.; Schnebelen J P.; Sciortino V.; Fabry J., 1991:
A systematic survey of breast cancer incidence in the departement of rhone france

Rasmussen M.; Barnes C.A.; Mcnaughton B.L., 1989:
A systematic test of cognitive mapping working memory and temporal discontiguity theories of hippocampal function

Kato Y.; Yamaguchi S., 1992:
A systematical study for psychological impression caused by fluctuating random noise based on fuzzy set theory

Schnug E.; Haneklaus S., 1990:
A systematical study on factors influencing the determination of the total glucosinolate content in rapeseed by the x rf method

Shuttleworth-Jordan, A.B.; Saayman, G.S.; Faber, P.A., 1988:
A systematized method for dream analysis in a group setting

Schmidt E.G., 1989:
A systemic approach to solve the trilemma of bieri

Zamotrinskii A.V.; Shishkin S.S., 1991:
A systemic approach to the analysis of human platelet proteins

Shen X.; Zhang G.; Xue J.; Zhao B.; Guo S.; Zhou H.; Liang J., 1988:
A systemic model for forecast of rice leafroller cnaphalocrocis medinalis guenee

Obaturov, G.M., 1988:
A systemic model for reproductive death of mammalian cells model's postulates and mathematical survival equations

Moiseenko V.V.; Obaturov G.M., 1989:
A systemic model of reproductive cell death in mammals a comparison with experimental data biological description of model parameters

Dellacasa, G., 1990:
A systemic revision of aphodius subgenus paranimbus a. schmidt with description of a new species

Lee B H.; Park K H., 1991:
A systemic study of korean entomobryidae collembola insecta based on cladistic analysis of phenotypic and allozyme data

Chung W H.; Kang S B.; Choi J B.; Cha H Y., 1991:
A systemic study on the order arcellinida and gromiida protozoa sarcomastigophora rhizopoda from korea

Cheng, J.A.; Holt, J., 1990:
A systems analysis approach to brown planthopper control on rice in zhejiang province china i. simulation of outbreaks

Cheng, J.A.; Norton, G.A.; Holt, J., 1990:
A systems analysis approach to brown planthopper control on rice in zhejiang province china ii. investigation of control strategies

Holt, J.; Cheng, J.A.; Norton, G.A., 1990:
A systems analysis approach to brown planthopper control on rice in zhejiang province china iii. an expert system for making recommendations

Saunders S.R.; Hamann D.D.; Lineback D.R., 1992:
A systems approach to food material adhesion

Hann D.M., 1989:
A systems conceptualization of the quality of mother infant interaction

Leaver J.D.; Fraser D., 1989:
A systems study of high and low concentrate inputs for dairy cows grassland production and utilization over four years

Lindegger G.C.; Bosman P., 1990:
A systems view of chronic illness and its management

Edwards E.L.; Patrick M.H.; Ratliff R.L.; Gray D.M., 1990:
A t and c c plus base pairs can form simultaneously in a novel multistranded dna complex

Weiss, W.R.; Berzofsky, J.A.; Houghten, R.A.; Sedegah, M.; Hollindale, M.; Hoffman, S.L., 1992:
A T cell clone directed at the circumsporozoite protein which protects mice against both Plasmodium yoelii and Plasmodium berghei

Chan W.C.; Link S.; Srinivasan A.; Bamford R.; Waldmann T.A., 1989:
A t cell line with and unusual phenotype

Jameson S.C.; Kaye J.; Gascoigne N.R.J., 1990:
A t cell receptor v alpha region selectively expressed in cd4 positive cells

Brightman B.K.; Chandy K.G.; Spencer R.H.; Fan H., 1989:
A t lymphoid cell line response to a thymic stromal cell line by expression of thy 1 and cd4

Matsuda I.; Nobukuni Y.; Mitsubuchi H.; Indo Y.; Endo F.; Asaka J.; Harada A., 1990:
A t to a substitution in the e 1 alpha subunit gene of the branched chain alpha keto acid dehydrogenase complex in two cell lines derived from mennonite maple syrup urine disease patients

Crunelli V.; Lightowler S.; Pollard C.E., 1989:
A t type calcium current underlies low threshold calcium potentials in cells of the cat and rat lateral geniculate nucleus

Kemry E.R.; Dunlap W.P., 1989:
A table of correction factors for estimating point biserial correlations with equal category proportions

Woodward K.L.; Kenshalo D.R.Sr; Oliff G.K., 1990:
A tactile stimulation device for measuring two point and gap discrimination thresholds in humans

Mijares Urruita A., 1990:
A tadpole of hyla meridensis anura hylidae from the venezuelan andes

Fujimoto, A.; Baba, N.; Wakasugi, N., 1991:
A tail length modifier gene discovered in the Japanese wild mice (Mus musculus molossinus)

Sela, M.; Mozes, E.; Zisman, E.; Muszkat, K.A.; Schechter, B., 1992:
A tale of two peptides, TyrTyrGluGlu and TyrGluTyrGlu, and their diverse immune behaviour

Kurth M.J.; Rodriguez M.J., 1989:
A tandem 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition electrophilic cyclization sequence gamma delta unsaturated isoxazolines as precursors to ring fused ethers

Egan J.J.; Chang M K.; Londos C., 1988:
A tandem chromatographic column method for assaying cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and protein kinase c with synthetic peptide substrates

Suyama, T.; Kato, T.; Morita, Y.; Miyamae, H., 1992:
A tandem cope claisen rearrangement reaction of meso 3 3' diphenylleucoisoindigos

Veit B.; Vollbrecht E.; Mathern J.; Hake S., 1990:
A tandem duplication causes the kn1 0 allele of knotted a dominant morphological mutant of maize

Amores A.; Giles V.; Thode G.; Alvarez M.C., 1990:
A tandem in the fish gobius paganellus gobiidae perciformes a karyotypically polymorphic species

Van Gulik T.M.; Christiano R.A.; Broekhuizen A.H.; Raaymakers E.L.F.B.; Klopper P.J., 1989:
A tanned sheep dermal collagen graft as a dressing for split skin graft donor sites

