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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6977

Chapter 6977 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Letourmy P., 1989: About the study of yield stability in groups of varietal experiments

Bensidoun B.; Basman C.; Lazaro S.; Metge D.; Ruel M., 1989: About the taking of notes in child psychotherapy

Battoni F.; Battoni S., 1989: About the taxonomical position of carabus cabrerai enderlain and of its form tenoinus enderlein coleoptera carabidae

Pluquet E.; Filipinski M.G.; Grupe M., 1990: About the uptake of cadmium by agrestals from geogenic and anthropogenic cadmium enriched soils

Massarothi G., 1988: About the usefulness of trap staining in monitoring the response to alpha interferon therapy in a case of hairy cell leukemia

Raynal J.P.; Guadelli J.L.; Paquereau M.M.; Daugas J.P., 1989: About the wuermian interstage in the massif central the site of theillat at sanssat allier france

Payrot C., 1988: About three cases of kerato cysts in the same family

Therezien Y., 1988: About three desmidiaceae chlorophyta zygophyceae new or interesting from guadeloupe and martinique french west indies

Mitroshina L.A., 1988: About thysanura species of the southern ustyurt uzbek ssr ussr

Rymer J.C., 1988: About transferrin iron saturation

Lassoued, S.; Pages, M.; Marchou, B.; Fournie, B.; Fournie, A., 1991: About two patients with ankylosing spondylitis infected by h.i.v

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976011

May A., 1988: About vandercammenina brachiopoda spiriferacea from the middle devonian of the sauerland rhenish schiefergebirge west germany

Rustemov B.Kh; Baidzhanov R., 1989: About water absorption of cotton seeds

Comeau P.G.; Kimmins J.P., 1989: Above and below ground biomass and production of lodgepole pine on sites with differing soil moisture regimes

Corlett, J. E.; Ong, C. K.; Black, C. R.; Monteith, J. L., 1992: Above and below ground interactions in a leucaena millet alley cropping system i. experimental design instrumentation and diurnal trends

Corlett, J. E.; Black, C. R.; Ong, C. K.; Monteith, J. L., 1992: Above and below ground interactions in a leucaena millet alley cropping system ii. light interception and dry matter production

Messier C.; Kimmins J.P., 1991: Above and below ground vegetation recovery in recently clearcut and burned sites dominated by gaultheria shallon in coastal british columbia

Costello E.J.; Shugart M.A., 1992: Above and below the threshold severity of psychiatric symptoms and functional impairment in a pediatric sample

Van Der Maarel E.; Titlyanova A., 1989: Above ground and below ground biomass relations in steppes under different grazing conditions

Ross M.S.; La Roi G.H., 1990: Above ground biomass allocation by four understory vascular plant species in central alberta canada jack pine pinus banksiana forests

Everett R.L.; Thran D.F., 1992: Above ground biomass and nitrogen phosphorus and sulfur capital in singleleaf pinyon woodlands

Milton S.J., 1990: Above ground biomass and plant cover in a succulent shrubland in the southern karoo south africa

Janiesch P., 1991: Above ground biomass production and mineral budget of salt marshes along the lower saxon coast

Kadeba O., 1991: Above ground biomass production and nutrient accumulation in an age sequence of pinus caribaea stands

Hultgren A.B.C., 1989: Above ground biomass variation in carex rostrata stokes in two contrasting habitats in central sweden

Wheeler B.D.; Shaw S.C., 1991: Above ground crop mass and species richness of the principal types of herbaceous rich fen vegetation of lowland england and wales

Byrne G.F., 1989: Above ground dry matter accumulation by eucalyptus grandis and its relation to standard meteorological data

Madgwick H.A.I., 1988: Above ground dry matter and nutrient content of pinus radiata as affected by lupine fertilizer thinning and stand age

Boeken, B., 1991: Above ground emergence in the desert tulip tulipa systola stapf. in the negev desert of israel

Pettersson R., 1989: Above ground growth dynamics and net production of spring barley in relation to nitrogen fertilization crop development nitrogen uptake nitrogen content harvest index yield components and harvest residues

Aerts R.; Berendse F., 1989: Above ground nutrient turnover and net primary production of an evergreen and a deciduous species in a heathland ecosystem

Martinez Yrizar A.; Sarukhan J.; Perez Jimenez A.; Rincon E.; Maass J.M.; Solis Magallanes A.; Cervantes L., 1991: Above ground phytomass of a tropical deciduous forest on the coast of jalisco mexico

Rey J.R.; Shaffer J.; Crossman R.; Tremain D., 1990: Above ground primary production in impounded ditched and natural batis salicornia marshes along the indian river lagoon florida usa

Brookes I.A., 1989: Above the salt sediment accretion and irrigation agriculture in an egyptian oasis

Herwitz S.R., 1991: Aboveground adventitious roots and stemflow chemistry of ceratopetalum virchowii in an australian montane tropical rain forest

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976036

Kajimoto T., 1989: Aboveground biomass and litterfall of pinus pumila scrubs growing on the kiso mountain range in central japan

Singh E.J.; Yadava P.S., 1991: Aboveground biomass and net production in two oak species growing in the natural forest of manipur india

Aerts R., 1989: Aboveground biomass and nutrient dynamics of calluna vulgaris and molinia caerulea in a dry heathland

Frank D.A.; Mcnaughton S.J., 1990: Aboveground biomass estimation with the canopy intercept method a plant growth form caveat

Vyskot M., 1989: Aboveground biomass of a young european beech population

Vyskot M., 1990: Aboveground biomass of adult norway spruce

Vyskot M., 1991: Aboveground biomass of an adult norway spruce population

Vyskot, M., 1990: Aboveground biomass of an adult silver fir abies alba mill. population

Pant S.C.; Tiwari S.C., 1992: Aboveground biomass of temperate forest grazingland vegetation at gopeshwar garhwal himalaya

Idso S.B.; Kimball B.A., 1992: Aboveground inventory of sour orange trees exposed to different atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations for 3 full years

Wieder R.K.; Yavitt J.B.; Lang G.E.; Bennett C.A., 1989: Aboveground net primary production at big run bog west virginia usa

Son Y.; Gower S.T., 1991: Aboveground nitrogen and phosphorus use by five plantation grown trees with different leaf longevities

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976050

Dubyna D.V.; Nebesnyi V.B.; Shelyag Sosonko Yu R., 1991: Aboveground phytomass of flora from the flooded river bank littoral landscape of kuban and its spatial distribution based on the results of remote sensing of vegetation cover

Chapman J.W.; Gower S.T., 1991: Aboveground production and canopy dynamics in sugar maple and red oak trees in southwestern wisconsin usa

Gower S.T.; Grier C.C.; Vogt K.A., 1989: Aboveground production and n and p use by larix occidentalis and pinus contorta in the washington cascades usa

Aerts R.; De Caluwe H., 1989: Aboveground productivity and nutrient turnover of molinia caerulea along an experimental gradient of nutrient availability

Kinyamario J.I.; Macharia J.N.M., 1992: Aboveground standing crop protein content and dry matter digestibility of a tropical grassland range in the nairobi national park kenya

Van Stempvoort D.R.; Wills J.J.; Fritz P., 1991: Aboveground vegetation effects on the deposition and cycling of atmospheric sulfur chemical and stable isotope evidence

Chidumayo E.N., 1990: Aboveground woody biomass structure and productivity in a zambezian africa woodland

Heisterkamp N.; Morris C.; Groffen J., 1989: Abr an active bcr related gene

Robertson J.B.; Gocht M.; Marahiel M.A.; Zuber P., 1989: Abr b a regulator of gene expression in bacillus interacts with the transcription initiation regions of a sporulation gene and an antibiotic biosynthesis gene

Sohmer H.; Freeman S.; Schmuel M., 1989: Abr threshold is a function of blood oxygen level

Tsuchiya K., 1991: Abralia fasciolata new species of enoploteuthid squid from the western indian ocean cephalopoda oegopsida

Tsuchiya K.; Okutani T., 1990: Abraliopsis pacificus new species of the squid family enoploteuthidae from the northwest pacific

Takada M., 1989: Abrasion and bruising on the neck in 48 strangulation cases

Miller D.C., 1989: Abrasion effects on microbes in sandy sediments

Bogliani G.; Brangi A., 1990: Abrasion of the status badge in the male italian sparrow passer italiae

Van-Gardingen, P. R.; Grace, J.; Jeffree, C. E., 1991: Abrasive damage by wind to the needle surfaces of picea sitchensis bong. carr. and pinus sylvestris l

Dahl B.L.; Stolen S.O.; Oilo G., 1989: Abrasives in snuff

Rossier, S.; Breton, J. L.; Ranfaing, E.; Clement, F.; Faure, E.; Ballarini, P.; Manzoni, P.; Chague, D.; Gollentz, B., 1989: Abrikossoff's tumor in a bronchial site usefulness of computed tomography studied in a new case

Malejczyk J.; Majewski S.; Jablonska S.; Rogozinski T.T.; Orth G., 1989: Abrogated nk cell lysis of human papillomavirus hpv 16 bearing keratinocytes in patients with pre cancerous and cancerous hpv induced anogenital lesions

