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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6974

Chapter 6974 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chrysikopoulos C.V.; Hildemann L.M.; Roberts P.V., 1992:
A three dimensional steady state atmospheric dispersion deposition model for emissions from a ground level area source

L.Y.; H.D., 1989:
A three dimensional time dependent model on coastal upwelling

Radford S.E.; Woolfson D.N.; Martin S.R.; Lowe G.; Dobson C.M., 1991:
A three disulfide derivative of hen lysozyme structure dynamics and stability

Inui T.; Kawai Y.; Noguchi Y.; Hori M.; Noguchi M., 1992:
A three month oral toxicity study of the new angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor imidapril hydrochloride ta 6366 in rats

Berggren E.; Westlund P O., 1989:
A three site chemical exchange model for interpreting nmr lineshapes of quadrupole nuclei i equals 3 2 residing in an intracellular environment

Jensen F.B.; Boiden J.; Garby L., 1990:
A three state mwc analysis of oxygenation in tench tinca tinca hemoglobin

Morales Ramirez P.; Vallarino Kelly T.; Rodriguez Reyes R., 1988:
A three way differential staining protocol for sce analysis during three successive cell divisions in murine bone marrow cells in vivo

Paul B.; Mukiibi J.M.; Mandisodza A.; Levy L.; Nkrumah F.K., 1992:
A three year prospective study of 137 cases of acute leukemia in zimbabwe

Atluri J.B.; Varma K.V.; Reddi C.S., 1988:
A three year study of airborne pollen grains at bhimavaram india

Graves J.B.; Leonard B.R.; Micinski S.; Burris E., 1991:
A three year study of pyrethroid resistance in tobacco budworm in louisiana resistance management implications

Spencer R.C.; Wheat P.F.; Magee J.T.; Brown E.H., 1990:
A three year survey of clinical isolates in the uk and their antimicrobial susceptibility

Wasyluk J.S.; Wegrzyn Z.; Woznica I., 1990:
A three year training program for primary health care physicians in poland

Orecchia G.; Douville H., 1988:
A three year treatment of alopecia areata with squaric acid dibutylester

Altschmied, L.; Baumeister, R.; Pfleiderer, K.; Hillen, W., 1988:
A threonine to alanine exchange at position 40 of Tet repressor alters the recognition of the sixth base pair of tet operator from GC to AT

Henderson, N.D., 1988:
A threshold model for vocalization to handling in Mus domesticus

Sawada Y.; Ara M.; Yotsuyanagai T., 1991:
A thrombin ointment that achieves rapid hemostasis of split thickness donor wounds particularly on the scalp

Matsuda, M.; Sugo, T.; Sakata, Y.; Murayama, H.; Mimuro, J.; Tanabe, S.; Yoshitake, S., 1988:
A thrombotic state due to an abnormal protein C

Kawahito K.; Miyamoto H.; Hata E.; E.A., 1990 :
A thymic cyst with elevated serum ca 19 9 and slx

Terashi H.; Ohara Y.; Rin S., 1988:
A thyroglossal duct cyst that suggested the presence of an ectopic thyroid

Ibrahim, H.; McKenna, M.J.; Feldkamp, C.S., 1991:
A thyroid testing algorithm: results of a pilot study

Marston S.B., 1989:
A tight binding interaction between smooth muscle native thin filaments and heavy meromyosin in the presence of magnesium atp

Imam S.H., 1989:
A tightly bound 55000 molecular weight polypeptide in cornstarch associated with the amylose portion of the granule

Hormazabal V.; Steffenak I.; Yndestad M., 1992:
A time and cost effective assay for the determination of residues of malachite green in fish tissues by hplc

Larsson G.; Cook C.; Starrin B., 1988:
A time and cost efficient stress inoculation training program for athletes a study of junior golfers

Hollinger S.E.; Isard S.A., 1989:
A time and labor saving method of extracting undisturbed soil samples

Mcdonald, J.S.; Dzwonczyk, R.R., 1988:
A time and motion study of the anesthetist's intraoperative time

States J.D.; Annechiarico R.P.; Good R.G.; Lieou J.; Andrews M.; Cushman L.; Ingersoll G., 1990:
A time comparison study of the new york usa state safety belt use law utilizing hospital admission and police accident report information

Narbonne J F.; Grolier P.; Albrecht R.; Azais V.; Oesch F.; Robertson L.W., 1990:
A time course investigation of vitamin a level and lipid composition of liver endoplasmic reticulum in rats following treatment with congeneric polychlorobiphenyls

Ramaiah K.V.; Chidley V.L.; House L.R., 1991:
A time course study of early establishment stages of parasitic angiosperm striga asiatica on susceptible sorghum roots

Cliffe A.J.; Law B.A., 1991:
A time course study of peptide production in accelerated ripened cheddar cheese using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Desprez Loustau M L.; Dupuis F., 1992:
A time course study of teliospore germination and basidiospore release in melampsora pinitorqua

Booth E.J.; Walker K.C.; Griffiths D.W., 1991:
A time course study of the effect of sulphur on glucosinolates in oilseed rape brassica napus from the vegetative stage to maturity

Huang Y S.; Horrobin D.F.; Nassar B.A.; Ells K.R., 1989:
A time course study on differential depletion of n 6 and repletion of n 3 and n 9 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids in liver heart and kidney glycerophospholipids from rats fed saturated fat or fish oil

Wulff F.; Stigebrandt A., 1989:
A time dependent budget model for nutrients in the baltic sea

Hancox J.C.; Pitman R.M., 1992:
A time dependent excitability change in the soma of an identified insect motoneurone

Sahm G., 1990:
A time device for removable orthodontic appliances

Tommeraas P.J., 1989:
A time lapse nest study of a pair of gyrfalcons falco rusticolus from their arrival at the nesting ledge to the completion of egg laying

Quinn P.J.; Lis L.J.; Cunningham B.A., 1988:
A time resolved study of phase transitions in phosphatidylcholine phosphatidylethanolamine mixtures

Watier L.; Richardson S.; Hubert B., 1991:
A time series construction of an alert threshold with application to salmonella bovis morbificans in france

Levy A.W.; Barlow W., 1989:
A tinctorially distinctive hematoxylin and eosin stain with relative simplicity and consistency

Carroll R.L., 1990:
A tiny microsaur from the lower permian of texas usa size constraints in paleozoic tetrapods

Hlady V.; Andrade J.D., 1989:
A tirf titration study of 1 anilinonaphthalene 8 sulfonate binding to silica adsorbed bovine serum albumin

Rao S.; Naidu M.M., 1989:
A tissue culture derived pesticide tolerant line of chickpea cicer arietinum l

Ferrari, M., 1992:
A tissue culture vaccine with lapinized chinese (LC) strain of hog cholera virus (HCV)

Okamoto Y.; Nakajima T.; Yoshimura Y.; Ohnishi K.; Sakakibara A.; Nishiyama T.; Yoneda K., 1991:
A tissue expanded vermillion myocutaneous flap for the reconstruction of the upper lip and oral commissure

Selwyn, B.M.; Figueroa, C.D.; Fink, E.; Swan, A.; Dieppe, P.A.; Bhoola, K.D., 1989:
A tissue kallikrein in the synovial fluid of patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Evtushenko O.I.; Chebotareva E.D., 1990:
A tissue polypeptide antigen in the early diagnosis of purulent inflammatory complications in patients operated on for cancer of the colon

Norton, J.M., 1991:
A tissue pressure model for palpatory perception of the cranial rhythmic impulse

Trueby P., 1989:
A titration method for the simultaneous analysis of hydrogen ions and aluminum in ammonium chloride soil extracts

Buckwitz D.; Jacobasch G.; Gerth C., 1991:
A titrographic method for the evaluation of the glycolytic flux rate of red blood cells infected with plasmodium berghei

Tomankova H.; Vasatova M.; Zyka J., 1988:
A tlc densitometric determination of sulfonamide chemotherapeuticals

Erdmann F.; Brose C.; Schuetz H., 1990:
A tlc screening program for 170 commonly used pesticide using the corrected r f value r c f value

Wang Q Y.; Wang X B., 1990:
A tmv resistance increasing material banlangen

Alonso E.; Garcia Luque I.; Avila Rincon M.J.; Wicke B.; Serra M.T.; Diaz Ruiz J.R., 1989:
A tobamovirus causing heavy losses in protected pepper crops in spain

Gillett R., 1988:
A tokelau south pacific fisheries bibliography

Godoy J.A.; Pardo J.M.; Pintor Toro J.A., 1990 :
A tomato complementary dna inducible by salt stress and abscisic acid nucleotide sequence and expression pattern

Law M.D.; Moyer J.W., 1990:
A tomato spotted wilt like virus with a serologically distinct n protein

Van D.H.ijning B.J.M.; Maigret C.; Koekkoek Van Den Herik I.; Van Wimersma Greidanus T.B., 1990:
A tonic suppressive action of opioids on oxytocin but not vasopressin release in vivo and in vitro in the rat

Galazyuk A.V., 1990:
A tonotopic organization of the ventrorostral zone of the cortical acoustic area aii in cat