Walker, A.P.; Laing, N.G.; Yamada, T.; Chandler, D.C.; Kakulas, B.A.; Bartlett, R.J., 1992:
A TaqI map of the dystrophin gene useful for deletion and carrier status analysis

Hayward, N.; Nancarrow, D.; Ellem, K.; Parsons, P.; Kidson, C., 1988:
A Taqi RFLP of the human TGF alpha gene is significantly associated with cutaneous malignant melanoma

Rasool N.; Khan A.Q.; Malik A., 1989:
A taraxerane type triterpene from euphorbia tirucalli

Buffington J.; Bell K.M.; Laforce F.M., 1991:
A target based model for increasing influenza immunizations in private practice

Pennig, D.; Brug, E., 1990 :
A target device for placement of implants in the thoracolumbar pedicles

Fouet A.; Sonenshein A.L., 1990:
A target for carbon source dependent negative regulation of cit b promoter of bacillus subtilis

Chu, W.N.; Baxter, J.D.; Reudelhuber, T.L., 1990:
A targeting sequence for dense secretory granules resides in the active renin protein moiety of human preprorenin

Shaukat S.S.; Zaidi R.H., 1991:
A taxometric study of the genus carpocoris kolenati pentatomidae pentatominae carpocorini from indo pakistan subcontinent

Ahmed, M.; Moyeen, M.; Pasha, M.K.; Khan, M.A.A., 1989:
A taxonomic account of aerides lour. orchidaceae from bangladesh

Hartley I.H.; Balkwill K., 1990:
A taxonomic account of agathelpis globulariopsis and gosela selaginaceae

Verma, B.K.; Sinha, B.K.; Shukla, G., 1988:
A taxonomic account of genus alysicarpus neck. ex desv. in bundelkhand region of uttar pradesh india

Craig D.A., 1987:
A taxonomic account of the black flies diptera simuliidae of the society islands tahiti moorea and raiatea french polynesia

Forster, P.I., 1992:
A taxonomic account of the genus calotropis asclepiadaceae in australia

Rodman J.E., 1991:
A taxonomic analysis of glucosinolate producing plants part 1 phenetics

Rodman J.E., 1991:
A taxonomic analysis of glucosinolate producing plants part 2 cladistics

Schirone B.; Piovesan G.; Bellarosa R.; Pelosi C., 1991:
A taxonomic analysis of seed proteins in pinus spp pinaceae

Chinchaladze T.V.; Osechinskii I.V.; Abdushelishvili R.G.; Chikovani T.K.; Logua K.Sh, 1989:
A taxonomic analysis of the distribution of peripheral blood parameters in chemical plant and motor transport workers

Abbott I.A., 1990:
A taxonomic and nomenclatural assessment of the species of liagora rhodophyta nemaliales in the herbarium of lamouroux

Abbott, I.A., 1990:
A taxonomic assessment of the species of liagora nemaliales rhodophyta recognized by j. agardh based upon studies of type specimens

Trent J.S.; Allred K.W., 1990:
A taxonomic comparison of aristida ternipes and aristida hamulosa gramineae

Alessio C.L., 1988:
A taxonomic discussion about some boletus species iii

Baum B.R.; Bailey L.G., 1988:
A taxonomic investigation of hordeum arizonicum poaceae triticeae with reference to related species

Khatoon S.; Ali S.R., 1989:
A taxonomic key to the water mites hydracarina of pakistan

Ito T.; Nagayasu Y., 1991:
A taxonomic note on the caddisfly genus dicosmoecus in japan trichoptera limnephilidae

Wolfe G.W.; Roughley R.E., 1990 :
A taxonomic phylogenetic and zoogeographic analysis of laccornis gozis coleoptera dytiscidae with the description of laccornini a new tribe of hydroporinae

Ben Tuvia A., 1990:
A taxonomic reappraisal of the atlanto mediterranean soles solea solea solea senegalensis and solea lascaris

Fox N.C., 1988:
A taxonomic redescription of the new zealand falcon falco novaeseelandiae gmelin 1788

Craven L.A.; Jones S.R., 1991:
A taxonomic review of homoranthus and two new species of darwinia both myrtaceae chamelaucieae

Davis, A.P.; Jury, S.L., 1990:
A taxonomic review of iris l. series unguiculares diels lawrence

Rasmussen J.B., 1989:
A taxonomic review of the dipsadoboa duchesnei complex

Miyadoh, S.; Amano, S.; Tohyama, H.; Shomura, T., 1990:
A taxonomic review of the genus Microbispora and a proposal to transfer two species to the genus Actinomadura and to combine ten species into Microbispora rosea

Caldara R., 1990:
A taxonomic review of the palearctic species of the weevil genus tychius germar coleoptera curculionidae

Gielis C., 1991:
A taxonomic review of the pterophoridae lepidoptera from argentina and chile

Murdy E.O., 1989:
A taxonomic revision and cladistic analysis of the oxudercine gobies gobiidae oxudercinae

Guymer G.P., 1988:
A taxonomic revision of brachychiton sterculiaceae

Rahman M.A.; Wilcock C.C., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of calotropis asclepiadaceae

Ellis L.T., 1989:
A taxonomic revision of calymperes in southern india and neighboring islands

Cooke D.A., 1992:
A taxonomic revision of centrolepis centrolepidaceae in australia

Marohasy, J.; Forster, P.I., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of cryptostegia r. br. asclepiadaceae periplocoideae

Forster, P.I., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of cynanchum l. asclepiadaceae asclepiadoideae in australia

Venter H.J.T.; Kotze J.D.S.; Verhoeven R.L., 1990:
A taxonomic revision of ectadium periplocaceae

Brooker M.I.H.; Hopper S.D., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of eucalyptus wandoo eucalyptus redunca and allied species eucalyptus series levispermae maiden myrtaceae in western australia

Pursell R.A.; Bruggeman Nannenga M.A.; Allen B.H., 1988:
A taxonomic revision of fissidens subgenus sarawakia bryopsida fissidentaceae