Vadhan Raj S.; Broxmeyer H.E.; Hittelman W.N.; Papadopoulos N.E.; Chawla S.P.; Fenoglio C.; Cooper S.; Buescher E.S.; Frenck R.W.Jr; Et Al, 1992: Abrogating chemotherapy induced myelosuppression by recombinant granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor in patients with sarcoma protection at the progenitor cell level

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976074

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976075

Thakkar N.S.; Potten C.S., 1992: Abrogation of adriamycin toxicity in vivo by cycloheximide

Pourshadi M.; De Fazio S.R.; Gozzo J.J., 1989: Abrogation of alloreactive spleen cell induced second set skin graft rejection in mice with donor specific bone marrow cells

Baldwin R.W., 1988: Abrogation of antibody responses in rats to murine monoclonal antibody 791t 36 by treatment with daunomycin cis aconityl 791t 36 conjugates

Spiller D.G.; Tidd D.M., 1992: Abrogation of c myc protein degradation in human lymphocyte lysates by prior precipitation with perchloric acid

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976080

Boone L.R.; Innes C.L.; Heitman C.K., 1990: Abrogation of fv 1 restriction by genome deficient virions produced by a retrovirus packaging cell line

Almawi W.Y.; Lipman M.L.; Stevens A.C.; Zanker B.; Hadro E.T.; Strom T.B., 1991: Abrogation of glucocorticosteroid mediated inhibition of t cell proliferation by the synergistic action of il 1 il 6 and ifn gamma

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976083

Rose F.V.; Reddy E.P., 1992: Abrogation of il 2 dependence by recombinant murine retrovirus containing v myb

Anderson S.M.; Carroll P.M.; Lee F.D., 1990: Abrogation of il 3 dependent growth requires a functional v src gene product evidence for an autocrine growth cycle

Kozovska M.; Staykova M.; Goranov I., 1990: Abrogation of induced resistance to experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in guinea pigs by host versus graft reaction

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976087

Wells R.L.; Chen C C.; Elkind M.M., 1992: Abrogation of killing and neoplastic transformation of c3h10t1 2 cells due to 7 12 dimethylbenz alpha anthracene

Vegh P.; Janossy T., 1991: Abrogation of neonatally induced permanent transplantation tolerance in mice quantitative aspects

Rodriguez, M.; Patick, A. K.; Pease, L. R., 1990: Abrogation of resistance to theiler's virus induced demyelination in c57bl mice by total body irradiation

Yamamura T.; Tabira T., 1989: Abrogation of spleen macrophage suppressive activity by 15 deoxyspergualin

Redwood S.M.; Liu B.C S.; Weiss R.E.; Hodge D.E.; Droller M.J., 1992: Abrogation of the invasion of human bladder tumor cells by using protease inhibitors

Johnson T.C.; Sharifi B.G., 1989: Abrogation of the mitogenic activity of bombesin by a cell surface sialoglycopeptide growth inhibitor

Laker C.; Graening G.; Kelso A.; Stocking C.; Ostertag W., 1990: Abrogation of the requirement for feeder cell interaction and t cell receptor stimulation of lymphocytes infected with retroviral vectors

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976095

Jamieson B.D.; Somasundaram T.; Ahmed R., 1991: Abrogation of tolerance to a chronic viral infection

Ostrand Rosenberg S.; Roby C.A.; Clements V.K., 1991: Abrogation of tumorigenicity by mhc class ii antigen expression requires the cytoplasmic domain of the class ii molecule

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976098

Casaburi R.; Daly J.; Hansen J.E.; Effros R.M., 1989: Abrupt changes in mixed venous blood gas composition after the onset of exercise

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976100

Voyles W.F.; Anderson J.L.; Teague S.M.; Prasad R.; Olson E.; Schechter E.; Thadani U., 1989: Abrupt coronary occlusion and left ventricular ejection during coronary angioplasty

Kennett J.P.; Stott L.D., 1991: Abrupt deep sea warming paleoceanographic changes and benthic extinctions at the end of the paleocene

Rood S.B.; Heinz Milne S., 1989: Abrupt downstream forest decline following river damming in southern alberta canada

Suarez De Lezo J.; Montilla P.; Pan M.; Romero M.; Sancho M.; Ruiz De Castroviejo J.; Tejero I.; Arizon J.; Carrosco J.L., 1989: Abrupt homeostatic responses to transient intracardiac occlusion during balloon valvuloplasty

El Hamouti N.; Lamb H.; Fontes J C.; Gasse F., 1991: Abrupt hydroclimate changes in the middle atlas morocco since the last glacial maximum

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976107

Hering R.; Steiner T.J., 1991: Abrupt outpatient withdrawal of medication in analgesic abusing migraineurs

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976109

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976110

Lincoff A.M.; Popma J.J.; Ellis S.G.; Hacker J.A.; Topol E.J., 1992: Abrupt vessel closure complicating coronary angioplasty clinical angiographic and therapeutic profile

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976112

Balde M.; Grischke E M.; Stolz W.; Kaufmann M.; Bastert G., 1990: Abruptio placentae

Feinkind L.; Nanda D.; Delke I.; Minkoff H., 1990: Abruptio placentae after percutaneous umbilical cord sampling a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976115

Yaron Y.; Lessing J.B.; Peyser M.R., 1992: Abruptio placentae associated with perforated appendicitis and generalized peritonitis

Costa C.F.F.; Rosa E.M.V.; Ferraz A.A.B.; Cavalcante A.F.D.S.; Moraes Neto F.R.D., 1989: Abruptio placentae study of 83 cases

Labat J N., 1991: Abrus longibracteatus new species a new species of leguminosae papilionoideae from laos and vietnam

Choi Y H.; Hussain R.A.; Pezzuto J.M.; Kinghorn A.D.; Morton J.F., 1989: Abrusosides a d four novel sweet tasting triterpene glycosides from the leaves of abrus precatorius

Halberstam M.; Isenberg H.D.; Hilton E., 1992: Abscess and empyema caused by legionella micdadei

Yuta A.; Okada E.; Ito Y.; Tabata N.; Inamochi H.; Taki M., 1992: Abscess caused by mrsa in the inner canthus of a neonate

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976122

Garcia Vidal J.H.; Palomo Traver M.; Perona Zuriaga I.; Gomez Fernandez Montes J.; Gomez Chavarria F.; De Lazaro Y.De Molina S.; Corell Planelles R.; Garcia Callo R., 1990: Abscess drainage failure due to catheter obstruction use of pleural drainage tubes

Athanasiadis S.; Fischbach N.; Heumueller L.; Marla B., 1990: Abscess excision and primary fistulectomy as initial therapy of the periproctitis abscess prospective analysis in 122 patients

Ishizuka T., 1990: Abscess in the orbit after repair of blowout fracture

Baill I.C.; Moore W.; Hedrick L.A., 1989: Abscess of allantoic duct remnant

Chen W J.; Hsieh H H.; Wan Y L., 1992: Abscess of urachal remnant mimicking urinary bladder neoplasm

Duerrling H., 1991: Abscess type lymph node alterations in cattle differential diagnosis of bovine tuberculosis

Honda T.; Konagaya M.; Aoki J.; Miyazawa Y.; Morita R.; Nakazawa S.; Tei Y.; Harasawa S.; Miwa T.; Et Al, 1991: Abscessed leiomyosarcoma of the ileum

Hawkins D.B.; Austin J.R., 1991: Abscesses of the neck in infants and young children. A review of 112 cases

Finch-Savage, W. E.; Mcquistan, C. I., 1991: Abscisic acid an agent to advance and synchronise germination for tomato lycopersicon esculentum mill. seeds

Ji Z.L., 1988: Abscisic acid and acc content of chinese cabbage during low oxygen storage

De-Bruijn, S. M.; Vreugdenhil, D., 1992: Abscisic acid and assimilate partitioning to developing seeds i. does abscisic acid influence the growth rate of pea seeds?

Belinska E.; Kondratieva V., 1990: Abscisic acid and cytokinins in the growth and development processes of lonicera coerulea l

Volkmar K.M., 1991: Abscisic acid and ethylene increase in heterodera avenae infected tolerant or intolerant oat cultivars

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976138

Roberts D.R.; Flinn B.S.; Webb D.T.; Webster F.B.; Sutton B.C.S., 1990: Abscisic acid and iba regulation of maturation and accumulation of storage proteins in somatic embryos of interior spruce

Roberts D.R., 1991: Abscisic acid and mannitol promote early development maturation and storage protein accumulation in somatic embryos of interior spruce

Xu N.; Coulter K.M.; Bewley J.D., 1990: Abscisic acid and osmoticum prevent germination of developing alfalfa embryos but only osmoticum maintains the synthesis of developmental proteins

Doerffling K.; Schulenburg S.; Lesselich G.; Doerffling H., 1990: Abscisic acid and proline levels in cold hardened winter wheat leaves in relation to variety specific differences in freezing resistance

Hernandez Nistal J.; Rodriguez D.; Nicolas G.; Aldasoro J.J., 1989: Abscisic acid and temperature modify the levels of calmodulin in embryonic axes of cicer arietinum

Pinfield N.J.; Stutchbury P.A.; Bazaid S.A.; Gwarazimba V.E.E., 1990: Abscisic acid and the regulation of embryo dormancy in the genus acer

Chua N H., 1988: Abscisic acid and water stress induce the expression of a novel rice gene

