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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6976

Chapter 6976 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Fleischmann R.D.; Jeng C.; Gottesman M.M., 1992: Ablation of stimulation of a camp responsive promoter in cho cell lines defective in their camp dependent protein kinase system

Boyer R.; Escola R.; Bluet Pajot M.T.; Arancibia S., 1990: Ablation of submandibular salivary glands in rats provokes a decrease in plasma luteinizing hormone levels correlated with morphological changes in leydig cells

Langberg J.J.; Chin M.; Schamp D.J.; Lee M.A.; Goldberger J.; Pederson D.N.; Oeff M.; Lesh M.D.; Griffin J.C.; Et Al, 1991: Ablation of the atrioventricular junction with radiofrequency energy using a new electrode catheter

Becker C.D.; Fache J.S.; Malone D.E.; Stoller J.L.; Burhenne H.J., 1990: Ablation of the cystic duct and gallbladder clinical observations

Lefler H.T.Jr; Lefler C.F., 1992: Ablation of the endometrium three year follow up for perimenstrual symptoms

Hughes D.S.; Schade R.R.; Ontell M., 1992: Ablation of the fetal mouse spinal cord the effect on soleus muscle cytoarchitecture

Billups K.L.; Tillman S.; Chang T.S.K., 1990: Ablation of the inferior mesenteric plexus in the rat alteration of sperm storage in the epididymis and vas deferens

Russell J.A.; Blackburn R.E.; Leng G., 1989: Ablation of the region anterior and ventral to the third ventricle av3v region does not impede parturition in rats

Blackburn R.E.; Leng G., 1990: Ablation of the region anterior and ventral to the third ventricle av3v region in the rat does not abolish the release of oxytocin in response to systemic cholecystokinin

Vogel M.; Scheurer G.; Neu W.; Dressel M.; Gerhardt H., 1990: Ablation of trabecular meshwork

Bredikis Yu Yu; Puodzhyukinas A.L.; Laurushonis K.A., 1991: Ablation of ventricular tachycardia in thoracotomy without using extracorporeal circulation

Pepall L.M.; Cosgrove M.P.; Cunliffe W.J., 1991: Ablation of whiteheads by cautery under topical anesthesia

Kriegerowski M.; Bende T.; Seiler T.; Wollensak J., 1990: Ablation parameters of the different corneal layers

Garraghty P.E.; Florence S.L.; Kaas J.H., 1990: Ablations of areas 3a and 3b of monkey somatosensory cortex abolish cutaneous responsivity in area 1

Garraghty P.E.; Pons T.P.; Kaas J.H., 1990: Ablations of areas 3b si proper and 3a of somatosensory cortex in marmosets deactivate the second and parietal ventral somatosensory areas

Obrist, R.; Honegger, H. P.; Aapro, M.; Burki, K.; Cavalli, F., 1989: Abletop a well tolerated effective regimen for relapsing hodgkin's disease

Willette R.N.; Sauermelch C.F., 1990: Abluminal effects of endothelin in cerebral microvasculature assessed by laser doppler flowmetry

Schoni M.H.; Turler K.; Kaser H.; Kraemer R., 1990: Abnormal 3 4 dihydroxyphenylalanine dopa concentrations in plasma and urine of patients with cystic fibrosis

Mitchell J.L.A.; Diveley R.R.Jr; Bareyal Leyser A.; Mitchell J.L., 1992: Abnormal accumulation and toxicity of polyamines in a difluoromethylornithine resistant htc cell variant

Katsuda S.; Okada Y.; Nakanishi I., 1990: Abnormal accumulation of elastin associated microfibrils during elastolysis in the arterial wall

Tsukamoto Y.; Saka S.; Kumano K.; Iwanami S.; Ishida O.; Marumo F., 1990: Abnormal accumulation of vanadium in patients on chronic hemodialysis therapy

Wahrenberg H.; Lonnqvist F.; Engfeldt P.; Arner P., 1989: Abnormal action of catecholamines on lipolysis in adipocytes of type i diabetic patients treated with insulin

Troyer M.D.; Blanton M.G.; Kriegstein A.R., 1992: Abnormal action potential bursts and synchronized gaba mediated inhibitory potentials in an in vitro model of focal epilepsy

Shigematsu M.; Fuji T.; Inoue T.; Murata Y.; Tanaka M.; Sugihara G., 1992: Abnormal aggregation behavior of acidic phospholipid vesicles in the very low concentration range of divalent cations

Davidson D.L.W.; Ward N.I., 1988: Abnormal aluminum cobalt manganese strontium and zinc concentrations in untreated epilepsy

Rhodes G.C.; Lykke A.W.J.; Tapsall J.W.; Smith L.W., 1989: Abnormal alveolar epithelial repair associated with failure of resolution in experimental streptococcal pneumonia

Leonard C.M.; Bergman M.; Frenz D.A.; Macreery L.A.; Newman S.A., 1989: Abnormal ambient glucose levels inhibit proteoglycan core protein gene expression and reduce proteoglycan accumulation during chondrogenesis possible mechanism for teratogenic effects of maternal diabetes

Vershinin V.L., 1990: Abnormal amphibian spawn clumps in areas of urban agglomerates

Matsumoto, A.; Fujiwara, Y., 1991: Abnormal and deficient processing of beta amyloid precursor protein in familial alzheimer's disease lymphoblastoid cells

Kievits, F.; Lokhorst, W.; Ivanyi, P., 1990: Abnormal anti viral immune response in mice is corrected in hla b27.2 transgenic mice