Liu J.; Faust U.; Bressmer H.; Schneider J., 1992:
A tool for monitoring biosignal processing with an application to the analysis of esophageal function

Ginsbach G., 1991:
A tool for the evaluation of color in port wine stains

Gow C.E., 1990:
A tooth bearing maxilla referable to lycorhinus angustidens haughton 1924 dinosauria ornithischia

Gazi, M.I., 1988:
A toothbrush handle for the use of the Meswak oral hygiene aid

Tykva R.; Machackova I.; Krekule J.; Jisl R., 1992:
A topographic method for studying uptake translocation and distribution of inorganic ions using two radiotracers simultaneously

Francois C.; Percheron G.; Yelnik J.; Tande D., 1988:
A topographic study of the course of nigral axons and of the distribution of pallidal axonal endings in the center median parafascicular complex of macaques

Satoh, K.; Kimura, K.; Yoshida, Y.; Kasano, T.; Kihira, K.; Taniguchi, Y., 1991:
A topographical relationship between Helicobacter pylori and gastritis: quantitative assessment of Helicobacter pylori in the gastric mucosa

Kellett M.; Hume W.J.; Potten C.S., 1989:
A topographical study of the circadian rhythm in labelling index of mouse gingival and floor of mouth epithelium including changes in labelling activity with individual cell position on the epithelial ridges

Stirk, H.J.; Thornton, J.M.; Howard, C.R., 1992:
A topological model for hepatitis B surface antigen

Satoh, F.; Sakuma, T.; Okajima, H., 1990:
A toposequence of fine textured soils in the hilly area of northernmost hokkaido japan iv. hydrolytic reaction of aluminum in the presence of oxalic or citric acid ligands

Satoh, F.; Sakuma, T.; Okajima, H., 1990:
A toposequence of fine textured soils in the hilly area of the northernmost part of hokkaido japan i. morphological and physico chemical properties

Satoh, F.; Sakuma, T.; Okajima, H., 1990:
A toposequence of fine textured soils in the hilly area of the northernmost part of hokkaido japan ii. mineralogical and micro analytical studies

Satoh, F.; Sakuma, T.; Okajima, H., 1990:
A toposequence of fine textured soils in the hilly area of the northernmost part of hokkaido japan iii. importance of chelating low molecular organic acids in the migration process of aluminum and iron

Janmey P.A., 1991:
A torsion pendulum for measurement of the viscoelasticity of biopolymers and its applications to actin networks

Trost B.M.; Hipskind P.A., 1992:
A total asymmetric synthesis of the isolactarane sesquiterpene levo merulidial

Hocking, B.; Borland, R.; Owen, N.; Kemp, G., 1991:
A total ban on workplace smoking is acceptable and effective

de Feo, G.; Lisciani, R.; Capezzone de Joannon, A.; Mazzanti, G.; Tolu, L.; Pace, S., 1989:
A total body hyperthermia animal model for pharmacological studies

Baur, L.A.; Allen, B.J.; Rose, A.; Blagojevic, N.; Gaskin, K.J., 1991:
A total body nitrogen facility for paediatric use

Abraham, G.E.; Grewal, H., 1990:
A total dietary program emphasizing magnesium instead of calcium. Effect on the mineral density of calcaneous bone in postmenopausal women on hormonal therapy

Niedzielski J.J.; Schram R.M.; Phelps T.J.; Herbes S.E.; White D.C., 1989:
A total recycle expanded bed bioreactor design which allows direct headspace sampling of volatile chlorinated aliphatic compounds

Cheng P.T.W.; Mclean S., 1989:
A total synthesis of a protected form of the secoxyloganin aglucone

Ward R.A.; Procter G., 1992:
A total synthesis of ai 77 b

Pena M.R.; Stille J.K., 1989:
A total synthesis of anthramycin application of palladium catalyzed coupling reactions for the attachment of the acrylic side chain

Kessar S.V.; Singh T.; Vohra R., 1991:
A total synthesis of chilenine an isoindolobenzazepine alkaloid

Hirai Y.; Yokota K.; Yamazaki T.; Momose T., 1990 :
A total synthesis of dextro geodiamolides a and b the novel cyclodepsipeptides

Nishida M.; Iseki K.; Shibasaki M.; Ikegami S., 1990:
A total synthesis of dextro hirsutic acid

Node M.; Itoh A.; Masaki Y.; Fuji K., 1991:
A total synthesis of levo physostigmine

Jones K.; Woo K C., 1991:
A total synthesis of levo ruspolinone

Bennett M.; Gill G.B.; Pattenden G.; Shuker A.J., 1990:
A total synthesis of neopatulin

Kolb H.C.; Hoffmann H.M.R., 1990:
A total synthesis of racemic and optically active terrein trans 4 5 dihydroxy 3e 1 propenyl 2 cyclopenten 1 one

Shimshock S.J.; Waltermire R.E.; Deshong P., 1991:
A total synthesis of racemic tirandamycin b

Kocienski P.J.; Love C.J.; Whitby R.J.; Costello G.; Roberts D.A., 1989:
A total synthesis of racemic zoapatanol and demethyl orf 13811

Buttery C.D.; Cameron A.G.; Dell C.P.; Knight D.K., 1990:
A total synthesis of the guaiane furanosesquiterpene racemic gnididione a metabolite of gnidia latifolia

Hirai Y.; Yokota K.; Sakai H.; Yamazaki T.; Momose T., 1989:
A total synthesis of the novel cyclodepsipeptide dextro geodiamolide a

Semke V.Ya; Guzev A.N., 1991:
A total systemic approach to an analysis of borderline neuropsychic disorders in oncological practice

Mikami, Y.; Yu, S.F.; Yazawa, K.; Fukushima, K.; Maeda, A.; Uno, J.; Terao, K.; Saito, N.; Kubo, A.; Suzuki, K., 1990:
A toxic substance produced by Nocardia otitidiscaviarum isolated from cutaneous nocardiosis

Lerina I.V.; Belous A.M.; Kolesnik T.L.; Shatrov G.N.; Kozlova V.F.; Zaitsev A.N., 1990:
A toxicological and hygienic study of a sausage coloring product made from the blood of slaughtered animals

Court G.S.; Gates C.C.; Boag D.A.; Macneil J.D.; Bradley D.M.; Fesser A.C.; Patterson J.R.; Stenhouse G.B.; Oliphant L.W., 1990:
A toxicological assessment of peregrine falcons falco peregrinus tundrius breeding in the keewatin district of the northwest territories canada

Tarazona J.V.; Munoz M.J.; Carbonell G.; Carballo M.; Ortiz J.A.; Castano A., 1991:
A toxicological assessment of water pollution and its relationship to aquaculture development in algeciras bay cadiz spain

Schaeffer D.J., 1991:
A toxicological perspective on ecosystem characteristics to track sustainable development

Pocock J.M.; Nicholls D.G., 1992:
A toxin aga gi from the venom of the spider agelenopsis aperta inhibits the mammalian presynaptic calcium channel coupled to glutamate exocytosis

Gleeson, T.; Hillier, L., 1991:
A trace display and editing program for data from fluorescence based sequencing machines

Rahn K.A.; Hemingway S.B.; Peacock M.W., 1992:
A trace element technique for determining nonpoint sources of contamination in freshwaters

Boonstra R.; Kanter M.; Krebs C.J., 1992:
A tracking technique to locate small mammals at low densities

Bard J.B.L., 1988:
A traction based mechanism for somitogenesis in the chick

Campbell B.D.; Grime J.P.; Mackey J.M.L., 1991:
A trade off between scale and precision in resource foraging

Okamura S.; Shimoda K.; Y.L.X.; Omori F.; Niho Y., 1991:
A traditional chinese herbal medicine ren shen yang rong tang japanese name ninjin yoei to augments the production of granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitro

Batty K.T., 1990:
A training testing and continuous monitoring program for cytotoxic admixture dispensing

Hjorth A.L.; Khanna N.C.; Firtel R.A., 1989:
A trans acting factor required for cyclic amp induced gene expression in dictyostelium is regulated developmentally and induced by cyclic amp

Callahan J.F.; Newlander K.A.; Huffman W.F., 1991:
A trans olefin replacement of the disulfide bridge found in cyclic peptides synthesis of 6 6 pentamethylene 2 amino delta 4 5 suberic acid

Wollersheim, M.; Debelka, U.; Hofschneider, P.H., 1988:
A transactivating function encoded in the hepatitis B virus X gene is conserved in the integrated state

Tanabe Y.; Kuriki A.; Okamoto Y., 1990:
A transconjunctival levator resection for senile and horner syndrome ptosis

Takase, K.; Oka, H.; Sakurama, K.; Yoshijima, S.; Ueda, S.; Matsumoto, K., 1991:
A transcranial Doppler method in the early diagnosis of cerebrovascular vasospasm; comparison with angiographical findings

Hareuveni M.; Tsarfaty I.; Zaretsky J.; Kotkes P.; Horev J.; Zrihan S.; Weiss M.; Green S.; Lathe R.; E.A., 1990:
A transcribed gene containing a variable number of tandem repeats codes for a human epithelial tumor antigen complementary dna cloning expression of the transfected gene and over expression in breast cancer tissue