Podolnyi V.Z.; Josefusova Z.; Khmelnitskaya I.F.; Verenchikov S.P.; Krekule J.; Chailakhyan M.Kh, 1989: Abscisic acid as a potent regulator of the transition from juvenile to mature stage in xanthium strumarium

Kentzer T.; Mazur H., 1991: Abscisic acid as endogenous inhibitor of the marine diatom coscinodiscus granii

Parry, A. D.; Horgan, R., 1992: Abscisic acid biosynthesis in roots i. the identification of potential abscisic acid precursor and other carotenoids

Belefant H.; Fong F., 1991: Abscisic acid biosynthesis in zea mays embryos influence of tetcyclacis and regulation by osmotic potential

Cowan, A. K.; Railton, I. D., 1990: Abscisic acid catabolism in light grown and etiolated leaves of hordeum vulgare l. cultivar dyan

Heino, P.; Sandman, G.; Lang, V.; Nordin, K.; Palva, E. T., 1990: Abscisic acid deficiency prevents development of freezing tolerance in arabidopsis thaliana l. heynh

Duckham S.C.; Linforth R.S.T.; Taylor I.B., 1991: Abscisic acid deficient mutants at the aba gene locus of arabidopsis thaliana are impaired in the epoxidation of zeaxanthin

Beffagna N., 1992: Abscisic acid effects on intracellular ph and ion fluxes in barley leaf segments

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976160

Mansfield M.A.; Raikhel N.V., 1990: Abscisic acid enhances the transcription of wheat germ agglutinin messenger rna without altering its tissue specific expression

Chen C L.; Chou W Y.; Li C H., 1991: Abscisic acid enzyme linked immunosorbent assays in rice grains

Pilate G.; Sotta B.; Maldiney R.; Jacques M.; Sossountzov L.; Miginiac E., 1989: Abscisic acid iaa and cytokinin changes in buds of pseudotsuga menziesii during bud quiescence release

Lister P.G., 1988: Abscisic acid in developing grains of wheat and barley genotypes differing in grain weight

Crocoll C.; Kettner J.; Doerffling K., 1991: Abscisic acid in saprophytic and parasitic species of fungi

Tanino K.K.; Chen T.H.H.; Fuchigami L.H.; Weiser C.J., 1991: Abscisic acid induced cellular alterations during the induction of freezing tolerance in bromegrass cells

Werner O.; Maria Ros Espin R.; Bopp M.; Atzorn R., 1991: Abscisic acid induced drought tolerance in funaria hygrometrica hedw

Jarret, R. L.; Gawel, N., 1991: Abscisic acid induced growth inhibition of sweet potato ipomoea batatas l. in vitro

Parasassi T.; De Stasio G.; Miccheli A.; Bruno F.; Conti F.; Gratton E., 1990: Abscisic acid induced microheterogeneity in phospholipid vesicles a fluorescence study

Holbrook, L. A.; Magus, J. R.; Taylor, D. C., 1992: Abscisic acid induction of elongase activity biosynthesis and accumulation of very long chain monounsaturated fatty acids and oil body proteins in microspore derived embryos of brassica napus l. cv reston

Pena Cortes H.; Sanchez Serrano J.J.; Mertens R.; Willmitzer L.; Prat S., 1989: Abscisic acid is involved in the wound induced expression of the proteinase inhibitor ii gene in potato and tomato

Moore R., 1990: Abscisic acid is not necessary for gravitropism in primary roots of zea mays

Kurian R.M.; Murti G.S.R.; Iyer C.P.A., 1991: Abscisic acid levels in shoot apices in relation to tree vigor in mango mangifera indica l

Kefu Z.; Munns R.; King R.W., 1991: Abscisic acid levels in sodium chloride treated barley cotton and saltbush

Brinckmann E.; Hartung W.; Wartinger M., 1990: Abscisic acid levels of individual leaf cells

Cowan A.K.; Rose P.D., 1991: Abscisic acid metabolism in salt stressed cells of dunaliella salina possible interrelationship with beta carotene accumulation

Fraser R.S.S.; Whenham R.J., 1989: Abscisic acid metabolism in tomato plants infected with tobacco mosaic virus relationships with growth symptoms and the tm 1 gene for tmv resistance

Chang Y.C.; Walling L.L., 1991: Abscisic acid negatively regulates expression of chlorophyll a b binding protein genes during soybean embryogeny

Finkelstein R.; Somerville C., 1989: Abscisic acid or high osmoticum promote accumulation of long chain fatty acids in developing embryos of brassica napus

Unyayar S.; Bozcuk S., 1992: Abscisic acid production of phanerochaete chrysosporium me 446 cultured in various conditions and periods and its relation to growth

Marcotte W.R.Jr; Russell S.H.; Quatrano R.S., 1989: Abscisic acid responsive sequences from the em gene of wheat

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976200

Ward E.W.B.; Cahill D.M.; Bhattacharyya M.K., 1989: Abscisic acid suppression of phenylalanine ammonia lyase activity and messenger rna and resistance of soybeans to phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Otoro P.; Charnay D.; Goubely C.; Petel G.; Gendraud M., 1989: Abscisic acid uptake by dormant and non dormant tuber parenchyma of jerusalem artichoke

Sindhu, R. K.; Griffin, D. H.; Walton, D. C., 1990: Abscisic aldehyde is an intermediate in the enzymatic conversion of xanthoxin to abscisic acid in phaseolus vulgaris l. leaves

Wilms H.J., 1988: Abscission and seed shattering in perennial ryegrass lolium perenne l

Mao Z.; Craker L.E., 1990: Abscission the carbohydrate factor

Remaster R., 1988: Absconders from a rural health center in papua new guinea

Fiers F., 1990: Abscondicola humesi new genus new species from the gill chambers of land crabs and the definition of the cancrincolidae new family copepoda harpacticoida

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976211

Low I.; Mitchell C., 1991: Absence and labour turnover in a foundry attributable to respiratory disease

Yamanouchi H.; Suzuki H.; Sakuragawa N.; Kurokawa T., 1992: Absence attacks with secondary bilateral synchrony

Peeters W.M.M.; Van Luijtelaar E.L.J.M.; Coenen A.M.L., 1989: Absence epilepsy in rats is reduced by deprivation of rem sleep

Charlton A.; Larcombe I.J.; Meller S.T.; Morris Jones P.H.; Mott M.G.; Potton M.W.; Tranmer M.D.; Walker J.J.P., 1991: Absence from school related to cancer and other chronic conditions

Charlton, A.; Blair, V., 1989: Absence from school related to children's and parental smoking habits

Williams N.R., 1991: Absence from work due to treatment for genital warts

Nishigaki, H.; Misawa, S.; Inazawa, J.; Abe, T., 1992: Absence in ph negative m bcr rearrangement positive chronic myelogenous leukemia of linkage between 5' abl and 3'm bcr sequences in philadelphia translocation

Mita M., 1991: Absence of 1 methyladenine production in follicle cells obtained from starfish ovaries in the post spawning season

Li X M.; Juorio A.V.; Paterson I.A.; Boulton A.A., 1992: Absence of 2 phenylethylamine binding after monoamine oxidase inhibition in rat brain

Shopes R.J.; Blubaugh D.J.; Wraight C.A.; Govindjee, 1989: Absence of a bicarbonate depletion effect in electron transfer between quinones in chromatophores and reaction centers of rhodobacter sphaeroides

Drouin, J.; Lillicrap, D. P.; Izaguirre, C. A.; Sutherland, M.; Windsor, S.; Benford, K.; Hoogendorn, H.; Giles, A. R., 1989: Absence of a bleeding tendency in severe acquired von willebrand's disease the role of platelet von willebrand factor in maintaining normal hemostasis

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976223

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976224

Margraf R.R.; Puchalski W.; Lynch G.R., 1992: Absence of a daily neuronal rhythm in the suprachiasmatic nuclei of acircadian djungarian hamsters

Schneider E.G.; Armant D.R.; Kupper T.S.; Polan M.L., 1989: Absence of a direct effect of recombinant interleukins and cultured peritoneal macrophages on early embryonic development in the mouse

Wincek T.J.; Meyer T.K.; Meyer M.R.; Kuehl T.J., 1991: Absence of a direct effect of recombinant tumor necrosis factor alpha on human sperm function and murine preimplantation development

Saran A.; Pazzaglia S.; Coppola M.; Rebessi S.; Di Majo V.; Garavini M.; Covelli V., 1991: Absence of a dose fractionation effect on neoplastic transformation induced by fission spectrum neutrons in c3h 10t1 2 cells

Mackness M.I.; Peuchant E.; Dumon M F.; Walker C.H.; Clerc M., 1989: Absence of a esterase activity in the serum of a patient with tangier disease

Soma G I., 1988: Absence of a gamma msh sequence in pro opiomelanocortin messenger rna of chum salmon oncorhynchus keta

Smith J.T.L.; Garner A.; Hampson S.E.; Pounder R.E., 1990: Absence of a gastrin inhibitory factor in the igg fraction of serum from patients with pernicious anemia

Horn D.; Messerschmid M.; Hausmann R., 1992: Absence of a gene dosage effect during bacteriophage t3 and t7 coded rna polymerase synthesis

Mccool F.D.; Tzelepis G.E.; Mead J., 1991: Absence of a hemidiaphragm mechanical implications