Sherman G.F.; Stone J.S.; Press D.M.; Rosen G.D.; Galaburda A.M., 1990: Abnormal architecture and connections disclosed by neurofilament staining in the cerebral cortex of autoimmune mice

Coiro V.; Capretti L.; Speroni G.; Volpi R.; Caiazza A.; Rossi G.; Bianconi L.; Chiodera P., 1990: Abnormal arginine vasopressin responses to metoclopramide and insulin induced hypoglycemia in type i diabetes mellitus

Jones C.J.H.; Singer D.R.J.; Watkins N.V.; Macgregor G.A.; Caro C.G., 1990: Abnormal arterial flow pattern in untreated essential hypertension possible link with the development of atherosclerosis

Yano B.L.; Dittenber D.A.; Albee R.R.; Mattsson J.L., 1992: Abnormal auditory brainstem responses and cochlear pathology in rats induced by an exaggerated styrene exposure regimen

Anyukhovsky E.P.; Rosen M.R., 1991: Abnormal automatic rhythms in ischemic purkinje fibers are modulated by a specific alpha 1 adrenergic receptor subtype

Serradas P.; Bailbe D.; Blondel O.; Portha B., 1991: Abnormal b cell function in rats with non insulin dependent diabetes induced by neonatal streptozotocin effect of in vivo insulin phlorizin or vanadate treatments

Ueki, Y.; Eguchi, K.; Otsubo, T.; Kawabe, Y.; Shimomura, C.; Tezuka, H.; Nakao, H.; Kawakami, A.; Migita, K.; Et-Al, 1989: Abnormal b lymphocyte function in thyroid glands from patients with graves' disease

Marin Neto J.A.; Pintya A.O.; Gallo L.Jr; Maciel B.C., 1991: Abnormal baroreflex control of heart rate in decompensated congestive heart failure and reversal after compensation

Onodera K., 1992: Abnormal behavior induced by thiamine deficiency in rats muricide and its behavioral and pharmacological characteristics

Sugimura K.; Wada Y.; Kimura T.; Ohno T.; Kobayashi S.; Azuma I., 1990: Abnormal behavior of gamma committed b lymphocytes probed by a lymphocyte blastogenesis inhibitory factor in autoimmune mrl mice

Callaini G.; Dallai R., 1991: Abnormal behavior of the yolk centrosomes during early embryogenesis of drosophila melanogaster

Kozlovskii V.L.; Kenunen O.G., 1990: Abnormal behavioral development in rats during ontogeny after a single administration of quinolinic acid

Lachiewicz A.M., 1992: Abnormal behaviors of young girls with fragile x syndrome

Fritz J.; Nash L.T.; Alford P.L.; Bowen J.A., 1992: Abnormal behaviors with a special focus on rocking and reproductive competence in a large sample of captive chimpanzees pan troglodytes

Macdonald E.B.; Condon J.; Ford D.; Fisher B.; Gerns L.M., 1990: Abnormal beta and gamma sialoglycoprotein associated with the low frequency antigen ls a

Kroner P.A.; Friedman K.D.; Fahs S.A.; Scott J.P.; Montgomery R.R., 1991: Abnormal binding of factor viii is linked with substitution of glutamine for arginine 91 in von willebrand factor in a variant form of von willebrand disease

Malloy P.J.; Hochberg Z.; Pike J.W.; Feldman D., 1989: Abnormal binding of vitamin d receptors to dna in a kindred with vitamin d dependent rickets type ii

Boemelburg T.; Jorch G., 1989: Abnormal blood flow patterns in renal arteries of small preterm infants with patent ductus arteriosus detected by doppler ultrasonography

Frenneaux M.P.; Counihan P.J.; Caforio A.L.P.; Chikamori T.; Mckenna W.J., 1990: Abnormal blood pressure response during exercise in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Guerrera G.; Melina D.; Colivicchi F.; Santoliquido A.; Guerrera G.; Folli G., 1991: Abnormal blood pressure response to exercise in borderline hypertension a two year follow up study

Tjung J J.; Liau C S.; Chen M F.; Chen K S.; Lee C M.; Chen C C.; Lin W S.; Lee S Y.; Wu T L.; Lee Y T., 1988: Abnormal blood pressure responses to treadmill exercise its clinical implication

Cuartero Plaza A.; Martinez Miralles E.; Benito Ruiz P.; Martinez Pardo S.; San Marin M.P., 1992: Abnormal bone scintigraphy and silent radiography in localized reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome

Barbiroli B.; Montagna P.; Cortelli P.; Funicello R.; Iotti S.; Monari L.; Pierangeli G.; Zaniol P.; Lugaresi E., 1992: Abnormal brain and muscle energy metabolism shown by phosphorus 31 magnetic resonance spectroscopy in patients affected by migraine with aura

Masliah E.; Hansen L.; Mallory M.; Albright T.; Terry R.D., 1991: Abnormal brain spectrin immunoreactivity in sprouting neurons in alzheimer disease

Vohr B.R.; Lester B.; Rapisardi G.; O'dea C.; Brown L.; Peucker M.; Cashore W.; Oh W., 1989: Abnormal brain stem function brain stem auditory evoked response correlates with acoustic cry features in term infants with hyperbilirubinemia

Nakamura Y.; Takahashi M.; Kitaguchi M.; Hashimoto K.; Akaneya Y., 1989: Abnormal brainstem auditory and somatosensory evoked potentials in diabetes mellitus

Nakamura Y.; Takahashi M.; Kitaguti M.; Imaoka H.; Kono N.; Tarui S., 1991: Abnormal brainstem evoked potentials in diabetes mellitus evoked potential testings and magnetic resonance imaging