Qin, M.M.; Ellingboe, A.H., 1990:
A transcript identified by MuA of maize is associated with Mutator activity

Wright, C.F.; Keck, J.G.; Tsai, M.M.; Moss, B., 1991:
A transcription factor for expression of vaccinia virus late genes is encoded by an intermediate gene

Beard P.; Bruggmann H., 1988:
A transcription factor from sv 40 chromosomes which activates the viral later promoter in vitro

Henseling, U.; Schmidt, W.; Schöler, H.R.; Gruss, P.; Hatzopoulos, A.K., 1990:
A transcription factor interacting with the class I gene enhancer is inactive in tumorigenic cell lines which suppress major histocompatibility complex class I genes

Dunaway M., 1989:
A transcription factor tfis interacts with both the promoter and enhancer of the xenopus ribosomal rna genes

Oei S L.; Pieler T., 1990:
A transcription stimulatory factor binds to the upstream region of xenopus 5 s rna and transfer rna genes

Phillips, S.C.; Turner, P.C., 1992:
A transcriptional analysis of the gene encoding mouse U7 small nuclear RNA

Smith, H.E.; Mitchell, A.P., 1989:
A transcriptional cascade governs entry into meiosis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Haun R.S.; Dixon J.E., 1990:
A transcriptional enhancer essential for the expression of the rat cholecystokinin gene contains a sequence identical to the minus 296 element of the human c fos gene

Gill, L.L.; Zaninetta, D.; Karjalainen, K., 1991:
A transcriptional enhancer of the mouse T cell receptor delta gene locus

Herendeen, D.R.; Kassavetis, G.A.; Geiduschek, E.P., 1992:
A transcriptional enhancer whose function imposes a requirement that proteins track along DNA

Kuo C.J.; Conley P.B.; Chen L.; Sladek F.M.; Darnell J.E.Jr; Crabtree G.R., 1992:
A transcriptional hierarchy involved in mammalian cell type specification

Overdier, D.G.; Csonka, L.N., 1992:
A transcriptional silencer downstream of the promoter in the osmotically controlled proU operon of Salmonella typhimurium

Morse, R.H.; Roth, S.Y.; Simpson, R.T., 1992:
A transcriptionally active tRNA gene interferes with nucleosome positioning in vivo

Evenson, R.; Budney, D.; Moreau, M.J.; Raso, V.J., 1990:
A transducer for measuring motion within a vertebra

Cannon, M.W.; Fullenkamp, S.C., 1991:
A transducer model for contrast perception

Edwards, P.; Smit, J., 1991:
A transducing bacteriophage for Caulobacter crescentus uses the paracrystalline surface layer protein as a receptor

Chladil M.A.; Kirkpatrick J.B., 1989:
A transect study of the sand dune vegetation at bakers beach tasmania australia

Rudnicki M.A.; Reuhl K.R.; Mcburney M.W., 1989:
A transfected j ras oncogene does not inhibit differentiation of cardiac and skeletal muscle from embryonal carcinoma cells

Felder, C.C.; Kanterman, R.Y.; Ma, A.L.; Axelrod, J., 1989:
A transfected m1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptor stimulates adenylate cyclase via phosphatidylinositol hydrolysis

Stallard B.J.; Clifford M.W.; Griswold M.D., 1991:
A transferrin like hemiferrin messenger rna is expressed in the germ cells of rat testis

Huang D.; Bhairi S.; Staples R.C., 1989:
A transformation procedure for botryotinia squamosa

Ruppert D.; Cressie N.; Carroll R.J., 1989:
A transformation weighting model for estimating michaelis menten parameters

Jing X.; Zhu G.; Chu C.M., 1989:
A transformed mammalian cell line stably expressing hepatitis b core antigen and e antigen to high level

Altman D.J.; Schneider S.L.; Thompson D.A.; Cheng H L.; Tomasi T.B., 1990:
A transforming growth factor beta 2 tgf beta 2 like immunosuppressive factor in amniotic fluid and localization of tgf beta 2 messenger rna in the pregnant uterus

Ram T.G.; Venkateswaran V.; Oliver S.A.; Hosick H.L., 1991:
A transforming growth factor related to epidermal growth factor is expression by fetal mouse salivary mesenchyme cells in culture

Crittenden, L.B.; Salter, D.W., 1992:
A transgene, alv6, that expresses the envelope of subgroup A avian leukosis virus reduces the rate of congenital transmission of a field strain of avian leukosis virus

Bayer, T.A.; Campos-Ortega, J.A., 1992:
A transgene containing lacZ is expressed in primary sensory neurons in zebrafish

Ohuchi K.; Matsuda A.; Maeda S.; Shimada K.; Miyakawa T., 1991:
A transgenic mouse line developed to express human amyloidogenic transthyretin complementary dna in the brain

O'Brien, J.M.; Marcus, D.M.; Bernards, R.; Carpenter, J.L.; Windle, J.J.; Mellon, P.; Albert, D.M., 1990:
A transgenic mouse model for trilateral retinoblastoma

Schoyen H.; Iversen J.G.; Smeland E.B.; Heikkila R., 1990:
A transient acidification linked to intracellular calcium ion concentration in anti mu stimulated human b lymphocytes

Filley, E.; Andreoli, A.; Steele, J.; Waters, M.; Wagner, D.; Nelson, D.; Tung, K.; Rademacher, T.; Dwek, R.; Rook, G.A., 1989:
A transient rise in agalactosyl IgG correlating with free interleukin 2 receptors, during episodes of erythema nodosum leprosum

Storey B.T.; Hourani C.L.; Kim J.B., 1992:
A transient rise in intracellular calcium is a precursor reaction to the zona pellucida induced acrosome reaction in mouse sperm and is blocked by the induced acrosome reaction inhibitor 3 quinuclidinyl benzilate

Loboda T.; Kleczkowski L.A.; Tarlowski J.; Nalborczyk E., 1988:
A transient stimulation of net photosynthesis of rye leaves by alpha hydroxy 2 pyridinemethanesulfonic acid alpha hpms due to inhibition of photorespiratory carbon dioxide release

Paxton, R.J.; Beatty, B.G.; Hawthorne, M.F.; Varadarajan, A.; Williams, L.E.; Curtis, F.L.; Knobler, C.B.; Beatty, J.D.; Shively, J.E., 1991:
A transition metal complex (Venus flytrap cluster) for radioimmunodetection and radioimmunotherapy

Flavell J.H.; Flavell E.R.; Green F.L., 1989 :
A transitional period in the development of the appearance reality distinction

Myles D.C.; Andrulis P.J.IIi; Whitesides G.M., 1991:
A transketolase based synthesis of dextro exo brevicomin

Honée, G.; Vriezen, W.; Visser, B., 1990:
A Translation Fusion Product of Two Different Insecticidal Crystal Protein Genes of Bacillus thuringiensis Exhibits an Enlarged Insecticidal Spectrum

D.B.aekeleer M.; Vekemans M., 1989:
A translocation 3 5 in blastic phase of a philadelphia chromosome negative chronic myeloid leukemia

Lekanne Deprez R.H.; Groen N.A.; Van Biezen N.A.; Zwarthoff E.C., 1991:
A translocation 4 22 in a meningioma points to the localization of a putative tumor suppressor gene

Kokalj Vokac N.; Saint Ruf C.; Lefrancois D.; Viegas Pequignot E.; Lemieux N.; Malfoy B.; Dutrillaux B., 1991:
A translocation x 15q23 q25 with xq reactivation in a lymphoblastoid cell line from fanconi anemia

Shinohara M.; Minowada S.; Aso Y.; Yamada K.; Nakahori Y.; Tamura T.; Nakagome Y., 1991:
A translocation y 15 with a deletion of the proximal yq in a boy with mixed gonadal dysgenesis

Liu E.; E.A., 1989:
A transmission and scanning electron microscopic studies for the skin lesions in pemphigus

Ishibashi, T.; Kubota, T.; Sugai, S.; Ohnishi, Y.; Inomata, H., 1988:
A transmission electron microscopic study of cellular responses to intraocular lenses (1). Early responses

Beitner H.; Nakatani T.; Hedblad M A., 1990:
A transmission electron microscopical study of dysplastic nevi

Armon R.; Payment P., 1990:
A transparent medium for isolation of legionella pneumophila from environmental water sources

Mcelroy, A.R.; Brown, D.C.W., 1992:
A transplant plug technique for production of alfalfa medicago sativa l. plants from somatic embryos

Erichsen, A.; Clausen, O.P.F.; Torjesen, P.; Dahl, E.; Wetteland, P.; Hansson, V., 1988:
A transplantable rat leydig cell tumor 6. effect of castration and hypophysectomy on tumor growth morphology and plasma levels of pituitary hormones and testosterone

Erichsen A.; Hansson V., 1989:
A transplantable rat leydig cell tumor properties of the prostaglandin e receptor

Itoh, M.; Iwabuchi, M.; Yorimoto, N.; Hori, S.H., 1988:
A transposable genetic element associated with positive regulation of G6PD gene expression in Drosophila melanogaster

Taylor E.W.; Jaakkola J., 1991:
A transposition of the reverse transcriptase gene reveals unexpected structural homology to escherichia coli dna polymerase i