Forster, P.I., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of gymnanthera r. br. asclepiadaceae periplocoideae in australia

Forster, P.I., 1992:
A taxonomic revision of heterostemma wight and arn. asclepiadaceae stapelieae in australia and the western pacific

Hatta A.M.; Prud'homme Van Reine W.F., 1991:
A taxonomic revision of indonesian gelidiales rhodophyta

Forster P.I., 1992:
A taxonomic revision of melodinus apocynaceae in australia

Craven L.A.; Dunlop C.R., 1992:
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A taxonomical study of korean pteridaceae on the morphology of leaf epidermis

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A taxonomical study on the family of longidoridae nematoda in korea 1. three unrecorded species of longidoridae

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A taxonomical study on the genus dryopteris section fibrillosae from yunnan china

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A taxonomical study on the genus mollugo in china

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A taxonomical study on the rotifera fauna of bafra lake in samsun turkey

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A Tcra congenic mouse: V alpha epitope expression is influenced by both Tcra haplotypes and background genes

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A tear stix test to control contact lens wearers

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A technique for concomitant whole duodenopancreatectomy and hepatectomy for transplantation in the multiple organ donor

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A technique for evaluation of the injured extremity with single film exclusion arteriography

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A technique for liver autograft in the rat including a novel method for bile duct anastomosis

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A technique for locating the center of mass and principal axes of the lower limb

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A technique for marking marsupial pouch young with fluorescent pigment tattoos

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A technique for measuring regional bone mineral density in human lumbar vertebral bodies

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A technique for measuring the thermal conductivity and evaluating the apparent conductivity concept in biomaterials

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A technique for monitoring evoked potentials during scoliosis and brachial plexus surgery

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A technique for monitoring mammalian cell growth and inhibition in situ via fourier transform ir spectroscopy

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A technique for normalizing center of pressure paths

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A technique for objective habitat condition assessments in rangelands

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A technique for obtaining and prolonged cultivation of the water fern azolla pinnata deprived of cyanobiont

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A technique for percutaneous laparoscopic cholecystectomy

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A technique for preparing the concentration gradient of a chemical compound on agar surface

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A technique for production of complete atrioventricular block in dogs

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A technique for quantifying and determining the site of isometric muscle fatigue in the clinical setting

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A technique for quantifying the amount of macromolecule injected into cells of the early mouse embryo

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A technique for rapid reliable assessment of thermal pain threshold in humans

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A technique for recording from brain stem neurons in awake unrestrained cats

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A technique for reducing fractures of the zygomatic complex under local anesthesia

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A technique for reducing the size discrepancy between large reversed veins and small arteries

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A technique for screening of achlorhydria and hypochlorhydria during upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

Croft B.J., 1989:
A technique for screening sugarcane cultivars for resistance to pachymetra root rot

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A technique for skin application of exact doses of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis to rats

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A technique for species weighting and its utility in data reduction and minimization of misclassification

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A technique for the combination of clearing, staining, and injecting small mammals

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A technique for the demonstration of immunoglobulins in the cumulus oophorus oocyte complex of the pig

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A technique for the detection of treatment with hormones used for fattening chicks

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A technique for the evaluation of psychomotor functions applicability and validity

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A technique for the fixation and disinfection of bacterial cells on magnetic sorbents

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A technique for the intensive culture of paramecium group caudatum parameciidae as a first food for ornamental fish fry

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A technique for the quantitative description of the phytocenosis of terrestrial ecosystems phytocenotic survey part iii. the quantitative description of the shrub and tree layers

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A technique for the reconstruction of the posterior canal wall and mastoid obliteration in radical cavity surgery

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A technique for the removal of sebaceous cysts

Lincoff, H., 1990:
A technique for the transfer of retinal images from the mirror of a contact lens

Frychkovski M.; Paradysh A.; Marushevska I., 1989:
A technique of operative treatment of bilateral vesico ureteral reflux in children with double ureter

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A technique of pancreatic juice procurement in the rat

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A technique of quantitative cytology of nasal secretions

Gupta, S., 1988:
A technique of repairing acid burns of the stomach

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A technique of the segmental devitalization of kidneys in experiment

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A technique to color mark incubating gulls

Scortichini M.; Rossi M.P., 1990:
A technique to detect erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora in lily bulbs

Tegnér, R., 1988:
A technique to detect psychogenic sensory loss

Nams V.O., 1989:
A technique to determine the behavior of a radio tagged animal

Haglund, W.D., 1988:
A technique to enhance fingerprinting of mummified fingers

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A technique to harvest viable tracheobronchial epithelial cells from living human donors

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A technique to improve the accuracy of total maxillary surgery

D.G.acomo, P.; Pierri, G.; Lefons, E.; Mich, L., 1990:
A technique to simulate human interaction: relational styles leading to a schizophrenic communication pattern and back to normal

Bartscht, K.D.; DeLancey, J.O., 1988:
A technique to study the passive supports of the uterus

Verdaguer S.; Discamps G.; Sarreau A.M.; Jayot S., 1989:
A technique using complement for selecting fertilizing spermatozoa in cases of auto immunization

Bansal N.K., 1988:
A technoeconomic assessment of solar assisted biogas systems

König, J.; Nĕmecek, V.; Dvoráková, E.; Seichertová, A.; Benda, R., 1988:
A technology of preparing hepatitis A virus (HAV) from human stools

Barrett D.C.; Taylor F.G.R.; Morgan K.L., 1992:
A telephone based case control study of fatal equine colics in wales during 1988 with particular reference to grass disease

Peters N.C.B., 1990:
A temperature gradient bar for seed germination and biological investigations

Arillo A.; Melodia F., 1991:
A temperature induced mitochondrial cycle in the earthworm eisenia foetida savigny

Lighton J.R.B.; Lovegrove B.G., 1990:
A temperature induced switch from diffusive to convective ventilation in the honeybee

Oetiker J.; Gebhardt C.; King P.J., 1990:
A temperature sensitive auxin auxotroph not deficient in iaa

Carpenter M.S.; Delange A.M., 1991:
A temperature sensitive lesion in the small subunit of the vaccinia virus encoded messenger rna capping enzyme causes a defect in viral telomere resolution