Kunitomo F.; Kimura H.; Tatsumi K.; Okita S.; Tojima H.; Kuriyama T.; Honda Y., 1989: Abnormal breathing during sleep and chemical control of breathing during wakefulness in patients with sleep apnea syndrome

Kawagoe Y.; Konno K.; Kaneko N.; Tanaka T.; Yoshino K.; Kimata S.; Hirosawa K.; Takizawa T.; Hosoda S., 1988: Abnormal breathing patterns in patients with mitral stenosis a possible compensatory role

Kozak L.P.; Kozak U.C.; Clarke G.T., 1991: Abnormal brown and white fat development in transgenic mice overexpressing glycerol 3 phosphate dehydrogenase

Goulletquer P.; Heral M.; Bechemin C.; Richard P., 1989: Abnormal calcification in the shell of the manila clam ruditapes philippinarum characterization and comparison of amino acid content in different shell parts analyzed by hplc

Levy J.; Sowers J.R.; Zemel M.B., 1990: Abnormal calcium atpase activity in erythrocytes of non insulin dependent diabetic rats

Oshima T.; Young E.W.; Bukoski R.D.; Mccarron D.A., 1990: Abnormal calcium handling by platelets of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Sugiyama T.; Yoshizumi M.; Takaku F.; Yazaki Y., 1990: Abnormal calcium handling in vascular smooth muscle cells of spontaneously hypertensive rats

Tsubokawa H.; Oguro K.; Robinson H.P.C.; Masuzawa T.; Kirino T.; Kawai N., 1992: Abnormal calcium homeostasis before cell death revealed by whole cell recording of ischemic ca1 hippocampal neurons

Fujimoto T.; Fujimura K.; Kuramoto A., 1989: Abnormal calcium homeostasis in platelets of patients with myeloproliferative disorders low levels of calcium influx and efflux across the plasma membrane and increased calcium accumulation into the dense tubular system

Weltzin T.E.; Fernstrom M.H.; Hansen D.; Mcconaha C.; Kaye W.H., 1991: Abnormal caloric requirements for weight maintenance in patients with anorexia and bulimia nervosa

Litwin S.E.; Raya T.E.; Anderson P.G.; Daugherty S.; Goldman S., 1990: Abnormal cardiac function in the streptozotocin diabetic rat changes in active and passive properties of the left ventricle

Shimizu M.; Masuda I.; Ogawa K.; Yagi T.; Nakamura H.; Komine T.; Namiki A.; Hamaya K.; Isogai Y., 1992: Abnormal cardiac polyamine contents in diabetic rats

Cannon R.O.IIi; Quyyumi A.A.; Schenke W.H.; Fananapazir L.; Tucker E.E.; Gaughan A.M.; Gracely R.H.; Cattau E.L.Jr; Epstein S.E., 1990: Abnormal cardiac sensitivity in patients with chest pain and normal coronary arteries

Leung M.P.; Benson L.N.; Smallhorn J.F.; Williams W.G.; Trusler G.A.; Freedom R.M., 1989: Abnormal cardiac signs after fontan type of operation indicators of residua and sequelae

Chakraborty T.K.; Ogilvie A.L.; Heading R.C.; Ewing D.J., 1989: Abnormal cardiovascular reflexes in patients with gastro esophageal reflux

Sale G.E.; Alavaikko M.; Schaefers K.M.; Mahan C.T., 1992: Abnormal cd4 cd8 ratios and delayed germinal center reconstitution in lymph nodes of human graft recipients with graft versus host disease gvhd an immunohistological study

Richards S.J.; Scott C.S.; Cole J.C.; Gooi H.C., 1992: Abnormal cd45r expression in patients with common variable immunodeficiency and x linked agammaglobulinaemia

Levy J.; Reid I.; Halstad L.; Gavin J.R.IIi; Avioli L.V., 1989: Abnormal cell calcium concentrations in cultured bone cells obtained from femurs of obese and non insulin dependent diabetic rats

Shirasuna K.; Okura M.; Watatani K.; Hayashido Y.; Saka M.; Matsuya T., 1988: Abnormal cellular property of fibroblasts from congenital gingival fibromatosis

Callaini G.; Marchini D., 1989: Abnormal centrosomes in cold treated drosophila embryos

Phillips P.C.; Moeller J.R.; Sidtis J.J.; Dhawan V.; Steinhertz P.G.; Strother S.C.; Ginos J.Z.; Rottenberg D.A., 1991: Abnormal cerebral glucose metabolism in long term survivors of childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia

Kimura S.; Fukui Y.; Kameyama Y., 1988: Abnormal cerebral vascularity in mice with histogenetic disorders of the cerebral cortex and postnatal manifestation of hydrocephalus

Ben Baruch G.; Rothenberg O.; Modan M.; Menczer J., 1991: Abnormal cervical cytologic colposcopic and histologic findings in exposed des young israeli jewish women

Abduljabbar H.S.O., 1990: Abnormal cervical cytology a preliminary report on 21372 women from the western region of saudi arabia

Bao S.N.; Dolder H., 1991: Abnormal characteristics observed in spermatic cells during spermiogenesis in the ra mutant of ceratitis capitata diptera tephritidae

Tsukamoto H.; Otsuki M.; Baba S.; Mizoi Y., 1988: Abnormal cholecystokinin acinar function coupling in atrophied pancreatic acini from rats fed ethanol and a high fat diet

Rodriguez Lafrasse C.; Rousson R.; Bonnet J.; Pentchev P.G.; Louisot P.; Vanier M.T., 1990: Abnormal cholesterol metabolism in imipramine treated fibroblast cultures similarities with niemann pick type c disease