Matera, A.G.; Hellmann, U.; Schmid, C.W., 1990:
A transpositionally and transcriptionally competent Alu subfamily

Dreyfus D.H.; Emmons S.W., 1991:
A transposon related palindromic repetitive sequence from caenorhabditis elegans

Rommens C.M.T.; Kneppers T.J.A.; Haring M.A.; Nijkamp H.J.J.; Hille J., 1991:
A transposon tagging strategy with ac on plant cell level in heterologous plant species

Day, A.; Schirmer-Rahire, M.; Kuchka, M.R.; Mayfield, S.P.; Rochaix, J.D., 1988:
A transposon with an unusual arrangement of long terminal repeats in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Day, A.; Rochaix, J.D., 1991:
A transposon with an unusual LTR arrangement from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii contains an internal tandem array of 76 bp repeats

Zadehkoochak, M.; Hames, T.K.; Blott, B.H.; George, R.F., 1990:
A transputer implemented algorithm for electrical impedance tomography

Petrofsky J.S., 1992:
A transurethral electrical stimulator

Kiev, J.; Rothenberg, B.; Nance, F.C., 1991:
A traumatic splenic rupture in a healthy adult

Rakovic M., 1991:
A treatise on some new and interesting aphodius species with a list of species of the subgenus nialus and related subgenera coleoptera scarabaeoidea aphodiidae

Bonebrake, A.R.; Fernandez, J.E.; Marley, R.J.; Dahalan, J.B.; Kilmer, K.J., 1990:
A treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome: evaluation of objective and subjective measures

Harning, R.; Szalay, J., 1988:
A treatment for metastasis of murine ocular melanoma

Morris R.D.; Siderius J., 1990:
A treatment for prevention of hatching in field incubated ring billed gull eggs

Palmer K.H., 1990:
A tree by tree survey of the effect of the october 1987 storm on the willett memorial wood petts wood england uk

Rao M.R.; Sharma M.M.; Ong C.K., 1991:
A tree crop interface design and its use for evaluating the potential of hedgerow intercropping

Ducatman, B.S.; Hogan, C.L.; Wang, H.H., 1989:
A triage system for processing fine needle aspiration cytology specimens

Uyttebroek E.L.D., 1989:
A trial and attenuated salmonella typhimurium vaccine in an experimental salmonella infection in pigeons

Dugalic Vrndic N.; Markovic B., 1989:
A trial at cutaneous allergy test for salmonellosis

Shibuya, M.; Yanabe, M.; Osugi, N.; Tanaka, T., 1992:
A trial designed to obtain a specific pathogen free Syrian hamster colony by administration of chemicals

Prasad A.; Saxena S.C., 1990:
A trial experiment to suppress the population of corcyra cephalonica

Thongrungkiat S., 1990:
A trial for control of both sexes of culex tritaeniorhynchus by sound trapping at the breeding site

Kishi M.; Kasanuki J.; Suzuki Y.; Yoshikawa N.; Ookubo Y.; Sonobe H.; Nakamura M.; Kitsukawa Y.; Miyagi E.; E.A., 1991:
A trial for simplified colonic cleansing for colonoscopy with sodium picosulfate and a nonabsorbable nonsecretory lavage solution

Kim S K.; Jeon Y J., 1991:
A trial for utilizing flounder skin gelatin as an emulsifier through enzymatic modification

Kawano, H.; Hayashi, M.; Satoh, K.; Ishii, H.; Nakatsugawa, S.; Ishii, Y., 1989:
A trial of ACNU and radiation therapy with sensitizing agents for malignant gliomas

Tokarczyk J.; Gorski J., 1988:
A trial of assessment of the toxic effect of antibiotic on the hemopoietic system

Nagano M.; Taniguchi M.; Hirota Y., 1991:
A trial of captopril treatment for sarcoidosis

Hayashi Y.; Yamamoto H., 1988:
A trial of criteria making for ultrasonographic diagnosis of parotid tumors

Norstrand I.F.; Craelius W., 1989:
A trial of deferoxamine desferal in the treatment of multiple sclerosis a pilot study

Guay, J.; Reinberg, C.; Poitras, B.; David, M.; Mathews, S.; Lortie, L.; Rivard, G.E., 1992:
A trial of desmopressin to reduce blood loss in patients undergoing spinal fusion for idiopathic scoliosis

Nikata N.; Imao S.; Horiuchi D., 1990:
A trial of digitization and digital analysis from analog images of the bladder cancer

Yamaguchi M.; Nagata K.; Kawahara K.; Yosida T.; Narisawa R.; Asakura H., 1992:
A trial of dye capsule method during colonoscopy

Harada N.; Kouzu T.; Ohshima I.; Ichinose M.; Arima M.; Hishikawa E.; Ishijima H.; Sakuma Y.; Tanaka H.; E.A., 1991:
A trial of endoscopic ultrasound guided puncture technique

Mizuma Y.; Hirano S.; Murakita H.; Mizuno S.; Ashihara T.; Matsui T.; Hayakumo T.; Mukai H.; Cho E.; E.A., 1989:
A trial of erbd with use of 14 french endoprosthesis

Lipczynski A., 1989:
A trial of establishing personality features in patients with organic psychosomatic diseases

Nedoszytko, B.; Michalska, Z.; Dubicka, M.; Gajda, A., 1987:
A trial of evaluation of isoprine effectiveness in the treatment of patients with acute virus hepatitis part ii. immunological assessment

Leff, J.; Berkowitz, R.; Shavit, N.; Strachan, A.; Glass, I.; Vaughn, C., 1989:
A trial of family therapy v. a relatives group for schizophrenia

Engel, T.; Heinig, J.H.; Madsen, O.; Hansen, M.; Weeke, E.R., 1989:
A trial of inhaled budesonide on airway responsiveness in smokers with chronic bronchitis

Borzemska B.; Krefft A., 1990:
A trial of introducing the method of assessment of complex phenomena for studies on food quality as shown in the population of adolescents in part time boarding schools in a city district of wroclaw poland

Kennedy, S.H.; Piran, N.; Warsh, J.J.; Prendergast, P.; Mainprize, E.; Whynot, C.; Garfinkel, P.E., 1988:
A trial of isocarboxazid in the treatment of bulimia nervosa

Michalska, Z.; Dubicka, M.; Nedoszytko, B.; Gajda, A., 1987:
A trial of isoprinosine effectiveness assessment in the treatment of patients with acute viral hepatitis part i. clinical assessment

Ara, F.; Hotta, Y.; Hayakawa, M.; Yanashima, K.; Kanai, A.; Fujiki, K., 1991:
A trial of molecular diagnosis in Leber's optic neuropathy

Ren Q.; E.A., 1988:
A trial of non specific immuno rna in the treatment of rabbits with acute serum sickness glomerulonephritis

Willemse L., 1991:
A trial of odour baited targets to control the tsetse fly glossina morsitans centralis diptera glossinidae in west zambia

Mutz I.D.; Krainer F.; Deutsch J.; Kunz C.; Teuwen D.E., 1989:
A trial of rit 4237 rotavirus vaccine in 1 month old infants

Ishikawa M.; Yoshida K.; Watanabe H.; Sakai Y., 1990:
A trial of sensing moisture content of food by use of non steady state thermal conduction

Sauer, M.V.; Anderson, R.E.; Paulson, R.J., 1989:
A trial of superovulation in ovum donors undergoing uterine lavage

Reacher, M.H.; Huber, M.J.; Canagaratnam, R.; Alghassany, A., 1990:
A trial of surgery for trichiasis of the upper lid from trachoma

Actiderm Multi Center Study Group, 1990:
A trial of the actiderm dermatological patch and topical corticosteroids in the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris

Tanaka, S.; Morikawa, Y., 1990:
A trial of the bladder assist device (BLADMAN) on Kock continent ileal urinary reservoir

Shigemoto H.; Ohashi K.; Fujita W.; Fukushima K.; Ugaji Y.; Morooka T.; Kobashi T.; Shimada K.; Uesaka S.; E.A., 1989:
A trial of the dartmouth coop charts in kurashiki station clinic japan

Groberman, M., 1989:
A trial of the efficacy and tolerability of terfenadine plus pseudoephedrine vs. carbinoxamine plus pseudoephedrine for upper airways control

Takahashi Y.; Aoki S.; Sugano E.; Tohkairin K.; Katagiri S.; Yamada T.; Hikichi I.; Endoh S.; Ogasawara K.; Ohe E., 1988:
A trial of the forecasting the airborne japanese cedar pollen counts in yamagata city japan

Nolan, K.A.; Black, R.S.; Sheu, K.F.; Langberg, J.; Blass, J.P., 1991:
A trial of thiamine in Alzheimer's disease

Malec J.; Tur J., 1988:
A trial of vitamin e and c cover for protection against toxic effects of lead in workers in battery production industry

Fabbri M.; Fasano L.; Del Bufalo C.; Assirelli B.; Sturani C.; Gunella G., 1989:
A trial on the bronchodilating effect of the association clenbuterol anhydrous theophylline

Suenaga N.; Hayashi F.; Miyauchi N.; Nishioka Y.; Kitada O.; Sugita M., 1988:
A trial quantitative analysis of respiratory control system reproducibility through the use of variation coefficients of ventilatory parameters