Shuai K.; Warner J.R., 1991:
A temperature sensitive mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae defective in precursor ribosomal rna processing

Diamond G.; Cedar H.; Marcus M., 1989:
A temperature sensitive mutation in asparaginyl transfer rna synthetase causes cell cycle arrest in early s phase

Fearn J.C.; Larue T.A., 1991:
A temperature sensitive nodulation mutant sym 5 of pisum sativum l

Schirm S.; Moscovici G.; Bishop J.M., 1990:
A temperature sensitive phenotype of avian myeloblastosis virus determinants that influence the production of viral messenger rna

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A temporal and ultrastructural relationship between heparan sulfate proteoglycans and AA amyloid in experimental amyloidosis

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A temporal sequence chronosequence of soil carbon and nitrogen development after phosphate mining of nauru island pacific ocean

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A temporal signal, independent of agr, is required for hla but not spa transcription in Staphylococcus aureus

Rockwell R.F.; M.E.; Guzman J.; Laverde M.J.; Levine L.; Olvera O., 1991:
A temporal study of desiccation resistance of sibling drosophila spp from laguna verde veracruz mexico

Muizelaar, J.P., 1992:
A temporal transsylvian approach to anterior circulation aneurysms

Altshuler, D.; Cepko, C., 1992:
A temporally regulated, diffusible activity is required for rod photoreceptor development in vitro

Samoshin V.V.; Khudyakov Y.E.; Smirnov V.D., 1991:
A temporary protecting group for the synthesis of oligonucleotides containing modified internucleotide linkages

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A ten month study of endogenous testosterone levels and behavior in outdoor living female rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

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A ten year epidemiologic survey of hospital infections

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A ten year experience treating cervical intraepithelial neoplasia with the carbon dioxide laser

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A ten year follow up of newborn infants in the pediatric neonatal care unit of jikei university hospital japan

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A ten year follow up study of schizophrenia

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A ten year retrospective investigation of serum antibodies against ehf in nanchong district sichuan china

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A ten year study on the applicability of pheromone baited traps for monitoring the european corn borer ostrinia nubilalis hbn. in the federal republic of germany part i. distribution of pheromone strains and testing of different trap types baits and trap sites

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A ten year survey of 193 ectopic pregnancies

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A ten year survey of congenital malformations in liguria italy 1978 1987

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A ten year tuberculosis case material with emphasis on symptoms and clinical and laboratory data

Stern, R.V.; Caffrey, J.M.; Frieden, E., 1992:
A tentacle gel simplifies the purification of ceruloplasmin

Ohnishi K., 1991:
A tentative evolutionary tree of mammalian orders constructed by hennigian comparison of the amino acid sequences of alpha crystallin a chain myoglobin and hemoglobin alpha chain

Caboni M.F.; Capella P.; Lercker G.; Bortolomeazzi R., 1989:
A tentative method for the evaluation of cholesterol autoxidation products

Fossum P., 1988:
A tentative method to estimate mortality in the egg and early fish larval stages with special reference to cod gadus morhua l

Kanbe K.; Takasaki E.; Furuya N., 1990:
A tentative study on the estimation of ion activity and relative supersaturation in the urine of calcium stone formers by the method of computation

Bremert J.C.; Dreosti I.E.; Tulsi R.S., 1989:
A teratogenic interaction between dietary deficiencies of zinc and folic acid in rats an electron microscope study

Mathur, A.; Bhatnagar, P., 1991:
A teratogenic study of carbaryl in Swiss albino mice

Raineri V., 1990:
A teratologic female of plagodis oulveraria linnaeus 1758 lepidoptera geometridae

Kiwaki S.; Ono C.; Sakai K.; Nakamura T.; Oketani Y., 1989:
A teratological evaluation of orally administered sairei to extract in rats

Wintz H.; Hanson M.R., 1991:
A termination codon is created by rna editing in the petunia mitochondrial atp9 gene transcript

Apold J.; Eiken H.G.; Odland E.; Fredriksen A.; Bakken A.; Lorens J.B.; Boman H., 1990:
A termination mutation prevalent in norwegian haplotype 7 phenylketonuria genes

Ahmad V.U.; Sultana A., 1989:
A terpenoid diketone from the leaves of prosopis juliflora

Kethley J.B.; Norton R.A.; Bonamo P.M.; Shear W.A., 1989:
A terrestrial alicorhagiid mite acari acariformes from the devonian of new york usa

Becker E.F., 1991:
A terrestrial furbearer estimator based on probability sampling

Bellanné-Chantelot, C.; Barillot, E.; Lacroix, B.; L.P.slier, D.; Cohen, D., 1991:
A test case for physical mapping of human genome by repetitive sequence fingerprints: construction of a physical map of a 420 kb YAC subcloned into cosmids

Miyoshi K.; Mori T.; Tazawa Y., 1990:
A test composed of three different electrophysiological examinations for rpe modification and application for clinical use

Horiguchi S.; Endo G.; Kiyota I.; Kurosawa K.; Miki T.; Morii H., 1989:
A test for bone mineral density in lead workers supplementary report on studies on occupational lead poisoning 14

Tidemann S.C.; Schodde R., 1989:
A test for character displacement among three species of fairy wrens maluridae malurus

Zapata M., 1989:
A test for choosing the most convenient procedure for chloropigment analysis by rp hplc

Allarakhia, L.; Puumula, M.; Lindstrom, R.L., 1991:
A test for crystalline lens biocompatibility

Mchale R.H., 1988:
A test for endo amylase activity in the presence of exo amylases

Grim, M.; Rerábková, L.; Carlson, B.M., 1988:
A test for muscle lesions and their regeneration following intramuscular drug application

Burns R.A.; Nebitt F.A., 1990:
A test for s s associations in a conditional counting task

Arnold S.J.; Peterson C.R., 1989:
A test for temperature effects on the ontogeny of shape in the garter snake thamnophis sirtalis