Vessey K.B.; Ludwiczak R.L.; Briot A.S.; Underwood E.M., 1991: Abnormal chromatin abc a maternal effect locus in drosophila melanogaster

Jaen A.; Irriguible D.; Milla F.; Vallespi T.; Torrabadella M.; Abella E.; Lafuente R.; Woessner S., 1990: Abnormal chromatin clumping in leukocytes a clue to a new subtype of myelodysplastic syndrome

Macas E.; Floersheim Y.; Hotz E.; Imthurn B.; Keller P.J.; Walt H., 1990: Abnormal chromosomal arrangements in human oocytes

Nakamura Y.; Sato E.; Sakai K.; Sakuma S.; Hashimoto T.; Sindou S., 1990: Abnormal chromosome 9 in a neonate program report of three cases

Hagiwara H.; Shibasaki S.; Ohwada N., 1990: Abnormal cilia in human uterine tube epithelium

Maughan T.S.; Newman H.F.V.; Bleehen N.M.; Ward R.; Workman P., 1990: Abnormal clinical pharmacokinetics of the developmental radiosensitizers pimonidazole ro 03 8799 and etanidazole sr 2508

Smyth T.R., 1991: Abnormal clumsiness in children a defect of motor programming

Schmidt J.L.; Yaremchuk K.L.; Mickelson S.A., 1990: Abnormal coagulation profiles in tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy patients

Tzaphlidou M.; Siamopoulos K.C.; Glaros D., 1991: Abnormal collagen fibril structure of skin in chronic haemodialysis patients an electron microscopic study

Kuch U., 1991: Abnormal coloration in the banded krait bungarus fasciatus schneider 1801

Sehayek E.; Eisenberg S., 1990: Abnormal composition of hypertriglyceridemic very low density lipoprotein determines abnormal cell metabolism

Alsayed N.; Rebourcet R., 1991: Abnormal concentrations of cii ciii and e apolipoproteins among apolipoprotein b containing b free and a i containing lipoprotein particles in hemodialysis patients

Dart A.J.; Snyder J.R.; Pascoe J.R.; Farver T.B.; Galuppo L.D., 1992: Abnormal conditions of the equine descending small colon 102 cases 1979 1989

Lev Yadun S., 1992: Abnormal cones in cupressus sempervirens

Guan Y.Y.; Kwan C.Y., 1989: Abnormal contractile response of aortas from spontaneously hypertensive rats to calcium after depletion of calcium in calcium free medium

Swaminathan S.; Paton J.Y.; Ward S.L.D.; Jacobs R.A.; Sargent C.W.; Keens T.G., 1989: Abnormal control of ventilation in adolescents with myelodysplasia

Li Y.; Togashi Y.; Sato S.; Emoto T.; Kang J H.; Takeichi N.; Kobayashi H.; Kojima Y.; Une Y.; Uchino J., 1991: Abnormal copper accumulation in non cancerous and cancerous liver tissues of lec rats developing hereditary hepatitis and spontaneous hepatoma

Chen J.J.Y.; Tseng S.C.G., 1991: Abnormal corneal epithelial wound healing in partial thickness removal of limbal epithelium

Ardissino D.; Barberis P.; De Servi S.; Merlini P.A.; Bramucci E.; Falcone C.; Specchia G., 1991: Abnormal coronary vasoconstriction as a predictor of restenosis after successful coronary angioplasty in patients with unstable angina pectoris

Pozzati A.; Morgagni G.L.; Ottani F.; Bugiardini R.; Lenzi S.; Puddu P., 1989: Abnormal coronary vasomotion analogies between variant angina and syndrome x

Bortone A.S.; Hess O.M.; Elberli F.R.; Nonogi H.; Marolf A.P.; Grimm J.; Krayenbuehl H.P., 1989: Abnormal coronary vasomotion during exercise in patients with normal coronary arteries and reduced coronary flow reserve

Gean Marton A.D.; Vezina L.G.; Marton K.I.; Stimac G.K.; Peyster R.G.; Taveras J.M.; Davis K.R., 1991: Abnormal corpus callosum a sensitive and specific indicator of multiple sclerosis

Williams G.D.; Rossleigh M.; Rosenberg A.R.; Kainer G.; Hodson E.M.; Farnsworth R.H., 1991: Abnormal cortical appearances in pediatric renal allografts

Biller B.M.K.; Federoff H.J.; Koenig J.I.; Klibanski A., 1990: Abnormal cortisol secretion and responses to corticotropin releasing hormone in women with hypothalamic amenorrhea

Zhu X.; Ling Q.; Cao Q., 1990: Abnormal cortisol secretion in the patients with peptic ulcer

Hersch M.I.; Mcleod J.G.; Sullivan C.E., 1989: Abnormal cough reflex in canine acrylamide neuropathy

Bolker J.A.; Thomson K.S., 1992: Abnormal craniofacial development in cyclopic salmonid fishes

Nesbitt T.; Davidai G.A.; Drezner M.K., 1989: Abnormal cyclic amp stimulation of renal 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d production in hyp mice evidence that 25 hydroxyvitamin d 1 alpha hydroxylase dysfunction results from aberrant intracellular function

Rosa A.L.; Alvarez M.E.; Maldonado C., 1990: Abnormal cytoplasmic bundles of filaments in the neurospora crassa snowflake colonial mutant contain p59nc