Andreasson S.; Parmander M.; Allebeck P., 1990:
A trial that failed and the reasons why comparing the minnesota usa model with outpatient treatment and non treatment for alcohol disorders

Doi T.; Kanzaki M.; Shibuya M.; Matsumoto K., 1991:
A trial to detect off flavor of raw milk with semiconductor gas sensors

Max A., 1990:
A trial to determine relationships between the level of cortisol at estrus and fertility of cows under different management conditions

Max A., 1989:
A trial to determine the role antispermatozoal antibodies in sterility of cows

Canpolar Inc (Can), 1988:
A trial to establish technical and commercial viability of cod frame mince recovery

Max A., 1990:
A trial to evaluate fertility in cows on the level of ovarian hormones

Castanier S.; Maurin A.; Perthuisot J P., 1990:
A trial to get dolomite in freshwater

Koyama Ito H.; Ito A.; Kashiwa Y.; Kumazawa A.; Ito A.; Suzuki S.; Takasaki H.; IIno Y., 1991:
A trial to produce iron 52 for medical use by cyclotron bombardment

Luberda Z.; Strzezek J.; Pesta M., 1989:
A trial to use lipid peroxides to evaluate biological properties of bull spermatozoa preserved for a long period of time in liquid nitrogen

Wandurski A., 1990:
A trial to use selenium in a prophylactic of the mma syndrome

Eron, L.J.; Gordon, S.F.; Harvey, L.K.; Sites, J.G., 1989:
A trial using early preoperative administration of cefonicid for antimicrobial prophylaxis with hysterectomies

Galuszka H.; Gwizdek E.; Janowski T.M.; Woroniecka T., 1987:
A trial utilizing bee families for biological enrichment of their products with trace amounts of cobalt

Selden P.A.; Gall J C., 1992:
A triassic mygalomorph spider from the northern vosges france

Siebeck, M.; Weipert, J.; Keser, C.; Kohl, J.; Spannagl, M.; Machleidt, W.; Schweiberer, L., 1991:
A triazolodiazepine platelet activating factor receptor antagonist (WEB 2086) reduces pulmonary dysfunction during endotoxin shock in swine

Mcauley J.B.; Michelson M.K.; Hightower A.W.; Engeran S.; Wintermeyer L.A.; Schantz P.M., 1992:
A trichinosis outbreak among southeastern refugees

Langley P.; Shuttleworth A.; Sidebottom P.J.; Wrigley S.K.; Fisher P.J., 1990:
A trichothecene from spicellum roseum

Carvalho I.D.S.; Campos D.D.A., 1988:
A triconodont mammal from the lower cretaceous of maranhao brazil

Haderer F O., 1990:
A tridactyl footprint from the lower stubensandstein upper triassic norian of the ruehlenbach valley wuerttemberg germany

Wang Y.; Chen Y., 1988:
A tridimensional study of microvasculature in the tongue and medial pterygoid muscles by sem

Wojciechowska B.; Pudelska H., 1991:
A trigeneric hybrid of barley x triticale triticosecale wittmack regenerated from the embryo callus tissue

Dato, M.E.; Wierda, W.G.; Kim, Y.B., 1992:
A triggering structure recognized by G7 monoclonal antibody on porcine lymphocytes and granulocytes

Shepard, S.B.; Broverman, S.A.; Muskavitch, M.A., 1989:
A tripartite interaction among alleles of Notch, Delta, and Enhancer of split during imaginal development of Drosophila melanogaster

Lai, W.M.; Hou, J.S.; Mow, V.C., 1991:
A triphasic theory for the swelling and deformation behaviors of articular cartilage

Miller D.R.; Lin J.D.; Wang Y.S.; Thistle H.W., 1989:
A triple hot film and wind octant combination probe for turbulent air flow measurements in and near plant canopies

Dederen P.J.W.C.; Joosten E.A.J., 1989:
A triple labelling method hrp anterograde tract tracing combined with double immunofluorescent cell staining in developing neural tissue of the rat

Clubb R.T.; Wagner G., 1992:
A triple resonance pulse scheme for selectively correlating amide proton n and nitrogen 15 nuclei with the proton alpha proton of the preceding residue

Yang B.S.; H.S.J.; Lee M.S.; Kim H.S., 1989:
A triple stain technique for evaluating normal acrosome reactions of bovine sperm

Yen Y.; Kimber G., 1989:
A triploid hybrid between autotetraploid triticum longissimum and triticum speltoides

Lakshmi V.; Raj K.; Kapil R.S., 1989:
A triterpene alcohol lansiol from clausena lansium

Ikuta A.; Itokawa H., 1988:
A triterpene from akebia quinata callus tissue

Parveen M.; Khan N.U D.; Achari B.; Dutta P.K., 1991:
A triterpene from garcinia mangostana

Hattori M.; Kuo K P.; Shu Y Z.; Tezuka Y.; Kikuchi T.; Namba T., 1988:
A triterpene from the fruits of rubus chingii

T.P.F.; X.G.J.; Yang X W.; Hattori M.; Namba T., 1990:
A triterpene from the roots of adenophora stricta ssp sessilifolia

Tchivounda H.P.; Koudogbo B.; Tabet J.C.; Casadevall E., 1990:
A triterpene saponin from cylicodiscus gabunensis

Rao R.B.; Sukumar E.; Kundu A.B.; Patra A., 1990:
A triterpenoid from pristimera grahamii

Pradhan B.P.; Chakraborty D.K.; Subba G.C., 1990:
A triterpenoid lactone from leucas aspera

Nie R L.; Tanaka T.; Miyakoshi M.; Kasai R.; Morita T.; Zhou J.; Tanaka O., 1989:
A triterpenoid saponin from thladiantha hookeri var pentadactyla

Koponen S., 1990:
A tropic spider coleosoma floridanum araneae theridiidae found in the botanical garden of the university of turku finland

Cadee G.C.; Piersma T., 1990:
A tropical drift seed of entada gigas from the french coast

Newman W.A.; Mcconnaughey R.R., 1987:
A tropical eastern pacific barnacle megabalanus coccopoma darwin in southern california usa following el nino 1982 1983

Ueno H.; Gunn M.; Dell K.; Tseng A.Jr; Williams L., 1992:
A truncated form of fibroblast growth factor receptor 1 inhibits signal transduction by multiple types of fibroblast growth factor receptors

Luo, J.H.; Smith, C.C.; Kulka, M.; Aurelian, L., 1991:
A truncated protein kinase domain of the large subunit of herpes simplex virus type 2 ribonucleotide reductase (ICP10) expressed in Escherichia coli

Petch, L.A.; Harris, J.; Raymond, V.W.; Blasband, A.; Lee, D.C.; Earp, H.S., 1990:
A truncated, secreted form of the epidermal growth factor receptor is encoded by an alternatively spliced transcript in normal rat tissue

Welty, F.K.; Hubl, S.T.; Pierotti, V.R.; Young, S.G., 1991:
A truncated species of apolipoprotein B (B67) in a kindred with familial hypobetalipoproteinemia

Michaeli S.; Agabian N., 1990:
A trypanosoma brucei small rnp particle containing the 5s ribosomal rna

Andrews N.W.; Abrams C.K.; Slatin S.L.; Griffiths G., 1990:
A trypanosoma cruzi secreted protein immunologically related to the complement component c9 evidence for membrane pore forming activity at low ph

Poerio E.; Carrano L.; Garzillo A.M.; Buonocore V., 1989:
A trypsin inhibitor from the water soluble protein fraction of wheat kernel

Muramatu M.; Kozaki Y., 1990:
A trypsin like proteinase appearing at 17 hours and 17 minutes in the cell cycle time of hela cells correlates with the onset of dna synthesis

Thompson L.D.; Daniels C.J., 1988:
A tryptophan transfer rna intron endonuclease from halobacterium volcanii unique substrate recognition properties

Boltovskoy A., 1990:
A tube water sampler with self closing valve

Fauchald K.; Yochelson E.L., 1990:
A tubicolous animal from the hunsrueck slate lower devonian southern germany

Pociot F.; Molvig J.; Wogensen L.; Worsaae H.; Dalboge H.; Baek L.; Nerup J., 1991:
A tumor necrosis factor beta gene polymorphism in relation to monokine secretion and insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Murakami, Y.; Asano, M.; Satake, M.; Ito, Y., 1990:
A tumor promoting phorbol ester, TPA, enhances polyomavirus DNA replication by activating the function of the viral enhancer

Solov'eva G.A.; Sundukov S.Yu; Filippova G.N., 1990:
A turbidimetric procedure for estimating of rabbit skeletal muscle glycogen synthase activity

Kalyuzhin V.A., 1991:
A turbidostat yeast culture passing from the quiescent state to active growth

Mingoli A.; Cavallaro A.; Sciacca V.; D.M.rzo L.; Agosta F.; Maggiore C.; Stipa S., 1991:
A twenty year experience with axillofemoral bypass analysis of 63 consecutive cases

Rhine R.J.; Cox R.L.; Costello M.B., 1989:
A twenty year study of long term and temporary dominance relations among stumptailed macaques macaca arctoides