Cain D.P.; Desborough K.A.; Mckitrick D.J.; Ossenkopp K P., 1989: Absence of a hemispheric difference in seizure sensitivity and kindling rate in the rat brain

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976236

Holgate S.T., 1988: Absence of a late phase response or increase in histamine responsiveness after bronchial provocation with amp in atopic and non atopic asthma

Nagano M.; Kelly P.A., 1992: Absence of a putative atp gtp binding site in the rat prolactin receptor

Abbott R.J.; Irwin J.A.; Forbes D.F., 1990: Absence of a radiate morph bearing self incompatible ray florets from edinburgh scotland uk populations of senecio vulgaris l

Walters E.A.; Rome L.; Luke R.G.; Galla J.H., 1991: Absence of a regulatory role of angiotensin ii in acute chloride depletion alkalosis in rats

Simon M.; Phillips M.; Green H.; Stroh H.; Glatt K.; Bruns G.; Latt S.A., 1989: Absence of a single repeat from the coding region of the human involucrin gene leading to rflp

Maclean I.L.; Lowdell M.W.; Blake D.R.; Lunec J.; Archer J.R., 1992: Absence of a specific effect of free radicals on hla b27

Sevala V.L.; Steele J.E., 1989: Absence of a stimulatory effect of the corpus cardiacum on gluconeogenesis in cockroach periplaneta americana fat body

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976244

Ciaravino V.; Meltz M.L.; Erwin D.N., 1991: Absence of a synergistic effect between moderate power radio frequency electromagnetic radiation and adriamycin on cell cycle progression and sister chromatid exchange

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976246

Abkowitz J.L.; Broudy V.C.; Bennett L.G.; Zsebo K.M.; Martin F.H., 1992: Absence of abnormalities of c kit or its ligand in two patients with diamond blackfan anemia

Lemoine N.R.; Wyllie F.S.; Lillehaug J.R.; Staddon S.L.; Hughes C.M.; Aasland R.; Shaw J.; Varhaug J.E.; Brown C.L.; Et Al, 1990: Absence of abnormalities of the c erbb 1 and c erbb 2 proto oncogenes in human thyroid neoplasia

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976250

Ricca E.; Lago C.T.; Sacco M.; De Felice M., 1991: Absence of acetohydroxy acid synthase iii in salmonella typhimurium is due to early termination of translation within the ilv i gene

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976252

Ferrini U., 1988: Absence of acquired thermotolerance in murine tumors unable to increase the expression of heat shock proteins following stress stimuli

Lemoine N.R.; Staddon S.; Dickson C.; Barnes D.M.; Gullick W.J., 1990: Absence of activating transmembrane mutations in the c erb b 2 proto oncogene in human breast cancer

Sabbatini M.; De Nicola L.; Uccello F.; Russo D.; Conte G.; Canton A.D.; Andreucci V.E., 1990: Absence of acute nephrotoxicity with low doses of cyclosporin experimental study in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976256

Bauchinger M.; Schmid E.; Braselmann H.; Nahrstedt U., 1989: Absence of adaptive response to low level irradiation from tritiated thymidine and x rays in lymphocytes of two individuals examined in serial experiments

Hearne F.T.; Pifer J.W.; Grose F., 1990: Absence of adverse mortality effects in workers exposed to methylene chloride an update

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976259

Shepherd L.; Cameron C.; Galbraith P.; Windsor S.; Lillicrap D., 1991: Absence of allelic loss on chromosome 5q by rflp analysis in preleukemia

Forsberg C.; Kleiven S.; Willen T., 1990: Absence of allelopathic effects of chara on phytoplankton in situ

Parker M.I.; Smith A.A.; Gevers W., 1989: Absence of alpha 2 1 procollagen synthesis in a clone of sv 40 transformed wi 38 human fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976263

Grosveld G.C., 1988: Absence of alternative splicing in bcr abl messenger rna in chronic myeloid leukemia cell lines

Chafi, A. H.; Hauw, J. J.; Rancurel, G.; Berry, J. P.; Galle, C., 1991: Absence of aluminum in alzheimer's disease brain tissue electron microprobe and ion microprobe studies

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976266

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976267

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976268

Moreau M.; Guerrier P.; Dufresne L., 1989: Absence of an electrical block to polyspermy in the scaphopod mollusk dentalium vulgare

Holladay S.D.; Smith B.J.; Smallwood J.E.; Hudson L.C., 1990: Absence of an osseous patella and other observations in macropodidae stifle

Vakil N.B.; Kahrilas P.J.; Dodds W.J.; Vanagunas A., 1989: Absence of an upper esophageal sphincter response to acid reflux

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976272

Okamoto T.; Oikawa S.; Toyota T., 1990: Absence of angiogenesis inhibitory activity in aqueous humor of diabetic rabbits

Barocci S.; Fenoglio D.; Leprini A.; Nocera A., 1990: Absence of anti hla antibodies ab1 and antiidiotype antibodies ab2 in different preparations of intravenous immunoglobulins

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976276

Tabira T., 1988: Absence of antibodies to htlv 1 in sera from hungarian ms patients

Chen H.; Pesce A.M.; Carbonari M.; Ensoli F.; Cherchi M.; Campitelli G.; Sbarigia D.; Luzi G.; Aiuti F.; Fiorilli M., 1992: Absence of antibodies to human herpesvirus 6 in patients with slowly progressive human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection

Novick D.M.; Jospeh H.; Croxson T.S.; Salsitz E.A.; Wang G.; Richman B.L.; Poretsky L.; Keefe J.B.; Whimbey E., 1990: Absence of antibody to human immunodeficiency virus in long term socially rehabilitated methadone maintenance patients

Williams B.A., 1990: Absence of anticipatory contrast in rats trained on multiple schedules

Leach R.E.; Arneson B.W.; Ball G.D.; Ory S.J., 1990: Absence of antisperm antibodies and factors influencing sperm motility in the cul de sac fluid women with endometriosis

De Angelis L., 1991: Absence of anxiolytic effects of calcium channel antagonists

Tarugi P.; Albertazzi L.; Nicolini S.; Calandra S., 1990: Absence of apolipoprotein b 48 in the chick gallus domesticus

Senard J.M.; Durrieu G.; Berlan M.; Estan L.; Valet P.; Tran M.A.; Garrigues M.; Montastruc J.L., 1991: Absence of arterial hypertension despite chronic plasma noradrenaline elevation evidence for down regulation of alpha adrenoceptors a case report

Sodora D.L.; Cohen G.H.; Muggeridge M.I.; Eisenberg R.J., 1991: Absence of asparagine linked oligosaccharides from glycoprotein d of herpes simplex virus type 1 results in a structurally altered but biologically active protein

Wilding R.J.C.; Adams L.P.; Lewin A., 1992: Absence of association between a preferred chewing side and its area of functional occlusal contact in the human dentition

Adami H O.; Bergstrom R.; Lund E.; Meirik O., 1990: Absence of association between reproductive variables and the risk of breast cancer in young women in sweden and norway

Nerenberg M.I.; Minor T.; Nagashima K.; Takebayashi K.; Akai K.; Wiley C.A.; Riccardi V.M., 1991: Absence of association of htlv i infection with type 1 neurofibromatosis in the united states or japan

Matsuda M.; Matsuda Y.; Tada T.; Yamagishi T.; Kusukawa R., 1991: Absence of atrial contraction and exercise in patients with isolated atrial fibrillation

Bengtsson A.; Ernerudh J.; Vrethem M.; Skogh T., 1990: Absence of autoantibodies in primary fibromyalgia

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976291

Matousek J.; Srsen V.; Simon M.; Horin P.; Louda F., 1989: Absence of b o la class i antigens on bovine spermatozoa

Okello D.O.; Sewankambo N.; Goodgame R.; Aisu T.O.; Kwezi M.; Morrissey A.; Ellner J.J., 1990: Absence of bacteremia with mycobacterium avium intracellulare in ugandan patients with aids

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Brunner M.; Di Mayorca G.; Goldman E., 1989: Absence of bk virus sequences in transformed hamster cells transfected by human tumor dna

Lang N.P.; Adler R.; Joss A.; Nyman S., 1990: Absence of bleeding on probing an indicator of periodontal stability

Steadman D.W.; Greiner E.C.; Wood C.S., 1990: Absence of blood parasites in indigenous and introduced birds from the cook islands south pacific ocean

Ouji M., 1988: Absence of blood vessels in the brain of six species of primitive salamanders

Nakatsuka H.; Watanabe T.; Takeuchi Y.; Hisanaga N.; Shibata E.; Suzuki H.; Huang M Y.; Chen Z.; Qu Q S.; Et Al, 1992: Absence of blue yellow color vision loss among workers exposed to toluene or tetrachloroethylene mostly at levels below occupational exposure limits

Starr A.; Mcpherson D.; Patterson J.; Don M.; Luxford W.; Shannon R.; Sininger Y.; Tonakawa L.; Waring M., 1991: Absence of both auditory evoked potentials and auditory percepts dependent on timing cues

Parkos C.A.; Dinauer M.C.; Jesaitis A.J.; Orkin S.H.; Curnutte J.T., 1989: Absence of both the 91kd and 22kd subunits of human neutrophil cytochrome b in two genetic forms of chronic granulomatous disease

Zagon I.S.; Goodman S.R., 1989: Absence of brain spectrin 240 235 in dendrites of mammalian brain