Russo M.A.; Gradini R.; Morgante E.; Miccadei S.; Zurlo A.; Perrone G.A.; Ianniello S.; Pasquini S.; Rasio D.; Realacci M.; Fragomele F.; Cittadini A., 1991: Abnormal cytoskeletal function in cell necrosis and apoptosis

Steinmetz, R. L.; Polkinghorne, P. C.; Fitzke, F. W.; Kemp, C. M.; Bird, A. C., 1992: Abnormal dark adaptation and rhodopsin kinetics in sorsby's fundus dystrophy

Moore A.T.; Fitzke F.W.; Kemp C.M.; Arden G.B.; Keen T.J.; Inglehearn C.F.; Bhattacharya S.S.; Bird A.C., 1992: Abnormal dark adaptation kinetics in autosomal dominant sector retinitis pigmentosa due to rod opsin mutation

Zawadzki J.; Lee H K.; Deneale R.; Enever R., 1991: Abnormal desolvation behavior on solvate of etodolac sodium salt

Bevilacqua A.; Loch Caruso R.; Erickson R.P., 1989: Abnormal development and dye coupling produced by antisense rna to gap junction protein in mouse preimplantation embryos

Carls M.G.; Rice S.D., 1990: Abnormal development and growth reductions of pollock theragra chalcogramma embryos exposed to water soluble fractions of oil

Riley R.L.; Kruger M.G.; Elia J.M.; Riley E.A., 1989: Abnormal development of b cells and b cell progenitors in autoimmune nzb x nzw f1 mice

Tasaka H.; Takenaka H.; Okamoto N.; Onitsuka T.; Koga Y.; Hamada M., 1991: Abnormal development of cardiovascular systems in rat embryos treated with bisdiamine

Nakajima Y.; Nishibatake M.; Ikeda K.; Momma K.; Takao A.; Terai M., 1990: Abnormal development of fourth aortic arch derivatives in the pathogenesis of tetralogy of fallot

Spielmann H.; Vogel R.; Granata I.; Tenschert B., 1989: Abnormal development of mouse embryos exposed to methylnitrosourea before implantation

Niwa M.; Wakasugi N., 1990: Abnormal development of preimplantation embryos derived from intersubspecific hybrids between mus musculus molossinus and mus musculus domesticus

Pytel S.; Wegrzyn M.; Kobrynczuk F., 1988: Abnormal development of the caudal vena cava in european bison

Iguchi T.; Irisawa S.; Uesugi Y.; Kusunoki S.; Takasugi N., 1990: Abnormal development of the os penis in male mice treated neonatally with tamoxifen

Stanley O.H.; Fleming P.J.; Morgan M.H., 1989: Abnormal development of visual function following intrauterine growth retardation

Davies S.W.; Fussell A.L.; Jordan S.L.; Poole Wilson P.A.; Lipkin D.P., 1992: Abnormal diastolic filling patterns in chronic heart failure relationship to exercise capacity

Sampson M.J.; Chambers J.B.; Sprigings D.C.; Drury P.L., 1990: Abnormal diastolic function in patients with type 1 diabetes and early nephropathy

Huting J.; Kramer W.; Reitinger J.; Kuhn K.; Schutterle G.; Wizemann V., 1991: Abnormal diastolic left ventricular filling by pulsed doppler echocardiography in patients on continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Roberts D.H.; Ramsdale D.R., 1989: Abnormal diastolic movement of the interventricular septum caused by prolapsing right atrial masses

Steinberg B.M.; Meade R.; Kalinowski S.; Abramson A.L., 1990: Abnormal differentiation of human papillomavirus induced laryngeal papillomas

Clement L.T.; Giorgi J.V.; Plaeger Marshall S.; Haas A.; Stiehm E.R.; Martin A.M., 1988: Abnormal differentiation of immunoregulatory t lymphocyte subpopulations in the major histocompatibility complex mhc class ii antigen deficiency syndrome

Kim Y.K.; Seo B.B., 1991: Abnormal diploid and tetraploid from tissue culture of allium sativum

North J., 1989: Abnormal dissociation of cytoplasmic ribosomes from a mutant of coprinus cinereus carrying cycloheximide resistance and dominance modifier mutations

Nakamura, Y.; Takeda, M.; Suzuki, H.; Hattori, H.; Tada, K.; Hariguchi, S.; Hashimoto, S.; Nishimura, T., 1991: Abnormal distribution of cathepsins in the brain of patients with alzheimer's disease

Terstappen L.W.M.M.; De Grooth B.G.; Van Berkel W.; Ten Napel C.H.H.; Greve J., 1988: Abnormal distribution of cd8 subpopulation in b chronic lymphocytic leukemia identified by flow cytometry

Watanabe S.; Wagatsuma K.; Ichikawa E.; Takahashi H., 1991: Abnormal distribution of epidermal protein antigens in psoriatic epidermis

Hugon J.; Vallat J.M., 1990: Abnormal distribution of phosphorylated neurofilaments in neuronal degeneration induced by kainic acid

Hiltz A.; Iles S.E., 1990: Abnormal distribution of technetium 99m iminodiphosphonate due to iron dextran therapy

Rittig S.; Knudsen U.B.; Norgaard J.P.; Pedersen E.B.; Djurhuus J.C., 1989: Abnormal diurnal rhythm of plasma vasopressin and urinary output in patients with enuresis

Petitto J.M.; Folds J.D.; Ozer H.; Quade D.; Evans D.L., 1992: Abnormal diurnal variation in circulating natural killer cell phenotypes and cytotoxic activity in major depression

Vieweg W.V.R.; Godleski L.S.; Pavalonis D.L.; Hundley P.L.; Yank G.R., 1988: Abnormal diurnal weight gain in chronic psychosis without seasonal change