Molina J.E., 1991:
A twilight period of coronary perfusion the risk of intraoperative infarction in surgery for main left coronary obstruction

Hewitt, J.K.; Stunkard, A.J.; Carroll, D.; Sims, J.; Turner, J.R., 1991:
A twin study approach towards understanding genetic contributions to body size and metabolic rate

Michalowicz, B.S.; Aeppli, D.P.; Kuba, R.K.; Bereuter, J.E.; Conry, J.P.; Segal, N.L.; Bouchard, T.J.; Pihlstrom, B.L., 1991:
A twin study of genetic variation in proportional radiographic alveolar bone height

Goodman, R.; Stevenson, J., 1989:
A twin study of hyperactivity ii. the etiological role of genes family relationships and perinatal adversity

Goldberg, J.; Eisen, S.A.; True, W.R.; Henderson, W.G., 1990:
A twin study of the effects of the Vietnam conflict on alcohol drinking patterns

Goldberg, J.; True, W.R.; Eisen, S.A.; Henderson, W.G., 1990:
A twin study of the effects of the Vietnam War on posttraumatic stress disorder

Gueymard, C., 1989:
A two band model for the calculation of clear sky solar irradiance illuminance and photosynthetically active radiation at the earth's surface

Salmon E.; Brooks D.J.; Leenders K.L.; Turton D.R.; Hume S.P.; Cremer J.E.; Jones T.; Frackowiak R.S.J., 1990:
A two compartment description and kinetic procedure for measuring regional cerebral carbon 11 nomifensine uptake using positron emission tomography

Mullins C.C.; Caines P.L.; Caines D.; Peppar J.L., 1991:
A two compartment fish trap for simultaneously counting downstream and upstream migrants in small rivers

Morrow J.H.; Chamberlin W.S.; Kiefer D.A., 1989:
A two component description of spectral absorption by marine particles

Mnatsakanyan G.A.; Kalachyan A.S.; Shaginyan K.A.; Akopyan T.N.; Arutyunyan A.A., 1989:
A two component solubilization of membrane proteins

Joseph Nathan P.; Santillan R.L.; Martinez E., 1988:
A two dimensional double quantum coherence carbon 13 nmr study of cyperene

Gray T.A.; Gumucio D.L.; Collins F.S., 1990:
A two dimensional electrophoresis system for dna binding proteins

Reynolds T.L., 1990:
A two dimensional electrophoretic analysis of protein synthesis and accumulation during adventitious shoot formation in somatic tissue cultures of solanum carolinense l

Reichardt, W.E.; Schlögl, R.W., 1988:
A two dimensional field theory for motion computation. First order approximation; translatory motion of rigid patterns

Nguyen K.D.; Martin J M., 1988:
A two dimensional fourth order simulation for scalar transport in estuaries and coastal seas

Gromov P.S.; Zakharov S.F.; Shishkin S.S.; Il'inskii R.V., 1988:
A two dimensional map of human erythrocyte membrane proteins

Pulyaeva E.V.; Kovalev L.I.; Tsvetkova M.N.; Shishkin S.S.; Boldyrev N.I., 1990:
A two dimensional map of human heart left ventricular proteins

Krijger J.K.B.; Hillen B.; Hoogstraten H.W., 1991:
A two dimensional model of pulsating flow in the basilar artery

Van D.V.sse F.N.; Van Steenhoven A.A.; Janssen J.D.; Reneman R.S., 1990:
A two dimensional numerical analysis of unsteady flow in the carotid artery bifurcation

Van Mierlo C.P.M.; Van Der Sanden B.P.J.; Van Woensel P.; Mueller F.; Vervoort J., 1990:
A two dimensional proton nmr study on megasphaera elsdenii flavodoxin in the oxidized state and some comparisons with the two electron reduced state

Van Mierlo C.P.M.; Vervoort J.; Mueller F.; Bacher A., 1990:
A two dimensional proton nmr study on megasphaera elsdenii flavodoxin in the reduced state sequential assignments

Ritland K.; Soltis D.E.; Soltis P.S., 1990:
A two locus model for the joint estimation of intergametophytic and intragametophytic selfing rates

Afinogenova A.V.; Shorokhova A.P.; Chuvil'skaya N.A.; Fikhte B.A., 1991:
A two membered bacterial system bdellovibrio host bacterium under the conditions of anoxia

Junqua J.C., 1991:
A two pass hybrid system using a low dimensional auditory model for speaker independent isolated word recognition

Cereda, M.P.; Bonet, A.F.; Valles, S.; Alberola, J., 1990:
A two phase anaerobic treatment of starch suspensions ii. methanogenic phase influence of cyanide addition

Chen L H., 1992:
A two phase area level line edge detector

Carter A.J.; O'connor T.G., 1991:
A two phase mosaic in a savanna grassland

Clark, S., 1988:
A two phase photoperiodic response controlling the annual gametogenic cycle in harmothoe imbricata l. polychaeta polynoidae

Rivest L P.; Crepeau H.; Crete M., 1990:
A two phase sampling plan for the estimation of the size of a moose population

Dunshea F.R.; Bell A.W.; Chandler K.D.; Trigg T.E., 1988:
A two pool model of tritiated water kinetics to predict body composition in unfasted lactating goats

Sundstrom B.; Stigbrand T., 1990:
A two site elisa for cytokeratin 8

Mills E.N.C.; Spinks C.A.; Morgan M.R.A., 1989:
A two site elisa for wheat gliadins

Logue F.C.; Perry B.; Chapman R.S.; Milne I.; James K.; Beastall G.H., 1991:
A two site immunoradiometric assay for pth 1 84 using amino and carboxyl terminal specific monoclonal antibodies

Chen P.; Hsu L., 1992:
A two stage design for comparing clinical trials

Brown K.M.; Mugasha A.G., 1988:
A two stage method for horizontal point sampling in young forest stands

Marcotrigiano M.; Mcglew S.P., 1991:
A two stage micropropagation system for cranberries

Kakezawa M.; Mimura A.; Takahara Y., 1990:
A two step composting process for woody resources

Kaniewski W.K.; Thomas P.E., 1988:
A two step elisa for rapid reliable detection of potato viruses

Tacha D.; Brown M.; Galey W.T., 1990:
A two step immunoperoxidase detection system with repeated use of diluted antibodies for bulk staining of slides

Lyubashevskaya E.E.; El'gort D.A.; Vornakova G.N.; Shamkova A.V., 1989:
A two step method for the purification of hepatitis b surface antigen and its employment in the passive hemagglutination test for the indication of anti hbsag antibody

Yisraeli J.K.; Sokol S.; Melton D.A., 1990:
A two step model for the localization of maternal messenger rna in xenopus oocytes involvement of microtubules and microfilaments in the translocation and anchoring of vg1 messenger rna

Chen W.Q.; Johnson B.; Sherwood J.L., 1990:
A two step process for the regeneration of arachis spp by shoot tip culture of greenhouse grown plants

Yem A.W.; Curry K.A.; Tomich C.S C.; Deibel M.R.Jr, 1988:
A two step purification of recombinant human interleukin 1 beta expressed in escherichia coli

Yamazaki H.; Horikawa H.; Nishitani T.; Iwasaki T.; Okamura K.; Date T., 1991:
A two step synthesis of 2 exo substituted 2 endo aminonorbornenes from 2 acetamidonorbornene 2 carboxylic acids

Nowak G., 1987:
A two week treatment with antidepressants does not increase the density of tritiated prazosin binding sites in the cerebral cortex of elderly rats

Cervelli S.; D.G.ovanni F.; Perna A.; Petruzzelli G., 1989:
A two year experience on nitrogen 15 urea fertilization of a corn field amended with fly ash

Sasano S.; Onuki T.; Nakajima H.; Itaoka T.; Yokoyama M.; Nitta S., 1990:
A two year old child with tracheal stenosis due to tracheostomy treated by end to end anastomosis of trachea

Ahmed, M.H., 1991:
A two year prospective study of maniac disorder and its symptomatology in northern Nigeria

Proudman, C.J., 1992:
A two year, prospective survey of equine colic in general practice

Jean Pierre H.; Darbas H.; Herisson C.; Momas I.; Simon L., 1989:
A two year study of antibacterial serology for the diagnosis of reactive arthritis with a survey of 168 cases

Fricker C.R.; Park R.W.A., 1989:
A two year study of the distribution of thermophilic campylobacters in human environmental and food samples from the reading area with particular reference to toxin production and heat stable serotype

de Cossart, L.; How, T.V.; Annis, D., 1989:
A two year study of the performance of a small diameter polyurethane (Biomer) arterial prosthesis

Kaura Y.K., 1988:
A two year surveillance 1984 1986 on the incidence of salmonella serotypes in diarrheic calves at some of the organized animal farms

Bundschuh G.; Madry M., 1988:
A twp mutant in an albino mouse substrain ab hum a

Syszka R.; Kudlick W.; Kramer G.; Hardesty B.; Galabru J.; Hovanessian A., 1989:
A type 1 phosphoprotein active with phosphorylated m r equals 68000 initiation factor 2 kinase