Garcia Nieto V.; Sosa Alvarez A.M.; Duque Hernandez J.; Gomez Sirvent J., 1991:
A test for the differential diagnosis of the moderate polyuria in the childhood

Biniek R.; Huber W.; Willmes K.; Glindemann R.; Brand H.; Fiedler M.; Annen C., 1991:
A test for the examination of aphasic symptoms in the acute phase following a stroke

Sivolodskii E.P., 1988:
A test for the identification of pseudomonas bacteria

Mott, R.F.; Kirkwood, T.B.; Curnow, R.N., 1989:
A test for the statistical significance of DNA sequence similarities for application in databank searches

Yuan C S.; Ooie Y.; Yamaguchi K.; Kitamikado M., 1992:
A test for the utilization of silver carp as a raw material of fish sausage products

Lee W.G.; Hodgkinson I.J.; Johnson P.N., 1990:
A test for uv reflectance from fleshy fruits of new zealand plant species

Walker P.M.; Balmer C.; Ablett S.; Lerski R.A., 1989:
A test material for tissue characterization and system calibration in mri

Fairweather S.E.; Amrhein J.F., 1989:
A test of a nonparametric distance based estimator for seedling density

Hsia F.Y.; Chang S.J.; Lin R.H., 1988:
A test of adaptability of alfalfa taiwan varieties in pingtung area taiwan

Emlen S.T.; Wrege P.H., 1989 :
A test of alternate hypotheses for helping behavior in white fronted bee eaters of kenya

Dannemiller J.L., 1989:
A test of color constancy in 9 and 20 week old human infants following simulated illuminant changes

Orr, H.A., 1991:
A test of Fisher's theory of dominance

Haseba T.; Aibara K.; Matsuoka H.; Ito D., 1988:
A test of low speed wind tunnel for evaluation of leaf boundary layer transfer coefficient

Droessler T.D.; Burk T.E., 1989:
A test of nonparametric smoothing of diameter distributions

Lucchini, R.; Reeder, R.H., 1989:
A test of 'polymerase handover' as a mechanism for stimulating initiation by RNA polymerase I

Tomita T.; Tamura O.; Abe M.; Shimbo K., 1990:
A test of potassium ion sensitive electrode responses to changes in potassium ion concentration

Job R.F.S., 1989:
A test of proposed mechanisms underlying the interference effect produced by noncontigent food presentations

Johnson N.A.; Perez D.E.; Cabot E.L.; Hollocher H.; W.C.I., 1992:
A test of reciprocal x y interactions as a cause of hybrid sterility in drosophila

Schmidt S.R., 1990:
A test of resource allocation explanations of the generation effect

Master S.M.; Miller S.M., 1991 :
A test of ret theory using an ret theory based mood induction procedure the rationality of thinking rationally

Mathieu, J.E., 1990:
A test of subordinates' achievement and affiliation needs as moderators of leader path goal relationships

Hone J., 1988:
A test of the accuracy of line and strip transect estimators in aerial survey

Holte A.; Solberg B., 1989:
A test of the accuracy of two individual tree growth functions for picea abies

George P.; Bock C.W., 1989:
A test of the am1 model for calculating energies and structural properties of benzene toluene naphthalene 1 methyl and 2 methylnaphthalene

Murray, K.A.; Murray, T., 1991:
A test of the auricular surface aging technique

Montazer, M.A.; Drury, C.G., 1989:
A test of the beggs' model for self paced movements

Jamieson P.D.; Porter J.R.; Wilson D.R., 1991:
A test of the computer simulation model arcwheat1 on wheat crops grown in new zealand

Dufour K.W.; Weatherhead P.J., 1991:
A test of the condition bias hypothesis using brown headed cowbirds trapped during the breeding season

Rovine M.J.; Von Eye A.; Jones C.J., 1992:
A test of the equivalence of four random number generators a stimulation study

Gotmark F., 1990 :
A test of the information center hypothesis in a colony of sandwich terns sterna sandvicensis

Williams, B.A.; Royalty, P., 1989:
A test of the melioration theory of matching

Prum R.O., 1990:
A test of the monophyly of the manakins pipridae and of the cotingas cotingidae based on morphology

Cohan F.M.; Hoffmann A.A.; Gayley T.W., 1989:
A test of the role of epistasis in divergence under uniform selection

Afik D.; Ward D.; Shkedy Y., 1991:
A test of the self incubation hypothesis for desert birds that build a rampart of stones in front of their nests

Stravynski, A.; Lesage, A.; Marcouiller, M.; Elie, R., 1989:
A test of the therapeutic mechanism in social skills training with avoidant personality disorder

Shipley B.; Peters R.H., 1990:
A test of the tilman model of plant strategies relative growth rate and biomass partitioning

Weinstein, L.F.; Previc, F.H.; Simpson, C.G.; Lyons, T.J.; Gillingham, K.K., 1991:
A test of thumb and index finger control in overcoming a visual analogue of the giant hand illusion

Chen Y.; Zhang J.; You C.; Lan Y., 1990:
A test on genetic effect of elementary seed orchard of chinese fir

Kates, J.M., 1990:
A test suite for hearing aid evaluation

Howel D., 1988 :
A test to detect clustering applied to muscle fibers

Vidal H.; S.D.nis J F.; Painchaud E.; Larue M.J.; Van D.W.rve G., 1991:
A test to evaluate the effect of individual components of egta buffers on enzymatic activity

Singh N.P.; Gill S.S., 1988:
A test to measure knowledge of farmers regarding wheat and potato cultivation

Jacobson, J.I., 1990:
A testable theoretical model for magnetotherapy potentially applicative to such diverse concerns as oncogenic, CNS trophic factor and viral disorders

Kuo T T.; E.A., 1990:
A tetanus patient first visited ent clinic

Hayami I., 1988:
A tethyan bivalve posidonotis dainellii from the lower jurassic of west japan

Ricou L E.; Guerin H., 1991:
A tethyan paleographic trap black sea giant manganese deposits

Chai B.F.; Koshino T., 1991:
A tetracycline labelling study of subchondral bone tissues in osteoarthritis of knee joint