Onodera K.; Ishibashi Y.; Sasaki M.; Kimura G., 1989: Abnormal division and gene expression in cultured cells from a patient with tuberous sclerosis

Roncalli M.; Borzio M.; Brando B.; Colloredo G.; Servida E., 1989: Abnormal dna content in liver cell dysplasia a flow cytometric study

Ngoi S.S.; Staiano Coico L.; Godwin T.A.; Wong R.J.; Decosse J.J., 1990: Abnormal dna ploidy and proliferative patterns in superficial colonic epithelium adjacent to colorectal cancer

Singer, H. S.; Hahn, I. H.; Moran, T. H., 1991: Abnormal dopamine uptake site in postmortem striatum from patients with tourette's syndrome

Sandilands D.; Jeffrey I.J.M.; Haboubi N.Y.; Maclennan I.A.M.; Braganza J.M., 1990: Abnormal drug metabolism in chronic pancreatitis treatment with antioxidants

Steel J.M.; Young R.J.; Lloyd G.G.; Macintyre C.C.A., 1989: Abnormal eating attitudes in young insulin dependent diabetics

Jin Y.; Potkin S.G.; Rice D.; Sramek J.; Costa J.; Isenhart R.; Heh C.; Sandman C.A., 1990: Abnormal eeg responses to photic stimulation in schizophrenic patients

Rice D.M.; Buchsbaum M.S.; Starr A.; Auslander L.; Hagman J.; Evans W.J., 1990: Abnormal eeg slow activity in left temporal areas in senile dementia of the alzheimer type

Uchiyama S.; Fukuda Y., 1989: Abnormal elastic fibers in elastosis of breast carcinoma ultrastructural and immunohistochemical studies

Barrington P.L.; Meier C.F.Jr; Weglicki W.B., 1988: Abnormal electrical activity induced by free radical generating systems in isolated cardiocytes

Lue W M.; Boyden P.A., 1992: Abnormal electrical properties of myocytes from chronically infarcted canine heart alterations in v m a x and the transient outward current

Komatsu F.; Shikata M., 1988: Abnormal electrocardiographic findings in apheresis donors

Van Engeland H.; Roelofs J.W.; Verbaten M.N.; Slangen J.L., 1991: Abnormal electrodermal reactivity to novel visual stimuli in autistic children

Fowler C.J.; Christmas T.J.; Chapple C.R.; Parkhouse H.F.; Kirby R.S.; Jacobs H.S., 1988: Abnormal electromyographic activity of the urethral sphincter voiding dysfunction and polycystic ovaries a new syndrome

Gerbaldo H.; Thaker G.; Tittel P.G.; Layne Gedge J.; Moran M.; Demisch L., 1992: Abnormal electroretinography in schizophrenic patients with a history of sun gazing

Wilson D.B.; Wyatt D.P., 1992: Abnormal elevation of the neural folds in the loop tail mutant mouse

Yano Y.; Shima T.; Sumida Y.; Misaki M.; Suzuki S., 1990: Abnormal elevation of type iv collagen 7s in the sera of non insulin dependent diabetic patients without clinical proteinuria

Schats, R.; Jansen, C. A. M.; Wladimiroff, J. W., 1990: Abnormal embryonic heart rate pattern in early pregnancy associated with down's syndrome

Guilarte T.R., 1991: Abnormal endogenous amino acid release in brain slices from vitamin b 6 restricted neonatal rats

Sannolo N.; Farina V.; Fiorillo A., 1992: Abnormal endogenous carbon monoxide production in children with ineffective erythropoiesis

Brush J.E.Jr; Faxon D.P.; Salmon S.; Jacobs A.K.; Ryan T.J., 1992: Abnormal endothelium dependent coronary vasomotion in hypertensive patients

Panza J.A.; Quyyumi A.A.; Brush J.E.Jr; Epstein S.E., 1990: Abnormal endothelium dependent vascular relaxation in patients with essential hypertension

Biyoudi Vouenze R.; Tazi A.; Hance A.J.; Chastre J.; Basset F.; Soler P., 1990: Abnormal epithelial cells recovered by bronchoalveolar lavage are they malignant

O'loughlin E.V.; Hunt D.M.; Gaskin K.J.; Stiel D.; Bruzuszcak I.M.; Martin H.C.O.; Bambach C.; Smith R., 1991: Abnormal epithelial transport in cystic fibrosis jejunum

Norris, P. G.; Arlett, C. F.; Cole, J.; Lehmann, A. R.; Hawk, J. L. M., 1991: Abnormal erythemal response and elevated t lymphocyte hrpt mutant frequency in cockayne's syndrome

Fervenza F.C.; Meredith D.; Ellory J.C.; Hendry B.M., 1991: Abnormal erythrocyte choline transport in patients with chronic renal failure

Smith B.D.; Thomas J.L.; Gillespie J.A., 1990: Abnormal erythrocyte endothelial adherence in ischemic heart disease

Basu J.; Kundu M.; Rakshit M.M.; Chakrabarti P., 1988: Abnormal erythrocyte membrane cytoskeleton structure in chronic myelogenous leukemia

De La Sierra A.; Coca A.; Aguilera M.T.; Marquez A.U., 1989: Abnormal erythrocyte sodium leak in a subset of essential hypertensive patients

Jorgensen F.; Hesse B.; Gronbaek P.; Fogh J.; Haunso S., 1989: Abnormal esophageal function in patients with nontoxic goiter or enlarged left atrium demonstrated by radionuclide transit measurements