Lapolla A.; Gerhardinger C.; Pelli B.; Sturaro A.; Del Favero E.; Traldi P.; Crepaldi G.; Fedele D., 1990: Absence of brown product ffi in nondiabetic and diabetic rat collagen

Schreiber S.S.; Tocco G.; Najm I.; Finch C.E.; Johnson S.A.; Baudry M., 1992: Absence of c fos induction in neonatal rat brain after seizures

Maylin G.A.; Bache C.A.; Lisk D.J., 1990: Absence of cadmium in the blood of horses fed oats grown on municipal sludge amended soil

Periasamy K.; Amalathas J., 1991: Absence of callose and tetrad in the microsporogenesis of pandanus odoratissimus with well formed pollen exine

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976309

Goldstein M.; Vincent J L.; D'hollander A.; Kahn R.J.; De Smet J M.; Le Clerc J L., 1989: Absence of cardio depressant effects of cgp 17582 b a new beta blocking agent in patients after coronary surgery

Thorp B.H., 1990: Absence of cartilage canals in the long bone extremities of four species of skeletally immature marsupials

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976312

Lewis S.W.; Ron M.A.; Newsom Davis J., 1989: Absence of central functional cholinergic deficits in myasthenia gravis

Bishop P.; Campbell B.; Mcfadden C., 1991: Absence of cesium 137 from recent sediments in eastern australia indications of catchment processes

Jimenez Salas Z.; Morales Aguilera A., 1991: Absence of changes in the protein profile of erythrocyte membranes in duchenne patients

Anderson D., 1988: Absence of chromosome damage in chinese hamster ovary cells exposed to detergents

Yerly S.; Chamot E.; Deglon J J.; Hirschel B.; Perrin L.H., 1991: Absence of chronic human immunodeficiency virus infection without seroconversion in intravenous drug users a prospective and retrospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976318

Barrell G.K.; Montgomery G.W., 1989: Absence of circadian patterns of secretion of melatonin or cortisol in weddell seals under continuous natural daylight

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976320

Chilvers E.R.; Garratt H.; Whyte M.K.B.; Fink R.; Ind P.W., 1989: Absence of circulating products of oxygen derived free radicals in acute severe asthma

Wilton A.N.; Cooper D.W.; Brennecke S.P.; Bishop S.M.; Marshall P., 1990: Absence of close linkage between maternal genes for susceptibility to pre eclampsia eclampsia and hla dr beta

Gogel W.C.; Tietz J.D., 1992: Absence of compensation and reasoning like processes in the perception of orientation in depth

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976324

Hitzig W.H., 1988: Absence of complement receptor type 3 and lymphocyte function antigen 1 causing deficient phagocyte and lymphocyte functions

Kato S.; Ideguchi H.; Muta K.; Nishimura J.; Nawata H., 1991: Absence of correlation between cytotoxicity and drug transport by p glycoprotein in clinical leukemic cells

Cagle P.T.; Langston C.; Fraire A.E.; Roggli V.L.; Greenberg S.D., 1992: Absence of correlation between nuclear morphometry and survival in stage i non small cell lung carcinoma

Mieusset R.; Parinaud J.; Chap H.; Pontonnier G., 1989: Absence of correlation between the levels of atp and other seminal compounds in semen and the results of human in vitro fertilization

Di Giovine F.S.; Poole S.; Situnayake R.D.; Wadhwa M.; Duff G.W., 1990: Absence of correlations between indices of systemic inflammation and synovial fluid interleukin 1 alpha and beta in rheumatic diseases

Pende A.; Musso N.R.; Vergassola C.; Ioverno A.; Galbariggi G.; Lotti G., 1991: Absence of correlations between plasma catecholamine levels and mononuclear leukocyte beta 2 adrenergic receptors in the elderly

Kushiro J I.; Nakamura N.; Kyoizumi S.; Nishiki M.; Dohi K.; Akiyama M., 1990: Absence of correlations between radiosensitivities of human t lymphocytes in g 0 and skin fibroblasts in log phase

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976333

Yamamoto A.; Masaki R.; Fukui Y.; Tashiro Y., 1990: Absence of cytochrome p 450 and presence of autolysosomal membrane antigens on the isolation membranes and autophagosomal membranes in rat hepatocytes

Van Joost T., 1988: Absence of cytokeratin 8 and inconsistent expression of cytokeratins 7 and 19 in human basal cell carcinoma

Vonka V., 1988: Absence of cytomegalovirus epstein barr virus and papillomavirus dna from adenoma and adenocarcinoma of the colon

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976337

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976338

Lapadula D.M.; Johannsen F.; Abou Donia M.B., 1990: Absence of delayed neurotoxicity and increased plasma butyrylcholinesterase activity in triallate treated hens

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976340

Abraham S.T.; Rice P.J., 1992: Absence of denervation supersensitivity to neurokinin a in the rat vas deferens

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976342

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976343

Heerdt B.G.; Augenlicht L.H., 1990: Absence of detectable deletions in the mitochondrial genome of human colon tumors

Croughs, R. J. M.; Thijssen, J. H. H.; Mol, J. A., 1991: Absence of detectable immunoreactive alpha msh in plasma in various types of cushing's disease

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976346

Habert R.; Veniard B.; Brignaschi P.; Gangnerau M.N.; Picon R., 1989: Absence of development of late steroidogenic lesions in rat testis during the end of fetal life

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976348

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976349

Ivanyi D.; Ansink A.; Mooi W.J.; De Kraker N.W.; Heintz A.P.M., 1989: Absence of differentiation related expression of keratin 10 in early stages of vulvar squamous carcinoma

Graczykowski J.W.; Vermesh M.; Siegel M.S.; Davidson A.; Lobo R.A., 1990: Absence of direct effect of beta endorphin and calcitonin on human sperm motility

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976352

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976353

Niu, A. K. C.; Hong, S. K.; Claybaugh, J. R.; Goldinger, J. M.; Kwon, O.; Li, M.; Randall, E.; Lundgren, C. E. G., 1990: Absence of diuresis during a 7 day saturation dive at 2.5 ata nitrogen oxygen

Abebe G.; Scott J.; Eley R., 1992: Absence of diurnal rhythm of plasma cortisol in bos indicus boran cattle

Wani G.; Wani A.A.; Gibson D'ambrosio R.; Samuel M.; Lowder E.; D'ambrosio S.M., 1989: Absence of dna damage mediated induction of human methyltransferase specific for precarcinogenic o 6 methylguanine

Kuroiwa T.; Yorihuzi T.; Yabe N.; Ohta T.; Uchida H., 1990: Absence of dna in the basal body of chlamydomonas reinhardtii by fluorimetry using a video intensified microscope photon counting system

Green K.; Cheeks L.; Lippert E.; Harp R.J., 1991: Absence of drug effects on rabbit blood aqueous barrier permeability to non electrolytes

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976359

Reinharz D.; Tiercy J M.; Mach B.; Jeannet M., 1991: Absence of drw15 3 and of drw15 7 heterozygotes in caucasian patients with systemic lupus erythematosus

Tomioka C.; Nishioka K.; Kogure K., 1992: Absence of early destructive changes of cytoskeletal proteins after transient ischemia in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976362

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976363

Lewis N.P.; Ferguson D.R., 1989: Absence of effect of angiotensin ii on adenylate cyclase in rat proximal renal tubular basolateral membranes

Vazquez Echarri J.; Medrano Heredia J.; Singer M.V., 1990: Absence of effect of atropine on exocrine pancreatic secretion stimulated by cerulein

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976367

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976368

Love R.R.; Verma A.K.; Surawicz T.S.; Morrissey J.F., 1990: Absence of effect of supplemental oral calcium on ornithine decarboxylase odc activity in colonic mucosae of healthy individuals with a family history of colorectal cancer

Ejderhamn J.; Nord C.E.; Strandvik B., 1992: Absence of effect on faecal microflora of long term supplementation of dietary fibres in juvenile ulcerative colitis

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976371

Frigg M.; Whitehead C.C.; Weber S., 1992: Absence of effects of dietary alpha tocopherol on egg yolk pigmentation

Gambini G.; Rossi S.; Valori C., 1991: Absence of effects of ketanserin on renal prostacyclin and thromboxane a 2 in essential hypertension

Ruttner B.; Hauser T.; Leist T.P.; Zinkernagel R.M., 1991: Absence of effects of thymopentin on murine host resistance to listeria monocytogenes

Armstrong D.R.; Neill K.H.; Crain B.J.; Nadler J.V., 1989: Absence of electrographic seizures after transient forebrain ischemia in the mongolian gerbil

Warren W.; Ronkin S.; Chayen B.; Needleman L.; Wapner R.J., 1989: Absence of end diastolic umbilical artery blood flow predicts poor fetal outcome despite normal blood gases

Gavora, J. S.; Kuhnlein, U.; Spencer, J. L., 1989: Absence of endogenous viral genes in an inbred line of leghorn chickens selected for high egg production and marek's disease resistance

Bennett S.; Everard C.O.R., 1991: Absence of epidemicity of severe leptospirosis in barbados west indies

Enssle K.H.; Fleischer B., 1990: Absence of epstein barr virus specific hla class ii restricted cd4 positive cytotoxic t lymphocytes in infectious mononucleosis

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976380

Lopez J.I.; Aranda F.I., 1990: Absence of estrogen immunoreactivity in adenomatoid tumors of male reproductive system