Agata I.; Hatano T.; Nishibe S.; Okuda T., 1989:
A tetrameric derivative of caffeic acid from rabdosia japonica

Kikugawa K.; Kato T.; Iwata A., 1989:
A tetrameric dialdehyde formed in the reaction of butyraldehyde and benzylamine a possible intermediary component for protein cross linking induced by lipid oxidation

Barra D.; Schinina M.E.; Bossa F.; Puget K.; Durosay P.; Guissani A.; Michelson A.M., 1990:
A tetrameric iron superoxide dismutase from the eukaryote tetrahymena pyriformis

Chen, Q.; Song, W., 1989:
A tetraploid trifoliate orange guan yun no. 1

Bkaily G.; Jasmin G.; Tautu C.; Prochek L.; Yamamoto T.; Sculptoreanu A.; Peyrow M.; Jacques D., 1990:
A tetrodotoxin and manganese insensitive sodium current in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Péronnet, F.; Thibault, G.; Cousineau, D.L., 1991:
A theoretical analysis of the effect of altitude on running performance

Cima L.G.; Blanch H.W.; Wilke C.R., 1990:
A theoretical and experimental evaluation of a novel radial flow hollow fiber reactor for mammalian cell culture

Locke B.R.; Carbonell R.G., 1989:
A theoretical and experimental study of counteracting chromatographic electrophoresis

Abednego B.S.P.; Collet C., 1992:
A theoretical approach for vegetation change index based on non corrected radiometric data

Gilányi, M.; Kovách, A.G., 1990:
A theoretical approach to analyze pressure equilibria in the interstitium

Mcdonald, J.J.; Brooks, C.L.Iii, 1992:
A theoretical approach to drug design 3. relative thermodynamics of inhibitor binding by escherichia coli dihydrofolate reductase to ethyl derivatives of trimethoprim substituted at the 3' 4' and 5' positions

Wolff R.; Lester D., 1989:
A theoretical basis for counseling the retired professional athlete

Makany, R., 1991:
A theoretical basis for gompertz' curve

Herzberg, W.; Overbeck, E.; Herzberg, R.; Deckelmann, G., 1990:
A theoretical comparison of different external fixation devices for stabilizing a colles' fracture

Mosharafa A.A., 1989:
A theoretical correction to the experimental compton profile of polycrystalline lithium

Bakalyar, D.M.; Hauser, A.M.; Timmis, G.C., 1989:
A theoretical description of blood flow through the mitral orifice

Mechling J.A.; Strohbehn J.W.; France L.J., 1991:
A theoretical evaluation of the performance of the dartmouth imaah system to heat cylindrical and ellipsoidal tumor models

Vlad M.O.; Frangopol P.T., 1991:
A theoretical interpretation of fractal time behavior in ion channel gating kinetics

Yoon Y.H.; Nelson J.H.; Lara J.; Kamel C.; Fregeau D., 1991:
A theoretical interpretation of the service life of respirator cartridges for the binary acetone m xylene system

Aksnes D.L.; Egge J.K., 1991:
A theoretical model for nutrient uptake in phytoplankton

Gupta J.L.; Deheri G.M., 1991:
A theoretical model for the growth of coffee beans

Yang S.; Tyree M.T., 1992:
A theoretical model of hydraulic conductivity recovery from embolism with comparison to experimental data on acer saccharum

Ben Shalom A.; Eshed C.; Benshalom Shimony T.; Ishay J.S., 1988:
A theoretical model of the electrical properties of the oriental hornet cuticle

Thomson A.J.; Gadsby P.M.A., 1990:
A theoretical model of the intensity of the near ir porphyrin to iron charge transfer transitions in low spin iron iii hemoproteins a correlation between the intensity of the magnetic circular dichroism bands and the rhombic distortion parameter of iron

Hamada S.; Okayama S.; Hongawa T.; Minami N.; Kawakita H.; Takiishi T.; Yamasaki T., 1990:
A theoretical study of abrasives movement in a normal axisymmetric jet

Dixon K., 1990:
A theoretical study of carryover in selective access analyzers

Anshelevich, V.V.; Vologodskii, A.V.; Frank-Kamenetskii, M.D., 1988:
A theoretical study of formation of DNA noncanonical structures under negative superhelical stress

Tempczyk, A.; Tarnowska, M.; Liwo, A.; Borowski, E., 1992:
A theoretical study of glucosamine synthase. II. Combined quantum and molecular mechanics simulation of sulfhydryl attack on the carboxyamide group

Tempczyk, A.; Tarnowska, M.; Liwo, A., 1989:
A theoretical study of glucosamine synthase. Part I. Molecular mechanics calculations on substrate binding

Brown F.K.; Singh U.C.; Kollman P.A.; Raimondi L.; Houk K.N.; Bock C.W., 1992:
A theoretical study of intramolecular diels alder and 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition stereoselectivity using ab initio methods semiempirical methods and a tandem quantum mechanic molecular mechanic method

Jayaram B.; Dicapua F.M.; Beveridge D.L., 1991:
A theoretical study of polyelectrolyte effects in protein dna interactions monte carlo free energy simulations on the ion atmosphere contribution to the thermodynamics of lambda repressor operator complex formation

Jiao K F.; Song H Q.; Liu R Z., 1988:
A theoretical study of structure activity relationship and mode of antidotal action of the hydroxyiminomethyl pyridinium salts

Kervella, J.; Fouilloux, G., 1992:
A theoretical study of the bulk breeding method i. importance and consequences of losses due to sampling

Julg A.; Favier A.; Ozias Y., 1990:
A theoretical study of the difference in the behavior of l alanine and d alanine toward the two inverse forms of kaolinite

Bates, J.H.; Martin, J.G., 1990:
A theoretical study of the effect of airway smooth muscle orientation on bronchoconstriction

Doslak, M.J., 1988:
A theoretical study of the effect of silicone oil on the electroretinogram

Hazoume R.P.; Hounkonnou N.M., 1988:
A theoretical study of the kinetics of deoxyhemoglobin s aggregation

Mitchell T.J.; Tute M.S.; Webb G.A., 1990:
A theoretical study of the pk a values of some clonidine like imidazolidines