Broll R.; Kreisel V., 1990: Abnormal esophageal motility after gastrectomy

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Dubravec K.; Dubravec I.; Gregov Z., 1988: About certain anatomical and physiological characteristics of leaves of fruit species

Vartanyan A.B., 1990: About clinical peculiarities of residual organic psychosis of infectious genesis

Morozov A.I., 1989: About closed soil models

Gentile R.; Sciscioli V.; Petrosino G.; Di Summa A.; Lenti M.; Passantino G., 1989: About compared macro micro anatomical features of pyloric ceca in some fish

Hiermann A., 1989: About contents of sabal fruits and their anti inflammatory effect

Gueth G.; Lukacs A., 1992: About dupuytren disease of the sole

Roembke J.; Verhaagh M., 1992: About earthworm communities in a rain forest and an adjacent pasture in peru

Popov K.P., 1989: About ecobiological plant groups in arid zones of soviet central asia

Ledoux G.; Roux P., 1992: About four new or recently described chinese nebria coleoptera nebriidae

Schulze P.; Sima D.; Ziegler H.; Soennichsen N.; Peters E., 1991: About frequency and importance of anti phospholipid antibodies in autoimmune diseases

Harnack K.; Hiltework M., 1991: About general school activities and learning abilities of children suffering from atopic dermatitis

Fretz C.; Jaulmes D.; Nicod A.; Jourdan G.; Gout O.; Gessain A.; Jullien A.M.; Gluckman J.C.; De The G.; Fournel J.J., 1991: About htlv i transmission induced by blood transfusion

Houdelette P., 1991: About mental reconstruction of the trajectory of vulnerating agents

Teplyakova T.E.; Seferova I.V.; Chukhina I.G., 1991: About new findings of rare and disappearing species in the flora of the west part of east caucasus ussr

De Closets F.; Rossazza C.; Bella L.; Marduel R., 1990: About ophthalmological pseudo histoplasmic lesions observed in tours france

Muromtsev G.S.; Pavlova Z.N.; Zarezova G.N.; Shtil'man M.I., 1990: About physiological activity of polymeric gibberellin forms

Hayano T., 1991: About possibility of reproduction on the analysis of operational sites by antipsychotics

Patocka J., 1990: About pupae of central european lepidoptera gelechiidae amologinae and tischeriidae 2nd annex

Popovici Z., 1989: About reconstruction of the pharynx with colon in extensive corrosive strictures

Mandimba, G. R.; Kangoni, M. M.; Bilembolo, M.; Makosso, S., 1991: About some cropping systems of soybean glycine max l. in congo first results

Munoz, M. V.; Fernandez, J. P.; Orts, M. E.; Carbonell, E., 1988: About some cucullanidae nematodes parasites of conger conger l. from the valencian coast spain

Fer, A.; Benharrat, H.; Rey, L.; Renaudin, S., 1990: About some effects of the parasitism of cuscuta lupuliformis krock on vicia sativa l. incidence on the biomass and on the content in several important mineral elements

Ferrario M.E.; Godina R.G.; Damborenea M.C., 1989: About some freshwater centric diatoms from argentina

Demange J M., 1989: About some harpagophoridae from southeastern asiatic and india myriapoda diplopoda spirostreptoidea

Gambier D.; Sacchi D., 1991: About some human leptolithic remains from la crouzade cave aude france

Rukmanski, G.; Rodriges, F., 1990: About some methodical problems concerning the use of stem meristem in the study of the mutagenic effect on bean phaseolus vulgaris l. chromosomes

Oehlke J., 1990: About some theoretical foundations of protection of threatened insects

Segarra P.; Mallea I.; Fernandez E., 1988: About sown malignancy in the border of the supraglottic resection its prognostic importance

Mokhov O.I., 1989: About statistics of the extreme values and the rank form of scientometric distributions

Lange, R.; Linow, F., 1991: About sulfur containing compounds in rape brassica napus species and their processing products part 5. determination of total glucosinolate content via glucosinolate palladium complex

Lange, R.; Petrzika, M.; Raab, B.; Linow, F., 1991: About sulfur containing compounds in rape brassica napus species and their processing products part 6. estimation of glucosinolates by hplc mass spectrometry

Lange R.; Petrizika M., 1991: About sulfur containing glycosides of rape seeds analysis by thermospray technique mass spectrometry

Kalmanchey, R.; Halasz, A., 1990: About the angelman's or happy puppet syndrome

Fromhold Treu I.; Kozerke W.; Erhardt V., 1991: About the application of digital image processing in the science of food and nutrition

Hansen H., 1987: About the arachnid fauna of urban biotopes of venice italy arachnida pseudoscorpiones araneae

Ehrke H.; Kraffzig I.; Hildebrandt B., 1990: About the availability of computers in the general stomatologic practice

Tsybulya N.V., 1990: About the bactericidal properties of bactericides of myrtus communis l

Gottschalk H J., 1990: About the biology and morphology of aphis newtoni theobald 1927 with description of the fundatrix and the male of the species

Thiele, V.; Thiele, M., 1990: About the biology of pygaera anachoreta f. lepidoptera notodontidae

Moreno Mari J.; Falco Gari J.V.; Jimenez Peydro R., 1989: About the cheloninae in spain

Spraul M.H.; Nitz S.; Drawert F., 1991: About the chemical composition of parsley root and seed extractives

Liebenow H.; Klock H.; Manteuffel C.; Manns G., 1991: About the consultative activity of the central toxicological information service from 1981 to 1989 part ii

Sponholz H.; Dalisda D., 1991: About the correlation between bruxism and chronical headache