Karelus K.; Nelson J.F., 1991: Absence of estrogenic activity in a diet that promotes estrous cyclicity in c57bl 6j mice

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976383

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976384

Venning V.A.; Dean D.; Wojnarowska F., 1992: Absence of expression of class ii major histocompatibility complex determinants on keratinocytes in bullous pemphigoid

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976386

Abeck D.; Johnson A.P.; Hartinger A.; Kollmann M.; Korting H.C.; Ballard R.C.; Braun Falco O., 1991: Absence of extracellular enzyme activity and cytotoxicity in cell free culture filtrates of haemophilus ducreyi

Singer T.D.; Ballantyne J.S., 1989: Absence of extrahepatic lipid oxidation in a freshwater elasmobranch the dwarf stingray potamotrygon magdalenae evidence from enzyme activities

Rimland D.; Alexander W., 1989: Absence of factors associated with significant urinary tract infections caused by coagulase negative staphylococci

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976390

Hamalainen T.; Palotie A.; Aalto Setala K.; Kontula K.; Tikkanen M.J., 1990: Absence of familial defective apolipoprotein b 100 in finnish patients with elevated serum cholesterol

Cutillo D.P.; Swayne L.C.; Fasciano M.G.; Schwartz J.R., 1989: Absence of fatty replacement in radiation damaged liver ct demonstration

Crockford P.M., 1988: Absence of feedback inhibition of prolactin secretion by the prostate

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976394

Nakagome Y.; Seki S.; Nagafuchi S.; Nakahori Y.; Sato K., 1991: Absence of fetal cells in maternal circulation at a level of 1 in 25000

Cabanac M.; Drolet B., 1991: Absence of fever in planarian turbellaria phagocata gracilis

Walker B.A.M.; Seiler A.J.; Owens C.A.; Heagenlocker B.E.; Ward P.A., 1991: Absence of fmlp receptors on rat macrophages

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976398

Gabrion J.B.; Barriere H.; Dao B.N.T.; Chambard M.; Mauchamp J.; Regnouf F.; Pradel L A., 1990: Absence of fodrin spectrin like protein under the pseudopod membrane in stimulated thyroid cells

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976400

Verbaeys A.; Van Maele G.; De Sy W.; Ringoir S.; Lameire N., 1991: Absence of functional renal effects of uro angiographic contrast media on post ischemic rat kidneys

Quehenberger O.; Prossnitz E.R.; Cochrane C.G.; Ye R.D., 1992: Absence of g i proteins in the sf9 insect cell characterization of the uncoupled recombinant n formyl peptide receptor

Gil R.; Callaghan R.; Perez Minguez F.; Pellin A.; Llombart Bosch A., 1989: Absence of gamma gt expression in the syrian golden hamster liver during hepatocarcinogenesis by n nitrosomorpholine optical and structural study of altered hepatocyte foci

Stratil A.; Gabrisova E.; Cizova D.; Bobak P., 1991: Absence of genetic linkage between a1bg pgd and hpx loci in rabbits

Raeymaeker P.; De Jonghe P.; Backhoven H.; Wehnert A.; De Winter G.; Swerts L.; Gheuens J.; Martin J J.; Vandenberghe A.; Van Broeckhoven C., 1989: Absence of genetic linkage of charcot marie tooth disease hmsn ia with chromosome 1 gene markers

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976406

Johnson D., 1988: Absence of gliosis in the brains of epileptic fowl

Bidani A.K.; Mitchell K.D.; Schwartz M.M.; Navar L.G.; Lewis E.J., 1990: Absence of glomerular injury or nephron loss in a normotensive rat remnant kidney model

Arguelles J C.; Mbonyi K.; Van Aelst L.; Vanhalewyn M.; Jans A.W.H.; Thevelein J.M., 1990: Absence of glucose induced cyclic amp signaling in the saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants cat1 and cat3 which are deficient in derepression of glucose repressible proteins

Fairchild C.D.; Jones I.K.; Glazer A.N., 1991: Absence of glycosylation on cyanobacterial phycobilisome linker polypeptides and rhodophytan phycoerythrins

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976411

Dubinin A.V.; Gerasimenko L.M.; Benetskaya S.L.; Gusev M.V., 1992: Absence of growth of the cyanobacterium microcoleus chthonoplastes in pure culture

Li H.; Lee G H.; Cui L.; Liu J.; Nomura K.; Ohtake K.; Kitagawa T., 1990: Absence of h ras point mutation at codon 12 in n methyl n nitrosourea induced hepatocellular neoplasms in the rat

Perret B.A.; Morell A.; Buetler Brunner E.; Burckhardt J.J., 1991: Absence of hcv seroconversion in hemophiliacs substituted with virus inactivated factor viii and ix concentrates using solvent detergent treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976415

Orlovskaya I.A.; Dubinina L.V.; Osipov V.V.; Kozlov V.A., 1991: Absence of hemopoietic stem cell proliferation inhibitor production by bone marrow macrophages in aged mice

Xu J.; Brown D.; Harrison T.; Lin Y.; Dusheiko G., 1992: Absence of hepatitis b virus precore mutants in patients with chronic hepatitis b responding to interferon alpha

Fried M.W.; Shindo M.; Fong T L.; Fox P.C.; Hoofnagle J.H.; Di Bisceglie A.M., 1992: Absence of hepatitis c viral rna from saliva and semen of patients with chronic hepatitis c

Felix C.A.; D'amico D.; Mitsudomi T.; Nau M.M.; Li F.P.; Fraumeni J.F.Jr; Cole D.E.; Mccalla J.; Reaman G.H.; Et Al, 1992: Absence of hereditary p53 mutations in 10 familial leukemia pedigrees

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976420

Tsui H C.T.; Arps P.J.; Connolly D.M.; Winkler M.E., 1991: Absence of hist mediated trna pseudouridylation results in a uracil requirement that interferes with escherichia coli k 12 cell division

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976422

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976423

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976424

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976425

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976426

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976427

Krahenbuhl O.P.; Peter H.H.; Tschopp J., 1989: Absence of homologous restriction factor does not affect ctl mediated cytolysis

Wrede D.; Luqmani Y.A.; Coombes R.C.; Vousden K.H., 1992: Absence of hpv 16 and 18 dna in breast cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976430

Miyamoto K.; Nakamura T.; Nagataki S.; Tomita N.; Kitajima K., 1992: Absence of htlv ii co infection in htlv i associated myelopathy patients

Ohashi M.; Onaka K.; Nawata H.; Minamino N.; Matsuo H., 1991: Absence of human brain natriuretic peptide in pheochromocytoma tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976433

Young F.I.; Ward L.M.; Brown L.J.R., 1991: Absence of human papilloma virus in cervical adenocarcinoma determined by in situ hybridization

Lairmore M.D.; Jason J.M.; Hartley T.M.; Khabbaz R.F.; De B.; Evatt B.L., 1989: Absence of human t cell lymphotropic virus type i coinfection in human immunodeficiency virus infected hemophilic men

Dekaban G.; Inwood M.; Waters D.; Drouin J.; Teitel J., 1992: Absence of human t lymphotropic virus types i and ii infection in an ontario hemophilia population

Cenac A.; Beaufils H.; Soumana I.; Vetter J.M.; Devillechabrolle A.; Moulias R., 1990: Absence of humoral autoimmunity in peripartum cardiomyopathy a comparative study in niger

Vasconcellos S.A.; Ohtsubo I.; Moretti A.S.; Ito F.H.; Passos E.D.C.; Cortes J.D.A.; Yasuda P.H., 1989: Absence of humoral immunological response in swine whose drinking water was contaminated with leptospira biflexa strain buenos aires

Lenhardt T.M.; Wiley C.A., 1989: Absence of humorally mediated damage within the central nervous system of aids patients

Socol M.L.; Dooley S.L.; Ney J.A.; Monigue J.P.; Millard D.D.; Ogata E.S., 1991: Absence of hyperinsulinemia in isoimmunized fetuses treated with intravascular transfusion

Klein G.L.; Endres D.B.; Colonna J.D.II.; Berquist W.E.; Goldstein L.I.; Busuttil R.W.; Deftos L.J., 1989: Absence of hyperparathyroidism in severe liver disease

El Azazy O.M.E., 1990: Absence of hypobiosis in abomasal nematodes of sheep and goats in egypt

Miyakoshi J.; Dobler K.D.; Allalunis Turner J.; Mckean J.D.S.; Petruk K.; Allen P.B.R.; Aronyk K.N.; Weir B.; Huyser Wierenga D.; Et Al, 1990: Absence of ifna and ifnb genes from human malignant glioma cell lines and lack of correlation with cellular sensitivity to interferons

Carroll, W. L.; Yu, M.; Link, M. P.; Korsmeyer, S. J., 1989: Absence of ig v region gene somatic hypermutation in advanced burkitt's lymphoma

Tagami H., 1988: Absence of il 1 inhibitor in psoriatic scale extracts

Kraemer P.J., 1991: Absence of immediate transfer of training of duration symbolic matching to sample in pigeons

Stiernholm N.; Kuzniar B.; Berinstein N.L., 1992: Absence of immunoglobulin variable region hypermutation in a large cell lymphoma after in vivo and in vitro propagation