Elguero J.; D.P.z J.L.G.; Goya P.; Paez J.A.; Rozas I., 1990:
A theoretical study of the structure and tautomerism of 1 2 4 6 thiatriazine 1 1 dioxide

Saitou N., 1989:
A theoretical study of the underestimation of branch lengths by the maximum parsimony principle

Giessner Prettre C.; Jacob O., 1989:
A theoretical study of zinc interacting with models of ligands present at the thermolysin active site

Bru, R.; Sánchez-Ferrer, A.; Garcia-Carmona, F., 1989:
A theoretical study on the expression of enzymic activity in reverse micelles

Imaizumi M.; Furushima M.; Nakatsuka K.; Yamanouchi U., 1990:
A theoretical study on the regulation mechansim of calcium ion concentration in lens related to the calcium ion dependence of calcium ion atpase activity

Colmenarejo G.; Milan M.; Rodriguez A.T.; Montero F., 1992:
A theoretical study using the sequence generating function method of the nonspecific and simultaneous interaction of two competitive ligands with dna

Huxley A.F., 1990:
A theoretical treatment of diffraction of light by a striated muscle fiber

White P.A., 1989:
A theory of causal processing

Harada Y., 1989:
A theory of gene culture coevolution of parental preference and sex ratio in humans

Logofet D.O., 1991:
A theory of matrix models for dynamics of populations with age structures and other structures

Benis A.M., 1990:
A theory of personality traits leads to a genetic model for borderline types and schizophrenia

Kakehashi M.; Harada Y., 1989:
A theory of reproductive allocation based on size specific demography

Vasconcelos O.T.; Costa A.J.; Rocha U.F.; Moraes F.R.; Ferreira F.A.; Christoforo M.T., 1987:
A therapeutic assay of closantel orally administered against natural infestation of boophilus microplus in lactating dairy cows

Oyewo, E.A.; Ajayi, A.A.; Ladipo, G.O., 1989:
A therapeutic audit in the management of hypertension in Nigerians

Diamond, T.; Nery, L.; Hales, I., 1991:
A therapeutic dilemma: suppressive doses of thyroxine significantly reduce bone mineral measurements in both premenopausal and postmenopausal women with thyroid carcinoma

Savvids, E.; Loer, F., 1992:
A therapeutic principle of questionable efficacy in the treatment of perthes' disease

Vinay, S.D.; Raghu, K.G.; Sood, P.P., 1989:
A therapeutic profile of metal chelators in the detoxication of methylmercury chloride inhibited acid and alkaline phosphatases in different areas of the central nervous system of rats

Pakisch B.; Kohek P.; Stucklschweiger G.; Smolle Juttner F.G.; Poier E.; Fall A.; Leitner H.; Friehs G.; Hackl A., 1990:
A therapeutic strategy for the treatment of inoperable carcinomas of the esophagus

Agounitestane D.; Chiheb M.; Khaled S.; Khaled N.A.; Boulahbal F.; Chaulet P., 1990:
A therapeutic trial of a combination of three essential drugs in the short course of chemotherapy for tuberculosis results six months after the end of treatment

Bellabas M.; Khaled S.; Ait Khaled N.; Boulahbal F.; Chaulet P., 1989:
A therapeutic trial of the combination of isoniazid rifampicin and pyrazinamide in the first two months of treatment for pulmonary tuberculosis

Smatt V.; Briere M.; Cornebise Drouhet F.; Maugey N.; Robin M., 1989:
A therapeutical approach to radiation induced xerostomia

Konishi Y.; Maemura E.; Sato E.; Hara M.; Takeuchi K., 1990:
A therapy against vasospasm after subarachnoidal hemorrhage clinical experience of balloon angioplasty

Cross F.W.; Van Gemert M.J.C., 1991:
A thermal appraisal of the ablation process in canine aorta in vivo using a 100 micrometers pulsed neodymium yag laser

Won Y.; Friesner R.D., 1988:
A thermal expansion model for the special pair of the bacterial reaction center

Mazgaj Z.; Kolaczkowski A.; Mikulski J.; Novgorodow A.F., 1989:
A thermal method of isolation of thallium 199 from the gold target irradiated with alpha particles

Arkin H., 1989:
A thermal pulse method for the determination of sap flow velocity using a single probe conceptual evaluation

Liautard J P., 1990:
A thermo kinetic model for protein folding

Nilsson S., 1992:
A thermodynamic analysis of calcium alginate gel formation in the presence of inert electrolyte

Zhu C., 1991:
A thermodynamic and biomechanical theory of cell adhesion part 1 general formulism

Pettit L.D.; Bal W.; Bataille M.; Cardon C.; Kozlowski H.; Leseine Delstanche M.; Pyburn S.; Scozzafava A., 1991:
A thermodynamic and spectroscopic study of the complexes of the undecapeptide substance p of its amino terminal fragment and of model pentapeptides containing two prolyl residues with copper ions

Tomicki B., 1991:
A thermodynamic description of membrane equilibria dissipation and transport

Yoshida, T.; Dembo, M., 1990:
A thermodynamic model of hemoglobin suitable for physiological applications

Elzawawy F.M., 1991:
A thermodynamic study of lanthanum iii l alanine complexes

Bonner O.D.; Mckinnon I.R.; Mccurdy K.G.; Hepler L.G., 1990:
A thermodynamic study of sodium and potassium amps

Menéndez, M.; Laynez, J.; Medrano, F.J.; Andreu, J.M., 1989:
A thermodynamic study of the interaction of tubulin with colchicine site ligands

Saito K.; Yamashina Y.; Okazaki T.; Takagi K.; IIda T.; Sakurai S., 1988:
A thermographic study of ingrown nails

Peschke H.; Kretschmann S.; Ziese S., 1991:
A thermogravimetric study of soil humic acids from extreme c t variants of static long term trials

Buseva T.A.; Koryakin V.A., 1991:
A thermoindicative nasal test for detecting allergy to antituberculous drugs