Affa'a F., 1992: About the criteria of separation of opalinids genera protoopalina metcalf 1918 cepedea metcalf 1920 and opalina purkinje et valentin 1835

Rozsa A.; Lipcsey A., 1991: About the diagnostic problems of subclavian steal syndrome examined by transcranial doppler sonography

Laue R.; Kranz D.; Metzner C., 1989: About the effect of contraceptive hormones on the proliferative attributes of the liver in rats of different years of age

Tsenova E.; Angelova O., 1989: About the effect of various nitrogen sources on some enzymes of photosynthesis and nitrogen assimilation in young pea plants

Fidalgo, M. L., 1989: About the effects of two unialgal strains of the cyanobacterium microcystis aeruginosa kutz. upon the survival of atyaephyra desmaresti millet crustacea decapoda natantia

Truc P.; Rioux J A.; Pratlong F., 1991: About the european badger trypanosome is trypanosoma pestanai bettencourt and franca 1905 involved alone

Mathiesen B., 1990: About the flora in ovre eiker southeast norway

Martinez, E. A.; Riquelme, C.; Tizio, R., 1989: About the flowering and the fructification of vine one node microcuttings cultivated in vitro vitis vinifera l. cultivar pinot blanc

Toutoungi L.N.; Gern L.; Aeschlimann A.; Debrot S., 1991: About the genus pholeoixodes parasitic upon carnivora in switzerland

V"lchinkov S., 1989: About the grain yield to leaf area relation in respect to the stability parameters of two maize hybrids

Kast, W. K., 1992: About the infestation loss relation and the damage threshold for the european red mite panonychus ulmi koch on grapevine iii. relation of number of mites in august and sugar content of grapes

Domenech J.; Carulla M.; Deola M.D.; Traserra J., 1989: About the intensity of the tinnitus

Khudaiberdyev, R. Kh, 1989: About the kyzyl kum kul'dzhuktau ancient floras turkmen ssr ussr

Hetzer G., 1989: About the longevity of amalgam fillings in the permanent set of teeth of juvenile minors

Massimeo A.; Jacobellis G.; Massimeo L., 1990: About the management of intraocular foreign bodies

Askenasy J.J.M., 1992: About the mechanism of hiccup

Zghal F.; Ben Amor Z., 1989: About the mediterranean presence of the epitokous type of perinereis cultrifera polychaetes

Tuppurainen K.; Lotjonen S.; Laatikainen R.; Vartiainen T.; Maran U.; Strandberg M.; Tamm T., 1991: About the mutagenicity of chlorine substituted furanones and halopropenals a qsar study using molecular orbital indices

Kloetzer R.; Knopf W.; Meier U., 1990: About the necessity of spongiosaplasty in thoraco lumbar vertebral body fractures

Manso, C. L. D. C., 1988: About the occurrence of ophionema intricata lutken 1869 and ophiophragmus brachyatis h. l. clark 1915 in brazil echinodermata ophiuroidea

Hayano, T., 1991: About the onset time of antipsychotics' efficacy

Carvalho, R. G.; Souza, W. M.; Prada, I. L. S.; Souza, N. T. M., 1990: About the opossum's didelphis albiventris arterial blood vessels pelvic behavior

Rothe N.; Gundermann K O.; Jentsch F., 1988: About the ph dependent solubility of heavy metals in different sewage sludges

Silva M.M.C.D., 1989: About the phytoplankton community in a lotic section of river tejo portugal pego site

Franciscolo M.E., 1989: About the position of anaspis graeca schilsky 1895 coleoptera scraptiidae

Brisson-Lougarre, A.; Vergnes, H.; Grozdea, J., 1991: About the presence of a circulating anti alkaline phosphatase antibody in a trisomy 21 patient's serum

Locascio De Mitrovich C., 1990: About the presence of a new boeckellidae for the argentinian fauna pseudoboeckella calcaris new record harding 1955 crustacea copepoda

Pedrotti F.; Gafta D., 1990: About the presence of buddleja davidii franchet nearby trento

Barcikowska M.; Wisniewski H.M.; Bancher C.; Grundke Iqbal I., 1989: About the presence of paired helical filaments in dystrophic neurites participating in the plaque formation

Deuve T., 1990: About the presence of relictual settlements of carabus in the mediterranean basin insecta coleoptera carabidae

Heeren B.; Zimmermann T.; Hilgart C., 1990: About the problem of assessment of the transfer factor for carbon monoxide tlco in children

Vasilev V., 1991: About the quantitative evaluation of wheat resistance to facultative selective pathogenic microorganisms

Chichkanov G.G.; Matsievskii D.D.; Tolmacheva E.A.; Grigor'eva E.K., 1991: About the redistribution of myocardial blood flow in the conditions of chronical ischemia under the influence of drugs

Popov I.; Lewin G.; Matthes G.; Meffert H.; Scherf H P.; Hengst P.; Conradi E.; Heilmann H H.; Zimmermann I.; Von Baehr R., 1988: About the role of blood plasma antioxidative capacity

Titov V.B., 1992: About the role of eddies in current regime formation on the black sea shelf and ecology coastal zone

Stankev G.; Tsikov D., 1990: About the seed productivity of cytoplasmic male sterile tobacco

Gleissl W.; Bachthaler G., 1988: About the significance of weeds as host plants of the sugar beet nematode heterodera schachtii in weed control according to thresholds

Ledoux G.; Roux P., 1991: About the species related to nebria nigerrima chaudoir 1846 and complementary description of nebria jarrigei ledoux and roux coleoptera nebriidae

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