Farnsworth L.; Shepherd I.M.; Johnson M.A.; Bindoff L.A.; Turnbull D.M., 1990: Absence of immunoreactive enzyme protein in short chain acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976450

Queiroz Da Cruz M.; Brascher H.M.; Vargens J.R.; Maia L.C.S.; Oliveira Lima A., 1989: Absence of immunosuppression in dba 2 mice vaccinated with trypanosoma cruzi treated with actinomycin d

Demerle Pallardy C.; Lonchampt M O.; Chabrier P E.; Braquet P., 1991: Absence of implication of l arginine nitric oxide pathway on neuronal cell injury induced by l glutamate or hypoxia

Tolbert D.L., 1989: Absence of impulse activity in cortical neurons with transient projections to the cerebellum

Leese P.T.; White K.D.; Frampton M.; Baker J.S.; Cocchetto D.M., 1990: Absence of increased fecal blood loss in adult volunteers after oral administration of conventional tablets and osmotic tablets of albuterol

Triandafillou J., 1988: Absence of increased oxygen consumption in brown adipose tissue of rats exhibiting cafeteria diet induced thermogenesis

Flynn F.V.; Lapsley M.; Sansom P.A.; Norden A.G.W., 1991: Absence of increased urinary excretion of adenosine deaminase binding protein by patients with chronic renal tubular malfunction

Van Der Eb A.J., 1988: Absence of induction of enhanced reactivation of herpes simplex virus in cells from xeroderma pigmentosum patients without skin cancer

Arend W.P.; Massoni R.J.; Neimann M.A.; Giclas P.C., 1989: Absence of induction of il 1 production in human monocytes by complement fragments

Maki D.G., 1988: Absence of infection with human immunodeficiency virus in peruvian prostitutes

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976460

Wormser G.P.; Bittker S.; Forseter G.; Hewlett I.K.; Argani I.; Joshi B.; Epstein J.S.; Bucher D., 1992: Absence of infectious human immunodeficiency virus type 1 in natural eccrine sweat

Casadesus J.; Roth J.R., 1989: Absence of insertions among spontaneous mutants of salmonella typhimurium

Bottomly S.; Garcia Webb P., 1990: Absence of insulin receptor downregulation in hepatocytes from hyperinsulinemic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976464

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976465

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976466

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976467

Kovacs C.J.; Harrell J.P.; Evans M.J.; Johnke R.M., 1992: Absence of interleukin 1 alpha radioprotection in tumor bearing animals elevated plasma levels of prostaglandin e versus a preexisting primed marrow

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976469

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976471

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976484

Middleton Price H.R.; Harding A.E.; Berciano J.; Pastor J.M.; Huson S.M.; Malcolm S., 1989: Absence of linkage of hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy type i to chromosome 1 markers

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976486

Vandenberghe A., 1988: Absence of linkage with the duffy blood group in a family with charcot marie tooth neuropathy

Carlo P.; Finollo R.; Ledda A.; Brambilla G., 1989: Absence of liver dna fragmentation in rats treated with high oral doses of 32 benzodiazepine drugs

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976490

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976494

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976496

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976500

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976504

Russell F.D.; Molenaar P.; Summers R.J., 1992: Absence of mitochondrial beta adrenoceptors in guinea pig myocardium evidence for tissue disparity

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976507

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976516

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976521

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976522

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976523

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976524

Nadel A.S.; Green J.K.; Holmes L.B.; Frigoletto F.D.Jr; Benacerraf B.R., 1990: Absence of need for amniocentesis in patients with elevated levels of maternal serum alpha fetoprotein and normal ultrasonographic examinations

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976526

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976528

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Murray P.A., 1988: Absence of neural modulation of hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction in conscious dogs

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Giller K.E.; Mcgrath S.P.; Hirsch P.R., 1989: Absence of nitrogen fixation in clover grown on soil subject to long term contamination with heavy metals is due to survival of only ineffective rhizobium

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976535

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976542

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976546

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Munsch C.; Rosenfeldt F.; Chang V.; Newman M.; Davis B., 1991: Absence of particle induced coronary vasoconstriction during cardioplegic infusion is it desirable to use a microfilter in the infusion line?

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976554

Vassbotn F.S.; Skar R.; Holmsen H.; Lillehaug J.R., 1992: Absence of pdgf induced pkc independent c fos expression in a chemically transformed c3h 10t 2 cell clone

Brotman B.; Boehle W.; Prince A.M., 1989: Absence of perinatal transmission of blood borne non a non b hepatitis virus by chimpanzees with acute and chronic infection

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976557

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976558

Karlin G.S.; Schulsinger D.; Urivetsky M.; Smith A.D., 1990: Absence of persisting parenchymal damage after extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy as judged by excretion of renal tubular enzymes

Detre J.A.; Koretsky A.P.; Williams D.S.; Ho C., 1990: Absence of ph changes during altered work in the in vivo sheep heart a phosphorus 31 nmr investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976561

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976562

Gailani D.; Cadwell F.J.; O'donnell P.S.; Hromas R.A.; Macfarlane D.E., 1989: Absence of phorbol ester induced down regulation of myc protein in the phorbol ester tolerant mutant of hl 60 promyelocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976564

Armbrust R.; Eber S.W.; Schroeter W., 1992: Absence of phosphorylation induced gelation of erythrocyte membrane skeletons a diagnostic tool for hereditary spherocytosis

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976566

Shinohara K.; Yujiri T.; Kamei S.; Ayame H.; Tanaka M.; Ando S.; Tajiri M., 1992: Absence of point mutation of n ras oncogene in bone marrow cells with aplastic anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976568

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976569

Caparelli Daquer E.M.; Schmidt S.L., 1991: Absence of populational cerebral asymmetries in mice with callosal defects induced by prenatal gamma irradiation

Floras J.S.; Senn B.L., 1991: Absence of post exercise hypotension and sympathoinhibition in normal subjects additional evidence for increased sympathetic outflow in borderline hypertension

Horn P.T.; Kohli J.D., 1991: Absence of postsynaptic da 2 dopamine receptors in the dog renal vasculature

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976573

Olsson G.; Allgen J.; Amtorp O.; Nyberg G.; Parker J.O., 1992: Absence of pre dose rebound phenomena with once daily 5 ismn in a controlled release formulation

Cabaret J., 1988: Absence of pre natal or milk borne infections of kids with the lungworm muellerius capillaris

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Kinsey B.M.; Van Den Abbeele A.D.; Adelstein S.J.; Kassis A.I., 1989: Absence of preferential uptake of iodine 125 iododihydrorhodamine 123 by four human tumor xenografts

Holemans K.; Aerts L.; Van Assche F.A., 1991: Absence of pregnancy induced alterations in tissue insulin sensitivity in the offspring of diabetic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976580

Cooper W.E.Jr, 1989: Absence of prey odor discrimination by iguanid and agamid lizards in applicator tests

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976582

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976583

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976584

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976585

Bardin P.G.; Van Heerden B.B.; Joubert J.R., 1990: Absence of pulmonary aspiration of sinus contents in patients with asthma and sinusitis

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976591

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976592

Goldstein M., 1988: Absence of receptor reserve at striatal dopamine receptors regulating cholinergic neuronal activity

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976594

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Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976596

Fichez R., 1990: Absence of redox potential discontinuity in dark submarine cave sediments as evidence of oligotrophic conditions

Monfort S.L.; Hess D.L.; Hendrickx A.G.; Lasley B.L., 1989: Absence of regular pulsatile gonadotropin secretion during implantation in the rhesus macaque

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976599

Heubi J.E.; Fellows J.L., 1990: Absence of relationship between the postnatal development of ileal active taurocholate transport and microvillus membrane fluidity

Kinoshita Y.; Go K.; Yoshioka T.; Sugimoto T., 1992: Absence of response to hypothalamic stimulation test in brain death

Samulack D.D.; Waters R.S.; Dykes R.W.; Mckinley P.A., 1990: Absence of responses to microstimulation at the hand face border in baboon primary motor cortex

Barker F.M.; Poh Fitzpatrick M., 1990: Absence of retinal crystals in high dosage beta carotene administration

Xu H J.; Hu S X.; Cagle P.T.; Moore G.E.; Benedict W.F., 1991: Absence of retinoblastoma protein expression in primary non small cell lung carcinomas

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Alessandro R.; Pucci Minafra I.; Giallongo A., 1990: Absence of reverse transcriptase activity in virus like particles released by a breast carcinoma cell line 8701 bc

Niglio T.; Caporali M.G.; Scotti De Carolis A.; Ricci A.; Amenta F., 1990: Absence of right left asymmetries in the rat hippocampus as demonstrated by timm staining

Nagai I.; Ogase H., 1990: Absence of role for plasmids in resistance to multiple disinfectants in three strains of bacteria

Rossini A., 1988: Absence of rt6 plus t cells in diabetes prone biobreeding worcester rats is due to genetic and cell developmental defects

Stephenson T.J., 1988: Absence of s 100 protein in prostatic glands

Earle E.; Voullaire L.E.; Hills L.; Slater H.; Choo K.H.A., 1992: Absence of satellite iii dna in the centromere and the proximal long arm region of human chromosome 14 analysis of a 14p variant

Owen R.L., 1988: Absence of secretory component expression by epithelial cells overlying rabbit gut associated lymphoid tissue