Kvachadze L.L.; Kvatadze N.N.; Kvesitadze G.I., 1989:
A thermophilic allescheria terrestris strain producing exogenous cellulase

Wahlund T.M.; Woese C.R.; Castenholz R.W.; Madigan M.T., 1991:
A thermophilic green sulfur bacterium from new zealand hot springs chlorobium tepidum new species

Nishikawa S.; Adiwinata J.; Morioka H.; Fujimura T.; Tanaka T.; Uesugi S.; Hakoshima T.; Tomita K I.; Nakagawa S.; Ikehara M., 1990:
A thermoresistant mutant of rnase t1 having three disulfide bonds

Kocabiyik S.; Tuerkoglu S., 1989:
A thermostable dehalogenase in the extracts from pseudomonas sp strain 19s

Maeda, K.; Truscott, K.; Liu, X.L.; Scopes, R.K., 1992:
A thermostable NADH oxidase from anaerobic extreme thermophiles

Wolk M.; Gluskin I.; Ohad E.; Shpak B., 1990:
A thermostable toxin producing escherichia coli and infantile diarrhea

H.H.; Uray G.; Wolfbeis O.S., 1992:
A thiamine selective optical sensor based on molecular recognition

Park J.D.; Kim M.W.; Yoo S.J.; Wee J.J., 1988:
A thiazole and two beta carboline constituents from panax ginseng

Hayward G.; Hamilton R.; Kanani B.; Reilly D.A., 1991:
A thin film technique for spatial apodization of disc shaped piezoceramic transducers

Karolis C.; Frost R.B.; Billson F.A., 1990:
A thin iodine 125 seed eye plaque to treat intraocular tumors using an acrylic insert to precisely position the sources

Gartzke J.; Burck D., 1989:
A thin layer chromatographic method of the determination of the styrene metabolites mandelic and phenylglyoxylic acid in urine

Edwards F.A.; Konnerth A.; Sakmann B.; Takahashi T., 1989:
A thin preparation for patch clamp recordings from neurons of the mammalian central nervous system

Katayama, Y.; Narahara, Y.; Inoue, Y.; Amano, F.; Kanagawa, T.; Kuraishi, H., 1992:
A thiocyanate hydrolase of Thiobacillus thioparus. A novel enzyme catalyzing the formation of carbonyl sulfide from thiocyanate

Hendrickson E.K.; Johnson J.L.; Hendrickson H.S., 1991:
A thiophosphate substrate for a continuous spectrophotometric assay of phosphatidylinositol specific phospholipase c hexadecylthiophosphoryl 1 myo inositol

Jørgensen, B.B., 1990:
A thiosulfate shunt in the sulfur cycle of marine sediments

Muchmore W.B., 1989:
A third cavernicolous tyrannochthonius from hawaii usa pseudoscorpionida chthoniidae

Morrison A.; Araki H.; Clark A.B.; Hamatake R.K.; Sugino A., 1990:
A third essential dna polymerase in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fahsdold R.; Rott H D.; Lorenz P., 1991:
A third gene locus for tuberous sclerosis by closely linked to the phenylalanine hydroxylase gene locus

Marsh G.; Marino G.; Pucci P.; Ferranti P.; Malorni A.; Kaeda J.; Marsh J.; Luzzatto L., 1991:
A third instance of the high oxygen affinity variant hb heathrow beta 103g5phe leu identification of the mutation by mass spectrometry and by dna analysis

Paw, B.H.; Wood, L.C.; Neufeld, E.F., 1991:
A third mutation at the CpG dinucleotide of codon 504 and a silent mutation at codon 506 of the HEX A gene

Pinon J.; Peulon V., 1989:
A third physiological race of melampsora larici populina klebahn in europe

Duckworth M.L.; Peden L.M.; Friesen H.G., 1988:
A third prolactin like protein expressed by the developing rat placenta complementary dna sequence and partial structure of the gene

Vanzolini P.E., 1991:
A third species of bronia gray 1865 reptilia amphisbaenia

Townsend C.C., 1990:
A third species of pleuropterantha

Almeda F., 1990:
A third species of tessmannianthus melastomataceae merianieae from panama

Maw, M.A.; Grundy, P.E.; Millow, L.J.; Eccles, M.R.; Dunn, R.S.; Smith, P.J.; Feinberg, A.P.; Law, D.J.; Paterson, M.C.; Telzerow, P.E., 1992:
A third Wilms' tumor locus on chromosome 16q

Elliott N.C.; Kieckhefer R.W., 1990:
A thirteen year survey of the aphidophagous insects of alfalfa

Vyskocil J.; Brhel P., 1992:
A thirty year longitudinal study on the development of coal miner pneumoconiosis and accompanying chronic bronchitis

Saitoh T.; Wanibuchi Y.; Terada Y.; Shimoyama Y.; Ino T.; Furuta S., 1989:
A thoracic aortic aneurysm with respiratory failure caused by the mechanisms of the stenosis of left bronchus and ipsilateral pulmonary artery report of a case and review of the literature

Farrar G.J.; Kenna P.; Jordan S.A.; Kumar Singh R.; Humphries M.M.; Sharp E.M.; Sheils D.M.; Humphries P., 1991:
A three base pair deletion in the peripherin rds gene in one form of retinitis pigmentosa

Sathyendranath S.; Prieur L.; Morel A., 1989 :
A three component model of ocean color and its application to remote sensing of phytoplankton pigments in coastal waters

Ichinose S.; Kondo S.; Tsukada T.; Ito N.; Hirai Y.; Kuwabara N.; Ehara Y., 1991:
A three dimensional computerized reconstruction of the rectum anus and surrounding muscles of the rat fetus at 20th gestation day

Araki Y.; Ootani M.; Furukawa T.; Yamamoto T.; Tomoda K.; Tsukaguchi I.; Mitomo M., 1991:
A three dimensional gradient refocused 3d volume imaging of discoid lateral meniscus

Lugassy C.; Hardy M.; Peyrol S.; Pages M P.; Escande J P., 1991:
A three dimensional in vitro model of a cancerous tumor and metastases formation from a non hodgkin malignant lymphoma