Obikili, A.G., 1990:
A type of macular degeneration in adult Nigerians; a possible role of chloroquine

Balde A.M.; Pieters L.A.; Gergely A.; Kolodziej H.; Claeys M.; Vlietinck A.J., 1991:
A type proanthocyanidins from stem bark of pavetta owariensis

De-Angelis, V.; Benazzato, A.; Negrin, R.; Vieno, S.; Biroli, V., 1987:
A typical and atypical localization of mondor's disease a notification of four case reports

Camera G., 1990:
A typical case of smith lemli opitz syndrome nosologic controversies and overlapping syndromes

Goldberg, L.; Gara, M.A., 1990:
A typology of psychiatric reactions to motor vehicle accidents

Denison, S.H.; Sands, A.; Tindall, D.J., 1989:
A tyrosine aminotransferase glucocorticoid response element also mediates androgen enhancement of gene expression

Shiraishi T.; Owada M.K.; Tatsuka M.; Fuse Y.; Watanabe K.; Kakunaga T., 1990:
A tyrosine specific protein kinase inhibitor alpha cyano 3 ethoxy 4 hydroxy 5 phenylthiomethylcinnamimide blocks the phosphorylation of tyrosine kinase substrate in intact cells

Vankan P.; Filipowicz W., 1989:
A u small nuclear rna gene specific upstream element and a minus 30 tata box are required for transcription of the u2 small nuclear rna gene of arabidopsis thaliana

Yuo C Y.; Weiner A.M., 1989:
A u1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein particle with altered specificity induces alternative splicing of an adenovirus e1a messenger rna precursor

Seraphin, B.; Kretzner, L.; Rosbash, M., 1988:
A u1 small nuclear rna pre messenger rna base pairing interaction is required early in yeast spliceosome assembly but does not uniquely define the 5' cleavage site

Wieben E.D.; Vrabel A.M.; Holicky E.L.; Klisak I.; Sparkes R.S.; Stanford D.R., 1991:
A u6 small nuclear rna gene with an internal promoter is juxtaposed to a small nuclear rnp protein sequence within an intron of a human g protein gene

Wuarin, J.; Mueller, C.; Schibler, U., 1990:
A ubiquitous CCAAT factor is required for efficient in vitro transcription from the mouse albumin promoter

Concordet, J.P.; Maire, P.; Kahn, A.; Daegelen, D., 1991:
A ubiquitous enhancer shared by two promoters in the human aldolase A gene

Zeng X L., 1992:
A undescribed species of oxyporus polyporaceae from china

Khudyakov I.Ya; Pinevich A.V., 1991:
A unicellular mutant of the filamentous cyanobacterium anabaena sp pcc 7118

Valentine, T., 1991:
A unified account of the effects of distinctiveness, inversion, and race in face recognition

Mcintyre J.W.R., 1990:
A unified approach to providing general anesthesia monitoring with special reference to developing countries

Katz, M.E.; Shier, C.K.; Ellis, B.I.; Leisen, J.C.; Hardy, D.C.; Jundt, J.W., 1989:
A unified approach to symptomatic juxtasternal arthritis and enthesitis

Murase K.; Ishine M.; Kawamura M.; Tanada S.; II.A.; Hamamoto K., 1989:
A unified design of algorithm of two dimensional digital filters for radioisotope image processing

Apostolov I., 1988:
A unified method for investigating the main leaf nibbling alfalfa pest with entomological sack

Talajic, M.; Papadatos, D.; Villemaire, C.; Glass, L.; Nattel, S., 1991:
A unified model of atrioventricular nodal conduction predicts dynamic changes in Wenckebach periodicity

Gaudiano, P., 1992:
A unified neural network model of spatiotemporal processing in X and Y retinal ganglion cells. II. Temporal adaptation and simulation of experimental data

Moore, L.J.; Lepper, A.W., 1991:
A unified serotyping scheme for Moraxella bovis

Daley D.J.; Maindonald J.H., 1989:
A unified view of models describing the avoidance of superparasitism

Kitagawa, S.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Imaizumi, N.; Kunitomo, M.; Fujiwara, M., 1992:
A uniform alteration in serum lipid metabolism occurring during inflammation in mice

Verma U.; Puri P.D.; Kaushik L.S.; Sangwan H.P.S., 1989:
A uniformity trial in bajra pennisetum typhoides

Phelps F.M.Iv, 1991:
A unifying model for the substitutional genetic load

Martin, D.K.; Boulos, J.; Gan, J.; Gavriel, K.; Harvey, P., 1989:
A unifying parameter to describe the clinical mechanics of hydrogel contact lenses

Eitschberger U., 1990:
A unilateral gynandromorph of thecla betulae linnaeus 1758 lepidoptera lycaenidae

Nomoto, T.; Makino, K.; Suzuki, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Yabuki, K., 1992:
A unilateral manifestation of purtscher's disease following a facial bone fracture a case report

Sonawane H.R.; Nanjundiah B.S.; Kulkarni D.G.; Ahuja J.R., 1988:
A unique 1 2 shift selectivity in 2 hydroxypropiophenone dimethylacetals generation of new methodologies for methyl 2 arylpropanoates and 1 2 carbonyl transposition

Riehl R.; Applebaum S., 1991:
A unique adhesion apparatus on the eggs of the catfish clarias gariepinus teleostei clariidae

Ho, H.N.; Kunz, H.W.; Misra, D.N.; Macpherson, T.A.; Gill, T.J., 1989:
A unique antigen, RT11, in the placenta of the rat

Kubiczak G.A.; Oesch F.; Borlakoglu J.T.; Kunz H.; Robertson L.W., 1989:
A unique approach to the synthesis of 2 3 4 5 substituted polybrominated biphenyls quantitation in firemaster ff 1 and firemaster bp 6

Mcroberts C.A.; Stanley G.D.Jr, 1989:
A unique bivalve algae life assemblage from the bear gulch limestone upper mississippian of central montana usa

Seitz R.; Adler G.; Koop I.; Koop H.; Egbring R., 1989:
A unique case of intravenous injection of fungal pancreatic enzymes causing shock and proteolysis of hemostatic proteins

Wirz T.; Brandle U.; Soldati T.; Hossle J.P.; Perriard J C., 1990:
A unique chicken b creatine kinase gene gives rise to two b creatine kinase isoproteins with distinct amino termini by alternative splicing

Biegel J.A.; Belasco J.B.; Emanuel B.S., 1988:
A unique chromosome translocation translocation 7 15 in a pediatric patient with pre b cell lymphoma presenting as a primary tumor of bone

Topachevskii V.A.; Nesin V.A.; Prisyazhnyuk V.A., 1990:
A unique community of small mammals in the meotian zone transitional to the pontian in the southwestern ukrainian ssr ussr

Sepsenwol, S.; Ris, H.; Roberts, T.M., 1989:
A unique cytoskeleton associated with crawling in the amoeboid sperm of the nematode, Ascaris suum

Ikpeazu E.V.; Valenzuela M.S., 1989:
A unique deletion in pbr322 dna caused by insertion of polydeoxyadenylate polydeoxythymidine

Pereda, J.; Motta, P.M., 1991:
A unique fibrillar coat on the surface of migrating human primordial germ cells

Knaus H G.; Moshammer T.; Kang H.C.; Haugland R.P.; Glossmann H., 1992:
A unique fluorescent phenylalkylamine probe for l type calcium channels coupling of phenylalkylamine receptors to calcium and dihydropyridine binding sites

Nohara, K.; Suzuki, M.; Inagaki, F.; Ito, H.; Kaya, K., 1990:
A unique fucoganglioside with blood group B determinant in rat spleen

Kalyanaraman, V.S.; Pal, R.; Gallo, R.C.; Sarngadharan, M.G., 1988:
A unique human immunodeficiency virus culture secreting soluble gp160

Benson, M.D.; DiBartola, S.P.; Dwulet, F.E., 1989:
A unique insertion in the primary structure of bovine amyloid AA protein

Ohba M.; Iwahana H.; Asano S.; Suzuki N.; Sato R.; Hori H., 1992:
A unique isolate of bacillus thuringiensis serovar japonensis with a high larvicidal activity specific for scarabaeid beetles

Horton, H.L.; Levitt, P., 1988:
A unique membrane protein is expressed on early developing limbic system axons and cortical targets

Haugen T.B.; Paulssen E.J.; Gordeladze J.O.; Hansson V., 1990:
A unique messenger rna species for the alpha subunit of g s is present in rat haploid germ cells

Lin, H.S.; Chen, W.P.; Ouyang, P.; Wang, S.M., 1989:
A unique microvesicular sphere associated with the Golgi complex of gonadotrophs in the golden hamster

Fischer-Vize, J.A.; Vize, P.D.; Rubin, G.M., 1992:
A unique mutation in the Enhancer of split gene complex affects the fates of the mystery cells in the developing Drosophila eye

Saijo T.; Ito M.; Takeda E.; Huq A.H.M.M.; Naito E.; Yokota I.; Sone T.; Pike J.W.; Kuroda Y., 1991:
A unique mutation in the vitamin d receptor gene in three japanese patients with vitamin d dependent rickets type ii utility of single strand conformation polymorphism analysis for heterozygous carrier detection