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976615

Mcgee T.; Wolters C.; Stein L.; Kraus N.; Johnson D.; Boyer K.; Mets M.; Roizen N.; Beckman J.; Et Al, 1992: Absence of sensorineural hearing loss in treated infants and children with congenital toxoplasmosis

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976617

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Kenney R.D.; Taylor J.A., 1992: Absence of serum chemistry abnormalities in pediatric patients presenting with seizures

Miller T.D.; Taliercio C.P.; Zinsmeister A.R.; Gibbons R.J., 1992: Absence of severe exercise induced ischemia does not identify low risk patients with three vessel coronary artery disease

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976621

Polastri F.; Auckenthaler R.; Loew F.; Michel J P.; Lew D.P., 1990: Absence of significant bacteremia during urinary catheter manipulation in patients with chronic indwelling catheters

Mullen K.T.; Boulton J.C., 1992: Absence of smooth motion perception in color vision

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976626

Bohmaker K.; Puza T.; Goldstein M.; Meller E., 1989: Absence of spare autoreceptors regulating dopamine agonist inhibition of tyrosine hydroxylation in slices of rat striatum

Yamamoto K.; Nemoto S I., 1990: Absence of species specificity of germinal vesicle factor required for the cytoplasmic cycle during meiotic division

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976629

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976630

Holden M.J.; Patterson G.W., 1991: Absence of sterol biosynthesis in oyster tissue culture

De Cock J.G.R.; Klink E.C.; Lohman P.H.M.; Eeken J.C.J., 1992: Absence of strand specific repair of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimers in active genes in drosophila melanogaster kc cells

Klein E.A.; Allen G.; Fair W.R.; Reuter V.; Chaganti R.S.K., 1990: Absence of structural alterations of the multidrug resistance genes in transitional cell carcinoma

Zwieb C.; Brown R.S., 1990: Absence of substantial bending in xenopus laevis transcription factor iiia dna complexes

Barlow D.H., 1988: Absence of sustained reflex vasoconstriction in women with menopausal flushes

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976637

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976639

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976640

Dowell R.E.Jr; Copeland D.R.; Francis D.J.; Fletcher J.M.; Stovall M., 1991: Absence of synergistic effects of cns treatments on neuropsychologic test performance among children

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976642

Handzel Z.T.; Burstein R.; Cohen J.; Pecht M.; Trainin N.; Vonsover A.; Sayer Y.; Gotlieb Stematsky T.; Bentwich Z., 1990: Absence of t cell impairments in a unique group of anal receptive transvestite and male prostitutes in israel

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Klaustermeyer W.B.; Wong S.C.; Kurohara M.L.; Gross N.J.; Braun S.R.; Hudson L.D., 1989: Absence of tachyphylaxis to inhaled atropine in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976646

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976647

Khanna, K. K.; An, S.; Wu, J. M.; Landolfo, S.; Hovanessian, A. G., 1991: Absence of the 40 kda form of 2' 5' oligoadenylate synthetase and its corresponding messenger rna from skin fibroblasts derived from alzheimer disease patients

Shields G.F.; Hecker K.; Voevoda M.I.; Reed J.K., 1992: Absence of the asian specific region v mitochondrial marker in native beringians

Andrews D.F.IIi; Collins S.J.; Reddy A.L., 1990: Absence of the c ha ras codon 61 point mutation in murine solid tumors induced by subcutaneously applied 7 12 dimethylbenzanthracene

Quint D.J.; Silbergleit R.; Young W.C., 1992: Absence of the carotid canals at skull base ct

Atabekov I.G., 1988: Absence of the complementation of tobacco mosaic virus in a mixed infection with viroid present

Saadeh F.A., 1988: Absence of the coronary sinus

Yamada M.; Tsukagoshi H.; Wada Y.; Otomo E.; Hayakawa M.; Thorsteinsson L.; Jensson O., 1989: Absence of the cystatin c amyloid in the cerebral amyloid angiopathy senile plaque and extra cns amyloid deposits of aged japanese

Rosenthal M.J.; Argoud G.M., 1989: Absence of the dawn glucose rise in nondiabetic men compared by age

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976656

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Borisch B.; Kirchner T.; Marx A.; Mueller Hermelink H.K., 1990: Absence of the epstein barr virus genome in the normal thymus thymic epithelial tumors thymic lymphoid hyperplasia in a european population

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976659

Parker R.I.; Mckeown L.P.; Gallin J.I.; Gralnick H.R., 1992: Absence of the largest platelet von willebrand multimers in a patient with lactoferrin deficiency and a bleeding tendency

Kakitsubata Y.; Nakamura R.; Mitsuo H.; Suzuki Y.; Kakitsubata S.; Watanabe K., 1991: Absence of the left lobe of the liver us and ct appearance

Tan C.K.; Wong W.C., 1990: Absence of the ligament of head of femur in the human hip joint

Moody J.A.; Stewart Wigglesworth S.; Woolfrey B.F., 1992: Absence of the paradoxical effect when determining the bactericidal activity of penicillin against penicillin susceptible strains of viridans group streptococci

Norman D., 1988: Absence of the septum pellucidum a useful sign in the diagnosis of congenital brain malformations

Barkovich A.J.; Norman D., 1989: Absence of the septum pellucidum a useful sign in the diagnosis of congenital brain malformations

Inaba H.; Filkins J.P., 1991: Absence of the staub traugott effect in endotoxicosis

Tejedo M., 1992: Absence of the trade off between the size and number of offspring in the natterjack toad bufo calamita

Harada H.; Willison K.; Sakakibara J.; Miyamoto M.; Fujita T.; Taniguchi T., 1990: Absence of the type i ifn system in ec cells transcriptional activator irf 1 and repressor irf 2 genes are developmentally regulated

Eriskson Lamy K.; Schroeder A.M.; Bassett Chu S.; Epstein D.L., 1990: Absence of time dependent facility increase washout in the perfused enucleated human eye

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976671

Rajan R.; Robertson D.; Johnstone B.M., 1990: Absence of tonic activity of the crossed olivocochlear bundle in determining compound action potential thresholds amplitudes and masking phenomena in anesthetized guinea pigs with normal hearing sensitivities

Pifer J.W.; Friedlander B.R.; Kintz R.T.; Stockdale D.K., 1989: Absence of toxic effects in silver reclamation workers

Koga Y.; Oh Hori N.; Sato H.; Yamamoto N.; Kimura G.; Nomoto K., 1989: Absence of transcription of 1ck lymphocyte specific protein tyrosine kinase message in il 2 independent htlv i transformed t cell lines

Ishak B.; Jaafar H.; Maetz J.L.; Rumpler Y., 1991: Absence of transcriptional activity of the b chromosomes of apodemus peninsulae during pachytene

Van Buul P.P.W.; Seelen C.M.J.; Schoppink K.; Goudzwaard J.H., 1992: Absence of translocation induction in mouse stem cell spermatogonia by chemical mutagens probably due to selective elimination

Munoz Castellanos L.; Salinas C.H.; Kuri Nivon M.; Garcia Arenal F., 1992: Absence of tricuspid valve report of one case

Zdilar D.; Lackovic Z., 1989: Absence of tritiated sch 23390 binding sites in the rat adrenal gland

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Boyce S.T.; Foreman T.J.; Furmanski P.; Hansbrough J.F., 1992: Absence of tumorigenicity in athymic mice by normal human epidermal keratinocytes after culture in serum free medium

Donaghue K.C.; Badger T.M.; Millard W.J.; Frisch L.S.; Russell W.E., 1990: Absence of ultradian rhythm or diurnal variation in insulin like growth factor i in rats

Buttke T.M.; Van Cleave S.; Steelman L.; Mccubrey J.A., 1989: Absence of unsaturated fatty acid synthesis in murine t lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976687

Littlefield J.W.; Whitehouse L.L., 1990: Absence of uvomorulin in a slowly compacting variant of h6 embryonal carcinoma cells

Ahokas H., 1990: Absence of variation in endospermal proteins studied by electrophoresis in marginal populations of leersia oryzoides poaceae a threatened species in finland

Kamali F.; Stansfield S.C.; Ashton C.H.; Hammond G.L.; Emanuel M.B.; Rawlins M.D., 1992: Absence of withdrawal effects of ritanserin following chronic dosing in healthy volunteers

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976691

Raine J.; Robertson M.E.; Malcolm S.; Hoey H.; Grant D.B., 1989: Absence of y specific dna sequences in two siblings with 46 xx hermaphroditism

Rodrigues L.E.A.; Mathias C.M.C.; Siry P.; Galle P., 1990: Absence of zinc cytotoxicity effect of short term zinc oral administration on rat gastric mucosa

Soe A L.; Hammershoy E.M., 1991: Absence on account of infectious illness among children attending day institutions in a county

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976695

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976696

Laan L.A.E.M.; De Weerd A.W., 1990: Absence status luxated by drugs the role of the eeg in the diagnosis and its management

Panayiotopoulos C.P.; Obeid T.; Waheed G., 1989: Absences in juvenile myoclonic epilepsy a clinical and video electroencephalographic study

Lin A.E.; Chin A.J., 1990: Absent aortic valve a complex anomaly

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976700

Deeb Z.L.; Rothfus W.E.; Goldberg A.L.; Daffner R.H., 1990: Absent cord sign in acute spinal trauma

Section 7, Chapter 6977, Accession 006976702

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