Wood G.D.; Tekbali A.O., 1987:
A unique new genus of acritarcha organic walled microphytoplankton from the tanezzuft formation silurian of libya

Chakravorty J.; Saha N.; Ratha B.K., 1989:
A unique pattern of tissue distribution and sub cellular localization of glutamine synthetase in a freshwater air breathing teleost heteropneustes fossilis bloch

Kirschbaum N.E.; Budzynski A.Z., 1990:
A unique proteolytic fragment of human fibrinogen containing the a alpha carboxyl terminal domain of the native molecule

Fujitani, S.; Komano, T.; Inouye, S., 1991:
A unique repetitive DNA sequence in the Myxococcus xanthus genome

Schifffenbauer J.; Mccarthy D.M.; Nygard N.R.; Woulfe S.L.; Didier D.K.; Schwartz B.D., 1989:
A unique sequence of the nzw i e beta chain and its possible contribution to autoimmunity in the nzb cross nzw f 1 mouse

Dixit V.; Dixit V.M., 1990:
A unique solid phase extraction column for isolation of 11 nor delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol 9 carboxylic acid in human urine

Holmes K.L.; Morse H.C.IIi; Makino M.; Hardy R.R.; Hayakawa K., 1990:
A unique subset of normal murine cd4 positive t cells lacking thy 1 is expanded in a murine retrovirus induced immunodeficiency syndrome maids

Jackson, C.W.; Hutson, N.K.; Steward, S.A.; Stenberg, P.E., 1992:
A unique talin antigenic determinant and anomalous megakaryocyte talin distribution associated with abnormal platelet formation in the Wistar Furth rat

Kjems J.; Leffers H.; Olesen T.; Garrett R.A., 1989:
A unique transfer rna intron in the variable loop of the extreme thermophile thermophilum pendens and its possible evolutionary implications

Saito, T.; Asahi, Y.; Nakajima, S.; Fujii, T., 1990:
A unique transformation of 5 amino n' methoxyimidazole 4 carboxamidines by diazotization synthesis of the 5 azido analogue of aica riboside

Machii, T.; Tokumine, Y.; Inoue, R.; Kitani, T., 1990:
A unique variant of hairy cell leukemia in Japan

Beyer, A.H., 1988:
A unitunnel technique for arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Muir D.E., 1988:
A universal algorithm for identifying causes

Kryshchenko V.S., 1991:
A universal matrix of the structural organization of topographic soil catenas

Hallmen M.; Romeis J., 1989:
A universal method for beehive entrance training of social bees and wasps for use in practical nature education hymenoptera apidae vespidae

Bogduk, N.; Macintosh, J.E.; Pearcy, M.J., 1992:
A universal model of the lumbar back muscles in the upright position

Thweatt, R.; Goldstein, S.; Reis, R.J.S., 1990:
A universal primer mixture for sequence determination at the 3' ends of complementary dna

Brasching H.P.; Franz H.; Geyer P.; Lehmann D.; Lorenz J.; Roethig H.; Theilig B.; Voigtmann L., 1990:
A universal verify and record system vps for teletherapy

Choi J.; Hopkins J.A.; Wilson S.E., 1991:
A ureidopenicillin versus a third generation cephalosporin in a randomized prospective clinical trial in acute biliary tract infections

Patterson, B.; Guthrie, C., 1991:
A uridine rich tract enhances usage of alternative 3' splice site in yeast

Schubert T.T.; Frizzell J.A.; Meier P.B.; Cano R.I.; Schwartz K.E.; Enprostil Study Group (Usa), 1989:
A usa multicenter study of enprostil 35 mug twice daily for treatment of prepyloric pyloric channel and duodenal bulb ulcers

Barraclough, D., 1989:
A usable mechanistic model of nitrate leaching i. the model

Barraclough, D., 1989:
A usable mechanistic model of nitrate leaching ii. application

Shibata K., 1991:
A use of minimal dose dibutyryl cyclic amp bucladesine in the management of a case of intractable heart failure not responsive to dopamine and dobutamine therapy assessment of congestion by changes in urinary volume and in body weight

Stoss P.; Merrath P., 1991:
A useful approach towards delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol

Motoe, M.; Yoshida, S., 1991:
A useful canine model of ischemic myocardium with coronary retrograde flow diversion, and its application for the study of allopurinol on myocardial infarct size

Nakazima Y.; Imai K.; Sawada M., 1990:
A useful index to predict the growth and yield of rice cultivar koshihikari

Botta M.; Summa V.; Saladino R.; Nicoletti R., 1991:
A useful methodology for the regioselective deprotection of 1 3 dibenzyluracils

Dong Z.; Butcher J.A.Jr, 1991:
A useful synthesis of d erythro sphingomyelins

Mali R.S.; Patil S.R.; Kulkarni B.K.; Yeola S.N., 1990:
A useful synthesis of naturally occurring 3 alkylidenephthalides

Hoffman R.L., 1991:
A useful taxonomic distinction between two similar cychrine beetles coleoptera carabidae

Throssell C.S.; Hewison N.S., 1992:
A useful tool for turfgrass students searching the united states golf association turfgrass information file

Rasmussen, M.C.; Stanley, R.D., 1988:
A user's guide to a length frequency simulator for exploited fish populations

Weyermann D.L.; Fight D.R.; Garrett L.D., 1991:
A users guide for samm a prototype southeast alaska multiresource model

Janis Sait S.N.; Dal Cin P.; Ovanessoff S.; Sandberg A.A., 1989:
A uterine leiomyoma showing both translocation 12 14 and deletion 7 abnormalities

Guettier X.; Marpeau L.; Larue L.; Jault T.; Rhimi Z.; Barrat J., 1992:
A uterus with two scars in it is it right to allow vaginal delivery?

Rodgers M.O.; Davis D.D., 1989:
A uv photofragmentation laser induced fluorescence sensor for the atmospheric detection of nitrous acid

Liu, M.A.; Friedman, A.; Oliff, A.I.; Tai, J.; Martinez, D.; Deck, R.R.; Shieh, J.T.; Jenkins, T.D.; Donnelly, J.J.; Hawe, L.A., 1992:
A vaccine carrier derived from Neisseria meningitidis with mitogenic activity for lymphocytes

Swallow C.J.; Grinstein S.; Rotstein O.D., 1990:
A vacuolar type proton atpase regulates cytoplasmic ph in murine macrophages

Wieczorek H.; Putzenlechner M.; Zeiske W.; Klein U., 1991:
A vacuolar type proton pump energizes potassium proton antiport in an animal plasma membrane

Winger P.V.; Lasier P.J., 1991:
A vacuum operated pore water extractor for estuarine and freshwater sediments

Maskrey, M.; Trenchard, D., 1989:
A vagally mediated response to metabolic acidosis in anesthetized rabbits

Ramulu K.S.; Rao G.R., 1988:
A valence force field for n fatty acid amides

Goebel K J.; Stolz H.; Ehret I.; Nussbaum W., 1991:
A validated ion pairing high performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of enoxacin and its metabolite oxo enoxacin in plasma and urine

Blick, K.E.; Melouk, S.H.; Fry, H.D.; Gillum, R.L., 1990:
A validation study of selected methods routinely used for measurement of cyclosporine

Harshfield, G.A.; Hwang, C.; Grim, C.E., 1988:
A validation study of the Del Mar Avionics Pressurometer IV according to AAMI guidelines

Cooper C.L.; Williams J., 1991:
A validation study of the osi on a blue collar sample

Kocher D.C., 1991:
A validation test of a model for long term retention of iodine 129 in surface soils

Old K.M.; Yuan Z.Q.; Kobayashi T., 1991:
A valsa teleomorph for cytospora eucalypticola

Rakosy L., 1988:
A valuable collection of lepidoptera in the zoological museum of the university in cluj napoca romania part ii

A.B.rwari S.; A.A.ousi R.S.; Nassir J.K.; Ali H.J.; Ahemd M.A., 1988:
A valuable method for the preparation of pure epidermal sheets from vertebrate skin and its advantages in histology and cell kinetics

Tanaka, K.; Shirahase, I.; Utsunomiya, H.; Katayama, T.; Uemoto, S.; Asonuma, K.; Inomata, Y.; Ozawa, K., 1991:
A valved hepatic portoduodenal intestinal conduit for biliary atresia

Ahmedullah M.; Nayar M.P., 1986:
A vanishing endemic cycad of indian peninsula

Kozak A., 1988:
A variable exponent taper equation

Caldecott J., 1988:
A variable management system for the hill forests of sarawak malaysia

Asman W.A.H.; Van Jaarsveld H.A., 1992:
A variable resolution transport model applied for nh x in europe

Ubasawa, A.; Okibayashi, F.; Jone, C.S.; Ikehara, M.; George, D.G.; Tsugita, A., 1991:
A variant database

Sasaki, Y.; Uchida, T.; Sasaki, Y., 1989:
A variant derived from rabbit aortic smooth muscle: phenotype modulation and restoration of smooth muscle characteristics in cells in culture

Tarantino, M.D.; Corrigan, J.J.; Glasser, L.; Payne, C.M.; Jeter, M.A., 1991:
A variant form of thrombasthenia

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